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Steele shows mettle

May 31st, 2008

Quarterback Steele Jantz participated in his first offseason passing drills yesterday afternoon, impressing UH teammates with his arm strength.
Jantz, who is 6 feet 3 and 208 pounds, is a graduate of Nevada Union High in California. He missed all but three games of the 2007 season after suffering a broken leg.
Before attending Nevada Union, he was a student at Crespi High.

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I told Jett Jasper that he had a fan on the blog. He was like, "What? Me?" Jett's a great guy, very humble, and he works hard. I know the coaches are trying to get him on the training camp roster. It's a tough numbers crunch. Anyway, here's Jett saying aloha to his No. 1 fan from Kaua‘i:


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Give credit to Jim Donovan and Scott Chan for an agreement to turn over 1,000 Aloha Stadium parking stalls to UH. (Although announcing the plan during Calf Call was, well, uncalled for.) It is estimated UH can earn $100,000 by selling those stalls.
Still, I like Robert Kekaula's plan better.
Aloha Stadium currently gets to keep all of the revenue from parking. The stadium charge is $5 per car, and there are an estimated 8,000 stalls. For seven home games, the stadium would earn $280,000.
Kekaula's suggestion is to double the parking charge to $10 per car, with UH getting the additional $5 per auto.


Under his plan, UH gets $280,000 for the seven home games, revenue it wouldn't have received in the past. Aloha Stadium keeps those 1,000 stalls and maintains its $280,000 revenue. And there is no change to the fans, except paying more for parking. But even at $10, that's a bargain compared to other prime parking spots for Mainland events.
What do you think?

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