Game day: Funaki to start

September 27th, 2008

Inoke Funaki has been announced as the starting quarterback.

* * *

The UH administration remains committed to the Warriors.
Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw attended yesterday's walk-through in the drizzle. She gave a pep talk at the end of the 45-minute workout.
The Warriors closed with a cheer of: "Chancellor!"

* * *
Equipment specialist Al Ginoza is one of the power brokers on the UH campus.
The distribution of everything from jerseys to gloves goes through Ginoza.
The reason nobody is wearing No. 15 or No. 14 is because of Ginoza, in conjunction with associate head coach Rich Miano. (Of course, that's also why three players are assigned No. 58, too.)
Most important, Ginoza selects the quarterback who picks the game balls. Teams supply the six balls they use on offense, punts and placekicks. There also is a backup supply of six balls that are used in case of wet conditions.
Quarterbacks can't gripe about the grip since they're the ones choosing the footballs.

* * *

It was interesting that USC head coach Pete Carroll attended yesterday's Punahou game to watch linebacker Manti Te‘o.
It would have been even more interesting if Oregon State coach Mike Riley showed up, too.
Conspiracy theorist insist the announcement of the two-game UH-BYU series was made with Te‘o in mind.
If so, now is the time for UH to try to sign up Stanford , UCLA and Notre Dame, too.

774 Responses to “Game day: Funaki to start”

  1. koakane™:

    first yawhoooooooooooooooooo

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    Sure, it's easy to be No. 1 when you don't show up for the party.

  3. koakane™:

    morning and what a beautiful day it is

    how’s all the tsai-ko’s and tasi-kette’s doing so far”

    game day babe let get excited, pumped up and feel the rhythm feel da rhyme come on warriors is pounding dem spartan time

  4. koakane™:

    that was yesterday today is another day

    and so what you showing up after tgate to continue parting?

  5. addahknowjoe:

    OK. So, if ST gave the pep talk, what cheer would the team close with?

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    While you were in court, Koakane, you missed the action:
    • Calvin from Kona serving as the doorman.
    • A guy trying to steal away the Birthday Girl to his own private party.
    • And Mr. Ball-and-Chains, Stretch, getting summoned home.

  7. addahknowjoe:

    1-2-3- "TSAI-KO!"

  8. Stephen Tsai:


    "One, two, three ... GET OUTTA HERE!"

  9. addahknowjoe:

    Eh, how come you guys left before I got there?

  10. Kekoa:

    Hey Pahtna! Getting packed up and ready to blast off for da T-gate. Was going need a another old screwdriver wen I get dere. Also some empty aluminum pans.

    Going bring extra rice jez in case.

  11. Stephen Tsai:

    You would have been proud of Sports. She has some velocity with the darts. Not so much accuracy, but she can bring the heat.

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    Midori plays with, uh, some anger.
    I think that's why they wouldn't let her carry the knife to cut the cake.

  13. addahknowjoe:

    Hawaiian! We getting ready too. 'Sports on a small kine run to the hale ku'ai for last minute rations.

  14. Kazz:

    I don’t know what to say really. Nine hours to the biggest battle of our college lives all comes down to this game. Either we heal as a team or we are going to crumble. Inch by inch, play by play till we’re finished. We are in hell right now, gentlemen believe me and we can stay here and get the crap kicked out of us or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of hell. One inch, at a time.

    Now I can’t do it for you. I'm in the stands. I look around and I see these young faces and I think, I mean some of us have made every wrong choice a middle age man could make. I pissed away all my money, believe it or not. I chased off anyone who has ever loved me and lately, I can’t even stand the face I see in the mirror.

    You know when you get older in life things get taken from you That’s, that’s part of life. but, you only learn that when you start losing stuff. You find out that life is just a game of inches. So is football. Because in either game life or football the margin for error is so small, I mean one half step too late or to early you don’t quite make it. One half second too slow or too fast and you don’t quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They are in ever break of the game every minute, every second.

    On this team, WE FIGHT FOR THAT INCG. On this team, WE TEAR OURSELVES AND EVERYONE AROUND US APART FOR THAT INCH. We CLAW with our finger nails for that inch. Cause we know when we add up all those inches that’s going to make the difference between WINNING and LOSING between LIVING and DYING.

    I’ll tell you this in any fight, it is the guy who is willing to die who is going to win that inch. And I know if I am going to have any life anymore it is because, I am still willing to fight, and die for that inch because that is what LIVING is.


    Now, no one can make you do it. You gotta look at the guy next to you. Look into his eyes. Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. You are going to see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team because he knows when it comes down to it, you are gonna do the same thing for him.

    That’s a team, gentlemen and either we heal now, as a team, or we will die as individuals.

    That’s football guys.

    That’s all it is.

    Now, whattaya gonna do?

  15. Stephen Tsai:

    In review, when we start our own gang, Sports is in charge of scouting, Midori is the enforcer, Calvin is the collector. Koakane is the Charlie's Angels' guy who gives the orders but we never see in person.

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, that's the same speech Kazz gave to his darts team yesterday.

  17. d1島::


    808%. I like that...

  18. addahknowjoe:

    ST- Hahahah!! It's her lead in with that Lead Foot and follow through.

  19. d1島::

    I wonder if Kazz would use the same speech for Jason's Mathletes?

  20. addahknowjoe:

    I like that.

    Nothing less than 808%!

  21. brew808:

    ...but you know Koakane has been there because of all the empty beer bottles strewn everywhere.... :D


  22. Kazz:

    Stephen Tsai:

    September 27th, 2008 at 9:15 am
    Hey, that’s the same speech Kazz gave to his darts team yesterday.

    Pffffttttt yeah... a lot of good that did. :lol:

    But seriously I think Rob25 was hustling everyone. :wink:

  23. d1島::

    Wow. What a play to end UNC-Miami

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    So, I get home, and Wena makes me watch the Dog Whisperer. At least I know how to talk to defensive linemen.

  25. bb:

    so what type of hotel does Coach Pete Carroll stay at while in Hawaii? When you work for one of the biggest college football programs with a couple of national titles does that get you a place on lewers? kuhio? kalakaua?seaside? kaila? koolina?......

  26. addahknowjoe:

    島- Wouldn't that be awesome. Jasons' kids so fired up before a math competition that they all break into a Ha'a. Screaming and yelling throughout the competition because they so pumped and amped!

  27. brew808:

    #20 Clemson is about to be upset by Maryland, 17-20 w/ 0:32 4Q

    Florida is struggling in the 4th Q - to Miss, 24-24, 11:26 4Q

  28. koakane™:

    shoot patnah not to worry be dea and need to set up your tent while getting Lizk?

  29. addahknowjoe:

    bb- Carrol has a house out in the North Shore.

  30. brew808:

    #20 Clemson upset by Maryland, 17-20 final

    #4 Florida is struggling in the 4th Q - to Miss, 24-24, 11:26 4Q

  31. addahknowjoe:

    Howzit Brew!

    How 'bout dem Niners!

  32. Kazz:

    Math kids in a ha'a/haka?

    What would that sound like?

    MAU KAU KAU!!!

    MAU KAU KAU!!!

  33. brew808:

    addahknowjoe - Brah - you talking about geeky math kids.... :D :shock: :lol:

  34. Kazz:

    Stephen Tsai:

    September 27th, 2008 at 9:20 am
    So, I get home, and Wena makes me watch the Dog Whisperer. At least I know how to talk to defensive linemen.

    So is that how you get them to pose for pictures? They need to be in a "calm submissive" state right?

    Would linebackers be considered "red zone" cases and a muzzle is needed?

    Ok... I admit... I watch it too. :oops:

  35. d1島::


    Hemmeter Fieldhouse.
    He and Ken Norton were standing guard all night.

  36. Kekoa:

    I smell blood on the field tonite Kazz! Warriors must deliver a serious Spartan spanking until the screams reverb from end zone to end zone!

    Be relentless Warriors! Hunt 'em and destroy! Grrrr!

    Go Warriors...Ho'o Ku 'e! (Oppose! CLASH!)

  37. brew808:

    addahknowjoe - What kind kau kau is A-Sports fixing? From the menu on SteveM's site - looks like half the dishes are desserts! :D :shock: :lol:

    Do we know the status of Ice-Man and LWJ? :shock:

  38. brew808:

    ...just curious about the party last night (that I wasn't invited too :( ) Who popped out of the b-day cake? :D :shock: :lol:

  39. brew808:

    Touchdown... 'ol Miss!!!

    #4 Florida geckos 24, Mississippi 31, 5:26 4Q :shock:

  40. koakane™:

    naaaaaaaaa ajoe he would tell them to be quiet and no make noise bwhaaaaaaaaaaa j/k jason

  41. brew808:

    Oooh - I dislike ND!

    Here's a thought - Charlie Weiss as head coach for Al Davis's Raiders! :D :shock: :lol:

  42. d1島::


    Would the Raiders then have a tactical advantage every week- guaranteed?

  43. brew808:


  44. Kazz:


    Does anyone know where you can buy the gameballs WITH the UH "H" imprinted on the ball like they have on the field? I know the bookstore has the Nike game footballs with the UH "H" on the back but did you happen to see if they have the new Wilson ones with the black laces at the bookstore?

  45. brew808:

    Weis....Wavis....Waiders.....waaaahhhh! :D

  46. addahknowjoe:

    Brew- I not sure what it's called. It's that flattened dried Korean fish. She plans to dip it in a Teri sauce at the T-gate then toss it on the fire. Eat 'um for pupus.

  47. d1島::

    Fresno takes a punt back to da house.
    7-0, 14:11 1st Q

  48. brew808:

    Gators come right back - Touchdown by Harvin.
    Point after is BLOCKED!!! :shock:

    #4 Florida geckos 30, Mississippi 31, 3:28 4Q :shock:

  49. koakane™:

    stevet you gotta show up before or after the game so I can hear dem stories.

    got a call from stretch and while in deliberations played his message. something about no wimp out, cut da ball and chain, woosssy. can prove cause still have message on iphone.

  50. addahknowjoe:

    'Sports said the Apple Walnut Cake is having a bye week.

  51. brew808:

    What makes a fish.... Korean? Does it come dressed in a muu muu? :D :shock: :lol:

  52. d1島::

    Gators score. PAT blocked! 31-30, Ole Miss
    3:28 4thQ

  53. brew808:

    Please ask A-Sports if the container started off packed full of Apple Walnut coffee cake or not? Because by the time we opened it, there was only one layer! :D :shock: :lol:

  54. koakane™:

    getting pretty excitingly since its close to game time. watching my beer get colder making me thirsty

    warriors came out to play today. will the students, parents, fans, 808 nation yell their arse offfffff.

    tsaiko will show up and represent. we not going play nice today BRING IT

  55. al:

    i guess no one wants to be #1 this year.

  56. brew808:

    d1島 - Eh! #48 came before #52 - brah! :shock: :lol: :shock:

  57. koakane™:

    brew808 fogot you not going make it so I packed an extra six for you. my whole body say mahalo.

  58. brew808:

    OOOOOOOOOOOklahoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :shock: :lol:

  59. d1島::

    Bruins come back to tie, 7-7
    10:29 1st Q

  60. brew808:

    koakane - No problems! I don't mind sharing. Someday we'll hoist a few together. (al - you too!) Of course, I don't want to get in trouble w/ your posse including koamahu, koawahine, koa-dakine, koa-crazy, koa-maniac, etc. :D :shock: :lol:

  61. koakane™:

    al you and son showing up? if not just send son and I will protect him from the haole guy who speaks pigeon and is koa you know what.

  62. d1島::

    FL down to 4th and 1 at Miss 32

  63. koakane™:

    wow al get koa posse :shock: and here I thought he only play with his puppies bwhaaaaaaaaa

  64. brew808:

    Tebow and the Gators are stopped! Miss takes over w/ :41 left! Game Over!!! :shock:

    #4 Florida geckos 30, Mississippi 31, 0:41 4Q :shock:

  65. koakane™:

    kazz trying to call you answer my message or call me back.

  66. addahknowjoe:

    Geckos Goin Down!

  67. koakane™:

    al check your email ;)

  68. d1島::

    UGa-Alabama is a huge game now

  69. brew808:

    I forgot the rules.... Are we suppose to be cheering for the Raisins or the 'ruins? I don't want to get in trouble w/ Ronnie and others.... :shock: :roll: :shock:

  70. addahknowjoe:

    brew! 'Sports said the remainder was in another container. She said you would've gotten the rest if you gave Stretch the "Big Hug" as instructed.

  71. las vegas:

    Enjoy the game everybody

  72. Ronnie:

    brew - I think we have to cheer for the raisins... We want the WAC to do well OOC right? Ok, I'll cheer for them this week, but....

  73. brew808:

    Howzit las vegas! Did you and whitey hook-up for grinds? How's that new vehicle of yours? :D

  74. koakane™:

    whoooooooootahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all the high miki team going down. now for the supa dupa finale tonight UH going get um.

    tsai-ko's gotta show up ..............tonight, tonight won't be just any night

  75. d1島::

    Howzit las vegas.
    Say Hi to Mrs. please

  76. las vegas:

    Is whitey here this week? I neva know thought it was OCT.

    The car is a chick magnet, especially the Tsai-ko sticker in the back

  77. sjmacro:

    I always hear ST!, ST! , ST! when we go to practice, even before ST is on premises :)

    koakane, I'll have a sign up sheet for Oct 4th, sample of current menu at Murphy's--sjmacro

  78. las vegas:

    I certainly will

  79. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    If Good Things Happen in Threes, then we are due for a win tonight!! Will follow up on NO. 1 on Sunday,

    T-GATE RECYCLING: Once again, we’ll provide recycling services at the T-Gate which includes taking your contributions from home as well. We’ll be donating the proceeds in the name of Tsaikos to Dole Middle School’s cross-country program under the supervision of Coach Alan Inaba to purchase shoes, uniforms, and event day meals.

    Nearly 80% of the students are in the free or reduced-cost lunch program plus the median five-person family income in the area is under $30,000 whereas at Kawananoka Middle School, about three miles closer to town, it’s well over $50,000 - so proper athletic shoes & uniforms are not a high priority for many parents.

    Coach Alan and his wife and two of his students will be stopping by the T-Gate sometime between 2 pm & 3:30 pm before heading over to the Stadium to see the game. Their tickets are courtesy of a Tsaiko Lurker and the UH Athletic Department. Please welcome them in case DrDoc and I haven’t gotten back yet.

    And Yes! This is Good News #2.

    We’re coming early to help with the set-up including a tarp to cover the grills as well as the pop-up tent, two tables, four chairs, a table-in-a-box, recycling bin, microwave/power strip/cord, and very large trash bags - I think 65 gallon size. Then we’re taking off for a couple of hours to run errands and expect to be back on site around 3 pm or thereabouts.

    See Ya'll


  80. d1島::

    Chick magnet? Humbug, eh? all those yellow feathers flying all ovah!

  81. las vegas:

    I think Midori7 and Mrs.A-House liked it (the car)but Mrs las vegas is still kinda cool about the whole thing.

  82. brew808:

    midori7 & Mrs. A-House = chicks,
    Mrs. las vegas = boss
    :D :shock: :lol:

  83. d1島::

    las vegas,
    Will check it out for myself next time.

    Time to get things together and head out.
    No need do video for #1 son so will be at tailgate early then come home for #2 son game.
    End da day back at UH game. times!


  84. las vegas:

    Yes, I let her think she's the boss
    She has the checkbook
    She runs the house
    She cooks and cleans and cares for me and the dogs


    I have the TV remote hidden under the couch
    WHO has the power now Mwahahahahahaha

  85. BowsForever:

    Florida, beaten at their own house. That's crazy. College Football Chaos '07 is officially back!

  86. las vegas:

    aloha, laterz

  87. bighilofan2:

    Aloha. laterz...


    Go Warriors!

  88. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Greetings and Blessings, Warrior Nation! :)

    Game Day!


  89. SteveM:

    Good morning-ish everyone!

    ST -- I was impressed by your words opening the section on the UH Offensive outlook in today's "UH won't be facing Tomey of old" game analysis...

    The pass pocket is not a fixed architectural structure. Its dimensions fluctuate, influenced by the defensive push, fatigue, momentum and, most of all, the synchronicity between the blockers and quarterback....

    Profound...and it flows!

    ...actually, sounds like something pride. would say... :)
    Yup, that good!

  90. Tombo Ahi:

    # addahknowjoe:
    September 27th, 2008 at 9:47 am

    Brew- I not sure what it’s called. It’s that flattened dried Korean fish. She plans to dip it in a Teri sauce at the T-gate then toss it on the fire. Eat ‘um for pupus.

    i think it's called gee-po or gi-po, something like that. they're delicious, but they catch on fire if you leave em in the microwave too long.

  91. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    Thinking of your beer getting cold and watching mine get cold is making me EVEN thirstier. :lol:

  92. chawan_cut:

    did someone bring down midori7 & uhfan808 in darts? i wish i could've been there to show them how, but i'm stuck in this far away land. heh.

    have fun at the tailgate and game!

  93. Garret:


    I just searched through my guide that shows all of the ESPN GamePlan games that I can select from and the UH-SJSU game is *not there*. That is really sad for all of the mainland Warrior fans...

  94. brew808:

    Hi Tsaikos! The Wahine are playing v-ball in Las Cruces right now. Set #3 is just starting. It sounds like the Wahine are playing well so far. I don't want to spoil anyone's plans to watch the match later on. The match is being broadcast on 1420. You can also check the live stats from the NMSU website at: :D :shock: :lol:


  95. Garret:

    Quote from the Salt Lake Tribune about the UH-BYU scheduling. Interesting that BYU has 3 WAC teams out of their 4 nonconference games.

    "It's great to rekindle the rivalry with Hawaii. Over the years the tradition has included fantastic players, coaches, teams and games," said BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe. "Add in terrific fans and stadiums and you have the ingredients of an excellent match up."
    The Cougars' nonconference schedule in 2012 is now complete and includes Washington, Utah State, Boise State and Hawaii.

  96. brew808:

    Hi Garret - Welcome back! I hope you had a most successful trip.

    Yeah - our only hope is that the main scoreboard page on the ESPN website does show the game on ESPN GamePlan. I've got my fingers, toes, eyes, and signals all crossed... hoping for the best.... :shock: :? :shock:

  97. Garret:

    This BYU fan wrote an article that went out of its way to diss UH and the WAC in general. This article is about how BYU could win a national championship this season if a *lot* of things go there way.

    Boise State proved that non-BCS conference schools belong in the mix, while Hawaii proved not all undefeated teams are necessarily worthy. BYU is different. In fact, they really should be given an exemption from mid-major status. Unlike most of these lower-tier schools, the Cougars have tradition and more importantly cash that exceeds many of the major conferences schools.

  98. Garret:

    ESPN's E:60 will have a feature on Brian K!

    ESPN's E:60 will profile Hawaii's Brian Kajiyama, the First Family of Drag Racing and Missouri's Jeremy Maclin in the next episode.

    ESPN's prime-time newsmagazine E:60 will air Tuesday, September 30, at 7 p.m. ET, will include:

    The story of Brian Kajiyama, the University of Hawaii graduate assistant football coach afflicted with cerebral palsy, who was relieved of his role with the team this fall.

    When June Jones and Jeff Reinebold accepted coaching positions at SMU in Dallas, Brian, now a doctorate student, thought he would continue as the team's graduate assistant. All of that changed this fall when he was removed. E:60 correspondent Lisa Salters tells the story of Kajiyama's "Heart of a Warrior."

  99. Garret:

    Hi brew808!

    My trip went very, very well, but I am so tired! I'm used to getting 3 hours or less sleep, but this trip I had the combination of 3 hours or less sleep per night, 7am meetings (4am pacific time!), and 13+ hours of meetings or required seminars without a break. Any break I had in my schedule I used to meet with a company about potential collaborations.

    It was fun being interviewed for 80 minutes by the National Defense Magazine reporter--especially since I got a free breakfast out of it too! I'm guessing that reporter never interviewed someone before who was wearing an aloha-print shirt...but I was going straight from the interview to the airport and didn't want to wear a shirt and tie another day.

    I wonder if the problem for ESPN GamePlan is something silly like how the game is starting on Sunday East Coast Time. I know that one site I use had UH games as being *Sunday* games and not Saturday games when it started this late. I wish they could start UH games 10 minutes earlier until we move our clocks for daylight savings time so that the games could start before midnight Eastern Time.

  100. chawan_cut:

    oh oh
    fresno lookin' good against ucla

  101. Garret:

    Feature article on RGM! It sounds like his teammates cannot catch the ball reliably, so he might be a valuable contributor soon!

    Ryan Grice-Mullen, a former University of Hawaii Warrior, is a shadow warrior with the B.C. Lions, though he may be ready to step out of obscurity.

    Despite the fact that few Lions fans have heard of him, the 22-year-old receiver who was added to the team's expanded practice roster earlier this month is turning some heads in practice, most notably head coach Wally Buono, director of player personnel Roy Shivers and receivers coach Jacques Chapdelaine.

    "We like what we've seen so far," Buono said Thursday. "Obviously, we'd like to extend the process. A lot will depend on what happens after this game [Saturday night against Hamilton at BC Place]."

    "I don't think I've seen him drop one ball since he's been here," Shivers chimes in.

    That last attribute is especially appealing, since the Lions' receiving corps is suffering from bouts of double-vision, the shakes and flare-ups of Nicolson Disease. That's in reference to Adam Nicolson, the Lions' first-round pick last year who was cut in late August because he kept dropping the ball.

  102. brew808:

    I'm watching the raisins vs. the 'ruins game at the Rose Bowl. The WAC team is ahead and playing well. The views of the stands show lots of red! I have to admit that the raisin nation really travels well - of course it doesn't take much incentive to get the heck out of the San Joaquin Valley.... :D :shock: :lol:

  103. Garret:

    I think that RGM could help BC stop this problem!

    By Buono's count -- and he keeps track of these things -- the Lions have dropped 15 catchable balls over the past two games. Those botched attempts have stalled drives and limited touchdown opportunities. Not only can't they latch their fingers onto the football, but the finger of blame can't be pointed at any one individual.

  104. Pauoa Boy:


    UCLA not dat good, but the puppies is going to be tough like always when we play dem buggahz...

  105. Garret:

    UH basketball had a couple of big contributors from Canada, but I hadn't realized that UH had been recruiting a LB out of Canada! Credit transfer problems between Canada and UH might be a reason why schools don't look harder in Canada. Cordick would have joined UH before last he would still be a Warrior today if there hadn't been the credit transfer problems between Canada and UH.

    It was difficult for linebacker Daniel Cordick to get college's attention out of high school in 2007. It wasn't because of lack of talent but more of a geographical issue. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Cordick wasn't exactly located in a popular recruiting area.

    Still, hard-hitting recruiting coach Jeff Reinebold somehow discovered Cordick. At the time, Reinebold was at the University of Hawaii.

    The Warriors were interested in the prospect playing in their program but in the end there was a credit transfer issue, from Canada to the States, which ultimately snagged the process.

    In his freshman season, Cordick racked up 12 sacks and lead his conference in that category. Just three games into the season, the standout linebacker is already averaging a sack per game.

    North Carolina began looking Cordick's way first and is continuing to be in talks. Then just a few days ago, Reinebold dialed up his old Canadian friend.

    Now at SMU, Reinebold and the Mustangs are looking for a linebacker in which Cordick could fit the mold with his 6-foot-3, 235-pound frame and 4.59 40 time. Cordick enjoyed hearing Reinebold's voice on the phone again.

  106. bb:

    The Brian Kajiyama segment on E:60 is interesting. It seems the transition and the job change between Coach Jones and Coach Mack left some bitterness.

  107. Pauoa Boy:

    Frikkin pissed off they don't have today's game anywhere...PPV, ESPN, etc...what kine BS is dat!!!

  108. brew808:

    Speaking of RGM and the BC Lions, did you guys see this story about the Saskatchewan Roughriders Fans throwing full cans of beer at the Lions bench? :shock:
    Sask. Roughriders consider beer changes following ugly incident against B.C.

    B.C. defensive back Dante Marsh fired the ball into the stands, and Saskatchewan fans responded by pelting the Lions with full cans of beer.

  109. Pauoa Boy: SoCal I meant

  110. Garret:

    Another feature article about RGM.

    Ryan Grice-Mullen, a former University of Hawaii Warrior, is a shadow warrior with the B.C. Lions, though he may be ready to step out of obscurity.

    Skillern, who seemed to be progressing with each passing game, has regressed in the past two weeks because of a pair of lubricated hands. He'll be replaced for Saturday's game by Clarence Coleman, who is returning after rehabbing a strained calf muscle.

    "Receivers sometimes just have those days," Coleman says. "You want to catch them all, but sometimes you can't. When you make a drop you have to block it out and move on."

  111. chawan_cut:

    for you bored people out there

  112. SteveM:

    [sigh] ...the Tsaiko-gate should approaching full blast and I'm sitting here watching the paint dry (over the stove area) and waiting for the laundry to finish. Haven't cleaned up so much since I was in boot camp :|

    Just kidding, the fire was small and the microwave looks like it still works...kinda. The real job was washing the dishes, cleaning what fell on the floor, watering mom's plants and recording a gazillion hours of Korean soap operas for her.

    Now, if the kitchen de-greasing operation is successful and I can get some good take-out food stashed away for Peaches' and mom's dinner, I might be able to make it to Genji's to watch the first half of the game before they arrive HNL at 7:50 PM tonight... :?

  113. Garret:

    Maui News feature on Jayson Rego!

    Rego, the 2004 state football player of the year for state champion Kamehameha Schools Oahu, is now a redshirt junior running back for the University of Hawaii.

    Three games into this season, the walk-on is also the Warriors' leading rusher.

    ''Not really, no - I don't think I would have believed anybody who told me I would be this team's leading rusher, but, I mean, I always had faith in myself,'' Rego said Wednesday between classes for his civil engineering major. ''I have been waiting my turn. It took a lot of perseverance. It is hard to explain, but it took a lot of hard work to keep pushing and never really thinking negative. Somewhere someone else has to have it worse than me. It can't really be that bad when I am playing D-I football - a lot of people would die to do that - so I really have no complaints.''

    One of his buddies from Iao, Weber State wide receiver Cody Nakamura, played in that game at Aloha Stadium three weeks ago. Nakamura had a three-touchdown game the week after facing UH.

    ''We spoke after the game - Cody is one of my friends,'' Rego said. ''I am glad to hear he is doing really well, too. He went to Iao Intermediate, just one of a lot of guys who did.''

    When Rego was playing for the Wailuku Rainbows with Nakamura and Rego's cousin, Kaluka Maiava, a current starting linebacker for top-ranked Southern California, he would have found difficulty envisioning that he would one day be the leading rusher for UH.

    ''No way, I would have never imagined that - it was like a dream of mine to come to UH and try to make a difference,'' Rego said. ''When everything started falling into place I was sort of, like, happy.''

  114. Garret:

    A lot of that exposure has come from Rego's dedication in the weight room. He can bench press 405 pounds and in fall camp he benched 225 pounds 27 times, a number that would be pretty good for an offensive lineman at the NFL combine. He also squats ''400 something'' pounds.

    ''Oh yes, I definitely thought about that - contributing this season,'' he said. ''I definitely took the offseason real serious, did a lot of extra things on top of the normal things I had to do. Workout days would be like a double day for me, gym twice a day to get an extra lift in, extra cardio, stuff like that. I also ate right to make sure that the food I was putting in my body was good.''

    That meant giving up rice and fast food.

    ''I focused more on fruits, vegetables and lean protein,'' he said. ''I missed rice a lot when I first gave it up - for, like, those first two months I missed it a lot.''

    With two siblings in college, Rego feels the pressure on his parents, Jayson Sr. and Evelyn.

    ''I think about a scholarship, but we don't talk about it as players, that is more the coaches' decision,'' Rego said. ''My mom and dad come to every game, they are my biggest fans. A scholarship would mean everything to me - it would mean a lot to help them out financially.''

    Rego is set to graduate next year with a civil engineering degree. Keeping up with his schoolwork can be tough when football practice starts at 7 a.m.

    ''I have got a lot on my plate,'' he said. ''I usually try to get in bed by 11 at night, but there are some nights when I don't get in bed until 2 or 3 a.m. and wake up, like, two or three hours later. I just had one of those nights Monday when I had a midterm in engineering ecomomics.''

  115. Garret:

    Feature article on Yonus Davis.

    The flash and the drive missing since the end of the 2006 season first reappeared at Nebraska on September 6. Running back Yonus Davis led San Jose State in rushing, gaining 58 yards on just seven carries. His 24-yard first-half run featured speed, elusiveness and strength. The 5-foot-7 senior broke five tackles along the way.

    Davis followed up the next week in Spartan Stadium rushing for 143 yards on 18 carries against San Diego State.

  116. Garret:

    Pauoa Boy,

    Sadly, this is not uncommon for ESPN GamePlan. Things were different the past 2 years since UH had a lot of media attention and brought in ratings with people wanting to see Colt and the rest of the offense...but before that I know that it was impossible to see many of the games on the mainland with ESPN GamePlan. I miss the days that Fox Sports would show the games...

  117. Pauoa Boy:

    Garret - For reals but they had the first couple of games on PPV here. Wonder why they would show the Fresno - UCLA game on PPV if was locally televised anyway??? Ahhh lose money...

  118. chawan_cut:

    fresno wins
    navy wins
    michigan comes back to win
    notre dame beats purdue
    florida loses at home
    clemson loses to maryland

    i love saturdays

  119. al: to the tailgater.

    food, fun, football, friends, and er, er, what was the fifth f?

    okay, more food. oh yah, brain lock released, its family.

    i guess i will get a dose of all five in few minutes.

    so, will we see funaki in an option offense today?

    go warriors!

  120. Garret:

    Pauoa Boy,

    You know what I think was funny? UCLA was worried about their attendance this week so they actually took out newspaper and radio ads in Fresno to convince Fresno fans to travel to see the game! UCLA players were *shocked* when they found out that their school was paying for ads to try to get more Fresno State fans at the game! I doubt that JD would pay for ads to convince BYU fans to come to the game at Aloha Stadium!

    You can see the ad at the link I put above. Here is another article about it:

    The radio ad, in part, said: "Bulldog fans. Don't miss your chance to see history. The Bulldogs are ranked in the top 25 and heading south this weekend looking for their first-ever win at the Rose Bowl against the Bruins of UCLA. ... We'll see you and the 'Dogs at the Rose Bowl."

  121. Garret:

    Natural reaction when hearing that UCLA was trying to get Fresno State fans to attend the game.

    Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel said he was not aware of the ads until he was asked about it after Wednesday's practice, and several players shook their heads in disbelief when the topic was broached.

    "They were inviting Fresno fans to the game?" UCLA linebacker Reggie Carter said.

  122. Pauoa Boy:

    Garret - That is funny...I know we playing SJSU today but I can feel it's going to get crazy in Fresno already...

  123. Garret:

    If you don't want to wait for the Brian K story to be out on TV, you can go to this link:

  124. Garret:

    Pauoa Boy,

    Things are always crazy in Fresno, but with their hopes to win the WAC it will be even crazier! Didn't they miss something like 3 field goals and just lose by 3 points to Wisconsin? If they had been undefeated now, they would have a huge national spotlight!

  125. Committed Road Warrior:

    Wow! Upset city in college football today. Them Fresno folks probably gonna get plenty momentum when they head home to face UH next week.

  126. Izzy:


    September 27th, 2008 at 9:03 am
    OK. So, if ST gave the pep talk, what cheer would the team close with?

    And the entire team breakout with a rendition of "The Loin Sleeps Tonight."

  127. Lopaka43:

    Aloha, Tsaikos!

    We're heading out to the game in an hour. Would like to join the Tsaiko-gate but never heard back from Kazz on yesterday's e-mail.

    Anybody able to help?

  128. madeinhawaii:


    Those 'extra' Fresno fans may have been the 12th man that made the difference in the Fresno win. Very scrappy play on both sides of the field. Fresno will be near impossible to beat in their own stadium.

    But what happened to Florida?

    Michigan's game today kind of reflects what Warriors fans want. A flip-flop of offensive performance.

  129. HiFlyer:


    what's your email?

  130. SteveM:

    Lopaka43 -- send me an email at: stevem.hnl (at)

    I'll send you directions and info for the tailgate today. Haven't heard from you since I met you and your wife at Genji's for the Florida game. Glad you can make it.

  131. HiFlyer:

    #2 OU is on their way to beating #23 TCU, 21 - 3 OU

  132. Lopaka43:

    Thanks, SteveM.

    I've been lurking, but no time for blogging.

    Looking forward to the game. First time the wife and I have been out in many many years. Caught the bug again from all of you Tsaikos!!

    Go Warriors!!

  133. duffer:


    Great video on Brian K.!

  134. WarriorMojo:

    All I gotta say (for another two hours or so) is ROLL TIDE!

  135. mctruck:

    I think KAZZ got his pep-talk script from Lou Hotlz.

  136. SteveM:

    Got a call from Peaches waiting at LAX. Schedule change/delay again. HNL ETA now around 8:25 PM. Looks like I can see the entire first half tonight ...hmmmmmmm

  137. chawan_cut:

    georgia getting blitzed by bama.
    roll tide!

  138. 99club:

    Gameday! Beer's cold but won't be touched until kickoff. This is killing me esp. while watching the AL-GA game where AL is up 17-zip. Man, they look for real.

    I'm debating whether to pay the $12 for the video stream or just listen to 1420 online. Anyone have any issues with the streaming from Oceanic?

    Nice to read about the special teams changes in your article.

  139. jm2375:

    Good afternoon Tsai-kos, especially those at the t-gate. Represent! You guys have my permission to eat my share of the cocoa puffs that Kekoa owes me. :wink:

    To da mainland Tsai-kos - hope you guys find a way to watch da game.

    Izzy - the LOIN? is that a Freudian slip? hehehehe.

    I will be at some play at MPI tonight. So no game for me tonight. *tsigh*

    See ya laterz.

  140. SteveM:

    Hi mctruck -- don't see you post too often nowadays. Everything OK in your part of Texas?

  141. 99club:

    Oh, forgot. Good evening Tsaikos! Brew/ guys goin' to be bloggin' during the game? Hope all you guys have a fun and safe time at Richardson.

  142. 99club:

    Hey Mr. Mctruck! How things in East TX? We're enjoying cool nights out our way...down in the 50's this week.

  143. FloridaTed:

    I'm ticked off. ESPN is showing the game on their gameplan schedule, but my local carrier here tells me it's not on, what a bummer.

    Oh, wee, guess I have to try oceanic.

    GO, WARRIORS !!!

  144. Tombo Ahi:

    can't wait to hear rammer jammer yellow hammer

  145. SteveM:

    ...and another from Texas checks in... 99club. :)

    99club, are you planning to go to Vegas for the Sept. 19, 2009 UH-UNLV game again? If so, please fill in this survey....

    2009 UH-UNLV Game Survey

  146. mclovin:

    Alabama 24 Georgia 0
    2nd quarter with 6:30 to go in the first half

  147. 99club:

    Florida Ted-
    I'm worried about Oceanic's "no can order until 1 hour before the game." Makes me think that they might have limited bandwidth compared to Hawaiian Telecom's. Fingers crossed!

  148. mclovin:

    Love to see that smug look wiped off of Richt's face

  149. brew808:

    Yo 99club - Long time no hear from San Angelo! Yup - watching the 'bama hurricane RIP through Atlanta! Wow! I knew the elephants were playing well but this is most impressive!

    Re: Oceanic - I still don't know of anyone (ANYONE) that was successful in getting the Weber State game. I heard there were lots of excuses by OCTV - but sorry - no excuses allowed. I did pay to get the Wahine v-ball game last Sat. It worked well w/ a high quality feed. I don't know if they're ready and can handle the traffic for tonight's game. I still am hoping for ESPN GamePlan (and 360) to carry the game - even though most listing don't show it on the schedule. The cold brewski's sound good.... :D :shock: :lol:

  150. wafan:

    Garret . . .

    Thank you for the Brian K link. What an awesome young man. And, what an interesting story. I guess it was kind of a demotion but I absolutely love Brian's attitude of doing it for the team.

  151. WarriorMojo:

    This may be very petty of me, but I am thoroughly enjoying the looks of pain and doubt and disbelief on the faces of the UGA fans. The game's not over yet but I'm LOVING it so far. ROLL TIDE!

  152. 99club:

    I'm absolutely going to Vegas next year. Hopefully I can get the Mrs. to go with me this time but she might be too busy with school.

  153. Tombo Ahi:

    warriormojo, amen!

  154. chawan_cut:

    thats what my face looked like in the superdome.

  155. brew808:

    OOOOOOOOOOOklahoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :shock: :lol:

  156. LizKauai (iPhone):

    hiya! I put a couple pix up on my blog. T-gate is going strong.
    Duffer! Wait til you see your oyster shell! Hoo Wee!

  157. wafan:

    Dang. Just turned on the TV to the WSU/UO game. Talk about ug-a-lee!!!

    UO 56, WSU 7. Start of the 4th.

    I guess WSU is not waiting to the end anymore to coug-it.

  158. 99club:

    Click on my name for the link to my new favorite brewery. I'm trying their Brown Ale tonight. Good stuff from Blanco, TX. Who woulda thunk it.

    Thanks for the tip. I guess it's going to be like old times just listening to Robert K. online for me. I don't want to be in a bad mood due to some screwed up feed.

    7-7 Weber St.-Utah right now.

  159. Tombo Ahi:

    garret, glad you made it through your trip. sounds like it was relentless! thanks for finding that rego article.

  160. brew808:

    chawan_cut - Okay.... it's really, really tempting to say something about your last post, but I'll play nice.... this time. :D :shock: :lol:

  161. 99club:

    What a catch! Alabama up 31-0.

  162. wafan:

    So, that is Curveball.

    A Warrior virgin! Well, after tonight, that will all change.

    Whoo-hoo! Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the pix, LizK. The food looks good.

  163. WarriorMojo:

    Chawan, mine too. But the worst part about it was having to listen to all of the jeers and taunts from Georgia I was walking back to my hotel trying to nurse a broken heart.

  164. wafan:

    Last year UO beat WSU 53 to 7. This is really a rebuilding year for the Cougs.

  165. brew808:

    8:08 remaining, Q2 -

    Weber State 7, Utah 17 :D

  166. brew808:

    ...attorneys have hearts?!? :D :shock: :lol:

  167. wafan:

    Dang. is the 'bama/UGA game a replay of the Sugar Bowl -- just different uniforms.

  168. brew808:

    Wow, wow! I don't think UGA has anymore butt to be kicked! Wow! #3? :shock: :shock: :shock:

  169. wafan:

    UGA coach is a bit testy with the reporter. HA!

  170. WarriorMojo:

    Stafford is starting to get beaten up, just like Colt. The punter who cheap-shotted Paepule shanked a punt that led to a Bama TD. A pass interference call on Miller. Two roughing the passer fouls on Georgia's D. All mirror images.

    Hawaii went in at halftime down 24-3. In their "statement" game UGA goes in down 31-0.


  171. WarriorMojo:

    Brew, now now, behave, LOL.

  172. 99club:

    That plate looks ono Liz!

    31-0 halftime. Nightmare game for Georgia.
    17-7 Utah pulling away from Weber St.

    #1 Lost.
    #2 Winning
    #3 Losing badly.
    #4 Lost.

    What a week!

  173. wafan:

    Chawan_Cut . . .

    You might want to get on 1420 early -- before the mad rush by everyone else. Then it will be may be darn near impossible to even get on.

    So far, this year, the feeds have been okay.

  174. WarriorMojo:

    Well, time to shift gears and watch the slaughter of the spartans. Be back post game.

  175. wafan:

    Oh dang! There go the duckies! About halfway through the 4th. Another long run. They might score again.

    Jason Gesser needs to learn to enunciate. He mumbles.

    Duckies score again! 63 to 7. Definitely ug-a-lee.

  176. Tombo Ahi:

    i feel bad for those georgia fans. going into halftime, down 31 points, they still have some hope. but that hope will soon be crumbled into itty bitty pieces all over the floor. all i can say is "too bad, so sad."


  177. FloridaTed:

    Looks like the hot breath of parity keeps on breathing down the BCS' wretched neck again this year, just love it.

  178. HiFlyer:


    the fuud looks good, and now we know what curveball looks like.

  179. mclovin:

    Love to see Alabama run up the score and give Richt a taste of his own medicine. Yup at halftime Richt had that "smug" look wiped off his face. He looked confused.

  180. FloridaTed:

    In college ball, no matter what position a team is in, the days of strutting around and thinking that you're all that, are definately over. Just when a team thinks they have arrived, someone knocks them off. We're going to see many more upsets this season. Isn't it just great?

    If our Warriors get their act together tonight, our season is FAR from over.

  181. wafan:

    The birthday girl looks happy as does her twin, Midori7.

    The pieces of cake are huge! Mmmmmm, chocolate. Yum!

  182. wafan:

    1420 just came on.

  183. wafan:

    The Duckie player, Unger, is getting quite a bit of face time.

  184. 99club:

    Today's upsets are a strong argument for holding not having any rankings until 1 October. AP would have to be the first to make the change...then the others would follow.

  185. tommui:


    …attorneys have hearts?!?

    Sometimes kidneys, lungs but mostly gall

  186. 99club:

    *sigh* delete 'holding' in my last post.

    Penn St. looking good!

  187. wafan:

    LizK . . .

    Good to see the chair-holder-downers are on duty. The skies look dark. Maybe a good blessing is in the works.

  188. 99club:

    ...but mostly gall

    Good one, Tom.

  189. tommui:

    Anyone knows how the volleyball Wahine did in NMSU?

    Had to attend a child's birthday today at lunchtime and sorry to miss the Richardson Field event - but since I wasn't 300, I have to watch PPV!

    Go Warriors!

  190. J:

    Hawaii won in three: 26-24, 25-20, 25-23

  191. wafan:

    Brew . . .

    Brave. Not too bright, but brave.

    Remember, it is always dangerous to tick off lawyers. They always get even after getting elected. And, if they are not elected they still "know" all the rules.

  192. chawan_cut:

    dang, i don't know how you guys do this. all this waiting for the game to start. i'm not used to not being at home for a game. 2 more hours!

  193. SteveM:

    Hi J -- any plans to be back on Oahu this season?

  194. wafan:

    C_C . . .

    I know, huh. The anticipation is killer. Just watch PAC10 football and blog. Still does not feel as good as being there.

  195. wafan:

    SteveM . . .

    Is there anything special I need to do to put the Tsai-ko decal on? I remember you saying something about moistening one side. But, heck if I can remember anything more than that.

    I am guessing the decal goes on the outside rather than the inside.

  196. tommui:

    J: thank you!!!

  197. wafan:

    What kind of a movie is this? "Samurai Girl"

    Yeah, I always walk around the woods with my katana. Geez. writers need to study more.

  198. J:

    Hi SteveM,

    Only one weekend that I might be able to sneak home before the usual trip at Christmas...and of course the team will be on the road.

    October is busy with two film festivals and working on a documentary.

  199. Frank25:

    Hey there everyone!

    Hows the T-gate going?Rob25?
    Glad to here Georgia getting spanked silly!!!!
    Good job For Waianae last night! My alma mater

    Lets Go Warriors

  200. brew808:

    wafan: September 27th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    SteveM . . .

    Is there anything special I need to do to put the Tsai-ko decal on? I remember you saying something about moistening one side. But, heck if I can remember anything more than that.

    I am guessing the decal goes on the outside rather than the inside.

    wafan - Spit on it, then apply to face. If no work, try spit on it and apply to face.
    If still no work, get brother to spit on it and apply to face.
    If still no work, get brother to spit on decal and face and try apply.
    It still no work, get the village.... Oh, I think you get it!
    :D :shock: :lol:

  201. 99club:

    Hee hee. Can anyone find the true Tsaiko in Group Shot 2 on Liz K's blog? :)

  202. 99club:

    OK, the game coverage has started on 1420. Broadcasting from "pole 14" in the Stadium parking lot. Sounds windy.

  203. brew808:

    Do you mean AddahknowSports feeding face? :D :shock: :lol:

  204. brew808:

    Penn State is good :shock:

  205. SteveM:

    OK, wafan... for you and the few others who have the somewhat rare Tsai-ko sticker...

    1. In this case, the back of the letters are adhesive
    2. Carefully remove ONLY the solid white backing sheet
    3. Place the letters against a clean, dry surface
    4. Squeegee the letters on (you can use a rice paddle too) :)
    5. Peel off the translucent front paper.
    6. Admire what las vegas called his "chick magnet" :lol:

  206. brew808:

    wafan - I think my method is more effective. But if you have to follow SteveM's instructions, you might need a volunteer to help pat, slap, pound that sticker on the face to make sure of proper adhesion. Do you need any volunteers? Heheheh!!! :shock: :lol: :shock:

  207. HiFlyer:

    Yup AddahknowSports

  208. TChahng [태한민국]:


    Roll Tide, Roll!!!

  209. madeinhawaii:

    3. Place the letters against a clean, dry surface

    I got eliminated in step 3.

  210. brew808:

    Oh yeah - got to scrub the face first w/ detergent, then TSP and don't hesitate to use Brillo pad or wire brush....Heheheh!!!! :D :shock: :lol:

  211. brew808:

    It's been one hour since Liz posted the group photo. Any guesses on whether AddahknowSports has finished feeding face? And if not - how many more plates has she put away? :D :shock: :lol:

  212. 99club:

    Must've been 'da shrimp, eh? :)

    Penn St. game's best one on right now. Ol' Joe Pa's team looking real good. They got screwed with the early rankings but things will even out for them in the end.

  213. brew808:

    Touchdown Nebraska on 88 yd punt return! Going for 2 pt PAT - no good.

    Va Tech. 28, Neb. 23, 7:52 4Q :shock:

  214. Tombo Ahi:

    rammer jammer is a really great song. woooooooot!

  215. Stephen Tsai:

    Ah, it's a nice day in Halawa.
    Bad news for UH. Kyle Reed showed up.

  216. brew808:

    Weber State came back to make the score look respectable -

    Weber State 21, #17 Utah 37, It looks like da Beast had 3 tackles! :D

  217. Stephen Tsai:

    It sounds like they brought back the JJ pregame music.

  218. brew808:

    ST - How was the T-gate? :D :shock: :lol:

  219. Ronnie:

    I was able to order the game through Oceanic... Let's see how the stream is during the game...

  220. Ronnie:

    Did Colt's parents make it to the T-gate?

  221. chawan_cut:

    i ate too much pizza
    i'd better not fall asleep before the game starts.

  222. brew808:

    Everybody head to Ronnie's place! Got sushi and champagne too! Gotto to put up with the non-stop cheering and hollering! :D :shock: :lol:

  223. brew808:

    Ronnie's - Are they showing anything on the Oceanic feed right now? :D :shock: :lol:

  224. Ronnie:

    Hi Brew! Yep, they are showing the PPV pre-game show. It's on the scout bowl now.

    I suggest people sign up now and not turn it off until after the game...

  225. brew808:

    Me.... I'm still hoping for the ESPN feed.... plus I'm cheap. $12 bucks is two plate lunches or a 12 pack of refreshments. :D :shock: :lol:

  226. Committed Road Warrior:

    After watching the top teams in college football get beat down today, time to switch to Warrior Time!

    Hopefully those who ordered the game through Oceanic will be able to watch it ok. Everything I've been hearing so far is that the Hawaiian Telcom service last year was better.

    I think this is the first game that Hawaii IPTV will be airing the game live through their newly-created web player. Typically they'd show it through the set-top TV box service, however that feed would be delayed until AFTER the game ended. I will update once the web-feed comes up.

  227. Stephen Tsai:

    I never made it to the tailgate.
    I dropped off my food at the office tailgate, then had to go home to shower. Then it was off to the game to make sure I got my socket.

  228. pomai:

    Game on:
    6    -    34    Erdman
    9    -    24    SAWARRIOR
    17    -    10    HiFlyer
    19    -    17    wafan
    21    -    17    Ralph
    21    -    14    James
    21    -    10    tommui
    23    -    16    da princess' classmate
    24    -    17    Pomai
    24    -    21    ai-eee-soos
    24    -    10    LizKauai
    27    -    17    Unkanesson
    27    -    13    koakane
    27    -    9    lab rat
    27    -    24    bighilofan2
    27    -    14    Jason
    28    -    14    L10pc
    28    -    24    Hoohiki
    28    -    21    Da Punchbowl Kid
    30    -    21    al
    30    -    28    Calvin from Kona
    31    -    28    Glenn
    31    -    30    Koa-mahu
    31    -    13    d1shima
    34    -    17    mp
    34    -    31    g-nalo
    35    -    24    Jack Flash
    35    -    28    Lizkauai
    35    -    31    NEO
    38    -    21    curveball
    38    -    17    Darren
    41    -    20    Sen. Tsutsui
    48    -    35    Bulla
    48    -    42    Pauoa Boy
    49    -    35    TChahng
    54    -    10    Mike Wedge
    58    -    28    Loa
    63    -    12    homey

  229. brew808:

    Gross! :shock:

    Iowa woman wakes up, should have smelled the coffee

  230. SteveM:

    ST -- have shower at the Tsaiko-Gate site...

    Allllright! Got the house restored, Chinese take-out din-din on the table, and now heading out to the nabeyaki udon place to watch what I can of the game before Peaches lands! :)

  231. FloridaTed:

    So far, great. The oceanic feed is excellent, the screen is 13 inches and very clear and steady. If it stays that way, I'm very pleased.

    GO, WARRIORS !!!

  232. Committed Road Warrior:

    Good to hear that about the Oceanic feed, FloridaTed.

    So for those wanting to watch the game through ESPN, is the game going to be on Gameplan, ESPN360, both, or neither? It's been all back and forth the entire week, so kind of hard to keep track with that.

  233. FloridaTed:


    I bought the feed through Hawaiiathletics website, went real smooth. Make sure you scrool terms and conditions and mark it as agreed. I'm watching the pre-game show and so far it's flawless. Go for it.

  234. Pauoa Boy:

    Auryte this Oceanic stream better not get hammajangz on me I konna be pissed... :smile:

  235. Ronnie:

    Committed Road Warrior - I did not see it as part of the "Upcoming" games on ESPN360 like I saw the Weber St. game a few weeks ago.

  236. Pauoa Boy:

    So far so good, better stay laddis for the whole game...

  237. Pauoa Boy:

    Howzit Aunty Ronnie, if my stream start ackin funny I coming your hale for watch haha...j/k

  238. Pauoa Boy:

    Kay 15 minutes until kick off gotta get my checklist out...

    Jersey On...check
    Football Fuud Ready...check
    Drinks Ready...check
    Vocal Chords Ready...CHEEE HUUUU!!!...check
    Punching Bag Ready...just in case...check
    Child Sensor on for the blog...check
    Ready for get Nawts...check

    Shoots bah, I tink so I ready already!!!

  239. Pauoa Boy:





  240. Ronnie:

    Child Sensor on for the blog…check

    That's the best one!

    I hope all of us keep this in mind!

  241. duffer:

    Hey Ronnie or PB,

    What your screen resolution set too?

    And HOWZIT~~~~

  242. Pauoa Boy:

    Aunty Ronnie, don't expect dat sensor to be on at Fresno... :smile: :wink:

  243. Pauoa Boy:

    duffer - I get full screen on mines one

  244. Committed Road Warrior:

    As we look forward to the start of tonight's game:

    Reno leads Vegas at the half, 28-20
    After leading 3/4s of the game, NMSU falls to UNM, 35-24

  245. Pauoa Boy:

    Nice the feed so far, pretty clear...

  246. duffer:


  247. Pauoa Boy:

    Inoke starting??? How come they saying Graunke...regardless lets go boys put the pedal down, full throttle the whole game boys...

  248. Ronnie:

    duffer - i checked my settings and it is set to 1280x800.

    Pauoa Boy - no need filter next week, we won't be on the blog :D

  249. Committed Road Warrior:

    Hawaii IPTV feed looks great, albeit a little small in size with 480 x 320 resolution. Blowing the feed up to full screen makes the quality acceptable (for me, that is).

    Feed itself is consistent and steady, no cutting in or out yet. Hopefully it will stay this way!

  250. duffer:

    Thanks Ronnie.............

  251. Pauoa Boy:

    Aunty Ronnie - Fo shua...I just saying though haha

    C'mon Hawaii what da heo the stadium get to many empty patches, get your arses to the dayum game!!!

  252. Ronnie:

    Go Funaki!!!!


  253. Pauoa Boy:

    Inoke starting...lets go baby!!!

  254. Committed Road Warrior:

    Funaki the starter for tonight's game.

    Best of luck Inoke! Lead us to the W!

  255. Pauoa Boy:

    lets go return dis to da house

  256. Pauoa Boy:

    Offense moving the ball well, lets go Funaki, get um in the endzone bruddah

  257. Pauoa Boy:

    Funaki no move the pocket bruddah stay focus, let the play develop you geff um...

  258. wafan:

    No new post?

    Looks like they are moving the ball nicely.

  259. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go BIG D

  260. wafan:

    PB . . .

    Thanks for the filta.

    What?!?!?!?! A punt? Geez. On the 31. Ugh.

    Now make a lot of noise!

  261. Ronnie:

    Good 12th man out there...

  262. wafan:

    Yeah. "D"!!!

  263. Committed Road Warrior:

    WTG Fonoti!

  264. not far away anymore:

    San Jose touchdown on a trick play.

  265. wafan:


  266. Committed Road Warrior:


  267. duffer:

    What's going on!!!!!

    Trick play

  268. Pauoa Boy:

    Ahh nice play Coach Tomey dayumit!!!

  269. LizKauai (iPhone):

    posting pix. Trick play, tricky penalty! SJS fans in front of us are helping us ID their players.

  270. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go to the house boys!

  271. Pauoa Boy:

    Timeout already...hmmm...sounds like Coach Tomey get something up his sleeve...sneaky buggah

  272. Ronnie:

    SJSU timeout - right after the TV timeout...

    So Liz, who's #16?

  273. Committed Road Warrior:

    Good field position to start the second drive. Let's even this up!

  274. bighilofan2:

    an alla sudden da game wen puuuuff!

  275. Committed Road Warrior:

    Ugly, but we wen get the first down there.

  276. not far away anymore:

    TD UH on a big 34 yard run by Pilares.

  277. Ronnie:


  278. Pauoa Boy:

    Chee Huu TD Pilares

  279. duffer:

    Auryte Pilares!!!!!

  280. wafan:

    Go Monarchs! Uh, I mean Warriors!!!

  281. Committed Road Warrior:


  282. Pauoa Boy:

    Nice block Lafu...

  283. NYUH:

    yeah, nice run. got IPTV running on my Mac now. Anybody else?

  284. duffer:

    Good coverage on the kickoff

  285. Pauoa Boy:

    Auryte good job special teams nice tackle Spencer Smith

  286. wafan:


    Kickoff team made a good stop! Is this where we turn the corner?

  287. Ronnie:

    YEE HAW!!!! Special Teams!!! Spence Smith got him on the 18!

    Then a false start = way to go 12th man!

  288. Committed Road Warrior:

    Choke penalties for being so early in the game

  289. not far away anymore:

    Come on big D.

  290. Committed Road Warrior:

    NYUH, I got IPTV running on Windows. So far so good!

  291. wafan:

    SteveM . . .

    Thank you for the directions.

    It will be on my van tomorrow morning after it thaws out. HA!

    Does anyone have any coverage of the Damien/Iolani game?

  292. Ronnie:

    NYUH - did you subscribe to IPTV? Or is it free like ESPN360?

  293. Pauoa Boy:

    Going be one good chess match game...Coach Tomey ate his TRIX cereal, silly rabbit...c'mon Coach Mack give em hell make em choke...

  294. Ronnie:

    Yee Haw!!! Way to stop them!

  295. Pauoa Boy: wit da passion baby...lick em BIG D

  296. Committed Road Warrior:

    WTH was that with only 10 guys on the last ST's play?

  297. not far away anymore:

    Nice big grab by Aaron Bain. 1st down.

  298. Pauoa Boy:

    woohoo nice pass Funaki...

  299. Committed Road Warrior:

    Nice catch Yoda!

  300. wafan:

    yeah O!!!

  301. Committed Road Warrior:

    Did that shovel pass actually work?

  302. Pauoa Boy:

    auryte lets go offense take it to da hale

  303. chawan_cut:

    the uh website has a link to this site that is kinda like all the live game trackers

  304. Pauoa Boy:


  305. wafan:

    Take a close look at Curveball. I think he looks like one of the later Curly's.

  306. Pauoa Boy:

    Good way to pin em deep Grasso...lets go Big D lets go...

  307. not far away anymore:

    I'm surprised we haven't seen David Farmer in there yet. Maybe they have a different offensive package with Graunke and Farmer that just airs it out the whole time. Or, maybe Farmer is still hurt.

    Punt UH. 1st and 10 for SJSU inside their 5 yard line.

  308. duffer:


    ESPN360 is free????????????

  309. Committed Road Warrior:

    Good job by Grasso and STs to pin SJSU inside their own 5.

    Steinhoff got burned by that DE on that 3rd and long play.

  310. chawan_cut:

    make some noise aloha stadium!

  311. chawan_cut:

    espn360: thats only if your area has it.

  312. Ronnie:

    duffer - if your internet provider carries it, it's free in the US. It is really pretty cool because they keep games on for at least a week so you can watch replays. And it shows all games on ESPN, not just the gameplan games.

  313. hawnstln:

    Oceanic is doing well this week! Their QB blew that one!

  314. Pauoa Boy:

    good job D lets go special teams

  315. Ronnie:

    Big bummer!!! intercepted.

  316. not far away anymore:

    Interception SJSU. Come on Funaki. We can't be turning over the ball like that.

  317. hawnstln:

    bad series for our O. Off sides, holding penalty, (have to punt) holding on the punt return and then an interception. No rythym. Mistakes. No success.

  318. Pauoa Boy:

    Das right Adam...chee huuu baby

  319. not far away anymore:

    Good thing the defense is playing inspired so far. Except for getting beat on the trick play, they have been pretty lights out.

  320. Ronnie:

    Way to go big D!!! Adam is the man!

    another hit behind the line!

  321. Committed Road Warrior:

    Jim Leahey's speech and intonation is like he's waiting for Tyler to enter the game.

  322. hawnstln:

    Nice run, but note how the SJ tacklers are always slapping at the ball. Need to be very careful holding on to the rock.

  323. Ronnie:

    Special Teams has really stepped up this week. The D is it's normal bad self. I think the offense will step up to. I'm hopeful that by next week, all 3 phases will be there for all 4 quarters!

  324. Pauoa Boy:

    No worry Funaki Geff um... just gotta stay relaxed bruddah little bit too amped right now...settle down lil bit and work the offense San Jose not doing nuttin on D...the interception was nuttin...lets go boys!!!

  325. Ronnie:

    Oh what a block for some yards after catch!

  326. Pauoa Boy:

    Auryte Bain...stepping it up tonight baby...good job!!!

  327. not far away anymore:

    Nice 22 yard run by Pilares down to the 2 yard line.

  328. Pauoa Boy:

    Pilares is the man Baby auryte...das my man right dea!!!

  329. Ronnie:

    Yee Haw!!! down to the 2 yard line on a shovel pass!

  330. not far away anymore:

    TD Pilares

  331. duffer:


  332. Ronnie:

    Another TD for Pilares!

    Way to go Warriors!!!

  333. Committed Road Warrior:


  334. Pauoa Boy:


    Eh I seen Farmer...good to have you back bruddah

  335. chawan_cut:

    2 rushing tds???? what's going on here! heh.

  336. wafan:

    Yeah! Pilares!!!

  337. LizKauai (iPhone):

    looking GREAT!
    14-7 Warriors!

  338. Ronnie:

    I like how the student section looked like they were getting into it when the band played Hawai'i 5-0.

  339. wafan:

    When was the last time the Warriors had 2 RUSHING and 0 passing td's in a single game?

  340. bighilofan2:

    I am cautiously optomistic.



  341. Ronnie:

    great kickoff coverage!!!

  342. not far away anymore:

    Kickoff unit is looking a lot better so far tonight.

  343. duffer:

    Kick coverage is much better this game!

  344. Ronnie:

    Oh oh. #8 is down for SJSU. He's a good receiver. I hope it's not serious.

  345. Pauoa Boy:


  346. hawnstln:

    Ronnie, you're right. S teams looks much better. I just sent a note to Oceanic suggesting that they show the UH section/fans during the game breaks. If you agree, send them a note too.

  347. not far away anymore:

    Nice stop again big D.

  348. Ronnie:

    This is what we have been waiting for!!!

    Way to go WARRIORS!

  349. Ronnie:

    hawnstln - that's a great idea. I'll send one too.

  350. not far away anymore:

    I think we need to have Lane or Mouton back there returning punts. Washington dances around too much. If not let's give Javonte Taylor a chance.

  351. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go boys no shoot yourselves in the foot with dayum with passion but play smart boys lets go!!!

  352. Committed Road Warrior:

    Nice to see Farmer back in action!

  353. Ronnie:

    50 yd punt. not bad. let's go big D!

  354. not far away anymore:

    How do we call a run by Farmer on 3rd and 19? Talk about conservative play calling.

  355. chawan_cut:

    nice punt to make up for all these stupid penalties. just a little too excited over there.

  356. hawnstln:

    Mistake after mistake! Its killing us on our offense drives.

  357. Committed Road Warrior:

    What's with the band still playing during the play?

  358. duffer:

    Face mask...big Break

  359. Pauoa Boy:

    ahh lets go dowling...

  360. Ronnie:

    CRR - I wondered the same thing about the band.

  361. Pauoa Boy:

    nice to see Rocky and Fale on the field lets go boys!

  362. Pauoa Boy:

    nice to see Rocky and Fale on the field lets go boys!

  363. not far away anymore:

    Alright Mouton. Nice sack.

  364. Ronnie:


  365. duffer:

    Auryte Mouton

  366. not far away anymore:

    Good stop again big D.

  367. Pauoa Boy:


  368. not far away anymore:

    Libre back into the lineup.

  369. Ronnie:

    hey, Pollard is in. just goes to show what happens when you play well in the scout bowl.

  370. not far away anymore:

    Bain is having a good game tonight.

  371. duffer:

    Bain makes another catch

  372. hawnstln:

    Bain is having a good game ... same as Fonoti on D.

  373. Pauoa Boy:


  374. Ronnie:

    nice catch for Pollard!

  375. duffer:

    Good scramble Inoki

  376. Pauoa Boy:

    Thanks Funaki for my slight heart attack nice play baby...

  377. duffer:

    Inoke sorry

  378. not far away anymore:

    Nice run Funaki.

  379. not far away anymore:

    Nice run Funaki.

  380. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go OLINE move your feet...

  381. duffer:

    Let's go offense!

  382. hawnstln:

    2 in a row - mistakes by the O line!!

  383. LizKauai (iPhone):

    dammit! They have to shut up those drums when we are on offense!!!

  384. Ronnie:

    I hear you there Liz.

  385. not far away anymore:

    That Hawaii Self Storage commercial is awesome. A bunch of safes doing the Ha'a in UH helmets. That is classic.

  386. Pauoa Boy:

    Try go TD...but if no can get close let Kelly redeem himself go into the half up by 10...

  387. chawan_cut:

    we shouldn't have to be running for our lives. either the o-line isn't doing it or the d-line is too good. we're lucky funaki can scramble. he should be sitting in the pocket looking for the open WRs.

  388. Ronnie:

    Come on Dan!!! You can do it!

  389. Pauoa Boy:

    Here we go Kelly...Easeh Money baby...

  390. hawnstln:

    I predict the Iceman makes this one. Count me as a Dan Kelly fan.

  391. Ronnie:

    Yee Haw Dan!!!

  392. not far away anymore:

    Malcolm Lane is injured. Return doubtful. Not good. Nice kick Iceman. Hawaii up 17-7

  393. Pauoa Boy:

    Auryte Iceman is back in akshon...

  394. Pauoa Boy:

    Auryte Iceman is back in akshon...

  395. chawan_cut:

    that is the Iceman we all know and love.
    here's to my LAME brother out there!

  396. Pauoa Boy:

    lets go special teams no dumb play

  397. 99club:

    Yesss! Way to go Dan! 17-7 Hawaii.

  398. duffer:


    Send my ALOHA to Fred and Lorna! :-)

  399. Pauoa Boy:


  400. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Ronnie - one guy near us was trying to start a wave when we were on offense - we had to tell him to wait til we were on Dee! Sheesh!

    What's really bad- I'm so stuffed from the T-gate but there is the smell of something cooking in garlic that is making me feel hungry again!

  401. NYUH:

    Alabama def. Georgia in the Inbred Bowl

  402. 99club:


  403. Pauoa Boy:

    Good first half...

    Boys playing with planny passion and heart...although can relax with the dayum penalties...

    Overall pretty solid effort so far...OLine need to play smarter but it's all good...

  404. wafan:

    1st time this year we are ahead at the half!!! That is a good thing.


  405. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Ben Yee is being honored by NaKoa. Chevron is giving $20K for scholarships.

  406. hawnstln:

    Lizkauai, what did Ben get?

    Pauoa Boy, U goin to da Fresno tailgate?

  407. LizKauai (iPhone):

    duffer- F&L say they hope you have a hole in one tomorrow!

  408. 99club:

    On 1420 they're talking about Tomey thinkin' that Tyler was goin' to start. Psyche! But they then said Tyler might get some time in the 2d half. Heh, if no need, no need. Rest up while you can.

  409. Pauoa Boy:

    My faddah dem went call me from the game...going nawts...sounds good to me!!!

  410. Ronnie:

    What song is the band playing now? It sounds like the song from Hairspray... Yep, that's what it is. :) I like that movie.

  411. 99club:

    Mahalo for the stadium updates!

  412. Pauoa Boy:

    hawnstln - yups should be there...probably driving up Saturday morning...Ronnie, Rob25, Rich, and couple others should be there too...if I not mistaken

  413. Ronnie:

    Ok, now they are messing with my audio from the half time show... What's up with that :(

    Liz, what song are they playing now?

  414. Pauoa Boy:

    Yups no need Graunke, if no need...Funaki geff um... Let Graunke rest get 100% den need rush back...I know everybody like play but gotta be akamai and no need fix if not broken...right now things lookin cherry...

    Love the effort in this game...this is Warrior Football, da previous games was a fluke in my opinion!!!

  415. 99club:

    Nevada crushed UNLV only 1 week after UNLV beat then #15 AZ St. in OT. Talk about a letdown game for UNLV! Final: 49-27.

  416. hawnstln:

    Those Bulldog fans are going to be jacked up after their win today over UCLA! C U at the 5.5 hour tailgate!!

  417. Ronnie:

    I don't want Tyler to play. First, he needs to heal up. Second, I don't want to give the puppies any good film on him...

  418. Committed Road Warrior:

    Start of the Second Half.

  419. Ronnie:

    Yikes! Davis pushed his own player out of the way...

  420. Ronnie:

    fake punt goes NOWHERE!

  421. not far away anymore:

    Good stop by Special Teams on a trick play by SJSU on 4th down.

  422. Pauoa Boy:


  423. LizKauai (iPhone):

    The band played for us tonight Beautiful! grasso was practicing punts after the half. KO.

  424. not far away anymore:

    ...and Funaki throws a pass right to a SJSU player. Intercepted.

  425. hawnstln:

    what was that? Then another penalty on the O-line.

  426. Ronnie:

    Arggg... INT #2.

  427. Committed Road Warrior:

    Ayyyyyyy........another INT.

  428. Pauoa Boy:

    Dayumit Funaki, go through your progressions c'mon!

  429. GGma:

    thank you bloggers You are the only way I am watching THE GAME
    Keep it up !

  430. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Dee and ST are doing it! Just gotta get the offense clicking

  431. not far away anymore:

    Defense makes another big stops in 4th down. UH ball.

  432. not far away anymore:

    Defense makes another big stops in 4th down. UH ball.

  433. duffer:


  434. Ronnie:

    I LOVE THIS D!!!!

  435. 99club:

    Way to go D!!!

  436. chawan_cut:

    c'mon offense! the defense is getting you the ball for you to do your thing!

  437. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets Go O, Defense is saving your arses... Lets go Funaki, relax you geff um, San Jose D is smart...

  438. hawnstln:

    Da defense comes through! Now they need some help from the offense. Hold on to the ball and get a score. Gooo Warriors!!

  439. Ronnie:

    GGma - your boy is having a great game! I saw comments on another site saying that he'll play on Sundays.

  440. Pauoa Boy:

    C'mon boys no need get stupid now!!!

  441. LizKauai (iPhone):

    GGma. Dee holding tough. Sjsu is trying tricky stuff. The intensity in the stadium is very good and the fans re making a LOT of noise. We got the ball on downs on our 16 but are making too many booboos and getting penalties.

  442. Pauoa Boy:

    Estes, play smart dummeh...good to get nawts but no need hurt the team...

  443. hawnstln:

    20 yards on the O line ..... at least one was on the O line again.

  444. Ronnie:

    Coach Smith has to talk to his boys... It seems like they are letting SJSU get to them.

  445. chawan_cut:

    control yourself

  446. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go Offense play with poise dayumit, lets get it down the field and score on these mofos!!!

  447. LizKauai (iPhone):

    GGma who is your son?

  448. Ronnie:

    Liz, Josh Leonard is Ggma's grandson.

  449. Bulla:

    aloha brew 808,

    mahalo for the props for the beast and weber state. game was ok, i didn't see much from Utah for being ranked 17 in the country. but talk about feeling like the christians vs. the lions in a coliseum....more red shirts than ideas in the stadium. 49,700 at the game, lotta red, felt like i was sitting in a room full of rotten ume, haha

    63 do i know, we were in row 62, above the cloud line, had 2 pigeons eating 4 rows below us, haha. very good band, and very loud and supportive fans.

    i was with 'the hawaiians' in the upper rows, had to start my cheer 'a'ole ha'oles', loud and proud!!! :)

    let's go Warriors and let's get that WIN!!!

  450. hawnstln:

    That is our best O play. Funaki off the edge.

  451. bighilofan2:

    Go Warriors!!!

    ahem, i waved my bannah at da tv and hocus pocus an da 4th down incomplete.

    yeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  452. chawan_cut:

    was that a play action play right there?

  453. Ronnie:

    Once again Funaki makes it happen. Great pickup of the first down.

    Now it's 2nd and 8.

  454. Pauoa Boy:

    What happened to my man Pilares...give him the frikkin ball...

  455. Pauoa Boy:

    Oline block dayumit!!!!!!!

  456. Ronnie:

    Liz - the fans were WAY too loud during that 3rd down play.

  457. chawan_cut:

    i can hear vili doing his stupid yell crap in the background. someone go and smack him and tell him we're on offense.

  458. LizKauai (iPhone):

    3rd and 8
    Penalty offside on Sjsu
    1st down in spite of Vili leading cheers in the endzone. Grrr.
    Another penalty on the offense.

  459. 99club:

    1420 says Mouton is questionable to return to the game. They were icing his shoulder on the sideline and he couldn't raise his arm. That's a tough one.

  460. LizKauai (iPhone):

    inoke. Is running for his life. Argh we are 3 and 11.
    Long pass to Bain is Inc. Punting.

  461. Ronnie:

    That was a great punt to pin SJSU in their own 5

  462. LizKauai (iPhone):

    ST has a great punt stop on the SJSU 4!

  463. chawan_cut:

    i thought vili's sons play football. shouldn't he know when to yell and not yell? he's been doing the same stupid things for the last how many years.

  464. hawnstln:

    I agree, where is Pilares? and what ever happened to our passing game? Funaki is not getting protection and when he does throw it is usually way short. Is he hurt?

  465. not far away anymore:

    It's a good thing the Defense and ST have been doing so well. The offense is still out of sync. We need a couple more scores for insurance.

  466. LizKauai (iPhone):

    SJSU is marching. Yikes. For there 4 to their 40

  467. hawnstln:

    If I know Tomey, he is going to try to run this down our throat..

  468. Pauoa Boy:

    C'mon stop playing like dayum idiots...POISE, POISE, POISE!!!

  469. Bulla:

    more penalties, more personal fouls,

    c'mon warriors

  470. 99club:

    Damn personal fouls! C'mon, play smart!

  471. LizKauai (iPhone):

    eeks another personal foul.

  472. not far away anymore:

    What is up with all of the personal fouls? That has to be about the 5th personal foul on us this game.

  473. Ronnie:

    What is up with this?!

    Hawai'i has 11 penalties... The personal foul penalties are killing us.

  474. duffer:

    Come D stop em here

  475. duffer:

    Auryte D

    Run it back!

  476. not far away anymore:

    Defense makes another stop. 4th down even though we got pretty lucky because that receiver was open.

  477. chawan_cut:

    wow, is that short guy a coach?

  478. LizKauai (iPhone):

    SJSU is punting. Fair catch on the 20.

  479. 99club:

    Robert K. on 1420 RE: the personal fouls. "Young men will be running." Laps baby, laps.

  480. Pauoa Boy:

    C'mon Offense, lets get a score...

  481. duffer:

    Let's go offense!

    Score some points!

  482. Pauoa Boy:

    WHERE IS PILARES, give him the frikkin ball!!!...please :smile:

  483. Ronnie:

    This is a llooonnnggg 3rd quarter.

    So, are we being that undisciplined or are the refs calling personal fouls every time we breath too hard? After all, this IS football not ping pong...

  484. duffer:

    Send Pride, Chawan_Cut and Kazz in the game

  485. Bulla:

    offense needs a drive....from the 20, let's roll! funaki gotta make it happen, no excuses....let's go boyz.

    keeper,no pass, incomplete...make it happen

  486. Pauoa Boy:

    Dayumit Pollard that was Touchdown baby dang...

  487. 99club:

    Dang! Almost.

  488. Bulla:


    uh fumbles the ball :(

  489. not far away anymore:

    Ronnie, we're being undisciplined. Fumble Funaki.

  490. chawan_cut:

    dammit funaki isn't doing it.

  491. duffer:

    Goal Line Stand

  492. Pauoa Boy:

    Grrr...Funaki...c'mon bruddah!!!

  493. 99club:


  494. Ronnie:

    fumble. or incomplete pass... i think it was a fumble.

  495. Bulla:

    merry christmas from Warriors to SJSU

  496. chawan_cut:

    i think graunke even at not full strength will make better decisions than funaki.

  497. Pauoa Boy:

    BIG STOP D!!!

  498. Ronnie:

    one more time for the D.

    1st and goal on the 8 for SJSU.

  499. Bulla:

    FUMBLE STANDS....D is being tested....big time, watch out for the penalties.......let's go

  500. not far away anymore:

    Come on D. Let's get it back. That is the only thing our D hasn't done this year; get turnovers.

  501. brew808:

    I will be blunt!

    This is one of the most undisciplined teams ever - especial the OL!

    Funaki is NOT a D1 QB. Maybe if this was the option offense like Navy runs, but not in the R&S, or Pro-style offense. He has no arm strength, no touch, poor footwork.

    I simply do not understand lining up in the shot-gun when it's 3rd and less
    than a yard!

    The UH coaching staff remains unproven.

    Leahey continues to make errors - misidentified plays and players, missed calls, phantom calls, etc. It's time Leahey.

    IMHO :twisted: :shock: :(

  502. Ronnie:

    NOW is the time for the drums!

  503. not far away anymore:

    TD SJSU.

  504. not far away anymore:

    TD SJSU.

  505. LizKauai (iPhone):

    yikes. Offense is off. Mebbe time to go to the bathroom.
    Ok! False start. Sjsu back to their 13. Gets 3. 2 new nds goal brokeem by Mouton
    Hike wide open received. Td sjsu pat good.
    17-14 uh

  506. not far away anymore:

    I apologize for all of these double posts. I don't know why it keeps doing that.

  507. duffer:

    Run the option from under the center!

  508. Pauoa Boy:

    Ahhh...lets go boys, 4th quarter, here we go...


  509. chawan_cut:


  510. Bulla:

    Higgins 24-30 for 303 yds and 3 TD against the #3 defense in the country tonight!


  511. chawan_cut:

    funaki, make it up right here.

  512. not far away anymore:

    Fumble Pollard. SJSU gets the ball back again.

  513. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Mouton on the KO is back to their 26. Fumble!
    Sheesh. End of 3Q

  514. chawan_cut:


  515. Ronnie:

    Another fumble!

  516. duffer:

    Let's go WARRIORS!!!!!

  517. Pauoa Boy:

    WOW...lets go boys football is 4 quarters not 3!!! Where the hell is Pilares...Coach put him back in and give him the ball!!!

  518. bighilofan2:

    come on offense. do your part. GET YOUR INTO THE GAME, gunfunit!


  519. Ronnie:

    The offense looked good in the first quarter, but the penalties really hurt us. Now they have to let the D get the ball back, then calm down, play with poise and put points on the board!

  520. duffer:

    The Defense is on the field toooo long

  521. hawnstln:

    Reference my previous note, they are ripping at the ball. = fumbles. Gotta take care of the ball. where are the f**** offense coaches?

  522. LizKauai (iPhone):

    sjsu is starting to make errors. False start.
    Inc pass (Lucky, he was open) comp.
    1st and 10 on our 30. Cmon dee!

  523. Ronnie:

    Oh no! Adam Leonard is down!

  524. LizKauai (iPhone):

    someone is down. Argh Adam leonard

  525. Pauoa Boy:

    Defense needs to save the offenses arse once again...lets go boys!!!

  526. brew808:

    SJSU is really a lousy team... and UH is playing right down to their level! :twisted:

  527. LizKauai (iPhone):

    here comes the WAVE

  528. chawan_cut:

    Now only if our defense can score for our offense.

  529. jp:

    Running laps ... maybe take out of the game and give someone else a chance. Too many unnecessary 15 yard penalties. Put some kids in that are disciplined and want to win.

  530. Committed Road Warrior:

    This game is starting to get sloppy.

    Can't believe the D is gonna have to bail our O out.....once again.

  531. not far away anymore:

    Defense makes the big stop and SJSU misses the FG.

  532. 99club:

    Wide left! Hee hee. Dodged 'da bullet.

  533. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Throw to the zebra fg no good we need to score NOW!

  534. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go O drive, protect the ball, give the defense some help!!!

  535. jp:

    Can we trade all of our QBs for Cameron Higgins? :)

  536. LizKauai (iPhone):

    shut up the drums!!!

  537. jp:

    One nice sustained drive would be good ...

  538. hawnstln:


  539. not far away anymore:

    Funaki intercepted again on a very bad pass.

  540. Ronnie:

    another int. that makes 3 for a total of 5 turnovers.

  541. Pauoa Boy:

    Why Funaki, Why...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  542. chawan_cut:

    put in graunke.

  543. LizKauai (iPhone):

    another int. A lot of booing

  544. bighilofan2:

    we can still save ourselves if we act right now.

  545. Committed Road Warrior:

    Will we see Graunke come and save the game?

  546. Bulla:


  547. duffer:

    Ryan Mouton....Graunke warming up!

  548. not far away anymore:

    Mouton is having a very good game.

  549. jp:

    We were really spoiled with Rolo, Timmy and Colt. Duh!

  550. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go Offense get your chit together, Funaki get your head out dayumit!!! You guys are killing me!!!

  551. Bulla:


  552. jp:

    Sorry I forgot Dan Robinson ... that's in the JJ era ...

  553. LizKauai (iPhone):

    the dee is working OT wish they would just getba dee SCORE already!
    Graunke is warming up.
    Curveball is a good spotter.

  554. duffer:

    the DEFENSE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  555. brew808:

    I'll say it again...

    Funaki is NOT a D1 QB. No arm strength, no touch, poor footwork. He never looks off his receiver. That last INT was tossed flat-footed. And this isn't the only game that he has simply not performed! :twisted: :x :shock:

  556. Pauoa Boy:

    Mouton is beastin this game...

    Is Pilares hurt or something, where the hell is he...he is our playmaker on offense he needs the dayum ball and to be in the game!!!

  557. Bulla:

    How much running does it take to 'reprogram' overly aggressive guys? hard on defense to hold up, but to be so blatant is another thing altogether

  558. not far away anymore:

    SJSU makes a 50 yard FG. It's all tied up.

  559. bighilofan2:

    This is the defining moment for our offensive coaching staff this year. right here. right now.

    Go Warriors!!!!

  560. Committed Road Warrior:

    Tied game.

  561. Bulla:

    17-17, oh boy.

    how many guys are going to call for Mack's head on Monday? TG coming in to save the day? whew, pretty lean in qb's

    BC talking about TG saving the game against Weber State, c'mon, Weber State is a D1AA, wow

  562. not far away anymore:

    Graunke's in

  563. expat:

    If we give SJSU enough chances with good enough field position they might figure out a way to beat us. What do you think?

  564. Committed Road Warrior:

    Graunke in.

  565. Pauoa Boy:

    Here we go Tyler, it's your time to save our arse and shine again...

  566. Committed Road Warrior:

    While I think it's great that we have the other teams thinking and having to prepare for two QBs when they come to face us, it pains me when we ACTUALLY HAVE TO use both of those QBs.

  567. chawan_cut:

    a passing first down!

  568. hawnstln:

    O=line picked up that blitze well.

  569. brew808:

    They can (should) run against SJSU. Pilares and Libre had success earlier....mix in some passes... but don't forget the run! :x

  570. chawan_cut:

    quick release
    quick release

  571. duffer:

    This is a passing offense! No offense to Inoke!

  572. chawan_cut:

    holy cow
    how was that not holding.
    wac refs!
    nothing like it!

  573. brew808:

    Wow - I believe that's HOLDING by Kia! :shock:

  574. Pauoa Boy:

    WOW...what a slam Steiny chee huu!!! hahaha

  575. bighilofan2:

    Our Warriors are scrapping, for sure!

  576. Committed Road Warrior:

    Agreed chawan_cut. That was a blatant penalty on the O-Lineman.

  577. Pauoa Boy:

    I mean Kia haha

  578. Pauoa Boy:

    Iceman baby, blass um buleh blass um...

  579. duffer:

    56 yard field goal attempt by DK

  580. not far away anymore:

    Iceman attempting a 56 yard FG

  581. Committed Road Warrior:

    Come on Kelly. We need this score. You still get ice in your veins?

  582. not far away anymore:

    Not even close.

  583. Pauoa Boy:

    WOW...this game is draining boy...sheesh...

    Save our arse D, you can do it!!!

  584. Hoohiki:

    What happened to Pilares? He's the only one who's made touchdowns!

  585. jp:

    Wow this is going to be a long year .... BSU and FSU on the road. Hmmm.

  586. not far away anymore:

    Nice stop Defense. Come on Tyler. Lead us to a TD. No turnovers.

  587. hawnstln:

    good D. we need to find another punt returner.

  588. chawan_cut:

    thank goodness for our D.
    92 yard drive. right here.

  589. LizKauai (iPhone):

    We must score now.

  590. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go boys, put this game to rest...protect the house, go all out, where your heart at!!! BRING IT!!!

  591. Committed Road Warrior:

    Long way to go down the field for the game-winning score.

    We keep playing schizophrenically like this and it's gonna be a long WAC season.

  592. duffer:


    Take it down the field!

  593. not far away anymore:

    Dang it. Interception SJSU.

  594. Ronnie:

    so, 6 turnovers it is...

  595. Committed Road Warrior:

    4th INT of the game.

  596. Pauoa Boy:



  597. Ronnie:

    5 turnovers in the second half...

  598. Hoohiki:

    What an ugly game for us!

  599. chawan_cut:

    we need a turnover
    or block their fg

  600. not far away anymore:

    Come on D. Let's get a turnover of our own.

  601. Ronnie:

    The D holds again..

    Now it's down to a 47 SJSU FG attempt. and it's good.

    1:47 to go...

  602. duffer:

    Come on Warriors!

  603. not far away anymore:

    FG by SJSU. They lead 20-17. Just under 2 minutes remaining.

  604. Pauoa Boy:

    Mouton and Dowling are awesome!!!

    lets go special teams...offense...score...

  605. chawan_cut:

    ok, this is up to tyler now

  606. LasCruces:

    6 Turnovers? You cannot win like that. Great defense though...

  607. Ronnie:

    6 turnovers are ok if they are in the 1st half and you are still leading - or the other team has a bunch as well, but in this game...

  608. LasCruces:

    Game over man... Crap, what a loss. Hawaii is so much better then this...

  609. duffer:

    Six sacks, six turnovers, hard to beat!

  610. not far away anymore:

    Come on guys. BELIEVE you can do it. The announcers are giving up on this team, but I'm not.

  611. hawnstln:

    a sack with a 3 man rush!!!

  612. chawan_cut:


  613. Pauoa Boy:

    Hmmm...Hawaii Offense WOW...what to say...they gave the game to ain't over yet but they deserve to lose...DEFENSE CANNOT DO IT ALL!!!

    GAME OVER!!! EXHALE...WOW...time for work the punching bag!

  614. LizKauai (iPhone):

    good thing our receivers know how to tackle. Time for a defensive td

  615. Ronnie:

    incomplete on 4th and 4... game over.

    48 hour rule starts now...

    and even though it doesn't look like it, we can still win the WAC and win a bowl game. We just have to believe!

  616. chawan_cut:

    anyone know a kahuna or priest that can bless this team?

  617. LasCruces:

    Oh well, and it doesnt get better next week in Fresno. Gonna get killed...

  618. hawnstln:

    dis is one ugly game. C U at Fresno next week.

  619. duffer:


  620. brew808:

    If a player is not ready to go - then he should be playing. The coaches end up just fooling themselves. Note the emphasis on FOOL! :twisted: :shock: :twisted:

  621. bighilofan2:

    our offensive coaches gave away the game!

    au'we. no discipline. the way we're losing really sucks.

  622. Committed Road Warrior:

    Does anyone know the announced attendance for tonight's game?

  623. LasCruces:

    Chawan, I think this football team needs an exorcism....

  624. LizKauai (iPhone):

    TO with 51 secs left.
    False start 3rd down

  625. Hoohiki:

    That's the game!!! If you were the coaches what do you tell the team? They must be sick to have lost this game. I feel bad for Coach Mack. Just too many turnovers, too many penalties...the O-line missing assignment, the secondary just a tad bit slow...The Special teams played much better this game. The defense played hard...The offense sputtered again! The penalties and turnovers just killed us!! And the next game is against Fresno!

  626. Pauoa Boy:

    I'm still going be in Fresno supporting this team but dayumit this is frustrating!!! One thing I'm extremely pissed about is where the hell did Pilares go? He better be hurt cause if not WOW, Gerke is frikkin dumb! HEY COACH PILARES IS YOUR BEST RB AND OFFENSIVE PLAYMAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  627. brew808:

    Good night to my Tsaiko friends! Embarrassing & humiliating night for UH Football! :x :? :(

  628. bighilofan2:

    I understand the pulling Inoke decision. I do not understand putting Tyler in the game, at all. The coaches were just fooling themselves. I agree with that 100%.

  629. Anon:

    Not playing like WAC champions tonight.

  630. Ronnie:

    wow. coach mack doen't look very happy....

  631. chawan_cut:

    ok, here's the true test.
    who will stick with the team for the rest of the season.

  632. LizKauai (iPhone):

    1 sec on the clock. One more play. Pau

  633. not far away anymore:

    I don't know how much we have in the stands this week, but I can tell you that the next home game will have a lot less fans in the stands. Just the way our fair weather fans work. We gave that game away.

  634. Ronnie:

    chawan - the Tsaikos will be there.

    7 down.
    8 UP!

  635. LasCruces:

    I will Chawan... Even though it looks rough, especially at Fresno and Boise, I will be listening intently every time my boys take the field...


  636. jp:

    Wow this was after a bye week ... no discipline ... no execution on O ... D is living up to expectation and carried the load tonight ... if not for the D the score would have been worse.

    What happened to Pilares?

  637. NYUH:

    Goodbye Funaki. Time to train up the JCs.

  638. Pauoa Boy:

    As much as I want this team to win and all that...I have watched every game so far and although I believe we can still have a winning season, I have hit reality. Reality tells me this team will struggle to make a bowl game and will be very lucky if they do. It also tells me, with this offense and merry-go-QB system we have going, it is going to equate to a lot of frustrating games and a loooonnnggggg season! I BELIEVE but dayumit show me something Warriors!!! Dig Deep, See you boys in Fresno! I will bring my jersey and some pads if I need to jump on that dayum field!!!

  639. Ronnie:

    I really hope they figure out how to score points...

    The penalties and turnovers have got to stop. Even with the turnovers, we would have been good if we didn't give them over 110 yards in penalties - especially when most of them were personal foul penalty yards.

    Our defense was great! And special teams were great! The time is now for the offense to step up! If we play the game we are capable of, Fresno goes down. If we play like tonight, it will be a long night.

  640. Committed Road Warrior:

    Box Stats:

    Funaki: 16-27 173yds 0 TD 3 INT
    Graunke: 5-9 52 yds 0 TD 1 INT

    Pilares: 3 car 42yds 2 TD
    Libre: 12car 56yds

    Bain: 6cat 94yds
    Salas: 3cat 34yds

  641. LasCruces:

    Pauoa, this team might have won its only game of the season already. It is gonna be one LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG year......

  642. Hoohiki:

    Next time let Rego play more!! Alternate with Pilares. I'm sure Libre is great but if he only gains 1 or 2 yards, get another guy in there. I can predict where he's gonna run when he touches the ball. How many sacks did they have against us? O-line come on...missed assignments, personal fouls...Steep learning can improve with each game coming up. Start with Fresno! Man, this gonna be a tough year!!!
    On a brighter note, the Wahine VB are doing well! I think they found their missing pieces in Herring and Farrell.

  643. Garret:

    Don't give up on the team! Don't stop supporting the team! I hope that there is a good crowd for the next game at Aloha Stadium...the team needs the fans more than ever.

    I don't have much to comment on the game--instead of the 48 hour rule, I think I'm going to have the 30 minute rule and try to purge the game from my mind. A few things:

    Lots of injuries. I'm guessing Pilares was hurt. Lots of other players definitely are hurt. Tyler doesn't seem ready to play.

    The coaches did a great job with fixing up the special teams. That was a huge improvement from the previous 3 games--if the special teams had been like they were against Florida, Oregon State, or even Weber State, then SJSU would have won much easier.

    The OL has problems. However, remember that SJSU has an *excellent* DL! They rushed the passer well against excellent competition, so part of the problem with the protection was that SJSU was really good.

    Penalties killed the team and it can be argued that penalties cost UH the game. That is sad, especially if emotions get out of control and the opponent gets free yardage that changes the game.

  644. Pauoa Boy:

    Hmmm...I going sleep already too frustrating to talk about this game anymore...

    No worry I will always BLEED WARRIOR GREEN BLOOD and love this team for life!!!

  645. LasCruces:

    Penalties, no matter how you state it, shows poor coaching....

  646. Hoohiki:

    I'm not overlooking this year beause we've still got a ways to go...but looking ahead to next year...with alot of seniors graduating who are our prime time players, we're gonna have a lot of newbies; talented but newbies. I hope they can fill the shoes or better. Can't wait to see Paipai and all our local boys. Stutzman will probably contribute right away.

  647. Garret:

    Amazing that the #1, #4, #9, #16, #20, and #23 teams this week lost to unranked teams! The #3 team also lost.

    With this type of crazy stuff happening, remember that UH has a chance at Fresno State no matter how negative the feeling may be right now.

  648. Hoohiki:

    Yeah...penalties, especially the personal fouls shows no discipline..The coaches didn't seem to be able to control the team and get them to focus.
    They must have a sports psychologist to get them in the proper mind set for the games.

  649. Garret:

    When Libre replaced Pilares it was announced to the press that Pilares' return was he was injured.

  650. Hoohiki:

    Injuries after injuries...just can't catch a break (no pun intended). Imagine Soares just about to come back from his gastroc tear when he sprains his ankle. Adam Leanord was down too. Leon Wright-Jackson appeared kind of gimpy too. Mel DeLaura's got his work cut out for him!!

  651. Garret:

    I guess we should also give our congratulations to Coach Tomey and his coaching staff. That trick play for SJSU's first TD was huge--if you take that play away, UH dominated the first half! Without that single play, UH would have had all the momentum and the game could have been put away in the first half.

    I grew up watching Tomey's teams pull off trick play after trick play. Unfortunately, this time it was against UH. Tomey also got his first win at SJSU against UH.

  652. chawan_cut:

    ok time to sleep. somehow. maybe i'll wake up and this will all be a nightmare.

  653. NEO:

    Aloha Gang-

    Disappointing loss to be sure, but not disappointed in the team... Currently watching the press conference and to see Adam Leonard say what he did, the way he said it was an inspiration. To see how far this team has come, through the adversity of losing their coach, famed quarterback to graduation, and the majority of it's recieving corps, this team still plays for one another, and the love they have for one another is to me, the most important thing. Sure, we're 1-3 right now... Sure the naysayers will come out of the woodwork, as they already have, but if we abandon the team now, what are we? Ship jumpers, fair-weather fans, complete and total losers in my opinion... So my fellow Tsai-kos and true supporters of Warrior Football, while this loss might be disappointing, the team is now at a critical juncture; and we as fans are at a critical juncture as well. We can either fold and become naysayers and fairweather fans, or we can support the team regardless of record. They say adversity builds character, I say adversity REVEALS it. From what I've seen, this team has a lot of character, although truth be told, it hasn't shown up on the scoreboard, but the true measure of a man is not set by wins and losses, the true measure of a man is how he handles the adversity. So, Tsai-kos, what do you say we show our character and keep MAKING MEMORIES?!?!?

    (off the soapbox)
    NEO out

  654. hawnstln:

    Coach Mack on PPV right now!

  655. Hoohiki:

    Wow, NEO...well said! What did Adam say?

  656. NEO:

    A lot of the PF calls were BS too... in key situations... Sure you don't win or lose by the refs but a lot of those were BS-ish. haha, "they should have had 36 points..." very true, with 6 turnovers, the Spartans should have scored a lot more... Credit to UH defense for holding them down to only 20 points... of course we did lose by 3... Stability at quarterback was my question, and I think Coach just answered my questions... overall, very proud of the team, and I think they've improved, the only thing now is to improve the 6 turnovers. If coach reads this, "keep doin' ya thing coach, NEO supports you!!"

    NEO out (again)

  657. Hoohiki:

    Losing a game is not the hardest thing to watch...It's the players' disappointing faces which tugs at you.

  658. Unkanesson:

    Howzit Tsai-kos!
    I was listening to Bobby & Robert, and they said (maybe it was John Veneri) that Pilares got hit on the head when he scored his second TD and may have suffered a concussion. That's why he didn't return to the game.
    Whew, that was a tough loss. The better team lost! Self-inflicted!
    I think they'd better not give them 48 hours this time. They've got to put this behind them right away and get busy preparing for Fresno. Except for the turnovers and penalties, they played better this week. Significant improvements in several areas. They need to build on that, and fix the problems that led to tonight's loss.

  659. NEO:


    Adam basically said "I hate losing, I don't hate many things in this life, since you know I've been bless to be able to play football, but the one thing I hate is losing, so I'm real disappointed in that, but I'll tell you that I'm not disappointed with my brothers on the field, to see how we've played as a team, and how we play for each other, I'm real proud of that, to see how far we've come..." Tell you man... I can't believe these players, and all the adversity they've gone through, how well they adjust... I can see it in their eyes that they hate to lose, but at the same time, I can see that they still have that competitive fire in their eyes... One snap and clear...

    NEO out (3rd time)

  660. curveball:

    Just got home and I survived my first Warrior game. I did get a little wounded at the tailgate. Had a great time right up until we lost. Obviously the turnovers and penalties killed us.Just seemed like allot of mental mistakes.It also appeared that the ref's sucked...

    Thanks Liz for the was great fun all day...

  661. FloridaTed:

    There is only one player missing on this team right now, Colt Brennen,

    I can't talk about this game right now, too upset and don't want to be negative, but this should have been an easy win. Six turn overs, you can't beat a High School team with that.

    Defense played fantastic, special team was greatly improved, but we don't have a QB, Funaki can't play in this offense come game time, he keeps missing wide open receivers every play and throws right at defenders. Tylers hand still seems to be bad, at least I hope that was the reason.

    If we play like that at Fresno, it will be another nightmare.

    It feels so totally weird not having an offense. If we ever find one, we could be a great team. Off course, now that the team will need the fans the most, they will stay away in droves. Hawaii only has about 30,000 REAL fans.

    But we truly must develop the JC's now, at least as back-ups and if Tyler doesn't cut it in Fresno, we might as well play them, nothing to lose anymore, they can't be worse than what we have now.

    Well, good night gang, I feel drained and frustrated, but off course will root for the next game and the next and the next....

  662. pomai:

    For the second week in a row we have now winner in the TSAIKOS pik's. But we do have a winner in the team, the score might not have reflected it but their hearts did and that's enough for me!!!

    Next up da puppies
    45    -    28    Pomai

  663. pomai:

    now = no

  664. Committed Road Warrior:

    Reported attendance: 40,571

    Anyone have the actual turnstile attendance? I bet this will be MUCH lower than the above figure.

  665. curveball:

    There were a lot of empty seats....

  666. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    howzit tsaikos,

    is it just me or are we going from bad to worst?

    that was truly truly sad. we did a great job at giving the game right to SJSU. interceptions and personal fouls. what the hell is going on??? im not one to point fingers but from what i see, especially from the penalties is that the players

    1) have absolutely NO FRICKEN DISCIPLINE-ZERO
    2) no respect for the coaches.
    3) maybe the coaches lack the necessary experience.

    there was that one foul...think it was number 70-something and Brian Smith came over to chew him out...he looked the other way and started walking away from the coach...the coach then follows him, chasing down the player and he continued to avoid the coach turning his head around and walking the other direction. NO RESPECT.

    IMHO yeah its so great that you would have coaches that can relate to players seeing it wasnt that long ago that they were in those position. but i think that some of those coaches are so close in age to the players that there is no respect...they seem them more as peers.

    did coach mack make the right choices in his staff? ....season is young...sort i cant totally say...but if i was just to make a call right seems incompatible.

    its gonna be the 5th game of the season and i dont think we have figured out who our QB is...on that note that leads me to Rolovich.... lets just say if mack said "he is young and although not very experienced, he will evolve to be a contributor to the team" i think people would be more sympathetic....but for him to say "he is one of the best QB coaches i know...well that kinda equates to a lot of things"

    i really dont know what else to say...i hope we change and make be honest...i am a fan, lived through vonappon and will continue to back the warriors through wutever...but i am this rate we do not have a winning season....period...lets hope the warriors work hard to improve and get their butts in gear.

    on a more positive note...the defense...........*APPLAUSE* they did excellent!!!!!! =)....they really prevented what could have turned into a ugly score in the end. hats off to them and continue to do what you do guys!

  667. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    howzit tsaikos,

    is it just me or are we going from bad to worst?

    that was truly truly sad. we did a great job at giving the game right to SJSU. interceptions and personal fouls. what the hell is going on??? im not one to point fingers but from what i see, especially from the penalties is that the players

    1) have absolutely NO FRICKEN DISCIPLINE-ZERO
    2) no respect for the coaches.
    3) maybe the coaches lack the necessary experience.

    there was that one foul...think it was number 70-something and Brian Smith came over to chew him out...he looked the other way and started walking away from the coach...the coach then follows him, chasing down the player and he continued to avoid the coach turning his head around and walking the other direction. NO RESPECT.

    IMHO yeah its so great that you would have coaches that can relate to players seeing it wasnt that long ago that they were in those position. but i think that some of those coaches are so close in age to the players that there is no respect...they seem them more as peers.


    I wish you the best!

    did coach mack make the right choices in his staff? ....season is young...sort i cant totally say...but if i was just to make a call right seems incompatible.

    its gonna be the 5th game of the season and i dont think we have figured out who our QB is...on that note that leads me to Rolovich.... lets just say if mack said "he is young and although not very experienced, he will evolve to be a contributor to the team" i think people would be more sympathetic....but for him to say "he is one of the best QB coaches i know...well that kinda equates to a lot of things"

    i really dont know what else to say...i hope we change and make be honest...i am a fan, lived through vonappon and will continue to back the warriors through wutever...but i am this rate we do not have a winning season....period...lets hope the warriors work hard to improve and get their butts in gear.

    on a more positive note...the defense...........*APPLAUSE* they did excellent!!!!!! =)....they really prevented what could have turned into a ugly score in the end. hats off to them and continue to do what you do guys!

  668. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    ooops it posted twice...sorry haha

  669. Stretch:

    I agree with iwonder. personal fouls on the offensive line are fricken killing us. even last week at OSU, we drive the ball down, score and touchdown and we get a fricken personal foul so we kick off from the 15. the offensive line has no discipline. i hope that the coach can get their attention.

  670. BARKER:

    Hawaii we remember what you did to our logo 3 years ago. No more Colt this year it's.....Brandstater who threw three touchdown passes and as the FRESNO STATE Bulldogs beat UCLA 36-3.
    Next week it gets worse for the Warriors. Good luck in the DOG POUND!

  671. Stretch:

    how can an offensive captain lead the team when he is getting the personal fouls. i understand playing hard with an attitude but it's just stupid. i see it happening in practice and it carrys over into the game. to me, that isn't too much of a "team" player and definately shouldn't be a captain if it continues.

  672. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    hey stretch...long time. yup yup personal fouls have no place in football. be tough by making the plays....everyone can understand emotions..1 or 2 fouls in a high adrenaline game...yeah its fine. but after that its out of control.

  673. curveball:

    When San Jose was on the field already and the warriors came out it looked like there was going to be a riot. San Jose came onto the field and there was a lot of verbal and hand gesturing between the two teams to the point where the refs and the coaches started backing both teams up. It seems to me that Hawaii took it personal and let it interfere with their game. Stupid penalties both d-line and double stupid o-line. Hawaii acted like they wanted to fight more than play ball..

  674. gibu:

    hey tsaikos.

    first i would like to say the defense played great as expected. i liked the emotion on the field. special teams coverage wise was better, but i would want to see a little bit more effort on at least trying to block the kicks. offense has problems. graunke clearly wasnt ready. there were a couple passes where the receivers had to wait for the ball to come to them. there wasnt the usual zip in the passes. i would give the jucos especially rausch reps now. i would like to see the potential in the qb that actually was the number 1 qb wen he was healthy before the season started. once graunke is 100% again then maybe see where we are at, but graunke does not look ready yet. playcalling also needs some work because to me it seemed like on the offensive drive where kelly attempted the 55 yard field goal that every play on first down was the same exact running play. they need to shake it up a little by mixing up the types of running plays.

    if hawaii gets the offense rolling i wouldn't count out a win against fresno. their defense is giving up a lot of points and our defense is starting to heat it up. dont give up warriors.

  675. koakane iphone:

    stretch wot choke chain you mahu

  676. LizKauai (iPhone):

    stretch! Where you stay? Pride says- if you no come practice, you no can play! Bwahaha!

  677. Stretch:

    liz - tell pride i will call them at 530 when I wake up to go golf.

    koakane - btw, where were YOU last night??

  678. al:

    pomai....shouldn't hiflyer be the winner of the pik the score contest?

    since you said that who ever came closest to the uh score first then the opponent.

    so hiflyer got the 17 on the nose and since no one else had picked 17.....he wins.

  679. koakane iphone:

    wea you now my chain broke and I hear your's still short. even Steve Tsai says no olos

  680. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    hey tsaikos...

    is it true that the coaches had to craft a special offensive scheme just for funaki?...i dont think that can be true...because why would you have a 2nd string QB who does not fit into your "regular" offensive package?...i mean i know he isnt the best passer...but is he that much different that they need to make a WHOLE separate offense for him? we are $h&t outta luck if thats the case.

    that would also prove difficult for the o-line i guess...seeing that they have to work twice as hard at remembering different plays for a "graunke offense" and "funaki offense"...

    that just seems a little too far fetched for me....has anyone heard otherwise?

  681. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    people tend to exaggerate about things like this thats why. hahaha

  682. curveball:


    The fact is ..thats what it looked like

  683. jm2375:

    evening Tsaikos.

    Disappointing evening. Not much confidence in the offense. Defense did great. Team need to get working on FSU tomorrow. Short week.

    Nite nite. Esme and out. whooosh.

  684. al:

    koakane, pride....


  685. Committed Road Warrior:

    Calling it a night.

    See you all later.

  686. jp:

    This probably is more disappointing than the other two loses because we were expecting a win.

    I would think the team knows what they did wrong. Now they just have to correct it and get better in a hurry.


  687. Mike:

    Looks like Rocky might be gone for the season...

  688. haka:

    Questionable thoughts:
    Think this was a tough loss as a fan? How do you think the team feels? Need to vent? Need to lick your wounds? Didn't we know in the deep dark recesses of our minds that this could possibly happen? Didn't we lose a great quarterback and a special "All WAC" offensive unit? Didn't the prognosticators predict this? Don't we have a new coaching staff? How do we define progress in a loss? Isn't it the euphoric hangover of last season that makes us believe despite the reality of it all? Alas, mine is not to ask why; mine is to do or a believe...and to support. There is no question that time heal our wounds. Go Warriors!

  689. LizKauai (iPhone):

    history is made. ST has attended his first T-Gate, albeit afterhours!
    The Kekoa Ohana has left da Cabana. :lol:

  690. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    i feel u..the team must feel like doodoo. whats more is that even if they are getting the short end of the stick coaching wise...they have absolutely no say or grievance process to ask for new leadership (IF this is the case, which i dont think it is)

    ahhh but fortunately for us fans...we public servants these coaches fall under the scrutiny of all taxpayers. we have a right to call it like we see it (whether skewed or not)...including but not limited to asking for their jobs or asking for improvement...accountability...something i wish all of government was held to. hahahahah =P

  691. Mike:


    Be sure to "rehydrate" him properly. He was having blurry vision in the press box.

  692. cocobean:

    Self inflicted losses are the hardest for fans to swallow. Being a retired armchair/monday morning QB, I won't comment on play calling or coaching. But I will say, a self inflicted loss is one of a coach's best teaching tool. When they go over the game film with the team, they be a lot of "coaching/teaching" going on after.
    This was a self inflicted loss, too many mistakes of all type were made. What else can you say.

  693. cocobean:

    meant to say there'll be a lot of coaching/teaching...

  694. las vegas:

    Uhhh, Preseason I had UH with 10 or 11 wins including SJSU

    Keeping positive, UH will win 8 and a bowl game

  695. Pride.:

    "You're never as good as you think you are when you win." "You're never as bad as you think you are when you lose." -Dick Tomey

  696. Bulla:

    good morning,

    you can't turn the ball over that many times and expect to win. i am glad i was not at the game, i would have been more sick than sick. just listening on the radiod to C&K I was sick.

    what's the problem? so many penalties, no discipline, all the yacking, playing like thugs out there. i thought we had evolved from that stereotype from years back.

    i don't know, i'll leave it to the powers that be, but there definitely is something wrong.....did i hear someone say, "Manoa, we have a problem!"

    Get 'r done, and fix it Mack, that's why you get paid the big bucks. The knock on the coaches is youth and inexperience; we need leaders not yes men. If there is no respect, we have anarchy.

  697. 99club:

    Good morning Tsaikos...

    The good news is that we can fix the penalty issue right away. As for the turnovers, if someone told me yesterday that we were going to have as many as we did last night I would of expected to see a blowout loss. Instead, our D kept it close.

    20-17 Hawaii over Fresno.

  698. Bulla:


    i remember the same situation with another team my son played for, it was always 'defense wins games'...but the rhetorical question was 'every game?' haha

    just throwing my 2 sense out there to liven up the room.....basically, we have nowhere to go, but up......seems we're pretty much on the bottom of the barrel and we gotta go to work.

  699. Bulla:

    #700 :)

  700. 99club:


    Yup, we can't always make the D carry the load. I'm sure the guys are in the locker room saying "Eh, a little help here?" :)

  701. wafan:

    I confess. I fell asleep during half-time. The way they played in the 1st half showed some bright spots on the offense. But, once Pilares left the game with the suspected concussion everything seemed to fall apart. It is obvious with the way the offense is right now the only offensive weapon we have is Pilares. If he is out for any length of time we are in serious trouble.

    Hopefully, Libre and LWJ and Rego will return in full-strength very soon. Otherwise, as one previous poster said, we may have already seen the only win this team will earn.

    Bulla . . .

    Enjoy your time!

  702. wafan:

    LizK . . .

    Tried contacting you yesterday but left a message instead. Hope things went well!

    Thank you for the photos of the game last night. Hey! That elevator in the South Endzone used to be where I worked a few of the Islander games taking VIP's up to the pressbox. Talk about claustrophobic. Eh, the job had its ups and downs.


  703. brew808:


    Whoah - the sun did rise this morning... and it looks like this will be a bright and sunny new day.... :D

  704. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    Where's ST, Koakane or Pride?? hmmmm..... I guess they are still getting their much needed beauty rest.

  705. Stretch:

    I forgot to post this last night...

    Thank you to the person who "borrowed" my hibachi sometime during the game last night. I guess leaving the hibachi outside to cool off after tailgating is no longer safe.

  706. Stretch:

    Center John Estes added: "We can't turn the ball over six times. That's what it came down to. They didn't beat us. We beat ourselves."

    too bad he doesn't mention the penalties also...

  707. Garret:

    Reading all the stories about the game to archive the quotes is really painful...but I'm proud of how Sol and Adam told the team after the game to stick together and not point fingers. If the team splinters into offense vs. defense and starts to point fingers, the season will go downhill them addressing the team like this was showing their leadership.

    "No pointing fingers. Unless you played a perfect game, don't dare look at anyone else's performance. We've all got to evaluate ourselves."

  708. Frank25:

    Hey there Tsaikos and Tsaikettes

    Dont know what happened to the Warriors? They need to improvise,overcome.adapt to what is going on? They need to regroup and focus on the next game in fresno.dont think it will be an easy one?
    Everyone enjoyed the T-gate? Rob25 did,how was the grinds?

  709. Garret:

    One thing that stood out to me--maybe just as important as the 6 turnovers UH lost was that SJSU had ZERO turnovers. In the 3 losses, UH opponents have ZERO turnovers...that is a *huge* difference from previous Mack defenses. As Mack points out, UH won games last year when they turned the ball over 6 times and 5 times on the road.

    We did it last year, but we were getting turnovers, also.

  710. Garret:

    3rd down conversions for UH's offense:

    1st half: 3-for-7
    2nd half: 2-for-7

    That doesn't really tell the story because the big stat was 1 turnover in the first half and 5 turnovers in the second half.

  711. Garret:

    Interesting that Mack singled out the OL for praise. Between the sacks and penalties, they sure struggled...but I agree that SJSU's DL is very good.

    Our offensive line played very well against a San Jose defensive front that is one of the best in conference.

  712. pomai:

    September 27th, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    pomai….shouldn’t hiflyer be the winner of the pik the score contest?

    since you said that who ever came closest to the uh score first then the opponent.

    so hiflyer got the 17 on the nose and since no one else had picked 17…..he wins.

    MAHALO al

    you are 100% right, guess I can only plead that it was 4:40 in da morning en da eyes like sit down.

    hiflyer is da winnah!!!!! YEEEE HAWWWW as ronnie would say.

  713. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    UH -27 Calf Pups -21

  714. Hoohiki:

    We have our woes, but Udub's got it worse. Jake Lockers's injured and Tyrone's career is all but over.

  715. wafan:

    I think Locker's right leg is broken.

  716. brew808:

    Locker - broken right thumb. Out 6 wks. Hmmmmm .... throwing hand... just like another QB that should be sitting.... :shock:

  717. chawan_cut:

    here's one positive.
    SJSU's QB is no longer throwing for that crazy 79% completion rate. he only threw for 50% last night and is now at a season rate of 72%.
    colt's record is safe as just like my GPA, its hard to raise a % but easy to drop it.

  718. wafan:

    Almost forgot . . . sorry!

    Good morning all! This is shaping up to be a nice day -- clear skies and temps up in the 70's. Whoo-hoo!

  719. brew808:

    wafan - Sorry about the poor instructions yesterday. I thought you were asking about tattoos, and not stickers! :D

  720. Rich2176:

    So Margo asks me if "my" team won? (It ended after midnight here on the west coast.) I told her they lost a heartbreaker. She asked if I still wanted to go to Fresno, and my reply was - "The team needs as much support as possible."

    Some good positives last night and I think the team is making progress. However, Inoki had a hard time throwing the long ball. I do like his scrambling abilities, but penalties killed some good runs. Receivers finally looking comfortable.

    One thing that bugged me - When Adam was injured and went to the side line, the only person that even acknowledged him was Tyler. Everyone else on the bench seemed wrapped up in their own little worlds.

    Math for today - PENALTIES + TURNOVERS = LOSS

    Honey-do time....laters...

  721. wafan:

    Brew . . .

    Thanks for the correction.

    C_C . . .

    UH threw for a 58% completion rate -- slightly better. BTW, if you are in Silverdale, there is a good Japanese restaurant on the same side as the Silverdale Mall. It is located North of the mall, toward Poulsbo. Sorry not much more help since I forgot the name of the place. But, the food is excellent! And, the restaurant in the bowling alley is more than pretty decent, too.

  722. FloridaTed:

    Morning Tsaiko-Nation and Tsai-Meister.

    After sleeping on yesterdays debacle, I can't decide if it's the offensive coaches we should be concerned with or strictly QB play.

    On the other hand, the coaches don't throw interceptions or fumble the ball. It looks like it's some of both.

    What ever happened to quick slants, short passes and such?

    The offense seems to look lost, but again I say, we now truly can appreciate how great Colt was and by just inserting him, this team would be great. Because of that, I must say it's mostly a problem at QB.

  723. d1島::

    Great Morning All!

    Well, it is a beautiful morning in Hawaii-nei.

    Agree with much that's been stated here:
    - need to field a QB who can play within the base offense;
    - lack of discipine is glaring on the OL;
    - defense is a source of pride again;
    - special teams is no longer a point of shame (with the exception of "shanked" FG attempts)

  724. WarriorFan:

    ..."Manoa, we definitely have a problem"! Something is missing...there's like no chemistry..or is it something else that I'm missing.

  725. brew808:

    IMHO - QB's have their own problems. They were not responsible for the personal fouls, holds, missed blocking assignments, and selfish play.... Somehow, the there's a bit too much "me" in the "TEAM". :?

  726. GMA Honey:

    Just an observation this Sunday morning.

    My grandson's soccer team suffers from something similar to the Warriors. They have great players, good players, inexperienced players. They suffer losses because they do not play as a team. Each tries to do it all themselves, they don't talk to each other, support each other, work together. I ask my grandson when he complains about it, well, what are "YOU" gonna do about it?

    The Warriors need to come together and this must come from within the team. Someone or someones need to step up to lead this team. They need to discipline themselves and each other to avoid silly and stupid penalties. They need to work together as a team and if they leave it all on the field, if they have done all that they can do and still lose, then it's all you can ask for. To lose is one thing. To lose this way, well....

  727. d1島::

    TsaikoGate was great, as always...

    Nice to meet curveball. I wish his inaugural visit to Aloha Stadium had a better ending but hopefully you'll be coming back again as the Warriors get it turned around. There's nothing more satisfying than being there when that happens!

    Big mahalo again to Nalani for the CD. We listened to it on the way home - it's great! (too bad you not going be able to make good on the other part :-( ) It was really nice talking story with you and your hubby.
    It was even more funny watching midori7 getting all "gaga" over meeting you! :lol:

    You get one surprise coming.

  728. koakane™:

    hiflyer is da winnah!!!!! YEEEE HAWWWW as ronnie would say.

    pomai looks like wafan and ralph was closer imho

  729. KonaGirl:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I have to vent...stupid, preventable penalties and stupid, preventable turnovers DO NOT WIN GAMES!!!...grrr...


    I think Haka says it all in post #688.

    Reality check time...we lost Colt, Bess, RGM and Rivers along with (and don't hate me for writing his name) Coach Jones, Morrison, McKnight, Suan and Reinebold. We have a "defense-minded" head coach and a lot of NEW coaches on offense. It's obviously taking time to "gel" as a unit and a team. I DO think they will come around and get it together, eventually...I just hope it's sooner than later.

    OK, on to a couple of other topics:

    1) Did anyone have trouble last night with Oceanic streaming video? I'm in California and had to watch the game on my computer. Last year I didn't have any trouble with HawaiianTel, but last night, the audio was great and the picture was good, but the sound and picture never matched was really frustrating. I followed all of the suggested "troubleshooting" ideas, but none worked. If anyone has any advice, I would love it because there are going to be a couple of more games I'll have to watch this way.

    2) Just thinking about the attendance at the stadium. Now that we aren't doing so well, I am sure attendance will be down. Since the stadium is so much bigger than most colleges have, wouldn't it make sense to condense the size? What I mean is close off the upper half (yellow and red sections) and make those people "crowd" in to the lower sections. Everyone is always so scattered about. There are a lot of stadiums, even the LA Colosium, that have sections they don't seat people in which makes the crowd more intimate and noisier too. Just a thought...

    Anyway, it's on to Fresno...if we can get it together this week, we can make it a good game. It's going to be "passionate" so our guys really need to be disciplined to play the game by the rules. If we do, we'll be ok...we are currently sitting with the same record as UCLA and they gave the Bulldogs a good game yesterday.


  730. d1島::


    I agree with most of what you say with the exception that some of those holding penalties were the result of the QB being too indecisive and holding the ball too long. If no mo' rhythm back there it puts a lot of pressure on the OL.
    Further, and this is not to excuse the stupidity and selfishness of getting a personal foul penalty, but one could see how the frustration of the OL could build because of those holding penalties.
    (JMHO as one who played some OL)

  731. brew808:

    Mathematics is a beautiful thing! Jason and I proposed a formula last season that was quickly cast aside.

    A logical method would be based on the minimum of the sum of the absolute differerences between the guessed and actual scores. This is readity calculated using an Excel spreadsheet or whatever. In addition, there could be more subjective tie-breakers, etc.

    Okay - you guys can ignore this post.... again.

    Jason - your assessment? :shock: :D

  732. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere!

    And Good Morning to our Warriors!

    Yesterday was frustrating. First couldn't go to Honolulu so I had to yell at the tv and wave my bannah in da hale.

    den watching my team implode, dat wuz frustrating, for sure. den reading the comments about what summa yu saw on da sidelines with Coach Brian "coaching" a O line guy, dat wuz sad sad sad.

    But I believe in our team. I'm showing up at the next home game, I promise that to myself.

    I got a suggestion for Coach Mack. We gotta go with one of the JCs now. The QB is the leader.
    We need a leader. I saw give it to the big bradda. Don't second guess yourself. Give him the whip, throw him in the ring, tell him he's there until its over, and let him play. Rausch isn't ready, mentally. I haven't heard him pulling on enough chain to make me comfortable that he's ready.

    I'll stand behind Greg through thick and thin. Tyler and Inoke have had their chance. Sorry, but thats how I feel. I'd rather give Greg a chance to be the man this year and next.

    And I'm standing behind Coach Mack. Whatever you say, coach. I know its as frustrating for you as it is for me. Hopefully you're more frustrated than I. I'm counting on you feeling like that, cuz that gives me hope for tomorrow.

    I thought the game plan from UH's perspective was good, actually. The penalties killed us, and for the O line guy to turn his back on Coach Brian when Brian was venting/coaching, that shows me the young guyz don't feel in awe of the young coach. I suggest Coach Mack give Brian some crappy pills, so he can get fired up samoa. I saw Brian's personality last spring at the coaches clinic. He's gotta project a killer attitude TOWARDS his players. His language skills, speech pattern, maybe the young line guyz think they're his equal. I think Coach Mack gotta work on that with Brian. I dunno, but thats MHO.

    Go Warriors!

  733. koakane™:

    upon further review I take back my humble opinion

    howzit tsai-ko's and tasi-kettes it morning and hope you'alls doing good.

    first mahalo to all who attended the tgate again it was fabulous with the 5 "F" and da luv shared dat day. :mrgreen: shout out goes to 'pops' he was the oyster shucking king. work hard getting dem open for the gang. :lol: d1 and mrs for coming back and bringing the noodles for after game to wind down. new tradition started and looks like a good one. :D welocome to new tsaiko first time attendee's nalani choy and family. he sons pound the drums with Vili and work has it they are exceptional JV players for KSBE (more blue and white) but hubby on Mule yes he attended Leileihua. lopaka43 and his clan stopped by and enjoyed their first tgate and so did curve ball. eh curve ball no foget pace yourself. ;)

    posting more lattas going for dat cup of brew now

  734. d1島::

    Next time "someone" wants to know name of a certain Tsaiko who is holding a dry erase board, tell 'em fo' watch the scroll of Ali'i level sponsors on the scoreboard. It doesn't take long for that name to appear!

  735. koakane™:


  736. brew808:

    Hi KonaGirl - I think someone else had a similar problem last night - maybe Ronnie? It might have been a bandwidth thing. Sometimes when the networks are busy, the video download struggles to keep up, ending up in synch problem w/ audio and video. Did you try going to the smaller video format (less data and bandwidth) and did the problem persist? Just a thought.

    Frankly, I get very frustrated w/ Mr. Leahey's errors and sometimes listen to the 1420 feed, living w/ synch problems between the video and audio.

    Ha - all this time I thought you were in Kona. Are you in So or NorCal? And are you going to Raisin-Land this Sat? :D

  737. koakane™:

    d1 kope prayer meeting session today? or any other wessai tsaiko's like attend?

  738. bighilofan2:

    Some of our guyz had really HUGE game, fo sure!

    oftentimes da oline da a supah job. just gotta play dat way da whole game. to score points, you gotta be on da field and stay on da field!

    Go Warriors

  739. d1島::


    Gotta prep da hale fo' fumigation tomorrow. Next time.

  740. KonaGirl:

    Hi Brew808,

    Thanks for the advice...I actually started off with the smaller format for that reason and since it was doing the same thing, switched to the better picture instead. I think it may have just been a busy network. I hear you on Leahey, but there's still just something about his voice that makes it feel like home...

    Actually, I'm in Kona as much as possible...home is there, but hubby's work takes us to California and lots of other places for a good portion of the year. We're trying our hardest to make the Fresno game, but work will dictate that...gametime decision.

    Mahalo for the help!

  741. koakane™:

    morning again tsaiko nation

    eh brew808 made mistake yesterday. should have packed a twelve pack da six was no nuff. :P

    more shout out to ajoe my patnah in bean bag horse shoe toss :shock: too easy. to Diana for starting up the kamau card game. had some good games, plenty crafty guy. eh Diana I gotta fess up one game you and Ahouse won. :oops: I cheated by not playing a card and used it for the last win ... how come no body caught me. Eh midori after playing with your dad in cards I see why you get mad wen he wins. al and son mahalo for the duck was winna I chewing one bone now. belated happy bday to UH808 the cake looked delicious I could tell because jason was making all this yummy noise next to me.

    finally to ajoe/asports for the last minute costco shopping, james for being our fireman, okazu for dem ham steaks (da buggah meat man for foodland stores), kekoa for finally show his disappointment of UH performance last night and pride for clearing up we won last night game because we were good the 2 out of 3 phases in winning games :?: oh yea to stephen for stopping by it was unexpected but may a dismal night at least tolerable.

    hey wat any takers for kope prayer studies meeting?

  742. koakane™:


  743. KonaGirl:

    Oops...forgot...writing from San Diego.

  744. downtown fan:

    Let's face it. UH isn't a very good team. They play with heart (as I suppose all teams do) but this is not their year.

    I'm not writing them off for the year but four games into the season and they have yet to play a complete game. Somebody has to lose but dumb penalties, ill-advised throws, etc. don't help.

  745. hilogreg:

    My son locked himself out of his car so gong to his rescue with a 2nd set of keys all I had was the radio and lost reception at times.....This game made me sick, sick, sick. Turnovers and penalties.... last in WAC how bad is that, let SJSU hang around long enough to win it.
    The coaching staff brings confidence or the lack of it. Coach Mack needs to brings his staff together. I agree with #695 SillyGorn. and whats with the third down conversions. This should be a wake up call. Gives some reps to other QB's until Grunke is healed, Inoke just isn't getting the job done, which is sad .

    Warriors forever

  746. curveball:

    I was just trying to keep up with Homey.......

  747. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Greetings and Blessings Warrior Nation! :)

    I'm not the same caliber analyst as some of our more brillliant posters like say, Jason or Pride, but here's my take on things:

    First and foremost, get Tyler healthy. He would not have the kind of night he had with a healthy hand and wrist. When he's healthy, that missing component, the offense, will show up big time. With a little more consistency, Inoke can do the job too, but I think our world turns on a 100% healthy Graunke. IMHO.

    Defense. Now they know what they can do. They'll have to keep playing with that same level of execution and intensity. We can all be proud of their play last night..

    Better play from special teams, but they still need to improve.

    As disappointed as we all may feel, our team can still become a much better one. All of the pieces aren't in place yet, but the defense has set the standard. It's hard to see at this point, but the offense CAN be as good as the defense was last night. Six sacks indicates that your offense is sputtering, and that sets up the turn overs.

    Lots of hard work ahead, but the Warriors can do it.

  748. koakane™:

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    actually if anybody is to blame gotta be bhf2. said coming but neva sho up. coaches wen relax cause no bulldog barking at dem j/k we luv you man.

    esssssssssssssssssmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  749. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    First of all,mahalo to all of those who helped make Coach Alan Inaba, his wife Lisa and his first two students from Dole Middle School welcome at yesterday's T-Gate. More on how they got there later on.

    We haven't sorted the HI-5 stuff yet, but it looks as if there'll be another $25 going to his after-school program.

    Second, I asked Jason after the game to write one of his on-point anaylses of last night's game because I'm not comfortable about making public comments about a sport whose inner workings I'm still deep into learning from the ground up.

    Unlike baseball where I probably attended my first game at the age of six months and was playing seriously by the time I was six or seven even though I was a girl, football was really pretty much a mystery until a decade or so ago when digital television became the broadcast/cable standard with incredible camera technologies.

    Having said that, I did share some game observations with Jason last night at the post-game gathering at the cabana about the strong defensive line overall, the horrendous number of penalties, the lack of communication between the coaches & the players, and the key mental errors which set in motion what happened after that.

    Mahalo for those of you who've taken the time to write comments and observations about football which added to my knowledge base.

    Have a lot of work to do today so I won't be back until much later, but

  750. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    First of all,mahalo to all of those who helped make Coach Alan Inaba, his wife Lisa and his first two students from Dole Middle School welcome at yesterday's T-Gate. More on how they got there later on.

    We haven't sorted the HI-5 stuff yet, but it looks as if there'll be another $25 going to his after-school program.

    Second, I asked Jason after the game to write one of his on-point anaylses of last night's game because I'm not comfortable about making public comments about a sport whose inner workings I'm still deep into learning from the ground up.

    Unlike baseball where I probably attended my first game at the age of six months and was playing seriously by the time I was six or seven even though I was a girl, football was really pretty much a mystery until a decade or so ago when digital television became the broadcast/cable standard with incredible camera technologies.

    Having said that, I did share some game observations with Jason last night at the post-game gathering at the cabana about the strong defensive line overall, the horrendous number of penalties, the lack of communication between the coaches & the players, and the key mental errors which set in motion what happened after that.

    Mahalo for those of you who've taken the time to write comments and observations about football which added to my knowledge base.

    Have a lot of work to do today so I won't be back until much later, but

  751. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Sorry for the double post - the website is acting up because all of my last sentence did not get posted.

    Have a lot of work to do today so I won't be back until much later, but once again mahalo for supporting Coach Alan's prgram. We'll be collecting recyclables again in two week.s

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