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Sugar tax, coaches in lava lava, Little Matt in pros

June 28th, 2008

Word on the street is UH will mail out Form 1099 to members of the Sugar Bowl party who did not have a work-related role for the event.
If a non-essential travel member received more than $600 in wages in kind — the value of air travel, hotel and per diem — he would have to pay personal and social-security taxes on the amount.
Such a policy already is in place at UH. For instance, employees are given a Form 1099 if they receive season tickets valued at more than $600.

* * *

On the other side, the goodwill travel party of the UH and SMU coaching staffs to American Samoa has arrived safely. These photos are courtesy of Kevin Kaplan of the June Jones Foundation:




* * *

Matt Gibson is averaging 19 points per game for the Marinos, a team in Venezuela's pro basketball league. The Marinos are in the playoffs.


* * *

UH is going green. The football media guides, which will be circulated July 21, will be made of recycled paper.

Here's sports media relations director Derek Inouchi holding the media guide proof:


* * *

On Aug. 18, UH will launch its newly improved sports Web site, which will feature videos. Inouchi already has hired Jay Metzger as videographer/photographer to serve as UH's version of Princess Leila.

Check out Jay's great work at his Web site: 

* * *

Quarterback Brent Rausch dropped the Emo look, cutting his hair and letting it return to its natural light color.



* * *

And here's Greg Aleander:


* * *
Here's Shane Austin letting it fly:


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And here's Tyler Graunke:



* * *

Here's Inoke Funaki, up close and personal:


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