Video of UH spring practice

March 31st, 2008

 Here's video of today's practice:

* * *

This is a sad day in Hawai‘i history.

If you've lived in Hawai‘i for a significant amount of time, you know somebody who works for Aloha Airlines. Its workers truly lived up to the company name.

The recent developments will have an impact on local sports. This will affect inter-island competition, make it more difficult for Neighbor Island fans to attend O‘ahu sporting events and, yes, hinder the way the UH football team travels. The Warriors used Aloha charters last year. With Hawaiian Airlines picking up much of the slack, will there be affordable charters for the Warriors this season?

But that is a concern for another time.

For now, let's mourn the downfall of a company that has served Hawai‘i well, and our prayers to employees who face an uncertain future.

* * *

In my 18 seasons covering the UH football team, I've learned that spring is a time for the young players to gain experience. This spring, "Ferd" and I will move to the side as our bright young journalists — Leila Wai, Kyle Sakamoto, Stanley Lee and Kalani Takase — showcase their enormous talent. They're the future, and trust me, they are very, very good. Look for their reports starting with today's opening of spring practice.

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  1. Barry Markowitz:

    Look forward to old vet Leila and the new Hui tommrow, Cheers, Barry

  2. Koauka:

    Best wishes to the Advertiser young guns. We all know all of you will carry on.

  3. 808bk:


  4. WarriorMojo:

    Third. Yep, there go 300k+ of Aloha Air mileage. Which, of course, is nothing compared to those folks who were feeding their families through those jobs that are now lost. Sad indeed.

  5. LizKauai:

    Aloha to Aloha- hope it will come back in another form soon!

    Good luck to the rookies all around!

  6. LizKauai:

    Hoo- Scott, my post is not showing up after 4 refreshes!

  7. TChahng [대장입니다]:

    One of my best friends is an Aloha employee. I feel sad for him and his family, and all Aloha employees.

  8. al:

    i am praying that someone or some company may still come in and save the day for aloha airlines and its ohana of employees.

    at the same, should that happen. the mgt needs to take a good look in the mirror. twice in four years is a bit much. those in the know are aware of its exact problems.

    although go! may have had a big hand in this can't hang it all on them.

  9. Kekoa:

    Just wanted to say good night to all the good people of the Tsaiko Ohana. May you all wake refreshed and ready to check out the rumbling going on in Manoa, as our 2008 Warriors get their first workout underway.

    Go Warriors!

  10. LizKauai:

    Nitey Nite and sweet dreams!

  11. al:

    i think we all know someone who works at aloha.
    we also need to remember that not only will the 2000 employees will be impacted by this shutdown, but, it will affect many more. airport personnel may experience a reduction as well as anyone in the tourism chain. so this may have even more far reaching effect.

    wasn't aloha the only major airlines servicing molokai/lanai?

    sad day indeed.

  12. las vegas:

    repost from last blog

    A san,
    I predate the march of Hawaiians as I went in 1976 after the Honolulu exhibition.
    When Konishiki, Akebono, Musashimaru and Yamato all made Makuuchi, the Sumo Asso panicked and made the 1 gaijin per heya rule.
    Later amended to any number of gaijin as long as they could read and write some Japanese.
    Later again amended to 1 gaijin per stable due to the influx from the destitute of Mongolia.

  13. Pomai:

    So ST what will you and Ferd be doing on the side? Will you still be doing your columns?

  14. Pomai:

    It appears that the blog was down early this AM and could not log on but is now working, so ST disregard last email. Also all others.

  15. wafan:

    Mr. Tsai . . .

    Hmmmm, Blog workingnow. Please disregard e-mail.

  16. Maverick:

    Let us all pray together for our Aloha Air ohana, as I have the hope in my thoughts this will be resolved soon. This might not be the end of an era for Aloha, but a dishearting pause for a new direction.

  17. test:


  18. Garret:

    USC lets spectators stand on the sidelines and watch their practices...unfortunately, a player got hurt because of it.

    USC's open-door policy for spring practice allows hundreds of fans and other interested onlookers to roam the sideline during workouts and mingle with players and coaches on the field afterward.

    On Sunday, wide receiver Damian Williams was nearly undone by the Trojans' welcome mat.

    Williams, who has been enjoying a highlight-reel spring, was knocked out of practice after twisting his ankle while avoiding a collision with a child.

    "I was trying not to hit that little kid," Williams said. "I didn't want to take him into the wall."

    The incident occurred about 90 minutes into the two-hour workout, which drew a crowd that gathered in clusters four to five deep along the length of the sideline near the entry gate of USC's practice facility.

    During a scrimmage drill, quarterback Aaron Corp rolled left to avoid the rush and made a nice throw to Williams near the sideline. The crowd cleared an opening as Williams' momentum carried him out of bounds, but with the child in his way, the 6-foot-1, 190-pound receiver slipped on the patch of artificial turf that flanks the gateway, fell to the ground and then crashed into a wood fence.

  19. Garret:

    USC changed their policies this year to stop agents from talking with their players after practice.

    USC football practices are regarded as more open to the public than just about any big-time college program in the country, but Trojans coach Pete Carroll changed the admission requirements this week to crack down on agents.

    Visitors must stop at the gate and go past football employees before entering practice because Carroll does not want agents or their "runners" watching or talking to players.

    "I just don't think it's the right place for them to be doing their work," Carroll said. "I respect they have a job to do. It's just not going on at the practice field. They have their time outside of practice."

    There was a line outside the gate to Howard Jones Field before practice this week because it took longer to gain admission under the new process.

  20. brew808:

    :):DGood Morning Tsaikos and Warrior Nation!!!:D:)

    ;) • 8) • Hurray - Spring Practice Begins Today!!! • 8) • ;)

    :o:)Go WARRIORS!!!:):o

  21. Garret:

    Kevin Craft update.

    Today, Craft will take his first class at UCLA. Thursday, he steps on the field for his first day of spring football with the Bruins.

    Craft narrowed his choices to Hawaii, where ex-Chargers coach June Jones was the head coach, SMU, where Jones moved after the 2007 season, and UCLA.

    "UCLA has always been my dream school," Kevin said. "I was close to June Jones, and SMU was awesome, but when Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow landed at UCLA, that helped me make a choice.

    "Coach Chow saw me play and wanted me.

    "The coaches and the idea I'll still be in Southern California, where my family and friends can see me play, swayed me."

    With UCLA's quarterback situation in a state of flux, Craft will get a chance to win the starting job.

  22. Garret:

    At last, the NFL might change its rules to help defensive backs rather than make it easier for receivers to torch them.

    Kansas City Chiefs coach Herman Edwards thinks it's about time.

    Edwards, an NFL cornerback for 10 years, is hopeful the league will eliminate sideline judgment calls that award catches if the receiver was forced out of bounds without an opportunity to get both feet in.

    That's one of the many proposed rule changes being discussed this week in Palm Beach at the NFL's annual meetings.

    If Edwards gets his wish, there won't be any more doubt. Push-out calls are not reviewable with video replay.

    "Our league is set up now, and rightly so, for offense to be successful," Edwards said. "Fans and everyone else likes to see points. They like to see touchdowns. You got a quarterback and great receivers, you want to be able to throw the football down the field.

    "But a little bit of the way the game is played, if you're a receiver, you need to avoid (being pushed out). If you can't avoid that, then shame on you."

    Other rules changes to be considered include:

    # Allowing defensive players to have helmet radios like quarterbacks do, thereby eliminating another Spygate scenario.

    # Eliminating the 5-yard face-mask penalty.

    # Allowing replay on field goals.

    # Seeding the playoffs based on record rather than divisional winners.

    # Granting teams a brief grace period to contact free agents before the players can be signed.

    # Adopting a uniform policy to eliminate hair that flows over the player's jersey nameplate.

  23. Garret:

    Obama got 3 of the 4 Final Four teams correct.

    Barack's got North Carolina, Pitt, UCLA, and Kansas in the Final Four, with the Tarheels going all the way.

  24. brew808:

    I suppose that's advantage K. Craft had over our JC QB recruits - he was further ahead in the classroom and could participate in Spring Drills. Or is this because of the Quarter System at UCLA?

  25. Garret:


    It is because UCLA is on the quarter system. The new quarter starts today for UCLA. UH did not have that option.

  26. Garret:

    Paterno is in the last year of his contract and already has met once with Penn State president Graham Spanier and director of athletics Tim Curley. Last week, Spanier declined to comment, but two university trustees said that contract negotiations had started badly and that each side had drawn its lines.

    Paterno wants to coach at least two more years, maybe as many as five. Yesterday, he joked that he'd like to last another 10 years. According to the trustees, however, the administration wants a timetable for an exit - be it retirement or a succession plan. If push came to shove, his contract would not be renewed.

    After leading the Nittany Lions through spring practice - his 43d as head coach - Paterno did not see the urgency.

    "I don't even care if I get a contract," he said yesterday. "I'll be very frank with you."

    "The university is fine with that, too, because they don't want to give him a contract, either," said a trustee, who requested anonymity.

  27. myki1:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos everywhere. Spring practice is now about 2 hours away. Time to put the coffee on and get ready for this much anticipated spring event.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Aloha Airlines family and friends.

    Kekoa, so happy your Dad is doing better and looking forward to seeing you all at the T-gate on the 26th.

    A great Monday to all !!

  28. brew808:

    Thanks Garret!

    Recently, there's been so much stress about the new website and much less "news" content on the blog. So, Mahalo Garret for keeping this info flowing. Yesterday's input from ST was soooo refreshing and informative. I'm now very curious as to the claim of "This spring, “Ferd” and I will move to the side as our bright young journalists...".

    So - what do the Tsaikos think about the proposed rules on long hair? Players can still have long hair, but it must be tucked under the helmet.

  29. Garret:

    Another paper reports the same thing about Paterno.

    "I don't even care if I get a contract," Paterno said, shrugging.

    That would be fine with one member of Penn State's Board of Trustees, who said yesterday the university doesn't want to extend Paterno's deal beyond this season anyway.

    Earlier this month, Paterno met with president Graham Spanier and athletic director Tim Curley about his future. Two trustees previously told the Post-Gazette that the meeting did not go well, although Paterno disputed that interpretation yesterday.

  30. myki1:

    Just checking with you all but is there a problem with the time on your posting?? My time is now 5:07 and yet the posting time is already at 5:30 +

  31. brew808:

    Whoa - I just got this warning message:

    WordPress - You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    Anyone else (Garret?) get this warm Aloha greeting from this blog? I've been trying to withhold my criticism, complaints, and rants about this new format and overall HA website - also a major reason for staying away/off-line. I may have to revert to lurk-mode, or avoid the "new, and improved(?) HA website!

  32. Garret:

    brew808, I'm glad you like the news articles. Unfortunately, the new blog does NOT like me posting too much. I was on a 7-minute timeout from the blog before I could post the last article, and the blog is giving me another timeout right now. 5+ minute timeouts would make it impossible for me to post all the articles each morning...

    Joe Paterno talks about why he wants to just work at home. Most football coaches spend time in the football offices...

    Paterno, who joked he'd like to coach 10 more years, admits he spends a lot more time working at home these days than he does in his office at the Lasch Building.

    "I can walk home in 15 minutes," he said. "I can drive home in five minutes. When I leave you guys, I'll have bourbon in five minutes. There's no reason for me to be here. I have my own fax at home, my own telephone at home. I got all my tapes there. ... I can get so much more done at home.

  33. Garret:

    Let me see if this goes through...the blog has been giving me that error message for a LONG time.

    As Miami opens Spring Ball, Marve is their #1 QB.

    The quarterback battle lives, with Robert Marve still the front-runner.

  34. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos and Warrior Nation.

    First, a sad farewell to Aloha. I agree with you
    bulla. Mgt saw this coming. GiGi's right about the $$ too. The net is the company's bottom line. So bad that I, like Warrr Mojo, is losing my miles. But not as bad a feeling as losing my job. Auwe. Auwe.

    Since we're talking about fixing things before its too late, Aunty Linda and da Legislatas gotta look at the pricing structure of electricity too, including the HRS language. And the govt peeps gotta change their attitude generally speaking - economy for thee, not me, junk dat kind tinking. I look at my electricity bill, see all the wasted energy consumed by "public". Makes me really glad we got some public officials doing a great job with their meager resources. But hey, I'd rather talk about the good stuff, Wariror Nation.

    Its going to be a great day at lower campus today. I can't wait for my turn Wednesday. Hope I can, cause I gotta jiggle my work schedule first.

  35. Pomai:

    Brew I read they where only talking about the long hair issue, have they done anything about it?

  36. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    There is that saying about "Change" and "S**t" happening! An organization that does not change is not prepared for the future. The Warriors history is an example. Aloha apparently was not prepared for the competition and future...the blame lies in leadership, as always, the employees end up suffering.

    ST and Ferd are now relegated to "emeritus" status, i.e., now the senior writers. The young charges will do most of the daily grinds (at lower pay, naturally) while the seniors are given the tougher assignments (at lower pay, naturally). Such is life.

  37. Loa:

    morning myki1, Calvin, Pomai, bighilofan2, Garret, brew and the rest of the early risers!
    the time on the posts are off on my screen as well.
    good luck to the young journalists! looking forward to your spring practice updates.
    hope all the bugs get cleared up, thanks again Scott for your hard work.

    Hi Stephen!

  38. Calvin From Kona:

    Sad about Aloha. I was floored last night when I first saw it on the news. I then spent a good hour making sure I booked all my inter-island flights for the next few weeks (on Hawaiian) before the flights fill up. You're right, I have a 2 cousins and several family friends who work for Aloha. I do hope they come out of this ok.

    As for the "newbies", I'm looking forward to seeing just how good this new breed of reporters are. Obviously I want to see Leila report. Hey ST, she's cuter than you are. Anyway, good luck to all the journalists on their opportunity to shine.

  39. Calvin From Kona:

    posting time looks to be off by 22-24 minutes. Either that or I jumped into the future.

  40. Loa:

    morning gang!
    hmmm, my post a couple of minutes ago didn't go thru
    looks like the timeclock still off too.

    Hi Stephen!

  41. Pomai:

    Ho Ronnie lucky you en Rob25 no git on at da same time or you goinah git big time out. :)

  42. myki1:

    Thanks Calvin. I was worried that I was hallucinating 'cuz no one else seemed to be affected. Hope you got all your flights!

  43. Pomai:

    Loa same with me I posted mine after reading what Ronnie posted, then I'm thinking Wot I stay one mind readerLOL

  44. Ronnie:

    Wow, Garret and Brew are being put in "blog time out" for posting too much? I guess I'd rather have the 30 second rule from the old blog... They took away the math problem and added a delay. Yikes!

  45. FloridaTed:

    Good morning Tsaikos and Tsai-Meister,

    The State must get involved in this Aloha debacle. This goes way beyond jobs, It will affect an entire State if competition is taken away for such a public transportation. Just one more thing that will hurt the people of Hawaii in the pocket book. Is this State trying really hard to chase everybody away? Pretty soon only the rich can afford to live there, then what happens to the Hawaiian soul?

    Yeah, spring is in the air. Look forward to see the young cups reporting.

  46. Loa:

    morning Ronnie,
    i posted after your last comment and it got put ahead of yours
    maybe they fixed the problems with the clock

  47. Loa:

    wooo, this is getting freaky, kinda like back to the future, i think i'm going to visit Garret and Brew and take a short timeout too.
    however, if this post does go thru, everyone have a safe and happy day.

  48. Ronnie:

    Good Morning, Loa!

    I noticed that. Pomai's comment got put ahead of mine too. How weird is that? By the way, Good Morning Pomai!

    I can't wait for sping ball reports! Practice starts in a little more that 30 minutes! Yee Haw!!!

  49. Pomai:

    Wow look now I wen post a comment about what Loa wen say at 6:42 an my post got put on at 6:23. Now I can look into da future on da warrior beat blog. LOL

  50. bighilofan2:

    Wassup Tsaikos!

    Spent the last hour looking around the net at local football news. Yeah! Its time to see The Replacements rise and shine. Practice time is party time!

  51. bighilofan2:


    plesae read my comments at the old spot
    i put up several while i was trying for post here, just trying to test out the speed. IMHO mgt stay messing with your mind. I no care. I still coming here. :)

  52. bighilofan2:

    well, love to play but gotta go work.
    before i come like Aloha. Aloha.
    hiho hiho Tsaikos!

  53. bighilofan2:

    Bulla, Ralvic and Pomai can see into the future, and its only 7:04. Foreseers. Yee haw.

  54. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos.

    Let me start this by saying
    "So Sorry ST." :wink:

    I cannot stay away when I can see into the future and know what the braddas going say 5 minutes from now. Vegas, you gotta get to da casinos quick and get ralvic guys to give you heads up on da fuucha picks. heheheh

  55. Bulla:

    good morning Tsaikos,

    have a good monday, a KATOOSH Monday....well, not yet, i don't think they're in pads....are they ST? prayers go out to Aloha Airlines and all the displaced employees.

    here's a thought; being that they are being shutdown due to bankruptcy, does that mean that the employees' retirement plans and 401k's are gone also? if i remember correctly, that is an asset to the company and not the employee and will be attached by creditors. if that is the case, this is truly a sad day, and Lingle should explore all options that are out there.

    Tsaikos, time to get Snowflake aka Snowbeast aka Da Beast back to school, 8 weeks and he is ALL PAU with this chapter in his life.....make memories.

    Tsaikos, June 12th at Rumors Night Club Ala Moana Hotel, 5 pm to 11's PARTY TIME! Come dance in the cages...Da Beast's Grad/Bday/Aloha Party......cheeeeooooooo!

  56. ralvic:

    what is it with this place---again 10 minutes into a well thought out post,writing a nice story of how I hope the Warrior begin their first practice with a prayer and blessing and the site deleted everything again,like it did to two other posts last night. Why??

  57. Pomai:

    K K I goin tell you guys da future Ronnie goin say high to me and den yell Yee Haw

  58. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Both Garret and I use WordPress for our blogs. I've had no complaints. I wonder why the Warrior Beat is having so much trouble.

  59. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Prayers for the families affected by the Aloha Airlines closure. I wonder if the execs there have "golden paracuthes" when the planes go down? In any case, for any reason, it IS very very sad tosee this happening.

    The rookies from the 'Tizer are getting the reps this spring? The way you posted that info, Stephen, you sound more and more like an "Editor".

  60. chawan_cut:

    Here's to spring ball!

    Good luck to Leila and all the other up and coming reporters.

    Don't worry Stephen and Ferd, you'll always be #1 & 2 (you guys fight it out over who's who). Advise the young 'uns well..

  61. hilogreg:

    Don't the 'Tiser folks know different isn't always better. Much easier to navigate their old website and the old Warrior beat.
    Posting is more of a pain...limits your responses and info flow.
    thanks Garret for keeping the info flowing best you can.
    Someone in corporate should take some heat on this...they can't help but mess with a good thing

  62. hilogreg:

    Interesting the time onmy last the post says 7:54.... the time on my laptop and the clock on the wall says 7:32

  63. James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...

    Sad day for Hawaii indeed. But management had to have seen this coming a long time ago and either closed their eyes to the problem or judt didn't want to face it. My neighbor who works for Aloha Air Cargo said that the company was talking about how good things were going just a couple of months ago....something is up at that place.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the State getting involved. If it does, the amount of money they are talking about assisting Aloha with (i.e. tax breaks, rent breaks, and loan guarantees) won't help them anyway. It just wouldn;t be enough. Loan guarantees are also risky if Aloha takes the State up on that and than fails the State would be responsible for the millions in guarantees and that would just be placed on the taxpayer.

    Anyway, prayers for the Aloha employees and their families.


    YEAH, SPring ball is here!!!

  64. FloridaTed:

    It says, when one logs on, no comments, but when clicked on there's quite a few. I sure hope they fix this darn thing. It was going good for awhile, maybe they'll go back to the old format, if they can't fix this? One can hope.

  65. James:

    Hey Esme...

    Thanks for you help. Can we also do something about the size of the font.....still hard to read and my co-workers are still complaining that they can't see what they are typing.....



  66. James: seems to be posting according to the times on people's personal computers.....I wonder.....

  67. Thomas Mui:

    Will you or any of the young Lions be posting live and direct from the practice field?

  68. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    You know what's even wierder, hilogreg? My posts are being posted with the right times. LOL. Is Hilo a half an hour ahead of Honolulu? J/K

  69. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

  70. chawan_cut:

    Oh I forgot, Stephen,

    When do you and the crew go to the Pro Day?

  71. koakane:

    howzit and morning all

    my prayers to the employee's of Aloha airlines, wishing their future begins to turn around soon.

    back to work and not up to speed yet and dats after 3 cups of coffee..........ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Imua Warriors on the beginning of a new era, season and much more successes.

    someting wrong my compt clock reads 8:15 while stretch commesnts is 8:22???????

  72. Esme:

    Buon giorno, and oyasumi nasai, Tsaikos.

    Have sent an e-mail to Scott asking him to check the time-stamp issue.

  73. koakane:


    you passed on da cold to the blog? bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  74. Stretch:

    esme - maybe you should change your name to "slave driver". hahaha just kidding. thanks for all your efforts, along with Scott & ST, to make this site work for everyone!!

  75. FloridaTed:

    Now, how the heck did I jump ahead of earlier posters? Spooky.

  76. Scott Morifuji:


  77. kyleyokoyamaistheman:

    Prayers to all the ALOHA AIRLINES `ohana. Let the spring begin for Warrior Nation!

  78. midori7:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!

    Really sad to hear about Aloha Airlines.

    Reading all the comments today, weird things happening in the WB universe.

    Enjoyed the Colt & RGM interviews on Leahey & Leahey this morning. Sat in my car for more than 5 minutes before filling gas so I could hear the end of Colt's interview.

    Can't wait for Spring Practice updates!

  79. MeiLing:

    'Auwe! 'Auwe! about Aloha Airlines. Prayers go out for the employees & their 'ohana.

    Hey, looking forward to the young guns reporting! Videos, Princess Leila? Those of us on the mainland are deprived of being there (not depraved... :) )

    Morning ST!

  80. d1shima:

    Good morning all.

    A new era in more than one front this morning: one filled with hope; one filled with dashed dreams.

    Looking forward to the young guns.

    Best wishes to the AQ employees

  81. ralvic:


    You not at the practices? And you not have your laptop with you? I mean easy to piggyback off of other people internets,and throw us a line.

  82. ralvic:

    yesterday about 7-10 sec refresh today the last two 45 sec.

  83. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Stephen- good move to get the "rookies" in place so you guys can cover the national events. Like Paula, I mean Pro Day ;-)


    Hiho hiho

  84. Chicken Grease:

    Like Midori7, I, too, heard the Brennan and Grice-Mullins interview on the Leahy and Leahy Live show. Brennan kept coughing, but, he sounded really good and THREW DOWN THE GAUNTLET with regard to his weight; he really sounds like he's not gonna be bullied about that. I like how he said the best stadium he ever played in is Aloha Stadium, when it's packed (i.e., BState, Washington). Good answer. Grice-Mullins sounds really good too -- nice that he was able to assess that he's better than other prospects in the Combine. Things are looking up for these fellas.

    Re: Aloha. What's to know? Their employees were making concession after concession after concession; the writing on the wall was there. So, I DON’T buy the whole “no one saw this coming” deal.

    I wonder how many are lamenting what’s looking like the demise of this long-time company but took advantage of, say, go!’s GREAT rates? Not enough to use the word “hypocrite” methinks; but, that fact IS enough to see that we Hawaii folks (overtaxed and lower-compensated for doing the same job that our mainland counterparts do) will take the deal whenever it comes. Yeah, we gotta help out our island industries when possible, but deals seems to transcend everything – “who we know” at the industry in question (I actually don’t know ANYBODY who works at Aloha), tradition, whatever.

    Competition’s a great thing. I mean, don’t we want our Warriors to be competitive with every other team out there?

    And I gotta bring in the union angle: you look at past recent employee debacles where a union was involved: 1) the bus strike; 2) the meatcutters at Times; 3) now this. Where are THEY to help “the working man” in these cases? Those bus guys, they’ll NEVER earn back that money they lost in that 1-1/2 months they were striking (I’m not sure what good came out of that anyway, except that the traffic was so GREAT driving in to work and driving back home). The meatcutters . . . exactly WHAT happened with that? Really off the radar, now. And now this? All I saw was one of the union leaders crying on the TV news last night.

    Yeah. I’m sad for Aloha. But, what’s the bottom line? That if there’s a better price, we’ll go for it. No matter what.

    Anyway, bankruptcy hearing’s at 2pm today, and Lingle’s trying to do some last ditch effort (isn’t she part of the party that FAVORS competition, though? Thing is, though, if government [or at least the governor] intends to intervene when ONE island business hits the dust, well, seems to me they’ll have to help all the time. Maybe this is why they shouldn’t get involved when this kind of thing happens.

    This is NOT the last long-time island business you’ll hear about biting the dust in our respective lifetimes. As long as we continue to be overtaxed, we’ll be looking for the deals.

  85. Jason:

    Psst. One blogger who like talk Pidgin (can't post a link to his blog) is also a Moanalua grad, and he pointed out that the music dept is collecting donations for a new marimba. I had a lot of friends in the band and orchestra, and I'm sure the band geeks here know how much hard work they put in; as such, they deserve the best the program can offer. MoHS is taking donations via mail and online, if you'd like to give:

  86. jojo ®:

    Hello, Spring Practice!

    Sorry for Aloha. :-(

  87. Loa:

    hey jojo! are you at spring practice?

  88. Scott Morifuji:

    timestamp test

  89. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Scott, is it fixed?

  90. al:

    loa, practice is pau already.

  91. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Looks like it is!

  92. al:


  93. las vegas:

    From a mainland standpoint;
    Did not fly on Aloha, better service but the most expensive option from 'Vegas to Honolulu.

    Hawaiian steadily going downhill, good prices but if you call the 1-800 number, be prepared to speak Ilocano or Tagalog.

    With Hawaiian's vulnerability, look for another discount carrier to move into the local market, maybe Southwest, America West or United's "ted".

  94. al:


  95. Scott Morifuji:

    another timestamp test

  96. al:

    hawaiian recently outsourced their reservations to foreign markets. i hear you. communications are difficult at times. well, most of the times.

  97. al:

    its posting on time
    how do you create 'small' and 'big' fonts?

  98. d1shima:

    taste test?

    Where's da scoops from Manoa?

  99. hilogreg:

    Last week Aloha had a $49 fare each way from Hilo for the final spring practice game. Now you cant even get on the Haw'n Air site, maybe crashing from so many hits w/ people will be interesting what the fare will be when I can finally log on
    Sad day for Aloha and competition in the State....well interisland traffic will slow with higher ticket prices, I'm sure will see $75 and $100 single leg fares again.

  100. d1shima:

    Maybe the new route to Manila was put in as part of the benefits package for the new "employees"?

  101. hilogreg:

    Oh BTW if l just logged on from work and under Steven's story about Aloha it listed that there were no comments, but when I clicked it, there you all were.

  102. d1shima:

    ahhhh, for the days of $25 coupons...

  103. tester2:


  104. las vegas:

    In the old days, I was the treasurer of the Honolulu sumo club.
    Mid-Pac had a great deal on ticket booklets so I bought $2,000 worth to fly the team inter-island.
    Used about half and poof! no more Mid-Pac.

    On my two trips home this year, the help from the call center at Hawaiian was sporadic at best.
    One day was good english, one day was kinda iffy, next day was full on Cebu city.
    Actually was not listed on our return flight mid february and had to wait a day.

  105. one voice:

    can't wait to see video or something of practice!

  106. d1shima:

    las vegas,
    Whew! sumotori on those Dash-7's? No wonder they went "broke"!


  107. las vegas:

    Those flights were always an adventure, once coming into Kahalui the pilot overshot the runway and had to try again.
    At least Mid-Pac had cute attendants and cold fruit punch.

  108. las vegas:

    As I recall, for inter-island tourneys, we had the seven starters, 5-10 high school kids, 2-3 coaches and assorted wives, girlfriends, and parents.
    Filled up one of those planes fast.

  109. LizKauai [Believer]:

    My eldest son and I were Skypass holders and went back and forth to swim meets regularly. we had the safety speech memorized and would often sit in the back and mirror the safety speech -making the flt attendant crack up as she was the only one who could see us.

    MidPac was not an adventure. Royal Hawaiian was an adventure. Especially out of Upolo Point!

  110. Stretch:

    anyone have updates from practice today??

  111. las vegas:

    On Maui, we stayed at the Maui Palms, home of EVERY SINGLE G*DD@MN RED ANT in Maui.

  112. d1shima:

    las vegas,
    Once I flew a commuter flight to/from Molokai.
    Going over we taxiing to take-off. Pilot tells everybody, "Sorry folks. we gotta go back; somebody forgot to load the luggage."
    Wise guy in the back says, "Was that the same guy who was supposed to put gas in the plane?"
    The pilot didn't answer.
    On the flight back, in order to "balance' the load, yours truly got to sit in the co-pilot seat.
    Coming in view of Diamond Head, the pilot had the radio on speaker. Could hear one wahine pilot talking to the tower, "Not sure of my location... can see Diamond Head."
    The pilot took the radio off speaker...

    I never flew a commuter plane again.

  113. las vegas:

    I don't remember a Royal Hawaiian Airlines, what years was that?

  114. las vegas:

    From personal experience, the fat guys always get to ride "shotgun".
    Flying to the West Rim of the grand canyon, our little Beechcraft's indicator bulbs burnt out and the pilot did not know if our wheels were deployed.
    We had to fly in front of the control tower for a visual check.

  115. A-House:

    Test; this is only a test.

  116. Mrs A-House:

    Mrs says "test, only a test".

  117. Kazz:

    With the price of a lot of things increasing and a slowing economy this is indeed not good stuff. It's never easy to see that many people facing uncertain futures.

    $600.00 in May is not really going to do much.


  118. MeiLing:

    While waiting for football videos, here's some entertainment...

  119. Mrs A-House:


  120. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Howdy Mrs. A-House!

  121. las vegas:

    こんにちは A-House 氏及び 美しい 妻

  122. d1shima:

    Howzit A-house, Mrs. A-house, MeiLing, dpk and everybody else out there waiting for spring ball news

  123. homey ®:

    Finally! I posted this last Friday and now I can see it!


  124. wow:

    is it just me. or does posting seem faster today?

  125. homey ®:

    wow - It's just you.

  126. d1shima:

    Any close encounters with box jellyfish today?

  127. las vegas:

    Japanese tv funny

  128. las vegas:

    Japanese tv funny if you click on my name

  129. homey ®:

    d1shima - nope. My inflatable wading pool has a hole.

  130. ralvic:

    that's a warm and fuzzy moment hearing familiar voices transmitting over the airwaves.
    1222 am went back on the air j/k wb a-houses

  131. Garret:

    The QB Rolo coached last season at CCSF is actually going to a pretty hot QB recruit for 2009. Since Rolo coached him and is now UH's QB coach, I would think that UH has a good shot for him. Trouble is, he's a JC QB and UH will be stacked at QB in 2009 and might not want to take a JC QB then.

    Arguably the top signal-caller in the country this coming fall resides with the defending National Champions. CCSF QB Jeremiah Masoli (6-0, 200) has a gun for an arm, quick feet and a winner’s mentality. He’s also a beast in the weight room.

    Earned First Team All-NCFA and was voted the offensive MVP of the conference as a freshman in 2007.

    Completed 214 of 349 passes for 3,065 yards, 26 touchdowns and only three interceptions.

  132. Garret:

    By the way, his schools of interest are listed as: Oregon, BSU, UH, Kansas, Missouri, SMU, and Texas Tech. No visits or offers reported yet.

  133. Garret:

    One of the things I disagreed with in past seasons was how UH never rotated their OL like so many other schools. I thought there were many players who deserved playing time but just missed out on starting and ended up sitting on the bench the entire game.

    The funny thing is that I blamed this on JJ and McKnight. But at SMU they will be rotating their first and second team offensive linemen...

    "Coach McKnight wants linemen who can move, and it doesn't do any good if you have guys out there who can't catch their breath," Poynter said. "He wants to play two solid lines, and we finally have enough talented guys to do that."

  134. Garret:

    I'm afraid to post too many articles anymore. This morning I was posting along and all of a sudden I started getting the messages that I was posting too much. The blog kept rejecting my posts--first giving me a timeout for 7 minutes and then for much longer the next time! I actually walked my dog, made breakfast for Faith, and read the paper...and the blog STILL wouldn't let me post!

  135. Garret:

    Bill Clinton got 3 of the 4 Final 4 teams correct in his prediction on a radio show. The only pick he got wrong was when he picked the school he graduated from.

    Former President Bill Clinton made his Final Four picks on James Carville's XM Satellite Radio Siriusly-Speaking May-07 show "60/20 Sports," picking North Carolina, Memphis, UCLA, and his alma mater Georgetown.

  136. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    As much as I am trying to get used to this new site and blog, I just can't so far. :twisted:

  137. Chicken Grease:

    Man, these kinks NEED to be worked out. When the old is better than the new, in terms of technology, Houston, you got a problem? Of course, I'm not talkin' 'bout ST, not talkin' 'bout any of the other bloggers here, but, this small font, this weird scroll down, then to second page . . . it's just unacceptable. If The Advertiser's goal is to discourage posteurs, they're doing a damn fine job.

    I get the feeling they hired the wrong people to upgrade their 'site. Either that or not enough testing was donE.

  138. A-House:


    That's why I no like post!

  139. Kazz:

    “Coach McKnight wants linemen who can move, and it doesn’t do any good if you have guys out there who can’t catch their breath,” Poynter said. “He wants to play two solid lines, and we finally have enough talented guys to do that.”

    I'm sorry but who is "Poynter" and is he making this comment or was it from McKnight?

    Seems like "Poynter" is saying this, but if McKnight said it then he is WAY out of line if we're supposed to believe that guys like Letuli, Tuioti-Mariner, and Kia couldn't crack the starting line-up.

    If McKnight said this, I have already started forming my opinions on him.

  140. Chicken Grease:

    You know, when "they" can't even transport the old blogs and comments (espeically the comments that all of us have worked so hard to do, to CONTRIBUTE as the Advertiser wants us to [that's one of the goals of 2.0, right? The establishment of the citizen-journalist, right? They WANT you to blog, they NEED you to blog, you WANT me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall . . . oh, oh, getting carried away here), how the heck can you trust them from here on out?

    I dunno . . .

  141. al:

    Stretch Says:

    March 31st, 2008 at 10:38 am
    anyone have updates from practice today??

    yes. stretch. it ended at 9:00 am.

  142. HiFlyer:


  143. las vegas:

    Eons ago, the mighty blogosaurs roamed the earth, eating, plundering and blogging at will.
    Then one day a meteor struck the blogosphere, sending the once invincible sauropods into hiding.
    Those that could adapt, did so with amazing agility, those who could not, ate the smaller creatures and sat back and waited.

    One day, one fine and wonderful day, the blogosphere's environment will return to a semblance of normalcy and the sun will shine on the oldest and most revered creatures.
    Until then wise old warriors DPK & A-House, until then.

  144. Kaimuki Kid:

    Speaking of commuter planes I once was going on a fishing trip to Molokai on a Air Molokai flight', as I was standing in line to check in I notice that there were large, very large ladies standing in line in front of me. Note when you ride a commuter plane you have disclose your weight , so I am thinking that these ladie are not going tell their true weight not when they are that big. So when it was my turn to check in I told the person at the check in counter. " Hey just curious What did those ladies tell their weight was ? I was worried that they lied about their weight so much that the plane would have trouble with the balance and taking off. The couhter person said to me "Don't worry I got it!" "YOU SURE?" I said. He said "Sir what is your body weight ?"
    I told him my weight and he said to me "you are pretty good , you are within 2 lbs of your actual body weight."
    "How did you know that ? I asked. "You are standing on a freight scale, sir." Oh...

  145. Chicken Grease:

    I once tried flying Mahalo (they're not still around, right?). One of the propeller planes. Cripes, I felt Indiana Jones or something.

  146. Stretch:

    al - gee thanks

  147. Ronnie:

    My sister and brother-in-law flew Mahalo during their honeymoon. They said they knew it was the same plane going both ways becase the same seat was broken during both flights...

  148. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I feel you on dat one cuz, but wut we gonna do?

  149. d1shima:

    wow, Jeremiah Masoli came to SLS in his Sr. year and played a little football and basketball. I wondered what happened to him. He did have a strong arm.
    Would be interesting if he did end up back in Hawaii

  150. d1shima:

    Breaking news story on first practice is up

  151. WreckinEyez:

    DPK used "cuz"? INteresting

  152. d1shima:

    not much in the way of details though :-(

  153. HiFlyer:

    Where's it at?

  154. HiFlyer:

    Found it. Still waitnig for some pics. to show up or video.

  155. d1shima:

    click on my name

  156. hilogreg:

    Ok Ok
    Royal Hawaiian flew Beechcraft twin engines in the 1970's you could fly from Hilo, to Upolu Point, to Hana just to get to HNl
    Best Mid Pac story on the way to HNL in 1984, with both Mauna Loa and Puo'.o erupting big time the Dash 7 pilot flew via South Point way between the two eruptions..another time flew through the saddle between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea

  157. d1shima:

    yeah need more pics; cannot tell if Mack was wearing slippahs!

  158. SteveM:

    Whoaa... just went back to new HA homepage to get the breaking news-- looks like I was wrong about the font and formatting problems being in your web browser pref settings. Sorry...everything was looking fine to me since Thursday. What a mess now!

    Besides getting some remedial visual design instruction, looks like HA has to invest in some better quality software...

  159. HiFlyer:

    D1, hopefully the princess got some video.

  160. Ronnie:

    Are ST and his "crew" flying out today for Pro Day? If so, I selfishly hope that the Princess can post some videos before she has to leave. If not, I can wait until tomorrow - barely.

  161. A-House:

    Saw jerry and myki at practice this morning - also, The Princess.

    first ever practice attended.

  162. BowsForever:

    Oh yeah, it's Pro Day tomorrow! Go alumni Warriors! Hopefully ST will be covering it, if he isn't already IN Carson, California.

  163. midori7:

    Here's some observations from today's practice (from A-House):

    plenty parking

    Inoke looked good throwing

    Mike Washington, Aaron Bain & Greg Salas made nice catches

    Coach Mack worked w/both offense & defense

    Leon Wright-Jackson looks super fit

    players signing autographs (got Elimimian, Adam Leonard, Brashton, LWJ)

  164. Ronnie:

    Well, it looks like the font is bigger in the box to enter comments. Very cool!

  165. gigi-hawaii ©:

    wow, the font is much more readable!

    thanks, scott!

  166. Princess Leila:

    Hey everyone. Here's the video link. Until I can figure out how to post it under the main post, I'll just leave it here. Thanks!

  167. al:


    Jeremiah Masoli is no stranger to the hawaii scene. he transferred and prepped his senior year at Saint Louis School, honolulu, hawaii. He and Cameron Higgins shared the qb duties. he was also a very good basketballer.

  168. Princess Leila:

    Just e-mailed with Scott Morifuji. He's out sick today. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with how hard he's worked getting this blog to work. Please send him your "get well" wishes.

  169. al:

    btw, who took lopaka ornellas' place?

  170. homey ®:

    Princess Leila - Nice Nice! Thanks for the video. One day I'll be out there and I promise not to bother you. Does Lumpkin still have that football on a stick?

  171. homey ®:

    Scott - Thanks for doing a great job with the blog. I'm sorry that Esme had you working at all hours of the day. Get well fast!

  172. Ronnie:

    Great video, Princess! Thanks for getting that posted! Now it REALLY feels like spring!!!

    Scott, our prayers go out for your speedy recovery!

  173. Ronnie:

    Aaron asked me to tell everyone that he says, "Hi!" He would post it himself, but he is doing his homework...

  174. HiFlyer:

    Princess, great video thank you.

    Scott, thank you for all your hard work to get this new blog working right, hope you get well soon.

  175. Ronnie:

    So, if Scott is out sick, who made the font bigger in the "submit a comment" box? I hope he's not working from home on a sick day!

  176. Kekoa:

    Mrs A-House Says:

    March 31st, 2008 at 10:50 am
    Mrs says “test, only a test”.


    My oh my Mr & Mrs. A-House, I have never seen you two so testy before. We need a Pau Hana Happy hour with the A-House Ohana soon. Tell me what afternoon you and Mr. A-House are free and we can meet for a "mind cooler" at the Plaza Club any time after 5-ish.

  177. Ronnie:

    And can they make the font of the posts the same, bigger size of the "Submit Comment" box? - Or is it already the same size and my eyes are playing tricks on me?

  178. homey ®:

    Kekoa - I wonder if kids go their house on Halloween?

  179. homey ®:

    Ronnie - It's the same size.

  180. Hawaiianbod:



    Hope you had a great Spring Break. Back to the books again, but only for a couple of months - until Summer - and vacation in Hawai'i.

    Did you and your brother get your dog yet?

  181. Ronnie:

    Thanks, homey! :oops:

  182. Simon:

    Clap your hands for Spring practice.

  183. Ronnie:

    Hawaiianbod, Shhhh... I think they've forgotten about that. ;)

  184. Scott Morifuji:

    Folks, thank Andreas Arvman, John Garcia and Tyson Oshiro for working on the font display issues today.

  185. homey ®:

    Ronnie - I hope you don't wear makeup that makes you look like you are blushing.

  186. homey ®:

    Thank you Andreas, John, and Tyson for making the font more readable for the hard to see generation!

  187. Ronnie:

    Thank you, Anreas, John, and Tyson, for making the font larger.

    Scott, shouldn't you be in bed?

  188. Ronnie:

    homey - it's more like I wear makeup that can't cover up when I'm blushing!

  189. Kekoa:

    Hi Ronnie!

    Tell Aaron we send greetings from across the formerly Aloha airways skies. Maybe in his life time we won't need aircraft as we can all go to the transporter room and get beamed to our destination. There are some of us who already have that capability by using a bottle of Jim Beam...but that's a horse of a different feather.

    BTW ~ I may have some good news regarding a claim check contract soon, stay tuned to your email box.

  190. Alohalurker:

    Greetings, Editor Tsai and Tsaikos.

    I have been lurking for a long time, from when daily post counts were in the low-100s, at most. I've actually been contemplating non-lurker status since last Thursday, after reading about the problems all of you were having when the Advertiser launched its new web site.

    I had come up with this blog name at that time. I have only the sincerest sympathy and the greatest respect for the employees of Aloha Airlines and it's unfortunate that I come out of hiding today.

    A major reason I've been coming here for so long is the perspective and humanity that Stephen Tsai brings to this thriving eCommunity and the love of Hawaii and Warrior football among the good citizens of Talk about Aloha, how many partisan college football blogs would adopt Husky and Georgia fans, like BuckheadBulldog?

    I join the rest of you in grieving the loss of an institution that many of us grew up with. Having been born and raised in Honolulu, there's always been Trans-Pacific or Aloha Airlines.


  191. Hawaiianbod:



    Aaron - study hard.

  192. James:

    Okay gang, just stopping by for a short one. Any updates on srping ball yet?? Is ST in Cali already???

  193. Pomai:

    OK just two more things and the blog will be in good shape.

    1. No time outs for posting to fast
    2. Numbers by the post

    After that all's good.

  194. Kekoa:

    Homey ~ What if there was Halloween, you had the greatest selection of candies one could imagine...and nobody came to your door? That's been happening to a lot of neighborhoods lately. Are you thinking "testy" people are the cause?

    Remember when you ran from house to house before it was the official time until way past the finish time? The plan was always to scoop as much candy as you could in the alloted time frame. Then, your parents showed you the last dental bill and it was curtains for the kid! Your stash went to those mysterious kids who never got stuff. Tsai!

  195. Ronnie:

    Hawaiianbod - it's really not a problem. They don't even ask for a dog anymore. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that they know, after seeing my nephew's puppy, that most dogs are not as well behaved as Katie. :) Both of my boys are really looking forward to our Hawaiian vacation in June!

    Kekoa - That would be great news, indeed. Even better news would be an update on your dad. How is he doing? Getting strong enough to go home?

    Alohalurker - Welcome out of lurkdom. I agree that the it is a very sad situation for the Aloha Airlines family. I hope some hope comes out of the bankruptcy hearing today. Does anyone have an update on that?

  196. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Not to mention their name always sounded so cool. "Aloha Airlines". I wonder how much ticket prices are going to go up now.

  197. Ronnie:

    Sorry about that, Kekoa. I didn't close my html tag.

  198. Garret:


    Awesome job with the video! Thank you so much for taking care of that, as I was hoping you would be able to get a video before you flew to LA.

  199. homey ®:

    Kekoa - I don't have that problem at my house on Halloween. So many kids and adults come by. Even with my poodles standing guard at my side they still come!

    I was a shy and considerate kid (same in my adult life) and walked from house to house and thanking all the kind people who gave me candy. Of course I avoided the "crazy lady" house.


  200. Hawaiianbod:


    How's Pops feeling today?

    Will he be released soon and get to go home?.

    God Bless!

  201. Ronnie:

    DPK, I agree with you about the name! "Aloha Airlines" just had a nice ring to it. Add "Hawaiian Airlines" to that, and it just shows the uniqueness of the islands.

    I couldn't really take Mahalo Air seriously, however, because it always reminded me of Rap.

  202. Garret:

    Hi Ronnie! Hi Aaron!

    There is a *big* contrast between Katie and your normal puppy! Maybe we can let you borrow Katie again for a short time (3-4 days) when we have trips to Vegas and the Bay Area planned. We could drop Katie off as part of our drive...but I'd have to sneak that past the family who normally takes care of Katie because they have been complaining that they haven't seen Katie enough lately!

  203. homey ®:

    Ronnie - you don't like Rap music?

  204. Ronnie:

    Garret, that would work for us! We'll be extra quite, so the other family doesn't realize what's going on. ;)

  205. Hawaiianbod:


    Welcome to ST's Hale!

    Do you reside on O'ahu?

  206. Garret:


    In my neighborhood the stores give out a TON of candy over a 2-hour period. It is much more convenient than going from house to house because the stores in the shopping center are so close together. We do that with our kids, as everyone is dressed up and they get so much candy in such a short time.

    Even with that, we get a bunch of kids every year that come to our house. And they really get a lot of candy when they visit us!

    We limit our kids to 1 piece of candy per night, and they only get that if they eat all of their dinner and they are well behaved all day. So, they eat about 5 pieces of candy per week and they STILL have a few candies left in their Halloween baskets!

  207. Garret:

    I see post numbers! That is really cool...though some of the number is on the blue and some is on the white and it is hard to read the middle number. Still, having the post numbers back is a good sign!

  208. Garret:


    Get some rest and get well soon! We appreciate your hard work and you really did make a difference for this blog!

  209. Ronnie:

    Wow! Post numbers! Cool!

    Thanks, Andreas, John, and Tyson (and Scott)! :cool:

  210. homey ®:

    I see the numbering system is back.

  211. Garret:

    Thank yous also go to Andreas, John, and Tyson for their work in improving the blog format/template!

  212. Garret:

    They shifted the number over to the right and it looks great now! The only problem will be if we pass 1000 posts...but we don't have to worry about that until maybe the Florida game.

  213. Hawaiianbod:

    progress...............Mahalo Scott!

  214. Garret:

    Wow, the demand for the 2-day QB clinic run by Steve Clarkson was so great that they now have *7* of them scheduled. They would take in over $400k if they sell all of them out.

  215. Ronnie:

    homey - I do like some Rap, and some hip-hop. And I REALLY like Rap Reiplinger!

  216. Alohalurker:

    I have to confess that I usually fly Hawaiian, but I always used to smile when a Hawaiian commercial would air on TV and the flight attendant would say "Aloha!"

    No more $39 fares on go! (I used mid-week, mid-September for a search)! The Hawaiian web site must be getting slammed, it wouldn't even load for me just a little while ago.

    I hope something good happens at the bankruptcy hearing, but it sounds pretty grim and unpromising.

    BTW, wow but the font size as I type this post is quite impressively large. You folks and ST did a great intervention. Hope the math whizzes aren't sad that they can no longer whiz.

  217. Garret:

    In 1992 SI had a column that rated parts of football programs across the country. The *best* tailgating was found to be at Aloha Stadium!

    Best Tailgating:Honolulu Luau At Hawaii's Aloha Stadium, waves crash rhythmically along the shore as sushi is rolled and teriyaki is skewered to the sounds of guitars and ukuleles.

  218. Mad Dog:

    An Aloha worker told me when they first began charter flights for the football team, the players were served regular airline food. The problem was the full bodied athletes were still hungry after the meal. On subsequent charter flights, they were served bentos with extra meat.

    It's sad to see Aloha Airlines folding up shop after a lifetime of serving the people of Hawaii. I remember those half fare standby flights of my youth. They were an adventure because you were never sure if you were going to get on a flight. But in those free and easy, pre-security days, flying was fun.

    I hope we haven't seen the last of Aloha.

  219. Garret:

    The Dolphins got 2 extra draft picks awarded to them today. I've read that they might draft a WR late, and now they have extra late draft picks...maybe one of the Warrior WRs can join Samson and Reagan?

    The Miami Dolphins were awarded compensatory choices in the sixth and seventh rounds Monday for the NFL Draft later this month.

    The picks are Nos. 204 and 245 overall.

    The NFL awarded a total of 32 compensatory choices to 15 teams.

    Compensatory picks are granted when a team loses more -- or better -- free agents than it acquires in a year. They are determined based on a formula of salary, playing time and postseason honors.

  220. Garret:

    I am *very* happy that my sister didn't take the job with Aloha that she was considering a few years ago. She stayed with Hawaiian and in 3 years can retire with lifetime travel benefits...

  221. Garret:

    Is the NFL going to have labor problems in the near future?

    -- Goodell indicated that he is unhappy with the rising cost of rookie salaries, a point that Huizenga made in his own press conference a few minutes later. Unfortunately, any changes will come too late for this draft.

    -- It is apparent that the owners and union are headed for a confrontation, with the owners very unhappy about the deal they signed two years ago. They believed it was tilted toward the players, but the current economic climate has only made it worse. "At some point and time, the economics become untenable," Goodell said.

  222. bighilofan2:

    Andreas Arvman,

    howzit bradda. Thanks for trying to make this place better. Let me share.

    When I go
    I expect to go to what looks like where I am supposed to go, but when I do that, I don't always go to the same place I was supposed to go.

    In other words, when i stay go, i no go, you know?
    I feel like that puddycat, and when I feel like dat, i end up looking like dat. you know, the what happened with where I was supposed to go was a no go. So I try and try because I get plenty time to go where I want to go even when I no can go.

    but i going fly Honolulu tomorrow nite so I can see practice for myself and make my own Warrior Beat report because this morning while i was typing away all of a sudden the computer went KATOOOSHHH and my wordprize wen disappear, and the umpteen minute delay before I could post again, like that happened this morning when I could post on the old Warrior Beat site over and over again while this spot was a no go, or the back to the future thing, I mean its good fun, i get my kicks and all, but da bottom line is i couldn't go where i thought i was going to go. know what i mean?????

    good thing get cute chicks around here, or I wouldn't be coming, i would be going. hehehehe


  223. Garret:


    Poynter is an offensive lineman for SMU. I didn't understand the quote also and posted a similar reaction to the rotating OL like you said.

  224. Ronnie:

    bighilofan2 - you crack me up! :lol:

  225. homey ®:

    Ronnie - as I was looking at youtube at all those Rap videos (too funny) I came across this blast from the past.

  226. Kazz:


    Yeah that quote is confusing, but seems like Poynter said that in referencing to SMU's lack of depth in previous seasons and that's fine.

    But of course if McKnight said that it was an obvious jab at OUR oline depth last year.

  227. Garret:


    I believe that SMU *did* have a lack of depth in the OL and they have been looking to fix that for years. So, the quote could be harmless.

    SMU will actually have more depth than normal because I think they moved some of their TEs to tackle on the OL...

  228. bighilofan2:


    bradda McKnight wouldn't be talking about our Oline guys like dat.
    had to be da Poynta sistah talkin about da SMU chicks line dancin. :oops:
    ... :twisted:

  229. Garret:

    Thank you to d1shima and Al for the info on Masoli. It is pretty interesting to me that a former St. Louis QB put up huge numbers at CCSF with Rolo as his position coach. His stats as a freshman under Rolo were amazing...he could be a heavily recruited JC QB for 2009 and UH would definitely have a very good scouting report on him and a good relationship with him via Rolo.

  230. Ronnie:

    homey - Now I'm REALLY homesick! What memories that song brings back.

  231. Kazz:


    The more and more I think about it, I think I was "defensive" mode, but that comment looks MORE like the comment was made by the SMU player and had nothing to do with UH.

    It's all G.

  232. Ronnie:

    Ok, Tech Guys! What happened? It's like the sleep deprivation torture! Just when you fall alseep and start having a great dream about how you can actually read what you are typing, as well as what everyone else it typing.... BAM!!! you're jarred awake by the TINY font all over again.


  233. bighilofan2:


    good ting you gave me new toys fo play wit, as all I gots to say.

    ........... :oops:

    I like da toys!

    an da chicks..... yuk yuk yuk

    nah nah nah, da wife might be lurkin and den da broom
    comes out.... heheheh ... :twisted: i luv dese faces.

  234. Loa:

    homey - mahalo for the youtube link, brings back a lot of memories, is that Macky?

  235. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Aloha Scott and the tech boys,
    Thanks for working on changes to make the blog a more enjoyable user experience. I like the numbering and the text density. Little by little ithe site's improving. I guess we need to work on the time out issues and the auto dumping of unfinished comments. One quick suggestion if I may: Return Stephen's picture and tag info to the top of the page if possible, it helps to give affirmation that we are here and gives Stephen props as well. While setting up a short cut in favorites resolves the multi-clicking to get here from the front page, one click off that page would be nice. If you do return Tsai's banner to the top here, may I suggest a reader contest to generate his tag info. The response would be huge and would give the readers here a feeling of even more direct input as to how our beloved lil blog is built. JMHO

  236. ralvic:

    the light blue comments high lighted is ok but leaving the comments that are in the white not highlighted doesn't look good-( )< frowny face.

  237. homey ®:

    Loa - Malani is singing and Mackey is playing guitar on the stairs.

  238. Loa:

    homey - the guy on the left didn't look like Macky.
    anyone see them at Aloha Stadium with C&K and Summer?

  239. Ronnie:

    I found one the "Poi Dogs with Crabs" CD on Amazon. I thought it was funny that they didn't have a clip of the Japanese Roll Call, but the had one for the Pordagee Huddle.. I guess they only filter on proper ethnic names...

  240. homey ®:

    Loa - yeah, as you can see he was getting thinner...You should take a look at the other Kalapana vids and see what Ronnie's hairstyle looked like in her heyday.

  241. homey ®:

    Loa - I did see both Kalapana and Summer when they were playing at Toppe Ada Shoppe. Prideperiod gave me a history lesson about that place.

  242. HWNSTLN:

    ST, I agree with your sentiments. Let's hope the stoppage of flights is only a temporary event. Hope to see you in SoCal in the near future.

  243. James:

    Whoa....Summer, C&K, Country Comfort, Kalapana.....takes me back to young kid time....

  244. Loa:

    homey - lol, speaking of hair, they all had a lot of hair back in the day, do you know if those vids available on dvd?

  245. Kazz:

    A former Warrior now wrestler?

    World Wrestling Entertainment, INC. has signed Ryan Bishop, 27, to a developmental contract.

    He is a former tight end for the New York Giants. He was on the Super Bowl champs' training camp roster last season, but apparently didn't make the team as there are no NFL profiles or stats on him.

    He has the size WWE likes as he is 6 foot six and 255 pounds.

    He is currently learning wrestling in Florida Championship Wrestling, which serves as a developmental organization for World Wrestling Entertainment.

    He played college football at the University of Hawaii.

    Guys, I can't remember this player at all. The fact that he's 27 means he was here recently.

  246. Chicken Grease:

    Whoo-hooooo!!!!! Decent-sized font!!!

  247. djmitcho:

    Yeah for Spring Practice! 5 months til the swamp!
    I remember flying Royal Hawaiian as a kid. I used to spend all school vacations on Lana'i with my grandparents. I remember they had the one blue and white plane amongst all the yellow,black and white ones.
    Back then, Hawaiian only went to Lana'i on Friday and Sunday.

  248. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Aarvman, I still prefer the names with URLs in BLUE -- instead of the larger brown font. BLUE stands out more.

  249. homey ®:

    Loa - I don't know if they are available on DVD. Country Comfort , as James mentioned, is another group that I wish there were vids of. I haven't heard a voice like Billy Kaui yet!

  250. Ronnie:

    Ok, about 2 hours ago, the font in the "Submit Comment" box and the posts were bigger, right? Homey, are my eyes playing tricks on me again? You were there, wasn't the font larger? I'm not going crazy, I'm not!

  251. homey ®:

    Ronnie - What you talking about?


  252. bulla:

    to the IT tech guyz, mahalo for making the site far so good, like my kids used to tell me....patience is a virtue, it will never hurt you.......oh well.

  253. Bulla:


    long time no smell, going through withdrawals, haha. what's up bro? hope all is well with you and yours.

  254. Kekoa:

    Ronnie, Hawaiianbod, et al ~

    Excuse me while I adjust my magnifying glass...ok, there, that's better...(not really). Anyway, after a long counseling session with the staff, it has been decided that dad should stay one more day, just to be sure that all systems are in 100% working order. Now that he can have outside fuud brought in, I'm going back up there in about an hour to bring him his fave fuud. Poi & raw fish. I'm putting the finishing touches on some lomi ahi, Opelu, and a little bit of O'io I scraped for him. Each of the fish have varying degrees of limo kohu, a dash of chili pepper water, hawaiian salt, green onion. I'm out the door with it before I devour it prematurily! The Doc agrees that it would be very nutritious and easyfor him to digest.

    Discharged on Tuesday! Thank you Tsaiko Ohana ya'll done good! Our prayers were answered early last Friday morning when the last crisis turned around without any medical explanation and against all odds. The rapid response team had no clue, I mean they were at a loss for what had transpired.

    Oh the power of positive thinking, prayer and Ke Akua.

    Go Warriors!

  255. Jason:

    Guys, I can’t remember this player at all. The fact that he’s 27 means he was here recently.

    Kazz: Yeah, I don't remember him at all either. Apparently, he was a receiver in high school, played basketball at Chaminade, then transferred to UH to compete at tackle in 2003 and 2004:

  256. MeiLing:

    Princess Leila, Mahalo for the video!!!

    homey, yeah, Billy Kaui's voice is smooth. He almost sounds like Bobby Caldwell.

  257. Bulla:


    i heard someone who sounded like billy kaui this past weekend. only problem was that he was korean and i didn't know what he was saying....but sure sounded like billy kaui at 1 am in the morning.

  258. Jason:

    Kazz: My post is awaiting moderation, so here you go:

    IDK why my posts keep on getting moderated. Is anybody else having this problem?

  259. MeiLing:

    Such good news to hear your Dad is going home & is ok. (((hugs))) to him. You, too. Good son, making all dat good fuud for your Dad.
    Aloha, Mei Ling

  260. SteveM:

    A reminder from me and a repost from ST's March 25, 2008 blog entry...

    Speakling of promotions, the Little Learners Preschool is having a fund-raising concert April 6 on the campus grounds in Kailua.
    Ledward Ka‘apana will be the featured performer.
    Robert Kekaula is the tentatively scheduled emcee.
    Your blog host will be passing out door prizes.
    Tickets are $10 each; it's $5 each for ages 5-12.
    There will be food, drinks and auction items.
    Call Wena at 382-5263 for details.
    (Little Learners is now accepting applications for students ages 3 and 4.)

  261. Ronnie:

    homey - how are you controlling the font size? Did anyone else see the font size get bigger again? Is it just my monitor?

  262. Garret:


    Great news about your Dad!

  263. Ronnie:

    Kekoa, I just said a big "Thank You, Jesus" prayer for your dad! Don't you just love it when the medical team can't explain how someone is making such a remarkable recovery? :)

  264. Kekoa:

    Mahalo Mei Ling ~ Will we be seeing you at any of the T-gates here at home, or will you be attending the games up there in Fresno and Boy's town, Idaho?

  265. Jason:

    Kekoa: That's just great stuff, my friend.

  266. whitey:

    OK, alternating blue and white or white and blue. And whitey gets the right color, white.

  267. whitey:


  268. whitey:

    Ronnie, you get good eyes. The font size did change.

  269. whitey:

    OK. lets try for 4 in a row and make Garret jealous.

  270. Ronnie:

    Thanks, whitey! I'm relieved to know that I'm not going crazy!

  271. Esme:

    GASP! Grrrr .... :twisted:

    Just now, for the first time, the blog did that dang auto-refresh jazz on me and wiped out two paragraphs I had written.

    Me no likey that. No likey! :x :evil: :x

  272. SteveM:

    gigi-hawaii © Says:
    March 31st, 2008 at 3:45 pm
    Aarvman, I still prefer the names with URLs in BLUE — instead of the larger brown font. BLUE stands out more.

    . Well, gigi -- everything shouldn't be as good looking as your blog. Besides, the brown you are seeing actually looks golden bronze on other systems.

  273. aarvman:

    Dear Tsai-kos,

    I've been working on the style of The Warrior Beat and our other blogs today. I've been going back and forth on the font size, the comment numbers and the background color of every other comment.

    whitey, Ronnie and homey, I didn't mean to play tricks on you! I didn't see all your comments until just now.

    What do you guys think? Is this a good balance?


  274. Esme:

    Taking a deep breath now ... :roll:


    Leila, you rock! Love the video. I was so psyched to watch the snippets of practice. Have GOT to get out there one of these days to see it live. Thanks for getting us the vid.


    Kekoa, very happy to hear about your dad's continued recovery.

    And you are such a nice and kind son for making all those ono foods and doing so much for him. :)

  275. aarvman:


    The reason we're keeping the links brown is to emphasize that they are links. In general, blue text on our site means a header or title that is not linked. So for clarity, we're using brown for links and blue for non-links.

    Thank you all for your feedback and for keeping this blog in such a great shape!


  276. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Aarvman, as I said several times, the names with URLs are very hard to distinguish. please make them BLUE.

  277. brew808:

    Ha!.... Ronnie.... crazy.....and with bad eyes..... :twisted:

    Great video Princess! When do you and gang head to SoCal? Mahalo!

    Mahalo aarvman!

    Scott - I wonder if Esme gave you her cold! Get well soon!

    Hi Esme! :)

  278. Ralph:

    ST last night, Sunday, at 12:58 am I got bumped off the WB and when I tried to log on I got a message that the server forbids my entry to log on. The message was for me to contact ckanemura at the honolulu advertiser. I am on a business computer without any hassles, not sure about my home computer and therefore it would be difficult for me to contact him from my home computer if I am unable to log on. No phone number given out for HA techie.

  279. gigi-hawaii ©:

    OK, I give up.

  280. Jason:

    I'm with gigi here, the brown does not stand out nicely. I understand not making them blue, but there's gotta be another color, one that is contrasts more greatly with black.

  281. gigi-hawaii ©:

    thanks, Jason, finally another voice in the dark!

  282. Chicken Grease:

    Kekoa -- I don't know you . . . but, it's always great to hear of another's loved one doing well. Take care, to your and your family and your dad.

  283. Kekoa:

    Jason & Esme thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. Going to be hard for me to keep my 7 1/2" halo from tilting and falling off my 14" head after this crisis. You techies know how to maximize those megabytes, and colorize the spectrum of life on the blog. Now can we order Aku Palu yet on this thing?

    Ahhh...the power of Warrior football will complete the earthly recovery for dad. He sustained himself over the weekend with NCAA basketball, now it's time to focus in on the Spring Fling.

  284. MeiLing:

    The font did get bigger! Yay!

    Kekoa, I'm not home until sometime in the Fall. Have a lot to do to get this house cleaned up before I move. Still working hard, doing lots of hula & stuff w/ the students in the Hawaiian club btwn now & then. I may be home for a short time to see if I can get a job lined up before I move. Nevah know. I don't think I'll be here when NAU plays Weber, but you nevah know... My son is working in OR, so it's tempting to think about going to the Oregon State game, but I think he'll be home then helping me clean up the house. I should be home for some of the games, though, later in the season. Looking forward to hanging w/ you all!

  285. Ronnie:


    I think the font size is perfect, both for the posts and entering the comments!

    And I have to say that I agree with keeping the links brown - unless you wanted to make it UH Green!

  286. A-House:


    Roger that, Out!

  287. Garret:

    Instead of recruiting QBs in California like Masoli that UH might want, I'd prefer that JJ stay in Texas for his QBs...there are so many good ones there anyway! I think I found out the QB that someone else referred to here who is going to watch SMU's Spring Practice.

    Drew Allen (6'4", 195 pounds) is driving up from San Antonio (I assume with his parents) to watch their Spring Practice. He was one of the selected players to be invited to Auburn's Junior Day, and he's already been to Mississippi, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and others. Hopefully he goes with SMU and Masoli goes to UH if UH wants a JC QB.

    If this isn't the QB that someone was referring to, I guess the QB could be Michael Poynter (the brother of the guy that almost got Kazz upset). His father posted on a recruiting message board about his son's interest in SMU.

  288. FloridaTed:

    Princess Leila,

    Thanks for the great video. Just now watched it.

    Is it my imagination or did the guys look real fast and crisp? I'm getting excited, yeah, beat the Gators.

  289. Garret:

    I used to have the font increased for this blog, but now I can use the default size and things look fine! I'm glad that things are improving.

    I do wish the color could be changed when there is a link. My reason is probably different than others, though. I mentioned before that I am color blind. Well, brown looks like black to me, so I cannot tell when there is a link or not! But my case is probably unique, so I don't want to trouble the webmasters about it. This was not in the list of suggestions I sent to aarvman awhile back.

    If blue is not good for indicating links, what about Warrior green?

  290. Garret:

    Interesting statistical analysis of the Pac-10. Unsurprisingly, turnover margin was key.

    "Determining factor" may be a misnomer, since, of course, this only measures correlation and correlation is not causation, etc. Sometimes a positive turnover margin coincides with a 237-yard advantage in total offense and a 40-0 halftime lead, in which case a couple interceptions probably are not solely responsible for turning the tide. Still, among the league's middle class, the pattern is obvious: the team with better turnover margin in this subset of games finished 15-3, and the teams with the best records (Oregon State and UCLA) had by far the best margins; the teams with the worst records (Stanford, Oregon, Washington State) had the worst.

  291. Garret:

    Looks like the Pac-10 followed form for turnover margin, even when the other stats were dominated by the losing team. The Big 12 didn't have these types of cases where 1 team dominated the stats but still just happened in the Pac-10.

    Four games in particular stand out: Arizona State over Oregon State, Cal over Oregon, Oregon State over Cal and Stanford over USC. In all four, the loser statistically dominated across the board - the Ducks, Bears and Trojans each outran and outpassed their conquerors in both total yards and on a per play basis and had better third down conversion rates. In the ten categories I tracked, the losers in those games won at least eight of them; USC beat Stanford in nine out of ten, usually by a wide margin. The one area they lost big, though, was turnovers: ASU was +4 against Oregon State, Cal was +4 against Oregon, Oregon State +2 against Cal and Stanford +4 against SC. At that rate, not much else matters.

    This is totally different from the Big XII, which featured practically zero snipers pulling out improbable wins from behind the statistical eight ball. There, you took your lickin' like a man (a big, overall-wearin', cornhuskin' man), and you liked it.

  292. Garret:

    Interesting that in the Pac-10, it doesn't seem to matter if you get more passing yards than your opponent...rushing yards correlate to wins, dominating the passing game doesn't correlate to wins.

    Since even Arizona and Washington State had the decency to attempt to run when practical, there were no Texas Tech-like teams committed to just throw and throw no matter what. The result was that in virtually all of the games where the winner had more passing yards, the same winner also had more rushing yards (or at least a better combination of the two). Man cannot live by the run alone, but even in the supposedly pass-happy regions west of the Mississippi, he has to run to some degree, and stop the run by turn. This is another area where Oregon State set itself apart (best nationally in rushing defense) and, more than any other, where USC continues to dominate (fourth nationally, in the top ten for the fifth time in six years).

    Otherwise, the total non-impact of passing yardage is made more clear – not only did out-passing your opponent lead to no discernible correlation with victory overall, but even out-passing them by a significant margin proved essentially meaningless; a 100-yard advantage was only worth and 11-8 record, probably attributable to other sources. Above the 150-yard mark, it was only 4-3. The other categories show a generally steady trend up the ladder: the wider the margin, the better the record.

  293. MeiLing:

    HA staff, thanks for working on the blog & making the font bigger. I have to work in front of a 'puter all day long & it's a strain on the eyes. Scott, get well!

    BHF2, your niece did the family proud! She was a wonderful MC on Sat. nite at the lu'au. Good kid w/ guud communicashun skills like her uncle.

    Garret, what site would be the best to keep track of Pro Day results, besides reports from ST? Do you have a fave recommendation? I'm jammed at work and don't have time to read thru the blog during the day tomorrow. Ten Q. ML

  294. Alohalurker:


    Yeah, I live in Mo'ili'ili. That's as close to glottal stops as I can do on my computer, although when I was growing up in Kapahulu we used to say "Moi-lilli."

    Gotta take my little telescope out on the lanai one morning to watch practice. Too bad we don't have FieldTurf on Cooke Field, I could probably make out jersey numbers if the Warriors practice there.

    Sigh, I hope the Legislature and JD have a nice, long honeymoon.


  295. Pomai:

    aarvman no listen to Gigi, just leave everything just as it is, it is fine now. To me the brown jumps right out at you.

  296. Garret:

    Thread on Spring Practice on Sports Hawaii. Some of the highlights of one of the posts:

    I think the Warriors will get their money’s worth from graduate assistant Craig Stutzmann. With the way Stutzmann was running the show with the receivers, you would think he was more than a graduate assistant. And it’s kinda weird to see Rolovich and Stutzmann conducting the passing drills, instead of June Jones and Dan Morrison.

    It looks like Coach George Lumpkin will be assisting Coach Rich Miano with the defensive backs.

    Former UH linebacker Chris Brown is also helping out with the defense.

    If you have been paying attention you know the first group on defense. Here is the second group as they lined up today; Purcell, Tufaga, Savaiigaea, and Allen-Jones on the d-line. Kafentzis, Satele, and Kiesel-Kauhane at linebackers. Roberts, Smith, Porlas, and Dowling in the secondary.

  297. Pomai:

    Good night all

  298. ralvic:

    To whomever-I asked why last night.I asked this morning.And I ask again now. For what reason do you want to raise my dander?? I was in the middle of writing church vs. state and how/and or if it wourld/could effect the Warrior football team.I was into my 15 line and the program deleted my writing again...
    Yes thanks for nothing.

  299. Garret:

    Garret, what site would be the best to keep track of Pro Day results, besides reports from ST? Do you have a fave recommendation? I’m jammed at work and don’t have time to read thru the blog during the day tomorrow. Ten Q.

    Mei Ling,

    The mainland websites do not report on Pro Day results as they happen, especially for UH. So, I think your best bet is to get ST's updates for Pro Day. ST also mentioned that the Princess would be making videos for individual players, which will be awesome to be able to watch...that type of video is not normally available (even for big schools like Texas and USC, which have major media and zillions of newspapers covering their Pro Days).

    ST might just update the top of the blog, so you wouldn't have to read through the blog to get the updates. Or, you can just do a search for his name to get his posts (control-F gets you the next post of his). I just read everything when I have a chance to go online...but I'm lucky to be able to speed read.

  300. MeiLing:

    'Night Pomai. We might have a leetle snow on Wed. ... Still fireplace weather at night here.

  301. Garret:


    I also lost a post due to the timeout bug. I thought that was something that Scott fixed on Friday after we complained about it, but it is really unfortunate that the bug came back!

  302. Unkanesson:

    Aloha Tsaiko Nation!

    I've been lurking through all the birthing & growing pains of the new blog format. Looks like things are getting worked out, so I decided to give posting a try in this brave new blog world. No sooner did I finish the first sentence that the blog spontaneously, unexpectedly reloaded! I feared that I'd have to start over, but when the reloading was done it put me right back where I'd been. Whew! Fingers crossed for no more surprises, but hard for type this way...

    Just a couple of quick comments:
    Kekoa, I've been following your Dad's saga, and am really happy to hear he's pulling through!! Lots of mana exerted from this blog community on his behalf! 'A'oia!!
    The Aloha Airlines story -- pretty sad! I'm sure there's plenty of blame to go around, but I'd say it wouldn't have happened if Mesa/Go hadn't come in the way they did. I'll never patronize that airline. I hope something can be worked out for Aloha and their employees!
    And for you fans of the musical group Summer, did you know that one of their founding members is now doing quite well with the Big Island guitar trio Kohala? Still playing after all these years...
    And as Rap said, "Gotta go now..."
    A hui hou kakou. (Okay, let's see how this works when I push the submit button...) 5:37pm

  303. MeiLing:

    K, Garret, I'll check for ST's rpts. Thanks. Jus too much time.

    Good luck to our boys tomorrow!

  304. d1shima:

    Awesome news about your Dad! :-)

    It would be kinda fun to see the two 'miahs, Masoli and Ostrowski,continue the battle on the hardwood in next year's No-rules basketball. The games they played against each other when they were at St. Louis and Punahou, respectively were great! Especially the last state tourney playoff game - a prep classic.

  305. d1shima:

    Great video, Princess.
    Looking forward to your work from the Home Depot Center

  306. Thomas Mui:


    Great job!

  307. Ronnie:

    Unkanesson - welcome to the blog! How did the first post feel? I remember being really nervous the first time I posted. Now, sometimes I don't ever shut up. (I think I just insulted myself... Oh well... :))

  308. d1shima:

    It's good to hear that Stutzman and Rolovich are off to good starts as coaches at UH.
    (Jealously wishing Craig was still at SLS, but oh well.)

  309. James:

    Kekoa...good news about your dad!!! You're right, this calls for a pau hana...perhaps Saturday night....ummm...I'm sure koakane, the A-House ohana, et al, won't mind....mwahahahahahahaha

  310. Unkanesson:

    Okay, my test posting experience worked fine -- no problems or delays. Looks to me like Scott and his accomplices have worked out the bugs pretty well. The font is at a legible size, the posts are numbered, I can live with the brown, but for the sake of Gigi and Garrett, as well as promoting the Warriors' colors, I agree with those who say GREEN would be a cool color to indicate links!

    Okay, now I really gotta go.

    A hui hou kakou!

  311. d1shima:

    Watching the 6 o' clock news now.
    So sad.
    Aloha AQ

  312. ralvic:

    go to go to search and type in Pro day workout updates

    just briefly exploring it seems to have all the pro day up dates of all the schools,including a writeup about todays teams workouts

  313. Esme:

    Scott ... is sick?! ...

    Oh, no. I've gone and done it now.
    I've killed Scott!

    So sorry. Thanks to you and the crew for all you've been doing. Please get some rest and please get well.

  314. brew808:

    Esme - ...songbird, dancing Queen, drama Queen! :O

  315. SteveM:


    Aarvmann and Scott M -- for the last hour I have suddenly had a color problem in Safari (Mac). The host blog entry area and the comments with white backgrounds have turned transparent and the the background blue is bleeding through. The alternating comment boxes with the grayscale backgrounds appear as opaque white. Names with links appear blue as does date/time.

    It looks OK in Firefox (black and brown). Safari was identical until within the last hour.

  316. ralvic:

    does anyone else have a gut feeling something doesn't seem right

    ST mentions the names of four young sports journalists this morning-and it does seem the paper is choked with sport's writers now--so I begin to wonder what he meant by these young writers are the future. just a thought.

  317. Tony:

    315 comments and most of it is about blog format

    If I didn't know better, I would think that the powers that be at the Advertiser were trying to get rid of the blog by alienating its core users. But I do know better.

    The timeout thing, the "you are posting too fast" message, I suspect this is just standard anti-flooding device, to keep whacked out people from flooding the site with either spam or their self-importance. Unfortunately, guys like Garrett get caught in this filter. I wonder if there is some new policy: "Paid moderator 24/7 or restrictive software that controls content quality, pick one or the other."

    Now interestingly, I just walked away from writing this, went to another floor, bought soda out of a machine, then came back, and my entry was still here.

    Still here after another five-minute walk away.


  318. A-House:


    Hand delivered packet to Lorraine Leslie today - all pau!!!

    She called later and thanked us profusely.

  319. Stretch:

    A-House - was that the bracelets??

  320. FloridaTed:

    From what I've seen, and I'm certainly no tech geek, it seems to me that so many people have different programs that all react in various ways to this blog. I use road runner as my feed and simple AOL for everything else. I have all kinds of programs on my computer, most of them I don't even know how to use, sofar everything is working fine, Most of the bugs seem to have ben worked out, at least to this point. I'm O.K. with it now.

  321. Kimo:

    I think your entry about you and Ferd needs some clarification. Will you continue to blog from/about practices, etc? E.g., where was something abou the opening of spring practice?

  322. d1shima(tilted):

    attempted to send you e-mail

  323. d1shima(tilted):

    alright, that seems to work.

  324. koakane:

    have to agree with you about 6 pm news about Aloha. all the stations was real sad. again my prayers to dem.

    eh wat you using as browser IE7 or firefox?

    doing a pauhana call for da weekend?

  325. koakane:

    :0 kimo ie Jamie

  326. NYUH:

    Aloha, the latest victim of the credit crisis.

    Looks like a great practice. Very interesting season shaping up. Can the McMackin magic hold up?

  327. koakane:

    test :-0

  328. d1shima:

    yep IE. dunno version. how u check dat?

    eh, if pauhana call this weekend can do on Friday? I flying out on Saturday. If James no can, das alright; check you guys wen I get back.

  329. bighilofan2:

    Mr. Aarvman,

    I feel RALVIC'S pain. The machine wen KATOOSHHH my stuff. junk evil junkey junkey kine.

    i hit da tab and the bugga jumps right outta its skin.

    :evil: :oops: 8-)

  330. koakane:

    ok neva mind

  331. Guava:

    Hey Gang...

    I've come to the conclusion that we should "organize".
    Sort of like the way Mr. Tsai and his fellow 'Tiser buddies are fighting THEIR fight with management.

    How 'bout we all strike this blog and try to force management to change this damn site. I mean be honest, don't we all hate the "new" look...?
    Let's hui-up with our fearless Tsaiko leader, and band as one, DEMAND change, DEMAND we be heard.

    Any thoughts...?

  332. ralvic:

    I agree all our concerns are referred to the web master,hence we only hear that they're trying not ever referred to the paper or owners

  333. ralvic:

    anyway something smells today-

  334. koakane:

    go help on toolbar click to open
    scroll down to about IE then click again
    should tell you the version.
    latest IE is 7

  335. las vegas:

    Hey guys!
    just a thought, if you keep getting timed out, maybe it's because you type too slow.
    it might help if you started thinking before typing, it becomes much easier to put words down when you know what you mean to say.

    now I don't do that, but I have the 2 fingers of lightning typing method.

  336. duffer:

    Good Evening Tsai-kos,

    I'm still at the Kahului airport, about to escort the media to Aloha's boarding gate. This is the last Aloha sad. As a retired airline employee, it's hard to imagine something like this would happen in my lifetime. Kinda puts everything into perspective, blog problems notwithstanding....

  337. Puhi:

    Aloha kakou,

    Boycott GO!

    and GO! Bows!!!

    kden, puhi

  338. Stretch:

    puhi - roger dat

  339. Garret:


    We should at least wait for ST to be in the state of Hawaii before doing anything. If things aren't better by the time they get back to Hawaii on Wednesday, we'll probably have a discussion about it. If I can free up some time I'll try to talk with him in person on is ST's blog and he has the right to make the calls. Anyway, that is my opinion.

    The blog is a lot better than it was this morning, at least. I know that is pretty faint praise...

  340. Garret:

    Looks like the Dolphins are going to use the top draft pick, as nobody wants to trade for it.

    Huizenga said the way this draft is evolving, ``the top four or five picks -- a lot of teams aren't willing to spend the money to move up. This is one of those off years where no team really wants to move up.''

    Last year's No. 1 draft pick, JaMarcus Russell, got a contract from Oakland that included $31.5 million in guaranteed money.

    ''It is tough when you take a talented player who has never been in the NFL and give him a bunch of signing bonuses and a guaranteed contract and huge dollars,'' Huizenga said.

    ``If you pay $35 million to a person who does not work out, you are stuck with that for five or six years, which means you can't get rid of them -- which means someone else could be there taking the money. We always pay to the cap. We're not trying to save money. It's a matter of being prudent in putting money in the right place.

    'If you hear Bill Parcells or anyone saying, `Hey, I'm not going to pay that for that person,' it doesn't mean they don't want to spend the money -- it means that person is not worth the risk for five or six years . . . If you make a mistake this year, it's harder to undo that mistake . . . Just like it's important to get the right guy, it's just as important not to make a mistake.''

  341. al:

    duffer.....what a sight to see. even when i was scrambling to get out on thursday i managed to chat with a few of the aloha employees. one could just sense that they knew more than what they were letting on.

    last night i dined with a couple who came in on aloha from orange county. they had no idea thay they would have to go to plan b for their return flight.

    not a good day in hawaii.

  342. Garret:

    I'm sure that Barry loves reading about UCLA's OL.

    Seven of UCLA's top 10 offensive linemen have very little or no experience, which is why first-year coach Rick Neuheisel said there is "concern" heading into Thursday's first spring practice.

    Furthermore, none of the six guards on the depth chart played a down on the offensive line last season.

    "We've got to see who can play at these positions," Neuheisel said.

    "With only two offensive linemen coming in the recruiting class, and offensive line being a development position this is a point of concern, so we've got to develop some front guys."

  343. Garret:

    More about UCLA's OL. It would be interesting if they are the Pac-10 team in the Hawaii Bowl this year...I'm guessing the projections for the Pac-10 race would put them as a candidate for the Hawaii Bowl spot.

    The need is greatest on the offensive line. Micah Reed started eight games at guard last season and will shift to center. Tackles Alexis Landis, who was bothered by knee problems, and Micah Kia, who had troubles with consistency, are the only other linemen returning who started a game last season.

    That has resulted in some position shifts. Tight ends Scott Glicksberg and Adam Heater have moved to center and Darius Savage is getting a look at guard. Neuheisel said that the staff worked out an offensive line depth chart after watching workouts this winter.

  344. Garret:

    Free play link time. I'll just to today's links and skip yesterday's. Please skip my next 5 or so posts if you do not want the off topic stuff. Click on my name if you want the full article.

    Japanese scientists were able to create a man-made molecule that was actually able to *reverse* liver cirrhosis in rats. Cirrhosis of the liver is a big problem for some people, so this breakthrough could lead to medicine that would change lives.

  345. Garret:

    It is funny that Sony/BMG have sued so many for pirating songs...and it was found that Sony/BMG are pirating up to 47% of the software on their servers!

  346. Garret:

    We need UAV pilots so badly in Iraq that they are actually taking pilots out of jets like the F-16s to get them to pilot UAVs.

  347. Garret:

    The military has been trying to figure out whether to welcome or hinder bloggers. This study concluded that they should secretly recruit or hire prominent bloggers.

  348. Jason:

    I've thought for a long time that there should be slotted salaries for NFL draftees, just like in the NBA. Those top picks make way too much.

  349. Garret:

    Southern California Edison is spending $875 mil to push solar power in homes. With their support and recent drops in solar prices, the price for solar power will be cut in half for the homes installing them.

  350. Garret:

    The Huffington Post might be sold for $200 mil...that means that the blog is valued at more than $50 per visitor! If you count all of the visitors over a month period (even those who only visit once per month), the blog is worth $15 per monthly visitor.

  351. Garret:

    15- or 16-year-old boy tried to rob an 81-year-old Army vet with a knife...the 81-year-old put down the groceries he was holding and told the teenager with the knife to come no closer...when the teen went up to him still holding the knife, the vet kicked him once (in a sensitive area), picked up his groceries, and walked home while the teen was doubled over in pain.

  352. Garret:

    Free play links pau. I agree with Jason that the NFL should do what the NBA does with draft picks--no worries about holding out, great but not crazy salaries for draft picks, more cap money for vets, everyone is happy except for the agents.

  353. Garret:

    Lori wants to stay up a little longer, so I guess I will post the free play links for yesterday. Not much sports talk anyway today and tomorrow we have Pro Day to talk about, so I figure I might as well post this stuff today.

    Interesting study found that placebos were more effective when people pay more for them...this may indicate why many people feel that name-brand drugs are more effective than generic drugs.

  354. Garret:

    Mis-addressed text message and the response from the woman who mistakenly thought it was from someone else let to an engagement! They sure have a cute "how we met" story.

  355. Garret:

    Accused mafia member in was sent home after the Sicilian court ruled that he was too fat for any jail cell in Italy.

  356. Garret:

    French village outlawed dying, threatening severe punishments!

  357. Garret:

    After 14 straight years of rapid growth, the number of high school graduates will slowly decline starting next year, which may change the college application process over time.

  358. Garret:

    Interesting book on the background on fortune cookies in the US:

    Excerpt from the interesting book "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles":

  359. Garret:

    Now free play links are pau again...I skipped the one about the park in Amsterdam where you can't let you dog off the leash anymore but you can do other stuff in public, as I didn't want to test the blog filter...

  360. Jason:

    If it's Amsterdam, I think we can guess.

  361. BG:


    By now your pops must have Tsaiko-cized that onolicious fuud you made for him! Probably has all the nurses in ranks and doing close order Sounds like tomorrow is a milestone day. Imua

    Guava, my man, I don't know if going back to the old blog would cut it considering the old server was really getting over-whelmed at times. If you meant, make this new site more like the old one, I'd agree 100%. It's unfortunate that a lot of things that should have been done beforehand...weren't. But, thanks to some hard working tekkies, we're making some major progress compared to a couple of days ago.

    A-House, thanks for wrapping up the mission. Fortunate for all concerned that you (were) volunteered for it. LOL

  362. al:

    eh garret...can't you count?
    you said next 5 posts but you did 15 w/one jason break.
    whooo. some people get podagee mout, but, you get podagee posts.

  363. Jason:

    Garret's using high-level mathematics, don't you know.

  364. d1shima:

    How come your blog son know so much about Amsterdam?

  365. las vegas:

    Al san
    From yesterday
    Yokozuna Deliberation Council split into two divisions regarding Asashoryu
    The Yokozuna Deliberation Council met yesterday for about 40 minutes where the members seemed to be divided into two parties in their view of Asashoryu as they debated his recent behavior including the alleged incident as he returned from Hawaii, the extra shoves he administered to opponents during the basho, the talk of his not putting both fists to the dirt properly at the starting lines, and the clenching of his fist after he beat Hakuho to secure the yusho. Those in favor of the Yokozuna said that the Yokozuna's actions were all within reason, and they put a quick end to the debate over Asashoryu's alleged verbal abuse of reporters saying they couldn't judge him when it was one person's word against another. Katsuji Ebizawa, chairman of the group, favored Asashoryu saying, "We need to praise him for taking the yusho."

  366. SteveM:

    Jason -- were you the one that posted an email address to report blog problems? Aarvman?

    If so, please post it again...

  367. las vegas:

    part II
    Those opposing the Yokozuna's actions were led by none other than Makiko Uchidate, the token female member of the group. Uchidate spoke to reporters after the meeting saying, "Nothing has changed with him. He can't just wash his hands of everything because he took the yusho. His telling off reporters prior to the basho was not seen as an incident, but Asashoryu's problem's haven't ceased. Some members pointed out that he wasn't putting both fists to the ground properly and that he should be re-educated." Those in support of Asashoryu argued that "it's a sport after all so clenching his fist in victory is fine. There are no problems with Asashoryu." Chairman Ebizawa also added, "There was nothing wrong wtih him addressing the Osaka fans in their dialect. That's part of the culture." Finally, Makiko Uchidate suggested to the Sumo Association that rikishi should go through some retraining once they reach Juryo, Makuuchi, the sanyaku, etc., but the idea was quickly shot down by Kitanoumi Rijicho who said, "we leave the instruction up to the stable masters." Uchidate then sarcastically replied, "Oh, so everything will just be fine from here on out."

  368. Jason:

    Stephen posted the e-mail address, give me a minute to get it.

  369. Jason:

    Stephen Tsai Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 1:48 pm
    Please send constructive critiques and “suggestions” to:

  370. al:

    d1...i was telling him about amsterdam and it being known for gorgeous blondes.

  371. Jason:

    I'm more of a brunette guy myself.

  372. al:

    lv...tks that was a very good read.

    and yet, i have seen many a ozeki and yokozuna barely nick the dohyo and come charging out. there have been many a "demonstrative" rikishi in the past. maybe they just weren't mongolians.

    but, i do agree that all rikishi especially the yokozuna need to display good sportsmanship and pay homage to the traditions of this sport. i mean they just gotta act japanese.

  373. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    as far as the mileage is concerned, if you have Aloha Pass Miles accrued, United Airlines will be making a decision withing 48-72 hours as to whether they will honor them.

  374. las vegas:

    Al san,
    In my day it wasn't even necessary to touch the dohyo, a simple two point stance sufficed.
    Sometimes it's like the NFL, too many useless regulations.

  375. al:

    akebono is another story in my book.

    we all pulled for him as it seemed that he was against all odds (wakanohana and takanohana) during his climb to yokozuna. it seemed like the true "sumo" didn't want him to attain the pinnacle of sumo.

    he endured many obstacles. he really tried to fit in i thought.

    but, he really crashlanded when he went into the K-1 stuff. i heard he is still trying to "wrestle" and he is nearly broke.

  376. Mike Wedge:


    Glad to hear your father is better. may the lord continue to bless him and keep him healthy. Now we need to pray for Aloha Airlines, that the right thing can be done to save the livelihoods of their employees and hopefully the company itself.

  377. las vegas:


    I don't know either, maybe you need to bathe more often?
    Don't know anything about you personally, but good hygiene goes a long ways towards making and keeping friends.
    I know you weren't asking, but your moniker seemed to be such a cry for help.

  378. Jason:

    That's a shame; I felt real bad for him when he went into K-1. Just looked so desperate.

  379. al:

    yokozuna when compared to other professional sports stars are really under paid. isn't their salary around 25k per month plus prize money from matches and tournament wins?

  380. al:

    come to think of it....

    michael lafaele could make a great sumotori.
    hmmmm....samson satele.
    niko noga.
    levi stanley.

  381. las vegas:

    Al san,
    True about Chad, heard his investments didn't work out (restaurant) and his pay as a coach in sumo was no where close to a yokozuna's.
    As for Konishiki, his problems started when he compared sumo to a "fight" true fans claimed that he just had no "Hinkaku" (class).
    Plus all the Hawaiians were oversized in a big mans world and none had the vibrant and open personality that made Takamiyama one of sumo's superstars.

  382. FloridaTed:


    I've replied to your e-mail. Talk to you laters. Good night everybody. 4 am here.

  383. las vegas:

    Yokozuna pay 3,000,000 per month
    Yusho (tourney winner) 10,000,000
    Envelope 30,000 each
    #s in YEN

  384. al:

    i thought those envelopes had close to 600 bucks.

    mushimaru probably displayed the most class of the big three. he may have been too quiet though.

  385. las vegas:

    One thing about sumo, the side money is what's important.
    Besides his pay, a sekitori receives money monthly from his fan club (koenkai) and appearance fees for many things, I've been to the grand opening of Pachinko parlors, January department store mochitsuki, tane maki in February, picture taking at the local "wagasi ya" (Japanese confectionery store) among other things.
    Back then money for a low ranker like me was 30,000 up to 100,000 per appearance
    This was important money as the Makushita pay was 70,000 every other month.

    Seki tori from the higher ranks commanded appearance fees of 100,000 to over 1,000,000 for a yokozuna/popular rikishi.

  386. las vegas:

    Al san
    Musashimaru also benefited from his likeness to a Japanese hero Saigo Takamori.
    That's the guy Ken Watanabe played in the last samurai was based on.
    link below, scroll down to the statue, you'll see a resemblance to 'Maru.

    btw anyone watching ATSUHIME will see the Saigo charactor

  387. al:

    isn't the basho money the house money with the yokozuna getting a cut of the prize?
    but, those envelopes belong to him. i used to count the banners to just to keep track of the kala and to see what bouts had the most draw.

  388. las vegas:

    sorry here's the link

  389. las vegas:

    try click on my name

  390. al:

    long timer and i watch atsuhime. love those taiga series. the history lessons are great.

    lost the link? but, i have seen that statue before.

  391. Pomai:

    las vegas Says:
    March 31st, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    Yokozuna pay 3,000,000 per month
    Yusho (tourney winner) 10,000,000
    Envelope 30,000 each
    #s in YEN

    LV maybe they need to join the NFL players union?

  392. Jason:

    Oh, this guy:

  393. al:

    wow. thanks for the history lesson.

    i have been watching samurai movies since 3 yrs old. one day i realized it was historical events that really happened.

    you begin to realize why japanese are japanese.

  394. Jason:

    I love the NHK Taiga dramas. I still remember watching Aoi, with the first three Shōguns. That was a good one.

  395. las vegas:

    Up front money is very small.
    What you can make behind closed doors keeps the upper rankers in sumo happy.

    Even Japanese baseball lags in pay scale, think Daisuke of Boston ever saw more than a million a year in Japan?

  396. las vegas:

    Too bad about the Taiga dramas.
    We're at the end of the Edo era, last two Shoguns were non entities in history.
    Next year NHK will have to go backwards in time to find another bit player in Japan's history and inflate his/her importance to make the show interesting.
    Nothing against Atsuhime, I watch it every week and enjoy the political maneuvering that is a true taiga drama.
    All of these things actually took place in feudal Japan, just not to the same person at the same time.

  397. Jason:

    Next year's drama is about Kanetsugu Naoe, so we're going back to the Takeda-Uesugi conflict.

  398. las vegas:

    Al san

    check this out

  399. al:

    who's gonna be 400?

    lights out for me.

  400. las vegas:

    Yeah! Takeda!
    We're related to the Takeda Shingen family of Fuji-Yoshida,Yamanashi, formerly Kai no kuni.

  401. al:

    good reading.

    reminds me for i hit it. was good to see toyama no kinsan again.

  402. HiFlyer:

    LV, She looks just right for Jason.

  403. Jason:

    When she has her hair down... :-)

  404. Jason:

    Speaking of hair down:

  405. las vegas:

    Not sure Jason would know what to do with her, after all he's still a wee toddler.

  406. Jason:

    I'd like to think I'm at least a tween.

  407. Pomai:

    Aloha All

    I want to thank all of those the supported and helped with getting the bracelets for the 2007 Wahine Softball team.

    Here is the story: I first came up with the idea when I saw that there was no money for any awards for the girls, so I said to myself “Eh I gotta do something” so I went to a local jeweler(via email) and got a price for 22 bracelets because at that time they didn’t say what type of award they where thinking of and bracelets seemed to fit the girls rather than rings, so far so good. I then started to dig into how we could go about this. I was told that only the WAC or the school could purchase any awards for student athletes, and that any funds raised should be given to the UH Foundation, ok so I contacted Lorraine Leslie at KoaAnuinui and she said yes that they would help in getting the awards.

    So then I sent her a message telling her that I had gotten a price from a local jeweler for 22 bracelets with “2007 WAC CHAMPIONS” engraved on the outside, for 99.00 each. She then informed me that the girls thought that was what they wanted but also would like to have each bracelet engraved on the inside with their name and number, so I went back and got another price for that, an additional 5.00 each, still not to bad. So then I sent an email to Lorraine asking for a list of players names, numbers and wrist size ( I used the largest size for the original price quote).

    Well I waited an waited an waited still no list. In the mean time I started to ask for donations and you guys came through like gangbusters, sending the donations to A-House (BTW thanks again to A-House for his help) in the mean time I was still waiting and waiting for the list. Well then I got frustrated and sent an email to our new AD (I know he has more important things going on right now, but I was desperate) since then A-House gave all of the donations to Lorraine and I gave her the contact number of the local jeweler so that she could get a quote from them.

    So as of now it is all in the hands of Lorraine and the UH Foundation to see that these girls get the award that they so deserve. I just hope they don’t screw it up, also get them to the girls before they are all grandmothers.

    Once again I thank each an every one of you for you help and support.



  408. Pomai:

    Thanks ralvic I learned from you, I wrote the long message in word then cut an pasted in the comment box, shazam no problem.

  409. HiFlyer:

    Pomai, Thanks for the update. I saw A-House comment earlier and thought that was what he meant. Like you mention, hope they can get it to them before they all graduate. Also hope that they can have some type of award ceremony for them like they did for the FB team.

  410. Kekoa:

    Esme ~ I saw your post #313, and I must ask you. Does the phrase "Murder most Foul" mean anything to you? veywe-veywe careful when choosing your Matriarch. As the law enforcement folks say, "we have a person of interest being held for questioning."

  411. Kekoa:

    April Fool! - (so close to your born day).

    G'night Tsaiko Citizens!

    Somebody get the lights....

  412. J:

    Lights? It's almost morning...

  413. las vegas:

    Cheeze, lets hope that Lorraine Leslie at KoaAnuinui is not all lukewarm air like Hermie was.
    Lotta time has passed since Pomai started raising funds.

  414. lab rat:

    Cool they finally put a link to the Warrior Beat on the Main page.

  415. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos.

    Lab rat

    I don't know what you meant by putting a link to Warrior Beat on the Main Page. I typed Warriorbeat in the Google box and it took me to the old spot. to get here I gotta go but thats not a problem anymore though, cuz like da lab rat i got trained. hee hee i still not sure why we doing all this. maybe my training is a 50 step process. i gotta keep getting trained until i see da light.

    anyway today is a great day because tonight i fly honolulu and tomorrow am i see for myself da boyz, maybe i get to see a few KATOOOSHH hea an dayas.

    Stacey wrote a good article in this morning's HA; her name not on ST's list of up and comers. maybe she's an ole futtt
    like me. NOT.

    ... :wicked: :wink: 8-)


  416. bighilofan2:


  417. brew808:

    bighilofan2 -

    Stacy Kaneshiro is kane. He is the regular HA baseball beat writer and also covers local sports. Just thought you'd might want to know.

    Have a safe trip to Hnl and lots of fun at Practice!

    BTW - • :DGood Morning ST & Tsaikos and Warrior Nation!!!:D

  418. brew808:

    Well - I was hanging around hoping for some news, a report, a new post from ST - maybe from SoCal and the UH Pro-Day. I thought he and Princess were to travel there - hope they got there safely. Wasn't there going to be a LoCal Call down there for lunch today?

    See ya laters. Oh - Watch-out as today is April Fools Day! - a special day for fools like me.... :twisted:

  419. Loa:

    morning brew - for some reason i cannot see your post in firefox even after refreshing. looking forward to video and reports from pro day too.

  420. Kekoa:

    G'day Brew, Loa & BH2 ~

    Top of the Tuesday to ya one and all!...Warning to BH2...I just dropped the wife off at the airport to fly (HAL) to Hilo. Secure the city, lock down conditions all around, and exercise extreme caution upon approach, as she is on a shopping mission for arts and craft during this Merrie Monarch week.

  421. wafan:

    Well, things are looking the same old same old around here.

    See the timer is still on as evidenced by several comments about thoughts being wiped clean before being sent.

    Strange last night how the blog refreshed itself while reading. Threw me all the way back to the beginning of the article. Kind of irritating since I had to find the point from where I so rudely yanked.

    Looking forward to reports from the "senior" staffers at UH's Pro-Day!!!

    How did the first day of Spring workouts go?

  422. wafan:

    Shucks. Completely forgot.

    Gooooooooooooood Mooooooooooooorning Tsai-kooooooooos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  423. Kekoa:

    Mornin' wafan ~ I caught vid clips of the practice on KHON and KGMB. One comment from Funaki was how he was trained and then allowed to make some defense moves on the O-linemen for the first time ever. Hey a little light contact drill for the QB's are a good thing! Makes them appreciate the protection they get from the big guys up front.

  424. Loa:

    morning Kekoa and wafan!

    Kekoa - glad to hear about your pops! he must've enjoyed the fish

    wafan - did you get a chance to watch princess leila's video? looks like the boys are having a blast. i watched the news last night and they all seem re-energized. some of the players commented about how it was more laid back last year, funaki commented on the amount of footwork drills the qb's did yesterday and lwj mentioned their rb coach (sorry forgot the name) getting after them for walking. maybe chawan will post the news on youtube later.

  425. wafan:

    Kekoa . . .

    Is Dad out today or tomorrow? That is so exciting! Lots of positive thoughts from this blog – so powerful!!! Help me remember -- was it not a year or so ago someone said we are cowards who hide behind anonymity? Perhaps even implying we really do not exist? HA!

    I think he no longer exists. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  426. Kekoa:

    Loa ~ Pops was in his own world after he tasted the O'io and chased it with the first spoonful of Poi. We had one really good fun Popolo nurse in the room who watched in awe at how he "Kanack-attacked" the grindz. We teased her about her hometown of Gainesville, FL. and how the Warriors were going to wrestle those gators into submission and trow 'em in da imu! Kalua Gator...mmm! Make um come real miko.

  427. wafan:

    Loa . . .

    Yes, I just did. The guys look excited and eager to get back in the game. Looks good!

    I guess the "looseness" with Jones is from his treatment of players as pro's? All nice if they remember to act and behave like pro's. But, they are college kids and are bound to make a few errors. That is to be expected.

  428. Kekoa:

    wafan ~ Just got back from dropping off the wife at Hnl airport, then after the traffic, it's back up to Tripler for dad's Urologist visit to take care of a little plumbing problem. If he clears that hurdle they will release him today. If not, they will keep him one more day just to be safe. Main thing is, his spirit is renewed, and he is ready to join the Tsaiko's main prison population again. He ordered Bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, and they approved it.

    He was excited that I brought his street clothes last night. I told the nurse to keep an extra eye on him after midnite. He might skip out without paying the bill! LOL...

  429. wafan:

    Kekoa . . .

    Very good news. Indeed!

    Dod could be back blogging as soon as this afternoon. Whoo-hoo! One of these days I will have the great pleasure of meeting you and Dad. I look forward to that day.

  430. wafan:

    Kekoa . . .

    About him sneaking out. HA! Watch out the nurses do not tackle him and pull the stitches.

    Of course, if he was intent on leaving there would nothing that could stop him. Keep the car engine running.

  431. Loa:

    Kekoa - O'io eh, ho broke da mouth, no match for my oatmeal and fruit, wish i had some O'io fishcakes. tell pops take it easy, better to stay one more day to make sure, at least he get to eat good breakfast and hassle the gator nurse some more.

    wafan - can feel the excitement in the air, i hope to get to a few practices and meet the rest of the gang. will be nice to put some faces to the names.

  432. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    Thanks to Pomai for spearheading the drive to get the girls recognition. Make sure that continued pressure is applied to Koa Anuenue to ensure that the funds are used and the girls get what they want. I would hate to see the money be used elsewhere.

    BTW - from what I understand, the moeny for the Football teams rings originates from the Athletic Department. Why can't the Athletic Department do the same for all teams who win a WAC Championship??

  433. Stretch:

    i am sure you guys already knew it but

    moeny = money

  434. Barry Markowitz:

    Garrett, So re: your Fortune Cookie Chronicles. I did a term paper w/photos called "9th Street Chinatown, A Fading Dream" back in 1972 for my UCLA Cultural Geography class. One of the key figures I interviewed was Hong Kong Noodle Company's owner, a USC grad, who told me his family invented the fortune cookie. So your links were brought me back 36 years. That was a very interesting neighborhood, a transition between LA's original Chinatown (near Union Station) and the current well known Chinatown. I wish I owned the beautiful cabinetry at the old herb shop there.

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