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DeMello gets talk show

April 30th, 2008

One of Hawai‘i's rising talents, KITV's Rob DeMello, is being promoted to co-host of KUMU 1500 AM's morning show on Tuesdays and Thursdays, general manager John Aeto said.

DeMello, who also is a sports reporter/weekend anchor at KITV, will be paired with Russell Yamanoha.

DeMello replaces Bob Hogue, who will remain with the station as a roving host. Hogue has been busy as the Pac West Conference's commissioner.

Aeto praised DeMello's work ethic, enthusiasm and creativity. DeMello has worked the past year as producer of the Leahey & Leahey radio show.

Aeto said DeMello is a "new generation" sportscaster who grew up in the age of sports-talk radio.

"We wanted to give him his shot," Aeto said. "He prepares as hard as anybody we have on staff."

* * *

With a week and a half left of instruction, the Warriors have been given the rest of the semester off to concentrate solely on school work.

The offseason conditioning program will not resume until May 27, the first day of Summer Session I.

Ex-Warriors need to pave the way

April 29th, 2008

Living well is the best revenge?
Oh, please.
I used to be with Seinfeld on that one.
One of my female friends once sent her cheatin' ex a box of manure.
A long time ago, another friend found out her boyfriend had another girlfriend. She canceled two of his classes.
And that Hollywood actor who once stole my pail when we were kids in New York? Sorry your last movie bombed.
But when it comes to the spurned UH football players, maybe living well is the way to go. Face it, the NFL was in no rush to draft a UH quarterback. (Before Colt Brennan, the last one was Larry Arnold, in 1969.) And the League wasn't too keen on UH's prolific receivers.
The NFL is made up of 'fraidy fat cats who are too scared to pick football skills over "measurables."
The Warriors' ball-handling players will never get respect until their alumni do well at the proverbial next level. If Ashley Lelie were an All-Pro player now, then Jason Rivers is a middle-round draft pick. If Chad Owens could do what we all know he can do, then Davone Bess is taken in the third round. And if Tim Chang made it, then Brennan would be test driving an Escalade today.
This year's group of free agents needs to give NFL scouts a reason not to be afraid. That will help future pro prospects from UH.

* * *

Many of you had an opportunity to meet chancellor Virginia Hinshaw at Saturday's function. She's a great woman who shares your passion for all things related to UH football.
Sadly, her father, Louis Snyder, passed away Monday night.
I'm sure we all offer our condolences at this time.

The price of loyalty/Noa to the J-E-T-S

April 28th, 2008

Colt Brennan’s 2007 season was memorable. His team had an unbeaten regular season. He finished third in the 2007 Heisman voting. He earned a bachelor’s degree.
It also was costly.
Brennan’s decision to remain at UH probably will cost him a total of about $1,378,500 over a three-year period.
Let’s say he left UH after 2006, when he had the best statistical season by a quarterback in NCAA history. He was projected to be picked in the first round of the 2007 draft.
To be conservative, let’s assume he would have been picked by the Miami Dolphins in the second round, the spot that went to BYU’s John Beck. Beck received guaranteed bonuses of $1,523,500 — a signing bonus of $400,000 and an option bonus of $1,123,500. (The option bonus is a way to ease Beck's salary-cap numbers for the 2007 season. When the option bonus goes into effect in 2008, it will be added to the signing bonus, then spread out over the course of this contract. If he had been cut in 2007, the option bonus would be moved up a year and added to the signing bonus.)
Beck also was slotted into this scale for base salary: $285,000 for 2007, $370,000 for 2008, $460,000 for 2009. If he played all three seasons, he would be guaranteed $2,638,500.
Brennan was the 186th pick of the 2008 draft. Last year’s No. 186, running back Thomas Clayton, received a signing bonus of $96,500 last season. With revenues and the salary cap up, Brennan should command a signing bonus of about $105,000.
The base minimum also increased for those entering the league this season. A 2008 rookie will receive $295,000 in 2008, $385,000 in 2009 and $475,000 in 2010. Add the signing bonus to the minimum salaries, and Brennan is guaranteed, if he remains healthy and on the roster, $1.26 million.
So, folks, you'd better appreciate that Colt Brennan autographed football your auntie got for you last year.

* * *

Defensive end Karl Noa is heading to the J-E-T-S' rookie camp this weekend.
If things work out, he will be offered a free-agent contract.
"Oh, man, I'm looking forward to the opportunity," he said. "I'm glad I have a chance to do something."

* * *

From loyal reader Bill Aldenderfer of Kailua:
"Am I the only one who remembers that Colt Brennan won the Sammy Baugh award in 2006? Sammy is the most famous Redskin of all time, and still holds several NFL passing and punting records."

* * *

Shannon Wood reports that committees for the Senate and House met last week and came up with their joint proposal for the capital-improvement budget for UH's Lower Campus. The full vote could come as early as tomorrow. Here's the final proposal:
• Cooke Field.
Design — $500,000
Construction — &725,000
Total — $1,225,000
• Women's locker room (in compliance with IX regulations)
Total — $2,595,000
• Murakami Stadium training room
Total — $386,0000

* * *

Another reader reports that the previous AD guaranteed that Big East officials would be brought in to work the UH-Cincinnati game.
Where's the trust?

* * *

Whoops. I inadvertently forgot to thank SteveM, Roger Reeves, Scott Chan, Lois Manin, Derek Inouchi and Wendy deLaura for their help with Saturday's blog gathering. And, again, special thanks to our guests Virginia Hinshaw, Greg McMackin, Jim Donovan, Vili the Warrior, Mel deLaura, Robert Kekaula, Kanoa Leahey, Rob DeMello and the lovely Fay Wai.

Colt to Redskins, FA deals for four other Warriors

April 27th, 2008

Mr. Brennan is going to Washington.

The Redskins selected Colt Brennan in the sixth round, with the 186th pick overall. He's the second UH player drafted specifically as a quarterback.

"This is a great situation for me," Brennan said. "I'm going to a great organization."

Brennan spent the day at a beach house his sister rented on Balboa Island. About 20 family members and friends came over. The Hawaiian flag was raised.

Brennan said he was admittedly "bummed" as quarterback after quarterback was selected. But then he received a call, asking if he would be willing to move to Washington.

Brennan said he will leave Thursday for Washington D.C. He said he will request to remain there to complete his rehabilitation. Three weeks ago, he underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a small tear of the labrum in his right hip. He said he is pain-free, and expects to be fully healed before the start of training camp.

Here's the full story:

* * *

Davone Bess said he agreed to a two-year, free-agent contract with the Miami Dolphins. He said he reports to the Dolphins on Thursday.

Bess said he is not discouraged about going the free-agent route.

"I've jumped over 100 hurdles my whole life," he said. "What's one more?"

He also has no regrets about deciding to relinquish his senior season to apply for the NFL draft.

"No regrets at all," he said. "One year wouldn't have made a difference."

* * *

And Jason Rivers has agreed to a free-agent contract with the Tennessee Titans. Rivers also leaves Thursday.

As for not being drafted, Rivers said: "Everything in my life has been hard. I've had to work for it. This is no different. It's kind of silly to think it would be given to me, handed on a silver platter. Even if I were drafted, I'd still have to work for it. This is kind of humbling, and it puts things in perspective."

* * *

Ryan Grice-Mullins said he has agreed to terms with the Houston Texans.

And Hercules Satele is going to sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

* * *

Thanks again to the 75 or so readers who stopped by our blog gathering yesterday.

Special thanks to our guests Greg McMackin, who gave an update on the team; Virginia Hinshaw; Jim Donovan; Colt Brennan (via telephone), and media celebrities Robert Kekaula, Kanoa Leahey and Rob DeMello.

We're honored and humbled by your presence.

Game day

April 26th, 2008

The Black team took a 17-7 lead at the half of the Warrior Bowl.

Inoke Funaki threw scoring passes of 27 yards to Malcolm Lane and, with 3 seconds remaining in the first half, 6 yards to Daniel Lofton.

Green's  Tyler Graunke threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to Michael Washington.

* * *

If you're attending today's Warrior Bowl, keep an eye on:

• Defensive end Elliott Purcell of the Black team. John Fonoti and David Veikune are clearly the Warriors' best pass-rushing defensive ends, but Purcell has the first-step quickness — "explosiveness," in football vernacular — to earn a place in the rotation.

• Left tackles Ray Hisatake and Aaron Kia. Last year's left tackle, Keith AhSoon, moved to left guard, where he's expected to remain. Hisatake and Kia, both of whom will be fourth-year juniors in the fall, are tall with long reaches. With the quarterbacks receiving snaps from under center this season, a good back-side blocker is essential.

• The Green team's offense. Nick Rolovich, the new quarterback coach, is calling the Green's plays. It will be interesting to see what the former Warrior quarterback has concocted.