Jim Donovan chat moves to old site

March 28th, 2008

Jim Donovan will answer your questions on the old site at: www.blogs.honoluluadvertiser.com.

34 Responses to “Jim Donovan chat moves to old site”

  1. Chicken Grease:


    Mr. Donovan, I guess my first question’ll be, without getting into any specifics you can’t discuss, what can you tell us about Dr. Hinshaw’s situation (I think all of us are concerned)?

  2. ryan:

    Thanks for taking the time again to do this.

    I was wondering what you thought about an athletic fee to be added to the current UH students tuition to help raise funds for the athletic department?

  3. Kazz:

    Aloha Mr. Donovan,

    It has become a common topic amongst us here and elsewhere that there is a concern with the way revenue from the Rainbowtique stores are being distributed.

    While many of us here have NO problem with the money going directly back to the University in the form of auxiliary services, will you eventually be looking into different ways those monies would be appropriated towards the athletic department?

    Kevin Kacatin
    Pearl City, HI

  4. Chicken Grease:

    Incredible. My first "first" on the first chat of the new 'site (however, well, you know). Hope you had Chicken Grease "1st" in ya'll brackets for 2.0.

    I forgot to say "hi" to Jeannie Lee's ma'.

  5. homey ®:

    Mr. Donovan,

    Thank you again for giving us some time in your busy schedule. After reading this mornings paper and your response to the Legislature I was wondering if you had the chance to meet with Herman Frazier to discuss the financial situation in the Athletic Department?

  6. homey ®:

    Donovan is on the old blog.

  7. Eric:

    Hello Mr. Donovan,

    For as long as I can remember since the Tomey days, there has always been talk of having football games start earlier, like other collages do. But the same reason is always brought up about the "Aloha Flea Market" having rights to the time slot, and so on, and so on.

    Is this true, and can UH benefit from playing games earlier?

  8. bighilofan2:

    So I finally got through and I'd like to say to the Honolulu Advertiser higher ups, I started out trying to get on at 1021 and its now 1113. I went here, there and everywhere and kept getting those error messages everywhere, including here and there.

    But you made me have an excuse to go look up Tsaiko and Tsaikogate and Tsaiko autobiographies and although they weren't as neat as chatting and hearing from our illustrious leader ST and Jimmy D, it worked for me. For that I thank you. Thats my kind way of saying you guys junk for trying to mess up ST's parade.

  9. Ronnie:


    Jim Donovan is answering questions at the old blog site... You can get to his chat with this url http://blogs.honoluluadvertiser.com/warriorbeat.php/2008/03/28/jim_donovan_chat_1#comments

  10. bighilofan2:

    Hi ST

    I'm chatting on the old site and I just stopped by to see how this place is doing. I notice that I gotta go to View again and click and click and click to make things bigger again.

    I also notice they put your blog spot at the top again. So someone is paying attention. At least the middle guy Scott is trying to be as nice as he can be, given the parameters he's working under.

    I just hope the higher ups realize that, intentional or not, they left an impression on our new Athletic Director and all of us who tried to log on and failed due to the numerous error messages on every Advertiser site.
    They are lucky and rely on your good looks and verve with us. I'm with you ST.

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!

  11. HiFlyer:

    So which blog site is everyone at today, this one or the old one?

  12. kapolei doc:

    This new format is very confusing!!!!!!!

  13. bighilofan2:


    Howzit my leader. I hope the big shots work out the kinks so we have stability. Reminds me of divorces and kids going different directions on weekends. Not fun I'm guessing. Its not fun doing that here, thats for sure.

  14. chawan_cut:

    anyone else create a profile on this thing?
    its more meant for use on the forum not the blog.
    someone please add me. i wanna test out the friend functions. i posted a topic in the UH Sports section of the forum. you click on my name there and then it'll bring up my profile page. then you click Add as friend or something like that.


  15. jojo ®:

    Chawan - I left you a comment on your blog, but I don't know how to do anything else. When I have time this weekend, I will look into it. Get your rubber duckies ready!!!

  16. HiFlyer:

    I guess everyone is staying at the old site until further notice. I sure hope that they can get the font size bigger instead of having to change it on my computer.

  17. coolcat:

    Huh... Slightly addled, but on the whole I like this post. You've got some fresh ideas. But please, write more lucid.

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