Time to spring forward

March 30th, 2008

For many UH football players, the most important season is spring.

"There are 20 or so scholarship guys, and it's time for them to step up," offensive coordinator Ron Lee said. "The honeymoon is over. They definitely need to step up. They'll get a good shot. This spring is huge for them."

Keep an eye on:

• Slotbacks Michael Washington and Aaron Bain. Both entered the program at the same time as Ryan Grice-Mullins and Davone Bess. The two slot positions are now open, and Washington and Bain have their one and only shot. Because they have not redshirted, they are entering their senior seasons.

• In the musical chairs that is the offensive-line rotation, fourth-year juniors Laupepa Letuli, Aaron Kia and Raphael Ieru have been left standing on the side. There were great expecations when they signed with UH in 2005. It's not too late.

• Two JC quarterbacks won't arrive until training camp, and Greg McMackin has promised both a shot at the starting job. There's no reason that Inoke Funaki, who enters spring ball as the No. 1 quarterback, can't hold onto the job with knockout workouts. The quarterback position is about leadership, and Fuanki is in the best position to win over his teammates.

• In team testing, C.J. Allen-Jones consistently puts up impressive numbers. For some reason, he could never secure significant playing time at outside linebacker. McMackin has been successful in converting outside linebackers into speed rushers. Maybe the same could happen to Allen-Jones, who has moved to defensive end.

• In January 2005, UH players couldn't stop talking about the charismatic recruit from the Bay Area. Even June Jones marveled at the recruit's personality. But Mario Cox had to wait to get academically cleared, and it deteriorated after that. He gets a third chance at running back. With his strength and toughness he could fit the role of power back in the revised four-wide offense.

• During a practice for the 2004 high school all-star game, the UH coaches declared Rocky Savaiigaea as their top local priority. With defensive tackle Fale Laeli recuperating from knee surgery, there is an opening for Savaiigaea.

• If Brashton Satele can stay healthy, he should be a force at middle linebacker. "He's dedicated himself in the weight room," defensive coordinator Cal Lee said. "That's what it takes. If you want to be good, don't lie in bed and dream about it. You have to work for it."

* * *

The numbers:

Power cleans — 318 pounds: Clarance Tuioti-Mariner, Blaze Soares, Ray Hisatake, Daniel Libre.

Squats — 610 pounds: Clarence Tuioti-Mariner. 500 pounds: Keith AhSoon, C.J. Allen-Jones, Austin Hansen, Jake Heun, Vaughn Meatoga, Rocky Savaiigaea, David Veikune.

Bench press — 455 pounds: David Veikune, R.J. Kiesel Kauhane. 435 pounds: Josh Leonard, Tuika Tufaga. 425 pounds — Vaughn Meatoga, Quentin Beaver.

Flex test — 10.5: MacArthur Cheek. 9.5: Nate Nasca.

Broad jump — 10-5: Ryan Mouton. 10-2: Kealoha Pilares.

Vertical jump — 39 inches: Ryan Mouton. 36.5 inches: Kealoha Pilares.

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    i was always surprised that washington never red shirted.

    gee...i forgot about ieru. we sure have a nice stockpile of olinemen.

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    I'm surprised Esme isn't online, she's wired for fb and she must have known ST will be posting fb stuff in this mornings edition - one day before spring ball..

    Al how's the rocks up in the valley, hear any rumblling sounds! if you do, grab the boss and run like hell...

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  14. las vegas:

    Shiver me timbers!
    Today's post is what the WB is about.
    Info you cannot get anywhere else.
    Good luck to the fore mentioned players.

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    the rocks are on the other side of the valley.

    i have a 5 house buffer from the slope on our side.

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  17. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm trying to pace myself on spring ball. It's 15 practices over 27 days.
    In our biz, we always talk about the "rabbits," the guys who get all excited about the opening day and then poop out three practices later. On Monday there will be live shots, wall-to-wall reporters, etc. By next week, it'll be three reporters trying to make breakfast plans.

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    Al the little boulders impact one house, the big bumbucha might reach you and then some

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    funny ralph i was thinking the same. she'll get up now and wonder where everyone went.

    parting shot....i am really pulling for funaki. i remember how he willed that kahuku team to victories.

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    stephen...one thursday practice and jacks after?


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    Hey Ralph,
    I'm laying low with the jokes for the time being, there is more than enough going on to keep everyone occupied now that spring ball is here.
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    This site is refreshing a lot faster this morning...Saturday I had to wait awhile before it came on and so I had to figure out where I left off, I guess short attention span or very poor short term memory for me

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    Just cause you guys are still up, I added some test numbers to the post.

  25. Ralph:

    Hey ST do the players get to pick whether they want to challenge for right side or left side lines person or LB

  26. las vegas:

    Actually the site has dramatically improved since the first couple of days.

  27. Stephen Tsai:

    Las Vegas:
    That "John" guy sure wrote a great e-mail.
    I think somebody ruined the managers' celebration party.

  28. Ralph:

    what's a test number?

  29. las vegas:

    David Veikune can bench 455 AND speed rush?
    Dems NFL numbers.

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    I think they can state a preference, but the coaches usually decide.
    Sometimes circumstances dictate situations. For instance, Michael Lafaele was better suited for defensive left tackle, but because of his injuries that made it difficult to push off, he had to play on the right side.
    David Veikune is the defensive left end because he's left-handed.

  31. LizKauai [BELIEVER]:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Or is it Nitey Nite???

    What a great day! Had a Rotary District Assembly all day and then had a family birthday dinner at my son's house. Got home a little while ago and am sooo sleepy!

  32. Barry Markowitz:

    Spring Practice, with all the new young kids will be heaps of fun.

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: test numbers.
    They are the results of tests in certain drills.

  34. las vegas:

    He can be a real stinker.

  35. Stephen Tsai:

    Sometimes you can't evoke change without raising a stink.

  36. Ralph:

    LizKauai do you drink a lot of red bull, you got lots of energy for a grandma!

  37. Ralph:

    I thought Beaver, walk on, had the second highest lift...can't remember the alumnus who lifted the most. I think you mentioned it and the princess had a video clip of him and another big walk on..

  38. Ralph:

    ST what happened to Jon Santos, Mililani wide out who was to walk on at the same time as Nasca..Did he participate in the walk on trials?

  39. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Hi Ralph, no Red Bull. Coffee is my beverage of choice. Americano preferred. Actually, I'm trying to get pix up on my blog but I'm competing with my son who is playing WOW.

  40. Ralph:

    I read you had a blog, where is it posted?

  41. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Stephen, thanks for the Spring Practice preview. I am praying for the Kauai boys to follow in Jordon's footsteps and make a great year for themselves on this, our "take on all comers" Warrior Football,"let there be no doubt last year was just the beginning" Team!

  42. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Ralph- click on my name. Warning - too much information ;-)

  43. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Stephen, what are you talking about with LV? Who is making stinky changes?

    Ralph- my name is a link.

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    wow, what is everyone still doing up?

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    Haha, chawan - you first!

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    Thanks for the insights and tips, ST ...and "good morning" or "good night" as applicable.

    Going to sleep soon--just got back from proving I am a creature of habit after all. Got a tummy ache from too much eating and laughing...I'm getting too old for this and I'm going to probably dream about watercress advertisements :(

    Maybe I'll make sense in the morning. Good night everyone!

  47. las vegas:

    The pic of your group from 30 years ago looks like a folk song group.
    I can almost hear "puff the magic dragon" in the background.

  48. las vegas:

    I like watercress.
    Just cant find fresh watercress in Vegas, just the limp and brownish stuff.

  49. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    lv- spot on! My specialty was Leaving on a Jet Plane. We also did Big Blue Frog and wrote a lot of original stuff which we recorded on an album called "The New World" - from a TV show for the Baha'i Faith made after hours at KITV.

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    cause Im leavin on a jet plane
    Dont know when Ill be back again
    Oh babe, I hate to go

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    Liz great site, excellent pix and background paper with text is a winner...

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    Is this the "Big blue frog"?

    I'm in love with a big blue frog,
    A big blue frog loves me.
    It's not as bad as it appears
    He wears glasses and he's six foot three.

    Well I'm not worried about our kids,
    I know they'll turn out neat.
    They'll be great lookin' 'cause they'll have my face,
    great swimmers 'cause they'll have his feet!

    Well I'm in love with a big blue frog,
    A big blue frog loves me.
    He's not as bad as he appears,
    He's got rhythm and a PhD.

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    still funny kine.......

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    Yup! Das da one!
    I'm still adding more pix to my birthday dinner. BRB.

  55. Ralph:

    LV you got a way with words, must be entertaining ride in your limo!

  56. Ralph:

    Happy birthday Liz, belated but I read it on the blog on saturday...

  57. Stephen Tsai:

    I saw Jett Jasper working out on Friday.
    He has to be the friendliest guy at UH — not just the athletic department, but the entire campus.

  58. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Yep, Jett is a keeper. His folks are great. His mom is a former Mrs.Hawaii and she tried to babysit my second son while my youngest was being born. He would have nothing to do with that so she brought him to the hospital and all were there when UkuleleBoi was born- on HER birthday, btw. Jett was about 4 years old then.

    His dad is from a great restauranting family and his sister is a fine athlete herself!

  59. las vegas:

    Darn you SteveM,
    I need some watercress!
    I want to dip it into a mayonaise/shoyu/shichimi mix and scarf a few branches.
    However, It's hard to find good ones in sin city.

    Guess I'll just have to eat that box of cherry poptarts instead, no wonder I stay so fat.

  60. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    ok. nitey nite at last!

    Sweet Dreams of Spring Practice at last!!

  61. las vegas:

    Sun is coming up.
    Guess it's time to go back sleep.


  62. Ralph:

    watercress with mayo and shoyu, i did that, not good for the blood pressure esp. us older generation folks.. I guess its time to call it a night..sayonara LV..

  63. HiFlyer:

    Hey, I guess the Tech guys are still playing with the font size problem.

  64. d1shima:

    Looks like I missed out on hanging with the late night fun crowd.

    Lots of hope for the O-line. Looks like a lot of depth. Lots for new O-line coaches to work with.
    I'm gonna love watching the defense next season. With Mack's oversight and Cal's touch it'll be exciting. My prediction: Mouton is gonna love what the front seven will do for his draft chances next year.

  65. d1shima:

    When you finally wake up to read this. Sorry I missed out on your "habit" but I was so drained after watching that SLS-MPI game in the afternoon that I was "lights-out" by 8:30.
    btw, Stretch that was an "instant classic" that would have filled in nicely for the lack of UH athletics events yesterday.

  66. Garret:

    By the way, I guess it will save space if I put the links in the website field...so you can click my name if you want any of the articles I'm mentioning.

    This is a pregame article with a quote from Chad Kapanui.

    The Bandits hope it goes better than last week. Sioux City went to Billings (2-0) and lost 72-38, to even their record at 1 and 1.

    Outlaws quarterback Chris Dixon completed 19 of 26 passes for 264 yards and six touchdowns. The Bandits know they can't let Dixon get comfortable again.

    "I think we have to get more pressure," says defensive back Alex Ardley. "More pressure and hit him more. He didn't even get hit last game so we got to come out and put some hits on him and let him throw that ball up and get some picks."

    "The mistakes that we made, the scores that we didn't put up, it would have been a real good game," says quarterback Chad Kapanui. "Our team was a lot better than the score was and we're going to show them this week."

    Sioux City is 0-7 all-time against Billings.

  67. Garret:

    They might have gotten blown out last week, but Chad's team won the rematch! They had been 0-7 lifetime against Billings, getting blown out in most of the games.

    After losing at Billings last Saturday, 72-38, the Sioux City Bandits beat the Outlaws 31-30 in the home opener at the Tyson Events Center.

    Shawn Bentley scored on a one-yard run to give Sioux City a 7-0 lead after one quarter. Sioux City kept their lead at the half when quarterback Chad Kapanui threw a 14-yard touchdown pass to O.J. Simpson on a fourth and four play. Sioux City led 21-18 at the half. Simpson had eight catches for 109 yards.

    Billings (3-1) missed a long field goal try at the end of regulation, which preserved the Bandits win. Sioux City (2-1) will host Colorado next Saturday (April 5th).

  68. Garret:

    Six days after losing by 34 points in Billings, the Bandits stunned the Outlaws 31-30 in a United Indoor Football league game played in front of 5,089 at the Tyson Events Center.

    Playing in its home opener, Sioux City, now 2-1, was led by its 260-pound quarterback, Chad Kapanui, who threw for two touchdowns and ran for another.

    Kapanui completed 16 of 24 passes for 145 yards and two TDs. He was intercepted twice. Simpson, who caught both scoring passes, finished with eight catches for 109 yards.

    Sioux City, which put together time-consuming drives and converted on some fourth-down plays, led 21-12 with 2:09 left in the half on a 14-yard TD pass from Kapanui to Simpson and a PAT kick by Gradoville.

  69. Garret:

    Simpson, who missed the season-opening 31-23 win over the Wichita Wild on March 8 because of a sprained ankle, set up the second touchdown of the game (quarterback Chad Kapanui's one-yard run) on a 20-yard kickoff return.

    Simpson got into the scoring act at the 2:09 mark of the second quarter on a 14-yard touchdown catch from Kapanui for a 21-12 lead, then added a 24-yard scoring grab to give the Bandits a 28-18 lead.

  70. Garret:

    Chad's team has another challenge next week.

    The Bandits will return to the Tyson Events Center next Saturday to host the Colorado Ice. Colorado, an expansion team last year, beat the Bandits three times.

  71. Garret:

    Chad Kapanui news pau. I'm very happy that he led the upset and threw for 2 TDs and ran for another.

    ST, your blog entry today is awesome. I really appreciate the info in your entry and your article today!

  72. duffer:

    Here's your chance to win a pizza and give your feedback on the new Advertiser.....in five words or less


    Tsai-kos be gentle! :-)

  73. Garret:

    Looks like a whole bunch of concerts that were organized to occur before Spring Games have to be canceled. This was looked to be a new way to raise money for schools and extend the Spring Game festivities. Some pretty big-name schools were part of this.

    New York-based MSL Sports and Entertainment announced Saturday the cancellation of Gridiron Bash events at all 16 participating schools, including one set for April 18 at the University of Tennessee.

    The event, scheduled for the night before UT's Orange and White Game, was to feature a concert by Montgomery Gentry and Taylor Swift inside Neyland Stadium along with a pep rally involving the UT band, cheerleaders and football team. Tickets were $43.

    The cancellation comes after some schools raised questions about whether the participation of football players in a pep rally at the concerts would constitute a violation of NCAA rules prohibiting special benefits for student-athletes.

    The Gridiron Bash involved similar concerts, pep rallies and fan activities coinciding with spring football games at 16 schools across the country.

    Along with Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, South Carolina, Arizona State, Iowa, Penn State, Texas A&M, Army, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas State, Maryland, Rutgers and Utah were also scheduled to host the events.

  74. Garret:

    Look at how much schools were raising--Alabama will miss the $1 mil check!

    The Gridiron Bash scheduled for April 11 was abruptly canceled Saturday, meaning the University of Alabama Athletic Department will likely miss out on a $1 million donation to its scholarship fund.

    MSL Sports and Entertainment, which is running the 20 Gridiron Bashes across the country, announced it had called off the pre-A-Day event that was to be highlighted by a concert by country music star Alan Jackson. It was also slated to have a pep rally featuring the team, appearances by coaches, video highlights, and other fan activities.

    Questions about cancellation first arose when numerous schools e-mailed Garrity about possible NCAA violations involving players participating in promoting the event. It is not clear why Garrity's group did not clear the specifics before announcing the plans.

  75. Garret:


    Esme posted about that on her site on the first day of the change and I was more than happy to send in my feedback! I think I was fairly kind...though others might think otherwise.

  76. RainbowCliff:

    Good Morning Kekoa, In HONOR of your GREATNESS and your love for your Father, I mailed off to you your 5xxxxx BEAUTIFUL Aloha Paradise Shirt for you to wear at the MANY Tsaiko receptions and luncheons. You will look WONDERFUL in it as it is black with Hawaii flowers and green leaves as that "BIG OPU" will be having a "PRIME TIME" swagger coming down to the cashier. Sent it out this mornig from the LAX Postal Airport Office as it will be at your Kapolei address Tuesday no later then Wednesday. When you recieve just an e-mail to let me know you got it. Finally, kind sir continue to shine and stay Faith in the Lord as he will see you through all of your trials and tribulations. Mahalo for calling me your "Bother" as I appreciate the sincere words. Stay well and ENJOY the fruits of my labor as you are going to look AWESOME ! Sincerely, RainbowCliff.

  77. rage777:

    I miss the numbers next to the post.

  78. bighilofan2:

    good morning Tsaikos.


    more tweaking needed. I had to type http://warriorbeat.honadvblogs.com/ to get here. everything else didn't work.

  79. Pomai:

    Well just FYI I have spent the last four days archiving the entire Warrior Beat Blog from day one to today. I have it in word so now I just have to rearrange it so it can be searched by the entire blog or year, month and then day. It has all post and comments including all the chats also the bio's, if it was on the blog I got it.

    It would have taken less time if I wasn't doing this on dial-up at 28,000 bps, just gotta love these fricken hills.

  80. Pomai:

    Eh big what browser are you using? Firefox or IE

  81. Pomai:

    Big shoot me one email.


  82. Pomai:

    Boy this delay in comments being posted is going to be a real pain in the arse, hard to keep a conversation going when it takes ten mins, for your comment to show up. :(

  83. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Hey hey hey!!! The Webmaster listened and did what I begged him to do -- make the names with links BLUE BLUE BLUE! yay!

    So people, all you gotta do to see a person's website is click on their BLUE name.

  84. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I don't know which is better -- the lavender borders or the blue we had before. Both colors are pretty.

  85. Pomai:

    Gigi I guess it depends on what type of monitor you have because the borders on my screen are grey and the post go from white to a very very light purple.

  86. Pomai:

    And besides the point this is a Warrior blog so it should be green and black.

  87. bighilofan2:

    Great news about your dad. Prayers work, yea!

    I sent you an email, I think.

    you teach at KCC? My brother Sean teachers there too.

    So, who is the video guy? c'mon, spill da beans. Is she one of us?
    How do you get the smiley face? I got one yesterday. It just appeared...

  88. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Pomai, I use Internet Explorer, the latest version, on my brand new computer. Why doesn't everybody use IE? It's great!

  89. bighilofan2:


    try this as my email and see if it works please


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    show off. I lucky i get 1 computa. he he

    i was even using the wrong email, i just found out its for another computa. pfttt. i rockin now. maybe i can see.

  91. bighilofan2:

    Boy, I just love how the Lee brothers talk about the players. I am pumped up. Okay, I admit I am a rabbit, ST. But gotta tell you, I gonna last alot longer than 3 days.

  92. Pomai:

    Gigi I used IE for years but swicthed over to Firefox it runs a lot better and you don't have to put up with Microsoft. It is also run on a smaller platform so you don't use as much memory.

  93. Pomai:

    Eh big i wen send you one email.

  94. d1shima:

    Good morning all.


    Sending prayers for Pops and all your Ohana. Thanks for the update yesterday. Hoping today is another day fo' get better.

  95. d1shima:

    well that's interesting; posted that last comment and then noticed the "Your comment may take some time to appear" next to the button.
    After I refreshed the screen, the comment showed up; took about 15 seconds for the whole thing.

  96. d1shima:

    that one showed up right away.

  97. d1shima:

    that one took longer

  98. Pomai:

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    Well that didn't work

  100. d1shima:

    no wonder gigi likes the look of the blog now.
    It looks just like hers!

    It's powered by WordPress, too.

    Eh, gigi, you going let us know how you and hubby going spend your commission check from WordPress? haha

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    What about this one


  103. d1shima:

    Cool Pomai.

    Where that came from?

  104. Pomai:

    Well that didn't work either, so I guess you can't insert pictures

  105. gigi-hawaii ©:

    D1--yeah, when I got on the Warrior Beat this morning, I thought I'd clicked on my blog by mistake, cause they look so similar.

    I actually like this blog more than the old one because for me the typeface is bigger and easier to read. I don't know why people are complaining about the small type cause I can read it without glasses!

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    Well it doesn't appear that you can use to many tags on here.: idea :

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    Pomai . . .

    Cool graphic at 8:13!

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    Hey, where did my post go?

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    Oh. Just noticed "Your comment many take some time to appear." A slower filter?

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  115. Pomai:

    wafan you can use'm if you like

  116. d1shima:

    Like pomai said earlier, it's gonna take some getting used to not having your comment appear right away all the time.
    As it says it "may" take some time to appear, but not always???

  117. bulla:

    good morning Tsaikos,

    hmmmmmmmm, still with the new format, phooooey.

  118. Pomai:

    embarrassed :oops:

  119. bulla:

    where did my post go? oh boy, Big Brother in the house, where's George Orwell when you need him.

  120. bulla:


    now we're rolling. was it a full moon last night? there was a lot of howling from king street last night......

  121. d1shima:

    the ctrl+(mouse wheel) thing seems to work for me as far as making the type bigger.
    But when I make it bigger the spacing seems to go a little screwy

  122. bulla:


    looks like the baseball boyz are playing well...they have so much talent on that team.....should go far this year....but i've heard that before.

  123. d1shima:

    wassup. Is Snowflake back yet?

  124. Bulla:

    this lag time is very, very confusing to say the least....i can't remember the last idea, imagine that, that i committed to the blog.

    ST, i need help.

  125. Bulla:


    today at 3 pm. funny story, snowing yesterday while he was 'observing'. he had his st louis sweats as long johns, and his other sweats over that...first time he's been in snow during an athletic outing...crazy thing is he LOVES it.

  126. Bulla:


    before the end of school, i am going to test him on his strength levels. he told me his numbers, but i am going to spot/observe them.

  127. d1shima:

    Yep that was a great game. Seniors came thru big; good job of coaching despite Fraticelli's self-depricating comment in the story.
    It's gonna be a good finish for the ILH season.

  128. Bulla:


    talent undiscovered...and James...the sound of music is still banging, i mean ringing in my ears, haha.

  129. Pomai:

    Stick Out Tongue :p
    Frown :(
    Wink ;)
    Confused :confused:
    Big Grin :D
    Embarrassment :o
    Mad :mad:
    Smile :)
    Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) :rolleyes:
    Cool :cool:
    EEK! :eek:

  130. d1shima:

    yeh, they adapt to the snow. I remember my #1 telling us they would walk around in slippers through the snow!

  131. Bulla:

    hello out there,

    man this is slow, it's like having a conversation with yourself at times. hmmm, a remedy is out there....

    somewhere out there, beneath the........oh remnants of last night, haha.

  132. d1shima:

    So I heard the watercress was fresh last night.

  133. Bulla:

    with the talent at SL, he better win. his management style is out the window, but since he's the coach, he gets the credit. great job by the boyz!!! not bad being on top of the pile in the ILH. puns will make a run, and Owls are gamers, expect another barn burner in the rematch.

  134. gigi-hawaii ©:

    haha In 1969 when I saw snow for the 1st time, I loved it. Then by 1975, I really hated it. Hawaii no ka oi.

  135. bighilofan2:

    Hey Pomai

    I never see any email. I on the new computer now and ithe email says welcome to Honolulu Advertiser and I can do this and that, and I hate to admit it, but I think I gotta call one tech in to help me get going. Cause I ain't going even though like Samuel L Jackson said in Pulp Fiction, I trying real hard - not to lose it. Like Coach Ron said, I gotta step it up, not just dream about it,

  136. Bulla:


    look for the latest and greatest look of PW, aka Prince Watercress to be released soon. i didn't know Times was open that late, haha.

    rumors abound that no flowers on the table, so someone had watercress behind the left ear, huh? das what i hea!

  137. wafan:

    Strange. On refresh the entire background turns a light blue. Sometimes that blue background does not go away until the refresh button is pressed again.

    The delay in having comments show up is annoying at best. Noticed when a comment is not posted right away I end up back at the very top of the blog -- meaning I have to scroll down to where I was before. Annoying and irritating.

  138. bighilofan2:

    Pomai, what you do daytime. I like hire you Thursday when I come Honolulu, after I watch practice. I like learn how you make da faces, and my way thru the net so i can find this place, cause I am losing it sometimes.

  139. Pomai:

    : -(
    : -~)
    : ' -~(

  140. Pomai:

    Big go check your email

  141. FloridaTed:

    Morning/afternoon, Tsaikos and Tsai-Meister.

    Great job ST, with your spring outlook. Gives us a nice road map to watch as it all unfolds.

    Even though, on the surface, there are many similarities to 2005, I also notice a vast difference, namely much more overall talent and playing experience on the team. In 2005 we've had a lot of green talent that needed a year to click and learn, this year will be the first year where the Warriors are truly reloading. My feeling is very strong that we might shock the whole Nation and McMackins legacy will be truly forged.

    That defense will carry us for the first few games, after that, watch out, the offense will hit their stride. We will win at least the WAC. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Now, I have to take the wife to the beach, have a great sunday. Aloha.

  142. bighilofan2:

    8-) test test

  143. bighilofan2:


  144. bighilofan2:

    :p test

  145. d1shima:

    I'll be scouring the internet later today for the pics.

    Gotta go church now.

    See you folks

  146. FloridaTed:

    On my end I see a lot of improvements on the blog. Refresh takes 3 sec and posting 3-5 sec, depending on traffic. I can live with that. Please, bring the numbers on the comments back.

  147. bighilofan2:

    :mad: test test

  148. bighilofan2:

    thanks pomai at least I got the smile and shades down

  149. bighilofan2:

    Hey LizK,

    ahem, ;)

    he he he

  150. Pomai:

    Eh big go check da mail one moah time.

  151. bighilofan2:


    fyi the last time i did this much memorization was for one gigantik *%#?xn case. 8-)

  152. ralvic:


  153. ralvic:

    wow hows that for progress-just posted and it didn't show up,yawn...giggle

  154. Bulla:

    have a good day Tsaikos,

    this is too slow for me, i am going outside to watch the grass grow. it's faster and i get to 'tan' my dome, haha. nah, I jus goin wash da car, i'd like to see what the original paint color was, right now light brown all over, haha.

    a hui hou,

  155. bighilofan2:


    I'm with bulla. i looked and still no can find email. going call in help tomorrow, some beers maybe we figure this out.

    but at least i can wink, smile, wear shades lie dat. yeah!!!

    and i know how for get here, even if its kinda slow. if its slow for me and bulla, its gotta be slow for others too, so i know it'll get fixed eventually. meanwhile, i going swimming, eat or something. he he he have a great day!

  156. bighilofan2:


  157. Garret:

    Davidson is about to play for the Final 4. It is interesting that they built their team with foreign players similar to how Riley built the team with players from Canada and elsewhere.

    But McKillop will be back in Europe soon enough. It is fertile recruiting ground for a roster that, unlike Wisconsin’s homegrown talent, is stocked with foreign players. The Wildcats (28-6) have one player from France via Congo (Boris Meno), another from Nigeria (Andrew Lovedale), one from England (Ben Allison), two from Canada (Max Paulhus Gosselin and William Archambault) and one from Turkey (Can Civi).

    “We saw a niche in the foreign market when I first came to Davidson in 1989,” said McKillop, who has been conducting clinics in Europe since 1981 and has had numerous foreigners on his squad over the years. “Davidson is attractive to international students. It’s a welcoming community for international students. And I find that the international players, they love dreams. They’re coming to America living a dream.”

  158. bighilofan2:




    GO ST!

    GO ALL YOU SMILEY FACES!!! 8-) 8-)

  159. Garret:


    It was great to read about your Dad getting better! He has a LOT of support from the people here!

  160. HawaiianKiko:

    good morning TSAIKOS...just another day in digital paradise on the coconut wireless

  161. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Garret, Memphis is whomping Texas. Sorry, Memphis looks like NBA and we are looking for them to win the tournament.

  162. Pomai:

    K'den if everybody goin out den I goin watch da Warriors beat ASU in da Hawaii Bowl. Laters :)

  163. myki1:

    Pomai: We're watching UH-Boise from last year..instead of bull-riding or the poker tour LOL -myki and sj-macro

  164. Da Menehune:

    Where is every body today?

  165. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    I was out last night at Anyplace Lounge and heard a few guys singing karaoke. Queens, "We are the champions... of the WAC!" All I can say is I hope that Rolo coaches a lot better then he sings... hahaha

  166. BowsForever:

    The blog looks a lot more...um...anonymous now. Is it intended to stay that way? I mean, once you're starting to type a comment, you pretty much can't even tell you're at the Honolulu Advertiser site.

    Other observations: I don't mind the typeface though the default type is still kinda small, and posted text is smaller now too.

  167. bighilofan2:


    I sent in a response but phffftttt da bugga no stay. so this is my second attempt

    Excellent job on today's story. really, you outdid yourself.
    you get five smileys
    GO WARRIORS! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

  168. Stephen Tsai:

    Well, my kids are going off to paint-ball war.
    You know how it is. You go on trips. You bring back what you think are cool clothes ... and they use it for paint-gun competitions.

  169. gigi-hawaii ©:

    ST's name is BLUE too. Isn't that redundant, since we are already on his blog?

  170. hurley11:

    Aloha is closing tomorrow.
    Aside from the fact that the Warriors flew on Aloha Airlines, the closure is just devastating.


  171. Thomas Mui:


    Why doesn’t everybody use IE? It’s great!

    Probably because IE has had too many security pukas in it. It has gone through two SPs and Microsoft is now working on a IE version 8 and it is in beta form.

    I use Firefox (v2.x.x) for that reason - minimal problems with security.

    That being said, Consumer Research does favor IE 7.0 (but not 6.0) but only by only a slim, slim, margin and that was before there were more security loopholes.

    In all fairness to IE, as a great majority use IE as a browser, more hackers try to take it apart leaving Firefox, Opera etc alone.

  172. Ronnie:

    Happy Sunday, Tsaiko Nation!

    I'm so happy that Spring Practice starts tomorrow! Also can't wait for Pro Day!

  173. MeiLing:

    Tech question: Why is the font proportional? The posted blog comments look like they are not, but this REPLY box font is proportional, shoving characters together.

  174. SteveM:

    Karaoke Call
    Saturday, April 19, 2008
    8:00 PM - midnight

    Krazy Karaoke
    1308 Young Street, Honolulu

    Cost: $15 per person (for room and karaoke equipment use for 4 hours)
    B.Y.O.B. in coolers and your own food/pupus
    The site also sells soft drinks, hot beverages, and munchies for convenience. Free ice.

    Space is limited to the first 32

    Current RSVP Count = 25

    RSVP on the blog or email SteveM - stevem.hnl (at) gmail.com

    More info at: http://home.hawaii.rr.com/smurashi/tsai-kos

  175. ralvic:

    Good Afternoon

    I just read Ferd's column about how the WAC is tinkering with the idea of combining the football officials from the three leagues,Mountain West,Big 12,and WAC into one pool of officials,whereas essential hometown officials will no longer be doing games from the city from where they live.The idea is to have the game on a level playing field,where there's no allegations of homer isms.

    My thought is that it would be costly-shuttling crews of officials to and from the different cities can be pricey.

    I'm like the next person I want an honest game.And truthfully(?),I feel bad when a call,an obvious one on film not called,goes in our favor.

    Putting myself in the shoes of the fan and the officials, I think consensus thinking would be first weeding out the obvious bad officials before you come up with any thought of forming a pool.

    What does the NFL do in regards to officials-they're constantly graded and critiqued.And a certain number of unsatisfactory critiques and they're gone.
    The same concept should be in place for the WAC.

    I would think if officials,accused of homer isms or obvious allegiances to their hometown team I think they would guard against this if they were put on notice that every time they step on the field they officiating is under review by the league office.

    Finally,I nix the idea of shuttling crew and so forth because,first,let's go with the approach of grading the officials.And second,when coaches have that red flag to use to challenge calls,calls that are reviewed upstairs that adds some integrity to the game.

    Maybe in championship games and the visiting BCS teams visiting would I think there would

  176. ralvic:

    gosh didn't even finish-didn't spell check-zzhazammm it submitted-bbbaaaawaahhhaasa

  177. SteveM:

    MeiLing Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 12:27 pm
    Tech question: Why is the font proportional? The posted blog comments look like they are not, but this REPLY box font is proportional, shoving characters together.

    Mei Ling-- I didn't notice that until you mentioned it,,, ,the old blog was non-proportional in the reply box, but the comment posts always was proprortional unless we used the tt or code tags.

    Looks like this system uses proportional consistently -- at least that is how it appears using Safari. But if your post formatting requires the spacing (as Brew808's ascii art does), then you must add the tags in your reply box. Otherwise, this might be a font preference issue in the browser you are using.

  178. Esme:

    Ralph Says:
    March 30th, 2008 at 1:42 am

    I’m surprised Esme isn’t online, she’s wired for fb and she must have known ST will be posting fb stuff in this mornings edition - one day before spring ball..

    Ralph... HA! It's funny you noticed the one and only night in ages that I was NOT online at 1 or 2 a.m. Hubby and I were hosting a gathering. I was so knocked out that after everyone went home, I sat on the couch only meaning to put my feet up for a minute. Next thing I knew ... it was 4 a.m.! :lol:

    ST posted some really interesting analysis in today's blog. GREAT way to pump up all of us on the eve of spring ball! Woo hoo!

    I notice, though, there's no mention of Graunke. Jeez, I hope by the end of this season that his tale is not one of woulda-coulda-shoulda. That would be tragic after spending so much time in CB's shadow, and showing flashes of true grit and talent when called upon to help put us over the top last season.

  179. Pomai:

    Wow lau lau I go away for a few hours and da buggah wen change again, now back to the old new format.

  180. Ronnie:

    I glad you said that, Pomai. I was starting to think I was missing something because by the time I logged on, it was back to the old new format, so I never saw what the new new format looked like... ;)

  181. BowsForever:

    Graunke had to deal with his academics and unresolved disciplinary issues, I guess, and after having missed the Super Games I can understand why he was knocked down on the depth chart that Mack doesn't have. The bright side is we know what Graunke's capable of, and yet if Funaki can maintain his No. 1 position with good workouts and practices as ST says, it means that we have two battle-ready QBs for next season. Graunke still seems super-motivated, so that helps.

  182. Garret:

    If this guy messes up 1 more time, UH might not have to face the All-America DT.

    Terrill Byrd, the University of Cincinnati's All-America defensive tackle, has been suspended for the Bearcats' Aug. 28 season opener against Eastern Kentucky.

    Byrd, a junior from Colerain High School, was cited for smoking marijuana on March 5 at his residence on Bearcat Way.

  183. Rich2176:

    I see the format has changed to resemble the old neighborhood. Will someone please email me when they finally get the FONT SIZE changed. It shouldn't take emlarging the text view, and wearing reading glassed. Adios until then.

  184. Rich2176:

    Dnag, the enty front is so small I didn't even see the typo - GLASSES, GLASSES, GLASSES....

  185. Ronnie:

    I have noticed that the font size in the comment entry box is MUCH SMALLER than the font of the display - and both look much smaller than gigi's blog, which is also WordPress...

  186. SteveM:

    Well, I just submitted my 5 word entry to win some pizza-- after a 72 hour self-imposed cool down period. Still needed to use a thesaurus after the first word, though. :|

    The question at the bottom made me wonder if this is just a elaborate plan to encourage people to switch to hard-copy subscriptions...

  187. al:

    may i suggest.....

    i was perusing through the UH warrior football roster and i think that the bio's of each player would greatly enhance the site and info.

    for example:

    wouldn't ryan mouton's numbers blow some scouts and recruits mind?
    40 yard dash = 4.3
    vertical jump = 39 inches

    you know stuff like that;;;bench results, power cleans, etc.

    can you imagine some recruit seeing those numbers....wanting a part of that action, etc.

  188. Pomai:

    Funny while looking and Archiving the entire blog from day one, I noticed that the last three months have had the most change I have ever seen.
    1. Lost in the Sugar Bowl
    2. JJ leaving
    3. fumbler told to take a hike
    4. One of the players pass away
    5. New HC
    6. New AD
    7. Top QB kicked off the team
    8. Now a new blog home

    All of this in three months, and they say we can't handle change. Am I missing any changes that has happened in the last three months?

  189. d1shima:

    hey all.
    Don't know if you saw the breaking news: Aloha is pulling the plug after tomorrow.

  190. gigi-hawaii ©:

    So, what will Liz do now that Aloha is shutting down? Will she still be able to attend the karaoke call on the 19th????

    She used Aloha Miles to get her tickets. Will another airline honor them?

  191. d1shima:

    IDK. highly unlikely. What's the incentive for HAL to do that? Certainly go! is not going to.
    As bad as it sounds, unfortunately Liz may be SOL.

  192. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Isn't this what Go wanted all along? They are hoping that Aloha and HAL will go out of business so that Go can monopolize the air and then charge higher prices. But, I think HAL is relatively safe because of its national and international flights. I sure hope it doesn't fold, too.

  193. d1shima:

    I wonder what the plan is for the team's travel now?

  194. RainbowCliff:

    Howz It Pomai, what ever happen to the donations collected for the Softball girls braceletes ? Did the athletic department or Koa Anuenue follow through to the support ? Mahalo bra !

  195. Stretch:

    Re: Aloha

    I honestly don't care for Go Airlines and will never fly them. It's a business but not too cool with their ways.

    Sorry for Liz, you can check but don't think the flight will be honored. For everyone who has mileage, too late to use them. Good think I don't have too much left.

  196. d1shima:

    Yeah but from what I hear, go! is very peaceful; EVERYBODY gets to snooze!

  197. d1shima:

    ...not to mention the bonus mileage they give!

  198. whitey:

    Stretch, it is very sad about Aloha shutting down, but personally, their management sucks and are the major cause for this action. Ture, other things may have contributed, but basically management never gave a hoot about us or its employees. The meaning of Aloha died when HW Ching and S Ing passed on.

  199. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Hubby and I flew via Go to Kauai last year. I didn't like the fact that their rules prohibit a 21 inch carryon. We had to check ours in because they weren't small enough.

  200. whitey:


  201. JGM:


  202. FloridaTed:

    Didn't the State talk about bailing out Aloha AL? What happened to those 'Talks'? Are they in chapter 11 or just plain shutting down? I never like it very much when competition is lost in anything. It's always the consumer who loses.

  203. HiFlyer:

    Now we will see the true side of Go when they raise their fares to the real market value.

  204. JGM:

    TEST Test

  205. whitey:

    HiFlyer, imho Aloha will resurface as Aloha United. Aloha is a private company with UA owning 25%, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see UA take over the airline.

  206. Esme:

    Hello? Hello?

    *tapping the microphone*

    Is this thing on?

    Where IS everyone today?

    Oh, wait, I know. Out having fun on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Unlike us working schmucks.


  207. Esme:


    Sorry, didn't mean to sound like a smart-@$$.

    This d@mn server!

    Here's what happened: The server stubbornly showed me comments only up through about 1 p.m.

    I thought that was peculiar. So yes, I tried clearing my cache, restarting Firefox, even rebooting the computer. Still showed comments only up to 1 p.m. So then I just assumed everyone was away and I was alone in the playhouse. Thus my joke at 4:04 p.m.

    I say again: D@mn server!

    This redesign is starting to really get on my nerves.

  208. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Esme, you are not alone. I was watching La Vie en Rose -- the movie about Edith Pilaf. But I stopped midway because she had a dreadful life, full of drugs and alcohol.

    So here I am.

    What a boring afternoon.

    But we had a fantastic lunch at Champa Thai.

  209. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I wonder why the blog reverted to the previous format. This morning, the names with links were in BLUE and the borders were lavender. Now none of that.

    What the heck is going on?

  210. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Sorry her name was Edith PIAF -- not Pilaf (the rice).

  211. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Yo Esme,
    Don't panic, I'm here. 8) Sweety and I just got back from that fabulous hotel my mom-in law is at. What a nice place.

    Pretty surprising, all the shuffling at O-line. Competition is good, though. I can imagine the starting line are gonna be very tough.

    I can't help but think that we'll see more of Pilares after he gets some reps at reciever. The guys is gonna be a star someday.

    Sounds like we have a wide variety of studs at RB, lots of depth and talent there.

    I'm gonna have to make some of those morning pratices.

  212. Pomai:

    Just finished watching the 06 Hawaii Bowl, then was thinking I wonder what kind of season we would have had last year if we had had the 06 team for four years together. One big big difference last years team and the 06 was Nasty, man he made a huge impact on the games, might have been a different story for UGA if we had him and Samson in there.

  213. Koauka:

    hope this works/

  214. Koauka:

    I feel very sad today for the shut down of Aloha Airlines. Many good people, both friends and family, will have no jobs tomorrow night. Hopefully, a miracle will arise and the good people will be back to work. It hurts a lot when another local company goes down when a predatory entity comes to Hawaii and destroy the economy as well as hard working families. And yes, the Warrior Football team charter is in limbo too!

    I'm getting of the soapbox. Mahalo for everybody's time.

  215. Barry Markowitz:

    My son Abe is on Aloha's last flight from Orange County to HNL. The situation scared me at first, but luckily he is cool for tommorow. He is in his hotel room waiting for The Princess to give him a shot list as he has his video camera charged up and ready to shoot inflight last flight coverage.

  216. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos,

    its :oops: here. This is just 8-). Get to ;) at all the
    :) he he he

    Brought to you by Pomai. Thanks for the ideas Pomai

  217. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    That is some major cool experience for the cub. What a way to pick up the ole Markowitz mantle! Has he ever done this level of work before?

  218. ralvic:

    Opening night of baseball-Braves lost.I'm happy because it's my wife's team.And the reason she so enthralled with the Braves is because at one time she had a love interest with one of the players.Every time the Braves lose I celebrate inside,even though I let on to her that I'm sad. Tonight- ninth inning the scored tied at two,the home team,the Washington Nationals,hit a game winning home run.Game over.My wife,I look over,is sad. I say,"shucks",although I think she knows I don't mean it...I'm bad.

  219. sports for fun:

    So, it seems that I have to use Firefox in order to post on the new Advertiser blog. Seesh. And the font is sooooooo small!! ST, can't you convince the techs to make it bigger? You're discriminating against those of us who have a hard time reading words the size of an ant. LOL

  220. Barry Markowitz:

    DPK, Do you mean photojournalism? Abe has been published several times in the local newspapers (including Barak Obama), and video for several TV stations, since he was 8 years old. Abe is Punahou's go to student videographer for their iTV broadcasts. The Princess comment was a joke. Every other media entitiy in Hawaii is evaluating how they will use Abe's Mainland/inflight imagery on arrival (if at all). Most are scrambling to get videographers and photogs on flights. Abe is already confirmed and will be shooting vids and stills. But if the Princess calls him....he will discuss licensing imagery.

  221. Yoshi:

    I knew Herman Frazier would strike again with the closing of Aloha Airlines.. not to mention the hold up with the new website coming up. When will this person let us be!

  222. LizKauai:

    I just logged on and saw the news about Aloha. Yikes! I was able to buy a $49 seat on Go! For the Crazy Karaoke. Sorry some of you don't like Go! but if not for them, we would have been paying $200 for every round trip.

  223. LizKauai:

    BarryM- Abe is in good Hands.

    sports for fun- you can manage your browser font by pressing control and + to make it larger.

  224. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Is it me, or are all the blog nephews, Jason, Ryan and Abe, really exceptional guys? So much talent amongst the young 'uns. Please be sure to post here or call me regarding where we can see Abe's footage. Thanks.

  225. Ralph:

    Is this blog up to date and correct, no one has posted since lunch - SteveM at 12:45 pm...where is everyone

  226. Ralph:

    oops, now it shows posting to 6:43, DPK...very slow refreshing

  227. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Speaking of blog nephews, I wonder if buller has pics of the Snow Beast's adventures in the frozen north? Hey bulla, I think Snow Beast sounds better than Snow Flake.

  228. Dennis Halloran:

    This is like getting a new car, Site looks exciting but sometime we hit the turn signal instead of the windshield wipers.

  229. LizKauai:

    But Dennis, nothing beats that new blog smell, eh? Bwahahaha!

  230. JGM:

    test test test

  231. Ralph:

    I just experienced the same problem as Emse did, I thought my firefox frooze on me, time warp...

  232. LizKauai:

    Yeah- I just got a time warp too. Jes' gotta be patient.
    Slow days like today are not so bad. I hope everything is ship shape in time for the next blog chat tho.

  233. Dennis Halloran:

    Aloha Air will be a classic business school case study. Mesa air has been a classic case study its whole life
    I feel for the employees but having been through way to many jobs myself, I always know you can land on your feet.

  234. Koauka:


    What does the new smell of blog confusion smell like?

    HAR, HAR!

  235. Dennis Halloran:

    I always go back to OL. Nothing works in football unless OL works.
    We have many aspiring body parts but will they function?
    Those looking at old games realize that they did Function!
    Pray for the same.

  236. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Rich, I don't know why your font is so small. Using Internet Explorer 8, I clicked on View, then on Text Size. Mine is at Medium, which is fine. If I want, I could also click on Large or Largest, but for me, it really isn't necessary.

  237. brew808:

    ☺ ☻ ☺ Aloha Tsaikos! ☺ ☻ ☺
    I hope everyone is doing well, especially Kekoa's dad. Here's a good thought for the day/tomorrow... ☺ SPRING PRACTICE!!! ☺

    Aloha Airlines ❀ says ... ✈✈✈aloha!

  238. JGM:


  239. brew808:


    8D Go Warriors!!! ;D

  240. Bulla:

    aloha all,

    not aloha to aloha, well, i guess it is aloha to aloha. interesting concept of it going to be United Aloha, since they have a 1/4 stake in the airline.

    thanks for the suggestion on how to enlarge the font, too bad that's only for the font, lot of self application otherwise.

    DPK, Snowflake, Snowbeast, Sasquatch, whatever we call him is back from the confines of Utah. Just a small 50 degree swing from 30 degrees to Hawaii, haha.

    He had fun 'observing' everything, and I have stories to share but not on the blog.

    Barry, Abe is in the right place at the right time, Jimmy Olsen of sorts with the breaking story. Chip off your block......I hope he gets home safely.

    FYI, watercress is now on the endangered species list after last night....haha.

  241. Bulla:

    aloha airlines, what happened? ironically, the CEO Monahan is the same guy that was in charge of Liberty House when it went under, but he had a golden parachute exit strategy.....must be nice.

    think about it, how can a business, an airline that is part of the most notorious monopolies in the country (HA vs. AA), shut their doors in the blink of an eye? don't you think it is just a little suspicious, that out of the blue, no pun intended, they have to close their doors?

    where is the fiduciary responsibility from the CEO and Directors? were there NO signs of potential catastrophic collapse in the weeks before? it amazes me that it has come to this point. then, to top it off, to have the Gov. of the state step in and say that they will consider 'bailing' out Aloha.......how can?

    it's a competitive world, and if they didn't do their homework, so be it. that is an unparalleled precedent, for the state to come in and bail out a private company. what about all the other companies that are struggling because of outrageous fuel costs, increased health premiums, increased employee workman's comp claims.....what about them? should Lingle help them also?

    that's the point, you can't pick and choose how you will use your Executive Powers, it needs to be unilateral and transparent.......

    my 2 sense, and where's my change?

  242. Addahknowsports:

    Bulla -

    A sure sign that someone has had too much watercress is when it starts sprouting from their ears. I guess it is true what they say about "you are what you eat". Don't forget to prune every few days.
    BTW, Sumida Watercress Farm said sales is up 4%. Better buy stock. Bwahahaha.

  243. Bulla:


    i was thinking of going to the Big Island and having dinner at the quaint little restaurant called Edelweiss....lovely ambiance, great food, and very entertaining. wait......did we go last night....my bad, memory going already. haha

    i better check on james, if i'm going to be the poster boy for Sumida watercress, he is going to be one big cuttle fish tomorrow.....help me......he so smelly :):):)

    AMERICAN WOMAN, GET AWAY FROM ME, .......memories, my face is still sore from laughing so hard.....

  244. Bulla:


    hope your better 2/3 is doing fine....i had to adjust from my falsetto, and only after a healthy lunch did i return to my normal baritone. whenever i look left and cough, i have bad flashbacks, haha. addahknowjoe is a lucky man to have you as his better 1/3, or is it 1/4? either way.....like i say all the time.....make memories............and we sure did a good job.

  245. Bulla:

    with this many posts in a row....i feel like Garret

  246. Bulla:

    is everyone booking HA flights right now? ghost town...BOO!

  247. Bulla:

    now i am confused, my last 3 comments went to the orbital black hole.....what gives ST, they were not mean, insulting or condenscending.....just gone i guess

  248. ralvic:

    what a joke,10 minutes into writing something,maybe 10 lines and the program timed me out...sick.

  249. Bulla:


    2 posts at the same minute 8:53, now that is talent!

  250. Koauka:


    Aunty Linda can help the Hawaii Superferry, why not help Aloha Airlines. If she wants to make her own rules, best you help an established HAWAII company. For me, family and friends who work for Aloha, are out of jobs tomorrow night. So far Aunty Linda not so succesful......yet.

  251. Bulla:

    you're right, Aloha is an established company and I hope Lingle can do something for everyone employed by Aloha.

    but i go back to my other position, this didn't happen overnight....right? even when i look at my checkbook, i can see when things are going to get 'tight' vs. 'lights out'. you know what i mean? with all the upper management and senior executives, there had to be a contingency plan somewhere. cannot come to work and go 'oh well.....' that is an injustice to all of the 'line' employees.....criminal almost don't you think?

    let's hope and pray for the best!!!!

  252. Bulla:

    have a good night, gotta get up early tomorrow.

    Tsaikos, have a restful night, to all the ohana and friends at Aloha, i wish for a quick resolution to your situation!

    a hui hou my friends......

  253. Addahknowsports:

    Bulla -

    I don't think it's only you (about the blog, I mean). Joe is stuck at 6:?? and can't advance. Everything after that is not showing on his computer. Mine is fine, though. I dunno what the deal is.

    I agree (about karaoke, I mean). We had fun and we did make memories. Can you yodel? Next time you get stuck in falsetto, let's slip in a quick "High on a hill was a lonely goatherd......." with James. Cuttle fish or not, I did promise him a duet.

  254. addahknowjoe:

    test test ... check... 1... 2... 1... 2...

  255. addahknowjoe:



  256. Koauka:


    The peeps from Aloha, the bruddah and sistahs who work and toil every day, to ward off bankrupcy took a pay cut of 33% to keep the company running. And guess what, the owners bring in these folks who have experience in these situations. But guess what (again)! The imports pull a Herman Frazier and take everybody down the road. Sheesh! And in the dark of night these "aku birds" will leave a few dollars richer.

    Maybe you right. The higher management believed the "story" and all the peeps loose their jobs.

    Why? Seems this story always happens here. Its 4th down and 25 yards for the touchdown. The last play and you need the score or game over, maybe forever.

  257. TYAiea:

    Test. Test. Test. It is now 9:17 pm, but the last entry says LizK at 6:57 pm. There must be more entries since then.

  258. HiFlyer:


  259. HiFlyer:


  260. gigi-hawaii ©:

    It's not hard to figure out. Aloha's demise is due to predatory pricing by go! and also by the soaring cost of fuel. It was inevitable that Aloha would fold.

    If go's appeal is not granted, they will have to pay HAL $80 million. At that time, bye-bye go.

    I personally welcomed go's arrival. Hubby and I took advantage of their fantastic low fares, and if other airlines cannot match their rates, we will fly on go again.

  261. addahknowjoe:

    TY and HiFlyer-

    Yup! me too. Hence my 2 tests as well.

    I thought it might have been my browser so I switched from FireFox to Safari. Nope. Same thing- LizK at 6:57pm. So, I posted a test from safari and got through. I then went back to FireFox and posted from there and got updated as well.


  262. HiFlyer:

    Which Browser are you folks using?

  263. Kekoa:

    Snow Beast...Hmmm...Nah, I'll wait for it to come on HBO. Good name choice DPK you got game.

    G'night Tsaikos, many thanks to you all for the well-wishes. Prayers for our brothers and sisters in the Aloha Air Ohana. I agree with the bulla, who knew it and when? Lots of questions to demand answers to before they pay out any settlement, severanc or retirement pay to the CEO, COO or any of those "CO" anybody's.

  264. HiFlyer:

    It seems that all of you that are using Firefox and Safari keep getting hung-up. So far with IE I have not seen the problem that you folks are getting except for it being a little slow for comments to appear like it says on the bottom of the comment block.

  265. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I am using IE8. I have had no problems with this blog so far.

  266. HiFlyer:

    Gigi, exactly I don't see any problems using IE.

  267. Stretch:

    I use Avant Browser. Everything seems to be working okay witht his blog.

  268. Koauka:


    The next time you fly Go, think about the 3,000 employees from Aloha Airlines, possibly out of jobs forever.
    Saving money is great. Think of my cousin FORTY years of working at Aloha Airlines, no job. And many others who eat and sleep, literally, working with Aloha in their hearts.

    Think about people and their livelihoods. I'm glad you fly Go.

  269. SteveM:

    I have used Safari all along and have quickly tested Firefox. I have found no problems. Except for font size display problems, I find it difficult to believe any browser is to blame for other problems.

  270. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Koauka, let's hope your cousin finds another job real quick. Hubby was FIRED by 3 different companies in his younger years, but managed to find work, so hopefully the 1,900 employees laid off by Aloha will find work, too.

    Anyway, my guess is that go! will fold eventually. The low fares are great for passengers, but deadly for airlines. How can they possibly make a profit?

  271. ralvic:

    Good Evening

    Well I can see that the Advertiser's web site doesn't keep up with the sporting events of the day. No mention of opening day baseball(Bush threw out the first pitch in the Braves-Nationals game),NBA basketball scores(approaching the end of the season and playoff races are taking shape),golf scores(especially of how Parker,Wilson did in the New Orleans tournament),NASCAR results-I even tried looking for prep high school track results and couldn't find any. Now I can be understanding,but it will be interesting to check the paper edition tomorrow.Or should I?

  272. Koauka:

    Working for a company for 40 YEARS, doesnt that say anything.

  273. Esme:

    I'm stuck in a time warp. Again.

    My computer insists on showing WB blog comments only up to 6:57 p.m. I know that can't be right.

    Yes, I tried clearing cache, restarting Firefox, rebooting computer. Again.

    So I think we all know what will happen next: I will post this, and this will jostle the server, which will then hurtle me forward through a wormhole into the future ... to the current 9:50 p.m.

    Gonna try now.

  274. Esme:

    Voila! I am indeed back in the present now.

  275. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Esme, try switching to Internet Explorer.

  276. Esme:

    Now I can see the rest of the blog ... and notice that A-Joe, Ralph and TY had similar problems.


    Scott Morifuji .. paging Scott Morifuji ... are you there?
    (He's gonna shoot me now.)

  277. las vegas:


  278. las vegas:

    No kidding, the site has slowed down and you have to refresh in order to see your posts.
    Another step backward.

  279. JGM:


  280. TYAiea:

    I was pissed when go! started up. Their main objective was to break one of our old time airlines, and it happened to be Aloha. History has shown that our state can't support three interisland carriers. When go! started their price war..the future for Aloha was started to fade. I too feel for the Aloha employees. They were terrific people.

  281. Koauka:

    This is nuts. Had the same problem as Esme. But I couldnt enter the blog from the home page. Went to the opinions page with the list of the blog host. Finally got to Warrior beat, but the last entry was 12:27pm. Of course I should have closed all the windows opened and try to restart. But I am at work and didnt want to go throught the whole process. Made one comment 4:57pm and all the missing entries appear.

    IE works OK at home, comments are easy to see.

  282. JGM:

    The blog won't update unless I post a comment. Same with IE and Firefox.

  283. JGM:

    And if I clear my cookies and refresh, the blog reverts to 6:57pm

  284. Tony:

    Do they have a blog that is only for the discussion of all the technical problems, LOL.

  285. las vegas:

    How men's friends are better:

    Friendship between Women:
    A woman didn't come home one night.
    The next morning she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend's house.
    The man called his wife's 10 best friends.
    None of them knew anything about it.

    Friendship between Men:
    A man didn't come home one night.
    The next morning he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend's house.
    The woman called her husband's 10 best friends, eight of which confirmed that he had
    slept over, and two said that he was still there.

  286. Jason:

    So, who else had to Google "flex test"?

  287. las vegas:

    last comment posted without delay.

  288. Jason:

    Do they have a blog that is only for the discussion of all the technical problems, LOL.

    Tony: http://tinyurl.com/ypsl8c

  289. Kekoa:

    Esme ~ You must consider wearing a spiders leg tied to a black thread exactly 18" in circumferance. Then - stand out under the moonlight for 7 minutes. Give out a long, low whistle to each of the four points of the compass, turn around 3 times and clap once.

    Now go back inside to your computer and log onto the WB. Presto Beanie-o, you will be at peak operating efficiency!

    Don't worry, it's not necessary to thank me. I'm ok with it.

  290. Scott Morifuji:


  291. JGM:

    Sorry Tony just venting. This blog is driving me nuts.

  292. las vegas:

    If all else fails, a live sacrifice may be required.
    Standard fare would be a white billy goat with a brown patch over his third (evil) eye.
    However the Pinoy's and Pinay's among us may substitute a black a-so, and make bbq sticks afterward.

  293. las vegas:

    Adobo and watercress, yum.

  294. Scott Morifuji:

    test test

  295. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Scott, what browser are you using? Are you experiencing the same problems as Esme?

  296. Scott Morifuji:

    gigi: Im using Firefox on a mac. I'm just testing to see if comments are showing up in a timely manner

  297. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Vegas, I haven't eaten adobe and watercress in more than 10 years.
    Maybe, it's time...

  298. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Scott, I have to refresh about 3-4 times before my comment appears.

    Occasionally, it appears right away.

  299. HiFlyer:

    Scott, What happened to the larger font size? Seem like everything reverted back to the original settings.

  300. gigi-hawaii ©:

    My font size is still "medium" which is fine for me.

  301. Da Menehune:

    test Yikes so small

  302. Scott Morifuji:

    we had a problem with the templates getting corrupted last night. That's why for a bit, you folks saw the default wordpress template.

    We restored the files from a backup before we made changes.

    The fonts and styles will be fixed up soon.

  303. JGM:

    Thanks for all of your hard work Scott

  304. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Scott, I really liked the template this morning with the names with links in BLUE and the borders in LAVENDER.

    Please consider retaining the BLUE names as it makes it easier to distinguish names with URLs better.

  305. al:

    thanks scott.

  306. al:

    hey the team's colors are green and black. why not use that theme?

  307. Esme:

    Thaaaank yoooou, Scott.


  308. Esme:


    las vegas,


  309. JGM:

    I hate BYwho blue

  310. Esme:

    I have a feeling I may have been responsible for disturbing Scott's rest; I e-mailed him a little while ago about the problem. Workaholic that he is, I'm guessing he had his pda on, read about the problem and just had to fix it.

    So, Tsaikos, everyone all together now, grade-school style:

    Thaaaank yooouuuu, Scoooootttttt.

  311. d1shima:

    Domo arigato, Scott-san

  312. d1shima:

    Wow. Very quick response time for posting that comment

  313. al:

    las vegas will be counted as one of my best friends.

    hmmmmm. that is a bit far away.
    might still work though.

  314. d1shima:

    hmmmmm, not so quick on that one

  315. las vegas:

    Al san,
    Please, I'm not like that.

  316. BowsForever:

    Did anyone catch that YouTube clip of some SMU football team members promoting their upcoming scrimmage (on Tombo Ahi's blog, today's post)? If you haven't, be warned: You may be completely flabbergasted after watching it. Don't mean any disrespect to the SMU players or JJ at all, hope they have a great season, I just...it just throws my brain for a loop just trying to describe or comment on it.

  317. las vegas:

    Gigi is more my type, even though her daughter commented on her big opu and forthcoming dementia.
    What the muu muu knows, never shows.

  318. Scott Morifuji:

    Is anyone still seeing a delay in posting comments?

  319. al:


    i guess i can't count you as one of my alibi friends eh?

  320. Esme:



    Yep, there are no words for that video.

    I can only imagine JJ right now is secretly thinking about how much he misses the haka.

  321. al:

    i am still getting delay reaction posts.

    btw, who won that last basho? i was on maui and forgot to check the results.
    i know it came down to the two mongolians.

  322. las vegas:

    Al san,
    just an alibi, anytime.
    as for kala, little harder.

  323. al:


  324. Stretch:

    BowsForever - Thanks for the heads up. Maybe they are preparing for the haka??

    Esme - you supposed to give the cheer, "2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate?? Scott, Scott, yeeeahhhh Scott!!

  325. al:

    yup still on a delay basis.

    i guess i'll get my answer from las vegas sometime tomw.

  326. las vegas:

    Asashoryu won by shitate nage when Hakuho tried to force him out early in the match

  327. las vegas:

    I thought YMCA was for the exclusive use of Tsai-kos

  328. d1shima:

    is there a delay?

  329. d1shima:

    that was quick

  330. Mike Wedge:


    I am most aggrieved to announce that I can no longer fly inter-island. My only choice is now, the Super-Ferry. :(

  331. al:

    thanks lv for the sumo update. i guess the bad boy of sumo is back.

    much to the chagrin of association i bet.

    do you think the current influx of non-japanese will lead to the demise of sumo as we know it?

  332. al:

    how long does it take for the superferry to go to maui?

  333. d1shima:

    That 2nd one wasn't

  334. Kekoa:

    Scott ~ Surely you know we are just funning witcha. 'preciate your overtime response to our whining. It's what we do best here just before Spring Training starts.

    Esme made us do it. She has no shame, and keeps us up all nite long.

    Esme! The cure of the blog curse is too strong. Take the spider's leg off! It's making me say things I don't mean!

    Let's see now, if you take burnt biscuits under a full moon....shingle your roof with them, and....no that's not it...try wait.

  335. al:

    i feel like i am in a washing machine with th ecycle going cuckoo. i am in the wash cycle then the spin back to rinse to wash. and i can't even see what i am typing.

  336. d1shima:

    seems like you can post once that gets on quick but subsequent attempts take a long time to get posted

  337. d1shima:

    that was good. try this one

  338. al:

    kekoa...how you brother?
    how's pops today?
    tell him i am wating for him to go cattle calling and he is buying.

  339. d1shima:

    is it some kind of protection that stops someone from "spamming" the blog?

  340. al:

    d1...yah, that was you that i just saw floating in blogcyberspace.

    i was trying to grab you but you took a spin and went whizzing by.

  341. d1shima:

    careful al,
    that's quite a bit of inertia you're trying to stop
    better have your back support on.

  342. Esme:

    Spider legs, burnt biscuits, washing machines going berserk, football players prancing around to YMCA, billy goats and BBQ sticks ...

    Uh, thanks, everyone. I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

  343. las vegas:

    Al san,
    asashoryu drew his usual portion of rebuke from the yokozuna deliberation council for his extra shoves and other "un yokozuna like" tactics.
    But he just shrugged them off and pocketed his 300k.

    as for the influx of foreigners, it so hard to tell, kyushu and the first half of the last tokyo basho had many empty seats, end of tokyo and all of osaka were full and tv did well too.

    Sumo does need the younger Japanese rikishi to step up and attain ozeki or yokozuna ranking to really fill the stands 90 days a year. i.e. Goeido,Kisenosato,Homasho among others

  344. d1shima:

    I'm not convinced that those were really SMU players. Can't really tell if those faces match up with the ones in the player bios on the SMU site.
    If those guys were real it's pretty weird

  345. las vegas:

    I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
    I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob
    I am the spin cycle, the HA spin cycle
    I look like a walrus,goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob

  346. d1shima:

    hey esme.
    Were you at Genji last night?

  347. Kekoa:

    Pops is looking good AL! Today he was on the phone with family members laughing and talking about how good he feels. After a Coffee call with Koakane, D1Shima, BG, and his lovely Boss lady from the land of the morning calm, Betty....I spent the rest of the day with Pop. They are thinking discharge by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Woo Hoo! CC is in the wind. I thought DPK was the designated payor for all Tsaiko lunch events?

  348. las vegas:

    wishing your pops a full and complete recovery!

  349. Esme:

    d1, I guess if you're asking, you weren't there either.


    Kekoa, stoked to hear about your dad's progress. Prayer works!

  350. LizKauai:

    lv and al - I haven't watched sumo in quite some time but I hope another Chiyonofuji will rise from the ranks someday!

  351. LizKauai:

    Kekoa- great news about Pops!!!
    Hope everything stays stable this time around!

  352. Kekoa:

    Mahalo LV ~ He's a real storm trooper. As a side note, we were at a birthday party just before he went in for surgery. Dad is part Hawaiian, but is very fair skinned (w/full head of white hair). His great-grand niece spotted him and tugged on her mom's dress asking, "Mommy - Is that God's Father!" Everyone cracked up!

    He's my choice for most likely to live forever after this crisis.

  353. al:

    kekoa...that is great stuff!

    esme....is that what i can expect to dine upon at the upcoming baptismal party....billy goat stew or bbq sticks?
    the boss and i are the proud godmother and godfathers.

    i guess for real i will be "don ......"

    lv...tks for the sumo digest.

    kekoa....dpk still has a tab for 9 all you can eat sushi at kat's plus 20% tip.

    liz....er. chiyonfujii is dating yo-self. what happened with taka and waka nohana bros?

  354. las vegas:

    Chiyonofuji was an anomaly, there may never be another Yokozuna like him again.
    The kids these days are just too big and powerful for a lightweight to compete on a daily basis.
    Chiyo was very lucky to step up into a vacuum created by the retirement of Wajima, Kitanoumi and Wakanohana II.
    With only the ancient Mienoumi and the oft injured Takanosato around, Chiyo and his light build was able to dominate against weaker opponents.

  355. d1shima:

    Sounds like Pops is continuing on the road back to being well again. I'm glad.

    Right-o. Going be out of da loop for karaoke for a couple more weeks. Travelling.
    Hope to see/ hear you again on the 19th.

    Goodnite all. Gotta be up and at 'em early

  356. WarriorMojo:

    New blog up.

  357. LizKauai:

    Nitey nite Esme!

    I should hit the sack too.

    al and lv - Oh Yeah, Takanohana and Wakanohana. Then there was a very small rikishi who was doing well a fer years ago. I really have been out of it for awhile. I used to love to watch sumo digest regularly. Even the one on NGN.

    I have Akebono's autograph on an old HAL ticket envelope. I ran into him at the old HNL Premier Club once.

  358. al:

    lv....when chiyo retired, wasn't it then that the string of hawaiians came marching in. yourself included.

    don't you think the hawaiian era of sumo really rocked the traditionally japanese sport?
    wasn't "kosher" to have at least one hawaiian in the house?
    it was like you had to have one.
    then with the success of all or most of the hawaiians, it sure made them change the rules of "gaijin" recruitment. weren't each stable then limited to one only.

  359. Kekoa:

    Liz - Papa asked if you were a Tutu yet. I told him I would show him your blog when we get home. He always worries about things like that until we can prove a positive conclusion.

    He saw homey at the CC at Camillia...He thinks homey wll be taller when he grows up.

    ...and of course, he wants to hear you sing "Kalamaula." So do we all!

    Nite Now!

  360. las vegas:

    A san,
    I predate the march of Hawaiians as I went in 1976 after the Honolulu exhibition.
    When Konishiki, Akebono, Musashimaru and Yamato all made Makuuchi, the Sumo Asso panicked and made the 1 gaijin per heya rule.
    Later amended to any number of gaijin as long as they could read and write some Japanese.
    Later again amended to 1 gaijin per stable due to the influx from the destitute of Mongolia.

  361. Scott Morifuji:

    morning test

  362. SteveM:

    ...with the color transparency problem in Safari, (OK in Firefox) I am testing Mozilla. Mozilla has been officially discontinued in favor of Firefox so I am not complaining... but I have seen for the first time the "lack of posts and time stoppage.

    As I post this, ands after several refreshes, the last post I see is #353 by al at 12:09 am March 31 1209? But the rest of the times are off--old issue.

    Posting this now to see if the missing posts to now (1855) will appear....

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