UH football clinic sked; Graunke working his way back; call the coach

March 11th, 2008

The Warriors announced their upcoming summer football camps:
2008 Hawai‘i Football camp: Ages 5-12, July 12-13.
Skills Camp: Ages 13 and older, July 15-18

Big Man's Camp: Offensive linemen, defensive linemen, July 21-23
Also, there is a clinic involving all of the UH coaches April 19.
For details, 956-4516 or 739-5444.

Literally ran into Tyler Graunke yesterday — I was looking down, he was looking the other way — and he said he is trying to do the things he needs to do to have his suspension lifted.
As part of his community service to the school, he is working as a groundskeeper on the Lower Campus.

Graunke said he is working out on his own. He said he weighs about 190 pounds now.
If things go well, he should be able to rejoin the team for the March 31 start of spring practice. In either case, Inoke Funaki will enter spring training as the No. 1 quarterback.

* * *

Greg McMackin has a new ring tone for his cell: Hawai‘i Five-0.
Slight problem. Bob Nash, Jim Bolla and Bob Coolen also have that ring tone. It should be interesting to see what happens if one of their phones rings during a staff meeting.

* * *

While Herman Frazier still has some items in the athletic director's office, the UH staff has been told to prepare the office "ASAP" for the next AD.

Manoa chancellor Virginia Hinshaw recommended Jim Donovan for the position. The Board of Regents will vote on the matter this week.

* * *

Thanks again to Blaze Soares for participating in this morning's chat.
Here's the chat schedule:
Wednesday — Offensive line coach Brian Smith, 3 p.m.
Thursday — Kicker Dan "The Iceman" Kelly, 3 p.m.

260 Responses to “UH football clinic sked; Graunke working his way back; call the coach”

  1. J [Visitor]:

    Who's calling first? I'd take my phone off caller ID though...

  2. Ruggo [Visitor]:

    1st? Thanks Blaze - Great Chat!

  3. J-Dog ™ [Visitor]:

    Time to empty out the old garbage.

  4. Ruggo [Visitor]:

    Oops, also forgot to mention - Stephen and and Princess - thank you for setting up these great chats!

  5. momi [Visitor]:

    Keep it up Tyler! You can do it!

  6. bulla [Visitor]:


  7. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:


  8. princess leila [Member]:


    re: Blaze's pidgin...I typed for him, but he actually speaks quite well.

  9. al [Visitor]:

    good for graunke!

  10. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Leila, where were the photos of Blaze taken? At the HA offices or at UHAD?

    Blaze, thanks for the interesting chat!

  11. Loa [Visitor]:

    hmmmm, what ring tone do you have? me, been wanting to get a GNR song for mine.

  12. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:

    Geez . . . so Graunke was suspended, then's the story? I thought it was just about him needing to change his major or finish up some paper or something. I wasn't under the impression he was necessarily suspended.

    Suggestion to McMackin: maybe Jake and the Fatman (latter's last name was McCabe in that show) and Magnum P.I. are avail' for use (yeah, how come the band no play the Magnum P.I. theme?

    Advertiser's front webpage, at least, says "Donovan and Regents agree on a salary," something along those lines. Sounds to me like a done deal (overheard somewhere that he doesn't have the majority vote of the Regents. Yeah, right -- and dinosaurs are making a comeback to the planet as well).

    2nd Ruggo's complment -- thanks for setting up the chats. 'Tis fun!

  13. Kaimuki Kid [Visitor]:

    Blaze's answer to which X-Men he would like to be Jean Grey
    is one of the most powerful Super Heroes in the Marvel Universe. Jean Grey AKA Phoenix power level on the cosmic scale... Like Superman of the DC Universe.

  14. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    OK, Tyler...keep it up.

    Ring, ring....ring, ring...

  15. Loa [Visitor]:

    will they be painting and carpeting the office too?

  16. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    Did you read homey's mind? i don't see his pidgin questions... or was that a crossover from the chat?


    is HF still hiding in "his" office? and if it needs to be cleaned and prepped ASAP by Thurs/Fri, does that mean he'll be ASAP'd out the door?

    maybe they can shut down the H-1 and he can get a police escort straight to the airport. Don't look back!

    but hopefully he'll spend all his money on tourist stuff like mac nuts and pineapples and give back some of that $300K pension he didn't deserve.

  17. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Kaimuki Kid [Visitor]
    Blaze's answer to which X-Men he would like to be Jean Grey
    is one of the most powerful Super Heroes in the Marvel Universe. Jean Grey AKA Phoenix power level on the cosmic scale... Like Superman of the DC Universe.

    True . . . though, didn't she have hard time 'gainst Darkseid in the ol' Teen Titans/X-Men crossover?

    I remember an X-Men/Star Trek: The Next Generation comic book crossover. Man, if they ever decide to bring that to film, you gotta wonder if Patrick Stewart's supposed to play Xavier and Picard [!].

    I think Phoenix (Dark, whatever) would have a challenge with Supes; unless her powers can be considered earth magic as well (which Supes has a difficult time fighting, in addition to kryptonite).

  18. Loa [Visitor]:

    Mahalo Blaze!
    for me, best answer:

    "I just think to kill people every time." spoken like a true lb

  19. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    oh and good to hear that Tyler is working off his suspension.

    i think he sat on our table at the na koa banquet two years ago. nice guy. his dad too.

  20. Loa [Visitor]:

    chawan - regarding byu blowout, i was thinking of "the punt" and "the leap" not the whole game for youtube.

  21. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Princess Leila - I figured you would be typing.

    Loa - I use "sweet child o mine" ring tone when my son calls.

    DPK - Top of the morning to you!

  22. Koauka [Visitor]:

    If it is any help, I'm off from work tomorrow, and will be glad to help Hermie get his opala out. Get the office steam cleaned and blesssed, too!


  23. Loa [Visitor]:

    homey - thats the same song i would choose, hey wait a minute, dad is that you?

  24. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    oh, ok. i'll need to look for my vhs tape somewhere then.

    wait, i just did a youtube search. here it is. thanks to UHbows for all his espn uploads.

    this one just has Stutzman's punt. no long PAT.

  25. homey ® [Visitor]:

    I would've thought Graunke would be at least 200#'s. Groundskeeping must burn a lot of calories.

    Loa - When I see you at the spring practice and if your phone has bluetooth I can transfer over the song to you. But then again by that time you'd probably have copied the whole album to your phone.

  26. Kaimuki Kid [Visitor]:

    Chicken Grease

    The trouble with Marvel/ DC crossovers is the power scales of the characters within their propestive universes.
    For example Darkseid was written to be very God like, like Michael of the Marvel Universe.
    Anyway Jean Grey as Phoenix always seemed to keep her powers in check, whereas Dark Phoenix did not
    and where am I going with this I don't know just kinda fun talking comics books, haven't done in year since Hawaii State Comic Book Collectors used to meet
    monthly at the Moillili Community Center 20 years ago.

  27. Loa [Visitor]:

    Thanks chawan! brought back some memories

    homey - ok, i pretty sure i getum on the micro sd but no can use for ring tone.

  28. d1shima [Visitor]:

    chawan cut,
    Thanks for the memories! Good job as always.

    'sup jomey?
    jow you today?

    Thanks Stephen and princess.

    Thanks Blaze. Great chat session.

  29. Garret [Visitor]:

    Thank you to the Princess and ST for getting such a great lineup of guests. I thought Blaze was a great guest and I'm so happy that Brian Smith will be the guest tomorrow!

  30. Garret [Visitor]:


    Thank you for the good report on Tyler. I hope that he gets everything in order and is back on the team soon.

  31. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:

    Oh, my gosh, Kaimuki Kid. I live in Central Oahu, so, in my comic book formative years (Intermediate - high school soph' years), I didn't get to town too much. Heard about your guys' get-together and was jealous, heh.

    Yeah, the DC, Marvel universes . . . a bit difficult to gauge who has the overall power(ful) base . . . that JLA/Avengers crossover kinda impled DC had more of an edge (i.e., their Earth is bigger + how Scarlet Witch's power exponentialed in the DC universe).

    Great, great. I like Powers comic book. Best title out there for my tastes. That Bendis must write all day or something.

  32. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Thanks for the update re: Graunke

    Hope everything works out so we can have another season of reading/listening pundits' cr4p about "under-sized" QB who can only put up huge #'s in a "system".
    Like the man said, "Just win, baby."

  33. Kazz [Visitor]:

    Greg McMackin has a new ring tone for his cell: Hawai‘i Five-0.
    Slight problem. Bob Nash and Bob Coolen also have that ring tone. It should be interesting to see what happens if one of their phones rings during a staff meeting.

    Word also has it that Kazz has that same ring tone!

  34. Hammerin Hank [Visitor]:

    Sorry, I can't help thinking Tyler Graunke got screwed. That's the sense I get from all the smokescreen that's covering up whatever supposedly dire events transpired. Community service? Once again, if the coach don't like you, you gotta problem.

  35. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    The ring tone on my old phone was the theme from "Mission Impossible". I think that would be a good one the Warriors this year.

  36. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Hank - TG must have done something (or didn't do something) significant in order to warrant CS time. Perhpas the CS was a condition to remain with the team.

  37. Garret [Visitor]:


    You brought up how you'd love the chance to buy UH games on DVD and I mentioned that Texas sold games in the past. Georgia is selling copies of the Sugar Bowl to their fans. So, it *is* possible to sell at least some games...and it could raise money for the school.

    Speaking of which, a stop by the Borders store at Beechwood in Athens after the game produced a nice surprise when I spotted the official BCS DVD release of the 2008 Sugar Bowl. Included is the complete Fox telecast of the black-clad Dawgs’ dismantling of Colt Brennan and Hawaii (minus the commercials but unfortunately not minus the Fox crew’s pro-Warriors whining), plus some bonus features: “Shortcuts” (highlights of each quarter), unnarrrated season highlights for each team, both fight songs, the post-game show, and a wrap-up discussion of the role the polls play in teams’ thinking nowadays.

    A nice treat for Dawg fans, especially those like my son who were at the game and didn’t get to see the original telecast.

  38. Garret [Visitor]:

    Pretty cool that the DVD has 2007 season highlights for the Warriors and the UH fight song. It would be even cooler if it had Hawaii Ponoi.

  39. Esme [Visitor]:

    So bummed out that I had to miss the chat with Blaze. Skimmed it quickly and saw how much fun it was! Gotta love that intensity. Gonna be fun to see how many people he runs over in the season!

  40. Garret [Visitor]:

    Fantasy football article about the Warriors.

    Will be missed in 2008:

    Fantasy Star of 2008:
    If Tyler Graunke wins the starting job then he’ll be the fantasy star and a likely top national producer. If he continues to screw up and blows the chance to drive the Porsche, then it’s wide-open, and Inoki Funaki will be the favorite to lead the squad.

    Funaki, following a church mission and some redshirt time, is 25 years old, so he likely won’t make too many off-field mistakes, but he may also struggle with staying awake during late team meetings.

    Malcolm Lane (14-270-2) returns to help lead a green group of receivers.

    Fantasy sleeper of 2008:
    If Graunke continues to make poor decisions and Funaki struggles to lead the squad, then incoming JUCO Greg Alexander could come from nowhere. Although the likelihood of this kid making a serious move in 2008 isn’t great.

    We’ll make our true sleeper wide receiver Michael Washington, a lad who has patiently waited his turn while sitting behind some pretty decorated wide receivers. Remember this kid’s name.

    2008 Fantasy Outlook:
    Remember when the Florida Marlins won the World Series back in 1997 with a team full of big-time producers and then returned the following year with nothing but unknowns? This is college football’s version of a fire sale, and Hawaii is hoping that they don’t see similar next-season results.

    Hawaii did the easy thing and replaced June Jones with former defensive coordinator Greg McMakin, who’ll look to continue the freewheeling attack that has made Hawaii players such great fantasy producers. McMakin has connections going all the way back to Run & Shoot guru Mouse Davis, and former WR Coach Ron Lee has been promoted to offensive coordinator. Even with this lack of total upheaval, there is ample reason for concern.

    Proceed with caution when it comes to this squad. Last year Hawaii players littered (get it…litter, like on their field?) our draft board and this year they’re nowhere to be found. Things can change rather quickly.

    The starting quarterback, be it Tyler Graunke or Inoki Funaki, will still be the starting quarterback in a Run & Shoot scheme, so he’ll put up very good numbers. Still we’re anticipating a significant drop-off from the production we took for granted while June Jones was calling plays for the likes of Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan.

  41. YpoWarrior [Visitor]:

    If TG is doing community service, it seems like he has other "issues" besides academics. IMO

  42. Garret [Visitor]:

    If Georgia can sell copies of the Sugar Bowl, can't UH sell copies of past Hawaii Bowls with season highlights and other features? That would be a great fundraiser for the school and be awesome for fans.

    Do you think the new AD has any connections with the Hawaii Bowl?

  43. Garret [Visitor]:

    I will send my testimony in for HB 2521. Much of my previous testimony can be used again, but I just have to change some of the specifics I had about the old bill into specifics for HB 2521.

  44. SteveM [Visitor]:

    Quiet lunch at work today gives me time to reflect on certain terms for the Tsai-ko lexicon...

    Blog Party or Blog Bash -- Organized and planned with much advance notice. Spouses might attend. Usually in the evening. Highly attended by high profile friends and lurkers. Major event. Evolving to next phase with entertainment options.

    Cattle Call -- informal gathering of Tsai-ko's and friends. Usually lunch and usually a buffet. Often last-minute or short notice. May or may not mark a special occaision. Spouses rarely attend. Sometimes at night, though rare so far.

    Tsaiko-Gate -- Tailgate type gatherings. Planned and organized in advance and well attended by Tsai-ko's, spouses, friends, and lurkers.

    Pau Hana or EIS -- Smaller evening gatherings featuring beverages, EIS popularized by Koakane. Usually last-minute or short notice.

    Karaoke Call-- gatherings combining elements of the Cattle Call, Pau Hana/EIS, and singing in various forms. Usually held in the evening. Spouses attend. Liquor and singing optional. This recent addition is still in schedule and organizational phases.

  45. Garret [Visitor]:

    Calf Call - informal gathering of Tsai-kos in the LA or Orange County area.

  46. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:

    Comment from: SteveM [Visitor] http://home.hawaii.rr.com/smurashi/tsai-kos

    Quiet lunch at work today gives me time to reflect on certain terms for the Tsai-ko lexicon...

    Blog Party or Blog Bash -- Organized and planned with much advance notice. Spouses might attend. Usually in the evening. Highly attended by high profile friends and lurkers. Major event. Evolving to next phase with entertainment options.

    Cattle Call -- informal gathering of Tsai-ko's and friends. Usually lunch and usually a buffet. Often last-minute or short notice. May or may not mark a special occaision. Spouses rarely attend. Sometimes at night, though rare so far.

    Tsaiko-Gate -- Tailgate type gatherings. Planned and organized in advance and well attended by Tsai-ko's, spouses, friends, and lurkers.

    Pau Hana or EIS -- Smaller evening gatherings featuring beverages, EIS popularized by Koakane. Usually last-minute or short notice.

    Karaoke Call -- gatherings combining elements of the Cattle Call, Pau Hana/EIS, and singing in various forms. Usually held in the evening. Spouses attend. Liquor and singing optional. This recent addition is still in schedule and organizational phases.

    Interesting. Great info'.

    Are Tsaikos "Tsaikos" by virtue of posting to this board. Or are there forms to fill out (asking seriously, here)?

    I like the title "Tsaiko-Gate," by the way. Sounds like a time-travel tool.

    All events sound like a great time, in any case.

  47. bb [Visitor]:

    If Tyler is doing community service then what should a signed recruit get for egg tossing and alledgedly driving under the influence...what should happen if he is guilty of DUI???

  48. A-House [Visitor]:


    Going off-topic, but had to respond to your post.

    while Korean benots help, it is the historical perspective that is most intriguing because it touches on China, Korea, and Japan during the same point in time and how the 3 countries interacted or did not interact since Japan was a very "closed" country.

    all of the dramas continued to touch on international relationships between the 3 and all had very similar background into the formation of their respective nations; espcially, having a dominant group conquering other tribes to form their country.

    costumes, especially women, for the Korean dramas are just outstanding/elegant!

  49. YpoWarrior [Visitor]:

    The back-up kicker got "booted" off the team for shoplifting so I'm not sure what TG did or didn't do.

  50. SteveM [Visitor]:

    Chicken Grease -- in my opinion, everyone who visits here regularly, whether they post or not, are Tsai-ko's -- unless they deny it. No forms.

    Hope others can expand on this. I have to go back to work now...
    I'll be back later,

  51. A-House [Visitor]:

    I personally hope that HF stays around to see what he could have accomplished if he had the passion to meet with and become friends with many community leaders, businessmen/women, and most all the loyal fans.

    Something that most or all of us believe that the next AD will do. "Green" may or will become the dominant color to support UH athletics.

  52. Garret [Visitor]:

    Chicken Grease,

    I don't know what the official word is, but in my opinion once you post here you can be considered a Tsaiko. You have posted more than enough to be given the title by even stricter standards!

    Okay, back to reading a *fascinating* (sarcasm alert) 160-page document on policies and procedures.

  53. A-House [Visitor]:

    A belated "thanks" to Coach Stutzmann and Blaze for their willingness to participate in our blog.

    Time is so important to both.

  54. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:

    Thanks for the clarification, folks!

    Much respect to the long-time Tsaikos as well!

    Great luck on your testimony, Garret -- go get 'em!

  55. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Loa - What kind cell phone you get? No can play .mp3 as ring tone?

    d1shima - you post like another poster.

    Esme - Good afternoon

    SteveM - I'm still looking for a designated driver.

  56. homey ® [Visitor]:

    I thought to be a Tsaiko you had to kneel in front of ST and he would touch your head and mumble something.

  57. TChahng [Pacific Vagabond] [Visitor]:


    Sorry. I sent the message the other night. I don't know if the email address I have is correct. I ripped it from SteveM's Tsaiko page. If das not right, send me an email at

    Gotta go... I'm late for work. (0820hrs, Korea)


  58. homey ® [Visitor]:

    A-House - I'm waiting for the Filipino version of "Jumong".

    Just a thought...what is the difference regarding the UH recruit and the egg throwing incident and the past histories of Colt, Bess, Pisa...

  59. Bill [Visitor]:

    As YpoWarrior mentioned, shoplifting a $10.00 pair of earings got back up punter the boot.

    Underaged drinking and DUI charge sure to bring a similar consequence.

  60. al [Visitor]:

    oh oh. i am already addicted to samurai series for the same reasons that they portrait historical events of the home country.

    gosh, i may have to cross over now.

    but, really were the bentos that good.

  61. al [Visitor]:

    homey did you see that re-run?

  62. Garret [Visitor]:

    I believe the backup punter was not on scholarship. Since the recruit just signed his NLI, isn't UH bound for a year for his scholarship? Or is there some escape clause that I'm not aware of?

    If there is an escape clause (other than academics), teams who get recruits after the deadline could pull the scholarship for someone who signs on NLI day.

  63. al [Visitor]:

    we could all be way off here. doesn't the team require all members to do some community service?

    perhaps tyler besides other things may have not done his community service as required.

    i know the original interpretation by all is, "oh my...community service as in punishment for a crime."

    however, a lot of high school teams will have community service mandated in to their team sports. i would think that the state college would also have that done.

    so before you jump the gun this community service may not be a result of some criminal activity.

    lets have st explain when it is appropriate.

  64. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    made a new Hawaii wallpaper here. (link above)


  65. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    d1shima, Loa,

    i didn't make the vid. just found it and shared it. give thanks to whoever uhbows is.

  66. homey ® [Visitor]:

    al - re-run of what?

    What I meant is that Colt, Bess, and Pisa either spent time in jail or detention but were fortunate to be Warriors. No court decisions have been made for the recruit but should the recruit be afforded the same opportunity to be a Warrior?

  67. homey ® [Visitor]:

    chawan - OOOOOOoooo, nice neon green looking on my screen.

  68. al [Visitor]:

    re: egg tossing incident.

    for me, i will not discuss the incident after this until the truth be told.

    as it is i am sure the 17 year olds involved are already sweating in their pants. after all they just escaped a harrowing car chase episode ending with the car in near vertical position after getting rear ended by an enraged person.

    their high school graduation in the air as well their future aspirations as a college student/athlete also uncertain.

    i think they have enough grief as it is without us adding unconfirmed speculation and assumption.

    remember they are 17 year olds. i don't know about you guys, but, i had been known to do a dumb thing or two at that age.

    ...nuff said

  69. A-House [Visitor]:

    al: the benots are always great. Ialso watched many Japanese historical dramas, but got hooked on the Korean ones.

    homey & Garret: If there is no escape clause for UH, I'm sure that Coach Mack will have one inserted for future NLIs.

    Maybe Coach Mack will honor the scholarship for academics, but not allow the recruit to play for one year thus making it a "redshirt" year.

    It is most unfortunate when a young man with so many things going for him allows this type of situation to occur. As many have already posted, it hurts so many; espcially his family. And, he must be held accountable for his action(s).

  70. A-House [Visitor]:


    Will send you an email from home - about 6:30pm HT.

    Using company computer now.

  71. Pomai [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Koauka [Visitor]
    Get the officeblesssed, too!
    Permalink 03/11/08 @ 11:45

    Koauka with out a doubt the first thing that Jim should do!!! There has to be so much spiritual opala in that office.

  72. homey ® [Visitor]:

    al - okay, I look forward to your comments after the truth is told. BTW, I still do dumb things at my age...and I'm nearing 60!

  73. A-House [Visitor]:

    Ring tone:

    I have William Tell Overture, aka, The Lone Ranger!!

    Hiho Silver!!!

  74. al [Visitor]:


    obviously you haven't had your calamungai for the day. your senses have been dulled.

    okay, here's a hint: 12:46

  75. Stephen [Member]:

    I'm not at liberty to say what Graunke did or didn't do.
    I will say that he remains suspended, but he's trying to do things to not be suspended anymore.
    And, no, he did not break the law.
    And, no, he is not being singled out. In fact, McMackin has gone out of his way to help him.

  76. tommui [Visitor]:


    (ring-tones) I see great minds run in the same channels.

    (My old phone had the Great Gates of Kiev)

  77. Stephen [Member]:

    Anyway, now people know why we played up the story so much when it first came out.

  78. al [Visitor]:

    thanks, the truth be told.

    well, nearly for now. don't jump to conclusions.

  79. homey ® [Visitor]:

    al - Oh that re-run! I respected the post and moved on.

  80. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Al - the most exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions.

  81. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    thanks for the compliments. i try to make a new one(or a few) every year.

    that was just a quick thing i made up. haven't thought of what to make for this year.

  82. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Looks like some old-timers still use those polyphonic ring tones. lol

  83. al [Visitor]:

    hey there rich

    remind when you come in to town we definitely need to do a cattle call. i was thinking at the original cattle call place; camellia if that is good for you and margo.

    btw, are we still intent on the mini cooper?

  84. al [Visitor]:

    homey not me. i am too cheap to download.

    nah, true story. when i first got the phone i now use. i thought all those "sample tones" were free. so i checked out a whole lot of them.

    then the next month the bill comes along.


  85. jojo ® [Visitor]:

    I like polyphonic ring tones

  86. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    Aloha Afternoon!

    Just got back from another outing and yet another lunch in another part of Portland.This time with my nephew and his family. Will put info up on my personal blog laters.
    The more I see of this place, the more I like it. It has a community feeling rather than a big city feeling.
    Daughter is getting closer to delivering every day- it's interesting to watch her run around and get prepared.

    Mahalo to Blaze for a great chat!
    Mahalo to princess Leila and to Stephen for keeping our pre-pre season times so interesting and so connected to the Warriors!
    I'm happy to hear the name Tyler again too and pray that when spring practice starts up, all the cobwebs and eggshells will be shaken out and the Warriors will be focused and ready to prepare for the greatest year yet in the history of Warrior Football!!!

  87. homey ® [Visitor]:

    al - I like the Camellia on McCully. Is that the original? Will there be karaoke?

  88. homey ® [Visitor]:

    al - I just connect my cell phone to the laptop and drag and drop songs to the memory card.

    jojo - I'm sure you can sing karaoke in polyphonic.

    XLiz - HOWDY!

  89. Kekoa [Visitor]:

    Chawan_cut ~ Mahalo for the wallpapepa "H"

    It's the Sesame street letter of the day, brought to you by the kid with the rice bowl cut!

    You have such an eye for graphics CC! Nice.

  90. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Let's enjoy this Esme moment...

  91. ryan [Visitor]:

    ST, do you know if coach Mac is close to hiring his recruiting coordinator?

  92. kakaako moke [Visitor]:

    Not first, not last, Hawaiian. I get da 5-0 tone too! I only use 'em on game days. No like wear out mana. Bruddah Ty is paying one small price. I hope he learn. Sometimes gotta give cracks fo dem avoid big cracks later. Bruddah Mack care das why things going be different. He going make men who played football. Das all any parent can ask from da coach. So long as fair, is all good. My boy need cracks, I trust da coach fo set him straight.

  93. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:

    Howzit Tsaikos,

    Great blog BLAZE! Sorry I couldn't play live, but love the read.

  94. Jack Flash [Visitor]:

    Don't worry everyone!
    Coach Mack is just trying to throwoff Florida's gameplan for the season opener. The starting QB won't be announced until just before kickoff!

    Sneaky that buggah...

  95. Warrior Dave [Visitor]:

    The official 2008 Sugar Bowl DVD was/is being sold on the Sugar Bowl website for $24.99. What didn't make sense is the $20 postage they wanted to charge for shipping. It is supposed to be commercial free with bonus features.

    Thank you Garret for your post of 12:33. I checked Borders Waikele to see if I can get it here. They have the only copy received on hold for me!! I just saved $20 in postage.

    If anyone is interested, other locations may have it in stock. The clerk has to dig as the shipment just came in and didn't hit the floor yet.

  96. Stephen [Member]:

    It will be a bit before Mack hires a recruiting coordinator.

  97. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Al - Margo won't be coming along in June. We may both be out there in late summmer. I'm actually hoping to get together with Tsaikos both Thursday night (drinks, pupus), and then the major CC on Friday with Ronnie also being in town.

    As for the Mini - I think that's still a go. I hope my golf clubs fit in it. LOL. I really need to figure out what to do. I can get a great deal out here but sales tax is 8.25% plus another grand to ship it. I'm probably better off just buying it out there to save the shipping hassle.

  98. Stephen [Member]:

    Ring tone:
    I had "Nuthin' But A G Thang" because I like Dr. Dre and D-oh-double-G. But I ordered the instrumental version, which isn't quite the same.
    Then I had "Come Clean," which is the theme song to Laguna Beach. By the way, "The Hills" is starting up again.
    Now it's just a plain ol' ring.

  99. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    ST Trivia:

    Favorite group Chi-lites. Man, that yoddling on youtube is still ringing in my ears.

  100. Stephen [Member]:

    Chi-Lites (short for Chicago lights) were great.
    I think the lead singer died a few years ago.

  101. Stephen [Member]:

    Actually, the Stylistics used to be my favorite. I saw them in concert eight times.

  102. Garret [Visitor]:


    Given what Doris just said, I think the biggest reported potential negative with the recruit (speculation on DUI) should die down.

    From what I just heard from a very reliable source, Geordon tested NEGATIVE for alcohol, he voluntarily took the test, no questions asked.

  103. homey ® [Visitor]:

    ST - Yeah, my daughter reminded me and DVR'd the commercial for me to watch. Can't wait to see Heidi dump Spence.

    Sorry guys and gals, I always get sidetracked.

  104. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    those are interesting ring tones. sometimes i think you have an alter ego. can never tell which one of you is talking...

    you must make it fun for the princess, ferd and the other sports writers to work with.

  105. homey ® [Visitor]:

    chawan_cut - it's spooky to think what Ferd's alter is like!

  106. al [Visitor]:

    so does wena have those "ebony eyes"?

    and instead of saying yes to your proposal did she say, "betcha by golly wow" cuz "you make me feel brand new".

    and you said, "i'm stone in love with you". you are the first girl to tell me i don't belong in a "sideshow".

  107. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:

    Stephen [Member]In fact, McMackin has gone out of his way to help him.

    what I thought all along.

    Also, anyboty wishing to weigh in on any Crusader eggs scrambled, lawyer on the side topics, check out Mr. Kwon's "What is up with THAT?" blog -- don't mean to take time out of ya'll Warrior Beat blogging, but, Lance K's contribute not one, but, two write-ups to the situation.

    I keep yellin' "due process," "due process," therre. All sides deserve "due process," which is what I'm getting from the sentiment here, so, come help a brotha' out at another blog :), bwwaaa.

  108. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Wasn't there like 100 guys in the Stylistics?

  109. alex [Visitor]:

    hey guys,

    if you want to create your own ring tones (for free) check out this site...http://www.ventones.com.

    You basically just create an account with your phone number and download a mp3 from your computer and edit to whatever part you want. when your done follow the instructions and it sends it to your phone! now you can get free ring tones off itunes, limewire, utorrent, etc...and the best part is you can add literally anything.

  110. al [Visitor]:

    rich a saw a pseudo-mini built by suzuki on the road. had to do a double take. now i am told it is half the price.


  111. BowsForever [Visitor]:

    The "community service" deal with Tyler knee-jerk bugs me, if only because I normally think of community service as punishment for...well...more serious bad stuffs. C'mon Tyler, you can DO it! Like Tombo Ahi said...the Graunke shall rise...like a phoenix...in Arizona.

    HF: You've got 'til Thursday to clean the rest of your stuff outta the office.

    Missed the Blaze chat, gotta love his responses. I just know he's gonna get in at least one big katoosh on Tebow in the Swamp.

  112. homey ® [Visitor]:

    al - what I noticed about Suzuki cars is that they don't get great gas mileage.

  113. FloridaTed [Visitor]:

    Gotta love the 'Blaze Man', fun guy. Can't wait to see him in the swamp, with the rest of the Warriors.
    Great chat, a little short, but great. Thanks.

  114. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    FlaTed - are you closer to Tampa or Orlando? I'm still trying to decide where most of the Tsaikos will meet and go swamp trekking. I may just fly to Gainesville. So many options.

  115. BowsForever [Visitor]:

    Just read Stephen's post. Good to hear McMackin's backin' Tyler. For one, Tyler gives the team the best (or second best) chance to win, and he has proven that the team can rally around him in clutch situations.

  116. SteveM [Visitor]:

    Rich2176 -- Regarding the Florida game, check out the following (and please share any additional info you gather)


    Hi FloridaTed.

    Also note that A-House is looking for a Cattle Call in Orlando.

  117. BowsForever [Visitor]:

    FloridaTed -- maybe we've been spoiled by some of those super-long chats we've had lately. Stutz just kept going and going!

  118. djmitcho [Visitor]:

    Good evening tsaiko land

  119. djmitcho [Visitor]:

    Wow, I can't get the name of my ring tone to post.

  120. djmitcho [Visitor]:

    It's groove me by king floyd

  121. djmitcho [Visitor]:

    that's silly, i was spelling ring tone as one word and it wouldn't let me post

  122. whitey [Visitor]:

    SteveM. muu call is on Maui, but after the last one, we missing some "uu" thanks to bulla and da beast. LOL

  123. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    Re the Swamp. If my sis and hubby decide to attend, I'll probably end up in Pensacola with a long drive. If not, hmmmm.

    Had lunch today with my eldest nephew and his family. They definitely want to sit with me and the Tsai-ko gang at the Oregon game ;-)

    Woo hoo... getting exciting already!

    Hi xs- missed ya on email.
    Happy dog training!

  124. Kapahulu [Visitor]:

    Did you guys see where Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) from Gilligan's Island just got arrested for DUI and Pakalolo?

  125. J [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Rich2176 [Visitor]

    As for the Mini - I think that's still a go. I hope my golf clubs fit in it. LOL. I really need to figure out what to do. I can get a great deal out here but sales tax is 8.25% plus another grand to ship it. I'm probably better off just buying it out there to save the shipping hassle.

    Arrange to ship out-of-state direct from dealership (you don't take possession in the state you're conducting the transaction) and avoid the sales tax. Unless something has changed in the last few years, this usually works.

  126. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:

    RICH 2176
    I vote Orlanda Fri nite w/

    A House since I arr Fri am.
    An Doc, u invited 2.

    you no moa 48 hours.

    Like talk about Loio who crossed da traks into Lanikai an got his palema'i all scrunched in da crack wen da brats wen mess his place. Bradda Mack backin da kids? Na'au nui cuz dis goin take long time an pua'a going get da braddas dirty.
    Cal an Ron an StL, we got your back braddas, but its da ole 1 hawn against anotha.
    a$$why I dunno if mumsdaword.

  127. Garret [Visitor]:


    That was on my collection of links today. The actress who played Mary Ann on Giligan's Island was busted for pot on her way home from her 69th birthday.

  128. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    WooHoo! NAU-75 over Weber St.-70 in the Big Sky Semi-Finals.

  129. wafan [Visitor]:

    Mr. Tsai and Princess . . .

    Thank you for your work with our guest bloggers. Everyone of them has been great! Well, except for Mr. Clapp; but then I think he was constrained by contract or higher ups.

    Looking forward to the rest of the guests.

    I wonder what else you have up your sleeves (aside of arms) as we hit the summer doldrums.

  130. al [Visitor]:


    i think the maui muu call should be renamed to "moemoe call" because after all that food at tiff's you like go sleep.

  131. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Hey J - thanks for the tip. I'll check into it. I guess I'd pay the sales tax in HI when I register it.

    DPK - I'll call you when I'm done with dinner. Phone is charging.

  132. wafan [Visitor]:

    And, I hope everyone is doing well or feeling better!!!

    You need to be healthy for the upcoming season. Just in case we have any more cardiac moments like LA Tech, and SJSU.

  133. A-House [Visitor]:


    Thank you for the card.

    May you enjoy the poster.

  134. Esme [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Chicken Grease [Visitor]
    Are Tsaikos "Tsaikos" by virtue of posting to this board. Or are there forms to fill out (asking seriously, here)?

    How to become a Tsaiko?

    It's a widely varying and highly organic process.

    Sometimes the way it happens is, the blog host tricks the occasional invisible lurker into becoming a blog-posting regular by announcing you're writing a bio and even scheduling you ... without having even asked you first.

    So you go ahead and write the bio and brace for a verbal assault. But then you are surprised and moved by everyone's kind reception. So you start hanging around more and getting to know the folks here a little bit, and you find out what a cool and fun little online clubhouse this is, and how nice it is to be able to feed your UH football addiction 24-7-365 (emphasis on the 24 and 365).

    Before you know it, you're hooked and you're posting at midnight and 5 a.m. and on your lunchbreak and again long after you shoulda gone moe-moe.

    And then if you hang around long enough, you do finally get treated to that verbal assault anyway.

    Voila! Tsaiko!

  135. Esme [Visitor]:


    E-mail me at esmeinfantenii at yahoo? You called me some time ago but I couldn't make out the number in the message. Can try again to connect, if you still need? ...

  136. bowlsurfdog [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Rich2176 [Visitor]

    As for the Mini - I think that's still a go. I hope my golf clubs fit in it. LOL. I really need to figure out what to do. I can get a great deal out here but sales tax is 8.25% plus another grand to ship it. I'm probably better off just buying it out there to save the shipping hassle.

    Comment from J:

    Arrange to ship out-of-state direct from dealership (you don't take possession in the state you're conducting the transaction) and avoid the sales tax. Unless something has changed in the last few years, this usually works.

    You have to provide evidence of payment of sales tax to register vehicle:


  137. d1shima[bleed PMS3435] [Visitor]:

    Great Tsaiko explanation!

    I hope PIAA DS' source is right.

    I going be in Orlando area for 5 days, then Ft. Lauderdale for a couple in April. Wea you stay?

  138. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    bsd, I know if you try to register a car in CA, they will hit you with the sales tax. People buy cars in OR where there is no tax and think they'll get away with it. Wrong. Let's see, the extra 4% sales tax on a $25k car is a grand. Hmm...it's better buying it out there at a higher price since the net effect will be less.

  139. SteveM [Visitor]:

    Wow, Esme -- I really liked your Tsai-ko indoctrination post at 1644. For a Tsai-ko, you make a very good journalist. :-)

  140. Jason [Visitor]:

    Hehe, my ring tone is "Ride of the Valkyries." Although most of the time, I leave it on Vibrate.

    A-House: I was curious about these shows you're watching, so I looked them up. First there's 주몽 (Ju-mong), who founded 고구려 (Go-gu-ryeo). Jumong's son was 온조 (On-jo), who founded 백제 (Baek-je). Then you have the third nation of Korea, 신라 (Sil-la or Shil-la).

    Then there's 연개소문 (Yeon Gae-so-mun). And the third one, I'm not sure — 서동요 (Seo-dong-yo)?

  141. Esme [Visitor]:

    d1shima, SteveM, thanks. I am naught but a disciple in the Tsaiko way... ;)

  142. Esme [Visitor]:


    Pssst: I have to tell you something about that addendum to your screen name. And I mean this in the kindest possible way between friends: Having the word "bleed" and the acronym "PMS" in one phrase might not be a good idea. ;)

    I'm blushing.

  143. Jason [Visitor]:

    I thought Esme is the Tsaiko Matriarch?

  144. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    Great explanation!
    I became a devoted Tsai-ko the moment my first post was greeted with a welcome and a how-do-ya-do from everyone!

    Just posted a bunch of Portland family stuff on the above link. I'm liking this place more and more with each passing day!

  145. d1shima[PMS3435] [Visitor]:


    Actually put it out there fo' somebody like jomey. But you sha'hp, too, eh?

    Howz dat? bettah?

    Actually, I think you should calculate the tax at 4.712% if you going register the car on Oahu. The C&C of Hon get extra .5% tax and then on top of that, they tax you on the tax.

  146. FloridaTed [Visitor]:


    I'm in Clearwater, on the gulf coast, across the bay from Tampa.

    BowsForever, SteveM,

    Cattle call in Orlando, I'll be there, Pomai has my info.


    E-mail me when you're in this neck of the woods, t h e o d o r d o m a y @ a o l . c o m just take out spaces.

  147. FloridaTed [Visitor]:

    Rich2176, et.al.

    To Gainesville by car,


    Jacksonville = 1 hr 30 m

    Orlando = 2 hrs 20 m

    Tampa = 2 hrs 40 m

  148. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Liz, great blog. I love the pictures.

  149. SteveM [Visitor]:

    Homey said:

    SteveM - I'm still looking for a designated driver.
    03/11/08 @ 13:16

    How about someone who lives near you--like Koakane? no, strike that... ahhh, can anyone help homey out here?

  150. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    FlaTed - I was in Safety Harbor two years ago. I assume that's close to Clearwater? I was working on a TV show and was invited on sport yacht down to Key West with 9 other yachts. What a memory.

  151. FloridaTed [Visitor]:


    Sounds like a great memory. I want to drive down Key West one of those days. Last time I've seen KW was from a Freighter in 65 or 66. Safety Harbor is the adjacent suburb, across the I-19 from us. We're on the Gulf coast, SH is on the Tampa Bay side, Piniellas County.

    I think I would really enjoy meeting you, well....it's a big country,lol.

  152. RainbowCliff [Visitor]:

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, The $55,000.00 LA84/AAF Athletic Sport Playground has been partially finished with it's surface and NBA Spalding portable courts complete. Still remaining is the halogen lights, LA84Logo middle center jump and USA Olympic volleyball poles, net and sleeve. All I can say to you is one word "BEAUTIFUL" ! The sea of Aloha Green "BREATHTAKING" and the Rainbow spectrum color "yellow" shining so bright and blending nicely with the Warrior emerald. The NBA 2000 white portable glass snap back rims are off the CHART ! Man they are so nice and gives the playground a UNIQUE look of it's own as I had to LOCK the alley gate to keep the crowd gathering under control. I will be having pictures to share by the weekend as my website master Mr. Richard Talley is creating a url site for it. I need your help as I would like the Hawaii "H" to be laminated on the volleyball padding that will be coming in 2 weeks. ANYONE who is or knows graphic art please blog asap or e-mail me at cliffsanchez@hotmail.com so I may request your expertise to put Hawaii on this MAGNIFICENT playground ? Under Armour color Black lines "click clack" was used to color the volleyball lines as this multipurpose athletic sport playground COLORS just grabs your attention. Finally Tsaiko Nation MAHALO for your wealth, LOYALTY and DEDICATION. 17 years it took to this making with MANY well wishers, supporters and community people CELEBRATING this AWESOME facility. I have been at this for the past two days straight from 8:00 am until 8 pm. Tired but EXTREMELY proud and happy. Have a good night every one as I continue to HONOR the Ohana with class, dignity and respect. Sincerely, RainbowCliff.

  153. A-House [Visitor]:


    You are absolutely correct as part 3 is Seo Dong Yo; my bad memory is stalking me again!

    I am hyped to get my hands on this dvd series as it will tell the tale a new Korean hero who vanquishes the Han and takes place about 250-300 years after Yeon Gae So Mun dies. This would be about the year 300 A.D.

    I am hopeful that the beginning will explain how he is related to the 3-legged crow family/dynasty.

  154. Jason [Visitor]:

    I was talking to my Mom about you, A-House, saying that you know more about Korean history than I do. I stick to the NHK Taiga dramas cause I can understand some of the Japanese. :-)

  155. A-House [Visitor]:


    With the training camp schedule, will Coach Mack be able to keep his promise of visiting every high school, after spring ball, to meet with each principal, athletic director, and coach and possibly do a Hawaii "Jr-Day"?

    That will be a organizational and logistic nightmare!

  156. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    My favorite Korean drama was Winter Sonata. What a tear jerker that was!

    I stopped watching them a couple of years ago, because hubby monopolizes the TV in the family room, and I dislike watching the 20 incher in the bedroom.

    Judging from AHouse's remarks, I am missing a lot! Too bad.

  157. Stephen [Member]:

    He can do it.
    For instance, he's going to coach the opening day of spring practice in the morning, catch a 2 p.m. flight to L.A., stay overnight in L.A., attend Pro Day in Carson, then fly back to Honolulu that night to be ready for the next UH practice, on April 2.

  158. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:


    Just awesome dude! Hope the people there treat your treat as their house because it is their house. Great job and congragulations.
    Keep up the good work!

  159. Esme [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Jason [Visitor] · http://www.deep-mirrors.org/jason/relayforlife.html
    I thought Esme is the Tsaiko Matriarch?
    Permalink 03/11/08 @ 17:26

    Oh, no. I bow down in the presence of Mrs. A-House, LizKauai, gigi, ibelieve808, the Princess and all the other wonderful Lady Tsaikos who were here long before me. My seniority is low. ;)

    Oh, wait. Maybe you were making a joke about my age? It's not nice to fool with ... Mother.

  160. A-House [Visitor]:


    Thank goodness for TV!!

    Otherwise I would be a bumbling idiot about Korea.

    We, A-House family, visited Korea in 1990 and saw all the tourist places including palaces.

    Our guide was a former fighter pilot who took an extra day with us at ,no extra charge, to visit the 4-gate shopping plazas hwere I bought 2 kilos (roughly 4.4 pounds of dried ika).

  161. Stephen [Member]:

    I think the number of female readers of this blog is pretty impressive.

  162. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Esme, Jason is still 20. Any female over the age of 21 is a matriarch to him.

    He's always referring to me as an old lady. Yeah, I'm old but must he rub it in? lol

  163. Jason [Visitor]:

    You're only 55 25, mother, of course I wouldn't be making a joke about your age.

    But I do find it interesting that you use the <small> tag, but not the <blockquote> tag.

  164. A-House [Visitor]:


    Coach Mack has a very busy and demanding schedule to meet/make all his commitments to former/current players and 2009 recruits.

    Hope Mrs. Mack is patient and understanding of his commitment to UH football.

    We know that they will be paid back 10xs more than he puts in be it wins, bowl games, adoring fans, etc.

  165. Jason [Visitor]:

    No, any female over the age of 21 is too old to date. Which is why midori and uhfan808 are the perfect age. (Seriously, first time I met them, I thought they were my age.)

  166. A-House [Visitor]:

    Jim D and Kinda shy:

    A-House family is looking forward to 3/13/08 - a day to be remembered in UH sports history.

    BIG CONTRATS!!!!!!!

  167. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    The most impressive Tsai-kette I have met -for pure knowledge of football- is Ronnie. She knows more about Warrior football than most people. !!!

  168. Jason [Visitor]:

    The only problem with waiting for 03/13/08 is that 03/12/08 has to come first. That means ... a midterm. Lovely.

    But then Thursday will be a day to celebrate a new beginning, one that will hopefully take UH athletics to historic highs.

    * * * * *

    Not to pour on the accolades, but midori is very knowledgeable as well when it comes to football.

  169. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Looking forward to my mini-vacation in Waikiki. I'll be away from the WBeat Thurs, Fri, and most of Sat.

    I'll miss all of you, but want a change of scenery. It will be nice to play tourist.

  170. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Thursday will be a big day for Donovan and also for hubby, who will turn 59.

    We'll celebrate at Ruth Chris in Waikiki. Nothing like a nice, juicy steak.

  171. RainbowCliff [Visitor]:

    bighilofan2, thank you for your kind words and congratulations. Still got more to do but the FOUNDATION has been started. Be well as I will have photos to show over the weekend. Mahalo Nui Loa, RainbowCliff

  172. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    I bow to the all of the Tsaikettes. I am but a "babe" in learning about the rules of football. I just like watching it, and yelling for the team.

    Coach Mack is amazing. Real commitment with that travel schedule. Mahalo, Coach! It won't take long to see the dividends of his efforts.

    K, kalua pig is done for potluck tomorrow. Off to moe moe. Manana...zzzzz

  173. bakopi5 [Visitor]:

    Hope Tyler keeps up the hard work. If we are going to have a chance to make a run again next year, he has got to be the QB.

  174. jm2375 [Visitor]:

    Kinda off-topic for today but,...

    Anyone down Florida way know if the Miami area newscasters figured out how to pronounce Herc's last name yet? I was in Miami when he signed with the Fish and the local sports guy just butchered it - something like Sa-tea-lee. Don't know which station the guy was on, I just caught a glimpse. Wonder how they do with Regan's name?

  175. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    ST, do you know if Jacob Patek will be participating on Pro Day? or is he devoting all of his time to academics?

  176. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    gigi, have a fun vacation and way to save $$$ on plane fare ;-) Enjoy that steak. I've heard great things about Ruth's Chris!

  177. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    Nitey nite all- RainbowCliff, Mei Ling, bakopi5 and jm2375 ;-)

    Sweet dreams of Warrior victories!

  178. Jason [Visitor]:

    Isaʻako Sopoaga has been in San Francisco for years now, and Joe Starkey and Gary Plummer still haven't gotten his last name yet. They pronounce it "Soh-poh-ah-nah."

  179. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    lol Liz, we plan to visit the zoo, which we haven't seen in over 10 years. I understand it's quite different now.

    Plan also to see the Magic of Polynesia and the SOS.

  180. Garret [Visitor]:

    Free play link time. I'll keep this to 5 links, so please skip my next 5 posts if you don't want the off topic stuff.

    Admiral Fallon, commander of the US Central Command, just resigned. He was seen as the one person in power who was pushing against an armed conflict with Iran.

  181. Garret [Visitor]:

    No wonder they found drugs in our drinking water...there are 300 million people in the US and there were 3.7 BILLION prescriptions last year, with an additional 3.3 billion nonprescription drug purchases!

  182. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    gigi- my fave is the Honolulu Aquarium. I could watch the cuttle fish for days. They are so beautiful, with changing hues and soulful eyes.

  183. Garret [Visitor]:

    Weapons-ready plutonium will be shipped from the UK to France in an unarmed ship! This is perfect dirty bomb material for terrorists...



  184. Garret [Visitor]:

    Interesting how movie attendance generally increases during hard economic times.

  185. Garret [Visitor]:

    Free website for those who want to follow March Madness on their cell phones:


  186. Garret [Visitor]:

    Free play links pau.

  187. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    hmmm we last were at the Aquarium in 2004 for dinner on the lawn. Hawaii Public Radio hosted it for the volunteers. Maybe it's time to pay it another visit.

  188. al [Visitor]:


    i believe mrs. patek already told you that he was training for pro day and it has been mentioned before.

    yes, jacob is training for pro day as is most of the seniors from this past year.

  189. Garret [Visitor]:

    Looks like Marve (remember him?) is going to be Miami's starting QB this season. And it looks like Cannon Smith (remember him?) may be their backup QB.

    Though Robert Marve is the front-runner to start, word is UM plans on giving playing time to a second quarterback in '08 ( Jacory Harris or Cannon Smith) to make sure the backup has some game experience if the starter is injured. . . . Harris -- looking thin at 6-4, 180 pounds -- doesn't believe he needs to add more than 10 pounds ``because I don't plan on taking hits. That's what I have an offensive line for.''

  190. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Al, thanks. Was her comment recent? If so, I didn't see it. I wonder if the seniors will follow Mack's itinerary.

  191. Garret [Visitor]:

    The Dolphins are looking at a number of QB options but Colt is not mentioned.

    McCown and John Beck will compete for the starting job. Miami continues to monitor several draft-eligible QBs, including BC's Matt Ryan, Michigan's Chad Henne, Delaware's Joe Flacco and Kentucky's Andre Woodson.

  192. Garret [Visitor]:

    Looks like Reagan's job with the Dolphins is in *serious* jeopardy. It really worries me that Miami's new RB coach is the guy would converted Grigsby from a LB to a FB and is a big supporter of Grigsby.

    One reason Chiefs special-teams ace Boomer Grigsby signed with Miami: He was assured a chance to play fullback (competing with Reagan Mauia).

  193. Garret [Visitor]:

    John Daly's coach just quit...sad to hear the reason why.

    John Daly has been cut loose by swing coach Butch Harmon, who said today he was not going to waste his time with a two-time major champion who is more interested in drinking than working on his golf game.

    "My whole goal for him was he's got to show me golf is the most important thing in his life," Harmon said from his golf school in Las Vegas. "And the most important thing in his life is getting drunk."

    Harmon is regarded as among the best swing coaches in golf, working with Tiger Woods before he turned pro and overhauling Woods swing when the world's No. 1 player won four consecutive majors. He also worked with Greg Norman when he was No. 1, and his current clientele includes Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott.

    "You don't see guys who are any good doing that," he said. "All the guys I work with are working their [tails] off. John didn't have it. I like the kid, but he's got to get his head on straight. The partying and other shenanigans, if that's the way he wants to be, I don't choose to be a part of it."

  194. Stephen [Member]:

    I noticed that Ruth's has a special between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

  195. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    ST, that's good to know cause we want to catch the Magic of Polynesia at 8 pm on Thursday.

    For SOS, we will do their dinner buffet preceding their show on Friday.

  196. Garret [Visitor]:

    The only thing worse than reading a 160-page document on policies and procedures is reading a 160-page document on policies and procedures written by a Federal Government agency. So many abbreviations, so many strange terms and clauses, and each little details could end up being extremely important so I had to read and retain everything.

    I'm glad that I'm done with that! Rough day, but this blog was a nice break between sections.

  197. koakane [deacon] [Visitor]:


    please add to the list the following;

    Sunday Morning Assembly -- informal gathering of Tsaiko's and guest for prayer meeting and bible studies while discussing athletic issues in today's complex society. Breakfast optional.

    Also please edit;

    Pau Hana EIS to -- Smaller evening gatherings featuring massive dinner, beverages and talk story session. Open seating. EIS popularized by Koakane. Usually last-minute or short notice.

    Blog Party or Blog Bash -- Organized and planned with much advance notice. Spouses might attend. Usually in the evening. Highly attended by high profile friends and lurkers. Major event. Evolving to next phase with entertainment options.

    Cattle Call -- informal gathering of Tsai-ko's and friends. Usually lunch and usually a buffet. Often last-minute or short notice. May or may not mark a special occaision. Spouses rarely attend. Sometimes at night, though rare so far.

    Tsaiko-Gate -- Tailgate type gatherings. Planned and organized in advance and well attended by Tsai-ko's, spouses, friends, and lurkers.

    Pau Hana or EIS -- Smaller evening gatherings featuring beverages, EIS popularized by Koakane. Usually last-minute or short notice.

    Karaoke Call-- gatherings combining elements of the Cattle Call, Pau Hana/EIS, and singing in various forms. Usually held in the evening. Spouses attend. Liquor and singing optional. This recent addition is still in schedule and organizational phases.

    Permalink 03/11/08 @ 12:50

    mahalo plenty.

  198. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Garret, did you receive a notice about the tax rebate? That will perk you up. We expect $1200!

  199. Garret [Visitor]:


    I'm not worried about the tax rebate right now...the money will come after certain deadlines I have.

  200. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    I wonder if the tax rebate will "stimulate the economy" as they want it to. We already spent the money by buying a computer and last year's edition of Adobe Photo Shop.

  201. Jason [Visitor]:

    We need to add something to the lexicon concerning the desire for Midnight food runs, when people start talking about food late at night. This, despite the fact that some of us are trying to lose weight (with little success)...

  202. Stephen [Member]:

    Isn't the "g" prounounced as an "N" in Samoan?
    Where's Colt when we need him?

  203. Garret [Visitor]:

    Congratulations to Pete Noga and his bride Salaevalu Auvaa! The long time sweet hears were married at the Congregational Christian Church at Vailima a couple of days ago.

    Thank you to the Tsaiko who e-mailed that to me, suggesting that I post it.

  204. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    S, I thought G was pronounced NG..

  205. koakane [deacon] [Visitor]:


    How about someone who lives near you--like Koakane? no, strike that... ahhh, can anyone help homey out here?

    gladly be dd for homey if you moved the KC to fridays. usually doing an EIS survey on saturday during the HPU baseball games.

  206. jasonk [Visitor]:

    the G is pronouned as a combo: ng type sound. Gotta roll from the back of your throat though. Most people have a hard time correctly pronouncing words with G's in them like "faigaleuga".

  207. Jason [Visitor]:

    I always thought it was more of an NG sound. Then again, I've never heard Savaiigaea pronounced with an NG, only an N.

    Okay, before I make myself look like more of a fool, let's get an expert here.

  208. koakane [deputy] [Visitor]:

    last message I was speaking as the EIS representative.

  209. Garret [Visitor]:


    I weighed in at 174 at my doctor's office a year ago. I got a stern lecture from him.

    I think I was 159 or 160 when Al suggested the weight loss program. After the elliptical today I was at 157...as long as I stay away from Hawaii (my parents, my in-laws, and the buffets) and Todai I should hit my 154 target in a few months.

  210. koakane [Visitor]:

    come on UH win this game in the 9th. get a hit man

  211. koakane [Visitor]:

    yes UH pulls it out. too much hesitiation by UAB.

  212. Jason [Visitor]:

    According to my BMI, I am slightly overweight. But considering I'm not the strongest person in the world, I'd venture to say I could lose some pounds.

    We played a game of touch football at Relay, and I was gassed by the time someone finally scored. I think that was five or six drives by both teams. I gotta get myself in shape.

  213. Esme [Visitor]:

    Garret, are you still up?

  214. Moolelo [Visitor]:

    I don't know if this is apocryphal or not, but I remember hearing that the invisible N in Samoan names and words is due to the fact that the letter N was missing from the first printing press sent to Pago Pago.

  215. Esme [Visitor]:

    So gigi = ngingi ?

  216. Moolelo [Visitor]:

    That has a nice ring to it...I'll keep it in mind in case I have another daughter :)

  217. Esme [Visitor]:

    Jason, re: 19:40, sometimes I skip the blockquote tag if I feel like the gray box it causes looks distracting or attention-grabby. Or, OK, sometimes I just feel lazy.

  218. tommui [Visitor]:


    I assume whatever problem you had was resolved as I never did hear from you.

  219. Esme [Visitor]:

    ST, you read 16:44?


  220. Esme [Visitor]:

    Also, garret - ngarret?

  221. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Comment from: al [Visitor]

    good to see you up and about. we gotta go do one lunch yah?
    03/11/08 @ 00:29

    Hi Al,

    I'll try to make the next CC for lunch...

  222. Chicken Grease [Visitor]:

    Weight-discussing folks . . . don't forget to consider ya'll body fat as well. If you a little heavy than you should be for your, say, height, but, your body fat's "decent," shall we say, your doc' might end up smiling whilst giving you the "atta boy! Keep up the good work."

    Good night everboty. Sleep tight.

  223. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Mei Ling [Visitor]
    Aloha kakahiaka kakou!

    LTUHF, when are you going to be in LV? I think I'll be there on 5/10-11.

    Anyone want to buy a house in LV? I give you a good deal...
    03/11/08 @ 06:52

    Hi Mei Ling

    May 15-19 but not 100% sure if we'll be attending b'day bash...

    Could've bought a 4 br, 2 ba, home in Los Prados back in '94 for $117K...

  224. Moolelo [Visitor]:

    tommui, the Great Gates of Kiev is certainly a grand ring tone, esp the orchestral version -- my ring tone is simply "vibrate"

  225. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Hi A-House

    You might be interested in watching the Immortal Admiral Yi Soon-Shin; there's a DVD out on that historical Korean drama...

  226. al [Visitor]:


    how zit? postal service is looking for you i heard.

  227. al [Visitor]:


    where will you be staying in lv?

  228. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:


    Express mail received. Can do. Mahalo...

  229. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:


    Don't know for sure yet; my high school friends are staying at the Cal...

  230. al [Visitor]:

    btw longtimer is your boss also a governor?

  231. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Nope, da boss is a Marauder... Midst the waving tassel, stands Waipahu High...

  232. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Those days the Marauders were champs of the Rural Interscholastic League

  233. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Govs won the ILH championship back in '65 led by QB Stan

  234. al [Visitor]:

    i remember watching that game.
    atan the man cadiente.

  235. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Yup, Stan the Man Cadiente...Like Stan the Man Musial...

  236. Esme [Visitor]:

    Moolelo, re: 23:31 ... there is also the drum corp version of Great Gates of Kiev.* Grand, chicken skin stuff!

    * which our band marched to in 19-- ahem. *

  237. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Hi Esme,

    How's uncle M and Aunty B? and Aunty J?

  238. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Goodnite all; take care and have a great day tomorrow...

  239. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc [Visitor]:

    TOMMUI: Did not receive an e-mail from you. For some reason, we're screening each other out.

    Please call me at twofoursevensixthreesixsix ext. 1# and leave your info there.


    ESME: Will call you at work as soon as I can get to a telephone without noise in the background.


    Fun game to watch last night - esp. on defense - but Coach Trapasso is correct in his overall assessment of the team's performance.

    Afterwards, I had to go back to work to get ready for today's big hearings which start at 9 am. Now I'm so wound up on caffeine I can't sleep.


    Re the descriptions of the various activities: Nicely-stated, but as far as I can tell, about half of them are still "private parties" in that they are not publicized here on the blog except afterwards. There may be veiled references to them, but the date, time & location are not released.

    I have never seen a SteveM post on this blog about the karaoke gatherings and have read nothing about them except after-the-fact. Sorry if I missed them, but compared to the notices about Cattle Calls and T-Gate Parties and the not-yet-scheduled Anniversary Party, the Karaoke notices went right past me.

    I love to sing and actually have a fairly decent voice even though I've lost the outer ranges both high & low as I've gotten older and am no longer singing on a regular basis several times a week. If I could figure out how to clone myself so I could work and support UH sports and keep physically fit and sing/act within the 24/7 limitation I'm currently under, I would be singing in a choral group or in the Opera Chorus or in a musical every week.

    If anyone is going to be in Kapolei on Monday morning, DrDoc and I will be there to receive an award from the City for our community service work. Perhaps we can meet up for coffee afterwards around 10:30 am.

    Time to try to sleep. If I don't, then I'll have to hire my cats to be my Surrogate Sleepers until Saturday morning.

  240. Garret [Visitor]:

    South Florida's defensive coordinator is a popular guy this offseason because his D has been so successful against the spread offense.

    With Rich Rodriguez now at Michigan, the University of South Florida has suddenly become a hot spot for teams seeking help in preparing for Rodriguez's spread offense.

    Ohio State has won the past four meetings against Michigan, but the Buckeyes still sent cornerbacks coach Taver Johnson to meet with USF defensive coordinator Wally Burnham and secondary coach Troy Douglas this week.

    "Johnson said it was because we've done such a good job against that offense," Burnham said. "And we've had some success."

    Under Rodriguez, West Virginia was 22-4 the past two years, including 0-2 against USF. In that span, WVU averaged 16 points, 160 yards rushing and 3.7 yards per carry against USF, compared to 41.2 points, 311.5 yards rushing and 6.6 yards per carry against everyone else.

    A Minnesota assistant visited USF last week, and a Colorado assistant - the Buffs play West Virginia this fall - will visit next week.

    "They pick our brain and see why we do certain things," Burnham said. "We've done as good a job slowing them down as anybody. With the spread offense, I guess people think we have some answers."

  241. Garret [Visitor]:

    Not only did Clemson pull a scholarship, but the Clemson's coach's father pull a scholarship in a very messy way at Florida State.

    I just read your article on Ray Ray McElrathbey and Clemson's Coach Bowden's choice
    not to renew his scholarship. This seems to be a Bowden trend this spring...
    Geoff Berniard, has been an offensive lineman on the Florida State University
    football team since 2004. At the beginning of spring practice this past February he
    was notified that he would not be awarded his scholarship for his fifth and final
    year of eligibility. In December, Rick Trickett, the new offensive line coach,
    approached Geoff asking him what he was going to be doing about his final year of

    eligibility. Trickett told Geoff that he would never play in his offensive scheme
    and that in his eyes it was best that he quit and move on with his life. This was a
    conversation that came after a year of attempting to run Geoff off the team but, at
    the conversations conclusion Geoff made it clear that he was returning for his
    senior season whether Trickett liked it or not. Apparently, Trickett did not like
    that conclusion. At some point Trickett told Coach Bowden that Geoff decided he did
    not want to come back for his senior season and they recruited as if they had an
    “open” scholarship. After FSU played in the Music City Bowl in December Geoff

    returned to Tallahassee and mentally prepared to endure the physically grueling
    spring workouts, which include mat drills and a strict weight room regimen, as well
    as his final semester as an undergraduate student. After the first day of mat drills
    he was called up to Coach Bobby Bowden's office for a meeting with him. Coach Bowden
    explained that he was “surprised to see Geoff” at the 5 am mat drill because he was
    “under the impression that he was not to returning for his fifth year”, information
    he received from Trickett. After beating around the bush and looking like a fool who

    has know idea about decisions that are made for his own football team, he finally
    told Geoff that due to a "number crunch" he would not be receiving his fifth year of
    scholarship eligibility. This was a very unexpected and indescribable disappointment
    to Geoff. He had every intention to fulfill the commitment that he made on signing
    day in February 2004.
    I am appalled at the fact that the coaches of these two big name programs are
    sacrificing at all costs to win. Unlike Ray Ray (who seems to have straightened
    himself out) Geoff has no blemishes on his academic, athletic, and social
    reputations. He has a 3.02 GPA, was awarded all ACC academic honors as well as

    Dean’s list for the 2006-2007 school year. The only practices he has ever missed
    were due to the unexpected deaths of his grandfather and his best friend’s father.
    He lost the most weight of all of the offensive linemen when Trickett demanded they
    slim down, he was not involved in the cheating scandal that recently rocked our
    athletic program, and he has never missed a summer of “optional” workouts. What he
    has missed though are several Christmases, Thanksgivings, and other family

    gatherings because his time was dedicated to FSU football and the demanding
    sacrifices that come along with territory.

  242. Garret [Visitor]:

    Urban Meyer's contract gives the football coach plenty of reasons to stay at Florida - and provides him with a nice windfall should things fall apart.

    In addition to the $3.25 million annual salary he agreed to last June, Meyer would receive $3.75 million in retention bonuses until the deal expires after the 2012 season, according to a copy of the contract the Times-Union acquired through a public- records request made last summer and received Tuesday. There's also a buyout clause that would pay Meyer $2 million for each year left on the deal if he were to be fired.

  243. Garret [Visitor]:


    Temple to be on national TV more than UH?

    Temple will appear on national television four times in the 2008 football season, the Owls' second in the Mid-American Conference.

  244. Garret [Visitor]:

    Interesting analysis of Pac-10 vs. SEC. It is nice that UH is listed as one of the few quality opponents that the SEC is facing this year.

    So while I was in Madrid, I ran into an SEC football player, who got me into a discussion about whether the Pac Ten or SEC were better.

    It’s hard to compare, I said, because while the SEC has more elite teams, the Pac Ten has no Kentuckys or Venderbilts. Even Stanford has won the conference within the last decade, and will again.

    Take a look at the 2008 schedule for the Pac Ten… Georgia, Maryland, Purdue, Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Virginia, Tennessee and Boise State, to name a few. Only seven Pac Ten opponents look likely to be stinkers–such as Portland State, Baylor or Utah State.

    Meanwhile, National Champions LSU get to start of their defense with Appalachian State, Troy and North Texas–watch out!–while the rest of the SEC has to go up against The Citadel, Tulane, Western Kentucky, Arkansas State, Monroe, Western Illinois, Louisiana Tech, Southern Louisiana (?), Samford, Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, Wofford, Norfolk, Akron, Miami of Ohio, Wyoming, Temple, Rice and Duke–to name a few of the more obvious schedule-passing offenses.

    The only quality out of conference games for the SEC seem to be Arizona State, Texas, Miami (who knew they’d collapse?), Hawaii, Georgia Tech, Florida State and Wake Forest–not even one for each SEC team. It should be embarrassing!

  245. mctruck [Visitor]:

    The NCAA placed BYU on three years probation for major and secondary violations in its men's volleyball program.

  246. Garret [Visitor]:


    Interesting analysis of which recruiting service (rivals or scout) is more accurate in predicting the success of recruits.

    College recruiting of high school athletes attracts major attention - particularly in football and especially in Texas. Various Internet sites have emerged that rate and rank both individual players and school recruiting classes. The most popular of these sites are Rivals.com and Scout.com.

    How accurate are their ratings, though? Obviously, the ratings are given based on high school performance, but they have the aim of predicting performance at the next level. Theoretically, those receiving 5-star ratings are more likely to "succeed" in college than those who receive fewer stars.

    Now that websites such as Rivals.com and Scout.com have been around a few years, their ratings can be analyzed for accuracy. While only one of many possible measures of success, the various 2007 NCAA Division I All-American teams can be analyzed to see just how many of college football "stars" were identified coming out of high school.

    While Scout had more 5-star prospects among the 2007 AAs, it also consistently handed out significantly more 5-star awards. Assuming the pool of players from which the AAs were picked is represented by an average recruiting class, Rivals had a higher percentage of their 5-star prospects earn AA status in 2007.

    It would be of value, of course, to do the same comparison for the other star levels, but the necessary data isn't available on either the Rivals or Scout websites, and neither organization was immediately forthcoming with the information.15 While some information is available on the subject, it does not provide a complete enough picture of the entire high school prospect class and how they are rated.

  247. Garret [Visitor]:


    Yes, the Advertiser had that on their breaking news yesterday. BYU did *not* lose their national championship, though...

  248. mctruck [Visitor]:

    thanks, just came upon this article in this morning news paper...haven't kept-up with all of the blogs. "my-bad."

  249. mctruck [Visitor]:

    I love that, "quality out of conference" mention, and UH being listed as one of those quality teams.

  250. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    Re: Men's Volleyball

    Sad to say but I think that Men's VBall is a dying sport in collegiate athletics. Ineterst in Hawaii is really dying and also around the country. I think there are only 22 D1, 13 D2, and a bunch of D3.

  251. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:

    Good morning Tsaikos. Rise and Shine.

    Today is Wednesday, the day before the 13th. Now comes da humming because da official happy day is upon us. A day of reckoning.

    "Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Daaayy, Oh Haappy Dayyy, when UH rocked, when UH roccked, when UH rockked, when UH roocked, da Herman away, da Herm away, da Herm awayyy OH HAPPY DAY, OH HAPPY DAY!!!"



  252. myki [Visitor]:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    Stretch, I agree with you re men's volleyball. It's really too bad. I especially enjoy the power game of the men as opposed to the finesse of the women's.

    Hope you all have a great day!

  253. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:

    Howzit again Tsaikos.

    Read MANA SILVA's story in the HA this morning. What inspiration and sacrifice.
    Seems like alot of Warriors are doing that kind of thing, work hard/sacrifice.
    Boy do I feel great about this team this year!!!
    You go Mana, and


  254. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Comment from: Esme [Visitor]
    So gigi = ngingi ?
    Permalink 03/11/08 @ 22:55

    I think the ng applies to a hard g not at the beginning of a word.
    gigi would be jee jee.

    Noga sounds like Nonga

    Like Tonga spelled in Samoan would be Toga, I would think.

    I am going to have my first myofascial release treatment today. You may hear the screaming all the way in Hawaii. Nah nah nah... I'm ready to let go ;-)

    Have a great day, ka kou!

  255. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus [Visitor]:

    BarryM - did you get my email?

  256. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    Aloha kakahiaka!

    That Clemson article is so disturbing. How can you have coaches who are so unethical, doesn't matter how big their programs are. This is still COLLEGE football, and the players are STUDENT-Athletes. I like what I see of Coach Mack's focus; he's keeping the guys accountable for academics, as well as physical conditioning & commitment to football.

  257. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:


    again great story: Keanemana Silva in am HA. Going make it a point to track down Lily n Maurice an tell em how proud we r of their son and to him and da wife for their sacrifices. wat a stud,

    an his sista was studette at UHH Vball couple yrs ago.

  258. Garret [Visitor]:


    No need to apologize--I saw the article on the Advertiser website but do not think it was posted on this blog. I was going to post it but then got distracted by work.

  259. Garret [Visitor]:

    Mei Ling,

    That article was about Florida State pulling a scholarship. Yesterday's article was about Clemson pulling a scholarship. The big link between the two schools are that their head coaches are father/son. They are lucky that this news did not come out before NLI day, as recruits might have reacted poorly to it!

  260. Drop Water Mark X 3.7 Mac:

    Drop Water Mark X 3.7 Mac

    The Warriors announced their upcoming summer football camps:• 2008 Hawai‘i Football camp: Ages 5-12 July 12-13.• Skills Camp: Ages 13 and older July 15-18• Big Man’s Camp: Offensive linemen defensive linemen July 21-23Al...