Thanksgiving practice report

November 27th, 2008

Even Thanksgiving could not significantly alter the Warriors' preparation for Saturday's game against Washington State.
The Warriors practiced for about 90 minutes this morning — 30 minutes shorter than a usual Thursday practice.
Instead of dismissing the team for Thanksgiving, the Warriors were fed a training-table meal, then went to team meetings and video sessions.
"We're not wasting a day," head coach Greg McMackin said.
It appears unlikely Kealoha Pilares and Ryan Mouton will be able to play. If they're not available, expect these scenarios:
• Daniel Libre, who is recovering from an abdominal injury, will be the speed back.
• Aaron Bain will return punts.
• Desmond Thomas will start at free safety and, in situations involving five defensive backs, Richard Torres will enter as the nickelback.
* * *

Mark Nua, now an actor in Australia, attended today's practice. I forgot my camera cord at home. When I get it, I'll post a picture of Nua and Robert Kekaula. Guess who looks smaller?

* * *

Hiflyer wins the volleyball tickets for tomorrow's match.

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