The price of loyalty/Noa to the J-E-T-S

April 28th, 2008

Colt Brennan’s 2007 season was memorable. His team had an unbeaten regular season. He finished third in the 2007 Heisman voting. He earned a bachelor’s degree.
It also was costly.
Brennan’s decision to remain at UH probably will cost him a total of about $1,378,500 over a three-year period.
Let’s say he left UH after 2006, when he had the best statistical season by a quarterback in NCAA history. He was projected to be picked in the first round of the 2007 draft.
To be conservative, let’s assume he would have been picked by the Miami Dolphins in the second round, the spot that went to BYU’s John Beck. Beck received guaranteed bonuses of $1,523,500 — a signing bonus of $400,000 and an option bonus of $1,123,500. (The option bonus is a way to ease Beck's salary-cap numbers for the 2007 season. When the option bonus goes into effect in 2008, it will be added to the signing bonus, then spread out over the course of this contract. If he had been cut in 2007, the option bonus would be moved up a year and added to the signing bonus.)
Beck also was slotted into this scale for base salary: $285,000 for 2007, $370,000 for 2008, $460,000 for 2009. If he played all three seasons, he would be guaranteed $2,638,500.
Brennan was the 186th pick of the 2008 draft. Last year’s No. 186, running back Thomas Clayton, received a signing bonus of $96,500 last season. With revenues and the salary cap up, Brennan should command a signing bonus of about $105,000.
The base minimum also increased for those entering the league this season. A 2008 rookie will receive $295,000 in 2008, $385,000 in 2009 and $475,000 in 2010. Add the signing bonus to the minimum salaries, and Brennan is guaranteed, if he remains healthy and on the roster, $1.26 million.
So, folks, you'd better appreciate that Colt Brennan autographed football your auntie got for you last year.

* * *

Defensive end Karl Noa is heading to the J-E-T-S' rookie camp this weekend.
If things work out, he will be offered a free-agent contract.
"Oh, man, I'm looking forward to the opportunity," he said. "I'm glad I have a chance to do something."

* * *

From loyal reader Bill Aldenderfer of Kailua:
"Am I the only one who remembers that Colt Brennan won the Sammy Baugh award in 2006? Sammy is the most famous Redskin of all time, and still holds several NFL passing and punting records."

* * *

Shannon Wood reports that committees for the Senate and House met last week and came up with their joint proposal for the capital-improvement budget for UH's Lower Campus. The full vote could come as early as tomorrow. Here's the final proposal:
• Cooke Field.
Design — $500,000
Construction — &725,000
Total — $1,225,000
• Women's locker room (in compliance with IX regulations)
Total — $2,595,000
• Murakami Stadium training room
Total — $386,0000

* * *

Another reader reports that the previous AD guaranteed that Big East officials would be brought in to work the UH-Cincinnati game.
Where's the trust?

* * *

Whoops. I inadvertently forgot to thank SteveM, Roger Reeves, Scott Chan, Lois Manin, Derek Inouchi and Wendy deLaura for their help with Saturday's blog gathering. And, again, special thanks to our guests Virginia Hinshaw, Greg McMackin, Jim Donovan, Vili the Warrior, Mel deLaura, Robert Kekaula, Kanoa Leahey, Rob DeMello and the lovely Fay Wai.

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  1. Pomai:


  2. Stephen Tsai:

    We missed you the other night, Pomai.

  3. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I hope the Legislature votes in favor of the budget for Lower Campus. Don't know why they wouldn't.

  4. Stretch:

    It's always good to get the Legislative scoop regarding UH projects. Too bad WassupDoc doesn't post anymore.

  5. Barry Markowitz:

    Colt’s “retreat” at Balboa Island brings back lots of 1950’s memories of frozen chocolate covered bananas, the Jolly Roger Restaurant, and the Balboa Ferry. Are any of them still there Rich, since I think you were on scene?

  6. Stretch:

    Thanks to Stephen and Michael for hosting the hospitality room.

  7. Barry Markowitz:

    Couldn't we haggle on the $500k design, pay the archietects $200k, and put $300k more into making a beautiful lasting facility?

  8. Pomai:

    Sorry I wen lost my ticket, so had foah stay in da hills, I wuz a bad boy. See all of you at the Weber St. game. 131 days till I get to see da warriors win der second game of the year. 123 days till I get to eat some real food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Where is Mike, anyway? He hasn't posted on the WB in weeks.

  10. Pomai:

    Big it's 354 miles from my place to DC so if Colt's gets da start den I der. Goin have one big H flag for wave at all you guys.

  11. Rich2176:

    Barry - I spoke with Colt at Pro Day, not yesterday. Sorry for any confusion. Okay, back to the cave for me....

  12. al:

    any word on other warriors getting pro looks?

  13. BowsForever:

    ST had an article about that this morning. CJ's in the running for a free agent contract in addition to Sauafea/Lafaele/Purcell. I wonder how often an entire (O)ffensive (U)nit (of the Year) gets a shot in the NFL.

  14. bb:

    Other questions:

    Whats the status of the $400K from JJ?

    Whats the status of the Boise recruit lawsuit?

    How did the baseball team blow that lead?

    How can D. Bess be advised that he was a 2nd rounder and not be drafted at all? Who are these "so called advisors?"

    How much $$$ can we expect Colt to make?

    What will Colts number be?

    What is the story about Rod Flemings? I'm stoked that he chose Hawaii over Kentucky but conventional wisdom would think how the heck would he choose Hawaii over Kentucky?

    just a few things on my mind.....

  15. Garret:

    I thought that the Princess' Mom spelled her name "Faye". I guess I spelled her name wrong in the past.

  16. Garret:

    Cincinnati has new uniforms...they will wear these in Aloha Stadium later this year.

    The University of Cincinnati Department of Athletics, in conjunction with its shoe and apparel partner, adidas, unveiled its new football uniforms at its annual spring game, Bearcat Bowl II. The new uniforms, which include exclusive color schemes and numerals, are the result of two month of consultation with adidas, the football coaching staff, and the department of athletics.

  17. Koauka:

    I guess we need to be thankful for ANY appropriations given to the lower campus.
    $351.5 MILLION needed for building repairs on all campuses in the UH System.

    The lower campus to become on par with other athletic facilities in D1 is gonna be a HUGE battle.

    Autonomy on the upper campus - may someday your delusions become reality

  18. Kazz:

    Ok we've prayed all weekend for the best for our former boys... now let's pray for the current ones and the future warriors and wahines that they get the best facilities available to them...

  19. Garret:

    USA Today about Colt.

    The five most intriguing picks on the second day of the NFL draft

    3. Colt Brennan, Hawaii, QB: Despite setting almost every NCAA passing record, he falls until the end of the fifth round before being taken by Washington. He threw for 35 touchdowns and more than 4,000 yards last season despite being hobbled by a bad ankle. Offseason hip surgery and the belief that Hawaii's run-and-shoot offense inflated his numbers, had most teams passed on him. Washington either wasted a late pick or got a gem that they will be crowing about for years.

  20. Musashi96822:

    Barry . . .
    Don't know about the Jolly Roger, but when I last visited about a year ago the auto ferry and the Fun Zone with the frozen bananas are still going strong. Used to live there during my college days . . . what a blast!

  21. Kurt:

    Does anyone know where Manti Te'o is going to play college football?????

  22. Garret:

    Washington Post wrote about Colt...not showing much love.

    Charlottesville, Va.: What are your thoughts on Colt's transition to the NFL? His motion is better then Vince Young's.

    Mark Maske: It's really hard to say. I just don't know how much of what Colt Brennan did in college translates to the NFL, given the offensive system in which he was playing at Hawaii. I'd say it's a real long shot for him to have much NFL staying power, even as a backup.

    Falls Church, Va.: More surprising: Colt Brennan to the Redskins or Andre Woodson to the Giants? I thought both teams already had their long-term QB situations secure, ie Campbell/Collins and Manning/Carr.

    Mark Maske: I would call Brennan more surprising. Woodson has some physical tools and some skills that seem to translate better to the NFL game. I'd call him a better prospect. I don't fault a team for using a late-round pick on a quarterback with some promise, even with its quarterback situation settled. You never know when you might need a guy.

  23. BowsForever:

    OK, that last sentence of the USA Today piece was a totally uncalled-for bone thrown to the Colt haters out there. At least the author got Colt's draft round wrong. ;)

    Different topic: For all the contractors out there, can Cooke Field be resurfaced and ready to go before the Florida game?

  24. Kurt:

    I know the previous question is off topic but I'm a huge college football fan? Is there anyone that works for the Honolulu advertiser that discusses high school football recruiting? THANKS

  25. Garret:

    South Florida Sun-Sentinel mentioned a few Warriors when talking about the Bess signing.

    Bess, a former teammate of Dolphins center Samson Satele and fullback Reagan Mauia, had 106 catches for 1,266 yards and 12 touchdowns last season with Colt Brennan as his quarterback.

  26. Garret:


    I've seen several posts on recruiting forums that said that Manti was going to go to USC. They already added Manti to the list of 5-star studs that USC has committed for 2009. However, those were USC-biased writers, so I don't think things are set in stone yet.

  27. Garret:

    Washington just signed an undrafted free agent QB. However, they might switch him to WR if he doesn't stick at QB.

    The Washington Redskins signed Iowa State Cyclones quarterback Bret Meyer to a free agent contract according to a story on

    Meyer completed 61 percent of his passes for the 3-9 Cyclones. He had a down year as a senior, throwing for nine touchdowns against 13 interceptions. Despite that, Meyer carried a 109.26 QB rating. He was a four year starter at Iowa State who threw 50 touchdowns and 41 INTs over his career.

    He has to fight his way past Colt Brennan and Sam Hollenbach to find a spot on the team.

    An assessment of Meyer by DraftGuys TV suggests Meyer might find a home in the NFL — as a wide receiver.

    Word is that the Skins have signed 13 to free agent contracts and will reveal their names later today.

  28. Maverick:

    I'm ready to help start a campaign for Colt.

    Let's make it Colt for Prez, Gov., or Mayor, or whateva's.

    We can all send in a donation for campaign funds, and help towards the cost of lost wages for staying that extra year.

    He helped UH
    He helped the ENTIRE state of Hawaii
    He helped US, the fans, and develop a new fan base.

    His staying back trickles down so many avenues that many don't recognize.

    Maybe it's time for US to give back and show our appreciation.

  29. Garret:

    This MVN writer had a nice note about Colt.

    Colt Brennan also fell far, which is unwarranted. I wish he could have wound up with a better team, but maybe he will take the starting reins away from Jason Campbell, and lead the Redskins.

  30. Garret:

    Bess and RGM got a nice shout-out here...only 5 undrafted players were listed.

    J Leman (LB, Illinois), Paul Smith (QB, Tulsa), Davone Bess (WR, Hawaii), Ryan Grice-Mullen (WR, Hawaii), and Danny Woodhead (RB, Chadron State) went undrafted. All five are very good, capable players, who went home without a team. I hope they can find their way into the NFL and put every team to shame that didn’t draft them.

  31. Garret:

    SJSU students did the haka over the weekend.

    The smell of slow roasted pork and the sound of Hawaiian music filled the Student Union Barrett Ballroom on Saturday. Over 400 people turned out for the Pride of the Pacific Islands' 8th Annual Lu'au.

    Students, family and community members who entered the ballroom around 5 p.m. were greeted with shell necklaces and Polynesian Lu'au CDs. Once they were, seated club volunteers served Hawaiian-style barbecue catered by L&L Hawaiian BBQ.

    The stage shook and the metal supports rattled as the male performers did the "Haka" from New Zealand. The Haka is a war dance performed by warriors and has multiple meanings such as "ignite the breath" and "fierce words," to energize the body and inspire the spirit within, according to the event program.

    The Haka is the same dance that the University of Hawaii Warriors like to perform after their football games. The dance is an intimidating display of grunting, chest beating and stomping. The performers chests were red from hitting themselves several dances after.

  32. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Saturday's Ha'a and Haka videos are up.
    Still loading the feature film-length McMackin visit to the Tsai-kos.

  33. Garret:


    If Colt earns the starting job at Washington, he'll make far, far more than that $1 mil back with his 2nd NFL contract. If he was taken in Beck's place, there is no guarantee that he'd get that spot with Miami. In fact, it seems that Parcells is trying to clear out as many Dolphins as possible to make room for "his guys". Beck is definitely in limbo now with Henne drafted and Parcells looking for vets also.

    Colt's situation in Washington with a decent team (especially OL) and compatible offense with a QB-friendly head coach who will be working with him directly seems to be more ideal than the situation he would have had in Miami. And I cheer hard for Miami and have followed them ever since last year's draft...but I think that Colt is better off where he is now than where he would have been if Miami took him in the second round last season.

    Anyway, that is just my opinion. Back to work now...

  34. Princess Leila:

    It is Faye. Hi Mom!

  35. Blackie:

    I agree with Garret. If Colt proves himself capable, the money will come. When thinking about the long term, Colt is better off having gone in the later rounds. I say that because expectations for him now are much lower than if he left last year and got drafted in the first round. First rounders are generally expected to have an immediate impact with the team. His situation now is that he will be given the time to develop.

  36. al:

    its "fay" for short.
    maybe one day faye will join us at a cattle call.

  37. al:

    hey there princess leila,
    can we call you princess lei for short or is leila short for leilani?
    when is mom and daughter going to join us for a cattle call?
    you girls have been putting us off for two years now.

  38. Primo:

    Maybe Colt lost out on some money had he gone out earlier....however....his college experience = his situation at Washington couldn't be more perfect......learn from Jim Zorn the NFL way and he'll be a hot commodity in the near future.....if not for Washington....maybe somewhere else in need of a QB? Only time will tell, but at least he'll have his college experience in his back pocket.

  39. Koauka:

    At least, Colt will earn his keep and perform the way he should in the NFL. Play good make more money

    That's the way it should be, right?

    Jim Zorn believes in Colt Brennan, that's good enough. And Jim Zorn was a pretty good QB at Seattle. A good match - yep, sure is.

  40. homey ®:

    Congratulations to our future NFL Warriors.

    Nice meeting Hawaiiankiko, JaM, Brie, Daniel, Okazuya, and Sleeze...hope I didn't omit anyone. For those of you I missed, next time be there on time!

    BTW, If anyone so happened to take home 2 extra footballs, bring them to the next t-gate.

  41. Barry Markowitz:

    Re: Colt's lower draft pick. The NFL is a business and the scouts job is to find every flaw it could in Colt and every other player. The negatives, even though we Tsaikos knew in Colt's case were superficial, were used to lower the amount of signing bonus that had to be paid out. I hope UH and Colt learned, you don't let #1 QB's play defensive back for fun at practice. That fun, that led to Colt's bothersome ankle injury probably cost him $700k. Colt's hair thing might have been a youthful expression of his own individuality...but I don't think he looked as good as he could have looked to the Nation if he would have just stuck with the All American Preppy Surfer look. Colt's Sugar Bowl performance was misunderstood. His "meltdown" on the sidelines was really more of a guy that had sacrificed everything for several years, that put it all on the field, but it wasn't quite good was more of having given his 100% and Colt was frustrated that it wasn't enough...because football is a team game, and he was trying too hard to make a comeback on his own. The only criticism justified from that game on Colt's performance may have been that he may not have stuck to the discipline of the offensive game plan, by going long too often, instead of some quick passes underneath coverage. I guarantee that Colt will survive his NFL initiation, he will continue to make us proud, but it may take a few years before he becomes a national household name. He won't miss the $700k for too a couple years he will renegotiate and take us all out for dinner during Pro Bowl Week...even if he has to fly us all out to the new Pro Bowl city. I know local boy John Wilbur, the former Redskin is totally stoked with Colt's pick.

  42. Kazz:

    Ron Jaworski-

    Over 17 seasons in the NFL he compiled a completion percentage of 53% and threw 179 TDs and 164 INTERCEPTIONS...

    yeah.. Jaws... ok...

  43. Garret:

    Georgia Tech's starting QB is transferring to La Tech...and will be able to play THIS SEASON. He's leaving Paul Johnson behind, but Paul probably didn't think he was a great fit for his type of system.

    If This QB was good enough to start for an ACC team, I'm guessing he'll start against UH when La Tech comes to Aloha Stadium.

    Taylor Bennett, Georgia Tech's starting quarterback in 2007, will transfer to Louisiana Tech and will be eligible for the 2008 season.

    Bennett decided he wouldn't return for his senior season at Georgia Tech after meeting with new coach Paul Johnson, who is installing a spread option attack.

    He said he plans to enroll at Louisiana Tech for summer semester and pursue a master's degree.

    Normally, a student-athlete transferring from one Division I-A program to another would have to sit out a year, but Louisiana Tech has a graduate-school major that Georgia Tech does not, so the NCAA approved Bennett's eligibility request on academic grounds.

  44. Garret:

    Hi Faye!

  45. Kazz:

    homey ®:

    April 28th, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    BTW, If anyone so happened to take home 2 extra footballs, bring them to the next t-gate.


  46. FloridaTed:

    Garret (33), Primo,

    Have to completely agree, besides, I don't think that money was ever the biggest consideration for Colt. What if he goes higher, makes a million more, but never gets a chance to start, on the wrong team or just getting lost in the shuffle. He comes from a very well off family, so he has the luxury of concentrating strictly on football, learn the Skins system and go for starter. Campbell is injury prone and tends to panic under pressure, Collins is old. At most two years and Colt starts. I'll bet on it.

  47. Wena:

    It was so nice to finally meet Faye Wai, Mrs. A House, JaM & Brie for the first time. (At the Stadium)
    Nice to see Tracey Donovan again. I wanted to stay and watch the game, but couldn't. Had family duties. With all the Tsaiko camera buffs...I really could of used your skills last night when I thought I was filming my son do the haka. I WASN'T. I thought it was on record. Oh, my son was telling me I shouldn't ever be the movie taker. Oh..I felt kinda sick.

  48. Wena:

    Oh...forgot to clarify. I was at my sons Mayday program.

  49. al:

    kazz is holding homey's balls?
    both of them!

  50. Wena:

    Also, I met Tom Mui for the first time. I think I'll call him Uncle Tom. He has a very friendly face.

  51. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Wena, so your camera was not recording when you were shooting it at your son during his haka? A mom's worst nightmare! I have 2 left thumbs myself. So I let hubby do the filming.

  52. Wena:

    how come you never show yourself at any karaoke calls?

  53. homey ®:

    Kazz - Okay, bring them next time. I won't miss them since I have 2 more.

    Wena - You still use film?

  54. Wena:

    I KNEW I was all prepared. I wasn't gonna get distracted. I usually do a little camera taking, and then movie taking...BUT this time, I wanted it to be perfect. This is my sons first year in highschool...and what happens? I think I overthought. But I did record him in another dance. The one I made a mistake is the one he was giving it all he got.

  55. Wena:

    I was doing movie taking...a disc

  56. Kazz:


    One stay biggah den da odda.

  57. Wena:

    I never got to meet you either. All I read about is your muu muu

  58. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Wena, don't feel bad. I am so technically stupid. Once when I was working at a high school, I was supposed to do a video of a stage music rehearsal. The director showed me which buttons to press, and I did okay that first time. Two days later, I forgot which buttons to push! Talk about being senile and short term memory loss.

  59. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I am hoping for a muumuu comeback in regard to fashion. Too bad more women don't wear them... especially in Waikiki.

  60. homey ®:

    Kazz and al - Wait to you see my bat collection!

    Wena - I'm sure you read about her a/c, 52" HDTV, beers, and Friday laundry too.

  61. homey ®:

    gigi - I don't think pushing buttons has anything to do with being technically stupid. :lol:

  62. gigi-hawaii ©:

    hey homey, how about my ultra sharp critique of the football games? Not!

  63. Wena:

    gotta go. Nice meeting you on the blog. Come sing with the tsaikos one night.

  64. homey ®:

    Lois Manin was there? Would have been good to see her again. Did any Tsaiko do any sprints on the stadium field?

  65. WarriorMojo:

    ST, your blog entry has me choking back some serious rage. Obviously, the money is significant, but Colt said all along that he knew that he might take a huge financial hit. He might not have really expected it to happen or have expected it to be that great an amount, but he was willing to take that risk. He went in with eyes open, at least as much as possible. It was as purely altruistic an act as there can possibly be.

    My rage erupts when I think about all the people who Colt trusted and who then turned around and betrayed him as the season went on. It started with Soapgate as Hermie and his mutts, McNamara and Clapp, went into full on spin control to save their own reps. I gave Clapp a chance to back off his statements during his blog visit with us, but he foolishly stuck to his guns. Then we had the stooges at kkea adopting the hermie line, labeling Colt a prima donna and a spoiled athlete. bobby curran is dead to me now and I doubt I EVER listen to him again. Remember, all this stuff about Colt being spoiled and feeling entitled was picked up by the national media!

    Then of course we have the post-Sugar Bowl spin, where the reason we lost the game was NOT because our coach was preparing for his new job at SMU and thus refused to practice on the field where the game was to take place, refused to modify the silent snap count so Georgia couldn't time it, etc., etc. No, the reason we lost the game was because Colt held the ball too long! I have watched the Sugar Bowl too many times to count and there are very few plays where Colt even ARGUABLY holds the ball too long. Again, this is spin from people who apparently have no reluctance to "throw Colt under the bus" just to save their own reputations.

    And then when my Sugar Bowl rage was finally dying down, we had our strength coach -- out of the blue -- go off on Colt again for failing to following his weight lifting program. That may well be true, but why does that need to be said at a time when Colt is going through the combine and the UH pro day? Where is the thanks and appreciation for what Colt did?

    So, my question is not whether Colt knew he might cost himself a ton of money by coming back. My question is, would Colt have come back if he knew he was going to be stabbed in the back so often by some of the very people he was trying to help?

  66. Barry Markowitz:

    WarriorMojo: A very interesting perspective to discuss over a few any? I appreciate your passion for the kid.

  67. homey ®:

    gigi - Let me just say that I don't think you would have been comfortable at the T-gate. It was muggy, voggy, and small kine scattered drizzles. Yep, that was not favorable elements for you.

    Forgot to thank Kazz and gang for their grilling expertise...thanks Kazz, and that UA polo shirt looks good. Does it come in other colors?

  68. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Mojo, Colt came back for us, the average citizens, not for admin or sportscasters. Look at all the times he responded to the LOVE from kamaaina by stopping to give autographs...

  69. gigi-hawaii ©:

    homey, thanks for the astute obervation. lol. you know me well.

  70. gigi-hawaii ©:

    still coughing, by the way. not babysitting today for that reason.

  71. A-House:


    Faye and Princess Leila joined us for the 1st annual Tasiko gathering at Murphy's in July 2007.

  72. LizKauai [Believer]:


    Two Brennans in the NFL and Two Kauai guys... WOW!
    Brennan is the son of Bernard Carvalho, who was a Warrior offensive tackle who was drafted in the seventh round by the Miami Dolphins in 1984.

    YouTube rejected the McMackin video for being too long. Now trying to upload to Picasa.

  73. James:'s an all or nothing thing. You can't vote yes on part of the budget and no on another. You vote on the budget as a whole only the Governor can line item veto projects from the budget.

  74. homey ®:

    WM - I feel ya. A couple of songs from "The Guess Who" will make you feel better. :toast smiley:

  75. sjmacro:

    :D :mrgreen: :!: :!:
    Breaking news flash from bighilofan2, forwarded by sjmacro because no mo blog computa in his office but get cell phone. :)
    bhf2 just read me his confirmation letter from FS for 5 tickets @$40 each and a $10 handling charge. He is pumped. Let's go UH ticket office--get the tickets out because less than 130 days to game day and gotta commit with flight and accomodations which go up and up.--more from bhf2 himself when he gets off "work". Thought the Tsaikos should be the first to know. sjmacro

  76. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Oh- Brennan Carvalho is going to be a cheesehead ;-)

    gigi- the REAL reason it was ok for you to miss the T-Gate was that Myki showed up with her big guns and scared xs-homey away early. He even left his balls behind!


  77. gigi-hawaii ©:

    There's a photo of Faye Wai on my blog, taken at the 1st anniversary Warrior Beat blog party:

  78. homey ®:

    I've been informed by reliable sources that WassupDoc was seen on Hotel St. Corner of Bishop and Hotel to be specific.

  79. LizKauai [Believer]:

    YEA!!! bhf2!!! - now I gotta figger out my plane tix...


  80. homey ®:

    sjmacro - FS? Fresno St.?

  81. LizKauai [Believer]:

    xs- FS=da swamp

  82. gigi-hawaii ©:

    hey, Liz, tanks for the headz-up! I gotta watch that Myki, eh? She'll challenge me for the starting spot on kick returns. lol

  83. homey ®:

    XLiz - I think myki and Jason were just posing. POSERS! :lol:

  84. homey ®:

    XLiz - you mean Florida, UF.

  85. James:

    Al...the funny thing is, Homey's balls are of different is smaller than the other.....mwahahahahahaha

  86. homey ®:

    gigi - You gotta try out. Starting spots are not guaranteed!

  87. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ...dang it, i forgot to do Video. now xs-homey doesn't believe me.
    Jason's footwork alone sent me into shock. Totally scrapped my "nerdy mathematician who needs to wear spf50" first impression.

  88. Stretch:

    gigi-hawaii ©:
    April 28th, 2008 at 1:19 pm
    I have 2 left thumbs myself. So I let hubby do the filming.

    Yes gigi, leave it to the husband to use his thumbs, it works out better that way, ask homey.

  89. Kekoa:

    Damn Mojo! Try not to let us know how you really feel! I was just thinking about how Carl Clapp had promised to work on a project with I'm not so sure. Hmmm... May have to ask him if I can hold his library card for security deposit.

  90. homey ®:

    James - at least they are conversation pieces! :twisted:

  91. LizKauai [Believer]:

    sjmacro/bhf2 meant UF

    I knew what he meant because one of those tix is mines... :lol:


  92. Koauka:

    OK Barry, so what, a lot of people here know what the history is. Hawaii athletes will earn their keep in the NFL. You have a son with a whole new life ahead.

    I don't want to the one to analyze his demise.

    WarriorMojo - yep, yep, yep. Sometimes you dont want to know the truth or the real story. Believe me, the truth will hurt A LOT. I think by now, we all know who are trustworthy.

    In the 7th grade, my PE teacher taught us whatever you do in life and need to make a decision, think of both sides of the coin. And when you are ready to make that decision, be proud of what you choose.

    And I say, its not what you decide, its how you live with the consequences.

  93. homey ®:

    XLiz - anybody can do footwork up to the throw. It's during the throw is when all heck breaks loose! Then it's back to being a mathematician.

  94. gigi-hawaii ©:

    BTW, James, so good to see ya! Was wondering why you were MIA? Are you off work right now?

  95. James:

    gigi...taking a break....once Thursday is over, we go back to our regular 9 - 5 work for the most part. Worked late into the evening every night last week....and until 4 a.m. Saturday morning. Went home, got some rest, took a shower and then was off to the T-gate to be with my good friends the Tsaikos....

    Homey - I just have one large one.....mwahahahahahaahaha

  96. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Koauka- and that is why we push da keeds to finish their degrees. If football no work out- you still get something important from the experience.
    Abe is on an academic scholarship, as I understand it, and that is fantastic, because he will still come out ahead with or without the pressure/opportunity to represent USC on the gridiron or in track and field.

  97. homey ®:

    Koauka - Sometimes the coin is rigged and has only one side or no coin at all. You just gotta take that step and leave it to faith or the unknown. Either way, like you said you live and deal with the consequences or better yet enjoy the ride.

  98. LizKauai [Believer]:

    xs- I can't do the footwork. I no mo co-ordimination... so it's impressive to me. 'as why I have to sing - I no can dance...

  99. homey ®:

    James - At least we'll see you at fall practice!

  100. sjmacro:

    oops typing too fast fs =florida swamp-- :) sjmacro

  101. Koauka:

    True that. I guess in Hawaii we still work harder to get by.

  102. homey ®:

    XLiz - So much for doing a riverdance duet with you... :(

  103. LizKauai [Believer]:

    xs- I can try, but you take your life in your It is my wish to one day learn the electric slide so I can dance with the Tsai-kos to "I Will Survive". :lol:

  104. warriorsanddolphins:

    We all love Colt and what he done for Hawaii football, but how can anyone say that he would of gone in the second round in last years draft? Sure, he didnt have a bad bowl game like he did in the sugar bowl, but i think the same questions would of come up last year too. Scouts would dissect his throwing motion, his lack of arm strength and his playing weight. What scouts dont see is that he is a winner, never give up and fight you to the end quarterback.

  105. duffer:

    Interesting read,

    for all you Karaoke Tsai-kos! :-)

  106. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I had to adjust the numbers. Colt now sacrificed $1,383,500.
    I didn't realize that Beck had an option bonus, which threw off my calculations.

  107. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Koauka- Jordon borrowed a suit for his press conference. He drove a used vehicle and lived in a school environment surrounded by the offspring of millionaires. His mom will give him da slippah if she sees anything but a humble, hardworking kid in him. He will graduate in May with high honors and a degree in economics, for pity sakes!
    Yes, our kids have it hard but they can be tough and smart and one with their souls. Just like every other kid. Money cannot buy character or destroy it if you truly own it.

  108. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Thanks, duffer- that is AWESOME!

  109. jeff:

    Stephen, I read your blog every day, and think it's invaluable. I appreciate you pointing out that Colt's decision to stay helped put the program where it is today.

    But I'm with other posters who believe that this situation might still be better for him. Do you happen to know know what would his guaranteed money amount would be if he suffered a career-ending injury while being forced to play with the Fins' swiss cheese OL (minus da bad bruddah in da middle)?

    Now he gets the time to develop, get stronger, get a feel for the pace of the NFL game. He most likely gets all the guaranteed money since he probably won't see game time for another 2, maybe 3 years. Maybe he can cash out like former FS QB Billy Volek rather than get beat up like David Carr.

    Again, it's important to recognize Colt and others like him for all they have done for UH and Hawai'i. But maybe the tune should be how he still has a wonderful opportunity ahead?

    with respect,


  110. midori7:


    Thanks for sharing your photos from the tailgate & Ohana Festival!

    My favorite is Kekoa busting through Wreck & A-Joe!

  111. basiomap:

    how many people attended the warrior bowl??

  112. gigi-hawaii ©:

    fellow blogger Tom Mui estimates 10,000 attended the spring scrimmage.

  113. Koauka:

    I understand Liz. Jordan Dizon deserves everything. Saw him play in high school and knew he was special.

    What I dont understand, or correct me if I'm wrong, are you making a comparison between Colt and Jordan?

  114. WreckinEyez:

    Hey Midori...

    Where did you see the photo at?... I wanna take a look...

  115. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos

    I'm on my way to practice now, do sum gassers, calm myself afta getting da confirmation letter today from UFla Athl. Inc. accepting my $40 per plus $11 handling fee. 5 tickets acknowledgment letter from U Florida. $210. I am so xcited. Florida, GGggrrrrr!!!

  116. Stephen Tsai:

    You're right. You can't put a price tag on all of the intangibles.
    Colt doesn't have any regrets. He got to experience a dream season.
    And at the end of the day, he'll still make more money than all of us.

  117. midori7:


    see yesterday's blog entry, #567 at 9:52pm.

  118. Kazz:


    The UH UA shirts only come in black and green.

    Yes they are very comfortable and CHEAPER than Nike. $50.00.

    A worker at the Rainbowtique in Ward told me to expect the new jerseys to be available to the public by August.

  119. WreckinEyez:

    Thanks Midori...

  120. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, I'm sure Jordan is a fine young man and will represent Hawai‘i well.
    But I only write about UH.
    We have Homegrown writers to do stories on those who choose to go away.
    Or else I would have written a lot of stories about my daughter's cross-country career.

  121. Koauka:


    You got your air tickets yet. American Airlines now $25.00 for the SECOND BAG.

  122. Kazz:


    Colt saying he has no regrets about staying back isn't "media talk".

    -A Heisman Finalist and the exposure that goes with it.
    -A WAC ring.
    -Numerous TV appearances.
    -Many magazine articles and interviews.
    -Being hoisted on the shoulders of the people like a state hero.
    ... the list goes on and one...

    Not only will 2007's "extras" prepare him for the public life of an NFL QB, but it made him a more mature individual.

    No amount of money, not even in the millions, can cover the cost of the life lessons he learned here.

    Also, we, the fans, will never be able to repay him for the joy and pride he helped to bring to the program and Hawaii.

  123. Kazz:

    Hmmm.. 240.00+ for an authentic Washington Redskins jersey in which you can customize the name on the back and the #... :wink:

  124. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Koauka- It was more a response to this:

    "# Koauka:
    April 28th, 2008 at 2:14 pm
    True that. I guess in Hawaii we still work harder to get by."

    ST- ok... I will shaddap about Jordon now :-)

  125. Koauka:

    Thanks Liz. wessi peeps are the bes.

  126. LizKauai [Believer]:


    Coack Mack vid is almost loaded. 303 of 338 mb.

  127. Garret:

    Interesting correlation between number of stars during recruiting and chances of being drafted.

    Taking the combined numbers from Rivals' 2003 and 2004 classes, I get 65 guys rated as five-stars, 509 four-stars, 1,512 three-stars and 3,206 two-stars or lower. Based on those numbers and the round-by-round breakdown above, the per capita odds of a player in each rating category hearing his name called last weekend broke down like this (kickers, punters and one long snapper excluded):

    five-star recruits have roughly a one-in-four chance of eventually being drafted, twice as high as four-star recruits, who themselves are about three times more likely to get picked than three-star prospects, and so on. Five-star kids are substantially more likely to get picked at any point in the first five rounds.

  128. Garret:

    This point echoes what prideperiod expressed last year after the draft.

    It's easy to forget how high the failure rate is for everyone. Very few make it to the league, and many fewer stick. This is the case across the board.

  129. Jason:

    Remember when Colt announced that he was coming back. Breaks my heart to think how much he gave up by coming back, how much he sacrificed. But watching this video, and thinking back to this past season, I totally understand why he is at peace with what happened. Especially when he made that comment about the Tom Bradys and Tony Romos of the world; that line seems even more apropos now.

    In searching Tombo Ahi's site for a link to the video, I found this quotation, referring to his previous comments about the facilities:

    He's doing a lot for UH and it looks like he'll leave it a better place than he found it.

    I'd say he left Hawai‘i a better place because he was here.

  130. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ST- did anyone write about your daughter's cross country career? Link?

  131. Hilorain:


    I agree with your view on your 1:38 posting re: the Colt situation. Well said.

  132. Garret:

    This study between QBs seems to make the same point that Al made about Colt last night--NFL GMs tend to go along with what the others seem to think all too often.

    Take these two quarterbacks, both multi-year starters, in non-yardage or attempt-based passing categories:

    Add one more line to "Advantage," this time in favor of Quarterback A: salary. It's not that Matt Ryan (QB A) was drafted ahead of André Woodson (QB B) despite being ostensibly outplayed by his physical equal according to every possible measure against comparable competition two years in a row. It's not really even that Ryan went 195 spots ahead of Woodson, along with two I-AA players, Joe Flacco and Josh Johnson, and a conference rival, Erik Ainge, who failed with better surrounding talent to match Woodson's stats or estimation in the eyes of league coaches (it was Woodson, not Ainge, who was second team all-SEC the last two years, behind JaMarcus Russell in 2006 and Tim Tebow last year). Flacco was a late riser, but Ryan, Johnson, Ainge and every other quarterback drafted fell more or less (within a round, at worst) where he was expected to fall.

    What's really weird is that, after he played his last college game in December, Woodson was considered a first rounder, more or less the equal of Ryan and Brian Brohm. He didn't even have a bad workout - he didn't run at all at the combine in February and seven teams had already lost interest enough to skip his pro day workout in March. Almost literally nothing happened, and Woodson fell from would-be savior of a borderline playoff team to late-round afterthought.

    The only explanation seems to be momentum and groupthink - once a couple teams soured, nobody else wanted to be the sucker.

  133. Garret:

    The same article notes that 44 players were on BCS-Conference All-Conference teams...but were not drafted. So there are a lot of BCS school fans that are complaining about the draft too I guess.

    Some of those also-rans are understandable for obvious size/speed reasons (see Dorien Bryant, Andre Callender and Marcus Griffin), and all-conference teams should be taken with a lot of skepticism to begin with. But a couple snubs (Adarius Bowman, D.J. Hall, J Lemen, Vince Hall, D.J. Wolfe) should make no sense at all to the people who have been watching them play throughout their careers. I'm pretty certain Bowman and Vince Hall at some point were "sure things" destined for early round stardom. The coaches and media around them in college obviously didn't see any difference while the games were still going on. But the scouts are probably right.

  134. Long Time UH Fan:

    Can anyone remember when a single person lifted the Warrior fans and State to a point of unification and euphoria like Colt Brennan? ...nuff said...

  135. Pomai:

    The real burning question is what number will Colt take? 15 is already spoken for.

  136. Jason:

    I say trade with Collins for #15. Send him some laulau or something. :-)

  137. Stephen Tsai:

    The second bag is for my omiyagi.
    The first is for my dirty laundry.
    It's amazing how only things from my omiyagi bag fall out of the sky. But used underwear? Always makes it home.

  138. Kazz:

    Didn't Colt sport #3 as a youngster?

  139. Kekoa:

    midori7 ~

    That is my classic "Swim" move done to perfection. Note the pained expression on Wreck's face! Big Hilo Fan taught me how to refine that particular part of getting the Bear Claw effect on the opponent's face.

    You must have missed my autograph signing table by the Men's Room Section PP.

  140. Kekoa:

    Homes! We missed you out on the field Saturday little scat back! We could have run thru a few plays before the game started. Plus, nobody knew if you had any balls to begin with.

  141. al:

    yes.....colt will be a name to be remembered,
    we don't even have to say his last name anymore,

    how many of you have since jumped on the redskins' bandwagon.?
    i get to sit shotgun first!

  142. al:


    April 28th, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Faye and Princess Leila joined us for the 1st annual Tasiko gathering at Murphy’s in July 2007.

    yes, i know, but, i was talking about cattle calls.

  143. Kekoa:

    Al ~ When the Warrior Express rolled into the Big City Diner for an impromptu Breakfast CC, and all the coaches were there along with RK and the Princess...does that count?

  144. Kekoa:

    Bill Aldenderfer

    Re: Sammy Baugh Award

    Bill, I firmly believe that not only will Colt shatter Sammy's numbers, but he will prolly end up with an award named after him right here in Hawaii one day. That is, if he doesn't have something from out of Pro Football and on a National level.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  145. las vegas:

    As a Redskin fan, just one quick song!

    "Hail to the Redskins!, Hail victory!
    Braves on the warpath!, fight! for old D.C.!"

  146. las vegas:

    Washington at San Fran
    just might be worth the trip north, good chance of winning, CB may even play some.

  147. las vegas:

    “Scalp ‘em, Swamp ‘em. We will take‘em big score. Read ‘em, weep ‘em Touchdown, we want heap more”
    Non PC version, remember the "Injun" with the big nose ( Chief Wahoo?) new logo much better.

  148. las vegas:

    back to work

  149. d1shima [sez:]:

    Wassup all.

    Took awhile to:
    a) settle down from da draft waha;
    2) get thru e'ryboddy comments
    iii) stop crackin' up about Kazz' 45. :mrgreen:

    I like touch homey's balls! :-D

    Feel your pain, brah. But no worry, Colt going be all good.

    As for all the $$$ that it cost him? Who can really say?
    When our Grandkids ask us what we did back in da day, how many of us can really say we held a whole State in the palm of our hand for a whole year?

  150. d1shima [sez:]:

    Nice to see new posters - whether they be first-timers or lurkers.

  151. d1shima [sez:]:


    Aloha Cargo closes down.

  152. cocobean:

    Mojo, I can't see why you're so angry at Curran, he's always been a big Colt supporter. In Soapgate, to para phrase Curran, " some people may view Colt as being a prima dona for speaking out.." But it wasn't his view. I thought he made that clear. As for Colt not lifting, Mel was speaking to Bobby about the off/in season training program for the football team. The general conversation was about the weekly routine for players, who the strongest are, who the most dedicated, etc. Off handedly, Bobby asked about Colt. Mel seemed to shrug and say Colt didn't show up because his Dad had hired some other people to handle his physical training. That conversation had no back stabbing over tones if Colt were listening he would not have taken offense.

  153. Koauka:

    KKEA ESPN 1420 - UH Sportsinfomercial.

    speak positive of Hawaii Athletics, then get field passes for game.

    Right, sports animals.

    No play nice, no more job, no more contract.......simple.

    Now they talk sh&* of June. try say all that stuff right in front of his face.

    Get real

  154. cocobean:

    Props to Colt. From the end of the Sugar Bowl till the draft Colt's stance was for a team to give him a chance to compete, to show what kind of baller he is. You've got your chance make the best of it.
    What was the knock on our receivers? How come not one got drafted? Did all the teams think they all were "system receivers?"

  155. d1shima [sez:]:

    btw, JMHO but I wouldn't mind if the political stuff remained off this blog.
    Get 'nuff stuff to get nutz about already.

  156. d1shima [sez:]:


    RK just aired a chat w/ JRiv and that's exactly what he thought happened to all 3 of them

  157. BowsForever:

    Colt may be sacrificing money upfront, but that's not to say he can't make it back and then some later. Start humble, then go the path of Romo, Brady, Warner and all the other initially unheralded QBs.

  158. hilogreg:

    Heard rumors all day about Aloha freight, but they were still open in ITO, they took our boxes at 1pm....Hope its not true

    Thanks everyone for a great time at the tailgate, hospitality room and the Warrior bowl

  159. Kazz:


    If J-Riv's #'s and RGM's #s along with CJ and Bess' #'s are inflated and or the ONLY result of a system THEN the NFL isn't for them...


  160. d1shima [sez:]:


    Nice meeting you, too.
    Hope you can make it back for more events in the fall. (if not sooner)

    Sadly, KITV reported it at 5. Said that they turned away shipments since about 4 and cancelled their 4:45 flight. :-(

  161. Jason:

    You know, people talk about the three receivers not getting drafted. So let me give you another example, a non-UH one. During the regular season, Purdue's Dorien Bryant was graded on as a 2nd rounder, and Alabama's D.J. Hall was a 2nd-3rd grade. Meanwhile, Davone was a 2nd-3rd grade, RGM was a 4th round grade, and Rivers a 4th-5th round grade. I personally had graded Bryant around the same as Davone, a 2nd-3rd round guy, with Rivers and Hall 4th and RGM 5th-6th.

    But then all the juniors entered the draft, and we found out that it was one of the deepest WR crops in recent memory. So instead of 30-35 draftable receivers (which is big already), we're talking 50+. With such a huge number of players, teams are going to look at two things when deciding whom to take on the 2nd day: explosiveness and size. And looking at Bryant, not only is he small, but he ran a 4.51, which was slower than the 4.4 that he was expected to run. And while Hall has good height and speed, his bulk was lacking, and there were issues about him being less than the sum of his parts (in addition to character issues). Bryant and Hall both ended up undrafted. Same thing happened for Davone — terrible 40 time. Rivers, decent size but so-so 40 time. RGM, great time (although, closer to a 4.45 on regular track, I'd bet), but small size. Rather than spend a draft pick on those receivers, for which there are several available due to the depth of the class this year, people took bigger and/or more explosive receivers, choosing to try and steal the "lesser" WRs in FA.

    Let me put it this way: it's like investing money. You want to use your money wisely, trying to find value as much as possible. FA does not mean worthless; it means low price, with the potential for it to rise.

  162. Jason:

    That should read, "Rather than spend a draft pick on those receivers, for which there are several available due to the depth of the class this year, people took bigger and/or more explosive receivers or players at other positions, choosing to try and steal the “lesser” WRs in FA."

  163. Kekoa:

    Jason ~ Those investment talks we had are beginning to shine thru in other areas. Excellent comparison above. The teams that go the FA route are definetly buying low and will be able to sell high if they want to later for picks or whatever.

    The boys will do just fine if given the chance. They are a lot more durable than most WR's these days, and they can run their routes in a much more discilplined manner. They can still turn on the jets when needed, because of what I call the elusive cloaking device they use to make "poof" I'm outta here!

  164. Kekoa:

    Howzit Dishima! - Got the Warrior Express on blocks till summer practice starts?

  165. Jason:

    Kekoa: I was thinking of you as I was typing that. :-)

  166. d1shima [sez:]:


    Pulled da wheels and drained da oil. Da blue tarp stay in place, too.

    Hope I can remembah wea I hid da key!

  167. Garret:

    This is a great video clip. I hadn't seen for myself what Jaworski had been saying about Colt, so I was glad to hear this. The other ESPN guys defended Colt and they brought the Redskins exec to say more good things about Colt.

    One of the highlights of the draft’s second day: Ron Jaworski absolutely shitting all over on Hawaii’s Colt Brennan, and then getting called on it by Cris Carter and Mel Kiper Jr. Mort - who seemed subdued all weekend - mostly stayed out of it. ESPN must be commended for immediately getting the team that drafted Brennan - the Redskins - into the debate.

  168. Thomas Mui:

    BigHiloFan: Had lunch with SPK today (Ono's) and says hello.

  169. d1shima [sez:]:


    Can you e-mail me?

    tsaikos (at) deanshouse (dot) biz

  170. NYUH:

    Big loser of the draft - Inoke Funaki - who had a great scrimmage and wasn't even mentioned today.

  171. Kekoa:

    d1 ~ Careful...Esme is always lurking about. She captures your "deanshouse" addy and she goin' raid the karaoke machine and take 'em to da Tsaiko playhouse.

  172. Garret:

    I feel pretty bad that I didn't tell my parents about the Tsaiko-gate and Hospitality room stuff for the Warrior Bowl. They attended and they brought my 8-year-old nephew (the nephew that also has season tickets with them to men's basketball games). My Dad normally teaches a class on Saturday so I thought they wouldn't be able to go early...but his class was canceled on Saturday (I wonder if that was because of the game).

    I had figured that the event was just for the posters and their families, but I guess my Dad did post to the blog before. I do not think that they have made it to the blog since the switchover--I have to set up a new bookmark for them. If we were still on the old blog, they probably would have known about the event without my telling them.

    I'll try to get them to go to the Tsaiko-gates this season. Their tailgating depends on my Dad's Saturday job, but they never miss the games.

  173. Jason:

    NYUH: That's cause he was mentioned yesterday. :-)

    He did have a good Warrior Bowl. All four QBs played good, actually. But as I mentioned before with the missed read in the 2nd quarter, none of them are Colt. We really got spoiled watching him and the veteran receivers the past three years. Not that it's going to be bad this fall, but there might be a few growing pains here and there.

  174. d1shima [sez:]:


    After that clip ends "Wahp ya Jawz" said the most inane thing in his whole diatribe; that Colt only throws to open receivers and holds the ball too long and waits for them to get open.

    Yeah, give me a guy who forces it in to triple coverage everytime w/ his cannon. And Colt's highlights are full of passes he throws to guys before they even make their cuts!

  175. Jason:

    Er, six QBs. IDK why I said four. And Kepo‘o really didn't get that many snaps. The other five looked solid, though.

  176. Garret:


    I don't think that *anyone* has forgotten about Inoke and his excellent performance. I have been following Inoke closely and mentioned before how if he improved as much this offseason like he did last offseason that he'd be extremely hard to beat out for the starting job. I wasn't surprised at how well he did, but I am glad that the coaches and fans now acknowledge that he's a strong candidate for the starting spot.

    Most assumed that Tyler had the job locked up and weren't impressed with Inoke...but I thought that Inoke would keep progressing and be extremely hard to beat out. He has such leadership skills and dedication that if everything comes together for him UH will have a special QB. And if someone else like Tyler beats him out, that means that UH has an excellent QB with a great backup QB.

    I assume that we'll have lots of talk about Inoke and Tyler (and the JC guys) as the Fall Camp is about to open. Until then the coaches cannot work with the players so the starting QB will be unknown. Part of it will be who improves the most over the summer--that will take a lot of hard work away from the spotlight, which the Warriors definitely put in.

  177. NYUH:

    Thanks Jason, I admit I gave up after about post 500!

    Colt is a great story though. Love that he came back. I will always be his fan. RGM and DB, as much as I want to diss them for leaving, three years starting is enough physical abuse on their bodies. It was time to move on. All the best to them.

  178. Kazz:

    RE: Jaworski...

    Again... he has compiled an average completion percentage of 53% and 179 TD's thrown and 164 I-N-T-E-R-C-E-P-T-I-O-N-S thrown as well over the course of his pro career.

    I can understand how HE feels "waiting" to throw to open receivers is considered "street ball"... :roll:

    ESPN, you never cease to amaze me :lol:

  179. Kazz:

    d1shima [sez:]:

    April 28th, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    After that clip ends “Wahp ya Jawz” said the most inane thing in his whole diatribe; that Colt only throws to open receivers and holds the ball too long and waits for them to get open.

    Yeah, give me a guy who forces it in to triple coverage everytime w/ his cannon. And Colt’s highlights are full of passes he throws to guys before they even make their cuts!

    Throwing into multi-coverage... isn't that what the QBs selected BEFORE Colt did from time to time MORE when it was 3rd down???? :lol:

  180. Jason:

    To be fair, I've always thought of Jaworski as an insightful commentator who makes accurate observations of what he sees. But he sounded like an idiot yesterday.

    As for Davone and RGM, you can't really fault them for leaving. Davone supposedly got a 2nd round grade from the advisory committee. I think that's fair — I had him as a 2nd-3rd round grade — but his 40 time hurt him bad. If you had asked me what I thought he'd run, I would have said 4.52-4.56. He looked faster as the year progressed, so I was getting higher on him, thinking he could run a good time and solidify his stock. But then he ran a 4.69, and his stock dropped tremendously. It kinda picked up in the last week, as I heard people emphasizing his agility and hands, but it wasn't enough. And RGM, I thought he should have stayed but he did everything he could have done to solidify his stock except grow 3 inches and gain 20 pounds. He could have used a year as the star of the receiving unit to get his name out there, but considering the immediate confusion after Jones' departure, I can't blame the guy for going.

  181. d1shima [sez:]:


    Put this up in the last post. Think it still applies since we going back to the clip from yesterday.
    Chris Carter pointed out that Colt had NFL coaching from JJ; Wahp ya Jawz couldn't say anything.

    From Warren Moon’s HOF enshrinement speech:

    I want to thank Jerry Glanville, Jack Pardee, offensive coordinator, quarterback coach June Jones for helping turn my career around in those early days

    From Jim Kelly’s HOF enshrinement speech:

    Mouse Davis, June Jones and John Jenkins taught me the art of the passing game. Passing was never so much fun.

    Feel free to look up anyone thanking Ron Jaworski for putting them in the Hall of Fame.

  182. Kazz:


    April 28th, 2008 at 6:47 pm
    To be fair, I’ve always thought of Jaworski as an insightful commentator who makes accurate observations of what he sees. But he sounded like an idiot yesterday.

    Jason, the sad truth is when University of Hawaii athletics are involved in those discussions "accurate" observations are not considered by the talking heads because as far as THEY are concerned they probably believe that college athletes at UH would be better off working at Duke's or teaching surfing lessons to tourists.

  183. SteveM:

    I think the state of Hawaii has much Aloha for Colt Brennan...something money can't buy and will last long after riches fade. Colt can always call Hawaii his home and be welcomed back any time.

  184. BowsForever:

    I still say Vince Cerrato (Redskins guy) got a great jab in when he called out Kiper -- I mean Jaws for all the hatin' on Colt. To me, Cerrato played along, knowing full well who he was calling out (as if Kiper's been a Colt booster all this time), and the entire ESPN panel missed it.

  185. NYUH:

    Top ten reasons the offense will rock once again:

    10 ) No JJ micromanaging
    9) Play action passes
    8) Competition at QB
    7) New young coaches (who actually played in the JJ system)
    6) Ah Soon pulling
    5) Running backs to boot
    4) WRs reboot
    3) Estes at center
    2) Dan Kelley (will give us at least 3 wins)
    1) The defense will get them the ball!

  186. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Tsaiko Nation,

    Tom Mui,
    thank you. i saw the tv show yesterday on spk. a very considerate bradda for da ohana. hats off to him.

    your geniusness just shined today. i can only talk fluff, you wuz so outstanding.

    Las Vegas,
    we ohana. i stay tryin fo steal da wife's redskin jacket, save da $240, duc tape Colt on da back.

    but da bes paht is lizK and us get our Fla confirmaiton!!!
    yeeeee haa!!!

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. SteveM:

    I received an email from someone I do not recognize as a previous poster but he was born and raised on the Big Isalnd and moved to California in 1996. Says he received the Local Grinds Quiz" in email and is stuck on Numbers 11, 46, and 49.

    Please help our mystery lurker with the answers (I would be curious to see the consensus). I assume he will read the answers here since this weher he must have gotten my gmail address...

    BTW, the Local Grinds Quiz is available at:

    Posted with permission by the author, Tracy N.

  188. Will-I-Am:

    Did you hear Kekaula say that that all of the WAC had 8 players drafted and USC alone had 10 players drafted. That is crazy!

  189. not far away anymore:

    46 is Meat Jun
    49 is Mochiko Chicken

  190. FloridaTed:

    I hope I'm not the only one who is not worried about Colts future, but if you put the bits and pieces together in regards to Zorn, he seems to have a real agenda with Colt. He is not beholden to Campbell and most Skins fans are not sold on him either. Colt is a real fast learner and the more he's challenged, the more he will rise to the occasion. He will study and study the playbook, filmroom and work out like crazy, trying to establish chemistry with the receivers. He will not surprise us, but most certainly a lot of mainlanders. It will be a ton of fun to follow his career, as well as our other boys.

  191. BowsForever:

    They grow up so fast. *sniff*


  192. FloridaTed:


    The Wac had a real overall down year in 07. Their OOC results were horrible, so no surprise there, really.

  193. Hoohiki:

    Colt going from one Native team to another....

    It's so nice to read all the posts of love and support CB is getting on this blog. I've tried to read some of the posts on the other blogs and I can't believe how negative some people are towards Colt who they probably never met. I guess everybody's entitled to their opinion but some people talk as if Colt did them harm. One thing's for sure...CB is a national household name and he brings out passion in people. He got more airtime on ESPN then Jake Long or any of the other 1st rounders. I was in Utah the other month, and someone from Alabama found out I was from Hawaii and the first question he asked? Do you know Colt Brennan? My sister living in Wash DC was eating at a restaurant and a stranger from Maine asked her if she knew Colt. I hope Colt knows that the majority of the state will always hold him in high regards.

  194. Stephen Tsai:

    Roger, over and out:

  195. NYUH:

    So it was testosterone, not steroids.

    Roger, over and out:

    Agree that Zorn will use CB to implement a new west coast offense to match the Patriots.

  196. BowsForever:

    Hoohiki -- I'm sure the group Tsaiko cheer for Colt on the cell phone before the Warrior Bowl game (wish I'd been there) reminded Colt how much Hawaii loves him.

    For all the irrational Colt haters who happen to be Redskins fans: Time to be replaced by new, much-higher-quality fans. =)

  197. LizKauai (at friend's house):

    Coach Mack's address to the Tsai-kos on Saturday is finally available for viewing! Yea for Google videos!

  198. bighilofan2:

    you pokin fun at Roger?
    i LOVE blondes!
    n brunettes.
    n redheads,
    n sandheads,
    n greyheads,

    i love em all.

    heh heh heh

  199. bighilofan2:

    you know what? i am so excited for our Warrior Nation.
    We got high class peeps ova heah! intelligent and witty too. i wuz tinkin, USC havin alot of draftees this year, just goes to show dat da mind can overcome high calibre peeps. just gotta have da hart, dats da mos important.


  200. jojo ®:

    I love the Jets!!! They bleed GREEN! LOL

    And reminder for all those who need to renew their UH Alumni Association membership, membership expires tomorrow.

    And for those who want to join, too!

  201. bighilofan2:

    thanks for the reminder.

    Mei Ling,
    next time you see my niece, please ask her to call uncle at 933-1758. Thanks.

  202. not far away anymore:

    Awesome video Liz. Great to see Coach Mack talking to the Tsaikos. My favorite part was when he took the time to shake a bunch of hands on the way out the door. Shows what kind of a guy he is. He is going to do great things for our program.

  203. bighilofan2:

    i loved da Jets. they practice at Hofstra. those buggas sure looked super huge in their unis and that was 20 years ago.

  204. LizKauai (at friend's house):

    jojo- whea youse guys was Saturday? Missed seeing joje play throw and catch!

  205. FloridaTed:

    Mahalo nui loa, LizK,

    Great fun video. McMackin is just one heck of a genuine guy. The Tsaikos sure have become very prolific.

  206. BowsForever:

    "So this is, this is the Tsaikos, huh." McMackin, a lurker. Funny stuff.

    Great scoops from Mack too. Thanks for taking video, LizKauai!

  207. Jason:

    Tsaiko Quarterback Camp: Learn how to throw a football with proper footwork, timing, and mechanics. I will be your QB coach. One free hour for every 220 yard run you complete in under 60 seconds. Otherwise, I charge $500 an hour. Except for uhfan808 and myki, they get free coaching because they have the potential to start for the Tsaikos in the Bloggers Bowl. ;-)

  208. bighilofan2:

    btw LIzK,
    great pictures!!!!

  209. LizKauai (at friend's house):

    not far- Ted, Coach Mack sure does evoke a feeling of confidence. It just feels like we are rolling - picking up where the Warriors left off on New Years. So much has been learned by experience, so much more to prove now.

    I ran into Kenny Estes' mom at the grocery store this afternoon. She is still flying high from Saturday. She said Kenny is kinda surprised at the attention he is getting- that kinda stuff is usually his roommate's kuleana. She likes his roommate- says he is a really good kid... his name is Kealoha :lol:

  210. jojo ®:

    I love the Jets because they are unpredictably unpredictable. How's that Pennington? LOL If CB had gone that way, I would have taken vacation in the Meadowlands. Really, you know.

  211. jojo ®:

    LizK - sorry to miss the action on Saturday. Joje had a school thing, then her friends came over and made mess of the house. Darn kids! LOL

  212. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Colt Brennan's legacy and his love of Hawai'i is the greatest story ( if not one of the greatest ) in the history of UH athletics. "Thank you" doesn't begin to repay him for his heroic performace, or his ebormous sacrifies.

    You're all any fan could ask for, Colt, mahalo.

  213. LizKauai (at friend's house):

    Haha- sounds like my gaggle of guys.

    Tonight I was soo ono for pork tofu. Saw someone eating it the other night and it looked soooooo good! So I stopped by Costco on the way home from work- no pork!
    I bought whole chx, tofu and onions there and the rest of the stuff at our local market in Waimea. Made a huge pot of chicken tofu and took it over to my girlfriend's house where we all dived in. The guys are going home tonight so it was a good dinner sendoff.

  214. al:

    mahalo for the vid lizk

  215. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "enormous", not "ebormous" :oops:

  216. al:

    whoa.....lost in the shuffle.

    forgot about karl noa. i hope they give him a long look.

  217. al:

    so you think that the saimin, bbq sticks, and lilikoi chiffon pie is as good as when the hamura's owned the saimin stand?

  218. LizKauai (at friend's house):

    thx, al - we missed you. The vog was pretty nasty, I must admit. HEY- are you an uncle yet???

  219. LizKauai (at friend's house):

    al- same ownership still yet. The workers have been there for years and are carrying on the tradition. The great grandsons are running the place, I think. Their mom is my sister's classmate. She is ill and I have not seen her for years, tho.
    The lilikoi chiffon pie is still good. Perhaps I will bring one to the next T-gate!

  220. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I don't know about you, but I think Shiro's is hands down the best saimin restaurant on earth. Love their dodonpa, the king of saimin, with 10 garnishes.

  221. LizKauai (at friend's house):

    ...uhoh.. did I just hear a gauntlet hit the floor?

  222. Jason:

    Wow! gigi has tried every saimin shop on earth! ;-)

    I hope Noa gets a chance to stick around with the Jets. He's an athletic big guy who can probably play some special teams while re-learning how to play OLB. NFL teams are always looking for a guy like Larry Izzo, a special teams monster.

  223. WarriorFan:

    Aloha everyone! Stephen: What's the status with Ryan Keomaka?

  224. koakane:

    just got home from a great OIA game between Pearl City and Kailua. PC wins 8-7 opposite form last years 10-0 PC win.

    congrats to both teams. PC takes OIA and will be seeded maybe 2nd. Watch out for Kailua if their pitiching hangs in there. PC solid hitting and decent pitching possilbe repeat making it to da finals.

  225. koakane:

    oh talking about state bball tourny starting in two weeks. ILH should have STL and Puns. Third team to be decided between MPI and KAM.

    Numba 1 seed is up in air. I dont want to say STL soooory d1 and bulla.

  226. al:

    if i am not mistaken didn't i lead you to shiro's?

  227. ralvic:

    Good Evening

    I just read up on Colt's high school,Mater Dei.And I found out these facts.

    From Wikipedia:

    Mater Dei is one of two high schools in the nation with two Heisman-trophy winning alumni: John Huarte '61 (1964 Heisman Trophy winner), and Matt Leinart '01 (2004 Heisman Trophy winner). The other is Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas, with Davey O'Brien and Tim Brown.

    In 2006 Colt has a record breaking year and receives votes placing him at 5th in the Heisman voting

    In January 2007 he has decision to make. Opt for the draft forgoing his senior year....or come back to play for the Warriors and vie for a Heisman. The appeal of winning a Heisman and becoming the only high school boasting three Heisman winners is the biggest incentive that Colt probably couldn't turn his back to.It would be hard to pass up the lore.It would be hard to pass up a chance to be someone that the neighborhood kids and their kids be looking up to and admiring.

    Being part of history,and being forever immortalized along with Huarte and Leinart are valid motives to skipping the draft.Remember,Colt is not in it for himself. He has always deflected praise.And instead passed it onto others.Winning the Heisman wasn't his motivation because that would have been selfish reasons.Because he's made it clear in the past that team awards are of greater importance(i.e championships).He doesn't have ego or vanity problems.But for others,mainly the Mater Dei and Hawaii community it was...and he wanted to win it for them..and us.He shows so much apathy for others he would intentionally skip the lure of a high draft pick.Now,wouldn't Colt be honoring his High School,Coach Bruce Rollinson and Huarte and Leinart by trying to make it a trifecta?Wouldn't he be honoring the Hawaii program,also?I think so. I think if had replicated what he did in 2006 he would have won the Heisman Trophy this year. And people would be talking about the legendary football player from Hawaii via Mater Dei in the same breath as Huarte and Leinart.Now if you had a son wouldn't you tell him to take a shot of a once in a life time opportunity.I know I would.

    I shed tears for Colt because he was so close yet so far away.Talk about beginning the year on a bad note,so portentous.. And I remember Colt being interviewed on TV and you can see he was choking back the tears,he says,"We have to play the teams they tell us to play".Now this was in reference to playing some pretty bad teams-games in which he could never extract any momentum for vying for the Heisman.Games where he was basically benched before the second half was over.Add a few injuries.Some internal wrangling with the AD.Constant negative scrutinizing from the national media-and if it was'nt for a late charge at the end of the season he wouldn't have gone to NY.

    Now we come to today. The day after the draft. Knowing everything Colt has been through..The sacrifices., Being the fish in the fishbowl his whole career.. .I wonder if Colt was thinking like me. Your,Colt,you sit and watch your future Coach and front office people marvel at your potential...And you...gulp...shutter...when they say things like we are real fortunate to have you..But one pick earlier the team your going to.The team that says their coveting you,says they like you and everything-takes a punter 33 picks earlier(now isn't that a slap in the face...a punter drafted in the fifth round when the Washington team had already signed a punter in the off season) This does not seem right.It's like saying we like you so much that we'll go after punter first and take a chance to see if your still available. Now,watch again how Mr.Brennan takes it like a man.

  228. al:

    the last time i was at hamura's last year, i thought someone told me that the family sold it to one of the long employees.

    they must have been pulling my leg.

  229. al:

    the last time i was at hamura's last year, i thought someone told me that the family sold it to one of the long employees.

    they must have been pulling my leg.

  230. al:

    there's an echo....oooooooo.

  231. Jason:

    Just saw on KITV the coach that is going to replace Pat Riley in Miami. Wow, didn't know you can become the head coach of an NBA basketball team after four years as your high school team's student manager. I bet he had to borrow one of his dad's suits. ;-)

    Seriously, though, that dude looks as young as Greg Oden looks old.

  232. SteveM:

    After looking at the photos and watching live, I have to agree that Jason has great form and footwork as a quarterback and that myki has moves and soft hands. Jason's 15-yard tight spirals were impressive... :)

  233. rainbow warrior #80:

    my prediction for next year, 1-2 wins. I watched the spring game, we look horrible, and the defense supposedly played vanilla(no blitzing).

    i never liked JJ as a person, but the guy was a winner. so i respect him for that. I don't care for GM, i don't know what it is about him, but he seems like he's kissing a- too much to everybody. i don't trust him.

    also not surprised by CB drafted late. he almost cost us some games last year. he stepped up when it counted but played horrible at times. i know for a fact that nfl people watch everything you do, not just the good stuff. as for the WR's, the juniors probably didn't get looked at until late, DB speed hurt him and RGM size hurt him, the 2 seniors weren't good enough to be drafted, all of them deserved FA contracts and should be happy they got that.

    everybody probably will be pissed to read this, so i'll respond after the season when i'm proven that i was right or wrong.

  234. SteveM:

    BTW Jason. Notice the countdown timer on my page. That's when your party starts. Hope you won't have to miss a final or anything. :roll:

  235. chawan_cut:

    here's some pictures from saturday:

  236. Shannon:

    Re: rainbow warrior #80

    Wow. Talk about 'The truth hurts, huh? Pretty brutal man...prepare to get flamed...

  237. rainbow warrior #80:

    no worries, i'll see if i eat my words after the season. and i really do hope we do good, i just don't see it

  238. Addahknowsports:

    Hi Tsaikos!

    Just wanted to say was good to see everyone at the T-gate. Was also good to be out in fresh air again, even if it was voggy. Bummed I didn't get to stay longer.

    Let's faces...Okazuya, HawaiianKiko and Sleeze (except I didn't know Sleeze was Sleeze). Was good to meet you.

    I found out that Koakane is the master of the Two Pound Gau Gee. His gau gee makes more friend than M&Ms.

    I whacked Homey's shrimp.

    And Midori7's marshmallows hit me in my royal sweet tooth.

    Al, haven't seen you in a while.

  239. rainbow warrior #80:

    also, when i say i don't care for GM, i mean as a coach, haven't talked enough with him to know what kind of person he is. in my experience, the best coaches were the ones who cared more about winning than what you thought about them, the worst were the one who were always trying to please everybody. that's the reaction i have about GM, i could be wrong, we'll see

  240. SteveM:

    Hi Shannon. Haven't seen you too often lately (we have a lot of MIA's).

    As for rainbow warrior #80, I think I can wait,

  241. Kekoa:

    Rainbow #80 ~ We welcome all comments and opinions on our blog. Once in awhile some of us go out on a limb and make a prediction that might seem a little raw. That's your kuleana long as you are man enough to stand by what you say.

    Come to one of our T-gates this year. Let's make it the one after we win our 4th game so by then we wil all know to expect you. No promise that some will not razz you a bit...but if it's after our 4th loss, then it would be your turn to rub a little salt in the wounds.

    Deal or no deal?

  242. rainbow warrior #80:

    i live on the mainland so it would be hard for me to show. i come to hawaii from time to time to root for the bows maybe i'll show for the fresno game, i wish i could be there for the opener against weber st but don't think i can

  243. rainbow warrior #80:

    the spring game was the first time i saw this years team in person though so take my assesment with that in mind

  244. SteveM:

    rainbow warrior #80 -- if you live on the mainland, please tell me what city/State. I'll add you to our mainland/International list found at...

  245. Jason:

    SteveM: Oh no...

  246. Shannon:

    I've been lurking more often than it seems...I'm up to date with EVERYTHING though...still tryin' fo get that bitter taste of Bulldog lickin's out of my mowt...

  247. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Expect the best, accept the rest. Thinking positive never hurts.

  248. Kekoa:

    You know of course that this was the entire roster split as evenly as they could make it. There was no 1st team offensive against 1st team defense. You also must know that the prime time players were pulled early so that the reps were shared across the board. You may want tohold your water until at least the end of summer camp.

    Save the dire predictions for the talking heads. We are better than they give us credit for every year. I love it when the oddsmakers at Vegas are wrong like they were in 2006. I really did well that year. In 2007 they were much closer with their odds because they got burned by Hawaii the year before. This year I think they feel that we won't be able to make the spread without Colt. I can't wait to prove them wrong again.

  249. Shannon:

    DPK: Tru dat...

  250. koakane:

    chawan_cut, :?

    nice pics of da game sorry to miss ya at the tgate and game. we sat in the endzone section across the valley from myki dem.

    Addahknowsports, :p

    glad dat you came and had at least one. wasn't sure if 2lbs passed but now you confirmed all's good.

  251. koakane:

    Addahknowsports= :lol:

  252. Shannon:

    Kekoa: that's what I was gonna say, about the roster being split. Also, I have faith in the Lee brothers... they did rule the Hawaii High School Football scene for almost 2 decades...

  253. Kekoa:

    Shannon - Did you know that the winning team got Steak dinners, and the losers ate Hot Dog! Oh yeaaahhhhh. You know they were motivated!

  254. koakane:

    aloha and welcome rw80 sounds like you old school. were you hea for warrior bowl?
    are you a local transplant now living in america?

  255. SteveM:

    Got the "blue gradient of freezes" waiting for the blog to refresh. Time to go before I get irritated again... :evil:

    Good night everyone!

  256. koakane:


    when bg returns got to do prayer meeting. much to pray about after seeing the warrior bowl. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  257. RainbowJoe:

    To suggest that all the things that hurt Colt's stock and caused him to last till the sixth round would not have impacted him if he had come out in 2007 is foolishly optimistic. Colt would not have the Sugar Bowl dragging him down, but he would have still had a similar combine performance and the same bogus assessments about arm strength and whatnot. Even in 2007, Colt would have been no better than a third-round pick, and probably a fourth or fifth rounder. And in the end it ain't gonna matter. He will rise above it all and earn it all back on his next contract. I love him and all he did for our state, but let's not make him a God by saying he passed up millions to come back. He passed up thousands (maybe) and in exchange got a week of Big Easy drunkenness. Besides, if he hadn't come back and bitched about the soap, we might still be stuck with Hermie!

  258. al:


    very busy these days. been going to maui nearly every week. i am a regular at tiffany's already.

    ...and a lot of stuff going on.

    no worry i haven't forgotten about the thai cc.

  259. Kekoa:

    Good nite shout out to the Koakane Kid!...The EIS of the Kolekole Grill is on the schedule for this Sunday correct?! BG is back on station. The Wessai Warriors are gathering the storm clouds this week to build some momentum. Call me in the morning for the operational plans.

  260. Kekoa:

    G'nite Al!...we know you been busy, but maybe you can travel out on Sunday to the Wessai. Bring da boss. Bring Gigi, bring all the Tsaikos if you like! DPK owes you one right?

  261. Jason:

    From our friends at Sports Hawai‘i are a couple links:

    Audio of Colt on Leahey and Leahey:

    Video of the Warrior Bowl:

    BTW, how you like Big Wave Dave saying this:

    BTW if you want a REAL Degree from rooms of Keller Hall, Major in ICS.

    C'mon, Tsaikos, let's make those Sports Hawai‘i guys eat their words. :-D

  262. al:

    ahh. i am no longer going to worry about when, where, and why it took for colt to get drafted when, where, and why.

    nor will i worry about bess, rgm, rivers, and the others.

    what matters is....its done and they are where they will be to pursue a future in the nfl. they have a shot and that is what is most important right now. same goes for others who will get a look in the cfl.

    its there in front of them. its what they do with the opportunity that is for the taking. every year the draft puzzles and befuddles. no different this year.

    every year some lowly draft pick will seize the moment and make memories.
    every year some free agent will find a way to an nfl career (ask rich miano).
    every year some will work hard and make it.
    every year some won't work hard and won't make it.

    all i know is that it is there for the taking. someone will make an impact on every team, that is why there are late drafts picks and free agents. because someone will make the most of the opportunity.

    i just hope that there will be many warriors who make the most of the opportunity and make memories.

    ...nuff said!

  263. Addahknowsports:

    Hi Al-

    Good to hear from you. Don't worry about the Thai CC. Take care of business. The time will present itself and we'll all have a great time then.

    Have a good evening all!

  264. al:

    howzit bruddah?
    how's pops?
    i saw that you had a great time at the karaoke kall. must have been nutz eh?

  265. Shannon:

    Jason: I would love to play in the Tsai-Ko's vs. SportsHawaii flag football game!!! 2 things though...
    1) I live across the Pacific Ocean & no mo' money fo' fly home.
    2) I'd be on the SH team... ; )

  266. al:


    thanks for the line.
    waiting for that hard working man to come home eh?

    lot of burglaries going on in the valley lately. all times of the day too.
    keep safe. lock them doors and secure the windows.


  267. al:

    shannon....haha. i thought you were the other shannon.
    where abouts do you park your car these days?

  268. koakane[Deacon]™:

    okey dokey bible studies is a go.

    nite nite

  269. L10pc:

    Back when I was at UH (when dinosaurs ruled the earth and used punch cards :lol:), ICS students were the most cutthroat and unwilling to help each other. Went over to MIS to get my degree - folks had to work together and, best of all, became very good friends. So, ICS - not my cup of tea anyway.

  270. LizKauai:

    Nitey Nite!
    Sweet Dreams, Ka Kou!

  271. bighilofan2:

    Good mornin Tsaikos.

    Koakane's Gau Gee treets - you described em accurately. talk about neede opu support after 2 of those big buggas.

    you an your crew, we really appreciate your food, not only your typing skills.

  272. wafan:

    Good morning!

    Just a quick thank you to LizK for the MacVid. Awesome.


  273. Garret:

    This article gives an idea of what undrafted free agents make. I hope that the Warriors who were not drafted stick on the roster and can collect this type of salary!

    Running back Selvin Young, who made the Denver Broncos, received a $20,000 signing bonus to go along with his base salary of $285,000, the league minimum for rookies.

    Center Lyle Sendlein, who earned a spot with Arizona, got a signing bonus of $12,500 to go along with the base of $285,000.

    It all depends on how popular a free agent is, since any one player could receive offers from several teams right after the draft. Some say it’s better for a marginal player to go undrafted, since he can pick a team where he has the best chance of making the roster.

    But the signing bonuses do drop considerably. Former Texas offensive guard Kasey Studdard, a seventh-round pick a year ago, negotiated a guaranteed bonus of $100,600.

  274. Garret:

    Looks like Miami *really* wanted to stockpile offensive tackles. They added a BSU player there as part of their tackle list. They also added a tackle that was coached by new Warrior OL coach Brian Smith.

    After drafting three offensive linemen, the Dolphins continued to stockpile tackles by adding Portland State's Daren Heerspink, Boise State's Dan Gore and Delaware's Mike Byrne, who guarded the blind side of newly drafted (18th pick) Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

  275. Garret:

    Nice quote from Bess' agent.

    After not taking any receivers with their nine draft picks, Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland agreed to terms with 5-9 receiver Davone Bess of Hawaii, a Wes Welker clone who had 108 catches for 1,266 yards with 12 touchdowns this season.

    "He's a slot receiver with hands of glue," said Kenny Zuckerman, Bess' agent.

  276. Garret:

    Looks like Miami did not sign *any* other WRs as undrafted free agents. That is great for Bess! They did sign this Georgia Southern QB/RB/WR player and he will compete with Bess for the returner job.

    Foster, the recipient of the Walter Payton Award for being the top player in the Football Championship Subdivision with 1,844 rushing yards and 24 touchdowns, has been compared to the Redskins' versatile Antwaan Randle El.

    Foster ran a 4.4-40 on grass at his Pro Day. As a receiver in 2006 he had 33 catches for 368 yards with three touchdowns. In 2005, he gained 1,481 yards with 21 touchdowns at 6.2 yards a clip.

    "Some times you can slide through the radar," Foster said of the draft snub.

    Foster and Bess have been told they will compete for kick return roles, an indication the Dolphins are intent on lessening the workload of second-year receiver Ted Ginn Jr.

  277. Garret:

    More about Bess and his competition at returner in this article. Winning the returner competition would be one route for an undrafted free agent to guarantee a roster spot, so it is good to know who Bess' competition is!

    Bess was Colt Brennan’s favorite target, grabbing a sensational 108 passes for 1,266 yards and 12 touchdowns. He finished his college career with 41 TDs. said Bess, who is 5-foot-10, projects as an NFL slot receiver and was considered by some to be the best prospect, including Brennan, to come out of Hawaii this year.

    Foster played QB at Georgia Southern, but at 5-foot-9 (or maybe even two inches shorter than that, depending on the source), he doesn’t fit the Parcells model.

    There was pre-draft talk about teams considering Foster a defensive back prospect, but the Savannah Morning News indicates Foster will be converted into a receiver.

  278. Loa:

    morning Garret, Wafan, bighilofan2 !

    congrats and good luck to Karl, former KS & UH Warrior

  279. Garret:

    The SEC and ACC Commissioners will propose a 4-team playoff to the BCS. Unfortunately, it looks like the Pac-10 and Big 10 will prevent any playoff from happening.

    Sometime Wednesday morning, in a hotel ballroom in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Mike Slive and John Swofford will once again bang their heads against the brick wall of college football.

    Slive, the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, and John Swofford, the commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference, are attending the annual BCS meeting with commissioners from the other nine Division I football-playing conferences, plus Notre Dame Athletic Director Kevin White. The meetings began Monday and are scheduled to conclude Wednesday around noon.

    Slive and Swofford are going to again raise the idea of a four-team, seeded playoff to determine a college football BCS national champion.

    The fact that Slive and Swofford are making the presentation indicates the SEC and ACC are in favor of the playoff format. The commissioners of the Big 12 and Big East are believed to have discussed the idea among their member institutions and the consensus seems to be that both conferences are open to the proposal.

    But the Big Ten and Pac-10 continue to be against any changes because of their long-term and very lucrative financial arrangement with the Rose Bowl and ABC, while the rest of the BCS bowls have a TV deal with Fox.

  280. bighilofan2:

    rainbow warrior #80
    see how da odda Tsaichotic peeps treeted you kindly affa u wen dis coach Mack n da team, day all smiley at y'all? i see tings different. tell u da truth, i tried to aggravate 2 Warrior coaches, they wouldn't bite. I ADMIRE Aranda, Miano, Gerke, Lumpkin an Cal before the Warrior game, I came away TOTALLY IMPRESSED with Smith during the game as I watched dat bradda coach da oline in my face. i don't know enuf about Malloe and Ron yet, but i saw how they all treat each other at da coach clinic weekend b4 last. which brings me to dis truth and prediction. Not really sure about how many wins dis year, but way moah dan 4, an i love how coach Mack is puttin dis team together.

    no talk negative bradda. reminds me of Mayor Kim and Chief Ranger Talmadge. Doze 2 gonna kill tourism on da big island wit dare civil defense mumbo jumbo, close everyting down, like we stupid oar sumtin. If day was in charge in da 60s, i wudn't a seen 2000' Kilauea Iki go off, wudda had 2 wait 4 da meetings, make signs, view only 2p to 10p, yada yada yada. always da negative waves jacks my jaws. an da worse wen day stick to da guns wen times an conditions change, justify why day wuz wong in da 1st place. so i says, wait till late august to bus out yoa crystal ball. Challenge: i tink u wong, so man up now and promise to eat 5 of Koakane's 2lb gau gee at one Tgate at da Fresno game if yo way wong. :mrgreen: :evil: :lol:

  281. Garret:

    Amazing how teams are recruiting so early now...even some coaching staffs that used to never give early offers.

    Per James Bryant at

    I have personally confirmed with 26 HS prospects that they have received official offers from the SMU coaching staff.

  282. brew808:

    Good Morning Tsaikos and Warrior Nation!

    ST - How come you didn't scale Beck's package numbers by the same 8.8% inflation/revenue bump-up you applied to Thomas Clayton's package in estimating Colt's offer? Just wondering ....

    Also - (sorry if this has been answered already), what is Maka's status?

    Any blog guests lined up for this week?

    Mahalo to Liz for the awesome Mack video!

    Have a great day/week! 8)

  283. brew808:

    PS. - Nelson from DC - Hope you and your family are safe from those storms that ripped through VA. Also, hope you come back to blog - especially with Colt and the Redskins. :D

    Same w/ 99club - What's w/ all the storms rolling through central TX? Redskins fan too! Hmmmmm... common theme.... :D

  284. bighilofan2:

    Dr. Hinshaw, re da $400K, recommend to let JJ go already. count it as anudda lesson curtesy of HF.

    plenny different kine scenarios dis could go, much depends on who get da bettah lawyah, but da main bottom line is breach of contract is a jury demand kind of thing, and UH no like end up fightin JJ in court. lose. gracefully.

  285. Loa:

    morning brew808 !

    my ff format just went loco, funny that its ok in ie

    Garret - interesting on the early offers, wonder how many of those made by the receivers coach

  286. bighilofan2:

    anyway;, thats what I'd be tellin the Legislature now.
    I'd tell em that we'll do what you say cause you're da boxx, make nice lie dat, but day gotta know that when the $hit hits da fan, dats wat gonna happen. too many of us, even dough we no likey JJ anymoah, will either be on da jury or be a part of the public opinion that will make da green go brown. you know what i mean??? IMHO

  287. bighilofan2:

    Loa, you trying fo be funny?


  288. bighilofan2:

    anuuda way to put it: we not going shaft da guy who helped us feel so good about ourselves.

  289. bighilofan2:

    121 days to Florida.

    wooo hoooo

  290. brew808:

    Woa - Loa went Loco but ie now okay and funny... :D

    bighilofan2 - someday, I figure out what the heck you're saying! I'm going to have to take remedial pidgin 101, 103a & b, and some lab classes! :lol:

  291. brew808:

    "I figure" = "I'll figure ..."

  292. Loa:

    bighilo/brew - lmffao! funny kine maybe

  293. bighilofan2:

    as why da ladies liked me in da day, plenny suspense, not knowin wat i was talkin had dem tinkin, like "is he gonna treat oah i gotta make a run fo it..." :lol: :lol: :lol:


  294. bighilofan2:

    k den
    hiho hiho.

  295. NEO:

    Stephen and co...

    Many congrats to Mr. Brennan, I know that he will continue to make Hawaii proud w/ his on field heroics, and his humble character. Surely an asset to the Redskins organization. I know I haven't posted enough in this blog to call myself a tsaiko, but I did see you guys on Saturday, (didn't stop by the event cuz I didn't know it was going on...) Stephen, where can I get one of them butt-kickin' shirts? Take care guys, and Imua Warriors!

  296. James:

    Loyalty? Colt has everyone in Hawaii fooled. He returned to school because he knew he was going to slip in the draft during workourts. Those projections are worthless. He came back for himself not for the people of Hawaii. He is a great talker and has everyone fooled. The football team did well for the state and colt was a part of that team. Hawaii people spent their life savings to go and support the team in the sugar bowl and he quit on his team. When Tyler threw a TD, colt looked like he wanted to cry, what kind of teammate is that? He wants to preach about how he loves hawaii and the people and hawaii is home. Hawaii boys wouldn't quit and give up and hawaii boys would be happy if their teammate threw a Touch. Great example would be Ryan Keomaka in teh sugar bowl on the kickoff return. He could have easily let the Georgia kick returner score, but he ran the lenght of the field and made the tackle. Probably has the least football ability on the team but he has a huge heart and a lot of the local boys tend to do. I am not here to rip on colt. It just suprises me that everyone here believes all of colt's antics. When he starts making money let's see if he "gives back"

  297. HawaiianKiko:

    Good Morning TSAIKOs and CyberLurkers........just another day in digital paradise on the coconut wireless...getting my UH football "fix" for the coming season...........180 degrees of opioions and deep research....Ten Que for all the insights and thoughts..................Mucho Mahalo Y'All !!!!!

  298. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos. #300?????

  299. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    whitey - not yet

  300. Stretch:

    whitey - now #300

  301. koakane:

    morning and howzit,howzit,howzit gang,

    glad you enjoyed da bumbucha gaugee. we tsaiko's make only man size stuff. bwhaaa got to give rw80 some space, he non believer now but will change lattas.

    thinking you not da origninal kimo we know because if he said what you posted then he need more crown, watercress and would lost his numba A one status.

    imho when colk returned it spoke volumes of character, luv for Hawaii and wanting to take UH to da next level. look at tsai's article on da money he is not making by staying another year. would you stay at your current you job if some one offered you a better opportunity? me hopes your are wrong.

    if you are new james thanks for posting and welcome aboard :mrgreen:

  302. koakane:

    auwe no coffee=no typing coordination


    volumes for his character
    his luv

  303. Stretch:

    thinking you not da origninal kimo we know because if he said what you posted then he need more crown, watercress and would lost his numba A one status.

    koakane - I was thinking the same thing but maybe he had too much crown and watercress. It does those types of things to people, ask Bulla....

  304. bighilofan2:

    you not 1 kimo. 1 kimo would know bettah dan run off da mouth lie dat. put 6 small red chili peppahs in yo mouth an chew em for 40 secs, no spit, hold den swallow.
    you jus runnin da lips, makin lie Goldie Hawn. why dont you go teee heee heee fo crys sake. Sure Colt had luck too. but if had plenny peeps followin you aroun, going yo classes, gettin autographs, buggin da heck outta you all day long, yoa teammates lookin up to you, for 1 crackah to run off da mouth like dat, you not 1 kimo. 1 kimo would have more brains dan dat. no dis kimo and call yurself james.
    :evil: :mrgreen: :evil:

  305. ralvic:

    Good Morning

    Reading ST article describing how difficult it is for Coach Mack being the executor of some players dreams by making roster cuts reminds me of the time when I was a sophomore in high school and I got cut from the baseball team.

    It was really devastating not to see your name on the list.You walk away,choking back tears.And you avoid meeting other student's eyes so they can't see your sorrow.You take your glove,shoes and bats away from the locker room hoping nobody takes notice.A thousand things enter through your mind. Like going home to tell your father you didn't make the team.That was the hardest thing to do.

    Some players continue on.For myself, I never played baseball again.There was no urgings,counsellings,or a face to face talk with the varsity coach... like maybe he should have said you should try JV's for a year and come back and try out for as a junior.Nobody showed any compassion.At least not my father,who rubbed the salt in the wound,like saying you were an All Star and MVP of the league type of player all your life how can you let this happen.His look was the meanest.And I felt bad.

    For the Warriors not making a roster spot,I feel your pain.And I can relate to how you feel.But don't do what I did.And quit...and feel sorry for yourselves.And have regrets all your life. Instead find your own niche in life.And be happier. These are words that I write, for which I wished I would have listened to when I was younger.

    Some people subscribe to the theory that there are reasons why things happen in life.I don't necessarily do. In the darkest moment being cut from the team you wish that you have people to reach out to.And not have to except such bad happenings. People tell you there are silver linings.And there are goods arising from every bad.And you wish you really don't have to listen to them.But ,now,I say try to and don't suppress any ill will,like I did when I got cut because really it eats away at you.

    For the Warriors,though,not making the team they can take solace that their coach shows so much empathy that he says basically to hang in there...improve on being a player and come out for tryouts next year.Now these are words that you can really hang your head high to.And you can leave the locker room knowing that your coach really cared for you.....Caring people,especially Coaches and educators and parents have a definite impact on ones life-

  306. koakane:


    if it is our bruddah, his working till wee hours in da ahyem must be giving him brain damage. what do you have in mind to help stop this? ok I'm in. bwhaaaaaaaaaa

  307. bighilofan2:

    you gotta plan da attack around noon, so i get chance for catch a flight an join you in re-educatin da braddah.
    call me. sj n lava get my numba. Grrr.....

    heh heh heh :lol: dis spot is da bestest.....

  308. koakane:

    nice reading and lurking this morning. got work to do so as I always say play nicely together now.

    back lattas aloha

  309. mctruck:

    This bothers me: According to Mel Kiper during the draft period past week, he says he spoke with JG and when asked whom he thought was the so-called dark horse qb out there, JG mentions, NOT CB, but another guy from where?, San Diego U., or where ever. JJ always touted CB as a 1st round grade QB.
    Both of these guys were former NFL head coaches, etc., so why the hype about where CB would be drafted and after they both exit UH, lo-and-behold, NOT??? kinda strange that the whole picture changes.
    Tell you what, got me confused about all the hype talk.

  310. Esme:

    Wow, ralvic, powerful words. I am sorry you went through that. But look at the wisdom you've taken away from it. I hope some of the guys see your message and take it to heart.

  311. homey ®:

    April 29th, 2008 at 12:55 am

    Back when I was at UH (when dinosaurs ruled the earth and used punch cards :lol:), ICS students were the most cutthroat and unwilling to help each other. Went over to MIS to get my degree - folks had to work together and, best of all, became very good friends. So, ICS - not my cup of tea anyway.


    ICS and Keller Hall rulez!

  312. homey ®:

    Good morning ESME!

  313. homey ®:

    Good to see the Jets is giving Noa a chance. He put up some pretty good numbers at pro day. Now he just has to get that mean streak going.

  314. homey ®:

    Congratulations to the Pearl City Varsity Baseball team for winning the OIA Championship. They have a great all around team, offense, defense, and pitching. Their coaches are also outstanding.

    Now let's see if they play d1shima's team, St. Louis, for the State championship.

  315. L10pc:

    Yep...guess I wasn't meant to be a systems programmer. But it still sucked!! :P ( topic :lol: )

  316. homey ®:

    L10pc - At least you found something that you enjoyed. Me, I liked the cut-throat environment.

    Anyway, I read that Jason will be giving QB instructions. Maybe you should look into it. I was thinking about it but then decided I didn't want him messing with my awkward mechanics.

  317. XxFaithxX:

    Big East Officals:

    I'm alright with them calling the game, but make sure that the team...or ANY team(s) that request their officals and or neutral ones...


    I'm talking Airfare, Room & Board, pay for game. I guess they can eat on UH's dime, but NOTHING else.

  318. Stretch:

    Re: Big East Officials for Cincinatti game

    I can't wait for them to start complaining about some of the calls. I will send them the same message I gave to Purdue.

  319. Addahknowsports:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!


    Good thing you said something. I was going scold Homey for making fun.

    ...and Good Morning Esme-

    I hope you make it to a T-gate someday. I missed both you and the hospitality room. Shucks, I really would have wanted to see the field from the perspective that you guys did, too. more thing about Koakane's gau gee. He uses it to flirt with women. As soon as we get to the T-gate, he comes up to me and says in a low voice, "Come...I like show you something." I thought to myself, " I really want to know." But what the heck, I'm game. So he leads me to the food table and lifts the corner of the foil on a pan. That's when I stepped back in amazement at the largest gau gee I had ever seen. I took one, it was deeeeelishus. I complimented him on the whoppers. That's when he told me they were "man-size" gau gee. I said that they were indeed.

    So...time passes and more Tsaikos and Tsaikettes show up. Ladies, I saw him flash his gau gee to at least two other Tsaikettes after me. He is smmmooooooth.

  320. homey ®:

    A-sports - Scold? C'mon, MIS grads don't know how to byte. BWAHAHAHAHA! :lol:

  321. Bodaiju Bruddah:

    "HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Iya mama way. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!"

  322. Esme:


    Gracious, A-sports! *wiping eyes*

    "Man-size gau gee"?

    I think A-sports has join coined a new Tsaiko terminology! :shock:
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  323. Stretch:

    A-Sports - that is the only thing he can showoff that is that big. Everything else he has would be "ho-hum"

  324. Esme:

    Ai-ya, how come that one : lol : didn't become a smiley? Weird.

  325. Esme:

    Anywaaaay ... !

    A-sports, yes, I hope I make a T-gate one of these days too. Have to see if the legends about the giant potlucks are true!

    (Evidently, judging by the gau-gee story, they are ... )

  326. Stretch:

    Esme - keep in mind that the Karaoke was supposed to be pupu/snacks only. Good thing cause the counter couldn't handle any more food.

  327. Esme:

    Actually, re-reading A-sports' story, I guess it's koakane calling his own gau gee "man-sized."

    But A-sports has coined the phrase "flashing his gau gee."

    (OMG, I needed that laff! :lol: )

  328. Esme:

    Stretch, I did notice exactly that. The platters at the K-call were stacked two or three thick in some places, and I was thinking, "And this is what we end up with when they say, 'Just pupus'?! "

  329. Esme:

    And, g'morning, homey!

  330. Esme:

    Hey, has anyone noticed that now the blog does not give that "you are posting too fast" warning message? Post away! :D

  331. WreckinEyez:

    Well if youthink about it... Gau gee is just a sack of meat... No relation to your conversation about koakane's "gau gee" :)

  332. WreckinEyez:

    Practice... :l 8) :0

  333. WreckinEyez:

    I am trying to figure out how you do all those faces... Don't mind me...

  334. WreckinEyez:


  335. Addahknowsports:

    Esme and Stretch-

    When Tsaikos are involved, it's not "pupus". It's pUUUUpUUUs. And they don't fool around.

  336. homey ®:

    If A-Sports gets that wild over gau gee then I'm kinda disappointed in A-Joe. :mrgreen:

  337. Jack Flash:

    Does anyone know what the attendance count was for the Warrior Spring Game? Just curious. The stands looked pretty filled from where I was sitting!

  338. Esme:

    A-sports, on being able to see that on-field perspective:

    Here's a thought that maybe only chawan_cut and any other former band geeks (raise your hands!) would appreciate: On Saturday during the Tsaiko visit to the Aloha Stadium field, I wandered away from the gang for a moment and strolled toward the 50 yard line, and was looking up into the stands when I suddenly had that Twilight Zone kind of flashback …

    … and for the briefest second I was 17 again, standing on the drum major's podium with my heart pounding in my ears, dry throat, the stadium crowd screaming, the lights blinding, as I screamed the command for the band to start playing ...

    … And then the spell was broken by the voice of Wreck or koakane or Kekoa or A-Joe or somebody who brought me back to the present by hollering from the endzone: "Eh, you! Get back over here before security arrests you!"

  339. Esme:

    Ok, gang, gotta run. Have a wonderful day! Will check back in later, I hope.

    But before I go ... oops, almost forgot:

    Hi, Stephen! :D

  340. Stretch:

    homey - maybe A-Joe only brings home won ton.

  341. addahknowjoe:

    Hahaha! More like Pupu Puffs!

  342. Esme:

    OMGawrsh, homey, you're naughty today.


    Wreck, check lineage e-mail. :D


    OK, I'm outta here for real. Hope your day is swell day, gang. :)

  343. Esme:

    Hey, it's A-joe too! Hi, guy!


    OK, I gone now. *tappity, tappity, exit stage left ... *

  344. homey ®:

    Stretch - or worse, won ton pi chips.

    Since I'm mixed sometimes I have the gau gee and sometimes I have the lumpia. :wink:

  345. addahknowjoe:

    Hey, I gotta admit, even I was a bit intimidated by sheer girth of Koakane's Gau Gee. Didn't know they made it that big.

  346. addahknowjoe:

    Aloha Esme-

    Email me about your shirts.

  347. homey ®:

    Hey A-Joe, my favorite engraver!

  348. jojo ®:

    Reminder (again):
    Expiration for UH Alumni Association is today! Please go to

    and click Join UHAA Now on the right hand, top side of the page to renew or become a member.

    Thank You!

  349. addahknowjoe:

    homey- my favorite southpaw programmer!

  350. Rob from Waipahu:

    I was upset about how Ron Jaworski attacked Colt Brennan during the draft. Colt, as we all know, is a great kid, who will have a very productive NFL career. Jaworski's comments about Colt playing "street ball" should have been directed more at June Jones and not at Colt. Yes, June was a flop as an NFL head coach and do we really believe that someone who was coming off of a 3-10 record as an interim coach was really offered this huge contract from the Chargers that he claimed he had been offered and then turned down to come to the place he loved, Hawaii? This year's lack of draft selections from a team that went to the Sugar Bowl is a reflection on June and not on the players. Plain and simple, the NFL really does not respect June's offense and Jaworski's characterization of "street ball" accurately describes June's scheme. June, just pay back the $400,000 that you still owe the University so that Coach Mack, the Lee Brothers and the rest of the dedicated coaches at the UH can start rebuilding the damage that you left behind.

  351. addahknowjoe:

    OK I going...

  352. jojo ®:

    oops, I meant if you currently are a member of UHAA, your membership expires today. Brain moving too fast for the rest of the body.

  353. BowsForever:

    If JJ played "street ball," what would Ron Lee's run-n-shoot be? Would it get our QB and receivers any more respect?

  354. Stretch:

    I pics of Esme and her other mommies at the Perry & Price Show. Check out the group shot, is that gigi?? hahahaha

  355. Stretch:

    oops, "I seen pics"

  356. WreckinEyez:


    That wasn't me that snapped you out of your flashbacks... I would have wanted to watch you get arrested first... LOL Then we will come and save you.

  357. gigi-hawaii ©:

    nope, that ain't me. I don't own such a muumuu!

  358. Stretch:

    gigi - i thought you were going undercover with the hat and glasses... hahahaha

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