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UH football clinic sked; Graunke working his way back; call the coach

March 11th, 2008

The Warriors announced their upcoming summer football camps:
2008 Hawai‘i Football camp: Ages 5-12, July 12-13.
Skills Camp: Ages 13 and older, July 15-18

Big Man's Camp: Offensive linemen, defensive linemen, July 21-23
Also, there is a clinic involving all of the UH coaches April 19.
For details, 956-4516 or 739-5444.

Literally ran into Tyler Graunke yesterday — I was looking down, he was looking the other way — and he said he is trying to do the things he needs to do to have his suspension lifted.
As part of his community service to the school, he is working as a groundskeeper on the Lower Campus.

Graunke said he is working out on his own. He said he weighs about 190 pounds now.
If things go well, he should be able to rejoin the team for the March 31 start of spring practice. In either case, Inoke Funaki will enter spring training as the No. 1 quarterback.

* * *

Greg McMackin has a new ring tone for his cell: Hawai‘i Five-0.
Slight problem. Bob Nash, Jim Bolla and Bob Coolen also have that ring tone. It should be interesting to see what happens if one of their phones rings during a staff meeting.

* * *

While Herman Frazier still has some items in the athletic director's office, the UH staff has been told to prepare the office "ASAP" for the next AD.

Manoa chancellor Virginia Hinshaw recommended Jim Donovan for the position. The Board of Regents will vote on the matter this week.

* * *

Thanks again to Blaze Soares for participating in this morning's chat.
Here's the chat schedule:
Wednesday — Offensive line coach Brian Smith, 3 p.m.
Thursday — Kicker Dan "The Iceman" Kelly, 3 p.m.

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