Monday report

September 29th, 2008

Quarterback Inoke Funaki said he "understands" the criticism he has received, and that he also is a harsh judge of his play.
He said he is trying to do his best, and that he feels responsible for the Warriors' recent setback.
Funaki is expected to start against Fresno State Saturday in Fresno.
• Linebacker Blaze Soares said he expects to return for the Boise State game in three weeks. Soares is recovering from a calf injury.
• Running back Kealoha Pilares and wideout Malcolm Lane said they will play against Fresno. Both suffered concussions in the first half against San Jose State.

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  1. da princess' classmate:

    morning every1

  2. Stephen Tsai:

    From previous blog:
    Santos was at Missouri Southern, not Missouri, for a season, but did not play because of an injury.

  3. al:

    how about adam leonard's hammy?
    ryan mouton's ribs?

  4. A-House:

    thank you for the correction, ST.

    have a great day!!

  5. SteveM:

    Good morning ST1

  6. Hawaiianbod:

    top 4 babeeeeeee!!!

  7. 808Chef:

    Morning all! Another new day brings new opportunities.

  8. Hawaiianbod: 10.

  9. al:

    the dline played there hearts out on saturday. it was quite a battle in the trenches, they certainly held that line.

    mouton coming in on the blitz was like watching a heat seeking missile.

    sjsu has certainly found a nice qb in cal transfer kyle reed. much poise and plays a smart game.

  10. Hawaiianbod:

    good morning Tsaikos.

  11. Kekoa:

    Eh Hawaiianbod...Where you wuz braddah?!..We miss your face at the T-gate!

  12. 808Chef:

    I'm honestly wondering what Rolo is feeling/thinking about all this. The QB situation is getting a beating of a lifetime like olive oil in a vinaigrette. One things for sure...when a vinaigrette emulsifies and all the flavors come tastes hella fine. Time for this team to emulsify.

  13. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Funaki starting? did Graunke hurt his hand sometime between the end of the game and today? I was telling FloridaTed that I could have sworn I heard him say "my hand was/is fine etc etc after the game"....i could be wrong and misunderstood the comments though.

  14. da princess' classmate:

    after 1 anda half days of recovery, i have finally gotten over the sting of saturday nite. ferd was right in 2days paper, no need for boo, these bruddahs only student athletes. inoke no need feel down, plenty places for look. D played great, but inability to stop da trick play, and inability to stop da tight end in the red zone on third down bit us in the rear. PLENTY of problems on O, speed of their Dends continue to haunt us. never woulda said this a year ago but our O can't do much w/o kealoha. that guy has improved so much in just one year, good thing he's only a sophomore. and who knows what coach mack was thinking on da 55 yd field goal attempt with how our d was playing. my parents saw him at the movies friday, not too many coaches would go to da movies day b4 a game, but coach mack we still got your back. steady improvement nad discipline is all we ask for

    and another note... byu in the top 10 :spooky:

  15. Stephen Tsai:

    There are some circumstances as to why one person is starting over another.

    Leonard's injury, whatever it is, appears to be fine. I saw him in Cal Lee's office today going over plays.

  16. Hawaiianbod:

    Howzit Kekoa! Couldn't make it, but will catch the next one. I sure missed your oysters and all the other goodies. mmmmm..

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    Mouton was getting medical tests today.
    Rich Miano said he expects Mouton to play.

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm going back to UH again for Mack's news conference. I'll post in a bit.

  19. Hawaiianbod:

    Hi ST! Not attending the Koa lunch today?

  20. Jon:

    ST - Considering LB play doesn't appear to be a problem, if Blaze can't play til Boise, is a Medical Redshirt an option? He'll have missed half the season at that point.

  21. Hawaiianbod:

    "Na Kpa"

  22. ewagirl808:

    Although UH lost, the crowd at the game was exciting.
    When we were playing defense, the noise was crazy. I did have
    a good time at the game but it"s more fun when we win!

  23. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    are we privy to the circumstances for on starter over another? im dying to know...(-_-)


  24. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning gang...can't begin to vent some of the frustration I'm feeling right now. The D-played well. I agree with Pride that the intensity was there (which is a good thing). The special teams play on coverage improved..but obviously we lost the field goal battle...

    I also have to also ask the question that Stretch did as I thought I saw the same thing with several of the appeared that the up men on punts seemed to just let SJSU's punt coverage run down the field as on two occassions the fair catch was signaled and there were like 6 SJSU players around Mouton and the UH players seemed to be absent??? Was I correct in seeing that or did I not pay enough attention to that detail???

    The offense needs work obviously...but the small things can be corrected. It is some of the bigger things that I have concerns with.

    Anyway, have to do an Esme today...getting ready for my trip over the next couple of, Wooooshhhh here I go....

  25. J-Dog:

    Im curious as to why LWJ is not getting much playing time again. Although, Pilares is doing really well, I thought he (pilares) was supposed to be a slotback this season prior to all the RB injuries.

  26. Hawaiianbod:

    grr... "Na Koa"

  27. Garret:

    ESPN's bowl projections have Fresno State vs. Arizona or La Tech vs. Stanford in the Hawaii Bowl. I can't believe they are doing bowl projections already!

  28. Garret:

    The Salinas Californian (you can tell they are a Gannett paper by their website) has an article on the WAC.

    While Hawaii, Boise State and Fresno State have raised the bar for WAC football, Benson is pleased that other schools like San Jose State are improving.

    "San Jose State is in our largest media market; we need SJSU to be successful," Benson said. "And Dick Tomey has brought back credibility to Spartan football."

    Benson is confident his league is ready if another wave of league realignment occurs.

    "You can never be certain there isn't going to be movement. It's a byproduct of the environment. The longer these schools stay together, the more impact we can have and the more notoriety we can generate."

  29. Garret:

    After their loss on Saturday, Florida had to practice Sunday night!

    In an effort to shake the doldrums of Ole Miss 31, UF 30, the No.12 Florida Gators football team practiced from around 8:30 to 10 on Sunday night. Practicing on Sunday during the regular season is a rarity for the Gators, who normally rest the day after a game before grueling practices on Monday and Tuesday.

  30. Kekoa:

    Mr. A-House ~ Your pahtna at the card table was very pleased with your crafty style of play. I told her that *treachery* is your middle name!

    I believe Mrs. A-House was the first to discover this hidden talent not too many moons ago.

  31. J-Dog:

    The defense definitely looked inspired, and special teams was much improved.

    On one particular kickoff, i paid attention to how UH would bust the wall of SJSU blockers. Richard Torres made a sweet low move and took out 3 blockers allowing someone to make the tackle at the 20-ish yrd. line.

  32. al:

    i actually felt that the oline did a good job. of course there were some sacks, but, if you toss the ball that many times and take that long to throw, sacks will happen or holding penalties will result. its a no brainer.

    their rush specialist, #93, was a 6'4"/240 lb speed guy. they disguised their "pass rush d" well. on occasion he would line up on the edge. then he would lineup with the linebackers and shoot up the middle. and their regular de was the guy who sacked grauke.

    but, as d1 stated yesterday, you can only sustain a block so long and at times it took too long to make a decision on where to throw. couple of times we were in the wrong formation 5wr when they had a blitz package going on.

    the run blocking has certainly improved.

  33. Pauoa Boy:


    Pilares is filling in for the time being because of injuries to Libre and LWJ. LWJ has a arch problem and hasn't fully recovered, it is hampering him from running full speed. Regardless, Pilares is our best option back there right now, he's a definite playmaker and needs to be on the field. Glad Farmer is back there too, big help in blocking.

    I would like to think Blaze could be saved for next year already...wouldn't want a half a season to see him play if that. I know he wants to be on the field but our LB's can handle without him. I hope he can get a medical hardship for this season!

  34. visitor:

    Like everyone else I was frustrated and disappointed at the game. But looking back, as well as our defense played, we didn't create any turnovers. Gotta give San Jose St. credit for not turning over the ball and adjusting their defense in the second half to put themselves in postion to get the turnovers. I didn't seem like our offense adjusted.

  35. Bill:

    After reading Mac's comments about Funaki still being his man, I am less positive about the Warrior's recovery. Funaki was the State player of the year out of Kahuku. That was great, but Kahuku was a run option team that threw perhaps a dozen times a game. I was at the San Jose game, many were at the game, take a look at the tape. Just take a look at Funaki's thrown balls over 20 to 25 yards, do you see accuracy, do you see a tight spiral or a floating butterfly? Ditto for the 1st half of the Weber State game.

    Funaki's a great player with more greatness in attitude & personal dedication. He may know the plays, but if you cannot deliver the rock where it is supposed to be on time, it just does not work. Until we convert to Paul Johnson's option attack Funaki is not the one to lead at QB. Sorry he is just in the wrong offense with the spread, which is a PASSING offense!

    Defense kicked some okole Saturday night\, they rocked!!! Really sad about Rocky's injury.

    Last I am not a johnny come lately. This is my 29th year as a season ticket holder. UH Manoa grad, UH letterwinner, walk on that earned a scholarship starting 4 years at D1 in another sport.

  36. d1島:

    Great Morning All.

    Still kinda in the "head-shaking" mode from Saturday. Still get a few more hours to go under the 48-hour rule.

    Wasn't following the punt return team that closely but could it be they were trying to set up a wall?

    Just waiting for the termite guys to show up; bummed that the timing didn't work out for Na Koa lunch. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on the comments from that and the news conference later.

  37. d1島:

    1) Linfield won in OT! 14-7. Actually get some similarities there to UH. They are in the first year of switching the Offense to the Spread Option so there's a learning curve; their QB1 went down with a shoulder injury in the 1st half of their 1st game so now they are running with a So. who actually got knocked out of one series this past Saturday; they are on the short end of the turnover equation. In fact, they almost fumbled away the game late in the 4th but still managed to get the win when So. Oregon fumbled the snap on their first play in OT.
    2) #2 son didn't get much PT this past week but he was sure excited to be involved in his first collegiate OT game.

  38. Garret:

    This is an amazing stat...I can't remember many teams before who were so dominated with freshmen and sophomores like SMU! UH has more seniors than SMU has seniors *and* juniors...and a ton of freshmen are playing this year for them according to another article I read.

    Seventy-eight of the 110 players on the roster – 71 percent – are freshmen or sophomores.

  39. al:

    lwj still has a foot problem.
    libre still ailing.
    with that pilares returned to rb.

    (jesse and stretch) james.....i also observed that punt return situation. i also noticed that on kick returns our wedge was more of a severe acute angle or at times a straight angle. i guess with more practice these units shall improve now that there are different personnel out there.

  40. A-House:


    Had not played trumps in a long time - maybe 25 years!

    But, had much fun trying to outwit the 2 palookas who seemed bent on blowing us ova - especially the guy to my immediate right - oh, sorrry, it was Koakane.

    Seems the harder he tried, my competitiveness kept growing stronger. I gotta admit it was fun and I "blew" 2 consecutive hands - not watching/counting the cards.

    Look forward to another game at the next T-gate!!

  41. Garret:

    I agree that the OL did a decent job, especially when you consider how much success SJSU's DL had in their previous games.

    If Blaze is out until at least the BSU game, I'd prefer him to get a medical redshirt. Adam and Sol are seniors and RJ can contribute along with the others who have already been getting major playing time.

  42. d1島:

    Interesting about Sunday preactice in Gainsville. I guess for all that booster $$$, the pressure must be huge after a loss like Saturday's.

    Hmmm.....I wonder who is feeling it more now? Meyer or Mack?

  43. Hawaiianbod:

    IMHO, Coach Mack only concern should be the next game (Fresno ST) and not making statements like "We will have a winning record and go to a bowl game, over my dead body."


    It can be done, but it won't be easy. With 9 games remaining, UH must win a minimum of 6 games Fresno and Boise on the road will be tough; along with revenge games with La Tech and Neveda; and ending with Cinn.

    The uphill battle begins this Saturday. WARRIORS MUST RESPOND!

    And for all you haters/nay-sayers - whether you think Inoke should start or not, you gotta support our student-athletes.


  44. J-Dog:


    I agree. Pilares was such an offensive spark in the 1st half, too bad he got hurt. Farmer looked pretty solid blocking back there.

    Nice to see the shovel pass actually working this past game too.

  45. Hawaiianbod:

    Wow! I've posted more in 30 minutes then the past two weeks.

    On that note - Esme and swooooooooooosh

  46. al:

    in the old days, cal lee was innovative and known for successful punt and kick return teams.

    d1, is right that perhaps they were trying to form a wall. that is how cal used to devise it. for kick offs if i am not mistaken. they would size up the kicking team, if they lined up unevenly, like four to the left and six to the right of the kicker, then they would adjust a run to the lesser side.

    they were known for many a return to the house back then.

  47. abdullah fataai:

    No matter what...NEVER BOO A WARRIOR!!

  48. BowsForever:

    ST: "Some circumstances"? That doesn't sound good. We can't keep on with the merry-go-quarterback situation. I hope it has more to do with Tyler still needing to recover rather than "poor leadership," "bad grades" or anything relating to team unity.

    Btw, don't know if anyone mentioned it but Jameel Dowling has a great playing attitude. Seemed he was out there trying to pump up the crowd every time we went on D. Though once or twice I think a few players were still throwing up their arms just a couple seconds before the play.

  49. al:

    rj filled in real nice.

    i think tsai mentioned that blaze's situation is different from others since he technically sat out his freshman year at hpu. so that would be his normal redshirt. the medical redshirt is not automatically issued.

    i guess the new compliance temporary person will try to sort that one out.

  50. al:

    abdullah....true that.

    bowsforever.....if tyler were 100% he is the qb. if not, mack says back to funaki. so the circumstances must lay elsewhere, without pinpointing of course, just read between the lines.

  51. Jorge:

    Who missed the block on Tyler's first drive on the third down (the huge sack) that put Hawaii out of field goal range (even though Kelly attempted it anyways)?

  52. da princess' classmate:

    fwiw i keep hearing around da water cooler that blaze ain't gonna be here next year, maybe das why a redshirt (even though that makes the most sense) is not being discussed but don't quote it

  53. Bill:

    Jorge, it was the right tackle.

  54. Kekoa:

    D-1 ~ I'm happy to hear that #2 son got some 'pt' this weekend. Every little bit counts in the learning curve. Now he can relax and play even better next time out.

    Are you planning on going to the 'Call Coach' show on Tuesday? If you are, you want me to swoop by and pick you up?

  55. Bill:

    Jorge, little more info for you. Looks like they were trying to set up a screen pass to the left. The right tackle is supposed to brush block his man but instead wiffed, did not touch the guy and he came through like a revolving door. BTW this is the same right tackle that looked the same in the Georgia game last year.

  56. BowsForever:

    It was a critical play but it wasn't the worst pass protection in the game. That one play where _3_ D-linemen got through to Funaki almost instantly (though Funaki did escape) was really scary.

  57. BowsForever:

    al - Yup. My first post in this topic had a little "wishful thinking" in it. Hard times for our team, that's for sure.

  58. bumbuchaMusubi:

    Mr. Funaki: If you're 1/2 the man I think you are, you'll just practice hard this week, lead the Team Warriors as best as you can, and not worry about the outcome or the boo birds. That is all that anyone can expect of you. From what I know of your background and choices that you've already made in life, you're a Winner! AlohaandOout...

  59. d1島:

    That'll depend on when the "all clear" is given for us to get back into the hale.
    I'll give you a call tomorrow. Thanks for the offer.

  60. Jorge:

    Thanks Bill. That was a key turning point.

  61. M:

    I know the 6 turn overs kill us but what about all the personal fouls after the play was dead. That also had a big part of the game. I thought coach Mac should have pulled those players out of the game if he didn't. Maybe he needs to have more discipline.
    Go Warriors!

  62. homey ⑤:

    Tough loss...

    Many have mentioned the special team did good. Yep they did good in their kickoff and punt coverages limiting the Spartans to an 18 yard average on kickoffs and no return yards on punts. However, the Warriors did worse on kickoffs. They averaged a dismal 15 yards per return and just 2 yards on punt returns. The Spartan kicker did manage awesome hang time on his kickoffs which allowed the gunners to get downfield and avoid the wedge from the outside. But still yet some adjustments should have been made to contain those guys.

    But that's a small part of some of the adjustments and re-tuning the Warriors have to make.

    Now on to Fresno! GO WARRIORS

  63. BowsForever:

    M -- if only we had the depth to do that. A bunch of the team is either out injured or playing injured these days.

  64. homey ⑤:

    Come on down and join the Tsaiko's at the next T-gate!!!

    Good times and good fun!

    Funny moment at the T-gate: Koakane thinking L10PC was WarriorMojo!

    Good seeing Curveball, even though he was sick, at the T-gate.

    Nice meeting Sheldon, Nalani, and family. Also good to see Lopaka43, even though he was kinda late. Got to meet Coach Alan and Wife along with a couple of his students.

    Thanks to Kazz's friend for bringing the bean bag throwing game. Hopefully he can bring it again next time so A-Sports can try for a rematch. It's a good thing no one brought lawn darts or there would've been some major puncture injuries!

    Good to see the regulars and anyone I may have failed to mention. Thanks chawan for the hero!!!

    midori7 is gullible.

    A-Joe - thanks for the laughs.

    James - Our new designated griller.

    Oysters are an overrated aphrodisiac.

  65. Unkanesson:

    I too was upset about the personal fouls. Mack said some of those were of dubious validity and he's thinking of complaining to the WAC about it. So they may not have all merited actions like pulling players out of the game. I saw one of them when I watched the replay Sunday -- looked like a bad call to me.
    That said, though, there's no denying there were too many penalties! Too much holding! They need to work on their technique in that regard. Eliminate those and the 6 turnovers probably wouldn't have cost us the game.

  66. homey ⑤:

    Another statistic...

    Warriors have 17 turnovers.
    Opponents have 2 turnovers.

  67. madeinhawaii:

    Not trying to finger point and such...but I gotta ask: If the Warriors weren't assessed the 115 yards of penalties, do you think they would have won?

  68. BowsForever:

    I think so. Four or five less personal fouls and we could've at least had a chance during overtime.

  69. d1島:

    Not sure about that but I'm pretty sure if UH scored more than 20 points....

  70. Unkanesson:

    Homey --
    A telling statistic. Brings up a point made in both the radio and TV broadcasts -- the Defense, as well as they played, were at their best when attacking, blitzing etc. When they went to a coverage strategy and tried to pressure the QB with just linemen, they were often ineffective. Maybe you can't blitz EVERY play, but more attack on Defense may be what's needed to create more turnovers on hurried or tipped passes. Uncharacteristic of Mack's defense to only get one turnover every other game!

  71. Unkanesson:

    ...get one turnover... = ...average one turnover...

  72. Stephen Tsai:

    Blogging is tough.
    Blog partying is tougher.
    Kazz has a splint on his right hand, a result of a "cooler" accident Saturday night.

  73. Bill:

    Don't blame the penalties, How about not being stupid, exercising control and just play football. If you exhibit discipline you eliminate the 15 yard personal foul penalty.

    Mac is saying he is going to send the film to the WAC, stop begging, you got out coached & they played within the talent they had better than we did. How about having your young men focus on hitting, blocking & tackling within the framework of the game of football.

    #63 on offense was just plain lolo & chicken, he hit the San Jose player after the play was over from the back, right in front of the refree. #99 on defense retailiated and struck the San Jose lineman, again right in front of the referee. These penalties were not from exuberence or hustle, just from being dumb.

    Personal foul penalties are the EASIEST to have an effect over. Since JJ came here UH has been #1 or #2 in the most penalized team in the WAC, black jersey does not mean you emulate the Oakland Raiders. Just walk away and wait for the next play, play the whistle!

  74. BowsForever:

    That statistic's been buggin' me the last couple of weeks. The defense showed it's great at stopping scores, but last year per a quick NCAA check, the D recovered 9 fumbles and made 20 picks. If the talent/skill level is the same or better, why hasn't there been a similar number of turnovers? For reference, Idaho's D had 14 fumble recoveries and 11 picks last year. Seems to me like Hawaii's D is playing more conservative, attacking less to try and prevent big plays. But going for those picks and turnovers may be just the spark the offense and the whole team needs.

  75. BowsForever:

    Ugh. Ginlack I can kinda "understand", he's a new starter at least. But Josh Leonard, the senior? Man, playing frustrated and (that kind of) angry is the best way to lose games.

  76. Jorge:

    The Advertiser should list penalties as a statistic. I think Kia #77, may be leading the nation in total yards.

  77. BowsForever:

    *quick math*

    So with 29 total turnovers and 13 games, the '07 D had about 2.2 turnovers a game. This is one area where the D really, really has to improve, and I know they can. 0.5 turnovers/game isn't gonna cut it.

  78. d1島:

    Boy, our TsaikoGate QB1 (BG) is on a road trip and QB2 (Kazz) has a wrist (thumb) injury.... :shock:

    Who's gonna step up? :-)

  79. Stretch:

    Stephen Tsai:
    September 29th, 2008 at 1:42 pm
    Blogging is tough.
    Blog partying is tougher.
    Kazz has a splint on his right hand, a result of a “cooler” accident Saturday night.

    that's why it's dangerous to be with Koakane.

  80. Bill:

    Jorge, better yet how about logging sacks & tackles for losses because you blew your assignment and you feet are not quick enough to get outside on speed pass rushers. You don't set your feet, then you gotta grab and thus the holding penalty for 10 yards.

    There were 2 3rd down stops by the "D" that went for naught due to 15 yarders. And one 3rd down conversion wasted for the yellow flag.

  81. Stretch:

    Rob25 - please check your email and give me a call.

  82. d1島:

    So what's the news from the press conference and Na Koa lunch?

    (Anyone seen a wayward exterminator crew in the Central Oahu area?)

  83. Stephen Tsai:

    There seemed to be a lot called on some players.
    Unfortunately, the refs don't always call out the penalties. For instance, on the back-to-back personal fouls, they only ID'd one player.

  84. Stephen Tsai:

    Did I mention that Stretch won an authentic Jason Rivers road jersey at today's Na Koa luncheon?

  85. Stretch:

    September 29th, 2008 at 11:38 am
    Wasn’t following the punt return team that closely but could it be they were trying to set up a wall?

    September 29th, 2008 at 11:43 am
    (jesse and stretch) james…..i also observed that punt return situation. i also noticed that on kick returns our wedge was more of a severe acute angle or at times a straight angle. i guess with more practice these units shall improve now that there are different personnel out there.

    I will try to find a video of what we are referring to but it is obvious that there is no return set up, the players were jogging towards the sideline while the ball was still in play and the SJSU guys are running to the ball.

  86. BowsForever:

    Niiiiiiiice. Hope J Riv is doing well these days.

  87. Stretch:

    ST - don't think it was River's jersey since it is a Starter brand but it is 84. Between the UA undershirt and this jersey, don't know which would be tighter.

  88. Stretch:

    Miano was the speaker at today's Na Koa lunch and there were a few first time attendees.

  89. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    i think that #77 Kia, is the one who Brian Smith went over to talk to and he walked away from the coach, not once, twice, but like 3x. Had absolutely no regard for what the coach was telling him. sad sad sad..........

    hey so does anyone know what is going on with Graunke? Why no start at Fresno?

  90. d1島:


    jogging to the sidelines could be a problem.

  91. BowsForever:

    ST says "some circumstances".

    The "other paper" quoted McMackin as saying Graunke's throwing hand was a factor in making Funaki the starter.

  92. BowsForever:

    I feel terrible for Rocky. If it does turn out to be a season-ender, would he be a good candidate for a medical redshirt?

  93. Mad Dog:


    A year ago, the team could rally a score in the final two minutes to pull out a victory. This year, it is agonizing to watch the lack of urgency in the two-minute drill. The players are not performing like WAC champions.

    The defense played wonderful this weekend, but did not cause a single turnover. It must try to put points on the board to make up for our developing offense.

    Field goal attempts are now a heart stopping experience.

    Although I am a fan of Funaki, he appears more like a relief pitcher than a starter. He can perform for a quarter, but he seems to loose focus as the game regresses. He looks at his primary receiver too long and telegraphs his intentions. It appears Funaki cannot or will not audible plays when the opponent is showing blitz. The offense does not resemble the run and shoot as we knew it in previous years.

    Graunke has the best grasp on the run and shoot, but his physical limitations put the offense in a rough situation. It’s not his fault he has to play hurt. Perhaps we have to bite the bullet and bench Graunke to give him time to heal.

    The worst thing that could happen to this team is to have the players lose confidence in themselves and in their teammates. We, as fans, cannot let that happen.

  94. Pride.:

    If Samson Satele were the offensive line coach, would I be able to walk away while he was talking to me? Hmmm.

  95. BowsForever:

    Mad Dog - I hope a hurt hand is all that is as far as Graunke goes. Two weeks of rest would do a world of good for him.

  96. Ronnie:

    Pride. - Very good question.

    My son is almost twice my size, but he would never dream of walking away when I'm talking to him - let alone yelling at him. I know it's different because I'm his mom, but....

  97. Mad Dog:

    I hear you BF. I just don't want to think it.

  98. (Jesse) James:

    Pride...maybe you could (because of you being a big guy) but I know you wouldn' would want to learn and correct mistakes/attitude....

    I on the other hand could never walk away from Mr. Satele or yourself...even if I wanted to....but I'm the kind of guy that wants to learn from my mistakes and improve my play because I am part of a team. I'm just a cog in the machine and it takes more than just myself to win. As was stated earlier, we win as a team, we lose as a team....but everyone needs to give it 100% and like you've stated, do it right.....

    You can make a mistake...but learn from it and listen to your coaches who are giving of their time and talents to help you become a better player....if players knew it all, their would be no need for coaches....

  99. (Jesse) James:

    al...Stretch is right. I don't think they were trying to form a wedge as it seemed guys were coming off the field before the play was even over. Also, it seemed like the front seven guys from SJSU were running downfield unopposed by the punt return team on several of the least that's what I thought I saw but I could be wrong.....and I hope I am....

  100. (Jesse) James:

    Pride...A question for you. If TG were 100% and Rausch/Alexander were ready to think it would be a wise move to have IF play either RB or a slot position. I don't want to point fingers or place blame or anything because I know the guys are trying. Just a question/thought I had for a couple of weeks now.....

  101. cocobean:

    Four plays changed the game. Funaki's fumble and his last interception, Tyler's sack and interception. Take away any one of those plays and the outcome might have been different. Three of the plays led to SJSU points and one took us out of FG range. What ifs....
    Everyone knows the O has to improve to save the season. But consider, no QB that started the game, finished the game for whatever reason. There have been four different starting lineups at O line. Graunke has had only about five "good" practices since Fall Camp(due to ineligibilty or injury). Add in injuries at RB and blocking back. It's hard to be constant on O when every week there's another negative to deal with.
    The coaches haven't made any execuse so I thought I'd just point this out for them.

  102. BigWave96744:

    Happy Birthday to Oline Lucas Kennard, a RSFrosh out of Iolani Schools

    Also a belated shout out to #35 'Ao Boy whose birthday was on.Saturday

  103. Bulla:


    what a time for reflection....need to regroup and find the right path. the personal fouls are by undisciplined players, period. the call on the offensive lineman happened all night during another game, but like i told someone, '...if they can't beat you, they'll cheat you..' so obvious on film, and pretty moronic.

    kazz, sorry to hear about your tgate injury. i recommend 12 green soldiers at ice cold temp to reduce the pain....

    d1, good job with the 'other wildcats', keep rolling....tell #2 to hang in there....he'll be just fine.

    we are now in Reno for a few days at the Peppermill Casino/Hotel. whew, awesome room, awesome casino, very new and very clean. never had a bathroom with a jacuzzi, a 3 headed shower, phone next to the toilet, and a 32" tv to the side of the double vanity sinks.....nice.

    i'll send photos later, pretty schnazzy, good to have a wife 'in the biz' who can pull the strings........and i have internent access in the room and a view of the pool.


  104. Stretch:

    bulla - i hope the jacuzzi can fit two, or else it's a waste

  105. Jorge:

    Which defensive back was supposed to be covering the receivers who scored the TD's (trick play, tight end in the corner of endzone)?

  106. Pete_Jek:

    I think it's right for Coach Mack and his coaching staff to keep Inoke Funaki as their starting QB. He's not the best passer. True. But the way Graunke's arm looked against SJSU, his throws weren't faring much better (though he did make some good decisions when he first came in). I personally think Rausch has the talent to be the starter, but he doesn't have a firm-enough grasp of the offense. He isn't ready to lead.

    Funaki's biggest weakness, I think, is his field vision. Perhaps it's his height, or perhaps he just needs more game-reps, but he doesn't make the best decisions as to where to pass to, who to pass to, and when. His arm's good enough to win UH games for the rest of the season. That's not the issue. It's the timing of his passes, his accuracy, and decision making.

    But his foot speed and mobility adds a necessary element to the offense, and that's why he should be the starter at least for the Fresno St. game. When you look at how inconsistent the O-Line has been performing, it's important to have a QB that can escape the tackle once the pocket collapses (which is often). So the Warriors should continue tailoring the offensive schemes to Funaki's skills, and they should do fine for the rest of the season.

  107. Jorge:

    Bulla, I thought you were just Bullachitting the first time you mentioned it (after weber game), but after this game, your allegations look justified. Too bad. Oline getting worse every year since Cav left.

  108. curveball:

    homey ⑤:
    Oysters are an overrated aphrodisiac.

    Thats not good news.....

  109. Bulla:


    i think it fits 3, so Lyn and I fit quite well, haha. i knew it was big when i saw the diving board and diving mask with snorkels sitting on the edge.

    still fun to get away....

  110. FloridaTed:


    Have to agree with you. We haven't had a single game yet where anything was settled on offense. Not having a QB for more than half a game is really unsettling, add to it all those injuries and you have a truly screwed up situation. That's the main reason why I give the coaches a lot of slack for now.

    On the other hand, not giving the JC's more reps and some playing time, while sticking with Funaki who, as sad as it may be, has not come even close to cutting the mustard, is driving me absolutely bonkers.

    We all knew there would be a drop-off with this years offense, but nobody could anticipate how huge a drop-off it would be. Imho, that is the main reason for our dismay and serious worry.

  111. Bulla:


    no worries, same thing happened in Utah and the difference was they got flagged the first time it happened. too bad they missed the poke to the eye, but payback is a beeee ya chay......

  112. koakane™:

    # Stretch:
    September 29th, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Stephen Tsai:
    September 29th, 2008 at 1:42 pm
    Blogging is tough.
    Blog partying is tougher.
    Kazz has a splint on his right hand, a result of a “cooler” accident Saturday night.

    that’s why it’s dangerous to be with Koakane.

    Well then cut dem chains and come out to play with da boys.

  113. Bill:

    Regarding ST's comment on the back to back personal fouls. The ref announced the 1st one on #55 and I don't recall if the 2nd was. But I definitely saw the second with my binoculars over 100 yards away. It was blatent and like I said lolo & chicken right in front of the referee, #63 cheap shot to the back shoulder of the SJSU player AFTER the play was over! This was a "dead ball" personal foul and Dick Tomey was right on to take this one as it was also loss of down. Taking the 1st one too would have only gained another 4 yard loss, but 1st down over again.

  114. Stephen Tsai:

    You back in town, Bulla?
    I've got a Weber State media guide for you. But, since I'm not too reliable on deliveries, I'll drop it off with my neighbor.

  115. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks, Bill.
    We couldn't get an ID on the foul.
    We'll know all of them officially tomorrow: UH is making the violators run and roll.

  116. A-House:

    If a player walks away from a Coach when the Coach is talking to him justifies, IMHO, a seat on the bench.

    It send a very wrong message if the Coach lets this go.

    Question is why is this happening? Any opinions out there?

  117. Nalani:

    Hey Tsaiko's - mahalo! You guys are very cool. So nice to let me and the family come hang out at 'the spot'. We enjoyed meeting all you guys and looking forward to another one. Kids had a blast.

    Keep encouraging the players - even the ones who mess up. They're really just kids after all, and they need us fans to be supportive. So do the coaches. They're all just trying to figure this out. I've never seen anyone work harder than these athletes and coaches during season. They put in very very long days and with losses like this, they must feel even longer.

    Fresno will be a tough one this week. Let's get the ohana together and get behind the team.

  118. curveball:

    you asked for this yesterday..gdholdenatlivedotcom

  119. Jason:

    Jorge: Coach Miano explained what happened on the trick play. The Warriors recognized that formation on film, but the difference with Saturday's play was that the QB was in the game at slot; in previous plays, the QB was not in there, and it was exclusively a run formation. So when they recognized the formation, Solly and Adam both audibled to a run defense. However, none of the defensive backs noticed that (1) the QB was lined up over there, and (2) that player was lined up a little deeper than slots normally do. Because of that, the defense played run, and Keao as caught out of position on the throw.

    Miano had a lot of stuff to say today, but I'm going to wait for uhwarriors to post his recap on Sports Hawai‘i, cause I can't remember all that was said. I do have to say, Miano was really, really good at breaking down the game film. Very intelligent, very articulate.

    And no, we didn't get to ask about the alma mater, cause we ran out of time. I didn't even get to ask my question about the lack of pressure on SJSU's punts, although I did get to ask a question regarding the defensive schemes used by UH.

  120. Bill:

    Then #55 is going to get a double dose cause he had 2 "pf's".

  121. d1島:


    Not real sure why it's a benefit to single out:
    - who let the DE thru;
    - who got the PF's
    - who let the 1st TD go?

    The players know; the coaches know.

  122. Bulla:


    mahalo bro, sitll in america, back on sunday. we're in reno for a few days too offset the excitement of ogden utah. be back for the montana game up there.

    utah, nai fotu from kahuku did well, didn't see tyler williams from kamehameha......

    LET'S GO WARRIORS, C'MON GUYZ, CAN DO....GOTTA BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER AND GO TO BATTLE. No need make tan-ta-da, just pancake them on every play....

  123. Bill:

    Jorge, for the benefit of conversation it was #35 on both of the TDs. On the 1st one when #15 lined up at QB I knew something was up.

    On the 2nd one it was worst as #35 had the deep coverage, thus the LB who had the underneath coverage released the receiver as he thought he had backside coverage help.

  124. Bulla:


    in days past, if you walked away from your coach while he was 'addressing' you, you received a personal delivery of a 12" shoe, the suppository version.... no respect = no class = no brains. without respect we have anarchy.

    for those that feel you do not need discipline to play, get real. it's channeling that 'rage' into an acceptable medium....during the course of the play and not after the whistle.

    my oldest son nik's word of advice to ryan, 'bro, you gotta play man, it's the only time you can beat up somebody all day and not go to jail'.

    now that is the logic of the Y generation, as in Y not? haha

  125. koakane™:

    check curveball got it. sending you an email to you. btw joing us at murphys this sat?

  126. lab rat:

    WAC refs suck. You can grab onto someone and let them drag you all over the place and they won't call holding. Maybe they need to create a penalty called dragging. Or is Benson protecting his market base?

  127. Jorge:

    Thanks bill. Of course the players and coaches know, I just want to know as a football and warrior fan. Watched the game live and didn't catch the tv replay, so i was asking the attentive fans here.

  128. lab rat:

    Hey how is Lafu?? I almost had a heart attack when he went down.

  129. curveball:


    September 29th, 2008 at 3:28 pm
    check curveball got it. sending you an email to you. btw joing us at murphys this sat?

    Will know to be careful on when I get sick...

  130. d1島:



  131. d1島:

    I'm glad we don't have to rely on these exterminators guys to set up the tents at the TsaikoGate :evil:

  132. Bill:

    Jorge, don't want to be deemed as a negative fan. I did survive the "Whothappen" era as a loyalist.

    Outstanding play by #58 on defense, he was a beast.

    Outstanding play by both #21 & #51 on offense, until they got hurt. Also #85 was clutch.

    Game balls to special teamers #49 & #19(this guy proves that dynamite comes in small packages).

    I know all the names, but I also watch the game from a technical perspective too.

  133. Rob25:

    Post from BigWave on SportsHawaii:

    Coaches and players leaving the field before the Alma Matter….
    June brought back team pride…
    Win or lose the team stayed for the Alma Mater…
    I was SHOCKED to see certain staff walking to the locker room immediate after the game, followed by many players….

    I stay until the end of the game...blowout or wait for the Alma Mater. It's just my way of showing respect for the team because they are out there practicing and taking all the hard knocks. I think that is one of the best things that JJ did because it instills a sense of unity and pride in the team and the university. I was very disheartened to stand there and watch many, though not all, walk straight to the locker rooms. There are many fans who are supporting this team through thick and thing who are waiting there the share this moment with the team. There was so much disappointment for me on many levels.

  134. Jorge:

    Right on Bill.

  135. curveball:


    practice on Wednesday??

  136. Big Dogg:

    I give some big props to Funaki for stepping up and taking the blame. To me that shows that he is a true leader of this team.

  137. Pride.:

    (Jesse) James:

    September 29th, 2008 at 2:30 pm
    Pride…A question for you. If TG were 100% and Rausch/Alexander were ready to play….you think it would be a wise move to have IF play either RB or a slot position. I don’t want to point fingers or place blame or anything because I know the guys are trying. Just a question/thought I had for a couple of weeks now…..


    Misinformation is sometimes the best remedy. No information is sometimes better.

    I understand exactly what it is that you are thinking, and I agree 100%.

  138. (Jesse) James:

    Hey Rob25...I think I have your spoon. I'll be gone for 2 1/2 weeks but hope to be able to read/post when I get a chance (as Bulla says, from America....MWAHAHAHAHA). I also have someone's stove that was left at the T-gate. I'll keep it until I get back or let me know and if I can try to get it to you before I leave.

  139. J-Dog:

    We need the Warriors to get hot after a win at Fresno like they did in 2006.

  140. cocobean:

    The QB that learned the "system" the quickest was Dan Robinson but then again he was an extra bright, mature kind of guy. Colt may not have fully understood the "system" his first year, but he made plays from it. In the coaches mind's, (Mack, Lee, Rolo) this is a very complex read and react system that's difficult to learn. This puts the JCs at a big disadvantage when starting is based on how the coaches feel about your knowledge of the "system" compared to QBs who've been around 3-4 years.
    Some times it may be better to go physical talent over knowledge of the system. Remember James Fenderson? There was always one guy who called B. Curran in the morn and JJ on call the coach saying Fenderson was the fastest back, strong too, why wasn't he playing? Answer all the time was the other big back knew the system better. When Fendo got his chance(due to injury) he played well enough to get drafted.
    Moral to the story, don't expect to see too much of the JCs this year, the other two QBs know the system better.

  141. Moki da Warrior:

    Funaki was not the problem

    O-line needs to take ownership of the line of scrimage. Receivers must run their routes, but also adjust as they become aware of a breakdown in the backfield. (do not over run their routes). The Lee Brothers need to adjust the plays to fit the strengths of their personel. This is all basic stuff guys, twelve men on the field are coaching errors. Get to work and teach those youngster Mack and the pack. Do what it takes get the message to stick, before you lose the fan support.

  142. J-Dog:

    Mouton is da man, and Solly looks solid.

  143. J-Dog:

    Another thing that killed us was giving the ball back to the other teams' offense as soon as our defense made a stop and got off the field.

    One of Coach Mack's pet peeves.

  144. Dave LetterMan:

    Hi Tsai-kos,

    Think you can identify the school by their helmets? Take this quiz and see how many you can get right:

    You'll need MS Excel to view the test.

    Good luck!

  145. cocobean:

    J Dog, I agree, Mouton is the Man. The irreplaceable man. He's the key in so many of the defensive packages.

  146. ryan:

    Funaki seems like a great guy but he shouldn't be our starting QB

  147. Pride.:


    Do it right.

    Do it 100%

  148. Pride.:

    Four Expectations:

    1. Expect to win.

    2. Expect to be in a dogfight.

    3. Expect that at sometime during the game, winning will appear to be impossible.

    4. Expect to win the game at the end of the fourth quarter.

  149. bb:

    -we have a matador O-Line and as a result....sacks and concussions
    -we are 4 games in and still not a definite starter at QB
    -everybody is getting hurt, twisted this, torn that, pulled this, sprained that...
    -christmas is the theme as we are giving away football after football

    the solution: its time to try the A-11 offense.

  150. Pride.:

    Saturday will be here before you know it. Gotta look forward and not back. All of the negative things that happened this past Saturday are fixable. We'll get them fixed and move forward. We need to get the guys to start working on expectation #1. Expect to win. Expect to win. Expect to win.

  151. Pride.:

    How will we win?

    1. Win the turnover battle.
    2. Win two out of three phases of the game.
    3. Score everytime you get into the red zone.
    4. Respond well to sudden change.
    5. Win the penalty battle.
    6. Win the battle for 3rd down efficiency.
    7. Always gotta win the kicking game.(Part of #2)

  152. Pride.:

    Cannot be afraid of anyone on your schedule. Everybody is beatable. Just gotta get all eleven guys doing their job on every play. Again just like last week, gotta play with a high level of intensity. Don't play like a punk, but play with intensity.

  153. Pride.:

    Intensity will be more difficult to keep this week because it's an away game. We won't have the fans to pick up the players. Players need to EXPECT that and understand that they will need to be resposible for keeping their own intensity up. Gotta play with a high degree of intensity just like they did against SJSU.

  154. Bill:

    Ryan, my sentiments exactly. This is a spread offense that throws the ball 70% of the time. You need a quarterback that can THROW short, medium & long with accuracy. Unfortunately the great guy can only throw short.

  155. abdullah fataai:

    I just want to know how Raushe went from starter to 4th string. I thought injuries didn't affect your standing? How is he supposed to "get" the offense without playing time or practice reps?

  156. SteveM:

    Back home after what seemed a long day...

    Hello to all the infrequent posters who have appeared today! I am impressed that ALL the names have appeared here before, albeit infrequently. The only one I'm not 100% sure of is Bill...versus "bill" from last December. I know, only captalization difference but it's uncertain when only first names are used. :?

    Bulla -- your post #103...sounds like you are in one of the top categories of suites on a cruise ship too :) Which reminds me, I have a tip for you if we ever get a blog cruise going...

  157. pomai:

    Bill you sure your not JG. LOL

  158. Nalani:

    #152: Yes, everyone is beatable! We need to go into Fresno expecting to beat them at home. We need a game plan that will accomplish that goal. That win would go a long way to igniting our team for the remaining game. The season is still young.

  159. Pride.:

    Both QB's need to relax and just play. Trust what you see. Believe what you see. Know your keys and deliver the ball. Remember we have the advantage of flying together on a business trip like we are on a mission. We have the advantage because we are together for 48 hours before the game, on the plane and in the hotel. Take advantage of those conditions and study together. Review the game, and play the game in your head over and over again. Don't grab ass and joke around the whole time. Spend the time wisely and be mentally prepared. Mental perparation is just as important as the physical. Prepare yourselves mentally. Once the game starts, everything should be familiar becasue you played the game twenty five times in your mind. Visualize, visualize, visualize.

  160. Pride.:

    Esme and out. Whoooosh.

  161. pomai:

    Does anyone know if the Volleyball game on 10/16 is going to be televised? Also if the bracelet presentation will be? If they are is there anyone who could record it and make a DVD for me, I will gladly cover the cost.

  162. Esme:

    Hey, gangies. Hi, ST...

    UH flag still flying high in front of my house.

    Warrior spirit never dies.

    Me ... and out. For now. I sorry, got two keiki home with 104 fevers. Hope to be back lataz. Whoooosh.

  163. wafan:

    Dave LetterMan . . .

    Could not open the file. Windows indicates file is corrupt.

  164. chawan_cut:

    sorry so late,
    last night's news

  165. chawan_cut:

    why is midori7 so gullible?

  166. d1shima(tilted):

    Dave Letterman,
    Are you a Linfield fan? Noticed you got that from the Catdome site.

  167. Kekoa:

    curveball ~ Practice on Wed, YES!....what about Willows on Tues?

  168. Kekoa:

    Hiya Esme...Take care of da keiki! They are the next generation of UH Fans. We need 'em to stay healthy. Got milk?

  169. jm2375:

    Good evening Tsai-kos!

    Esme - I feel for you. Hope you have help with da keiki.

    Congrats to da Wahine. Another uno, dos, adios game. Dani, Aneli & Kanani - get well soon.

    d1 - you did say da exterminators were gonna show up AFTER 12:30, right? So, dey was on time (what time was it anyways?) :lol:

    So how was practice today? When does the team leave for raisin land?

  170. Kekoa:

    Oh!...almost channel 2 news time...gotta go watch Joe Moore...NOT! :twisted:

  171. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:


    It's on the 10th and I have a call out to K5 to see if they are going to broadcast the game on non-PPV and if they are planning to do the ring ceremony as well. I'm making DVDs for a couple of other mainland Tsaikos and will make one for you as well, but I need your mailing address.

    Let me know - you have my e-mail address.

  172. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    What I meant is K5 planning to cover the ceremony. Normally, they break for commercials, news, etc., analyses during the ten minute breaks

    We'll be at the game itself - season txholders.

  173. Silky Voice of the Gorn:

    From the WAC coaches teleconference, two reasons for why Funaki is being named the starting QB. One as mentioned is Graunke's hand is still healing but the more important reason is that Mack wants stability at the position because of all the talk that it seems like the coaches cannot make a decision. Sounds reasonable to me even though I've already made it known that Funaki is just not suited as QB for this offense but hey, maybe he will prove everyone wrong.

    And yes, Graunke said his hand was fine after the game but that is Tyler, a gamer who has no problem playing through the pain. It is just that type of injury neuters his ability to throw the ball effectively doing no one any good. Thus I still have to question the decision making process for putting him in since he could have injured it more.

    From what I can gather, Alexander and especially Rausch (not getting reps) are nowhere close yet to being able to execute the base offense at game speed which is why the focus has been on Funaki and Graunke despite the pecking order going into the Florida game. Still it is going to be interesting who he names as the number 2 for the Fresno game since I think they realize they have to sit Graunke until his hand heals.

    As for the personal foul situation, you cannot deny that officials will start keying in on teams and players that develop a reputation for committing them. So they need to nip this in the bud.

  174. curveball:


    September 29th, 2008 at 5:54 pm
    curveball ~ Practice on Wed, YES!….what about Willows on Tues?

    I cant be sick on tuesday, but wed is good....

  175. madeinhawaii:


    I was half expecting you to start saying... "believe in the force.. the force is strong in you. .."

    Colt had a way of simply shaking off any interception or fumble and come back as if it was all in the plan. I'm not certan that any of our current QBs can shake it off as easily. It seems that as soon as they lose the ball -- whether it be a fumble or interception -- they lose composure and everything goes downhill. Maybe they need to be pulled soon after and sit out a few plays or possessions until they get over it.

  176. GoDeep:

    If we are resting Tyler to let his hand heal, fine. We were not going to beat Fresno anyway

  177. TChahng[태한민국]:

    Forty seven out of 50 on the football helmet quiz!

    Number 4, 5, and 29 making me scratch my head.

  178. bonar:

    Coach Mack will learn. One need only look at and fully comprehend Brian K's situation and the underlying circumstances of his "transition" to know the extent of the jockeying that occurred during the off season and the opportunists that took advantage of Coach Mack's trust. Yes-he'll learn that often those that seem closest are the ones that need to be dealt with at arms-length and cautiously.

  179. FloridaTed:

    It's really frustrating right now, because I just don't see any easy solution to the QB problem. The coaches don't have any confidence in the JC's, even though they thought at one point that they were good enough to be starters, Funaki can't run the show reliably, Graunke injured , what the hell can we do? Keep it simple, stupid and hope the defense can carry us a couple of weeks?

    We must avoid turnovers at all costs at Fresno, even if we just hang on to the ball against SJS in the second half, without scoring, we win the game. That's the frustrating part.

    A kingdom for a Quarterback.

  180. Ronnie:

    Darn, I could only think of 42 out of 50...

  181. FloridaTed:

    Amazing to me how one postion can make such a huge difference in a game. Not having a QB is like having a car without a steering wheel.

  182. Bulla:


    '...keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer....'

  183. Stretch:

    People who are disappointed with the offense must remember that we were never going to be as efficient as last year. Last year’s offense will probably never happen again. It is unfair to this team to expect them to be last year’s team.

    When you put a new QB and receivers in the offense, they need to learn to play at game speed. Interceptions are expected since the receivers and QB need to be on the same page. They need to make the right cuts and the ball thrown to the correct area. Without playing together during a game, mistakes will be made and that's what is happening.

    There is no doubt that we are rebuilding on the offensive side of the ball. We need to continue supporting the guys and give them time to get up to speed.

  184. slippahs:

    Fine by me if Coach Mac starts Funaki so long as he knows when to put in Graunke if need be.

  185. chawan_cut:

    today's news

  186. TChahng[태한민국]:

    All NCAA helmets (and more) can be found here:

    Eh, no cheat!

  187. chawan_cut:


  188. jm2375:

    *peeking in through the back window* Anybody home?
    *disarming da alarm, slipping in through the back window*
    *bouncing on the sofa*
    *drinking from the milk carton* aaaahhhhh.
    What no cake? darn Kekoa!
    *slipping out da back window*

  189. Mei Ling:


    Back in town! Back home...

    Anything going on for the Fresno game? other than going to Fresno?

    I'm still on mainland time... catch up laterz. Night!

  190. jm2375:

    Welcome home Mei Ling! Hope your move goes smoothly! I'm sure there are a lot of very able and strong Tsai-kos to help you move! :D

  191. haka:

    The quarterback situation is as volatile as a volcano.
    The running backs track more yardage to the triage tent.
    The olé offensive line has some major matador moments.
    The receivers are just not catching on.

    I think...
    The offense needs to take a deep breath, relax, focus and have fun.
    There were some very positive things that we did this week.
    Now is the time to look each other in the eyes and feel the love.
    Realize a relationship of reliance and rise as one.

    Go Warriors!

  192. tommui:

    Meiling = Welcome back!

    Al has called for a mini-CC on Tuesday at Hale Vietnam (tomorrow) on 12th Ave. If you can, come!

  193. Garret:

    Nice note about Bess.

    Of the 15 receivers drafted in the fifth round or lower only five made a 53-man roster, and none are contributing more in the NFL than Bess.

    What's the word: "He's got great body control. Runs great routes. He has a little bit of Az Hakim in him," said Dolphins cornerback Andre' Goodman.

  194. Jason:

    Ack, only 49 out of 50, I couldn't get #40.

    Got 49 out of 50 on the one that Braddah Lance posted on his blog. Tried it again — dang it, the one I couldn't get was because it wouldn't accept the correct spelling, you had to purposefully spell it wrong. :-P

  195. tommui:


    Never got a postcard. Life is hard!

  196. OldDiver:

    When Funaki was recruited out of Kahuku, does anyone remember what position he was recruited for? i.e. Quarterback, etc.

  197. Garret:

    Classic example of a player who cares more about himself than the team: Terrell Owens had *18* passes thrown his direction during their last game and he is not satisfied and complained to his QB.

    Owens, despite having 18 passes thrown his way in the loss to Washington, had what was deemed a serious conversation about the offense with quarterback Tony Romo after the game, according to multiple sources.

    The receiver, who the sources said was venting to Romo about his frustrations, has not liked how some of the throws were coming from the quarterback as far back as the season opener.

    He wants better numbers and is frustrated with his lack of touches, especially in the deep passing game, he has said. Defenses are covering Owens with a cornerback underneath and with a safety 15 to 20 yards away from the line of scrimmage to prevent the Cowboys from throwing deep to him.

  198. haka:

    Owens is the mirror image of himself and that's how he sees it.

  199. haka:

    I believe he was recruited as a QB.

  200. Mei Ling:


    Mahalo! No need help moving. No place to move into yet.

    Sorry to hear there are people booing the team. No class.

    STEVEM: You can now change my status/state to Hawai'i!


  201. Jason:

    OldDiver: He was recruited as a QB.

    Inoke Funaki (QB, 6-0, 180, Kahuku HS)
    Quarterbacked the Red Raiders to two State Championships (2000 & 2001)...named Offensive Player of the Year and first-team all-State by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin...named co-Offensive Player of the Year and first-team all-State by The Honolulu Advertiser...also an OIA Red Division all-star pick as a senior...passed for 2,446 yards and 29 touchdowns and rushed for 540 yards and eight touchdowns as a senior.

  202. cocobean:

    Some telling stats against D1 schools:

    1. Turnovers: UH - 16 ; Opponents - 0
    2. Sacks: UH - 3 ; Opponents - 14

    Any corelation between the two?

  203. Stretch:

    In between games 2 & 3 of the Women’s Volleyball game on Friday October 10, the 2007 WAC Champion Women’s Softball team will be presented with their long overdue Bracelets. I am currently working with Kinda Shy to get a group of seats together for the Tsaikos. The Tsaikos, led by Pomai, stepped up and were able to fund the cost of these bracelets. Let’s continue to support the women and show up for this event.

    If anyone is interested in attending the game, please send me an email at stretch6592 at yahoo and I will send the details as soon as they are worked out.

  204. SteveM:

    Hi Mei Ling -- welcome home! Please check your hotmail (the cell number I have is incorrect). :|

  205. Mei Ling:

    tommui, Al:

    I'll try to make it tomorrow. My Mom is bowling, so I'm on my own.

  206. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want the off-topic stuff.

    Washington Mutual’s CEO was on the job for 17 days, but when his company failed he got a $20 mil payday.

  207. Garret:

    Open source program enables an owner to track the location of his/her laptop if it is stolen. Mac owners can even get a photo of whoever has their laptop!

  208. Garret:

    An invisibility cloak could protect ocean-based platforms against tsunamis?

  209. Garret:

    The Bush Administration had been pressuring the EPA about perchlorate, and they succeeded in getting the EPA to decide NOT to limit the toxic rocket fuel in our water supply…even though the levels of perchlorate have already been measured at levels dangerous enough to interfere with thyroid function and the development of babies. The DoD is happy…but I don’t think I want this in my water supply.

  210. Garret:

    This guy is suing because he went to the doctor for a circumcision and woke up to find out that his item was amputated instead!

  211. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  212. Addahknowsports©:

    Good Evening Tsaikos and Tsaikettes!

    Just wanted to say was nice meeting the new faces at this past weeks T-gate, Nalani and Shelton and family,curveball and Lopaka43 and family. Hope you guys can make it to future T-gates.

    homey ⑤:
    September 29th, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks to Kazz’s friend for bringing the bean bag throwing game. Hopefully he can bring it again next time so A-Sports can try for a rematch. It’s a good thing no one brought lawn darts or there would’ve been some major puncture injuries!

    Ditto that mahalo to Kazz's friend. That game was a lot of fun. BTW homey, Midori7 and I may set up darts next out.

    Oysters are an overrated aphrodisiac.'t you know that too much of anything is not a good thing? Thirteen might have been your lucky number. Hehehe.

  213. A-House:

    Hi Mei Ling and welcome Home!!

    Will look for you at the next T-gate.

  214. A-House:

    Don't know about others, but I would not mind seeing Jake Santos as the "back up QB" until Typer's finger/hand is 100% healed.

    Jake is a Senior, has been here for 2 years, appears to know the plays, and is "healthy" or uninjured. Also, he has run the Scout teams the past year.

  215. Addahknowsports©:

    Huh? Mei Ling is home? Wow! Welcome back.

  216. Mei Ling:


    That's a great idea!

  217. Bill:

    SteveM, I am not the bill or Bill from December, just started commenting because it's been so frustrating this season. This is my therapy and it does not cost $100 per session. I am realistic and with only 2 back on offense can't expect all that much. But I gotta tell you, don't you just love that "D". . .S O L I D!

    Pomai, no I am not JG and to prove it I know that Elvis is "maki dai dead" and not comin any time soon for those tickets!

  218. Garret:


    My personal preference would be for either Alexander or Rausch for the backup position. The reason for that is because I think that the coaches need to look towards next year, when Tyler will be gone. Jake will also be gone, so the reps he gets would not benefit next season's team.

    I like the idea of Rausch being the backup since he was named the starter in Fall camp and he is just a sophomore. However, it appears that he's not getting much (or zero) reps in practice, so he's never going to shake the "doesn't know the offense" tag that way. Since Alexander has been getting some reps in practice, I'd guess that he would make sense to be the backup to Inoke if Tyler is hurt.

    The current coaching staff gave scholarships to Alexander and Rausch, so they saw something in them. And they have starting experience in their JCs as recently as last season, which is a big difference from Santos. From what I understand, Santos has been getting NO reps with the first or second units in practice, so I don't see how he would be in sync with the offense.

  219. koakane™:

    evening tsai-kos and tase-kettes how we doing tonight

    special welcome back to mei ling. some of the tsaiko's are gathering to view the Fresno game at Murphy's this saturday @ 4. you are welcome to join us. let us know if you can make it there is room still.

    # Mei Ling:
    September 29th, 2008 at 8:32 pm


    Back in town! Back home…

    Anything going on for the Fresno game? other than going to Fresno?

  220. koakane™:

    asports what I hear you and midori setting up darts at next cabana tgate? where are you guys planning to put up the board? if you guys succeed I am in. btw good evening to you.

  221. FloridaTed:


    I think it's crazy, especially in light of what transpired sofar, not to give the JC's more reps and at least SOME playing time. Surely they can't be worse than what we've seen to this point.

    Funaki may know the system, but he doesn't know what to do with it and who knows what's going on with Tyler, we don't get straight answers. The handling of the QB's I really don't like right now. If Coach Mack keeps hanging his fate on Funaki, this boat may sink.

  222. koakane™:

    A house got your blood going at our kamau tourny eh. too bad you missed my slight of hand magic cause if you did you would have noticed you won one more game. e kala mai to your patnah. somebody told me you were good j/k :D

    Us ex fball coaches/players always competitive runs in da blood. No even like give old folks chance you know. bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  223. SteveM:

    September 29th, 2008 at 9:47 pm
    SteveM, I am not the bill or Bill from December, just started commenting because it’s been so frustrating this season.

    Thanks Bill -- will start you off with a clean plate then. :) Welcome to the blog!

  224. Ralph:

    Mei Ling the tsaikos will be going to Murphys this saturday at 4 pm or earlier to watch the Fresno here if interested, SJMacro keeping tabs on who will be in attendance...

  225. Addahknowsports©:

    September 29th, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    asports what I hear you and midori setting up darts at next cabana tgate? where are you guys planning to put up the board? if you guys succeed I am in. btw good evening to you.

    We're attaching it to homey's backside.

  226. Addahknowsports©:

    ....and then have him stand on the table.

  227. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Will bring your tickets to the LaTech game!

    Stretch- try to reach I Believe too- she was a mover and shaker for the bracelet efforts for the softball team!

    Nitey Niye all!!

  228. koakane™:

    September 29th, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    All NCAA helmets (and more) can be found here

    TChahng great find, just finished viewing, thanks for the information.

  229. cocobean:

    Santos was the most focused QB in the spring game. Couldn't really judge his arm strenght but he had that "I'm a quarterback" kind of air about him. Demeanor a lot like Jeff Duva.

  230. koakane™:

    asport come on now gotta be and play nice. homey only trying to entertain you guys till game starts. but den again you neva know :lol:

  231. BowsForever:

    Go get 'em, Bess! One of the best slotbacks ever to play the college game, and it's all uphill from here.

    Since someone mentioned BrianK -- watched that E:60 feature on him, and I have to say I'm a little puzzled. Haven't heard any words of discontent until that interview. One problem is that whether it's budget, NCAA rules or whatever, there can only be two graduate assistants at any one time, IIRC. His current role as team manager is a definite downgrade given the lack of stipend/"scholarship"...I wonder what happened there. Coach Mack seemed pretty firm that BrianK was never acting in a coaching capacity.

  232. Bill:

    SteveM, thanks for the welcome, is this a good thing? Am I, the "Bill" O.K. and maybe the "bill" was a bad dude or something negative?

  233. BowsForever:

    Watching chawancut's...cut of tonight's news. I did NOT like that late shove from behind by a certain player who will almost certainly be doing a bunch of punishment reps for a while. Positive yardage vs. -15...

  234. d1shima(tilted):

    Welcome home!

    Spending the night in town.
    Plan to walk over to watch practice in the morning.


  235. BowsForever:

    As for the second personal foul...closer call, but the second guy is always gonna get flagged.

  236. SteveM:

    Bill -- I was just kidding... Tsai-kos like to eat, so I said "clean plate".

    The other "bill" was OK--maybe there were 6 other "bills" who posted but I assumed they were the same person. You might want to make your blog name more unique by adding a last initial or something so we know it's you everytime :)

  237. Addahknowsports©:

    Okaaayyy patnah...will give da guy a break. I will play nice until the next game :evil:

    Got early day tomorrow, so I be whooshing...esme and out.

  238. koakane™:

    kinda tired so heading to sleep land

    play nice now and behave asports j/k

    akua bless you all

    esmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee poooooooooooooooooofffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  239. Addahknowsports©:


  240. Thuy:

    Las Vegas-

    enjoyed your Pho review today of the Asian girls but forgot me.
    so what about Thai? and then also your GF Akemi
    so what about Japanese?

  241. Addahknowsports©: is smiling and one is not.

  242. Addahknowsports©:

    I like the second one better.


  243. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Hey MeiLing - welcome back. Not likely I can make the minicall tomorrow because it's a very big day for the Friends of Falls of Clyde.

    I still need to pick up three lei - two maile and one white or cream flower - any recommendations for a shop anywhere in town?

    Remember, if you're in town between 5 and 6:30 on Tuesday, please help us celebrate the transfer of the Falls of Clyde from Bishop Museum to the FoFOC.

    RE THE WAHINE VOLLEYBALL GAME ON OCTOBER 10: Are there any other season ticketholders out there who want to sit with the group being put together by Stretch? If so, be sure to let him know.

    Stay tuned for good news about the Ching/Cooke Field contract.

  244. al: called in?

  245. jm2375:

    WassupDoc - check out LeFlowers on University & King, next to Kinkos. Lots of selection, good quality and price. Might want to call them first about the maile.

  246. al:

    lei's.....cindy's maunakea st

  247. Addahknowsports©:

    canx, but now get something else in am. If finish early, I be there.

  248. al:


  249. SteveM:

    Al -- if the pho call is still on, please email Mei Ling.

  250. Dave LetterMan:

    d1: my wife found it on the net. I am a UH alum

    TChahng: #4 - Baylor
    #5 - Memphis
    #29 - Akron

  251. SteveM:

    Thuy -- if you see las vegas please tell him to check his primary email. Messages are bouncing again. Maybe too full from educational matching games... :)

  252. al:

    it is.

  253. jm2375:

    koakane - replied to your email. hehehehe.

  254. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    yo yo.

    yeah id like to see Rausch and Alexander getting some playing time. A second chance of sorts. I know Bobby on the radio has said the "coaches are in the best position to make the calls on whos qb." well for those of you who play golf...just because im in the best position to make birdie...well doesnt mean i always do. so give em another chance and lets take this season back!

    go warriors.

  255. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, new post, new Warrior.

  256. kkinhi:

    No wonder JJ left...he knew what this team would be like and didn't want to be blamed for it.

    Give Raush another chance! Did you expect him to have a great game when he had to play against the big boys at Florida? No! He has a quick release and we have to "mold" him for the upcoming seasons. Funaki had his chance, just isn't cutting it, and should be moved to running back. Graunke had his chance and is now hurt.

    JJ is sticking with his quarterback at SMU and although he's only won one game, that quarterback will be awesome in the coming years.

    Come on Mac...stop rotating quarterbacks and stick with only one of them. You're continuing to confuse the team by doing this!

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