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October 19th, 2008

• Ever come home late, and you're really hungry, and you open the fridge and — voila! — there's an uneaten, I dunno, teri chicken plate  in there?
And as you reach for it, somebody yells: "Hey, don't touch that. It's not for you."
Well, that new $30-million-plus addition to Bronco Stadium, where every booth is  a Ritz-Carlton suite, that's Boise State's proverbial plate lunch.
It's hard to imagine the Broncos spent all of that money on the WAC. No,the Broncos want to eat that plate lunch somewhere else.
(Yes, yes, that was the worst analogy ever, but I just came off my fourth road trip in seven weeks, so I'm a little groggy.)
• Kealoha Pilares' absence showed why he is the Warriors' best offensive threat this season. Pilares suffered an inury to the top of his right foot during the Boise State game. He did not play in the final three quarters. Pilares is the Warriors' best post-catch runner, and he prefers to play slotback. The coaches acknowledge that he is a  better fit there. But at slotback, it can't be controlled how many touches Pilares will receive in a game. It depends on the down-and-distance, the coverage, the read-progression order, the protection, and so forth. At running back, if the Warriors want to give Pilares the ball, they give him the ball.
• Offensive coodinator Ron Lee said he has no regrets going for it on fourth-and-1 in Boise State's red zone. It was the Warriors opening drive, and they had the momentum. His regret was in calling an option pitch to the right. He felt if the same play went to the left, it might have resulted in a touchdown.

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