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November 28th, 2008

If you're a reporter, you always try to avoid Skippa Diaz.
Diaz, the former Farrington High coach, is a great guy. He's funny, and he always had great observations. Thing is, he has a killer handshake.
He used to attend UH football games regularly, and when I would see him, I would get that same feeling I used to get at Roosevelt when Baba ("Would You LIke to Donate to My Christmas Fund") Puha would approach.
After a while, I used to make Diaz shake my left (non-writing) hand.
Which is why I'm grateful for the popularity of the knuckle bump.
All of this is a round-about way of saying that punter Tim Grasso's father is in town. Mark Grasso also is a great guy. Smart, funny and he looks like he's 25. But he's a hugger, and he hugs as if you're choking on a fish bone. He gave me the accordion hug yesterday. He even Heimlich'd Robert Kekaula. Twice. As Dan Jenkins once wrote, you don't get a greeting like that without exchanging jewelry.
So if you see Grasso's dad, give him the knuckle bump.

* * *

Meanwhile, Tim Grasso, who was raised in Utah, is enjoying Hawai‘i. Last week, he bought a car.
"It definitely makes me appreciate the island more," he said. "My life doesn't consist of the locker room to school to my door. It expanded."
He already has been to Maunawili Falls — the A-House's neighborhood — and Sandy's twice.

* * *

Here's former UH offensive lineman Mark Nua:


And here's Nua next to 6-foot-3 Robert Kekaula:


* * *

Erik "E-Rob" Robinson is hopeful of playing this weekend. He has been bothered by a hamstring injury:


* * *

And here's defensive tackle Tuika Tufaga showing off his entry in the gun show:


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