The Warrior Beat

Game Day: Washington State

November 29th, 2008

• Tyler Graunke has resolved his "personal matters" and participated in yesterday's walk-through.

• Defensive back Ryan Mouton won't play because of a high-ankle sprain. But to see him toss long spirals on the sideline invokes what-if thoughts. As part of the two-game move to slotback, there was an option-pass play implemented for Mouton. It never was used, but it would have been fun to see.

• One of the best plays I've seen occurred on Malcolm Lane's 82-yard touchdown catch-and-sprint last week. An Idaho defensive end was aligned to UH's far right. The end drifts a little, trying to hide behind a tackle, then loops through an area vacated in the middle. Farmer somehow notices the stealth defensive end. Farmer tracks the end as he sneaks behind the tackle, then blocks him on the pass rush. I kept going back and forth on the video — rewind-play, rewind-play, rewind-play — and I still can't figure out how Farmer spotted the d-end. Without the block, there's no touchdown pass, Idaho still would be in the umbrella coverage and the game's tone is different. As Mack always says, when all 11 do their job ...

• A regular who attends practice has been focusing on one defensive player. He was amazed by Mouton — the stance, the way he breaks to the ball, his instinct in jumping routes. The regular focused on David Veikune last week. Every down is a battle, the regular observed, and Veikune never slowed down the entire game. Veikune was in for 55 snaps last week — more than double his average playing time last season. I think we'll be seeing Mouton and Veikune on Sundays.


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