Game day

April 26th, 2008

The Black team took a 17-7 lead at the half of the Warrior Bowl.

Inoke Funaki threw scoring passes of 27 yards to Malcolm Lane and, with 3 seconds remaining in the first half, 6 yards to Daniel Lofton.

Green's  Tyler Graunke threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to Michael Washington.

* * *

If you're attending today's Warrior Bowl, keep an eye on:

• Defensive end Elliott Purcell of the Black team. John Fonoti and David Veikune are clearly the Warriors' best pass-rushing defensive ends, but Purcell has the first-step quickness — "explosiveness," in football vernacular — to earn a place in the rotation.

• Left tackles Ray Hisatake and Aaron Kia. Last year's left tackle, Keith AhSoon, moved to left guard, where he's expected to remain. Hisatake and Kia, both of whom will be fourth-year juniors in the fall, are tall with long reaches. With the quarterbacks receiving snaps from under center this season, a good back-side blocker is essential.

• The Green team's offense. Nick Rolovich, the new quarterback coach, is calling the Green's plays. It will be interesting to see what the former Warrior quarterback has concocted.

302 Responses to “Game day”

  1. Stephen Tsai:

    The J-E-T-S are on the clock.
    I'm getting that queasy feeling.

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    I see Vernon Gholston in the Green room. Say, don't the J-E-T-S wear green?

  3. Stephen Tsai:


  4. Stephen Tsai:

    Jets! Jets! Jets!

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    Oh, by the way: First!

  6. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:


  7. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Stephen- how come on a slow blog day the SERVER is slow????? Gives blue screen of death a new meaning!

  8. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    whoops Saints pick, they traded with the Pats who traded with the 49ers.

  9. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Saints take Sedrick Ellis
    Jags next

  10. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  11. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  12. gigi-hawaii ©:


  13. Bulla:

    can we play also?

  14. gigi-hawaii ©:

    what's your sign, bulla? you know how to make one?

  15. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:


  16. gigi-hawaii ©:

    DPK, all I know is, DPK you better show up at the Tsaiko touch football practice today at Richardson. I designated you as my sub on special teams.

  17. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    bulla should be the lightbulb one...

  18. d1shima [sez:]:

    I think Rashard Mendenhall is gonna be more successful than McFadden.

  19. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Jax takes Derrick Harvey-in a lateral move across the state.

    Bengals next.

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Those ESPN guys, particularly "The Hair" disgust me. They've succesfully marginalized the best passer in college football history, and now they are ranting and raving over QBs who were destroyed by Colt in a head to head throwing accuracy contest! :evil:

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    I have no clue why the site is so junk.
    All I can say is I'm really sorry the site is junk.
    But every complaint that I hear, I forward (although this is a weekend, and managers are hard to find).
    So keep the complaints coming.

  22. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I can't sub for you gigi, my muu muu is in the wash. :(

  23. Stephen Tsai:

    I like the other Arkansas running back.

  24. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    I cannot watch dat stuff.Just looking at the NFL website in silence.

    Keith Rivers to Cinci

  25. d1shima [sez:]:

    Well, I'd like to be in charge of crowd control at the Bengals' draft party!

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    All I know is, if UH's system is so junk, why did Chris Mortensen's son take an unofficial visit? And whatever happened to Alex Mortensen?

  27. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    STEPHEN- perhaps the techies are tweaking on what should be a slow day.
    One can only hope. Last 3 refreshes were peppier.

  28. d1shima [sez:]:

    Ooh Ooh!

    Wet muumuu contest!

  29. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Pats next

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I found Alex Mortensen. He's going to be a fifth-year senior at Samford.

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Ask "The Hair " that the next time you see him. Even my wife is gettin' pissed off watching the butt sniffing by the analysts.

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    10:12 a.m.
    Uh, sure.

  33. gigi-hawaii ©:

    hey d1, no porget the football! the most important item on the da list.

    DPK, so put the wet muu in the dryer! so seemple.

  34. gigi-hawaii ©:

    ST, am I the only one here who LIKES the new site? I think it's way cool.

  35. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Stephen- I am a Homey- er Homer... Pollyanna... Optimist...

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    There was a guy named Joel Buschbaum who used to have a draft analysis service.
    He knew stats, 40-yard times, etc.
    After he died, friends found one of the bathtubs in his house was filled with football books and stats. That's how much stuff he collected. One problem: He didn't attend college games in person.

  37. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    gigi- the best thing about this site is that it is not broken by long urls.

  38. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Jerod Mayo to the Pats
    Bills next

  39. d1shima [sez:]:

    That's what I mean, what would McFadden be w/o Felix Jones?
    Maybe that's what the Raiders want from him - committee member at RB.

    I just think they will come to rue the day (twice per year) when Dorsey stuffs their run game.

  40. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Yes Liz, and you are "peppier" too. Ya see that D1? Yet ANOTHER new word coined right here on da WB. Somebody needs to call the Webster's dictionary folks.

  41. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Leodis McKelvin to the Bills

    49ers next

  42. gigi-hawaii ©:

    peppier is not a new word, DPK. I've used it before.

  43. d1shima [sez:]:


    I no mo' Nerf Football!

  44. Koauka:


    Go to You and the Mrs. can watch the draft on line. And no need watch
    the Hairstyle Doofus.

    Think 3rd round. I believe!

  45. gigi-hawaii ©:

    But THIS is a new word -- ROOMBA-ing. I am presently roomba-ing the family room with my Roomba.

  46. Ronnie:

    Am I the only one hoping that the BC QB went later than 8th overall?

    I'm with Liz. I'm just refreshing the nfl site so I don't have to listen to ESPN...

  47. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    uh- apologies to the T-gaters... da coconut manju has disappeared.

  48. d1shima [sez:]:


    I retreat to my functional illiterate argument.

  49. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Didn't Homey mention he owns a football?

  50. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Clady to the Broncos- Yay WAC!!!

  51. d1shima [sez:]:


    If you hustle, can still make a r/t to Kaua'i for more. (maybe get more selection today!)

  52. Koauka:

    #12 - Denver picks OT Ryan Clady from Boise State. Hmmm?

  53. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Liz, did you eat the coconut manju? shame shame.

  54. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    hi ronnie!!!

  55. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Like I said on the last post, our resident psychic says Bengals round 3. We don't know why he is saying that, but like you, we believe...

  56. Ronnie:

    So, if anyone wants to film Coach Mack talking to the Tsaikos at the stadium, I would be willing to accept that video text message (hint, hint) :wink:

  57. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    gigi-no- I don't eat too many sweets. I like salty stuff. hoo - bacon.

    Jonathan Stewart to Carolina

  58. Ronnie:

    Hi Liz!

  59. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    We're only allowed to coin one new word a day here. It wouldn't be fair to the other word coiners. Oops, I just coined another new word. Too many word "coiners" around here. :lol:

  60. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Pick Team Player Pos Ht Wt College
    [+] 1 (1) Miami Dolphins Long, Jake OT 6'7" 315 Michigan

    [+] 2 (2) St. Louis Rams Long, Chris DE 6'4" 275 Virginia

    [+] 3 (3) Atlanta Falcons Ryan, Matt QB 6'5" 224 Boston College

    [+] 4 (4) Oakland Raiders McFadden, Darren RB 6'2" 210 Arkansas

    [+] 5 (5) Kansas City Chiefs Dorsey, Glenn DT 6'2" 316 LSU

    [+] 6 (6) New York Jets Gholston, Vernon DE 6'4" 258 Ohio State

    [+] 7 (7) New Orleans Saints (From 49ers through Patriots) Ellis, Sedrick DT 6'1" 305 Southern Cal

    [+] 8 (8) Jacksonville Jaguars (From Ravens) Harvey, Derrick DE 6'5" 252 Florida

    [+] 9 (9) Cincinnati Bengals Rivers, Keith LB 6'3" 235 Southern Cal

    [+] 10 (10) New England Patriots (from Saints) Mayo, Jerod OLB 6'1" 242 Tennessee

    [+] 11 (11) Buffalo Bills McKelvin, Leodis CB 5'11" 190 Troy

    12 (12) Denver Broncos Clady, Ryan OT 6'6" 316 Boise State

    13 (13) Carolina Panthers Stewart, Jonathan RB 5'11" 235 Oregon

    14 (14) Chicago Bears

  61. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    gotta do some work for my boss.. cu laterz!

  62. WarriorMojo:

    Al, funny coincidence but I'm a Raider fan too from small kid time. I really wanted the Raiders to get Chris Long, but the Rams ruined that plan, just like the time they jumped us to steal Orlando Pace and we ended up with Derrick Russell. Starting to HATE the rams, big time.

  63. WarriorMojo:

    So, do we have any more insight on what time the gate will open for the Mack tour? If Esme and Jason are confused, then I must be too.

  64. d1shima [sez:]:

    Howzit Mojo,

    I'm thinkin' that we going in on the bottom floor next to the box office instead of the gates.
    That's where there's a guard desk.

    Stephen, you around to clarify? Nothing worse than a gaggle of confused Tsaikos.

  65. d1shima [sez:]:

    Plus dat way not so tantaran, eh?

  66. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Maybe our fearless leader will repost the hospitality room info above. That would simplify things a lot.

  67. d1shima [sez:]:


    get the info on SteveM's site. It's kinda ambiguous, so need clarification

  68. d1shima [sez:]:


    I no get it.

    No can get PT at Pitt. Plays IAA (strength of sched) and goes in Rd 1???

  69. Ronnie:

    d1shima - but he's got such a strong arm...

  70. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    yeah- and he's tall

  71. Ronnie:

    And he's teachable. And after all, NFL coaches want someone they can teach. (that's what I heard during the combine anyway)...

  72. d1shima [sez:]:

    You two are scaring me. :shock:

  73. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    And Colt SMOKED him in the accuracy contest! Ask the scouts what's more important. Arm strength or accuracy?

  74. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    and don't forget the espn guys said to watch the footwork, not the INC's because the inc's no count (even as the screen flashed Flacco- cons: footwork)

    hell hath no fury, eh, Ronnie???

  75. Hawaiiroller:

    Aloha kakou,

    How is everyone. Just relaxing and watching the draft, anyone else? Do you believe they were so high on that Delaware qb. I swear they could have been talking about Colt. So sick of the haters.

    Good luck to the Warriors today at Aloha and in the draft.


  76. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    d1-be afraid... be very afraid...

    It's all good.
    Except for the blue molasses...

  77. al:

    d1...isn't fargas hobbling around these days. thought i heard that one.

    mojo.......waiting for the day of the bay area brawl in a superbowl game! of course should that happen it would probably be in miami.

    d1----i thought the raiders would go after a replacement part for sapp.

  78. d1shima [sez:]:


    Wassup. Yep. Highest prediction here so far for Colt is rd 3.

    What say you?

  79. Ronnie:

    yeah, d1 - bwahahaha!

  80. Ronnie:

    It's ok, we'll see what happens in mini camp and fall camp and preseason and....

  81. addahknowjoe:


    So, who us 49ers like pick in the draft?

  82. Hawaiiroller:

    I think 3rd round is a bit of wishful thinking. Realistically I think 4-5 is more like it. Of course, I would not be upset if I'm wrong.

  83. addahknowjoe:


    Who you was talking with last night? The Kamakahi's?

  84. d1shima [sez:]:


    Bay Brawl in Miami? 2010 is next time SB is in Miami.

    They both better get busy!

    Colt to the Niners!

  85. al:

    okay, big time bummers.

    first, i missed the karaoke call. even after i hummed in the shower for weeks.

    yesterday, i missed my hot lunch date from airport delays.

    today, i'll have to (sob, sob) miss the tailgater and spring fling. family situations take precedence.

  86. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    a-joe- db

  87. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    al- hope it is not a baaad thing, as opposed to a family good thing. Will miss you again.

  88. d1shima [sez:]:


    Is it me? I can shower. Brush teeth. Borrow homey's Times bag.


    Hope everything is OK.
    We'll miss you; no mind da ringing ears this afternoon though. ;-)

  89. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Al - wedding or funeral?

  90. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    gigi - no forget hospital or huhu boss

  91. WarriorMojo:

    Woah, hope nothing major, Al. I know what you mean about missing events lately. Between the Lankford trial and then having to go to Seattle for work, I've missed a ton of stuff. Like D1 singing ToP at the CC. Would have liked to see that one.

    And for the first time I wasn't able to keep up with the blog, although that was partly due to difficulties in finding where it went and then, once found, getting it to actually work. Anyway, it's good now... just in time for spring ball to be over.

    D1, makes sense what you said about entering by the ticket office. That's where the players leave after the games. But clarification would be nice.

    Ronnie, Liz: I rather listen to you guys than Kiper and Co., anyday. Now that would be a good show.

  92. al:

    pets are family, too.

    okay, my female lab is hapai. i may have miscalculated the conception, therefore, she may be due next weekend, per the doc this morning. he thinks she is further along.

    so, i need to go get a whelping box ready this weekend because i will be away during the week.

    d1, not you brah. hahaha.

  93. d1shima [sez:]:


    Why does that word suddenly enter my mind?

  94. brew808:


    Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC would have been a perfect replacement for retired All-Pro Bryant Young. The Saint selected him #7 (via Pats). That would have been the Niners pick. Rats!

    Right side OT is a need (along with almost every position), but there's a run on OT's. Talk is either OLB - Quentin Groves from Auburn, or ILB Dan Conner, PSU. Another ILB is Curtis Lofton from OU - but should be available later. Hope they don't reach for WR (especially DeSean Jackson from Cal). IMHO

    Hi A-sports, and other the other Tsaiko 'ohana! :shock:

  95. d1shima [sez:]:



    Wat color lab you get?

    (As if Mrs.d1shima would even entetain the thought)

  96. d1shima [sez:]:

    Chris Johnson.

    Ask Foise about him.

  97. Jason:

    Ahh! Baking brownies, watching NFL Draft coverage on ESPN. This is a great day.

    Time to start grading some of these picks. As we're hitting the 20s, we're starting to see some serious reaches. Not bad picks, but teams are reaching.

  98. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    So al, the bitch is pregnant huh? (sorry, it's the ONLY time I can say that and be PC) Congrats!

  99. gigi-hawaii ©:

    uh oh, it has started to rain in the stadium area. Too bad. No melt, eh?

  100. brew808:

    Who let the pups out - woof... woof... woof, woof, woof!

  101. gigi-hawaii ©:

    now it's really pouring. Hope our roof doesn't leak again!

  102. Jason:

    Oh yeah, the 49ers. If Quentin Groves is available still, then that's a decent pick. I was hoping the OT from BC would drop, but he got snatched up early. A name I haven't heard but I'd like to see is Kenny Phillips from Miami. We need serious help at safety. A lot of people are thinking defensive end, but I think there's some good depth there. And unlike brew808, I like DeSean Jackson. Yes, he's not big enough, but he's electrifying. Devin Thomas has great potential, too. Not the biggest fan of Malcolm Kelly, and I'm a little bit hesitant on Limas Sweed.

    Some have even said Duane Brown out of VaTech. I haven't watched any film on him, though, so I can't say anything.

  103. Hawaiiroller:


    You don't like Jackson. I saw him a few times and thought he was a lock at the next level.

  104. Jason:

    Er, not raining here in Salt Lake yet.

  105. gigi-hawaii ©:

    touch football in da mud. way to go!

  106. brew808:

    Too many other needs, combined with decent WR available later. Defense! Defense! OL! Defense!!! Note: OL - no OL, no time - no matter who the WR and QB are....

  107. Jason:

    Er, there goes Duane Brown.

  108. Hawaiiroller:

    Ah, great point Brew. :)

  109. Addahknowsports:

    Good Afternoon Tsaikos!

    Hiya Brew-

    Been a busy, busy week. I'm getting ready for today's T-gate. And tomorrow's a freeeeee daaaaaaay, yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaw........I mean woof woof woof.

    See all you Tsaikos latas today (sniff, sniff, even for a short time). But going to make the most of it. By the way, Bulla you can put your watercress away for today. I'm making a tossed salad to balance out the MEAT....woof woof woof.

  110. Jason:

    No offensive linemen worth taking at this time, though. I was hoping Sam Baker would still be around.

    Even though we have so many needs, I think the value of the WRs available might be too big to pass up on them. Devin Thomas still available? That would be a steal. There are some good defensive linemen still available as well. Merling, Harvey. And again, I like Phillips.

  111. brew808:


    IMHO - you know what else "balance(s) out the MEAT"? MORE MEAT!, oh and some liquid refreshment too! :lol:

    H-roller, Jason - hey, I think DeSean Jackson is a spectacular player. I think he'll succeed in the NFL - for a few years. But it's like going for the Ninja motorcycle, or the Lotus, when you have a family and need the mini-van and/or truck to haul family junk, and gardening/home-improvement junk around....

    Go Niners!!!

  112. brew808:

    Okay - Kentwan Balmer, DT, UNC - good safe selection. Again - fills need w/ BY retiring.... LB available later, #2?.... :D

  113. Stretch:

    Got home and had just enough time to read the blog, watch a few picks for the Draft, pack up the rice. Now to head out to the Tsaikogate!!

  114. d1shima [sez:]:


    Beer run.

    Next stop....


  115. Koauka:

    Sorry folks, a little rain around Aloha Stadium

  116. brew808:

    Rain. Bummers! I know a little rain won't bother Ronnie! :lol:

    Hey - isn't this Tom Mui's b-day? If so, Happy Birthday Tom!!! :)

    BTW - belated birthday wishes to Coach Mack and Ronnie's Dad! (Ronnie - I hope your dad got his fill of cracked seed, boiled peanuts, and all the other goodies he enjoys!)

  117. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    ok. I gotta pack up too. I'll leave my raincoat out of the bag...
    I hope xs-homey is bringing something I can drink...


    cu laters on treo...

  118. Jason:

    Hmm. Kentwan Balmer. Not a bad pick, but I'm not ecstatic about it. He's a bit of a 3-4 tweener — is he big enough to play NT? Or is he too big to play DE? If they want him at NT, then they are pretty much giving up on Aubrayo Franklin, Isa‘ako Sopoaga, and Ronald Fields. If they want him at DE, I still think Merling was a better value.

    That's the thing I wanted the 49ers to look at — value. With a pick not far ahead in the 2nd round, you can ignore pressing need a little bit and go for a guy that's still available that can help a lot. Devin Thomas was that guy, IMO. He's a guy that I graded as a solid mid-1st, and for him to still be available is crazy.

    And there went Kenny Phillips. Dang, I was hoping he could drop to us in the 2nd. He is a solid safety, and the 49ers need a good one in the backfield. The Giants got a steal. Well, maybe the I-AA kid will still be available, I heard good things about him. Mark Roman is not the answer at FS.

  119. brew808:

    Gatorade... or HAWAIIAN PUNCH!!!

  120. Jason:

    Rather, Arkansas State is not I-AA. Tyrell Johnson is the guy's name.

  121. brew808:

    Jason - many of the "experts" didn't have any WR's as 1st rounders. Looks like all the NFL teams agree. Merling would have been good, but 'phin just took him. Lots of good players stilll - and the Niners need LOTS of help!

  122. Jason:

    This will be a nice trivia question: Who was the first WR drafted in the 2008 NFL Draft? Donnie Avery? Talk about major REACH. Not saying he can't be a good one, but he would've been available in the 3rd.

  123. brew808:

    Here go the WR's....

  124. Jason:

    I had two first round receivers — Thomas and Jackson. I still can't believe Thomas lasted so long. The one-year wonder thing didn't bother me, he wasn't given a good chance under John L. Smith.

  125. brew808:

    Hey, if the Niners want a WR w/ their #2 - lots of good choices available including Mr. DeSean Jackson from Cal, James Hardy (Indiana), Malcolm Kelly (OU), Limas Sweed - UT, or ... Linebacker!

  126. Jason:

    I like LB here. I'm not the biggest Dan Connor fan, but I like Quentin Groves. Or DeSean Jackson or Limas Sweed.

  127. chawan_cut:

    its hot today. well humid.

    stay cool out there at the tailgate party!

  128. brew808:

    BTW - I wouldn't touch Manningham from Mich! Lofton is gone. Groves - he helps w/ the speed/outside rush.

  129. Kekoa:

    Riding herd on the Turkey tails as I head 'em up and move them onto the H-1 East to the Stadium.

    My trail boss is late coming back from her "Mad Hatter's" gathering today. I can't leave Pops by himself until my lady comes back. This is not a good thing. I'm soooo tempted to snack on dem tails while I'm waiting!

    Back up at post #91, I 2nd the motion of a fb analyist show featuring Liz and Ronnie. If ESPN really understood how akamai these 2 women are when it comes to accurate reporting of all facets of the game, they would fire every single person they have in the booth now. us out, talk to the FOX sports network people about a possible scoop. Have them do a cut away 5 minute spot featuring L & R in between their talking heads, to get the perspective of the wave of women who really do understand the complexities of fb today.

    Meanwhile, DPK, I do have an oxygen tank/with mask that I can bring for you. Honestly, I do! Be happy to provide you with a portable unit if it'll help.

  130. Jason:

    Kekoa: I don't get a TV show? I've been doing this for ten years.

    brew808: I wouldn't touch Manningham either.

    Alright, let the 49ers pick, and then I gotta go to the tailgate.

  131. brew808:

    Kekoa - I like Liz, but my choice to host the football show would be Ronnie and Midori7! :lol:

  132. Kekoa:

    Hi Ronnie!...I makin' da pitch for you. Hope you don't mind, but clearly, you're the Mamm's!

  133. Jason:

    Eh, how did I miss the fact that Derrick Harvey was already taken? I thought something was weird... :-D

  134. brew808:

    Scratch brownies? How many have you "tasted" already Jason? :shock:

    Chilo Rachal, G, USC - another "need" filled. LOT's of holes to fill....

  135. Jason:

    Well, the 2nd best guard is a decent pick. Not a great crop of elite guards, though.

  136. Jason:

    I'm out of here, laters!

  137. brew808:

    Guess that means Larry Allen is retiring. David Baas is also hurt. Too bad Niner's love their HUGE OL - otherwise, it would be nice to see Herc get a chance.

  138. Kekoa:

    brew808 ~ Absollutely...why not all three!...

    I favor Ronnie, 'cause she held her own in a bar full of Red Neck, *know-it-all* Georgia Fans in NOLA! Midori7 can dazzle them with da A-House charm before cutting them to pieces with her random access memory of all UH Sports.

  139. brew808:

    ... and Liz.....???

  140. Kekoa:

    Brew ~ To know Liz., is to love the awesome range of knowledge she bubbles over with in knowing the players on a deep personal level. Besides, she can out sing all of 'em!

  141. brew808:

    k - How come you didn't select Esme? Oh - probably cause she'd want to pick a fight with any/everyone that had differing point of view.... :lol:

  142. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks for the offer, but I would have to stay on that thing all day and night. Just 5 mins on my lanai and I am coughing. I have a headache from the vog already, and I'm not even outside. This sucks, I was really looking forward to being there. You guys have fun for me, okay? Liz, we'll need updates from the game as well.. Thanks.

  143. Kekoa:

    Esme is like trying to catch lightning im a jar. She's quick like a swift, in and out of the Tsaiko playhouse like one real busy bee!

    Her segment would be like "Where's Esme?" She would be the one standing in line waiting her turn for autographs rather than using her press credentials.

  144. Stephen Tsai:

    Just back from Camelia's.
    Where was everyone?

  145. brew808:

    DPK - Sorry to hear about your problems w/ the VOG. Hey - do you realize the VOG only became a problem after HF left? Maybe the big wind from Manoa blew the VOG away from HNL? Maybe, the Legislature needs to hold extra sessions to help blow the VOG away.... :shock:

  146. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Erm, Tsai, wasn't Camellia's CC on thursady?

  147. Stephen Tsai:

    Minnesota takes a 5-9 wideout with 119 career catches. Kind of sad.
    Hey, Minny passing on a QB. I'm thinking Colt Brennan going there tomorrow.

  148. Kekoa:

    Trail boss has me on hold out here on the Wesside ST. Tell the Chancellor I'll be a little late, I'm sure she'll understand.

  149. brew808:

    thought ST went on Thursday too....

  150. brew808:

    Eddie Royal, 5'10" WR from VCU went to the Broncos....

  151. LizKauai (Treo):

    In Kahala Mall w/boss and kids. I'll get there eventually. Pls save me a turkey tail. I am not eating w/ da family.
    I walked past da Apple store and smiled to myself...
    brew808 likes eye candy. I am sweet on da insai... bwahahaha!

  152. brew808:

    Kekoa - might as well take Pops to the Tsaiko-gate and have boss pick him up from there..... :D

  153. Stephen Tsai:

    Me and the wife had our own cattle call at Camelia's today.
    We're looking for a place for our PTO meeting in two weeks. We tested out a blog-friendly site.

  154. Kekoa:

    Brew ~ ST was a late to the CC on Thursday, so I'm sure he is using that same time piece today. You know the one, yep - the sun dial.

  155. brew808:


  156. Stephen Tsai:

    Well, if Grice-Mullins doesn't go in first five rounds, I guess we can say he should have stayed in school.

  157. LizKauai (Treo):

    Ukuboi had fun at the prom- as long as it was. Kids showed up drunk, got arrested, prom was cut short.
    Bummer for da seniors, he said. But he did dance this time so at least that was fun.

  158. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Dizon just got drafted.
    Teams with Alama-Francis.

  159. brew808:

    Dang! Another invite that I didn't receive..... :mrgreen:

  160. Kekoa:

    Brew ~ Wish it were that simple. His mental condition is still very fragile. It's a matter of giving his meds time to settle back into the balance. Imagine what it would be like if you were totally out of touch with reality and very confused about who you were.

  161. hoangn56:

    jordon dizon and ikaika team up in detroit!

  162. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Fox Sports has Ryan going in the seventh round to Carolina Panthers. We'll see!

  163. brew808:

    Kekoa - Take care of Pops! Please give him a (((hug))) from all his Tsaiko 'ohana!

    Jordon Dizon, #45 overall - not bad for local boy from Kauai! :D

  164. Stephen Tsai:

    If my sun dial is off, it's the Big Island's fault.
    Too much vog.
    Where the heck did the Koolau Mountain Range go?

  165. Stephen Tsai:

    Dizon is very deserving.
    It's not easy to lead the nation in tackles.

  166. LizKauai (Treo):

    Woohoo Jordon!!! Details, pls!!!

  167. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Is that why I've been coughing the past 2 hours? I feel junk and might not attend the office party tonight. Hubby's boss will be pissed off cause it cost $40+ per person.

  168. Stephen Tsai:

    This vog is horrible. Can't see the mountains.
    No trade winds.
    We're all gonna get our lungs filled with vog particles.

  169. stacyj:

    All I read was the first 5 posts and I can't help but be in a good mood...ST, you crack me up.

  170. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I finally turned on the air conditioning. Maybe that will help.

  171. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    If you have an a/c, use it. See if that helps.

  172. stacyj:

    ST, try coming to Kona. I got 2 asthmatic kids with vog in the air...cough, cough, gasp for air, cough, cough.

  173. gigi-hawaii ©:

    hey stacy, long time no see!

  174. brew808:

    stacyj - Thanks for the VOG! Nah! j/k :D

    VOG particulates is one problem. Sulfar dioxide (SO2) is the one you can't see and is juat as, if not more, dangerous! Be careful - especially if you have asthma or any other respiratory problems.

    There goes DeSean Jackson to the Eagles. Good pick for them. IMHO

  175. d1shima(tilted):

    UHfan808 wants to know y ur not at the Tsaikogate instead of Camellia's.
    She's threatening to go to the dark side.

  176. stacyj:

    Hi Gigi! After not being able to post for that initial period of frustration, I have not been able to catch up with the blogs. Since my mom is over for the weekend, I am able to at least read up today.

    I hope there is a big showing today at the game. It is nice to see people rallying behind Coach Mac and the rest of the team. It is going to be one exciting season.

  177. LizKauai (Treo):

    on the voggy road to richardson. no can see downtown either:

  178. gigi-hawaii ©:

    it's raining heavily right now in the stadium area.

  179. d1shima(tilted):

    everyone here thanks u for the weather update!



  180. gigi-hawaii ©:

    d1, comic relief!

    still coughing. should I go to the party or not? beeg decision. I gotta make up my mind by 5:30 pm. Dinner served at 6 pm.

  181. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Miami picked Chad Henne as their QB. groan.

  182. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Green Bay picked Brohm.

  183. Stephen Tsai:

    So, Brian Brohm is praised because he is really good on play-action passes.
    Gee, isn't that like saying a running back is really good on draw plays?

  184. Hawaiiroller:

    Congratulations to Dizon. I'm sure he'll make Liz and all Hawaii proud. :)

  185. d1shima(tilted):

    we all voted.
    come down and shag punts....
    btw, if u do, we'll return your TV!

  186. cavewarrior:

    I'm bummed...was really hoping Colt would get drafted as the third QB in the draft...Colt or bust!

    GO Warriors!!!

  187. gigi-hawaii ©:

    gee, thanks, d1.

  188. Hawaiiroller:

    Too many critics that continue to bash Colt. It can't help but affect his draft position. I still say, 4th or 5th round. Even though we all know he's at least the 3rd best QB this year.

  189. gigi-hawaii ©:

    It's really too bad about the Colt bashers. Fox Sports and the HA sports editor both predict he'll be drafted in the 6th round.

    All I want for him is that he go to a team with a good Oline that will protect him.

  190. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Aye carumba!!! (like Sweety would say...) The VOG is getting thicker. Phooey. Liz, any complaints down there at the stadium?

  191. gigi-hawaii ©:

    with the a/c on, it is 75 degrees inside the house. I am freezing.

  192. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I decided to attend the party. Looking forward to a nice dinner. We will keep the windows closed inside the house to keep the vog out. Then when we return, we will turn the a/c back on. There is an a/c in every room.

  193. LizKauai (Treo):

    T-gate is winding down and we are heading to the stadium. Lotsa new faces- family, friends, lurkers, and Doc and Dr. Doc brot HiloGreg.
    Mahalo xs-homey who brot my fave kaukau and something NA and Kekoa for the turkey tails!

  194. Hawaiiroller:

    Got my A/C at 72 degrees Gigi. It's so muggy here in Kapolei. And the rain is here too now.

  195. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Atlanta 79 Boston 70 3rd quarter

  196. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Hroller, brrrr.

  197. LizKauai (Treo):

    The stadium is voggy. Hope we sit close enuf to see!

  198. gigi-hawaii ©:

    if the stadium is voggy, will the receivers even see the ball coming toward them? if not, I guess the coaches will call for running the ball. lol

  199. LizKauai (Treo):

    Hawaiiankiko came. And WOW! Jason has the QB moves! He was throwing to Myki - hey, dat gurl get da moves too! Calvin from Kona showed off his one-hand catches and Kazz's gang was the in force- grilling and playing throw and catch.
    Midori7 made somemores for everyone- a T-gate first!

  200. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Did Hawaiiankiko provide her real name to SteveM before the deadline? Hope she can get past the security table.

  201. gigi-hawaii ©:

    so who brought the football? Homey?

  202. RainbowCliff:

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, been away from you good folks for quite some time as the playground has been taking my time. From judging of the smashing media to all Hawaii athletes it has been VERY dissapointing that No Warriors has gotten pick in the early rounds. This problem has gone on for so many years despite the RISE of Hawaii athletics on the National level as it is a crying shame and travesty given to Colt, Davon Bess, Grice Mullen and Jason Rivers with all the other OUTSTANDING players who qualified for the draft.

    I doubt it will ever stop as playing for Hawaii is a challenge and take a SPECIAL player to understand the situation and rise above all criticism and embrace the
    GREATNESS they recieve from the GREATEST fans in the world. That is why I am VERY proud of any athlete playing for the 50th State because what they lack in talent they give more in true WARRIOR HEART!

    For that reason alone the fans embrace these valiant stallions because of there
    love and admiration for there dedication to there sport and the ability to play under extreme circumstances while pursuing a quality education from a prestegious University in beautiful Manoa Valley. Always and forever a true Warrior with my RAINBOW being attached because of it's significance of an era in which I came from where U of H fight song, Hawai Five O and LETS GO BOWS ring out to a volume of dedicated Hawaii fans voices that sets apart any University Sport Team in the Whole Wide World.

    Hawaii simply the best, better then all the rest. Mahalo Nui Loa for your GREATNESS ! Sincerely, Rainbow Cliff.

  203. d1shima(tilted):

    from da bowels of No-Aloha

    HawaiianKiko made it. HE is happy.

    get A/C here, too.

    Tommui says no worry about the receivers.
    He's selecting a seat for you and hubby.

  204. gigi-hawaii ©:

    d1, any food over there?

  205. game » Blog Archive » Game day:

    [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIf you’re attending today’s Warrior Bowl, keep an eye on:. • Defensive end Elliott Purcell of the Black team. John Fonoti and David Veikune are clearly the Warriors’ best pass-rushing defensive ends, but Purcell has the first-step … [...]

  206. LizKauai (Treo):

    Wow! pix coming later. This is really an experience!
    RK, Jim Donavan and Virginia Hinshaw just came down Kinda Shy too.
    And Coach Mack was awesome in his address to us!

  207. C0hiba:


    How's the weather, is it raining hard?

  208. d1shima(tilted):

    in the stands now

  209. LizKauai (Treo):

    There is a nohost bar and light refreshments - crudite, fresh fruit, bagles and spread.
    Not raining.

  210. d1shima(tilted):

    well, if you missed the "rainbow"-striped pants you really missed your chance last year. Those green unis that we never saw include those retro look pants.
    Now I REALLY like the UA unis!

  211. C0hiba:


    How many people do you estimate will be there? Guess it's knda early, but does it look like a good turn out? 5,000?

  212. oxtail soup:

    For some comic relief, a humorous article regarding the draft:

    "...Meanwhile, Colt Brennan, who shredded defenses and put up mind boggling numbers three years in a row, completed 18 of his 18 passes at the Combine, yet, the only thing people talked about was that he weighed 186 pounds. No mention of his quick release. Nothing about his freakish accuracy. No word about his perfect touch on the ball. All scouts could see was a guy who weighed 190 pounds soaking wet.

    This pedantic preoccupation with an "NFL body" boggles my mind. Would you rather draft a quarterback who needs to work on his footwork, improve his mobility in the pocket, learn how to read defenses and fix his mechanics to improve his sub-par accuracy or draft a quarterback who needs to gain weight?

    According to Bill Walsh, "the most important attributes for a quarterback are accuracy, courage and intelligence." And Colt Brennan has these in spades. He completed over 70 percent of his passes in college (yes, you read that right. SEVENTY PERCENT) and was the unquestioned leader of an undefeated Hawaii team; His teammates voted him the captain of their Senior Bowl team; He speaks with uncommon candor and infectious enthusiasm; He possess unparalleled field vision and pocket presence; He has one of the most accurate throwing arms since Dan Marino and Jeff George. Yet, because he doesn't have prototypical size and speed, he is not taken seriously.

    So, enjoy the hype on draft day, Matt Ryan; Enjoy the praise from scouts and front office people, Chad Henne; Enjoy the praise from the media, John David Booty. Just don't blame me for laughing in three years when Colt Brennan's an NFL star and Joe Flacco is working at Frank's House of Pancakes.

    "Another cup of coffee, sir?"

    Sure. As long as you don't throw it to me.

  213. d1shima(tilted):

    Mack was wearing slippers when he spoke to us. Said he was relaxed.
    Cal Lee is in slippers. He may not be as relaxed.
    Ron Lee has shoes on. Don't think he's relaxed.
    Gerke looks nervous.
    The band is coming in.
    Cheerleaders, too.

  214. d1shima(tilted):

    Over 5000.
    All wearing white helmets.
    Black starting warm-ups in South ez
    Green in North

  215. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks for the updates, folks. Us vog shut ins appreciate them.

  216. d1shima(tilted):

    Didn't mean that all 5000 plus fans had white helmets. Both TEAMS do.

  217. C0hiba:

    So tell me, is someone gonna sing the National Anthem and Hawaii Pono I?

  218. d1shima(tilted):

    well my Tilt is too slow for play by play.
    Hopefully Stretch or Liz can pick it up from here.
    Ha'a Haka now.

  219. LizKauai (Treo):

    black is marching down the field. Long pass to the the endzone out of bounds.

  220. LizKauai (Treo):

    27 yd pass inoke to lane TD
    kelly pat
    7-0 black

  221. LizKauai (Treo):

    Band played the anthems.
    Green possession and marching.

  222. LizKauai (Treo):

    Green gets 5 yd. penalty.
    Tyler oasses to linkner for 1st down at their 42..
    Black defense is not allowing any runs.

  223. LizKauai (Treo):

    Black dee is brutal!
    2rd and 8
    Tyler int by KENNY ESTES

  224. Tony:

    Oxtail -

    Since Flacco was picked in the first round, I doubt he will be out of the NFL in three years unless he suffers a career-ending injury. He was picked 18th, it is what it is. BUT I am irritated by the double-standard by those who sneer at the WAC as inferior competition yet pump up Flacco, who got all his stats at a Div. II school, Delaware St. What conference do they play in? I'd like to know how many of his receivers were covered by guys who will be drafted this weekend, or how many times he was rushed by defensive ends who will play on Sundays.

  225. BowsForever:

    Aw, only 5000? Well, you gotta start somewhere. Next year, 15,000+ attendance, game coverage, all that good stuff for growing traditions.

    Go Green Team! I blame Will Ferrell in part for my bias. As for the other part, well, I love the home colors, but before there was black, there was green.

  226. LizKauai (Treo):

    black is marching.
    Passing shotgun to Lane.
    1s dn on green 48
    Inoke 40 yd bomb to Pollard into the red zone.
    1Q pau.

  227. C0hiba:

    Thanks for the updates Liz.
    I gotta head home.
    Congrats to Dizon and his family.

  228. LizKauai (Treo):

    2Q 4 yd line
    penalty. back to 9 yd ln.
    2nd and goal.
    Throw behind rec. dead ball but run back by green for excitement.
    pass inc.
    4th and goal
    10-0 black

  229. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks Liz, Keep 'um coming.

  230. Tombo Ahi:

    thanks for the updates liz and d1

  231. BowsForever:

    Thanks for the updates! How's Inoke's throwing?

  232. LizKauai (Treo):

    Green starts.
    Pass to Pilares 4 yd gain
    Pitch to LWJ . Mana Silva back for loss of 1
    Pass to Salas 19 yds and 1st down.
    Another to Salas. 21 yds gain.
    Pass to Washington 20 yds. Estes tackle.
    1st and goal.
    Shuttle pass and lots of bobbling. green recovers.
    2nd and goal on 3
    penalty on green.
    Back to the 8

  233. LizKauai (Treo):

    pass to Washington TD green.
    They are easy on the QB so that got thru.
    Black 10 Green 7

  234. LizKauai (Treo):

    Black ball.
    Looooong pass in and out of the hands of Lane.
    Back to short gains.
    Funaki runs 31 yds down to the 25

  235. LizKauai (Treo):

    Nce pass up the mid to Bain.
    1st and goal on the 6. TO black
    Spread recievers in the endzone. inc
    TO green
    9 seconds to the half.

  236. lkr:

    how is qb under center working out?

  237. LizKauai (Treo):

    pass to Lofton TD
    17 to 7 Black.
    Feels like 10 or 12K in the stands.

  238. LizKauai (Treo):

    Funaki is awesome. Throws bullets. Working some under center but lots of shotgun.
    It's neat to see os much offensive thinking going on. Dee is trying not to kill the QV so more pplays are going through.
    I am so happy with Kenny Estes!!!!

  239. LizKauai (Treo):

    Just met chawan-cut!!
    he is wearing a shirt....bwahahaha!

  240. LizKauai (Treo):

    JR is sitting next to me. Another blogger!
    2nd and 18
    lots of black Dee going on now. Tyler picks up a deflected pass and gets 1.
    Black is deflecting the passes well. another inc.
    punting- Kelly
    Black starts on their 19

  241. LizKauai (Treo):

    Shane Austin is QB.
    Kelly has to punt.
    blog was stuck - sorry I missed some plays.
    Green starts at their 32

  242. Hawaiiroller:

    Hey Liz,

    Thanks for the game call. :)

  243. LizKauai (Treo):

    big gane
    Qb is Jake Santos BIG playmaker. Green is on the 20. Pilares drops a good one on the 1

  244. LizKauai (Treo):

    Santos runs for 5.
    Shuttle pass to Carmona.
    1st and goal on the 5
    penalty on the dee.
    2.5 yds to go
    wild pass to Salas.

  245. LizKauai (Treo):

    Running play TD Carmona
    Black 17 Green 14

  246. LizKauai (Treo):

    black ball. Austin runs
    BIG HIT by desmond thomas.
    Pass to Lofton. Stop by Torres.
    1r yd gain to midfield.

  247. BowsForever:

    Don't think I've ever actually seen Inoke throw, so that's great news. Nice to know we have two good QBs, though I wonder if Graunke still has some cobwebs to shake off from the bits and pieces I've read over the past few days.

  248. LizKauai (Treo):

    Pass to Nuesca to the 33.
    Heun runs for 6 on a draw
    Rego runs for 3.
    on the 24.
    pass to Torres
    on th 4
    juggled shuttle to Heun TD

  249. LizKauai (Treo):

    The Iceman kicketh.
    Black 24 Green 14

  250. LizKauai (Treo):

    Kalauokaaea QB for green. Huge bomb to the black 20 yd line!!!!
    more plays while I look for the names.
    TD! to Aaron Kia in the corner!!!

  251. LizKauai (Treo):

    Iceman hooks
    Black 24 Green 20
    Heun for 2 yds.
    TO Green.

  252. LizKauai (Treo):

    QB is Kapoo

  253. Ruggo:

    Yo LizK - mahalo for the updates!

  254. LizKauai (Treo):

    Dang blog connection got messed up. Sorry.
    24 - 20 black.
    Pau game and one Great Haa at the end!

  255. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks Liz. I can't wait to see video and write ups.

  256. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Hi gang, just got back from hubby's office party at the HCC. prime rib buffet. good stuff.

    Thanks for the report, Liz. And here I thought Green would win! Oh well, it's just a start.

    glad it didn't rain tonight. I didn't melt.

  257. gigi-hawaii ©:

    So Ron beat Cal. Imagine that!

  258. Esme:

    oxtail soup, thanks for that hilarious, spot-on article about our boy Colt.

    By the way, at the hospitality room today, ST had Colt on the phone and all the Tsaikos cheered and yelled "good luck!" and "We love you! Go get 'em!" so he could hear. :D

  259. Thomas Mui:

    Hey LizKauai - great play by play! (She was blogging in the seat behind mine). As I never heard her sing, this was a pleasure hearing her sing (above the crowd) the National Anthem and Hawaii Ponoi behind me.

    Great blog get together and we were visited by Coach Mac, Chancellor Hinshaw and Jim Donovan in the hospitality suite (50 or so Tsaikos) and a chance to go onto the field.

    AL, Bulla, OldTimeUH etc - missed you guys!

  260. Jason:

    Wow, had good fun today. Tailgate was nice, had some good food. Taught uhfan808 how to throw a football — I'm telling you, she get potential. I'm gonna put her through a clinic to get her throwing with some footwork. She can start for us at QB vs. the Sports Hawai‘i guys. (BTW, they starting to chicken out. They like basketball instead of football. C'mon!)

    The hospitality room was really nice. There was a no-host bar, and a table with some bagels, meats, and fruits and veggies. We all got to talk story and have some fun. Amongst the celebrities who stopped by were Coach Mack, Jim and Tracy Donovan, Dr. Virginia Hinshaw, and a late visit by Kanoa Leahey and Rob de Mello.

    The game was really nice, and I'm getting excited for UH football. Too bad that spring is pau! Funaki looked really nice. Graunke looked so-so. I've always been a fan of Santos, and he looked solid as well. There was some big time hitting, and a surprising play by Jake Heun, when he chased down a defensive back who recovered an incomplete pass and tried to return it. This is a guy who is 255 lbs, and he was able to get to the DB with solid closing speed. Wow, we couldn't stop talking about that! :-)

    There was an interesting two play sequence in the 2nd quarter, when Funaki first threw to Lane, who was wide open after beating his coverage. But Lane dropped the ball, which was right in his hands. The play after that went for a 3-yard gain, but I was watching Lane to see how he'd react to the play before. The safety on that side of the field rotated to his right when Funaki looked at his primary short read. Looks like the corner had cover 2 responsibilities, so Lane was wide open down the sideline, nobody within 20-25 yards. Had Funaki noticed that, it was an easy TD. Plays like that showed the difference between what we had from Colt and the gang the past three years, and what we're going to have this year. Not that the play will be bad, but we got really, really spoiled with some excellent execution. It's going to take time for guys to get to a level where we'll be satisfied, but I think they can get there. They definitely have the athletes to do it. Something to look forward to. :-)

    Thanks to Kekoa for giving me a ride from Richardson to Aloha Stadium to home.

  261. Jason:

    BTW, chawan_cut gave me permission to post his pictures with Leila from last Saturday's practice. Okay, he didn't really give permission, but he said I can do whatever. I posted it in the public Karaoke Kall album:

    Thanks for joining us for the 3rd quarter, chawan_cut! Even though he was wearing a Sports Hawai‘i shirt. ;-)

  262. Thomas Mui:

    And DPK - where you?

    I think the crowd was somewhere around 10,000 or so. The makai stands were fairly filled and there were quite a few on the north goal post stand as well.

  263. Jason:

    BTW, I forgot to mention, we started chanting "Wimoweh!" to get Stephen to sing a little bit. Even Dr. Hinshaw asked to hear it! Next is a Tsaiko CD album, I'm telling you.

  264. Long Time UH Fan:

    Thomas Mui:

    April 26th, 2008 at 9:44 pm
    Hey LizKauai - great play by play! (She was blogging in the seat behind mine). As I never heard her sing, this was a pleasure hearing her sing (above the crowd) the National Anthem and Hawaii Ponoi behind me.

    Great blog get together and we were visited by Coach Mac, Chancellor Hinshaw and Jim Donovan in the hospitality suite (50 or so Tsaikos) and a chance to go onto the field.

    AL, Bulla, OldTimeUH etc - missed you guys!

    Hi Tom Mui,

    Humble apologies to Kazz and all the other Tsaiko-gate attendees for not showing up. Had to attend dear aunt's funeral and later decided not to attend t-gate and the spring game because excessive level of sulfur dioxide pollutants affected my respiratory condition. Wife said she will make those lemon pudding mochi for you guys at the next tailgate...Promise!

  265. Long Time UH Fan:


    Mahalo for the play by play; us Vog shut ins really appreciated your efforts... Great job!

  266. bighilofan2:

    Good evening Tsaikos. Great day at the TGate and evening at the stadium. Definitely more than 5,000. I'm guessing 10ish.

    Nobody got really hurt, and there was some hitting down on the field.

    Wassup Doc, really glad to have met you. My favorite blogger is Sleeeezzzz. Who said a good name won't make the day. Got my attention.

    You know, Coach Mack's got the gift of you wanting to go all out for the guy. Keep it up coach, and bust these guys. Make em wanna win for themselves and for the State. :)

  267. Justin:

    After watching the spring game, i have realized that jameel dowling needs to start. I hope miano and coach mack see that he is a very talented athlete and cornerback.

  268. L10pc:

    Hey LizK - much thanks for the play by play. Couldn't make it out there today, but don't think I would have made it thru the vog okay anyway.

  269. Stretch:

    Mahalo to Stephen and Michael for hosting the hospitality room this evening. What's up with HA??!!??

    It was definately a treat for Mack, Hinshaw, Donavan and Kinda Shy to stop by and talk story. Looks like everyone enjoyed the walk on the field.

    Time for me to go sleep, I'll catch up with everyone in the morning. Good NIght.

  270. Kekoa:

    What a really fantastic day and eve with my favorite people. Whaddyasay we acknowledge our fearless leader for sitting up the hospitality room. What a perfect way to make the transition from our usual awesome T-gate.

    All the celebs can to pay homage to the Tsaikos is the way I saw it. After all, every single one of them had nothing but kind words to say about a bunch of crazed Tsaikos. Kind of warms my innards to receive all that love from Coach Mack, Jim Donovan, and the Chancellor. Breaking news happened a little later when Papa Leahey's son and Rob Demello said some very cool things about us as well.

    Esme was busy using me as her tele-photo journalist as she rubbed elbows with the Sports announcers and posed for pictures with them. The women has no shame! She threw herself at each one like a Hotel street walker! What she did to the South End Zone goal post during our tour of the field cannot be shown in the interest of public decency. I even overheard Vili The Warrior mumble something about her cramping his style.

    G'night all. I have more to share with those who could not be with us today, but I'm ready to go Zzzzzzz! I'll post more impressions later.

  271. Jason:

    Justin: Coach Mack himself told us that he thinks Dowling could end up being a 1st round pick if he continues to progress the way he has. That certainly got my attention!

  272. Esme:


    Street walker?! Nah. Now if you said, "She threw herself at each one like HERSCHEL Walker" ... well, then I'd concur. :lol:

    As for the goalpost, all I did was lean against the goalpost for about half a second. You must be getting my antics confused with those of Calvin from Kona. I believe the photos will speak for themselves. :lol: !!!

  273. d1shima [sez:]:

    Back from the stadium a while ago but just settling in.

    Great day!
    Good to see old familiar faces: Warrior Mojo; JaM and Brie; A-house and Mrs. A-house; Calvin from Kona; WassupDoc; Dr. Doc.
    Nice to meet new faces: Hilogreg; Hawaiiankiko (who it turns out I know from pre-Tsaiko times); bhf2's friend Daniel; WarriorMojo's family; and anyone else I missed (sorry)

    Time for the team/coaches to evaluate and get better. Gotta be crisper by the end of August. Need to be more fluid on plays from under center.

    Of course, now comes the tough part for Coach Mack - making room for the incoming class. But that's how the team gets better.

  274. d1shima [sez:]:


  275. chawan_cut:

    Here's some vids from the game.

    Pre game ha'a vs haka

    Post game ha'a together as one team

  276. chawan_cut:

    oh yes, forgot. it was nice to meet a whole lot of tsaikos tonight.
    kekoa, james, mr. & mrs. ahouse, lizk, tommui, stevem, and of course midori7, uhfan808 and jason.
    sorry if i forgot one of you. that was a lot of people to remember.

  277. chawan_cut:

    one last one.
    here's the news coverage.
    lots of highlights and interviews...
    enjoy! good night/morning!

  278. Kekoa:

    Woke up for another swig of ice, cold water....after a hard day of meeting and greeting the movers and shakers of the UH Ohana, I now have this thirst for more.

    I then decided to check the blog....hmmm, I see that the Flyin' Jawaiian has explained her actions satisfactorily. She did, in fact, make Kanoa Leahey flash a big smile as he posed with her for the photo op. However, that still leaves that little matter open regarding the goal post.

  279. Kekoa:

    Chawan, it was nice to finally meet you and no sooner than I thank you for your vids...I see that you just posted some of the Ha'a/Haka. I knew there was something a little different about their performance. their play tonite, was spotty. Needs work, not as organized. It's what we refer to as looking like a cluster [insert expletive] in the military drill manual.

    JaM, Brie, and America's favorite family - The A-House Ohana, was looking rather spiffy. Warrior Mojo's son was wearing a fb jersey that held a prediction of a future Warrior in the making.

    I know the hilo fan man was happier than a Pua'a in mud to see the slam bang action on the field. Tell me the truth Hilo man, that must have made your trip worth it. I hope your young Protege was impressed with the cracking sound heard 'round the stadium. It's good that you are introducing him to what the fb program is all about. He looks like he is going to make a fine recruit.

  280. Kekoa:

    OK's back to doing battle with the rack monster. Zzzzzz

  281. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    Proud day to be a Tsaiko!
    Thanks chawan_cut!
    I got my stuff off the camera but am too tired to edit.
    Today is another day!

    Nitey nite and sweet Warrior dreams!!!

  282. protector:

    I liked DPK's comments about those jerk analysts at ESPN. I might just have forgiven Mel Kiper if someone had taken Colt in the 2nd round, but the ignorant and inaccurate bad-mouthing by Kiper & others destroyed Colt's draft stock and has cost him millions of dollars. It's even more galling to see Brohm, Henne & Flacco go earlier than Colt. The only thing that could make it worst is if Booty & Woodson go earlier. There has got to be some team that recognizes Colt for the winner & competitor that he is. The NFL Scouting Systems have lost all credibility with me.

  283. Garret:

    Thank you to everyone who posted about their experience in the hospitality room and at the Warrior Bowl!

    Shout out to Liz--great job with the play-by-play!

  284. Garret:

    Garret - at least the McShay played some college ball, you must be busy since haven’t read much from you lately, hope everything is going well


    I've just been busy. Things are going well with both family and work.

    Plus, I'd hate to upset what's wrong...

  285. Garret:

    I'm glad that UH had the Warrior Bowl winners get steak and the losers get hot dogs. I remember posting a week or two ago how another school did that and liked that incentive for the Spring Game winners.

  286. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos. gotta holo holo back home, but first I had to get things off my chest.

    The game was great, just great. The green was super competitive in the last 6 minutes. if they coulda taken 10 time outs in the last 2 minutes, they'd a done that. they wanted to win, the competitors that they are. and i just LOVED coach Brian working the oline guys. Laurel, gotta pay more attention to the coach. Another way to say it, coach Brian, you gotta go in his face to get his attention cause the girl with the water was getting his attention. he going need dat fira in Florida.

    I loved da Beavers kid. Gotta get him ready for da supah heat n humidity in Florida at high noon.

    but mostly i loved da green team. the blacks came in all promo'd, so da green definitely had sometin to prove. i thought the green oline got bettah on the field as time went on. i know they all still got aways to go, but i acknowledge they have come a ways since i saw them on practice 2 and 3 days.

    thanks for doing a super job as our leader. felt good to just ask da coach straight up, and he acknowledgin some of the braddas who are doing great. i'll get a chance to see Mana's mom and pop, will let em know what the coach said.

    I saw wat you did to that goal post. Good ting dat post get age. I'd a been blushing if i was da post.

    An finally, super nice to meet plenny Tsaikos. an extra special to watch kids after da game trying fo get autographs. yep, daniel and i had a great time. heard him talkin to someone on da phone, tellin em how great uncle is for takin him to da game. made my day.

  287. bighilofan2:

    A House,

    section C row 10. i used to sit section CC top row. Doze were great times, but now i like sit RIGHT NEXT to da team. can yell, and i know day can hear. dats where i'm buying my 2 tickets. plus, great place for put my sign. hehehe.

    looks like Vili lost weight an got new paint job. :lol: way cool.

    kekoa, d1, mojo, Jimmy D, big smile big smile. : D

    Wassup Doc, don't be offended. dis is one of life's little gifts , as Anthony Hopkins said in Fracture.
    ahem, i was a managah in da ole days.
    :lol: :D :D :D :lol:

  288. MeiLing:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    LizK, thanks for the play by play last night!

    ST ~ great articles on the game. (The one of Dowling showed up on the old HA page format.)

    Princess L, mahalo for the video! HA photogs, great pics of the game. The one pic of the unis doesn't ID V. Hinshaw directing the display; it just says they are fans looking at the unis.


    Hope I'm home to see the rest of the guys get Drafted today.


  289. ralvic:

    Good Morning

    Next stop Florida, August 30th, and the crescendo like build up for the game begins now.This year has been interesting.From New Orleans to now and then looking forward to the Gators,I'm very humbled to be in the company of other Warrior fans that, seemingly, breath and sleep Warrior Football,too.And making my day better...and bringing a smile to my face...a smile that's usually hidden beneath a frown and a wrath of problems is when I read these blogs. Or watch the Warriors play.For this I'm great full and respectful to all,including the Warriors that take the field and the Tsaikos that give insight,recaps and impressions of practices and games. And in some cases we have videos ,pictures and play-by-play of the games..This is really great. Thank you.

  290. BigWave96744:

    Jason, Jason, Jason...
    Wow a math major talking smack????
    The SH folks aren't chickening out...
    It's just that many still actively play basketball (on their HS team, C&C leagues, School Intramurals, Church Leagues, pickup games, etc...)

    Not many people still actively play football.... That's all..
    Although we got many High School coaches, many former HS players, a few former college players (including a few former Hawaii players)....
    BTW if you want a REAL Degree from rooms of Keller Hall, Major in ICS.
    Heh heh heh.......
    Nah just joking Jase......... :)

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