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JC quarterbacks check in

May 27th, 2008

JC quarterback transfers Brent Rausch and Greg Alexander are taking their physical examinations today in the UH training room.
They are enrolled in Summer Session I, and are set to participate in unsupervised drills beginning tomorrow.
"I'm excited to be here," Rausch said.
Receivers Mike Tinoco and Craig Bell also are here.

* * *

The Warriors officially began the summer conditioning program today.

Here's running back Leon Wright-Jackson emerging from a weight-lifting session:


And here's Spencer Smith. (By the way, a big hello to Smith's family in Georgia):


* * *

And here's Rich Sheriff's Hummer. Notice the license plate:


* * *

Oh, what the heck. Here's a picture of my son (middle, olive shirt), daughter (third from right, hand on her head) and their friends at Sunday's paintball bash. The guy on the far left and the guy in the red shirt (my daughter's boyfriend) are really tall, which is why everyone else looks so short. I know, I know. If we wanted to see home pictures we'd visit the other 652 blogs on our site. But, hey, humor me today.

* * *

Here's a picture of my Journalism class. Each one is talented, and you'll be reading or watching their stories in the coming years. The guy in white in the front row bills himself as the Korean Elvis. He sang Elvis songs a few times to open our class. Long live the King!


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