Pilares to chat today at 11:30

July 29th, 2008

Right slotback Kealoha Pilares will be our chat guest today at about 11:30 a.m.
A separate post for the chat will go up at 11;15.
Please join us.

* * *

From a news release:

Elected officials from Aiea and Pearl City will be hosting a community town meeting with University of Hawaii Athletic Director Jim Donovan and Head Football Coach Greg McMackin to “talk story” about the future of the University of Hawaii Athletics Program. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 30, 2008 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Waimalu Elementary School cafeteria.

“We are very pleased that Jim Donovan and Coach Mack will come to speak to our community,” said Rep. K. Mark Takai.

“We have learned through this awesome, yet challenging year, that UH Athletics is important to many people in our community,” Takai said.

“We not only anticipate another amazing year in athletics, but are interested in learning about some of the immediate and long-term plans for the biggest sports program in the state,” he added.

* * *

Belated congratulations to Lori and Garret on their wedding anniversary.

* * *

Happy 40th birthday to Michael Tsai, our newspaper's best writer.

106 Responses to “Pilares to chat today at 11:30”

  1. Ronnie:

    Good Morning, ST!

    Happy Birthday Mike! So, how will you celebrate your birthday?

    Happy Anniversary Garret and Lori!!!

    Great to hear that Kealoha will be our blog guest. I'll have to make sure I don't have any meetings during that time so I can attend.

  2. Stretch:

    Happy Birthday to Mike, HA's bestest writer!!

    Shucks, now I don't have time to eat sushi during lunch...

  3. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks again to Stretch for reminding me about the Pilares chat.
    We were at UH yesterday, and he asked about the chat. I'm like, what chat? Then he reminded me, and pointed to PIlares.

  4. duffer:

    Happy Birthday Mike.....

    It only gets better! :-)

    Good Morning Stephen!

    Congrats Garret and Lori

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

  5. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Congratulations to Garret and Lori.

    Happy birthday, Mike!

  6. MeiLing:

    Hau'oli La Hanau, Braddah Mike!!!

  7. gigi-hawaii ©:

    Would be nice to see a pic of Pilares today. Has his pic ever been on the blog?

  8. Loa:

    morning gang!

    Happy "Copper" Anniversary Garret and Lori!

    Happy Birthday Mike! the big 4-0

    everyone have a safe day

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Confession: I forgot it was Mike's birthday. Midori7 called to remind me.

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    Now if I can get some blog readers to remind me to pay my charge-card bills ...

  11. gigi-hawaii ©:

    July is a good time to have a birthday. My cousin was born on Dec 26 so guess who got 1 present for both xmas and his birthday?

  12. checkraze:


    my b-day is in late January and I still got combo gifts when I was a kid.

  13. gigi-hawaii ©:

    actually, Mike doesn't look 40. He could pass for someone age 30 or younger!

  14. Stretch:

    ST - no forget to pay your credit card bill

  15. gigi-hawaii ©:

    checkraze, really? Mine is Jan 7 but I got 2 separate gifts growing up.

    These days, though, I tell my kids and hubby to buy nothing for me. Save your money, I tell them, I don't need more things.

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    Well, he does look old(er) when he is standing next to his girlfriend. Blog readers remember her. They last saw her holding Colt Brennan's helmet at the party.

  17. tom mui:

    Happy birthday Mike!

    And Garret and Lori - best wishes on your anniversary!


    Now if I can get some blog readers to remind me to pay my charge-card bills …

    Stephen - a reminder: pay your charge card bills!

  18. Stretch:

    ST - I wonder if Mike will get a Colt Brennan helmet for his Birthday present??

  19. ブラキ:

    Congrats to Garret and Lori.
    Happy B-Day Mike. Go Falcons! Represent!
    ST, I forgot my mother's birthday earlier this month. Unfortunately for me, no one reminded me.

  20. Stephen Tsai:

    He might get a proclamation ...

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    If you give the twins the dates, they're very good at reminding.
    By the way, it's "give" the dates, not ask for dates.

  22. myki:

    Happy Birthday Mike!!

    I think you've got a pretty neat bro. even if he needs reminding of a few important things. Fortunately he has a great network of administrative assistants.

    Have a great day, Mike.

  23. gigi-hawaii ©:

    ST has a phenomenal memory! He remembers the lyrics to almost every song sung in the 20th century.

  24. Tombo Ahi:

    congrats garret and lori and mtsai!

  25. Koauka:

    Welcome to the 40+ Club.....Happy BD Mike.

    ST: Huh? "Give the dates, not ask for dates?"

    Hmmm? Inquiring minds want to know

  26. bighilofan2:

    So guess where I'm gonna be tonite at 7 p.m.
    crashin da Waimalu party, babee!

    I going make a point fo see Coach Mack, talk about wat we talked about.


  27. curveball:

    Presented by Depth Chart

    QB 17 - Jason Campbell 15 - Todd Collins 5 - Colt Brennan
    Here is the chart the Washington Post printed this morning
    Chart was issued by the team

  28. myki:

    bhf2, the Waimalu party is Wednesday, you going have a long wait if you come tonite!!

  29. Jason:

    Congrats again to Garret and Lori, and Happy Birthday Mike!

    bighilofan2: Good, you got it.

    Mei Ling: I saw the photos. Nice!

  30. curveball:

    another post from a DC blog

    Colt Brennan: 3rd string listing, from what I hear Derrick not so Devine is having a bad camp. Nice rebound from injury Colt.

  31. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Stephen-
    Stretch said to remind you that you need to pay your credit card bill.

  32. myki:

    Jason, have a safe trip!! Take time and have fun at the conference too. See you when you get back.

  33. Stretch:

    DPK - can you remind me to remind you that you should remind ST to pay his credit card bill??

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sweety said that in case I forget, to put up a post-it here on my 'puter screen, to remind me to remind you that you should remind me to tell Stephen that you said he needs to be reminded to pay his credit card card bill.

  35. bonar:


  36. bonar:

    Congrats G/L and M!

  37. MeiLing:

    ST ~ I thot we're supposed to remind you to take your meds. Oh, the kids are home, so we can take the summer off.

  38. myki:

    LizK ,

    My thoughts and prayers are withyou and your Mom as she faces her surgery today. Be strong and trust in your faith that all will go according to His plan.

  39. Pomai:

    Lets see, birthdays, credit card dills, meds anything else????

    ST take your meds!!!!!

  40. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Birthday Brother Mike. (That makes him sound like a priest.)

    Whereas, you are the brother of the Honolulu Advertiser's second best writer, Stephen Tsai.
    Whereas, you have a hot girlfriend who looks younger than you.
    Whereas, you hang out regularly here on the infamous Warrior Beat.
    Whereas, you are also a rabid UH Fan.
    Whereas, you are cool enough to find part time jobs for family members.
    Whereas, you can tolerate the unbridled silliness of some bloggers on the Warrior Beat.
    Whereas, It was on this date, July 29, 1968, that you were born.
    Whereas, it is your 40th birthday.

    It is hereby proclaimed by all Tsai-kos near and far that you should
    have a wonderful birthday, wih many more to come!


  41. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Happy Anniversary, Garret and Lori.

  42. addahknowjoe:

    Garret/Lori- Congratulations!

    Mike- Hau'oli La Hanau!

    ST- Get practice today? If get, you going? If you do go, do me a favor first please- go pay your credit card bills.

  43. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Psssst! I just noticed that Mike's birthday proclamation was post number 40... Coincidence?

  44. J:

    Hmm...the ground just moved...

  45. d1島:

    Great Morning All.

    Safe passage Jason.

    Happy Anniversary Garret and Lori.

    Happy Birthday to HA's best writer, Mike!

    Please post something for a-joe to e-mail dpk to remind Stretch to remind you to pay your c/c bill...
    ...and take your meds!

  46. d1島:

    ...or just leave it to the evil twins.

    See everyone around 11:30!

  47. midori7:

    Happy Anniversary Garret & Lori!

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    ST: Has there been any word about the community clean up project at UH that Jim Donovan mentioned earlier?

  48. addahknowjoe:


    Howz all of our Southern Cal Tsai-kos doin? Is everyone alright after the 5.8 earthquake a few minutes ago?

  49. King Katonk:

    Congratulations on your anniversary Garret & Lori.

    BTW - did any of the LoCal Tsaikos feel the earthquake?

    It was a pretty good shake.

  50. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...

    Happy Birthday Mike...Maybe you'll get a nice UH Helmet to use when riding your HOG....we gotta go riding once I get my bike rebuilt....Hmmmm...I wonder what it will feel like when I turn the big 40 in 8 years...MWahahahahhaha

    Happy Anniversary Garret and Lori...

    D1...can you post later today to ST to remind him to post to A-joe to e-mail DPK to check his computer for a post it to remind Stretch to remind ST to pay his credit card bill..... :mrgreen:

    Ask the twins out on a date?? I think that's already happened right?? MWAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding twins..don't want to feel the wrath....

    Midori - thanks for reminding ST about bruddah mike's b-day...

    Great to see the Kealoha Pilares will chat today...hopefully I can be here to ask a question....

  51. addahknowjoe:

    Mei Ling- Did you feel anything in Arizona?

    LV- Reports coming out that people felt it there.

    RainbowCliff/Ronnie/Garret/Uku@LA- Everything's alright?

  52. al:

    happy birthday mike!
    now you truly understand the true value of being 39 forever.

    garret and lori....oh wait i did that last night. i see you had plans to drop the kids off somewhere, eh. careful now it could become a habit.

    st....i won't remind you to pay your credit card bills. i will offer this advice; give the duty to wena and you will no longer get chided. and life is good when the boss is happy.

  53. al:

    happy birthday mike!
    now you truly understand the true value of being 39 forever.

    garret and lori....oh wait i did that last night. i see you had plans to drop the kids off somewhere, eh. careful now it could become a habit.

    st....i won't remind you to pay your credit card bills. i will offer this advice; give the duty to wena and you will no longer get chided. and life is good when the boss is happy.

  54. (Jesse) James:

    A-joe/King Katonk...that was an earthquake..I thought the ground was shaking because KK is going dry for three weeks...???

  55. addahknowjoe:

    King Katonk- How was the ride? Everything's OK in your area?

  56. chawan_cut:

    hope you LA Cali folks are safe after that earthquake.

  57. Tombo Ahi:

    felt it in redondo beach, continuous shaking for about 30 seconds.

  58. J:

    That was one of the longer lasting ones...epicenter is about 40 miles from my current locations.

  59. addahknowjoe:

    Tombo Ahi- Sounds like a good ride there in Redondo. Everything's OK there with you, though? no property damage to speak of?

  60. J:


    Though some believe I can be in more than one place at the same time. Or as my high school players ask, "Where did you come from?"

    This of course only happens when they're up to no good.

  61. addahknowjoe:

    J- What were your first thoughts when it started to rumble? Did you realize it was an earthquake?

  62. King Katonk:

    As they say in L.A.

    "The Jello was Jiggling" but everything's o.k.

    I experienced both California earthquakes (S.F. 1989 and L.A.1994) so this pales in comparison.

    At least the jolt was strong enough to wake me up and get back to work. I thought my boss was coming through the door.

  63. addahknowjoe:

    King Katonk- LMAO! Any after shocks occuring?

  64. djmitcho:

    That wasn't an earthquake, it was someone celebrating their anniversary!

  65. Tombo Ahi:

    addahknowjoe -- everything is good here, just had some stuff swaying in the office, no damage. thanks. we're about 45 miles away from the epicenter.

  66. Stretch:

    July 29th, 2008 at 9:13 am
    Howz all of our Southern Cal Tsai-kos doin? Is everyone alright after the 5.8 earthquake a few minutes ago?

    Tombo Ahi:
    July 29th, 2008 at 9:18 am
    felt it in redondo beach, continuous shaking for about 30 seconds.

    You guys sure that wasn't Garret and Lori celebrating their anniversary?? Duration sounds about right... haha

    okay bad joke, hope everyone is safe.

  67. King Katonk:

    Thanks for the well wishes. I haven’t felt any aftershocks; nothing serious and no damage that I can see.

    A lot of folks overreact when it initially hits. As long as the roof doesn’t come crashing down then there’s no need to panic.

    You can tell which employees are not from California. There already asking the boss if they can go home. His reply, “If you’re still breathing…you’re o.k.”

    Uh, maybe someone should check the gas line?

  68. Ronnie:


    Well, we failed the earthquake test... We evacuated and then were told that we were supposed to stay under our desks... That must be why the evacuation siren didn't sound. And the Verizon Network was not behind me – oh well.

    At least the kids are all ok. My brother has some damage, but our house is fine.

  69. Ronnie:

    I meant to say that my brother's house has some damage, he's ok... The epicenter was about 5 miles from my house. It was actually kind of cool from the 4th floor. Lots of rocking and rolling.

  70. (Jesse) James:

    Good to hear everyone is ok....property can be replaced...people can't....

    Stretch - LMAO...30 seconds is too long.... j/k

  71. (Jesse) James:

    King Katonk...the gas line is fine. After Portugeuse Bean Soup on Saturday/Sunday...and Chili last night....whew....

  72. Tommy:

    Things to do:
    * Check w/friends in LA if they're alright.
    * Wish Mike a happy 40th!
    * Remind ST to pay your charge card bill

  73. King Katonk:

    (Jesse) James,
    Keep the matches far, far away...

    I'm glad to hear you're o.k.

  74. J:

    It woke me up...had I been closer to an exit, I probably would have headed outside. Who wants to be indoors if stuff can fall or collapse? Ronnie is closer to Chino Hills than I.

  75. al:

    hope all's well with everyone in the los angeles area.

    (j)j....hit it on the nose. can't replace people.

  76. FloridaTed:

    Good morning/afternoon, Tsaiko-Nation and Tsai-Meister.

    Glad the rock'n'roll in SoCal didn't do too much damage.

    Happy Birthday, Mike, you young wipper snapper.

    Lori and Garret, whish you a happy anniversary and a great future for your family.

    Good to see that Mark Takai is still on the ball. I hope they get something meaningful done.

    Look forward to the Pilares chat, great kid.

    Tsai-Meister, you've spoiled us. It looks weird now with no pictures, lol.

  77. Pride.:

    ST. Don't forget to pay my charge card bill.

  78. Pride.:

    Glad that our fellow Tsai-ko's on the west coast are fine.

  79. al:

    don't forget..

    thai cattle call
    july 30, 2008
    phuket thai in mccully shopping ctr
    24.00 inclusive


    spring rolls
    tom yum-lemon grass soup
    crispy fried chicken
    pad thai beef noodles
    red shrimp curry
    sticky rice
    tapioca or banana dessert

    leave your rsvp here.

  80. Pride.:

    Happy birthday brother Mike.

    Sorry that I didn't notice that you brought a girlfriend to the bash. I guess that I was too busy admiring that beautiful Warrior helmet that was won by some #$%^&*@$&% little girl that probably doesn't know it's true value.

  81. (Jesse) James:

    Pride...you're telling me...that $%#@#*! little girl wanted to use that helmet to ride with MT.....mwahahahahahahaha

  82. (Jesse) James:

    al...you're killing me with that menu....good lord...

  83. MeiLing:

    No rock'nrollin' in AZ. I was eating chirashi suzhi w/ ono sashimi.

    DPK, wonderful proclamation for Bruddah Mike.

  84. Gorg:

    Right on, Happy birthday Mike!!

    Dang it, MeiLing, you got me all hungry and its only 10:30am.

    I heard there is a Fantasy football league starting up, am I too late to join up? Hit me up info on my email if you could please...



  85. (Jesse) James:

    Hey gang...have to go to a meeting until 100. Can anyone post this question for me to Kealoha on the chat blog.

    "Hey Kealoha, Viriliter Age and thanks for taking the time out to blog with us. One of several fellow Damien brothers on this blog. Anyway, just wanted to know how the transition to slot has been going?

    I would often think, after watching you run, what kind of damage you might do to opposing Ds if you were converted to a slot. I think it will be substantial. Anyway, keep up the good work and make us all proud."

  86. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Mahalo for the prayers - mom emerged from a a successful surgery - snip, clip, sew. She is in the recovery room and sis says all is fine so far!

    HiHo, Esme and Away!

  87. Stretch:

    snip, clip, sew

    whoa Liz - no say that kine stuff around the men here.

  88. checkraze:


    djmitcho is setting up the FFL

  89. Gorg:

    sweet, thanks checkraze

    Anyone have the email address for djmitcho?

    Hope I can be by the computer for the chat with Pilares. Gotta say what's from one Damien alum to another!! Viriliter Age!!

  90. Kazz:

    (Jesse) James:

    July 29th, 2008 at 10:27 am
    Pride…you’re telling me…that $%#@#*! little girl wanted to use that helmet to ride with MT…..mwahahahahahahaha


  91. FloridaTed:

    Hi, LizK,

    Good to hear your mother is doing better, God speed to her.

  92. MeiLing:

    LizK, hope your Mom recovers quickly.

  93. djmitcho:

    invite sent

  94. djmitcho:

    Best wishes to your mom.

  95. djmitcho:

    when you grad?

  96. djmitcho:

    got you covered

  97. Ralph:

    Bighilofan2 the waimalu meeting with Donovan and coach Mac is on Wednesday at 7 pm...like Myki stated, you got a long wait if you go tonight, We know you hyper and very excited but wait one more day

  98. UKU@LA:

    warriors, hut! hut! hut!
    garrett n lori, hav a great day!
    a-joe yea da ground shake litta bit, but err ting is good.
    st, please pay da bills!
    aloha everyone from shake-shake land!

    MANEO !!!

  99. Mike:

    Hey all,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and thanks DPK for my first ever proclamation. Wow, I feel all important, li'dat.

    Hopefully ST won't need the twins to remind him about Wena's birthday -- since it's the same as his.

    My American Lit class found out about my birthday from the dept. secretary. They wanted to know my age but I told them to guess. The opening guess was 42. Dang white hair!!

    Happy belated anniversary Garret and Lori. Hope you had a great celebration.

    LizK: All good thoughts to your mom today.

  100. A-House:

    Most Happy Anniversary to Garret and Lori!!

    Happy B-day to Mike T!!

  101. Rob25:

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Congrats Lori and Garret!

    Stephen - Don't forget to pay yours, Pride's and my credit card bills!

    Ronnie - Glad to hear that you and the boys are okay...what no Verizon people were standing there behind you when the earthquake hit?!

    Liz - Glad your mom is doing great...wish her well on the rest of her recovery.

    Can't wait to see everyone at lunch tomorrow! James...you know you could go if you really wanted to...even the twins will be there.

    Isn't Kealoha just a cutie?!

  102. Gorg:

    Thanks djmitcho!!

    I grad 1984 from Damien...alright!

  103. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Awrite Damien guys! My nephews Tim and Doug E. are Damien grads too. They are in their mid 20's now.

  104. NYUH:

    Don't forget to hate

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