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Paying my union dues

August 24th, 2008

It is with much regret and sadness that I will be taking a break from blogging.
Several non-bloggers — Mike Gordon, Dan Nakaso, Wayne Harada, Paul Kuromoto and Chris Neil — called for a temporary blog shutdown.
I don't usually pay attention to those who try to direct from the shadows. (I'm still waiting for someone to say "thanks" for my previous two blog shutdowns.) But my other co-workers are my family, and in support of the six unions representing The Advertiser employees, I have agreed to take a temporary break from blogging.
The hiatus will begin tomorrow.
I will continue to have daily reports on the Warriors in the paper and online editions. I also will be following the team to Atlanta and then Florida. If there are any updates, they will be posted on the breaking news section.
In accordance with newspaper policy, I will not participate in nor promote any other site during the hiatus.
For updates on tailgate parties, cattle calls, and karaoke events, please contact Liz Kauai at (808) 482-0133, Stretch at (808) 864-3148, SteveM at (808) 537-9815.or Kekoa at (916) 996-0410.
You also may call me at (808) 525-8051 or e-mail me at for updates and additional news on Warrior football.

* * *

And our winners are:
UH football media guide (donated by Stretch) — Hawaiianbod.
• June Jones Fondation Celebrity Golf Classic program autographed by Jones, Jesse Sapolu and Reagan Mauia — Pride, who then donates it to Kekoa.
Sugar Bowl Whiteout poster — Jack Flash.
Two field passes (donated by Stretch) — Liz Kauai.
Autographed Arizona Cardinal cap (donated by MeiLing) — Florida Ted.

Call Stretch for the guide, autographed program and field passes. Call me for the cap and poster.

* * *

Here's that autographed program:


* * *

Here's the drawing for the field passes. The hand with the huge diamond ring belongs to JuJu. The other hand is Seryna Ko's.


* * *

Hey, I'm just going to empty out the photo album. Here's Liane with her prize for being a top saleswoman:


* * *

Here's our pal Kortney, who is going on maternity leave Friday. She's a big UH football fan:


* * *

And here's my former Roosevelt classmate Janet, who helps run the UH Alumni Association. She was at the Pigskin Pigout. She also was on the selection committee that picked Bob Nash.


* * *

Mr. Neatnik — UH softball coach Bob Coolen — was a happy fella Saturday. It was the first volunteer clean-up day on campus. More than 100 coaches and staff did yardwork, picked up trash and painted. Coolen signed up for every category.


* * *

Back to football. Sort of. Here are the Warriors are practicing the new ha‘a.



* * *

Slotback Dustin Blount has his helmet properly fitted with air.


* * *

And as I go on my temporary blog break, I leave you with this image:


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