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Mouse in the house

October 31st, 2008

OGDEN — As it turned out, the Warriors practiced at Weber State's practice facility, courtesy of WSU coach Ron McBride. "Hawai‘i's done a lot for me, it's the least I can do," McBride said. The original itinerary called for the Warriors to have a walk-through in the hotel parking lot.
Speaking of the hotel, the Portland State football team is here in preparation for tomorrow's game against Weber State. Mouse Davis greeted the UH players. Jerry Glanville is somewhere in the hotel. And Erik Pedersen is now a Portland State linebacker.

mm.JPGMac & Mack


* * *

Punter Tim Grasso recommended a place called Wingers, which serves all-you-can-eat wings and sticky fingers. We asked McBride, and he shakes his head in that no-no-no way.
We go there, anyway, and the food is so-so.
So, while I'm talking, using hand waves for emphasis, I accidently spill my Diet Coke. OK, I basically knocked it over, splashing "Ferd's" lap. He's wearing beige pants.
He's also irked.
I tried to take a picture because it looked like he had shi-shi pants, but I had bbq sauce on my hands.
Then I tried to apologize. But I guess he thought a giggling apology was not sincere. Anyway, if you see "Ferd" around, tell him I'm sorry.

* * *

Here's Tim Grasso's list of friends/relatives who will be placed on the ticket list:


* * *

Gas is $2.60 a gallon here.

* * *

"Iceman" is a little chilly at practice:


* * *

During yesterday's practice, slotback Dustin Blount practiced as the scout-team running back. Blount was impressive, using his quickness to surge to daylight from the shadows of the offensive line. And, thus, an idea was born: one coach suggested that Blount, who is redshirting this season, compete at running back next year.

* * *

The Advertiser offered buyouts to its employees. Among those who accepted are Wayne Harada, Lynne Chang and Rod Ohira. That's a lot of "institutional knowledge," as they say in our biz. They indeed will be missed. Jim Dooley, however, is not leaving. He's still our best investigative reporter. I apologize for including him on  the original  list.

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