Coach Brian Smith to chat today; Today's Video

March 12th, 2008

Offensive line coach Brian Smith is today's chat guest.
The chat will begin at about 3:30 p.m.

* * *

Adam Leonard's Section 8 team won today's Super Games competition — wheel-barrel racing.

Leila's note: Some pictures (sorry they are blurry)

Greg Salas and Solomon Elimimian

Ryan Mouton and Malcolm Lane


* * *

We can understand why interim athletic director Carl Clapp is representing the athletic department at the WAC basketball tournament in New Mexico.
But why is Clapp, not Jim Donovan, scheduled to represent UH at next month's NCAA Final Four, which serves as an NCAA convention?And, yes, the reservations were just made. Donovan is expected to be named the UH AD at a Board of Regents meeting tomorrow or Friday.

* * *

The painters are working on the athletic director's office today. It should be ready for Donovan.

* * *

Safety Keao Monteilh appears to have fully recovered from a broken shoulder blade.
Monteilh recently bench pressed 315 pounds.

* * *

You know, you report on a person for nine years and yet, you find an e-mail like this:

J David send this to Steven Sai ...

It was from June Jones.

216 Responses to “Coach Brian Smith to chat today; Today's Video”

  1. bulla [Visitor]:

    #1 and good morning

  2. bulla [Visitor]:

    i hope they can change the reservations, it would be silly to have Clapp go when we will have an AD in place.

    Monteilh seems to be recovered if he can bench 315 lbs., what's his body weight.

    Aloha to all the Tsaikos, have a good day.

    The natives shall be safe, I return to protect them from the tourist today! haha, slowly of course, one day at a time.

  3. bulla [Visitor]:


    everyone still sleeping? i feel like Garret getting all of my posts in a row. the difference is that his are filled with information, and mine are just full of it! haha

  4. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Bulla - Good to hear you are back at work.

  5. bulla [Visitor]:

    ok, have a good day Tsaikos worldwide, have to go polish the dome and put on the 'real' clothes, shorts and slippers do not make a good first impression in the business world.

    unless of course, you are ST, the packaging never alters the production of the end notch.

    here we gooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. bulla [Visitor]:


    yeah, TDI doesn't cut it, but i am going stir crazy to say the least. you are always an early bird, i hear eating the worm builds the vocal are living proof i think.

    in the jungle, the mighty jungle, .........

  7. A-House [Visitor]:


    You are absolutely correct that Jim Donovan should be UH's rep at the final 4.

    Is this Clapp's reward for his short stay at "intrim" AD?

    IMHO, not worth it and it takes away from Jim's networking at the event.

  8. bulla [Visitor]:


    you are on the money bugz bunny, why have an AD if you're not going to let him be the AD? this would be a GREAT chance for JD to spread his wings, and get things rolling.

    sometimes, you just don't know.......

  9. Stretch [Visitor]:

    bulla - I don't think it's the worm but the beer, or at least I think I sound good when I drink enough beer. I feel sorry for eveyrone else in the room.

  10. A-House [Visitor]:


    Thanks for the tip, but already watched every episode of Admiral Yi Soon-Shin on TV.

    Watched a little of The King and I last night. Interestingy, Mrs A-House noticed some same actors/actresses in Yeon Gae So Mun, Jumong, and Wang Gun series.

  11. bulla [Visitor]:


    King and I? how did my cousin Yul Brenner look, people say we look alike, it's our eyes, haha

  12. NYUH [Visitor]:

    Great to hear Keao Monteilh is back in good shape. Really looking forward to an awesome defense this year.

  13. bulla [Visitor]:


    that's why deaf people can they can love you too. keep singing, American Idol is only 11 months away.....i think you and ST have a shot from Hawaii, and i'll hold your signs!

  14. Stretch [Visitor]:

    bulla - oh great, I stink too

  15. Garret [Visitor]:

    Pretty cool that Hawaii 5-0 was played on the national telecast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

    After receiving their trophies, the Ventures charged through two of their best-known compositions, "Walk, Don't Run" and the theme from "Hawaii Five-O."

  16. Garret [Visitor]:

    Great news about Keao Monteilh! The injuries at safety resulting in multiple returning players (Moneilh, Robinson, Thomas) who got significant playing time. Mouton showed that he could play there, but I figure he'll be at one of the starting CB spots.

    Jim Donovan *has* to be the one representing UH at the Final Four! So much business goes on then as all of the schools are represented there!

  17. A-House [Visitor]:


    The eyes may be the same,but the waist size differs!

    This King and I also is in the East, but Korea and not Siam.

    nough alrady, go work!! LOL

  18. keone [Visitor]:

    ST, is the uunder armour deal foe just the football team or is it for the entire athletic department?

  19. bulla [Visitor]:


    you are right!!! it's not who you know it's who knows you....gotta circulate, be articulate, negotiate, all the time at those conferences.

  20. Garret [Visitor]:


    That networking stuff is really a huge key for people in Donovan's position! I have a similar event coming up in May...thankfully, mine is in Vegas.

  21. whitey [Visitor]:

    Good morning Tsaikos and Tsaikettes. Oooohhh, going be another hot day, but the trades suppose to be coming back.

    My guess is that UH could not make reservations for JD until he is on board, but they had to make room reservations because the convention has a deadline. I believe that after UH hires JD, he will be going. I don't think this is an issue.

  22. bulla [Visitor]:


    go have a good day my brother, waiting for mrs bulla to finish putting on her war paint before we leave.....

    remember, ball hit to the left is a hook, ball hit to the right is a slice, a ball hit down the middle is a miracle.....but i know you, sandbagger, probably sit around the course waiting to take all the money from unsuspecting hackers.

    you stay to papa'a for not be one good golfer, haha! good golfers have good tans, because they not in the OB and the bushes looking for their lost balls.

  23. myki [Visitor]:

    Good Morning to the Eastmans

    Bulla don't overdo it at work, remember one day at a time! Have a good one!!

  24. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:


  25. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    It's always great to see Bulla up and about. Seems like you're doing well. Way to go, bulla!

  26. bighilofan2 [Visitor]:



  27. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Good morning all!

    Have a great day at work, bulla.

    Why is it that folks at the UHAD can arrange things so expeditiously when it favors there personal interests?
    But that's just the cynic in me. Maybe you're right whitey.

  28. Esme [Visitor]:

    Liz wrote:
    I think the ng applies to a hard g not at the beginning of a word.

    gigi would be jee jee.

    Liz, I was just being a wisacre. Sorry. Heh.

  29. Esme [Visitor]:

    WassupDoc, I'm not at work today. I'll e-mail you on other ways to reach me.

  30. Esme [Visitor]:

    LTUHF, sorry, saw your message only now. How do you know my uncle and two aunts? ... :) Small world!

  31. Esme [Visitor]:

    Oh, and good mooorning, everyone! ;)

  32. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc [Visitor]:

    omigod - I'm quoted in the other paper talking about the financial and management audit - and, yes, the Committee adopted my suggested amendment about reducing the time the audit is to cover. The original draft of the reso covered a ten-year period - that's been reduced to four years. I felt that it was covered too much in the time allocated to conduct the audit - 5 1/2 months.

    See - sometimes even one person can make a difference.

    Off to work despite only 3.5 hours of sleep. Hope I can stay awake for this evening's ballgame.

  33. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    I agree with bulla, bulla. Hope they change the reservations for the NCAA Final Four & convention.

  34. Long Time UH Fan [Visitor]:

    Hi Esme,

    Uncle M worked with me at the State DLIR; Aunt B and Aunt J are my classmates at FHS...Small world indeed. You might have interviewed me for the State's monthly employment and unemployment statistics.
    And my neighbors are classmates with your Mom. All Governors... :-)

  35. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    In making the reservations at the NCAA Final Four, perhaps CC's reservation is a place-holder. The BOR doesn't confirm JD until tomorrow. UH probably couldn't put Jim's name in there until he actually has the job. Just guessing. Otherwise, should we ask VH? I'd hate to inundate her w/ em, but JD needs to go...

  36. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    whitey, Jus read thru the rest of the posts, and you said the same ting first. I think JD will go...

    W-Doc, saw your quote. Added my 2 cents to the article chat. Why, if the UH athletics dept. has a deficit, why wasn't it addressed years ago as it was building???

  37. Esme [Visitor]:


    Whoa. Did I interview you? When?! If you don't mind, please e-mail me sometime and tell me about it ... esmeinfantenii at yahoo.

    On the family connection — wery interesting and cool. This island is getting smaller all the time!

    Er, and it's also a reminder to me not to be too much of a wiseacre on this blog. Wouldn't want to shame my family. Heh.

  38. Maverick [Visitor]:

    Way to Go Kaeo!
    Rehab with a passion for winning. You are a true Warrior!

    Dang, it's taken myself two years to recover from a broken shoulder, and I still have trouble lifting the beer can.

  39. Esme [Visitor]:

    bulla, you're going back to work already? Wow! Please go easy, now. Eeeeasy... ;)

  40. al [Visitor]:

    eh what's up doc?

    okay, who do you work for?

  41. Esme [Visitor]:


    I'm just starting to go through "Perfect Season." Frankly, I first thought I was going to focus mainly on the pictures — did I really need to re-read stories about football games I'd already watched and savored?

    But the answer, I've discovered, is ... YES. The combination of ST's vivid and authoritative writing, together with the chance to mentally relive those dramatic and truly miraculous moments — makes it irresistible to rabid fans to us.

    Oh, and the photos — some of them almost make me want to weep. A few that stick in the mind: A fierce Sol Elimimian going airborne SANS HELMET against LaTech, that look of rage on his face (p. 18) ... the Iceman squeezing out the go-ahead kick against Nevada (for the second time; you know what I mean) (p.116) ... all the pandemonium when we won WAC ...BCS rally, with haka and haa, at SSC ... CJ giving the team a post-game speech at the SB ... Lumpkin stalking the practice field in the rain (p. 197) ... McKnight held aloft by the players (p. 199) ... and that heartbreaker of a photo of JJ presiding over kneeling players on the last page ... Wow.

    I think some people might question why the SB game would be included in a book titled "Perfect Season." But for those of us who went to NOLa, even thought the loss stung at first, time and perspective have shown us that it was a profound blessing to be there and support our boys and share in the spirit, no matter what the final score. It was still perfect.

    Props, ST!

    A must-read, Tsaikos. Go get 'em!

    P.S. I know this book is produced by my employer, but honestly, I wasn't connected with the production of this awesome book and am writing this simply as a rabid Warrior fan.)

  42. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Just read sad e-mail from PIAA DS.

    Doesn't sound like she going be able to hang in for much longer. Not good for local kids; blue chippers, not much problem, but she does a lot for the other kids.
    Hope she can find a Knight in shining armor.
    Stretch, she mentions your outfit as already helping plenty; good on you guys :-)

  43. al [Visitor]:

    glad you added that last post message. halfway through i was thinking is this a nice commericial or what?

    but, i realize you are just like us, you stay tsaiko already.

    okay, i guess i'll have to break down and make me a purchase.

  44. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    Al, it's $19 at Costco. Regular price is $30.

  45. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Naimbag a bigatmo Tsaiko's!

  46. Esme [Visitor]:

    al, I also notice that Amazon has it at about $21. ;)

    And yeah, Tsaiko already. Friends think I'm nuts — I'm talking constantly about UH football ... IN MARCH.

  47. Esme [Visitor]:

    d1shima, oh no, what's wrong at PIAA? I must have missed something ...

  48. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Good to see Keao getting back into the swing of things.

  49. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Esme - You're like WassupDoc, not included in some e-mail routings. lol

  50. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    D1Shima, I think its time to bring on Phase 2 of the World Famous "Tsaiko-Cares" program. "Tsaiko-Cares" is famously known for its $20 or less voluntary contribution by Tsaikos and lurkers to a worthy cause. In this case I suggest that, with all of your input and consensus, that we voluntarily contribute to the non profit PIAA. The organization and Doris has done a great deal for UH and Hawaii's youth (young men and ladies). D1, Garrett, Liz and Kekoa all have a copy of PIAA status maybe one of us should post it in full or in excerpts. Phase 1 as you recall was a successful quiet venture that was a feel good effort by all. I await your input on this more public Phase 2 "Tsaikos-Care"...which I do believe is tax deductible.

  51. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Barry - Congrats to lil' barry for doubling up in the shot and discus!

  52. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Another shout out to Natasha Kai for scoring another goal.

  53. Pomai [Visitor]:

    Before anyone jumps to any conclusions about PIAA, wait till you hear from Doris herself.

  54. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Thanks Homey, Abe had a good day at Derby Camp Saturday, then competed well in the Track Meet, then went to a semi formal function that night, and then got another Div 1 football offer yesterday. What I am wondering is if Abe will progress in Track & Field enough to receive scholarship opportunities for Shot/Discus which may manifest itself at the college level in Hammer Throw. I could actually see Abe doing football and throwing sports in college. He and his Punahou State Champ teamates compete in 3 meets in the Mainland over their Spring Break. I think the level of competition he will face, plus that he will be defacto representing Hawaii will motivate him. The team will work out at UCLA, Occidental College and USC. Abe is awaiting a financial aid package from USC to determine if he will consider becoming a Trojan (Abe is an invited walk-on at this point), or go where schools have affectionately embraced him with a full ride offer. Back to Doris...Abe's options have become wider because of Doris/PIAA assistance...and we only communicated with her late in the game.

  55. Bill [Visitor]:

    Garrett, enjoyed your Bowden Boys article yesterday. The FSU situation reminded me of the Robbie Benson basketball movie One on One.

    Too bad that memories of meat market win at all cost mentality does not factor enough into recruits decisions.

  56. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Pomai, Here is the direct skinny to some of us parents, including d1shima. I apologize if Doris is embarassed by my posting this...but you asked for it Pomai...and it is fact. I remain of the belief we should help her out on the phone bills, and try to find her some other grant money.

    "Just some information.

    Due to a complete lack of support from the community, PIAA is in danger of shutting down. Yes, everyone says what a great job PIAA does for the kids and how it benefits Hawaii. But I get no support. With the exception of generosity from Koga Engineering, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl and Global Consulting, I have received almost nothing this past 9 months. I ask and I ask, and I get nothing but excuses. I hear "oh, we hear you on the radio" "you do a great job" but "sorry, we dont have any money available". I have applied for a grant and if I dont receive it, effecitve June 1 or earlier, PIAA will shut down. My phone bill, due to recruiting season was over $900 this month and I have less than $200 in the PIAA checking account. I have already put $25k into PIAA in the last 5 years. My husband just retired and I cant afford to use my own money anymore. At this point, I dont even know how I will pay this months phone bill.

    That being said, anyone who is already on the PIAA website in the classes of 2009 and 2010 will continued to be marketed, however, no additional students will be taken. So as much as I appreciate your referrals, please do not suggest to your friends and family to sign up for PIAA at this point.

    Regarding the PIAA camp, at this time the NCAA believes PIAA could potentially get an exception, however, it would not be effective until Jan 1 2008. Even though this class wouldnt be affected, I wanted you to know if case you have friends or family interested in the event. Coach Arceneaux, who has run my camp for 8 years, thinks maybe a combine would be in order where you can all take video to add stats to your profiles. However, if we do not find sponsors for the event, that too will not happen (insurance alone costs me around $1,000 for the event)

    As many of you know, and new parents may not, I cant ask you for money directly because of NCAA rules. However, if you have any outlets for donations (the company you work for, an NFL player who may want to help out, what have you), please help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    PIAA has assisted over 800 athletes secure over $10M in eight years. If I stop, I really dont know who will pick up the slack.

    I know not all of you received scholarship offers, but thats the nature of the game. I can only get schools to look at your video, I cant make them offer you. Others it was due to grades or SATs. Some of you who didnt want to "settle" for something less than you beileved you deserved. However there is something out there for everyone, you just have to keep looking, pick a school and get a walk on opportunity if thats all that is available and prove yourself.


    Doris Sullivan

  57. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Barry - Nice info regarding Abe. I wonder if his main competition will come from Paipai.

    It's good to see that T&F is opening many more doors for Abe. Tell him to work harder because there is always someone who wants it more. See you at the next gathering.

  58. sports for fun [Visitor]:

    Maybe they will send JD, but since he's not officially confirmed, they just decided to make one reservation instead of two. I don't know. I'm just giving them the benefit of the doubt because I feel the administration has been on a role of doing things right.

  59. Pomai [Visitor]:

    Barry I know what is going on but I didn't think that Doris wanted to make it public just yet. I may be stepping out of line but it isn't over till the fat lady sings, and she isn't sing just yet.

  60. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Homey, Paipai is actually leading Hawaii preps in discus at around 150', with Abe behind him at around 148.5'. Paipai and Abe were classmates at Kahuku Intermediate, little league teamates, and remain good friends. I am very happy for the friendly nature of competition in Track & Field, and will rejoice in whomever prevails in individual meets or in the state finals. In the throwing events its almost the same sub culture as O-linemen have in football. A bunch of big guys that fiercely compete against each other but hug each other the second the battle is over. Besides Paipai, I expect Maui's Sean Tesoro to be a major throwing competitor this season, with Adam Hom, and another one of my favorites Aaron Tipoti. I really wish to salute former Rainbow Warrior, Joe Onosai (who was also in my wedding) for taking time with Abe and all the kids from different schools to advise on small technique matters. I love that broad support despite the respective school competition.

  61. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Pomai - Correct me if I'm wrong but Doris already made it public by going on the radio and asking for assistance to sustain what PIAA has been doing these past years.

  62. LizKauai [Treo] [Visitor]:

    Just had lunch. My vote for best hamburger is now Burgerville.

    No equal anywhere in my experience.
    ok getting carsick now.
    Pix later tonight.

  63. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Pomai, its is easier I would think to keep a ship from sinking, than try to refloat it from the bottom of the harbor. She has done nothing but good and has nothing to be embarassed about regarding the financial status of PIAA. She has managed the money properly, she makes those extra effort calls to help kids get or save their scholarship offers...and for this momentum to go down isn't positive. Again the whole concept of the "Tsaiko-Cares" effort is that it is voluntary. The last time during the quiet first effort, some Tsaikos/lurkers were disappointed we didn't go more public...but there were many, many reason why we wanted to be extremely low key. This situation affects almost a thousand local kids (not to mention those she is poised to help in American Samoa) and she has been a great asset to the University of Hawaii, when called upon. I appreciate your input Pomai, and will await consensus of the Tsaikos before standing down in this effort here in Tsaikoville. I will not stand down in my effort to help.

  64. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Barry - Looks like it will be tough to break the State's meet records of 59' 8.75" and 186' in the shot and discus. Good luck to all.

  65. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Homey, I think Crabbe threw 66' in a meet for Punahou in the mid 90's. Abe's lofty goal is 62'. I noticed Abe was really inspired by local boy Brian Clay's explosive quickness in his spin moves during the discus throw this past week. Gotta love the concept of local boy on the World State motivating local boy on the prep stage.

  66. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Gotta love the concept of local boy on the World Stage motivating local boy on the prep stage.

    03/12/08 @ 10:00

  67. Pomai [Visitor]:

    Barry I'm sorry if you misunderstood me, I agree with you 110%, she has done nothing but good for the whole state of Hawaii, and the only thing was that in an email to me she said she hadn't gone public with the story yet that's all, I haven't talked to her since she went back to see her son graduate from flight school. So maybe things have changed in that respect since then.

  68. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Barry - I think Crabbe threw it over 60' feet too but I was just going by the State meet records. Just like there are World records and Olympic records.

    Speaking of Bryan Clay. Isn't it amazing a guy his size wins the shot put! Simply amazing. He must generate so much torque and coupled with his technique he is able to explode into the throw.

    I'll be emailing you shortly.

  69. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Its all good Pomai, we are all Tsaiko-bros. Things have changed from concern to extreme concern. I won't even call Doris out of fear of eating all her plan minutes. So any other input if we should consider a voluntary $20 per person or less effort. Checks would be made directly to PIAA, which streamlines things. I will provide the local PIAA address, once I hear the pros and any cons in pursuing this effort. Mahalos.

  70. d1shima [Visitor]:

    I can't recall PIAA DS ever being shy about funding for PIAA.

    it isn't over till the fat lady sings, and she isn't sing just yet.

    But IDK how she feels about being equated w/ da fat lady!

  71. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Put it up here when you ready; I'm in.

  72. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    PO Box 280

    Kailua, Hawaii

  73. Pomai [Visitor]:

    d1shima eh wot you trying to git me hit wit da slippah. Honest I was not referring to Doris. Eh Doris no listen to dat guy, he's jahs trying foah make trouble foah me. LOL

  74. BowsForever [Visitor]:

    Awright Keao! We'll have a very effective secondary next year.

  75. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Congrats to Abe.
    T & F might be a good alternative if it pays for college; probably less wear and tear on the body.

    btw, what's the other D1 school?

  76. d1shima [Visitor]:



    LOL, too!

  77. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    d1, you can check it out on on his profile. The written Div 1 offers are from the Univ of Miami (Ohio) and the Univ. of Buffalo, with other Div 1AA offers from Portland State (direct to Abe from Glanville), Saint Francis Univ, Idaho State, (then a bunch of Div 2 that offer full rides (Washburn Univ, Topeka), and Div 3's that offer financial aid packages (we would not listen to loan offers only full grants). My poverty seems to be helpful in the realm of FAFSA and financial aid grants for Abe.

  78. Esme [Visitor]:

    homey, pick on someone your own size!

    Oh, wait. We ARE the same size. ;)

  79. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Barry - Never mind about the email, just saw you post about the address.

  80. d1shima [Visitor]:


    My poverty seems to be helpful in the realm of FAFSA and financial aid grants for Abe.

    No doubt the bain of every parent of college kids is the dreaded "EFC"!

  81. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Esme [Visitor]
    homey, pick on someone your own size!

    Oh, wait. We ARE the same size. ;)

    Oh lookie, I can use blockquotes!

    I'll have you know that I am taller than jojo and juju and XLiz and Ronnie and Mrs. A-house and Midori. pffft.

  82. Barry Markowitz [Visitor]:

    Esme, Homey did once say at a CC that size is everything. Or was that online to his sista JoJo? Did I really repeat that?

  83. LizKauai [Treo] [Visitor]:

    Hi xs!

    I'm working on the baby quilt at the massage therapy place.

    One thing I like about Portland- many ways to get places so traffic congestion is easy to avoid. It's very cool to be able to move about with very little time wasted sitting around.

    I'm next in line for the massage.

  84. Esme [Visitor]:

    homey, it is good to use blockquotes. They make your posts look taller.

  85. Garret [Visitor]:

    I sent in my testimony to HB 2521. I wrote a lot about the Athletic facility needs, but had several paragraphs on the needs for the overall campus and why that was important to Hawaii.

    Back to work now...

  86. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Could blockquotes also be used to make other things look "fuller"?

  87. Esme [Visitor]:

    Re: PIAA. That sounds deeply serious. Thanks for sharing the info, folks. I'm in.

  88. homey ® [Visitor]:

    XLiz - I could go for a massage right now. Old fogies like me take weeks to recover from a brisk walk.

    Esme - ROTFLMFAO

  89. homey ® [Visitor]:

    d1shima - blockquotes make you look 10 lbs. heavier on the blog.

  90. Stephen [Member]:

    Under Armour deal is only for football.

  91. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Wheel-barrel racing! I wonder if it was with real wheel-barrels or all human powered?

  92. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    The painters are working on the athletic director's office today. It should be ready for Donovan.

    Did the painters move HF to the middle of the room and cover him in plastic?

  93. ryan [Visitor]:

    Is Herman in the office while they are painting it?

  94. gigi-hawaii© [Visitor]:

    ST, haha, at least JJ didn't type "Tye."

  95. Stephen [Member]:

    No sign of Frazier.

    But the room is a mess. It's not Frazier's fault. It's just that the furniture is old. It's a facility problem.

  96. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Rich - I think the custodians mistakenly threw him out with the trash.

  97. LizKauai [Treo] [Visitor]:

    xs- did you say you needed a massage too?
    I'm watching my daughter get her myofascial release treatment. I hope I don't snore too loudly. Talk about relaxed!

  98. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Appropriate for him to be there: lots of experience with painting himself into a corner.

  99. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Maybe JJ spells phonetically?

  100. homey ® [Visitor]:

    I can just picture jojo at her computer waiting to be #100.

    XLiz - Yes, maybe I should give a call to one of those massage places in the personal ads.

  101. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    June probably only knew ST as "Stephen". Remember one of the press conferences when June made the reference to him?

  102. Warrior Dave [Visitor]:

    Comment from: homey ® [Visitor]

    Rich - I think the custodians mistakenly threw him out with the trash.
    03/12/08 @ 11:39

    Homey, I forgot how to blockquote but your comment made me laugh out loud in the office. Had to change the screen quick!

  103. homey ® [Visitor]:

    So is it pronounced "Stefen" or "Steven"?

  104. addahknowjoe [Visitor]:


    GOT IT!!



  105. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    at least he didn't write:

    Tstephen Tsai.

  106. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    ST, you not related to least he didn't use *Sigh*. It was close...

    Is the carpet still old in the UHAD office? Sounds like donated furniture would be a good thing.

    Very cool about Keao!

    Gonna miss the chat with Coach Smith :( I'm at hula rehearsal till late tonight. At least we're eating kalua pig...

  107. homey ® [Visitor]:

    WD - Hopefully, they put him in the green waste receptacle. His mulch would be compatible to manure.

  108. homey ® [Visitor]:

    ST - forgot to ask. Was that a typo in your article about Mana Silva? Is it really 300 or was it supposed to be 400?

  109. jojo ® [Visitor]:


    I missed 100

  110. Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]:

    Rainbow Cliff,
    I got the pictures. Good stuff! Give me a call when you can.

  111. BowsForever [Visitor]:

    Steven Sai sounds like a great name for a radio DJ.

  112. PIAA DS [Visitor]:

    Hi everyone, I keep getting emails saying they saw info on the Tsakio blog - so I had to come on and see what was up.

    Thanks very much for all the support. Really. I appreciate it. I've had a decent response thus far from the parents, though Im sure barely 1/2 of them have even seen it yet. Several of the h.s. coaches and ADs have also responded. Im hoping everything works out. Im tired though. Its been tough trying to do it all-raising money, marketing the athletes, 20 calls a day minimum to and from college coaches, the website updates and everything that goes along with it. But still its my passion and I want to keep doing it if I can.

    And as far as the 'fat lady' singing? First - I cant hold a tune and second - I hit 30.5 lbs lost as of this morning. Dont call me fat anymore! hahahaha, I know that wasnt meant that way, I just had to make light of it!

    Thank you again everyone.

    (oh and re: Pomai's statement about Billy graduating from flight school - he got T-38's which means he's training for Fighters (F-15, 16, 22's or A10's) hes a happy camper, only 3 out of 32 in the class got this and almost all had it as first choice. Now his mom might not like that he's not sitting behind a desk safe somewhere, but he loves his job, loves his country and this is what he wants to do. So Im happy for him and very proud. (Go Damien, go Air Force!)

  113. old diver [Visitor]:

    The way ST worded the Clapp going to the final four instead of Donovan story gave me the impression that Donovan won't be there.
    If it is true as some have expressed that Clapp is just holding a space for Donovan then I will have to conclued that ST jumped the gun. Sorry had to say it.

  114. Stephen [Member]:

    It was 300, which, I believe, was the second-most among defensive backs.

  115. Stephen [Member]:

    Old Diver:

    Your first impression is correct. As of right now, Clapp, who has a non-refundable, non-transferrable plane ticket, will be there and Donovan will not.
    Now, of course, they could add Donovan, but he won't be replacing anybody. At least not on that airline ticket.

  116. Stephen [Member]:

    Yep, folks, I was trying to be subtle. I guess I'll have to be more direct.

  117. d1shima[PMS3435] [Visitor]:

    How you say?....

  118. Jack Flash [Visitor]:

    What was JJ trying to forward to you thru J David? Any inside info??

  119. Stephen [Member]:

    He wanted to send me an announcement. But it's on my work e-mail, which I can't access from school.

    I can say chutzpah, I just can't spell it.

  120. d1shima[PMS3435] [Visitor]:

    Maybe Shaq might have a career as a lead blocker.
    I'd certainly clear out...

  121. Stephen [Member]:

    OK, back to class.
    I'll see all of you at the chat.

  122. d1shima[PMS3435] [Visitor]:

    I can say chutzpah, I just can't spell it.haha
    how 'bout the tea: CHAI
    (hint: L'Chaim!)

  123. kakaako moke [Visitor]:

    Everybody know is da water in Papakolea dat give da Bruddahz da powah. You tink #35 get da good bench, you should see bruddah eat! Go Papako go.

  124. homey ® [Visitor]:

    ST - So it was 300. For some reason I thought it would be more.

    Now where is Princess with that video. Excuse me, but it's just that Princess spoils us with her video updates.

  125. Da Man [Visitor]:

    Tesoro in the first track meet on Maui hit the shot put for 50 '10 and look so easy I think he can go father.

  126. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    one more pc wallpaper for you guys.


  127. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    Patience Pays off. THE Princess will never let us down with her Perfect video Products.

    have faith.

    I always do.

  128. homey ® [Visitor]:

    chawan_cut - awesome! Looks like something I could have done by mistake as a kid on my Spiral graph toy.

  129. Kazz [Visitor]:

    RE: UH AD Office

    Aside from painters, I hope they bless it as well.

    The "house" has to be "clean" in more ways than one.

  130. princess leila [Member]:

    Sorry, just waiting for it to upload....

  131. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    see, THE Princess never lets us down!

  132. Tombo Ahi [Visitor]:

    chawan, your new H logo looks like it's haunted by a poltergeist

  133. homey ® [Visitor]:

    I'm watching some Natasha Kai videos on youtube as I wait...

  134. princess leila [Member]:

    While you wait, I took some screen grabs from the videos so you could get an idea of what the Warriors did today.

  135. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Thanks Princess...

  136. homey ® [Visitor]:

    While I'm waiting let me practice some karaoke...

    If I could I'd like to be
    A great big movie star
    Overnight sensation
    Drive a big expensive car
    I would buy you everything
    Your little heart desires
    These things I do

    ‘Cause I'm stone in love with you

  137. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Okay, for my next song a sweet rendition of a Kalapana classic:

    Fly on through the night wind take a star to her for me
    Please whisper i love her make her wait for me
    Here it seems so cold now how i wish her arms around me

    Soar nightbird of love tell her wait for me...

  138. Garret [Visitor]:


    Cool photos! I'm sad that I'll have to wait until my kids go to bed before seeing the videos...since I'll be offline for the next 3 hours.

  139. jojo ® [Visitor]:


    homey's singing...

    hurry up Princess Leila with your videos

  140. homey ® [Visitor]:

    jojo - I catch the hint, here take the mike...

  141. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    no fair practicing!

  142. jojo ® [Visitor]:



    *chirp, *chirp

  143. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    no worry jojo, da "echo" stay turned up...geev 'em!

  144. homey ® [Visitor]:

    I'll take that mike back. And here is my best impersonation of Philip Bailey, "Reasons" by EARTH, WIND and FIIIIIIRE!

    Now, I'm craving your body,
    is this real
    Temperatures rising, I don't want to feel
    I'm in the wrong place to be real
    Woo ahh and I'm; longing to love you

    just for a night,
    Kissing and hugging and holding you tight
    Please let me love you
    with all my might

    Reasons, the reasons that we hear,
    The reasons that we fear
    our feelings won't disappear...

  145. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Give jojo the mike back.

    She jus' needed da words:

    Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh (4X)

  146. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Jay Molina?

    He could saaang that song!

  147. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Uhh, anyone seen a video lying around?

  148. jojo ® [Visitor]:

    Okay, okay...


    this is for jeje who is feeling sick today:

    Well, it's not far down to paradise
    At least it's not for me
    And if the wind is right

    You can sail away and find tranquility
    Oh, the canvas can do miracles
    Just you wait and see
    Believe me

    It's not far to never-never land
    No reason to pretend
    And if the wind is right
    You can find the joy of innocence again

    Oh, the canvas can do miracles
    Yust you wait and see
    Believe me

    Sailing takes me away
    To where I've always heard it could be
    Just a dream and the wind to carry me
    And soon I will be free

  149. homey ® [Visitor]:

    I'm amazed jojo! You sound just like Christopher Cross!

    I'm not worthy.

  150. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Whoa! jojo,
    Now we not going even MISS Stretch when he go Vegas!


  151. jojo ® [Visitor]:

    oops, never meant to sing that much

  152. homey ® [Visitor]:

    d1shima - I've been waiting so long that I saw 20 hairs from my head slowly fall on the keyboard.

    What's worse is that more than half is white.

  153. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh
    Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh

  154. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    oops, never meant to sing that much

    I know, we wen' crank 'em up high so you couldn't heah the protestations. But das OK, we all Tsaikos!

  155. Stretch [Visitor]:

    jojo - you just bought that song. It is all yours!!

  156. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Stretch - Is that what ST was singing? lol

  157. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    If that happened to me you wouldn't be able to differentiate between me and bulla!

  158. Stretch [Visitor]:

    homey - trying.... HAHAHA

  159. jojo ® [Visitor]:

    jeje likes to sing any Christopher Cross like to scream into the mike

  160. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    see jojo, you wen "psyche out" Stretch!
    Now he trying to do the same to ST!

  161. homey ® [Visitor]:

    I tell you, the things people do just waiting for a video. Chawan is all quiet in the corner patiently waiting.

  162. homey ® [Visitor]:

    d1shima - I can tell the difference. bulla is the one with the holes in his opu.

  163. jojo ® [Visitor]:

    Ohmigoosh, what did I win, or not win, or buy. I bought a song?!?

  164. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Almost chat time.

  165. homey ® [Visitor]:

    jojo - did you by chance see your inbox?

  166. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Wen you seen MY opu?

  167. homey ® [Visitor]:

    d1shima - I saw it at Makino's. The time you was wearing the cut t-shirt.

  168. BowsForever [Visitor]:

    Mouton! Lane! Get serious, guys! ; )

    Looks like they're having lots of fun out there. We saw firsthand last year what a cohesive team that has fun and plays for each other is capable of.

  169. WreckinEyez [Visitor]:


    Homey was watching you take a shower...

  170. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    Wreck - TMI!! ;-)

  171. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Out of the blue, here comes Wreck.

  172. A-House [Visitor]:


    Sent you an email yesterday around 4:30p HST.

  173. WreckinEyez [Visitor]:


  174. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:


    How you been Wreck?

  175. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Oh, and now Ronnie makes a cameo appearance!

  176. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    homey - I was just enjoying all the singing while I waited for the chat.

    It all sounded good too!

  177. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Gotta be getting close to chat time...

  178. WreckinEyez [Visitor]:

    I have been MIA due to work. Will be back more next month... Man do I miss going to a Karaoke Night... Silly weekend hours...

  179. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Too bad you aren't here in person because jojo's version, as Simon would say, was forgettable.

  180. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    I'm in Orlando, Florida for the next 3 days - Hi FloridaTed!

    The weather reminds me of home, but I would much rather be home right now! Oh well, June will be here soon (I hope!)

  181. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Got a trip there next month; howz da fuud?

  182. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Wreck - When you're back in the routine you should take WassupDoc to Karaoke because she's been writing that she is a decent singer. Let us know how it goes.

  183. princess leila [Member]:

    Video link posted above!

  184. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    I'm not sure. We just got in. Tomorrow night we're supposed to have dinner at Bob Marley's at the Universal Citywalk. I'll let you know how it is. There is an Emeril's restaurant at the hotel. I may try that for lunch on Friday...

    Will you be here for business or fun?

  185. WreckinEyez [Visitor]:


    I saw that she was in TWO rock bands!... Anyone wants to take a guess which ones?

    We all need to bow down to Wassupdoc, she qualifies to be an American Idol judge! I wonder how she will rate us.

  186. princess leila [Member]:

    Oh, and thanks to Stretch....I received the top. :)

  187. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    Princess, I can't see the video. I see the commercial, but not the Super Games....

  188. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Princess - you have to also thank A-Joe & SteveM.

  189. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    business. will try for some fun, too.

    wow, let's not all rush to the video. taking awhile to load.

  190. princess leila [Member]:

    shoot let me check. Thanks Ronnie

  191. wafan [Visitor]:

    Princess . . .

    It is not working.

  192. jojo ® [Visitor]:

    Ronnie - We've been to that Bob Marley restaurant. The drinks were good, can't remember the food though...I think I was hungry later!

  193. wafan [Visitor]:

    Stretch . . .

    What were you doing with Princess' top?

    You better watch out -- Kazz, Jason, and Homey are going to get jealous.

  194. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:


    The drinks were good, can't remember the food though...I think I was hungry later!

    Wow! Is there ever a caveat in that response!

  195. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    Why a top? Why not a yoyo?

  196. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    Our conference is at the Royal Pacific Resort. Have you been there?

  197. WreckinEyez [Visitor]:

    Jojo had the munchies after visiting Bob?... Go figure...

  198. d1shima[PMS 1225] [Visitor]:

    For all of you who chose Mary Ann!

  199. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Wafan - I'd only get jealous if it was a tube top.

  200. homey ® [Visitor]:

    d1shima - That's why I chose Mary Ann. She's a party animal!

  201. wafan [Visitor]:

    Homey . . .

    (smacking head with open palm) UGH!!! The mind pictures. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

    By the way -- new post up.

  202. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    Hey Princess,

    the new video starts off with that renters commercial and then goes straight to the tug of war one.

    is it not done processing yet?


  203. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    wait, i'm slow. i just saw that everyone else had said the same exact thing.

  204. princess leila [Member]:

    K, check it now...

  205. princess leila [Member]:

    Okay, I'm headed to UH now to do the Brian Smith chat...

  206. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    just like the Pri... nvm. you know my answer to that one.

    thanks again!

  207. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    thats a funny video again. who comes up with all these great ideas?

    can you imagine if it was muddy? would've been classic.

    or if it was the old junkalunka field with all the holes? that would be actually quite dangerous.

  208. homey ® [Visitor]:

    Thanks for the video!!! Some of those guys could scramble!

    I don't think the Tsaiko's were built to do that race.

  209. wafan [Visitor]:

    I think Homey is correct. I, for one would have a major problem doing that (or any other) contest. My stomach would drag on the ground.

  210. d1shima [Visitor]:

    Thanks Princess. Great job!

  211. Gobos! [Visitor]:


    Heard a rumor about a Russell Athletics apparel offer to UH for ALL sports AND more direct payment to UH than the UA deal, but left on the table the past 2 years?

    Any truth to it?

  212. kakaako moke [Visitor]:


  213. al [Visitor]:


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