I'm sorry

March 28th, 2008

The day my father died, a family friend told me: "You're now the man of the house. You're responsible."

I was 12.

Thirty-five years later, as the leader of a different house, I take responsibility for the disastrous debut of the new Warrior Beat Web site.

When everyone from the leaders of the University of Hawai‘i to my wife tell me the new site just isn't working, I can feel the distress.

I apologize that the type is too small. I apologize that it takes too long to post. I apologize that posters have to take a math quiz. I apologize that there's no link on the main page. I've addressed your concerns with the techs. Until something is done, all I can say is: I'm sorry.

Special apologies to Jim Donovan and his staff. While they were gracious, it still was inconsiderate to have to make them wait . . . and wait ... and wait.

270 Responses to “I'm sorry”

  1. Ronnie:


    Don't worry, we've got your back. Where you post, we will post. We're not called Tsaikos for nothing...

    And if it will help to fix issues by being a squeaky wheel, just let me know who to call and email. I'm really good at being a pest!

  2. ralvic:

    Like everyone else that blogs,longtime bloggers and the recently discovered,like myself,and the readers we all feel your pain.I think when things settle in,I wouldn't be surprised if you asked for time off to convalesce.

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    Please send constructive critiques and "suggestions" to:


  4. Ronnie:

    Will do, Stephen! Thanks!

  5. Pomai:

    ST no worry beef curry, heck if life was all rose's we'd get stuck all the time. :mrgreen:

    This site is our new home like it or not, you make it what it is!!!! It's all good.:)

  6. midori7:


    I do not hold you responsible for this AT ALL!

    Thank you for all that you've done to help fix this!

  7. gigi-hawaii ©:

    ST, has a Seattle newspaper reporter called you for Wafan's email address? He wants to interview him about a game he saw.

    I told him to call ST at the HA, because I didn't have the info.

  8. homey ®:

    ST - You're a swell guy.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    I grumbled so much that the tech walked away.
    But, basically, the plans call for disabling the math question and making the comments run on one screen, like the old days.

  10. Pomai:

    Well I'm off to watch the 99 UH vs Air Force game catch you all laters :)

  11. Ronnie:

    Do the plans also call for this to be done by the end of the day - meaning stay until it is fixed? :)

  12. homey ®:

    okay, who keeps spilling the slow sauce on the new blog? :twisted:

  13. 99club:

    Thanks for working on the fixes...there are a lot of smart folks on this blog that'll point those programmers in the right direction, I'm sure.

  14. SteveM:

    I'm going to be out this afternoon so will post this again now. Just added the tenor Bighilfoan2 and baritone Hiflyer to the guys team...

    Karaoke Call
    Saturday, April 19, 2008
    8:00 PM - midnight

    Krazy Karaoke
    1308 Young Street, Honolulu

    Cost: $15 per person (for room and karaoke equipment use for 4 hours)
    B.Y.O.B. in coolers and your own food/pupus
    The site also sells soft drinks, hot beverages, and munchies for convenience. Free ice.

    Need at least 25 persons to be feasible --but
    space is limited to the first 32
    -- so please RSVP
    on the blog or email SteveM - stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com

    Current RSVP Count = 19

    More info at: http://home.hawaii.rr.com/smurashi/tsai-kos

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Please note that Stretch has put in the non-refundable 50% deposit for this reservation.

  15. homey ®:

    ST - it would have been worse if the tekkies disabled the old blog. Then there would have been no fallback for the chat with JD.

  16. BG:


    Mistakes happen...it's what we do after we get knocked our feet that's important (does that sound familiar? lol). Let's get on our feet, fix the danged thing and move on to a brighter future. As we've seen, Tsai-ko's, moving in concert, can bend steel with our bare hands and change the course of tiny streams. With all the talents in the Ohana, we WILL fix this thing together!


  17. 99club:


  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hello Stephen I think you're taking this too hard. You neither designed nor selected the new site, so stop stressing. I think we all agree the new site aint so great, but we can learn to live with it. It sounds like you may be able to iron out a few more of the problems, so let's make the most of things. NO WORRY, BEEF CURRY. NO STRESS, WATER CRESS. LIGHTEN UP, WON TON.

  19. homey ®:

    Looks like the blog is work in progress because it keeps flip-flopping the earliest-current posts. Now I have no post count.

  20. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Mr. Tsai,
    We all know who is NOT responsible for the slow start.
    It is not you.
    I think everyone must be doing their best to make things work.
    It just takes some tweaking.
    Of course, a realistic approach by the beta testers would have been to test the WB in beta for a few weeks to see what the load was like.
    But that is in the past.
    Last night we could feel the web techs working hard on our concerns because the blog would change a little every few posts.
    The math quiz disappeared, the font size grew a little, and there is some streamlining still going on. I can no longer see message numbers on each post.

    No worry, beef curry.
    All will be good.

  21. homey ®:

    Looks like the blog is work in progress because it keeps flip-flopping the earliest-current posts. Now I have no post count. hmmmm...now I'm getting a duplicate post message.

  22. 99club:


    Are your travel plans to Korea finalized? My boss is making me go there TDY at the end of May. I love my job!

  23. wafan:

    Ronnie . . .

    Thank you for your re-direct help and link. I found the problem.

    I was accessing this site from the new page. Went to "Opinion" then to "Featured Bloggers" then to "Warrior Beat". That always sent me to the old site. Finally figured out I have to go through "Sports". HA!

    And, yes, while I was sitting here frustrated I did actually read the entries and saw GG's post about the reporter. Interesting. That game would be ancient history by now for the reporter, though. Why now? Weird.

  24. gigi-hawaii ©:

    No math and one screen for comments -- woo hoo! Already it's getting better. Hope it speeds up, too.

  25. Scott Morifuji:


  26. BG:


    I'm hoping that you're up and about this morning (in Korea) and will see this message. Betty and I will arrive in Osan around the 22nd/23rd of April and will be staying at the Dragon Hill Lodge in Yongson. We'll try to leave on the 28th to return to Hawaii. This will be our first try at flying space a, so we have no idea what to expect. I registered at the bases two weeks ago, so I should be near the top in cat V1.

    We're going to be busy attending a wedding, but, I've been hoping to have the opportunity to buy you a cold one. Where are you located?


  27. homey ®:

    Scott - is it possible to take away "Says:" after the poster's name?

  28. wafan:

    Wow. That was strange. Like a time warp or something like that.

    Typed, picked "Submit Comment" then wait for a bunch of minutes for anything to happen. Heck, the site seemed to be frozen at only 13 posts. Must be the techies working on improving the new and improved site!!! Yahooooo!

  29. chawan_cut:

    wow, noticed that the page #'s are gone. also the post #'s.

    what else is happening???

    never be sorry Stephen for things out of your control. you are on the front line and the big wig "politicians" way up the food chain are too far away from the reality to see what their decisions are doing.
    i work with the Navy, and we're on the "deckplates" as well working directly with the ships and sailors. we are the the ones in contact with the customer, yet a lot of the decisions that affect us (and thus them) are made somewhere far away that we have no control of either. they don't hear us scream or cry for help to support the ships as best as we can. the boats question why things are the way they are, and we can't answer.

    sometimes they need to see for themselves what the heck is going on.

    kinda like that field trip the legislators had to the UH lower campus a few weeks ago.

    some people's view of REALITY just isn't REAL.

  30. wafan:

    Mr. Tsai . . .

    You have nothing for which to apologize. Just seems the Beta was not completely tested -- even if it were I would expect bugs. But these are BUGS and some major WHOOPS.

    Main thing is that issues are being addressed now.

    Heard from Koakane earlier today. Sorry to say that it is pouring buckets down here and with this cold I will not be able to attend the baseball game. Well, at least it is not snowing like it has been the past several days. Thank goodness!

    Anyone want some snow? I will mail some to you!!!

  31. BG:


    Let me talk to your boss and let's get your trip moved up a month! lol Man! It would be a super duper trip if I could meet both you and TChahng!

    Betty's brother is getting married on Apr 26, so we gotta be there at that time.


  32. Kazz:


    Again apologies from the people that do NOT need to apologize...

    It's all G. I was getting used to the new site until the problems with the chat tho.

    WE BELIEVE... this site will be ok.

  33. homey ®:

    JD - If you ever find this blog to lurk I'd like to say thanks again for stopping by and answering questions.


    BTW, does anyone have connections with any company that specializes in gates and fences?

  34. Kazz:

    chawan_cut Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 2:28 pm
    wow, noticed that the page #’s are gone. also the post #’s.

    Perhaps in an effort to keep things like the old, the posts will stay on one page instead of having to turn to the next page to see the other comments.

  35. Bowzo's Rule:

    No problem. These things happen. Changes usually doesn't go smooth. Main thing it eventually get corrected.

  36. TChahng [대장입니다]:


    It's been so long since I used space-A for travel. Back in the day, a young Sergeant's pay couldn't pay for a trans-Pacific flight twice a year. I always went home for the summer and Christmas.

    I am working on Yongsan-South Post. The Dragon Hill Lodge is up the road from my workspace. Send me an email: tonychahng[at]earthlink[dot]net and I'll give you my telephone numbers.

  37. homey ®:

    Once they change the font size in the comment area and fix the bordering around the posts it should be better. And put in some performance enhancements...turbocharge or supercharge...anything to make it faster.

  38. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Good job, Scott, it is starting to feel like home again.
    I like the default to one page Show All ascending.
    Question, tho - would it be LESS of a server hit if the pages (default to latest) were in place as an option? Thinking- once a person has scrolled through the blog and is engaged in conversation, only the latest page would need to refresh.

    wafan- wow- I thought the snow at my daughter's house last Friday was a fluke!
    Look forward to seeing you , God-willing, during football season!

  39. homey ®:

    WOW, they even have an auto format for the text.

  40. midori7:


    thanks for the tip (yesterday?) for changing font size by using ctrl & mouse.

    a lot faster than view, text size...

  41. anklebiters:

    People hate change...they become comfortable in doing things the same way, everyday. Was there a pilot for this new version of the blog? If not, shame on your IT dept for not running it in parallel with the old. I'm sure things will iron it self out and once we all become use to it, the initial problems will be forgotten....it's like the $2/gal gas prices of yesteryear...we've gotten use to it and now $4/gal is near, and we'll get use to that also..

  42. Kazz:

    homey ® Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 2:21 pm
    Scott - is it possible to take away “Says:” after the poster’s name?

    Nah nah... Leeeve um.. Makes one bloggah look like he/she talking like DA ROCK...

  43. Bosnoda:


    Longtime lurker, felt I had to reply.

    No need for apologies to us. It's not your fault that they decided to go to WordPress instead of continuing with b2evolution as their blog software.

    Its also not your fault they chose to deploy the new site at 2pm, instead of midnite like most IT guys do. This usually allows for several hours of frantic behind the scene fixes.

    Just imagine if we were PAYING for this great blog-then we'd have a lot to scream about ; )

  44. Stretch:

    hey midori - see what happens when you open you big mouth??

  45. Simon:

    Everyone say "Thank you" to ST for his hard work

  46. bighilofan2:


    you no need apologize. but if you must, okay,
    apologize then. but wit moa class like dis:

    on your knees. palms togedda out front, elbow and arms at
    90 degree angle, yoa mout open, goin:

    ooohhhhhhhh, (shot pause) -- weemaway aweemaway
    aweemaway aweemaway
    aweeemaway aweeemaway
    fix my bradda oh fix my bradda
    da puuta gotta fix tonite, (rise 1 note)

    ohhhh fix my bradda oh fix my bradda
    da putta u gotta fix tonite,
    ohhhhh aweeemaway....

    lie dat...

    daya, you feel betta?


  47. midori7:


    I've learned my lesson!

    If anything, I'll post final scores only!

  48. Kazz:

    bighilofan2 Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    you no need apologize. but if you must, okay,
    apologize then. but wit moa class like dis:

    on your knees. palms togedda out front, elbow and arms at
    90 degree angle, yoa mout open, goin:

    ooohhhhhhhh, (shot pause) — weemaway aweemaway
    aweemaway aweemaway
    aweeemaway aweeemaway
    fix my bradda oh fix my bradda
    da puuta gotta fix tonite, (rise 1 note)

    ohhhh fix my bradda oh fix my bradda
    da putta u gotta fix tonite,
    ohhhhh aweeemaway….

    lie dat…

    daya, you feel betta?


    Scott Morifuji must be thinking: "what's wrong with these people"?

  49. wafan:

    LizK . . .

    You daughter is in the foothills or up the mountains a bit? I'm only 175 feet above sea level and no where near the foothills or up in the Cascades. This cold weather is going to be through the next 5+ days. Freezing at night and barely above 40 during the day. The strange part is the alternating snow, hail and rain.

    What is the date for the OSU game? Is that in September?

    I hope your family is doing well.

  50. Kazz:


    What is the final score for da Bows?

  51. Ronnie:

    Yee Haw!!! When I click on the link to view comments, it skips the post and goes straight to the comments! Way to go Scott and Team! Another issue bites the dust!

  52. Guava:

    Let me repeat...this web site now officially SUCKS.
    Too hard to navigate, too hard to read, too hard to even look at.

    Wait, let me guess. I'm assuming some "carpet-bagger" from the mainland with an attitude like "let me show these here natives how things are really done", is responsible for all of this.



    Oh wait, I guess the theory is "if it 'aint broken, then go break it".

  53. bulla:


    A true leader, one that takes the direct hit. no worries, it will all work out, but that momentum that was buiding into spring practice is now somewhat in the doldrums....energy with no motion.

    hey, you're still DA MAN in my eyes bro......and we all KNOW that you are not the techhie in this debacle.

    oh well

  54. BG:


    I'll be sending an email in a few minutes. Start thinking about the things you might want from Hawaii...lol


  55. bighilofan2:


    beam me up!!! kak kak kak

  56. midori7:


    Unfortunately, we lost 4-2. It was tied at 2 until Sac St scored 2 in the bottom of the 8th.

    Double header tomorrow starting at 8am, I think.

  57. wafan:

    LizK . . .

    I wonder if IB(S) has found the new site. Have you heard from her lately?

  58. Stephen Tsai:



  59. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    LMAO! I was wondering when Guava was going to weigh in on the new site. Main ting you going keep posting, yah Guava?

  60. LizKauai [Believer]:

    wafan- OSU game is September 13. Daughter lives in the Dixie Mountains, about 1400 ft. level. We had sunshine, mist, rain, hail and snow the two weeks I was there.

  61. G (China):


    Love your passion. One of the reason why I keep coming. I haven't been blogging lately because of what seems like a mountain of work everyday. But I have been keeping up and appreciate the guests and everyones comments. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  62. homey ®:

    Baseball team loses another one...Looks like lack of consistency is plaguing them this season or someone is giving them bad luck.

  63. Ronnie:

    Let's try to get spring fever back. ST, has the David Farmer chat been rescheduled? Would it be possible to have chats with all of the players that want to chat with their fans? It would especially be good for the families of the players from the mainland join in and be able to see how much their boys are appreciated (like Dan's family).

  64. Ronnie:

    I also have an idea for those of us who can't attend the Spring Game. Have HawaiianTel stream it on the internet like a regular game. If there was coverage of all the events, it would be even better! Is it too late to get K5 to broadcast the game - like the big time programs do?

  65. Ronnie:

    I wonder if ESPN will have video highlights of the Warrior Pro Day...

    Ok, I'm off to have dinner with the family. Then I'm going to meet up with Rob. YEE HAW!!!

  66. homey ®:

    DPK - He already weighed in on the site the other day...

  67. Kazz:

    Guava fruit is supposed to be sweet eh? Not sour right? Tart maybe, but not sour... or salty...

  68. Kazz:

    Ronnie Says:

    March 28th, 2008 at 3:25 pm
    I wonder if ESPN will have video highlights of the Warrior Pro Day…

    Ronnie, I'm pretty positive they WON'T.

  69. bighilofan2:


    bulla is right, all this energy boiling up to Spring Practice on Monday.
    gotta refocus on da team, not the distractions resulting from technical problems.

    sorry for contributing to the distractions. tell Scott to hike up his huggies and get back to work. bwahaaaahaaaaaa

    I can't tell if this blog system is better or not. I can't find out where to subscribe, i clicked the subscribe and nadas. Not even sure if i can subscribe, but i'm willing to learn. [This is my wife's computer, her email address is at her worksite, not here at home]. But I am having so much fun that we'll do what we gotta do.

  70. Ronnie:

    Kazz, that's what I figured, but I thought I'd dream a little. :wink:

  71. FloridaTed:

    Heelloooo! I actually made it back from the old neighborhood through a worm hole, traversing time and space. I sure hpe I didn't leave any part of me in the eather world.

    Tsai-Meister, how can this, in any way, be your fault? We'll follow you anywhere, Tsaikos can act like lemmings.

    They removed the numbers from the comments, that was actually something that I liked. Makes scrolling back to certain comments a lot easier.

  72. FloridaTed:

    Heelloooo! I actually made it back from the old neighborhood through a worm hole, traversing time and space. I sure hope I didn't leave any part of me in the eather world.

    Tsai-Meister, how can this, in any way, be your fault? We'll follow you anywhere, Tsaikos can act like lemmings.

    They removed the numbers from the comments, that was actually something that I liked. Makes scrolling back to certain comments a lot easier.

  73. wafan:

    LizK . . .

    Hmmmmmm, September 13. The temperatures will be mild during the day (around the mid to upper 60's and low 70's) and a bit cool in the evening (around the low 60's). You folks better bring a sweater! It usually does not rain at that time of year.

    Heck, I think OSU does not start school yet. But, the stands should still be packed with loyal and rowdy Beaver fans.

    Okay, do not wear black!!! Green would be best.

  74. homey ®:

    bhf2 - do you want to subscribe or register?

  75. FloridaTed:

    OOOps, sorry, forgot how slow still, impatient finger.

  76. Kazz:


    Maybe if Neil Everrett is working on Tuesday.... HOWZIT!!!!!!

  77. onarock:

    Ahhh....Hee-ah' you guyz stay! Haven't caught up to what you guyz been talkin' bout yet, but read what ST said. Mr. ST, no worries, it'll all work out, because "at the end of the day..." HA! LOL! Life's too short and you got a lot of friends, so cheer up!

  78. LizKauai [Believer]:

    wafan - I am talking to I Believe right now! She has been offline since the blog-out.
    SteveM - Please put I Believe down for the Crazy Karaoke and the T-Gate on the 26th. She'll be back from the mainland by then ;-)

  79. gigi-hawaii ©:


    Aug. 30 at Florida
    Sept. 6 Weber State
    Sept. 13 at Oregon State
    Sept. 20 Open
    Sept. 27 San Jose State-x
    Oct. 4 at Fresno State-x
    Oct. 11 Louisiana Tech-x
    Oct. 18 at Boise State-x
    Oct. 25 Nevada-x
    Nov. 1 at Utah State-x
    Nov. 8 at New Mexico State-x
    Nov. 15 Open
    Nov. 22 Idaho-x
    Nov. 29 Washington State
    Dec. 6 Cincinnati

    x-Western Athletic Conference game
    Home games played at Aloha Stadium

  80. bighilofan2:


    Boy all of a sudden things got slow again. I just sent a email to aarvman at the Honolulu Advertiser. My first time through Send to. Hope he got it. Used good English too.

  81. wafan:

    Wow. The blog has a timer that clears the comment out if it is not sent in time?

  82. homey ®:

    XLiz - Karaoke? Hmmmmmm...Actually I don't know what my schedule is like on the 19th. If anything, I will lurk.

  83. bighilofan2:

    homey, whatever you say my bradda.
    what you need from this end?

  84. wafan:

    bhf2 . . .

    You got through to aarvman? My message was returned as undeliverable.

    Aarvman . . .

    Could it be adjusted so once a comment is submitted the blog is not sent directly to the end? Rather it would be nice if it went to where you were left off -- that way scrolling is cut to a minimum.

    Did that make any sense?

  85. wafan:

    LizK . . .

    Please say HI to IB(S)! Hope things are finally settling down for her.

  86. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Hey xs-homey, if you are coming to lurkaoke, I will bring you some more apple manju. But you have to share this time, ok? No taking whole package home in da cooler :-)

  87. bighilofan2:


    I think my email got through. after i hit the send, something from gmail came on and asked a bunch a questions and I said no thanks, but i not sure if that cancelled the email i sent because i didn't go through the gmail account. i not sure, still in computer 101.

  88. homey ®:

    gigi - funny that the UH Athletics site has UH playing Boise on the 17th.

  89. Pomai:

    I vote to have the numbers by the post back.

  90. hilobilly:

    I kind of liked the post #, made it lots easier for reference; hopefully the math check will stay gone.

    The other night, watching sports news, they talked about UH 'Warriors' FB, ''Bows' VB & Baseball, & 'Wahine' softball. It really stuck out...maybe we can get everybody to call all of the men's teams Warriors, just to unify things a bit?

    I miss the HA's regular, old familiar Home page.

  91. BowsForever:

    Aw, it's not your fault. Faceless upper management and questionable web site redesigns completely outside your control will do this everytime.

    But hey look! The comments section is back to the old format. There's hope yet!

  92. BowsForever:

    Oh yeah, no math problems either! Woohoo!

  93. wafan:

    bhf2 . . .

    Nope did not get anything like that. Just a returned message saying that it was undeliverable. Oh well. Hopefully, the techs read this blog. Maybe they do not because of the problems they are encountering/caused.

    Anyhow, I hope it did go through and they address your concerns!

  94. haka:

    The site is evolving and moving in the right direction. Sound familiar? I think the constructive Tsaiko criticism has made a difference again! Thanks for being the Tsaikoist of them all.

    Let's Go Deans!
    Let's Go Bows!
    Let's Go Warriors!
    Backin McMackin!
    Mahalo Tsaikos!
    Spring is in the air!

  95. bighilofan2:

    Oh homey my homeyman,

    You asked if i wanted to register or subscribe. I don't know the difference, which is why I said whatever. So can you help me. Can I get Member status one over the other?? BWAHAAHAAHAAAA.

  96. Momicus:

    Can't read all 93 posts so apologies if someone has already posted this.

    Until the font size problem is corrected, click on "View", "Text Size", then "Largest" The text is still small, but more readable.

    Unfortunately, when you surf to other sites, you'll have to reverse the process to make the font smaller.

  97. Rabidfanman:

    I finally found the new place - as long as I can navigate to it without having to go through page after page of the advertisers other pages to get here, I can live with it.

  98. James:

    ST...no worries...it will work out once things are changed....no need to apologize....

    TSAIKOS back up each other.....


  99. gigi-hawaii ©:

    homey, I got the football schedule from the Advertiser. So which is correct? Do we play Boise State on Oct 17 or 18?

    Anybody know for sure?

  100. LizKauai [Believer]:

    gigi- my GUESS is that the difference depends on an ESPN broadcast. Don't know for sure what the final outcome was on that one,

  101. Kazz:

    Hey James!

    Did you catch yourself on the KHON news last night?

    You were in the background when Jim Donovan was addressing the legislative representatives.

  102. Rabidfanman:

    ST - Off the subject question (subject being grumbling about new site I guess).

    I used to manage a copy place in Kailua, where a lady named 'Wena' would come in and copy lots of newspaper articles. I am a little slow putting 2 and 2 together (thanks for removing the math questions!). I'm wondering, any relation? Never did catch her last name. Just wondering!

    Gigi - you can go to the uhathletics site to find out, but it probably isn't finalized, assuming ESPN may be negotiating to have it as a friday game.

  103. Kazz:

    I'm all for it on Friday night. Last time I checked we were pretty clutch when it came to Friday night games.

  104. lab rat:

    Why does my name and email address hide in the leave a reply box?

  105. lab rat:

    It's okay now. Earlier I could only see the upper half of all the letters. Weird. Hey I just noticed no 1 + 4 = 5.

  106. d1shima:

    I turned off the lights on the other side.
    If anyone was still there, sorry about your toes ;-?

  107. Jason:

    For those that miss the math problems:

    A right circular cone is cut parallel to its base. The following information about the resulting frustrum is given:

    1) Its height is one-half that of the original cone;
    2) Its slant height is 5 inches;
    3) The combined areas of its bases is 80π square inches.

    Find the volume of the original cone. ;-)

  108. onarock:

    You shooah you turned off the lights?

  109. hokulani:

    i came to see the new site and read lots of complaints, and experienced some of the problems myself. but as many complaints as there are, there will still be tsaikos and lurkers (like me!) that will continue to loyally read and post. so ST, keep up the good work, you have nothing to be sorry for.

  110. Rabidfanman:

    Jason -

    Original volume is one shave ice minus the half sphere top.

  111. g('nalo):

    For those that miss the math problems:

    A right circular cone is cut parallel to its base. The following information about the resulting frustrum is given:

    1) Its height is one-half that of the original cone;
    2) Its slant height is 5 inches;
    3) The combined areas of its bases is 80π square inches.

    Find the volume of the original cone.

    prfftttt.............two scoops ice cream. next! :-)

  112. chawan_cut:


    no problem. i'm really blind, so i'm always zoomed in. thats why i love firefox and that mouse gestures add-on. i can easily zoom in and out with my mouse.

  113. Rabidfanman:

    Anyone have a clue how to follow this blog via the R.S.S. feed? I'm used to just hitting the reload page button, but would love to have some way to follow it as it changes automatically. It gives you a few options, like google and yahoo (I personally dont like all the junk yahoo wants to load up in memory). What works best?

  114. d1shima:


    try check now.


  115. WreckinEyez:

    I like to see the techie turn and walk away if pride, homey, or mojo was talking to them about the site. LOL

  116. g('nalo):

    everyone have a good weekend cause ................winds gonna blow, so i'm gonna go.................

  117. Rabidfanman:

    Just a quick test here, noticed no websites (like Gigi usually has on the old site) are showing up and wondering if everyone is just not putting that in, or if its dysfunctional. If it shows up, its bogus! If not, its broke.

  118. gigi-hawaii ©:

    The names of those who input their web site are highlighted in brown. I know, it looks like black.

  119. Rabidfanman:

    Thanks Gigi, and yes, us old dogs can learn new tricks!

  120. WreckinEyez:


    hey don't talk about gigi that way, LOL J/P

  121. WreckinEyez:

    okay gangie I am out of here and of to the studio... see you guys!

  122. chawan_cut:

    boo jason boo....

    thats the reason i graduated from college. so my brain would never have to think again. your math problem hurt just reading it. nah, it still works i think. i'm just glad i don't have to do hw, or study for midterms or finals anymore.

    btw, anyone else create a profile in the forum section? you can customize it, upload photos, create your own blog, add friends, etc. go look for my name and add me. i got a couple of friends right now.

    its funny, you'd think that thing and this would be all connected, since you have to have a username here.

  123. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Chawan, you cannot register with a space or hyphen. Your nic has to be continuous. So is it chawancut, then?

    Mine is GigiHawaii.

  124. gigi-hawaii ©:

    BTW, I notified the powers that be that I think names of those with websites should be highlighted in BLUE.

    Let's see it if happens.

  125. chawan_cut:


    yes you're right. i'm chawancut

  126. genius:

    Jason, i not going play unless you promise to pay da winna. give up your book, something like that.

  127. Kazz:

    Just wondering..

    If it was UH Football trivia multiple choice questions that allowed us to post would it be such an hassle?

    Okay I better be quiet now... don't wanna give people ideas.

  128. BG [Looong post]:

    Barry M had posted earlier this morning about the Defense Dept liaisons from Samoa and mentioned Apo and Hoe from Honolulu. He also mentioned that Allen Hoe was a great man. Many of us remember articles written about that tattered flag that came out of Vietnam with Allen when his combat tour was done. And how his son, 1LT Nainoa Hoe, had the flag with him in Iraq when he was killed by a sniper.

    I wanted to add a couple of personal experiences with the man. In 2004, I had been working on getting permission from the UH and KFIVE to tape games and send them to the Hawaii units in Iraq and Afghanistan. BTW, both gave their permission. KFIVE actually gave me the game tapes so I could take them to be converted to DVD’s. Out of the blue, my commander gave me an envelope that contained about 10-12 (can’t remember exactly) premium football tickets and said that Allen Hoe wanted to donate these tickets to mobilized Hawaii soldiers so they could enjoy the game before they shipped out. He and his family weren’t going to be using them because of a trip to the mainland. That was the kind of guy he was. He did this several times. The soldiers were overjoyed and had a great time at the games.

    My other indelible memory was at the dedication of the hi-tech training center on Schofield. It was to be named after Kainoa. In front of a full house of invited guests that included all the big brass on post, Allen spoke about Kainoa, and, though it must have been painful, spoke with pride of the warrior Hawaiian heritage. The dedication ceremony itself was done powerfully by traditional Hawaiians in traditional garb. I could feel the drums resonate in my body and the mana, tapped and released throughout the building. The experience was indescribable! The military folks had never experienced anything like it. So impressive…and expressive. Any visitor entering the lobby of the training center immediately sees a larger than life portrait of Kainoa. Kamaaina’s will feel the mana that is there.

    I would be greatly under-stating it if I were to say that I have tremendous respect and gratitude for this man. The way he conducts himself is an example for us all.


  129. BG [Looong post]:

    I'll catch up with everyone a little later in the evening...

  130. gigi-hawaii ©:

    OK, chawan, I saw your comments in forums and agree that messages between friends should be private. Until everything is fixed the way it should be, I am hesitant to post on other people's profiles/blogs in the Advertiser.

  131. gigi-hawaii ©:

    BG, thanks for the touching story!

  132. Jason:

    In case some people didn't notice, Pomai started a thread called "TSAIKOS CHECK-IN."

    Just post a comment here so that we all know who is on the new site and who has registered under what name. Sort of like a roll call.


  133. koakane:


    finally got it and trying to catch up reading.

    tsai man ditto what others have been saying sometimes maybe just no can help. tomorrow will be hopefully a better day.

  134. Guava:

    Okay here's my "constructive" criticism for this "non-sense" web site.

    I mean I know change is inevidable, but NOT of the vending machine is out of order.

    Can't wiat to get reports from Monday's first day of Spring Practice, YEAH!

  135. koakane:

    wow one of my post got in.................oh happy days thank you lord.

  136. alexander:


  137. duffer:

    Sometimes, I have to remind myself, why is the Warrior Beat the best blog site. It's not the looks, but the content. For all the changes that have gone on, this is still the best site. What makes this a wonderful site is ST and all the Tsai-kos. No need to apologize ST, it's people like me who should be thanking you for making this site what it is. I know, I'll be around no matter if it's slow, hard to read etc.

    Stepping (falling) off the soap box now!


  138. Garret:


    I don't think that anyone is blaming you for the flaws in the new site. This site will get better with the feedback we have been sending in and with dedicated people like Scott working on it. This is already a lot better than yesterday, though I wish the post numbers would be back.

    I do wish that they had transitioned this in a better manner and had the blog going for a few days before trying a chat, but we can't help that. We actually did have a few days between chat guests so there was a better window for the new site to start...but I know this is with all the blogs and not just your blog, even though your blog probably brings in the bulk of the hits.

  139. Garret:


    Thank you for the background on the Hoe family. Amazing people and that must have been such a memorable ceremony.

  140. Garret:


    I don't remember anyone posting this slam on UH from scout.com

    Five teams likely to take a bit of a tumble ...

    - Hawaii
    The Warriors will still be fearsome in Honolulu thanks to one of college football's greatest home field advantages, but the problems will come on the road with trips to Florida, Oregon State, Fresno State and Boise State. It'll be a big upset if Hawaii wins any of the four games, while the rebuilding program also has to deal with tough home dates against Nevada, Washington State and Cincinnati.

  141. Garret:


    At least Oregon State is one of the other 5 teams listed.

    Oregon State
    Easily one of the most disrespected teams year-in-and-year-out (at least by everyone but us), last year's veteran 9-4 team needs to make wholesale changes. With the entire front seven gone from the nation's best run defense, a passing game that needs a ton of work, and the loss of RB Yvenson Bernard, this is a team that needs a few games to warm up. It won't get it with road trips to Stanford (the Pac 10 and season opener), Penn State, and Utah in the first five games, along with a home date against USC.

  142. bighilofan2:

    (whistling) wswswswswswswsssss,

    I heard Coach Mack just tell Robert Kekaula

    "our linebackers are a bunch of hittin mothers"

    and he also said "the face of our team is our defense
    front 7...


    I am cranked up!!!!!!

  143. Garret:


    Amazing stat in this article. I guess there are not many coaching dynasties in Universities now.

    Almost every other program would take Texas's record over the last several years in a heartbeat, but with the national title the goal every year, the grumbling has started again that Brown is a guy who can get the ball on the green, but can't putt. Was 2005 an aberration because of an all-timer of a season from a college football legend? Did Vince Young overcome the coaching? It's not fair; remember, only three current head coaches, Joe Paterno, Bobby Bowden and Dennis Erickson have two D-I national championships (sorry Pete Carroll fans, we live in a BCS world now ... you get 1.5), so the pressure on Brown is unfair. But again, this is Texas.

  144. Garret:


    Some Florida info.

    Emmanuel Moody. Georgia fans are killing me over a previous article I wrote saying Florida might be the best SEC team coming into the season, and while I love the Dawgs, especially all the young potential on offense, Florida is just as loaded after a year of rebuilding. The one X factor in the SEC race, and possibly the national title hunt, might be Emmanuel Moody, the USC transfer who might finally give the Gators a real, live, non-Tebow/Harvin running game. If he really is "it, " I'm not sure how the Florida offense will be stopped.

  145. Garret:


    The pain in the butt in each conference race will be ...

    These teams don't have enough in the bag to win their respective leagues, but they're going to ruin the dreams of several favorites, or give a far tougher game than expected.

    Conference USA: SMU

    The Mustangs would be a lot more of a threat if QB Justin Willis wasn't in hot water, but with June Jones taking over one of last year's most disappointing teams, which lost its final 10 games of the year, they should start bombing away. Don't expect 2007 Hawaii right away, but it won't be for a lack of trying. In a league with no one that could stop the pass — Houston led the conference in pass defense last year and was still only 55th in the nation — SMU could do well this year if their passing attack which averaged 252 yards per game last year could improve. Tulsa, Houston and Southern Miss will all go into the season thinking Conference USA title, but they'll all have to go through Dallas in order to stake their claim to the crown.

    WAC: San Jose State

    2007 was an aberration. After a stunning breakthrough in 2006 under Dick Tomey, the Spartans went 5-7 with no running game, thanks to injuries to Yonus Davis and Patrick Perry, but things should be much better with a nasty defense and a great receiving corps to help ease in the new backfield. QB Adam Tafralis needs to be replaced, but there's a chance Davis can return if the NCAA grants him a medical hardship and Perry should be back full by the fall. There are trips to Hawaii and Nevada, but the two likely preseason WAC favorites, Fresno State and Boise State, have to find their way past San Jose.

  146. Garret:


    For those interesting, the LA Times has an NFL Mock Draft up. it is just for the 1st round and there are no Warriors listed. I'm surprised he has Brohm going to Chicago with pick #14.

  147. Garret:


    Cage fighting training...for kids?

    Forget karate and jujitsu.

    The newest sport on the block for young people is cage fighting – closely monitored fisticuffs based on the wildly popular Ultimate Fighting Championship series.

    While some worry that the sport, also known as mixed martial arts, is too violent for young people, others say it promotes fitness and discipline.

    Late last year, UFC heavyweight Brandon Vera opened the Alliance Training Center in Chula Vista, where he and others teach wrestling, Thai kickboxing, cage fighting and other sports.

    At least 50 of the center's 700 members are younger than 18. Mixed-martial-arts classes are offered for children as young as 5, and enrollment is climbing.

  148. Garret:


    Big controversy going on with the Summer Olympics.

    British Olympic chiefs are to force athletes to sign a contract promising not to speak out about China's appalling human rights record – or face being banned from travelling to Beijing.

    The move – which raises the spectre of the order given to the England football team to give a Nazi salute in Berlin in 1938 – immediately provoked a storm of protest.

    The controversial clause has been inserted into athletes' contracts for the first time and forbids them from making any political comment about countries staging the Olympic Games.

    Yesterday the British Olympic Association (BOA) confirmed to The Mail on Sunday that any athlete who refuses to sign the agreements will not be allowed to travel to Beijing.

    Should a competitor agree to the clause but then speak their mind about China, they will be put on the next plane home.

    The BOA took the decision even though other countries – including the United States, Canada, Finland, and Australia – have pledged that their athletes would be free to speak about any issue concerning China.

    To date, only New Zealand and Belgium have banned their athletes from giving political opinions while competing at the Games.

  149. Garret:


    Washington Post weighs in on the issue.

    At this point, the Beijing Games are shaping up as a disaster. The violent police action in Tibet and other events of the past two weeks make one wonder if the Chinese government is fundamentally unfit to host an Olympics. Officials there have violated the basic spirit of the event and reneged on every promise they made to the International Olympic Committee about their willingness to accommodate the world. When anyone publicly tries to hold them to account -- such as our State Department, that "bad-tempered" Nancy Pelosi or the Dalai Lama -- they charge critics with trying "sabotage" the Games. The only event they seem interested in hosting is the Totalitarian Propaganda Back-flip.

    To review: Officials have issued an edict forbidding live broadcasts from Tiananmen Square during the Games. This is only the latest piece of good news, to go along with the deaths in Tibet, the jailing of dissidents for merely writing on the Internet, and bulletins about food so contaminated and air so polluted they could harm the athletes.

    Still another event spectators apparently can enjoy in Beijing is the 10,000-meter Surveillance Sweep. The U.S. State Department last week issued a bulletin warning that spectators should expect "on-site or remote technical monitoring at all times," even in their hotel rooms. Furthermore, those rooms may be broken into and searched without visitors' knowledge. That will be easy to do: According to the State Department, so many Beijing structures were thrown up so hastily (by forced labor) that they might collapse, and lack basic protections such as emergency exits, fire suppression systems, carbon monoxide monitors, locks or alarms. China called the State Department bulletin "irresponsible" and denied unusual surveillance measures.

    The result of all this is that the term "boycott" is being seriously kicked around. Over the weekend, European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering refused to rule it out if the Chinese government continues to take such a hard line in Tibet. But a boycott comes with too much collateral damage to athletes and spectators. There is a better alternative: threaten to move the Games out of China altogether. There still is time to send them to another city, one that embraces the spirit of the Games. Sydney could host them; so could Athens.

  150. jays'son:

    testing 1,2,3...first time poster, long time lurker

  151. Garret:


    Starting Sunday at 8 a.m. ET, ESPNews goes high definition.

    ESPN began using HD in 2003 — carrying fewer than 100 HD games that year at a time when 713,000 ESPN households had potential access to HD and just 71,000 actually watched ESPN in high-def. Now, 94 million ESPN households could get HD — and 17 million have it — and ESPN networks air about 11,000 high-def hours annually.

    Jumping into high def in 2003, says Burns, meant "astronomical" costs. But costs have come down, he says, as nearly all new TV production equipment is now high-def — meaning, eventually, nearly everything will be covered high-def as old TV equipment wears out.

    But for now, it can be a tool to win viewers. Even, Burns says, if they don't even get high-def. He cites research that 25% of HDTV owners who haven't signed up for HD service think they're watching HDTV anyway.

  152. koakane:


    good to see you ova hea. must be not to many using this foa now.

  153. Garret:


    Keenan Jones spoke about his case.

    "I just want to get back and come, come back and do what I came to, go to school and play football," Jones said. "That's all I want to do."

    "I don't know what this girl is going to do. She showed up unannounced," the defendant said. "So I'm just trying to get it taken care of and move forward."

    Warrior coach Greg McMackin says Jones will be suspended until the formal investigation is completed.

    "Coach didn't want to do it," Jones said. "But, you know, new coach too. It's kind of putting him in a tight situation. So he handled it the best way possible. I talked to the coaches and they're all still cool."

    Now stuck on the bench, he has this message for his supporters.

    "Back me up while I go through these hard times," he said. "I just got to get through it and stay strong. That's all. Have faith in me."

  154. bighilofan2:

    Howzit gangie.

    Just to let you know that the web problem is not only here. I posted my first on Cat's show about an hour ago and same problems, real slow, gotta still take math test, and really small lettering. i tried to make the words next to the math test bigger, no result. Junk da kine, holy junk. but i went ova thea because she get cute pikcha. bwaaahaaahaa

  155. MeiLing:

    K, I've avoided this all day, plus I'm busy with Hawaiian club lu'au stuffs. Hope it gets better.

    This is typical of some computer cut-overs. Not enough testing before going live. Not your fault, Stephen. You are really a customer of the DP dept. at the HA.

    K, laters.

  156. MeiLing:

    BHF2: Eh, your niece says she knows you're a kolohe guy, too. Bwahahahahahahaha

  157. ralvic:

    Good Evening

    The only advice I would give to Coach Mack is that,and he'll realize this in time,is that everyone latches onto every word he says.From interviews we hear on the radio,to what we read about in the paper. And to the chats we had here, people absorb every last word he says.And formulate opinions,some good and some that can work against him.

    The players on the team read the paper,listen to the radio,and check the message boards.And they are the ones whose judgment of what the coach says counts.Having and projecting an image that players can look up to is very important.Having the image that cries out that you carved your own niche the players can see- wins respect.

    The great coaches know if they say the right things in the media it can fire up the team.And words pumping up players,hyperbole we know from the past,like this ...and this player is going to the next level should be words reserved in private or until after the player's last season is over.Overuse of hyperbole,relating to anything that exaggerates, definitely deflates a team. The players to their credit can see this.I hope Coach Mack doesn't do this.

    Likewise paying homage to the former coach is fine.However overuse of paying tribute to the former coach people can see,too.Like Coach Jones is going to go down as the best coach in NCAA history is a quote that I would think Coach Mac regretted saying this week.

    Lastly,players on the team their eyes and ears take in everything the new coach does.And say.And what's deflating,and Coach Mack will learn this in time,is that when he expands on a though or an idea he answered(as if being patronizing)coach Jones did it this way or that.For the benefit of the players I wouldn't reference anything to Coach Jones.And instead reference everything to your own frame of thinking.

  158. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos nationwide.

    The score is tied. This blog and the old spot, 156 apiece.
    Sorry, I'm for old school. Go Stephen Tsai. nyuck nyuck.

    I don't have a way to contact you. you contacted us, so let me say 1st that I feel your pain. Assuming what you're saying without saying it upfront is true, You still need a really good lawyer. Cunney and Brook Hart are Hnl attys with excellent reputations. You'll need the witnesses in your neighborhood too. These charges sound like a fact disputes. My experience is you're the guy so automatically you lose, thats the starting point you gotta overcome.

    I'm for Warrior Nation. Advice: stop talking and let your lawyer handle things.

    Good luck. Remember God helps he who helps himself.
    The trail we've read about over the last several months can help you, or hurt you. IMHO you gotta show the jury your trail. Only then can the truth win out, assuming truth is on your side. Again, good luck. We're with you Keenan, but we are focused on our team gotdy because "we're" not sure where this is going. On a personal level I hope I'm reading you right.

  159. Garret:


    Info on Texas' Spring Game tomorrow.

    But today's spring game, especially one that will be televised to a regional audience and seen in person by thousands at Royal-Memorial Stadium, is a good time to start generating star-making buzz.

    That's because the Longhorn first-teamers will butt heads with one another, rather than lining up against the second team. There will be live tackling, although no hits will be allowed on quarterbacks.

    "That's how we've been doing it all spring," said Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. "I think going one-on-one, it's the best versus the best. It brings out the best in everybody."

    The "Pride" team will feature McCoy and the first-team offense along with the second-team defense. The "Tradition" squad will have the first-team defense and the second-team offense, quarterbacked by John Chiles.

  160. Jason:

    For those interesting, the LA Times has an NFL Mock Draft up. it is just for the 1st round and there are no Warriors listed. I’m surprised he has Brohm going to Chicago with pick #14.

    Garret: That reminds me of 1999, when they picked Cade McNown. Doesn't anyone realize, if you're going to play in Chicago, then you need to have a really good arm. They need someone like Flacco or Henne, not Brohm or Ryan or Colt or Booty.

  161. bighilofan2:

    Mei Ling,

    Howzit sistah. Say hello to da kid.

    You missed a great newscast featuring R Kekaula's interview of Coach Mack tonight where he hyped the defense. And Ralvic's right about the coach using alot of hyperbole, but I no care. Keeps me pumped, I know the Warriors are pumped too. The offense gotta do extra to get Greg pumped, and I like that.


  162. ralvic:


  163. FloridaTed:


    Thanks for that great piece you wrote at 5:34pm. True Chickenskin and a very touching tribute.

  164. RainbowCliff:

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, Mr Tsai your apologies to us for this blog site is noted but not necessary. Management is ALWAYS changing for various reasons as we can't control the power of decesion makers who makes short term results with out thinking of the reaction that comes from your dedicated bloggers who are the HEARTBEAT of this blog site. There has been some improvement through your loyal Tsaiko voices speaking out on concerns and additions. Loyalty is very evident as I can't say enough kudos to ALL Tsaikos, Lurkers and blog dogs who supports you so vailantly. Great news to share as the USA volleyball apparatus will arrive Monday as I get closer to finalizing the LA84 $55,000.00 athletic playground. I took in this afternoon 55 innner city children today dancing, playing, jumping, throwing and running on this beautiful duracourt surface. Opening ceremony is tentatively set for April 18th as I and my Wooten community will be cutting the red ribbon in front of supporters and donors. News media will be attending as I continue to strive for EXCELLENCE and represent the Ohana with GREAT dignity and respect. Pictures I hope to post as I gather I have to type it in as oppose to the urlsite on the previous blog always kept the website address in tack. Be well GREAT folks and continue to acknowledge one another with you joy, wisdom and happiness. Sincerely, RainbowCliff.

  165. Bosnoda:


    if you want to use the RSS to subscribe to the new WB site, you can try this link:

    Hope this is what you wanted.

  166. Jason:

    Pictures I hope to post as I gather I have to type it in as oppose to the urlsite on the previous blog always kept the website address in tack.

    Er, not sure if I completely understand what you're trying to say, Cliff, but you can still post the link to your site via the Website box; rather than showing the URL in red, it hyperlinks your name in brown. (gigi is trying to get someone to change it to blue.) So we'd just click on your name to go to the site.

  167. oldie:

    Thanks for your efforts to get this blog site fixed, but not to worry, it's the people here that make the site, not the technology (although it would be nice if things got better).

    It's people like you, Wena, Princess Leila, Esme, Mike, and all the great chat guests, posters, and lurkers.

    This blog will continue to be the main source of information for all us Warrior Tsai-kos.

  168. oldie:

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this but Bobby Curran said that our friend Mel Kiper has Colt Brennan going in the 2nd round as the 25th pick in his mock draft. Can't remember but I think the team was Tampa Bay. And Colt is now around 215 pounds!

  169. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Hubby heard that about Colt, too! Way to go!

  170. oldie:

    Okay, gigi here. Where did everyone else go?

    Next week should be exciting with Pro Day and Spring practice starting. I hope Colt and the rest of the Warriors have a good day.

  171. oldie:

    gigi here = gigi is here

  172. oldie:

    Wow! With nobody around, this site is pretty fast.

  173. Jason:

    I'm lurking. :-)

  174. oldie:

    Hey, Jason!

    Not much to lurk about. Maybe everyone pooped from today's blog trauma.

  175. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Actually, I rather like the new blog because the typeface is larger than the old blog. I have no real complaints.

    I think the webmaster has gotten most of the kinks out of it.

  176. gigi-hawaii ©:

    BTW, I kind of feel sorry for the webmaster. Talk about STRESS from hearing people tell you that your piece of art stinks. LOL. Glad I don't have his job!

  177. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Tonight is the last night of spring break so daughter is going out to drink with friends. She hiked quite a bit this week -- up Diamond Head, Koko Head (over 1,000 steps!), Aiea, Kailua -- and camped out in Laie last night.

  178. gigi-hawaii ©:

    The last time I camped out at Kailua Beach, I almost broke my back sleeping on the sand. It is always best to sleep on a foam mattress.

  179. oldie:

    I agree that the blog seems to be better. Wish they would put the post numbers back in though. I thought that was useful.

    They also need to speed it up when it gets busy. That's probably a matter adding more resources to the hardware (cpus, memory), but that may not be cheap (depending on what platform they use for their website) and may take a while to implement.

  180. gigi-hawaii ©:

    If they restored the numbering, what would happen if ST deleted a comment? Would the posts be renumbered automatically? But, I agree the numbers were good to have so we could refer to a post in our own comment.

  181. Jason:

    I was told they have a whole bunch of reliable servers, so slowdown and errors were supposed to be rare. Um...

  182. Hawaiiroller:

    Hi everyone. Just found my way over here.

    I guess like everyone it will take a while to get used to it.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    GO COLT! :)

  183. ralvic:

    gigi- sleep at Kailua Beach.? Wow your pretty brave. I know that neighborhood like the back of my hand,and I wouldn't have done that. You go girl. Now days there are a lot of nut cases out there.Even here in Kaneohe town I don't think it safe to walk at night,like I used to in the old days

  184. gigi-hawaii ©:

    If the Warrior Beat is on WordPress, there is a lot of memory. WordPress recently increased the memory for my photos to 3 GB and inspite of all my big photos, I have used 0% of it. And it is free.

    However, to run videos on my site, I believe I have to pay a fee.

  185. kindawobbly:

    Mahalo and congratulations to all Tsaikos for canceling your summer-time function at law-breaking Pacific Beach Hotel.

    I doubt local fans would want to support a shameless employer that is a proven repeat-violator of workers' rights, and is under investigation again for violating the rights of hundreds of workers, including the illegal firing of the entire workforce TWICE last year.

    Tsaikos rule!

  186. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Ralvic, I was with a large group of friends and I was in 9th grade when we spent Labor Day weekend at Kailua Beach. That was the last time I ever went camping.

  187. oldie:

    I'd like to repeat my suggestion of having John McNamara as a chat guest. I did post that question this morning to Jim Donovan, but with all the blog problems, my question was in the wrong place. I'm glad JD didn't get to see it though, since it's really for you and Princess to decide if he would be an appropriate guest.

    I think JM is a pretty straight shooter (although some others would disagree), so I think he will answer our questions. Obviously, with TV negotiations going on, he may not be able to say much about that, but there are a lot of Tsai-kos with good suggestions on how to get more fans in the stands, and other marketing ideas.

    Just a thought...

  188. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Kindawobbly, we will announce a new venue for our blog party on April 10 IF NOT SOONER. We are awaiting the go-ahead from ST.

  189. Jason:

    gigi: They are just using the WordPress software, any blog content will be on HA servers.

    Heck, if I want, I can install a WordPress blog on my church's Web site. All of that content would be on the same servers as the rest of the site.

  190. oldie:

    When ST or another [member] deletes a post, they should leave the number and just replace the whole entry with the comment "Deleted".

    I don't think the reiiability of the servers is the question, but rather whether they allocated enough resources to make the site run efficiently. I work in IT (although I don't do very much of the tecnincal stuff anymore), and I can tell you that there are software that gobble resources like some of our Tsai-kos at a Cattle Call.

  191. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Jason, that's interesting to know (about WordPress software).

  192. haha:

    Wow, Jason, you seem to know so much about servers and the internets and all...

    Why you no just go down there and tell em you'll fix everything yourself?

  193. Esme:


  194. Esme:



  195. Esme:

    oldie Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 9:05 pm

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this but Bobby Curran said that our friend Mel Kiper has Colt Brennan going in the 2nd round as the 25th pick in his mock draft.


    Kiper. What a prize, that guy.

  196. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, time to rest my eyes.
    I was working on my spring practice story.
    Well, I guess the format is getting a little better. Now, if only can find the blog on the main site.

  197. gigi-hawaii ©:


    I can blockquote, too!

  198. Esme:

    ST, ya got mail. :)

  199. gigi-hawaii ©:

    ST, no worry! Common sense will prevail. Just click on Sports, scroll down, and click on Warrior Beat.

    What could be simpler?

  200. Stephen Tsai:

    Trust me, the Web master is paid a lot of money.
    Now Scott Morifuji, who is the repairman, is the one making only of the changes. I think he's slept four hours the past two days.
    The Web master and the editors in charge, they've been at home for a while.

  201. Jason:

    oldie: That's true.

    haha: Nah, I charge too much for them. ;-)

  202. Esme:

    SteveM, just curious: Of those attending the K-Call so far, how many males? How many females? :wink:

  203. Stephen Tsai:

    I get a lot of mail, like 1,000 a day, only most are spam.
    Was there one specifically from my favorite editor?

  204. oldie:

    Kiper has himself protected. If Colt gets drafted low, he'll say "I told you so". If he gets drafted high, he'll say "See where I have him in my draft".

    Colt sounded very upbeat, so I'm sure he'll perform well next week.

  205. Esme:

    A side note re: Scott Morifuji ... I'll repeat what I said last night

    Scott is one of the hardest working and coolest guys in the biz.

    He is also probably one of the most sleep deprived, poor thing.

    So I again offer my applause ... and prayers that he'll get some rest before he runs himself into the ground.

    Scott, if you're reading this: We are grateful for your efforts to make our new blog home nice. But you need to sleep. Go home! See your family! Get some shuteye! :wink:

  206. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, I guess we can now say publicly that we're sending a crew to Pro Day — me, Leila and a photographer.
    Leila is going to produce an individual video of each participant. That way you can see, say, Colt make all of his throws, or Rivers run his 40 and lift weights. We're going to post photos and reports throughout the day.

  207. Jason:

    Speaking of music, there are some nice CDs on sale at the Ward Centre Borders in one of the bargain bins. Had some Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, among others. I got a copy of Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water for $8.99. That awful sound you hear is me trying to hit those high notes. ;-)

  208. Esme:

    ST, I'll resend in a sec. ...

  209. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Esme - go to SteveM's site at


    and scroll down to the Karaoke Kall. 19 people attending. 11 male and 8 female.

  210. Stephen Tsai:

    I think it's funny that your lowly blog host attended Colt's combine workout, but Kiper didn't. All of his r reports are definitely second hand.

  211. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Esme, we must be discreet. Don't want Jason to get envious.

  212. oldie:

    Trust me, the Web master is paid a lot of money.
    Now Scott Morifuji, who is the repairman, is the one making only of the changes. I think he’s slept four hours the past two days.
    The Web master and the editors in charge, they’ve been at home for a while.

    I guess it happens everywhere. Someone takes the glory, while someone else does the dirty work.

    Thanks for your dedication, Scott!

  213. Jason:

    What's going on? Huh?

  214. Stephen Tsai:

    Nothing Jason.
    I'm not sure why Esme is sending me pictures of herself.

  215. Esme:

    Oops, sorry.

    Those snaps of me in my Chewbacca costume and galoshes were supposed to go to my mom.


  216. gigi-hawaii ©:

    uh, I believe Jason sees Esme as a mother figure.


  217. Jason:

    She's my Nanay. She's EVERYONE's Nanay.

  218. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Doesn't nanay mean mother? If so, how could she be mine when I am so much older...

  219. Esme:

    gigi, thanks for directing me to the K-call list.

    Only thing .... how come I don't see your name there?

    ST, what about you and Wena?

    I also notice that of my booth mates from last time — d1shima, koakane, James, prideperiod and Addahknowjoe, with homey across the way — only one, James, is on the returning list so far. Do I offend?


  220. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Esme, I would love the camaraderie at the Karaoke Kall, but I'll be at a writers conference all day, beginning at 7:30 am. Will be too tired to stay up late.

    If nobody forces me to sing, I'll ttry to be at the next one after that one.

  221. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I know hubby would love to attend. He likes to sing, although his pitch wavers and isn't perfect.

  222. Jason:

    I can sing as long as it's in a narrow range.

    The best invention ever is the Musicnotes player from Musicnotes.com. You order digital versions of sheet music, and you can adjust tempo and key. We used it at church when practicing for our Easter song.

  223. Stephen Tsai:

    That's the 19th, right?
    I'm thinking that's a yes, but I'm not sure, since I can't plan that far ahead.
    I do know that it looks like we're going to be able t o get the Ed Wong Hospitality Room for the anniversary party. I think Donovan is willing to give tours of the facilities, too.
    It also looks favorable for the hospitality room for the spring game.

  224. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Jason, what will they think of next!

  225. gigi-hawaii ©:


    The reason I ask is so I can secure karaoke equipment. We need to know way in advance what with grad parties coming up in the summer.

  226. Jason:


  227. Esme:


    Wooo hoooo!!!! You and JD ROCK!

  228. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Well, well, things have settled down here a bit. We have the regulars like Ms. Gigi and Jason. Hi ya guys, hi Stephen and Esme and everyone else. Anybody besides me think the lights are too bright in here? I wish I knew how to make a squinting emoticon.

  229. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Wow Tsai! That's pretty plush! Thank you Mr. Donovan!

  230. Esme:

    Hi, DPK! I'm tickled to see you here at this hour. For some reason you and I haven't crossed paths much lately on the blog. Guess we've been keeping divergent hours. ...

  231. Jason:

    Divergent? See, Esme appreciates good math terminology. :-)

  232. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hi Esme,
    I'd like to hang around but it's mighty bright in here. LOL Nice seeing you too. ;) (That's a half a squint smiley)

  233. Esme:

    DPK, if it's too bright, here's one just for you:


  234. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Mebbe she just likes good verbs.

  235. homey ®:

    XLiz - Just to clarify. I did pass out all the apple manju out at the tailgate. Not a single one was stashed in my cooler and taken home to be eaten later.

    bhf2 - My interpretation of "subscribe" is to apply for newspaper deilvery. Register, on the other hand, is to enroll in the forums section.

    Esme - I don't know my sched for the 19th but I will lurk.

  236. gigi-hawaii ©:

    DPK, now that you mention it, the screen is rather bright. Can Scott fix this?

  237. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Re the tailgate on April 26 -- does this mean it will move to the Hospitality Room? No Richardson Field?

  238. Esme:

    Hey, homey's here too!

    NOW it's a party! :wink:

  239. chawan_cut:

    wow, thank you Stephen and Leila for covering the Pro Day for us. You cover UH sports like no other and we appreciate it.

    can't wait! thank you again.

    ST, time for more shopping!

  240. homey ®:

    Just make your screen less bright via the dim key.

    hmmm, shall I practice my humming? Or lip-syncing?

  241. Thomas Mui:


    Sorry didn't to chime in sooner - but we know you didn't decide to "reinvent" the blog. It was out of your hands. Management always seem to want to fiddle around making themselves look like they are doing something.

    Problem is that they think something is a brilliant idea without looking at the unforeseen problems that always creep up

  242. homey ®:

    Can you imagine what rail is going to be like?!?!


  243. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Chawan, one question:
    How come you didn't ask out Ms. Lee when she was single?

  244. homey ®:

    Who slowed down the blog? :evil:

  245. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Mui.
    I might not have pulled the trigger (or even bought the gun), but I have a responsibility to protect the interests of our readers .
    Although I never was consulted about a trial run, I'm still the host, and the responsibility falls on me.
    Man up, as they say.

  246. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Chawan didn't ask out Ms Lee for the same reason he hasn't asked out a well-known reporter...

    He's too shy for his own good.

  247. homey ®:

    Nice try ST but we all know where the blame goes.

  248. Kekoa:

    Is it safe to come in from the cold? Can I end my self-imposed boycott of the new blog? Will the lovely MS Liz really be able to travel from Kauai 2 weekends to Oahu in a row?...and who, disguised as the mild mannered Homey lookin' guy from Mililani...really be the beloved figure known as "Manong-in-da-Shadow."

    These, and other important questions from inside the Tsaiko Nation will be answered when and if we make it back from the hidden blog refresher.

  249. homey ®:

    Just got back from the bathroom and the mirror told me I need to get some beauty rest.

    g'nite all.

  250. homey ®:

    Kekoa - That would be Koakane.

  251. Kekoa:

    Wow I'm refreshed! Hope springs eternal after all the drama of the last 2 days. We must have all passed math 101.

    Encouraging news that my dad has finally turned a major medical corner and has finally stabilized. We're hoping he will continue to improve, and get his honorable discharge papers next week.

    Ok...good...now I can go grab a shower and get some rest.

    G'nite Tsaiko Citizens

  252. Hawaiianbod:

    Tsaikos - I finallllllllllllly made it over here.

    ST - don't be hard on yourself. You are not to blame. WE LVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kekoa - great news about your dad. I'll continue to pule fur him.

  253. Hawaiianbod:


  254. SteveM:

    Esme Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 11:02 pm
    gigi, thanks for directing me to the K-call list.

    Only thing …. how come I don’t see your name there?

    ST, what about you and Wena?

    I also notice that of my booth mates from last time — d1shima, koakane, James, prideperiod and Addahknowjoe, with homey across the way — only one, James, is on the returning list so far. Do I offend?

    Hi Esme, we just got back home from Addahknowjoe's craftshop. I have some info to answer your question about your former boothmates... d1shima is trying to negotiate his way from a prior commitment that involves Mrs. d1shima--I think Al might have established a betting line on that one, but d1's hopeful. With d1shima in limbo, homey doesn't have a designated driver unless Koakane steps up. Addahknowjoe confirmed he and a-Sports are attending tonight--so you have your duet partner back! Prideperiod is the guy's team secret weapon so we're keeping him hidden.

    Current breakdown is 12 guys (13 with ST) and 10 Tsai-kettes (11 with Wena).

    Stephen Tsai Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 11:12 pm
    That’s the 19th, right?
    I’m thinking that’s a yes, but I’m not sure, since I can’t plan that far ahead.

    ST -- I will pencil you and Wena in to be sure you get in under the room limit. We'll send your reminders! :)

  255. SteveM:

    Karaoke Call
    Saturday, April 19, 2008
    8:00 PM - midnight

    Krazy Karaoke
    1308 Young Street, Honolulu

    Cost: $15 per person (for room and karaoke equipment use for 4 hours)
    B.Y.O.B. in coolers and your own food/pupus
    The site also sells soft drinks, hot beverages, and munchies for convenience. Free ice.

    Need at least 25 persons to be feasible --but
    space is limited to the first 32
    -- so please RSVP
    on the blog or email SteveM - stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com

    Current RSVP Count = 24

    More info at: http://home.hawaii.rr.com/smurashi/tsai-kos

  256. al:

    wow. i feel like i am in outer space or something..

    whitey, duffer....thanks guys. and as that former body builder/actor would say, "i'll be back..."

    back to sleep now

  257. Kekoa:

    Great news regarding your dad, I know he has the inner strength and grit like all the old timers who worked hard in the time and he shall will himself to good health...

  258. Stephen Tsai:

    New post is up.

  259. Ralph:

    Sorry Kekoa, I posted your name instead of mine..long day waiting for this blog to refresh itself...

  260. bumbuchaMusubi:

    No need to apologize...no beeg thing! Keep writing the truth about UH and all is good. I live far away but am very connected to UH and Hawaii with your articles! Mahalo. (A UH Manoa grad)

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