Paying my union dues

August 24th, 2008

It is with much regret and sadness that I will be taking a break from blogging.
Several non-bloggers — Mike Gordon, Dan Nakaso, Wayne Harada, Paul Kuromoto and Chris Neil — called for a temporary blog shutdown.
I don't usually pay attention to those who try to direct from the shadows. (I'm still waiting for someone to say "thanks" for my previous two blog shutdowns.) But my other co-workers are my family, and in support of the six unions representing The Advertiser employees, I have agreed to take a temporary break from blogging.
The hiatus will begin tomorrow.
I will continue to have daily reports on the Warriors in the paper and online editions. I also will be following the team to Atlanta and then Florida. If there are any updates, they will be posted on the breaking news section.
In accordance with newspaper policy, I will not participate in nor promote any other site during the hiatus.
For updates on tailgate parties, cattle calls, and karaoke events, please contact Liz Kauai at (808) 482-0133, Stretch at (808) 864-3148, SteveM at (808) 537-9815.or Kekoa at (916) 996-0410.
You also may call me at (808) 525-8051 or e-mail me at for updates and additional news on Warrior football.

* * *

And our winners are:
UH football media guide (donated by Stretch) — Hawaiianbod.
• June Jones Fondation Celebrity Golf Classic program autographed by Jones, Jesse Sapolu and Reagan Mauia — Pride, who then donates it to Kekoa.
Sugar Bowl Whiteout poster — Jack Flash.
Two field passes (donated by Stretch) — Liz Kauai.
Autographed Arizona Cardinal cap (donated by MeiLing) — Florida Ted.

Call Stretch for the guide, autographed program and field passes. Call me for the cap and poster.

* * *

Here's that autographed program:


* * *

Here's the drawing for the field passes. The hand with the huge diamond ring belongs to JuJu. The other hand is Seryna Ko's.


* * *

Hey, I'm just going to empty out the photo album. Here's Liane with her prize for being a top saleswoman:


* * *

Here's our pal Kortney, who is going on maternity leave Friday. She's a big UH football fan:


* * *

And here's my former Roosevelt classmate Janet, who helps run the UH Alumni Association. She was at the Pigskin Pigout. She also was on the selection committee that picked Bob Nash.


* * *

Mr. Neatnik — UH softball coach Bob Coolen — was a happy fella Saturday. It was the first volunteer clean-up day on campus. More than 100 coaches and staff did yardwork, picked up trash and painted. Coolen signed up for every category.


* * *

Back to football. Sort of. Here are the Warriors are practicing the new ha‘a.



* * *

Slotback Dustin Blount has his helmet properly fitted with air.


* * *

And as I go on my temporary blog break, I leave you with this image:


1,109 Responses to “Paying my union dues”

  1. chawan_cut:

    wow, i'm first to say i'm sad that there will be no blog.

  2. HiFlyer:


  3. BigWave96744:

    Happy Birthday to Jake Heun...
    Hope you back heals up soon..

    Happy Belated Birthday to Castle's Corey Paredes and McKinley's Raphael Ieru (08/23)

  4. al:


  5. HiFlyer:

    chawan_cut - ditto on the blog shut down and so close to the start of the season.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm pretty sad, too, Chawan.
    I wanted to display pictures of the practice at Georgia Tech and the Swamp, and the visits to CNN.

  7. al:


  8. Darren:

    That's a bummer...but the purpose is understood and will be supported. Timing kind of sucks, but it is what it is.

  9. BigWave96744:

    How since no blog then
    Happy Birthday in advance to:
    Greg Salas (tomorrow 08/25)
    Keith "Bear" Ah-Son (08/26)
    and Kailua's Dylan Linkner (08/29)

  10. BigWave96744:

    I guess you all will be at Pomai's Site???

  11. Ralph:

    ST check out Betty Nguyen at CNN. To bad Rudi Bakhtiar left CNN for Fox

  12. BigWave96744:

    I guess you all will be at Pomai's Site?

  13. Darren:

    Any idea how long this *temporary break* will be?

  14. Ralph:

    Al see, SteveM is napping on his keyboard again

  15. BigWave96744:

    Sorry for the double post and sorry to "Bear" for misspelling your last name "AhSoon"

  16. BigWave96744:

    Is you email or

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    On a positive note, the word on the street is that when the blog resumes, Princess Leila's videos also will return.

  18. Ralph:

    ST when is the HA sunday online paper being posted...

  19. chawan_cut:

    where is cnn?
    i'm sure we could share your photos on other sites. freedom of the internet.
    United We Stand! You have our support. Hopefully things get back to the way it was. Contracts in place, THE Princess' videos back. Our beloved blogs flowing.

    on a happier note,
    Wow, Waipio!
    Wow, what a gold medal basketball game!
    Wow, men's volleyball!

  20. al:

    st....have fun while you are in atlanta and gainesville.
    be safe and are you sure you don't need someone to carry your laptop?

  21. Stephen Tsai:

    One of my middle names is Shigemi.

  22. Stephen Tsai:

    And the e-mail is from my teaching job.

  23. Koauka:

    Got your back ST, as well as, the HA brothers and sisters.

    Support the union label!

  24. BigWave96744:

    Thanks Stephen..
    At 1:39am typo's can be a common thing..

    BTW when at GTech, you gonna get to interview Paul Johnson?

  25. WarriorMojo:

    Somber news, ST, but understood.

  26. Ralph:

    lots of August birthdays, but I think a few are not Leos, whats after Leo, Pisces?

  27. WarriorMojo:

    And what are your other middle names?

  28. Stephen Tsai:

    CNN is an awesome experience.
    It's located in what was supposed to be an indoor amusement park.
    I'll bring back stuff, and I'll have Stretch give them away as prizes.

  29. BigWave96744:

    Ralph August folks are Aquarius.
    After that are Libra's

  30. HiFlyer:

    ST - thats great to hear, we have all missed her videos and you have filled the void with your pictures.

  31. Stephen Tsai:

    Ah, a fella has to have some secrets.

  32. chawan_cut:

    i take TONS of photos when i travel, so i will capture the game day experience from Gainesville.
    i'll also be trying to upload the local news remotely again.

  33. Ralph:

    Chawan cut are you coming to the cc at Mililani golf course this morning to watch the LL game...we're meeting at or before 8:30...first come, first serve, so we got to be there early.

  34. WarriorMojo:

    Is the Princess going over for the game or is it just you and "Ferd"?

  35. BigWave96744:

    Talked with Gary Dickman on Friday..
    Sports Animals will do all road games from the Champions Sports Bar...

    It's smaller than Ige's was and Ige's used to fill up fast..
    Just some info for folks who follow the Sports Animals

  36. chawan_cut:

    is that a special media only CNN tour?
    or can common folk like us enter the park too?

  37. chawan_cut:

    sorry no can. i won't wake up in time, and i have to head off to a birthday party at 10 or so.

  38. Stephen Tsai:

    It will be just me and "Ferd."
    He's heading straight to Florida. I'm doing the Atlanta-Florida thing.
    Did I mention the Titanic exhibition will be at the Georgia Aquarium?

  39. Stephen Tsai:

    Nope, the tour is open to the public.

  40. stevem:


  41. al:

    yup, ralph he fell asleep directly in the middle of his keyboard..

  42. al:


  43. Stephen Tsai:

    I was going to name SteveM as one of the contacts, but I can't find my cell, and his number is on it.

  44. chawan_cut:

    btw, i'm awake because i'm watching this great gold medal men's basketball game. they definitely earned their gold.
    and i really thought WAC refs were the worst but FIBA refs take the cake and the whole pastry store. my goodness.

  45. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Al, she has a title.

  46. WarriorMojo:

    Off with his head!

  47. chawan_cut:

    is CNN in Atlanta? wait, that's a dumb question. its a Turner thing and he owns everything there in Atlanta.

  48. Stephen Tsai:

    I hate to admit this, but I'm awake because I'm watching "Gossip Girl, Season 1" DVD.
    But I'm watching it with my middle kid, Jo, so it is quality family time.

  49. WarriorMojo:

    So ST goes by way of Atlanta to see the CNN studios and the Georgia Aquarium and I go by way of Jacksonville to kick up the dust of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  50. WarriorMojo:

    I'm freaking out because my son has started taping the Cheetah Girls! WTH is the Cheetah Girls!?!

  51. Stephen Tsai:

    Meanwhile, my bro is going to see Springsteen in Milwaukee. He's going to a Harley convention.

  52. WarriorMojo:

    I asked my niece and she said, "Girls who are cheetahs."

    That was very unhelpful.

  53. WarriorMojo:

    Officially jealous of Brother Mike. That is one guy I've never seen in concert. I'm not sure why I didn't check out his reunion tour with the E Street Band a couple years back.

  54. chawan_cut:

    too bad the guys are practicing in georgia. that's a little too far away from me, mickey and goofy.
    ok, i need to sleep. i don't need to adjust myself to florida time for a few more days.

  55. Darren:

    Mojo - Have to admit that the Cheetah Girls are pretty entertaining.

  56. WarriorMojo:

    Darren: REALLY? Well, okay, I'm pretty open minded so I'll check it out. (Like I have a choice).

  57. Darren:

    Mojo -'s definitely not your kind of music,'s popular with the young ones nowadays.

    So is our team as ready as it can be for the Gators?

  58. Ralph:

    Neil Diamond looked a lot better with his hair long and bushy compared to present baldness...this oldies channel adds highlights with the music and a few with pictures...

  59. 99club:

    Good morning Tsaikos!


    Take your umbrella! National WX service now says 40% chance of thunderstorms on Saturday, high of 89. OK, gotta go work on my Haiku.

    Saw Springsteen in '85 or '86 at RFK stadium. Great show but scary the way the stands were rocking! I thought the place was going to fall apart.

  60. WarriorMojo:

    Darren, okay, thanks for the heads up.

    As for the team being ready? I wasn't able to make practice for the past week, so I'm not sure. But I AM sure that I would feel better is we had our O-line set so the guys could start to develop cohesion.

    99, I'm jealous of you too, LOL. Springsteen puts on such a great show, I just can't explain why I've never made the effort to see him.

  61. Pomai:

    Carry over:
    # Pomai:
    August 24th, 2008 at 3:29 am

    Thomas Mui:
    August 23rd, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    POMAI: You are correct - it looks like synthetic turf was a after-thought in California.

    Well if it is true that all/most states are uniform then would the c-68FF be the wrong number and should read c-61- xxxx or something like that?

    If that was the case(wrong number) then wouldn’t that make his complaint null and void?? LOL

  62. Pomai:

    Ralph from the guys I have talked to Vista isn't that bad, the trick is you need to have at least 2gigs of ram, preferably as much as you can get as it is a resource hog. But with the max ram they seem to like it. Dang I'm just getting use to XP!! LOL BTW you can still buy a new system with XP but the catch is it cost more. Isn't that like paying more for a 2008 model car than a 2009 LOL

  63. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    its Sunday, just 6 days

    okay, back to SLOWDOWNSKI


    August 23rd, 2008 at 11:38 pm
    tom mui,
    I’m not sure what you would call a C-68FF contractors license. It exists, and its scope of work covers the installation of synthetic turf, but it does not appear it is required by law to install synthetic turf.


    August 23rd, 2008 at 11:40 pm
    There will not be any temporary injunctions. DCCA has exclusive jurisdiction over appeals and work is stayed until a DCCA decision, absent a substantial interest determination.

    You were addressing Tom Mui's #265.

    The bottom line is that all these appointed positions fall back on the Governor, her man Mark Bennett, UH Chief Procurement Officer an quasi autonomous UH Pres. David McClain and his staff of slow em downers.

    No wonder June Jones went to a place, where people like Mr. Orsini, who get things done right away, thrive. I would get outta Dodge if I was surrounded by peeps who wouldn't back me up an make the paypahs to chop da block ah SLOWDOWNSKI. SADOWSKI.

    lessee, we so far SADOWSKI has involved the UH Post Office Building (meeting site), UH Chief Counsel, UH Associate Chief Counsel, Dep AG Rodney Tam, Bays Deaver, Lung, Rose, Holma, Pres David McClain. now DCCA. plus get Tom, Momotaro an me. Sadowski, you might as well "CC" one priest too.

    You no, all da politicians chief executive officers tell me "I know, we want to move this along as fast as ossible, but absent getting Sadowski to change his mind, the determination has to come from UH. Its semi-autonomous."

    Crap, if June Jones was still here, and we had as many ducks lined up as we have now, and Sadowski was making the noise as he is right now, if June was still here, don't tell me the Governor and Dave McClain wouldn't be making the call right now!
    You know it, I know it: they would make the call.

    So gunnfunnitttt, make the call! Back up our team! It takes all of us. no make like oily liar with sly eyes.
    hoo puni puni mai, hoo palai maka. :evil:

    no bachi, now its Sadowski! :evil:

    oh.... have a great morning at church everyone. :D
    Blessed Sadowski to you. :lol:

  64. Pomai:

    Well loading up and heading out of the hills to watch the LL game at my friends place, understand that the Mexico team is pretty good. Should be a good game, but in the end a win for the USA. To me it is kind of amazing how these 12 year old kids can handle that kind of pressure!! To be honest I can't even imagine what it would be like, to be playing for the world championship in front of all those fans and the millions watching on TV. My hats off to those young men!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. MeiLing:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!!!

    Gonna miss the blog, but I've not been able to hang out much these days. Good luck on the contests! The AZ Cardinals visor also has Matt Leinart's & Kurt Warner's autographs, too.

  66. bighilofan2:

    Mei Ling,

    Good morning. grand daughter is there now. got a call from her last evening. she likes her dorm.
    Go Malie!

    Go Warriors!!!

  67. Garret:

    I loved the CNN tour when I went to Atlanta for a conference! That was a definite must-see for Atlanta for me.

  68. Garret:

    The other tour I found really interesting was the Coca-Cola tour. Very interesting to see the history behind it, the old marketing campaigns and old bottle sizes/shapes, and I loved the free fill-ups where the soda flew 40 feet or so in the air into my cup!

  69. Garret:


    For a music lover like you, I'm *shocked* that you never saw Springsteen in concert! I saw him with the E Street Band and thought that was the best concert I had ever been to--amazing the energy they had during their 3-hour concert and the connection to the audience! And they have such a deep catalog of songs that there was quality music throughout the show.

    They were even better than U2 (saw in 1987), Phil Collins/Genesis (sat just 5 rows from the center of the stage--best way to see a concert at Dodger Stadium, thank goodness I complained about equipment blocking our view when we were in the seats we were supposed to be in!), and tons of local groups I've enjoyed.

  70. Garret:

    Kudos to Kelli and all of the non-union bloggers (like Cat in the last shutdown) who honor the blog shutdown.

  71. Garret:

    Article about Jesse Sapolu in Maui. Interesting that he has a son who is on the recruiting list for UH and SMU.

    As Jesse Sapolu put his charges through their paces at the Lahaina Rec Center field on Thursday, he couldn't help but think of a fallen comrade.

    Sapolu - the former University of Hawaii and San Francisco 49ers great - is on Maui with the Edison High School football team from Huntington Beach, Calif., where his youngest son, Roman, is a starter on the offensive line.

    Sapolu, 47, does a lot to stay in the game that has given him so much since he graduated from Farrington in 1979 - he is an alumni director for the 49ers, and an avid supporter of his alma mater in Manoa.

    He knows the Valley Isle well and was preparing to play a round of golf in South Maui with friends later in the day.

    ''I was here for the last Super Bowl,'' he said. ''The bricklayers national union had their seminar here, so I came as a guest speaker because I have four Super Bowl rings. That was the last time I was here. I enjoy Maui a lot. It is a lot more relaxing than Honolulu.''

    This week, Sapolu's focus is on being the offensive line coach for the Chargers.

    ''We have a lot of respect for the Neighbor Island's football and Lahainaluna was a play or two away from winning the Division II state championship (in 2007), so we don't underestimate anybody,'' Sapolu said.

    Coaching his own son is not easy.

    ''Very tough, very tough,'' he said. ''Because everybody knows whose son he is and the unrealistic expectations, so to speak, and it is not fair to my son, but I want him to develop his own game. The number one thing I want him to do is enjoy the game.''

    Sapolu has a daughter who played volleyball at Chaminade and recently graduated, a son at Central Oklahoma and another son at Orange Coast Junior College, who is on the recruiting list for Hawaii, Southern Methodist and Weber State.

  72. Garret:

    Sapolu also keeps a close eye on the Warriors.

    ''I keep up, I really do,'' he said. ''I went with June (Jones, Hawaii's previous coach) and coach (Greg) McMackin to do a clinic in Samoa last month. It is good that they are all friends and help each other out. I was at the Sugar Bowl. I flew in from Cleveland, where the 49ers were playing. We were all excited. People talk about the result of the (Sugar Bowl) game, but I think it was a major step forward - for the budget, for June, for McMackin - to steal one of those BCS bids. It is a miracle to go up against schools with those kinds of budgets and that kind of backing.

    ''I think (McMackin) will continue the success. I think the strength of coach Mack and June Jones is they understand the local mentality. The local mentality is if you are successful and very respectful and you walk around with humility, they will carry you around. If you come in and you are demanding and you are arrogant, it is not something that local people take well to. I think coach Mack is the perfect fit after June.''

  73. Garret:

    Deseret News (Utah) has their WAC preview up.

  74. Garret:

    Article in a Georgia paper about 6 reasons why they love football.

    Be it high school, college or the pros, towns and venues come alive on game days and nights. Games are high church in these parts - and just about everywhere else on the U.S. map. (Thousands of University of Hawaii fans didn't show up in New Orleans in early January for the weather.)

  75. uhfan808:

    Hello Tsaikos, Tsaikettes, Lurkers, & Lurkettes!

    Would say good morning but sad news to hear this blog will be "out" for a l-o-o-n-n-g while.

    ST - Hope all goes well in contract negotiations and things can be pono soon. Understand too and will honor. Will look forward to seeing you and Princess Leila & her much missed videos back online!

    Florida-bound Tsaikos and Lurkers - Before I forget to say, have a nice trip and be safe!

  76. Garret:

    Article about the Hawaii link to Navy football.

    Ken Niumatalolo returned to his home state of Hawaii in January, 2004 to recruit a talented option quarterback named Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada on behalf of the Naval Academy.
    Niumatalolo never imagined that four years later he would be the head coach at Navy and Kaheaku-Enhada would be his starting quarterback.

    In fact, the hopes of Navy football for the 2008 season rest squarely on the shoulders of those two Hawaiians.

    "It's definitely a unique situation," Kaheaku-Enhada admitted. "I guess Coach Niumat and I have to go out and represent for Hawaii."

    Navy's connection to Oahu began with Johnson, who spent eight seasons as offensive coordinator at the University of Hawaii. When Johnson accepted the same position at the Naval Academy, he brought Niumatalolo along as offensive line coach. Niumatalolo had been a quarterback for the Rainbows under Johnson and got into coaching as a graduate assistant at his alma mater.

    Johnson also convinced then Navy head coach Charlie Weatherbie to hire another one of his former Hawaii players - quarterback-slot back Ivin Jasper - as an offensive assistant.

  77. Garret:

    Naturally, Niumatalolo recruits Hawaii for Navy and he will never forget his visit to the home of Kevin and Tracy Enhada, who have 12 children (10 boys, two girls).

    "Besides Kaipo's mom, nobody had a shirt on. A couple of his brothers had just gotten back from the beach and his father had just come home from work. We all just sat around real casual-like and ate pizza," Niumatalolo said. "Kaipo comes from a simple, hard-working family."

    Hawaiian natives all over the country and throughout the islands will have even more reason to watch Navy now that Niumatalolo is head coach. He is the first Polynesian head coach in NCAA Division I history and the first collegiate head coach of Samoan descent at any level.

  78. uhfan808:

    Mei Ling and Stretch -
    Mahalo for your generosity in donating such wonderful prizes! :)

  79. bighilofan2:

    Go Navy!

    Go Warriors!

    And to quote Garrett's second paragraph on
    Jesse Sapolu:

    I think (McMackin) will continue the success. I think the strength of coach Mack and June Jones is they understand the local mentality. The local mentality is if you are successful and very respectful and you walk around with humility, they will carry you around. If you come in and you are demanding and you are arrogant, it is not something that local people take well to. I think coach Mack is the perfect fit after June.”

    Sounds like Sadowski, don't it?

  80. Koauka:

    is it 250 yet?

  81. bighilofan2:

    I'm referring to the part about being demanding and arrogant...

  82. PIAA DS:

    Here is my elementary school 5-7-5 version of a Haiku

    Green, Black on the field
    Fell behind, game almost pau
    Touchdown, field goal, Win!

    too early to be up trying to remember how to put together a Haiki. Im going back to bed for a few hours.

  83. bighilofan2:

    My haiku

    in da misty manoa valley
    get one place called da quarry
    where trouble is brewing
    n people are stewing
    cuz dah loozah SLODOWNSKI

    but coach Mack, he no mo cares
    cuz da linemen look like bears,
    tellz his players, no ack like you get da ma'i
    stand up, stand up, you represent Hawai'i

    :D I win I win. heh heh

  84. bighilofan2:

    Our coaches mean well for our team,

    you think Coaches Gerke and Smith can convey the mental image necessary for the oline to have a long but beautiful and satisfying day in Florida?

    maybe a divine ohm....

    uh..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... :D

    da mind, coaches, da mind. you not going win if you not going try fo win... you gotta TRY

    Go Warriors!!!

  85. PIAA DS:


    thats a limerick. a really good one, but a limerick.

  86. bighilofan2:

    I went google Tsai-ko, den went to SteveM's site, den went TomboAhi's spot and watched da new ha'a. gonna practice :lol:

    btw, SteveM get one running clock for da Fla game. How cool is dat!!!

  87. Mclovin:

    Will miss your blog Steven. I guess I will now lurk on Tombo Ahi's blogsite
    ( I guess we can comment on his site about games and stuff.

  88. MeiLing:

    Aloha kakahiaka, BHF2!

    What is Maile's last name? I'll make sure I see her at the picnic on the 31st. I don't think she was at the dinner last night... We had about 95 people there. The kids cooked kalua pig & cabbage, teri chicken, chicken long rice (thanks, Mrs. Uno!), mac/potato salad & rice. Got to meet a student from Maryknoll!

  89. Joel:

    Traveling Hawaii Fans,
    I'm unsure whats going on with this blog so here is my phone number, 352-428-2009. If there is anything I can do to help with your visit or would like to meet, please call.

    LizKauai and BigHiloFan2, I have your contact info. Warriormojo, KapoleiWarrior, and Alnbama, it would also be nice to see you too in Gainesville.

    In closing, here is a quote from Gainesville's Mayor speaking before leaving for the Denver Convention, "Democrats in my city and county voted overwhelmingly for Obama in the Jan. 29 primary, unlike the rest of Florida." So, football is not the only thing the Florida Gators and Hawaii Warriors have a common.

    Go Warriors, Go Gators!

  90. 22London:

    Aloha everyone,
    I just learned that Hawaiian Telecom will not be streaming the home games this year. Anyone know if the home games will be streamed by another company?

  91. brew808:


    Date Opponent Price

    September 6, 2008 Weber State $12
    September 27, 2008 San Jose State $12
    October 11, 2008 Louisiana Tech $12
    October 25, 2008 Nevada $12
    November 22, 2008 Idaho $12
    November 29, 2008 Washington State
    December 6, 2008 Cincinnati $12

  92. 22London:

    A million thanks brew808....I was worried that I wouldn't get my warrior football fix this season...many thanks again....

  93. brew808:

    :shock::D ~•~ Good Morning Tsaikos and Warrior Nation!!! ~•~ :D ☼ 8)



    ...and before everyone disappears...Mahalo for The Warrior Beat and for the Tsaikos!!!

    :D:lol: .·¯·.¸. • GO WARRIORS!!! •·.¸.· • :wink::roll:

  94. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning all! :)


  95. Bulla:

    aloha and good morning,

    good luck to the Waipio LL guyz, go for it!

    hope all is well in tsaiko land, no blog for ST while he travels, we will be in the dark now.

    have a good day to all

  96. Alan Price:

    That's too bad, I get my daily dose of blogs, but no problem, do what is neccessary. Good luck warriors, and I will be watching the team here from Hemet, California. Any Southern California bloggers interested in carpooling to Fresno game, shoot me an e-mail if anyone is intereted.

  97. bighilofan2:

    Good morning again Tsaikos.

    Mei Ling,

    Her name is Malie Namahoe.


    so if by haiku yu means a japanese non rhyming thing... ahem, here's my 5-3-5

    short stout broke da mouth

    make Warrior trenchmen

    chopstik pipquik. smash em. Win.

    :D heh heh heh

  98. brew808:

    Collective hearts bond
    Friends and 'ohana gather
    :D :shock: :lol:

    The excitement builds…
    Pounding hearts… or green thunder….
    THE Warrior Beat!

    :D ♪ ♫ :lol:

    Mr. Tsai-... Mahalo!

  99. brew808:

    Alan Price -

    The will be a group driving from Yorba Linda. In fact, if you're located in SoCal, you should contact Ronnie as she is the "lead" Tsaiko in that area. They're pretty active and are often meeting for lunch and gossip! You can see the travel plans and more Tsaiko info on SteveM's excellent website:

    A word of caution: Should you catch a ride on the Ronnie & Rob caravan to the Raisin-game, be prepared for non-stop singing of the Kamehameha fight song, over & over & over, and maybe a verse of 99-bottles of Boone's Farm on the wall.... :D :shock: :lol:

  100. Bulla:

    Imua Kamehameha e.....

    oh, we're not in Ronnie's car yet...sorry

  101. Maverick:

    Good Sunday Warriors
    Hey, welcome back 22London.
    Here is the new internet carrier for the UH games.

  102. johnp:

    Player notes
    Marcus Monk - WR - Bears
    Bears waived WR Marcus Monk, DB Leslie Majors, S Josh Gattis, and WR Ryan Grice-Mullen.
    Monk, a seventh-round pick, was a project coming out of run-first Arkansas and it showed in camp as he struggled to beat the jam. He's a candidate for the practice squad. Grice-Mullen played with Colt Brennan in college.

  103. Kekoa:

    Ring...Ring...Kalihi RING!...Oh, must have fallen out of bed dreaming about the Ronnie & Rob Caravan!

    Have a great day Tsaiko Ohana! Wessai Chaptah going be representing at the LL/BCC in Mililani Town this morning!

    Beat dem Cukarachas! (Pass da Guacamole dip!)

  104. GMA Honey:

    SteveM, what time do we report to the lifeboat?

  105. Ronnie:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Family!

  106. Ronnie:

    Alan Price,

    We have a Tsaiko in Temecula who is going to the Fresno game. Have you already ordered your tickets?

  107. bighilofan2:

    Brew808... :D
    show off... heh heh

    okay, i get it...
    plenny smelly feet
    Warriors an sensei's in step
    representing Hawaii

    Florida thighway
    asphalt using Gaytar
    Road to success

    :shock: :lol: :D


  108. Addahknowsports©:

    Good Morning Tsaikos and Tsaikettes!

    Hi there, Ronnie! Nice to have you drop in. Sounds like you are getting ready for the games. Yee haw!

    Brew- Nice haiku!

    Go Waipio!

  109. Ronnie:

    Hi Sports!

    I can't wait for the season to start!!! I may even have to take my boys with me to the Boise game since no one else wants to go (except Rob, but she can't take the extra day off of work).

  110. Addahknowsports©:


    Hehehe. I can always feel your excitement in your posts on the blog. I'm guessing that once our blog clog is over we'll be seeing a lot more of you here. Yee Haw! Have fun, girl!

  111. Ronnie:

    Sports -

    I've been lurking all summer, but haven't posted much. You're right, I'll probably be posting a lot more once the season starts! I hope we are able to make it home for one of the games - and tailgates!

  112. 99club:

    Tebow sacked again
    He says, "Try the mini-plate"
    Laeli just smiles

  113. Esme:

    'Morning, gang. Hi, ST.

    I'm all over the map this morning: Sighing over the imminent blog shutdown and preparing to head for the lifeboat. Worried over the ongoing contract issues. Going nuts getting ready for the HawaiiMoms upgrade Sept. 15. Thrilled about Waipio's playing in the World Series in just over an hour and all of Hawaii's other huge sports accomplishments in the past few days. Tickled by the haiku written so far. Pysch-ing up for the Swamp showdown. Etc.

    It's only 8:20 a.m. Sunday and the brain is about to 'plode. :roll:

  114. j!t$:

    Here's a haiku that is "not exactly" about UH football, but with the amount of time that Stretch is at the practices and games, he is UH football. Anyways - enjoy:

    Stretch at the golf course
    Big head driver, swing hard, BOOM!
    Ai-Yah! Slice again!

  115. Jason:

    Eh, turn out the lights
    Cause of stupid management
    Hiatus starts Monday

    Now we humbly bow
    We all missed her videos—
    Princess Leila Wai

    Stephen and Mike Tsai
    Da best writers in the land
    (Except for Kelli)

    Oh wait, Stretch isn't the judge. Okay, that one probably won't work. ;-)

    Warriors take the field
    Da Run-N-Shoot, Ron Lee's way
    Plus Mack's crushing D

    * * *

    Pomai: 35-27 UH.

    * * *

    Gonna repost this again:

    To the Tsai-kos:

    As both the NFL and college football seasons are starting soon, will you please consider joining the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Pro Football and College Pick'em leagues that I have created for the Tsai-kos. This is just for fun — it costs nothing — although I will provide a small prize to each of the winners. Instructions are below:

    Pro Football Pick'em

    In order to join the group, just go to Pro Football Pick'em, click the "Sign Up" button (or "Create or Join Group" if you are a returning user). From there, follow the path to join an existing private group and when prompted, enter the following information...

    Group ID#: 26219
    Password: tsaiko

    College Pick'em

    In order to join the group, just go to College Football Pick'em, click the "Sign Up" button (or "Create or Join Group" if you are a returning user). From there, follow the path to join an existing private group and when prompted, enter the following information...

    Group ID#: 13429
    Password: tsaiko

  116. Jason:

    Ack, that's 5-7-6.

    Eh, turn out the lights
    Cause of stupid management
    Hiatus starts soon

  117. Jason:

    Nanay Esme is
    Very photogenic, but
    She is very shy

    Okay, I gotta run.

  118. Addahknowsports©:

    Hi 99club and Esme!


    Now you're forcing Stretch to do a haiku. I'd like to see that...


    Cute haiku!

  119. j!t$:

    Stretch at the next hole
    j!t$ says, "This time, watch the ball!"
    You Da Man, Ti-Gaa!

  120. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    (rubbing eyes) I guess I needed to sleep in.

    Alas and Auwe for the HA.
    The most interesting week of the year for Warrior Football Fans and the Warrior Beat has to go dark???
    In order to avoid clogged email boxes and outrageous cell phone bills, the LIFEBOAT BLOG will be ready to launch when ST turns off the lights here.

    Everyone is welcome. No registration needed. Lurker-friendly too.

    In the meantime, Let's enjoy our day, cheer for the Waipio kids and

  121. madeinhawaii:

    Night before the game
    Coaches and players must sleep
    Before they feast

  122. madeinhawaii:

    make that...

    In the eleventh hour
    Even warriors must sleep
    Before they can feast



  124. brew808:

    Stretch at the table...
    Off the tee - slice, hook, rough, trap...
    Aiyaah.... it's all cr@p!
    :twisted: :lol: :shock:

  125. Addahknowsports©:

    Hmmm....Stretch must be busy...or sleeping...or golfing. Not a peep out of him.

  126. diesel:

    mornin all,

    here's my haikus.. i personally like the last one.

    guess whos back in town?
    Mack n boys ready fo eat.
    gator meat. Mmmm good.

    no colt but get brent
    ainokea jus geevum
    eh! put me in coach

    down 2 in the 4th
    iceman kelly up to kick
    gatorade shower

    the D sacks QB
    warriors came out to play
    tebow gets tebagged

  127. brew808:

    H•A morale sinks...
    Save the Beat, and Tsaiko friends....
    Liz inflates the raft....


  128. bighilofan2:

    whatta nickname for a 13 year old kid.
    you tink its time to send him a "offer?"
    which sport?

  129. LizKauai [Believer]:

    The team- is our sons
    Whenever it plays, it knows
    We are Proud of Them.

  130. Hawaiianbod:

    Gay-tors in the swamp
    Talking chit acting like fools
    U-H going kick ARSE!!!

  131. brew808:

    Mack sharpens his "knife"....
    WARRIOR Fans salivate....
    Gator Barbeque!
    :D :shock: :lol:

    :twisted: :lol: :shock: •••GO•WARRIORS!!!••• :shock: :lol: :twisted:

  132. Thomas Mui:

    As LIZ will be in Florida slurping pink/or whatever martinis with ST and keeping an eye on him and listening to his words of wisdom, and sending reports back here to us unfortunates, her blog (message 121) should be a priority.

  133. j!t$:

    And for the final Stretch Golf Haiku Trifecta:

    This is golf to Stretch
    3-man team, 30-pack beer
    Everyone's Au-Ryte!

  134. Hawaiianbod:

    S-T is Da Man!
    Singing, Dancing, Blogging
    In his B-V-D


  135. Hawaiianbod:

    err....furgot to add "and"

    S-T is Da Man
    Singing, Dancing and Blogging
    In his B-V-D

  136. Hawaiianbod:


  137. Da Punchbowl Kid:



    :) :) :)

  138. Hawaiianbod:

    The Warrior Beat
    Home of Stephen and the Tsaikos
    Where Warriors Rule!

  139. bighilofan2:

    LizK sends in the signal
    Warrior family in Florida united!

    Coach Mack orchestrates the ha'a,
    Keala, Elimimian dance in da Swamp,
    Ai-soos, a Gay Party!!!

    :shock: :lol: :lol:

  140. PIAA DS:


    Much better! now you got the idea. I think Pidgeon Haiku is new and exciting!

    When is Colt going in!!!! Hopefully before the LLWC starts. Gotta watch Waipahu, way more exciting than the skins game today.

  141. 3-Prong:

    Coach Mack at the helm
    Anticipation abounds
    Shocking football world

  142. PIAA DS:

    ......I didnt watch the game last night.

  143. bighilofan2:


  144. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I posted the rules for the field passes.

  145. Hawaiianbod:

    The Waipio kids
    Winners on and off the field
    We are proud of you

  146. Esme:

    JaSON, your haiku! *chuckling* :lol:

  147. Addahknowsports©:

    I WANT IN!

  148. Hawaiianbod:

    ST I want in

  149. Stephen Tsai:

    How did we get Stacy Dales?
    "We've got the Hawaiian team."

  150. LizKauai [Believer]:

    I want in

  151. Stephen Tsai:

    We deserve Orestes Destrada.

  152. madeinhawaii:


    I want in

  153. Hawaiianbod:

    Stephen, Mike, Kelli
    Writers with awesome talent
    They deserve RESPECT!

  154. myki:

    Good morning all.

    I want in.

  155. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Doris- Colt goes in in the 4Q.

  156. cavewarrior:

    I want in -- pretty please...

    Morning all !

  157. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Waipio 1st run is in!

  158. chawan_cut:

    1-0 waipio!!!!

  159. sjmacro:

    St: I WANT IN! :!: :)

  160. 22London:

    Many thanks for the info, Maverick...I'll be in the islands for the Idaho game but will be catch all the rest of the games via internet...Mahalos again....

  161. Maverick:

    Rock on Waipio LL's.!
    1- 0 already.
    Show the world you believe and Win!

  162. chawan_cut:

    i want in

  163. brew808:

    Doris - about 12:40 in 4Q.

    ST & juju - "I want in... please!" I'm not sure what I'll do when I win... :D


    OK - gotta go! :lol: :D :) OOOO>>>>>>>>•••••••••~~~~~~~esme!

  164. chawan_cut:

    tsaiko twins cheer as
    warriors take the field again
    new season new fun

  165. LizKauai [Believer]:

    22London- psst... enter the sidelines pass contest for the Idaho Game!!!

    Waipio stays at 1 and Mexico is up to bat

  166. brew808:

    chawan.... makes good w/ the judges... kiss/kiss! :D :shock: :lol:

  167. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I want in! ;)

  168. Rich2176:

    Happy Sunday To All -

    USA USA USA...what a great game last night!

    Sometimes life just passes us by. I finally get some time to read the blog and it goes on hiatus tomorrow. Was planning on going to Fresno on October 3, but the foundation that Rainbow Cliff works with has their annual golf tournament. (May drive up late that night.) Then a plan to drive to Fresno on Oct. 4 rang a's the second round of our Club Championship for the Universal Studios Golf Club I play in. UH OH....I guess I won't be able to be club champ this year (not that I've ever been)....I can't wait to see the Tsaikos in Fresno....and maybe a little side trip to Table Mountain...

    ST - totally support what you are doing. Thanks and have safe travels.

  169. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Hi Rich2176!

    Please give Rainbow Cliff a big HUG when you see him!!!

  170. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Duhay is pitching well!

  171. Esme:

    ST, really! If I hear the announcers say "the Hawaiian team" or "the Hawaiian kids" one more time, I'm gonna … gonna … :evil:

  172. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Esme- why???
    They are the US team?

  173. Rich2176:

    Hey Liz - camera arrives tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

    I spoke with Cliff earlier this week. He's doing the best possible under the horrific circumstances. I'm not going into details, but please keep him in your prayers....and no, he's not stuck in some third world country needing money. Someone hacked his hotmail account and changed the password. That has been one of the nightmares he's going through. But, he and his wife are remaining strong.

  174. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Waipio bats are cooled off this inning.

    Rich- COOL!!!

    RAINBOW CLIFF- Beautiful, generous WARRIOR, please be assured of our prayers... :!:

  175. LizKauai [Believer]:


    USA 3 to 0

  176. Garret:


    I want in.

  177. Hawaiianbod:

    H-A Management
    Corporate greed at its best
    No mo Aloha

  178. Garret:


    I've exchanged about 10 e-mails with Cliff over the past week...he and his wife really can use all prayers and good wishes the Tsaikos can provide!

  179. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Esme- hmmm. I thought we were the US champs -vs- the International champs.
    The TV and the announcers call us HAWAII. Even as the crowd shouts U-S-A, U-S-A!

    Announcers mention that 16 (?) Hawaii athletes are at the Olympics and 12 have medaled.

    Woo hoo!

  180. Garret:

    If I win, the 2 passes will go to my parents...that would be a dream for them! Plus, that would free up their 2 seats in the stadium for a future giveaway donation.

  181. Garret:

    My family went to Legoland and Sea Life Legoland this morning. Our Legoland passes give us free admission to Sea Life Legoland for a limited time...but even though it is free for the rest of the year for us, I do NOT think we'll be going back. My recommendation to anyone who hears of Sea Life Legoland is to *not* go to it...Legoland is good, Sea Life Legoland (separate ticket needed) is a waste of time and money!

  182. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Nice HR by Mexico!
    3-1 HI

  183. LizKauai [Believer]:

    HI pitcher Caleb Duhay comes back from the HR with a nice out.

  184. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey Cali Boys, Rich and Garret!

  185. Ronnie:

    ST, I want in!

  186. Ronnie:

    Liz, I think it was 18 athletes.

    ST, do you know how to send mass text messages from your cell? ;)

  187. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Wow... Mexico pitcher is great but his fielders are sleeping.

  188. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Thanks, Ronnie!

    Garret- re legoland sea- mahalo.

    Mexico Infield dee just woke up!

  189. LizKauai [Believer]:

    OH- beautiful BUNT and advance!

  190. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Now another beautiful play on a wild pitch. Waipio is playing smartly and the coaches are getting a lot of praise for their skill.

    Mexico coach is trying to get his kids to settle down and have fun.

    Kainoa Fong is at bat.

  191. LizKauai [Believer]:

    why am I blogging the game???

    habit... (shakes head...)

  192. Garret:

    Hi DPK!

    Liz, I thought I should post my experience with Sea Life Legoland before the blog went dark...the sad thing is that my kids were really looking forward to it and it did not live up to their expectations.

    Seaworld is lucky that Sea Life Legoland isn't a big competitor to them for the fish and other exhibits. Of course, Seaworld could be sold soon so who knows how they would change.

  193. NEO:

    I'm IN for the field Passes...

    And here's my haiku 5-7-5 syllable...

    Warrior Football
    Hearts aflame in victory
    Glory Never Dies

    Aloha to the Tsai-ko ohana!

  194. Anfield:

    I want in.

  195. addahknowjoe:

    I want in

  196. Ronnie:


    Sea Life Legoland wants to compete with Seaworld? Yikes!n I just figured it would be more like Legoland but with a marine theme.

  197. LizKauai [Believer]:

    (bowing to NEO)... wow

  198. NEO:

    eh tanks eh Liz... :) so I get the Cap den?

  199. NEO:

    Another Haiku...about Waipio

    Waipio keiki
    play on for the love of sport
    Sons of Hawaii

    not bad eh?

  200. Esme:

    Liz … the thing is that Mainland media almost always use "Hawaiian" incorrectly. They're not aware that the word technically refers to an ethnicity. Even the "bible" of journalism style, the Associated Press Stylebook, says:

    Hawaiians are members of an ethnic group indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands and are also called Native Hawaiians. Use "Hawaii resident" for anyone living in the state.

    I know that it rankles some of my Native Hawaiian friends when they hear "Hawaiian" being used generically this way. So it would be more proper if the announcers said, "Hawaii boys" and "Hawaii team."


  201. LizKauai [Believer]:

    NEO- uh- one of me does not equal the twins... Bwahahaha!

  202. Esme:

    Oooh, I was tooo hunnert. :mrgreen:

    We're at 200 and it's only 11 a.m.! :D

  203. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Esme- thanks. You should see how I cringe every time I have to type "Redskins"...

  204. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Esme- all the LLWS party bloggers are standing by with their cell phones for the # to get close to 250. With this blog's batch loading system, I betcha we either go down or find a message dump of 40 posts when we get to 240...


  205. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Hey Ralph -- I don't just don't pass out at the keyboard-- I have sleep apnea -- I doze off... :(

    Go Waipio!

  206. Stephen Tsai:

    As I understand it, management is going to shut off the comments section at midnight. That actually makes sense.

  207. NEO:

    oh sorry Liz... but you can put in one good word fo me wit da twins eh? :D An here's one more for you guys about Castle Alum Bryan Clay...

    Greatest In The World
    Decathlon Gold Medalist
    Fleet feet whizzing by

  208. warriorsanddolphins:

    How's my haiku,

    Hawaii Football
    Another season is here
    Storybook ending

  209. NEO:

    nice one warriorsanddolphins...

    wouldn't mind getting the media guide too... so I'll listen and post

  210. Stretch:


  211. NEO:

    sup Stretch, you got my request to be IN for the passes right?

  212. Stretch:

    Hmmm.... I think J!T$ must be in the office trying to hide from the wife and household chores.

  213. diesel:

    i want in.

  214. addahknowjoe:

    picking up here

  215. addahknowjoe:


  216. Jay:

    sorry to hear the blog go down. hope it will be back by Friday for some excitement.

  217. addahknowjoe:

    lets make run

  218. addahknowjoe:

    push this to 250

  219. addahknowjoe:

    lets go

  220. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ST- the MANAGEMENT is shutting down the comments section?
    Now it sounds like a lockout and not a strike.

    Does that change your obligation to be silent in other venues???

  221. addahknowjoe:

    come on lurkers no sked post

  222. NEO:

    "west" upon their chests
    waipio boys make us proud
    He Hawaii Au

  223. LizKauai [Believer]:

    warriorsanddolphins - ok now we have a CONTEST!

  224. SteveM:

    Stephen Tsai:
    August 24th, 2008 at 1:58 am
    I was going to name SteveM as one of the contacts, but I can’t find my cell, and his number is on it.

    If anyone really wants to talk to me, please us my home/business phone (808) 537-9815. I may not be home to answer, so please leave a message.

    I can check my gmail account wherever I am during the day, so you may email me at: if it is time-sensitive.

    GO WAIPIO !!!

  225. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Yeah - like da Wessai shirts!

    HI still up 4-3

  226. Da Menehune:

    I want in!!!

  227. Stretch:

    NEO - seen the post but I am not the one picking the winner. It will be juju later tonight.

    Re: Field Passes
    Due to the limit of the amount of spectators allowed on the field, and our late notice, there are only 3 games available to choose from. Weber State, La Tech or Idaho, all other games are filled. Whoever wins, needs to contact me and I will put in the request for the game desired.

  228. Garret:


    Sea Life Legoland has small and large aquariums, places where kids can touch starfish and hermit crabs, and a film on underwater life. It is basically a smaller and not-as-good version of those Seaworld exhibits. But no rides, no animal shows, no feeding the animals, and everything is in one fairly small building...NOT worth the $15-$20 they are hoping to charge for admission!

  229. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Wow- phone number, addresses... are Tsai-kos dedicated or WHAT???

  230. Ronnie:

    Melila Purcell had 5 solo tackles last night in Cleveland's loss to Detroit. Ikaika Alama-Francis had 1 assisted tackle.

  231. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Cool- Stretch has connections ;-)

  232. Stretch:

    I hope I don't receive phone calls late at night and hear heavy breathing.

  233. NEO:

    Adversity reigns
    June Jones, Herman Frazier GONE
    WARRIORS play on...

  234. LizKauai [Believer]:


    5-3 HI!

  235. Hawaiianbod:

    Tsai-kos and Tsai-ketts
    Standing behind the Tsai man
    Ready to REVOLT!

  236. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Stretch- if it is snoring- it's not me... - it's SteveM... Bwahahaa!

  237. Garret:

    There are some really good haikus on the blog today! I'm not going to even try to think of something...I just got 50 pages of junk sent to me by a marketing firm and I have to send in a proposal draft based on that material in just a few days! If I miss the deadline then I give up a shot at a huge contract. At least I get paid to do this work...

    When I get too bored with work I'll check back here. I figure I have no shot at being post #250...I bet there are a lot of people waiting to win that contest!

  238. NEO:

    Do you realize how amazing you guys and girls are?!?! I'm sitting at my computer in an empty office, (everyone else at lunch) and I feel like I'm right there with all of you. Bless each and every one of you!

  239. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Paris takes the beam

  240. NEO:

    Come on guys, let's hit 250!!!!!

  241. LizKauai [Believer]:

    NEO- that's good. You can laugh as loud as you like with impunity...


  242. NEO:

    only 8 more to go!

  243. NEO:

    what the heck?

  244. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Brent M. Is doing the HVB vamp during the game.

  245. NEO:

    No sked, jes geev um!!!

  246. brew808:

    Hiya Ronnie! - Would you and Rob and 'ohana want to meet up with my gang - maybe late lunch at the Fresno L&L, ~3:30pm (7pm game)? I'm still trying to round up stragglers in my group - looks like >15 so far....

    BTW - SteveM - Would Fresno be part of SoCal, or NorCal? :D :shock: :lol:


  247. Ronnie:

    Ok, time for the blog backlog... The next time the refresh works, we'll go from 243 to 275... :D

  248. diesel:

    underdogs we are
    and underarmour we wear
    gator underwear.

  249. Stretch:

    If I am 250, can I win the Media Guide??

  250. Hawaiianbod:


  251. NEO:

    okay gangee what we goin' do???? WIIIIN!!!

  252. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Cell phones are all at the ready.

    Feels like a breakaway waiting during a bike race.

  253. bb:

    c'mon waipio!

  254. NEO:

    AHHH COME ON!!! Congrats HawaiianBod

  255. brew808:

    :D :lol: :D (((Waipio/Waipahu))) :D :lol: :D

  256. LizKauai [Believer]:


  257. Ronnie:

    Hi Brew!

    It would be great to have our own little tailgate at L&L. We're leaving early (for me) in the morning on Saturday, so we'll be ready for lunch by 3:30!

  258. Stretch:

    Hawaiianbod get the Media Guide!! Congratulations

  259. bb:

    too much pressure...a run will get walked in

  260. LizKauai [Believer]:

    244 to 252 at once.
    Congrats, bod!


  261. NEO:

    <<tries to console LizKauai... go easy go easy... How's me, I lost by 1!!! oh well...

  262. Ronnie:

    Congrats to Hawaiianbod!

  263. Hawaiianbod:

    Thanks Stretch for the donation!

  264. NEO:

    Now who is the leader for the Haiku contest for the autographed cap?

  265. bb:

    bases still loaded....this kid will walk another one in....

  266. Ronnie:


    Full count with 2 outs and bases loaded... YIKES!

    Walked in a run! 6-3 Hawai'i!!! :!:

  267. LizKauai [Believer]:

    6-3 Hawaii top of the 4th

  268. SteveM:

    August 24th, 2008 at 11:18 am
    I hope I don’t receive phone calls late at night and hear heavy breathing.

    Stretch -- what makes you think the call is for you...? :oops:

    Waipio 6-3, bases loaded, 2 outs...
    Go Waipio!

  269. bb:

    with around 40K watching and millions all over the world...and getting into the late innings, and the two best pitchers for mexico already out....this new guy walks in two more....

  270. Stephen Tsai:

    Hawaiian Bod is the winner. OK, since I suck at distribution, I'm going to let Stretch deliver it. I'll give it to him tomorrow, to give to you.

  271. brew808:

    Hiya Ronnie! - Great! Maybe we should say 3pm - then the stragglers can trickle in.... whenever. My pals have picked up the concept of Hawaiian Time!. Hey, all any other Tsaikos/lurkers are welcome. It's still early, so please check SteveM's awesome website for updates!

    Where's the Rob this fine LLWS Sunday? :D :shock: :lol:


  272. Stretch:

    Stephen Tsai:
    August 24th, 2008 at 11:29 am
    Hawaiian Bod is the winner. OK, since I suck at distribution, I’m going to let Stretch deliver it. I’ll give it to him tomorrow, to give to you.

    gee thanks... hahaha

  273. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Anything can still happen in this game... must not let up!

  274. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I've got a June Jones Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic program autographed by Jones, Jesse Sapolu and Reagan Mauia.
    Poster No. 500 gets it.

  275. bb:

    okay maybe not...keep it comin boys

  276. addahknowjoe:

    OK. Lets make this a sprint to 500!

  277. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Kewl- get these numbers UP, folks!

  278. LizKauai [Believer]:

    a-joe - server test, eh???
    ok den!

  279. Addahknowsports©:

    Congratulations Hawaiianbod!

  280. Stretch:

    J!T$ is creative
    Too much free time on his hands
    He is da man, NOT!

  281. HiFlyer:

    ST - I want in

  282. Hawaiianbod:

    Thanks ST and everyone else for their Aloha!

  283. SteveM:

    brew808 asked:
    BTW - SteveM - Would Fresno be part of SoCal, or NorCal

    brew808 -- you and Ronnie decide that for now. :)

    I have always associated Fresno with lower California but looking at the map now...dunno. :?

  284. brew808:

    Hi Addahknowsports! - Saw the pix...GGgggrrr - some kids no listen! :twisted: :shock: :twisted: Now, try to remember the rules!

    Hey - you know what would be a cool prize? Yup, one of Addahknowsports'! artwork rejects.... Oh, hi there A-joe! :D :shock: :lol:


  285. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Fresno is considered Central California.

  286. Ronnie:

    I think Fresno is part of the central valley. Brew, you can have it! :lol:

  287. midori7:

    Here's my haiku -

    Gators to conquer...

    The supreme challenge here...

    Victory awaits !

    Good luck to everybody who entered. LL score 8-3 top of the fifth...I'm sweating bullets...WA - I - PI - O !! WA - I - PI - O !!

  288. Ronnie:

    Fresno St is 262 miles from my house... I think that means Brew wins ;)

  289. Stretch:

    Re: OSU Bus

    I have received notice that there might be others who would be interested in joining the group. The idea might still have life. Will keep everyone informed.

    WarriorMojo and Kymry - please email me at stretch6592 at yahoo and let me know how many people.

  290. Stephen Tsai:

    There's a Brent Musburger drinking game. Points are awarded everytime he says "Pardner" or "Folks."

  291. addahknowjoe:

    Major plug of the HA and the other local paper on ABC.

    Wat- gotta pay royalties, now?

  292. brew808:

    Hi SteveM! - Is that the map on the wall, or on the dining room table? :D Some people put up "wall-paper". I don't know how Peaches lets you decorate w/ maps!

    Also, was that entry last night with the string of "hhhhhh" a real post, or the SteveM verson of dozing off on the keyboard and with the eye-glasses hitting the "Submit" button?

    Wow - Brent M is giving the HA lots of love.... :D :shock: :lol:


  293. Mrs. A-House:

    YIKES !!

    Mrs. A-House was so freaked out she didn't change the moniker from Midori to Mrs. A-House. So solly !

    Haiku is from Mrs. A-House.

    Go Waipio ! Go Warriors !

  294. Stretch:

    August 24th, 2008 at 11:48 am

    Gators to conquer…

    I think this haiku should be disqualified. Gators to conquer?? Come on.....

  295. Stretch:

    Okay, Mrs A-House is disqualified!!

  296. Ronnie:

    10-3!!!! :!:

  297. Stephen Tsai:

    Brent Hamburger said HA is an O‘ahu paper. In fact, it is the state's only daily newspaper (we sell subscriptions on the non-O‘ahu islands, too).
    I tell that to Derek Inouchi all of the time, and he gives me that Geoffe look like he understands, but still lists HA as only an O‘ahu newspaper.
    (Geoffe is my dog.)

  298. Ronnie:

    Love the chant in the background!

  299. bb:

    go for the 10 run rule!

  300. KymryKauai:

    ST - I want in too! :-)

  301. Ronnie:

    Ok, now I feel sorry for the Mexico team. They are falling apart.

  302. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ExtremeSkins message board- the Hawaii guys are saying mellow things about the game- chin up - no trash the team... making nice for Jason Campbell... showing aloha and team spirit... making a good impression on the 'Skins fans.

  303. Stretch:

    Ronnie - no feel sorry yet, wait until the game pau. Remember what Hawaii did yesterday to LA.

  304. LizKauai [Believer]:

    haha- Kymry!!

    btw- can I share those pix you sent on my blog? Tsai-kos will all be lining up to be your friend...

  305. Hawaiianbod:

    Fresno is indeed in Central California. It's the "arm pit" of Cali(fits the City well). I went to college there back in the dayz. You got to give it to their community. They really support their team.

  306. brew808:

    Good try guys! Fresno.... Raisin country, raisin brand, maybe prune juice too, tule fog.... Nah Ronnie It's all yours.

    Wait, doesn't Rob have family in the "Central Valley"? That makes her defacto "Raisin" Ruler" and Tsaiko "bulldawg" sitter!

    Yeah WAIPIO!!! :D :shock: :lol:


  307. clayton miyahira:


    How is your sleep apnea problem? Are you on C-PAP, what is the pressure setting? Since I got the the C-PAP and got used to the nasal pillows I don't doze off during the day unless I 've eaten to much food and gotten the Polynesian Paralysis. First time I got the C-PAP machine, I could not use the mask, it felt like something was choking me. My doctor suggested that I try the nasal pillows and that did the trick. The only drawback is if you have a tendency to open your mouth to breathe when you sleep, then it will not work.

  308. brew808:

    Okay... H-Bod AND Rob get "Central Valley"?

    Yeah WAIPIO!!! :D :shock: :lol:

  309. KymryKauai:

    LizK: Yes, feel free to share the photos! I'm so sad no blog from FL?! Is there somewhere else someone will be posting updates from FL?

  310. Addahknowsports©:

    Okay, Brew. Please check your email.

    Rejects, huh? stomp stomp.

  311. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ST- one of my buddies used to work for da odda papah here on Kauai. He liked to investigate political stuff. He went after some sunshine, didn't get backup from his papah, ended up leaving, and den dat papah stopped delivering to Kauai.
    Kinda junk, I thot.
    But ainokea anymoah.

  312. addahknowjoe:


    at every commercial break during this LL World Series there's always a drunk driving commercial plug. Is there allot of drunk drivers that attend or watch LLWS? More than say, the Super Bowl? Boy, this LL game is rowdier than I thought.

  313. 99club:

    I want in!

  314. Ronnie:

    What a catch!!!

  315. LizKauai [Believer]:

    a-joe - bettah dan listening to da same martini commercials over and over again on da 'Skins espn rajo...

  316. KymryKauai:

    Stretch: Will email you as soon as I have a count from our group. Will try and call the others today and find out. They are going from Kauai to Napa on their annual wine buying trip and meeting us in PDX...not sure if they even made their hotel resies yet...don't know if they have a car or what but will find out.

  317. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Ronnie is channeling Papa - WHAT A CATCH!!

  318. brew808:

    Yes! You have to LOVE those big Ewa-boy GRINS!!!



  319. KaimukiKid:

    Oops typed my name

  320. Stretch:

    kymry - send me an email and I will reply with our tentative plans for game day.

  321. prideperiod:

    "Kekoa at (916) 996-0410."

    Area Code 916?

    I didn't know that the ceded lands of Kapolei had their own area code. Would I incur long distance charges?

  322. HiFlyer:

    I wonder how the gang is doing over at Nancys, haven't heard anything from them yet.

  323. LizKauai [Believer]:

    HiFlyer- jes talked to Kekoa- they are watching and eating and yellin!

  324. KaimukiKid:

    Losing my mind, getting too excited hearing/reading about Waipio. Don't have access to TV reading reports of the LLWS here thanks

  325. Stephen Tsai:

    I didn't even get permission to use Kekoa's number.
    But as Jim Leahey always says: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission."

  326. Pride.:


    It's been three hours since they got there. I'm not sure f they can read anymore.

  327. not far away anymore:

    I want in.

    What a game by the Waipio Little Leaguers. Hawaii up 12-3 going into the bottom of the sixth inning. The Hawaii kids are some great base runners. How many times have they made the heads up play and advanced an extra base?

  328. brew808:

    Waipio - Three and out boys!!! :D :shock:
    :lol: ~~Waipio!!!~Waipio!!!~Waipio!!!~Waipio!!!~Waipio!!!~Waipio!!!~Waipio!!!~~


  329. LizKauai [Believer]:

    KK- ok.. will blog more then.

    Waipio is now lucky and Mexico needs to get it together. They are making lots of errors.
    The last HI batter advanced on what should have been an easy throw to first from his infield grounder. The catch was missed, HI scored and the hitter moved to 2nd.

  330. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Duhay has 7 pitches left and going all the way.

  331. Pride.:

    I didn’t even get permission to use Kekoa’s number.
    But as Jim Leahey always says: “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

    Thanks ST. Good one for all of the married guys.

  332. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ahem - I hope they are counting pitches and pull Duhay out when he gets to the max.

    umm... ST- did you ask me about posting my cell??? I musta been asleep.

  333. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Duhay leaves the mound to a standing O.
    Donahue will relieve.
    1 out in the 6th.

    HI 12, Mexico 3

  334. Stretch:

    ST - maybe you should have posted the phone numbers of single people, then you can help be a "matchmaker".

  335. LizKauai [Believer]:

    C-Boy throws a couple balls,
    A grounder to 2nd - thrown out at 1st. (runner on 2nd stayed put).
    2 down

  336. SteveM:

    clayton miyahara -- welcome to the blog and thanks for asking. I am not taking formal treatment since my HMO copayments are too high in my case. Been getting better somewhat...not getting too sleepy in the day except for polynesian paralysis cattle calls. But I still doze off at home leaning back in my chair while using the computer. :)


  337. Hawaiianbod:


  338. brew808:


  339. not far away anymore:

    Waipio wins. Waipio wins. 12-3 game is over. Alright Hawaii.

  340. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Another grounder, another thrown out.


  341. Ronnie:

    YEE HAW!!!!! World Champs Baby!!!

  342. Addahknowsports©:

    Okay, Brew. Check email again.

  343. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Hawaii boys remove their caps before hi fiving with the Mexican team. Again- subdued excitement, humble in victory. The Mexican players are disappointed but very composed.

  344. HiFlyer:

    Congrats to Waipio - The LLWS World Champions.

  345. Stretch:

    Congratulations to Waipio!!

  346. bb:

    im wearing a baby blue sombrero right now. way to go waipio!

  347. wallstreet:

    i want in

  348. Kelli:

    Hi ST and crew!!!

    Congrats to Waipio! Joozu desu ne.

    Garret, Jason and Hawaiianbod: Thanks again for your support! I'm sad about all of this. I was getting really addicted and having so much fun! Well, I guess I'm just going to focus, focus, focus on academics (not that I didn't before, but you know what I mean).

  349. Hawaiianbod:

    Waipio are Champs!
    Da keiki o ka aina
    United da State

  350. Mama Stretch:

    Is family authroized to enter?? I want in

  351. chawan_cut:

    waipio wa joozu desu ne indeed...

    thank goodness for the internet and slingbox

  352. Ronnie:

    ESPNU is showing a replay of the LLWS US Championship game.

  353. cavewarrior:

    Waipio LL... Nothing but CLASS ! World Class!!! Terrific sportsmanship...hats off to the families and coaches!

  354. unkanesson:

    Aloha Brother & Sister Tsaikos!
    Been lurking while watching the LLWS this weekend. What a great performance by the Waipi'o team! They did it all, great hitting, pitching, base running and fielding, not to mention coaching! AWESOME!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BOYS FROM WAIPI'O/WAIPAHU THEIR COACHES, PARENTS AND FAMILIES!! ATTAWAY TO REPRESENT HAWAI'I!!

    ST -- Too bad it's come to this at HA! Hang in there, and we'll do the same. We'll continue to follow the Warriors any way we can, and we'll welcome the Blog back when the time is right.


  355. Hawaiianbod:

    Kelli - no worries. Just bring your pom poms and your loudest cheers on Saturday

    Good luck in your senior year!

  356. PATELE2004:


  357. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ok. now, before I go to Costco and stock the cupboard and freezer for the keeds... I'm watching the 4th Q of yesterday's 'Skins game.

  358. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    August 24th, 2008 at 11:18 am
    I hope I don’t receive phone calls late at night and hear heavy breathing.


    Ok. I'll make sure to breathe lightly...

  359. Hawaiianbod:

    Olympics are pau
    Hawaii athletes did good
    Time to pa'ina.

  360. SteveM:

    I am personally making short trips to the blog sites of our karaoke friends Kelli and Caryn to help raise their blog "hit" count before we embark the lifeboat tonight at midnight.



  361. KaimukiKid:

    Thanks for blogging the game. I was watching the game yesterday and the way they came back, it was just so awesome. Always nice to know that the game ain't over till it is over.... Something to remember for our team when they try to makes steaks, GATOR STEAKS this coming Saturday...Congratulations Waipio 2008 Little League Worl Champions!!!

  362. Mad Dog:

    What a bummer. My computer has been sick for the past few days, and I only now got it going again. Just when I'm trying to catch up with this blog, ST announces a shut down. No matter, ST. I'm willing to bite the bullet and respect your intentions.

    Congrats to the Waipio warriors. My teenage daughter wanted me to wake her up this morning to watch the game. You know there was excitement in Hawaii when my daughter wanted to give up a Sunday sleep in to watch the game.

  363. 740Lover:

    I want in...

  364. Hawaiianbod:

    Gold, Silver and Bronze
    Oltmpics have come and gone
    Next stop - Canada

  365. Hawaiianbod:

    grr... Oltmpics=Olympics

  366. RIFFRAFF311:

    I WANT IN!

  367. madeinhawaii:


    Our, Hawaii Warriors
    Making believers

  368. madeinhawaii:

    What an amazing run by the Waipio team... courage, determination, never say die... wootah!!

    Courage and guts
    They took to the field today
    Victory in hand

  369. Esme:

    Wow, even Mama Stretch is online?! Woot! *waving* :mrgreen:

  370. Mrs. A-House:

    Stretch -

    You are absolutely correct ! ! Judges, I recant my haiku poem. POORLY written in haste and not well thought out.
    I apologize for my stupidity ! Tsaikos, please excuse me.

    The written word can be misinterpreted so easily. I meant to convey...the gators are there to BE conquered. PERIOD ! !

  371. Mad Dog:

    By the way...

    I want in.

  372. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Got the winner of the haiku contest right here:

    'Gators:fat and sleek.
    Warriors coming to feast.
    Lunch time in the Swamp!


  373. Loa:

    afternoon gang!

    congratulations to the Waipio LLers!

  374. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sorry Mrs. A-House, rules are rules... :lol: just kiddin'.

  375. bb:

    oh yeah, I WANT IN....!!!

  376. Loa:

    i want in


  377. LizKauai [Believer]:

    377 ?

  378. GRM:

    I want in! Yea! Waipio Little League - World Champs!!!

  379. whitey:


  380. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Costco time!

  381. Loa:

    come on gang lets push it over a 1000 today
    i wonder what the record is?

  382. Esme:

    Oog, these lifeboat jaunts are unnerving. Necessary, I know, but still unnerving. Bizarre times we're living in.

    *smashing extra life jackets into suitcase*

  383. Loa:

    Jimmy Page going be on the olympic closing ceremonies
    hope i can stay awake to watch

  384. Esme:

    I will just note here that because HawaiiMoms is not a blog, but a full Web site, and running it is my job description and not an option, I have been advised that I ought not to stop work on it in sympathy. But sympathy and support here in my heart, there is plenty …

  385. 22London:

    I want in....

  386. LizKauai [Believer]:

    The poetry bug is in the air!
    "Write a poem (100 words or less) about your favorite current Redskins player. The player has to be on the roster as of this weekend’s Carolina Panthers preseason game, August 23.
    This is all about the players and why that particular player is your favorite guy on the roster.

    Also, here’s a few helpful hints:
    - Bonus points will be awarded for funny. That’s pretty self-explanatory.
    - Bonus points will be awarded for featuring lesser known Redskins players (meaning a “Might Casey at the Snap” poem about Rabach will do better than 100 words on Clinton Portis playing dress-up).
    - Realize that the winner’s entry will be posted on the site. So if you’re sending an entry, you’re giving your consent for us to post it.
    ... we’ll be giving away one Hall of Fame John Riggins McFarlane collectible free to the contest winner. "
    My entry is in the spirit of the WB today. But i know there are a lot of talented folks here. Only proper that a Hawaii fan should win :mrgreen: so please go for it...
    Funny is better!


    Haiku for Colt Brennan

    Young man is drafted
    Comes with energy and heart
    Clay for master Zorn

  387. jm2375:

    Afternoon Tsai-kos!

    Congratulations to da keeds from Waipio! You represented yourselves and the state extremely well.

    Esme - agree 100% with da "Hawaiian" reference. You didn't hear them referring to the MEXICAN team or the LOUISIANAN (sp?) team. I wish dey would just cut it out. I always cringe everytime a Mainland announcer does that. In fact, I'm so used to BC, RK, Papa Leahy, the Robbs, McLachlin, Eldredge and Wilson, da Mainland guys sound so ... so... cr$$py.

    Have a great Sunday guys.

    PS How come we had to wait till tonight to see the VB game?

  388. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Where is everyone- Costco???

  389. jm2375:

    Hi Liz! How's da tummy?

  390. richard:

    i want in-----

    Haiku entry-

    gators will be shocked
    warriors come out on top
    twins will celebrate

  391. Butlerdidit:

    Waiting for people at work to say"thanks" can be frustrating.

  392. mctruck:

    Don't know how to take ST's comments bout this blog site??, anyways, if it comes to an end......just want to let those who I've had the priviledge to log with and most recently, lurking with a big and gracious mahalo's.
    It's been truely an adventure and pleasure to blog with you all.
    Aloha from Texas. PEACE.

  393. SteveM:

    August 24th, 2008 at 1:27 pm
    Oog, these lifeboat jaunts are unnerving. Necessary, I know, but still unnerving. Bizarre times we’re living in.

    *smashing extra life jackets into suitcase*

    No worry Esme! It's a large lifeboat and Liz has been redecorating and re-provisioning since the last run. Even though homey wants to bring his surfboard and there is debate about whether to place the karaoke machines in the buffet or not... :)

  394. al:


  395. al:

    stevem.....isn't your health and your existence more important than the co-pay?

  396. Pride.:

    Who thinks that the blog count can get to 1,000 today.

    I don't think it can.

  397. Pride.:

    Too many other activities happening.

  398. LizKauai [Believer]:


  399. Pride.:

    If we make it to 1,000, IIIIIIIIII wwwwwwiiiilllllll, cut my hair bald?

  400. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Hi Pride. !

    I'm supposed to go shopping... still sitting here...

  401. Pride.:

    Nah 1,000 is impossible.

  402. LizKauai [Believer]:


    Is that a good thing?
    hmmm. Let's get to 500 first and then see what happens.

  403. Stephen Tsai:

    it's not coming to an end. it will be back, better and stronger.

  404. jojo ®:



  405. al:

    okay here's al's contribution. this is dedicated to all my warrior beat brothers and sisters as we muster for the 2008 season!

    "Tsaikos tailgating
    the Aloha is rocking
    Warrior football!"

    ...nuff said

  406. LizKauai [Believer]:

    I'm listening to Coach Zorn 8/24 press conference

    Is Colt the luckiest rookie QB in the NFL, or what???

  407. Pride.:

    Congrats to all of the young men on the Waipio baseball team. Congratulations to you and all of your families, and remember to thank your parents for their hard work and sacrifice with helping you to acheive your goals.

  408. 702WarriorNation:

    Congrats to Waipio LL World Champions players and coaches!
    Also congrats to the parents and supporters of these wonderful kids!

    ps- I want in... Go Warriors!

  409. JDawg:

    I want in

  410. Pride.:

    500 is a lock.

  411. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ST #403 - Please, lord, let there be installed a newer/faster/user-friendly server... while the WB is on "vacation".

  412. al:

    i want in

  413. Pride.:

    You've got to think big Liz...real BIG. Aim for a thousand.

  414. g-nalo:

    i'se in........ur make that "i want in", would hate it if i lost on a technicality. :-)

    g-day everybody!

    tsaiko's all support
    the Warriors ha'a on
    WAC champs and Bowl games

  415. Stephen Tsai:

    Family members are welcome.
    However, we're going to restrict media members (Leila is out, but Faye is in) and members of the UH coaching staff (Craig Stutzmann is out but his relatives are in).
    That seems fair.

  416. LizKauai [Believer]:

    The night is still young. 1000 by Midnight would be a statement.

  417. HiFlyer:

    Pride. - hows about 750 or 800, you think that doable.

  418. Stephen Tsai:

    Therein lies the irony. They actually were set to upgrade the system when I was summoned to duty.
    Anyone else sensing somebody's hesitation?

  419. al:

    cmon you all....let get to a thousand!

    this i gotta see!
    and we could do it at genji's atop the small stage that they got.
    and the twins could do the honors.
    then we will take pix with him and bulla.
    then we could paint their domes like a warrior football helmet.
    you know like the one that mike's girl wouldn't give to me.

    we have until midnight folks. let's do this.

  420. jojo ®:

    oh goody, I'm eligible. Ok, back to work for me.

  421. al:

    st....oh, yes i forgot its princess leila.
    princess leila
    princess leila

    so what would we call her if she gets married?

  422. al:

    hiflyer are you throwing your name in the hat for hair repalcement at 750?

  423. Pride.:

    Al. I was just joking. I don't want to be bald. I think one very intelligent Tsai-ko showing off his dome is plenty enough.

    How's about if we reach 1,000 then I will commit to sing the National Anthem at Aloha Stadium.

  424. De lurker:

    I want in.

  425. Long Time UH Fan:

    Recap of Waipio's road to winning the Little League World Series Championship

    State Tournament in Kapaa, Kauai

    Maui 4, Waipio 3
    Waipio 5, Kailua 0
    Waipio 8, West Oahu 2
    Waipio 6, Maui 3
    Wapio 3, Kaimuki 2

    Title game--Waipio 4, Kaimuki 3 (Waipio wins State Tournament and moves to West Regional Tournament in San Bernadino, CA)

    West Regional Tournament in San Bernadino, CA

    Waipio 2, No. California 1
    Waipio 5, Arizona 1
    Waipio 12, Utah 2
    Nevada 4, Waipio 1
    Semi Final Game-- Waipio 8, No. Californai 0

    Title Game- Waipio 4, Nevada 3 (Waipio wins West Regional Tournament championship)

    Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA

    West (Waipio) 3, New England 1
    West 10, Southeast 2
    West 6, Midwest 4
    US Semifinal game-- West 9, Northwest 4
    US Championship -- West 7, Southwest 5
    World Series Championship-- West 12, Mexico 3

    Congratulations to Waipio --the best Little League team in the World!

  426. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    August 24th, 2008 at 2:08 pm
    If we make it to 1,000, IIIIIIIIII wwwwwwiiiilllllll, cut my hair bald?


    I knew it was only a matter of time before bloggers here would start to self-mutilate...

  427. not far away anymore:

    Number/frequency of posts are picking up. Either we are getting close to 500 or everyone wants to see Pride wit one bolo head.

  428. al:



    does anyone know if still got tickets to the oregon state game?
    got loads of seats on hawaiian air and the radisson has rooms at 92 bucks.
    plus got one L and L in portland.

    maybe good we have this break, i might get some projects done.

  429. Pride.:

    Howzit LTUHfan.

  430. luckyguy:

    I want in.

  431. Pride.:

    570 more posts.

  432. g-nalo:

    Tsaiko cattle call
    eat dis dat and more la dat
    f f f f f

  433. Pride.:

    30 Tsai-kos posting 20X each equals.

    Wait...I cannot find my calculatah.

  434. Ronnie:

    1000 by midnight! Then ghost town! Yee Haw!

  435. Pride.:

    G-Nalo. I forgot what all da f's stand foa.

  436. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    You didn't say which hair you would shave bald. So here's a loophole if we hit 1,000. Just shave your armpits bald and keep your honor. Besides that will give you more confidence when you're wearing sleeve-less tops. :lol:

  437. HiFlyer:

    al - not at all, I was just commenting to pride. that if we don't make 1000 we could make it to 750 or 800.

  438. Pride.:

    Thanks for the offer Stretch, but if you standing on da field then the food booths are really far away.

  439. Pride.:

    Give me two years to build my "guns" before I use da kine sleeveless tops.

  440. LizKauai [Believer]:

    LTUHF- Congrats to your family too! Way to REPRESENT!!!

  441. g-nalo:

    G-Nalo. I forgot what all da f’s stand foa.

    does that count as rhyming? :-)

  442. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hi Pride,

    I'm gonna try my best to hit the 1,000 to see you bolo head... ;-)

  443. Pride.:

    f = football.

    I know das one.

  444. LizKauai [Believer]:


    I think the F's started with
    false portagee

  445. Pride.:

    f2 = food?

  446. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hi LizKauai,

    Thanks for the kind words; the kids, coaches, parents and supporters deserve the kudos....Waipio is a class act!

  447. not far away anymore:

    Are we at 500 yet?

  448. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Howz da bass lessons coming?

    I would LOVE to hear you do the Anthems at Aloha Stadium!!!

  449. g-nalo:

    Give me two years to build my “guns” before I use da kine sleeveless tops.

    occassionally, i jagermeister shirt does the muzzling

  450. Pride.:

    By the way, do Logan Tom and Misty May qualify as Olympians with Hawaii Ties? Can we call them part of the Hawaii 'ohana?

  451. LizKauai [Believer]:

    LTUHF - and the humble victors - you KNOW that was one real VILLAGE that raised those kids!
    Boy, did they look tired too - they going sleep real good tonight!!!

  452. Stephen Tsai:

    Again, no rush, but management is going to shut the comments section at midnight, I believe.

  453. g-nalo:

    since haiku is only 5, couldn't add f6.

  454. Pride.:

    hahah G-Nalo, good one.

  455. HiFlyer:

    where is SteveM, I think he knows what the record is for the most comments in one day is for the blog.

    getting closer to 500.

  456. Hawaiianbod:

    Cattle Calls for all
    Genji's, Makino's, Nancy's
    food and fellowship

  457. JD:

    I want in

  458. Pride.:

    Thanks ST. Now we get to practice our two minute offense.

  459. LizKauai [Believer]:

    so, ST- I say it again... are they doing a lockout or is the blog hardware getting an upgrade? or what?
    ahhh... mebbe you cannot discuss such matters here.... :light:

  460. Committed Road Warrior:


    I still have an extra ticket, unless Stretch and co. have already assigned my ticket to someone else in need. I'll check with him to see if this is the case. If not, I get extra ticket. How many tickets you need?

  461. LizKauai [Believer]:


  462. Pride.:

    I hope that JD is not Jim Donovan. Shame if the A.D. would have to come on the blog and beg for a sideline pass.

  463. LizKauai [Believer]:

    1st and 10 on the 20

  464. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Pride. Where is JD gonna sit? I think he gave his box away already!

  465. g-nalo:

    eh wait, i forgot why i'm hanging around till 500?

    to chit chat?

    ahh unko!

  466. LizKauai [Believer]:


    no can have 2 posts in a row.

    c'mon Tsai-kos...


  467. LizKauai [Believer]:

    gnalo- there is a prize

  468. Pride.:

    food, fun, football, hot fudge sundaes, fishing, fellowship, fried aku bone, famous sportswriters, freaking big guns in tank tops.

  469. Jason:

    Congrats to Waipi‘o! The first thing I did when I got home was turn on the computer and check the score online.

    I want in.

  470. LizKauai [Believer]:

    "OK, I’ve got a June Jones Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic program autographed by Jones, Jesse Sapolu and Reagan Mauia.
    Poster No. 500 gets it."

  471. jm2375:

    ST - echo Liz's #459. WTH is going on?

    Pomai or anybody else - my favorites list got erased - how do I get to my email?

  472. Pride.:

    Getting tired already. It looks my hair will be just fine today.

  473. LizKauai [Believer]:


  474. g-nalo:

    ohh..........tanks LizK

    i thought Pride's posting WAS the prize? :-0

  475. Jason:

    Oh yeah — and if we reach 1,000, I will give Pride. all the math lessons he ever needs. Since when does post #430 mean there are 571 posts to go? ;-)

  476. brew808:

    al-ski - I followed Stretch's instructions and got my room at the PDX Radisson via PriceLinedotcom. That was in June, but I got a rate of $45/night plus taxes and fees. I even got "Travel Insurance" for $5/night! Worth trying.... :D

  477. HiFlyer:

    LizK - remember clock management no like score to fast.

  478. stacyj:

    what the heck, I WANT IN!!! :-)

  479. LizKauai [Believer]:

    ST- when do you leave for the funeral? May we ask, whose?

  480. Garret:

    To help with the comments, I thought I'd bring something up. I noticed in Mack's comments at the WAC media day that something he said seemed to be a criticism of Colt speaking up about the soap problem. Was this a shot at Colt?

    I asked one of our players, I asked a kid named Rocky, because he’s a leader, he’s a big kid, how do you think the team will take riding commercial. He goes, “Coach, I think that’s great because we’re going to meet more people,more fans, and they’re going to know we’re not dumb football players.”

    The players don’t complain

    Colt griped about the soap, nobody else did.

  481. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Liz, I can't discuss such matters here.
    However, I'll work on my mental telepathy, and when you pick up the signal, you can call jm2375.

  482. MeiLing:

    I want in!

    Mahalo, ST!

  483. g-nalo:

    is there going to be sprint near the end, i gots no kick??!!

  484. Garret:

    Congratulations to Waipi‘o!

  485. Pride.:

    C'mon Jason. I was banging out C's in calculus 3 way before you were a twinkle in your mom's eyes.

  486. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Always a BURST at the end...

  487. brew808:

    Frenzied, Fantastic FFinishes For Family, Friends, Faithful Followers, & even Fools! (like me....) :lol: :shock: :roll:

  488. stacyj:

    Wow, 1000. That would send a message.

  489. not far away anymore:


  490. LizKauai [Believer]:

    go WB!

  491. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Server OVERLOAD!

  492. Jason:

    Garret: I never had a problem with it, because if there was ever a player to talk about it, it was Colt. Anybody else, I would have said he should keep his mouth shut. But Colt could run for President of the United States and he would carry Hawai‘i's electoral votes. He had the power, and more importantly, he had the right attitude in doing it.

  493. Stephen Tsai:

    I think we're leaving for the funeral in about an hour.
    It's for Wena's uncle, Bill Chung. He used to be a police commissioner, and co-owner of Twentieth Century Furniture.
    Wena's cousin, Dr. Mark Chung (the Surfing Doc) is going to sing.
    For some reason, nobody asked me to sing. Darn mail. Invitation got lost again.

  494. stacyj:

    Am I really on at the same time that ST is posting? I feel honored.

    Hi everyone! I have to admit that I haven't read all the posts but noticed a particular person not around. Did I miss something???

  495. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Where is everyone???

  496. not far away anymore:

    Server is going crazy

  497. LizKauai [Believer]:


  498. stacyj:


  499. Hawaiianbod:


  500. Pride.:

    Everybody is waiting in the wings.

  501. g-nalo:

    Always a BURST at the end…

    hey now...... family blog remember?

  502. stacyj:


  503. Jason:


  504. Richard:


  505. brew808:

    Liz - Thought you went to Costco? 86'd? :D :shock: :lol:

  506. MeiLing:

    Congrats to Waipio LL!!! WooHoo!

    See you guys on the lifeboat!

  507. Garret:

    Now I've got to figure out how to book a flight to DC for next month that has decent travel times and isn't going to cost too much...I just spent an hour trying to use miles for my business partner and me and nothing good happened. Prices are actually reasonable...but not for the times I need to travel.

    I'll be back when I can to help get the blog to 1000! I think SteveM mentioned that the blog broke 1000 a couple of times already, so that wouldn't be a record.

  508. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Congrats, Pride.

  509. Stephen Tsai:

    WB now stands for Waipi‘o Baseball.

  510. Jason:

    Congrats to the math genius. :-D

    Okay, okay, enough joking with the big man. Otherwise, I'll be a dead man.

  511. stacyj:

    What is up with the posts? Taking forever for me to submit.

  512. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, Pride just won a prize.
    Same format: I'll give it to Stretch, Stretch will deliver it.

  513. Garret:

    Congratulations to Pride! I'm glad that I wasn't trying to win and typed up a long message because there were so many entries that I wouldn't have been able to time it anyway.

  514. not far away anymore:

    Congrats Pride.

  515. Pride.:

    They deserve to own the "WB".

  516. LizKauai [Believer]:

    brew808- ok. NOW we are going to Costco... cu on iPhone :lol:

  517. Hawaiianbod:


    now, on to 1,000

  518. g-nalo:

    dang! Pride's got da kick, congrats!

    i must've dropped the baton?

  519. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Garret- priceline dot com has given me the best prices so far.

  520. Rich2176:

    Hey Brew - Am I getting Fresno tix from you or Ronnie? Or, am I on my own??????

  521. al:


  522. Pride.:

    Thanks for the prize Tsai.

    Tsai if you don't mind, I would like to pay it forward to Kekoa who would know what to do with it without me telling him.

  523. Stephen Tsai:

    Anybody want a Warrior Whiteout Sugar Bowl poster? It's the one that shows the Hawai‘i fans, dressed in all white.
    If so, be poster No. 700.

  524. al:

    what happened?
    i went and do a good deed and its waaaay past 500!

    okay, countdown to 1,000!

  525. Pride.:

    G-Nalo. You're a true Olympian.

  526. brew808:

    Stephen Tsai:
    August 24th, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Hey, Pride just won a prize.
    Same format: I’ll give it to Stretch, Stretch will deliver it.

    There's still a flaw in this plan.... the initial snap from center ST to QB Stretch! :D :lol: :roll:

  527. al:

    i'll take two seats in corvallis instead.

  528. g-nalo:

    ok, t'anks everybody for the half marathon, but whooootaaaaaaa.

    BBL.........i hope???

  529. tommyboy:


  530. brew808:

    Hi Rich! Sadly, I haven't even gotten my tix for Raisin-land yet. I'm planning on buying directly from FSU site, asking for section near UH/visitors. I can easily accommodate you if Ronnie/Rob don't have a spare. Sorry- I thought ST was taking care of you..... :D Just let me know....

  531. Ronnie:

    Rich - Hawnstln ordered 2 tickets for you.

    brew - do you need tickets? Or are you ordering for your entire group?

  532. Pride.:


    August 24th, 2008 at 2:59 pm
    i’ll take two seats in corvallis instead."

    Al...I'll donate two seats on Stretch's bus if it goes to Corvalis.

  533. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, Stretch now has to make the delivery to Kekoa.

  534. RainboWarrior:

    I want in.

    And heres my Haiku.

    Our strength is our D
    With Heart we'll take um all on
    B C S once more

  535. brew808:

    Road Warrior Tsaikos - Make sure you take your mosquito repellent.... they're going to be fierce! :D

  536. Pride.:

    Thanks Tsai.

  537. Jason:

    Fantasy Football
    It is time to do some math
    Mathletes will rule all

    (Yeah, getting ready for our draft in two hours.)

  538. jm2375:

    geee thanks, ST. Sure Liz, call me anytime, esp since you on AT&T. We went over this past cycle. Darn kid and her 3-way calling.

    I want in!

  539. Stephen Tsai:

    The big alumni road party will be in Fresno.
    It makes it easier for the Fresno people to give us parking in murderer's row.
    We used to get annoyed that we had to park so far away (cue the violin music). But then we learned that Derek made the Fresno writers park in a galaxy far, far away.

  540. Esme:

    # Pride.:
    August 24th, 2008 at 2:08 pm
    If we make it to 1,000, IIIIIIIIII wwwwwwiiiilllllll, cut my hair bald?

    Dayum. That is quite the challenge. OK, peeps, start posting! :lol:

  541. Stephen Tsai:

    Email me your landline number.

  542. 702WarriorNation:

    Bob Worthington - RIP

  543. Pride.:

    Glad to see the success that the Waipio boys have experienced this weekend.

    Blessings go out to Pikai Winchester and his family as they deal with his brother's illness when they return home on Monday. May Ke 'Akua be the family every step of the way.

  544. Esme:

    … although it would be kind of a bummer to see Pride. shave his hair bolo, because he actually does have nice hair. … But it'll grow back. :mrgreen:

    OK, post, people, post! Mwaaaaahahahahaha...

  545. brew808:

    Thanks for the info ST. Okay, if the alumni party is in Raisin-land, then our L&L plans might have to change....

    Ronnie - Yeah, I didn't have a head count and didn't want to impose on anyone with a large block of seats. Plus, seats were available the last time I checked. Hey remember Reno.... There was this crazy wahine that wouldn't sit down and stop cheering..... I think I have a permanent hearing loss..... :D :shock: :lol:

  546. Stephen Tsai:

    Rich knows he can have a seat in somebody's booth, if he asks.

  547. Stephen Tsai:

    The last alumni gathering in Fresno was pretty good.
    In something like 39 seconds, Margo was able to find out where "Ferd" grew up.

  548. stacyj:

    Esme, stay awhile and we'll get there.

    Someone call gigi...she has lots to say about....lots of stuff.

  549. Pride.:

    Thanks for the congrats Liz, Hawaiian Bod, not far away anymore, G-Nalo, Jason, and Garret.

  550. brew808:

    stacyj - nicely put.... :D

    Any more installments?

  551. Pride.:

    I think that my hair is safe. You'all will never make it.

  552. Maverick:

    I WANT IN !
    ( noticed I shouted ?)

  553. brew808:

    Pride, Proud, Polished!!! :D

  554. brew808:

    Snip.... :D

  555. Maverick:

    To our Waipio Big Leagers-

    Your OUR Heroes. Your the best and the world now knows it and cofirms.

    You can be the inspiration for our Warriors this season to just keep on winning.

  556. Pride.:

    Please don't call Gigi. She'll certainly take us over a thousand.

  557. brew808:

    ...Snip.... :D

  558. brew808:

    Snip...snip.... :D

  559. brew808:

    Snip...snip...snip. There goes Pride's hair.... :D :shock: :lol:

  560. Pride.:

    Got a chance to meet Greg Alexander this summer. I was glad to hear that he was a quarterback. I would feel really bad for Hawaii's opponents if he were an H-Back that we would use like a tight end. Can't imagine any safety or corner trying to tackle him downfield.


  561. BG:

    Another beautiful day in Tsaiko-land. Yep, got some bumps from time to time...but, no beeg ting.

    Support the HA working peeps!

  562. Pride.:

    Brew808. You're not going to make it.

  563. MeiLing:

    Pride. ~ No cut your hair! I would love to hear you sing the national anthem at Aloha Stadium, tho.

    ST ~ When are the twins kona figure out whose haiku is da bestest?

  564. brew808:

    Pride - In your expert opinion, which "new" player has been most impressive this preseason? :shock: :D

  565. Kekoa:

    Wow you guys...I'm just returning from being out and about celebrating the big LLWS win by Waipio and I find out some really awesome events have surfaced!

    ~ First off, I'll be fielding cell calls to my phone # in Central Cal. to tell peeps whuzzup in Hawaii. (Huh?) My neighbors always thought I was Tsaiko before I returned to the ceded lands!

    ~ I witness the winning of the LLWS by Waipio - IN - Waipio!

    ~ I find out that Pride has forwarded a prize to me - What a guy!...and yes, you are correct my friend, I know who to give it to.

    ~ Now that most of my slate is cleared I only have 3 things left on my 'to do' list:

    (1) Get in the Life Boat.

    (2) Get those UH Posters out to Liz, Florida Ted, and Pomai.

    (3) Win the game in ahhhh...what's the name of that stinky swamp again?...Oh - right Gay-torville.


  566. not far away anymore:

    Here's a haiku

    Just one thousand posts
    Pride becomes one bolo head
    Tsaikos can do it

    and one about the Warriors

    We all still believe
    Warriors will win the WAC
    Mack will show us how

  567. jm2375:

    stacyj - I was just about say da same ting. Where's gigi? and Wdoc?

  568. brew808:

    If a Princess were to get married, she'd either remain a Princess, or if the lucky guy was in-line to be king... then of course, she'd become the Queen! IMHO :D :shock: :lol:

  569. brew808:

    Pride - I think you're right.... :D :shock: :lol:

  570. BG:

    Got back home in time to catch the 5th inning of the LLWS. Akau pulled off one of the most beautiful catches ever! :o Guys in the majors probably stood up and applauded. And with all the pressure and all in the 6th, the young guys fielded and threw with skill. I kneel and bow to the team, the support team of parents and relatives, and the coaches that guided them. CONGRATULATIONS!

  571. jm2375:

    ST - email sent to your uh email.

  572. Esme:

    Ahahahahaha, Pride. We are already up to the mid 500s. Is it possible you may need to get out your electric buzzer tonight? Hmmm. :evil:

  573. Hawaiianbod:

    B-C-S road games
    Florida and O-S-U
    No worry - beef curry

  574. brew808:

    Wasn't great to see the gigantic smiles on all the player's faces!?! Precious! :D :D :lol:

  575. Kekoa:

    Hiya Esme! Is there somethin wrong? Your lurking in broad daylight!

  576. HiFlyer:

    Let's see we are missing BHF2, Gigi, WDoc, KK, (j)j ,ralph, SteveM and many others, if they were all here I think we could make it to1000.

  577. Kekoa:

    Bad Spanglish - 'Your' should be you're...ok - back to regular programming.

  578. brew808:

    H-bod Haiku fool!
    He's got the bug, no can stop....
    It's annoying, huh?
    :D :shock: :lol:

  579. NYUH:

    Washington Redskins at 10:37
    Looks like did as well as any of the other QBs. We had our annual family luau so I missed the discussion.

    5-R.Lloyd kicks 70 yards from CAR 30 to WAS 0. 80-M.Mann to WAS 25 for 25 yards (50-J.Anderson).
    1-10-WAS 25 (10:31) 5-C.Brennan pass incomplete short right to 23-M.Mason.
    2-10-WAS 25 (9:47) 5-C.Brennan pass short middle to 16-B.McMullen to WAS 30 for 5 yards (22-R.Colclough).
    3-5-WAS 30 (9:40) 5-C.Brennan pass short right to 16-B.McMullen to WAS 41 for 11 yards (54-L.Johnson).
    1-10-WAS 41 (9:02) 5-C.Brennan pass incomplete short left to 80-M.Mann.
    2-10-WAS 41 (9:02) PENALTY on WAS-5-C.Brennan, Delay of Game, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 41 - No Play.
    2-15-WAS 36 (8:57) 5-C.Brennan pass incomplete short middle to 80-M.Mann (31-R.Marshall).
    3-15-WAS 36 (8:53) 5-C.Brennan pass short middle to 86-F.Davis to CAR 49 for 15 yards (31-R.Marshall).
    1-10-CAR 49 (8:23) 5-C.Brennan pass short left to 18-B.Toler to CAR 40 for 9 yards (22-R.Colclough).
    2-1-CAR 40 (7:47) 23-M.Mason up the middle to CAR 35 for 5 yards (25-N.Salley).
    1-10-CAR 35 (7:03) 5-C.Brennan pass short right to 19-A.Mix to CAR 29 for 6 yards (27-C.Wilson).
    2-4-CAR 29 (6:18) 23-M.Mason up the middle to CAR 31 for -2 yards (64-C.Brinkley).
    3-6-CAR 31 (5:40) 5-C.Brennan pass incomplete short left to 16-B.McMullen (22-R.Colclough).
    4-6-CAR 31 (5:34) (Shotgun) 5-C.Brennan pass incomplete to 86-F.Davis (25-N.Salley). Penalty on WAS, Illegal Formation, declined.
    1-10-WAS 29 (3:13) 5-C.Brennan pass short middle to 23-M.Mason to WAS 36 for 7 yards (57-D.Connor).
    2-3-WAS 36 (2:36) 23-M.Mason left end to WAS 40 for 4 yards (66-H.Taylor).
    Two-Minute Warning
    1-10-WAS 40 (2:00) 5-C.Brennan pass incomplete short left to 16-B.McMullen (57-D.Connor).
    2-10-WAS 40 (1:55) (Shotgun) PENALTY on WAS-72-A.Crummey, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at WAS 40 - No Play.
    2-15-WAS 35 (1:54) 23-M.Mason up the middle to WAS 37 for 2 yards (50-J.Anderson).
    3-13-WAS 37 (1:18) 23-M.Mason up the middle to WAS 42 for 5 yards (50-J.Anderson).
    4-8-WAS 42 (:33) 23-M.Mason up the middle to WAS 48 for 6 yards (57-D.Connor).

  580. Kekoa:

    HiFlyer ~ Last I saw of Ralph, he was still snake dancing with the townspeople thru the streets of Waipio Gentry!

  581. chawan_cut:

    you don't suck at delivering prizes. you do guarantee it, eventually. heh. thanks for mine again!

  582. Kekoa:

    Gotta dig out for a few hours...bbl

  583. brew808:

    Hey Jason - What courses did you sign up for this semester? You can list them one...... at....... a........ time..... :D

  584. Kama Krab:



  585. Thomas Mui:

    ST: Do you need a GPS for your trip?

  586. LizKauai (iPhone):

    wow. iPhone needs to be turned off every day for at least a minute every day.

  587. addahknowjoe:

    Bulla is looking fo one patnah at Bolohead Row!

  588. al:

    ajoe you could be that.


  589. Fulingyu:

    I want in? Heh

  590. Pauoa Boy:

    Howzit Gang...

    Congrats Waipio...Au'ryte just pau watch the game on DVR...

  591. chawan_cut:

    i think lefty can sit in with bulla

    also me and lefty saw pride's big SUV driving through town the other day. we saw the big UA/UH sticker on the back window from behind and tried to catch up to say hi but he took the next exit.

  592. Stretch:

    August 24th, 2008 at 2:08 pm
    If we make it to 1,000, IIIIIIIIII wwwwwwiiiilllllll, cut my hair bald?

    eh, you know trying to say that you would go bald to prove something, right?? Koakane & JJ - What you guys think??

  593. Pauoa Boy:

    Mwahaha...1,000 ah, no problemo...pride about to be bolo-shexy like me :smile:

  594. madeinhawaii:



    Does that mean that the winner of the field passes will get them after the game?

    If so, ... who's autograph(s) should be on it?

  595. brew808:

    Hey - Did those new UA jerseys ever show up in the stores? :shock:

  596. Hawaiianbod:

    Don't be a hater!
    Do you want cheese with your wine?
    It's all G to me :smile:

  597. KaimukiKid:


    Was that the co-pay for the doctor's visit and follow up or for the C-PAP machine itself? I believe that already did the sleep study, so the Sleep Specialist will assign you a C-PAP machine which will be adjusted by a ttech or can be done by yourself. Actually, after I watched the tech adjust the machine I can do it for myself if need be. I believe a C-PAP machine can purchased for around $400.00 and they are pretty sturdy, I have been using mine for about 3 years now and I have gone through maybe two hose changes and two sponge filter changes ( the filters are washable). I have since seen the Sleep Specialist once every 6 months. I understand that renting a machine without a good medical plan can be cost prohibitive. You might want to look into purchasing a machine. I used to doze several times a day before and almost fell asleep at the wheel a couple of times and I don't drink. The first time I got to sleep with the C-PAP on through the night I actually felt refreshed for the first time in a long long time. I recomend you try it...

  598. HiFlyer:

    were almost at 600 and still get eight hours left.

  599. Pauoa Boy:


  600. bighilofan2:

    I want in.


    ahem, ahem.. ughhh ughhh... la la la ....

    a bolo head sings
    Aloha Stadium rings
    one thousand, no sweat!

  601. Jason:

    brew808: Math 351 (Foundation of Euclidean Geometry), 412 (Introduction to Abstract Algebra), 414 (Operations Research: Discrete Models), 454 (Axiomatic Set Theory), and 471 (Probability). I might end up dropping 414 or 454, depending on how they turn out.

  602. Pauoa Boy:

    Not sure if this was already answered, but any final word on who will be redshirting this season?

    Heard a mention of my boy Paipai Falemalu? Hmm...would like to see him have four solid years of PT so maybe red-shirting would be good since we are deep at LB. On the other hand he is really that good and could help us this season no doubt! He is definitely going to be a star soon!

  603. JaM:

    Is it too late?
    45-28 UH

  604. HiFlyer:

    BHF2 - is your banna water proof for the swamp?

  605. Pauoa Boy:

    No practice today, but I hope the boys remain focused and get things solidified before the upcoming game. Hope all the knicks and knacks heal up quickly for everyone it applies to. Corey Paredes moving to be the big back...5'11 230 lbs...not bad size, hope he does well. Wish speedy recoveries though to Heun and Farmer, and the rest of the wounded Warriors!

  606. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    The REAL 7 Fs!

  607. bighilofan2:

    as you can see, I done some remedial reading on haiku.

    ahem ahem

    The hot, humid.
    Many Gaytors to choose from
    A delightful meal. :D

  608. al:


    August 24th, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    August 24th, 2008 at 2:59 pm
    i’ll take two seats in corvallis instead.”

    Al…I’ll donate two seats on Stretch’s bus if it goes to Corvalis.

    actually we should both go.

  609. Pauoa Boy:

    Re: Offensive Line

    Anyone got the inside scoops on who will be starting in the Swamp? From what I've been hearing looks like the lineup will be as such...correct me if I'm wrong.

    Kia, AhSoon, Estes, Hisatake, Steinhoff???

  610. J:

    Who wants to deliver pizza to my house? Just realized I don't have enough time to find food before fantasy football draft. Plus men's v-ball is finally on TV.

  611. not far away anymore:

    The Summer Olympics have ended. China won the final gold medal count with 51. U.S. had the next most with 36. U.S. won the total medal count with 110. China had the next most at 100. Russia took third place in both with 23 gold medals and 72 total. Michael Phelps had more gold medals than all but 8 countries.

  612. al:

    bighilo....just a little help here. only because my japanese blood is pouring out to explain this haiku stuff.

    it is written like free prose without rhyme nor reason.

    but, it is recorded in three lines. the first line get 5 syllables, the next one get 7 syllables, and the last one get 5 syllables.

    here again is the winning haiku:

    “Tsaikos tailgating
    the Aloha is rocking
    Warrior football!”

  613. FloridaTed:

    Hi, Tsaiko-Nation and Tsai-Meister,

    Been gone all day and just got back and WOW, the blog is going nuts. I hate that we must go dark tonight, but I'm in full support of ST, off course.

    Here's my Haiku:

    Warriors marching
    with one mind, one heart, one soul,
    Victory is near.


    Did you get my e-mail with my addy?

    Love those Waipio kids, what a great bunch, just like the ones fom 05.

  614. diesel:

    I'd like to see Akau's catch make Sportscenter's Top 10.

  615. al:


    in an effort to get us past the 1000 posts i have just made contact with none other than herman frazier and he has agreed to come on as a chat guest in a couple of hours.

    btw, we need to get gigi and garret here to help increase the hits.

  616. WarriorMojo:

    I want in.

  617. d1島::

    Waipio baseball,
    UH Warrior football,
    Both can shock da world.

    I'm ba-ack!

    I want in.

  618. brew808:

    Thanks Jason! Very impressive. I'm sure you'll do well in all of them! :D

  619. Long Time UH Fan:

    From Ferd's column...

    "So, basically , the season opener (against Hawaii) is a preseason game for Florida and the Gators should already be scheming for Miami..."
    -- Joseph Goodman blog in the Miami Herald.

    Among "four early games that could get uglier than Oregon's uniform."
    --Los Angeles Times.

    "Biggest mismatch" involving a Western Athletic Conference team,

    This is bulletin board stuff...

    Go Warriors!
    Gaff Da Gators!

  620. brew808:

    Okay - This has been an awesome couple of weeks for sports in Hawaii. Let's take a quick poll. Which event would you rank as the most outstanding accomplishment?
    1 - Michael Phelps swims for 8 gold medals including 7 world records in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    2 - Usain "Lightening" Bolt cruises to three gold medals including world records in 100m and 200m at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    3 - Chinese women's gymnast cheat (IMHO) to win the team gold medal (and uneven bars).
    4 - A dozen Athletes with Hawaii ties win medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    5 - Amazing opening ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    6 - JC transfer Brent Rausch wins the starting QB spot for UH, then has to sit out with a "tired arm". JC transfer Greg Alexander takes over as #2, ahead of local favorite Inoke Funaki.
    7 - Waipio LL demonstrate the very essence of "TEAM" and Good Sportsmanship while winning the 2008 LLWS Championship!

    What you guys think? Did I miss anything? :D :shock: :lol:

  621. Pauoa Boy:

    not far away anymore...

    if the judges never snub our USA gymnastics girls we would garrans have more gold medals than that...

  622. Rich2176:

    ST - True on the box. I'm sure it's a lot more congenial in there this year. Sure wish I could have made it to the swamp. Too much work this week and a possible NYC trip the following week....yikes...

    Yes, ST has worked with "Ferd" for 20 years and had no idea where "Ferd" grew up. Margo should be an investigative reporter. She'll ask more questions in a minute and get answers. (Of course maybe it's a guy thing that we don't ask those kind of

    Okay, is anyone coordinating anything for Fresno? Perhaps a Tsaiko breakfast or lunch on Saturday for those who are already there....Once I figure out the name of the hotel we're staying at, I'll ask SteveM to post it on his site.

  623. al:

    not so far.... could be eh? the web gem of the day.

    and takonuga's two run blast could be one of the day's highlights.

    actually at the fourth inning when we started getting to the mexico ace, saucedo and his stare vanished i told the family its over. the heart of the mexico team just gave up. unfortunately, they are youngsters, but as an ex-coach one could notice that was the beginning of the end.

    just gotta love the great job these boys did and yes the supporting cast of parents, siblings, and relative made a significant contribution. and how about all the new found hawaiians with the blue eyes.

    there were many leaders on this team but i believe that they would not have won without tokunaga's clutch play and will to win. he seemed to keep the team going.

    but, my hats off to the way the coaches handled this team. kiha akau has been one of the best youth coaches around in the past two decades. i know i had two kids play for him.

    ....nuff said

  624. Addahknowsports:

    So what time is the name for the contest going to be pulled tonight?

    Got to Kauai okay. Didn't have to stomp anyone.


    You're going to the bolohead what?

  625. Pauoa Boy:

    brew808 - I think I'd have to go with Phelps winning all those golds and breaking just about every record along the way. I don't think anyone will repeat that kind of feat in a very long, long, while!

  626. NEO:

    Who won the poem contest? Has that been decided yet? I put in several entries, but my fave was the one

    Warrior Football
    Hearts aflame in victory
    Glory NEVER Dies


  627. JaM:


    I want in!

  628. al: forgot one.

    dpk, annouces that he will commence training for the 2012 olympics in the men's superheavyweight division of greco-roman style wrestling.

  629. Brie:

    I want in!

  630. addahknowjoe:


    Last week while on the freeway heading Ewa, a car merges in front of 'sports and I. On the bumper is a fresh black UA/UH logo. We pull up next to the car only to find it's Tom Mui. Wanted to say hi but, he looked focused on merging over to take the vineyard cut off.

  631. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    August 24th, 2008 at 4:16 pm
    as you can see, I done some remedial reading on haiku.

    ahem ahem

    The hot, humid.
    Many Gaytors to choose from
    A delightful meal.


    Da Punchbowl Kid:

    August 24th, 2008 at 1:15 pm
    Got the winner of the haiku contest right here:

    ‘Gators:fat and sleek.
    Warriors coming to feast.
    Lunch time in the Swamp!


    As you can see above, your haiku is a thinly veiled plagarism of my earlier posted one. I don't blame you, because anyone can see that MINE is going to be the winner. :) However, I regret that I will have to have my lawyer contact you regarding the plagarism seen so clearly here. OHWAITAMINNIT! You ARE my lawyer! Nevermind... :oops:

  632. Addahknowsports:

    Hi a-joe! So what's for dinner?

  633. madeinhawaii:


    I think Bryan Clay's decathalon Gold stands in a category of it's own. The number of points he lead by going into the final 1500 meter race was enough to assure him the Gold if he simply walked the 1500 and finished it. That's ten events over two days.

    The little league's victory was sweet and involved more "relatives" than Clay, and may be more popular in that respect, but both demonstrated how determination, preverance, belief, faith, and sheer will can make the underdog tower over it's rivals.

    It's amazing how many respectable athletes come out of the islands. And who knows? Maybe the next president, eh?

  634. not far away anymore:

    Matt Ryan is going to start for the Falcons in the regular season.

    Ryan's stats for the pre-season:

    Completions/Attempts: 32/52
    Completion Pct: 61.5
    Yards: 277
    TD: 2
    Int: 1
    Rating: 80.4

    Colt's stats for pre-season:

    Completions/Attempts: 23/35
    Completion Pct: 65.7
    Yards: 292
    TD: 3
    Int: 0
    Rating: 120.2

  635. duffer:

    I want in! :-)

  636. J:

    I have the 6th pick in the draft tonight. In last night's draft I had the 9th pick.

  637. 99club:

    And the blog watches in anticipation, waiting for A-joe's answer to #632. Is is really an innocent question...or code?

  638. HiFlyer:

    Warriors in black
    we are ready for batlle
    WAC championship

  639. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    You can add one to that list:

    "Warriors beat 'Gators at the Swamp in one of the biggest upsets in college football history."

    I have looked into the future, into Pride's crystal ball, er, I mean bolo head, and I saw that bit of news come up.

  640. 99club:


  641. Pauoa Boy:

    Warrior Football
    Believe and You Shall Conquer
    Champions for Life

  642. bighilofan2:

    Da Punchbowl Kid

    your sis says hi back. saw her at work awhile ago.
    she would be offended if i tole her you said i wen plagarize your stuff. so in a effort to show you MINE is da winning idea, an not to take anyting away from al cuz id did check wit my little sis da Honolulu teacha and she wen tell me about the 5 7 5 syllables an making all tan ta da dann to me.. sooooo

    ahem ahem

    orange blossoms seen,
    Gaytors are sauteed in sauce
    BigHilo's gonna grind. ;D

  643. Pauoa Boy:

    REMINDERFantasy Football Draft in 15 minutes for all who signed up...

  644. al:

    stay tuned for herman frazier's chat.

  645. GMA Honey:

    I want in.

  646. Addahknowsports:


    He's looking in the fridge. I think we have grapes. That's code for it's going to be McDonalds.

  647. d1島::

    Before everyone goes scurrying for the lifeboats:

    Congratulations Waipio LL - World champs! Awesome!
    Congrats also to LTUHF and his grand nephew (?)

  648. d1島::

    If you folks still planning to go Shari's in Portland, my report (although I didn't actually go to the one on Airport Way by PDX)

    go to the website ( ) and study the menu 'cause it's large. Sounds like you folks not going have much time so you better have an idea of what you want.
    Breakfast stuff we tried:
    the corned beef Benedict was pretty good (but they serve the English muffins on the side);
    the Cinnama-sation French toast is good (had the breakfast platter); skillet breakfasts are worthy.
    Other stuff:
    bbq burger better than philly steak burger
    pot roast skillet dinner is good
    apple pie is good
    prime rib french dip good at one location (McMinnville), not so hot at another (Newberg)
    fish and chips - only two pieces of fish, cole slaw was so-so
    coffee is pretty good

    Service is good. All locations we went this time staff was friendly and competent. (The only time this was different was at the Pendleton location a few years ago but you ain't gettin' nowhere near that one, so it don't matter a hoot [accent added for effect])

  649. brew808:

    Here's a couple suggestions for HF theme songs.... :lol:


  650. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    *DPK worries about his future, realizing his lawyer apparently can't tell the difference between five and six. The haiku was fresh and exciting but has six syllables in the last line... bhf2 still has time to fix it though, it's still a long ways 'til midnight, and only a short while to hit 1,000 posts.* :lol:

  651. Pauoa Boy:


  652. d1島::

    My wife and I were on Maui today for a total of about 18 minutes on a connection from Portland.

  653. addahknowjoe:


    I wish I had a gourmet reponse. But, it's Le Miki D's for me.

  654. brew808:

    Whoah d1島 - And what did you have for your second course? :D :shock: :lol:

  655. Pauoa Boy:

    eh draft goes live in five so hurry up and sign in you buggaz or else Jason going steal all your good guys...

  656. 99club:


    Our unplanned favorite meal is $5 roaster chicken from Sam's. Good stuff.

    Good night all!

  657. d1島::

    Even though I'm back, still gotta esme and go one baby party so this might be me signing off 'til come back bumbai.

    See erryboddy den!

  658. bighilofan2:

    Pride's gonna look good bald!


  659. addahknowjoe:


    Howz the weather in Nawiliwili?

    U tink still get time for take in some small kine Hanapa'a at SBH and catch dinner?

  660. brew808:

    Advanced Math (actually, simple counting....) is not typically a requisite course for "Consumer Rights Advocates". :D

  661. not far away anymore:

    Pauoa Boy,
    Honestly I think our girls lost the team championship mostly on their own. They really didn't do well on the floor exercise. In the event competition there was definitely some shady judging. I think I read somewhere that the home team normally gets a little bit of a boost in the judging. It apparently happened in Atlanta, Sydney, and Athens too. Some of the judging in the event competition wasn't a boost, it was outright cheating IMHO. Either way a pretty good showing by both the U.S. and China.

  662. Addahknowsports:

    Wow d1-

    You keep a food journal when you travel?


    Yup. $5.00 roast chicken is good.

  663. warriorsanddolphins:

    Another haiku, i hope there's no limit

    No Jones, Colt or Bess
    No worries, season is best
    Our team makes us proud

  664. addahknowjoe:

    99Club- 'gnite, my friend!

    The stars at night - are big and bright

    (Clap! Calp! Calp! Clap!)

    Deep in the heart of Texas!

  665. bighilofan2:


    Food fights are good fun
    Gaytor tails are delightful
    Good fun in the sun!

  666. Addahknowsports:


    Sorry, babes. Gonna hit the glass tonight. Got something brewing in the back of my mind.

  667. Pride.:

    What fun it is to run up to the line and see that smug BCS look on those BCS faces, and compare that to the "deer in the headlight" look of those same faces four quarters later.Haaaahhhh.

    2007 Hawaii 35 Washington 28
    2006 Hawaii 42 Purdue 35
    2006 Hawaii 41 Arizona State 24
    2004 Hawaii 49 Nortwestern 41
    2004 Hawaii 41 Michgan State 38
    2003 Hawaii 37 Alabama 29

    That look is classic.

  668. HiFlyer:

    try this again batlle = battle

    Warriors in black
    we are ready for battle
    WAC championship

  669. brew808:

    August 24th, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    99Club- ‘gnite, my friend!

    The stars at night - are big and bright (actually, those are Texas mosquitos and flying roaches)

    (Clap! Calp! Calp! Clap!) (that's peeps trying to swat them)

    Deep in the heart of Texas!

    :D :shock: :lol:

  670. Long Time UH Fan:


    August 24th, 2008 at 4:55 pm
    Before everyone goes scurrying for the lifeboats:

    Congratulations Waipio LL - World champs! Awesome!
    Congrats also to LTUHF and his grand nephew (?)

    Hi d1Shima,

    Mahalo, and yup, Trevor Ling is my grandnephew. His Ling grandmother and Mrs LTUHF are sisters.

    How's the son doing at Linfield? Hope all is well with the family.

  671. Pride.:

    Congratulations to the grandnephew LTUHF.

  672. brew808:

    LTUHF - Was that Trevor that barked into the camera at the end of the game? Cute.... they were so reserved until then! Congratulations to Trevor, and to all of your 'ohana! :D

  673. addahknowjoe:


    Mahalo for da klaraphakayshun.

  674. brew808:

    a-joe - Gggggrrrrrrr! One day I'll get you sneaky bugga! Ggggrrrrrrr..... :twisted: :shock: :twisted:

  675. Stretch:

    Pride - see #592

    no comment??

  676. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Pay shopping. Waiting for pizza.

  677. addahknowjoe:


    You like borrow my buzz cutter? Or, I can cut 'um fo you.

    When I cut, right off the bat, I start off with a reverse Mohawk. Just so there's no turning back and you're left with a choice: Go all the way or walk around looking like Moe. =)

  678. charles:

    Where can you watch the game? I know Big City Diner will open at 6 am.

    Anywhere else?

  679. charles:

    Where can you watch the game? I know Big City Diner will open at 6 am.

    Anywhere else?

  680. Pride.:

    2002 Hawaii 20 Cincinnati 19
    1999 Hawaii 23 Oregon State 17
    1997 Hawaii 17 Minnesota 3
    1994 Hawaii 36 Oregon 16
    1994 Hawaii 21 California 7
    1992 Hawaii 24 Oregon 21
    1992 Hawaii 36 Pittsburgh 23
    1992 Hawaii 27 Illinois 17
    1989 Hawaii 23 Oregon State 21
    1988 Hawaii 27 Iowa 24
    1988 Hawaii 41 Oregon 17
    1986 Hawaii 20 Wisconsin 17
    1981 Hawaii 33 South Carolina 10
    1980 Hawaii 16 West Virginia 13
    1979 Hawaii 29 Arizona State 17

  681. djmitcho:

    i want in

  682. KaimukiKid:

    I forget who coined the term of "The Golden Age of Sports in Hawaii" But it truly is. So many sports happenings just in the past!

  683. HiFlyer:

    We're on the way to 700.

  684. SteveM:

    Sorry--was out shopping and it took me almost an hour to catch up here :)

    August 24th, 2008 at 2:38 pm
    where is SteveM, I think he knows what the record is for the most comments in one day is for the blog.

    getting closer to 500.

    I do not keep a formal record of comment count, except I recorded 1,011 comments on Da Punchbowl Kid's bio day on September 8, 2007.

    I recall surpassing 1,000 two other times later. BUT, we have not topped 1,000 since moving to this new bog format, so even making 900 would be significant.

    We can do 1,000 today -- especially if prideperiod's involved -- after all, he was the one who placed the moon over ST head's in the Tsai-ko Caricature :lol:

  685. Pride.:


    August 24th, 2008 at 5:20 pm
    Pride - see #592

    no comment??"

    Stretch, all I can say is that one of the f's is for family, as in family blog?

    Oh and by the way, the bartender will cut hair bald if I do. That's the point.

  686. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hi Pride,

    Mahalo, Nephew...

    Sorry but I'm gonna keep on posting just to see you get bolo head...

  687. Jack Flash:

    I WANT IN!
    Congrats Waipio!
    mud lizard crawling
    from the murky swamp it comes
    to get its ass kicked

  688. Pride.:

    Sorry Tsai-kos...we'll never make it to a thousand, my hair is safe.

  689. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hi Brew 808,

    Yup that was the kolohe side of Trevor acting up in front of the camera... was funny to see him do that on national TV....

  690. Pride.:

    See you all later. I will post again when ST gets the green light.

  691. Pride.:

    It is with much regret and sadness that I will be taking a break from lurking and posting.

  692. d1島::


    I was lurking while da Mrs. was getting ready fo' go.
    I wen back track and' read about Pride.
    so hea's summoa posts

  693. Thomas Mui:

    With that UA/UH sticker on my bumper, I had better watch my driving!!!

  694. brew808:

    Okay, I'm watching the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Impressive! I

    wonder what it will be like in 2012 in London.... Staid, economic restrained. Maybe the Buckingham Palace Guard marches out, they raise the Olympic and British flags, ceremony over. :shock: :roll: :shock:

  695. addahknowjoe:


    Sneaky? BWHahahahahahaaaaaaackkk! cough cough cough...

    Yeah, right! Mr. "I when grad from one public school"



    Come down Genji's on King Street. We all going be there. $20 breakfast buffet.

    Howzit JackFlash!

    Good haiku!

  696. d1島::

    Pride goes bolo head
    What can be seen on that dome?
    A shiny swamp trap.

  697. Jack Flash:

    poster winner?

  698. d1島::

    Gotta run fo' real now...

  699. Jack Flash:

    How bout now??

  700. Jack Flash:


  701. al:

    ajoe....what year did you say you grad?

    btw, no go mcd's. you know where i live. got one hibachi going on right now. come on down.

    i gots to go do some cooking. but, just come on down. maybe the son in law know your family.

    oh, and start posting your queries for herman frazier and he'll answer them in order.

    be back later.

  702. BowsForever:

    Field passes? Heck!

    I want in! ;)

    Zorn on the QBs in the 8/23 press conference on after the blowout loss to the Panthers: "Our quarterback play was insignificant." Ouch. Well, plenty of blame to go around that game from what I hear.

  703. al:

    last note.....hiflyer we are approaching 750 we will have your scalp at genji's too.

    about now pride is getting worried.

  704. Stretch:

    Jack Flash is the winner of the autographed JJ Foundation program.

    What time is the haiku and "I'm in" winners going to be announced??

    Just trying to plan ahead since ST will probably have me be the delivery boy.

  705. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Jack Flash:

    August 24th, 2008 at 5:34 pm
    I WANT IN!
    Congrats Waipio!
    mud lizard crawling
    from the murky swamp it comes
    to get its ass kicked


    Jack Flash-
    I was a shoo-in for best haiku, and you had to go and post THAT! ARRRGH!!!

  706. BG:


    Like A-Joe said...Genji's on King St by Washington School. 6 am. Great food and even greater company. (note: bring ear plugs cuz the decibel level gets kinda high)

  707. radopps411:

    wow...i think i lurked for too long!!!

  708. SteveM:

    Al -- if you think you might go to the Oregon State game, Committed Road Warrior might have a ticket for you, brew or mojo might have room if don't snore :razz: , and Stretch might put you on da bus... :lol:

    ...all you have to do is handle the breakfast tailgate and cattle calls. See:

    Gee...organized, yeah?

  709. Thomas Mui:

    About to go over the 700 mark!


    The C-PAP machine was rented and paid for by HSMA/Medicare. But after two or so years, then I got noticed by them that I had to purchase it - I don't recall the amount but it was comparatively nominal.

    It was checked once after I got it. But my MD for the sleep anea had closed up shop as he was lecturing and doing medical work in China for most of the year.

  710. radopps411:

    oh...almost forgot...

    I WANT IN!!!

    and ST should go back to teaching!!!

  711. Stretch:

    oooops, Jack Flash's prize is the SB Whiteout Poster. Sorry.

  712. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    New rule:
    You cannot win more than one prize. Jack's haiku is ineligible!!! Mwaaaahahahahahaha!!!

  713. XxFaithxX:

    Aloha ST,

    I want in.

    Sorry so late to the party, so what we trying for 1k? Should be Duck Soup =)

  714. addahknowjoe:


    I grad same year as Esme. That was a good vintage year.

  715. Pride.:

    Anyway. Before I go.

    The quest for a thousand posts is just my way of trying to motivet us to show our support for ST and the rest of his buddies. A thousand posts looked like something that impossible at 2:00 P.M. this afternoon. But anything is possible when you put a group of people together and they work as a team.

    They can reach 1,000 posts in a day.

    They can beat a number 1 ranked SEC team.

    They can stick together after a period with no Warrior Beat.

    Tsai has built up a humongous ship that keeps rolling, and just like in business and in sports, there's someting called the big Mo. Big Mo stands for momentum. Momentum is the key in sports as well as in business.

    As Tsai-kos we need to keep the momentum going. Get on our lifeboats and stay in contact. Continue doing all the great things that we as Tsai-kos do. Lots of talent here. We select A.D.'s, get rid of A.D.'s, put grass on fields that don't have grass, mobilize travel to away games, plenty talent.

    Let's keep it going.

    Go Warriors beat Florida.

    Remember the mantra.

    Do it right and do it 100%.
    Do it right and do it 100%
    Do it right and do it 100%

    Do dat...and no can lose.

  716. radopps411:

    anyone else notice how everyone at ESPN refers to the West Oahu LL as E-Wah Beech?

  717. Thomas Mui:

    UH may be announcing a charitable trust gift that has been tentatively appraised at 1.7 to 1.9m which is solely for the football team - announcement probably within a month.

    Of course I don't know how quickly UH will get around to it - they can't even see that the objection to the Ching/Cooke field turf is a bunch of baloney!

  718. djmitcho:

    If I post the fantasy football draft results pick by pick, we can go over 1000.

  719. Jack Flash:

    Stretch- Thanks! I think I saw a copy of that poster in the Lids store at Windward Mall- looks awesome. I live in Kailua, but will be in town tomorrow morning if you like meet up.
    DPK- Eh brah, no be all huhu just cause my haiku was unreal...

  720. Thomas Mui:

    A Question for our special and esteem guest HF:

    Is Temple University about to abandon its football team?

  721. Thomas Mui:

    AL: how come you dont want to ask your guest questions?

  722. WarriorMojo:

    Decisions, decisions:

    Sitting with Hawaii fans in the booney sections at the Swamp or getting better seats behind the Hawaii team bench but in the middle of the Gator fans?

  723. jojo ®:

    I hope Stephen Tsai remembered to tell JuJu that she was picking a winner.

  724. BG:

    Welcome rapopps411...we all having a farewell shutting down after midnight. But, be sure and join us in the life boat. Hmmm, LizK posted the link a little while ago...maybe someone will post it again.

    BTW, are you on Oahu?

  725. addahknowjoe:


    Eh, would you know if Pahoa get one football team this year?

  726. Jack Flash:

    First I win the mouthwatering portuguese sausage and girigiri at the blog bash, now this?! Somebody take me to Vegas Baby, i'm on a roll!

  727. radopps411:

    go with the gator fans!!!

  728. not far away anymore:

    Pride, that was some inspirational stuff. We are definitely going to hit 1000 posts now.

  729. Herman Frazier:

    Hi gang. Just trying to get settled in here at Temple University. I miss all of you in Hawaii. Everyone was so gracious and nice to me ther when I was in Hawaii. I will always think of Hawaii as my second home.

  730. radopps411:

    hi BG,

    yah...i live in Ewa...i was actually in a class that ST taught!!!

  731. radopps411:

    dang...Frazier up late???

  732. Ralph:

    KGMB 7 tonight at 9 PM Warrior football: humble and hungry

  733. not far away anymore:

    If you need the lifeboat link, just click on LizKauai's name in one of her posts.

  734. radopps411:

    i saw the promo for the special...but i might be watching that Japanese Invasion on History International

  735. J:

    Tsaiko Fantasy Football Draft tonight: Jason hungry.

  736. radopps411:

    i can't find the link

  737. addahknowjoe:


    Brah! Go with the seats behind the bench and just Wreak Havoc! Remind the Gecko fanz all game their team supposed to be kickin' our butts! No excuses!

    Every time Hawaii makes a good play, yell out, "WAIT! WAIT! WAIT Wat just happen? Shucks! I wasn't lookin! Somebody tell me, please!" No one wants to repeat how they just got their butts beaten! Hahahaha!!!!

  738. not far away anymore:

    Congrats Jack Flash.

  739. Jason:

    Yes, I'm hungry. Gotta go out and grab some dinner now. See ya later. :-D

  740. Pauoa Boy:

    Au'ryte pau dah draft...back to blogging for da thousand

  741. addahknowjoe:



  742. Herman Frazier:

    Sorry gang but gotta catch a plane. I will get back to you all next Monday. Or the monday after that. Or the Monday after that one. I for sure will get back to you by the third Monday.

  743. radopps411:


    don't forget to also talk about how good Georgia looks this year!!!

  744. Herman Frazier:

    Addaknowjoe. Why are you laughing at me. You don't even know if you are joe or not.

  745. Pauoa Boy:

    The Winning Haiku from earlier...

    Warrior Football
    Believe and You Shall Conquer
    Champions for Life

  746. bighilofan2:

    So Herman Frazier,

    how did it come down that we paid per diem to kids of staff at UH?

  747. Pauoa Boy:

    Herman Frazier, beat it geek!!!

  748. radopps411:

    okay...have fun trying to reach 1000!!!

    i'm going to play some CoD4!!! hit me up!!! insane808 on xbox live!!!

  749. Pauoa Boy:

    C'mon 750...

  750. not far away anymore:

    So there were 10 former or current UH student athletes at the Olympics. All of them brought back a medal. That is pretty impressive. I doubt there is another university in the country that can claim that. Story on UH athletics website.

  751. Pauoa Boy:

    kay 250 more to go...

  752. FloridaTed:

    Mr. Varmint Frazier,

    Did you remove all the mirrors in your house? Oh, I forgot, you're never wrong.

  753. djmitcho:

    Here are the results from the Tsaiko fantasy football draft...


    1. (1) LaDainian Tomlinson
    2. (20) Andre Johnson
    3. (21) Laurence Maroney
    4. (40) Willis McGahee
    5. (41) Brandon Marshall
    6. (60) Donovan McNabb
    7. (61) Dallas Clark
    8. (80) Pittsburgh
    9. (81) Jake Delhomme
    10. (100) Javon Walker
    11. (101) Todd Heap
    12. (120) Rob Bironas
    13. (121) Seattle
    14. (140) Robbie Gould
    15. (141) Jerry Porter

  754. Pauoa Boy:

    Hawai'i Athletes

    Oh you didn't know UH breeds successful athletes. We are probably the most hated on and disrespected University in the nation cause people think it's easy to pick on us. Little do they know, little do they know...


  755. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Home again. So my son and I are talking about gambling. How bad would it be to win and have to explain where the money came from. Yikes!

  756. djmitcho:

    Oh yeah, first number is round and number in () is what pick they were overall

  757. jm2375:

    Gee... in 25 min (or less) USA 2 - Brazil 1 in men's vb. Fastest match ever. :lol:

  758. djmitcho:

    Allbiznes (Jason's friend...not sure what his blog name is)

    1. (2) Adrian Peterson
    2. (19) Tony Romo
    3. (22) Willie Parker
    4. (39) Reggie Bush
    5. (42) DeAngelo Williams
    6. (59) Santonio Holmes
    7. (62) Joey Galloway
    8. (79) Vernon Davis
    9. (82) Chicago
    10. (99) Reggie Brown
    11. (102) Bryant Johnson
    12. (119) Jason Elam
    13. (122) Matt Schaub
    14. (139) Indianapolis
    15. (142) Jeff Reed

  759. Pauoa Boy:

    Eh wea Jason stay...bruddah was supah quiet during the draft...concentrating so hard with the draft strategy haha. Had to go get some brain food I think...

  760. djmitcho:


    1. (3) Steven Jackson
    2. (18) Ryan Grant
    3. (23) Brandon Jacobs
    4. (38) Steve Smith
    5. (43) Anquan Boldin
    6. (58) Carson Palmer
    7. (63) Chris Cooley
    8. (78) San Diego
    9. (83) Shayne Graham
    10. (98) Fred Taylor
    11. (103) Rashard Mendenhall
    12. (118) Marc Bulger
    13. (123) Bernard Berrian
    14. (138) Tony Scheffler
    15. (143) Phil Dawson

  761. brew808:

    LizKauai [Believer]:
    August 24th, 2008 at 8:36 am
    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    (rubbing eyes) I guess I needed to sleep in.

    Alas and Auwe for the HA.
    The most interesting week of the year for Warrior Football Fans and the Warrior Beat has to go dark???
    In order to avoid clogged email boxes and outrageous cell phone bills, the LIFEBOAT BLOG will be ready to launch when ST turns off the lights here.

    Everyone is welcome. No registration needed. Lurker-friendly too.

    In the meantime, Let’s enjoy our day, cheer for the Waipio kids and

  762. djmitcho:

    Pauoa Boy

    1. (4) Brian Westbrook
    2. (17) Reggie Wayne
    3. (24) Larry Fitzgerald
    4. (37) Kellen Winslow
    5. (44) LenDale White
    6. (57) Roddy White
    7. (64) Chris Johnson
    8. (77) Jay Cutler
    9. (84) Kevin Smith
    10. (97) Nate Burleson
    11. (104) Alge Crumpler
    12. (117) Brett Favre
    13. (124) Arizona
    14. (137) Jason Hanson
    15. (144) Devin Hester

  763. Pauoa Boy:

    K going au'au den comeback for hit dah 1,000...

  764. Addahknowsports:

    Okay, gang-

    Have a great evening everyone! I guess I won't be around for the magic #1000 post. Pride, we'll get you a cap if it gets too cold up top.

    Got to hook up some stuff before it gets too dark. Hate to fight with geckos. They are so territorial.


    Please check email.

    A-sports esme and out.

  765. djmitcho:


    1. (5) Joseph Addai
    2. (16) Larry Johnson
    3. (25) Drew Brees
    4. (36) Chad Johnson
    5. (45) Marvin Harrison
    6. (56) Hines Ward
    7. (65) Jeremy Shockey
    8. (76) New England
    9. (85) Donald Driver
    10. (96) Mason Crosby
    11. (105) Eli Manning
    12. (116) Ricky Williams
    13. (125) Reggie Williams
    14. (136) Deuce McAllister
    15. (145) Zach Miller

  766. Pauoa Boy:

    Keep it going gangeh

  767. djmitcho:


    1. (6) Randy Moss
    2. (15) Maurice Jones-Drew
    3. (26) Michael Turner
    4. (35) Jason Witten
    5. (46) Thomas Jones
    6. (55) Lee Evans
    7. (66) Matt Hasselbeck
    8. (75) David Garrard
    9. (86) Dallas
    10. (95) Julius Jones
    11. (106) Heath Miller
    12. (115) Santana Moss
    13. (126) Josh Brown
    14. (135) Ladell Betts
    15. (146) Kenny Watson

  768. djmitcho:


    1. (7) Tom Brady
    2. (14) Terrell Owens
    3. (27) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    4. (34) Wes Welker
    5. (47) Tony Gonzalez
    6. (54) Nick Folk
    7. (67) Minnesota
    8. (74) Earnest Graham
    9. (87) Jonathan Stewart
    10. (94) Adam Vinatieri
    11. (107) New York
    12. (114) Chris Chambers
    13. (127) Ahman Green
    14. (134) Patrick Crayton
    15. (147) Philip Rivers

  769. djmitcho:


    1. (8) Marion Barber
    2. (13) Braylon Edwards
    3. (28) Jamal Lewis
    4. (33) Ben Roethlisberger
    5. (48) Greg Jennings
    6. (53) Edgerrin James
    7. (68) Selvin Young
    8. (73) Laveranues Coles
    9. (88) Benjamin Watson
    10. (93) Baltimore
    11. (108) Stephen Gostkowski
    12. (113) Jacksonville
    13. (128) Josh Scobee
    14. (133) Aaron Rodgers
    15. (148) Randy McMichael

  770. djmitcho:


    1. (9) Frank Gore
    2. (12) Peyton Manning
    3. (29) Marques Colston
    4. (32) Antonio Gates
    5. (49) Darren McFadden
    6. (52) Roy Williams
    7. (69) Ronnie Brown
    8. (72) Dwayne Bowe
    9. (89) Jon Kitna
    10. (92) Kevin Curtis
    11. (109) Greg Olsen
    12. (112) Anthony Gonzalez
    13. (129) Green Bay
    14. (132) Felix Jones
    15. (149) David Akers

  771. wow:


  772. djmitcho:


    1. (10) Marshawn Lynch
    2. (11) Clinton Portis
    3. (30) Torry Holt
    4. (31) Plaxico Burress
    5. (50) Derek Anderson
    6. (51) Rudi Johnson
    7. (70) Calvin Johnson
    8. (71) Matt Forte
    9. (90) Ray Rice
    10. (91) Chester Taylor
    11. (110) Chris Perry
    12. (111) Jerricho Cotchery
    13. (130) Owen Daniels
    14. (131) Nate Kaeding
    15. (150) Tennessee

  773. bighilofan2:

    watcha think yu 2 cuties?

    quarry boys blow in,
    Gaytors scurry in da swamp
    Ryan bites big time


  774. djmitcho:

    Those were the results of tonights fantasy football draft. I will give weekly updates on game results as the season goes on. The winner of the league is gonna receive a couple of autographed football cards of some former warriors now trying to make it in the NFL.

  775. Stephen Tsai:

    And Jack Flash is the winner of the poster.
    Since you''re on my side of the island, if you leave me your number on my work phone (525-8051) I'll deliver it.
    If not, more work for Stretch.

  776. bighilofan2:

    hoboy Pride

    you wen trow down da poi poundah. yu know we gotta represent. lookin forward to your knew look.


  777. Stephen Tsai:

    I just got to the office (after the funeral), and I have to punch in a UH story. So, let's say we'll have the drawings at 8:30 p.m.?
    Juju is rarin' to go.

  778. bighilofan2:

    dare once was a boy from the hill
    he was easily 3 billz
    he started feelin hunted
    when he saw da gang reachin 800
    an he knew wuz time fo... dig...

    heh heh heh

  779. midori7:

    Evening Tsaikos!

    since ST didn't post a cut-off time to submit a haiku, let's say 7:30pm.

    UHFan808 & I can deliberate & then have ST announce the winner before the shutdown.

    Before I forget, Congrats to Waipio!!!

  780. Garret:

    Sorry I haven't been helping out as much as I should have to get the blog to 1000 (Pride, that is a guarantee--don't worry about us missing that number!). Between the family stuff (including Legoland/Sea Life Legoland) and working 8 hours today, today was hectic.

    To help the post count, I found this Q&A with Bess that just came out today.

    Q: What did June Jones tell you that you needed to improve to make it in the NFL?

    A: Probably my understanding of where to be in certain situations. At times, I rushed my routes a lot, instead of being more patient. Knowing when to break and knowing when to get in and out of a break. Just my overall understanding on where to be at.

  781. brew808:

    Wait - was that last message from midori7 or Mrs. A-House? :D :shock: :lol:

  782. Garret:

    Q: Did you think you would be drafted?

    A: I had a good feeling that I was definitely going to get drafted. But this is a business, and you never know.

  783. Garret:

    I think that Bess chose the right team to maximize his chances of making the team AND getting playing time as a rookie.

    Q: Why did you identify the Dolphins as the best fit?

    A: Well, obviously, they didn't draft any receivers. And I knew they were in need of some receivers. And they showed the most interest. They told me that they actually wanted to draft me, but they had other needs. They showed a lot of commitment to me, and I believe in that a lot.

    Q: They called you in the fifth round?

    A: Yeah, they called me in the late fifth, early sixth round. But they also told me that weren't going to be able to draft me. They wanted to, but they couldn't.

  784. bighilofan2:


    you know da list of 66? how cool is that?

  785. Garret:

    Bess blames the weak schedule for the OL not being ready for the speed of Georgia's DL. I do agree that facing such weak teams last season (in addition to the nonconference weaklings that HF scheduled, the WAC was down last year) hurt the Warriors in the Sugar Bowl.

    Q: When you played Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, was the speed difference significant?

    A: I think so. Overall as a team, there definitely was. But in the trenches is what really made that game. Our offensive line obviously wasn't ready for that type of speed. We hadn't seen that all year, so it really wasn't their fault.

  786. Garret:

    Q: How good was your conditioning, when Colt Brennan was throwing 60 or 70 times per game?

    A: Oh man, unbelievable. We worked hard a lot. Our coaches and strength coaches did a good job of keeping us in shape.

  787. Garret:

    Q: Are you concerned about going from spread offense to pro-style?

    A: Not necessarily, because when I was at Hawaii, we had plays where there were set routes and you had to run routes.

  788. bighilofan2:

    Good game the Olympics finals Vball USA v. Brazil. 2-1, USA down 20-17.

  789. bighilofan2:

    Clay Stanley in da house. 20 20 woot woot!!!!

  790. bighilofan2:

    no cal no call 21 20 USA

  791. duffer:

    Home again. So my son and I are talking about gambling. How bad would it be to win and have to explain where the money came from. Yikes!


    I can help you come up with a few things! :-)

  792. bighilofan2:

    Hawaii on a roll. step up Mr. Stanley, step up.

  793. warriorsanddolphins:

    i want in

  794. Garret:

    The AP article about the Little League World Series seems to really be going out its way not to mention Waipio.

    Hawaii's mini-mashers got a little help from Mexico's miscues to win a fourth straight Little League World Series title for the United States.

    Tanner Tokunaga smacked two homers and Iolana Akau added a solo blast as the boys from Waipahu, Hawaii, defeated Matamoros, Mexico, 12-3, Sunday to take the biggest prize in youth sports.

    A team from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, started the U.S. winning streak in 2005, with Little Leaguers from Georgia taking the prize the previous two years.

    An exhausted Hawaii coaching staff lay sprawled on their back in the middle of the field after the game while their players took the traditional victory lap around Lamade Stadium.

  795. bighilofan2:

    match point. thundering back court slam

    USA wins!!!!!!!!

  796. wow:

    It's Waipahu and not Waipio because U.S Little League recognizes teams based on ZIP code not local home town names.

  797. LilMermaid:

    Hello Tsaiko-land!

    ST - i briefly met you at the practice a couple of weeks ago. So sad that your blog will be down, i really like it here. Lots of colorful characters! I'll be checking the other sites for updates.

    Oh & .. I WANT IN!! Hope it's not too late.

    Congrats to Waipio!

  798. Garret:

    UH commit Corey Nielsen is the #8 ranked QB in this list by the LA Times. The weird thing is that the LA Times lists the commits for QBs that committed to USC, Tenn, Cal, Colorado, UNLV, and Washington...but does NOT list Corey's commit to UH!!!

    8. Corey Nielsen, Gahr, 5-11, 185, Sr.: Region's top passer in 2007 (4,363 yards).

  799. MeiLing:

    Has anyone heard from las vegas lately?

    He's good at haiku....

  800. Garret:


    I guess that makes sense...I didn't realize about that rule. So, I won't be upset about the article...though it would have been nice for the reporter covering the team to mention Waipio.

  801. bighilofan2:

    That USA Volleyball coach faced alot of personal adversity in this Olympics. Just to be there at the end, not in shock and awe but making a classy appearance, what a guy, what a team.

    so there you go Coaches. Lead em, Mack, lead em to da spot where the sum total is bigga dan da combined #s of the playahz, cuz you brought da MO with you.

    stand up warriors, stand up. you represent Hawaii!!


  802. not far away anymore:

    200 posts to go.

  803. Kelli:

    Hawaiianbod: Thank you! I'll be there in full force on Saturday! Ahhh! I'm so excited. Must calm down and focus on school first.

    SteveM: Thank you for bringing additional hits to our blogs!

    Since Hawaiianbod mentioned Saturday, I'm all excited!!! To be honest with you, football is what gets me through the week. All the work and stress is sooo worth it when there's a game to look forward to! I'm sure you know what I mean, right?

  804. stacyj:

    Hi all!

    ST, can you confirm that I am in? Not getting hopes up high, but one can dream. Would have to go to Honolulu if I had something like that :-).

    Brew, yes to new chapter...I gonna write about some other things too this week. But will keep the story going.

    Thanks PB for going 'au'au. I thought something was rancid. Or was that my son's diaper? nah nah nah just kidding.

  805. not far away anymore:

    Olympics closing ceremony is coming up on KHNL.

  806. djmitcho:

    here is my haiku entry

    from green lush valley
    a rising thunder comes forth
    brave warriors rise

  807. bighilofan2:

    Warrior Mojo, you left yet?

    ST, where you going sit in Florida? Hope you poke your face inna crowd wit us. You going see da bannah.

  808. Garret:

    Here is the US News ranking for UH. Academic reputation is a factor in many recruit's decisions, so the perceived quality of the UH education is relevant to the Warriors and all other UH sports teams.

    Here, UH is listed as a Tier 3 school.

    If you look at other Tier 3 schools, you'll see that Oregon State, Temple, and Texas Tech are on the same page of the rankings as UH.

  809. stacyj:

    djmitcho, nice job on the haiku.

    All I could think of was a tsaikos one..

    One Tsaikoholic
    Hope the blog will return soon
    We support the Tsai!

    Pretty lame but, that is my white girl attempt.

  810. Garret:

    Tier 4 includes NMSU, NAU, Portland State, SDSU, Houston, UNLV, and Memphis.

  811. Garret:


    I've made it a point to visit your blog each day since you mentioned that you would be honoring the blog stoppage. Another of the younger bloggers for the Advertiser unfortunately did *not* honor the last blog stoppage.

  812. eh?:


    let's be fair, that younger blogger was on probation at the time, so she was caught in the middle between the union and management.

  813. stacyj:

    That's funny Garret because I don't remember who honored and who didn't so I only go to Kelli's, Cat's and Wes. Forget the rest of 'em.

  814. bighilofan2:

    ok djmitcho, gotta step it up. here's da winna haiku

    Hawaii ha'a
    young men showing their power
    gives us chicken skin

  815. Bosnoda:

    only a 190 more posts.....

  816. stacyj:

    Be back..gonna watch some closing ceremony. Amazing stuff.

  817. Bosnoda:

    sorry, serious lag time from when i read to when i posted....

  818. BG:

    My browser just got hijacked by "Centro" while I was going to the comment section. Put that sucka on the security website list and booted it outa here. The nerve of some people...

  819. Garret:

    I'm amazed that Matt Leinart lost his starting job to Kurt Warner. He definitely did NOT show the progression that a team would hope for from a high draft pick!

    According to ESPN, Kurt Warner is expected to be named the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Ouch. Although I guess you gotta hand it to Leinart for one last sweet effort.

    Last night, in their final preseason game against the mighty Oakland Raiders, he completed 4 of 12 passes for 24 yards and three picks. As noted in the article, that’s a paltry passer rating of 2.8.

    Apparently, the Cardinals are concerned about Leinart’s “arm strength and consistency” and a source within the organization reportedly said his training-camp performance has been “uneven.”

    Right. That sounds a bit massaged by the P.R. department. I’m sure any member of the coaching staff would’ve said, “Ya know, I gotta say, Matty has been shaky as hell, he’s all over the place with the ball. As a matter of fact, we’re kinda worried he sucks. Say, you ever see those beer bong pictures?”

  820. BowsForever:

    How long is this blog stoppage this time around? I guess this is different than the one that's taking effect just in time for the Florida game?

    Here's hoping these blog stoppages are actually having some sort of impact.

  821. HiFlyer:

    BHF2, Tommui - I sent and E-mail to Gov. Lingle the other day about the Cooke Field delay and just received a response, that this is a UH matter and my concerns will be fowarded to them for review and follow-up.
    I guess that sending anything Lingle is a waste of time as she and her staff will only say that they do not have anything to do with the matter and will only foward your letter/E-mail to the UH.

  822. bighilofan2:

    the closing ceremonies at the Olympics
    just awesome

    so proud to be 1/8th Chinese :D

  823. BowsForever:

    Given those frat-style parties Leinart was having, I'm not exactly surprised by the news. Still that's quite a fall from the top. Stay humble and keep away from those beer bongs, Colt!

  824. Garret:


    Thank you for telling me about that. All I knew of the situation was what ST mentioned in this blog, and he did not mention any other considerations like the probation.

  825. duffer:

    Is Esme's blog shutting down too?

  826. BG:


    Thanks for the link, man

  827. Jack Flash:

    ST- i'll call you tomorrow. Thanks again! Looking forward to the blog coming back soon...

  828. jm2375:

    13 year old for sale. j/k. She told me tonight she's glad the Olympics are over. She doesn't like them. She must be from another planet. Whose kid is this anyway? Not mine!

  829. BG:


    Esme's is a full on website and not a blog. So, not shutting down, but supporting.

  830. A-House:


    recipe is a winnahs!!! tried it tonight for family and we ate all of the butterfish.

  831. duffer:

    Mahalo BG!

  832. Hawaiianbod:

    Eh BHF2 - me too (1/8 pake). Mom's maiden name is Wong.

  833. HiFlyer:

    Duffer - Esme mentioned earlier that her Hawaiimoms will not be shutting down because it is not a blog but a website.

  834. BG:

    Seems like the HA folks have decided to push some advertising content on us least my pc has been getting Gannett pop-ups. Anybody else?

  835. djmitcho:

    mahalo bhf2 and stacyj

  836. BG:

    I am totally impressed with the Tsaiko talent for haiku...a lot of really good stuff :D Perhaps, we should add a poetry section to our Tsaiko cookbook! :lol:

  837. duffer:

    Thanks HF. Blog, website, there is a difference..... :-) Should have know better.

  838. SteveM:

    We have 2 major Tsai-ko events occuring in 6 days-- (1) the various Florida Cattle Calls/logistics and (2) James' TV-Gate at 0600 HST.

    Then (3) Kazz's first Tsaiko-Gate of the season a week later and (4) Tsai-kos heading out to the OSU game a few days later.

    Note that my personal web site will remain active throughout the blog hiatus and continue to track and summarize info on the major upcoming activities.

  839. aloha:

    blog shutting down soon
    what will we all do for now?
    suck our thumbs and cry

  840. jm2375:

    Natasha Kai hamming it up. Bryan Clay acting subdued as usual.

  841. diesel:

    nice they showed natasha kai and bryan clay at the closing ceremony

  842. Garret:


    I have security software that prevents unwanted pop-up ads from almost all, I haven't seen any pop-up adds from the blog. AVG and ZoneAlarm (both free programs) have worked out well for me...

  843. bighilofan2:

    i am so psyched for the upcoming week!

    too bad we gotta get in anudda boat. but das auryte. i'm ready for back da team!!

    Go Warriors. Represent Us. Represent Hawaii!

  844. Garret:

    This is what Esme said about the HawaiiMoms site.

    I will just note here that because HawaiiMoms is not a blog, but a full Web site, and running it is my job description and not an option, I have been advised that I ought not to stop work on it in sympathy. But sympathy and support here in my heart, there is plenty …

  845. bighilofan2:


    come join us. google Tsai-ko, go to SteveM's spot, look up da life boat and come join us.

    meanwhile, help me make Pride one ballahead from Kam School. heh heh heh :lol: rotflmao. :lol:
    my braddaz an sistahs an especially cousin Pili just hates for me callz em dat. Kam School Kam School. heh heh heh :D

  846. XxFaithxX:


    RE: Pahoa Football

    I haven't heard anything as of yet. I'm supposed to get in touch with my friend that moved back a handful of months ago and I'll ask him whats up.

    Sorry was not blogging, but just finished eating. Small kine hibachi..tri-tip beef, chicken wings and some Big Island Warabi salad my roommate brought back from the Pahoa Obon party lol...miss the grinds there /cry haha

    Hey BHF, but Alysyn moved up this past tuesday...enjoying her freedom last I heard (a couple of days ago).

  847. Stretch:

    I know I am being selfish but it's a good time for the blog to be shutdown. This upcoming week of work will be very busy for me, on Oahu and Kauai. Not really looking forward to it but with the blog shutdown and no practice with the team traveling, it all works out.

  848. BG:


    The A-House Ohana must be busy getting ready for the pilgrimage to Florida. Happy travels!

    Just for entertainment purposes, of course. The line at the Golden Nugget has been 36 since 8/15. Latest updated (last day or so) lines around Vegas is around 35. Woo hoo! The house will make beaucoup bucks on all the "expert" losers when the Warriors win :D

  849. djmitcho:

    152 more posts til 1000

  850. duffer:


    What happened to the aerial shot of Richardson field?

  851. BG:

    Oh yeah. Had a question for Herman Frasier (even tho' he's done an Esme). When are you going to hire your buddy, Jim Bolla? He misses you.

  852. chawan_cut:

    for my reports from Florida, please check my posts at my friend, Tombo Ahi's, website at

    i'll also continue to post the news.

  853. djmitcho:

    ok, I really want to see us make it to 1000, but dis tsaiko is tired. I don't know why cause I haven't done anything all weekend since I stayed in casue of da pink eye. Now gotta go moe cause I got annoda week of jury duty and gotta be at da courthouse on time. See everybody on da lifeboat.

  854. duffer:

    To the A-House family,

    Don't forget to re-confirm you trip and seat selections, play max bets on slots, and above all have a SAFE trip.

    That goes for all Tsai-kos going to Florida and beyond!

  855. bighilofan2:

    Tsaiko twins hold court
    choosing the haiku winner
    a wise choice - ahem...

    :D :D :D

  856. Mad Dog:

    The pressure will be on the Warrior defense to slow the Gator offense to a slow crawl. The defense needs to create turnovers and score points to take the pressure off the Warrior offense. If that doesn't happen, it could be a long, muggy afternoon.

  857. BG:


    You talking about the road map or the sattelite pic? In either case, I'll work with Kazz to make sure the stuff is available. Thanks for the question.

  858. brew808:

    Hey duffer - was it you or whitey that is a big Shane Victorino and Kurt Suzuki fan? And is it Keyton or Kyeton - I've seen it spelled both ways on the WB. :D

  859. SteveM:

    duffer -- I just checked live and the photo is there. The view is lightly different to show more of the marina area. Is it not appearing for you?

  860. brew808:

    It's after 7:30 HST - the twins must be busy... or maybe not! :D :shock: :lol:

  861. Curt:

    I want in.

    Am I early? :)

  862. Garret:

    I know that there are a lot of Wii owners here, so I thought that I'd post a warning about my experience with NCAA Football 2009. This is the first year it is out for the Wii and they released it with some bugs. However, some of the things I don't like may just be realistic, but others are actual bugs.

    First I played the 2008 season for UH. Went 13-0...but only got to go to the Hawaii Bowl. UH wasn't ranked nearly high enough to break into the BCS--I guess this may be their "realism" instead of a bug, but it bothered me! Instead, BYU made it to the BCS.

    After the Hawaii Bowl win and the end of the season, UH was asked to join the Pac-10! UH ended up replacing Stanford and I thought it was cool though the field at Aloha Stadium was still painted with "WAC" even for all the future Pac-10 games I had.

    The 2009 season went okay, though I discovered a bad bug in the program. I don't know if it is because UH had changed conferences, or if it was because the Hawaii exception gives an extra game, but the NCAA Football 2009 scheduling program never worked right for the 2009 season and every season after that. For some reason 1 conference game and 1 nonconference game would not show up on the schedule and the program would just determine whether or not UH won (and in all but 1 season UH lost the games I didn't get a chance to play!).

    For 2009 I replaced Notre Dame with Florida since I wanted to beat them for a second time. That was fine...except that after UH beat Florida, NCAA Football 2009 reported that UH had also lost to Notre Dame, even though Notre Dame was not on the schedule! So, with the 1 loss UH could not win the national championship, but at least UH went 13-1.

    For 2010 I left Notre Dame on the schedule and two other games were not available for me to play. Luckily, UH won both games and won the national championship that year!

    For 2011, I replaced Notre Dame on the schedule and UH once again "lost" to Notre Dame. But, since UH had a good preseason ranking, UH was still able to win the national title (beating Notre Dame).

    I think that the problem is that the NCAA Football 2009 game doesn't know how to handle the Hawaii exception properly in the scheduling software. So, I learned to NOT customize the schedule and just play what was assigned. I especially learned to NOT replace Notre Dame on the schedule because UH "lost" 3 games to Notre Dame that were never actually played...some Notre Dame guy must have worked on the game!

  863. bighilofan2:



    there is no football at Pahoa. But one of their teachers is the line coach at Keaau.

    Keaau represents all of Puna in football, although its technically in upper Puna.

  864. duffer:


    No, I can't see it, where is it located?

    brew, whitey knows Kurt's parents, I happen to know Shane's parents.

    And It's spelled Kyeton. :-)

    BG, the satellite picture, like you get from Google Earth

  865. brew808:

    BG, duffer, - anyone.... "Just for entertainment purposes, of course", but any word on what the U/O and $-line might be for some SEC vs. WAC football game this week? :D

  866. Curt:

    Don't really know what a Haiku is, but here's my shot:

    I am Warrior.
    Da enemy may be big and may be strong,
    But I will fight with all my might.
    Now, da time has come.
    I hear da call.
    With my bruddahs, I will defend.
    I will not surrender.
    I will respond.
    I am Warrior.

  867. uhfan808:

    ST -
    I want in!


  868. addahknowjoe:

    Hey gang.

    We making some good headway here. We're less than 140 clips away from a 1000.

    Boy, I can almost see the sun light emanating off a bulbus dome over yonder.

  869. BG:


    The DVD's that you gave me at KK's was absolutely much content! Sincerely Mahalo's

  870. BG:


    Sincerely = Sincere

    Fingers flowing but the brain not going :lol:

  871. Stretch:

    August 24th, 2008 at 8:23 pm
    ST -
    I want in!

    Nevermind fooling around, get to work and choose a winner of the haiku contest

  872. HiFlyer:

    SteveM - it might be that he was looking for the old picture, now that BG has reserved the cabana area you have a new photo.

  873. bighilofan2:

    Mad Dog,

    I agree. Actually, I'm thinking the Pouncey RG is gonna pull out and sweep for Harvin or TeBow. 320 pounds coming atcha. Gonna take some nerves of steel and some killa playz for put da RBs on dare ar$e$. I'm bettin on our boyz to represent!!! i been taking it all in. I think Coaches Mack, Rich. Cal and Ron have got the players believing its gonna be tough, but they can do it if they each do their jobs.

    Go Warriors!!!.

    I BELIEVE!!!!

  874. brew808:

    bulla & pride - stereo domes, two moons arising, the number eight, or the symbol infinity, .... :D

    Hiya UHfan808!!! :D :shock: :lol:

  875. bighilofan2:

    I know we'd all like to nuture Paipai for one year, but that boy is fast and can step in and help right away with his chase down from behind speed. We're gonna need that at Florida. I'm wondering if the coaches are thinking long term or right now?

  876. chawan_cut:


    no worries, glad they worked and you enjoyed them. i can get you the rest of the season in the same format later on when things slow down again.

  877. duffer:


    click on my name. I think the props will come out later

  878. Stretch:

    duffer - of course that info is "for entertainment only" right??!!??

  879. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, after 35 minutes of scrolling, I've got all of the entries. It'll be about 5 minutes to cut them.
    Then Juju will be pulling a winner.
    So, give me about five minutes.

  880. addahknowjoe:


    Mahalo for the heads up on Pahoa. Would've liked to have seen them with a team. They've always had some boys in those neck of the woods. Just needed some tradition established out there.

  881. bighilofan2:


    how about that email, huh? Its UH's problem? Hell, its OUR problem!!!

    thanks for letting us know the Governor said bye.

  882. brew808:

    Mahalo duffer! :D :twisted: :D

  883. brew808:

    Two more questions duffer - Is Kyeton a baseball fan, or only golf, golf, golf? And if he is a fan, does he favor Victorino or Suzuki? :D

  884. bighilofan2:

    Curt at 866

    dat was 3 haikuz. one haiku only get 3 lines, and da first line get 5 syllables, and da 2nd line get 7 syllables and da 3rd line get 5 syllables. as you can see you had kazlllion lines and empteen syllables. yu cheat. :D

    see, i just learned about haikuz dis afternoon, an now I'm an expurt! heh heh heh

    oh yeah, and suppose to be serene, lie dat.

  885. UHfan808:

    We workin', we workin'..!

  886. cavewarrior:

    888...Good luck everyone

  887. Stephen Tsai:

    And we have a winner ...

  888. brew808:

    You know.... 8•8•8 is suppose to be a lucky number! :D :shock: :lol:

  889. Stretch:

    ST - thanks, can I deliver the passes to myself??

  890. addahknowjoe:


  891. BG:


    While surfing the net, I came across this site (for amusement only) Here's what you do...

    1. When you get in the site, look just under the Vegas logo and choose the "NCAA FB" tab.
    2. Then choose odds...make sure you're in "Las Vegas" and not off-shore.
    3. Scroll down the list of games until you find Hawaii/Florida.
    4. Move left horizontally and double-click on the 3rd column (LV Hilton heading at the top of the page). This will open up a window that lists various line movements for many of the major sports books in LV.


  892. JuJu:

    Hi folks, I just pulled the winner!

    And the winner is ...


    Congrats, Liz, and mahalo to all who played and commented!

  893. duffer:


    Curt Suzuki!


    I got the aerial from SteveM,,,,Mahalo!

  894. cavewarrior:

    888?..Good luck everyone

  895. Esme:

    Boy, ST and the Tsaikos really know how to the hit the lifeboats in style, eh? Tonight's thread is hilarious, suspenseful ... and there are prizes! Wheee!

  896. not far away anymore:

    Congrats Liz.

  897. al:

    tap, tap, tap.....

    where is herman?

    busting out the razor blade about now.

  898. bighilofan2:

    one more for the Gipper,

    heh heh heh heh heh heh

  899. stacyj:

    Congrats Aunty Liz!! You lucky duck!

  900. Stretch:

    Liz is da winnah for the field passes.


  901. jojo ®:

    Yeah Liz!!! Almost 1000

  902. Curt:


    Ha-ha. Boy did I mangle the Haiku. I didn't know what I was doing, but I had fun. So I now know the rules. You're right...looks like I cheated all right. If I have any mo questions, I know who the Haiku expert Thanks.

  903. MeiLing:

    To all of the Tsaikos going to Florida,

    Have a safe trip and yell & scream for me, too. I don't think I'm going to be able to watch the game since I'm having my last yard sale that morning. Waaahhhhh...


  904. duffer:

    Hey Liz,

    My bestest buddy!

  905. Stephen Tsai:

    The twins are still tabulating.

  906. BG:

    :D Duffer and I on the same wavelength :D

  907. chawan_cut:

    london will have a hard time to produce opening and closing ceremonies that will be able to compare to China's.

  908. HiFlyer:

    Congrats Liz, now which prize did you win?

  909. bighilofan2:

    is it me?

  910. jm2375:

    Oooh. 3 more hours and only a 100 more to go.

    snip... snip... :)

  911. Curt:

    Congratulations LizKauai.

  912. jm2375:

    make that 90.

  913. MeiLing:

    Congrats, Liz! Have a wonderful trip to Florida.

  914. brew808:

    BG - Mahalo! 72 with 35-36 spread? That means the experts don't think UH will put up more than 17-18 points? Sheesshhh! (Oh- of course this is for entertainment purposes only).

    Liz wins again?!!! :mrgreen: :shock: :mrgreen:

  915. Stretch:

    i wonder if that is live fireworks??

  916. wow:


  917. bighilofan2:


    duffer, BG, me - we all like hole yo hanz on da field.

    let it be me.. let it be me, my bestestest friend in da whole wide world. :D

    he he

  918. BG:


    A most deserving Tsaikette in the whole wide world :D

  919. brew808:

    Stephen Tsai:
    August 24th, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    The twins are still tabulating.

    Oh, oh.... we're in for a delay.... :D :shock: :lol:

  920. duffer:

    Hey Hey jojo, stop trying to kiss p to Liz... :-)

  921. Garret:

    Congratulations to Liz!

  922. not far away anymore:

    I don't think anyone is going to try and match the opening or closing ceremonies from the Beijing Olympics anytime soon. Simply amazing.

  923. Kekoa:

    While we are waiting for the judges to determine a winner. I just want to let errybody know that the Wally World out at Kunia has the UH tents on sale. My professional UH paint & decorations chairwoman bought it for me only because I whined and threw a tantrum in the store for it. the slippah when we got home!

  924. MeiLing:

    OK, this is the first time the entire background turned light blue with alternating blocks of white for blog entries. Is this the weirdness you all complain about?

  925. chawan_cut:

    oh, and for the tsaikos going to florida, the sportshawaii folks are going to try to set up a joint tailgate with some florida fans.
    here's the link here if you will have internet access on travel. details and map to follow

    i can be your POC if you want. please email me at chawan_cut at and i can pass you my phone # so that you can call me when you get to the stadium on gameday. use the map in the above link and print it out in case we change locations.

  926. Stretch:

    Kekoa - How much was it?? I wonder if it is the same one I got last year. The frame is bent so need to buy a new one.

  927. bighilofan2:

    buzzzzzzzzzzzz..... snip snip.... bahzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    heh heh heh

  928. Kekoa:

    Liz ~ Good things happen when you are good. If you folks only knew what her good deed of the month was. I promised not to tell, but all of you know how deserving she really is.

    Congrats Liz!

  929. brew808:

    addahknowjoe - Remember your "homework" assignment?

    August 24th, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    Two more questions duffer - Is Kyeton a baseball fan, or only golf, golf, golf? And if he is a fan, does he favor Victorino or Suzuki? :D

    August 24th, 2008 at 8:45 pm
    Curt Suzuki!

    Mahalo a-joe! :D

  930. Garret:

    I was going to go on a record article posting binge to get the blog to 1000 today if it was needed...but since it is not needed I guess I can take it easy. Great job by everyone, the post count should be well past 1000 before the blog is shut off for comments!

  931. jojo ®:

    Aww duffer, why did you know my secret agenda? So Liz, since you won...

  932. jm2375:

    MeiLing - I'm glad it's not just me that it's happening to. There are also times when the background is a dark blue, everything is centered and the font is about 5pt. A few hits of the refresh button usually solves it, but it's getting really irritating.

    How's this for bachi - I haven't been able to bring up the HA front page all weekend and in fact, it almost crashed my computer at work. :evil:

  933. SteveM:

    Hey -- if LizKauai has a field pass, does she still need a ticket to the game :?

  934. BG:


    Thanks for the tip on the anti-pop-up programs. Thought I had some protection, but I guess not. Surprised me that this is the first night that pop-ups from Gannett are showing up...actually, first pop-ups at all.

  935. duffer:


    No she doesn't...

  936. Ronnie:

    Congratulations Liz!!

    SteveM - I thought Liz bought season tickets?

  937. duffer:


    Because I was trying to be the suck up! :-)

  938. chawan_cut:

    wow that tower in the closing ceremony was filled with spiderman like acrobats. crazy.

  939. stacyj:

    Delay of game for the twins. Nah, I got my favorite so I wanna see if it won.

  940. Kekoa:

    Stretch ~ It's a little over $125 with Aunty Linda's tax on top.

  941. Pauoa Boy:


    Eh shaddup at least I take a shower frikkin ack I still shmell you...

  942. jojo ®:

    SteveM, I had some spicy burnt pork! buuuuurrrrrp

  943. chawan_cut:

    we're gonna hit a grand tonight. pride better hide out.

  944. XxFaithxX:


    that sucks. in regard to keaau "representing" all of Puna. Hopefully once me and the woman decide where to set our roots or retire, it will be back home...then Pahoa will have a revival =P

  945. Stretch:

    Kekoa - thanks. Where is Wally World in Kunia?? I need to get another tent for this upcoming season.

  946. brew808:

    August 24th, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    wow that tower in the closing ceremony was filled with spiderman like acrobats. crazy.

    Oh oh, now chawan will have to upgrade his Lego tower.... :D :shock: :lol:

  947. jojo ®:

    Where is Liz? Are you guys clogging up her phone?

  948. Pauoa Boy:

    Wow so slow to refresh dis dayum ting...

    anyway, pretty soon onleh fitty moa to go...

  949. Ronnie:

    Is the blog starting to slow down for anyone else? We must be getting close to the goal!

  950. HiFlyer:

    does anyone remember if there was this much aerial stunts in the opening ceremony.

  951. jojo ®:


  952. MeiLing:

    It's past midnight my time... I need to go to sleep, but I want to know who is getting the AZ Cardinals visor.

    ST ~ could you post a pic of it?

  953. chawan_cut:

    wow, all these acrobats lighted up and floating in air from the stadium

  954. stacyj:

    PB, I told you, that's my son's diaper. But, I stay waiting for the twins announce the haiku winner so I can go 'au. I threw one flag but they still in the huddle.

  955. jojo ®:


  956. brew808:

    Hey, maybe Liz could invite gigi to join her on the sidelines.... :D "Hey, will the fan in the muumuu please get off the field...." :D :twisted: :lol:

  957. chawan_cut:

    oh yeah, don't forget to turn it to kgmb now to watch the pre-season show by liz chun and staff.

  958. diesel:

    who's the haiku winner?

  959. bighilofan2:

    Humble and Hungry. Dats us!!

    I just love UH football. KGMB on now.

  960. Jack Flash:

    Congrats Liz! Aloha Tsaikos!

  961. oldie:

    Okay. I want to be part of the march to 1000!

  962. stacyj:

    G'nite MeiLing!

    This closing is amazing. Nobody will top this.

    Did I hear the announcer say that China spent 40 billion for the games?

  963. Pauoa Boy:

    Howzit Aunty Ronnie...

    stacyj - no bulai you, trying foa blame dah keikis hows you...too

  964. SteveM:

    Ronnie -- I ask because Liz has what I consider pretty good seats. Yes, we sit with her :) ...just wondering if we have spare seats that night... :|

    jojo -- arghhh ... I didn't have any spicy burnt pork :(
    Time for a Camellia Cattle Call this week?

  965. Hawaiianbod:

    Eh PB - good draft brah. Since it was my first I let the computer pick for me.

  966. UHfan808:


    Nearly done!

  967. Pauoa Boy:

    So is the closing ceremony moa bettah than the opening ceremony, what you guys think?

  968. HiFlyer:

    Pauoa Boy - what's your e-mail addy?

  969. Esme:

    Yay for Liz! :D

  970. Stretch:

    i wonder if we'll ever find out who the winner is before the blog shuts down??

  971. Kekoa:

    Stretch ~ Take the Kunia Road exit, take a right at the first light, left at the next, and go up the street until you spot the store on your left. Call first to make sure they still have them in stock.

    (808) 688-0700 Kunia Wal Mart

  972. BG:

    Since he's gone (we hope), I can talk stink about our favorite ex-AD. Here's the first hand story...

    In mid-Aug, 2003, before I was mobilized for active duty (didn't know it then), I had sent an email to Herman, asking permission to tape UH football, VB, baseball, etc. so I could send dvd's to our local boys in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do you think the response was? Nada...nothing back. Finally on October 13, Scott Harada apologized for Herman and stated UH's and KFIVE's willingness to allow me to tape events for the purpose of sending dvd's overseas to the troops. As we know now, that was typical of the way Herman did business. I have absolutely no Aloha for him. If I met him again, the only hand I'd give him is the back of my hand. I still keep that email.

  973. brew808:

    Eh - how come one twin is fooling around blogging, leaving the other sista with all the work? Just like Cinderella.... :D

  974. not far away anymore:

    I heard that $40 billion price tag as well. That is probably why this Olympics won't be matched. Nobody else is going to spend that much money on an Olympics. I guarantee that London won't.

  975. Ronnie:

    SteveM - I get it now... You wanted to know if the prize came with seats.... Sorry, had a brain freeze moment there.

    Hi my nephew, Pauoa Boy :) !

  976. stacyj:

    So slow.

    PB, shut it!

    Brew, great idea...would the Gigi take the offer? Probably not.

    Speaking of Gigi, I keep asking...where is she? I hope she is okay. No show all day, huh?

  977. Hawaiianbod:

    ST - thanks for the pics up top! NICE!!!

  978. oldie:


    Good luck to you and the rest of the HA staff. Hope the WB is back real soon. We're going to miss the action here.

  979. el guapo:

    I really wonder
    How Pride is going to look
    Without any hair

  980. bighilofan2:

    One on one with Coach Mack next.

    wooot woooooot!!!!

  981. Pauoa Boy:

    Hawaiianbod - Yups was pretty good, only thing went throw me off little bit was the league set up. Normally you have 1 QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1K, and 1 Defense start and then bench. They way it was set up was 1 QB, 2 WR, 2RB, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1K, and 1 Defense. I think by having that one position to choose whether you want to play a RB or WR will throw off some scores, making it a little harder to win consistently since everyones team is pretty decent. Anyway look forward to see who win at the end of the season...

  982. chawan_cut:

    i wonder who will be 1000

  983. Kelli:

    Garret and stacyj: Again, thank you for your support. I'm glad the Tsai-kos are so understanding. Don't forget to read Caryn's BLOGS (yes, BLOGS — she has two). :-)

  984. not far away anymore:

    The blog is taking forever to refresh. I think everyone is on here constantly refreshing trying to find out who won the haiku contest.

  985. Pauoa Boy:

    HiFlyer - pauoaboy31 at yahoo dot com

    stacyj - sheesh chillax tampax tek it easeh

    Ronnie - Eh you already went get tickets for the Fresno St. game?

  986. Esme:

    Hey, Pride., I'm sorry, I just can't resist bringing back this quote from this afternoon:

    # Pride.:
    August 24th, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    I think that my hair is safe. You’all will never make it.


  987. chawan_cut:

    thank goodness for split screen/picture in picture. i can watch both kgmb and the olympics

  988. UHfan808:

    lol. We have a system. I report to the blog; midori reports to ST!

    Uh-oh, ST's locked out of the blog!!!

  989. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    It's gettin' close to Zero Hour and the 1,000th post, too. I hope that the message that our lil blog is sending today is loud and clear.

    We support the employees of the HA who only want to be treated fairly. We also support the man who brought us all together here. Let's pray there is a quick and just resolution to the issues confronting the HA.

    In the meantime, Tsaikos, we'll see you all in the lifeboat. And when the time comes, we'll see you all right back here. ;)

    Aloha, a hui hou!


  990. chawan_cut:

    i'm hungry too.
    hungry for some football!

  991. stacyj:

    Nice pictures ST!

    My refresh has no new posts for 5 minutes. I not stink folks, I promise. I wen put sweet sweets on today.

  992. Pauoa Boy:

    Esme - Das right pride going be looking bolo-shexy like me pretty soon mwahaha

    Howzit Kelli...

  993. HiFlyer:

    This may be a good test of the blog servers, if it can't handle 1000 hits before the season starts just think what it will be like during the regular season.

  994. bighilofan2:


    you know what you was saying about HF and long time ago. well, some ah da slow pokes still at UH. Haffner, Lendio, Duff, Minolta, day still don't know how for tell Sadowski scram you baboozka, loafah, loozah!

    day going do their nails first. talk story, write memos. take forever. graunke going graduate before they fix the field.

    change subject.

    you guyz watching KGMB. Warrior Footballl. Humble and Hungry. great stuff.

  995. Lurkee-Lew:

    Time for my weekly intervention. So we don't have to search through a 1,000 entries, how about posting the entry again. Thanks.

  996. Esme:

    My eyes, oh, my eyes!
    Blinded by the glinting light
    Pride shows off new dome

  997. J-Dog:

    howzit everyone.

  998. brew808:

    :D ♪ ♫ :lol: Mr. Tsai - … Mahalo! :D ♪ ♫ :lol:


    :D:lol: .·´¯`·.¸.·• GO WARRIORS!!! •.·´¯`·.¸.·• :wink::roll:

  999. chawan_cut:


  1000. JGM:


  1001. Stretch:

    Who is the lucky (dumb) person who will put up post 1,000??

  1002. chawan_cut:

    dangit too early

  1003. Pauoa Boy:

    1,000 chee hee

  1004. not far away anymore:

    Are we there (1000) yet?

  1005. bighilofan2:

    bagoong dome boy!!

  1006. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:


    Mahalo, Stretch for the great prize!!!

  1007. UHfan808:

    ST now checking with the techs to find out what's wrong with the blog...

    And I'm having a hard time refreshing too...

    ...drum roll..!

  1008. not far away anymore:


  1009. brew808:

    I'll see you Tsaikos laters....
    esme! :D

  1010. Pauoa Boy:

    Okay so who get to shave pride bolo head?

  1011. UHfan808:

    ST now checking with the techs to find out what's wrong with the blog...

    And I'm having a hard time refreshing too...
    See haiku results at the top!

  1012. midori7:

    Sorry for the delay!

    ST got locked out, so I'm hoping this goes through.

    The winner of the haiku contest is FloridaTed!

    Here's the winning haiku:

    Warriors marching
    with one mind, one heart, one soul.
    Victory is near

    Thanks to all the Tsaikos who submitted entries!

  1013. Stephen Tsai:

    Hair goes before the Pride.

  1014. whitey:

    A-House, glad to see that the recipe worked out. Try it on other fishes for variety.

    Brew808, i not sure, but heard the line is 34, but no listing in Vegas yet.

    Pride, i think tomorrow will have "cooler" head prevail. hahahahaaaah.

  1015. Ruggo:

    Aloha Stephen -

    Really appreciate all that you and others (i.e. Mike, Princess, Kelli, all Tsaikos, etc) do for this blog. It's just a sad, sad, tragedy that HA management just does not "get it" and continues to throw itself under the bus.

    I, Like many other lurkers, will respectfully wait this out with the hopeful positive results that you and other are seeking.

    Again, thanks to you and the others for making this blog for what it is!

    BTW - Great job Waipio!

  1016. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Yup- a test of the blogware.
    Hi Pride.! Maybe A-Joe will jeep you company and "go bulla" with you too :lol:

  1017. Stretch:

    So i don't have to search the 1000+ posts, can you put up the winning haiku??

  1018. Ronnie:

    Pauoa Boy - I ordered tickets with Hawnstln, so we could sit with the LoCal Tsaikos. I ordered one for you too. Do you need more for your family?

  1019. Kekoa:

    Liz ~ Need that addy you were gonna send me.

  1020. chawan_cut:

    uhfan808, midori7, stephen,
    can you post lizk's winning haiku at the top?

  1021. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    YEA TED!!!

  1022. bighilofan2:

    you going get da chicks now, pride!

    big smile big smile.


    i won't hold it against you if you never cut your shiney locks. :D you handsome anyway.

    i going dye my hair black and green (tips) this Wednesday for da trip to Fla. one fo da team!!!

  1023. SteveM:

    1,011 comments ties DPK bio day....

  1024. Ralph:

    we need to set a date for the bolohead job to be completed, no hermie schedule-on monday, six months later, no bolohead

  1025. Pauoa Boy:

    Kay time for go moe moe...

    what is the other place to wala'au by the way, can someone post it so errybody know where to go...mahalos

    Kay esme and outteh....

  1026. Jason:

    Congrats FloridaTed! That was a really nice haiku.

  1027. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    chawan_cut= Florida Ted won the haiku.
    I got the "I want in" lucky drawing by jeje. - no talent needed :mrgreen:

  1028. BG:

    Tonight is a great opportunity to see how the blog would stand up to the heavy duty use during the season. So far, D- :cry:

  1029. chawan_cut:

    stretch read my mind

  1030. Pauoa Boy:

    Aunty Ronnie - Thanks, I'll give you a call tommorrow and let you know.

  1031. BG:

    Tonight is a great opportunity to see how the blog would stand up to the heavy duty use during the season. So far, F+ :cry:

  1032. Pauoa Boy:

    Aunty Ronnie - I'll call you tommorrow or wait later today and let you know...

  1033. midori7:

    ummm....FloridaTed's winning haiku is listed in my #1012 post.

    don't know how to post it at the top, sorry.

  1034. whut:


  1035. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Wow- sometimes a blank page comes up on a refresh.

    I wasn't going to post the addy again but if this blog crashes- the lifeboat is over here.

    Please do not leave the WB until Stephen shuts off the lights or the blog crashes.
    Captain ST can be the last one off.

  1036. XxFaithxX:

    Congrats to LizK and all the other prize winners!!

  1037. jm2375:

    Wow, 1000+.

    OK buenos noches. hasta luego.

    Stretch - if you decide to check the town Wal-Mart, let me know. Perhaps we can meet up.

  1038. whitey:

    Fire was close, less than 100 yds to house, but the firemen and helicopter did a good job.

    Want to wish all of the Tsaikos the best and will miss you. ST, thanks for giving us all a great blog site. Take care, good nite, and go WARRIORS!!

  1039. whut:

    Does this mean that ST has stopped blogging already?

  1040. SteveM:

    I lost a post to the server getting overwhelmed... too many hits and too much bog overhead to send in a short time....sigh

    Congratulations to FloridaTed!

  1041. stacyj:

    Nice job Florida Ted! I missed your haiku but think you are very deserving.

    I'm out. Can't wait any longer for these refreshes.

    Esme and swooooosh!

  1042. Jason:

    Hmm, it now says on the bottom:

    Comment moderation is enabled. Your comment may take some time to appear.

  1043. Jason:

    Okay, that's gone now. Weird.

  1044. Esme:

    Did Pride. go moe-moe? Does he know the fate of his ... pate? :lol:

  1045. al:

    is it really?
    we cracked the "k"?
    so pride you gonna do it, really?

  1046. not far away anymore:

    Congrats Florida Ted. He's probably sleeping right now and doesn't even know he won.

  1047. chawan_cut:

    wait, how did lizkauai win? what was that contest? i'm hot, bothered and confused.

  1048. Curt:

    Congrats Florida Ted! How's the weather lately? Have you dried out yet?

  1049. UHfan808:

    There were many we really liked so you can imagine what a difficult deliberation it was.

    Congratulations Florida Ted!

    Here's his post:

    Post #613

    August 24th, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Here’s my Haiku:

    Warriors marching
    with one mind, one heart, one soul,
    Victory is near.

  1050. FloridaTed:

    Shocker, I won the Haiku contest, wow, what's my price again, I forgot.

    I will miss our play house and I hope we're all back very soon. Gotta go moe now, 4 am here. See you all in the life boats. Aloha, my friends.

    Good luck ST, hope it all works out.

    A new record and still going, good night all, last one lock the door.

  1051. HiFlyer:

    BG - I agree with this much traffic just to find out who won a prize and to push the amount of comments over 1000 the server was very slow.

  1052. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    chawan - see #1027

  1053. chawan_cut:

    so many posts, not enough eyes.
    i still gotta pack!

  1054. HiFlyer:

    Florida Ted - maybe Midori7 can hand deliver your prize, Aren't you meeting them for the CC the day before the game?

  1055. chawan_cut:

    can you email me at chawan_cut at
    i forgot what yours was.

  1056. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Me too.
    Got the fridge filled so the teens don't starve while I'm gone. #2 son can cook but #3 son prefers freezer to microwave foods.

  1057. BG:

    Tsaigh...into the darkness for a little while...good night. Putting my life preserver on to get into the lifeboat...

  1058. Curt:

    Watch out Tsai-kettes. Chawan_cut is hot, bothered, and confused. :)

  1059. Hawaiianbod:

    Is anyone planning to attend:
    Call the Coach
    $15 pupu buffet

  1060. FloridaTed:

    Thank you all, Tsaikos, that was fun today. Looking forward to Orlando.

    Y'all come real soon, you hear?

  1061. madeinhawaii:

    Hey.. congrats to Liz and FloridaTed. Two deserving individuals!

  1062. Esme:

    Whoever's the last to post at midnight tonight, don't forget to turn off the lights … And leave the URL of the lifeboat, so that folks know where to go ...

  1063. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    I'm fighting to stay awake and still have more chores to do.

    I cleaned the fishtank and prepped the catfood.

  1064. BowsForever:

    Prizes given out
    Last winner chosen late night
    Soon the blog will close

  1065. chawan_cut:

    ok, i guess this'll be my last WB post until the blog returns. i'll be headed to florida tomorrow.
    are we supposed to boycott the whole advertiser site too like last time? or just the blogs?
    hope that when we all convene again that we'll have videos and contracts and a working blog.
    hopefully we'll also be talking sooner than later. it would be great to have reports from stephen during this game week.
    cya all around the bend.

    chawan_cut "lame"-ing out....

  1066. aloha:


  1067. wow:

    Aloha: aloha!

  1068. al:

    i didn't win?

    not even two tizer luggage tags?

    okay, i am willing to let pride. off the hook if he attends the first tailgate.


  1069. wow:


  1070. bighilofan2:

    Good nite Tsaikos. See you in da Tsai-ko lifeboat.

    ahui ho. dat was good fun....

    Go Warriors!!!

    That Coach mack, he's a champ. and so are his coaches. no bull.

    humble and hungry . thats us.

  1071. aloha:


  1072. whut:


  1073. Curt:

    Aloha and goodnight everyone. See ya on da life boat.

  1074. aloha:

    see ya!

  1075. Jason:

    I should have gone to bed an hour ago. :-P

    See ya all on the lifeboat.

  1076. Esme:

    Ugh, the server is SO slow. If I post now (11:20 p.m.), it might actually post somewhere around midnight ... :lol:

  1077. HiFlyer:

    Hi Esme

  1078. not far away anymore:

    I went back in the old blog to see the last time there was a 1000 post day. Last one I saw was January 14, 2008 with 1047 posts. On January 4, 2008 there was a 1175 post day. Look at the date and you can guess the topic. That was the highest one that I found. I went back until the beginning of last season. Don't think we'll hit 1175, but this is definitely the most we have had in quite awhile.

    Well goodnight everyone.

    See you on the lifeboat:

  1079. aloha:


  1080. HiFlyer:

    the countdown begins less than 30 minutes.

  1081. Pomai:

    Due to the fact that the Warrior Beat blog is now on a temporary shutdown the Pik's will be here until it is back up. If get an X by your nane that means you need to change your pik
    7    - 21    Hoohiki
    10    - 7    99club
    17    - 14    UKU@LA
    17    - 35    GGma
    17    - 59    Calvin from Kona
    20    - 17    Hawaiianbod
    21    - 14    stacyj
    21    - 10    tom mui
    21    - 17    Ralph
    23    - 21    hawnstln
    24    - 20    Esme:
    24    - 21    Pocho
    24    - 17    bighilofan2
    27    - 24    NYUH
    28    - 27    LizKauai
    28    - 24    Kekoa
    28    - 21    Da Punchbowl Kid
    29    - 24    A-House
    30    - 28    Unkanesson
    31    - 27    FloridaTed
    31    - 24    Committed Road Warrior
    31    - 21    las vegas
    31    - 28    islandballerz
    31    - 17    Pomai
    31    - 30    3-Prong
    33    - 30    koakane
    33    - 31    BG
    34    - 24    Pauoa Boy
    35    - 27    Jason
    35    - 31    Merv
    35    - 28    HiFlyer
    35    - 24    curveball
    35    - 34    James
    35    - 32    longdistance808
    35    - 38    jm2375
    37    - 34    Koauka
    38    - 35    702WarriorNation
    41    - 38    Jack Flash
    41    - 35    al
    41    - 40    UHfan808
    42    - 35    MasaBoy
    44    - 38    d1shima
    45    - 28    JaM
    45    - 35    Ronnie
    49    - 35    TChahng
    51    - 10    pearlcityfan
    58    - 48    Pride
    63    - 12    homey
    63    - 49    Glenn

  1082. oldie:

    Hope everything gets worked out.

    Until this blog is open again, goodbye for now.

    Go Warriors!

  1083. HiFlyer:

    is anyone still here?

  1084. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    In order to avoid clogged email boxes and outrageous cell phone bills, the LIFEBOAT BLOG will be ready to launch when ST turns off the lights here.

    Everyone is welcome. No registration needed. Lurker-friendly too.

  1085. not far away anymore:

    Iolana Akau' s diving grab during the Little League World Series was named the #1 play of the day during the ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 Plays. Great job again to the Waipio Little Leaguers.

  1086. SteveM:


    Abandon blog ship. This is not a drill...

    Report to Lifeboat Station #1 (the medium size cruise ship manuevering alongside)

    Newly arrived bloggers and lurkers are directed to the life boat deck ( for orientation prior to disembarkation.

  1087. HiFlyer:

    we turn off the lights and close the door and climb into the lifeboat.

    ST - hopefully this will be a short break and everything will be back to normal soon.

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