Ex-Warriors need to pave the way

April 29th, 2008

Living well is the best revenge?
Oh, please.
I used to be with Seinfeld on that one.
One of my female friends once sent her cheatin' ex a box of manure.
A long time ago, another friend found out her boyfriend had another girlfriend. She canceled two of his classes.
And that Hollywood actor who once stole my pail when we were kids in New York? Sorry your last movie bombed.
But when it comes to the spurned UH football players, maybe living well is the way to go. Face it, the NFL was in no rush to draft a UH quarterback. (Before Colt Brennan, the last one was Larry Arnold, in 1969.) And the League wasn't too keen on UH's prolific receivers.
The NFL is made up of 'fraidy fat cats who are too scared to pick football skills over "measurables."
The Warriors' ball-handling players will never get respect until their alumni do well at the proverbial next level. If Ashley Lelie were an All-Pro player now, then Jason Rivers is a middle-round draft pick. If Chad Owens could do what we all know he can do, then Davone Bess is taken in the third round. And if Tim Chang made it, then Brennan would be test driving an Escalade today.
This year's group of free agents needs to give NFL scouts a reason not to be afraid. That will help future pro prospects from UH.

* * *

Many of you had an opportunity to meet chancellor Virginia Hinshaw at Saturday's function. She's a great woman who shares your passion for all things related to UH football.
Sadly, her father, Louis Snyder, passed away Monday night.
I'm sure we all offer our condolences at this time.

333 Responses to “Ex-Warriors need to pave the way”

  1. al:


  2. al:

    great perspective.

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    C'mon, Al, you can't be first without the "st."

  4. al:

    and i believe this group will pave the way. they have all come out of obscurity just to get here.

    this is nothing new to them. i noticed that they all said the same thing in regards to their not being drafted, to a man.

    let's pray that they all live up to their potential as only we know it!!!

  5. al:

    sorry. me japanese boy. don't know this kind 1st stuff. okay, next time i say ichi then.

  6. al:

    hey, at least i am here.

  7. al:

    "sorry. me japanese boy. don’t know this kind 1st stuff. okay, next time i say ichi then."

    forgot the parting comment to this......

    ahh so

  8. al:

    do you get the feeling that ashley lelie never worked hard after he left UH.
    never prepared well enough.
    did too much talking and not enough walking.

    i used to go into every season thinking that it would be his breakout year.
    but, instead its been one break up year after another.

    soon, their won't be any more bandwagon's to jump on for him.

  9. BowsForever:

    Analysis with a side of opinion...well said, ST. Hawaii's former players have never had an opportunity to make this kind of impact with four or possibly five members of the offensive unit vying for spots on the roster. Go get 'em, guys!

    Any word on CJ, btw?

  10. homey ®:

    Yeah, I hope that the ball handlers from this years draft class step up and show the NFL the Warriors do indeed have offensive threats. Otherwise, "measureables" will not be the ticket to the NFL for future Warriors. Hey, that's what ST just wrote...never mind.

  11. al:

    chad owens seems to have been stuck in neutral every time he's had the opportunity.
    don't know what it is.
    he used to be such a gamer and then.

    i think it is more mental then physical for him.
    we know he wants it so bad.

  12. al:

    ilaoa should have stayed away from rainbow drive inn and l/l drive inn. he never was in great shape here and needed to be in top shape at philly. the speed of the game caught up to him.

    he is supposed to have a look with seattle.
    hope it happens.
    hope he is ready.

  13. gigi-hawaii ©:

    yeah, well said, ST. I hope Colt doesn't become another Timmy. And what a disappointment Chad has been.

  14. BigWave96744:

    If that is the case with ex-alum, then Dan Kelly future looks bright :)

    BTW, not to hate on JJ, but I wonder if the NFL coaches and GM's doesn't take JJ too seriously when he says, "This guy is the best I've ever coached", "This guy will be a 1st round pick", etc..

  15. gigi-hawaii ©:

    BigWave!!! You're the guy I wanted to see. Can you and your Sports Hawaii gang join the Tsaikos in touch football on July 12?

    Pls say yes!

  16. Stretch:

    BigWave - I think the talk from JJ in public is to pump up his guys and is only "for show". When asked in private by scouts/owners/gm's, I am sure he gives his true thoughts.

  17. homey ®:

    gigi - tell me, which Tsaiko's are showing up on July 12th?

  18. gigi-hawaii ©:

    homey, you and me? hahaha

  19. homey ®:

    Stretch - And probably JJ says he was a better quarterback back in the day.

  20. gigi-hawaii ©:

    and I tink da Jason going challenge homey to a QB duel...

  21. BowsForever:

    Not to diminish Timmy Chang's achievements, but I think Colt's college stats show he has a better chance of success in the NFL.

    IIRC, Timmy Chang's accuracy hovered around 55-60% while Colt averaged 70% accuracy throughout his entire UH career (I still can't believe Colt had 68% accuracy in his first year here). Colt averages a gain of about 8 yards/toss (almost 9 counting the breakout 2006 season) vs. Chang's 7 or so, which is a significant difference in efficiency. Colt is also less likely to throw picks.

    Colt's not perfect of course, and I did notice some things like unwillingness to throw the ball away sometimes or not going through his progressions, but I think he'll get that sorted out real quick under a coach like Zorn.

  22. Loa:

    morning gang!

    just heard phil simms on the dp show a little while ago, he had some nice things to say about colt but dp didn't really engage and wanted to talk more about atlanta's and green bay's draftees

  23. homey ®:

    gigi - more like you and Jason. :wink:

  24. J-DOG:

    Just saw this ad on the website. Does anyone have this and has watched the UH "Greatest Games" yet?


  25. gigi-hawaii ©:

    and ST has given his blessing so he will probably be there too. Oh well, if there is insufficient interest, I'll cancel the game.

  26. Nail:

    Ouch....You hit me on the head.

  27. BigWave96744:

    Sorry to have missed you folks on Saturday.
    I saw Wreck and a few others "Under" the Stadium, around 6ish.

    Anyway, I'm in as long as I can be matched up with Jason:
    Tsaiko vs SH Ohana
    Math vs ICS
    20 something vs Still feels 20 something
    Wait are we talking Cattle Call Eating at Camelia, Karaoke, Bubbling Tofu Cookoff, Deriving Math Theorems, Memorizing Bible Scriptures, Bball or Football?

    BTW, no try stealing Chawan_Cut... He proudly wore his SH tee shirt on Saturday :)

  28. homey ®:

    BowsForever - It's good that Colt will be coached by another former NFL QB. I can't wait for the NFL preseason to start!

    gigi - QB duel? What, take 10 paces apart and whip footballs at each other?

  29. homey ®:

    BigWave96744 - Do you guys have any 50-something. That's my age bracket...

  30. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Great, BigWave, you made my day! Hope you can spread the word among the Sports Hawaii folks.

    OK, I agree, Chawan is yours! haha

  31. homey ®:

    BigWave96744 - Take gigi too!

  32. Loa:

    howzit homey !
    i saw that K5 get reruns of one of my favorite shows

  33. gigi-hawaii ©:

    hey, I am an asset, not a liability! haha

  34. homey ®:

    Loa - What show would that be? Family Guy?

    gigi - you still gotta try out for the team. no free passes.

    Anyone have any gut feeling which Warrior FA makes their team?

  35. Maverick:

    Al -
    Replying to your Ashlie Lelie comment and his lack of working hard.

    I always thought there was a secondary source added to your thought, and it was bad advice being given to him.
    Not sure if it was his agent, or whoever, but that switch sure did flip after his first year.
    I was also bummed when Rolo left Denver and Lelie and he parted ways.

  36. Maverick:


    ST, great header today concerning the performance of our alumni in pro ball.

    America needs more proof than what we already see as true talent.

  37. Loa:

    homey - i think its wed nights after my bedtime
    i think Devone has the best chance although i hope all Warrior FA's make it
    btw, no cheating on your age bracket eh ... 50 something

  38. jojo ®:

    Last plug to join UHAA...


    and back to your regular scheduled blog...

  39. homey ®:

    Loa - In Living Color? Hey, that is my age group!

    Rivers will have a challenge with all those receivers over there. Yep, so far, looking at the personnel, Bess has the best chance. They all just gotta do more than the next guy.

  40. midori7:


    thanks for the link about UH's Greatest Games. Interesting setup, but $125 just for the hookup? I wonder how much they charge for ordering one game. I'll check the prices after it starts up in May.

    I wonder if UH gets any $ from this.

  41. WarriorMojo:

    Aaron Kia's Big Adventure

  42. Loa:

    homey - yep thats the one, u sure i would've guessed under, lol
    only thing is Bess may be competing with the first round pick from last year, Guinn?

    hey jojo! - so what year did you receive the distinguished alumni award?

  43. Garret:


    Excellent analysis and commentary in your blog entry. I agree with your points, and said similar things about Lelie and Owens affecting Bess/RGM/Rivers this year. I do not think that Chang affected Colt as much as Lelie/Owens affected the WRs, though if Chang had stuck in the NFL then Colt would have had a *lot* fewer detractors.

  44. King Katonk:

    Excellent post Mr. Tsai…
    With all the prolific offensive teams UH has put together over the years it’s ironic that the majority of current Warriors in the NFL, with the exception of Lelie and Mauia, are not in “skill” positions.

    Here is a prime example of what ST is talking about. Nobody paid attention to BYU until their QBs started making an impact in the NFL. Just last year John Beck, the 40th player in the 2007 draft, signed a 4-year deal worth close to $4.5 million. If it weren’t for the prior legacy of Cougar QBs, Young, Detmer, McMahon, etc., Beck would not have received serious consideration. And don’t tell me Beck is a better QB than Brennan.

    UH is caught in the same situation as Texas Tech, great offense but no respect. Someone needs to start the legacy and I’m glad Colt is leading the way. I’m just sorry that my team, the Niners, dropped the ball with their bonehead 6th round pick. They could’ve had a diamond in the rough.

  45. Garret:


    What are your thoughts on Letuli's chances in the Fall? I thought he had a great shot at the LT spot, but injuries for the second straight year might really have set him back. With Kia earning the top spot, Hisatake improving significantly, and at least one new player entering for the Fall, it looks like the LT depth chart will be really hard to climb if he's starting from the bottom due to injury.

  46. King Katonk:

    Hey Garret,
    How are you doing? Have any of your proposals come through?

  47. Ronnie:

    According to Tombo's site, Chad did pretty well in his first AFL game. I'm glad he is still playing somewhere.

  48. Garret:

    Press release by the Cardinals mentions Hercules. It is interesting that Arizona signed another undrafted free agent guard and that he's from Florida. So, we could have a UH guy vs. a Florida guy battling it out for a spot on the roster.

    Guard HERCULES SATELE (sah-TELL-ay) (6-2, 308) from Hawaii started in all 13 games in 2007 and was named first-team All-Western Athletic Conference for an offense that finished first in the country in scoring (46.2) second in passing (450.2) and third in total offense (529.2). He appeared in 37 games and started the last 27 at left guard for the Warriors.

  49. King Katonk:

    Aloha Ronnie,
    How's the family?

  50. Loa:

    WarriorMojo - thanks for the vid, looked like all hands and nice tuck

  51. Ronnie:

    Aloha King Katonk.

    We're all good. My parents will be back in town tomorrow. Maybe it's time for another LoCal Calf Call :D

    How's your family doing?

  52. Garret:

    CBS Sports.com criticized the Bears for passing up their chance to draft Colt.

    Not taking a quarterback in any round makes no sense. Grossman and Orton both have one year deals and they need a QB to build around. Taking a guy in the later rounds would have been the smart thing to do especially with Colt Brennan and Andre Woodson falling into the sixth round.

    Grade: D-

  53. Ronnie:

    Yee Haw! Time to go home.

    I can't wait to get home and watch the Coach Mack clip that Liz loaded!!!

    Catch up with you all later. :)

  54. Garret:

    Colt one of the steals in the draft in this article. The writer first talked about all of the other picks by Washington and then got to Colt.

    Somebody missing? Oh yeah, the quarterback Colt Brennan. I don’t think I need to tell anyone about the records this kid set, everybody already knows about that. There is talk that he may have some character concerns, but people who know him say that there are no such issues.

    His size? The numbers you see in the list are directly from NFL.com: 6'3" and 205 pounds. That’s not small in my book. For a sixth-round pick, this is likely one of the steals of the draft.

    Brennan is not likely going to take Jason Campbell’s job, but he could end up earning the Redskins a second- or even a first-round pick in a trade in three to five years. Another excellent pick.

  55. Loa:

    Garret - my money is on Hercules

    Ronnie - didn't realize Chad was playing indoor, is that the team that Elway owns? hope Chad can make it back to the league.

  56. King Katonk:

    Sounds good. Say "Hi" to your folks for me. My kids (and work) have been keeping me busy. Also, in April we always celebrate four birthdays (my two sons, my wife and me.) Needless to say that I am burnt out on cake and ice cream.

  57. Garret:

    King Katonk,

    Hi! One proposal has been selected and we are waiting for the money. I was supposed to get the contract in 30 days after selection but it is now over 1.5 months...the contract people will eventually get around to it. I'm waiting on two others right now--we've heard positive things but nothing is guaranteed yet.

    Good thing I have lots of other work to do now.

  58. Garret:


    I agree with you about how Hercules should be able to beat his competition for the roster spot. I think that the emphasis on measurables (while ignoring the measurable of the bench press!) hurt Hercules in the draft, and I think he's a lot better on the field than trying to run fast between cones or trying to run 40 yards in a straight line.

    I thought it was pretty interesting that the other guard that Arizona signed was from Florida. Think they will talk about the upcoming game during the mini-camps and camp?

  59. Chicken Grease:

    ' least free agency you can . . . choose your team . . . no?

    What's this about Hollywood actor stealing pail (is that a Seinfeld reference? I never watched that show)?

    Might be a while 'fore we see Colt. Keep watchin' :E

  60. King Katonk:

    Good to hear things are going well. Don't you just hate delays? Especially when it comes to money.

    I'm thinking about taking the family to Legoland in May, maybe I'll see you there.

  61. WreckinEyez:

    Hey Bigwave,

    Yah Great to see you under the stadium... I couldn't tell that was you with the hat on or a camera in your hand. You should come out more often maybe even to a cattle call.

    Chawan, talk to your band friends... I need a guy who can solo on the sax... beginner okay... I see alot of groups and bands who got UH students playing in thier horn section, I thought to myself... I want one too! LMAO!!! Nah, seriously... Know anyone?

    Gigi, Like the hat in the picture and the sun glasses... You seem to look a little older though. Nah, I know that is not you... You would have a name tag on.

  62. Garret:

    King Katonk,

    Send me an e-mail when you are going to go to Legoland--I should be able to get your family a significant discount on admission.

  63. smythe:

    I think Ryan Keomaka should have got drafted. He's the man!!!!! You can tell he plays with a lot of heart. In the beginning of the game he's so intense it looks like you're watching a UFC fight. He 's on the line jumping as high as he can. That's intimidation fo you. GO RYAN!

    He's even in local music video's. That's a local celebrity!!

  64. gigi-hawaii ©:

    yah, right, Wreck! lol

    Garret, congrats on getting 1 proposal selected. Be patient and I know more good things will come your way.

  65. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Some very valid points made in your post today, Stephen. Fortunately, the guys are used to the "no respect for UH" factor and are prepared to kick the door down at some NFL clubs. But you are right, success begets success. UH's upcoming season will be very important as well, for those still on the team and UH's creds. Their success, coupled with the ex Warriors free agency results will both help UH to be taken more seriously by the NFL. I think our FAs will all stick, if the team they are with are willing to give them a good long look.

  66. baseball:

    I agree with smythe. Ryan has a lot of heart. hes the man

  67. King Katonk:

    Thanks Garret for the generous offer. We went ahead and purchased annual passes early this year. We figured this might be the last year we go on a regular basis. My oldest, who just turned ten, is just starting to get bored with the park. I think he's ready for Magic Mountan.

    We should have bought the Lifetime pass like you did. Then I could go back when I become a grandfather. Hopefully, not too soon.

  68. Garret:

    Chad Kapanui's team lost their most recent game. At least it seems that Chad had a good game--46 points is pretty good.

    The Bloomington Extreme hung on Saturday for a 53-49 United Indoor Football victory at Sioux City to improve to 4-4 and take over first place in the Eastern Conference. The victory marks the first time Bloomington has owned the conference's top spot this season.

    Facing a 49-46 deficit with just over five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Extreme marched down the field on a 4-play, 38-yard drive that culminated in a 22-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Dusty Burk to wide receiver Derin Graham.

    The Bandits (3-4) were left with 3:11 to score a touchdown, but had their hopes crushed when Extreme defensive linemen Jeff Candler and Quince Holman sacked quarterback Chad Kapanui on third down.

  69. Garret:

    Nice note about Chad Owens.

    One bright spot for Colorado was the play of wide receiver Chad Owens. The former Hawaii standout caught a game-high 12 passes for 115 yards and two TDs. He also rushed for a score.

  70. smythe:

    Hey Baseball,

    We should get together and maybe talk to Ryan about signing with a free agent. I don't know if it's too late for that already but we can always try right? He deserves a shot after all he is a local boy. If not football then maybe ultimate fighting. I'll see if I can get my friend Dana White (we go back a long time, I know him very well) to get him in. We should probably run this by Ryan first before getting all these contracts together. I can also get him sponsored by TapOut! I grew up with Mask and Punk. They're super cool people. I got a chance to meet up with them when they came to Hawaii to film a show with bradda BJ Penn. Oh yah and I can also ask BJ Penn to train with him since I currently train with him now. Well just a thought. Let me know what you think.

  71. Hawaiiroller:

    Had some time today so I put together list of Warriors playing pro football. Follow your favs…

    National Football League

    Samson Satele Miami Dolphins
    Reagan Mauia Miami Dolphins
    Davone Bess Miami Dolphins

    Wayne Humter New York Jets

    Dane Uperesa Cincinnati Bengals

    Melia Purcell Cleveland Browns

    Tala Esera Indianapolis Colts

    Ryan Grice-Mullings Houston Texans

    Vince Manuwai Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jason Rivers Tennessee Titans

    Matt McBriar Dallas Cowboys

    Colt Brennen Washington Redskins

    Leonard Peters Chicago Bears

    Ikaika Alama-Francis Detroit Lions

    Jason Elam Altanta Falcons
    Kynan Forney Altanta Falcons

    Travis Laboy Arizona Cardinals
    Hercules Satele Arizona Cardinals

    Pisa Tinoisamoa St. Louis Rams

    Jeff Ulbrich San Francisco 49ers
    Isaac Sapoaga San Francisco 49ers
    Ashley Leile San Francisco 49ers

    Canadian Football League

    Chad Mock BC Lions
    Tim Chang Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  72. baseball:

    smythe, that sounds good. we need more local kids on the uh baseball team

  73. MattO:

    ST - GREAT post today. Absolutely right.

    The fact that unseen WRs and QBs who haven't faced Div I teams were picked ahead of our guys proves a lot - the hype machine is real, for better or worse, and players are picked based more on what has been heard about them rather than what has been seen. Lolo, but true.

  74. smythe:

    yah what's up with that? only 5 local kids on the uh baseball team. that's pretty sad. trap needs to wake up and start recruiting from hawaii. we have mad talent out here. if they want more support they better start getting some local boys. nooone wants to pay $8 for a baseball game and only have 1 local kid start. btw. jon hee you're the man. keep up the good work and continue to make hawaii proud

  75. baseball:

    John hee the only starter from hawaii. five years ago during his senior year in high school he wasnt even one of the top 25 players in hawaii. he wasnt even top 5 on his team. Good for him though he is doing well. where are all of the other hawaii kids? Trap should get his act together. Look at this years HS class. One of the best in a while. Only one going to UH so far. Colten wong.

  76. King Katonk:

    Great research Hawaiiroller...

    Let’s hope Colt can fulfill his dream and convince these alums to donate to the program.

    After all, it would be an easy tax write off for them.

    Show some love to the current and future Warriors.

  77. smythe:

    I agree. One of the best HS classes in a while. I have been following HS baseball very closely as I am one of the scouts that go out to every game...no matter if it's OIA, ILH, UH, hawaii winter baseball, collegiate baseball you name it i'm there. you will definitely see me there with a stop watch and gun in hand. I'm usually the one in the aloha print shirt standing in the back of home plate. I mean if anyone knows good HS baseball players that's me. Trap has a lot of good talent to choose from so he better get his act together.

  78. Kekoa:

    Tank you Hawaiiroller! Makes it easier to follow the progress of our local boys in the NFL.

  79. baseball:

    Does anyone know when Traps contract is up? He needs to go. He forgot everything that made UH baseball special.

  80. smythe:

    Thanks Hawaiiroller, I will definitely be watching for our UH boys in the upcoming season. That is much more easeir to keep track of all our boys.

    Baseball, I know exactly how you feel. I can ask my pal Jim Donovan when his contract is up. Although I heard UH and Reno are almost tied for the WAC. He must not be doing too bad of a job. Although he should try to keep Hawaii tradition. That's what we are all about here in Hawaii. BU I must say though that Reno team is pretty good. I heard they have one awesome local boy on that team. Good luck to him!

  81. Ralph:

    How come the warrior beat clock is 6 minutes ahead of HST

  82. WarriorMojo:

    Garret: re Letuli

    I agree that pulling his hamstring for the second year in a row is a huge setback. Ordinarily, I wouldn't expect someone to come in and elevate up to first string in August, but my initial impression is that the O line was somewhat disappointing in the Warrior Bowl and Letuli just may be able to step right in come August.

    I took a video camera and taped the whole game (minus a few plays here or there) to watch the O line guys so I reserve the right to change my opinion after I watch the tape a few times, but that is my initial read.

  83. baseball:

    yeah reno has a local kid. hes pretty tough. I bet UH didnt even go after him.

  84. smythe:

    oh well. Trap should check out the state tournament happening next week. it's at les murakami stadium...right in his back yard. he should try and check it out. oh wait i think they might be on the road that week. oh well he can always ask me..i have the scout report on all top players in Hawaii this year. Like I said I always have stop watch, gun and stats in hand. All he has to do is look for the aloha shirt guy sitting in back of home plate. I'm always there. of all the people I know the one person that i don't know is Trap. Too bad because i could seriously help him with recruiting.

  85. homey ®:

    baseball - if you are talking about the Kamehameha boy playing for Nevada, then they didn't go after him either. He walked on and made the team.

  86. Kazz:


    April 29th, 2008 at 1:42 pm
    Does anyone know when Traps contract is up? He needs to go. He forgot everything that made UH baseball special.

    I was 100% uneasy with Coach Trap at one time, but as time progressed he has grown on me more.

    Now Jim Bolla on the other hand... (well let's not go there again).

    Coach Trap will have a real good squad over the next two years at least. The local market is something he does need to tap into further.



  87. baseball:

    speaking of chargers. They have a few kids that can play at the D1 level. Smythe I think UH will be on the road thats why they can use the stadium. What team do you scout for?

  88. smythe:

    Great Job Chargers! You all played an awesome game!

    Charge at States!!!!!!

  89. Loa:

    my condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and family, sorry for your lost.

  90. jojo ®:

    My condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family.

  91. jojo ®:

    Loa we must think at the same time

  92. smythe:

    Baseball, I'd rather not dislose that rather private piece of information. Don't worry about what team I scout for. I don't need a lot of recognition for what I consider my full time occupation. I do it for the love of the game and for the kids. They have a lot of talent and anything that I can do to help them get to the next level. I will certainly do it. I also did say in my previous blog that I know UH is going to be on the road so since Trap won't be able to be there I offered my services to him. I have all scouting reports that he can thumb through in his spare time...just a thought. on a different note those Charger boys can definitely play. Back to back championships must feel really good.

  93. Loa:

    jojo - thats scary cause i no can think too often

  94. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Chancellor, please accept my condolences and best wishes to you and your family.

  95. homey ®:

    My condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and family...

    For each thorn, there's a rosebud...
    for each twilight — a dawn...
    for each trial — the strength to carry on,
    For each stormcloud — a rainbow...
    for each shadow — the sun...
    for each parting — sweet memories
    when sorrow is done.

    —Ralph Waldo Emerson

  96. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Lelie.
    I don't think it's a lack of commitment or effort. You're just talking about competing against some of the world's best athletes. Sometimes being good isn't good enough.
    I know a lot of people were down on Carl English. But he's an off guard. If he spent another year at UH, if he spent another five years at UH, that still wouldn't prepare him to guard Kobe and Lebron and AI every night.

  97. homey ®:

    smythe - are you from the Wahiawa area?

  98. homey ®:

    Looks like the blog, in fact the whole 'Tizer website is sloooooow today.

  99. smythe:

    homey, sorry no i'm not. i'm actually not orginally from Hawaii.

  100. gigi-hawaii ©:

    ST, that's why it's a good thing when these athletes graduate with a degree.

  101. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I read that Lelie had wanted to be a high school history teacher.

  102. homey ®:

    smythe - thanks, you just happen to share the same name as someone I know.

    You know who would be a good walk-on candidate for the UH baseball team? Bryant Moniz! He can hit, run, and is a smooth fielder. I guess the baseball teams loss is the football teams gain.

  103. homey ®:

    gigi - when you graduate don't you get a degree? :lol:

  104. gigi-hawaii ©:

    yep. That was a tautology!

  105. A-House:

    Chancellor Hinshaw, the A-House family sends our deepest condolences on the loss of your father.

    Thank you again, for taking the time to visit with the Tsaikos in the Hospitality Room on Saturday evening. Your words of encouragement regarding UH sports including the football team were much appreciated.

    It was an honor and privilege to meet and speak with you.

  106. homey ®:

    gigi - I guess you just wanted to stress the importance of graduating from college or at least getting a degree. :?

  107. BowsForever:

    Condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family.

  108. Hawaiianbod:

    Prayers and condolances to Chamcellor Hinshaw.

  109. Butlerdidit:

    I agree with with the implication of Stephen's comment--that the NFL guys were too scared to pick football skills over "measurables." I have no doubt that Colt Brennan will make an excellent NFL quarterback. I base this on an overall judgment, having watched him play, particularly in the 2006 season (which may have been an even better team). No game was ever out of reach. He had a spark of victoriousness, if I may call it that.

  110. Hawaiianbod:


  111. Chicken Grease:

    Sorry to hear of Chancellor Hinshaw's loss. I will pray.

  112. Garret:

    Condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family.

  113. Garret:


    I just finished the video you posted of Mack's talk with the Tsaikos. Thank you very much for posting that video--I really enjoyed it!

  114. Pomai:

    My condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family. I again want to express my thanks for proving me wrong on the AD selection. Will be glad to see you at the games!

  115. Hawaiianbod:

    Congratulations to he PC Chargers - OIA Champs!

    Also, a shout out to my nephew, Kahana Neal, for piching a pretty good game. He got out of a couple of jams. Only a sophomore, he can only get better (hopefully).

  116. Hawaiianbod:

    he = the

  117. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    My condolences, Chancellor Hinshaw.

  118. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Why don't you email Coach Trap and introduce yourself? Given what you've posted here, he may appreciate your input. JMHO.

  119. koakane:

    smythe and baseball,

    welcome to da tsiko blog. totally agree with u's on UH bball. definately need more locals on da team. At least when Murakami was hc he took local players and mixed in mainland talent to form good teams. as one of my good buddies say uh needs to get rid of vontrapp. usually in center field watching HPU and cheering for da local boys.

  120. Mad Dog:


    I'm still reading yesterday's blog. I wish I had taken an Evelyn Woods course. Anyway, I ran across this story on the Redskins site. I apologize if it was already mentioned.

    Zorn's High On Sixth-Round QB Brennan
    By Gary Fitzgerald
    April 28, 2008

    Head coach Jim Zorn loves to talk about quarterbacks. Whether it's Matt Hasselbeck or Jason Campbell, Zorn is always enthusiastic about watching them grow and monitoring their progress.
    Now Zorn has another young quarterback to mentor: newcomer Colt Brennan, the Redskins' sixth-round draft pick out of Hawaii.
    "The thing I look for in a quarterback is, can he hit what he is throwing at?" Zorn said. "Colt has done that. He has been a 70 percent passer. Whatever level and whatever type of defense you are going against, to throw 70 percent completion there is great accuracy. You can see that in many of the games in the last couple of seasons. You can see his accuracy.

    OK, I'm back to reading yesterday's entries. I'll read today tomorrow....unless my boss catches me.

  121. koakane:


    waiting for see if you were going to give da purple bball chargers some luv. planning on going to states next week?

    as for vontrapp can't warm up to him because of what happened when he took over after Murakami retired. need some crown shoots and mucho hours to get fustrations out. :evil: :twisted: :x

  122. James:

    Condolensces to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family. God Bless!!!

  123. koakane:

    blockquote>Hawaiianbod: a shout out to my nephew, Kahana Neal, for piching a pretty good game. He got out of a couple of jams. Only a sophomore.

    hawaiianbod, :mrgreen:

    congrats to your nephew he pitched an oustanding game tuesday night. also saw him during the regular season and he definately added to da pitching staff.

    didn't know he transferd from mililani any scoops to share on dat? anywho he should enjoy the rest of his bball high school career dea........coach gary is a good coach.

  124. Kazz:


    I already did!


  125. Hawaiiroller:

    My condolences and prayers go out to Dr. Hinshaw and family. God bless you all.

  126. koakane™:

    well cleaning up and heading out

    heads up latta for some info on this sunday bible studies and prayer meeting. rev kekoa is writting his sermon.

    all play good now ya hea

  127. wafan:

    Prayers and thoughts of peace and well-being to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family.

  128. Rep. K. Mark Takai:

    Warrior Nation:

    The House and the Senate approved the State Budget today. Despite the very tough times that we face as a state, one of our priorities is supporting the University of Hawaii and UH Athletics.

    Here are the projects passed by the Legislature for UH Athletics at Manoa:
    * $2.595 million for the Women's Locker Room Improvements for Title IX Compliance;
    * $1.225 million for Cooke Field Improvements; and
    * $386,000 for renovation of the training room at the Les Murakami Stadium.

    Additionally, the Legislature funded more than $58 million for repair and maintenance for the entire UH system. Out of the $58 million, the Legislature specifically earmarked no less than $3 million for additional upgrades to the athletic facilities at UH Manoa.

    In total, the Legislature funded $161 million in capital improvements (construction projects) for the entire University of Hawaii System.

    This funding level provided in the State Budget this year is the most money that UH Athletics has received in at least 10 years. The important thing is that we have earmarked these funds for UH Athletics. There is no chance of having these funds being spent on other UH projects.

    We can do more next year.

    That's it for now.

    Mahalo, K. Mark Takai

  129. Stretch:

    Condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family

  130. chawan_cut:

    sorry so late, here's last night's news: been busy all day


  131. Stretch:

    Mark Takai - Thanks to you and your colleagues for all the hard work. UH is on its way to being what it supposed to be,

  132. chawan_cut:


    You could try to contact Gwen Nakamura, the assistant band director at UH. She's a sax player and should know someone you could contact. I think her name is on the UH website. wait, yes, here it is:

  133. gigi-hawaii ©:

    YAY, Mark Takai! YAY, James! Now you can both go home and relax with your family.

  134. FloridaTed:

    Honarable Mr. Mark Takai,

    It is truly a joyous occasion when one finds amble reasons to praise the body politics. It is with pleasure, that I express my appreciation and thanks to and your colleagues in the Legislator. Mahalo from myself and, I'm sure, the whole Warrior Nation.

  135. addahknowjoe:

    Our deepest condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and your ohana. May you find strength and solace amongst family and friends.

  136. addahknowjoe:

    Representative Takai-

    Mahalo for your update on the wonderful work being done at our capitol. We really needed to hear some good news.

    And you're right. We don't have to do it all at once. We just need to be committed to the long haul and do this right.

    Mahalo to you and your colleagues for all your hard work.

  137. addahknowjoe:

    Chawan Cut- As always- Mahalo!

  138. Kazz:

    Condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family.

  139. trev:

    You need to forget about needing to have a bunch of Hawai'i kids on the baseball team, it's great and all but it's about talent, get both and that's even better. I understand having local kids on the team helps promote homegrown talent to make it to UH but if it's not there i don't think it's really worth the sacrifice; especially when CA year in and year out is producing solid ball players in comparison. Plus if I was a solid talent coming out of Hawaii and was recruited elsewhere UH would be one of my last choices pretty self explanitory I'd say.

    Sad as it is Hawaii just seems and in many cases is a step or two behind everyone else in general.

  140. d1shima [sez:]:

    Condolences to Dr. Hinshaw and family.

  141. d1shima [sez:]:

    Rep. Takai,

    Most excellent news!

  142. Kekoa:

    My 1st Priority.

    Sending my deepest sympathy to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family for the recent loss of her Father. After what I have been dealing with on a personal level, I can appreciate the path she has traveled. Mai Poina.

    Secondly, I too would like to add my appreciation for her visit and inspirational words to our little gathering at the Aloha Stadium this past weekend. It's been a long time since the University has had 2 very prominent leaders take the time to share their Aloha with the ultra fans of the UH Warrior Sports teams.

    It was my pleasure to meet and greet Mrs. Tracy Donovan, Jim's lovely wife, and I hope to see her add to our blog on occasion.

  143. MattO:

    Condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her family - our thought and prayers are with you.

    And congratulations and thanks to Rep. Takai! Well done, sir, and thanks for all your hard work - it has not gone unnoticed, clearly!

  144. Kama Krab:

    Condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and her ohana. May god be with in this time of sadness.

    We as a Warrior Nation are all praying for you.

    Mahalo and God Bless

  145. Garret:

    Rep. Takai,

    Thank you very much for the update! It is great to hear that some of the facility problems are going to be addressed with that funding! Kudos to the Legislature and I hope that economic conditions are better so that the budget can add even more money for UH next year!

  146. d1shima [sez:]:

    Rep. Takai / Stephen / James,

    Out of the $58 million, the Legislature specifically earmarked no less than $3 million for additional upgrades to the athletic facilities at UH Manoa

    Is the information available as to the directive given by the legislature for the $3M+ ?

  147. Kama Krab:

    To Rep Takai and the rest of our Leg.

    Mahalo for the hard work that you all have put forward in making the needed funding available to the University, both Upper and Lower campus. I know now that these money will be put to good use at the University.

    Once again Mahalo and keep the good work.

  148. Jason:

    Did gigi just say tautology? :-D

    My condolences and prayers for Dr. Hinshaw and her family.

    And mahalo to Rep. Takai for the update. Good to hear that some things are getting done.

    I took a video camera and taped the whole game (minus a few plays here or there) to watch the O line guys so I reserve the right to change my opinion after I watch the tape a few times, but that is my initial read.

    Psst. Mojo. We should set some time after school is pau. You, me, and prideperiod, we break down the film. I get lots to learn from the two of you. Scouting o-line has always been my weak point.

  149. Kama Krab:

    Sorry smythe and baseball,

    In some aspects I have to agree with trev. Yes I see the need to improve on recruiting here in the island, but at the same time if there is a much more talented player in the continent I would sure hope that coach Trap would be going after that player. In the same thought, if there was a player in the islands that had talent like that I would hope that coach would go after that player.

    I will say this, I do miss seeing the local talent out there. When we had a good mix of both local and mainland players we had very good teams to watch because in some instances you had family and friends that where on the field. It brought the ohana out to watch there children play. It would be nice to see players like Kenny Harrison, Moku Paiva, Franz Yeun, Matt Apana play because they represented the island boys.

    I do miss those days and hope that we able to bring them back.

  150. Ralph:

    My condolences to Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw and her ohana on the the passing of her father.

  151. lab rat:

    My condolences to Hinshaw and family.

  152. Kazz:

    RE: Local talent and the Rainbow Baseball Program.

    I think whenever we all wish at some time or another that more local talent would sign on at UH, that it is within our belief that we have great capable talent in Hawaii.

    I think it would be naive of anyone to think that a coach hired to win would seek an "average" local talent over an "extraordinary" outside talent that is interested in making the move.

    Another thing is that in the baseball program's case, while Trap has been bringing in mainland players and the local boys are diminishing, the win-loss record and the post season appearances have not been so kind.

    Football IS Hawaii's athletic forte and I believe baseball is a close second.

    Hence, let's test the local waters a little more deeply.

  153. Ralph:

    Good news K. Mark, thank you for your proactive work in securing funding for the UH system, including the UHAD. Ditto with A/joe, one small step at a time and continual funding over the long haul will get our UH system on the right track.

    Thank you Colt and June for starting the snowball rolling, this funding in difficult times would not have gotten started without you. Also thank you Chancellor Hinshaw and the BOR for firing Herman Frazier, much aloha.

  154. NYUH:

    2006 vs 2007
    Which was the better team?

  155. NYUH:

    Probably 2006. I used to pray for poor field position. But 2007 brought home the bacon.

  156. Kazz:


    April 29th, 2008 at 6:12 pm
    2006 vs 2007
    Which was the better team?

    In 2006 the indivduals that made up the team had the edge over some of those in last year's squad. Players the likes of an Ikaika Ilama-Francis, Samson Satele, and Leonard Peters are hard to come by. That year the team was starting to mesh after the learning process of 2005.

    Yes the schedule was more difficult with the top WAC games being played on the road, but we nearly won in Alabama and in Boise State and also at home against OSU... and who can forget Purdue.

    In 2007, the schedule was weaker and we lost NFL-bound talent, Colt and the offensive five remained. With "Nasty Nate" gone at HB Colt and Co. had to rely on the passing game a lot more.

    Close wins against the "middle of the road" WAC teams led to HEAVY criticism on the 2007 team, but despite some short falls in individual talent as opposed to 2006, the team had to rally when most other teams in a similar position against the equivalent of their opposition could have just laid down and died.

    2007 was supposed to be the "culmination" of was 2006 was in the eyes of many. However it was a constant learning process as well, the difference was that little extra in the games against LaTech and SJSU and in Nevada. 2007 provided a lot of "firsts" for the program and anyone that says a little bit of "luck" and divine intervention didn't play a hand in it is lying.


    Which was the "better" team??? Individually??? 2006 gets the nod.

    2007 was special, lessons learned, experiences and moments to last a lifetime for the players and the fans.

    While 2007 had it's tense moments and 2006 boasted some great position players, 2007 should be in a class of it's own.

  157. ralvic:

    Chancellor Hinshaw,

    Your father will always be proud of you.In this sad time,we,Tsaikos,together,send our condolences on his passing.

  158. Kazz:


    How about this:

    2001 vs 2006 vs 2007???

  159. Kazz:


  160. NYUH:


    2001 - was that when they beat undefeated #8 ranked BYU 72-45? Asley Lelie with that fab grab to beat Fresno State with time running out. Rolo's amazing run of 600 yard games, mighty mouse's TDs. 9-3 and no bowl to go to. Awesome team.

  161. brew808:

    Chancellor Hinshaw –

    We send to you and your ‘ohana our sincerest condolences for your loss. Your father must have been truly proud of his successful, accomplished, and genuine a daughter he had.

  162. NYUH:

    ESPN is taking a poll for the preseason no. 1. Looks like Georgia in the landslide.

  163. FloridaTed:

    Chancellor Hinshaw,

    With your decisive actions and open approach to matters dear to our hearts, you are rapidly becoming one of our own. You have shown excellent leadership and have accomplished much in your life as a whole. As brew808 conveyed (161), your Father must have been very proud of you.

    Having lost both my parents, I understand your loss and would like to convey my most heartfelt sympathies.

  164. Kazz:


    Dats da one!!!

    Oh and Georgia has NO reason why that #1 ranking should slip next season.

  165. Ronnie:

    Chancellor Hinshaw,

    My deepest sympathy for you on your loss. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers.

  166. brew808:

    Chancellor Hinshaw –

    I found a quote of your's regarding your father from 2001. I hope this doesn't come off as being tacky, and hope you don't mind me sharing this with the Tsaikos-

    "My daddy, Louis Snyder, is a wonderful person (and great parent); he is also an impressive golfer at 84, particularly in view of his poor vision due to macular degeneration."
    Thank you!

  167. kalamaku:

    well, i cant wait till Colt has the best thing going after about 3 years in the Pros, and at least 7 of the of those QBs taken before him are out of the pros, or on the way out. And our receivers all seem to have landed in great spots if they do what we know they can do. Our linemen and LBs have proved themselves, this crew will too. It gets quite cold in DC, and we all know revenge is a dish best served nice and chilly!!!

  168. Hawaiianbod:


    re #123

    Mahalo for the kind words for Kahana. He's a very quiet and humble young man.

    Kahana played youth baseball in PC and was always on the all-star teams that played on the continent. Last year, he pitched a complete game to win the 2007 Jr. Little League World Series (13-14 yrs old) against the Philippines.

    He transferred from Mililani because the family moved back to PC.

    Hopefully, the team will represent in the States.

  169. bighilofan2:

    Chancellor Hinshaw,
    my deepest condolences to you and your family.

  170. Hawaiianbod:

    Rep Takai,

    Thank you for keeping the Tsaikos updated. Much mahalo to you and the 2008 Legislature.

    The final hurdle is to get Aunty Londa to release the appropriations..

  171. Esme:

    April 29th, 2008 at 10:50 am
    I pics of Esme and her other mommies at the Perry & Price Show. Check out the group shot, is that gigi?? hahahaha

    Stretch was lurking around HawaiiMoms.com?!?!

    Gee, gonna have to figure out how to tighten up security now.

  172. Esme:

    # WreckinEyez:
    April 29th, 2008 at 10:52 am
    That wasn’t me that snapped you out of your flashbacks… I would have wanted to watch you get arrested first… LOL Then we will come and save you.

    And THAT is what friends are for.

  173. bighilofan2:

    Rep. K. Mark Takai
    way to go, sir! thank you for the hard work, stick to it ness and prodding your colleagues along. Thank you to the entire Legislature.

    And thank you to June Jones. Your conduct paved the way for us, and for that I say thank you. Herman is gone, we have hope and I only wish the best for you and your family.
    The Legislature would not have given the money this year to UH without your explicit conduct. We'd a only got verbals. Thats what HF gave us, alot of wa'ha. And thats what the Legislature would have given us to but for the pressure that was put on everyone, from McClain on down and in the government sector as well, and for that pressure we have to admit that we owe a debt of gratitude to JJ.

  174. Esme:

    My deepest condolences to chancellor Hinshaw. ...

  175. Hawaiianbod:

    "Aunty Linda"

  176. Esme:

    OK. Here. Outta here. Back lataz. I hope. :mrgreen:

  177. Garret:

    Miami has *really* been clearing out huge parts of their roster with the new management in power. That provides opportunities to players like Bess who are joining the team right after the management change. That is positive for Bess.

    The negative thing is that Miami signed another undrafted free agent WR today, a guy from Purdue that I think played at Aloha Stadium in 2006.

    Last Thursday, the Dolphins released eight players. The team has released 20 players since February, including all-time leading tackler Zach Thomas.

    In the same time frame, the team signed 17 players leading up to last weekend’s draft.

    The Dolphins drafted nine players and signed 14 more undrafted free agents, the latest being Akron TE Kris Kasparek, Mississippi State DE Titus Brown, Virginia Tech DT Kory Robertson, Sam Houston State CB Scorpio Babers and Purdue WR Selwyn Lymon.

  178. SteveM:

    Our condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw and family.

    Steve & Peaches

  179. HawaiianKiko:

    With deepest sympathies and condolences to Chancellor Hinshaw & family.....those few moments chatting with you at the TSAIKOs blog gathering this past Saturday in the Stadium Hospitality Suite......Priceless !!!!!

  180. Hawaiianbod:


    re Phoenix Suns

    Better luck next year!

    Steve Nash had 3 turnovers in the last 4 minutes.

    GO LAKERS!!!

  181. Stephen Tsai:

    Davone Bess is a Parcells-type receiver.
    He's like Dedric Ward, who had success with the J-E-T-S under Parcells.

  182. bighilofan2:

    Somewhere in Florida, someone is prolly saying, 120 days till the Hawaii game. Huuuuuuuu Ahhhhh!!!!!

  183. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Hawaiianbod, yeah, I saw the last turnover by Nash! Was he calling it a foul? It was his fault!

    Oh well, next year. Will Shaq be back? I think Nash has 1 more year to go on his contract.

  184. ralvic:

    Good Evening

    Ty Detmer was a ninth round draft pick. A former Heisman trophy winner.In some respects TD's college career parallels similarly with Colts.Both players are from programs that send five receivers in play.

    Taking what ST said in his blog entry...if other Warriors(specifically TC) had lived up to the hype then Colt would be driving a Escalade today. I agree. Now,if TD had performed at a high level in the NFL would it be safe to say that Colt stock would have risen?Would it be safe to say that QB's from passing offenses,often mis described as gimmicky, have a home and a welcoming place in the NFL if all the QB's,including TD,had achieved at high record breaking level in the pros as they did in college? Sure.Yes.Absolutely. In some respects and it is true that Colt is handicapped by the system. And the fact that all the QB's from gimmicky passing offenses preceding Colt in the NFL didn't fare well...then this revelation also weighs on the minds of the teams drafting. Possibly?

    Another angle I was thinking about tonight.Purposely not wanting to go into detail as not trying to rile anybody s feathers-Can a coach that continues to elevates his players

  185. gigi-hawaii ©:

    On another note, I hope David Archilette is the next American Idol. What a fabulous voice he has! So effortless!

  186. ralvic:

    gees wasn't even finished....and it sends.. didn't press send.. and poof...now I'm angry

  187. Stephen Tsai:

    The one point I used to try to make is how incredible it is that Colt had so many attempts but was so accurate. That would be like leading the NBA in scoring and field-goal percentage. Michael Jordan scored a lot of points, but he also missed a lot of shots. Also, it's difficult to complete passes when everybody knows you're going to pass. Plus, he had to do it without a tight end.

  188. Garret:

    Chris Banjo is notable to me because he almost became a Warrior. The thing that stood out in this article is what he will be majoring in college. I do not know of many football players who major in Engineering...

    Along with football, Banjo is four-year letter winner in basketball. He will be majoring in Civil Engineering. “Not only am I excited for football but for the academics at SMU,”

  189. Garret:


    That is a good point--Colt through the ball a ton and still completed a high percentage. Teams knew that UH would be throwing the ball most of the time in 2007 and they still couldn't stop Colt from completing passes.

  190. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I think Colt regrets not completing his pass toward the end of the 2006 OSU game, though. You should have heard the collective groan in my home.

  191. Hawaiianbod:

    Gigi - I also wanted the Suns to win. Shaq has 1 more year remaining on his contract.

    Romors have Amare on the trading block and Coach D going to the Knicks. Should be an interesting off season.

  192. FloridaTed:


    I especially like your opening assessment for future draftees, absolutely agreed.

    As far as Colt is concerned, you know we are the choir. Lol.

  193. Hawaiianbod:


  194. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Hbod, hmmm, I haven't heard those rumors. It would be crazy to trade Amare. What are they thinking. He's their highest scorer.

  195. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Unbelievable that Larry Brown is gonna coach in Charlottesville. At 67, he still wants the stress?

  196. LizKauai:

    Chancellor Hinshaw, Warmest aloha from our ohana to yours at the passing of your father. May this milestone serve to bring you and yours ever closer in love.

  197. LizKauai:

    small little Jordon tidbit - I heard today that one of the first things he did was to provide some much-needed stuff for his high school alma mater's athletes.

  198. Garret:

    My post #189--"through" should be "threw".

  199. chawan_cut:

    tonight's news

  200. Kekoa:

    Brother Koakane ~

    You are going to put me on the spot with the man upstair by referring to me as a Man of the Cloth. I must have looked like Esme dashing about town and ducking in and out of doorways all afternoon trying not to get struck down by lightning!

    Yes, we will gather at the river...but this is a different kind of river flow. An EIS study will determine just how much of a hazard there may be. About 25 years ago, there was quite a stir raised about the safety of the Plantation irrigation water supply as it traveled thru the agricultural fields in the area.

    It is time for us to do our duty and inspect the facilities. We must ensure that there is a proper balance of adult beverages consumed on site to counter any toxins that may be contained in the water supply. This is not a job for the faint hearted. There is a certain amount of ecolgical danger involved.

    Tsaiko-Sized portions of food will be served, as there will be an endless supply available for as much as you care to consume.

    Details for this particular EIS study are forthcoming, and will be posted on SteveM's Calender of Tsaiko Events. The proposed date is for this Sunday, May 4th @ 10:00 AM.< This particular site is under consideration for an unannounced inspection. You may peruse the website for some of the amenities by clicking on my name.

  201. LizKauai:

    Thanks, chawan! I like how the last report flashed "Grice-Mullins"!
    It was great to finally meet you on Saturday! Now I have a face to wear with my band shirt!!!

  202. LizKauai:

    Kekoa - no mo link in you namu...

  203. Kekoa:

    Whoops !...sorry forgot to post da link...hold onw while I talk to my technical staff...

  204. Kekoa:

    Hello world?...Can you see me now?

  205. Kekoa:

    K-Den, link working for Kole Kole Grill site...just click on "Kekoa."

  206. Kekoa:

    Eh!..Wha-hoppen? Did somebody kill the blue deuce goose?

  207. LizKauai:

    Fallin asleep

  208. Kekoa:

    G'nite Liz! Sweet Bread dreams.... :lol:

  209. SteveM:

    I just love the 3-D effect looking at alternating comments floating above a sea of blue. Getting used to it after A MONTH of attempted repairs. I suppose it is considered all fixed and dandy now that there are fewer than 10 complaints a day... of course, we are looking at 60% less people here to complain... but who cares ...another sale made to Gannet....

    I really hope they have not given up trying to fix this glacial blue bloated blogware... :twisted:

    OK, back to quiet seething and dreams of baseball bats.

  210. cocobean:

    There's an old saying - you're only as good as your last performance. Seems like Colt and his boyz were judged solely on the Sugar B. and not on their whole body of work.
    You can't blame the drafters for being super cautious. Since the end of the Super B., NFL Nation focused their full attention on the draft. The hype surrounding the draft - who's going first, who should your team pick, 10 ten at each position, mock drafts, draft gurus, etc., created as much buzz as Clinton vs Obama. When the "experts" via televison, internet, radio, newspaper and magazine expouse - draft wisely from one to seven and your team may end up Super B winners like the Giants (who drafted wisely in 2007). The pressure of knowing your every pick will scutinized to the nth degree, the deciders used the meaureables as the most important factor then playing ability second.
    Colt and his boyz fell victim to - not how well you did but how well we project you to do.

  211. Kekoa:

    Howzit cocobean! Very cool blog handle and interesting assessment of the draft. As I stated before, I'm not too jazzed about the draft because we have no control over who goes where or why. The whole buzzing sound for about a month or 2 is kinda goofy. At the end, out pops our former Warriors hanging on the mad hatter's ride thru the NFL jungle.

    What'll be interesting is what happens down da line. Once the team starts to gel, and perhaps have need for our guys to save them, they wll have their day in the sun.

  212. Butlerdidit:

    Another, and corrolary, response to our maximum leader, Stephen: Babe Ruth for years led the majors in home runs AND strike outs. This is comparable to Stephen's point about Michael Jordan making many baskets while missing lots of shots. I think an overall appraisal of Colt Brennan's career thus far tells me he will be very successful indeed in the NFL. The overall judgment is formed from many bits and pieces of observation, not to mention that his "measurables" were pretty darn good too, as witness his 70% completion rate. Ultimately, penetrating, insightful judgments are the way of wisdom in life. I had a professor in college tell me his roommate had two girl friends and he didn't know which one to marry. So, like an NFL scout, he made up a list of their measurables and came to his decision after much weiging and considering but no wisdom or judgment. Then she turned him down flat. Not to belabor a point, but I believe most people with good judgment would be able to tell ahead of time if someone would not want to marry them.

  213. koakane[deacon]±:


    yep I am ready for it and let me add .....................

    why we gather on sunday to this bible study and prayer meeting only the good lord knows. so let us not waste this day, come and enjoy this sunday with us, all is welcomed.

  214. koakan&trade:


    call u in da morning

  215. koakane ™:


    in answer to your question yep I been having a hard time trying to post. see 214

  216. las vegas:

    i was going sleep without reading the WB tonite.
    however, as i put my head on the pillow and pulled the blanket over me, the smell of semi-stale doggy pee wafted up my nose.
    so her i am, waiting for the blanket to finish up in the dryer.

    it's the second time in the past few months that hes peed on stuff thats fallen off the bed.
    i'd get mad, but the poor old guy limps, cannot see well, farts a lot and is missing most of his teeth, WHOOPs that could be my dad too.
    at least dad doesn't pee on my stuff,........yet.

  217. bulla:

    deepest condolences to chancellor hinshaw and family,

    from bulla, mrs. bulla, da beast, and ohana

  218. koakane ™:

    :| slow night eveyone must be beddy bye

    well night all will put in some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz also

  219. las vegas:

    almost 4 am out here, off to botcha and the clinic.
    have a good day to all!.

  220. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Las Vegas!

    I rewatched chawan_cut's video tonight on Colt a couple of times. He sure had a fast delivery, our Colt.

    I owe you alot, and for that I thank you. Let me explain.
    I was thinking about how everyone in the SB, our guys and the Georgia DEs, all went off on the 2 count. I remember looking down and watching you standing there, arms crossed, and not doing/changing the count as CB continued to get creamed. I remember thinking, back then, that even I knew when the snap was going to happen.

    My problem with you [JJ] in that game is that I now know you knew you were leaving, and my assessment is that you coached like you knew you were leaving, and you left us on the national stage with many of us feeling it was our fault that we didn't compete well with Georgia when in fact now, in reflection, I can honestly say I believe you let us down as our coach. Yep, that was one sell job, Mr. Jones.
    You sure fooled me. But on the other hand, I still give you credit and plusses 'cause the Legis./Gov. has now provided UH with $$$ support specifically targeted to UH Athletics, men and women, $ I am positive they wouldn't have earmarked now but for all the publicity surrounding your leaving us. And because you left we have new coaches who make us now feel that they really love us, our State, our program. Not you, but us. When I see Aranda in his office at 5 am, I know we've got some newbies who love their job. The old timers, Coaches Mack, Ron, Cal, Lumpkin, really picked well their sidekicks. I've seen Smith and Gerke and Miano coaching. I attended the coach clinic with all of them and came away feeling that we have a SUPER GREAT COACHING STAFF, ALL of them. And I have hope for our performance in Florida because I know all the coaches will work really hard to motivate and drive the hell out of all our players so that they're as ready as can be to take on Florida in Florida. I believe in Coach Mack; he is loyal to a fault. But mostly, I believe in our State. We're not perfect, but we are great! And for feeling like this, for many of us feeling like this, for making public the phrase WARRIOR NATION, I thank you.


  221. HiFlyer:

    Deepest sympathy to Dr. Hinshaw and family as I know how you feel in this time of sorrow.

  222. bighilofan2:

    Today's HA has a nice article naming all the UH Athletes who also managed to maintain a 3.0 gpa last semester. Great job Warriors and Rainbow Wahine! Here is the list of UH Warriors - Football
    Po'okela Ahmad
    Colton Brennan
    Solomon Elimimian
    Kenneth Estes
    David Farmer
    Inoke Funaki
    Guyton Galdeira
    Ryan Grice-Mullins
    Austin Hansen
    C.J. Hawthorne
    Daniel Johnson
    Tyson Kafentzis
    Brad Kalilimoku
    Kiran Kepo'o
    Aaron Kia
    Jason Laumoli
    Josef Lipp
    Mana Lolotai
    Antwan Mahaley
    Nathan McKay
    Jonathan Medeiros
    Nathaniel Nasca
    Karl Noa
    Daniel Otineru
    Ryan Perry
    Kealoha Pilares
    Amani Purcell
    Joshua Rice
    Rustin Saole
    Spencer Smith
    David Veikune
    Andrew Watson
    Again, great job all you guys!

  223. bighilofan2:

    Kate Robinson is one cool lady! way to represent!

  224. bighilofan2:

    I count 32 Warriors having 3.0+gpa. Good grades leaves open their educational options.

  225. bighilofan2:


    reading the Gainesville Sun article on the TE recruit who busted their Waterford Crystal trophy. maybe we can bus sumtin else in 4 months.

    up n at em. i hear a rooster somewhere.

  226. Hawaiianbod:

    Good morning BHF!

    Always love reading your posts. Who needs coffee, when we have BHF.

  227. Esme:

    BHF2, liked your post at No. 220. My husband and I have had conversations along similar lines for many months now.

    But ... jeesh, you don't sleep eh? You just going down, or just getting up?

    Me, I'm going dooowwwn after a looong night of work. G'nite, all. Zzzz...

  228. Esme:

    BUT ... before I hit the sack I just had to watch chawan's video synopsis of the draft news.

    Thanks, chawan. You rock!

    OK ... now I'm all out of tappity-tappity. Only ... bonk. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

  229. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Hawaiianbod,
    sumday we meet. cruising oregonstatebeaversblitz, projecting ahead for my present to myself ova dayah da week afta bulla dresses up ova heeyah.

    i luv teasin bulla. da bradda makes me smile wit his wurdsmith technique an his big smile. same wit kekoa, koakane, d1shima, LizK and especially Esme.

    i wonda if any ah da Warriors read dis? Day peekahs u tink?

  230. Pomai:

    Ok who kidnapped our bighilofan2: that isn't him posting, I just know it.

  231. Ralph:

    BHF2 the coach does not call the snap count, its up to the QB. Adjustments are made by the qb to vary the count or the pace of the count...several posters have mentioned JJ demeanor on the sidelines - he wasn't focused, thinking to much about SMU- maybe he saw what a lot of us was seeing, Georgia was flat out kicking our butts because the o line wasn't able to give colt time to make his reads. JJ should have made adjustments! how do you make game time adjustment in this game, do you tell Ah Soon and Steinhoff to move their feet faster and play faster- they tried and thats all we can ask of them. Georgia played fast, to fast for us. coach mac always mentions that the players must learn to play fast...at each level, the game is played faster..

  232. Hawaiianbod:

    BHF2 - there may be a chance i will be joining you in Oregon. Circle the wagons because here comes the Warriors.

  233. Ralph:

    good morrning Pomai....

  234. bighilofan2:

    hey Esme,

    bang baNG BANG... BANG BANG!!!
    i wuz down, but now i stay up. dis quiet time is da best time for me. no phone ringing. plenny good time dis time.

    an dis late, can make anykine, poke good kine fun, like watch dis. "hey warriormojo, u tink u Spielberg?" heh heh
    nah, great video production on Kia.

  235. bighilofan2:


    howzit kid. i expectin to be readin mowah of yoah stuff.
    but no show up early at cattle calls, get sum braddas here that are seriously serious about eatin an you going lose yoah figahhh. Koakane has the biggest gau gee in town. ask the ladies who saw his at Tgate last Sat. big buggas. he wen show me em 2.

    howz dat, Pomai? heh heh

  236. wafan:

    Good morning all!

    Okay, I am going in (to collect a pay cheque).


    Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

  237. bighilofan2:

    its true that the Florida DEs were super fast, out fastin our two tackles. but its also true that I saw Brian Smith coaching the green oline this past weekend during the WB game. I didn't see our oline getting coached at the 8 minute mark in the first quarter in the SB. I saw us, line an all, getting killed at the end of the first quarter and through the 2nd quarter at the SB. I saw everybody, both sides, going off together on the snap count. our D couldn't do the job all by themselves, they were on the field most of the time during that period of time. I ain't blaming CB for the game, whether you call it not listenin to the coach or what not. I blame the coach. The bottom line is I believe he could have done alot better job for the team. It woulda taken all of the team to step up, and he did not step up that day or in the days preparing for the game. It was his bon voyage and in reflection he acted like it too. wavering at the last minute was the result of him actually realizing that we didn't treat him like a god, we treated him like we really liked him for what he did for our na'ao. i still like him for that.

    which brings me to Florida. going be plenny noisy there too. and hot, really humid an exhausting. But I just know that Mack, Ron, Cal, George and Rich are thinking about the lessons taught and learned in the SB. after all, we are Warrior Nation, and we must respond.... RESPECT


  238. bighilofan2:


    national polls projectin Georgia 1 this season. You know Florida going try take em down. You know to do that they are working super hard, physically and in da mind. You know that. Prepare yourselves with that in mind. If you going take on da best you gotta practice like you going take on da best! Run em ovah, lie runnin ova a gecko. Work on your mind! Stamina, endurance.


  239. Garret:

    Todd McShay has his 2009 Mock Draft up already. Both Tebow and Harvin are projected to leave after this season and be drafted in the first round.

    7. Chicago Bears -- Tim Tebow*, QB, Florida
    It's almost certain that the Bears will need a quarterback come next offseason. Unfortunately, next year's crop of signal-callers does not look promising at this point. Bears fans won't be thrilled if the team uses a high pick on another Gators quarterback following the failed Rex Grossman experiment, but Tebow's unique blend of skills and rare intangibles might be too good to pass up. Should Tebow elect to leave school early, however, his uncommon skill set could make him the most difficult prospect at any position to grade.

  240. Garret:

    This news is probably bigger for Esme's site than this one...

    Get your Tivo and DVR ready, the English soccer superstar David Beckham has filmed an episode of Sesame Street! The air date is unknown to this point, but keep an eye out.

  241. Garret:

    Nice breakdown of the NFL draft, by conference, team, position, etc.

  242. Garret:

    The Wizard of Odds studied the numbers posted in that article and pointed out some interesting things.

    Which team had the most players selected in the NFL draft?

    A) Alabama
    B) Northwestern
    C) Bentley
    D) Oklahoma State

    The correct answer is, of course, C, Bentley.

    Brigham Young fans might be upset about opening the 2008 season at home against Northern Iowa, but consider that the Panthers had more players selected (2) than the Cougars (1).

  243. Garret:

    Georgia filled their last puka in their schedule for this season. I guess this is the next best thing to a bye between tough SEC games.

    Georgia has completed its 2009 football schedule by adding a home game with Tennessee Tech on Nov. 7 that will be sandwiched between SEC games against Florida and Auburn.

  244. Garret:

    Interesting study of the Spring Game attendance figures. It is sad that they did not consider UH important enough to include with the other schools, especially when they list BYU, Utah, and SMU.

    Many programs saw increased spring game attendance compared to last year. Many schools organize fan festivals around the spring scrimmage that include concerts and family-friendly entertainment in an effort to boost interest.

    Illinois, West Virginia, Arkansas, Virginia, Colorado, and Missouri all saw crowds that were at least twice the size as last year. Notre Dame stood out as one of the bigger losers in attendance, with 40% fewer fans attending this year compared to last.

  245. Garret:

    UH plays Washington State this season, but I think that these APR penalties will not have taken effect yet. Losing 6 scholarships will really hurt Washington for the future.

    Due to a poor Academic Performance Rate, the NCAA is ready to levy sanctions against the Washington State football team, WSU athletics director Jim Sterk and football coach Paul Wulff said Thursday.

    “When I got the job we knew we were going to take a hit this upcoming year,” Wulff said. "We have to go in with a mindset that this next year we're going to play with 79 instead of 85."

    WSU athletic director Jim Sterk said the department has been planning for the sanctions, and said it shouldn't negatively affect the team's ability to sign players. However, he is still concerned that the problem won't go away for some time.

    "It'll be a lingering number because (the NCAA APR) has a four-year rollover," Sterk explained. "If you look at it, we've had a blip last year with people leaving. We'll have to deal with it and move on."

  246. Garret:

    I seriously doubt that this Washington State player will be playing in the UH game late this season.

    Washington State football player Andy Roof, who sat out last season after being suspended from school for repeated alcohol offenses, appeared to be intoxicated when he allegedly assaulted at least three men at a private party early Saturday morning, Pullman police said Tuesday.

    Roof, the fourth WSU football player known to have been arrested since new head coach Paul Wulff was hired in December, was arrested on suspicion of fourth-degree assault.

    Roof, a second-string defensive tackle who started five games at offensive tackle in 2006, had told reporters during spring practice that he had stopped drinking.

    Roof allegedly head-butted a bouncer when denied entry into a private party; punched a man in the face; then smashed a man's face into the sharp edge of a stop sign.

  247. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    I hope everyone is able to stay dry today.

  248. Loa:

    morning Garret, bighilofan2, Stretch !

    congrats to all the scholar athletes! keep up the good work

    Garret - thanks for all the stories
    bighilo - nice analysis on no. 220
    Stretch - rain in the forecast? bummas

    everyone have a safe and happy day

  249. ralvic:

    Good Morning

    Bgh2 here's an easy football question. If your coaching a team.And the other team's strengths are their fast defensive ends rushing your QB.And causing all kinds of trouble for your offense,then what do you do to counter this?You see your QB continuously being sacked,hurried-and the whole offense is sputtering,what do you do?

    12- 15 plays on offense,your team is down by 2 scores and shows no momentum

    here you are,the biggest stage of your life and you continue to play into their strengths?

    on your team your strengths are your guards and centers-why not run the ball up the middle

    every nuance of the Hawaii offense,Georgia was well prepared for,including the shuffle pass and WR screens, Georgia did their homework

    Now if your a seasoned coach wouldn't you have a plan B and try to throw the other team off. -why not try the options,QB draws,bootlegs,end arounds(anything different)

    If your objective is to win the game-wouldn't you prepare your team differently or do you think if you continue to do the same thing all the time the good teams are not onto you. Prior to this game,I wrote,"this is a perfect game situation for Inoke to come in and play". Or is ad libbing not one of Coach Jones' strength?

    The only knock I have on Coach Jones is that he has a one size fits all mentality.He thinks what works against Idaho will work against Georgia(well not necessarily).He most likely be the type of golfer that goes around the course playing with four clubs in his bag.Because even in watching how he coaches football I think he doesn't use all of his resources(ie special teams,trying different combinations of OL,RB and play calling)It's just my opinion,not here to ruffle any feathers.It's just when other teams and media knock the WAC and Hawaii...and I can see that we are not that far behind it riles me to no end. Have a good morning everyone.

  250. LizKauai:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    ralvic- remember what our old scheme was- "We do what we do".

    Our new scheme so far seems to be "Back to basics".

    Come gametime in Florida, I feel that "What we do" will have more variety, more options, more intensity and will be a very pleasant surprise for Warrior fans!

  251. FloridaTed:

    Morning, Tsaikos, morning, LizK.

    If our offense reaches 70 % of last years, together with our even better defense, we will be very dangerous to anybody. Anything more than 70 % and we will shock the Nation.

  252. LizKauai:

    chawan_cut - mahalo for the #130 draft video. I watched it for the first time and was brought to tears when I heard Colt STILL giving credit to his receivers and humbly putting himself in their shoes and seeing how they, still as a unit, need to step it up and prove the naysayers wrong.
    Fits with Stephen's theme for this blog.

  253. Kekoa:

    Eh, Big Fan Man, you bin talkin' smack early dis AM. Post #220 airing out some technical retrospect of da SB fiasco I see. Who's to know what was in JJ's heart at the moment of truth? Lots of speculation. I say the better team prevailed because they executed their game plan to perfection.

    I prefer to step back and focus on the positive aspect of the experience and hope that many of the players who were active participants will always be able to say that they played their best. The offense may have been dazed and confused, but our Defense stood toe-to-toe in a slugfest. They tried to make it difficult for Georgia to earn their yardage in the red zone. Afterall, the offense left them in hostile territory several times. For this, my heart will always go out to our guys for hangin' tough.

    Ralvic's keen observation has been shared by many that will prolly trigger many conversations about this contest for many years. I can picture these kids getting together at their 25th Anny of the SB game and over-analyzing the hell out of their personal performance. The fact of the matter will remain, we lost to a well coached, well prepared team who went after what they wanted with a vengence! They were not to be denied. So try to swallow this big disappointment pill with a glass of respect for the Georgia players who showed up to play a little football.

  254. LizKauai:

    Hi FloridaTed! Yup- can't wait to go Tebowling in August!!!

  255. Mario:

    Guess which Warriors made the 2008 All Snub Team this year? Check it out here on this link

  256. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos. Enjoy your day. Good to see that our athletes are doing well in academics. Congrats to Kate Robinson and Colt Brennan for getting the JB award.

  257. UKU@LA:

    st, re: #96 4/29 YES! when movin to another level, must step UP, EVERYBODY ELSE WILL!

    MANEO !!!

  258. Kekoa:

    Good Morning Tsaikos! Good to see everyone up and at 'em this AM.

    Got my Grandson coming in from America today. He just called from the Sacramento airport that he ran into an ex-Little League ball player pal of his who now plays for Sacramento State. He just happens to be on the same Haw'n air flight that the team is on. Sounded like they were already exchanging some excited conversations about the "good ole days!"

    Imagine his surprise wen dis booming Haole voice trying to imitate da local boy language yells from behind..."EH! ...KIMANA...HOWZIT! Guess we'll be watching this series come the weekend!

    Have a great day peeps!

  259. FloridaTed:


    I agree with your general sentiment (253), but two things really stood out to me, without speculating what was in JJ's heart, only what I actually observed : McMackin was smack in the middle of his players, rooting and coaching all the time, while JJ stood on the sidelines, with his arms crossed, as if he were an uninvolved observer, with a strange look of bafflement on his face. How shall one interpret this? Help me out here.

  260. FloridaTed:

    Kekoa (PS),

    Our defense had to play against two teams, Georgia and our own and I must say, after watching the game once more, they truly held their own. So defense wise we are already at their level, with better yet to come this year. Exciting, isn't it?

  261. Bulla:


    i agree with you 1000%, and then some about the SB. we got out coached, no adjustments made, one size fits all...i would have put Funaki in there, different look, throw some draws in there maybe...anything. we were getting beat off of the ball, off the snap...it was like their DE's knew our count, consistently.

    JJ looked aloof, and I know we have a lot of JJ lovers for all that he did while he was here, but he's gone now and in 'hindsight', i think he was in lala land already. we started the game on 2 miscues, and never fixed an upside down boat.

    looking from the other side of the fence at the BIG PICTURE, and playing Devil's Advocate because I can.....do you think everything was orchestrated by Steinberg for leverage at SMU to maximize JJ's financial gain?

    don't everyone get their panties in a crunch, take a breath and be analytical (homey, that means to evaluate) about the whole situation. look at the schedule we have this year, we go 8-5, we better be thankful.....get real, 8-5 is a good start for Mac with his team. if JJ stayed after his last season, it would be like jumping off of the rock at Waimea Bay.

    just for the sake of argument, if there is an ounce of truth in what i see, then JJ is all about marketing and leverage.....hey wait, isn't that what agents are supposed to do? silly me, i thought he did it for Hawaii, for the kids, for his players......my apologies, i bought that story too.

  262. Bulla:


    gotta go protect the natives from the tourists.

    Homey, need some undercover work? i have some people stealing recyclables from our trash bins, i need to 'plant' someone in a bin and scare the life out of them.....i'll pay $14 an hour and all you can eat while you're working in the bin.....let me know.

  263. bighilofan2:

    Good morning again Tsaikos everywhere!

    Tyler and Inoke are vying for da #1 spot so sumtins I not going project 4 now about my 4 sense on how I'da done da SB. I said wat I said @220 above. we wuz out coached dat game. u no it, i no it, das a fak. leadership starts at da top. da bradda wanted to leave, now speaks his mine, so i got da right to speak my mind.

    I never in my life wrote anybody, including my fahda, like I wrote to JJ askin him to stay. i shared a personal story wit him about wat he meant to the State, how he pulled us all together, the homeless and the biggies, as 1. how several families tole me to my face dat i wuz bigga dan myself, an how i felt he was in da same situation to many many Hawaii families, including mine. i gave him names. an he wen dig out anyway. so yes, i get issues. still, i not goin da PTSD route. just a few crowns, stollys an watahcress now n den.

  264. hilogreg:

    Couldn't agree more with your statement on your 220 post. Love JJ for what he accomplished here in the islands...but he was tired and burned out and gone by the Sugar Bowl and it was reflected in the way he coached the game.
    Its easy to armchair analyze what went wrong with CB, the O line, the receivers, but it all starts with the coach.

  265. Maverick:

    Bulla -
    Re: stealing my recycables -

    Heck, I'll do that scare for FREE! or maybe a laulau for afters, 'cuz I'll be hungery from expelting all my energy.

  266. Maverick:

    Oh wait -
    I live on another island that is now back to $200 clams r/t to Oahu, and that's IF I can find a flight. Shucks.

  267. LizKauai:

    last night I heard dis story - fo real.
    Dis guy was pau serving his country and was applying for one security guard job - not dakine like Wackenhut, ladat. Personal security- like bodyguard kine.
    So he and his boss to be are cruising in da cah when suddenly da boss tell-
    You really want this job?
    When I stop the car, jump out and run over to that dumpster and slam the lid down.
    Meanwhile, da boss is putting on gloves and pulls a beat up aluminum baseball bat out from under his seat.
    The car runs up to the dumpster, guy jumps out, slams the lid down, boss jumps out and starts whacking the dumpster with the bat for several seconds.
    They open the lid and one guy climbs out, holding his ears/head and staggers around, promising (again) never to scrounge/sleep in the dumpster again...


  268. bighilofan2:

    laterz gangee...

  269. Kekoa:

    So Liz....did the guy get the job?...Is the dumpster diver now a motivational speaker...what??

  270. koakane ™:

    morning warrior and tsaiko nation,

    my congrats to Kate and Colt for winning Bonham award :D

    University of Hawai`i softball player Kate Robinson and football player Colt Brennan were the recipients of the 2008 Jack Bonham Award winners in recognition of their outstanding performances on and off the playing field. The announcement was made Tuesday night at the annual Scholar-Athlete Dinner at the Stan Sheriff Center.

  271. koakane ™:


    my mano on JJ is this, thank, he's gone, nuff said. no like relive those emotions again. too much time spent on da ledge and then trying to help other's off da same ledge.

    we get mack now so putting my faith in him and speaking of faith


    I'll be ready for bible study and prayer meeting

  272. koakane ™:

    ekala mai bkf2=bhf2

    sometime da finga but no like work good :|

  273. Kekoa:

    Florida Ted ~ From what we have seen of our Defense, we just reloaded with even more and younger bucks. I do believe that they we will get after 'dem gators and at least contain them in da swamp.

    The Offense is re-tooling. Flashes of brilliance won't cut it against the jaws of the gators. We have to run a smooth, well-oiled machine by late August, to grind the gator meat. Still much work to do, but CAN DO!

    You can forewarn Swamp Witch Hattie that:

    ~ BHF2 will be poking and prodding the Warriors to step it up and wanting to drain dat swamp! He drives slaves for a living on the big island. Ask da UH coaches, dey know!

    ~ Liz will be there to record it all, and give us the play by play better than ESPN could ever dream of doing.

    ~ The A-House family will represent us well, and by combining with our stateside Tsaiko Ohana led by yourself and the Pomaister - you folks will bring maximum smoke to gator country.


  274. Bulla:


    thanks for the idea....i still got some softball bats at home...can anyone say Reggie Jackson, going to sound like Vili warming up at aloha stadium.....maybe i should do a test run tonight...Homey, you busy? can you impersonate one of my undesirables in my dumpster? i'll cover the next CC for you if you come over.....

    i am not used to hitting dumpsters with bats, did a few knees, and one elbow, but that was another life a long time ago....ouch. maybe i should catch a service with Kekoa and Koakane, need to bond............oh well.

    have a good day Tsaikos, and remember, today is hump day....if you ain't jumpin', you should be humpin'

    wit dat sed............CYA

  275. midori7:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!

    Excellent news from Rep Takai & the Legislature!

    Congrats to Colt, Kate & all the scholar athletes!

  276. J:

    Aloha from Murren, Switzerland. It was snowing earlier today. Luckily I have some built-in insulation and I managed with a sweater and rainjacket.

  277. Kekoa:

    J ~ Have a cup of Swiss Mocha with a shot of Kahlua to add a little zest for me there. Then...head up into the Swiss Alps and sing ST's fave song at the top of your lungs....Ahweemoway...Ahweemoway...Ahweemoway...In da jungle da mighty jungle.....

  278. Jason:

    Mario: Nice link to that All-Undrafted Team, glad to see all three UH receivers listed. Just looking at that list, there are a lot of guys I wouldn't mind taking in the 6th or 7th.

  279. homey ®:

    Bulla - Just get a locking dumpster.

    Pete, if you are lurking congratulations to Kate!

    Congratulations to Colt and the rest of the smaht student athletes!


  280. homey ®:

    oops! TSAIKO's...

  281. Barry Markowitz:

    Bob Hogue made a courageous stand over a year ago, in which he was one of the first to express, on air, what he perceived was mismanagement at UH by the then Athletic Director. On tommorow's Bob & Russ Show (KUMU 1500 AM), Bob will be making some sort of announcement regarding his future on the show...I have a feeling that tommorow may be the farewell tour..and that he will be gone (he hasn't told even me yet...I am just getting that feeling that he is moving on). It would a nice gesture if any of you, including those of you in the Mainland, would like to call the show between 6-9am at 296-1500 and share your aloha. I sincerely believe Bob has shown great integrity, and served the best interest of UH and its supporters with his straightforward discussions.

  282. koakane ™:


    faithful listener to 1500 and kinda like the format.
    sorry to hear about Houge if true :(
    his going due to da station or his admin of da new conference?

  283. homey ®:

    Barry - Yep he is leaving. The show will be the Rob (DeMello) & Russ show.

  284. Bulla:


    thanks, we are getting locking bins next week....would like to lock the culprits in them also, because we keep two bins open for tenants/owners to use...argh.

    have a good day

  285. koakane ™:

    working da office while da ladies have their staff meeting with da boss. i like this a lot just got to keep da laughter down and look serious.

    hello midori7..need to talk with you l8ts expect a call today sometime

    bulla to bad not to much cats down your way they scare da hell out of people who trying to take recycle item. we put food in da cans and when guys try to take um da cats jump out scaring dem to death. good hump day to you also btw whot you think of my hump day message?

  286. koakane ™:

    oh fogot to shout out to homey, jason and d1 if he lurking.

    stretch check email

    aloha to J. welcome and btw you one swiss miss?

  287. koakane ™:


    will rd still be on with L & L doing their mon shows?

    his theme song should come from da song once sung by Cream "mellow yellow" bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaa....they call me rob demello, that right

    oh crap too loud people staring now, got to tone down. :?

  288. koakane ™:

    mon=morn monday and friday

  289. homey ®:

    Bulla - okay, how about talking dumpsters? When the culprit tries to open the dumpster cover, automatically a recording of Tsai's "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" with the rolling tongue sound blasts the dumpster diver's ears. That would work.

  290. homey ®:

    Koakane - RD will be leaving the L&L show.

  291. SteveM:

    Hi J -- if you see this please click on my name above so that my website can record a hit from Switzerland :)

    Closest we have is Sweden and Italy... OK, you won't count as Switzerland since you are bonafide Lo-Cal Tsai-ko chapter. Take care and send us a link to your photos when you get home.

  292. koakane ™:

    allriteeeeeeeeee meeting pau so lost my job.

    keep in touch

    go to go now.

  293. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Kekoa- yup - he got da job. ;-)

    hiya xs!


  294. Barry Markowitz:

    Homey, you break my heart...thought it was going to be The Russ & Guest Tsaiko Show, with you, Homey, first up.

  295. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Aloha Kakou:

    Back again after six+ weeks gone from the site because of personal reasons.

    It was asked by in Post 146 by d1shima: Is the information available as to the directive given by the legislature for the $3M+

    Yes, it is.Here is the language taken directly from the bill. Remember, this is in addition to the specific line items listed in the bill.

    "SECTION 131.3. Provided that of the general obligation bond fund appropriation for the University of Hawaii, system wide support (UOH 900), the sum of $58,511,000 or so much thereof as may be necessary for fiscal year 2008-2009 shall be used for capital renewal and deferred maintenance, statewide; provided further that of the total sum:

    (1) $3,000,000 or so much thereof as may be required for fiscal year 2008-2009 shall be used for upgrades to athletic facilities at the University of Hawaii at Manoa;

    Unfortunately, I did not have as much good luck in my "day job" quests for legislative action. At the beginning of the conference period earlier in April, I had 39 bills I was tracking - 36 in support and 3 in oppposition - which had survived to that point including two which had already been passed and sent on to the Governor who signed one and let the other go into law without her signature. Of the 39 bills, one dealt with UH funding and two with Aloha Stadium.

    Four of the 39 bills had conference members named, but the committees never met so the legislation died without any further action.. Of the remaining 35, three were killed by early last week because the conferees could not reach agreement; another 11 died last Friday evening when the Speaker refused to allow House members to extend their negotiations past 6 pm even though the Senate was willing to do so.

    NOTE: One of the Friday evening victims I started advocating for in 1996 but decided in 2005 to take the issue state wide rather than just focusing on O`ahu. It became part of the House Majority package this year.

    Of the 21 which either went to a full vote yesterday or will be voted on tomorrow, one was defeated yesterday and another one is on very shaky ground. Of the bills I opposed, one was killed on Friday night, one passed yesterday and is on its way to Da Gov, and the third one is tied to the good bill scheduled for a final vote tomorrow. The two chambers must either agree to support both bills or both will die.

    In previous four years, my W-L record was significantly better than this year. Maybe The Team needs a new coach!

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT #1: My condolances to the Hinshaw `Ohana for their loss. As I said to Kekoa at Saturday's T-Gate gathering, we too are facing something similar.

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT #2: The 2008 baseball team - like the men's 2007/2008 volleyball team - is full of young guys who are transitioning from high school to university level ball. Their growth has been phenomenal.

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT #3: I have an idea for a project that the Tsaikos can take the lead on to support the football coaching staff as well as other team sports. Will develop it further and post it later.

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT #4: Watch carefully the connections between O`ahu's mass transit planning and Aloha Stadium in its current location.

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT #5: Mahalo to HiloGreg for bringing orchids to the Athletic Department staff last week.

    CHANGE OF SUJECT #6: In the previous blog, coding instructions for bold, italic, size, blockquote, etc., were posted directly under the space. Where is this information located now?

    I still don't like the new site - it's too time-consuming to find what I want to read and the flashing ads drive me crazy.

  296. homey ®:

    Barry - Yeah right...I wouldn't have anything to say.

    Hey! It's WassupDoc! Were you lurking all this time? :lol: The info regarding your coding instructions is located nowhere. Oh, check that, it is located as a comment in the source code. Go ask the 'Tizer tekkies for more info.

  297. BigWave96744:

    If you are looing for in inconspicuous security guard, why not hire some of those Waikiki Street Performers (ie, Silver Man, Gold Man, Monkey Man, or those Young Kids with the Dreads and BO who sleep on the Sidewalk in across the Aqua Hotel.

    Anyway I ain't Humpin so I guess I'll be Jumpin...

  298. homey ®:

    SteveM - Ahhhhh, I see you use webcounterstats. And here I thought you wrote your own php and javaScript. :lol:

  299. Bulla:

    big wave,

    you crack me up, i thought you were one of those kids with a dreads wig on...guess not. saw you saturday in the south end zone, can't miss that big smile of yours when you're carrying your boy, haha.

    hope all is well, i was thinking of having Keller Hall vs. Johnson Hall for the 'intramural football game' that you're doing with Jason. i'll do the J-Hall team, oh boy, haha.

    watch out for jelly fish..........

  300. BigWave96744:

    Hey Bulla,
    I had a field pass but couldn't bring LittleWave on the field.

    So I left with with Scott's Wife who was sitting in last sideline Makai Section on the south side. I saw you sitting in the South Endzone so was yelling "BULLA, BULLA..."
    LittleWave started yelling "BOOOOOOOOOOLAAAAAAAH, BOOOOOOOOOLAH" and was just cracking up.

    BTW, I was going to mention the "OTHER KIINE" Waikiki Street Performers that you could use for Security but those wahines might want more than $14/hr... Also Mrs. Bulla might give you cracks if you hire them...

    Oh and tell those Dread Kids, 'Au 'Au no mean you all buss...

  301. homey ®:

    WassupDoc - I don't think you were gone for more than 6+ weeks. Anyway, welcome back.

  302. Ronnie:

    Welcome back WassupDoc! I don't think there is any information as to what tags work with this site. People have been trying different things... Blockquote and bold still work the same.

    Also, there's a new post up.

  303. protector:

    I echo Florida Ted & Kekoa's optimism about the upcoming battle in the Swamp. I also see crowd noise as a factor, so I hope Coach Mack & staff do some things to simulate & counteract that problem (quick counts, silent count, etc.). Although I'm still being razzed by my friends about the Sugar Bowl outcome, I still stand by my prediction of victory in the Swamp. It's not because I'm a pie-in-the-sky believer, but because Coach Mack is doing all the right things!!

  304. WJD:

    wassup with the hate on jj? the braddah seem to know what he was doing when he got us to the sugah bowl.

  305. Football Fan:

    Brennan fans,
    I told you all last year Brennan would go somewhere near the last round should he ever declare. He's good, but he's not that good.

    While you are all crying about how only one got drafted this year and the rest were picked up in free agency, take a moment to stop blaming Lelie and the others. UH has a fine reputation for producing linemen and some decent DB's, not QBs and receivers. As soon as Funaki is allowed to display his skills, UH will be start to be recognized by the experts on the mainland as a school that is starting to produce decent QB's.

  306. Jason:


  307. al:

    double f,
    where you been?
    remember that bet you made?

  308. bighilofan2:

    c'mon, do not describe me as a jj hater. i said i believe he let us down [as our team coach] at the SB. i also said i thank him for all the good he did for UH Athletics; the bottom line is that but for his leaving and the pressure that decision put on the State administrators, the UHADept would still be suckin finga on facility upgrades. but its also true [and its not all his kuleana as we now know HF was a major loser AD and jj had to work with him] that major players overcome adversity, adapt, improvise.... i expected more of him at the SB. sorry, thats my opinion.

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    Sorry - trying to figure out how I got "blue" text.

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