Iceman chat update, Ao Boy, QBs, Donovan

March 13th, 2008

It's cold in here.

There must be an "Iceman" in the atmosphere.
Update: Dan Kelly chat will be moved up to 2:15 p.m.
New post will be put up to field questions.

* * *

Keao "Ao Boy" Monteilh is tomorrow's chat guest, startiing at about 10 a.m.

* * *

Inoke Funaki is mulling a decision to serve as chat guest. He's acting shy. So let's give him some encouragment.

Greg McMackin told us last week that Funaki will enter spring practice as the No. 1 quarterback. Tyler Graunke, if he is reinstated, will be the backup at the start of the 15 days of practices. McMackin said each of the quarterbacks will receive an equal number of reps. He said the tentative plan is to have Funaki and Graunke on opposite sides during the three don't-hit-the-quarterback scrimmages in the spring.
The competition opens up again when JC transfers Brent Rausch and Greg Alexander join in August. Former Warrior Matt Harding said he has watched Rausch, and is impressed with his arm and leadership.

* * *

Jim Donovan will be confirmed as t he next UH athletic director today. A news conference is set for this afternoon.

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  1. dcwarrior [Visitor]:

    hey look it's up

  2. Radford1 [Visitor]:


  3. Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]:


  4. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Great news on both the QB's and JD's confirmation.

  5. Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]:

    It's cold in here.
    There must be an "Iceman" in the atmosphere.

    Dan Kelly chats with our readers beginning at 3 p.m."

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

  6. SteveM [Visitor]:

    Checking in from work this morning and in the top 5?
    Waiting on the confirmation of Jim Donovan...

    ...back to back at lunch...

  7. myki [Visitor]:

    copied from the prvious post

    Comment from: myki [Visitor]

    UH BB: Have to give credit to K5 and how they spoil us with their telecasts. Don't know who the WAC has providing today's "services". We have the radio on and TV volume turned down. Lighting is poor in the arena and looks like they had dirty lenses on their cameras. The camera angles of the play by play guys make their hands look like they have Marfan's syndrome. Extra big looking hands like Mickey Mouse. 2nd half starting up --laters-- sj-macro & myki

  8. Kekoa [Visitor]:

    myki - Notice how the announcers talked about how Boise may be playing ugly, but will somehow find a way to most good teams do in big tourneys like this.

    What are we...chopped liver? Sheesh! The attitude continues.

  9. myki [Visitor]:

    Kekoa, we're tired of listening to them so we just mute the broadcast and listen to Bobby Curran.

  10. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Inoke Funaki - No be shame. If you are, see attached link...

    (Sorry ST, I have to show him how to be "no shame")

  11. scott [Visitor]:

    Love the Marfan's syndrome comment.

  12. YpoWarrior [Visitor]:

    So based on Coach Mack's comments, it sounds like TG should be reinstated prior to Spring Ball.

  13. las vegas [Visitor]:

    If you got time in LV, give me a call.

  14. al [Visitor]:

    the next qb of the future.

  15. Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]:


    No worry beef curry! Kaaawa boy here got ya back! Come on out, give us a shout. You da secret weapon, time to arm you and drop da bomb! If can, can, if no can, no can. We still love you cuz!

  16. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    From the end of the last thread:

    Comment from: Rich2176 [Visitor]
    Good Morning Tsaikos:

    I spoke with Terry Brennan this morning and among other things, he says Colt is working out extremely hard and has gained more weight. I think everyone will be pleased with his progress when his Pro-Day weight is announced.
    03/13/08 @ 09:12

  17. Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]:

    Too cute dat buggah!!! Who is he anyway? He's really working hard on his passing and agility drills. LOL

  18. Esme [Visitor]:

    Shucks, just missed my lucky 17. Ah, but if dpk has it, it's worth it. ;)

  19. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Men's BBall game doesn't sound too good right now. They need to pick it up!!

  20. al [Visitor]:

    kid, idk who that is.

    stretch, got tv at the office? game is on k5.

  21. Kekoa [Visitor]:

    myki & sj - I'm no longer screaming at the other announcers now that I'm in the mute mode. BC doing a much better job acknowledging both teams.

    Tied at 60! Still tight on both ends of the court. Yard man knocked on the door to see if I was ok...heard me yelling toilet words at the Refs!

  22. Esme [Visitor]:

    Comment from: al [Visitor] ·
    the next qb of the future.
    Permalink 03/13/08 @ 09:35


    I mentioned this video before because I keep wondering: Whose kid is that? Has to be someone here ... because who else would call their kid a Tsaiko? :D

  23. Stretch [Visitor]:

    3:51 left Boise up 64-60

  24. Da Punchbowl Kid [Visitor]:

    The way the announcers sound, it's like this is a Boise St. showcase and UH is just there to show how great Boise is...

  25. warrior650 [Visitor]:

    Great to hear about Donovan's recommendation and expected confirmation. Can't wait for him to get started. I think he'll do great things for the athletic department and UH in general. It will be interesting to see how his staff shapes up.

  26. Kekoa [Visitor]:

    Eggszack DPK!...Where's my slippa!

  27. jojo ® [Visitor]:

    Inoke Funaki - Please don't be shy to be the chat guest. You have tons (literally) of supporters here. If someone is offensive to you, I'm sure that DPK and his koi will put them in defensive mode. Oh and get bulla, too, you know. I mean, he's a nice guy, despite the mean sounding name.

  28. myki [Visitor]:

    Kekoa: We do the same thing even with the mute--Get on the refs big time.

    Mrs. AHouse, if you are watching the game, sometimes those obake "orbs" are appearing.:) myki & sj-macro

  29. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    this is boise's one shot at basketball success all their stars are seniors too. they have nothing left in the cupboard.

    just like us.

  30. Garret [Visitor]:


    Please come to the blog and be a chat guest. We have been long time fans of yours and would love to be able to learn more about you! You can check back to previous blog chats and see how we are respectful to those who are our chat guests...especially Warriors!

  31. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    oh, and i'm glad this is the last year its in las cruces. one of the many armpits of the wac. along with fresno. only tulsa (prev wac member) was more boring than las cruces.)

    the next 2 years will be in reno. somewhat of a real city with stuff to do.

  32. Garret [Visitor]:

    Memphis is using UH's success as an excuse of why they don't need an on-campus football stadium.

    Like its football counterpart, the basketball team doesn't have an on-campus arena of its own. That hasn't stopped the basketball Tigers from rising to national prominence under the direction of head coach John Calipari.

    Anyway, non-BCS universities from Utah and Hawaii have played well enough in recent years to be invited to high-profile football bowl games, so there's no reason why the UofM couldn't do the same.

  33. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Looking pretty grim...

  34. Garret [Visitor]:

    University of Memphis President Shirley Raines made it official Wednesday, accepting a subcommittee's recommendation against building an on-campus football stadium.

    "It is not affordable," Raines said in a statement that backed Tuesday's recommendation from the school's Board of Visitors athletic subcommittee.

    Her decision was expected and was in line with her previous statements that the UofM's priority should be on academically oriented construction.

  35. Kekoa [Visitor]:

    Gibson should come out for the football team. He just tangled with Noonan on the sideline.

  36. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    but memphis has never had a good football team. just like duke, they're only a basketball school.

  37. Garret [Visitor]:

    One of Nevada's senior LBs will have to end his career early due to injury. That is really sad for Kevin and really hurts Nevada because they don't have very many LBs.

    Kevin Porter's days as a Nevada football player are over.

    The linebacker, who would have been a senior next fall, has been suffering from stingers in his neck, and coach Chris Ault said at Wednesday's spring practice that it wasn't worth the risk for him to continue playing.

    "He's done playing football," Ault said. "It's a nerve thing. He's had it for about a year and a half. It's to that point where it's not worth it. He's a terrific young guy and a tough kid. He's been great for the Wolf Pack."

    Porter, from Bakersfield, Calif., played almost the entire 2007 season with a cast on his right hand after breaking his thumb. The cast all but made him a one-handed tackler, and he still finished with 51 tackles, including 2.5 for loss and one sack.

    The injury impacts the Wolf Pack's depth at linebacker. The Pack, which switched from a 3-4 base defense to a 4-3 in the middle of last season and will remain in a 4-3 next fall, now returns just two linebackers who have any college experience, seniors Joshua Mauga and Jerome Johnson.

  38. Stretch [Visitor]:

    Came up short again. I hope the Men's and Women's team can do better next year.

  39. Garret [Visitor]:


    I agree about Memphis' football team, but they were making a big push for an on-campus stadium to try to upgrade their football program. The $150 mil backlog in facility maintenace (looks like they pushed things off like UH) was probably the biggest reason why their attempt failed.

  40. Warrior Dave [Visitor]:

    Hey Inoke!

    If you going lead this footbal team you gotta step into the spotlight and get used to it. What better way than to begin here?

  41. Garret [Visitor]:

    Too bad that both basketball teams have their seasons over now. I'm confident that Coach Nash will get the men's team on the upward path...I'm less confident in the women's coach but support the players.

  42. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    funny. i bet their basketball team funds their football team.

  43. Garret [Visitor]:


    Wow, all the teams at the combine seemed to ask Colt and Bess about their previous incidents. This Penn State player is about to go on trial for rape 10 days before the draft!

    Scott has dreamed of playing in the NFL for as long as he can remember. But Tuesday's Pro Day at Penn State might mean even more to him than the handful of other ex-Nittany Lions who hope to turn in impressive enough auditions to boost their own draft prospects, or at least to convince some team to offer a contract as an undrafted free agent.

    For Austin Scott, 23, who receives his bachelor's degree in recreation, parks and tourism management from Penn State on May 17, and goes on trial for rape on April 16 (jury selection is April 7), Pro Day is only the first seminal event in a 2-month period that will forever shape the rest of his life.

    "These past few months have been real stressful," Scott acknowledged. "I had Pro Day to get ready for, and graduation to look forward to. And then there's my trial . . . "

  44. Stephen [Member]:

    The men's basketball team will do better next year.
    The Rainbows had a tough go because somebody hired a new coach too late and sabotaged recruiting.
    It's the little things that create long-term problems.

  45. YpoWarrior [Visitor]:


    That link you have about the guy changing his name is hilarious. Did you notice that if you combine the mom's maiden name & the dad's name you get....

  46. Garret [Visitor]:

    Very interesting analysis about Boise State.

    Two things happened to Boise State last year that hadn't happened since 2001, the year the Broncos moved up from the old Big West to the WAC:

    a) BSU finished second in the conference,
    b) Lost to an unranked, non-BCS team.

    Going forward, both are probably easy for Bronco partisans to shrug away as aberrations, and understadable aberrations at that. Hawaii was a one-hit force of nature at its peak last regular season, and the wind behind its sails has completely dwindled; the team was without its offensive star in the Hawaii Bowl loss to East Carolina, and still made a substantial second half push to win. In the immortal words of Avon Barksdale, how you ain't never gonna be slow, never be late? Especially against Chris Johnson? It has to happen, sooner or later.

    But then, when it does, people start talking. Eyebrows get raised. Plans get made. Maybe it's an aberration, and maybe it's not. Maybe, for its half-decade of complete conference dominance, it's time for Boise State to get got.

  47. Garret [Visitor]:

    I didn't realize that BSU had won so few games when they were the underdog! They won 2 games in 2006 as an underdog and lost EVERY other game over the last 7 years when they were the underdog!

    For all its "giant killer" status after the Fiesta Bowl upset of Oklahoma, Boise actually has a sketchy record playing above its head. Counting the big OU game and last year's loss to Hawaii, the Broncos are 2-5 against ranked teams since 2001 (one of those wins was against fellow mid-major TCU, in the 2003 Forth Worth Bowl) and 4-9 against BCS teams. BSU has won exactly two games in seven years - against Utah and Oklahoma, both in 2006 - that it entered as an underdog. Losses to the likes of South Carolina, Oregon State and Washington have been routine; this has never been a program that could "play with anyone in the country" for more than a game or two every three or four years. Just like most teams.

  48. Garret [Visitor]:

    BSU has certainly dominated the WAC, though. I'm glad UH broke through last season.

    What's been remarkable about Boise's run, and made it so sustainable, is the extreme consistency against conference underlings, an unmatched string of regional dominance: since 2002, BSU is still yet to lose a WAC game as a favorite. It's 46-2 in-conference through that span, with four undefeated seasons and five conference championships, and both losses were on the road against ranked teams (Fresno State in 2005, Hawaii last year) on a mission (the Warriors, by making a BCS bowl, fulfilled their goal; Fresno, by losing three straight after its win over Boise, did not). The Broncos have never lost a WAC game on the blue turf. The only other outfit with anything like the same hold on its conference these days is Southern Cal, and even USC has been subject to three stunning upsets as a double-digit favorite the last two years. Florida State ground the ACC under its heel this way in the nineties, but there is no other recent precedent.

    The best comparison may be BYU under LaVell Edwards, when the Cougars won or shared the pre-expansion/secession WAC title nine straight years from 1977-85 and 16 times in 20 years through 1996.

  49. Garret [Visitor]:

    When did UH-Manoa move to the Big Island? And I hadn't realized that Pat Hill never even had a share of the WAC title yet.

    Where Hawaii probably does not represent a sustained threat to Boise's grasp on the conference - the Warriors' Big Island Adventure seems thoroughly kaput with the departures of June Jones, Colt Brennan, three record-breaking receivers and every ounce of momentum, to say nothing of the sub-JUCO level facilities they're working with - there is still Fresno State, the anti-Boise, a team with a strong record of impressive upsets but without even a share of a WAC championship under Pat Hill. The Bulldogs rebounded nicely to 9-4 from a hideous 2006, winning three straight to close the year with a pair of convincing wins over Kansas State and Georgia Tech. FSU also returns virtually its entire offense, most notably running back Ryan Mathews, and gets Boise in Fresno. Just a thought, since the machine gave us a rare glimpse of its underbelly.

  50. al [Visitor]:

    gotta feel for the seniors especially matt gibson who leaves it all on the court every play. you could also see that he played with a limp, but, he goes all out.

    he would have made a tough football player.

  51. Stretch [Visitor]:

    I think next year's team will struggle even more than this year. I agree that recruiting was screwed by "others" but Hawaii had 7 seniors this year. That means the years they were recruited were screwed as well. Those years, we did not pick up guys who could step up.

  52. Garret [Visitor]:

    Interesting analysis of how BSU has had the best recruiting classes in the WAC.

    One area where Boise is still king in the WAC: recruiting. According to Rivals, the Broncos have laded the best haul in the WAC each of the last three years, and if you take away C-USA-bound expatriates Tulsa and SMU, had the best among current conference members in 2004, too. One of those kids, Ryan Clady, is about to become the school's only first round pick in ages, if not ever, with Johnson possibly coming behind him if he can stay healthy. If Hawaii and East Carolina did show a crack, somebody had better get to exploitin' while the gettin's good.

  53. Stretch [Visitor]:

    I understand injuries were a big factor this past season. I hope everyone get's healthy and Nash get's the recruits he wants.

  54. Garret [Visitor]:

    Looks like Clemson hasn't been able to get its story straight on why they pulled the scholarship from Ray Ray.

    The problem at Clemson is McElrathbey is no ordinary young man. He is known nationally for gaining custody of his younger brother, Fahmarr, because of drug and gambling problems with their parents. The admirable older brother has been allowed by the NCAA to receive financial help from the school and outside donors and has shown up on various television shows and been honored with awards.

    It’s clear that Bowden made a choice about his football team. The coach must have the right people on the team. If McElrathbey wasn’t one those for whatever reason, that’s fine.

    But, the handling of the situation is a bit odd.

    Since Saturday’s statement was released about McElrathbey no longer being on the team, I’ve received three Clemson releases trying to clarify the situation.

    We, the media, seemed to be blasted constantly for not getting our stories straight. So, it’s a shame that publications around the state and nation have basically tried to piece this puzzle together, only finding out what’s going on through statements denouncing thought-to-be facts that already ran in newspaper stories.

    I’m not attacking Bowden’s decision about McElrathbey. That’s an issue between player and coach.

    But, Clemson knew this was going to be a black eye regardless of how the media covered the story. There is too much emotion tied into Ray Ray and Fahmarr, not just in the Tiger community but nationwide.

    So, why has it taken so long to get the facts right? Clemson will work with Ray Ray if he doesn’t graduate on time and the graduate assistant position will cover tuition, books and a stipend for room and board, something we didn’t learn until Wednesday after many had already taken shots at Bowden.

    It seems that Clemson was piecing together its own puzzle after the decision was made, not before.

  55. Garret [Visitor]:

    This writer points out that Clemson should have pulled a scholarship from another player instead. This other Clemson player got a DUI, then before even clearing that mess up he violated team rules and was suspended! If Bowden plans to pull that player's scholarship anyway, why didn't he let Ray Ray keeps his scholarship?

    After sifting through quote after quote, it has become crystal clear that the only reason Bowden released McElrathbey was to open up a scholarship. Talk about loyalty. He was told Saturday, the first day of spring practice. Talk about timing.

    But what makes zero sense is, in light of linebacker Cortney Vincent's troubles, why Ray Ray?

    Vincent, an upcoming senior, has an unresolved DUI from December of last year, and now is suspended indefinitely because of a violation of team rules. Although a very good linebacker, Vincent has appeared to become more and more of a problem so much that the very displeased Bowden talked of a "possible dismissal after spring." Considering that is the case, why not kill two birds with one stone and revoke Vincent's scholarship given that his situation is clearly worsening?

    Not to crucify Vincent; everybody makes mistakes. But if Bowden needed to release someone, why not Vincent?

  56. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    I went to the game at Boise where we got blown out and Timmy set the INT record.

    They were selling these posters in front of their stadium to celebrate a first time achievement. They had FINALLY beaten Oregon State in Boise for the first time a few weeks before. They commemorated it with that poster.

    They even lost to Washington last year. Sure they had beaten Oklahoma. But that was a MIRACLE win. All those trick plays.

    Link above is to a good site with the past schedules. They don't try to play out of their league like Fresno. They know they can only do so much. They didn't fare so well against Georgia the other year either.

  57. Garret [Visitor]:

    Okay, my lunch break is over and I'm done spamming the blog...

  58. Kekoa [Visitor]:

    Arrgh! Suggest we all start to shadow every kid that is 6'6' or better that can at least "hold" a basketball. Send 'em to Rainbow Cliff for training on his new court, and Bam! Shoot out the lights next year!


    Inoke - Show your leadership skills by coming on-line. This is training that is much needed in order to answer redundant questions from reporters.

    Learn to think on your feet and "Tsaikoanalize" each interview question to make an intelligent statement that will reverberate positively in the media.

    Don't pass up an opportunity to polish a very important part of playing in the big leagues. Think about the media blitz that Colt had to deal with. Like it or not, you're next my boy, be ready!

  59. Garret [Visitor]:

    One more article...this one is about why coaches and athletes lie.

    That's a more creative explanation for a fib than Nick Saban's. In late 2006, the Miami Dolphins coach repeatedly denied he was headed for a job at Alabama. Saban said, “I'm not going to be the Alabama coach.” With in days, he became the Alabama coach. He later denied it was a lie and said he regretted that he was “pinned into the corner” by the media.

    Also in 2006, Boston College football coach Tom O'Brien issued a statement that said, “I'm not a candidate for any job.” A day later, it was learned he was on his way to become the new coach at North Carolina State. Likewise, University of Miami football coach Butch Davis said in 2001 he had “no interest at all” in coaching the Cleveland Browns. Within days, he was the Browns' new coach.

    About 10 years ago, recruiting analyst Bobby Burton was talking to a football prospect who said Michigan was recruiting him as “the next Charles Woodson,” who had just won the Heisman Trophy.

    But it turns out Michigan was telling a lot of recruits the same thing, because another recruit told Burton the same story. Then another and another. Likewise, coaches often have told several recruits at the same position that “You're our No. 1 choice” at that position. In 2006, a former Louisville football player accused head coach Bobby Petrino of breaking a promise to give him a scholarship after the player paid his own way for a semester. The player sued. Somebody was lying. It went to trial, but the jury believed Petrino.

    This year, Daniel Smith, a high school football player in Idaho, sued the University of Hawaii for promising him a scholarship and then revoking it.

  60. Garret [Visitor]:


    I agree that Boise State has been scheduling at their level instead above their level like Fresno State. However, I didn't realize just how bad their record was outside of the WAC, even with lesser teams from BCS conferences. I think UH has done better than they have outside the WAC...though until this year BSU had the conference stuff over UH.

  61. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    You're right. The excess weight that still lingers around the UH lower campus didn't do us any favors by delaying Nash's hire.

    He's actually put them back more than just a year with recruiting. Nash might have to go back to the JC route to pick some immediate scorers. Nothing against our bench guys this year, but they're more of the role player type. They don't seem to have that "give me the ball in the crunch time for a score" type look. At least Nash was able to get them some PT this year, which will help them next year. Amis is a good post guy, and Nitoto will do fine.

    We've always relied on the outside shot, but we're bare in the guard spot now. Hiram is coming back, but he's a PG. Not sure how good the local kid is that is redshirting. And is Ostrowski on the team?

    No matters though. My friends and I still will go to games. We'll support no matter what. We're fans of the school, the team, the sport. We don't go to games to see the opponent we're playing. We're there to cheer for our team. (And yell at the crappy WAC refs).

  62. Bowzo's Rule [Visitor]:

    Have to agree with you on the women's basketball coach. Saw a couple of games on TV and you can just see the team colapse at the end with the turnovers. Notice the point guards likes to hold on the the ball a lot. Makes me wonder . . .

  63. midori7 [Visitor]:

    Tough loss for the basketball team...

    Anyone else catch that Bobby Curran said the Wahine are stuck in Las Cruces until Sunday because there are no flights out of El Paso (?) until then. WAC has to pay for the extra hotel stay.

    So the men's team is stuck also? Hope they don't get booted from their nice accomodations (although Ferd's column suggested otherwise).

  64. midori7 [Visitor]:


    Everything went "A OK" at baseball last night???

    If not, let me know & I'll call the ticket office again.

  65. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    got the tickets. thanks!

    i didn't hassle them for the comp stuff. no worries.

  66. al [Visitor]:

    i agree. losing verwers was the biggest lost. they came out of the blocks with a head of steam. then when verwers went out they were in shock as the new guys just weren't ready.

    then, after picking it up, matt gets injured and again momemtum was lost.

    bottom line the team was not that strong to begin with. some bright spots are amis and nitoto. hiram thompson's return may also be helpful. it will be interesting how xiang comes back from injury and whether he is the real deal or not.

    but, the bottom line of course is that recruiting has got to step up. we need to get a couple of impact players like we did during the fab five days for next year.

    i think that our current staff will be able to recruit players.

    we will see.

  67. Jase Kansakimura [Visitor]:

    ST, the basketball team will do better next year? i think that's a stretch considering who is returning. I think they'll do better in two years, but next year is looking rather bleak.

  68. chawan_cut [Visitor]:

    oh and midori7,

    yes, i believe the men are stuck there too. again, these wac schools are not in the most heavily populated areas of the country. (hence armpit). when i went to a bunch of the previous wac tourneys with the band, we would have to stay all the way to sunday as well. and both teams would be there too. usually these tournaments travel arragements are set up with the idea that you'd win out and play till saturday.
    thats why it sucks to have the tournament in las cruces, or in any other city but reno (or hawaii, but that'll never happen). once you lose, you're stuck. and in las cruces, there's nothing to do. there's a casino 2 hours away. there's a ski lodge 1 more hour than that.


  69. al [Visitor]:

    in retrospect...
    i guess hermie had that last laugh.

    it almost seems that he planned to screw both the basketball and football programs by messing with the head coach positions.

    is that sabotage stephen?

  70. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    OT: Travel Update

    I just changed my plans for the June trip. I'm arriving the evening of June 17th. That leaves Wed, Thurs, and Friday for various pig-out, drinking, karaoke sessions with Tsaikos. (I don't sing, but cheer well.)

    I need to buy a car while out there and wanted an extra day to play golf. SO....maybe we can get a foursome together on Wed and/or Thurs? I'm hoping to get kamaina rates this time. Anyone know if a property tax bill would work as ID? LOL....

    Whitey/Duffer - I may have to fly to Kona on the 19th and then a day trip on the 20th to Maui. I'll let you know.

  71. al [Visitor]:

    rich...pick one wed, thu, or fri. let me know.

  72. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Whitey/Duffer - make that travel to Kona on the 20th and Maui the 21st (Sat.)

  73. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Al - is that for the golf, eating, drinking or karaoke?

  74. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    Comment from: Rich2176 [Visitor]
    OT: Travel Update

    I just changed my plans for the June trip. I'm arriving the evening of June 17th. That leaves Wed, Thurs, and Friday for various pig-out, drinking, karaoke sessions with Tsaikos. (I don't sing, but cheer well.)

    My family arrives on O'ahu on June 12th and leaves on June 23rd. I asked my mom if she wanted to come to a Cattle Call. She said it depends on how her party planning is going...

  75. Mei Ling [Visitor]:

    Dang! Wish I could be there to watch spring practices.

    It would be great to have Inoke join the blog as a guest. You go, guy!

    UH & NAU both didn't make it to the dance this year. Ok, we got next year...or later years, cuz we have Coach Nash!

  76. oxymoron [Visitor]:

    Kudo's to Coach Nash for overachieving this year. The record they produced is nothing short of awesome because of the lack of talent and athletic ability on the roster. When your best two players (Gibson, Nash) aren't good enough to start on any other D-1 program's team, you know you've done more than realistically possible. Doesn't mean that they didn't give 100%, and no personal knock on them, but it's highly doubtful that they could start anywhere else. Mop-up time at best. Congrats Coach Nash! Lets hope for better next year with a real recruiting class.

  77. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    Just noticed the Breaking News about the AAFL scrapping their 2008 season. Wasn't Chad Owens supposed to be in that league? I wonder what he'll do now.

  78. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Ronnie - when are you flying out - 12th?

    BTW, the other two were 190 and 174....pathetic.

    Too bad for all the guys in the AAFL since I'm sure none of the contracts are guaranteed.

  79. ralvic [Visitor]:

    Good Afternoon

    To Jim Donovan I wish you all the success as you start your first day on the job as athletic director.Your hands will be full.And the task will be daunting,days long and tiring,but athletics has always been,seemingly,your lifes work.So ascend with determination.And turn and right the ship,looking out at the blue seas and blue skies.And beyond.Take this vessel,the University of Hawaii athletics,under your stewardship,yet keeping it away from the black clouds.

    For the University of Hawaii fans we have acquired the tastes and wants of sugar and spice,white rice is filling.But sports,especially University of Hawaii sports ,are our staple.And sometimes we cry and dream to be better.

    Good Luck,Jim.Go Warriors.

  80. Ronnie [Visitor]:

    Rich - we fly out during the afternoon of the 12th; after finals are done. Since my company is in the middle of splitting into two companies, I can't stay as long as I wanted to. Bummer!

    Too bad about the 190 and 174...

  81. Garret [Visitor]:

    I'm sad that I'm going to miss ANOTHER chat! Faith will be in the middle of her first soccer practice when the chat begins, and I'm not missing the practice!

  82. Rep. K. Mark Takai [Visitor]:

    (Re-sending from earlier entry)

    Dear Tsaikos:

    One of the bills that will provide much-needed funds to the University of Hawaii for repairs and maintenance is up for a hearing tomorrow, Friday, March 14 at 2 p.m.

    Testimony is requested for HB 2521 to help the senators understand the situation with the lower campus facilities.

    HB 2521
    HB 2521 sets aside at least $50 million each year for UH repairs and maintenance until at least June 30, 2014. Although there is no specific amount targeted for athletics, this would be a significant step to address the needs of the University.

    HB 2521 HD2 (current draft):

    Here's the information that you will need to draft your testimony:
    Persons wishing to testify should submit testimony in one of the following ways at least 24 hours prior to the hearing:
    • In person: 1 copy of their testimony to the committee clerk, Room 230, State Capitol.

    • By fax: Testimony may be faxed if less than 5 pages in length, to the Senate Sergeant-At-Arms Office at 586-6659 or 1-800-586-6659 (toll free for neighbor islands), at least 24 hours prior to the hearing. When faxing, please indicate to which committee the testimony is being submitted and the date and time of the hearing.
    • By Email: Testimony may be emailed if less than 5 pages in length, to Please indicate to which committee the testimony is being submitted and the date and time of the hearing. Email sent to individual offices or any other Senate office will not be accepted.
    Public Folder. A folder labeled “Public Folder” containing the measures and testimonies for the hearing will be available for shared use by members of the public.

    Hearing Notice:

    Additional update: HR 43/HCR 43 passed out of the House Higher Education Committee and will be moving on to the House Legislative Management Committee.

    These resolutions call for a management and financial audit of the UH athletic department. The resolutions request Auditor Marion Higa to look at the fiscal years from 2003 to 2007.

    I’ll inform you if and when a hearing is scheduled for these resolutions.

    Mahalo, K. Mark Takai

  83. Rich2176 [Visitor]:

    Garret - sadly, I must miss the chat also. I'll be on my way to girth reduction activities.

  84. LizKauai [Treo] [Visitor]:

    We are on the way to the birthing center again. This time for some real action, I think. I will update my blog asap.

    Happy chatting!

  85. BG [Visitor]:


    So how did you expand beyond 6 words on a line? :-)

    Sorry, if you explained in an earlier post that I missed


  86. Warrior Dave [Visitor]:

    Anyone know what time the UH press conference is and where can we watch or listen to it?

  87. Warrior Dave [Visitor]:

    Princess Leila,

    Just saw the wheel barrow race and it was hilarious!! Thank you!

  88. ralvic [Visitor]:

    Good Afternoon

    If their was a need to follow a template on how to run an athletic department,look no further than at the athletic director at Boise State,Gene Bleymaier.

    I googled the Bronco,and beforehand I knew they were doing some good things up there,like moving from the Big Sky Conference to the WAC,but I was surprised that that AD,with 26 years at Boise,continues to set the standard of excellence.

    Any other AD around the country would look up at the Boise State AD with reverence because what Gene Bleymaier has achieved doesn't get any better than this.

    Under his tuteledge,the former Loyola Law School graduate,has not only been the groundbreaker for facilities,like another 30 million for stadium skyboxes and another 10 million complex due for completion this year.But his student athletes rank first nationally 2 out of the last four years in graduation ranks,posting a high of a 2.90 G.P.A in 2004.

    The strides that Boise State takes seems to get better.The success of their football team is well known,the improvement in their baskeball team,the facility upgrades and students doing well in the clasroom has to make the Boise community proud of the leadership of their athletic director.

    Reflecting,I can't see it getting any better than this when you think of all the criterias that you look for in your athletic director achieving.

  89. ralvic [Visitor]:


    I tried everything.Screen resolution,expand view size, til I was pulling out my hair.I couldn't figure out why I was getting 6 words per line,til I tied firefox.And then I got 12 words per line...yeah I said...but it still looked wrong.So it was not until Jason last night he asked if I was pressing enter after every sentence break.And I was...duh. So like I've said last night,thru the laughter,I guess,I've come full circle.( and that's the short answer...hehe)

  90. BG [Visitor]:


    Our prayers are with you and your daughter for a smooth delivery. The andrenaline must be pumping for you now!

    We'll be monitoring your blog.


  91. princess leila [Member]:

    I just spoke to Dan Kelly. He'd like the chat to move up to 2:15 instead of 3 p.m.
    I just posted a new blog so you can begin to ask questions. Sorry about the time change.

  92. BG [Visitor]:


    LOL...Jason is just one of the most amazing of many amazing young Tsai-ko's!

  93. chawan_cut [Visitor]:


    check out that link above.

    I was doing a wikipedia search on HF to see what he actually did at UAB and ASU before here, and that story was one of the links at the bottom.

    I demand a recount!

  94. wildwahine [Visitor]:

    wtg ST wow, I can't believe I missed 2 great interviews had to go to, wish I knew ahead of time.

    I love what you do, keep it up Tsai! luv ya guys and lmk when.....u have my email

    Aloha no! WW

  95. wildwahine [Visitor]:

    wow 2:15pm? I got to go to class. Rats. YOU ARE AWESOME ICEMAN, HOT!

    Cya at the next live intvw. I got to go Aloha no.

    Kelly, what do you think of the new unis?

  96. wildwahine [Visitor]:

    What is your opinion of the schedule ahead?

  97. wildwahine [Visitor]:

    Hi Chawancut,

    Whoa, your logos are awesome.

    Cya l8rs, tell kboy hi oh and al too. sorry until Tsai does another one at another time aloha no!

  98. Kaimuki Boy [Visitor]:

    Hey, WW!
    ST and Princess Leila thanks for all the chats. It makes work much more fun, and I can see more of who is behind the numbers, without waiting 3 hours in line for a sentence or two. Also, I hope someone tells Funaki that if he wants to lead the team on offense they might as well pratice being a leader and go on the chat. Plus, he gets to hang out with the lovely Princess Leila.

  99. Kaimuki Boy [Visitor]:

    Princess Leila thanks for the videos on super games. Its priceless to see that stuff.

  100. Kaimuki Boy [Visitor]:

    100 !

  101. wildwahine [Visitor]:

    eh kaimuki boy u still here?

  102. seersucker [Visitor]:

    ST, so you're a kirsten dunst movie fan?

  103. Pomai:

    Pluck : Logo Usage Agreement

  104. koakane iphone:

    plenty peeps busy or lying low for dis saturday's game

    come on time to start building up da excitement

    what happened to all the rah rah, support and believe we had before

    everybody up and start da wave for UH football

  105. James:

    Interesting post, will come back and check for updates - thanks!