DeMello gets talk show

April 30th, 2008

One of Hawai‘i's rising talents, KITV's Rob DeMello, is being promoted to co-host of KUMU 1500 AM's morning show on Tuesdays and Thursdays, general manager John Aeto said.

DeMello, who also is a sports reporter/weekend anchor at KITV, will be paired with Russell Yamanoha.

DeMello replaces Bob Hogue, who will remain with the station as a roving host. Hogue has been busy as the Pac West Conference's commissioner.

Aeto praised DeMello's work ethic, enthusiasm and creativity. DeMello has worked the past year as producer of the Leahey & Leahey radio show.

Aeto said DeMello is a "new generation" sportscaster who grew up in the age of sports-talk radio.

"We wanted to give him his shot," Aeto said. "He prepares as hard as anybody we have on staff."

* * *

With a week and a half left of instruction, the Warriors have been given the rest of the semester off to concentrate solely on school work.

The offseason conditioning program will not resume until May 27, the first day of Summer Session I.

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  1. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Best wishes to all student athletes! Get that degree!

  2. gigi-hawaii ©:

    hey, I was first! yay!

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, now I'm curious about Markowitz's cryptic comments about Hogue.

  4. Hawaiiroller:

    4th...woo hoo my best finish...or start.

  5. ryan:

    Do the JC recruits come in on May 27th for the first session of summer school?

  6. WarriorMojo:

    So, ST, you got any chat guests lined up for us?

  7. Blackie:

    Remember that they are student-athletes (with the emphasis on students).

  8. HawaiianKiko:

    Ancient Chinese philosophy........Knowledge comes from your Sifu....Sensei...Guro....Mentor....Coach....Learning is a lifetime process......Wisdom comes from within.............

  9. Stretch:

    ST - With the amount of "new" Tsaiko's we've picked up the past year, how about we do more bios??

  10. HawaiianKiko:

    What have you learned today.......Grasshopper?????? lol

  11. Ronnie:

    Great idea Stretch! More bios! More bios!

    More chat guests! More chat guests! More chat guests!

  12. las vegas:

    I think maryann(e) was shortchanged a bio.

  13. homey ®:

    How about holding a combine for the Tsaiko women. sjmacro can video it.

  14. las vegas:

    good idea!
    sj can sell it as Tsai-Ko girls gone wild!

  15. homey ®:

    HawaiianKiko - I learned that Spam is on sale at Long's.

  16. homey ®:

    las vegas - I think after one event the wahine will call it quits and head on over to the nearest karaoke bar.

  17. protector:

    Just out of curiosity, if it's a promotion for DeMello, is it also a demotion for Bob Hogue(?) or does this just free up Bob hogue to have more flexibility with his time?
    I don't know any of the station / personality dynamics: anybody??

  18. las vegas:

    can u imagine a Tsai-Ko combine, male or female?

    40 times in minutes if anyone actually finishes (bottle of Crown at the finish line? Hmmmm Homey?)

    225 lift , once by 6 Tsai-Kos at the same time

    Vertical jump of .2566 inches (once again Homey jumping for food on a table)

    free CPR for everyone!

  19. las vegas:

    3 pm, time for a nap
    such a hard life

  20. Koauka:

    Rob and Russ, this show is gonna be good.

  21. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Congrats to Rob DeMello!
    Mrs. A-House is really glad he signed her book now :!:

    Mahalo to Bob Hogue and good luck as you rove around and take care of business!

    Softball sportsplayership story brought tears to my eyes.

    HawaiianKiko - nice to see you around, esp. after sharing that great Saturday experience.


    Willie Grace

  22. midori7:

    Congratulations to Rob DeMello!

    Got to meet him & Kanoa Leahey at Ohana Festival. Nice guys! Will miss Rob on Leahey & Leahey.

  23. Kazz:


    I met him in the past and he's a cool guy to chat with.

    Besides, we "vertically challenged" folks gotta supprot each other!!! :lol: :wink:

  24. Loa:

    afternoon gang !

    i enjoy watching and listening to RD, he'll do a great job with the radio show.

    to the fb warriors - take care of the academics and good luck on the finals.

    Liz - you coming like Esme eh, hit and run, lol

  25. Kazz:

    Now, the question is, "when will Vili The Warrior take over Wednesday's KUMU morning show"?

  26. LizKauai [Believer]:

    LOA- tappity, tappity... exit, stage left!

  27. LizKauai [Believer]:

  28. Kazz:

    las vegas:

    April 30th, 2008 at 12:03 pm
    can u imagine a Tsai-Ko combine, male or female?

    40 times in minutes if anyone actually finishes (bottle of Crown at the finish line? Hmmmm Homey?)

    225 lift , once by 6 Tsai-Kos at the same time

    Vertical jump of .2566 inches (once again Homey jumping for food on a table)

    free CPR for everyone!

    Where is the "Sashimi Shuttle"?

  29. jojo ®:

    Where did Rob DeMello go to high school?

    Yeah, yeah,

  30. Barry Markowitz:

    ST, Cryptic? Just thought maybe the Tsaiko's might want to farewell Bob Hogue in person tommorow morning....he has made important stands re; UH and while the other radio guys were bashing the Tsaiko's (calling them crazy, etc), Hogue joined me in inviting Tsaiko's and SportsHawaii guys on air, as guests not as callers, which I think helped mainstream the image. And one of regular most frequent bestest guests is you, the Ultimate ST! No mystery...just pride and respect for a job well done by Bob Hogue in building something from nothing. Hopefully Rob appreciates what we will be leaving him...things were really hard when we first started, infrastructure-wise. Now if GM John Aeto could just stream KUMU on the internet, the power of KUMU Team 1500 would reah its full potential.

  31. Loa:

    jojo - kapalama heights?

    howzit Kazz !

  32. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Didn't Russ resign from ch 8 news and become a full-time real estate agent? I wonder how his new career is doing.

  33. HawaiianKiko:

    Homey.....went to Longs last week.....stocked up.....Ten Que for the insight....LOL

  34. Loa:

    barry - i wish they would stream 1500 too so our friends outside Oahu can enjoy the shows

  35. Garret:

    Thought I should post this in case anyone feels like getting ice cream today.

    Join us for 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins®
    and help us honor America’s firefighters. Participating stores will reduce prices of small ice cream scoops to 31 cents.* At some locations, you may also have an opportunity to make a donation to your local fire charities.

    The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation remembers America’s
    fallen heroes and assists their families. The organization provides firefighters with training to prevent deaths in the line of duty and offers the public information to prevent fires in our communities.

    A donation of $100,000 will be made by Baskin-Robbins® to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. At select local stores throughout the country, you may also have a chance to donate to your local fire station.

  36. Garret:

    I wish that they would stream 1500! I listened to it when I was in Hawaii, but that is normally for just a week or two per year.

  37. Garret:

    Another ESPN bowl just got approved.

    The NCAA Bowl Certification Committee today approved the St. Petersburg Bowl, which will debut in December 2008.

    Owned and operated by ESPN, the St. Pete Bowl will pit college football teams from the Big East and Conference USA at Tropicana Field. The inaugural game was planned for Sunday night, Dec. 21, but that changed when the NFL schedule assigned the Bucs a home game the same night against San Diego.

    This is ESPN's sixth bowl game, joining the Las Vegas, Hawaii, Armed Forces, and New Mexico bowls.

  38. Garret:

    I remember when UH had an awesome season, killed BYU in the last game, then had no bowl game to go to. It is just crazy that the Big East has 8 teams and 7 bowl spots!

    The Big East now has bowl berths for seven of its eight teams in 2008 and Conference USA will have six bowl berths for its 12 schools.

  39. A-House:

    Wassup Doc:

    Thank you for the update information and welcome back to the blog.

    Great to see you and Doc last Saturday night at Richardson Field.

  40. Garret:

    Amazing how off the mock drafts were for "experts" Kiper and McShay.

    Kiper and McShay have the good fortune of holding a position within their network that allows them to spout off about what will happen at the draft with absolutely zero accountability. That is, once the dust has settled, rarely does anyone look back to see if they actually knew what they were talking about.

    In 2007, we documented the first 99 picks in their respective mock drafts and watched as Kiper hit on 10.5% and McShay hit on 9.1%.

    This season, we documented the first 135 picks of their mocks and took it to another level by offering up our very own Mock Draft for Rounds 1-2.

    Turns out that the only thing anyone predicted correctly were the horrific results.

    Out of the first 135 picks, Todd McShay picked nine for an accuracy percentage of 6.67%. In the biggest surprise of the day, McShay actually nailed one in the fourth round - Cody Wallace to the 49ers at pick #107 - no doubt by complete stroke of luck.

    Defending champ Mel Kiper picked a whopping eight correct, leaving him at a sterling 5.93% accuracy rate. For all the research Kiper does throughout the year, the last pick he got correct was #22, Felix Jones to the Cowboys. That made him zero for his last 113.

  41. Garret:

    Prom proposal leads to a lacrosse team suspension.

    Kristoff Wennersten figured his prom proposal had to be one-of-a-kind if it would have any chance of being accepted.

    But the Huron High School senior never imagined it would result in a suspension for himself and 12 of his varsity lacrosse teammates, whom he recruited to help spell out the message at a school soccer match via their derrieres.

    The players displayed the question, "Will You Go To The Prom With Me? Yes or No?" on their posteriors while mooning Huron senior Carolyn Campbell at a game.

    All 13 players were suspended for a undetermined number of games and ordered to complete 20 hours of community service.

    The students were also suspended for one day of school. Huron's lacrosse matches, scheduled for this past Saturday and Monday, were postponed.

  42. homey ®:

    Loa - For jojo to mention what school RD attended it has to be Kailua High.

  43. Garret:

    I echo A-House's post and welcome back WassupDoc. I hope that she has a better success rate next year with the Legislature. I know that I appreciate the info on the bills regarding UH.

  44. Garret:

    Hal Mumme *really* helped UH's BCS chances last year! Kind of a conflict of interest I would think since NMSU really can use their cut of the BCS money.

    New Mexico State's Hal Mumme had Hawaii at No. 1, LSU at No. 4, USC at No. 7 and Georgia at No. 9

  45. SteveM:

    homey ®:
    April 30th, 2008 at 12:00 pm
    las vegas - I think after one event the wahine will call it quits and head on over to the nearest karaoke bar.

    homey -- yeah, I think they would...and go without us. The Tsai-kettes have been exchanging email addys and phone numbers all year... :|

  46. Loa:

    homey - ahh, fellow surfrider's ? i thought jojo doesn't surf

  47. Garret:

    I had ignored the fact that Miami drafted a RB...but this comment worries me.

    Perhaps the selection of Hilliard indicates the dissatisfaction with Reagan Mauia. Ireland said he could play fullback, and with Boomer Grigsby being more of a special teams whiz, one of these guys could have a shot at fullback instead of halfback. In addition to getting arrested during the offseason, Mauia did not show that much on the field last season.

  48. Garret:

    Note about Bess and Miami.

    Of the nine previously identified needs, the Dolphins successfully addressed seven of them in the draft, the only exceptions being tight end and wide receiver. After the draft, however, the team signed eight unpicked free agents, including tight end Matt Muligan from the University of Maine and former Hawaii wide receiver Davone Bess. Of course, it’s a long shot for these undrafted free agents to make the 53-man roster, but two of last year’s crop of post-draft acquisitions -- safety Courtney Bryan (12 games) and linebacker Edmond Miles (16 games) -- made the team, while safety Tuff Harris was forced into the lineup for the season finale.

  49. Garret:

    This Bleacher Report article about Boston College scheduling takes a shot at UH.


    BC could schedule Hawaii every year just to beat up on them and eliminate them from BCS contention. And what's better than a Hawaii vacation in September?

  50. Garret:

    George Noga and Leuma Pua'auli update!

    When George Noga put his Alaska Wild football career before his love of playing music, something else had to give in order to support his family -- a good night's sleep.

    The 35-year-old Hawaiian works night shifts, unloading cargo from massive jets at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Although he gets paid to play for the Wild, it's not enough to feed and clothe his kids.

    "It's difficult," Noga said after Monday night's 64-33 victory over San Angelo at Sullivan Arena. "In this business, it's not the greatest money in the world. But the love of football is why we're here."

    During the offseason, Noga is often seen at local bars, jamming out on the bass guitar and singing backup vocals for H3, a reggae band in Anchorage. But playing professional football and working on his "downtime" has put his passion for music on hold.

    "There's no time to play music," said the 6-foot-2, 300-pound lineman. "I'm trying to support my family."

    At least he's got a friend on the tarmac. Teammate Leuma Pua'auli also works with Noga at Allied Continental Inc. In fact, the 6-foot, 350-pound lineman from Hawaii is his boss.

    Considering both played football at the University of Hawaii, and Alaska is 4-2 -- riding a franchise-best six game home winning streak -- they have no trouble striking up a conversation to pass the time.

    Noga made a game-changing play with less than 12 minutes left in the second quarter. He blindsided Vinson to pop the ball loose near the 20-yard line. Atonio Lolesio picked it up and scored to give the Wild a 19-13 lead they never relinquished.

    "It's hard work," Noga said, pulling a full-time job and playing pro football. "But for us to be a second year franchise, it's a good feeling to be 4-2."

    Other than having the same alma mater as Pua'auli, Noga has another Hawaiian connection on the Wild.

    Year ago when Noga played semi-pro football on the island of Oahu, he played with Niko Ilalio, brother of the Wild's new general manager, Numi Ilalio Jr.

    An assistant coach for Service's varsity football team, Ilalio also played football in Hawaii.

    "I'm surprised we never ran into each other," Noga said.

  51. jojo ®:

    And homey is correct!!! Sorry, Loa.

    That's right! Kailua High School!!! I love Kailua (High School)

    And when I do become a distinguished alumni of UH, I will proudly say, "I grad Kailua High." (bad grammar and all)

  52. homey ®:

    Loa - She doesn't surf but is one heckuva pool swimmer! I don't like swimming in a pool because after awhile I hit the wall. :shock:

  53. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Are you still on strike?

  54. Chicken Grease:

    Congrats to DeMello. Wow, that can end up being a formidable pairing, DeMello and Yamanoha. Can their show get moved to Mondays -- will love to hear those two discussing the past weekend's Warrior game, come football season.

    Heh, so THIS is what other AM 1500 guy Bob Hogue might've been referring to.

    My question -- how long we gotta wait for the Stephen Tsai Show on AM 1500 or wherever?!? (preferably on 1500, though, since I lissen to d'at station) C'mon, Steve . . . imagine all the Tsaikos you could bring to the studio! Lot of decent eating places around there, too!

  55. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Yes indeedy, Demello is a Surfrider.

  56. onarock:


    In case no one expressed their gratitude for your contributions to this blog, here's one from me - MAHALO!!

    I try to lurk and participate when I can, but it's almost impossible to keep up with everything, but when I do get a chance to visit here, I always look forward to the news clips you find and share with us here.

    Your '40' post was affirmation of what I thought of these knuckleheads (Kiper and McShay). Although their accuracy percentage is low, it's sad how they could still indirectly affect the futures of much-deserving athletes like our Bess, Grice-Mullins, and Rivers. It would be hilarious if Kiper and McShay were on a live show and a caller would point out their 'accuracy percentage' on live TV. Without accountability, I guess they will keep yapping away until someone TV Land finally realizes they're both just full of #@!$ and the general fan base has had enough!!!!

  57. homey ®:

    Esme - Not that I lurk but what is this about "elbows"?

  58. MeiLing:

    Good luck in finals to all of the students! You too, Jason!

    Have to catch up on the blog...jury duty summons & work calls...

    My co-worker corrected me on my NFL Draft mis-conception about contracts...they are not like major league baseball contracts. So, guess Dixon was a good pick for the draft even tho he's "lame" right now. K, I learn more about football as I go along.

    Go Marauders!

  59. Hoohiki:

    Talking about sportscasters on the move....anyone know where Rob Fukuzaki is now? Larry Beil? Neil Everett (ESPN) ? Saw Al Harrington's son as sportscaster on one of Utah's tv station. Russell Shimooka? Was Tiny Tadani ever a sports reporter? Does anyone remember Joe Moore or Shawn Ching being sports guys before they became anchors?

  60. Barry Markowitz:

    DPK, Yes negotiations have been stalled since my last interview on scene with USC's Pete Carroll and Mike Garrett. I came back last week to help put a little more funk and hot news back in the show, whether Bob & Russ knew they needed it or not. So I have appointed Kekoa, LizK, and Garrett as my three headed agent for the throngs of local and national shows throwing vast fortunes at me for my segment (lol). In reality you will probably find me in front of Kona Brewing Co. in Hawaii Kai with a tin cup and a digital camera.

  61. homey ®:

    Hoohiki - Tadani, Moore, and Ching...yes.

  62. d1shima [sez:]:

    Howzit, all.

    Hoo gotta pull one Esme/Liz here; kinda busy at work.

    Glad to hea about RD. Interesting about he grad Kailua, now I gotta call da show and apologize fo' giving him hard time b4. haha

    yeh, kinda small kine lurking. Wassup!

    You get mail.


  63. James:

    Rep. Takai / Stephen / James,

    Out of the $58 million, the Legislature specifically earmarked no less than $3 million for additional upgrades to the athletic facilities at UH Manoa

    Is the information available as to the directive given by the legislature for the $3M+ ?

    D1 Sorry, been a bit busy as we are working on finiahing up for the last day of session tomorrow and must finish a bunch of reports and other loose ends by the beginning of June if we wish to start taking vacation at that time (and since we can only take vacation between June and November we are scrambling to get things done).

    Anyway, on a break right now and thought I'd answer your question as I watch the protestors who have taken over Iolani Palace.

    The 3 million for the athletic department has been earmarked in the budget. If you go the the Hawaii Legislative Website, there should be a committee report and bill draft for House Bill 2500 (HB2500) you will find the listings of the projects for which monies were appropriated. Specifically on page 318 and 319 of the budget.

  64. James:


    Last I saw, Rob Fukuzaki was a news anchor in LA.

  65. Hawaiiroller:

    Warriors playing Pro football.
    Updated to include Karl Noa. Follow your favs…

    National Football League

    Samson Satele Miami Dolphins
    Reagan Mauia Miami Dolphins
    Davone Bess Miami Dolphins

    Wayne Humter New York Jets
    Karl Noa New York Jets

    Dane Uperesa Cincinnati Bengals

    Melia Purcell Cleveland Browns

    Tala Esera Indianapolis Colts

    Ryan Grice-Mullings Houston Texans

    Vince Manuwai Jacksonville Jaguars

    Jason Rivers Tennessee Titans

    Matt McBriar Dallas Cowboys

    Colt Brennen Washington Redskins

    Leonard Peters Chicago Bears

    Ikaika Alama-Francis Detroit Lions

    Jason Elam Altanta Falcons
    Kynan Forney Altanta Falcons

    Travis Laboy Arizona Cardinals
    Hercules Satele Arizona Cardinals

    Pisa Tinoisamoa St. Louis Rams

    Jeff Ulbrich San Francisco 49ers
    Isaac Sapoaga San Francisco 49ers
    Ashley Leile San Francisco 49ers

    Canadian Football League

    Chad Mock BC Lions
    Tim Chang Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  66. James:

    Congrats to DeMello....
    and for the record, I'm not dakine...I was only playing when I met you on Satrurday....

    and no jokes about the school I attended either....this means you bulla, homey, and DPK...otherwise, koakane going get mad.....mwahahahahahahaaha

  67. Garret:


    Mahalo for the kind words. There was some good stuff out there today, so I'm glad that I had some free time to pass it along.

  68. homey ®:

    James - Nothing wrong with your school. Where else can "guys" like you, Koakane, and wafan, mingle without fear of retribution. :wink:

  69. Garret:

    Article of draft studs and duds mentions Colt.

    Colt Brennan was a very intriguing pick; if he can adjust to the culture change from Hawaii to D.C., he has the skills to become a solid NFL quarterback (judging him just from that Sugar Bowl is a mistake). At the very least, he provides a stronger backup option than Todd Collins, and he will be a capable replacement if starter Jason Campbell can’t stay healthy or take the next step in his development.

  70. James:


    No talk about wafan and koakane like dat.....mwahahahahahaha

  71. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    At least you got a tin cup. Some use plastic or paper.

  72. homey ®:

    James - In celebration of your release from slavery, are you planning a CC or pau hana bash?

  73. Garret:

    KGMB article on the Warriors going to to NFL.

    "You know Peyton Manning got destroyed for his last football game in his college career, but that doesn't make him any less of a quarterback in the NFL. He's still regarded as one of the best and I think that's what Washington saw and I think that's what made the decision a good choice and I'm going to live up to the pick definitely," said new Washington QB Colt Brennan.

    "Coach Parcels is there, and I know he's cleaning house. He means business so I can see that program is definitely on the rise," said Davone Bess.

    "When I got to Hawaii I had to work to get a job and you know win that job that I did so, it's the same thing now," said Ryan Grice-Mullins.

    Jason Rivers will have his shot with the Tennessee Titans. The St. Louis grad was one of 10 free agents the team picked up.

    "Maybe the past 2 years watching Vince Young and the offense struggle. I always felt like I was someone who could contribute to a team winning," said Jason Rivers.

  74. James:

    Homey...maybe next week as our official date of release and back to regular hours will be Monday.....I will let everyone know...maybe a mid-week pau hana bash somewhere....or a Friday one so people can sleep in on the weekend....

  75. koakane ™:

    :twisted: eh wasa matta u's joking about da school now James being "da kind" is another matta.

  76. Garret:

    Chad Owens sure took advantage of his opportunity to play when his team's #1 WR was injured.

    Chad Owens started in place of leading Crush receiver Ben Nelson, who was involved in only one offensive play in the game.

    He was nursing an undisclosed injury and didn't believe he could be effective as a receiver, although he did play on special teams.

    Owens, a rookie from Hawaii, had 12 catches for 115 yards and two touchdowns.

  77. Stretch:

    homey ®:
    April 30th, 2008 at 2:34 pm
    James - Nothing wrong with your school. Where else can “guys” like you, Koakane, and wafan, mingle without fear of retribution.

    St Louis??!!??

  78. James:

    koakane....wassup??? A1 is in the house....mwahahahaahhaha

  79. Garret:

    Another mention of Chad Owens.

    Harrell's relatively quiet night was overshadowed on the Crush bench as his replacement, Crush WR Ben Nelson was a game-time scratch. Nelson was hampered by a nagging leg injury suffered in last week's loss at Kansas City saw only a few plays on offense and did not record a reception in the game.

    His replacement WR Chad Owens however, made the decision not to play Nelson look like a smart move. Owens, in his first action at receiver ever in the AFL, took a handoff from QB John Dutton in from four yards out for his third rushing touchdown of the season to start the scoring at 6:30 in the first quarter. Owens looked encouraging with a game high 115 yards on 12 catches for two touchdowns.

  80. jojo ®:

    James isn't dakine, he's one grade from being metrosexual.

  81. Garret:

    Article about how stats in college do not translate to high NFL draft position. Many of these other guys seem to have had their college success disregarded just like Colt.

    Do impressive college statistics mean big money for players taken in the NFL Draft? Not by what happened over the weekend when pro teams plucked the lucky 252 names.

    Consider the fate of the draft-eligible 2007 NCAA Division I leaders in several statistical categories, none of which were first-round picks.

    -- Central Florida running back Kevin Smith led the nation in rushing with 2,567 yards, the second most in history behind Barry Sanders' 2,628 yards in 1988. The junior initially said he would return to school, but then changed his mind and entered the draft. Whoops.

    NFL scouts expressed doubts about his size (6-1, 211 pounds) and are worried about his staggering 450 carries last year (70 more than any other D-I player).

    None of the five running backs taken in the first round (Arkansas teammates Darren McFadden by Oakland and Felix Jones by Dallas, Oregon's Jonathan Stewart by Carolina, Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall by Pittsburgh and East Carolina's Chris Johnson by Tennessee) rushed for as many yards or touchdowns as Smith, Forte or Rice.

  82. James:

    Oh no you didn't JOJO....


  83. koakane ™:


    no get smart I know where to go to da retribution.

  84. Garret:

    It wasn't much better for quarterbacks as four of the top eight senior quarterbacks by D-I passing efficiency ratings couldn't crack the first round -- Louisville's Brian Brohm (second round, Green Bay), Oregon's Dennis Dixon (fifth round, Pittsburgh), Tulsa's Paul Smith (not drafted) and Hawaii's Colt Brennan (sixth round, Washington). Second in the nation in both passing yards (5,065) and TDs (47), Smith is still looking for work.

    The first quarterback taken was Boston College's Matt Ryan, picked third overall by Atlanta.

    Ryan slumped at the end of the season to finish 61st nationally in passing efficiency, (388-of-664, 4,507 yards, 31 TDs, 19 ints.) In the Eagles' 3-3 finish, Ryan threw 12 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

    Those stats moved Ryan ahead of the other 12 quarterbacks drafted? It makes about as much sense as one of Wesley Snipes' tax returns.

    Compare the numbers to Brennan (359-of-510, 4,343 yards, 38 TDs, 17 ints), who in his last five regular-season games led Hawaii to its first-ever BCS bowl threw for 18 TDs, 4 ints. against respectable competition (Boise State, Fresno State and Nevada all went to bowls as well as Pac-10 member Washington).

  85. Garret:

    So what stat does the NFL truly pays heed to? One word: Sacks.

    Virginia defensive end Chris Long and Ohio State counterpart Vernon Gholston tied for second in the nation with 14 sacks. Long went second overall to St. Louis and Gholston sixth to the New York Jets.

    All told seven defensive linemen went in the first round with five more going in the second round. That's only two fewer than the combined number of quarterbacks and wide receivers in the first two rounds.

  86. homey ®:

    jojo - Thanks for clearing that up about James. I thought his eyebrows looked like someone cleaned them up.

  87. koakane ™:

    numba 1,

    whot I told stretch and you not to do when I drinking something and reading da blog.

    shet whea da papa towel?

    btw you now ¾ :mrgreen:

  88. homey ®:

    Koakane - My mom told me "no get smaht" when I was in 4th I had to repeat 4th grade.

  89. Kekoa:

    Excuse me for asking Barry, but did you mean to say throngs or thongs?

    Just to clarify. I don't want DPK to get upset that he didn't get first crack at wearing thongs if in fact that is what you meant.

  90. James:

    koakane...what is 3/4? feet?? mwahahahahahaha

  91. homey ®:

    Kekoa - Funny you mention thongs. UHfan808 asked me if I wanted to use her thongs at the t-gate as I was turning over the shrimp. Talk about chef fetishes. :shock:

  92. Stretch:

    homey ®:
    April 30th, 2008 at 3:02 pm
    Kekoa - Funny you mention thongs. UHfan808 asked me if I wanted to use her thongs at the t-gate as I was turning over the shrimp. Talk about chef fetishes.

    I didn't know you like to floss when you cook

  93. Kekoa:

    Rob Demello guy! How cool is that?

    Nice of him to hang out with us at the stadium on Sataday. He thought we were all so Tsaiko! Little did he know that Esme and I managed to place an implant on him. Now everytime he opens his show with the greeting, "Howz it goin' everrrybody!" we deliver a slight jolt of Tsaiko voltage that makes him ono for gravy.

  94. James:

    homey, no were tongs all day long.....mwahahhahahaha

  95. homey ®:

    Stretch - I can't even stand wearing bvd's! It's UHfan808 that we have to worry about. Well maybe not worry...wonder is a better word.

  96. homey ®:

    James - nothing like having a pair of tongs in case a bbq is waiting to happen.

  97. James:

    Okay's been fun talking about tongs, bvds, and da kine...but have to get back to work....see you guys later....

  98. Stretch:

    homey - just make sure you put the tongs on the side before you start eating.

  99. koakane ™:

    stop it you guy are killing me :p lmao

  100. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: JC recruits.
    They may come in May 27, if they a) earned enough credits. or b) received an AA.

  101. koakane ™:

    eh whot happened to da :p:

  102. will-i-am:

    Congrats DeMello!!
    I think Rob and Kanoa Leahey are the best sports radio/tv host we have. I wouldn't be surprised if Kanoa ends up on ESPN, and Demello isn't too far behind.

  103. Stephen Tsai:

    We're going to start the bios, but it'll have to wait until next week Thursday. With the early classes, I can't post until midday on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    I think we're going to have a different format. We'll go with some fill-in-the-blank parts, then have room at the end for a quick bio.

  104. Barry Markowitz:

    Kekoa, you are the big bucks agent, you spin it any way you like. But never mention that word thongs around Homey...he gets very excited about stuff l'dat.

  105. homey ®:

    This :p :P

  106. Stephen Tsai:

    I might have said that JuJu is from Castle, and JuJu got a little hu-hu.

  107. jojo ®:

    Math for now, because Jason is studying:


  108. Kama Krab:

    Eh Homey,

    Keep your fanticies to yourself!!!

  109. Stretch:

    ST - Thanks, looking forward to getting to know some of the newbies.

  110. Bulla:

    tongs + homey = unbridaled passion

    like the movie coming from Malacanang Palace, 'Flips Gone Wild', and we're not talking about a Jaques Cousteau movie with dolphins jumping through hoops....

    i always revered Homey as a walking advertisement for male enhancement products; just the way he carries his fully developed, stout, frame and the rippling hairs on his forearms.....makes any goat hunter itchy.

    just thinking out loud.

  111. Stretch:

    To all the newbies, check out SteveM's site and read about the old futs. I didn't realize, but on that page is a list of people who are regulars who never write a bio yet. I think they should be up first.

  112. Bulla:


    for the newbies, we need to coordinate their orientation meeting, haha

  113. homey ®:

    People! It's all UHfan808 and the thong thingy! I'm just the messenger!

  114. jojo ®:

    Don't ever make JuJu huhu, because I'll be boohoo.

    Here's to you JuJu, proud (I think) Kailua High School Graduate!!!

  115. homey ®:

    jojo - flip-flops = falling Filipino's

  116. Bulla:


    thucking thuccotath, the truth cometh out...i thought theee wath the one who wath talking about the thong thingy.....what a girl.

  117. homey ®:

    Bulla - I get Chinese, no mo hair on my forearms.

  118. chawan_cut:

    it sucks surfing the net on dial up

  119. homey ®:

    Kailua High school is known as the other high school in Kailua.

  120. homey ®:

    chawan - Dial up? Do you also carry around that big arse motorola phone?

  121. al:

    i was wondering why james kept his hair so long.

    kind of a "tweener" look eh?

    gotta run....i'll check james reply later.


  122. cocobean:

    The NFL is a copycat league. When a team finds success with things they are doing on offense or defense others are soon to follow. With the success of Wes Welker this past season, could a team or two be looking for a smurf type slot. The kind of player that's too darn quick within 5-10 yards of the line for LBs and SSs to cover? Randy Moss made the big plays, Welker just kept the chains moving. If any NFL GM or coach is looking for a Wes Welker clone, I can give them three names. Chad, Devonne and Ryan.
    By the way Welker began his career as an undrafted free agent. Spent his first two years on special teams, his third he started a bit. Then got traded to the Pats. Of his current success, he said he always worked hard and hoped someone would give him a real chance to show his stuff on offense not special teams. Like I said, I know three guys who could pass as Welker clones.

  123. brew808:

    Aloha Tsaikos!

    Did you get to read the story about softball player Sara Tucholsky (of Western Oregon University) and the Central Washington University softball team? Wow - what a tremendous example of good sportsmanship - a wonderful, heartwarming story!

  124. jojo ®:

    Kailua High School was there first in Kailua, not Kalaheo.

    Wait, I think I had this conversation here before.

  125. brew808:

    Hi jojo! It's nice to see you posting - more than your recent MO of "one and done"! :D

  126. Stretch:

    brew808 - I think you have the MO of the wrong person, you are thinking of homey.

  127. Bulla:


    that is a MUST READ for every student athlete. do they play to live or live to play? how bad do they want it, what sacrifices are they willing to make to play their game? hmmmmmmm, a GREAT STORY!!!!

  128. brew808:

    ST - If you're around, would you care to comment about Paula's "blooper" from last night's AI show? :lol:

  129. chawan_cut:

    congrats to rob D as well! up and comer!

  130. brew808:

    Stretch - I didn't hear the entire story Re: homey - so I'll have to plead the "fifth"! :lol:

  131. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Tongs, thongs and a barbecue. All we need is a shot of da CR.

    So Kekoa, you speculate about my choice of underwear. :oops: Tsk, tsk. You've been hanging around the pervs in here for too long. I say to you what I say to them. Stop or I'll have to tell your poor wife. Don't make me do it.

  132. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    All the rest of you, get back to work!!!

  133. jojo ®:

    oh, and before I go pau hana, I would like to second maryann(e)'s bio, but I have a feeling we will end up in the vicinity of Keeaumoku and Kapiolani.

  134. jojo ®:

    geez, should I scold brew or stretch? Nah, I go laugh at them.

  135. chawan_cut:

    that is a good story. i actually teared up.

  136. brew808:

    chawan_cut -

    I probably sound like a broken record, but mahalo, mahalo, mahalo.... for keeping us "informed" with your video clips, including the local sports!

    BTW - I know of several photos/video of you in the "public domain" - just didn't think I should "broadcast" that to everyone inquiring for info about you. :)

  137. Stephen Tsai:

    Whatever happened to Red Zone?

  138. brew808:

    Another off-topic question (especially for James, Koakane, wafan...):

    If/when Father Damian is bestowed Sainthood, will your alma mater be renamed to "St. Damian HS"? :o

  139. Hoohiki:

    I agree with you about Kanoa Leahey's potential. He's actually my favorite sports caster. He's succinct, enthusiastic, and very knowledgable about his stories. His presentation and delivery also seems very natural and attention-getting even when he first started out. I guess it's in the genes. His answers when asked about his opinion seems well thought out and smart.
    On the otherhand, I have to say, sometimes I change the channel when DeMello comes on because he seems to struggle with his presentation. What do I know...? (but I am the target audience.) I'm glad he's getting this opportunity, though.

  140. Jason:

    That softball story was really nice. That's something every coach should read to his/her players.

    BTW, if you didn't hear, the NCAA denied Cincinnati's QB Ben Mauk a sixth year of eligibility.

    Congrats to Rob DeMello! I've always been a fan of his.

  141. Jason:

    And thanks to homey for posting earlier that the allowed XHTML tags are mentioned in the source code. I gotta go update my XHTML guide now. :-)

  142. brew808:

    ... lots of others missing too...

  143. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Rob D is da "future". He and Kanoa dat is. I had breakfast with the past, present and future in Hawaii sports casters.

  144. koakane ™:


    great find and some outstanding sportswomanship by the CWU ladies.

  145. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I remeber when John Aeto was da future. He's still pretty young too. Always a hustler, dat guy.

  146. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I remember how to spell remember.

  147. brew808:

    There sure is a lot of interesting info on SteveM's website. Maybe we SteveM could help "fix" the UHAthletics!

    Maybe Peaches needs to start adding to somebody's "honey-DO" jar.... :D

  148. koakane ™:

    ok head out and going home catch you all lattas

  149. brew808:

    Hoohiki -

    Larry Beil is one of the lead a sports-anchors at Channel 7 - KGO (ABC) in SF. He does a great job reporting on Hawaii sports and it's always a pleasure to watch/follow his reports.

    The other transplant is Rick Quan. He's a sports-anchor at Channel 5 - KCBS (CBS) in SF. I don't like him. Maybe he's too outspoken - and is often very critical of local teams, especially the 49ers. He comes off as sort of pompous.

  150. Ralph:

    Gee UHFan808 ears must be itching right now...either she hasn't had time to read the blog or she is stalking Homey in Waipahu at this minute..

  151. Esme:

    # homey ®:
    April 30th, 2008 at 1:46 pm
    Esme - Not that I lurk but what is this about “elbows”?

    Hooo, great. First Stretch lurking around Now homey too.

    Guess the electric fence and guard dogs are not doing the trick.

    Hmm. :lol:

  152. Esme:

    Re: RD ... wow, just so happens that on impulse I asked to shoot a photo with him just before he left Saturday. Now his name appears in ST's blog — thus pushing his stock sky-high. So now that photo's worth a gazillion bucks! :lol:

  153. Hoohiki:

    It's always great to play that "Where is he now?" game. I guess we're the stepping stone for some of these sports guys. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I forgot about Rick Quan. Thanks brew808.

  154. brew808:

    ...maybe he figured he better accept the deal and sign the contract before the photo was made public... :lol:

  155. LizKauai [Believer]:


    Coach Mack and his wife are being advertised on Kauai as participants in our upcoming Visitor Industry Charity Walk.
    Now that's putting the footwork into the hand-shaking!!!

  156. brew808:

    Hiya Liz!

    How tall is Jordan Dizon? How come he's standing soooo far away? :D

  157. LizKauai [Believer]:

    brew808- 6' and he said he was all sweaty...or was it me that was all sweaty... or was it the person taking the picture took it too soon? IDK :lol:

  158. LizKauai [Believer]:

    and it's JordOn

  159. Garret:


    Thank you for pointing out that softball story!

  160. Stephen Tsai:

    When I was the sports editor at Ka Leo a hundred years ago, Larry Beil was my columnist.

  161. brew808:


  162. Stephen Tsai:

    We had a good little sports staff back then: Mike Rovner (now managing editor of the other paper), Stacy Kaneshiro, Jerry Inouye (the cop who shot Tyke) and somebody named Dave Reardon.

  163. LizKauai [Believer]:

    oh wow - Tyke... that was so sad...

  164. Stephen Tsai:

    Kathy Muneno was on the air when two shots were fired. It was Tyke being shot. Kathy got choked up on the air.

  165. brew808:

    So - Larry Beil is another one of your protégés? I really enjoy his sportscasts!

    Hey - I see Young Bros. may take-over Aloha/Cargo. Rats! I was going to suggest.... Tsaiko Airlines!!! :D

  166. Stephen Tsai:

    Re: Kaleo.
    I remember one day, we decided we were going to declare war against The Tizer. We worked really hard to beat that guy — uh, what's his name? — "Ferd."
    About a decade ago, Kaleo had a great sports staff — Keith Kosaki, Jason Kaneshiro and Jennifer Dawn Gibson. They used to give us headaches. They were really good.

  167. Kama Krab:

    Nice find Brew

    This is a story everyone should look at. It shows sportsmanship beyond what any normal athlete would do. If I was in the situation I don't know what I would do. This story show's that aloha is not only shown here but can be spread all over place.

    Like the song from Manoa Copany "A-l-o-h-a a little aloha in our day. Spread a little aloha around the world."

  168. Stephen Tsai:

    Larry was great, but he had a lot of jobs.
    Looking back, it was kind of funny to have to tell him: C'mon, Beil, we need your story.

  169. Bulla:

    you guys had it going at UH, lots of laughs with your crew, DR was always a 'little off', but then again, we all were.

    i told my wife, you look the same...a little less hair, but still the same guy. she didn't believe me. when i showed her the photos i had of J Hall dayz, OMG, i thought she needed CPR.....she was laughing so hard.

    imagine that, ...make memories.....

  170. Stephen Tsai:

    Apparently Damien needs another miracle.
    Hmmm. Beating Saint Louis?

  171. Garret:

    Miami's GM talked about their WR situation.

    Q: Why didn't you draft any wide receivers?

    A: "It just didn't turn out that the receivers were there for us when it came time to pick. We feel real good about the receivers on our roster now. We made some moves there in the free agency with Tab Perry, David Kircus and Ernest (Wilford). We feel good about those kids. We feel like we can go play right now, but we'd like to have some young developmental receivers to push those older gentlemen."

  172. Bulla:

    Larry is a great guy, he used to play basketball with us at International Fitness, nka 24 hour fitness. kind of reminded me of a larry bird/jerry west combo....he had a decent first step, but he'd get hammered in the paint.

    classic, call your own foul games.....classic videos if we had them...

    BE: what, you wanna call a foul?
    LB: no, that was clean....
    BE: you know that, don't be bringing your wimpy a-- in the paint if you can't handle
    LB: who said i can't handle?
    BE: well, the blood dripping from your nose looks pretty cute!
    LB: yeah, i get nosebleeds real easy....

    2 minutes later...

    BE: can someone help me up?
    LB: what, was that a foul?
    BE: no, i slipped, no foul...
    LB: thought you wanted to call a foul.....
    BE: no foul, your ball big boy, welcome to my world

    and this would go on and on and on and on and on...haha

    he could take it, he could dish it...but he is A GOOD GUY!

  173. Kama Krab:

    Aloha everyone, see you guys tomorrow

  174. brew808:

    SJ Sharks live to bite another game! Funny that the two "sports" played on ice (not counting ice skating!) are so different - hockey, and curling...Another thing - no balls involved. Well, maybe, sort-of in hockey.... :)

  175. Garret:

    Miami's GM gave good advice to all the rookies. They are judged every second.

    Q: What are you looking for in the rookie mini-camp this weekend?

    A: "I think it is important that these guys compete and have a good first impression. I go back to the way Marion (Barber) was -- act like professionals. This is a job now. They are under the microscope. We are looking at them every single way. We go back, we study their videotape over and over and over. You can't loaf, you can't make mental errors so you have to come in working hard, giving everything you got because the microscope is on them and we are looking for tough, smart, disciplined football players."

  176. Bulla:


    we're talking just a miracle, not the miracle of miracles...haha

    nah, with Derby gone, i don't know how they'll do....but SL has talent but they haven't named the Head Coach yet.

    all is not settled at Kalaepohaku yet.......:(:(:(

  177. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Funny how we find a way to do what we loved to do as kids.
    I loved my penpals.
    I loved horses.
    When I was 12, I had over 100 penpals and my mom bought me a ditto machine. I produced a monthly newsletter for "Horse World" which grew to 25 pages at its peak and so many members that I had to do 2 sets of masters for each issue.

    A few years ago, I documented my Betta breeding trials and had a very popular DNS that featured beautiful show fish for a few years.

    Now blogging is a household word.

  178. Garret:

    This doesn't sound great for Reagan. Considering that they signed a free agent that was turned into a FB by their new RB coach and they drafted a guy who might be used at FB, Reagan will really have to battle to keep his job.

    Q: Has the team made any decisions on Reagan Mauia?

    A: "No we have not made any decisions on Reagan. We're still in a holding pattern with Reagan."

  179. Garret:

    Analyzing the slot WR situation at Miami.

    8. Slot receiver....

    Contestants: Derek Hagan vs. Tab Perry vs. David Kircus vs. Greg Camarillo

    Every single one of these receivers has a hole in some aspect of his game. Hagan isn't consistent catching the ball. Perry can't stay healthy. Kircus and Camarillo lack speed. The slot job will likely go to who addresses their shortcomings first, becoming the third receiver that compliments Ernest Wilford and Ted Ginn Jr.? Or do the Dolphins add someone else to the roster down the line to fill that role.

  180. Garret:

    Article about the undrafted free agents signed by Miami.

    Earlier this week, the Dolphins agreed to terms with Hawaii receiver Davone Bess, who according to his agent has been a model citizen since serving a 15-month sentence in a juvenile detention facility for driving a car with stolen goods when he was 17. Bess has insisted that he didn't know the stolen property was in the car.

  181. brew808:

    Liz = Aries

    Garret - I was just about to ask you if there was any new about Mr. Mauia! BTW - congrats on contract #1 - wishing you many, many more! :D

  182. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Funny how these guys "with a past" BH (before Hawaii) have to keep getting dragged through the muck - as if being a football player (AH) isn't hard enough!

  183. wafan:

    All right you guys. Blessed Damien is all about miracles to save lives. If Damien ever beat St. Louis there would be more heart attacks. Now how does that fit with saving lives?


  184. chawan_cut:

    brew, pls check your email

  185. LizKauai [Believer]:

    brew- ahem. Liz= Aries+Tiger tsai...

  186. Stephen Tsai:

    So for the July 10 party, I'm requesting that we all bring ... our high school annuals.

  187. Stephen Tsai:

    So, I was thinking, let's put together a how-to book.
    It will include everything from recipes to Greg McMackin's way of building a playbook. We also can have Mel deLaura write workout tips.
    Most of all, there will be recipes.
    Proceeds could go to, I dunno, some charity or UH need.
    Did I mention it will include recipes?

  188. Garret:

    Information on the Purdue WR that Miami signed that will be competing with Bess in Miami's rookie mini-camp.

    The Dolphins have invited seven more college free agents to participate in this weekend's rookie minicamp, including former Purdue receiver Selwyn Lymon, according to the Lafayette Journal-Courier.

    Lymon is still on probation for his role in a fight outside a West Lafayette, Ind., bar last year.

    The 6-foot-3, 213-pound Lymon had 73 catches for 1,030 yards with five touchdowns over the last two seasons, but was kicked off the team by Purdue coach Joe Tiller last November, two days after police arrested the junior on a drunk-driving charge.

    Lymon pleaded guilty to the drunk-driving charge, along with counts of disorderly conduct, false informing and minor consumption of alcohol he faced from another incident, a March 2007 fight during which he was stabbed in the chest outside Nick's Nightclub in West Lafayette, according to the Associated Press.

    Prosecutors did not charge the woman who stabbed Lymon because investigators believed she acted in self-defense. Lymon was sentenced to 90 days on house arrest and 15 months probation. He was also ordered to complete an alcohol education program, attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving meeting and perform 80 hours of community service.

    All the charges Lymon pleaded to were misdemeanors.

    "There were times at his career at Purdue where, at 6-3, 213 pounds with pretty good speed and athletic ability, he looked like a guy who could be a real factor," ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. told the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette. "If he gets to camp, we'll see what happens. The kid has some ability."

  189. LizKauai [Believer]:

    hmmm... annuals, huh? Dunno if I can find mine. Maybe Mary Charles or Greg Owen are still in Hawaii somewhere. There was another classmate but he became a sikh and changed his name.

  190. Garret:


    I saw on the video Liz posted that Mack said that he'd identify something that the football program needs that the Tsaikos could help with. It would be great if the proceeds from the recipe book could go towards that cause or some other thing that UH needs.

  191. Hawaiiroller:

    Thanks again for all the stories Garret. :)

  192. brew808:

    Hey... remember that gal, Liz-something-or-other that use to ride horses, raise betas and orchids, had mass-mailing pen-pals, and ate mangoes by the bucket-fulls...? I wonder what she's up to nowadays.... :lol:

  193. LizKauai [Believer]:

    I think the books should have some (general audience) Tsai-ko jokes or memorable hysteria from the blog. Sometimes people just need a good laugh!
    Chicken Nut Bread comes to mind.

  194. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Wow- Garret- looks like the writers are searching the police blotters for info on football players!

  195. Garret:


    That Purdue guy was kicked off the team and was *stabbed* by a woman who police said was just defending herself from him. Compared to those recent problems, Bess did something much less serious (in my opinion) much longer ago.

    What bothered me at first was that the headline of the article included the phrase "including WR with off-field issues". I thought they were talking about Bess and was ready to really blast the paper...but then I realized they were talking about the Purdue WR instead.

  196. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Jiggety Jig!

  197. Garret:


    I have been looking at everything I could find to get updates on Reagan, as I'm really worried about his status in Miami. The way the GM answered the question wasn't that encouraging to me...

  198. d1shima [sez:]:

    Wow lau lau!

    1st, brew808.

    Thanks for bringing up that story about the WOU-CWU softball game.

    Now just saw the story about LCol Greg Gadson's trip to the White House with the SB Champion G-men.
    The colonel said the highlight of his day wasn't meeting the Pres but bringing his "teammates" to Walter Reed to meet other wounded troops.
    Chicken Skin Stuff!

  199. Garret:


    Glad you liked them! With Bess with the Dolphins now, I have even more to look at with the 3 newspapers that I read that have a focus on the Dolphins. I read the Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, and South Florida Sun-Sentinel every day already, and I also do a Google news search for Bess every day.

  200. gigi-hawaii ©:


    How's this for a title? "FOOD, TRICK PLAYS, AND LAUGHTER"?

    If it's gonna be filled with recipes, you should consider spiral binding so the book will lie flat while someone cooks.

  201. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I have been sick with a cold since Saturday, caught from my daughter and granddaughter. So, no, it wasn't the vog that caused this cough.

  202. al:


    April 30th, 2008 at 4:18 pm
    ST - If you’re around, would you care to comment about Paula’s “blooper” from last night’s AI show?

    brew i caught that one too. didn't you think that paula's eyes looked a bit dreamy last night???
    remember last year or the year before when she sprained her ankle tripping over something at home....the word was that she....

    okay back to sports.

  203. Kazz:

    Stephen Tsai:

    April 30th, 2008 at 5:57 pm
    So for the July 10 party, I’m requesting that we all bring … our high school annuals.

    Would mine be one of the few with color photos? :lol: ...... :whistle:

    Sorry I couldn't resist.

  204. al:

    lizk....i love you too. but, chicken nut bread?
    that's been around oahu for at least 30 years. i know that joke just reached kauai, but, try again.

  205. ralvic:

    Good Evening

    The longer I was listening to a morning sport's show this morning,the higher my blood pressure began to rise. I eventually turned the station.It was fine most of the time.And I enjoy listening to Bobby Curran.But one segment of today's show,he goes on to say,"Players making the team get a minimum around 280k...second year players get a minimum of 360k...and players on the practice squad get around 80k". Great,good piece of information,I think. Then the unexpected,which caught me off guard.And rubbed me the wrong way,prompting me to turn the station.Bobby goes on to say,"Even Colt making the practice squad is not a bad thing".He even mentioned players on the practice squad find room mates..etc...and rent a houses..
    Huh...wait...whoa...making the practice squad not a bad thing....C'mon Bobby what are you talking about. So I continue listening,as Bobby explains,"Making the practice squad allows him to learn....blah....blah...let's him be under the tutelage of Zorn".

    Maybe I different than most people.For myself I don't think Colt making the practice squad is a good thing. Since when do we except mediocrity.And think that Colt getting leftovers,so to speak,is a good thing. Some 3 months away from the football season,camp and preseason and all- and the worst case scenario is not what I want to hear. Now fast forwarding to September,and facts are facts,and Colt happens (let's hope not) upon the practice squad then I don't mind Bobby saying the obvious. Going into the season,and being a fan of Colt's my only peripheral is of Colt making the team.And to turn a deaf station when I hear a sport talk show host touching on demoting,descending and not ascending as a good thing. Bobby just for fun,ask Colt or his supporters if making the practice squad-"a good thing" Gees.

  206. al:

    gigi....i love you too. but, “FOOD, TRICK PLAYS, AND LAUGHTER”?
    that's just wrong my dear.
    i was thinking more like, "MEMOIRS OF A TSAIKO NATION.......and the four F's"

  207. Koauka:

    KUMU 1550 da team. morning sports radio. ESPN 1420 spins wildly all the time.

    ralvic, KUMU 1500, the way to go.

  208. al:

    kazz.....ours had colors too.

  209. Koauka:

    Eh Liz, where u grad from? Is your classmate Mary Charles owner of the tour company MC&A?

    Name rang a bell, just asking?

  210. gigi-hawaii ©:

    I guess the book will have to evolve, first, before we decide on a title, eh?

  211. al:

    okay, before i go to tiffany's and meet up with the maui boyz.......

    pity the poor grandma's of japanese ancestry.
    referring to the leahey and leahey show as L and L show.
    referring to the rob and russ show as .................
    confusing both.

    get it?

  212. al:

    but we know which one it won't be.

  213. gigi-hawaii ©:

    har de har har, al.

  214. Kazz:


    In all seriousness... I'd be ashamed to dust off the ole' senior yearbook... that was eight years and 30lbs ago if you know what I mean :sad: ...

  215. Garret:


    Looking at Washington's roster, I believe that Colt will be their #3 QB...which would put him on their roster, not the practice squad. Washington *needs* a 3rd string QB, and would prefer a young QB because the #2 QB is 38 years old or so. If Vegas had a betting line on Colt making the roster vs. the practice squad, I would put money down on the regular roster for Colt.

  216. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Kazz, I'm with you on that! Classmates at reunions tell me they wouldn't recognize me without my name tag.

  217. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Koauka- yup that Mary Charles. I did not know her personally - I think our class had 600-800 students and I only went there 2 years. The school is gone now but it used to be called West High in Phx.

  218. al:


    the hilton had these 99 dollar a night rooms.
    best you and hubby go for a retreat.
    or hilton waikoloa at 149.

  219. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Kazz- no sked - how about 40 years and 60 lbs ago!

  220. gigi-hawaii ©:

    al, we are going to Tokyo June 12-16, instead.

  221. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Garret- I agree with you about Colt being the #3. No telling what he will be like when he is totally healed up and in playing condition! Someone we have not yet seen, is my guess!

  222. Koauka:

    Nah Liz, Phoenix.

  223. Ralph:

    A tsaiko booK without Las Vegas' jokes would be a travesty - chapter could be red zone offense, must be 18 or older

  224. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Vegas' jokes have to be original, though. Cannot copy somebody else's jokes. Might get sued for plagiarism.

  225. chawan_cut:

    Sorry I missed you on Saturday night. midori7 guys said you had my piece of paper. i guess please hold on to it or give it back to Leila for me to get from you guys another time.

  226. Koauka:

    Brothers Lee of Warrior Football fame on L&L NOW

  227. d1shima [sez:]:

    Gotta wait til Sunday now. Anything big that I missed on
    "e-ru and e-ru"? (in case get any mama-sans reading ;-) )

  228. Kekoa:

    Interesting interview with the Lee brothers providing a little more insight on the team, the players, past and present on the L & L show.

    Personal aside to:
    DPK ~ I merely pointed out a possible oversight on the part of BarryM regarding the use of the word throng. Homey recounted the use of the word "tongs" during and exchange between he and UHFan808 at the T-gate.

    An apology may be accepted over brunch at Kole Kole grill this Sunday. (Click on my name above).

    I believe brother Al mentioned that you were going to buy brunch for the Tsaiko Ohana to make up for a CC he had arranged for you that you were unable to attend. Is that true? If it is, here is your perfect opportunity to step up.

  229. Kekoa:

    SteveM...paging have an email in the lobby.

  230. d1shima [sez:]:


    Interesting interview with the Lee brothers providing a little more insight on the team, the players, past and present on the L & L show

    Details, my friend. Please some details.

  231. Kekoa:

    Esme ~ I overheard some Mom's at the table next to our's during lunch at the Plaza Club today. Hmmm...mighty powerful promo talk for your site, I thought.

    Just as I was about to make an attempt to solicit a testimonial for you, the club manager came to me and very gently reminded me to mind my own bees wax! He had noticed that my chair was tilted back at about a 45 degree angle towards the other table. Wife always gives me da look that freezes water at 10 paces when that happens.

  232. Kekoa:

    D1 ~ Their acknowledgment of the SB game disappointment was key. They were proud of the defense stepping up to the level of BCS play, and of course felt badly about the offense.

    They took full responsibility as part of the coaching brain trust for not preparing the team as well as they should. They both are looking forward to approaching the Florida game with a much better prepared offense and a defense that has continued to work hard to improve themselves.

    When asked about the Run 'n Shoot offense, Ron said there is the 4 wide offense today, and dismissed it as barely recognizable as the Run 'n Shoot anymore. Everybody has it in their play book now. They agreed that they have added their own little twists to it, or as Papa Leahey said "put your stamp" on it.

    I'll include more in my sermon on Sunday.

  233. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos!

    we get plenty funny peeps here; the absolute best today was bulla at 110 altho i admit excitement when i read homey's triple entendres or kekoa's smacks. good fun you guys!

  234. A-House:

    Mrs BG & TChahng:

    Mrs A-House says you are the "experts" on Korean TV drama and I need help.

    Watched Jumong and Yeon Gae So Mun series with much interest. Heard that the final, 3rd part of the 3-legged crow, series in titled Seo Dong Yo or Yong So Dong or Dae Ju Young.

    Am I close? Is there a 3rd series? Correc name?

    Thanking you for your help!

  235. d1shima [sez:]:


    Thanks for the sample, brah!

    I’ll include more in my sermon on Sunday.

    hee hee, like da old joke, "How you keep one babooze in suspense for 24 hours?"

  236. A-House:

    sorry, should be "correct".

  237. Kekoa:

    Howzit BHF2 ~ Were you in the work mode today?

  238. Kekoa:

    A-House ~ Mrs. A-House told me that you were out of therapy and no longer hooked on Korean "Drama for 'yo Mama" stories. Have the wheels come off already? OMG! we gotta get you back in therapy!

  239. SteveM:

    Pastor Kekoa -- I am in the lobby and checking the boxes but no program guide received yet. Please check the dead/blind hopper at aol.

  240. Jason:

    A-House: This is a post of mine from 03/11:

    A-House: I was curious about these shows you're watching, so I looked them up. First there's 주몽 (Ju-mong), who founded 고구려 (Go-gu-ryeo). Jumong's son was 온조 (On-jo), who founded 백제 (Baek-je). Then you have the third nation of Korea, 신라 (Sil-la or Shil-la).

    Then there's 연개소문 (Yeon Gae-so-mun). And the third one [...] 서동요 (Seo-dong-yo).

  241. bighilofan2:

    wassup doc

    howzit an welcome back.

    slo learners like me would appreciate some directions on how to make our messages more flashy. :P I know how to make the faces cuz someone showed me. :mrgreen:
    the doc is right, we cud use a little help like da old post had at the bottom. pretty please :)

  242. Jason:

    XHTML: You can use these tags: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <code> <em> <i> <strike> <strong>

  243. Jason:

    I haven't updated it yet, but here is my XHTML Tutorial.

  244. SteveM:

    :?: After 2100 Ask-the-Blog Question:

    What is the title of the song in the Hawaiian Tel TV commercial---the one with the lyrics of "...I do believe this ocean is far too wide for me."

  245. al:

    speaking of korean.....

    tonight at our mini muu call;

    kim chi fried rice
    honey walnut shrimps
    house special seafood cake noodles
    crispy skin chicken
    sizzlin teriyaki steak w/grilled onions


    we forgot to eat dessert again.

  246. Jason:

    SteveM: This song?

  247. Jason:

    That should be a link, yeah? This song?

  248. bighilofan2:

    i no believe da coaches wen let da team off until 5/26. i mean, i no day can say dat, but not really expect da braddas to believe em, you no wat i mean?

    you animal you. bulla got you pegged. betcha when you got married, you had to use 3 donuts to slowly brake in da wife. uddawize she'da looked like dis :shock: till now.
    heh heh

  249. al:

    stevem didn't we visit this one a long, long time ago?

    "across the sea" no?

  250. bighilofan2:


  251. bighilofan2:

    ho boy oh boy oh boy oh boy
    thanks jason

  252. Koauka:

    Cazimero Bros

  253. Kekoa:

    SteveM ~

    Sorry...old Lobbyist on duty. Correction made and addy updated. Schedule firmed up with my co-conspirator ahh...Deacon Koakane.

  254. A-House:


    Thanks for your life saving post - Seo Dong Yo - now I can rest easy and go sleep!!!

  255. Jason:

    bighilofan2: No thank me, thank homey. He pointed out that the source code has the list, but it's hidden because of comment tags.

  256. d1shima [sez:]:


    here you go.

  257. Jason:

    A-House: My Mom got a big laugh when I told her about Mrs. A-House and her new discoveries of bi-bim-bap and bi-bim-guk-su. :-)

    d1shima: Thanks for that link! I was reading the lyrics I posted earlier, thinking, "I don't think I know this song." Haha, I needed to hear it to jog my memory. :-D

  258. whitey:

    These guys from Honolulu, they are fast. With his silent cat like speed, he is blogging as soon as he pau eat. And he never have dessert.

  259. gigi-hawaii ©:

    wow, thanks, d1. Love that song!

  260. whitey:

    BigHiloFan2, brother Clyde sends his best to you.

  261. d1shima [sez:]:

    The song I like is on the HDS commercial. The one with the family eating the garlic shrimp in Kahuku.
    Anyone know if that's an actual published song?

  262. gigi-hawaii ©:

    sorry, I always MUTE the commercials so am not familiar with what is said or sung.

  263. Kekoa:

    Atten-shun Tsaiko Sinners! (You know who you are!)

    There will be an opportunity for you to deliver yourselves from the :evil: this Sunday, May 4th.

    Deacon Koakane will join me in preaching to the masses from high atop the bountiful Buffet tables of the Kole Kole Grill.

    For more information, check on StevenM's site and click on to the Tsaiko Event Schedule. Further information can be obtained about the location by clicking on my name above.

    BHF2 ~ If you tune in on the blog begining at 10 AM this Sunday, we will offer you excerpts from the sermon. Have your Hymnal ready and turn to the "Doxology in Hawaiian." You've heard of Tele-vangelists, right?...The West Side Tsaiko Chapter introduces the Tsaiko-vangelists this weekend.

    WARNING: An EIS survey may be in progress upon your arrival. Proceed with caution, no need to remove your shoes or slippahs.

  264. SteveM:

    Jason -- thanks, that was the song and title.

    Looks like your "a href" link worked too.

  265. al:

    i live closer than you do that's why.

  266. Kekoa:

    Seriously Tsaikos. All are welcome to a very relaxing, *mom no need cook* buffet this Sunday, May 4th @ 10 AM. We are gathering at the Kole Kole Grill for what us regular West Side guys usually call our Tsaiko Coffee Call on Sunday mornings.

    This time we decided to open it up to whom-so-ever wants to come join us. As usual the talk centers on UH Warrior fb. In future weeks, we will move the coffee call to other locations on island.

  267. koakane ™:

    amene reverend :lol:

    yes come join in and wala au with us, all is welcomed. :arrow: gather at nancy's kitchen between 9 and 9:30 am to car pool.

    and as da good book say "why we will gather there only akua knows but the true believers will rejoice, be victorious and surely stuff their faces" bwhaaaaaaaaaaa.

  268. SteveM:

    Thanks for the help with the song title!

    Check out Stretch's post #111 today about bios... I am pleased the 2nd listing was noticed (although it is not extensive nor particularly current).

    Good night everyone!

  269. Lopaka43:

    I've been reading the Florida blog sites to see what they are saying about their season. This is the first comment about the Hawaii game I've seen since I started two or three months ago:

    "I'm sorry guys, but after this year, I refuse to take even the littlest game for granted. Admittedly, I don't see the Fighting Rainbows giving us a difficult game, but I want our boys to come out chomping at the bit, every time.
    We underestimated Auburn...then we suffered a miserably close late loss to LSU...then UGA...and Michigan...because we either didn't come out fighting or keep fighting the whole way through."

    The Georgia and Florida fans are going back and forth on these sites, trolling and flaming each other, and talking about how their meeting in Jacksonville is going to determine who gets to be crowned National Champion.

    In all of my searching, I have never found any equivalent to a Tsaiko blog for Florida where you feel like regular fans are part of an ohana with the team, the coaches, and the UH administrators.

  270. Tony:

    Not that I can make it, but where is the Kole Kole Grill? Do you get to drive through Kole Kole Pass to get there?

  271. koakane ™:

    sand man is getting me so sleep well all

    gnight zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  272. Lopaka43:

    Here is an interesting article about where Florida is after spring practice that segues into a reflection on Florida's rivalry with Georgia.

    It was with that mantra in mind that two Saturdays ago, sitting in a sun-soaked Swamp in Gainesville, I spent three warm hours wondering most of all if Emmanuel Moody was going to put on a show and make this alum feel a bit better about the running game and if Florida had figured out who would play under center if (heaven forbid) something happened to Tim Terrific. I received no definitive answers to either, and in fact received a more negative answer to the second question than I had hoped for—Cam Newton, the all-world high school product out of Atlanta Westlake with the legendary 36 inch vertical leap—is absolutely not ready for prime time. And while John David Brantley may remind Urban Meyer of Alex Smith, all the Gator Nation knows is that he has really sweet hair.

  273. Kekoa:

    Tony ~ No you don't have to drive thru Kole Kole Pass to get there, but I will take you up there to check out what it looks like after the buffet.

    If you are interested, I can include Tour Package A, which includes the re-enactment of "From Here To Eternity." Most of us know how the attack on Pearl Harbor made the Pass a very infamous route to Battle Ship Row. Click on my name "Kekoa." and discover a bit more about the grill. Don't forget to visit SteveM site for even more information.

  274. Lopaka43:

    Pictures from Florida's Blue and Orange Game showing the crowd at the Swamp

  275. Kekoa:

    Thanks Lopaka ~ They kinda look like something from Halloween XXX with those Orange Pop Top helmets. Maybe our Defense came "pop-off" a few!

  276. LizKauai:

    Lopaka43 - thanks for the gator info.
    As far as blogs are concerned, I haven't seen anything like this kind of blog anywhere yet. I think our UGA friends Buckhead Bulldog and Merv may have mentioned a couple close to home that they liked when they were hanging with us last year.

  277. LizKauai:

    Nitey Nite, Ka Kou!

  278. wafan:

    Where is everyone from the night crew?

    Good morning to anyone awake!

  279. Ronnie:

    Good morning wafan!

  280. Ronnie:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation!

    Time to get to work. (I'm really glad it's Thursday!)

  281. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    Ronnie, Wafan, howzit you two.

    love back to Clyde. let him know I'm back on the beach. I've let myself get way outta shape - Tsaikos represent - but I'm still huffin away, coachin 12s. LizK was talking 40 years an 60 lbs ago (still cute dough) - try 43 years and 100 lbs ago. if u tinkin a imu for dis bradda, u gotta tink deep imu. good memories of huntin wit him; boy how time flies. let him know i hunt by his sistah's place, but i cheat. get big trap/pen, "permanent" can catch plenny 1 time. an i cheat. use cob molasses fo bait way inside da trap, with trip string tied to pipe dat holds up da gate. he'd be impressed. maybe he should come visit his sistah 1 weekend. he can use his knife, like ole times.
    plus, get 1 real eee iii eee iii oooh operation goin on.
    get 1 black billy wit posse. a$$ y da pigs come from all ova cuz day like mingle wit da goats. but i hesitate to sho homey, figah hairs on his forearms wuud stan up, blade come out, an den - i no moa black billy.

    heh heh

  282. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    So what's on the agenda today?? It's going to be a looooong summer!!!

  283. Ronnie:

    Stretch - You're right. It's going to be a looooong summer!

    At least there will be the WB/SH football game - if it ever happens - and the Blog Bash 3 to break up the summer a little.

    Maybe someone should arrange a "Classic Game" party somewhere. Big screen; classic game; there could even be a vote as to which game was shown - based on what people (or UH or K-5) have on DVD.

  284. bighilofan2:

    All I thought about during the past half hour was that someone in Florida referred to our team as the FIGHTING RAINBOWS. Someone patooey on him!

    Some of you still have issues with our name? You can stick alot of different adjectives around Rainbow. Gggrrrr......
    Howz about Rainbow Rockettes. GGGGrrrrrr!!!!

    btw, isn't Florida home of the Flamingo Flames?
    Bird Cage capital of the world. Big lips doze geckos get.

  285. Garret:

    Jason mentioned yesterday that Cincinnati's QB was denied his 6th season...but there is an appeals process and he might still get to play this season.

    University of Cincinnati quarterback Ben Mauk remains optimistic that he’ll be running the Bearcats’ offense again next fall despite the latest NCAA ruling that denies him a sixth year to complete his eligibility.

    Mauk said Wednesday that he’s confident the Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee will see things his way after he personally pleads his case by telephone.

    “I’m excited,” Mauk said, “because now we start a new process and I actually get to talk to the NCAA instead of writing letters. I get to actually let them hear my voice and let them know who I am and why I deserve a sixth year. I think that will be a big help. Now I get to let them know every little detail. I think that will be a big help when you hear someone’s voice and actually hear the story come from them.”

    UC coach Brian Kelly has said that Mauk, who passed for 3,121 yards and a school-record 31 touchdowns last season, would be UC’s starting quarterback next season if the NCAA rules in his favor.

  286. Ronnie:

    bighilofan2 - I hear you. But, won't it be fun to remind them in that "Rainbows" beat them in the swamp and cost them the National Championship? :lauging:

  287. Garret:

    The blog crashed on me when I tried to send my previous post the first time. Well, I guess I'll just do some Oregon State updates and leave--hopefully the blog will let me post these.

    Oregon State's President addressed the team yesterday.

    WEDNESDAY evening ... the prez, Ed Ray, addressed Riley's players before the final spring practice at the Truax Center. Gave a nice speech, too. Sounded like someone who had coached before (he hasn't). ... told the student-athletes he was proud of them, proud of the way they conduct themselves in representing the University. ... the prez also mentioned outside criticism and the "knuckleheads'' in the media a couple times. ... I thought that was rude - considering Cliff Kirkpatrick of the Gazette Times was standing a few feet away - but Mr. Ray assured me later that he wasn't talking about anyone specificially. ...and needless to say, he couldn't have been talking about the crew at the O., or this blog.

  288. Ronnie:

    Oops.. I meant :lol:

  289. Kekoa:

    What's all that racket in da playhouse dis morning? BHF2 and is that you and your 3 little Pu'aa makin' plenny noise.

    Ronnie - Stretch, Classic Game party would be as good an excuse as any. Given any reason to put the Tsaikos in an enlosed area, will trigger a party. Prolly the best is yet to come when our Socal Tsaiko chapter President comes home...Yip -
    yip - Yahoo!

  290. Garret:

    DE Tonu and TE Halahuni for Oregon State both were injured in normally safe drills.

    He said Tonu T. was doing an innocent one-on-one warmup drill with DL Brennan Olander, "and he blew his knee out.'' ... Halahuni was running a drill with TE grad assistant Tim Euhus when he planted his leg and hurt his knee. "Nobody touched him,'' said Riley.

  291. Kekoa:

    Stretch are you going to watch any of the UH baseball games this weekend?

  292. Garret:

    Note on Oregon State's starting QB.

    Finally, it should be mentioned that No. 1 QB Lyle Moevao has bleached his hair a blondish-redddish color. He looks sort of like one of those hockey players who get the bleach-blond treatment before the playoffs. There is also a resemblance (in hair style) to Wesley Snipes in one of those "Blade'' movies. ... the new hairdo did not negatively affect Moevao's accuracy. ... however, it also did not receive a rousing thumbs up from coach Riley.

    "First thing I asked him was, has his mother seen it yet?'' said Riley.

  293. bighilofan2:

    howz about you put sum tsaikos as chat guests? hot plate da buggahs for half hour. give em a few days for prepare, piko lie dat. i can see summa da "questions" now, an da responses too, like "aaahhh.....errr....ummmm...nnnnn."
    bettah dan 1 bio. jus a taught.

    heh heh heh

  294. Garret:

    Looks like Oregon State's key WR might be ready to play this season after struggling through depression last year.

    The darkness that descended on Oregon State wide receiver Sammie Stroughter came last spring, at a time when he was seemingly on top of the world.

    The wide receiver was, in many ways, the heart and soul of Mike Riley's program. He epitomized everything the coach admired in a college student-athlete.

    And then Stroughter went missing. "All of a sudden," Riley said, "the Sammie we all knew wasn't there anymore."

    This spring, Stroughter is speaking openly for the first time of what he went through beginning a year ago, when a deep depression brought his life to a near standstill that left coaches, teammates, family members and close friends shaken and scared.

    His breakthrough 2006 season was a highlight reel of clutch catches, long punt returns and spectacular touchdowns.

    In spring 2007, although he felt uncomfortable with the role, he was the man on OSU's football team, returning for his senior year as a preseason All-American and one of the most gifted athletes in the Pacific-10 Conference.

    But Stroughter had never been a player who hogged the spotlight. He didn't want to be on the cover of the school's media guide, was nervous in front of TV cameras and often avoided group interviews.

    Although most of Stroughter's 2007 season was lost, he got a reprieve when the NCAA granted him a medical redshirt season in 2008. So now it is Stroughter's senior season, Take 2.

    "He's such a great example for the young guys. He's showing them how it should be done."

    So almost a year after the "real" Sammie Stroughter was slipping away, he's back and that in itself has made this a spectacularly successful spring for Oregon State.

    "Hopefully, the passion that I play with will rub off on everybody else," said Stroughter, who is scheduled to graduate in December with a degree in sociology.

    "I want it to be contagious."

  295. Ronnie:

    Kekoa - six weeks from today!!! Yee Haw!!! I can't wait!

    My sister and I are already planning our days around where we are going to eat! :D

  296. Pomai:

    ST check your email!!

  297. Kekoa:

    BHF2 ~ Never use inflammatory words like "hotplate" around Tsaikos. They will think it's time to cook something or someone!

  298. d1shima [sez:]:

    Great Morning All.

    Disturbing to read about the ongoing decline of the $400,008 situation. SMU now seemingly refusing to consider using the "Hawaii exemption" to play here and giving the fans what would be a natural rivalry game seems petty at best.
    Perhaps "Ferd" has the best solution with his "winner-take-all" idea

  299. bighilofan2:

    you should be a chat guest. you got da smile and da style!
    we'd have fun. i'd stay home from work for dat one. i bet Las Vegas would change his schedule too for you. you'd come outta da experience a better person. i'll bet da deacon would second dat opinion.....


  300. bighilofan2:

    maybe i shoulda said you'd come outta dat experience a changed man... ;)

    :lol: :P

  301. d1shima [sez:]:

    With regard to Warrior football, it does look like it could be a lo-o-o-o-ong summer.
    However, for parents like me and bulla it's gonna fly by too quickly as we anticipate our keiki leaving da hale for school on the mainland in the fall. (snf snf :-( )

  302. d1shima [sez:]:

    Koakane / Kazz,

    Big game at Ala Wai at 3:30 today. Puns-Saints IV - going be good! GO SAINTS!

    Make sure those Chargers keep those arms loose.
    Puns, Saints and Owls going all be coming in hot for States!

  303. d1shima [sez:]:

    Happy Lei Day Everyone!

    "...May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i
    Garlands of flowers ev'rywhere,
    All of the colors in the rainbow
    Maidens with blossoms in their hair
    Flowers that mean we should be happy,
    Throwing aside a load of care,
    Oh, May Day is Lei Day in Hawai`i
    Lei Day is happy day out there."
    ~ Red Hawke, 1928

  304. bighilofan2:


    look at da bright side. the keiki gonna learn life lessons, the differences between tongs, tongues, thongs and thorns.
    i call em da --- t t t t lessons.

    heh heh heh heh heh lmao!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  305. Kekoa:

    Ronnie ~ The CC for you and Rich is going to be just one of your many visits to the grindz shops I'm sure! So many to choose from! So little time...then, when you run out, just hop over to Liz's place for one of her down home comfort fuuds.

    Later on in August, we got da big daddy hisself comin' in from LA-LA land. The Ranibow Cliff is heading *home* for some LWC activities, and more fund raising. I'm looking at some places now that would be suitable for a Tsaiko CC for him. You know the criteria...not too sweet, not too rancid, but jeeerrright!

  306. Loa:

    morning gang !
    ho late start today, sheez its thursday, spring practice pau, guess i should get some work done
    oh yeah, Happy May Day, hope all the parents get to enjoy their keiki's programs
    good luck to d1's team
    have a safe and happy day

  307. whitey:

    ohio gozaimas Tsaikos. d1, thanks for reminding me it is lei day. somehow through the years, that tradition has been fading fast and in a way our generation dropped the ball. no other state education system had such a unique celebration and we let the "outside" influence change that tradition/celebration to where it is now just another day. very sad when you think about it.

  308. Stretch:

    May 1st, 2008 at 6:03 am
    Stretch are you going to watch any of the UH baseball games this weekend?

    I will probably be at the game Saturday and Sunday. Not sure about Friday yet. Midori7 and UHFan808 are going all three days, talk about die-hard. Or is it hard-up for Johnathan Hee?? Can females be hard-up??

  309. LizKauai:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

  310. bighilofan2:

    yep, sum females can be hard up. lookin at doze 2, i doubt it. it would be da guys around dem dats.....err......


  311. bighilofan2:

    stop laughin
    i was talkin to Stretch

  312. bighilofan2:

    i wished i lived dare or you lived here. cud use some religion, oddawize its all soap for dis mind.

  313. bighilofan2:

    in da ole days it was home lands. today pc is ceded lands.
    btw, you seen da las ah da mohicans? a$$ y we gots to keepa talkin lie dis, so da wala'au no ma'ke... i likee make smoke signals lie dis....

    heh heh heh

  314. bighilofan2:

    what happened? i put strike inside da by the words "language" and "die" and the words never stay with the line through it. please explain.

  315. Kekoa:

    Stretch ~ I may be able to make it to one of those games. My Grandson's team mate back when they were LL Allstars, plays for the Sac State Hornets. The two of them just happened to be on the same flight back from Sacramento yesterday. Brian still lives near one of the homes I rent out up there.

    Brian is a *lefty* on the pitching rotation for the Hornets. He was the winning pitcher for one of the games when UH lost to them (5-2) in March up their in Hornet stadium.

    As a matter of fact, they swept UH in all for games!...I know I got to get in his ear about that for at least one game. Prolly the opener on Friday. Where will ya'll be sitting?

    BTW - His name is Brian Smith, we all (parents & kids) called him *BS* and for just the reason you are thinking...Bwhahahaha! Great kid tho!

  316. Kekoa:

    4 can spell, better use numbah instead!

  317. LizKauai:

    Pleasing da opu - my sis called a while back to say their care package arrived- 6 bags of Makaweli poi and 2 bags of prepared fresh mangoes (not prepared by me) arrived safely and still frozen.
    Mom's birthday is coming up and da sis and another expat was jes hankering to have poi again.
    Too bad never had kulolo.

    So... you know what I gonna be trying to carry in my bags on da Swamp trip!


  318. Stretch:

    kekoa - if you go to the games, just take keep breaths and smell for chocolate chip pancakes, you"ll be able to find the two girls. If you ask me how it tastes, I don't know because they never share with me

  319. Kekoa:

    Big Hilo ~ Jeez Louise! got up smokin' da tall Hilo Grass oh wat?! Man, talk about all oar da place. You change subjects faster den most peeps change dere BBD's! You been quick like a swift since I seen you last week braddah!

    Us guys out here on da West Side Ceded lands of Kapolei and Kalailoa gotta maintain. Try wait wen we finish building da shopping Centah and going get one Hotel inside!...Mo big den Ala Moana, and the Ohana dat used to own da 49ers are da developers! How much you like bet we going have one Casino inside? HoooBoi...Tsaiko Sports Book! Betchu any dollah!

  320. ralvic:

    Good Morning

    Today being lei day,I pause and reflect,and give thanks to all the fine people that make Hawaii so unique.Living in Hawaii all our lives,my father's family immigrated from Okinawa in the late 1800's,actually it was his mother that came to Hawaii first...and then sent away for a husband.They worked their way up.Raised ten children.And spread their roots throughout Hawaii,working the plantations on Oahu.And then the pig farms in Lahaina.Through it all, adapting to Hawaii and it's culture and people,my father's family was,and always remains,the quit,unassuming types that give the undue admirations to the Hawaiians,the stewards of the land,all the indigenous respects.

    For this I'm truly grateful and blessed to call Hawaii my home.And I look up to the Heavens and give acknowledgment.And words of thanks.

    May 1st,lei day in Hawaii is a very special day.Seeing people embellished with leis and smiles today,surely gives one a twinkle in their eye.And a returning smile. To all the Tsaikos,have a wonderful May day.

  321. Kekoa:

    Stretch ~ Chocoholic Pancakes?...Hmmm doesn't sound like it will taste to good with red star...but then with CR...

  322. Kekoa:

    ralvic ~ You give us cause to stop for a minute and reflect on the blessings of enjoying anoher May Day in Hawaii. Indeed, a very special time to stop and smell the flowers.

    No mess up da place now, da Hawaiian lady kona have to make Tunta-rella clean and be all salty wid us! She goin' make tappity-tappity-tappity on somebody's head!

    Aloha Tsaiko Ohana, gotta roll on to Pops Physical therapy session at the Elam Center in a few minutes.

  323. bighilofan2:

    today, Lei Day, is my bradda #3 bday. happy bday Lambert.

    summa you guys gots to make nice to Wassup Doc so she talk samoa. She noze da scoops on Aloha Stadium. The Authority not gonna give up dat parking lot for da rail riders. Jimmy D fightin a uphill battle. Still, if he maintains, gonna be alright. we peeps gots to keep scrappin, and he gotta keep smilin. :lol:

  324. Kekoa:

    Good Morning Liz!...Ronnie is getting all exer-cited about coming home...I gotta go...laterz!

  325. d1shima:



    Bareknuckle stuff going on.

  326. Kekoa:

    Ok - One quick answer to my Hilo braddah...Vertical Parking. Elevated LR station. Works for Walnut Creek, Richmond, and Lafayette, Ca. BART system

    What sells the use of LR is the free parking to leave your car behind and ride da LR in to town or where ever. All they gotta do now is vote for the right system and choose Mag-Lev like the Japanese.

  327. Kekoa:

    Oh - Happy Bertday Lambert!

    Liz makes *Jiggety Jig* when she has to scoot, so I guess I gotta say something equally as about just simply, Aloha, since it is Lei Day.

  328. koakane ™:

    morning everybody and howzit, howzit, howzit :D

    blog is reallly jumping this morning.

    lurking and reading when can

    HAPPY MAY DAY and no foget to give a lie today

  329. bighilofan2:


    wishin you and all da odda Tsaikos a great day! see u laterzzz.....

  330. midori7:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!

    Stretch: geez...causing trouble & so early in the morning!

  331. koakane ™:


    whassssss upppppppppppppp fogot to call you. will try again today


    just noticed PC replaced STL as numba 1 and no not James in case you going dea. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..


    wow my bro u som early riser. how can da rooster make noise when da sun no can come out thru da vog? have a good day and rememba wea a lie if no can give one.

  332. LizKauai [Believer]:

    AM1500 playbyplay or synopsis, pls???

  333. Stretch:

    Forgot to wish everyone a Happy May Day and hoping everyone gets lei'd.

  334. Bulla:

    koakane says give a lie today
    stretch says get lei'd

    what a wonderful world....hahah

    Happy Lei Day to all the keiki out there. they are our future, they are our blessings. may we love them, nurture them, help them grow to be contributors to our society and make a difference in this world.

    to all the Tsaikos, aloha ke Akua

    ........make memories............make memories.............make memories.................

  335. Esme:

    Bulla, amen to that.

    Howzit, Tsaikos! Happy Lei Day to every one of you.


  336. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Wow- I miss da Lei Day school pageants...

    Happy Lei Day, Esme and all!

    Willie Grace.

  337. homey ®:

    And for some, if you cannot get lei'd by another go out there and buy a lei and lei yourself!

    And remember parents, don't do a Wena. Make sure the video camera is operating when videoing your child(ren).

  338. homey ®:

    Test for bhf2 language language

  339. homey ®:

    bhf2 - it works, amateur, I mean neophyte. :lol:

  340. WarriorMojo:

    bhf2 - it works, amateur, I mean neophyte.

    That's an insult to amateurs, I mean neophytes, everywhere. Just call him "noob".

    But don't call him "boob" because that's something else.

    By the way, new blog up.

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