Dan Kelly chat

March 13th, 2008

UH kicker Dan Kelly will answer your questions during today's chat.
Please submit ONE question per post, although you may post multiple times.
Please join us.

Dan Kelly



6 Responses to “Dan Kelly chat”

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  3. koakane iphone:

    au'wryte bulla on da radio and sounded good.

    morning again everybody how you all doing?

    only few days befoa the first home game as this saturday draws near the excitement will be reaching new heights. like everyone else no can wait and as Vili says 'bring it on'

  4. koakane iphone:

    morning again

    eh bulla sounded toooo good on the am

    hope da rest of the tsaikos make it back safely from da mainland

    good to be back on da wb play nicely now

  5. koakane iphone:

    hey hey hey how's everybody doing this hot muggy friday morning. look for some ac and get there quickly.

    hippo birdie two ewe stretch. where you meeting up with g and sleeze to toast your day?

    one more day to tgate and UH home opener. looking good for both so far

    ralph just come when you can around 11:30 or there after. you can help with the fire, cooking or set up.

    late morning aloha to da bruddah up in the PNW

    well only few minutes to get this off so esme out whoooooosh

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