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Steele shows mettle

May 31st, 2008

Quarterback Steele Jantz participated in his first offseason passing drills yesterday afternoon, impressing UH teammates with his arm strength.
Jantz, who is 6 feet 3 and 208 pounds, is a graduate of Nevada Union High in California. He missed all but three games of the 2007 season after suffering a broken leg.
Before attending Nevada Union, he was a student at Crespi High.

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I told Jett Jasper that he had a fan on the blog. He was like, "What? Me?" Jett's a great guy, very humble, and he works hard. I know the coaches are trying to get him on the training camp roster. It's a tough numbers crunch. Anyway, here's Jett saying aloha to his No. 1 fan from Kaua‘i:


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Give credit to Jim Donovan and Scott Chan for an agreement to turn over 1,000 Aloha Stadium parking stalls to UH. (Although announcing the plan during Calf Call was, well, uncalled for.) It is estimated UH can earn $100,000 by selling those stalls.
Still, I like Robert Kekaula's plan better.
Aloha Stadium currently gets to keep all of the revenue from parking. The stadium charge is $5 per car, and there are an estimated 8,000 stalls. For seven home games, the stadium would earn $280,000.
Kekaula's suggestion is to double the parking charge to $10 per car, with UH getting the additional $5 per auto.


Under his plan, UH gets $280,000 for the seven home games, revenue it wouldn't have received in the past. Aloha Stadium keeps those 1,000 stalls and maintains its $280,000 revenue. And there is no change to the fans, except paying more for parking. But even at $10, that's a bargain compared to other prime parking spots for Mainland events.
What do you think?

Quick answer

May 30th, 2008

Former UH kicker Eric Hannum visited the news building last week, and he asked what many have asked: Why are there so many items about the Hawai‘i Speed and Quickness clinic?
The answer has little to do with the suspicions of conspiracy-minded folks.
My extended family, like many, has had members with a history of substance abuse.
In addition to its weekend clinics, Hawai‘i Speed and Quickness runs after-school programs that include anti-drug messages as part of the curriculum. Coupled with a program that uses athletics to occupy kids' free time, and the organization is worthy of weekly discussion.
There are similar efforts in Hawai‘i, and this blog will welcome talking about them, too.
The Speed and Quickness clinics are this weekend. Check out the Web site:


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Had a nice chat with Tim Grasso, who moves back to Hawai‘i in early July.
Grasso has fully healed from a hamstring injury that bothered him all of last season. That's guts, punting with a hamstring injury.
Grasso and defensive end John Fonoti go on football scholarship in the fall.
The coaches are faced with a tough decision. There are more deserving players than available scholarships. Here are some of the walk-ons:
• Shane Austin, quarterback.
• Jake Santos, quarterback.
• Daniel Libre, running back.
• Aaron Bain, slotback.
• Daniel Lofton, wideout.
• Dylan Linkner, wideout.
• Cameron Allen-Jones, defensive end.
• Victor Clore, defensive end.
• Tuika Tufaga, defensive tackle
• Jameel Dowling, cornerback.
• Vili Nauahi, safety
• Dane Kealoha Porlas, safety.
• Mana Silva, safety.


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Food pictures, from today's Calf Call:







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Leila's back!

May 29th, 2008

Yep, here's a shot of Leila's back. (The Princess returned today.)


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Inoke Funaki strikes a pose.


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UH's version of the Quarterback Challenge started with handshake greetings yesterday afternoon.
"It's good," Inoke Funaki said of the arrival of JC transfers Greg Alexander and Brent Rausch. "There's strength in numbers."
Funaki and Tyler Graunke exited spring practice as the co-No. 1 quarterbacks. Coach Greg McMackin promised to open the competition in training camp, with a starter expected to be named at least a week before the season opener against Florida.
The open competition was " a big factor in me wanting to come here," Alexander said.
Alexander was recruited after Rausch gave UH his verbal commitment. "There's going to be competition everywhere you go," Rausch said. "I don't mind it."
Rausch said he received a late recruiting push from Southern Methodist, where June Jones and four assistants relocated.
"They gave me a call the day before I signed here," Rausch said. "I didn't even call them back."
Rausch said he chose UH because of "the offense. The people out here are really nice. It's paradise."
Alexander said he has been a fan of the Warriors' four-wide offense.
"I watched them sling it around (on TV)," he said.
Funaki, who led the unsupervised workouts yesterday, was impressed with the newcomer quarterbacks.
"They have something you can't teach: height," Funaki said. Raush is listed at 6 feet 4 and 190 pounds, and Alexander is listed at 6-5 and 240.
"When I first saw him, I wanted to know: Who's the d-end?" Funaki said of Alexander. Quarterback coach Nick Rolovich "said, 'This is Greg. A quarterback.' He's a big boy."
Rausch and Alexander kept busy working out with their JC teams this past spring.
"I was lifting and throwing," Rausch said.
Alexander said: "I would lift three days a week, run three days a week."

* * *

Quarterback Shane Austin, who has recovered from a fracture in his right foot, and receivers Joe Avery and Royce Pollard worked out yesterday morning.
The three roommates are living on the North Shore this summer.
"They have to drive in every day," Funaki said, smiling.
Funaki should know. He was raised on the North Shore, and used to make the same drive for two years. He now shares a place with teammates in Manoa.

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Linebackers Adam Leonard and Solomon Elimimian will represent UH at the WAC Football Media Preview in Salt Lake City July 22-24.

Leonard, Elimimian. Photo is courtesy of Chris Fetters. Check out his Web site:

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Bob Coolen said he expects to award the 2007 WAC championship bracelets during a women's volleyball match this fall. He said everyone from that team except Justine Smethurst (who is pitching for Australia's Olympic team) will be in town. Coolen said he wants the donors to be thanked in a visible setting, which is why he will not distribute the bracelets during the summer. He wanted to distribute them during the WAC Tournament, but UH was eliminated in the semifinals. As we all know, Pomai spearheaded the fundraising drive for the bracelets. Big mahalo to Pomai and the other donors.


That's our Pomai on the left. And that's our RainbowCliff on the right. I swear RainbowCliff can dribble a basketball with his hand in a shaka sign.

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Here's a pix of our super sales person Kortney, the groom and their daughter. They're expecting their second child in September. How much of a sports fan is Kortney? The honeymoon in Vegas included tickets to the UFC card.


Alexander, Rausch work out

May 28th, 2008

The Warriors had their first unsupervised field drills today. Inoke Funaki served as the unofficial coach. Mike Washington, Aaron Bain, Leon Wright-Jackson, Vili Nauahi and Jameel Dowling also had leadership roles.

Here's a picture of Inoke Funaki, Greg Alexander, Brent Rausch and Mike Tinoco.


* * *

Here's Greg Alexander. ("When I first saw him, I wanted to know, who's the D-end?" Funaki recalled).


* * *

Here are Rausch, Alexander and Tinoco:


* * *

Running back Camron Carmona said he will transfer to a Division II or Division III team. He said he is considering Midwestern State (Texas), Chapman or Occidental.
"I spoke with coach (Greg) McMackin, and he was really helpful," said Carmona, who has one season of eligibility remaining. "It's an easy break. I'd love to stay here, but for me, it's not the best place for me as far as football situation."
Carmona joined the Warriors last summer, reuniting with his Mater Dei High teammate, Colt Brennan.
At the suggestion of the coaches, he moved from cornerback to running back. He served on the scout team last season.
Carmona was not invited to training camp, which has a 105-player roster limit. But he was asked to join the team on Aug. 25, the first day of the fall semester, when rosters may expand.
"I love the camaraderie and friends I made in Hawai‘i," Carmona said. "I met people I'll be friends with for the rest of my life. I'm sad about leaving, but I have to look out for myself and my situation."
Carmona leaves in good academic standing. Because he was not on scholarship, he will not impact UH's APR rating.

* * *

Quarterbacks Kiran Kepo‘o and Bryce Kalauokaaea will report to the Warriors on Aug. 25.
That's also when quarterback Bryant Moniz will report. Moniz, a Leilehua High graduate, played at Fresno City College last season.

kepoo_kiran.jpgKiran Kepoo

kalauokaaea_bryce.jpgBryce Kalauokaaea

moniz.jpgBryant Moniz

* * *

Shane Austin is on schedule for a full recovery from a broken right foot suffered on the final play of the Warrior Bowl.
The cast was removed Monday.

austin_shane.jpgShane Austin

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Mike Wedge found this great football video:

* * *

Colt Brennan took a short break to attend his agent Ryan Tollner's wedding this past weekend in Irvine, Calif. Among the guests were Ben Roethlisberger and Trent Edwards.

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UH basketball's conference room:


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Here's the lovely newlywed, Kortney Borthwick:


** *

At Roosevelt, she was our prom queen. At The Advertiser, she's one of the bigwigs in classified ad sales. Here's Pauline Nomura:


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JC quarterbacks check in

May 27th, 2008

JC quarterback transfers Brent Rausch and Greg Alexander are taking their physical examinations today in the UH training room.
They are enrolled in Summer Session I, and are set to participate in unsupervised drills beginning tomorrow.
"I'm excited to be here," Rausch said.
Receivers Mike Tinoco and Craig Bell also are here.

* * *

The Warriors officially began the summer conditioning program today.

Here's running back Leon Wright-Jackson emerging from a weight-lifting session:


And here's Spencer Smith. (By the way, a big hello to Smith's family in Georgia):


* * *

And here's Rich Sheriff's Hummer. Notice the license plate:


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Oh, what the heck. Here's a picture of my son (middle, olive shirt), daughter (third from right, hand on her head) and their friends at Sunday's paintball bash. The guy on the far left and the guy in the red shirt (my daughter's boyfriend) are really tall, which is why everyone else looks so short. I know, I know. If we wanted to see home pictures we'd visit the other 652 blogs on our site. But, hey, humor me today.

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Here's a picture of my Journalism class. Each one is talented, and you'll be reading or watching their stories in the coming years. The guy in white in the front row bills himself as the Korean Elvis. He sang Elvis songs a few times to open our class. Long live the King!


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