Alexander is the 1 and only

November 4th, 2008

The announcement that UH will scrap the platoon system and go with Greg Alexander as the lone No. 1 quarterback is a continuation of  plan that had been in the works for more than a week.
It was always believed that Inoke Funaki was best fit as a read-option quarterback, a solid change-up to the usual run-and-shoot offense. He still will be used in that role, and he is expected to play in every game. But  by ditching the "platoon" title, instead of Funaki entering at a pre-arranged time, he now will be available on need-to-use basis.
That should benefit Alexander, who still needs game reps and  the leeway to work out of difficult situations.

* * *

Because of the limited travel roster, the Warriors are practicing "pro style," McMackin said. They do not have the benefit of a scout team on the road.
The good news is the top units face off against each other more.

* * *

Happy birthday to the appropriately named Sweety, a woman of intelligence, beauty and patience (she's married to DPK).

* * *

Princess Leila's videos now will return Monday. We also look forward to the well-produced sports videos shot by Stanley Lee, Michael Tsai and Mark Eidson.

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  1. what's wrong:


  2. SteveM:

    Happy Birthday Sweety !!!

  3. jm2375:


    Kekoa - :mrgreen: Go Twerps?!

    Happy birthday Sweety!

    Eh, how come no more video till Monday? I thot we wuz gonna see some tomorrow?

  4. jm2375:

    rats. 4th!

  5. Postmanke:

    we got this game

  6. al:

    happy birthday sweety!

  7. Stretch:

    Happy Birthday Sweety!!

    I think that having Alexander be the lone QB is good for the offense.

  8. Stretch:

    I think the Oline can use the practice against our first team DE's.

  9. jojo ®:

    Sweety! Happy Birthday!

  10. Addahknowsports©:

    Good Morning Tsaikos and Tsaikettes!

    Happy Birthday Sweety!!!

  11. 702WarriorNation:

    Silverado H.S. Keenan Graham DE said he plans to commit to UCLA during his official visit this weekend according to LV Review Journal today.

  12. Loa:

    morning gang!

    Happy Birthday Sweety!

  13. al:

    so, how is the mood of this team?
    are we rededicating our commitment to excellence?
    maybe they should display a sign of their belief and trust in each other and their coaches?

    they should all, collectively commitment to this. since, for whatever reason the ha'a is not something that 100% will commit to for whatever reasons then a separate display of unity and "we are all in this together" display should transpire.

    perhaps, today or tomw they should all cut their hair to no less than a quarter inch.

    new beginnings.

  14. 808flowmaster:

    Finally! This will be the best situation for both QBs and the UH offense. I've been hoping for this strategy for 4 weeks now. It'll be fun watching the defense scramble around in disarray the first time Inoke runs on the field for a 3rd and short situation in place of Alexander. This will give Alexander great flow in the game, and it will take so much pressure off Inoke when he does go in there. Let's just pray the line blocks and the receivers catch!

  15. Loa:

    chawan - 6 more days

  16. Loa:

    al - i remember the buzz cut being a training camp tradition at some schools

  17. Loa:

    so whats the scouting report on the next opponent?
    i'm guessing their weak in the secondary

  18. Committed Road Warrior:

    How's everyone doing?

    Luckily the polling place wasn't packed so now I get a real lunch hour before I go on with the rest of my day.

    So it looks like it will be Alexander the rest of the way with Funaki on an "as-needed" basis. I wonder if we can spend the off-season trying to incorporate Funaki into some other role, such as slot-receiver or running back. It's only a dream, but hey, we all can dream, right? :) :) :)

  19. al: that last night. at least we will save money now and won't have to trip him here in december.

    funny, how a program struggling like ucla can attract so many big name recruits year after year. okay, it is a great education that is for sure. but, if it is for football only, they have been the bridesmaid for usc for decades now.

    is it the glamour of hollywood or the alumni association's clout?

  20. 808Chef:

    Sweet deal with Alexander. Bout time actually. Now...has there been any confirmation yet on the fact that they're going to keep Mouton on D? That's another move we NEED done. Anyway...have a great voting day all.

    Oh...I started with 'sweet' and maybe now I should end with one. Happy Birthday Sweety. (even if i don't know you or know who dpk is. Oh well....)

  21. djmitcho:

    Happy Birthday Sweety!

  22. al: cut tradition....those were the days my friend.

    nmsu secondary????

    last week proved that you can't just show up and win. the road is tough. even the colt brennan teams of yesteryear struggled until that glorious perfect season.

  23. chawan_cut:

    6 more days indeed.
    i still don't think lunch will happen though.

    Go Vote!

  24. al:

    perhaps the other receivers deserve some real quality time on the field.

    whatta you got to lose?

  25. Loa:

    CRW - thats not a bad idea for Inoke since we have BR and the Steele man coming back next year too, Inoke's a playmaker that has the ability for yac

    al - hmmm, i was thinking the same thing about the bruins, maybe the former waialua coach and punahou alum?

  26. Loa:

    i'd like to see Avery get a chance to use his height

  27. d1島:

    Happy Birthday Sweetie!

  28. A-House:

    Haffi bifday to Sweetie, the best side of DPK!!!

  29. d1島:

    Well, let's see if he can be Great.
    (actually, right now I'd settle for more "Good")


    I think the Oline can use the practice against our first team DE’s.

    At the very least, it will be good for the DL's morale. :-(

  30. d1島:


    is it the glamour of hollywood or the alumni association’s clout?

    I tell you, it's the cheerleaders!

  31. 3-Prong:

    With Alexander as the newly named #1, the pressure is on the offensive line to protect the QB even more. Time for them to step up and protect a pure passer in a true "run and shoot". Although not as mobile, he is fairly good at sensing pressure and moving in the pocket. Also, at 6'4" it takes a lot to get him down. That being said I noticed in the last game after scrambling and taking hits a few times, he looked extremely winded. Scrambling for yards is not his game. Getting away from the "plattoon" system is a good idea. Alexander needs to know he is #1, Throwing in a Funaki "change up" seems to be a good move as he was productive on occassion.......... Is it just me or isn't Alexander looking more and more like a "Big Rolo" in there?

  32. Loa:

    d1島 - howzit, lmffao, :lol:

  33. tommui:

    SWEETIE - happy birthday and best wishes.

    Everybody - I hope everyone has voted or will be there in line. Not only is there a race for president, but you have questions that impact your future and the future of this State and your children and generations to come - like rail, con-con etc.

    Don't complain if you don't vote.

  34. d1島:


    According to BC this morning NaMaSU's OL is supposed to be really bad. I guess he has the experience to know what a bad OL looks like!
    Hopefully this week's game doesn't turn into a slugfest for both sides' DE's...with the QB's being the unwitting victims :shock:

  35. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    A brief note before running off to client meetings, a hospital visit, sign-holding for Chris Lee - couldn't vote for him because I don't live in his district - but he's a great young man, another trip back to the hospital, and then a victory party or two.

    Mahalo for your continued good wishes.

    Be sure to vote if you haven't already. It's interesting one of the most committed Tsaikos around says in his bio on SteveM's site that he has never voted.

    In case you haven't thought about it, the reason the price of oil has tanked is that the world-wide economy has as well. Even though the Wall Street Journal reports that Ford will rehire 1,000 workers to build its F-150 pickup truck because they expect boosted consumer demand by spring for big fuel-inefficient vehicles in the face of falling gas prices, people have to be employed to take out loans.

    Time to go - have a great day and don't forget to vote! And remember, there's another exhibition basketball game this Friday. Probably won't be back here until sometime tomorrow.

    GO WARRIORS!! GO WAHINE!! - take care of Boise State for us please.

  36. d1島:

    Howzit Loa!

    Really it's sad, but what you gonna do? Only thing left to do is laugh a little I guess :-|

  37. Stretch:

    d1 - I heard that also but BC also mentioned a few weeks back that Utah St was a very bad team. I wouldn't take anything for granted.

    If we can get pressure of Chase, if he plays, then he will be gun shy. He was taking some cracks last week and left the game.

  38. Loa:

    i hope the announcers practice pronouncing Veikune and Fonoti

  39. d1島:


    I think Pops and Russell are doing the I guess you're right! :lol:

  40. Loa:

    whoops, my bad, i thought was going get the aggie announcers

  41. d1島:


    His name is kinda appropriate; actually should be "Catch" Holbrook.

  42. Loa:

    btw, good luck to the Wahine Soccer Team in the WAC tournament

  43. Garret:

    Happy Birthday Sweety!

  44. Garret:

    I'm glad that Alexander has been set as the #1 QB and that Inoke will be ready to provide a change-up when needed. Now it is up to the OL and WRs to get used to Alexander--OL to get used to how he is in the pocket and WRs to get used to catching his passes and minimizing drops.

  45. Kazz:


  46. BowsForever:

    I think Alexander can get the job done as the starting QB, but from Curran/Kekaula's commentary and how the game went, a couple tweaks to his game would really help. Obviously his completion percentage should've been better (do your job, receivers!), but from what I heard during the game Alexander hesitated in the pocket at times and didn't throw to his first read. Whoever watched the game, did it seem like a lack of confidence to make the quick pass or something? The other thing is that Alexander almost seems to be running as much as Inoke, if not more! Just check out the box scores for the last two games on the UH Athletics website. He's not bad at it, but does he really need to be taking off so much? There are some O-line problems for sure, but maybe a little more patience in the pocket wouldn't hurt.

  47. Kazz:


    November 4th, 2008 at 10:21 am
    i hope the announcers practice pronouncing Veikune and Fonoti.

    They should feel relieved Rocky Savaiigaea isn't playing yet.

  48. Garret:

    Article debating whether or now San Diego State will be able to survive as a D-IA football program.

    San Diego State football, which in the early '90s drew more than 50,000 for some games, now at times draws fewer than 20,000 and is ignored by much of the student body. The Aztecs haven't been to a bowl game since 1998, and are 8-25 overall – and 1-8 this season – under third-year coach Chuck Long. So how can SDSU survive as a top-division football program?

  49. Garret:

    Article about how the Miami Dolphins' WRs have exceeded expectations of course mentions Bess.

    Tony Sparano was asked an excellent question today. What facet of his team has most exceeded his expectations so far?

    His answer, in short, is the wide receivers.

    Each player has a role -- Ted Ginn Jr's, for example, is to stretch the defense, while Camarillo's is to be the go-to guy, and Davone Bess must deliver 20 or so plays in the half or three-receiver set.

  50. Garret:

    Bess was praised by his coach for his play in their win over Denver on Sunday.

    (Davone) Bess I thought made two big catches, really big catches. One kind of on the ground and he got up and just stuck the ball out and helped us there. The other one he ended up making a first down too.

  51. d1島:


    With game film of the SB and '08 games to date available to him, I can understand GA having a little trepidation about standing in the pocket and waiting for receivers to come open. Can't be fun watching CB and IF getting knocked silly...
    With that said, I'm hoping he can get more confident in the relationship with his receivers and let the ball go before they make their breaks.

  52. Garret:

    It is crazy to me that one of Miami's starting WRs was a walk-on punter for Stanford who couldn't even start for Stanford at WR. The season is halfway done and he's nearly passed his career stats in college!

    In college, I want to say I had 46 career catches in all of college. I think I have 43 now for the season, so yes. Once I had in the upper 40s as a senior in high school. Not 100 percent sure. Another week or two and hopefully I'll pass all of that up."

  53. momotaro:

    UCLA dominated USC during the 1990's. People seem to forget that pre-Pete Carroll, USC was really bad.

    Having Norm Chow as OC and DeWayne Walker as DC probably adds to UCLA's appeal as well.

  54. hawnstln:

    If SDSU drops out, look out for another MWC raid into the WAC. Ronnie, thanks for organizinf the Lo-Cal Calf Call yesterday!

  55. Stephen Tsai:

    If SDSU ever drops out, I see the MWC making a play for SMU. That will pair SMU and TCU again, and secure the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

  56. BowsForever:

    Whatever the Dolphins are doing, it's working. I never expected the kind of turnaround they're having. Bess found himself in a pretty good situation, seeing how with the current trend, Sparano and Co. have easily bought themselves another season to improve on things further.

  57. Stephen Tsai:

    I don't think Alexander held the ball that long. I though the opposite, that he jetted out of the pocket too quickly.

  58. al: are you doing?
    remember the old days playing street football on makahiki way?

    plenty strawberries back then eh.

  59. djmitcho:

    I am leaning towards watching the UH game, since I will be indoors, warm and dry. If I go to the Whitworth game, I will probably be cold and wet, since it's forcasted to rain on Saturday.

  60. shyloh:

    Hawaii has the best football fans in the WAC. Fresno and Bosie are happy with their 38,000 to 34,000 people at their games. Idaho, NMSU, SJSU, Utah St, are lucky to get 15,000. Hawaii seems sad if we don't get 40,000 into Aloha Stadium. I had season tickets during the Dick Tomey and Bob Wagner years. Tailgating at 12:00 noon to 7:00 was a joy. It was like going to a happening eight times a year. 50,000 to see us play USC, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame tough till the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. We can show Coach Mack that we still believe in the Warriors by coming out full force for the next three games, and the Hawaii Bowl.

    PS I no longer have season tickets after I got married and my wife and kids took all my money. I can only go to the games my "wife wants to go to".

  61. BowsForever:

    Thanks for the info about GA holding onto the ball, ST. If only I could see the game live, I'd have more to go on. I hope you can understand why I didn't make a concerted effort to catch the replay. ;)

    I wonder if the run-n-shoot learning process kinda makes QBs more prone to run outta the pocket before a play fully develops. Here we have GA the "pure passer" and he runs more often than even Funaki does. That's a puzzler.

  62. BG:


    Do you think SMU WANTS to be with TCU again? And, do they want to leave their conference at this point in time? Do they see the MWC as that much better than what they are in now?

  63. 702WarriorNation:

    Agree on at least saving recruiting cash/time for the program.
    In the article, it stated he had already made visits to Nebraska,Wisconsin and Colorado so with UCLA this weekend makes it 4 schools and possibly UH would have been the 5th. Keenan was personally recruited by HC Neuheisel since his informal visit to UCLA during the spring compared to other schools whose HCs were not directly involved. Graham said, "When I get there, along with some other guys who are going to commit, we can help turn things around" and "It would be awesome to be part of that."

  64. BG:

    Sorry for the poor manners! Good morning fellow Tsaikos!

    I love a holiday where it's easy to read the WB and post instead of getting home late from work and scrambling to get caught up...and when you do get caught up, it's time for bed. Arrrrgh

    BEST WISHES ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, SWEETY!!! DPK should worship the ground you stand on!!!

    WHAT?!!! Gotta clean the house before the voting results start coming in? Well, my adorable slave-driver is calling... BBL

  65. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Hauoli Lahanau, Sweetie!!!


  66. al:

    while some are berating our much maligned oline, the facts are that they gave up but one sack last week out of 37 passing attempts. so that means we give up a sack out of 38 passing downs.

    the only time the oline looked real bad was when we 3 times failed to punch it in from the one-two yard line. but, again a much more imaginative play call may have worked better, i.e. a play action pass. especially since we are not a smash mouth offense.

    when was the last time we ran one of those "tampa left, tampa right" sweeps? that to me was always a great play for us.

    i would also adjust the alignment of the running backs two steps back so they can see the play develop better in both blocking asignments and running plays. it could be a cure for someone like lwj who has not gotten used to the quick read running plays.

  67. Uce5:

    If you opponents are expecting the mountain, give them the ocean.
    -Miyamoto Musashi

    Hawai's strategy is so transparent and easy to plan for by the opposing teams it makes me think the UH coaching staff might have been under the influence of controlled substances when they made the decision to go with Alexander the Great for passing plays, while throwing in Funaki to run the running plays.

    How difficult will it be for opposing defenses to understand and figure out what UH is going to do when they see Alexander in at QB as opposed to when they see Funaki come into the game?

    The changes being made are not the changes that need to be made. As I have said before, it would not matter at this point who the QB is. The more fundamental flaw rests with the O Line and the Receivers.

    Alexander The Great will not make an ounce of difference to the outcome of the next game.

    If your receivers will not hold on to the ball, and if your blockers will not give you enough time to make the reads and for the receivers to get open, it will not matter who you are as QB, there will be no forward movement of the chains.

    It's good to see, however, to see the community college QBs getting more than a fair shot at QB. It helps that the QB coach is also a former community college QB.

  68. BowsForever:

    And of course Colt was a JC'er himself, though he started off in Division I-A.

    al - If Ron Lee and Rolo can put in the option, they gotta have space in the playbook for the occasional two-RB play. Bringing back the pistol formation from time to time might not hurt either.

  69. Garret:

    If SDSU ever drops out, I see the MWC making a play for SMU. That will pair SMU and TCU again, and secure the Dallas-Fort Worth market.


    I could see the appeal for the MWC for replacing SDSU with SMU, but I still figure that Boise State will be first in line to replace SDSU. Until SMU improves significantly for both football and men's basketball (which will take a few years), I don't think they are needed for the DFW market. Texas owns the DFW market (check out the coverage by the Dallas Morning News where Texas gets far more stories than TCU/SMU/North Texas combined), with TCU having far more fans than SMU. The 20+ down years for SMU since the death penalty has cost them a generation or two of fans.

    The MWC's power rating for football would increase significantly if they replaced SDSU with BSU. In fact, they would be comparable to the lower-rated BCS conferences. And the WAC's power rating without BSU would plummet, which is something that I'm sure the MWC officials wouldn't mind.

  70. Garret:

    One reason I'm not surprised at the full-time starter status for Alexander is that the coaches seem to have been moving to that for awhile. Against Fresno State, UH had Inoke on bootlegs, rollouts, draws, and really took advantage of his skills. Against BSU, the offense basically cut out the bootlegs and rollouts except for maybe one play I can remember. Against Nevada and Utah State, Inoke had plays where he was basically a drop-back pocket QB...the offense used against Fresno State was a lot different than the offense used lately.

    By changing the offense like that and moving away from the things added for Inoke, I think the coaches were signaling a move to the standard run-and-shoot and thus Alexander would be more suited for the offense.

  71. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Hey everybody! Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays to my better 90%. She's off of work and we just came back from voting and the store, gonna watch the election returns and wait on her hand and foot. (Same as every other day.) :lol:

  72. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Boise State desperately wants to get into the MWC.
    But there's no advantage to having it as a member. The mountain television market is very small, and it already has Utah and BYU.

  73. Sweety:

    Aloha Tsaiko's
    Mucho Mahalos to all of you for the Birthday wishes!!!
    Thanks for keeping DPK out of trouble (or at least trying to keep him out of trouble). Look forward to seeing you guys soon! Go Warriors!!!

  74. 702WarriorNation:

    Happy Birthday to your better 90% Sweety
    back to the national news of the day

  75. HiFlyer:

    Happy Birthday to Sweetie.

  76. ai-eee-soos:

    Re: #54, 55, 62

    Why would SMU want to join the MWC ??

    Who wants to play at altitude ?

    Laramie (7,200'), Fort Collins, Colo Springs, Provo.

    I also don't think the TV & financial aspects are any better than where they're at now.

    Not a good move for SMU.

  77. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Hauoli Lahanau to Adam Leonard too!
    November 4, 1986

    Hey- November 4! I arrived on Kauai last night 39 years ago!

  78. chawan_cut:

    why would Boise want to join the MWC anyways?
    ESPN loves them. they always give them that Friday game.
    the MWC has that network no one has, CSTV.

  79. lab rat:

    al I had been thinking a lot about that goal line series. They used an unbalanced line and moved Lafu over to the strong side. They ran strong side 3 times and we know what happened. USU got good penetration. If they had Inoke in there maybe they could also run the speed option to the weak side with Mouton as the runningback.

  80. Garret:


    CSTV is getting more and more distribution lately--in HD for both Dish and DirecTV plus they have been adding cable systems in MWC areas. The mtn network has really poor distribution, but it makes them money.

    Even though ESPN loves showing WAC games on Friday, ESPN isn't paying much for the games. I remember reading around the time the new ESPN/WAC deal was announced the rumored dollar amounts the WAC will be getting...and if the rumors are true, the MWC gets 3x to 4x the TV money from CSTV and they make money from the mtn network on top of that.

  81. addahknowjoe:

    Hau'oli La Hanau Sweetie!

    Can't wait to hear all about the amazing evening out on the town DPK has in store for you!

  82. J-Dog:

    I thought the MWC had that horrible Mtn. Network.

  83. Garret:


    I agree that the OL did a pretty good job in pass protection against Utah State, with much fewer sacks and hits on the QB like in past games. UH's offense isn't a power rushing offense and doesn't have a TE or big FB to help a power running game, so I don't blame the OL for that particular series at the goal line.

  84. Jason:

    Happy birthday Sweety!

    Well, two more votes were counted today. And my Mom is enjoying two cups of Starbucks coffee. :-P

  85. Garret:


    The MWC has both the CSTV (for their main games) and the mtn network. CSTV also provides free online streaming of all the games they show, which will be useful for UH fans next year when UH plays at UNLV.

  86. Garret:

    By the way, the CSTV deal pays the MWC $80 mil over 7 years. A little over $11 mil per year not counting anything from the mtn network. Each schools gets around $1.3 mil per year, plus whatever the mtn gives them.

    The WAC's old TV deal paid less than $500k per year. Each school got around $50k!

    The WAC's new TV deal is rumored to pay between $2.7 mil and $5.4 mil per year. I base that on the report that each WAC school is rumored to be getting $300k to $600k under the new deal.

  87. Pomai:

    Uce5 it is apparent from your previous comments that the only QB you like is Inoke and if the coaches play anyone other than him they are showing favoritism, but I'll tell you something if coach Mack thought by playing his grandmother would get us the W then she'd be the starting QB, the only thing this team wants are W's and they'll play whoever it takes to get it.

  88. HiFlyer:


    32 - 17 UH

  89. OldDiver:

    I am another who wonders why Boise would want to join the MWC. With Utah, BYU and TCU, Bosie would have difficultly winning the MWC on a regular basis, not to mention going undefeated. Their road to a BCS bowl is smoother by being a WAC member, and competing in a BSC bowl game more than makes up for the regular season TV money. Boise needs to put their thinking caps back on.

  90. Stephen Tsai:

    CSTV is indeed getting more attention.
    But I remember when the 16-team WAC had a deal with Fox Sports Regional.
    Billy Tubbs, who was at TCU, hated the deal. He said you want a contract with a network that is available in hotels.

  91. Bulla:


    i hope that this day is a special one for you, may you recieve all of the blessings you so richly deserve.

  92. Bulla:


    just released this morning, the other Coach Mac ( the one that let UH borrow the practice fields last week ) just signed a 4 year extension on his contract. all is good at Wildcat Country.......


  93. Stretch:

    Stephen Tsai:
    November 4th, 2008 at 12:41 pm
    Billy Tubbs, who was at TCU, hated the deal. He said you want a contract with a network that is available in hotels.

    are we supposed to watch football games in the hotel room?? how come they have ppv movies??

  94. Garret:


    I agree that being on ESPN is much, much better than being on CSTV or mtn. However, one other advantage for the MWC is that they get to play their games on Saturdays (very, very few are on Thursday), where the big WAC games are on Fridays. Fridays aren't as convenient for the fans and can conflict with high school games.

    I personally loved the Fox Sports deal with the WAC because I could catch UH games that way for free instead of how I have to pay for ESPN GamePlan and streaming games. Without the Slingbox, I'd really be lost when the games aren't shown on ESPN GamePlan.

  95. Garret:

    By being so open about wanting to leave the WAC for the MWC, isn't BSU adding to the perception that the MWC >> WAC? So, the more BSU speaks up about it, the more the general public might think that the MWC is better than the WAC...which would make them want to go to the MWC even more.

  96. Garret:

    One other thing we have to look at is success in the NCAA basketball tournament. Conferences get significant money based on the number of teams and number of wins they get in the men's NCAA basketball tournament. If that is heavily weighted towards the MWC, then the monetary payout for MWC teams would be far, far more than the WAC. I can't remember many WAC teams going far in the NCAA tournament (maybe Nevada and another team once), so I'd guess the MWC has the advantage there.

  97. djmitcho:

    Isn't CSTV now CBS College Sports?

  98. las vegas:

    Happy Birthday Ms. Sweetie!

  99. momotaro:

    I would think the MWC would be eyeing Nevada if they wanted to expand. They have a decent football program, are top-notch in basketball, and have a natural rivalry with UNLV.

  100. Garret:

    Oklahoma's coach wants a playoff system.

    After coaching 10 seasons, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops now favors a playoff.

    “I’ve come full circle. Anymore, I can see (the argument), whether we’ll get to it or not,” Stoops said Tuesday during his weekly press conference. “Just with the differences in non-conference scheduling, whether you have some difficult games or some people don't. And then the strengths of different conferences. Some conferences don’t have a championship game, others do.”

    “I'm with you guys,” Stoops said. “Anymore, I'm for (a playoff).

    "That's something, though, I still see, timing-wise, with the schedule and number of games, it's still going to be difficult to put together."

  101. chawan_cut:

    espn coverage no matter what day is a plus. everyone has espn.
    in all the travels i've been to for work, our "H" logo and team recognition over the last few years have been unreal. people would see it and say "Hawaii!" and then we'd chat a little while about Colt.
    how many people have seen colorado state play?
    i'd take ESPN over CSTV any day.

    i still don't think the MWC would take Boise. what else do they have to offer? basketball? no. I think Boise's Peterson is gonna have a big paycheck offer dangling in his face after this season. he made the offense go for Hawkins and probably had a big influence in keeping the same O now. if he does leave, how much of the staff would he take with him? would boise be able to survive with a whole new coaching staff and strategy?

  102. Garret:


    You are correct, CSTV is now CBS College Sports. However, that is too long to write and I can't get used to the CBS CS acronym, so I use CSTV. I also use D-IA instead of FBS...

  103. Garret:


    Maybe that is why BSU wants to move conferences as soon as possible...they could easily go downhill after their coaching staff is raided and then the guaranteed money from the MWC would be useful for them.

  104. LizKauai [Believer]:

    On Monday Night Football, Obama was asked what he would change in sports:

    "Obama brightened when Berman asked him what one thing about sports he'd like to change.

    "I think it is about time we had playoffs" in college football, Obama said. "I'm fed up with these computer rankings and this and that and the other. Get eight teams -- the top eight teams right at the end. You got a playoff.".

  105. Garret:

    BYU to play Oklahoma at the new Cowboys stadium next year? I'm sure that the TV rights would give them a nice payday...

    Brigham Young University football coach Bronco Mendenhall acknowledged on his Mountain West Conference football teleconference today that the Cougars have been involved in discussions that could pit them against the Oklahoma Sooners next fall in a game at the new stadium being built in Dallas.

    The Tribune reported earlier today that discussions are ongoing with ESPN representatives to play the game next September at the future home of the Dallas Cowboys.

  106. Garret:

    Oregon administrator really slammed the Pac-10 commissioner.

    In an interview on Oregon’s flagship radio station Tuesday morning, UO administrator Neal Zoumboukos said Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen has been a “lousy” leader of the conference.

    A former assistant football coach, Zoumboukos is the special assistant to UO director of athletics Pat Kilkenny. While he told listeners he was voicing his “personal” opinions, his position on the staff and the fact he was filling in on a weekly segment on KUGN in place of Kilkenny adds weight to his statements. The comments came during the weekly “Duck Calls” which is promoted as Kilkenny discussing issues related to UO athletics as well as taking telephone calls from listeners.

    Hansen is due to retire June 30, 2009 but Zoumboukos stated that the league’s leader “should have retired 15 years ago.”

    Zoumboukos also said he had “little or no respect” for members of Hansen’s staff. He also charged that “nepotism” had been prevalent in hirings by the Pac-10 office and said he welcomed new leadership that will change league policies.

  107. Garret:

    The police were called during Sunday's Buffalo game vs. the Jets...I haven't heard of an arrest like this at Aloha Stadium before.

    The call came out early in the third quarter Sunday to investigate numerous complaints of a commotion in a ladies’ restroom across from Section 336 in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

    It didn’t take security officers long to figure out the cause of what police later called a “public disturbance” in the restroom.

    A woman, law enforcement officials said Monday, was having sex with her boyfriend in a bathroom stall.

  108. lab rat:

    Go Mack Go!

    Go Mack Go!

    Go Mack Go Mack Go Go Go!!!

    Rock um sock um give um the eye.

    Score 10 touchdowns and watch um cry.

  109. FloridaTed:

    Good afternoon, Tsaiko-Nation and Tsai-Meister.

    I really don't understand this Boise pining for the MWC. They don't really want them and they only make the WAC look bad. Bensen needs to have a serious talk with Boises President and tell him to shut up already. Right now they're the bully. I'm not sure if they could duplicate that in the MWC, if they would come over there, every single team would be gunning for them like crazy.

    Speaking of President, just got off the phone with my sister in Germany. Boy, if Obama would run for President of Europe, he would win by a land slide, lol. They're all sitting glued to their TV's all night, rooting for Obama.

    Even though im an independent, with slight conservative leanings and actually like McCain, I wouldn't mind for Obama to win, for non-political reasons. It would be a true watershed moment in american history and might actually begin to heal some deep racial wounds. Colin Powell was my favorite back then, but he chickened out.

    Happy Birthday, Sweetie, I hope DPK does you justice today.

  110. koakane™:

    afternoon gang how is everyone doing so far. voted yet, had free starbucks kope hurry up den da day is not pau yet.

    lost of chatter about da warriors, coaches, play calling, leadership, character etc. if I did not know any better thought all this was about todays election and the peeps running for office :D

    gangie 48 hours over allready so let go and get ready for sat against the team with the japanese fuud name. and since fuuud :shock: came up the pupu buffet menu from Bay View is out so be on look out for it. total cost includes tip and gratuity. plus the games kekoa has planned is worth coming out for and enjoying a nice afternoon on the windwardsaiii

    UH - New Mexico TV-Gates
    Saturday, November 8, 2008 – 11:00 AM game
    Doors open at 10:30 but meet in parking lot at 10:00 ok
    Bay View Golf Park Restaurant
    45-285 Kaneohe Bay Drive
    Honolulu, HI 96826

    Possible pupu buffet -- details pending
    Prizes and golf driving contest.
    Karaoke after the game
    Click here to see Koakane's photos and the menu

    RSVP Kekoa/Koakane.

  111. Pomai:

    The begining of the bowl run
    28    -    21    LizKauai
    28    -    17    Pomai
    31    -    27    Pauoa Boy
    32    -    17    HiFlyer
    38    -    28    wafan
    38    -    24    mp
    38    -    7    99club
    63    -    12    homey

  112. las vegas:

    UH 42 10 NMSU

    UH 45 9 Idaho

    UH 34 13 Wash

    UH 24 21 Cincy

    Run the table and double up!

  113. Committed Road Warrior:



  114. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I'm off to vote now.

  115. chawan_cut:

    but if they're consistantly getting to the BCS in the WAC, why would they want to go to the MWC? there's $$$ that they can steal from the BCS.
    they'd have to fight for it against BYU and Utah and occasionally TCU.

  116. A-House:


    Didn't Nevada, a few years ago, go to the Sweet 16 or 8?

    They had that big center from Australia - Luc Longley?

  117. koakane™:

    Howzit tsaikos again this is the pupu buffet menu we are looking at for saturdays Bay View tgate. The order conisist of:

    Chicken Wings
    Chicken Katsu
    Grilled Pork Chops
    Fried Saimin

    Cost for partaking in this feast is $15.00 per person which includes tax and gratuity. Diana (mrs ceded lands) will be collecting the money at the door. So if you planning to attend please email kekoa, me or simply let us know thru the WB blog. We need to know if we have to increase the order by friday. Presently we placed a minimum count of 30. Take a look on SteveM web page for Bay View pics.

  118. koakane™:

    A House I think Longley played at Utah if I am not mistaken

  119. chawan_cut:

    Luc Longley played for New Mexico in The Pit.
    and then for the Chicago Bulls I think.

  120. Kekoa:

    Wishing you the Happiest of Bertdays oh Sweet One! I don't care what DPK sez, you still are the much better half of this team!

  121. koakane™:

    au'wryte now I recommemba chawan you book book of information. yes NM and the pit.

    eh wot put you down for saturday?

  122. koakane™:

    taking a break to raid the frig would rather raid Al's one but only can do so much

    lattas all

    esme whooooooooooooosh

  123. tommui:



  124. lab rat:


  125. Kekoa:

    Reminder Time!

    Ok boys and girls, gather round and lissen-up!

    Date: Sat. 11/08/08 @ 11:00 AM
    Location: Bay View Golf Club
    Featuring: Warrior Football, Food, Fun Fellowship, and Foolishness!

    We have arranged to have a special Buffet spread of all-you-can-eat items available for $15. total price, which includes Tax, Tip and a chance to win Door Prizes!

    Adult beverages will be at ‘Happy Hour” prices during our stay. I will publish a full listing of the cost of beer, mixed drinks, soon. In case Bulla’s Bombers show up, they do have the necessary fuel at the ready.

    A seperate menu is also available for both meal items and more exotic Pupu’s. (Rob25 can relax as they do not have Oysters on the menu).

    A “Prop” sheet will be available to those who want to participate in the football contest, with prizes awarded at the end of each period of play. There will also be door prize drawings during *selected* commercial breaks. It's all free, but...You must be present to win!

    A Golf challenge for the folks who like ’show off’ aftah da game. Prizes for those contestants include 'sleeves' of UH logo Golf Balls and Hand Towels.

    For those who want to kick back and sing Karaoke songs on the brand new wireless mic and HD TV’s located around the room…they have an
    ample selection of Hawaiian, R&B, Soul, Rock and Rahstaman Vibrations! The search will be for who can sing worse den Homey. I'm trying to find an appropriate prize for that per person.

    Me and my pahtna Koakane have tried to anticipate your every need to insure that you have a good time on this final TV game day. The positive vibes will surely help push the team to victory! We can buck-a-loose in this place, so don't hold back!

    Please give us a shout if you are coming, and how many in your party. It will give Mary Ann a chance to keep da Tsaiko food trough full! Make sure you check in with Mrs. Kekoa so she can collect your $15 and issue you 2 door prize tickets to win prizes.

    For those who choose NOT to have the buffet, Diana will get you registered and give you one door prize ticket.

    Please acknowledge our servers and be thankful to have a very responsive and friendly wait staff so eager to take care of us.

    Finally, for the Wifi users, they do have 'free' access to da net.

    PS: One of the big prizes is a Big 3X5 ft. UH Flag!...Awarded to the person who comes closest to the final score of the ball game (Most be Present to Win!). (You've seen a similar flag flying over our T-gate Tents!)

    I'll be posting the prizes to match the 'Props' thru the week with photos, so check the blog every day! (How am I doing ST?...we got the blog count up yet?)

  126. Kekoa:

    Ahhh...that would be one person, not per person, in reference to the Homey challenge.

  127. lab rat:

    wow Homey your defense prediction got better. Maybe I should change mine???? You know some secret?????

  128. wafan:

    Good afternoon all!

    Some of the results are starting to roll in. Obama is looking okay in some states and McCain is looking good in others. I do not want to bachi either candidate.

    The race for Washington's governor is going to be super close.

    Good news on Alexander being named the #1 qb. Now we just need to find a productive role for Funaki -- he is too valuable and physically talented to sit on the sidelines.

    Go Warriors!

  129. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Wow, Kekoa and Koakane... Saturday sounds FANTASTIC!

    Well, Brenda and Paulie's last Kauai-Gate is starting to ramp up- with SERIOUS fuud. The theme is GREEN new Mexican.
    Brenda reports- the menu- like the fans are thinking Warrior TOUGH, take no prisoners, clear the table!

    Kymry changed her plans on the Green Chili Enchiladas….she is now making McMackin Means Business Enchiladas and she’ll mix up a batch of Iceman We're Going to Make Every Kick Margaritas.
    :!: woo hoo :!:

  130. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Funaki is better coming off the bench. He provides energy. And he seems more relaxed.

  131. whitey:

    braddah kekoa, you get one mean tailgate lined up for this sat. won't be able to make it, but be cheering here on maui. by the way, is 11 am game time or is it later?

  132. al:

    labrat, garret.............
    i always felt that inside the five there is no other play that wreaks more havoc for a defense than one which includes a dive or fake dive to the middle with the quarterback going bootleg with either a pitch man or a receiver dragging underneath.

    keeping the defense back on its heals to me creates more uncertainty for the defense and more opportunities for the offense.

  133. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Stephen- we shared that same feeling about Inoke - he is a "rescue rabbit" off the bench!

  134. al:

    methinks that all along the staff wanted alexander as the qb from the day they first recruited him. he kind of reminds me of a dan robinson.

    once he gets it, things will settle. i still say we need to quicken the game with short routes. 5-7 yards at a time. less thinking on everyones' part. work hard at two or three running plays that we can handle. get that tampa series going again. run more misdirection plays.

    go over the top after we lull them asleep with the short passing game. keep bringing in fresh horses at the receiver positions.

  135. whitey:

    ST, you get some mean wheels. took you less than an hour to drive to the voting place, vote, then back to work. you get valet parking?

  136. whitey:

    al, since kekoa no stay, what time is the game on sat?

  137. al:

    funaki inside the five would be a great option running some kind of option play. keeper, pitch, handoff, or pass. i would hate to be the linebackers and db's.

  138. KymryKauai:

    LizK - I had to change up the food plans after reading Monday's headline "McMackin means business"...and especially loved what he said (among other things), "Nobody's going to Mexico...this is a business trip."

    It's going to be a great game!

    BTW, wish I would have had my Redskins buddies watching the game with me yesterday. It was sad. There I was in the kitchen by myself in my skins jersey and beads trying to watch the game while making "Chang for Council" cookies for tonights election resluts gathering. Missed you and Brenda!

  139. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Hi Kymry! I stayed at work until the end of the game... hanging on to the bitter end.
    Give Dickie a hug from me! I have Rotary tonight.

    Saturday will be FUN!

  140. koakane™:

    whitey from what I understand the UH game is at 11 which is takes into account the time switch in mainland. talked to someone on 1420 and he confirmed it.

    hope this helps.

  141. al:

    whitey...........according to ppv schedule its at 1100.

  142. LizKauai [Believer]:

    Davone Bess' latest Twitters:

    Davone_Bess I ain't saying who I voted for! OK I will. Clinton Portis MVP! 11 minutes ago from web

    Davone_Bess My boy OG Shawn Murphy from Utah State has been barking in my ear all day! It's been non stop! Utah State? C'mon guys! HOLD ON TO THE BALL 1:07 PM Nov 1st from web

    Davone_Bess Have a good Boo day! Im dressing like a WR thats going to tear down the house one mile at a time! 10:11 AM Oct 31st from web

  143. Kekoa:

    Whitey ~ Those golf prizes were meant to entice you and the Duffer man to come on ovah to where the da brite lite chines!

  144. Kekoa:

    Whoa Aunty Liz & Cousin Kymry! You ladies are gonna burn some pots and pans dis weekend!

    Holla!...Me and da Mrs went for some lobster stuffed Chile Rellenos and shrimp stuffed ones last night. Oh boy! Was soooo onolicious!.

  145. Kekoa:

    jm2375 ~ We got one bet going on wetter or not you goin' show up on Saturday. I say yes, but there are others who shall remain anon, who want to vote you off da island!

  146. kama krab:

    Howzit everybody,

    Happy birthday Sweety and many more.

    Go Obama

    Go Mack

    Go Warrior's

  147. curveball:

    Kekoa:What do you mean I lost my breaking stuff..Ask Mrs. I break stuff daily .. wait untill you see how I can curve my golf ball ;-0

  148. Kazz:

    Current Electoral Vote Count:

    McCain - 90
    Obama - 200 :mrgreen:

  149. wafan:

    Almost forgot!!!

    Happy birthday Sweety!!! I have not had the pleasure of meeting you or DPK -- yet. I cannot believe DPK married a twenty-nine year old.

  150. Kekoa:

    Curveball ~ Bring it in high and tight! That's how we like it!

  151. whitey:

    koakane, al, kekoa. thanks for the info.

  152. d1島:


    You get mail

  153. Kazz:

    Current Electoral Vote Count:

    Obama - 207
    McCain -135

  154. Ralph:

    I'll be at bayview if I can find it off the H3 and Likelike.....

  155. al:

    well, kazz.....there goes my need to record the election results that i was going to watch after dinner. i guess it will go in the same pile with the world series, wahine vb, oia playoffs, and those korean soaps.

    nah, just kidding. i don't watch korean soaps.

  156. al: don't know where bayview is?

  157. Stretch:

    November 4th, 2008 at 5:52 pm
    nah, just kidding. i don’t watch korean soaps.

    no act...

  158. Mei Ling:

    Hau'oli la hanau, Sweety!!! Hope I get to meet you someday.

    Sopapillas are the dessert of choice at my favorite Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff. "Ferd", hope you find some; I'm sure that's not hard to do in New Mexico. Red or green?


  159. lab rat:

    Barak Wins.

  160. Kazz:

    Some where "Toot" is smiling...

    OBAMA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 284-146!!!!!

  161. Committed Road Warrior:

    Should I give away the news about the election?

  162. Committed Road Warrior:

    Nevermind. Thanks Kazz and lab rat

  163. Kazz:

    RE: Obama Wins.

    No word on how Tim Tebow has handled the news... awwww..... :sad:

  164. Maverick:

    Mei Ling
    Go Red & Green when you get the chance. Twice the taste and fun.

  165. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Barack, da Punahou guy, wins! God Bless America, God Bless us all.

  166. jm2375:

    Kekoa - #145. ummmm, I don't think you should have made that bet. It's even money on whether or not I make it. Mebbe I should find an excuse to ground the kid so I don't have to take her anywhere. :mrgreen:
    I WILL be at the Cincy game. Finally got an answer from my sis.

  167. jm2375:

    BTW, anyone else having problems with Oceanic tonight? Digital cable channels don't seem to be working and the analog channels are really "snowy". grrrrrrr.

  168. Ralph:

    last than 15 minutes after our polls close McCain concedes on national tv

  169. Ralph:

    JaM tried to explain the directions to me at tsaikogate and I did look at google and mapquest....I still can't figure it out, I've gone across Kam hwy to the back side parking lot to Castle football field for soccer but everything else appears residential....

  170. madeinhawaii:

    I dunno.. Obama is inheriting a team worst than our Warriors... hoo boy.. he got his work cut out for him over the next 4-8 years.

  171. madeinhawaii:


    My roadrunner internet connection is giving me problems as well.

  172. Curt:

    Wow. It looks slow tonight. Everyone must be checking out the election commentary. Congrats to Obama and Biden. Time to heal.

  173. Curt:

    I would think Mufi and rail will win handily tonight.

  174. koakane™:

    just finished watching Obama speech as president elect. my congrats to him, he seems sincere, well thought out, and family orientated.

    good evening tsaikos has the blog changed? seems different but I can work with this.

  175. koakane™:

    ralph are you trying to get to bay view because if you are then you are no where near it. if you on the backside of castle by the baseball outfield way off.

  176. momotaro:

    koakane, I think you are mixing up Luc Longley (NM) with Andrew Bogut (Utah). Both of them are Australian centers that went on to play in the NBA.

  177. momotaro:

    A-house, you are thinking of Nick Fazekas. He led Nevada to four straight NCAA appearances.

  178. midnight:


    Midnight and Barbara will be attending.

    Happy Birthday Sweety!!

  179. midnight:


    I was too short... meaning Barbara and I will be attending the TV gate at Bayview on Saturday.

  180. Ronnie:

    Happy Birthday Sweety!!!!

    Ok, back to work...


  181. Ronnie:

    oops... must not have closed my tags...

  182. Curt:

    If my memory serves me right, I do recall Luc Longley playing for the Bulls. I also recall that Luc wanted to attend UH but his mom thought otherwise. Too bad...for us.

  183. Ralph:

    koakane give me the directions, once I'm on H3, off ramp to Likelike, then where?

  184. Curt:

    Per Wikipedia, Luc Longley was traded to the Bulls in the 93-94 season. While there, the team won 3 straight championships from 96-98.

  185. chawan_cut:

    no UH news for tonight.
    all political stuff only.

  186. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    JD and Pride.'s teammate is doing well on Kauai so far.

    Just pau Rotary. Another great meeting!

  187. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    hi chawan- all thawed out now???

  188. Stephen Tsai:

    And then when Luc Longley was damaged goods, he was traded to the Knicks as part of the Patrick Ewing trade. Yes, somehow Longley got traded for Ewing.

  189. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Hi ST!

  190. Pride.:

    Luc Longley's mom was a student at the University of Hawaii in the early eighties. I always felt intimidated by her because of her 6'7" frame. What a wuss I was back then. She was pleasant and all, but she always made me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't intimidated by her husband who was about 6'11" I believe. I just wasn't used to being around women that tall.

  191. sjmacro:

    Ralph: here's google map link to Bay View; cross street to Kaneohe Bay Drive is Mokulele where there is a light.,-157.78896&hl=en&geocode=FTKVRgEd_CmY9g%3B&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=17&sll=21.40542,-157.793627&sspn=0.007771,0.013905&ie=UTF8&z=17

  192. jm2375:

    Hi ST & Liz!

    Hey ST, there is a way to make it to practice on time. Just leave the house earlier!! :roll:

  193. Stretch:

    November 4th, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    What a wuss I was back then.

    Admitting is the first step to acceptance.

  194. Pride.:

    Ralph, stay on Kaneohe Bay drive which will take you past the front of Castle High school. Keep driving past the auditorium. At the next traffic light Bayview golf course will be on your left side. Cannot miss.

  195. Pride.:

    Back then. Stretch, not anymore. Women don't intimidate me, except for the one that sits on my left when we play trumps.

  196. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Hi jm2375, sjmacro, stretch, Pride. Interesting times we live in!

  197. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    "Back then. Stretch, not anymore. Women don’t intimidate me, except for the one that sits on my left when we play trumps."

    You are wise beyond your years! ;-)

  198. A-House:


    Stay on Like Like.

    1st traffic lite is Kahekili/Like Like. Stay in "center" lane.

    3rd traffic like is Kahekili/Kam Hwy - references: Burger King on R/side, Windward Toyota on L/side.

    Cross intersection and stay on Bay View Dr.

    3rd traffic lite - Castle HS on R/side - keeping going straight.

    pass 4th traffic lite - Castle HS still on R/side.

    5th traffic lite - make L/turn into Bay View Golf Course parking lot.

    Good hunting!!!

  199. Curt:

    Howzit Pride,

    Wow. That Mrs Longley is one tall woman...not to mention her hubby too. She could've played for the women's basketball or volleyball teams...maybe even the men's too. Ha-ha.

    Question: Why were both Mr & Mrs Longley attending college in the 80s? It seems rather late as their son attended Univ of New Mexico in the late 80s.

  200. SteveM:


  201. A-House:

    Watching President-Elect Obama's speech, the one common thing on faces in the crowd, both in Chicago and Times Square, was the faces of HOPE that he will lead our country to bigger and better things - nationally and internationally - race was not a factor, only HOPE that there will be better things to come - and we need it!!!

    Do the Warrior fans, players, and coaches have that same face? Hope so!!!

  202. FloridaTed:

    The Audacity of Hope won a great victory. What an amazing story. The World sure loves our new President.

    But what a huge load he's just put on his shoulders. Huge expectations are preceeding him and the audacity of MY hope is that Obama will actually live up to them and bring a new wind into the world, that will blow away the old cobwebs of failed human relations and systems , economic or political.

  203. Ralph:

    thanks sjmacro

  204. Curt:


    An even better question is why did Mrs Longley discourage Luc from attending UH when she was an alum herself? Hmmmm.

  205. A-House:


    Good neighbor, any more good news on recruiting?

    Looks like UCLA won the battle for that DE from Silverado HS. Best of luck to him as he pursues his college career.

    What's do scoop on O-line recruiting situation? Got enough transfers and "red-shirt" frosh? Still looking for HS O-linemen?

  206. FloridaTed:

    Martin Luther King is sure smiling right now.

  207. A-House:

    Florida Ted:

    You still up at this hour? After 0230 hours your time!!

    Obama did make a disclaimer that it may take one or more years before significant changes are made. However, his military transition is already at work!!

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  208. A-House:

    oops, forgot to add "team".

  209. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want the off-topic stuff.

    Japanese scientists cloned mice that were frozen for up to 16 years and say that their technique could be used to resurrect mammoths and other extinct species.

  210. Garret:

    40 tons of pot were destroyed yesterday by coalition troops in Afghanistan.

  211. Garret:

    The US military says that Twitter poses a terrorist threat.

  212. Addahknowsports©:


    After seeing the fabulous finalized advertisement for this weekend's UH/New Mexico gathering offering the promise of Fs and activities galore, how could we not attend. Please put down a-joe, myself and my foot .........oh, wait.....that's for a count of 2.
    When I was growing up, I could really put away the food. My dad used to always talk about this wooden leg I had. Today, I can still put away the food, but it seems I now have a lead foot. But don't count the foot. I promise I'll keep it in check......until we hit the driving range. Bwahaha.

    Kymry (if you're lurking)-

    I love the names of the food menu items that you're making for your Kauai gathering. I look forward to the pics that I am sure LizK will post. Yee haw!

    I hope we kick some okole this weekend. Go Warriors!

  213. Garret:

    An Afghan police chief and a district leader actually helped the Taliban carry out an attack on US troops that led to 9 US soldiers being killed and a US outpost being nearly overrun. The US has decided that the Afghan governor who aided the Taliban in attacking US troops will be allowed to remain in power without punishment, though the police chief might be in trouble.

  214. Garret:

    The Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary is now available for the iTouch and iPhone.

  215. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  216. madeinhawaii:


    40 tons of pot were destroyed yesterday by coalition troops in Afghanistan.

    Wow! Lots of stoned troopers walking them hills right now.

  217. Addahknowsports©:

    Oops, Garret. It seems I buried myself in your posts. Didn't mean to interrupt.

  218. d1島:


    Since most everyone is talking politics here, I'll chime in this once....

    We may not get there in one year or even in one term

    He hasn't governed one day and the re-election campaign already begins. He is a terrific campaigner; we'll see if he can actually govern.

    There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president.

    I look forward to the line-by-line review of Pelosi-Reed legislation that is brought to the Oval Office and the resulting program cuts that will follow ;-)

    In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let's resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.

    The Over/Under on the # of days after the Inauguration before we hear that the "8 years of failed strategies of the previous administration have made it too difficult for us to accomplish what it is we set out to do in this 1st term."

    OK...back to Warrior football...

  219. madeinhawaii:


    "Twitter" ...? As in

    Sending tweets is a threat to national security?

  220. d1島:

    Any word on how "pro-style" practice went today?

  221. Garret:


    Don't worry about it! I love to read your posts and don't mind anyone breaking up the free play posts! The blog software doesn't like me to post too quickly anyway (I get the "you are posting too quickly, slow down"), so they will be broken up a lot. I don't want anyone to feel they should stop need to wait to post!

  222. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:


  223. madeinhawaii:


    “8 years of failed strategies of the previous administration have made it too difficult for us to accomplish what it is we set out to do in this 1st term.”

    I think you just made Obama and the next Governor's speechwriter's job that much easier.

  224. madeinhawaii:

    What Liz? You need a cab?

  225. Garret:


    I was wondering how they destroyed all of that pot...without getting everyone within miles high!

  226. Garret:


    Yes, the US military has decided that twitter is a threat to national security because it provides a way for terrorists to communicate.

  227. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    mih- Bwahahahaha! it was a co-ink-idink! :lol:

  228. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Garret- uh oh... I wonder what they would think about the bat-signal or the dark mark....
    Twitter is to keep up with Davone Bess, gunfunnit!

  229. d1島:


    It is also feared that Tweets from troops stationed overseas could be used by terrorists as information for attacks.

    Sounds like the 21st century version of "loose lips sinks ships"

  230. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Hi d1!

  231. d1島:

    Wassup Liz!

  232. madeinhawaii:


    That having been said regarding Twitter, then with the right intelligence it could be used for the dissemination of misinfomation as well. If not Twitter, I bet they'd find something else real quick. It's not like there are many agents out there that can readily translate arabic phone calls.

  233. Pride.:

    Curt. Luc's mom was in school. Not dad. Met dad when he was passing through once.

  234. d1島:

    Find it funny imagining a 6'11" guy just "passing thru" anywhere in Hawaii. :-)

  235. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    d1 - uku-boi is taking chorus this semester. They are doing a bit of "Think of Me" and he has a small solo. I told him you really can do that song justice.

    Of course, now he's dying to come to a Krazy Karaoke Tsai-ko event!

  236. Kekoa:

    Ok Kids...Just a little taste of some of the prizes up for grabs...

  237. d1島:


    That's great to hear.
    Wow, that's a pretty heavy tune for a HS soprano; must have some talented songstresses in his school.

  238. jm2375:

    Howzit Kekoa-sensei! How you?

    So, wuz it Homey-san who wants to kick me off da aina? :evil:

  239. d1島:

    Think of Me

  240. Kumu:


    November 4th, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    Since most everyone is talking politics here, I’ll chime in this once….

    We may not get there in one year or even in one term

    He hasn’t governed one day and the re-election campaign already begins. He is a terrific campaigner; we’ll see if he can actually govern.

    There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won’t agree with every decision or policy I make as president.

    I look forward to the line-by-line review of Pelosi-Reed legislation that is brought to the Oval Office and the resulting program cuts that will follow

    In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let’s resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.

    The Over/Under on the # of days after the Inauguration before we hear that the “8 years of failed strategies of the previous administration have made it too difficult for us to accomplish what it is we set out to do in this 1st term.”

    OK…back to Warrior football…

    :grin: lmao, too funny but true D1.

  241. Kekoa:

    jm2375 ~ I am sworn to Top Secret - "Eyes Only" status.

    Maybe I can distract you with a peek at another prize.

  242. Kekoa:

    BBL...Gotta go do some cleaning before Mrs. K takes away my prizes. She is not too happy that I have them scattered all over the place while I was photographing them.

  243. Garret:

    Miami released a WR that they drafted in the 3rd round in 2006. The article mentions Bess.

    His release opens the door for the possible addition for another receiver, although coach Tony Sparano endorsed his current corps of pass-catchers by noting the group has been the most pleasant surprise of this season.

    Greg Camarillo has become a consistent target, while Ted Ginn Jr. is still growing. Davone Bess has fulfilled a role as a third-down slot receiver and a punt returner, while Brandon London is a key special-teams player and a budding receiver.

  244. jm2375:

    Kekoa - ooooh, a helmet. Now, who was it that was lusting after one? :D

  245. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Nitey Nite and Sweet Warrior Dreams!

  246. Garret:

    Katie update:

    Katie was at the vet/hospital for 10 hours today...not one of her favorite days! They found something that could be the tumor, but it is so small (2mm x 3mm) that they don't know. They also don't know if there are others.

    We can opt for the surgery, where they would take out the suspected growth which might or might not be the tumor, and may not be the only one. They might look around for other growths while they are operating. Even if they get everything, there is about a 50% chance that it already spread elsewhere and the surgery won't have extended her life.

    If we don't get the surgery, there is a steroid treatment that will fix her insulin level for awhile. However, it won't fix the problem and will give her another 16 months on average.

    They are getting information for the surgery options--different hospitals, different surgeons, lots of tradeoffs. We have to figure out what will be best for Katie, as the surgery has some risks for her and potential complications.

    Katie is 9.5 years old and actually had breast cancer 6 years ago, and we adopted her from a rescue shelter as she was recovering from the surgery. She had a long scar down her body and a nipple was removed and she had lost so much weight...we nursed her to health then and I remember how hard she had it then when she was much younger.

  247. d1島:


    I hope you and your family can come to a peaceful decision.

  248. d1島:


  249. al:

    lusting for a helmet. i believe tho that it may be a mini helmet.

  250. Addahknowsports©:


    I'm sorry to hear about Katie. It's difficult when our pets are hurting and we want to help them more, but we can only do so much. It's harder knowing that they can't help themselves. I'm glad that Katie has you guys to care for her and I know that you will do the best for her. I have a soft spot for animals. So hard to watch Animal Planet channel because of the shows that have animals in need. Always end up crying.

  251. Kekoa:

    You are absolutely right, Al. It is indeed a mini-helmet. If you plan on getting any autographs, forget all the guys with long names. Lane, Bain or maybe Kelley is good.

  252. Kekoa:

    A-Sports ~ Just like Tom Hanks said, "there's no crying in basball!" For you, that should include Animals on the Planet. Come on kiddo! gotta toughen up for the game this weekend!

  253. Kekoa:

    D-1 ~ I like your observations of the incoming Prez. It's always a volatile subject around election time. What makes your view so funny is that this will be exactly what will happen within his first 100 days.

  254. Lucky:

    Garret- condolences to the health of katie. situation appears grim but i know you will make the best choice for your family and kids. I cant recall the breed of dog that katie is...but i know certain breeds are known for higher tumor risk. Any kind of surgery is dangerous, esp for animals more so than humans i think. Taking into account katies age and previous surgery, i would guess the vet sided against this option. my previous dog underwent several minor and couple major surgeries also but the situation was a lot different than your case and prognosis was better.
    A dog, is like a family member, and will give you unconditional love. But they also will let you know when their quality of life gets severely deteriorated and at that time, to alleviate the pain/suffering, you will make the best possible decision for katie. god bless.

  255. FloridaTed:

    What kind of President will Obama be?

    A bold leader with fresh ideas that will change America and the world?

    A time of crisis is always a good time for good leaders to get new ideas through the process.

    Or will he get infected by the same political rott that have made so many others compromise with mediocrity?

    I hope for bold, but alas......

  256. FloridaTed:

    If the credit crunch is not fixed asap, the ecomomy will only get worse. Businesse need their bridge loans to cover their payrolls, if they can't get it, they'll lay-off workers or go under,

    Any Bank bail-out must be attached to a mandatory loosening of credit, otherwise the Banks just hold on to the money and nothing is changed. Oh, well.....

  257. Addahknowsports©:

    Sorry Kekoa-

    I had a melting moment there *sniff sniff * Don't worry, I'll be back in shape for this weekend's events.


    Pet decisions are so difficult. Had a tiny dog growing up that got hit by a car and ended up with broken bones in seven different places. Ended up putting a pin in his leg and had a cast for a long time. At the time, I was too young to make the decisions myself, but I cried for days. My mom took us to the vet every day to visit him. I still remember that look in my dog's eyes as he lay by the side of the road and his little body quivering. He healed eventually and quite comically was able to actually run with a cast on. He lived for many more years. Uh oh....*sniff sniff *

  258. Kekoa:

    Tsaiko Animal Caregivers ~ All Dogs Go To Heaven.

  259. FloridaTed:


    I love your list. Obama is a great speaker and salesman and you noticed the immediate lowering of expectations after the sale was made. Standard sales tactic, promise the world to make the sale and then....

    He has BECOME history, his picture will surely adorn the halls of Punahou soon, let's hope and pray that he also will CREATE some good history.

  260. Curt:

    thanks Pride for the info regarding the Longley's.

  261. Curt:

    I know my better half was "lusting" after one of those helmets. Don't know if she'd go for a mini one. But then again, she took me--so maybe.

  262. Jason:

    Considering I'm on the losing side of every major issue/race today, I'm going to keep my mouth shut on what I really want to say. :-D

    Congratulations to the victors, may you lead effectively and wisely.

  263. Lopaka43:

    Aloha, Tsaiko Ohana!!

    kekoa, koakane
    Please count me in for the Bayview TV Gate. I'll be by myself.

    Back to lurking.

  264. al:

    curt you mean you and jm2375 are???

  265. al:

    wasn't luc longley strongly considering the rainbow warriors and then in the eleventh hour chose the pit??

  266. Curt:

    Careful Al. You're treading on very dangerous ground. Ha-ha.

  267. Curt:


    Luc was definitely interested in committing to UH. For some reason, his mom didn't like the idea. That's strange considering she was an alum herself. Don't know why though.

  268. Lopaka43:


    too quick with the submit

    count me in for the $15 buffet.

    now the esme...whoosh

  269. Curt:

    Good night all. Time to attack da pillow.

  270. Jason:

    Just speculation: Mother wants what's best for her son. Mother experiences life at UH. Mother realizes UH is okay, but does not give her son the best opportunity in terms of education and basketball (Frank Arnold was in his second [and last] season). Mother advises son to go someplace else.

    Sad, but it happens.

  271. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:


    Our leaders are faced with challenges never before seen- and, I believe, only the best of intentions, coupled with diligent effort and unified support will be needed to make the start of a great difference.
    If we thought Coach Mack had a daunting task, what faces our leaders is ever so much greater. Are we willing to be part of the team? To take our positions on offense and defense, on special teams to play our parts in this grand scheme of life?

    What will we leave for those that follow us?

    Yes- it willl be a long process- and fraught with perils all along the way. That is life. This is life. What a time to be alive!

    And Garret- Katie can't complain to let you know she is suffering. But one day, she will look at you and you will know it is time to give her peace.

    Warmest love to you all!

    Nitey nite for real.

  272. Pomai:

    November 4th, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    Considering I’m on the losing side of every major issue/race today, I’m going to keep my mouth shut on what I really want to say. :-D

    Congratulations to the victors, may you lead effectively and wisely.

    Jason it's the redskins fault!

  273. al:

    yah....frank arnold. the von appen of basketball lore.

  274. HiFlyer:

    Kekoa, count me in for Saturday.

    Hope to make it there in time for the Kickoff.

  275. wafan:

    Good hump day all!

    Congratulations to the winners of all the political races around the country!!! Hopefully, those who did not win will be as fervent in their support of the winners' policies as they were in the run-up to the election.

    Our country has been divided for too long. It is time to heal the differences and to reclaim our position as world leaders in education, technology, manufacturing, peace, innovation, etc.

  276. Garret:

    Wow, two 19-year-olds from India who have been playing baseball for just a year have a tryout with pro baseball scouts today!

    House and will throw for major league scouts Thursday in hopes of landing pro contracts.
    Pair of pitchers from India eye major league opportunities

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    o What's this?

    By Bob Nightengale, USA TODAY
    LOS ANGELES — They have never heard of Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron or Jackie Robinson.

    They can tell you about Sachin Tendulkar, one of India's greatest cricket players, but would tell you Michael Jordan is a clothes designer, not a former basketball player.

    Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, two 19-year-olds from small villages in India, desperately want to live the American dream. Their shot at it is a decidedly improbable one.

    They had never picked up a baseball until a year ago. Thursday, they will pitch in front of major league scouts in Tempe, Ariz., in hopes of landing a professional baseball contract.

    "This is the most amazing thing I've been part of," says Tom House, University of Southern California pitching coach and former major league pitcher, who has spent the last six months training the duo.

    Singh and Patel threw the javelin in India, and Singh played some cricket. When they came to the USA in May, Singh and Patel had no idea how to play catch, let alone use a water fountain. The first time they played catch, they threw the ball, and when it came back, they dropped their gloves and caught barehanded.

    The first time they saw a baseball game, watching USC play Washington State, Patel was confused.

    "What did the shortstop do wrong?" he asked.

    House: "Why do you say that?"

    Patel: "He's the only one in the infield without a base."

  277. Garret:

    Man, I really messed up that blockquote! I only meant to include less than half of that.

    Singh, who resides in Bhadohi, became the richest person he had known with his contest winnings. He was a month away from joining the Army. His entire family — he is the youngest of eight children — worked in agriculture, where his dad earned $25 a month to drive a vegetable truck. Now, Singh says, his father pays someone else to drive the truck while he stays home.

    Patel, who lived in Varanasi, isn't sure whether his family — he has two brothers and one sister — quite understands what's happening. He received $2,500 with an all-expenses trip to the USA. All they know for sure is that he's an awful long way from home.

    "You've got to remember, you're talking about two guys who could not even play catch. I wondered, 'How is this ever going to work?' But you look at them now, and you really can't tell that they had never played baseball."

    Singh, a 6-2, 195-pound left-hander, throws 89-90 mph with a split-fingered changeup. He continually tinkers with different breaking balls. Patel, a 5-11, 185-pound right-hander, throws 91-92 mph with a circle changeup. Patel says he's the conservative one of the two, leaving the experimenting to Singh.

  278. Kekoa:

    Aloha Kakahiaka Tsaiko Banana Republic Village People!

    It's the morning after the big Election. After watching the talking heads take over the airways, and go absolutely 'ga-ga' over Obama San, I'm wondering what it will be like when they awaken from this Honeymoon in Disney World. D-1 offered excellent insight back in Post # 218.

  279. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    It's another wonderful morning in Hawaii Nei.

    Hopefully Pilares' injury sustained only a "minor tweak". We'll need him in the game on Saturday.

    Have a great day erryboddy!


  280. Loa:

    morning gang!

    congrats to yesterdays winners especially to the former Warrior on Kauai

  281. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    Congratulations to all the winners from yesterday's election.

  282. Kekoa:

    Reminder Time!

    Ok boys and girls, gather round and lissen-up!

    Date: Sat. 11/08/08 @ 11:00 AM
    Location: Bay View Golf Club
    Featuring: Warrior Football, Food, Fun Fellowship, and Foolishness!

    We have arranged to have a special Buffet spread of all-you-can-eat items available for $15. total price, which includes Tax, Tip and a chance to win Door Prizes!

    Adult beverages will be at ‘Happy Hour” prices during our stay. I will publish a full listing of the cost of beer, mixed drinks, soon. In case Bulla’s Bombers show up, they do have the necessary fuel at the ready.

    A seperate menu is also available for both meal items and more exotic Pupu’s. (Rob25 can relax as they do not have Oysters on the menu).

    A “Prop” sheet will be available to those who want to participate in the football contest, with prizes awarded at the end of each period of play. There will also be door prize drawings during *selected* commercial breaks. It’s all free, but…You must be present to win!

    A Golf challenge for the folks who like ’show off’ aftah da game. Prizes for those contestants include ’sleeves’ of UH logo Golf Balls and Hand Towels.

    For those who want to kick back and sing Karaoke songs on the brand new wireless mic and HD TV’s located around the room…they have an
    ample selection of Hawaiian, R&B, Soul, Rock and Rahstaman Vibrations! The search will be on for who can sing worse den Homey. I’m trying to find an appropriate prize for that special person. BTW, Homey is lobbying for change. He wants Nalani to change the name of her group to include him...Na Leo Pili Mai Homey.

    Me and my pahtna Koakane have tried to anticipate your every need to insure that you have a good time on this final TV-gate of the season. The positive vibes will surely help push the team to victory! We can buck-a-loose in this place, so don’t hold back!

    Please give us a shout if you are coming, and how many in your party. It will give Mary Ann a chance to keep da Tsaiko food trough full! Make sure you check in with Mrs. Kekoa so she can collect your $15 and issue you 2 door prize tickets to win prizes.

    For those who choose NOT to have the buffet, Diana will get you registered and give you one door prize ticket.

    Please acknowledge our servers and be thankful to have a very responsive and friendly wait staff so eager to take care of us.

    Finally, for the Wifi users, they do have ‘free’ access to da net.

    PS: One of the big prizes is a Big 3X5 ft. UH Flag!…Awarded to the person who comes closest to the final score of the ball game (Most be Present to Win!). (You’ve seen a similar flag flying over our T-gate Tents!)

    *I have acknowledged those of you who have posted your attendance intentions, and at present we have 25 peeps planning to join us.*

    Ok Kids…Just a little taste of some of the prizes up for grabs…

    Or...maybe I can entice you with a peek at another prize:

  283. Loa:

    Kekoa - howzit
    nice prizes, good luck to all the attendees

  284. Kekoa:

    Bob Hogue just mentioned the Tsaiko's on his radio show this morning on AM1500. He speaks of a frustated Tsaiko (you know who you are) who was described as slamming his fists on the table and stalking out the door to the parking lot to chill out! (He plans on attending the TV-gate at Bay View)

  285. Kekoa:

    Howzit Loa!

    Eh!...Hele Mai!...stop in and join the gang at Bay View!

  286. Kekoa:

    BarryM coming up after the 8:00 o'clock news break on AM1500.

  287. djmitcho:

    Good Morning Tsaikoland! Hope every has a good day and recovers from the election hangover.

  288. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Colt Watch:

    "The rookies seemed like likely candidates to have more exciting plans. I was pretty sure Colt Brennan had mentioned a planned trip to Hawai’i over the bye, at least.

    “It’s deer season, so I’m gonna head out to see my dad’s good friend who owns about – I don’t know, but it’s some insane amount of land. I’ve been down there one or two times before, but he said he’s gonna take me fishing one day, hunting another day.”

    That’s not Hawai’i. Didn’t you say you were heading back there?

    “I was going to Hawai’i, but when it really came down to it, I figured the earliest I could leave would be tonight [Tuesday], that wouldn’t get me in until late Wednesday. I get Thursday, Friday, Saturday, fly all day Sunday … it might’ve been worth it, but knowing I’m going back there after the season’s over, I figured I might as well go home to Cali, might as well do something different.”

  289. Kekoa:

    Doris Sullivan is now on with Bob & BarryM talking about recruits and schollies.

  290. jm2375:

    al - #275. I did NOT say that I was the one lusting after the helmet! grrrr...

  291. djmitcho:

    wow, wish I could get 1500 on the internet, i gotta listen to BC instead

  292. chawan_cut:

    hi LizK,
    all thawed out.

  293. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good morning Tsaikos. What a difference a day makes, eh? :)

    Col. Kekoa-
    Please call me at your earliest convenience. Thank you sir!

  294. PIAA DS:

    Kekoa, I wasnt as nervous as I usually am on the radio. think it was the cold medicine keeping me relaxed. Coughed like a fiend when I got off!

  295. PIAA DS:

    I wasnt as nervous as I usually am on the radio. Think it was the cold medicine keeping me relaxed. Always easy to talk to Bob and Barry though.

  296. Rob25:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Ryan Mouton!

    Ryan's birthday was yesterday!

  297. Kekoa:

    Doris ~ Thanks again for all that you do for the youngsters. My personal thanks for helping my nephew get started on his recruiting packet. I hope he has a terrific '09 season.

    BTW - even if he does have to sing the Damien Alma Mater with Koakane & James, I forgive him! Hehehe....

  298. Kekoa:

    jm2375 ~ Are we not having a good 'Post' Toasties morning?

  299. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning gang...another good day in Hawaii Nei...busy, busy so I'll have to do an Esme...whoooooosh

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