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Ex-Warriors need to pave the way

April 29th, 2008

Living well is the best revenge?
Oh, please.
I used to be with Seinfeld on that one.
One of my female friends once sent her cheatin' ex a box of manure.
A long time ago, another friend found out her boyfriend had another girlfriend. She canceled two of his classes.
And that Hollywood actor who once stole my pail when we were kids in New York? Sorry your last movie bombed.
But when it comes to the spurned UH football players, maybe living well is the way to go. Face it, the NFL was in no rush to draft a UH quarterback. (Before Colt Brennan, the last one was Larry Arnold, in 1969.) And the League wasn't too keen on UH's prolific receivers.
The NFL is made up of 'fraidy fat cats who are too scared to pick football skills over "measurables."
The Warriors' ball-handling players will never get respect until their alumni do well at the proverbial next level. If Ashley Lelie were an All-Pro player now, then Jason Rivers is a middle-round draft pick. If Chad Owens could do what we all know he can do, then Davone Bess is taken in the third round. And if Tim Chang made it, then Brennan would be test driving an Escalade today.
This year's group of free agents needs to give NFL scouts a reason not to be afraid. That will help future pro prospects from UH.

* * *

Many of you had an opportunity to meet chancellor Virginia Hinshaw at Saturday's function. She's a great woman who shares your passion for all things related to UH football.
Sadly, her father, Louis Snyder, passed away Monday night.
I'm sure we all offer our condolences at this time.

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