Colt to Redskins, FA deals for four other Warriors

April 27th, 2008

Mr. Brennan is going to Washington.

The Redskins selected Colt Brennan in the sixth round, with the 186th pick overall. He's the second UH player drafted specifically as a quarterback.

"This is a great situation for me," Brennan said. "I'm going to a great organization."

Brennan spent the day at a beach house his sister rented on Balboa Island. About 20 family members and friends came over. The Hawaiian flag was raised.

Brennan said he was admittedly "bummed" as quarterback after quarterback was selected. But then he received a call, asking if he would be willing to move to Washington.

Brennan said he will leave Thursday for Washington D.C. He said he will request to remain there to complete his rehabilitation. Three weeks ago, he underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a small tear of the labrum in his right hip. He said he is pain-free, and expects to be fully healed before the start of training camp.

Here's the full story:

* * *

Davone Bess said he agreed to a two-year, free-agent contract with the Miami Dolphins. He said he reports to the Dolphins on Thursday.

Bess said he is not discouraged about going the free-agent route.

"I've jumped over 100 hurdles my whole life," he said. "What's one more?"

He also has no regrets about deciding to relinquish his senior season to apply for the NFL draft.

"No regrets at all," he said. "One year wouldn't have made a difference."

* * *

And Jason Rivers has agreed to a free-agent contract with the Tennessee Titans. Rivers also leaves Thursday.

As for not being drafted, Rivers said: "Everything in my life has been hard. I've had to work for it. This is no different. It's kind of silly to think it would be given to me, handed on a silver platter. Even if I were drafted, I'd still have to work for it. This is kind of humbling, and it puts things in perspective."

* * *

Ryan Grice-Mullins said he has agreed to terms with the Houston Texans.

And Hercules Satele is going to sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

* * *

Thanks again to the 75 or so readers who stopped by our blog gathering yesterday.

Special thanks to our guests Greg McMackin, who gave an update on the team; Virginia Hinshaw; Jim Donovan; Colt Brennan (via telephone), and media celebrities Robert Kekaula, Kanoa Leahey and Rob DeMello.

We're honored and humbled by your presence.

2,584 Responses to “Colt to Redskins, FA deals for four other Warriors”

  1. Stephen Tsai:

    Will Franklin had four TD catches last season?
    Shouldn't he be renamed Won't?

  2. Pomai:


  3. Pomai:

    wow an 2nd too

  4. Pomai:

    Blood pressure is rising it's the 4th round and a no body went to the Pat's.

  5. Koauka:

    I'll put my crystal ball away. Darn, Colt in the 3rd round, for sure. Nope.

    Still get time.

  6. Pomai:

    Whats really funny is the so called experts are using the system thing with even the WR from UH, only reason they did well in the stats is that they played in JJ's system, doesn't matter if the caught all the passes and went over a 1000 yds, it was all the system. What a crock.

  7. diesel:

    congrats to Dizon for going in the 2nd round...

    now waiting for the Warriors to get picked today.

  8. diesel:

    mel kiper jr. picked ryan leaf ahead of peyton manning. goes to show how much he knows.

  9. mctruck:

    CB was touted by JJ as a 1st round lock; now it seems like CB fell-off the map entirely??

    If my vision is working, looks like there's(so-far), only one(1) WAC player picked. still in the 4th round but, yikes!!!

  10. mctruck:

    Now, their mentioning CB on ESPN.

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    There's been a mini run of WAC players.
    The guard from Utah State. Thought that was a reach.
    Then Dwight Lowery, who used to be good. J-E-T-S GM is an idiot. He should have taken the Boise corner, if he wanted a WAC guy.

  12. d1shima [sez:]:

    Good morning all.

    Where were my manners?

    Forgot to thank the Tsaimeister last night for putting together a tremendous experience at the stadium. Sorry that I missed VH, JD, RK and baby Leahey but the talk by Mack and the "field trip" were great.

    Thanks Stephen!

  13. Stephen Tsai:

    So, Diesel, where have you been hiding?

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Reggie Corner is a cool name for a corner.

  15. dj:

    Seiously, Colt went from a possible 1st round pick last year to possibly undrafted this year - Chris Berman was talking about him maybe having to play in the CFL yesterday.

    What I really don't get is the Patriots picking the SDSU QB when there's so many other good ones left on the board...CB, JDB, Ainge, Johnson, etc.

    Hopefully we see some Warriors getting drafted soon!

  16. d1shima [sez:]:


    Someone is up kinda early after the "wrap party", eh?

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    Were you able to get the granules out of your shoes yet?
    Those things are amazing. You think you got 'em all out, and a week later, one will slip right to the sensitive part of your foot.

  18. d1shima [sez:]:

    Saw the Physical Therapist mention at the very end of the segment that Colt's surgery may actually be a positive.

    The only truly qualified statement of the entire segment gets buried right before the break!

  19. Maverick:

    Good Sunday gang!

    The best news this am is reading there were no injuries last night.

    But I'm really bummed, had dinner made, sat down at my desk to listen to 1420 am on internet, but no avail.

    Man, talk about a big let down. Really was hoping to hear a live broadcast. Kudo's to Liz for her play - play updates!

  20. Maverick:


    You really think Dwight Lowery has slipped down with his performance?
    Or is it just SJSU in general?

    I would of taken that Boise guy ( Scandrick) over Dwight also.

  21. d1shima [sez:]:


    haha. Have experienced that for years at SLS. Eventually that becomes less of an issue than when the fibers start to shred and cling to everything.

  22. gigi-hawaii ©:

    What's this I hear (from the previous blog) that the Sports Hawaii folks are too chicken to play football with us? (They prefer basketball.)

    Well, hello!

    Maybe, we should make it a Tsaikos vs. Tsaikos match? We have til July 12 to decide!

  23. NYUH:

    ESPN just did an analysis of Colt's injury which was positive.

  24. d1shima [sez:]:


    Among other things that were missing last night: when the band starts the National Anthem, I remove my hat and start looking for a flag to salute. Nada!
    I wonder what the protocol is then? Wished that I wore the flashing flag I got from the last convention I attended.

  25. mctruck:

    I'm really happy for Jordan Dizon being picked in the 2nd round, however the sceptics question his size at,(5'11") now? Wasn't his Stats a while back which listed him at,(6'1")??? Anyway, if he is the athlete which he has proven thus far, his lack of size will prove his pundits wrong. Good luck Jordan.

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    Gigi sure talks a lot of smack for somebody who's not suiting up.
    Reminds me of the kid who taunts others, gets threatened, and then runs to big brother for protection.

  27. gigi-hawaii ©:

    ST, I already said in the blog 2 days ago that I would be on special teams and return kicks and punts!!!


  28. gigi-hawaii ©:

    hmmm, this proves that ST does not read his own blog. Yikes!

  29. UKU@LA:

    warriors wow ! LizK great coverage, just like ST.Chawan i thought i was at da GAME!

    MANEO !!!
    ps: LizK maybe mo betta then ST!

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    Oh, I know that you say you'll be there, but proof is in the attendance. Your attendance has been very spotty at recent events.

  31. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Well, Tsai, which position do you wanna play? And don't say "head coach."

    For some reason, I picture you as Center.

  32. d1shima [sez:]:


    ps: LizK maybe mo betta then ST!

    Well she certainly can handle an aria with more ease than ST! But can she deliver the UHAD "heavies" like ST?

  33. Stephen Tsai:

    Liz is wonderful.
    Mack told me that his daughter, in Texas, kept up with the game because of LIz's live reports.
    Then she still had the energy at last night's karaoke outing.
    By the way, DShima, you missed UHfan's encore of Funky Cold Medina.

  34. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I thought Mack's daughter sold her home in Texas and moved to Hawaii with her daughter and their horse. Or is this a different daughter?

  35. brew808:

    :D Good Morning Tsaikos and Warrior Nation!!! :D

    While we wait to hear of our Warriors getting selected in the NFL draft - I thought we might recall this heartfelt quote from January, 2007:

    "My future in the NFL will have nothing to do with where I get drafted. It will have everything to do with what I do after I get drafted.," he said.

    Here's the link. Sorry - I don't have the HA link.

    Go Warriors!!!

  36. d1shima [sez:]:


    After all the excitement of the day, I'm not sure I coulda handled FCM last night. After the post-game meal I was "fadin' fast" so decided to head out. Lucky for you, that made space for you in the room and the parking lot! Anyway I'm sure that crowd-pleaser will be back in the future.

  37. dj:

    Vikings just took John David Booty. One fewer team for Colt to go to :(

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, the Tizer wants to send us to blog training.
    Here's the class:

  39. brew808:

    :roll: Round 5........ :roll:

  40. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Can't believe it. Green Bay picked Booty as their 2nd QB.

  41. d1shima [sez:]:

    Well, Booty's "body of work" seems to have impressed the Vikes more than Colt's perfect combine results. Sheesh!

  42. Stephen Tsai:

    This is the link to the instructor who wants to show us how to produce a more popular blog:

  43. gigi-hawaii ©:

    sorry, Minnesota! ugh

  44. brew808:

    ... Chiefs, Buccaneers, Bears, Rams?.... 8)

  45. NYUH:

    Looks like a positive event last night with a heated battle for QB coming up in the Fall. Thanks Gigi and others for the reports from the stadium. I'm wondering who's stock increased and didn't get into the media reports?

  46. diesel:


    im in hawaii!!! i couldnt make it to the game yesterday. but i promise i'll be at some events before i go back to vegas.

  47. gigi-hawaii ©:

    huh? I was at hubby's office party last night, not at the stadium.

  48. diesel:

    jaws claims John David Booty is a "super accurate" passer. what happened at the combine?

    CB won't be going to Minnesota. GOOD! I hope Greenbay picks up CB.

  49. brew808:

    Better investment for Blog designers/personnel to go to "common sense" training..... IMHO

  50. dj:

    I agree w/ Brew...Bucs or Rams would be a good situation for CB.

    Maybe even the Lions and team up w/ Ikaika and Jordan?

  51. d1shima [sez:]:

    Hah, Chlidress' reply is priceless! Self-promoting talking heads!

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    I thought Minnesota would be a good situation for any drafted QB.
    So, what's the deal with all of the tight ends being drafted?

  53. brew808:

    NYUH - it was the other Korean Tsaiko... Liz!!! :lol:

  54. d1shima [sez:]:


    GB already took Brohm.

  55. WarriorBasketball:

    I want to add my appreciation for LizKauai's game updates last night. I know it took much effort in keeping up with the play-by-play and putting it into words. Mahalo...

  56. dj:

    diesel, GB already got Brohm in the 2nd round, so don't think CB will go there.

    Other teams...maybe New Orleans or Carolina?

  57. brew808:

    No Warrior TE's available for the experts to dis.... :twisted:

  58. dj:

    There's been a lot of WRs drafted today...maybe RGM or Davone or Jason soon?

  59. MeiLing:

    The analysis from the physical therapist (?) earlier in the broadcast was positive re: Colt having the procedure completed asap. Lots of GOOD info, similar to what Colt has been saying, provided by her on air, i.e., his performance at the Senior Bowl probably affected by the hip injury, etc. Prior to talking about Colt, she felt that it would take Dixon a year to recover from his ACL injury/surgery. It might be possible that Dixon will not be drafted IMHO.

    Shoot, I think I'm going to be at hula practice when Colt is drafted.

    Have a great day, Tsaikos!

  60. d1shima [sez:]:


    How long you in Hawaii?


    I'm not so sure those dummies would let THAT get in their way of an oppy to dis UH!

  61. ralvic:

    The start of the fifth round a 142 players in and who would have thought that no Hawaii,Georgia or Alabama player would have been drafted by now.

  62. dj:

    Boise CB to Dallas

  63. chawan_cut:

    Sorry I missed you guys last night and sorry for making you hold onto that piece of paper too.

  64. dj:

    The Army guy who won't have to be deployed if he gets drafted/signed to a free agent contract is on the air now.

  65. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Chawan, that was a great pic of you and Leila. Now I know what you look like.

  66. d1shima [sez:]:


    Unreal story. God bless the USA

  67. dj:

    Fresno State DT to Bengals

  68. dj:

    Ditto d1,

    Hope he ends up getting drafted.

  69. dj:

    Looks like a lot of WAC guys are starting to get picked in these later rounds

  70. djmitcho:

    Sounds like last night was a good time. Wish I could have been there.
    Jordan Dizon's size reminds me of one of my favorite players, who unfortunately plays for Dallas now, Zach Thomas.

  71. d1shima [sez:]:


    kinda funny reading about the "fissures" that appear in the Tsaikos as we all start revealing our NFL faves :-D

    Go Niners! ;-)

  72. Kazz:

    Couple of things:



    I was told that if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all....


  73. wafan:

    Hi, everyone! Back from the conference.

    Thank you LizK for your updates from the scrimmage -- sure appreciated that.

    Sounds like you lucky Tsai-ko's had a great time at the T-Gate and at Aloha Stadium, too. Whoo-hoo!

  74. brew808:


    Hey - is "dj" = "djmitcho"? Just for clarification purposes.... If not, is "dj" a new poster? And if so, welcome to the gang! :lol:

    :D Go Niners!!! :D

  75. d1shima [sez:]:


    But then I'm sure everyone will rally around any team that takes Colt....

    unless it's the 'boys!

    ABD! ABD! ABD!


  76. dj:

    Haha I'm a different poster. I generally lurk but have posted a few times.

    The possibility of Colt and da boys getting drafted though has gotten me out of bed!

  77. djmitcho:

    "dj" doesn't = djmitcho.

    d1, I am a tried and true Miami Dolphins fan. So, I love the draft they had last year, especially with Samson, Regan and Tala being there last year. Hopefully Regan's recent run in with the law doesn't keep him from being a Dolphin again.

  78. brew808:

    Won't be Dallas! It would PO too many fans when Colt won the QB job away from Romo!

  79. NYUH:

    Sorry Liz, I was getting sleepy as the game started a midnite here.

    Interesting story about WR making the transition to NFL having to handle the bump and run-unlike the college game. And then DeSean Jackson 5-10, 170 gets drafted at 49 by the Eagles.

  80. brew808:

    Cool! We have d1, dj, djmitcho, BG, gigi, jojo, joje, juju, and me.... lolo! :lol:

  81. Stephen Tsai:

    It would be more impressive if he won away Jessica Simpson.

  82. d1shima [sez:]:

    haha, too funny everybody!

    (Except Mauia's situation, of course)

  83. gigi-hawaii ©:

    dj -- what city/state do you live in?

  84. dj:


    How are you liking the Dolphins draft so far?

    I think Bill Parcells is doing a great job...gotta like Jake Long, Merling as a value pick, and Henne to compete w/ Beck.

  85. gigi-hawaii ©:

    nah, ST, Shakti Stream is better than J Simpson! Puh-leeze!

  86. dj:

    From honolulu, currently in law school at ucla...procrastinating from studying from finals that start tomorrow!

  87. NYUH:


    ABD - All but drafted?

    Another story about the QBs having to turn their backs on the D for 2 seconds to run the play-action got my interest. Can Colt make this transition?

  88. d1shima [sez:]:


    Shhhh... no start rumors on the Big Island!

  89. gigi-hawaii ©:

    cool that you are in law school. not cool you are procrastinating! haha

  90. d1shima [sez:]:


    Anyone but Dallas

  91. brew808:

    DeSean Jackson - some sources have him listed at 6'0"- 178#, but he's really 5'-9.75", 168#.

    Jessica Simpson!?! I thought Colt already had that part of his game "taken care of". :D

  92. dj:


    Haha, only procrastinating until the draft's over. Still can't believe we haven't seen any Warriors yet!

  93. brew808:

    Oh wait .... dj, you're wahine right?!!!

  94. dj:

    Yes, brew.

  95. gigi-hawaii ©:

    brew, how could you tell dj is female? What clues?

  96. brew808:

    Aloha! You haven't posted since early in the seaon! You must be busy w/ school. Good luck! Bit of advice ... no can make kala while still in school! :D

  97. brew808:

    brew knows.... :lol:

  98. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I think it's great that more women are joining this blog. When I first came to the WB in Nov 2006, I think I was the ONLY female here. Now look how it's grown!

  99. Jason:

    But how many mu‘mu‘u-wearing women are there?

  100. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I guess no other woman needs to hide her unsightly bulges in a muu. haha

  101. dj:

    Brew - no kidding on the $ point...I'm just waiting till summer when the law firms wine and dine the summer associates. Been busy w/ school but I always keep up w/ ST's blog and comments even if I can't read them on the day of the post.

    Gigi - yes, great to see more wahine posters. You and Liz especially make some good comments.

  102. brew808:

    gigi - HawaiianKiko is kane!

  103. djmitcho:

    I liked the first day very much. I think they did a great job.

  104. gigi-hawaii ©:

    yeah, brew, THAT was a shock.

  105. dj:

    Dennis Dixon to Steelers! WTF. Where is CB???!

  106. Kazz:




  107. jp:

    Makes me realize how much money Colt gave up by staying. I still think in the long run he will be rewarded for staying this past season.

    Does anyone think RGM and Bess should have stayed? Or is it too early to make that call.

  108. d1shima [sez:]:

    yeah, brew, THAT was a shock

    Imagine how his GF felt about it! :shock:

  109. brew808:

    Whoa! dj - I don't know you, but I already like you, and agree w/ you!
    Dennis Dixon AND Kevin O'Connell before Colt!?! :twisted:

  110. dj:

    YES, Colt gave up millions I have to believe. RGM and Bess have really fallen from their projections as well...

    Dennis Dixon is a one-yr wonder and is very unpolished. Not to mention his ACL injury is much worse than CB's hip. Dixon can't even throw...his game is running and who knows if he can come back from the injury. What were the Steelers thinking?

  111. Jason:

    Re: Dixon
    Hehehehe, you guys crack me up. I guess you folks haven't really watched the NFL Draft as closely as I have for the past ten years. Things like that happen; just shrug it off.

  112. jp:

    Dixon will be a slash or something probably. Hines Ward was a QB out of college.

  113. djmitcho:

    The steelers were thinking.."oooh, another slash!"

  114. prideperiod:

    Be interesting to see what the Bears do in the seventh round with five picks. Curious to see what Curtis would say about that.

  115. brew808:

    Jason - has been following the NFL closely, since he was 10.9154 years old.... :D

  116. dj:

    Recap of QBs taken before CB:
    Rd 1, #3 - Matt Ryan BC to Falcons
    Rd 2, #56 - Brian Brohm Louisville to Packers
    Rd 2, #57 - Chad Henne Michigan to Dolphins
    Rd 3, #94 - Kevin O'Connell SDSU to Patriots
    Rd 5, #137 - John David Booty USC to Vikings
    Rd 5, # 156 - Dennis Dixon Oregon to Steelers

  117. brew808:

    Re: Dixon - the "slash" will be from the scars on his surgically repaired knee!

  118. Stephen Tsai:

    You know, technically, Davone Bess is a tight end. Maybe if he were labeled as one, he would have been selected.

  119. dj:

    Brew, I totally agree w/ you. How can you justify O'Connell and Dixon before CB?

    He's more accurate, can make all the reads and the throws, and has proven it in his production. I just don't understand how a projected 1st rd pick goes so far down the board after one bad game...

  120. Jason:

    My first draft was in 1998. That was the one that started it all. I remember watching some highlights of Ryan Leaf and thinking, "He's good, but not #1 good." I always think, what if he had gone in the end of the 1st like I thought he should have? Maybe his career might have turned out differently.

    Hey, it's prideperiod, our other resident offensive line expert. I asked Mojo yesterday what he thought about Ryan Clady; what do you think?

    I'll be back in the afternoon, gotta get ready for church. Sad, I'm going to miss the rest of the draft. :-(

  121. cavewarrior:

    NOW I'm really really really bummed...For me, the NFL ceased...Won't watch it...Call it the No Future League with teams' general lack of unique and innovative schemes...Can you tell I'm not taking this QB draft too well?

    Colt or bust!
    GO Warriors!!!

  122. d1shima [sez:]:

    Josh Johnson???

  123. Jason:

    Ack, Josh Johnson to the Bucs. I was hoping that would be Colt.

    Okay, I'm out of here.

  124. eMH:

    Coulda sworn Josh Johnson was wiffing passes during the Combine.

  125. d1shima [sez:]:

    Oh, it must be his background

    Johnson turned down scholarship offers from St. Mary's and Idaho State to enroll at San Diego in 2004

  126. dj:

    Wow I can't handle this. Josh Johnson's arm is weaker than Colt's!

  127. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    There should be a law against idiot draft analysts. Seriously. If I were a victim of Mel Kiper's "anal-yisis", I would go into the NFL, beat all of his "choices" for a couple years, then come back and sue him right out of his hair spray for lost signing money. Ok I'm dreaming and I'm disgruntled. It's just that I woke up to a nightmare again, watching theses clowns ruin people's lives. :evil:

  128. Hawaiiroller:


    You missed Joe Flacco, 1st round from "I don't know what conference Delaware plays in."

    Cant believe a Delaware qb can be better that CB, or the others either.

  129. d1shima [sez:]:

    ....or maybe because of the powerhouse conference.

    Johnson took over starting duties in 2005, going on to win the first of two Pioneer Football League Offensive Player of the Year honors.

  130. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm tired. I've been up since 3:50.

  131. dj:

    Hawaiiroller, you're right.

    Rd. 1, #18 - Joe Flacco Delaware to Ravens

  132. d1shima [sez:]:


    This is getting ridiculous!

  133. dj:

    Erik Ainge to J-E-T-S

  134. djmitcho:

    Erik Ainge to ST's JETS

  135. brew808:

    Recap of QBs taken before CB:
    Rd 1, #3 - Matt Ryan BC to Falcons - Ha! Good luck w/ the Falcons!
    Rd 2, #56 - Brian Brohm Louisville to Packers - ... bust
    Rd 2, #57 - Chad Henne Michigan to Dolphins - Eventually...
    Rd 3, #94 - Kevin O’Connell SDSU to Patriots - ... a project and backup
    Rd 5, #137 - John David Booty USC to Vikings - Eventually... maybe
    Rd 5, # 156 - Dennis Dixon Oregon to Steelers - maybe as a WR, but injury prone

    Josh Jackson - bust
    Erik Ainge - project as backup


  136. Matto:

    Kevin O'Connell and Josh Johnson - really?


  137. djmitcho:

    Flacco played in 1-AA

  138. eMH:

    QBs going left and right. At least the chances of Colt getting picked is increasing....?

  139. Stephen Tsai:

    Ainge is gone.
    I think that leaves CB and Jack Rolovich as the only remaining eligible quarterbacks in America.

  140. dj:

    Wow, next thing you know, they're gonna be talking about Andre Woodson

  141. Matto:

    Kevin O'Connell and Josh Johnson - really? Really?!

    Maybe Josh I can see because of the 'hype' machine.
    But, KEVIN O'CONNELL?????

    Before Ainge?
    Before Colt?

    What the heck?

  142. djmitcho:

    Flacco played in 1AA

  143. Stephen Tsai:

    I tell ya, Flacco and Johnson just aren't very good.
    And didn't UH beat San Diego State in 2005?

  144. d1shima [sez:]:


    Agree. Like I said earlier, he couldn't even get PT at Pitt!

  145. Matto:

    eMH - you gotta think so.

  146. brew808:

    Flacco - project, eventual contributor...

  147. dj:

    Recap of QBs taken before CB:
    Rd 1, #3 - Matt Ryan BC to Falcons
    Rd 1, #18 - Joe Flacco Delaware to Ravens
    Rd 2, #56 - Brian Brohm Louisville to Packers
    Rd 2, #57 - Chad Henne Michigan to Dolphins
    Rd 3, #94 - Kevin O’Connell SDSU to Patriots
    Rd 5, #137 - John David Booty USC to Vikings
    Rd 5, # 156 - Dennis Dixon Oregon to Steelers
    Rd 5, #160 - Josh Johnson San Diego to Bucs
    Rd 5, #162 - Erik Ainge Tennessee to Jets

  148. puhi:

    Aloha kakou,

    I can't believe our boys haven't been drafted yet. but no worry, they will be able to prove themselves on the field.

    Just like Inoke did last night. I mua e Na Koa!!!

  149. dj:

    Does anyone really believe that there are 9 QBs better than Colt???!

  150. gigi-hawaii ©:


  151. djmitcho:

    Speaking of players with Hawaii ties, Palani Ma Sun, who played at Oregon, and Kahuku ( I think), is playing with the Spokane Shock, the local AF2 team here.

  152. prideperiod:

    Don't worry gang. Colt will get into a camp. Maybe seventh round to the Bears. He'll take them to the playoffs next year.

  153. Hawaiiroller:


    There isn't even ONE!!!


  154. brew808:

    ... almost better to go undrafted and make find your own team as a FA....

  155. Matto:

    ST - so agree. I saw Josh Johnson pass on the NFL network when watching the combine - he was all over the place and his ball had a weird non-spiral motion. They looked like drunk ducks.

    Flacco - I guess he could develop in to a top QB due to his arm strength, but everything else was SO questionable - accuracy, decision-making, adjusting to quicker Ds.

  156. puhi:

    Does anyone know how Tony Smith is doing in the NFL? You know, the guy who won the Heisman.

    Is there a curse connected to the Heisman?

    They weren't saying nice things about Leinart's progress too.

    If I was a player. I would be angry if someone wanted to nominate me for the Heisman.

    Bachi to da max!!!

    I mua e Na Koa!!!

  157. djmitcho:

    2 more rounds. Hopefully some of our UH boys will be choosen.

  158. puhi:

    I thought Dennis Dixon was good too, since the team went to shet after he got injured. Not sure what goes on in the minds of those NFL people

  159. brew808:

    Flacco - I think of Ben Roethlisberger. He has a chance.

    Tony Smith? Oh - he's now teammates w/ Flacco w/ the Ravens. :lol:

  160. dj:

    You gotta think that CB is going to an NFC team now...

  161. Matto:

    Ryan Leaf - first round. Tom Brady - sixth round. Good to keep in mind.

  162. Brett:

    Colt will get drafted in one of these three spots in the 6th round!

    6th Round 8(174) San Francisco

    6th Round 15(181) Carolina

    6th Round 35(201) Indianapolis

  163. djmitcho:

    really, a punter before CB, RGM, JR and DB? You gotta be kidding me.

  164. kamehuku:

    its sad, but I don't think any of our boys will be drafted, including me the media has alot to do with that. Just the negativity bout Hawaii Football in general,not to mention how much they bash Brennan for his lack of size, his ability to handle the hits, on and on and on. They'll come up with ALL the Bad crap before they'll recognize Warrior Football and its players as a team to recon with.

  165. dj:

    Haha i think it's Troy Smith, not Tony Smith. And yes, it'll be Flacco, Kyle Boller, and Smith competing for the starting QB job I guess.

  166. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    What a long day yesterday. Thanks again to Stephen and Michael.

    I woke up a little while ago and wondered who got picked in the first 5 hours of day two. I seen Booty and Dixon picked, and I thought, "Right on, Colt was picked already". I check and I didn't see his name. Then I see Johnson and Ainge picked. I can't believe it. I know the Hawaii guys will get into a camp somehow but this does nothing to help our program. Do you think it is a knock on the offensive "system"?? We have our best year with the most productive offensive but none of them get picked, especially Colt??

  167. Brett:

    Also Bess and RGM will get drafted in the 6th round as well! Rivers UDFA!

  168. Hawaiianbod:

    "Troy Smith"

  169. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    >April 27th, 2008 at 9:13 am
    Don’t worry gang. Colt will get into a camp. Maybe seventh round to the Bears. He’ll take them to the playoffs next year.

    Thank you, big Daddy. I feel better now. ;) Why don't you become an analyst. You're more akamai than most of them and you have wayyyyyy better hair than the diva guy. :lol:

  170. Brett:

    It's either Colt of Andre Woodson as the next QB off the board IMO!

  171. brew808:

    Oops - Troy Smith, Tony Smith, Tom Smith, .... it's still WHO??? :roll:

  172. Hawaiiroller:

    Troy Smith

  173. djmitcho: is slacking big time. Good thing I got NFL network

  174. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    They have the nerve to play clips of the NFL QB challenge when touting Flacco. I saw Colt Brennan in the background. You know, Colt Brennan, the guy who blew those other QB's away in the accuracy test...

  175. dj:

    I agree w/ you Brett, next QB is Woodson or CB.

    Maybe to 49ers, Bears, Panthers, Saints, Lions, Rams?

    Can't really see any other teams taking a QB.

  176. XxFaithxX:

    I had hopes just like most of us here that our Warriors would be picked that we are at the end of this years draft...we all see the need for our Sports marketing division to kick it into high gear. I am sure those BCS teams have multiple workers constantly 'pimping' their players and that eventually gets stuck in the heads of the pundits and the like.

    So tell me one thing, what bright ideas have our marketing people come up with? It seems just either tried and true things like 'green-out' etc....while anything else is like years behind our mainland counterparts.

  177. Matto:

    BTW, Josh Johnson - he's gone to Tampa, a team with, count 'em, FIVE QBs next year. FIVE. Granted, two are on the last year of their contract, but still...

  178. dj:


    Gotta think the back up job in Tampa is up for grabs though. And Jeff Garcia is getting pretty old. And Gruden likes to stockpile QBs. Just wish CB could've been picked before the other NINE guys!

  179. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Eh howzit Puhi! Good to see you back on the blog braddah! How you been?

  180. djmitcho:

    There was also talk of CB going to Seattle late to become Hasselbeck's future replacement.

  181. Brett:

    I'm so glad Colt didn't goto Tampa not a good situation for any yound QB. I hope he goes to San Fran, Chicago, Redskins, Indy IMO!

  182. gigi-hawaii ©:

    let's see if Colt goes to SF in round 6.

  183. Brett:

    Colt will get drafted here by the NINERS IMO!

  184. Matto:

    DJ - completely agree with you. He's so much LESS a project than O'Connell, Johnson, maybe even Flacco. Madness, I tell you.

  185. Stretch:

    gigi = NOPE

  186. Brett:

    I can't believe the NFL is passing on Hawaii's great WR lol!

  187. dj:

    INHO, I think a good situation for CB might be to New Orleans Saints. Colt can learn the system as a backup to Brees and Sean Payton is a great offensive coach. Lots of shorter passes that need an accurate QB. Brees doesn't have that strong of an arm but was a pro bowl player 2 yrs ago. Playing indoors would also help CB...

  188. ralvic:

    sf with the next pick in the 6th round. Last in every offensive statistical category
    Who should they pick? CB

  189. NYUH:

    Colt's late draft is a refutation of JJ's offense and philosophy.

  190. Stretch:

    I honestly think this will not help recruiting at all. Not sure if this is JJ's "system" or Hawaii's "system" but this is the first time that I remember that the "skilled" guys have a chance to be drafted and none yet. Previously it was mostly defensive and offensive lines.

  191. Hawaiiroller:


    Colt may have nightmares playing in the Superdome. LOL

  192. Stretch:

    dj - and he will get a chance to redeem himself in the Superdome!!

  193. Matto:

    Honestly, I'm bouncing back and forth between the NFL Network and ESPN - you listen to these guys enough, you realize, they really don't know anything. I don't mean that as a knock, but all they're talking about is speculation. They say, "hey, this guy's great... and then the other guy says, yeah, but, he's not so great because..."

    I'd love to see someone go back and look at comments from these guys about the draft picks in the last 3 years.

  194. dj:

    LOL that's right, maybe Colt should stay away from that place...

  195. brew808:

    Wow - imagine Colt returning to the SuperDome.... (...bad memories for some of us....) :cry:

  196. Brett:

    Yeah it's bs the scouts focus on the Georgia game and don't take a look at the other 12 games our players played in! RGM and Bess will prove the haters wrong along with Brennan!

  197. Brett:

    Carolina might be the team to take CB coming up in a few picks. I hope the Minnesota Vikings get one of our WR!

  198. Stretch:

    I have to take off for an hour. I can't stand to sit here and watch this BS. See everyone a little later.

  199. dj:

    wow, 2 kickers taken ahead of any Warriors

  200. jp:

    ST - will you be interviewing JJ about today? It would be interesting to hear what he says.

  201. djmitcho:

    Wow, a kicker before any UH guys....what's wrong with the NFL

  202. jp:

    Wow Saints take a kicker.

  203. Stephen Tsai:

    I wonder if there's any legal recourse if a player receives a second-round grade, leaves school early, and doesn't get drafted? I think the player should be entitled to the value of a scholarship.

  204. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    We should start a website, something like "What the Analysts" . Hold them accountable.

  205. Hawaiiroller:

    We show them we're a top 10 team. We get to a BCS bowl. And our players still get no RESPECT!!!

  206. dj:

    Not to mention all the non-Division 1 guys who have been drafted. That's at least 2 Appalachian State guys off of that one Michigan game.

  207. jp:

    Everyone will be shouting Carl English at Davonne and Ryan ... but hopefully they latch on and stick somewhere and make other teams regret not drafting them.

  208. Matto:

    ST - funny, good questions.

    Punchbowl - heck yeah, it'll weed out the frauds and pump up the guys who are actually good at this. Right now, because nobody can recall what anyone said a year or two ago, anyone can say whatever the heck they want.

  209. jp:

    This is the most I've posted on one day. I actually think I've quadrupled my total posting output.

    Wow someone from Nicholls State went.

  210. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm surprised Mike Hart didn't go.

  211. djmitcho:

    For real? A utah state guy before a UH guy?

  212. djmitcho:

    Obviously people in the NFL don't watch WAC football

  213. jp:

    ST - will JJ receive the same scrutiny at Houston about his offense and pro prospects? If Colt was at Houston with JJ would he be a "better" prospect?

  214. jp:

    KRob had a field day vs. UH this past year.

  215. Brett:

    This is painful! RGM and Bess are playmakers! They should of gone by now!

  216. Stephen Tsai:

    Kevin Robinson is very good.
    But two Utah State players being drafted? Hmm.
    It almost seems like JJ owes the NFL $400,008. Seems UH players are radioactive.

  217. djmitcho:

    But isn't he a "system" guy also?

  218. jp:

    ST - Call Curtis to come on and comment. :) I appreciate you hanging out for being up so early.

    I wonder if any teams are starting to call JJ and ask about "his" players.

  219. mctruck:

    You gotta be kidding me?, now in the 6th round their picking a place kicker!!! well, looks like it might be better for CB not to be selected and go the free agency route at this point.

  220. Stephen Tsai:

    Wow. The analyst are now knocking on Norm Chow.
    I guess they're going to criticize Hawai‘i Pono‘i next.

  221. Hawaiiroller:

    I really thought RGM would have gone first and a while ago. Clutch hands, playmaker, and ran a 4.3. WTF!

  222. dj:


  223. brew808:


  224. d1shima [sez:]:



  225. not far away anymore:

    Redskins select Colt

  226. Hawaiiroller:

    CB to Washington!

  227. djmitcho:

    CB to the redskins

  228. Stephen Tsai:

    colt got picked by the washington redskins.

  229. eMH:

    Yay, good for CB

  230. d1shima [sez:]:


    Can't wait to see what those guys say after the break.

  231. mctruck:

    I think CB's size and toughness are the big question marks leading to his dropping in the draft.

  232. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    >Stephen Tsai:

    April 27th, 2008 at 9:47 am
    I wonder if there’s any legal recourse if a player receives a second-round grade, leaves school early, and doesn’t get drafted? I think the player should be entitled to the value of a scholarship.

    Aaaah, agents and analysts. Can you imagine if Davone and Ryan had come back?

  233. brew808:

    Washington QB's:

    Jason Campbell Todd Collins Mark Brunell Colt Brennan

    Got chance! :D

  234. dj:

    Back to up Jason Campbell. Not a bad spot for him.

  235. jp:

    Congrats to Colt ... what's the analysis of going to Washington?

  236. Matto:


  237. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  238. dj:

    Yes, congrats to Colt. Maybe this will get the other Warriors off the board soon.

  239. dj:

    Analysis of CB now on air

  240. d1shima [sez:]:

    Kiper's an idiot

  241. eMH:

    How can Sr. Bowl practices hurt you???

    Kiper blows.

  242. dj:

    Kiper says system QB, doesn't like the weak schedule, doesn't like size and strength, doesn't like his side-arm throwing, but does like the accuracy. WOW, Kiper says 6th rd was best CB could have hoped for.

  243. d1shima [sez:]:

    Jaws is on drugs.

    Not consistent???

  244. Stephen Tsai:

    "He can be an accurate passer"?
    He was the most accurate passer in NCAA history.

  245. Hawaiiroller:

    Can't stand these so called experts talk anymore.

  246. dj:

    Jaws sucks too.

  247. 99club:

    Yes!!! As a Redskin fan I couldn't be happier! Yeehaw!


  248. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Kiper is back on UH's side.

  249. dj:

    Jaws is definitely NOT.

  250. jp:

    Mel Kiper's hair may get drafted.

    Jaws had a gun. Was he accurate? I remember he being accurate. He was the Polish rifle.

  251. d1shima [sez:]:

    Yay Chris Carter!

  252. sjmacro:

    Redskins! Colt Congrats-- sjmacro

  253. jp:

    Sorry I don't remember.

  254. Swole:

    I feel sorry for Colt, he lost a lot of money by staying for his senior year. See us greedy local fans were only thinking of ourselves, and if we really loved CB we would have encouraged him to leave. It is also JJ fault because he probably kept lieing to CB about his draft situation and was really not thinking about the good for his player that he so called loved and thought so highly off. If he did he would have told CB to leave especially after the year he had (junior year)

  255. prideperiod:

    Congrats Colt.

  256. jp:

    Scouts, Inc.'s Doug Kretz: Redskins took Brennan.. I'm sure Zorn had something to do with that pick. He had seen a lot of him, having spent the past year in Seattle and being able to see more Hawaii games. Good spot for him as he will not be expected to come in and start, yet the offense he ran in Hawaii is closer to the west coast offense than the other, more traditional NFL offenses..

  257. mctruck:

    I'm glad their giving CB a lot of discussion on ESPN, lots of good, positive stuff being said. Washington people really see a future in CB.

  258. Stephen Tsai:

    Not sure how Senior Bowl practices hurt when he was named a team captain.

  259. Matto:

    CONGRATS COLT - and yes, ESPN is... geez. I don't even have words.

    And any wonder that a QB-oriented coach picked CB?

  260. djmitcho:

    It's good that they are spending a lot of time on CB though. Jim Zorn will turn CB into a starter.

  261. Gettingbye:

    They guy totally contradicted himself.... "The ball shoots out in all directions from Colts slingin' side-arm delivery... worry about his accuracy" and then later on says, "Colt is very accurate."

    Friggen idiots.

  262. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Awright Colt! Go get 'em baby!

    Time for some WR's to get drafted.

  263. dj:

    Jaws is a jacka$$

  264. haka:

    Jawoski is talking ou t of his arse.

  265. haka:


  266. d1shima [sez:]:

    So how would Tsaikos look dressed as "hogs"?

  267. Matto:

    Swole, true, but had Colt been drafted early last year - he might have started in the NFL this year and may not have been ready, mentally or physically. He might not have found a team willing to work with him, to coach him like he needs. Jim Zorn, honestly, is as good a coach as Colt will find - West Coast offense, loves to work with QBs, etc.

    Jaws... geez. Just after you showed a list of the top 6th round picks, you're bashing this pick?
    Who would have thought Kiper would be on our side?

  268. djmitcho:

    ESPN spent more time on CB then NFL Net. Jaws is just jealous that he wasn't as good as CB is gonna be.

  269. djmitcho:

    That would be very funny. A couple of my friends and I did that for Halloween a few years back

  270. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    My wife is from Philly. She remembers Jaworski from his playing days. I can't share what she's screaming at the TV when "Jaws" is talking. Mel Kiper tiries to cover his a**. I think the fact that they talked about him for so long means something.

  271. mctruck:

    Well, Kiper was sorta accurate in saying that CB would go, what?, 5th-6th round?

  272. gigi-hawaii ©:

    so Curtis and Fox were correct in predicting a 6 round pick for Colt.

  273. mctruck:

    I'm happy with the future association CB will have with coach Zorn.

  274. djmitcho:

    d1, I could see a couple of tsaikos in mu'u (you could borrow from gigi) with some lauhala purses and hats with pig snouts

  275. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    +Stephen Tsai types frantically, getting a story ready for "Breaking News".* :)

  276. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Curtis also predicted that Ryan would be picked next after Colt. Was it round 7, he said?

  277. prideperiod:

    Swole. I actually believe that Colt made a good decision to come back, at the time that he made the decision. JJ wasn't selfish, he thought that Colt needed another year of exposure to jump from a second round prospect to a high first round prospect. It actually almost worked out the way it was supposed to. Hawaii went undefeated, Colt got national exposure, and he went to the Heisman ceremonies. All of those things should have helped his draft status. His downfall was the weak schedule, a poor showing by the team in the Sugar Bowl, and having Mike Martz overcoach him in the Senior Bowl. I think that Martz hurt both Colt and Woodson by trying to change or adjust their fundamentals. Both guys became disorganized and were unable to perform to their highest potential. Unfortunately because of the weak schedule, scouts only took into account two games, the Sugar Bowl and the Senior bowl. None of the other games counted. Of course it's not fair, but those are the facts.

  278. NYUH:

    Too bad Washington took three WRs already - Michigan State receiver Devin Thomas, Southern Cal tight end Fred Davis and Oklahoma receiver Malcolm Kelly.

  279. mctruck:

    On reflection....Kiper also said that CB will develop into a pro-QB in 2-3 years, if he stays on track.

  280. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    *DPK takes some of those pins outta his Mel Kiper Jr. voodoo doll, straightens up it's hair, pours some lighter fluid on it and sets it on fire.* :lol:

  281. djmitcho:

    Pride makes a good point. It's too bad they say you're only as good as your last game.

  282. Kekoa:

    Happiness is seeing Colt get drafted!

    I'm a Redskins fan yet, but I plan to be a devoted "follower" in the future. How cool is that?...from one Warrior Nation, to an NFL WARRIOR NATION! Whoo Hoo!

    Good job son. Your Tsaiko Ohana sends our Love and Aloha!

  283. brew808:

    Kiper = Jaws = Mike Mayock = 'okoles!

    I keep hoping for Jamie Dukes to jump over the table and choke Mayock on the! :D

    Vinny Cerrato had good things to say about Colt; mentioned Jim Zorn and Colt's "intangibles". Congratulations to Colt!

  284. Swole:

    It's amazing that the top two rated quarterbacks as Juniors CB an Brian Brohm from louisville, if they had left as juniors would have been drafted probably in the first round, came back to college for their senior seasons and it hurt them. It shows that it doesn't help and it only gives pro scouts more time to pick at their flaws. Honestly the top quarterback taken this year Matt Ryan had only one amazing year, this year, and look at him they are saying he has Peyton Manning characteristics. It's ridiculous and sad.

  285. d1shima [sez:]:

    Ok, moving to the next rant topic:

    Kevin Robinson (Utah St) before RGM, DB, or JR???

  286. Kekoa:

    Oops! Meant to say, "I'm Not a Redskins fan yet, but plan to be...

  287. Matto:

    Pride - great analysis.

    Um... long snapper pick? Really? REALLY??

  288. sjmacro:

    Beau: Lucky my dog is blind and deaf and don't to have to listen to the draft pundits/punt-its like Kiper, Jaws and todd mcsh what's his name. :roll:

    bhf2 your other half can cheer for the Redskins again. sjmacro

  289. dj:


    I complete agree w/ you about QBs coming back. The media guys have an extra year to pick them apart. I can't remember the last time it helped a QB to come back for another year when they were projected really high as an underclassman.

  290. brew808:

    DPK - "my" Mel Kiper Jr. voodoo doll has already been toasted - half of it is down the garbage disposal, the other half went down the toilet with the other cr@p!!! :twisted:

  291. jp:

    The body of the Mel Kiper voodoo doll may burn but the hair probably has a life of it's own.

  292. dj:

    Brew - now you just have to make a Jaws voodoo doll.

  293. d1shima [sez:]:

    Head to head, take away his 77 yarder and he went 4-19 yds.

    JRiv, CJ and RGM all had better game than he did.

  294. Hawaiiroller:

    Need to change HOGS to Kalua Pigs!

  295. el guapo:

    Jaws is full of it. His way is not the only way for a QB to be successful.

    jp - plenty energy today huh? should have gone to play hoops.

  296. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "" Has a nice ring to it. Need an agent, pride?

  297. addahknowjoe:

    Everyone tried to calm him down but, Jaws went OFF on Colt!

    Crack me up! Jaws goes on to say, when analyzing a QB, he doesn't look at stats or level of competition, what he looks at are mechanics, arm strength, and accuracy and Colt doesn't have any of it!

    You know, it always amazes me to watch people brag on national TV how clueless and what idiots they are! Even Mel Kiper was stunned to see Jaws bottom feed below him about Colt.

    Congratulations 99Club and my father-in-law! Enjoy Colts presence!

  298. Pomai:

    This is what the NFL draft tracker has for Colt, after he was picked:

    "Pick Analysis: Brennan saw his stock fall after a disappointing combine performance and is small at quarterback given the prototypical size at the position in the NFL. Was prolific in June Jones' run-and-shoot scheme at Hawaii, but needs to prove he is not a system quarterback. Lacks arm strength, but has moxie and toughness."

    It's funny how all these experts use the system thing as a good thing with others but when it comes to UH it's the sh!ts.

  299. Hawaiiroller:

    Now all Washington needs to do is draft a Warrior receiver. :D

  300. A-House:


    Colt's a PRO.

    Like the GM's comments about allowing Colt time to learn from Jim Zorn and the 2 QB's ahead of him.

    Midori7 is skying as a Redskins fan (after the 49ers).

  301. d1shima [sez:]:

    Andre Woodsen to the G-men

  302. brew808:

    dj - I used to be a fan of Jaws. Not any more! My recollection was he was all arm, no touch! Of course, those were the Joe Montana days!

    Jaws voodoo doll? - maybe the next time the lua backs up, I'll have the right material.... :twisted:

  303. Swole:

    But Prideperiod if you listen to yourself, colt would have been a high second round pick. Some were even saying he was the 2nd to 3rd top rated quarterback in last years draft. The draft is all about momentum and CB had a lot of intrigue to him. Just think about it, being a seond round draft pick your guranteed a contract, and your going to go to a team that needs you and would work with you, a big signing bonus not to mention, I'm not saying there wouldn't be bumps and bruises along the way, but they always say that there's a learning curve. All I'm saying is that if everybody wanted the best and were thinking for CB's best interest and not for ourselves and the program then it would have been wise for him to leave. I love what CB has done for the program and he should be honored for his way, but it really did hurt him.

  304. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Brew, I'm ashamed to say how good it felt to burn his hair like that. When you make that "Jaws" doll, make sure that it's foot is permanently stuck in it's "Jaws". :lol:

  305. HawaiianKiko:

    What a great experience yesterday for me.......breaking my cherry as a former actually partake in a TSAIKO event ....from meeting,eating & drinking some varied liquid going over and listening and taking pixs with various VIP's (Bery Important Polynesians) .....thanks to all the TSAIKO's for making a memorable event even more special........Tom Mui, d1shima, LizKaui,Esme,Kazz, SteveM, da Big Island gang & know who u are......Ten Que....Mucho Mahalo's Y'All..!!!!!!!...

  306. NYUH:

    Now to get that other Hawaiian to Washington - Barack.

    I liked Vinny Cerrato's comments after the pundits got through trashing Colt. My allegiances to the NFL goes as the Hawaii Warriors go so I guess I'm a Washington fan. Still having trouble with that "Redskin" name though.

  307. mctruck:

    If my memory serves me right, Jaws used to say a lot of favorable things about CB in the past? I think Jaws is burned out and isn't responsible for what he says!! bwaaahaha!

  308. Brett:

    Jaws will eat his words in a couple of years......Mark it down!!!

  309. Hawaiiroller:


    I agree with you on all counts. Think it's time to change that name too.

  310. dj:

    Mike hart to Colts. Interesting.

  311. oldie:

    As much as I hated to see CB fall to the sixth round, I think Washington is an excellent place for him to be. It's a very stable organization with a new coaching staff coming in. His chances of making to team look good as there are not many QBs on the team that he can't beat out. Better than going to a team where it's hard to say how much longe the ownership will stick with the present coaches.

    Good luck to CB. I'm sure he'll do us proud!

  312. brew808:

    DPK - Re: Jaws voodoo doll - Hmmmmm. I don't know if it would have any arms or legs - just one big 'okole! :twisted:

  313. Koauka:

    I can talk. I can make up stories. I can character assassinate. So perfect, I can become a ESPN pro football analyst.

    For Colt, it is not how you start bruddah, it is how you finish. And ESPN will be hiring new pro football analysts.

    Warrior football will play a little more physical this year and tell the NCAA who we REALLY are.

  314. Stephen Tsai:

    Just spoke with Colton.
    He said to say thanks to everyone for their good wishes.
    And he has a Hawaiian flag raised at the beach house.

  315. Addahknowsports:


    so that IS you....I was wondering when I saw your first post. But then when I saw the 2nd and 3rd and 4th etc etc posts, I thought "Nah, cannot be you. You post only once every 4.8217 months". :) I can see you're on a roll...I'll give you a call later when I see your posts slow down.

  316. djmitcho:

    I can't believe how many 1AA and d2 players are going before the UH recs

  317. Brett:

    Awesome Stephen!!!

  318. Koauka:

    Bruddah Colt - raise da flag for the aina and REPRESENT!

  319. Hawaiiroller:

    Thanks for the CB news Stephen.

    Can you ask him is we can get a picture of him and his flag at the beach. :D

  320. Brett:


    Tell him to tell Washington to draft a Warrior WR!!!!

  321. dj:

    Japanese guy to the Ravens...Haruki Nakamura

  322. KailuaMom:

    Now, even more parallels for Colt Brennan and Keanu Reeves character in "The Replacements." Keanu's character is a quarterback whose pro career opportunity takes a nosedive after a disasterous Sugar Bowl performance that no one can seem to forget. He gets his big chance as a replacement quarterback project, chosen by a coach for a Washington team who wants him for his leadership intangibles, especially heart. Just like Keanu's character, we all know that Colt will end up in time as the starting quarterback, team leader, and fan hero!

  323. UKU@LA:


    MANEO !!!

  324. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Follow your dreams. Send ESPN a photo of your hair. Maybe you'll get lucky. :lol: har haaar!

  325. bueller555:

    Amongst the more important things of Colt's selection... Todd Collins is currently holding jersey #15. Colt will have to select a different number initially and then take #15 after Collins gets cut.

  326. Brett:

    3 Hollenbach, Sam QB 6-4 214 1 Maryland 09-09-1983
    17 Campbell, Jason QB 6-5 233 3 Auburn 12-31-1981
    15 Collins, Todd QB 6-4 228 13 Michigan 11-05-1971

    Those are the other QB's on the roster! I've seen Hollenbach play in person and on film he doesn't have the same ability as Colt. Don't worry about him Colt will make him a distant memory! Todd Collins is old so Colt could be backup before you know it IMO!

  327. brew808:

    KailuaMom - Wow! Great analogy! :D

  328. dj:

    I think a guy from Mount Union just made 28 WRs taken ahead of RGM, DB, and JR...

  329. djmitcho:

    Wow, a D3 receiver was taken before any of the UH guys.

  330. bighilofan2:

    good morning Tsaikos.
    There is Washington Redskin's License Plate adorning my back door. Its not for sale. The wife is a die hard Redskin's fan, even has a leather Redskin's jacket, Redskin's cofeee cup. She is besides herself in glee. CB has gone to the best NFL team out there. And I wasn't really forced to say this.

  331. addahknowjoe:


    After that outstanding business lecture you gave, you still gotta be sleeping your best, eh?

    Mahalo, bigtime! I will apply your suggestions.


  332. dj:

    Wow packers took another QB in addition to Brohm and Rodgers...Matt Flynn from LSU

  333. Matto:

    Hawaiiroller - YES! Would love to see a picture of CB w/ da Hawaiian flag behind him!

    There goes Matt Flynn to GB packers. Man... that's a LOT of QBs.

    Still can't believe the long-snapper was drafted... so crazy.

  334. Koauka:

    DPK, send a picture of my hands and ask them what is your favorite finger?

  335. not far away anymore:

    Mount Union is Division III not enought I-AA or DII

  336. not far away anymore:

    I meant not even. That's what happens when you wake up at 4 am to watch the draft.

  337. WarriorMojo:

    Anyone need another reason to be in Florida in late August?

    Washington Redskins Pre-Season Schedule
    Sun, Aug 03 Indianapolis 8:00 PM ET
    Sat, Aug 09 Buffalo 7:00 PM ET
    Sat, Aug 16 @ New York 7:00 PM ET
    Sat, Aug 23 @ Carolina 7:00 PM ET
    Thu, Aug 28 Jacksonville 7:00 PM ET

  338. NYUH:

    I didn't know Colt had this skill. A blogger at the Washington Post on Colt.

    They say he's also very talented at holding for punts...

  339. not far away anymore:

    Mojo game isn't in Jacksonville.

  340. LizKauai [BELIEVER] Asus:

    WOO HOO!!!
    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Nose has been to the grindstone on images and videos. Interruped by sleep and breakfast.
    Congrats to COLT!!!
    Now I have to watch The Replacements when I get home!

    Willie Grace!!!
    bbs on treo from Go!

  341. dj:

    Army guy just got picked by the Lions in 7th rd

  342. WarriorMojo:

    As an old Raider fan, I can offer these tidbits:

    From what I remember, Jaws was known for arm strength and love of the deep ball. Period. In other words, he was pretty much the opposite of Colt. I'm actually surprised how good Jaws is with the telestrator now because he wasn't known for being that much of a student of the game from what I know.

    Jim Zorn, on the other hand, didn't have the big arm and the macho man demeanor, but instead relied upon preparation, playing smart, and a very accurate mid and short range passing game. He was also pretty effective in moving around in the pocket and buying time to find open receivers. I think it is ULTRA significant and a good omen indeed that Zorn, a rookie head coach, would draft Colt.

  343. djmitcho:

    It's cool that the player from Army was just drafted

  344. WarriorMojo:

    Aw, shucks, you're right. Game is in DC. Oh, well, that's just a short hop or train ride.

  345. Hawaiiroller:

    Someone on Washington's forum posted this you tube. Remember this tribute? :)

  346. Hawaiiroller:


  347. BowsForever:

    GO COLT! Of course it's absolutely criminal that you didn't get drafted higher (and people wonder why the quality of NFL QBs has taken a nosedive lately), but you're in, you have the opportunity you wanted, and you've achieved your dream! Even better, you're in an organization that wants you for the long haul, and just took on a West Coast Offense offensive coordinator. WOOHOO!

    Much less excited about none of the Fearsome Foursome receivers having been drafted yet, but hopefully they'll all get an opportunity. Totally agree with Brett at #320, maybe Colt can convince Washington to sign on Davone, RGM, J Riv, Hawthorne, heck maybe all four. At the very least they can comfortably cruise under the radar in the practice squads/reserves until their time comes to shine.

  348. Hawaiiroller:

    Colt interview with Washington media...


  349. not far away anymore:

    Only about 25 more chances for our guys to get drafted.

  350. Stephen Tsai:

    Of course, CB doesn't have the big flag that our Big Island lawyer was waving yesterday.

  351. KL:

    Congratulations Colt. Washington is the perfect team for you. Zorn preaches West Coast and they have added 3 receivers in the 2nd round. Washington has a runnig game with Portis amassing 1262 yards last year, The OL is good. The owner, Dan Snyder has money and wants to win. Hey, he hired Joe Gibbs. Jason Cambell, the starting QB, can be replaced.

  352. al:

    i am with you mojo.

    colt will thrive in washington.

    in three years he could be the starter.

  353. al:

    i am feeling sorry for both rgm and bess. i guess bess' numbers really hurt him, his 40, bench and stuff. rgm, was kind of unknown playing in the shadow of rivers and bess. i always thought he should have stayed back, but, then hindsight is 20/20.

    rivers, didn't have combine numbers too. did he train hard enough?

    when they all pulled up lame in the passing drills it really hurt their chances, too.

    oh well, done is done. i hope they all get late 7th picks, if not, they should get f/a looks and can pick and choose then. same with herc and turtle.

    it could be that the sugar bowl blowout did more damage to everyone's reputation than we at first thought. that's my feeling. also, with colt's injuries bringing him down, the others may have been caught in the vortex.

    ...nuff said.

  354. Barry Markowitz:

    Great for Colt. Does anyone else think that Mel Kiper Jr. looks like a low budget tele-evangelist from the 70's?

  355. addahknowjoe:

    ST- about being the first QB drafted from UH.

    I believe that title goes to Larry Arnold. '69.

    Drafted- LA Rams.

    Cherry was drafted also but, as a DB.

    You know me. It's the only glory I've got to cling onto from Ka'u.

  356. addahknowjoe:

    B Markowitz- YYYYEEAAHHH!!!!!

  357. willieboy:

    ah c'mon .. .. who da hell is chaz shilens ! ! !
    what are these nfl teams smoking?!?!?

  358. djmitcho:

    21 more chances for da guys to get drafted

  359. Stephen Tsai:

    Made the correction, Joe.

  360. diesel:

    kinda upset that my steelers picked a crippled dennis dixon before CB. stupid stupid move. congrats to CB.

  361. Stephen Tsai:

    Keith Zinger.
    Another tight end.

  362. Stephen Tsai:

    Rich2176 came up with a Redskins' tie.
    Jim Zorn played in JJ's golf tournament last year.

  363. BowsForever:

    Thanks for the link Hawaiiroller!

    This excerpt at around 4:25 in the interview says it ALL: "[I want to show] the community that I'm gonna be not only a good person, but also a good football player." That's a guy with his head on straight.

    Keep proving the doubters wrong, Colt!

  364. dj:

    Is anyone else surprised that SDSU gets a QB and a WR picked before UH gets their QB and WRs picked?

  365. Matto:

    DJ - shocked, actually

  366. brew808:

    ...but "Zim" Zorn was still with the Seahawks - last year... :lol:

  367. brew808:

    SDSU - TWO WR's!!! :twisted:

  368. dj:

    Seriously, I had not even heard of any of the SDSU wideouts

  369. ralvic:

    The Hawaii chapter of the Colt Brennan book,life story and memoirs will be filled with many kind words. Pictures and words will always forever describe what's in the heart of this fine young man.And the words that we know he'll say about his career in Hawaii will reflect well on Hawaii.And for this we're forever great full.Today I actually shed a tear for Colt knowing full well that he did sacrifice greatly by coming back for his senior year.With being a sixth round draft pick comes a loss of money and respect,but what he loses in one area...he gains in another area,where most people gravitate to the material things in life,like a possibly better draft outcome and money by bypassing their senior year. Colt said no...for he wanted the simplicity of vying for a championship and aspiring to be Heisman winner.This is what's in his genetic makeup...And he accomplished what he wanted to do.And who are we to second guess his decision.And scrutinize why he didn't go last year.His actions,when you think about it,are heroic.And the soldier that goes to battle and takes one for our Country so others can have freedom is in the same light as how I look at Colt today.So many times we see scouts and GM's mess it up on draft day-like the ones ignoring picking Colt till until such a late round that sometimes they are so blinded by not looking at the immeasurable of a prospect.And believe me Colt has many immeasurable s that the scouts and GM's were obvious oblivious to.

  370. Kekoa:

    Da 'Skins play da 49ers at 13:15 PST, (that's 1 PM for those of you who do not live on Ceded lands)on Sunday, Dec. 28, 2008 at the 'Stick (Bill Walsh Field).

    I have an opportunity to purchase 2 tickets for 40 yard line seats 38 rows above the 'Skins bench in what they call the Lower East stands #29. Price for the one ticket that I will have to sell of the 2 that I plan to purchase is $180.00 plus tax and yadda-yadda, comes to about $200. Any takers may email me thru the Tsaiko network.

  371. Tombo Ahi:

    April 27th, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Thanks for the link Hawaiiroller!

    This excerpt at around 4:25 in the interview says it ALL: “[I want to show] the community that I’m gonna be not only a good person, but also a good football player.” That’s a guy with his head on straight.

    i think i heard some of the media cheer that answer in the background. thanks for the link, hawaiiroller.

  372. brew808:

    SDSU - QB, WR's are NOT from "system" - just a LOSING program from a non-BCS conference.... :shock:

  373. djmitcho:

    wow, the saints just took a receiver whose career stats don't equal any of UH's rec season stats

  374. dj:

    SDSU QB = biggest reach in the draft. To Patriots, who already have Brady and Matt Cassell as a backup

  375. djmitcho:

    13 picks left in the draft

  376. brew808:

    Ahh - I hear attorney's sometimes like to be argumentative (I'm NOT one!) - so dj- you won't get me to disagree with your last statement. :lol:

  377. Hawaiiroller:

    I guess a bunch of us need to register at Washington's forum to give those folks 'accurate' info on Colt.

    One poster is quitting because they drafted some who attemped rape. :rolleyes

  378. Matto:

    SDSU - seriously - just goes to show, the LESS they see of you, the better.

    None of these guys had to play teams like USC, Georgia, Oregon, etc.

  379. brew808:

    ... free agency....

    My prediction: BIG year for Adam Leonard and the UH Warrior DEFENSE!!! :D

  380. brew808:

    Redskins have two more picks....

  381. Brett:

    This is BS RGM and Bess would of stayed if they would of known they would of been screwed out of being drafted IMO!

  382. brew808:

    Nope - DE. Ten more picks....

  383. dj:

    Maybe one of the UH guys to the Rams as Mr. Irrelevant?

  384. bighilofan2:

    yep, i got da flag, and a big smile. i just luv da dark glasses look. 8-)
    going try for a member of CB's posse now. skins get hope now.

    i just know LizK all huhu 49ers neva pick up da bradda. too bad too bad boo hoo hoo. but da wife is wery happy!!! i neva knew she cud get excited bout anyting else sides me. bwahaahaaa
    LizK, now i going have to create amnesty provision for certain pua'a in da hood. not going be automatic anymore, jus go for da knife. i think the first one we give amnesty to, going name em, ahem, Queen, afta we perform a life changing operation.

    you guys, da Jaws guy, dat turd. mojo, you right. him kuka pile junk. smell him all day way heah.

    back to our Warriors. my fren's grankid had a great experience. tole him dat to vision D1, he gotta vision looking like a pro. we showed him what it takes to be in the band. things are looking up for Keaau, for sure.

  385. RainbowCliff:

    WOW ! Colt Brennan sixth round to humid Wasington DC. Man our boy got SCREWED big time from the media, football experts and poor not his fault showing in the Sugar Bowl. All the hype that this young man recieved heisman finalists, undefeated season and NCAA passing records did not count with the so call experts. Dissapointing BUT he must go on and show that his value as a Hawaii quaterback will turn the skeptics wrong as hopefully he will get a chance to prove himself on the next level.

    Sad no UH recievers has gone as I just can't understand how they could be left off the draft list. Hawaii still does not get respected for it's athletics as the distance, schedule, playing in the weak wac and I gather time zones and fighting for exposure with the mainland schools and beating them is not enough.

    Swole makes a lot of good points as we were so HAPPY with Colt staying as the momentum for him the previous year was predicting him as an early draft choice and top quaterback pick. Now by staying he ended up a sixth round pick far and between what we all felt he should of been a first round selection.

    We owe Colt so much because of his sacrifice for the team and State of Hawaii as his number 15 should be retired as I can't recall no Hawaii athlete who has done so much for the people and Hawaii athletics. Mr. Brennan lost out on millions of dollars just to come back and help Hawaii to a season in which it brought GREAT pride to some wonderful fans. Mahalo Colt and the entire players who enter the draft as ALL of you will be remembered for your loyalty and dedication to the Aloha State.

  386. Brett:

    How do you put up the numbers like our WR's have for 3 years and not get drafted!

  387. Stretch:

    This sucks. I feel bad for all UH guys. The Sugar Bowl screwed them. I hope none of them get picked, better to go the FA route.

  388. Stretch:

    ST - see if you can contact JJ and get his take on what why the receivers in his offense can't get drafted and his QB gets drafted in the 6th round

  389. dj:

    Another WR drafted...not a Warrior

  390. dj:

    I agree, Stretch. Almost would have been better in terms of draft prospects for UH not to have played in the Sugar Bowl

  391. Stretch:

    Hopfully to change the mood here, the UH Men's Tennis team won the WAC and will compete in the NCAA tournament. Congratulations!!! I wonder if they get rings??

  392. Kekoa:

    A-Joe ~ Sounds like an opportunity to design and sell Mel Kiper Voo Doo Tees. We could video all us in possession of the shirts, and then video the various ways that we can destroy the shirts and post it on the Tube. Talk about a fund raiser!

  393. Nelson from DC:

    You might want to search through the blogs when I said a year ago that Brennan would go to Washington, even though they had recently drafted a quarterback and had three good quarterbacks at the time. I live about 10 miles from Fedex field. I hope I get to see Colt play. Whether you are a Redskins fan or not, you should know that Colt is going to a top-notch class organization. He couldn't have gone to a better place.
    Colt is now smack in the middle of the toughest division in the NFL and with arguably the most loyal fan base anywhere. It is time to break the system label and to represent like only Colt can. Congratulations.

  394. Koauka:

    Al, good point. The 2007 Warrior Football Team's defining moment will only be remembered by the loss to Georgia and a loss in a BCS bowl game.

    In the eyes of our fellow, BLIND and ARROGANT, mainland counterparts, the entire team of great players are chastised.

    Back to anger mangement class tomorrow.

  395. RainbowCliff:

    Brett, I double your BS as Bess and Grice Mullin prolific juniors got bad advise or there financial situation were far ahead of there needs or academically they would not be elgible to play the entire season. Does any one know ?

  396. TChahng [대장입니다]:

    Congrats to CB.

    ST, Josh Johnson is from the University of San Diego not San Diego State University. Different schools and two very different W-L records.

  397. FloridaTed:

    O.K., help me out here, I officially don't know anymore who the bigger idiots are, the scouts or the pundits? Can someone help me here?

    Colt will be fine in the end and the other Hawaii boys will make teams as FA's. The underdog mentality as a Hawaii player will come in handy.

  398. Brett:

    Say all you want about the Run and Shoot but Bess and RGM can do alot after they catch the ball. They should of came back for another year though because you can really get overlooked as a UDFA IMO!

  399. TChahng [대장입니다]:

    BTW, I got to drink a beer with BG yesterday in Seoul. Talk story for about an hour about our hopes and dreams for another kick-a$$ Warrior season in 2008. He and his lovely wife should be headed back to HNL today.

    Thanks for the beer BG!

  400. dj:

    A WAC guy goes as Mr. Irrelevant...too bad it's Idaho, not UH

  401. Stretch:


  402. RMK:

    I'll go for Voo-doo Tshirts--I can sell a bunch at my office.

  403. bb:

    I blame Herman...

  404. BowsForever:

    Good to know, Nelson from DC! I kinda wanted Colt to go to the 49ers because he'd get to stay in California and he'd have other players on the roster from Hawaii (Ulbrich, Lelie), but going with a solid 9-7 team and a pass-oriented offense and stiff QB competition probably puts Colt at a better starting point.

  405. Kekoa:

    TChahng ~ Lucky you!...howz that for a truly international hook-up for the Tsaiko Nation. Must have been gratifying to just sit and talk football, fuud, fun and friendship. When are you coming back to join us for a Warrior game?

  406. RainbowCliff:

    So am I to understand that Colt Brennan was the ONLY player from UH to get drafted even the traditional linemen didn't get a call ? A COMPLETE TRAVESTY ! Stretch I am with you on a reaction from JJ but like ALL coaches who move on they are only salesmen who gives you a good line and when you come back to find them they are long and gone with NO care in what they sold to you. JJ concern is SMU not Hawaii BUT I hope he still keeps in contact with his players who played there butts off for him and got him in position for the SMU job.

  407. Matto:

    Look for our boys to go quickly in FA...

  408. Brother Love:

    congrats to colt look forward to seeing him play on sunday now. I bet the players who followed jj and left school w/out graduating are getting nervous about now, back when they made the decision i stated in here that was a mistake and was chastised for it too. Hmmm, i knew i was right then and after the draft is over some will learn that lesson the hardway. I guess back then i was thinking more along the lines of a parent rather than a fan, but atleast i knew better...

  409. brew808:

    and Sopoaga!

    Pretty much sums up this entire 2008 draft - The last selection and "Mr. Irrelevant" award goes to a WAC guy....

    Mahalo to everyone. Really enjoyed spending the day(s) with all my Tsaiko friends following the draft.

    Again - Congratulations to Colt! And to all the other Warriors - chin up - go out and show them! 8)

  410. Koauka:

    The curse of Herman Frazier lives on. Where can I buy his voodo doll.

  411. Chris in ATL:


    I agree 100%. What hurt Davone and RGM was the teams performance in the Sugar Bowl and the combine. These factors contributed to the idea that they are a 'product of the system' label...unfairly IMO but its hard to convince the 'experts' otherwise. Im going to go on record here that RGM will be the most successful UH player in the NFL from this class.

  412. Kekoa:

    See there A-Joe...RMK at post #402 can sell a bunch of Voo Doo Tees at the office. Now multiply that by our network of crazed Tsaikos!

  413. Esme:

    Brett... Brett ... is this the Brett I think it is?

    Just curious.

  414. Ewakai:

    In response to Nelson from DC...

    "You might want to search through the blogs when I said a year ago that Brennan would go to Washington, even though they had recently drafted a quarterback and had three good quarterbacks at the time. I live about 10 miles from Fedex field. I hope I get to see Colt play. Whether you are a Redskins fan or not, you should know that Colt is going to a top-notch class organization. He couldn’t have gone to a better place.
    Colt is now smack in the middle of the toughest division in the NFL and with arguably the most loyal fan base anywhere. It is time to break the system label and to represent like only Colt can. Congratulations."

    Are you smoking something? Jason Campbell was drafted in 2004! See website link above. You could have not posted what you mentioned above because they only had one good QB at the end of the season. Jason Campbell got hurt and the veteran Todd Collins took the reign before falling in the mid round in the playoffs. Their third QB, Hollenback, didn't even play and is a Free-Agent 2nd Team practice QB.

  415. dj:

    Congrats Colt and good luck to all the other Warriors trying to get FA contracts.

    I had fun discussing the draft on the blog today. Thanks everyone!

    Now back to studying for finals...

  416. LizKauai (Treo):

    How to avoid the Go! snake: get online boarding pass and no checked-in coolers.
    imho- the best way to demonstrate disapproval of commentators we disagree with is to ignore them.
    The post positive comments everywhere you can.
    The power belongs to Google. The less we post about Hawaii-haters and the more we post about Hawaii positives, the more truth people will find when they search.
    That can help turn the tide.

  417. prideperiod:

    It appears that our nation's capital is where Colt belongs. What a great fit. Coach Jim Zorn played for the Seahawks with two fellas who graduated from Kamehameha. Coach Zorn and Steve Largent were very active in an organization back in the 80's called the FCA. A spiritual group of pro and college athletes that tried to live their lives as good examples for kids to follow. One of those guys from Kamehameha is now a pastor in Seattle, and the other is active in spiritual activities in Phoenix, while coaching in the AFL. Jim Zorn will be the spiritual leader that Colt needs to help him adapt to life in the NFL, just like he and Steve did for the two local players back in the 80's. I think Colt will find much success in Washington D.C.

    By the way...I also feel real good about Colt playing behind a Joe Bugel coached offensive line. Joe has been one of if not the best O-line coach in the business. Colt will thrive with Bugel there.

  418. Stretch:

    Too bad this isn't like the NBA draft if they don't hire an agent, they can come back to school.

    Bess received a second round grade from the NFL. I wonder how many second round grades they gave out?? If they tell 50 people they grades as a 1st rounder, and say another 50 get 2nd round, that is 100 who think they will get selected around the first 2 rounds. There are only 63 picks. How do they really pass out these "grades"??

  419. Matto:

    Ahahahahahaha - during the wrap up, Jaws says the Redskins had the best draft.

  420. Chris in ATL:

    Jaws has always been anti-UH...I remember he TRASHED the Ashley Lelie selection by the Broncos back when...although he seems prophetic now...

  421. Stephen Tsai:

    Davone Bess signs with the Dolphins.
    Story on top.

  422. BowsForever:

    Hey, they made their decisions, let's not judge. I just wish them the best. Hope the seniors (J Riv and Hawthorne) get a few good hard looks too.

  423. Brother Love:

    das right chris in atl,,

    what pissed me off was at the time ppl in here were hammering me w/ insults (even bess made a comment that i dont understand the situation he was in). i have been waiting for this day for a while was hoping they would prove me wrong but we live in a dog eat dog world and you better have your backside covered.
    i couldnt believe that more of the bloggers hear couldnt see through the smoke n mirrors of the situation but the sugarbowl was still the talk of the town at that time too..

  424. BowsForever:

    Sweet! One WR signed, three to go.

  425. RainbowCliff:

    Ron Jawroski stated the Washington Redskins did well in there picks as he mention there later picks except for Colt. Never liked him when he quaterbacked for Philly and still don't like him now as he does not give credit to our boy. A complete JERK !

  426. Brother Love:

    whew,, that was a close one for bess,
    now RGM & rivers gotta get it..

  427. BowsForever:

    IIRC (and correct me if I'm wrong), I'd heard from Bobby Curran during one of his morning shows that family/money concerns may have been a consideration in Davone's leaving early for the draft. Just putting that out there.

  428. Esme:

    I'm with FloridaTed at Post #397. Colt knows how to use the underdog mentality to his advantage. He'll come out swinging and claw his way — again — to great success.

    Of course, we ought to see this day as at least a partial success. True, CB didn't get drafted as early as most of us hoped or predicted, but he did get drafted; Hawaii hasn't had a QB drafted in decades. And now Colt gets that chance to prove all those idiot scouts and pundits wrong, wrong, wrong.

  429. MeiLing:


  430. Esme:

    prideperiod, thanks for the inside analysis at post #417. Very encouraging!

  431. LizKauai (Treo):

    GO DAVONE!!!!
    Represent :!:

  432. wafan:

    Remember that Native Americans rode their Colts to battle!

  433. Mike Wedge:

    -____- weren't the Dolphins that same team we tried to send to England after they gave us that old washed up Beckham? or at least that' what Leno said xD

    j/k Good job Colt and Devone.. looking forward to '08


  434. BowsForever:

    Watched the ESPN clip with Cerrato (Redskins guy). LOVE his dig on Kiper. You just know he didn't mistake him with Jaws.

  435. addahknowjoe:

    Hey Mike Wedge!

    heard the band last night trying out some new cadences. Heard some Polynesian, Chinese (one braddah was doing the Lion Dance) and some Taiko beats.


  436. Chris in ATL:

    Im still confused as to what the teams were looking for when drafting WR's...regardless, Davone and RGM is better off not getting drafted.

  437. djmitcho:

    DB to the 'phins? That is great news for me! Another warrior for the fish!

  438. Nelson from DC:

    I make it a habit not to respond to negative posts, but I don't particularly care for the drug reference.
    No, I don't smoke. And I don't need to follow a link to know when Jason Campbell was drafted - I was here. Three years is "recently drafted" as far as quarterbacks go and that's how I meant it.
    Anyway, forgive my excitement. I assure you it has nothing to do with smoke.
    One of the best things about this blog is the lack of flamers and trolls. I still feel that way.

  439. BowsForever:

    If only Mauia can stay on the roster, it'll be great to have three Warrior brothers of roughly the same age on the same team!

  440. Tombo Ahi:

    here are two clips of the analysts discussing colt after he got drafted. gotta laugh at jaworski contradicting himself.

  441. Ralph:

    Just checked 'skins passing stats for Campbell
    completion: 60%
    yd/A: 6.48
    TD/Int: 12/11
    sacked: 21 times
    Rating: 77.6
    CB when healthy will seeing PT next season..

  442. brew808:

    Nelson from DC - Hey, I remember your prediction/wish for Colt, and understand what you were trying to say. No worries... :)

    Yeah for Davone!

  443. Stephen Tsai:

    Davone said he has no regrets about his decision to leave school early.
    He left because of a variety of reasons.
    This is what he wants to do with his life. As with any of our young people from Hawai‘i, we should wish them the best. He's a really good guy.

  444. brew808:

    Ummm - other than for Dizon and Colt - no other Hawaii players drafted huh?

  445. jp:

    I kept saying JJ and Houston early. Ugh it is SMU.

    Congrats to Davonne.

    It still sounds shady when you are told how high you are ranked and well it doesn't happen. It was noted that no WRs went in the first round which may have started a trend. This is not a Fantasy football draft. :)

  446. Stretch:

    Thanks Tombo - I was watching my nieces bball game so missed the draft when Colt got picked. Interesting to hear what they "experts" talked about. Like they say, it might be good for Colt to be in that position. No pressure to be the franchise right now. He has some time to learn the offense and adjust to the NFL.

  447. Stephen Tsai:

    Rivers signs with Tennessee Titans.

  448. Stretch:

    There is no turning back now for DB & RGM. We must support them and wish only the best.

    Seeing how the draft panned out, how do you guys think Adam Leonard would have done?? Was it a good decision for him to stay??

  449. Stretch:

    sorry forget that last question regarding Leonard, it don't matter.

  450. Hawaiianbod:

    Nelson from DC - i second what Brew said. i also remember your comments.

    No worries, keep posting.

  451. Stephen Tsai:

    Too bad Norm Chow is gone. Rivers would have been great under him at Tennessee.

  452. Stretch:

    Good news for Rivers. I hope RGM gets a shot with a team.

  453. Hawaiianbod:

    Thanks ST for your updates.

    Mahalo to Tombo Ahi for the videos.

  454. Hawaiian Lion:

    Another good thing about Colt going to the 'Skins is the rest of Washington's draft. They also picked up two highly-touted receivers in Michigan State's Devin Thomas and Oklahoma's Malcolm Kelly, as well as an excellent "safety valve" in tight end Fred Davis from USC.

    The theory is that it takes about three years for wide receivers to develop, so if Colt takes about the same time to become a starter, he should have a good receiving corps to work with. The team would just have to pick up a young running back or two, as Portis is going to be pretty beaten up three years from now.

    I was initially surprised by the selection, but it looks better and better the more I analyze it. :)

  455. Stretch:

    Miami didn't draft any WR's this draft and I don't think what they have are that good. Well, everything they have is not that good. Bess will have a good shot here.

  456. wafan:

    I know I am late, but I just had the time to take the food ID quiz. Not too bad -- a 42. I had some trouble with some of the foods. DIfficult to tell what they are without being able to smell or taste. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! I want to taste more than look and smell. Yum!!!

  457. Matto:

    Congrats BESS!!!!! Knew you'd go quick!

  458. Matto:


    RGM, you're next!

  459. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, it's Hercules Satele to the Arizona Cardinals and Ryan Grice-Mullins to the Houston Texans.

  460. jm2375:

    Colt to the Redskins!!! HOORAY!!!

    As a fan since the first Joe Gibbs era back in college (Go Hoyas), I think I've suffered enough from all the miserable seasons the Redskins, Orioles, and Wizzards have had all these years. As the little kid in the Kaiser commercial says, "Things are looking up!"


  461. HawaiianKiko:

    Some Props to Davone and Jason........looking forward to seeing all the former Warrions in the NFL for years to come.....Hawaii No Ka Oi !!!!!!!!

  462. Esme:

    Ohhh, getting nervous ... no word yet on Hawthorne?! ...

  463. Matto:

    There we go - thanks ST, for the super-fast updates

  464. Esme:

    Congrats to Hercules and RGM! Great news!

  465. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Keep it coming, Tsai. Great news. All any of our guys need is chance. I have faith that they can seal the deal once they're in camp.

  466. not far away anymore:

    Nobody drafted from BCS schools Alabama, Duke, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Stanford, Syracuse, Texas Tech, and Washington.

  467. Kekoa:

    All this talk about "The Draft" has made the neighbor kid nervous. I told him no worries, this is for NFL Teams not the U.S. Army!

    Isn't it great to have more and more of our guys in the NFL? I don't care what team they end up playing for, as long as they were able to grab the brass ring and get signed.

    We have a lot to be thankful for. I'm personally thankful that my name is not Mel Kiper. It must be a real burden to be known as a DORK!

  468. Jason:

    *sigh* I'm kinda wishing that I had been a bit more critical in my public evaluations, cause it looks like a lot of you got blindsided by the results of the draft. While I was hopeful that Colt and the top three receivers would all get drafted, I knew that reality might be closer to just Colt and one of the receivers (and even that didn't happen). The honest truth is, I am not at all surprised by the results.

    Colt going to Washington will be a very, very nice fit. When I'm grading teams' selections, I look for value, and the Redskins got a lot of value there. If I were an NFL GM, I would not tinker all that much with Colt's mechanics; that's why I liked him as a 1st or 2nd round grade. But if you're going to break his mechanics down and make him more of a traditional by-the-ear passer, then 6th round is still a good value.

    (BTW, I'm usually a Ron Jaworski fan, but he sounded like an idiot.)

    Looks like the three receivers and Herc are going to places where they have legit shots to make their respective rosters. That's good.

    BTW, people were talking about why other receivers were taken ahead of the UH guys. Well, when you're looking for WRs in the late rounds, especially with such a deep WR crop, you're going to have to look for explosiveness. Bess and Rivers are disciplined receivers with good route running and solid hands, but the explosiveness is lacking. And RGM has some explosiveness, but he's still a bit thin in the frame. So then the question becomes, "Should I use a draft pick on this kid now, or try and grab him as a FA?" And teams went with the latter route. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, really. I'm disappointed for the receivers' sakes, surely, but it doesn't surprise me nonetheless.

  469. BowsForever:

    Am I correct to assume that RGM, Bess, Rivers, and Satele getting signed just a few hours after the draft, at the very least, means that teams have some serious interest in them? Anywho, it's great they'll get their chance. Go Warriors!

  470. Matto:

    prideperiod - thanks for that earlier post about Zorn... didn't know about his spiritual side.

    makes me feel even better about where CB's going.

  471. LizKauai (Treo):

    ok. Home again at Hamuras for saimin-energy before heading to d wessai.
    Mahalo again to Stephen for a most wonderful day!
    And mahalo to xs for bringing my prescription grinds and bevs to the T-Gate.
    Biggest mahalo to Peaches and SteveM for everything else :-)

    So, for myself and all those too embarassed to ask: What does a free agent mean in terms of opportunity and a stipend to live while you develop?

  472. KaneoheFan:

    Congratulations, Colt!!! Best of luck to all the Warriors!

  473. Jason:

    BowsForever: In the 6th and 7th rounds, teams start forming lists of players to contact as FAs. If they get picked in the meanwhile, then obviously they are taken off. So don't really take too much out of the fact that these signings/offers happened so fast, that's pretty normal. Of course, they wouldn't be making offers if they didn't think the players could help the team. Not all of them pan out, but it's an opportunity. The good thing for the players is that they can pick and choose which situation is best for them, and it looks like all four of the Warriors mentioned above have decent shots.

  474. Stephen Tsai:

    Larry Sauafea is expected to sign tomorrow.
    He has three offers.

  475. Stephen Tsai:

    They're still looking to work on deals for Michael Lafaele and Amani Purcell.
    Don't expect any news on them for today.

  476. bighilofan2:

    ahem, I wanna address da ho'me from da ceded lands of Kapolei.
    howzit Kekoa.

    Nelson from D.C.. you gotta know dat da wife is really excited, lookin up all the writings on da skins. i feelin lucky tonight.

    ha ha ha

    an i want to congragulate all da Warriors who are seeking their dreams via the NFL.
    you go guys. represent.

    and let the rest of us start now. to the kipers and mayocks and jaworskis of the world, smyte dem kuka pile junkee junks.

  477. GRM:

    CONGRATULATIONS Colt! I realize that you sacrificed a lot by coming back for your senior year. I know all the UH Warrior fans sincerely appreciate what you did. Imagine - an undefeated regular season and a BCS berth in the Sugar Bowl! Who would have thought that would be possible. Good Luck with the Redskins. Take your time and learn the Redskins' "system." We all know that you'll be successful. We WILL be following your progress,

    Aloha and Mahalogozaimasu.

  478. Barry Markowitz:

    I really thought Michael Lafaele increased his stock during the Hula saw it too didn't you LizK? Amani is such a mild mannered good kid...I really hope somebody grabs him as an under the radar guy...he would have benefited from NFL Europe.

    Garrett, not again. "To the south in San Diego County, about 40 acres burned in thick brush about 15 miles north of downtown San Diego. No injuries or property damage had been reported, a San Diego Fire Department spokeswoman said."

  479. brew808:

    ST - Mahalo for the thorough and timely reporting!

    Now how about CJ, Patek, Keomaka, Kalilimoku, Noa, Newberry and Lewis? Get chance or what? :D

    Looking at the WR situation for the Dolphins - good opportunity for Devone with current corp of WR (Ginn, Camarillo, Hagan, then ???). Remember they got rid of two highly productive players in Chris Chambers and Wes Welker.

  480. NYUH:

    I like James Walker's breakdown, even if it doesn't mention Colt yet. Colt is part of a bigger plan.

    Best move

    After failing to land Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson in a trade last week, the Washington Redskins did a great job of upgrading the position by taking Michigan State's Devin Thomas and Oklahoma's Malcolm Kelly in the second round.

    Thomas and Kelly were considered among the top three receiving prospects, and the Redskins landed both by trading out of the first round to gain a pair of second-round picks.

    Redskins rookie head coach Jim Zorn will implement a West Coast offense and needs big receiving targets who can make plays after the catch. Thomas (6-foot-2, 216 pounds) and Kelly (6-3¾, 224) fit the bill.

    Drafting these two players puts the Johnson pursuit to rest, but it's a pretty good consolation.

  481. brew808:

    ... Wes Welker was prior to the 2007 season. Thought I'd add that before you ALL jumped on me! :lol:

  482. Jason:

    brew808: Those guys might get looks, but it's a real uphill battle. I've always been a fan of Karl Noa as a 3-4 OLB, I'd love for the 49ers to give him a shot.

    So, what do you think of the 49ers' draft?

  483. Barry Markowitz:

    Jason, structure fire near your house now? You and Garrett living in parallel universes?

  484. brew808:

    Re: 49ers -

    Pretty sad when your "big" draft selections are to fill holes from departing vets like BY and LA - from a 5-11 team! :cry:

    Lot's of talk of trying to sign Takeo Spikes at LB - but it's almost like bailing water on the Titanic.... The hope was the running game showed such promise two seasons ago with Gore and the OL. And the D showed signs of improvement. Well, the OL blew up and has now been dismantled. Gore and the D - never showed up in 2007. :cry:

  485. oxtail soup:

    Congrats to Colt!

    What a roller coaster, but I swear there has never been a more lemons-to-lemonade guy than him!

    Best wishes to Bess, Rivers, RGM, Satele and anyone else who gets a shot at the NFL.
    Maybe they'll all be playing against each other one day.

  486. JaM:

    Aloha All..

    Congrats to Colt...I'm cheering for the Redskins now!!

    ST..Brie and I enjoyed the "party" and "Field" trip. May be our once in a life time on the field. Thanks again ..great guests and great party!

    To all the "first time meeting" people; now there's a face to the name...

    LizK safe trip home!

    Counting the days till July...

    OK back to lurking...

  487. dave in utica, ny:

    congrats colt! even tho' UH is my college team, since my son attends, my fav NFL team is the WORLD CHAMPION GIANTS!! now, your a rival!

  488. Jason:

    Barry: I don't know about any fires.

    brew808: I recall posting on LiveJournal that Frank Gore was the steal of the draft that year. But yeah, Jim Hostler didn't know how to use him. I'm hoping they go back to the running game more, utilize it to set up the pass. They got guys that can run block, now let's teach them how to pass block and start utilizing play-action.

  489. brew808:

    Jason - Please, don't mention that Hostler person! Now go wash your mouth and typing fingers right now! :twisted:

    OL play takes time... almost everyone will be new and/or at new positions....

  490. brew808:

    Hey - did a post just disappear or am I imagining things again? :shock:

    Hi JaM! How are you and Brie? BTW - IMHO, you and "Sleez" have the best Tsaiko nicknames! :D

  491. brew808:

    Howzit 99-

    So, how do you REALLY feel about Romo, Pacman, and the 'boys? :lol:

  492. brew808:

    Rats! I chased everyone away ... again.... :oops:

  493. brew808:

    One of these days I'll figure what this Hockey game is all about - eh? In the meantime... GO SHARKS!!! - come-on guys and beat Dallas! GO SHARKS!!! :o

  494. Jason:

    brew808: Note taken. I shall never mention "M-m-m" again.

    But I tried to warn the public of that last year. Did the 49ers listen to me? No, they went with him anyways. I say the team of brew808 and Jason can run the 49ers just fine. :-)

  495. Garret:

    Congratulations to Colt for his draft selection! Washington is a great team for him--new QB-oriented coach who will be implementing a system that suits his strengths (especially accuracy). The incumbent backups definitely leave room for Colt to rise to #2 fairly quickly and the incumbent starter isn't someone who will be impossible to beat out in 1-3 years (like the previous backups to Favre or the current backups to Manning, etc.).

    The important thing is that he's on a good team with a good OL. If he earns the starting spot before his next contract, he'll more than make up for the money he might have made going around the 2nd round.

    All the QBs will be learning a new system, so Colt won't be that far behind the others. Plus, he'll get a LOT of attention from Zorn in the rookie camps--similar to how Ikaika got drafted by a DL-specialist head coach who paid him a lot of attention during his rookie season. Did I mention that Ikaika will be a starter in his 2nd season? If Colt follows a similar path, that could be Colt to start his 2nd or 3rd NFL seasons.

  496. brew808:

    Tennessee Titans WR's:

    Okay - Jason Rivers has a tough path ahead for a spot and PT with the Titans. There are already 8 WR's (including three guys named Williams - :) ), and they drafted a quality WR in Lavelle Hawkins from Cal in Round 4.

    They also drafted TE Craig Stevens, also from Cal in Round 3 to add to five TE's in on the roster including Alge Crumpler (I always liked the guy and his name). I suppose Fisher & Co. are trying to get some offensive players for Vince Young.

    Good luck to Jason! Lot's of hard work ahead...

  497. Garret:


    I wouldn't say that none of JJ's WRs got drafted. Lelie was taken quite high in the draft, but his career definitely hasn't reflected that high draft selection! His measureables were also better than the current Warrior WRs up for the draft, so his problems could have hurt future Warrior WRs in their draft hopes. I still think that Lelie can get his career into gear and not all of his problems were his fault (his QBs in Atlanta and SF were not impressive to me!).

    I also thought that Chad Owens would make it big, but that unfortunately has not happened. That probably affected how teams reviewed Bess and RGM.

    However, the biggest problem for Colt, Bess, RGM, and Rivers was that the WRs all had injury problems during UH's Pro Day. That prevented Colt from being able to show what he could do (his completion percentage was lower than many other QBs during their Pro Days because his WRs could not run the routes that had been planned) and prevented the WRs from being able to shine.

    The sad thing is if the scouts had done their homework better, they would not have just looked at the Sugar Bowl, combine, and Pro Day. However, the combine, and Pro Day are *huge* for every draft pick. Players can move up or down 3+ rounds due to them. And the WRs (except for RGM) did not post good 40 times at the combine or Pro Day and *all* 3 of them were injured at the Pro Day.

  498. oldie:

    I have a brother and sister-in-law who live in Maryland and work in DC. They're very avid Skins fans. Not sure if they have season tickets. They never cared that much for JJ. Be interesting to hear their reaction to a Warrior being the latest Skin.

  499. Garret:


    I follow the Titans WR situation very closely because Vince Young is their QB. Tenn *really* needs help at WR and there is an opportunity for Rivers there. The Titans would have drafted Sweed if he wasn't picked right before their pick, and if they had gotten him then he would have locked up a spot.

    A lot of the WRs that are on their current roster really struggled last year. I think that Rivers picked well, especially because they have a new Offensive Coordinator and new systems always open up things for new players.

    The biggest weakness for the Titans last season at WR? They had no playmakers, and none of the young WRs they had last season stepped up to show that they could make the plays needed.

  500. A-House:

    Hawaiian Kiko:

    Welcome to bloging with us and great to meet you at the tailgate last night.

    You are quiet like Bulla, Koakane, Wreck, al, Stretch, etc.

    Keep on posting.

  501. Garret:

    The best FA situation in my opinion? Bess. He's going to a new coaching staff, with a new system, with a roster that has needs all over the place that this year's draft couldn't fill. He has Warrior teammates that showed they could immediately earn starting spots last season.

  502. brew808:

    Garret -

    Yes! I agree w/ your analysis (again). This is a good situation for Colt. Jason Campbell is a good QB but he did get hurt last season. Todd Collins? He's a career backup and at age 36 - not the answer. Sam Hollenbach is basically a rookie like Colt. I think Colt will excel under Jim Zorn's tutelage! IMHO...

    Go Colt!!! :D

  503. brew808:

    Garret - Re: JR and the Titans

    Yes. Rivers has an opportunity, but he's going to have to show up, every practice, every day, every down! Again, IMHO.

    This will be a good challenge versus Mike Willliams, USC - tremendous "underachiever" ... actually, a bust with the Lions.

  504. Garret:

    Congratulations to RGM and Hercules on their contracts or pending contracts! Congratulations to Sauafea for the interest he has been getting and I hope that he studies the roster and coaching staff of the teams that are interested in him.

  505. Garret:


    *Every* undrafted FA has to show up on every practice, every day, and every down. There are so many players that want to make it in the NFL that nobody without a big signing bonus (they can't be cut easily due to cap considerations) can take plays off. I would take Rivers' heart and toughness over Mike Williams' measureables...but in the NFL, those measureables get a player a lot of slack over players who have the intangibles.

  506. Garret:

    I'm actually glad that a team like the Patriots did not take Colt. I caught up with the blog and saw people complaining how NE drafted another QB (why mention his name when he's probably never going to play in a regular season game?) when Colt was still available. But the money difference between the 2nd round and 6th round is nothing compared to the money a starting QB will get down the road. And no QB is going to unseat Tom Brady anytime soon.

  507. brew808:

    Rats - the Sharks get harpooned and lose 2-5. They now trail 0-2 to the Stars.

    Hey, or eh... gotta be die-hard sports fanatic to cheer and not really know what the heck is going on.... Sheesh - they don't even use a ball. It's just some tuna can flying around on the ice and guys (without teeth) whacking each other! :D

  508. Garret:

    I spent the day at Legoland with my family and the family that we are closest to in San Diego--really good friends with girls around my girls age. We got there before the park opened and stayed almost until closing. I was looking forward to reading where Colt and a least a couple of WRs were drafted...but I scanned the list of drafted players and was amazed at how round after round went by with no news.

    I didn't want to come here first because I new that ST would have the info at the top and I didn't want to have the information "spoiled". I should have saved myself some frustration and just come here. But reading through the comments I saw a lot of people following the draft who expressed the frustration I felt when I sped-read the draft list.

  509. Garret:

    By the way, shout out to prideperiod for his excellent analysis of the draft! He has excellent insight and analyzes situations very well. I wish he had time to post more.

    Jason's analysis is also far superior to some of the talking head "experts" out there. I'm glad that I wasn't able to watch while they were slamming Colt, but the comments passed along on the blog just amazed me!

  510. LizKauai (Treo):

    Made it home- via Costco for fuud and gas. Gotta feed da gaggle - who are still here and currently washing my car.
    Will try to get da pix and vids up soon. My apologies to da folks in front of whom I was standing. But I did get Coach Mack's visit chat in it's entirety and it is special to every Tsai-ko.

  511. brew808:

    Garret - #503 was my own personal criticism showing through. Jason can succeed at the next level. He needs to do his part. Okay - enough said.

    Congratulations & Go Jason!

  512. Garret:

    More Wonderlic scores of QBs have apparently been leaked. Colt's score isn't on this (I guess he wasn't considered a high enough prospect for them to care), but many of the QBs he was being compared with are. It is interesting to compare these scores with the picks the QBs were taken at.

  513. chawan_cut:

    see, i really do exist. you can delete that picture though. no need have my silly mug on your pc.

  514. Garret:

    This writer put the leaked Wonderlic scores in perspective.

    According to Mirable, Booty and Woodson each scored 14 out of a possible 50.

    To put this in perspective, Terry Bradshaw scored 15 when he took the test in 1970, according to Mirabile's site. Pat McInally, a graduate of Harvard, is thought to be the only player to score a perfect 50.

    A score of under 10 is an indication of literacy problems.

    The average score for a quarterback is 24. Offensive tackles average the highest score at 26.

    Texas' Vince Young reportedly scored a 6 when he first took the test in 2006. He was given another opportunity and scored 16. Florida's Chris Leak allegedly scored an 8, but his tally has since been updated to a 12 on Mirabile's site.

    Former Iowa State running back Darren Davis reportedly has the lowest score for a prospect, a 4.

    Among people of various professions, the average participant scored a 24. Chemists score 31, journalists 26, clerical workers 21 and warehouse employees 15.

  515. brew808:

    Great! I look forward to the next new post on the F&M'sM site! :D

  516. Garret:


    I *do* think that Rivers gave his all for UH. I think that his back problems probably hampered him more than he wanted to admit, especially considered his aggressive style of play when he'd blast defenders and force 3-4 guys to hit him hard before he'd go down. Back injuries could limit his production at times, and make it hard for him to be at his best all of the time.

    I hope that Rivers is fully healthy for the camps this summer. The NFL won't wait for him to get healthy, they will just give the next guy a chance. If he is healthy, he'll have a good shot. If he's hurt, then even being a late-round draft pick wouldn't have done him any good to save him.

  517. brew808:

    Hmmm - I wonder what the Tsaikos would score (average) on the Wonderlic Test? I would wager that their score on the Local Food ID test might be a tad bit higher! :lol:

  518. chawan_cut:

    brew, found this. not sure how accurate it is. i haven't taken it. still trying to wake up from a long day yesterday, so i know i wouldn't do well if i took it now.

  519. brew808:

    chawan_cut -

    Good try! Nope - not tonight! Instead, I choose a bit of levity. You guys heard of John Pinette? He cracks me up! He even calls out Esme's name in his bits - well, sort of. Here's link to some video clips. I think the Tsaiko's will really enjoy the ones about buffets. :lol:

  520. Garret:

    Note on Bess.

    The Dolphins didn’t take any time off after the draft wrapped up this afternoon.

    They have made Brigham Young linebacker Kelly Poppinga, Hawaii receiver Davone Bess, Delaware tackle Mike Byrne, Boise State tackle Dan Gore and Montana kicker Dan Carpenter among their first signings in the frenzied rookie free-agent signing period that began as soon as Mr. Irrelevant was chosen.

    Bess was Colt Brennan’s favorite target, grabbing a sensational 108 passes for 1,266 yards and 12 touchdowns. He finished his college career with 41 TDs. said Bess, who is 5-foot-10, projects as an NFL slot receiver and was considered by some to be the best prospect, including Brennan, to come out of Hawaii this year.

  521. Garret:

    This note is interesting--Miami really did NOT draft skill position people (except for QB Henne) and just cut a batch of WRs. So, it looks like there is definitely room on their roster for WRs and Bess has a good opportunity to earn a spot.

    Outside of drafting former Michigan quarterback Chad Henne the Dolphins haven't taken a skill position player. After cutting Kerry Reed and Chandler Williams there's a need for some fresh legs at receiver.

  522. Garret:

    It looks like Miami didn't draft WRs so they were going to be able to sign higher-level undrafted free agents. And the WR they signed first? Bess.

    Keep in mind that NOT draft a particular position might improve the odds of signing higher level rookie free agents at a particular position. The less draft picks you've made at one particular spot the more you're able to convince an undrafted player and his agent that he could possible stick, or at least earn a spot on the practice squad.

    Just something to think about. The Dolphins will likely take 85 players into training camp, and as the roster presently stands through four rounds there are 35 defensive players, 30 offensive players, and four special teamers. I'd say it's best to balance this thing out, which means the Trifecta might be going heavy on offense from here on out, and will likely sign 11 rookie free agents.

  523. Garret:

    Another note about Miami and WRs.

    No receiver was taken even tough there were PLENTY of good college prospects available in the second day. Maybe the Trifecta wanted to be the No. 1 destination for undrafted receiver free agents.

  524. Garret:

    Okay, I'll stop spamming the blog now...

  525. addahknowjoe:


    I love Pinette!

  526. Addahknowsports:


    John Pinette is hilarious! Joe got a cd for his brother. I think I've heard the buffet one, although I don't remember it as vividly as Joe.

  527. brew808:

    John Pinette and buffets....

  528. RainbowCliff:

    Aloha Garret, glad to hear you, Lori and the girls had a good time at Lego Land. Your assesments are so right on the Warriors tough day with the draft as the day has been frustrating for ALL Tsaikos who are dissapointed on how our boys were treated by the so call NFL experts. I will never understand why Hawaii gets NO RESPECT from the pros as this insult has gone on for years since the days I was there back in the 70's and early 80's.

    You would think in 2008 with the exposure, espn and WINNING program that the football team has done over the years will get them some RESPECT from the professional ranks BUT it continues to disrespect the athletes, conference, level of play and playing for an Island thousand of miles away that is known for it's hula as oppose to it's dedicated athletes who time again defies all odds against them.

    This season was very successful for Hawaii but in reality for the players who have pro ambitions the road is much tougher because of the continue bashing that the system program, run and shoot offense, weak schedule recieves consistently from the so call experts who dictates where and when players will play and there value to an NFL team.

    This reason alone is why the passion is so HIGH from there fans for Hawaii athletes as they face HUGHE odds playing for a University in the middle of the pacific ocean who lives and love there players regardless if win or lose as there is NO passion better then the dedicated Hawaii fan. From one OLD Hawaii athlete to the present I thank you so much for your loyalty and dedication. Sincerely, RainbowCliff.

  529. Rob from Waipahu:

    brew 808,

    You are right about Jason Rivers and the Tennessee Titans. I am not sure if he had more than one free agent offer or not, but, if he did, whomever his agent is should have probably recommended a different team.

  530. Rob from Waipahu:

    Does anyone know if Michael Lafaele had any calls?

  531. oxtail soup:

    I agree with Garret's 5:42 comment about it being a good thing Colt wasn't drafted by the NE Patriots. They develop QBs and then treat them as a trade commodity.

  532. Calvin from Kona:

    Saw some commens about June Jones and maybe his bs convincing Colt to stay for senior year may have cost him money...

    Here's a thought: Jim Zorn and June Jones are buddies. Zorn is a player in June's golf tourney. Maybe a little whisper from June may have led to Colt's drafting. Just a thought...leading into the draft, it didn't sound like Colt would be drafted...thankfully Zorn and co. are giving him a shot. Good luck COlt.

    As for RGM, Bess and Rivers...I was hoping but didn't expext them to be drafted. I think they have some talent and wish them luck!

  533. Stretch:

    Good Luck to all the Hawaii guys!!

  534. Kazz:

    Stephen Tsai:

    April 27th, 2008 at 10:02 am
    Wow. The analyst are now knocking on Norm Chow.
    I guess they’re going to criticize Hawai‘i Pono‘i next.

    To me they already have...

    Barry Markowitz:

    April 27th, 2008 at 11:45 am
    Great for Colt. Does anyone else think that Mel Kiper Jr. looks like a low budget tele-evangelist from the 70’s?

    I was also thinking more like a trashier Vegas lounge singer.


    I don't care how many of these jerks "have homes in Hawaii" or "visit here from time to time", the bottom line is they've just spit on every single one of us and what surprises me is that I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt...

    F*****s... whatever... Tom Brady went pretty darn late too eh????

  535. Kazz:


    The discrimination and the "Hawaii Bias" goes beyond what happens on the field because they obviously are NOT paying attention to that.

    Reaks more of a disrespect for our state and the people that choose to live here.

    I wonder how many of them expect us to greet them with "smiles" and "hula girls" everytime they feel the need to raise their noses at us when they order Macadamia Nut Encrusted Mahi Mahi...

    It's pretty hard to keep from saying what I really want to say...

  536. A-House:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but heard Rob DeMello at 6:00pm news that the Wahine Tennis team won the WAC title.

    Yea, baby, another championship!!! Wahooooooooooo.

  537. Stretch:

    A-House - It was the Men's team. I wonder if they are getting rings??

  538. Rich2176:

    Calvin from Kona - I called ST this afternoon and told him the exact same thing you just posted. Zorn had plenty of time to talk to Colt at last year's tournament. It's not a fluke. I asked Colt if he's healed, if he would be back this year for the tournament, but that was right before his surgery. It would be awesome if he showed up again, along with his new head coach. Wow, I'll be back in the islands in 7 weeks - June 17. Can't wait to meet a lot of you for the first time, and renew friendships with those I've already met.

  539. Rich2176:

    Tombo - Thanks for the clips. I can't believe Kiper,Jr was actually backing Colt during the rant from Jaws. Kiper said as late as October, Colt was a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Jaws kept bashing Colt, and Kiper tried to set him straight, Funny stuff considering Jaws had no clue about Colt.

  540. Esme:

    prideperiod, brew, Jason, Garret, Stretch, Kazz, everyone else ... thanks for your insightful comments today. Sure added a lot of important and fascinating perspective as we all watched (and bit our nails) during the draft process.

    brew, RainbowCliff, I too am WAY frustrated at the evident lack of respect for Hawaii's players. But I also believe our boys are going to turn the chips on their shoulders to their advantage and work extra hard … and make us proud.

  541. Hawaiiroller:

    Front page on Washington's website has Zorn talking about Colt and JJ.

  542. lab rat:

    Congrats Colt. This is the team I had wanted you to go to.

    Hail to the Redskins!!!!!

  543. chawan_cut:

    here's tonight's news

  544. RainbowCliff:

    Kazz., I understand your frustration and like you feel disrespected by the so call EXPERTS who treat our program with NO RESPECT ! Sixth Round, free agency is that all the GREAT players that played this year are worth MAN it's totally dissapointing. People like Jawroski and Kiper gets so much attention as there words in the televison media carries so much weight with there worthless comments and bad mouthing players on there upside or down.

    Stay the FAITH kind sir as we continue to support our OHANA in which the mainland, espn and nfl cannot touch the GREATNESS to the spirit of Aloha and the dedication of it's LOYAL fans. Always and Forever Hawaii !

  545. Thomas Mui:


    So nice to finally to meet you. My only disappointment was that you were in the row ahead of me so I didn't get a chance to hear you sing the National Anthem or Hawaii Ponoi!

  546. gigi-hawaii ©:


    Where did you sit in the stadium? The concourse?

  547. Stretch:

    gigi - Tom Mui was the MAN!!! He sat with a bunch of us in the Blue section under cover.

  548. Kekoa:

    Brew ~ Thanks for the Sunday funnies. For some strange reason, I feel a real kinship with John Pinette. Must be because we both ski so well after our 5th shot of Tequila!

  549. oldie:


    Thanks for the link to the Redskins page. Watched the press conference with Jim Zorn. I'm glad Colt is headed there. I think he should have an excellent chance to succeed. I like what the coach said. Hope he has a good coaching career at Washington.

  550. RainbowCliff:

    Esme, all I can say to you GREAT lady is that your DEDICATION to the team, State and fans is truely a beautiful sight to read your words and be inspired by your dedicated spirit. Met you in New Orleans as I still have our picture together when we met one another for the first time.

    You kind lady are HIGHLY respected by all Tsaikos as your comments that you make on the blog are refreshing with your warmth and dedicated spirit to the Warrior football team. Stay well lady wahine and MAHALO for your GREATNESS ! Sincerely, RainbowCliff.

  551. gigi-hawaii ©:


    How's your cough? I started coughing yesterday, but don't know if it was due to the vog. Anyway, today, my cough has gotten worse. If it doesn't improve by the end of the week, I'll see my internist for an antibiotic.

  552. RainbowCliff:

    Good night all as 12:00 midnight in Los Angeles is upon us. Mahalo to all for your insightful comments and video post's. Stay well and thank you for your LOYAL support to all Hawaii athletics. Very proud of ALL you good folks of Tsaiko Nation as you continue to support your Warriors with loyalty, dedication and respect. No better fans around the country then Hawaii fans. A pleasure and honor. Sweet dreams !

  553. ralvic:

    Good Evening

    Hercules Satele signing as a free agent with the Arizona Cardinals is one case where a free agent,like H.S,has real shot at making the team.

    Here are the reasons:

    I looked at the off season. Arizona signed a dozen or so unrestricted free agents,but no offensive guards or centers. Of the 7 rounds of the draft-no OG or centers. I looked at their roster and it doesn't seem like their top heavy at guards and centers. For the Arizona Cardinals and especially for HS it might be a good match and

    Hawaii ties on the Arizona Cardinals/notes of interest

    Travis Laboy signed a 5 yr.contract in the off season
    Colt Brennan's former team mate and friend,Matt Lienhard(sp?) is a QB
    An 3 yr.player from USC/Tonga,Lutui,is an OG .

  554. al:

    ahhh. what do i know?

    i thought the kc chiefs would pick up colt brennan in the third round. only because they need a qb with talent. what with two first round picks, a second rounder, and three third round picks, i thought for sure he would go there. they even liked him last year. in fact they don't even take a single qb at all. huh? brodie coyle and damon huard???

    i thought they squandered their 12 picks this year. they should have traded up like two thirds for a second. maybe that's why they have been mediocre of late.

    tampa bay, on the other hand pick a josh johnson of u of san diego in the fifth round. who dat?

    its weird they all started to believe the hype.

    oh well, perhaps, in fact i am sure that colt landed exactly according to plan in the redskins camp. as prideperiod points out he is where he can grow the most both on the field and spiritually.

    ....nuff said

  555. Garret:

    RainbowCliff and many, many others here:

    The NFL is a business. The teams are NOT trying to avoid drafting Warriors because of some bias against the Warriors or Hawaii! NFL teams look for *any* edge possible and would not be looking to disrespect the Warriors.

    I don't know how many people forgot this already, but FIVE Warriors were drafted last year! Samson and Ikaika were first-day picks and Nate, Mel, and Reagan were also drafted. Reagan being drafted was an example of the NFL *not* overlooking a Warrior player, even one who had minimal stats and was not even a starter. His measureables got him drafted over TONS of FBs with better stats and playing time...kind of like what happened in reverse this year.

    Some random comments:

    1. The 40 times for Bess and Rivers really hurt them. They had been hoping for much better times, but things did not work out.

    2. The injuries to Bess, Rivers, and RGM during UH's Pro Day hurt all of them...that was the big shot to impress the scouts. It hurt Colt's draft stock also, but I'm happy with the team he's on so I will try to avoid complaining about the round he was drafted.

    3. Colt's weight at the Senior Bowl turbo-charged his critics. He basically was playing damage-control ever since then. The strain of the season (carrying the weight of a state on his shoulders, putting up with fans going to his classes and elsewhere and never giving him peace, taking a HUGE class workload) and the illness caused the drop...that illness probably cost him a significant amount of money.

    4. The big difference between 5 Warriors getting drafted last year and 1 this year? The schedule and measureables. The 2006 team played Alabama, Oregon State, Purdue, Arizona State, Boise State (they were better in 2006). The 2007 team played a Boise State team that wasn't as good (the Hawaii Bowl loss didn't help respect) and the only other team at the level of respect of the 5 from 2006 was Georgia. So, scouts had ONE game against BCS-conference teams to judge UH's talent with this season and had FOUR in 2006. The WAC wasn't as good in 2007 as they were in 2006 (check out the WAC's nonconference record), so the Warriors on film were downgraded for that.

    The scouts needed to rely on measureables for the Warriors this year because of the weak schedule. Or they could rely upon the film of the one great team the Warriors played...but the film of the Sugar Bowl probably wasn't too kind.

    5. Things will be much better for the Warriors in future years. Next year Adam, Sol, Mouton, and possibly a few others (Mack already mentioned Dowling) will be drafted. The following year there will be Estes, Blaze, and a number of others (those that are Sophomores now and the JC guys) have a shot.

  556. al:

    i hope lafaele and purcell get a shot somewhere.

    perhaps, patek, keomaka, and cj will find homes in the cfl. its a good place to show that you are a player. there have been many to come through that route.

    patek could flourish as an outside lb in canada as he did in jc ball. he would be quite well suited for that style of play. and who knows what tomorrow brings?

  557. ralvic:

    i just noticed how the sentences are perfectly manicured to line up in a row. Look at the long responses and see how the sentences line up perfectly. When did they start this? I looked at the column writers,including Cataluna and some other articles written by staff writers and notice that their sentences are not lined up perfectly.Just an observation.

  558. d1shima [sez:]:


    I understand what you're saying and agree with most of your points.
    re: #4 though, these are the SAME GUYS in BOTH seasons; Colt, Bess, RGM and Rivers were in those games in '06 as well as '07. The cr4p that some of these "experts" use doesn't make sense! i.e.- picking JDB over Colt because of his "body of work"; Jaws saying that Colt holds on to the ball too long, "waits until the receiver is open"???

  559. Jason:

    Garret: Great post! I was cringing when I saw people talk about the Hawai‘i bias and whatnot. If there's a bias, it's not because of Hawai‘i, but because of what Hawai‘i does, and there's a legitimate complaint about that. It's one of those situations where there's no wrong answer on what Hawai‘i does, system-wise. Those that blast the system have every right to do so; those that support it have every right to do so as well. And that goes for every system, from the run-and-shoot to the spread option to the West Coast.

    Again, I was hopeful that the receivers would get drafted, cause getting drafted is good publicity for the school and a great confidence boost to the players. But it should be no surprise to anybody that none of them were drafted. That's the way the NFL works. I'm disappointed like everybody, but that's the way it works. Either we allow ourselves to wallow in anger and resent, or we accept that this is a challenge for the players gone and the players staying to grow and develop further into players worth drafting and playing and starting.

  560. oldie:


    Good job explaining what has been a disappointing draft for all Warrior fans. I agree with you totally. The coaches and front office personnel that pick for their teams are going to pick the players that they think can help them the most. They are not going to be disrespecting our guys just for spite. Their jobs are on the line too. They have to do what's best for their own careers.

  561. Garret:


    I agree with you! The scouts seemed to ignore the 2006 tape for the WRs...for example, Jason Rivers had a monster game against Arizona State, but I never heard that talked about when they discussed his draft prospects this year.

  562. Garret:

    It looks like Jason Rivers was the only undrafted FA picked up by the Titans so far.

    The Titans began the process of adding undrafted free agents Sunday night.

    Topping the list was Delaware running back Omar Cuff, who rushed for 1,945 yards and 35 touchdowns last season. He had three 200-yard games. The Ravens made his former college teammate, quarterback Joe Flacco, the 18th overall pick Saturday.

    Also agreeing to terms were Kentucky guard/center Eric Scott and Hawaii wide receiver Jason Rivers, who had 92 catches for 1,174 yards and 13 touchdowns last season, including a 10-catch, 105-yard effort against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

    General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said the Titans planned to sign eight to 10 undrafted free agents.

  563. Garret:


    I also wondered when the blog went to this fully justified format. I guess it looks nice to have both columns lined up.

  564. duffer:


    You got mail....actually the boss does!

  565. Jason:

    That's cause they only care about Georgia. Everything is all about Georgia. Let's face it, Arizona State is just okay. Boise State is just okay. They wanted to see us against top-notch competition, and we fell flat. That hurt our guys big time.

    Is it completely fair? Heck no. Of course I'd be looking at 2006 film. I'd be looking at 2005 film. But everyone is going to say, the most important is 2007 film. There's some truth to that, but circumstances change and whatnot, so I believe you need to look at it all and determine from there what is the most representative collection of game films to look at. And to be honest, on talent level alone, it's the Georgia game that everyone wants/needs to look at. But if I'm a scout, I throw that out, cause it was clear that UH was shell-shocked initially, and then the game plan went out the window as Colt started trying to do too much.

  566. Garret:

    UCLA really has QB problems if they are trying to get a grayshirt recruit who recently had ACL surgery to be their answer at QB this season. The #2 QB will be healthy by the summer and they have Kevin Craft...I guess this is not a strong endorsement of Craft.

    With starting quarterback Patrick Cowan's season over and backup Ben Olson facing a two-month recovery because of a broken foot, UCLA asked Crespi High of Encino's Kevin Prince to enter school early.

    Prince, who is rehabbing from reconstructive knee surgery and wasn't scheduled to enroll until January 2009, said he was approached by Bruins offensive coordinator Norm Chow on Saturday about coming to UCLA this summer to help the depleted quarterbacking corps.

    "I still have to talk it over with my family a little bit and make sure that my knee will be able to take the toll, so it's still up in the air. But I'm leaning toward it," Prince said. "I think it will be a great opportunity. I hope I can help the program out by coming in a little early."

    Neuheisel acknowledged after the spring game "it's possible Kevin Prince can come early."

    Before a final decision is made, though, UCLA wants to look at Prince's medical progress. He had surgery in the fall to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

  567. LizKauai:

    Not done yet- but photos from yesterday are being loaded:

  568. al:

    well garret, your comments echo my earlier commentary today.

    i do believe though that many teams were afraid to pick colt because of professional pride, in that, they didn't want to be the one who picked up colt early and should he have stumbled be told, "i told you so."

    catch my drift?

    but, as brother prideperiod stated so profoundly, colt is where he was placed not by chance, i believe. it is where he will grow as a quarterback and as a person in the years to come.

    colt will be a success. he has done what many only dream of while lying in bed tossing the football in the air to one's self. imagining that you are making history, you are the hero of the game, making the game saving touchdown pass in the end zone. we all have had that fantasy, colt has lived it and will continue to do so.

    and that is....nuff said.

  569. Garret:

    Tom Brady was a 6th round supplemental pick--after the regular 6th round picks were done then NE was able to draft him because of one of the free agents they lost earlier. So, Colt was drafted higher than Brady...

  570. al:


    i'll tell her in the morning.
    she went moe moe already.
    too tired watching the draft for two days.

  571. Garret:

    It is cool that Miami signed Bess to address one of their needs...that is a good sign for him to stick on their roster.

    The Dolphins, with their emphasis on linemen, didn't select a wide receiver or cornerback, two areas of need.

    Ireland began to address those issues Sunday night by signing an undrafted receiver from Hawaii, Davone Bess (5-10, 195 pounds). He caught 108 passes last season and had 41 touchdown receptions in his college career.

  572. Garret:


    I agree with what you said, both earlier in the blog and now. The only thing I disagree with you on is the professional pride thing preventing them from drafting Colt...GMs mess up so badly on drafting QBs that they could easily have taken him in the 4th or 5th round and not worried about the scrutiny. I do agree that the negative talk about Colt probably made some GMs wary about taking him high in the draft...but I do not understand how he dropped to the 6th round! Maybe GMs thought they could wait a few extra rounds due to the negative talk.

    I agree 100% with your post #556. Each of those Warriors is worthy of a shot at NFL/CFL and I think ST will have lots of good news to pass along this week.

  573. d1shima [sez:]:

    I'm glad someone decided to believe what they saw and, if Calvin from Kona and Rich2176 are right, a sound voice of reason.

    From Warren Moon's HOF enshrinement speech:

    I want to thank Jerry Glanville, Jack Pardee, offensive coordinator, quarterback coach June Jones for helping turn my career around in those early days

    From Jim Kelly's HOF enshrinement speech:

    Mouse Davis, June Jones and John Jenkins taught me the art of the passing game. Passing was never so much fun.

    Feel free to look up anyone thanking Ron Jaworski for putting them in the Hall of Fame.
    I no feel like doing it, I going sleep....

  574. Stretch:

    April 27th, 2008 at 9:19 pm
    tampa bay, on the other hand pick a josh johnson of u of san diego in the fifth round. who dat?

    Isn't he the singer??

  575. Garret:

    Before I go to sleep, I have to say that I think that RGM really was overlooked by too many teams. I check the sports section of the Houston Chronicle every day for news (and pass along stuff here when it is relevant) and think that they were a good option for him but it isn't like Miami where they didn't draft a WR and just cut a bunch of them. Or Tennessee where they desperately need playmaking WRs.

    RGM actually had the most important measureable...speed. His times were awesome, and he backed that up with great production on the field over his 3 years at UH. Maybe he was a little small relative to the ideal NFL WR size, but speed and production should have led to a draft pick in my opinion.

  576. al:

    well, i was being nice by saying professional pride, what i really meant was that they had no b_lls.

    we all know that he is not a 6th rounder. he will definitely please his new employer in the days to come.

    we are all placed in situations for a reason.

  577. al:

    hahahaha, stretch.
    close but no cigar.
    you are thinking of jack johnson the singer and not the boxer.

  578. Jason:

    Johnson, Booty, and Woodson went right where I thought they should have. But Ainge was way too early, and Colt was way too late. And Dixon, yikes, they better be moving him to a skill position, cause he's not an NFL QB.

  579. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Interesting stuff about the Zorn, JJ and Colt connection. It feels like the 'Skins are really commited to Colt.

    I stayed in the a/c while the vog was here. It didn't bother me as much.

  580. Jason:

    Liz: Ugh, I look terrible in those pictures! That's cause I'm in them. :-)

    We need pictures of the Stadium, so people can see how voggy it was. It was crazy; from the parking lot outside, it looked like it was raining on the field, that's how heavy the vog was.

  581. LizKauai:

    working on it... just had to drive the kids around...I'm soooo falling asleep!

  582. Barry Markowitz:

    Jason, the house did burn down at Ala Pii. Wake up dude, it wasn't Gigi's bbq.

    So Garrett, gee, UCLA recently asked Abe twice to come as a walk-on with a 2/3 academic scholarship offer...yet they can move Kevin Prince from grayshirt '09 to full ride '08 without flinching. Makes you kind of wonder, when its your own son involved..and you are an alumnus. I think UCLA will be recruting linemen from the dorm flag football league after the opening Tennessee game...sadly the need may chew up some incoming freshmen who might be thrown right into the fire if more linemen go down.

    This would have been a great year for UH to have scheduled UCLA. Maybe we could pay Weber St. to stay home and pack the house.

  583. Stretch:

    I haven't kept stats but I think today might have been one of the most busiest blog days in a while. 582 posts in 16.5 hours. Not too shabby.

  584. addahknowjoe:

    LizK- I love Myki's perfect follow through bomb she launched over Jason. Braddah had to go oosh for the ball ova the fence, down the hill in all the Keawe trees.

  585. gto1344:

    Did JJ's comments about Tebow being a system qb cause the Warriors' players to be blackballed in the draft?

  586. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Oosh da ball. Long time I nevah hea dat one

  587. ralvic:

    That's an idea. Trade Weber St and play UCLA,I'll go for that. In fact if the stigmatization of having a weak schedule is an argument that our players face in the draft previews,then I'm all for eliminating the cupcakes on our schedule in favor of always playing the toughest teams. If the lure of trying to become bowl eligible by trying to schedule "two guaranteed wins" each year,then I would rather sacrifice these wins in favor of the UH players getting a fair shot of the NFL by playing worthier opponents.

    And maybe we wouldn't be hearing the excuse of a poor schedule as reasons these players didn't have a fairer evaluations.Even this past year,the two cupcakes on our schedule cost CB a better groove for the Heismen race...and I guess,now,a higher pick in the draft for all of the UH players.

  588. Stretch:

    April 27th, 2008 at 11:19 pm
    That’s an idea. Trade Weber St and play UCLASorry, No can do. You want us to give up the opportunity to see Bulla dressed as Barney??!!!?? No way!!!

  589. Stretch:

    April 27th, 2008 at 11:19 pm
    That’s an idea. Trade Weber St and play UCLA

    Sorry, No can do. You want us to give up the opportunity to see Bulla dressed as Barney??!!!?? No way!!!

  590. BowsForever:

    Our football program isn't getting the respect it deserves, as usual (at least for this past season), but Colt, Davone, RGM, Rivers and Satele are taking it all in stride and will make Hawaii proud just by showing up and giving it their best shot. Here's hoping for more free agent opportunities for the other Warrior alumni in the coming days!

  591. Jason:

    Barry: Ah, I see the news article now. That location is about a mile away by car, so I didn't notice anything. I'm closer to the shopping center, Ala Pili Loop is closer to the high school.

  592. ralvic:

    I looked at what the Florida QB,Tebow,endures and what Colt has to go through.Last year Colt took five road trips. And for good measure he went on another trip to NY for the Heisman ceremonies.Count the miles and time and the lack of comfort of riding commercial. And it takes a toll physically and mentally.Count in the fact that he kept up with his studies and graduated. Now compare this with what Tebow has to go through. Of the thirteen games in the up incoming season 9 of the games are in Florida.And the others are 1 or 2 states over.And surely on charter,and luxury,and not as taxing physically or mentally what Colt has to go through last year.And the year before that.And the year before that.Get the picture,and I do, is that Colt never had it tailored made as others do.Add in the weak schedule argument,home games getting over at 3AM on the east coast and the moniker of system QB and it's easy to see that it didn't work in Colt's favor.And the reasons,more so,to truly appreciate what Colt has done.

    Now these are the intangibles.Or immeasurable s that the draft gurus don't take into account,which is a shame.

  593. Kekoa:

    ralvic ~ Very important points you brought up. Colt will have the advantage in the travel category during an NFL season. He's been there and done that. In late November they travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks. On December 28th, they play the 49ers in the 'Stick.

    How many other QB's have had to log the miles he has?...None.

  594. Kekoa:

    I'm not one to get all wound up over the NFL draft day. I know the powers that control the final picks are going to do what ever they need to choose their player personnel. So why stress or speculate over something we can't do a damn thing about.

    Now that it is over, I like to rationalize where the team is going with their selection. I care a lot about who gets our *son* and how they treat him. So far, things look excellent for him. So like a worried parent who wants his child to excel in his new found home, I turn my attention to watching, waiting, and praying that he settles into his position and flurishes.

  595. ralvic:

    New day.Can't dwell on what should or could have been.But I'm looking at the draft and specifically at the UH receivers and knowing that any of our receivers would have had a good chance of making it with the NY Giants.And I'm disappointed that the NY Giants didn't take a look at any of our receivers. The weakness,and I wrote this after watching the Super Bowl, on the NY Giant team are at WR. I looked at the Giants web site and their needs are at WR. In the off season-no WR acquisitions.On draft days they took a fifth round WR. And none other.So in my opinion a perfect fit for the NY Giants would have seen one of our receivers going to the NY Giants. At worst I was hoping at least a free agent signing. But nope...gees what a waste Mr NY Giants GM for not looking at improving on your team's needs...idiot.

  596. Tony:

    Hmmm. Ahhh. You guys are not pleased with the results of the draft. But guess what, there is no bias against UH players. Just against wide receivers and slotbacks who only look good when they are wide open, who, when asked to run 40 yards in a straight line, cannot measure up to other WRs and SBs. And Colt's window was in the '07 draft. Why can't people get over that? But who's to say he wouldn't have ended up the Ryan Leaf of this past NFL season? The good news is the Redskins run a West Coast offense and they drafted receivers. And their starting QB gets hurt a lot.

  597. clayton lum:

    Everyone will do just great in the NFL. Eventhough everyone comes from the Wac Conference, they will now be able to show the God given talents that they have. Everyone in Hawaii and on the Mainland who are avid UH Warrior backers, are proud that they have been with the UH Warrior OHANA. They are on their way to a better future.

  598. mctruck:

    Draft picks by conference: SEC/35, Pac-10/34, ACC/33, Big-12/29, Big Ten/28, Big East/19, WAC/10, C-USA/9, Mid-American/9, Mtn. West/7, Independents/5. Others in decending order from 4-1.

    Among the more notable football programs without a player drafted were: Alabama, Texas Tech., Oklahoma St., Washington, Stanford and Utah.

  599. mctruck:

    Sightings of CB in HOG-HEAVEN; also, can CB request for #186 on his jersey-o-what?...just asking, bwaaaahaha!!
    Good luck to Colt and the rest of his Warrior brothers.

  600. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    I was tinkin as I read all the comments by Garrett, Stretch, D1shima, ralvic, Tony, Barry, Kekoa, Jason, al and oldie: you guys are geniuses.

    excellent posts last nite. i dunno how you find time for read all dat an direct us to da info. good job. kindda remines me of sjmacro an his pikcha takin skills.

    yea for D.C. an our ohana ova deah. get choke. plus da fuud dat shows up in offices ova deah from back heah, get fresh kine plenny times. dang, my cuzin going prolly get tickets now. prolly Dan n Dan an da staffs all going make office meetings Sundays in Fedex, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. prolly going tell da families heah no can come home Christmas, get mandatory office meetings. yuk yuk yuk.

    The Hawaiian Flag. Yeahh!!! You are one of us, and we are privileged to have you as our ambassador from WARRIOR NATION. The best of luck to you Mr. Brennan.

  601. bighilofan2:

    Congragulations to RGM, BESS, RIVERS, HERCULES.
    Yesterday's pikchas no nuff, everyday is a new day in da jungle. keep your mind strong, keep going. you know dat da o'hana here got the bestest of wishes for each of you and your future.

  602. anklebiters:

    "And Hercules Satele is going to sign with the Arizona Cardinals."

    Woohoo!! I hope he sticks around, would be great to see him play here.

  603. bighilofan2:

    granny pestana & ohana must be so proud.

    rise n shine, bradda Warriors.
    124 days to da swamp.

  604. Garret:

    I should point out that UH played two BCS-conference teams last season, not one like I wrote in my post last night. However, Washington was the last-place PAC-10 team that had no players drafted, no I do not think that the NFL scouts will have respected that game much.

  605. Garret:

    Report on Cincinnati's Spring Game.

    Dustin Grutza wasted no time letting everyone know that he intends to be the University of Cincinnati's starting quarterback this year if Ben Mauk is not granted another year of eligibility by the NCAA.

    The senior from Maysville, Ky., began the Bearcats' spring game Saturday night by directing an 18-play, 70-yard touchdown drive that ended with a 6-yard touchdown pass to Armon Binns.

    Grutza, running the first-team offense with the White team against the Black team, which had the first-team defense, completed 13 of 18 passes for 100 yards and two touchdowns. He was intercepted once on a ball that was tipped at the line of scrimmage.

  606. bighilofan2:

    UF got 2 players drafted, DE Harvey 1st round, and WR Caldwell 3rd round. UF projected to be a top 2 team nationally this year. our offense gotta keep up samoa, play smatah.

    our jake went airborne 2 many times in spring game. no mo powah in da air, jake. gotta stay on da ground, leave signature on da back ah da braddas wit yoah feet.

    hooo hummm i waitin for my tickets from florida. will let you know wat day wen give me 4 our game. today makes 7 days since i got em.

  607. bighilofan2:

    a bradda speaks by his ackshuns. in honor of CB going to da hogs, my first tag n release. my sistah said I runnin 1 bed n breakfast for da pig. but neva need cut, wong gendah. heh heh

  608. J:


    Finally got to read about draft day. In Paris right now. Was in London a few days ago, going to Switzerland tomorrow. Ending the trip in Italy...

  609. Loa:

    morning bighilofan2 & Garret !

    congratulations to Colt, Devone, Ryan, Jason, Hercules & Jordan
    good luck to the other Warriors finalizing free agent contracts

    looks like good fits for all the boys as all have excellent chances of making their teams
    as the years go by its getting harder to track all the teams that have local boys on the roster
    instead of figuring out which teams have former Warriors, now you gotta look at which teams don't

    i watched that former philly qb analyze Colt, contradicting himself, was like he was waiting to make comments on the qb's draftees all day to make himself look smart but instead really came across uninformed. Colt will definitely prove him wrong. on a brighter note they seemed to have a lot of video on Colt and spent a lot of time discussing the pick

  610. Pomai:

    LizK thanks for the pic's, it looked like a good turn out for the game, truly die-hard UH fans are the ones that showed up. Way to go fans!

    Ok for Colt's pik, I do believe that he is with the best team for him, I think with Zorn behind him he will make it to the 3rd QB to begin the season and will be playing in the last part of the season. If things work out I can see him starting in a year or two no longer. He will without a doubt prove all the naysayers wrong.

    My advice to Colt would be to hit the weight room heavy and often, also do lots and lots of gasser's, dedicate this season to building yourself up and learning the "SYSTEM".

  611. FloridaTed:

    Morning, Tsaikos and Tsai-Meister.

    Finally back from the exhibition, wow, lots to catch up.

    As far as the draft is concerned, I'm sticking what Colt said himself and that applies to all our Hawaii boys: It doesnt matter where you're drafted, unless you're a first rounder, you still have to make the team. It matters only what you do with the opportunity, once given to you.

    As a long term future situation, Colt couldn't have found a better home. He will thrive there and might end up their starting QB for ten plus years. Colt is a fighter with an extremely positive attitude. He'll make it.

    As for all our other free agent boys, they got their opportunity and it is up to them to succeed. Out of all the college players every year, how few are even getting a sniff? So, good luck to all of them, the wheat will always separate from the chaff, no matter the direction you throw it.

  612. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos. Draft day is over and we can be very proud of our UH players who will be getting ready for the NFL. My best to all of them and look forward to seeing their names in lights (sun or night). Pursue your dreams, live your dreams, and enjoy it.

  613. LizKauai:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    bhf2- good hunting!

    Jason- you don't like how you look, I can't stand my voice. We're stuck either way :lol:

    Jordon Dizon, Kenny Estes, Way to REPRESENT!
    Peeps on da wessai of Kauai are smilin a lot more dan usual!

    Still trying to upload da impossibly long McMackin visit video. Mebbe SteveM can edit it into 2 sections or sumtin.

    J- have a fun trip!
    Time for wake up and HI HO!!

  614. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    I guess with Spring Practice over, Myki gets to sleep in.

  615. HawaiianKiko:

    Good Morning TSAIKOs and TSAI MEISTER......congratulations once again to COLT.....RGM....Davone.....Rivers...Hercules.....looking forward to watching u guys on Sundays & Mondays....IMUA Warriors !!!!!!!!!

  616. ralvic:

    Good Morning

    Waking up for some of the Warriors this morning,and seeing their team mates didn't fare too well in yesterdays draft,one would hope would put a fire and a passion in the players who may have a shot of next years draft.If I'm Keala,Mouton,or Leonard I'm doing 1000 reps and 1000 sets today because that's how mad I'd be.If there's a punching bag nearby,watch out. To our current Warrior alumni in the league to the aspiring Warriors that were slighted yesterday we are forever proud for the services that you do for our school.The networking of the voices of the ones that been here,Hawaii,landlocked all the way out here in the Pacific,speaking well of Hawaii will only attract better and better players in the future.To all Warriors,from the ones trying to earn a roster spot in the NFL to those trying to make our UH team we're behind you a 100%. Good luck to all.

  617. rage777:

    I was amazed that Hercules didn't get selected. There were probably too many OLs in the draft.

  618. koakane:

    morning all

    colt now on L and L radio talk 1500

  619. koakane:

    morning all

    radio 1500 colt talking on L and L show

  620. koakane:

    sorry for da 2 post neva had coffee yet

  621. LizKauai:

    Stretch- As far as I'm concerned, Myki raised the bar for gigi on Saturday. Myki get da moves and da hands and got game!

    koakane- pretty good to get 2 posts in! When I have a glitch, I get the WordPress screen of death.

  622. bighilofan2:

    well said.

    u da 1 live ova deah in da haler, right? how close you to Fedex?

  623. koakane:

    great interview with colt and bestest of all bruddah still showing da aloha for state of Hawaii.

    you da man still and go hard show da oddah stupids in da draft they know nodding.

  624. myki:

    Good morning to all!! No morning practice but still up at 4. Reading news on line, watching morning news on TV. Already wondering how we're going to spend the mornings. I guess we will find something constructive to do in the mornings until Aug 4.

    Have a great day and week.

  625. koakane:


    I was having the same problem but did da local thing, splat da computa on the side w/ da slippa bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    good morning to ya and nice pic. I vote gigi out as qb and myki numba one.

  626. myki:

    Liz, All I gotta do is lose about 50 pounds and maybe , just maybe could be useful in a "phantasy" game.

  627. koakane:


    saw you on lizk pics and wow da throwing form looking like colt. also saw your catch but giving you 10 on throwing and 8 on catching. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  628. LizKauai:

    Jordon Dizon gets some kinda luv:

    It's impossible, though, not to be charmed by them.

    Upon being introduced to the media Sunday, Cherilus and Dizon impressed everyone with a passion to help turn the franchise into a winner.

    "I'm happy to be here," Cherilus said.

    Dizon, wearing a dark pinstriped suit borrowed from a college teammate, couldn't be more pleased with being part of the rebuilding effort.

    "It's a first-class organization. By far, this is my favorite place I've been," he said of his visit with the Lions during the predraft interview tour.
    The 6-foot, 229-pound Dizon isn't the ideal size for a middle linebacker, but he will put on some weight. Smith (6-1, 217) needs to get a bit bigger, while Fluellen (6-2, 296) and Avril (6-3, 252) probably won't object to using part of their signing bonuses to pump some iron and swallow a few cheeseburgers.

    As a group, they seem to possess XL-sized hearts.

    It remains to be seen if this draft class full of high-character individuals translates into additional wins on the field or if Millen and Marinelli made the right picks. For a moment, it's at least a group fans can be proud of.

  629. myki:

    Hey Koakane, tanks for being so generous on the rating. Not bad for a senior citizen!!

  630. bighilofan2:

    btw Mouton,
    i wuz waitin 4 da right moment. 2 Sats ago, coach Miano tole you 2 study hard, n you tell him no, its all football, oar sumtin lie dat: maybe u wuz only foolin aroun, but i was watching you an coach. so i tell you dis: show him and yourself mowah respect. keep quiet an act respectful until you close supah fas an tatoo WAC on sumbudy's face. jus watch yoah improvement if you payz attenshun to wat uncle an coach is tellin u. up yoah game samoa, bradda Ryan. play 2 games at once. school an cracks. u can do it! u get da air 4 it! don't only rely on yoah good looks. use da brain. go work hard. we're pullin for you!!!

  631. LizKauai:

    From SI

    11. Colt Brennan, Washington -- The Hawaii star was worth a sixth-rounder for the Redskins, who are set with starter Jason Campbell and backup Todd Collins, but have need for a No. 3 passer to develop. Brennan getting the chance to be schooled in head coach Jim Zorn's version of the West Coast offense sounds like a break for him.

  632. LizKauai:

    STEPHEN: how long do you think it will be before we hear who makes the roster???

  633. Kekoa:

    Good Morning Tsaikos ~

    I'm still steaming over the Ronald Vincent Jaworski comments. Coming from a guy who spent 16 years in the NFL and only made it to the Pro Bowl one time, in 1980, is not what I consider very noteworthy.

    Looking at his career stats is like looking at the Sunday Comics. So this is the same guy who is going to pass judgement on a young truly gifted QB that shattered long held NCAA passing and TD records...yeah, RIGHT! Your A$$ Jaws! :twisted:

  634. LizKauai:

    Hi Kekoa!
    ok...I really gotta gonow!

  635. Kekoa:

    My apologies to the Tsaikettes. I know it's very uncharacteristic of me to xplode la'dat. The guy just wrinkles my bb-dees! :evil:

    Looking at more pleasing draft news, I see where the new owner of the Super Tsaiko Football Club, Mr. Koakane has decided to throw caution to the wind and draft myki1 of UH practice field fame and a real flame thrower, over the strong hopeful from Foster Village. Only time will tell. :roll:

  636. ralvic:

    whoa kekoa,you go man. I'd like to hand you a football and watch you run over all the that would be a pretty side razzle dazzle...just plummet the ones in your way....kekoa at the 20,15,10,5, touchdown Hawaii!!!

    Yeah Kekoa!!!

  637. Kekoa:

    Thanks to A-Joe & Wreck for allowing me to work on my "Swim" move as I broke thru their D-line. I'm hoping to impress the new owner, Mr. Koakane, for a spot on the Super Tsaiko Scout Team.

  638. koakane:


    myki's form 10, throwing motion w/follow thru 10, arms up, elb up, eyes scanning da field 10 but what got me was her stare and look. ohhhhhhhhhhh scarry.

  639. Kekoa:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence ralvic. I would love to break thru and sack Jaws!...but then they did that a lot in Philly already. He had over 2,000 yards lost to being sacked over the years!

  640. koakane:

    ok go to work now, getting stink eye for not paying attention to meeting. thought if i use lap top dey thinking i taking notes but da laughter was giving me away.

    take care and play good now.

    btw OIA champ playoff 6:30 corp field PEARL CITY vs kailua

  641. SteveM:

    The blog server down again? Looks like 1 hour 15 minutes since the last post.

    At work today and finally recovering from the weekend activities. What a great weekend and glad to see Colt drafted!

  642. protector:

    I'm hoping that with the Washington coaches bringing in the West Coast offense (with which Colt is familiar), that they'll find what a quick study he is. Although everybody is talking about "developing" him for the next 2 to 3 years, they may find that he's ready in one and I know we're chomping at the bit to see Colt get some PT, if not as the starter. Go Colt!

  643. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Princess Leila- mahalo for catching Kenny Estes' INT and the interview!!!
    btw- you have such a cool mom!!!

  644. BowsForever:

    Thanks for the great reporting as always ST! Only one Warrior drafted, but more free agent opportunities keeping popping up. Happy to hear that CJ will likely get a shot too...he's one of the nicest, hardest-working guys on last year's team. Btw, has the entire starting receiving corps from Hawaii ever been signed before?

  645. Koauka:

    Using firefox today. Between RR, IE and other things, really weird today.

    To start anger management, went to the symphony yesterday afternoon and saw Kealii Reichel. Another outstanding performance. Conductor Matt Catingub is a musical
    god. Like all of us here, supporting Warrior Athletics is part of everyday life. When you have the time, support the Honolulu Symphony anyway you can.

    Music soothes our soul. The music of the Honolulu Symphony supports our schools.

    Wonder if the symphony knows Coed?

  646. Kamali'o:

    Hi Tsaikos. Absolutely thrilled that Colt went to the 'Skins. They play the Giants and Jets this year, so lots of opportunity to see them play and hope that Colt gets into the game, even if only to mop up. Dream team: President Barack Obama and Redskins QB Colt Brennan; Dream scenario: a few years from now, President Obama congratulating Colt in the Rose Garden on winning the Super Bowl and being named MVP. Men of Hawaii - way to represent!

  647. Kazz:


    April 27th, 2008 at 12:26 pm
    How do you put up the numbers like our WR’s have for 3 years and not get drafted!

    Apparently running in a straight line and trying to beat others within a F-R-A-C-T-I-O-N of a second means a lot to those folks.

    As we all know game film and actual productivity doesn't account for much to a back-up QB and a non-experienced talking head.

  648. Stretch:

    New Blog

  649. Barry Markowitz:

    Colt's "retreat" at Balboa Island brings back lots of 1950's memories of frozen chocolate covered bananas, the Jolly Roger Restaurant, and the Balboa Ferry. Are any of them still there Rich, since I think you were on scene?

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