Game Day: Washington State

November 29th, 2008

• Tyler Graunke has resolved his "personal matters" and participated in yesterday's walk-through.

• Defensive back Ryan Mouton won't play because of a high-ankle sprain. But to see him toss long spirals on the sideline invokes what-if thoughts. As part of the two-game move to slotback, there was an option-pass play implemented for Mouton. It never was used, but it would have been fun to see.

• One of the best plays I've seen occurred on Malcolm Lane's 82-yard touchdown catch-and-sprint last week. An Idaho defensive end was aligned to UH's far right. The end drifts a little, trying to hide behind a tackle, then loops through an area vacated in the middle. Farmer somehow notices the stealth defensive end. Farmer tracks the end as he sneaks behind the tackle, then blocks him on the pass rush. I kept going back and forth on the video — rewind-play, rewind-play, rewind-play — and I still can't figure out how Farmer spotted the d-end. Without the block, there's no touchdown pass, Idaho still would be in the umbrella coverage and the game's tone is different. As Mack always says, when all 11 do their job ...

• A regular who attends practice has been focusing on one defensive player. He was amazed by Mouton — the stance, the way he breaks to the ball, his instinct in jumping routes. The regular focused on David Veikune last week. Every down is a battle, the regular observed, and Veikune never slowed down the entire game. Veikune was in for 55 snaps last week — more than double his average playing time last season. I think we'll be seeing Mouton and Veikune on Sundays.


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  1. Committed Road Warrior:


  2. Committed Road Warrior:

    It's gameday. While the team needs to focus on Washington State, the prospect of knocking off the official Big East champions at home next week sounds very appealing.....but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

  3. Rick HS:

    Where am I?

  4. d1島:

    Top 5!

  5. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Rick HS,


    Howzit CRW! Exactly. Take care of the task at hand!

  6. Rick HS:

    How did the season go by so fast? Only one more Saturday of college football regular season after today.

  7. d1島:

    So which one is the scout? SJ or myki?

  8. rylen:

    top 10 from the bay

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    But, if we were to get ahead of ourselves, if anyone sees UH officials tonight, tell them to cut short the credit union's presentation on Senior Night. First, the game is on ESPN, which means it will run 20 minutes longer. Second, it starts at 6:30. Third, there are 32 seniors. It's OK for the credit-union lady to shake hands as the seniors run to the middle of the field. But no, no, no. It's not OK to do that whisper-whisper thing with each senior, then pose for the picture, then watch the senior ... not go anywhere because he's swarmed by all of those people in a cluster of the field. Let's go back to the old days: Seniors are announced, then they race to midfield for the giant bow.

  10. lava:


  11. kymrykauai:

    Happy game day! Can anyone with a blackberry tell me how to jump to the bottom of the page? The number one takes you to the top of a page but I have never figured out how to jump to page bottom. Help anyone?

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    And if we were to live in the moment, how about when the UH alma mater is played after the game, those folks who gather around the players actually start singing the alma mater. OK, that's the new rule: if you want to be on the field, you have to learn the alma mater lyrics. Even if you sing "In Green Manoa valley" and hum the rest of the way, you've got to make sounds. (And, no, that does not give anyone the right to hum the rest of the night.)

  13. lava:

    I hope we bring it tonight. It would be nice to have the pressure of bowl eligibility off when we face BCS-bound Cinci next week.

    Go Warriors.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, somebody is grumpy this morning.

  15. lava:

    I hope we remember to leave tickets for Manti at the door tonight. :)

  16. Rick HS:

    Here's a "broke-da-head"'s the kind where you throw it out then duck because things will be thrown at you:

    Boise State changed football head coaches when Dan Hawkins left to coach Colorado after the 2005 season. Like Hawaii, BSU hired from within...choosing offensive coordinator, Chris Petersen. Here is what Petersen has done since he took over as head coach:

    2006: 13-0 WAC Champ
    2007: 10-3
    2008: 12-0 WAC Champ

    According to Wikipedia, Petersen makes about $850,000 a year.

  17. lava:

    Any word on the number of recruits visiting this weekend?

    We haven't exactly had good weather for the recruits. Hope they see past that.

  18. myki:

    "morning d1,

    It was't us. We were not there on Thursday or Friday. We're irregular not too regular. No lax comments from the peanut gallery.

  19. koakane™:

    good morning on this cold saturday. getting ready for tgate but taking time to check in and sip some 8) guuuuud kope.

    I agree with you Stephen, :evil: leave out the culady just let the fans and the players celebrate. Why can't it be done at the banquet?

    everybody bring your A game today and lets rock the hale

  20. Stretch:

    good morning tsaikos

    mouton has 2, hopefully 3 more games in Hawaii. I want to see the option pass!!

    ST - you are on the field after the game, are you going to sing the alma mater??

  21. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    Myki - would never think of making fun of you. You one classy woman and very dedicated fan to go to practice so often.

    kymry - I don't have a blackberry, but on my blackjack, it's 2 for page up and 8 for page down. I had to figure that out by myself, tech support was absolutely no help (at&t, I didn't try samsung).

    Game Day - have fun at the t-gate and game today. Hopefully I will be able to join you next week. Am awaiting confirmation on how many tix to get (3 or 5).

    btw - how long is the walk from the t-gate to the stadium?

  22. koakane™:

    wafan: What is the weather forecast for today’s game?

    answer: win babe

    shout out and mahalo to wafan who sent some NW dessert to be had at the tgate today.

    st do we hold some soup for you afta the game?

  23. jm2375:

    LV - nice to hear you are feeling better. That is one thing I hope never to have to experience. oooooouuuuuch.

  24. koakane™:

    jm# how come not coming today :?: heard jason made brownies especially for you and kekoa bringing goodies from maui. you no come going miss out.

    walk is short if you no stop to breath or rest :lol:

  25. oldie (iPhone):

    Morning ST and all!

    With the best offensive player and defensive player hurt, it's important that the rest of team bring their A game.

    Go Warrriors!

  26. addahknowjoe:

    Yeehaw! Game Day!

  27. kymrykauai:

    Mahalo! Just figured it out finally...1 for up and 7 for down.
    Anyone need 1 ticket for tonights game? I have 1 extra. Email me if need Kymry at

  28. Jon:

    Tyler Graunke sure seems to have a lot of "personal problems". What a drama queen, you'd think a 5th year senior would have had his affairs in order for his shot at being the leader of the team.

    What a waste...

  29. Postmanke:

    we got this game

  30. curveball:

    Kan/Mizzou game is interesting..could change the Bowl picture...

  31. brew808:


    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:
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    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

  32. brew808:

    Oooh - that came out pretty colorful! :lol:

    kymry - Did the Waikiki Parc let you use their kitchen? :D

    There are a bunch of quality players that are Seniors on this team. I hope there's a full house there to show our appreciation for their dedication and achievements! :D :shock: :lol:

  33. madeinhawaii:

    Why does this seem like the last game of the season when we have at least one more.. and a good shot at two?

    Too bad about Mouton and Pilares. The stats that both could have put up tonight.. phew! Oh well.. get healthy guys.. going to need you two like crazy next week!

    Focus Focus.. FOCUS!! and WIN!


    PS.... morning gang!

  34. brew808:

    I asked this question the other day and got no response. Why wasn't a horse-collar tackle penalty called against the spud on Mouton's fumble recovery and return. That tackle was the cause of Mouton going down awkwardly and getting injured. IMHO :? :shock: :x

  35. koakane™:

    last minute checking :mrgreen:

    anyone else planning to use grill, need xtra power strip, help bringing aluminum pans and or other stuff. let me know in the next 45 min. mahalo :!:

  36. FloridaTed:

    Good morning/afternoon, Tsaiko-Nation and Tsai-Meister.

    Very nice piece on David Farmer, the unsung hero. It really shows very well his intrinsic value to the team, often not seen by fans, but of tremendous value to play execution. He deserves a lot of accolades and I'm glad you wrote about him.

    O.k. the wounded Cougars are in town, I'm a little nervous, but hopefully only for the first quarter. I still remember last years Washington game very well. We can not afford to start out like that and give them a ton of confidence.

    If the Warriors do what they know and execute, they should take this comfortably.....

  37. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    Yeee Haaa! Go Warriors.

    And go my new computer.

    heh heh heh

  38. klc2294:

    looks like the UH/WSU game wont be on ESPN360....bummer

  39. bighilofan2:

    howzit howzit. represent today my bradda.

    i see you next Sat fo sure. gotta get da wife outta town next Thurs., den lookout!

  40. madeinhawaii:

    bhf2? I thought you were repairing the old one?

  41. madeinhawaii:

    The two Georgias are playing a good game today. GT almost sacked Georgia in the Endzone.

  42. sjmacro:

    Aurite!! bhf2 is back, been trying to call on cell but mailbox full all the time, maybe need new phone too ? :) :)

  43. MeiLing:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!!!

    Mahalo to sjmacro & myki for letting me sub for myki at the VB game. My Mom said the same thing about the CU lady. They are sponsors of the game, but let the spotlight shine on the students who are the focus of the night.

    Hope Tyler gets it together. Just graduate; you'll make us proud when you do.

    Hope Mouton's ankle is better in time for the game with Cincinatti.

    I will be eating turkey with my family tonight & won't make the T-gate & game. Enjoy!


  44. sjmacro:

    Koakane : I have the power strip and extension cord, pan and cutting board. See you guys before noon--sj & myki

  45. FloridaTed:

    bhf2 is back !!

    How've you been big guy? Something missing when you're not around.

  46. Rob25:

    Good Morning Tsaikos and Tsaikettes!

    Glad that it's Saturday and good to see GT competing with Georgia. I like how they opened the second half.

    Pass interference on Georgia in the endzone!

  47. Rob25:

    TD Tech!

  48. Rob25:

    Game tied at 28. 2TDs in less than 7 minutes!

  49. brew808:

    UGA is in trouble.... :shock:

    koakane™ - I plan to use the grill and please throw in an extra 6-pk of the good stuff for me. Oh wait.... better not. :( :o :lol:

  50. Rob25:

    Paul Johnson has some cajones! Yes, nice to see Georgia under pressure. Will be interesting to see how they respond.

  51. jm2375:

    Howzit bhf2!! Welcome back, long time no see! Finally gave up the ghost, eh? hehehehe

  52. Rob25:

    Georgia just fumbled on the kickoff!

  53. FloridaTed:

    All the socalled pundits kept yapping how Paul Johnson's triple option would never work in the "tough" leagues, well, he's one year ahead of schedule even and doing extremely well.

  54. brew808:

    Hiya Rob2.5! - I hope you and the family had a nice T-day. What happened to the gizzards and other parts of the turkey? How's Frank? We Tsaikos always have him in our thoughts and prayers. :D :shock: :lol:

  55. brew808:

    UGA is in trouble…. :shock:

  56. Rob25:

    GT TD!

    How bout them 'Dogs now? :evil:

  57. brew808:

    jm2348920.1498257075 - "Real Genius"? You're quite the nerd! How come you don't go to more t-gates and games? :shock: :? :D

  58. brew808:

    Mental reminder: Don't ever PO Rob25!!! :shock: :o :roll:

  59. koakane™:

    bhf2 you can count on me to represent. looking forward to seeing you next week sorry you not hea when us guys win and make it to the 808 bowl. my aloha to wife and rest of the Lee Loy ohana.

  60. Rob25:

    Hey Brew!

    Thank you for the holiday wishes. First, I throw away all those nasty parts...thank you but I will pass.

    Frank called early in the morning. They had a nice meal but said it's not the same as being at home. They had turkey, ham, and prime rib. Thank you to everyone for thinking about all of them! They are motivated and excited about doing a good job and coming home.

  61. Rob25:

    Nice....great stop by GT! Time to run it up on the Bulldogs!

  62. A-House:


    Missed you big fella - welcome back and hope to see you and Mrs at another tailgate this year!!

  63. madeinhawaii:

    Whoa... GT changed the whole complexion of the game in this third quarter.

  64. Rob25:

    OK, I'll stop now. I have to get my things ready for the tailgate.

  65. A-House:

    Well good neighbor:

    5 recruits and only 1 committed - any word on the other 4 who visited last week?

    How about tonight?

  66. Rob25:

    OMG...GT is schooling Georgia defense now!

    What did they drink during halftime? :shock:

  67. brew808:

    Geez.... looks like Rob2.5 is getting part of her Holiday wishes... :shock: :roll: :D

  68. BillB:

    ST, you are "right on" in cutting short the nonsense that the UHFCU representative continues to go through in giving out the Senior plaques. It was agonizing to watch this last night with the Wahine VB players. Yeah you sponsor the plaques, but don't try to dominate the lime light. It's all about the players, not you the sponsor.

    With 32 senior football players can you imagine the plaque presentation itself adding on 30 to 45 minutes to the festivities! Right on ST, right on!

  69. Rob25:

    Hey Brew...I like some of the trickeration that GT is using now.

  70. brew808:

    A-House - What is Hanamaulu chicken? I'm sure it's delicious though. Can you make an extra portion of that, inari sushi, and blueberry mochi for me? Oh wait.... better not..... :( :o :cry:

    Hi to Mrs. A-House, & Midori!!! :D

  71. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    kymrykauai- Near the top of the page- click on "post a message" or something like that. It will hop to the bottom of the blog.

    Aloha Kakahiaka!
    See many of you soon!

  72. Stretch:

    Sorry - need to write something non-football real quick

    Re: Mesa Airlines
    Aloha is not a name, it is a way of life in Hawaii. Even if you use the name, doesn't mean you have any of it.

  73. brew808:

    Ooohhh.... I don't like that word - trick(eration). Why isn't it trickery? :twisted: :shock: :roll:

  74. jm2375:

    brew - sooooo, you're a nerd too, eh? :D wuz hoping Jason would see it.

    I try to get to at least 1 game a year. Last year, we sat in nosebleed heaven for the sold-out udub game. This year, we will make it again to the season-ender. Last year, I didn't know about the Tsai-kos. This year, I made it for a little while to 1 t-gate and to 1 major and 1 minor TV-gate.

  75. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    kymry, scroll to the bottom of Stephen's post and click on "Add a Comment".

    GO, UGA, woof woof woof!

  76. koakane™:


    not to worry the xtra's will be on fire and gone before you say eat now bwhaaaaaaa

    looking forward to the day you can make a tgate or cc. we need to swig some brew, shake paws and swap stories.

    rob25 got some ono stuff for u today

  77. Ronnie:

    Happy Game Day!!!

    I'll be home for the next game!!! Yee Haw!!!!

  78. brew808:

    Bravo Stretch! :D

  79. jm2375:

    oh yeah, nice to see a SEC team getting beat.

  80. LizKauai [iMac] BELIEVER:

    Hi Brew!

    I'm guessing Hanamaulu chicken is seasoned small pieces fried and served in a bento box. Originally from Hanamaulu Cafe, then better known as Lawai Chicken after the chef left and moved to Lawai Restaurant.

    Gotta run!

  81. kymrykauai:

    Mahalp lizk!
    Stretch: I agree with you on the Aloha name and think even if Mesa renames themselves Aloha it will end up having a negative effect marketingwise.

  82. brew808:

    76 koakane™: November 29th, 2008 at 10:23 am
    rob25 got some ono stuff for u today

    Oh - that's where all the leftover innards went! :D :shock: :lol:

    Hiya Ronnie - Did Katie enjoy her visit? Were the boys sad with her departure? :D

  83. brew808:

    Is "Mahalp" some secret greeting only used on Kauai? :lol:

    Hiya Liz! Thanks for the info, but now please explain "Lawai Restaurant"? :shock:

    I appreciate CVS keeping the "Longs" name and brand. It's both a prudent business decision and good example of "cultural" awareness/respect. IMHO :D

  84. Rob25:

    NOW I'm scared and rethinking the tailgate! :shock: can't make me eat it! :roll:

  85. brew808:

    Turkey-tail....gate :D :shock: :lol:

  86. brew808:

    Yeah right, Rob25 scared. Ha! :shock: :roll: :D

  87. chawan_cut:

    go Georgia Tech!

  88. Ronnie:

    Hi brew!

    I think Katie enjoyed her visit, but I know she is happy that "her humans" are back. She sure didn't dance on her hind legs whenever we came home :D The boys are sad, but since both of them slept past 10am this morning, I think they'll get over the responsibility pretty quickly ;) She is a VERY EASY dog to watch! She has lots of love for everyone and listens really well!

  89. Stretch:

    I think we’ll be seeing Mouton and Veikune on Sundays.

    Talk about going out on a limb

  90. Ronnie:

    Guess who the commentators want to win this GT/UGA game?

  91. brew808:

    Ronnie - I'm waiting to see if you and the boys get to see Nalani's Jack/pugs? Might be love at first sight.... :D :shock: :lol:

    Moreno is awesome! Good game.... :D

  92. brew808:

    It's a pretty sturdy limb! :D

  93. duffer:

    Good Morning Tsai-kos!

    Leaving work to go to the golf course, then the GAME.

    Wouldn't a bowl game with Boise and Utah draw a crowd?

  94. Stretch:

    November 29th, 2008 at 10:46 am
    It’s a pretty sturdy limb!

    What you trying to say about the person who made the comment??

  95. brew808:


  96. brew808:

    Hi duffer - IMHO, I'd rather see Utah and BSU go to separate bowl games and pound/beat two BCS teams rather then to play each other. :shock: :roll: :D

  97. Bulla:


  98. jm2375:

    anybody see what happened to p. burress? what a babooze!

  99. BowsForever:

    ASU beat UCLA. If they can pull off a win against Arizona, Hawaii could still get a Pac-10 matchup for the Hawaii Bowl...

  100. duffer:


    Re Mesa/Aloha

    I think Hawaiian has lost the Hawaiian touch, much like the rest!

    Thanks goodness for Mokulele and some competition!

  101. Stretch:

    jm - WHAT?? Plaxico is the one calling 1420??

  102. Rob25:

    Just when I thought that GT might be giving it up...they score a TD.

    Yea for Paul Johnson and the Hawaii connection!

  103. chawan_cut:

    wow, nice run by the ga tech rb for a td.

  104. brew808:

    Hi Bulla - Looks like nice weather on the coast! How's the Beast? I know he wants to play, but we all want him to be healthy and 100%. :D

  105. duffer:


    I think having Boise and Utah play each other would be making a statement against the BCS people.


    I resemble that remark, or so said a co-worker of mine!

  106. duffer:


    Esme'ing to the golf course....

  107. brew808:

    There's more than one Babooze.... :lol:

  108. Rob25:

    Strech you stopping by the tailgate today!

  109. Stretch:

    duffer - Sleez and g-nalo came over to Kauai yesterday and we scheduled on the 1050pm flight back. They paid the special $45 fare for that flight. We decided to take an earlier flight back home and Hawaiian charged $50 to change the flight. $95 total for the flight back, what a crock of crap. I understand paying a penalty but not MORE than what you paid for the flight. ALL passengers have to pay the $50 penalty no matter who you are, Platinum, Gold, Corporate on that special fare. I wonder if Mokulele does the same thing??

  110. brew808:

    What - no "darkside" on Kauai to better spend that $50 each? :D :roll: :shock:

  111. Stretch:

    Rob25 - still trying to figure it out

  112. Stretch:

    brew - nope. they spent $50 each to come back to spend more money

  113. jm2375:

    Stretch - get way more than 1 babooze calling 1420. :roll:

    Disclaimer - this one's from last year.

    Check your pockets hang on to any of the new State of Hawaii Quarters. If you have them, they may be worth much more than 25 cents. The U.S. Treasury announced today that it is recalling all of the Hawaii quarters that are part of its program featuring quarters from each state.

    "We are recalling all the new Hawaii Quarters that were recently issued," Treasury Undersecretary Jack Shackleford said Monday. "This action is being taken after numerous reports that the new Hawaii Quarters will not work in parking meters, tollbooths, vending machines, pay phones, or other coin-operated devices."

    The problem lays in the unique design of the Hawaii Quarter, which was
    designed and created by Albert Pacheco, a Hawaii native of Portuguese
    descent and a University of Hawaii graduate.

    "Apparently, the duct tape holding the two dimes and the nickel together keep jamming the coin-operated devices." said Shackleford.

  114. Rob25:

    I think that if Utah and BSU play each other it would be a disaster. We non-BCS teams want to prove that we can play with them. If we play each other then we don't prove anything other than we can beat each other, which we have already been doing.

    This way they don't have to deal with us pesky outsiders! BOO!!! I'd rather see one of them play a BCS team. They at least have earned the right to play the game.

  115. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Game Day!!!


  116. Ronnie:

    I agree with brew. I would rather see Utah and BS (sorry, couldn't resist) beat BCS teams. Otherwise we'll just hear how neither team could have beaten a "real" BCS team.

  117. brew808:

    Oh oh.... Rob2.5 and agree on something? :roll:

    Speaking of Babooze.... Good morning DPK! :D :shock: :lol:

  118. brew808:

    ..... and Ronnie too.... :D

  119. Ronnie:

    I agree with Rob too! But I knew that... :)

  120. brew808:

    Great - shots for everyone! :D :shock: :lol:

  121. Stretch:

  122. brew808:

    Okay - I'm assuming Blaze is done for 2008? I really wanted to see the combination of Blaze, Solly, and AL together! Waap, Slam, kaadoosh! :shock: :lol: :shock:

  123. Stretch:

    Great game for Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech!!

  124. al:

    jm2375: it takes 348.2 short japanese legs steps from cabana a to gate 5.

  125. chawan_cut:

    yeah Yellow Jackets!!!!
    in yo face Georgia!

  126. jm2375:

    Stretch - :lol:
    al - :D :mrgreen:

  127. al:

    stretch........perhaps you guys ran into a rookie agent yesterday?

    you should have asked if you could stand by for anything earlier.

  128. al:

    stretch....are you going to take your 255.9 long japanese steps over to the tailgate today?

    perhaps you would grace us 'peasants' not of the reserved stalls with your royal presence?

  129. NorthShoreFan:

    Goood Morning Tasikos!

    What a great weekend!
    Starting last night the two playoff games for Hawaii High School!
    Two fantastic games! Leilehua, Punahou!
    GTech and Georgia just got done and what a grat game. Paul Johnson got the Yellow Jackets humming! Great knock down drag out game.
    GTech ground game over 400+ yards!

    Da puka shells say...Warriors 42 Puddycats 24!
    I'll be watching the game on da radio!

  130. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    tyler graunke practiced? i didnt know he was still on the team......just resolved personal matters huh...unfreakinbelievable...*shakes head*

    annnyway whooohoo game day! lets go warriors. 29pt favorite right? can do can do!

    k well hope everyone enjoys the game

    Go Warriors!!!!

  131. al:

    northshorefan....for the sake of entertainment, you don't think we'll cover the ummm...handicap differential?

  132. curveball:

    Kansas just thru the Bowl situation into a new dilemma....great game

  133. djmitcho:

    Ok, so I can't tell if the dang game is on gameplan or not. On espn's website, the schedule says it's on gameplan, but on the tv schedule can't find it. I'm confused. At least can get the oceanic stream if need be.

    Well, for the rest of the day, as I go out and about and do what I need to do, I shall wear my UH gear proudly and poke the cougar fans with a stick. The Warriors need to put their foot on da gas and leave cougar road kill on the turf of Aloha Staduim. GO WARRIORS!!!!

  134. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, neighbor, quick review (preview): I believe UH has about four scholarships remaining. (It can do some magic numbers on the scholies, moving some up, grayshirting, etc.).
    On the immediate list: two offensive linemen and the wideout from Texas.
    Of the five who visited last week, two already had committed. The two others from the Mainland are just walk-on candidates.

  135. mctruck:

    I never seen one guy who has to "resolve" personal problems as much as Tyler?!, he gives me heartburn.

  136. al:

    is the wideout from texas a hs dude or jc???

    so, i ask you, the truth, is mageo still good to go?

    btw, i'll be moving to the wetside, so i can be a neighbor too.

  137. mctruck:

    Somebody better check to see if the team trainers got a daiper bag for Graunke when and if he should return to the team on the the sidelines.

  138. seersucker:

    Here are links to the alma mater lyrics and the tune:

    It is a worthy song.

  139. tom:

    AL/STEVEM - still working on restoring my computer and don't have your e-mail addresses.

    STEVEM: $540 plus for 12/13 partial view. Call or drop a line for details and the TA that gave me the info.

  140. d1島:


    I was certainly one of those who was very disappointed in Graunke this season. However, I try to keep in mind that without his effort last season at key points in the season, the Magic Carpet Ride would have come to a screeching halt.
    We never know the other side of the story so I'll just wish the guy well and remember the good things he did for the program

  141. al:

    st....are we talking tweedy dee and tweedy dum?

  142. brew808:

    Nice photo of brother Luke! :D

    al speaks in riddles.... :D :shock: :lol:

    Hey - we didn't get any reaction/report from A-House regarding the photos of Mark Nua's prodigy.... :roll:

  143. brew808:

    Is Tom our Tom Mui, or another Tom? Hey - maybe you get go shopping with BHF2 for a new computer and start w/ a clean OS. Or.... get a Mac! :D :shock: :lol:

  144. brew808:

    Speaking of computers..... I agree with d1島, but more so with mctruckM - IMHO :roll:

  145. brew808:

    Wow - you guys see the latest WAC scores:

    NMSU 0, USU 38 - 2:11 3Q, so long to Hal Mumme.... :shock:

    UNR 21, LaTech 31, start 4Q, UNR has said they don't want to go to a bowl game with a 6-6 record. They better get something going or they'll be "home for X-mas".

  146. brew808:

    One more score....

    Texas Tech losing to Baylor, 14-21 at home, Halftime. Crabtree is hurt. :shock:

  147. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    ur right. w/o graunke last year i wouldnt have been drinkin it up on bourbon street and playing in harrahs =). haha.

    just sucks to see someone we all thought had so much promise end up in the gutter.

    so sad but too bad i guess. =(

    go warriors!!!!

  148. brew808:

    Okay - looks like everyone is either shopping, or going to or already at the T-gate! Enjoy! And....

    Go Warriors!!! ....... P•O•U•N•D them Wazzu puddycats!!! :D :shock: :lol:

  149. d1島:

    I'm a computer? :-?

  150. curveball:


    Are you surprised by the high school playoffs...

  151. curveball:

    It is pouring in Kalihi Valley..just looked at the radar looks like all the island pretty much getting it..

  152. Committed Road Warrior:

    curveball, do you know what the forecast is for the game tonight? It's ~5 hours away, hopefully any system moving across the island will be offshore or resultant light sprinkles by kickoff.

    What's going on with Texas Tech?
    Congrats to the Yellow Jackets and Jayhawks for their upsets today.

    The Oregon/Oregon State game starts in about an hour. I'll probably be watching that one before I switch over to the UH game afterwards.

  153. d1島:


    I thought it would be Kahuku playing Punahou although the Mrs. and I were pulling for the Govs last night.

    Hoping it stops raining like last week.

    See you if you at the TsaikoGate....


  154. curveball:

    Committed Road Warrior:

    I just looked at all my weather pages and unfortunately it looks like several more hours of showers still coming. There is still quite a bit of rain off shore moving in..

  155. madeinhawaii:

    Warriors tied for second in the WAC. Not too shabby for a team that lost it's Offensive strike force.

  156. curveball:


  157. madeinhawaii:

    Hey wait.. I'm confused.. LOL
    at the bottom of the screen during the Alabama game.. they showed Nevada 41 LaTech 31.

    But Gametracker shows... Nevada 14 vs Latech 31...

    So which is it?

    Somebody Help me.. help me... LOL

  158. brew808:

    Nevada won, 35-31 over LaTech

  159. madeinhawaii:

    Dang.. I suppose LaTech won... must have been a typo on TV.. too bad.. now I'm disapointed and will go sit on the sofa a sulk for a spell... ;-)

  160. madeinhawaii:


    Thanks.. LOL!

    That's great news.. Now I can go outside and get some work done.. LOL

  161. brew808:

    USU beat Mumme's NMSU, 47-2

    Baylor and Texas Tech are tied, 28 all - 12:20 4Q

  162. brew808:

    'bama bamming Auburn, 29-0, start 4Q

    Florida 38, FSU 15, early 4Q, looks wet

  163. LizKauai (iPhone):

    The egret has landed. Sunny/rainy depending on the street!

  164. brew808:

    WAC standings at this moment:

    Boise State 8-0 12-0
    Nevada 5-3 7-5
    Hawaii 5-3 6-5
    Louisiana Tech 5-3 7-5
    Fresno State 4-4 7-5
    San Jose State 4-4 6-6
    Utah State 3-5 3-9
    Idaho 1-7 2-10
    New Mexico State 1-7 3-9

  165. brew808:

    Liz brought the rain! What other treats from Kauai does she bring? :shock: :lol: :shock:

  166. brew808:

    After the Warriors beat Cincinnati, both the ACC and big East champs (attended BCS bowl games) will have 3 losses apiece! :shock: :twisted: :D

  167. brew808:

    ACC chump champ might even have 4 losses! :twisted: :roll: :shock:

  168. madeinhawaii:


    Hawaii HAS to beat Cincinnati so that Boise and future mid-majors can have a greater argument for a BCS bowl. Won't get it, but it wouldn't hurt their case.

  169. brew808:

    MIH - I agree. UH has to beat Cincinnati for me to call this a successful season! But first... P•O•U•N•D them Wazzu puddy-cats!!! :D :shock: :lol:

  170. brew808:

    Texas Tech is now ahead, 35-28 over Baylor at home, ~2mins left

  171. brew808:

    Okay - this is dangerous speculation.... but....

    Let's say UH wins out and finishes 8-5. Three of those losses would be against top-17 ranked teams (UF, BSu, OSU). SJSU might get an invite to a Bowl game too. The one real blemish would be that truly ugly loss in Logan! 8-5 is a record several Warrior fans had mentioned in the pre-season. Yeah - this doesn't include the kool-aid drinkers. :D :shock: :lol:

    But first.... P•O•U•N•D them Wazzu puddy-cats!!! :twisted:

  172. expat:

    So with Nevada getting by LaTech the WAC finishes with a three way tie for 2nd. Place. However, since Hawaii beat both LaTech and Nevada it seems pretty clear to me that the Warriors are the real 2nd place finishers.

    Hard to see how Mumme stays at NMSU with that loss to Utah State.

    Doesn't look like the game is on gameplan. Rats. It was listed earlier this week. I hate when ESPN does that.

  173. SojuNTaegu:

    Hey all! Does anyone have a good link to watch Hawaii or the OU/OSU game on the internet??


  174. jm2375:

    OK, NOW it's raining in Keolu. :( Was going to go redeem my Hi5 containers, but later, after the rain.

  175. jm2375:

    So much for yard work and washing da cars too. :mrgreen: :lol:

  176. SojuNTaegu:

    JM, look on the bright side, it snowed here yesterday.. LOL

  177. curveball:


  178. jm2375:

    Soju - which is why I live in Hawaii. :D :lol:

  179. curveball:

    Nice opening drive for Oregon...

  180. Kekoa (SF Survivor):

    The card sharks are out! No mercy. Koakane is talking trash. Pride is leading the way. SteveM is carving a winning hand out of zero. Diana is spinning her wheels!.

  181. curveball:

    OSU better wake up soon..losing 20-7

  182. NorthShoreFan:

    Al Sorry late getting back 2 U.... Had to take care of some maintenance business.

    Me thinks, after the Warriors get a healthy lead, they may use some of the reserves. da Puddycats are not too good this year but they do have good athletes.
    Puddycats D-line hold the key. If they can pressure with speed and have the Warrior line off balance, they can make it a game.

    O-line has struggled with quick D-line teams.

  183. NorthShoreFan:

    Yikes....ABC Sports got the Warriors 4th in CFB!
    8.8 penalties per game!

    They'll do betther tonight though. Improvement every week.

  184. Cheyah!:

    It's Gameday! Go Warriors! Wac Da Pac! Pound Dem Kats!

  185. curveball:

    Oregon/OSU just got really ugly......

    Looks like there is still a lot of off shore rain still coming in..
    Hows the tailgate weather???

  186. FloridaTed:


    Just read your pre-game piece, liked the part about Alexander especially.
    That's all we really need to know to realize how good our coaches are. That much improvement by Receivers and QB, after they all played like chickens with their heads cut off at first, really says it all. I was surprised how much they have improved statistically.

    Looks like USU is turning the corner for real, our loss doesn't look that horrible anymore.

    If we would've had our team playing now from the beginning of the season, we could easily be 11-2 by seasons end. Kudo's to players and coaches.

  187. Garret:

    Dad just called me from the tailgate--he said there was a really good turnout today. I'm curious what people thought about the chicken hekka...

  188. brew808:

    Okies vs. Okie State is a pretty close game - #3 OU 7, #12 OSU 10, early 2Q

    The other O vs OS game is ugly as curveball noted earlier -
    #23 OU 37, #17 OSU 17, Halftime ..... UGLY!

    Twas the month before Christmas, when all through the west -
    Not a Beaver-fan was stirring, not even in jest.
    Their tickets were bought, with anticipation in the air…
    In hopes that they’d be in Pasadena, an occasion so very rare.

    But the sometimes reality sets in and bites you right in the butt.
    Those visions of victories… now trampled, lying in the rut.
    The Trojans, maybe the Ducks will now celebrate the roses.
    All that is left for the Beavers are broken dreams and foolish poses.

    :D :shock: :lol:

  189. Garret:

    I hope that Oregon keeps it up against Oregon State! That would mean only 1 Pac-10 team will make the BCS instead of 2, which opens up a BCS bowl spot. Hopefully BSU would beat out Ohio State in that scenario.

  190. brew808:

    chicken hekka? .... Hekka Ono! (I'm sure!) :D :shock: :lol:

  191. BowsForever:

    Damn, Jake's brother is tall. He's learning from the best!

    What is up in Corvallis?! Oregon has _37_ points at halftime?! Any BCS implications if Oregon pulls out the win (aside from, IIRC, USC going to the Rose Bowl?)

  192. curveball:


    What does the Missouri loss mean?

  193. brew808:

    Hey Garret - Welcome back! I'm sure you had a grand time back in 808. How much wt. did you gain? :lol:

    What's your take on a rumored Utah vs. BSu match-up in the Fiesta Bowl? :shock: :D :shock:

  194. BowsForever:

    OK, the CNNSI scoreboard is messed up. It has 30-10 now, but that's still a crazy number of points to put up in a half.

  195. curveball:

    The score is 37 to 17 in Oregons favor..

  196. BowsForever:

    Wow, Fresno got blown out by Boise (yep, that's a statement win), Nevada gets the win against 7-5 (!) LaTech, and we've got possibly 6 bowl-eligible teams this year. Sure Idaho, NMSU and Utah State aren't doing so hot, but I would think the WAC represented itself fairly well this year. Of course, if Hawaii could get an upset against Cincy next week, that'd certainly help the WAC's rep.

  197. Maverick:

    GO WAC!

    Sick 'EM

    Is it too late for predict the score?


    Hawaii - 38

    Them - 21

  198. brew808:

    curveball - No t-gate and (live) game for you this week? :shock: :D :shock:

  199. Maverick:

    Weber St. playing Cal Poly. This is a must win for a conference title since Montana won today.

    Bulla Jr. and team can pull this off. Unreal

  200. curveball:


    November 29th, 2008 at 4:54 pm
    curveball - No t-gate and (live) game for you this week?

    No family responsibilities kept me home today..hopefully next week.

  201. Pauoa Boy:

    Howzit Gang...

    A little over an hour till kickoff...time to put the game face on and focus on whoopin Cougar arse tonight!!!

  202. Pauoa Boy:

    Luke Ingram looks like he needs to add a few pounds to his frame...regardless I hope he is as good or better than his bro.

  203. curveball:

    Start of the 4th quarter 44-31 Oregon...

  204. Stephen Tsai:

    Luke Ingram looks like he's about 6-6.
    I think he's left-handed, but he has a nice snap. He was snapping to Jake yesterday.

  205. Stephen Tsai:

    Mouton is definitely out. I saw him by the entrance. His left foot/ankle is in a huge boot.

  206. curveball:

    Looks like some big rain going to hit just about the start of the game......

  207. Rich2176:


    Game listed on GamePlan (which I subscribe to!)....DirecTV not carrying it. Then, it's listed on ESPN360.....and it's not part of the upcoming programming....Last option???? Oceanic???

  208. bighilofan2:

    Howzit Tsaikos everywhere.

    sjmacro,madeinhawaii, all you guyz, fast one fo catch up da news.

    da phone is missing. :) lost in action. :)

    it'll prolly show up afta da Cincy game.

    been losing myself coachin ole futz. an my grand daughter and her friend. good fun.

    back to football!!!!

    saw the OSU Oregon game. goes to show you ya gotta show up.

    I'll man da computah, you guyz go support da troops!!

    Go Warriors!!!!

  209. Garret:


    Missouri's loss means nothing to the BCS bowl spots. The Big 12 will get 2 BCS spots (by the rankings they should actually have more) and I didn't expect any of those teams to come from the Big 12 North.

    The only significant effect is that Texas played Missouri and Oklahoma did not, so Texas will lose computer points.

  210. bighilofan2:


    Florida Ted,


    sjmacro, myki1

    an all you well wishahz out dayah

    see, da world neva fall apaht,

    boy, wuz tuff out hea at da end ah da world, no computah, lose my cell phone...

    puttin da wife on da plane fo see her kids this Thurs. den

    I'll be right ova fo da game.

    I sure hope doze kids no feel day get rights to my seat. me an my fren Kashinoki comin fo sure!!!

    I neva tell you da score.


  211. jm2375:

    Howzit bhf2!

    So now we know what to get you for Christmas. Early Christmas gift? :D

  212. Garret:


    Lori, the kids, and I had a great time in Hawaii! They were up until almost the time we got home (after 1am) so their schedules are all messed up. We'll get them back to a regular sleep schedule soon.

    I gained a lot...but the damage wasn't as bad as I had feared. A few weeks of exercise will get rid of the gain.

    I thought the article I posted was pretty weird...Utah vs. BSU in a BCS game would be a highly unique situation. I wish they could play that game and then have one more game where the winner would face the winner of the BCS title game!

  213. Pauoa Boy:

    Luke does look tall...maybe we'll see him and Tua Mahaley used in the redzone next year as big receivers?

  214. Garret:


    Yes, I found out the bad news about GamePlan last night when I tried to set my DVR. Oceanic is the only option unless Wazzoo has some option. I checked Tombo's site today and he hadn't found any other way.

    My parents don't get the PPV since it is a home game (they have the road-only package for season-ticket holders), so even a slingbox would do no good. Any PPV subscribers with a slingbox?

  215. Garret:


    Good to see you back! Man, having no computer and no cell phone must have been tough...I couldn't function in that situation!

  216. Garret:

    Time for me to get off the blog...Go Warriors!

  217. curveball:

    Oregon game got stupid...OK/OK State is good 30-26 OK

  218. Rich2176:

    Thanks Garret...I've got the Oceanic feed running now. I guess it's worth the $12.56....LOL.... GO WARRIORS

  219. ai-eee-soos:

    ST: I'm hoping Inoke Funaki plays RB/Slot tonight,

    being that Pilares is out.

    GO Roaring Rainbows !!!

    GO Warriors !!!

  220. brew808:

    Hi Rich - Yeah - ESPN Gameplan has been a bust this year. I'll have to reconsider next season. How are you and Margo? :D :shock: :lol:

  221. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Gametime and the mist is falling!

  222. brew808:

    Watching RK on the PPV - and trying to imagine how HUGE Mark Nua is.... OMG!!! :shock: :roll: :shock:

  223. bighilofan2:


    howzit howzit.

    get da beer ready, get da steak all cut up

    get my bannah hangin ova da TV

    Yeeeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Go Warriors!!!!

  224. Pauoa Boy:

    PPV ESPN Gameplan is crap...everytime I've tried to watch a game this year the feeds been AFU!!! Blackouts, etc...I actually got refunded the rest of the season cause of how crappy the service was!

  225. Maverick:


    I just called off the Reno 911 crew that was ready to fly out an look for U !. M.I.A. Alert has now been aborted.

    Welcome back and Rah, Rah, Rah!

  226. bighilofan2:


    my tv looks fabulus

    da bannahisproudlyhanginovadabugga

    heh heh heh!!!

    Go Warriors!!!

  227. Ronnie:

    I like how the internet stream showed the cheerleader on the surfboard. I can't wait until next week!!!!

  228. bighilofan2:

    Hey Maverick

    da tv in da odda room an da computa, i tryin fo make up fo all da slackin i am guilty guilty guilty

    but having fun tonite cuz if da buggaz let me down I going cry i tell you, just fall apart fall down cry.

    i'll be back in a few.

    Go Warriors!!!!

  229. Ronnie:

    Garret gave me a Warrior flag! I'm taking it with me to Hawai'i and see how many signatures I can get during the football banquet! :D

  230. Ronnie:

    Rich - Sorry, I just got your message. I was making Aaron's dinner. I'm glad you got the Oceanic feed working.

  231. bighilofan2:

    did you guyz just see dat big horse gallop down da field!!!!

    Go Warriors!!!!

  232. NYUH:

    Anybody getting the IPTV stream?

  233. jm2375:


  234. Ronnie:

    TOUCHDOWN Salas!!

  235. bighilofan2:

    Boy o boy o boy!!!

    Da oline is giving GA time and its payin off


  236. curveball:

    Nice drive!!!!!!!!!

  237. Garret:


    Kekoa actually gave that flag to me to put up in my home and to bring to events. I was deeply touched...but I figured that the SoCal Chapter President should have it instead. You go to more events than me (I missed the last Calf Call, for example), so you should have it. Getting the banner signed would be awesome!

  238. jm2375:

    Way to go Fonoti! Nice sack!

  239. wafan:

    bhf2 . . .

    Welcome back! Glad to see you are well.

    Go Warriors!!!

    All of those Cougs on campus will look absolutely fabulous in black and green!

  240. hawnstln:

    Fonoti looked fast!! D looks good so far. Hey!! to all the soCal Warrior fans!!

  241. Garret:

    If UH gets up be a couple of TDs early in the game, Wazzoo could just pack it in for the season! Getting ahead of a demoralized team is key, keep their confidence down!

  242. jm2375:

    Can the d keep it up? 3 and out for the rest of the game? hehehe

  243. Ronnie:


    I think this means I take both. Since I have two sons, they can each get a flag signed. That way, we have one to represent the LoCal chapter (and one for my house). We can fly the flag whenever we get together for lunch! :D

    I wonder if Ian would be willing to get autographs... It may just be me and Aaron.

  244. hawnstln:

    Looks like they are blitzing.

  245. wafan:

    Garret . . .

    Good to see you and your family enjoyed the visit to Hawai'i. Nothing like Mom's home cooking!

  246. wafan:

    Do they have more than 30,000 tonight? Sure sounds quiet.

  247. wafan:



  248. jm2375:

    TD Libre!! 14-0 hehehe.

  249. wafan:

    A tight end?


    A Hawai'i tight end?


  250. Ronnie:

    Nothing like seeing a camera man wipe the lens :)

    Hi hawnstln! I got your email. Thanks for reminding me. I am putting all my notes together in an email. I'll be sending it tomorrow.

  251. Pauoa Boy:

    I don't think our offense can be stopped now that Greg understands what to do. He is frikkin year going be killahz! Back to the royal arse whoopin Wazzou going get!!!

  252. hawnstln:

    Nice drives by the offense and let me give kudos to the O-line. I am with Garrett, I hope we can put the hammer down and get the Cougars to mail it in!

  253. Ronnie:

    Although I hope we win by a big margin, I don't want Washington St embarrassed.... I hope they score at least a couple of TDs. I hate shutouts (unless it's us shutting out Fresneck or BS).

  254. Pauoa Boy:

    Aunty Ronnie,
    Too bad...I like see our boys dominate if the Cougs don't score oh well haha! I no care embarass them, cause that'll show the stupid arse BCS Bozo's wassup! Did USC let up on us, nope, PAC-10...kill em!

  255. LizKauai (iPhone):


    The tradition continues !

  256. Ronnie:

    Weber St is up 42-28 with 7:35 left in the 4th! Yee Haw for Da Beast!

  257. Pauoa Boy:

    Once we score about 50, then we'll let up other than that too bad full throttle until the end of the 4th Coach!

  258. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Wafan, mahalo for the applets and cotlets and other T-gate goodies !

  259. Ronnie:

    Pauoa Boy, my nephew - it must be the mother in me :D

  260. jm2375:

    Looks like the offense is having its way.

  261. Ronnie:

    I can't wait until next week!!!!

  262. Pauoa Boy:

    OLine is doing outstanding tonight!!!

  263. wafan:

    LizK . . .

    Glad you enjoyed them.

    Aloha to all!!!

  264. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Greg Alexander. good job!

    Go Beast and Boys!

  265. Pauoa Boy:

    Aunty Ronnie,
    You too nice... :wink:

  266. hawnstln:

    What is wrong with DK this year?

  267. Pauoa Boy:

    Man, Kelly is having a rough year...sheesh!

  268. wafan:

    Aiyah! DK! What is going on in your head?!?!

    Better, yet. What is going on with your foot?!?!

  269. jm2375:

    The ice is melting again..... :(

  270. Pauoa Boy:

    Hope UH gets a kicker/punter besides Brett Symonds for next year and an actual kicking coach this is pretty bad! 8-17 FG's is pretty bad!

  271. bighilofan2:


    an huuz falt wuz dat?


  272. bighilofan2:

    all it takes is a little shot in da arm and den its all serious again.

    Go Warriors!

  273. bighilofan2:

    see wat happenswen you get a littl condescending, pat da odda guy yada yada

    yu slack yu luuuzzzzz

    stop futtin around Warriors!!!!

    da mind, its always in da mind!!!

  274. Pauoa Boy:

    Aunty Ronnie,

    They scored 3, is that enough so we can go back to whoopin there arse now? :smile:

  275. bighilofan2:

    the main thing I would encourage the coaches to do is to continuously keep inside the players' heads! they slack off for a minute, that is picked up by the odda guyz and before you know it, they punching us out! Go stay on top of the coaches, no slackin on the job!!!

    Go Warriors!

  276. hawnstln:

    Gotta get serious again and pound them cougars. No let up! Missed a chippy Fg and then let them drive down the field!! Watch out, if we let them hang around, they will get more confidence. Imua boys!

  277. Ronnie:

    Pauoa Boy -

    Yep, now that there won't be a shut out, let's show them who's the boss! :lol:

  278. Ronnie:

    A safety now would be nice...

  279. jm2375:

    Fumble!!! Way to go Josh Leonard!!!

  280. Ronnie:

    Ok, I'll settle for a fumble recovery on the Washington St 5 yard line :D

  281. Ronnie:

    Bummer! sack!

  282. Ronnie:

    Wow, looked like a stink eye Coach Mack gave someone after he called the time out. Did they decide to go for the FG?

  283. Pauoa Boy:

    Ahh, if Libre never slip he would've been in there...

    Oh well, c'mon Kelly frikkin chip shot baby...redeem yourself!

  284. 702WarriorNation:

    Weber State 49
    Cal Poly 35
    Game ova- congrats to da Bulla/animal

  285. Pauoa Boy:

    Das it baby...chip shot...good job Iceman!

  286. Ronnie:

    Congratulations Weber State and Da Beast!!!!

  287. Pauoa Boy:

    Frikk Monteilh go for the dayum ball stupid!

  288. Pauoa Boy:

    Lets go D big stop boys! Hold em and get the ball back first in second half!

  289. Pauoa Boy:

    Au'ryte thank you rain for throwing off the kick!

  290. jm2375:

    Congrats to Weber State, da Beast and the Bullas!

  291. Pauoa Boy:

    Nice Weber State win...

    If you look back at this seasons schedule, Hawaii has done pretty well this year!

    Weber State = Conference Champs
    Florida = #4
    Oregon State = #17
    Boise State = #9
    Fresno State = Was #22 at the time
    Cincinnatti = #16

  292. curveball:

    Who broke the blog????

  293. hawnstln:

    I just lost my PPV stram and it won't let me back on!!!

  294. jm2375:

    curveball - you did!! nah j/k. :lol:

  295. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Thanks for the intensity Fonoti!

  296. klc2294:

    ehhh this isn't good....17-10 against a really REALLY bad Wash. St. team, c'mon warriors.

  297. curveball:

    Is it raining at your house?Pouring here......

  298. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Stephen Tsai's Warrior Beat Blog just got props on the PA system. HA is the Corp. Sponsor tonight.

    Rain is harder, breezier and it is colder in here.

  299. curveball:

    O-line is starting to loose it....

  300. Pauoa Boy:

    Dayum receivers need to get open and help Alexander

  301. Pauoa Boy:

    Dayum receivers need to get open and help Alexander

  302. Pauoa Boy:

    Das it baby, nice Alexander

  303. klc2294:

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuu

  304. jm2375:

    Curveball - hard to tell, it's not pouring, but the street is wet. I'm on the dry side of Kailua, close to 'nalo.

  305. TChahng [Okinawa]:

    Trying to get Oceanic streaming to work... ahhh nuts!!!

    Listening to JL and RY but the video is frozen and at times moves at a crawl. I'm on the low resolution stream on an MWR provided computer.

    It's been this way all game long.

  306. Pauoa Boy:

    Easeh Hisatake no need get nuts

  307. curveball:

    TChahng [Okinawa]:
    What time is it there?

  308. jm2375:

    welcome klc. have you posted here before?

  309. curveball:


  310. jm2375:

    the ice is evaporating now.....

  311. Pauoa Boy:

    WTF WASHINGTON, I thought Bain was supposed to be returning punts!!!! Daymuit Coach Washington sucks at returning punts all year!!!

  312. klc2294:

    JM: I have in the past, but am extremely busy with school here over in Connecticut! Just trying to handle this game right now...and as im typing Kelly missed another field goal :(

  313. Pauoa Boy:

    Daymuit = Dayumit!

  314. jm2375:

    what happened to the offense?

  315. Pauoa Boy:

    Woo, nice Salas...

  316. Pauoa Boy:

    All I can say is...WOW!!!

  317. curveball:

    That was weird..blocked because it was another bad kick...

  318. Pauoa Boy:

    LMFAO @ the Ref...leave your mic on dummeh!!!

  319. klc2294:

    woww, what is going on w/ our special teams???

  320. Pauoa Boy:

    Can we please attack the endzone and put this game away, what's with the offense now, geez! Put these frikkin scrubs away, lets get r' done boys!

  321. jm2375:

    OK, da Warriors are gonna win this one, but somehow, it wasn't very satisfying. They can't play this way next week and expect to be in it!

  322. Pauoa Boy:

    C'mon Bain that had TD written all over it...dayum!

  323. curveball:


    Totally agree..not our best showing but, its the win we need..yeah

  324. Pauoa Boy:


    You got that right Washington State just really sucks arse which is why we'll get the win. Cincinnatti will not let a game like this happen I guarantee it! Boys need to finish this game strong! Wonder why the offense hasn't been attacking the endzone from 1st down???

  325. jm2375:

    Sorta reminds me of the Wahine volleyball team - playing up or down to the level of the team.

  326. Pauoa Boy:


    For Coach Mack's first year as head coach this season has been a success in my book. With as much turnover and the loss of our most dominant offensive players ever, this season has been a success so far. Two games left, time to finish strong boys! Bearcats are no joke so we need to come to play and protect the house! Great job Coach Mack, I wish you continued success!!! Hawai'i Bowl Baby Chee Huu...might have to make a special trip home now...hmm???

  327. bighilofan2:



    See you guyz next week. ova an out.

  328. las vegas:

    12/24 is my birthday, all I want is a win over whoevah we play

  329. bighilofan2:


    Great Job, Coach Mack! You gotta pass around da stink eye samoa!

  330. Pauoa Boy:

    2nd place in the WAC 7-5, Great Job to the Coaches and Players...

  331. hawnstln:

    Well, PPV is on my sh*t list now. Followed the game on ESPN. JM2375, I agree that although we won, there is a lot of room for improvement. Kelly is a basket case now, the special teams are like riding a roller coaster, the offense needs more consistancy esp in the red zone, and we need to cut down on penalties. If we continue to improve maybe we'll have a good game next week. Go Warriors!!!


  332. jm2375:

    Congrats to the Warriors on the win, the better than expected season and the Hawaii Bowl bid. I will be watching on the tube.

  333. Cheyah!:

    Congrats Warriors! Now we get to play two bowl games. Next week is the BCS bowl and then the Hawaii bowl! Great Job Coach Mack! What a hard fought season! Now lets finish it out Warriors style!

    Go Warriors!
    We Believe!

  334. AlnBama:

    Hey, what you guys think about Hawaii vs Navy in the Hawaii bowl. Kenny Niumatalolo and his boys, would be a good one.

  335. jm2375:

    Time to listen to the baboozes on fan phones.

  336. Pauoa Boy:


    That would be a good game...would Kaheaku-Enhada be playing?

  337. las vegas:

    no likey navy, run every down?
    I no tink UH matches up well
    plus tv ratings will be low

  338. jm2375:

    Pat Hill to udub? huh?

  339. wafan:

    Hey LV!

    Hope you are feeling better -- especially after the win!

  340. Pauoa Boy:

    las vegas,

    Navy is better than playing some scrub arse team that are on the list to play in the Hawai'i Bowl! At least they are somewhat respectable!

  341. las vegas:

    besides navy might be contracted to the EagleBank bowl

  342. wafan:

    jm5678 . . .

    Huh? Where did you hear that?

    He will have a heck of a time there!

  343. Pauoa Boy:

    Maybe we should play ASU again...rematch and kick there PAC-10 arses again!

  344. jm2375:

    Heard it from JVeneri who said ESPN is reporting it. Why would UDub want Pat Hill?

  345. Pauoa Boy:

    Coach Mack said we will go to a Bowl Game...mission accomplished!
    I believe our football program is about to be on the rise as the Polynesian Powerhouse Team of the Pacific. With our returnees, JC's, redshirts, greyshirts, and incoming recruits...this team looks promising and will soon be in the Top 25 consistently...mark my words!!! Coach Mack has never had a losing season and will never have one here at Hawaii!

  346. las vegas:

    too bad pac 10 had only 5 winning teams, #6 would've been in the hawaii Bowl.
    I think we'll get leftovers like maybe Bowling Green

  347. curveball:

    Navy would be OK but I think Garret said it was impossible because of commitments..

  348. las vegas:

    next week is Cincinnati, I wonder which Cincinnati team is better, the Bearcats or the Bengals?

  349. NorthShoreFan:

    Pau watch da game on the radio...Happy Warriors won but ...somehow there is not that much joy on da NorthSide.
    Maybe I spoiled. They wen start good but afterwards kind of lost the fizzle.
    The D was great and played tough. The O was so so. GA needs to make decision to throw away some and not take a sack. Next year the O-line must improve!
    I did not like riding the game out mentality at the end of the game when the offense had a chance to score. They went backwards and the play calling didn't help. Should have "practiced" red zone offense.
    Cincy next week will be a bitch!

  350. FloridaTed:

    First off, let me congratulate our Warriors to make the Bowl and finish second in league. That is quite an accomplishment, considering from where this team has come from.

    On the other hand, this was one heck of a strange game. I really don't know what to think. It seems after they got the easy lead, they thought it would be a walk over and lost focus. This offense is not automatic like last years yet, they need to focus completely to be good, that's what I was nervous about and sure enough....

    Boy, WSU sure is snake bitten, what else can one say, but there is talent on this team, they just don't know what to do yet. Next year will be a lot tougher at their place, but we'll be better also.

    Next up, Cinci, there should be no problem focusing for this game. The Stadium better be sold out. I wish I could be there.

    Anyways, I'm glad this game is out of the way, a win is a win and a lot was at stake, so I'm happy.

  351. Committed Road Warrior:

    Congrats to the Warrior football team in reaching the 7-win milestone and the bid into the Hawai'i Bowl on Christmas Eve! With all of the turnover in experienced players and coaches, to even reach bowl eligibility is something that seemed to be a longshot at the start of the year. To have gone through all that they have, including one of, if not THE toughest schedule in school history and come out with a winning record speaks volumes for everyone involved with the team and its operations. The returnees as well as incoming recruits make next year very promising in our attempt to take back the WAC.

    Things are looking up, and Coach Mac and company are positioning us for long-term success. Again, congrats!

  352. las vegas:

    woo hoo! six more stones just came out!
    plop plop!

  353. BillB:

    Just got back from the game. Been posting about Kelley's technique challenges for awhile. This is what I saw and take a look if you see the replay tomorrow morning. My opinion is that PATs & FGs will be critical the next 2 games.

    He missed from both the left & right hash marks and the long one was blocked. For a right footed kicker on FGs inside 30 yds, it is harder from the left hash because there is a tendency to hook it compensating for the angle.

    On the 1st one he missed from the left, his plant foot was too close to the ball, his approach not wide enough & his kicking foot came across his body instead of to the target (typically between the goal posts unless you are trying to draw the ball, then your target is the outside post), missed left.

    2nd one from right hash kicking foot again across the body instead of toward the target & missed left. This is an easier kick for a right footed kicker, he just has to line up & chip it forward.

    Last one blocked, watch his body lean that is too forward. Yes for a 47 yarder you have to drive the ball for distance but still have to keep body leaning slightly back to get height.

    Just my opinion, hope DK reviews film and maybe I am seeing the right things.

  354. Committed Road Warrior:

    With the congrats now out of the way, this game seemed really strange, and while UH won, there seemed to be an empty feeling I got as I watched it from the second TD onward. I couldn't help but think that once they gathered a slim lead they decided to go into cruise control and eventually lost focus of the task at hand.

    Greg Alexander put up some good yardage numbers but to see him get sacked and flushed out of the pocket as much as he did tonight brought back memories of earlier this season and how Inoke and Tyler kept getting their bells rung as well.

    If we keep surrendering as many sacks and hurries as we did tonight, we're gonna be in for a long night next week when Cincy comes rolling into town. Stay focused on the Bearcats. The Warriors can beat them, but it will take everything in the tank to do it.

  355. Garret:

    AlnBama, Pauoa Boy,

    Navy accepted a bowl bid on November 1. They are contracturally obligated to a new bowl game and already accepted the bid...there is no chance to get them for the Hawaii Bowl now or anytime in the next few years.

  356. Garret:

    Congratulations to the Warriors for making the Hawaii Bowl! That is a very important accomplishment and I'm glad that it is done. It would have been really difficult on the bowl game to miss having UH in two straight years...

    One thing that hasn't been pointed out yet is that one reason it is so important to make a bowl game is that it gives the team a lot of extra practice time! That is crucial with so many players starting for the first time this year on offense, and it gives the younger players valuable time to get some reps to prepare for next season.

  357. Garret:

    A couple of Warriors were mentioned in this South Florida Sun-Sentinel article. Their game against Pisa's Rams could be a big factor in their NFL futures.

    It would also be nice if....

    Brandon London and Davone Bess use their first start, and first real NFL action, to cement themselves as NFL PLAYMAKERS

    Samson Satele will have opportunity to prove to the front office, which added veteran center Al Johnson on Sunday, that they don't need to find a new starting center. This former second-round pick will be given a chance to show he can improve against the Rams decimated front line.

    The offensive line needs to produce a big rushing day against one of the NFL's worst defenses.

  358. Postmanke:

    Great Win! I really like our chances against Cinci for the following reasons:

    1) We're clicking.. esp on D the coverages are awesome!
    2) Cinci is Over R A T E D. The wins against top 25 teams were phony top 25. None of the wins against teams are in the top 25 this week.
    3) Their coach is all but gone - Clemson?

    How is this team going to the Orange Bowl? Why does the Big East get an auto invite? How bad would it look when we beat Cinci and Boise gets snubbed.

    I feel the D will play the Cinci game as if this a Bowl game. This will be a high energy physical game, it's going to be fun to watch

  359. Garret:

    Samson might have some reason to looks like management brought in another former Cowboy that was drafted high at his position.

    The Miami Dolphins have filled the roster spot opened by the placing of receiver Greg Camarillo on special teams by signing free agent center Al Johnson.

    Johnson is a 6-5 and 305 pound dude who was originally a second-round pick of, you guessed it, the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. Johnson was with the Cowboys four seasons before signing with the Arizona Cardinals as an unrestricted free agent in 2007.

    Johnson was on Arizona's injured reserve list all of this season before being released Oct. 21. Johnson had a knee injury. Johnson is no baby. He is 29 years old and has started 45 games in the NFL.

    But the fact Johnson is slightly bigger and, according to reputation, stronger than Samson Satele should give Miami's young center some pause.

    Satele had a poor game against Vince Wilfork Sunday and hasn't exactly been a force in a couple of other games this season. And with end of season games against stout inside players Marcus Stroud, Glenn Dorsey, Isaac Sopoagoa and most notably Kris Jenkins, the Dolphins may have bigger plans in store for Johnson than we believe.

    The team may try the combo of Satele and Johnson at center-right guard -- meaning one of the two could move to guard while the other starts at center. We'll see.

  360. Pomai:

    Wow first time I was even close with my pik en still lost. This is a tough season for da pik's, no winnah again dis week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  361. Long Time UH Fan:

    Congrats to the Warriors for their 7th win and bid to Sheraton Hawaii Bowl!

    Cincy's record to date:

    2008 Schedule/Results


    8/28 Eastern Kentucky 1-0 (0-0) W 40-7
    9/06 @ No. 4 Oklahoma 1-1 (0-0) L 52-26
    9/20 Miami (OH) 2-1 (0-0) W 45-20
    9/27 @ Akron 3-1 (0-0) W 17-15
    10/03 @ Marshall 4-1 (0-0) W 33-10
    10/11 Rutgers 5-1 (1-0) W 13-10
    10/25 @ Connecticut 5-2 (1-1) L 40-16
    10/30 No. 23 South Florida 6-2 (2-1) W 24-10
    11/08 @ No. 25 West Virginia 7-2 (3-1) W 26-23 OT
    11/14 @ Louisville 8-2 (4-1) W 28-20
    11/22 No. 20 Pittsburgh 9-2 (5-1) W 28-21
    11/29 Syracuse 10-2 (6-1) W 30-10


    12/06 @ Hawaii (7-5) 11:30 PM


  362. Pomai:

    From what I have read here and there the Warriors seemed to play not to lose after getting the lead, can't do that next week an expect to win. We need to come out attacking from the first play till the last play. I feel we can beat the cats but need to play heads up football for all four quarters.

  363. wafan:

    Pomai . . .

    38 Warriors - 28 Bearcats


  364. Committed Road Warrior:

    During one of the TV timeouts I couldn't help but notice K5's portagee field-level camera shot methods. Most crews I've seen use some sort of small mobile scissor lift to rove from endzone to endzone in capturing camera shots from field level.

    I see that K5 has a converted flatbed truck with some dude in the driver's seat having to shift into forward or reverse as needed.

    Thought it was weird.....maybe that's standard convention, but I wouldn't know.

  365. missing points:

    great game...
    but i think we should have really blown them out.
    we missed 3 field goals and 3 would be touchdown passes were dropped.
    okay when your playing against a 2-9 team, not going to happen with ciny next week. we need our receivers step up and make plays like our receivers did last year.
    Still a great game, but a little too close for comfort.
    next week should be interesting.

  366. Robbie:

    I'll repost by post from mid-week and see if it gets any kind of response (outside a thank you from Jojo).

    Regarding the Pac-10 and the Hawaii Bowl: I believe Russ Y. said this morning if ASU wins their last two, barring Oregon St. in the Rose Bowl, they (ASU) is a lock for the Hawaii Bowl. Unless I read the current standings wrong, I don’t necessarily agree. I sent them this e-mail. Comments, particularly from ST would be appreciated.

    Per your show this morning, maybe the guy who said Arizona could be Hawaii Bowl-bound may be right.

    If Arizona State beats both UCLA and Arizona, they will be 6-6 overall AND 5-4 in the conference. This would drop Arizona to 6-6 overall AND 4-5 in the conference.

    If Oregon beats OSU and USC ends up in the Rose Bowl, then the top 4 would be USC, OSU, Oregon, and Cal.

    The Emerald Bowl has the #5 Pac-10 choice (over the Hawaii Bowl),
    Why would they take ASU over Arizona:
    1) better conference finish (5-4 versus 4-5)
    2) ASU beats Arizona head-to-head
    3) ASU ends the season on a 4-game winning streak, while Arizona would end on a 3-game losing streak
    4) other factors- Phoenix metro area much bigger than Tucson metro area, ASU 2X as large enrollment (67,000 in ASU system versus 34,000 in UA system) and presumably larger alumni

    Up to date: 1) ASU beat UCLA, 2) Oregon beat OSU,

    What needed: 1) USC beats UCLA (likely), 2) ASU to beat Arizona- Curran says unlikely, which according to many of his inaccurate predictions, will then come true. ASU has won 3 in a row, while Arizona has lost 2 in a row. Remember ASU was around a preseason #15, while UA was unranked.

  367. Postmanke:

    Road Warrior, noticed that too.. Cant believe we're still using that truck.. I didn't notice if it was on the visitors sideline or ours..

    "Carbon monoxide causes sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, and disorientation."

    Pretty much sums up WSU's effort tonight..

  368. djmitcho:

    Watched the game on the oceanic internet feed and it sucked. The first half was ok until right before the end of the 2nd q, then the feed started to freeze and buffer and then skip around. The D looked good, the OL needs some more work. Wazzu's d got 1/3 of their season sack total tonight.

  369. Stretch:

    Great outcome of the game, not really a great game in itself. Once Hawaii got the lead, it was "don't lose the game and the invite." Not much excitement in the second half.

    Pat Hill to UW?? Interesting....

  370. Committed Road Warrior:

    Turnstile attendance decent, but could have been better if the weather hadn't scared off a bunch of people.

    Reported Attendance: 42,312
    Turnstile Attendance: 34,240

  371. wafan:

    CRW . . .

    They have always used a flatbed truck with some kind of a camera stand/platform. Hopefully for the cameraman and the equipment the platform is welded to the bed of the truck.

    When I used to work at the stadium I watched them screw the platform on the bed of the truck. Beats me why they have to mickey mouse something. Worse, the exhaust can get pretty bad on warm windless days for the players and stadium staffers.

  372. Postmanke:

    We should invite Boise St back for the Bowl Game and have a rematch! That would sell 65,000 tickets plus.

  373. madeinhawaii:

    Committed Road Warrior: and DJMitcho,

    Those sacks and QB hurries worry me somewhat, too. Greg did well in handling much of it, but against Cincy our blockers will need to do a much better job of protecting the QB.

  374. A-House:

    Great win for the Warriors and Coaches for getting the Hawaii Bowl invite. I am very happy the Coaching staff and players attained the goal of a bowl invitation.

    However, I cannot shake this emptiness/hallow feeling that from the 2nd qtr, UH was playing not to lose rather than playing to win. This game plan affects the players and fans alike.

    The play calling and excecution went down hill and the fans just sat there. The players enthusiasm went into a sprial. How can one explain on simple run plays were there is very little or no blocking and the running back loses 4-5 yards at a time. I believe its a reflection of the players attitude.

    At the final gun, it was "polite applause" by the fans. Most left before the announcement/invitation from the Hawaii Bowl. Is this what the Coaches want?

    Playing hard to win does not mean running up the score, but a large lead will allow the reserves to play against a PAC 10 team and gain valuable experience.

    OK, my soap box is deflating and time to get off.

  375. Postmanke:


    Its been confirmed that by a local Seattle Home Depot that 500 gallons of purple paint has been purchased by WU - which leads to the assumption that BSU's Chris Peterson will take the job and the football field to be painted immediately.

  376. FloridaTed:

    So, 8,000 stayed home because of rain? Wow.....

  377. wafan:

    A-House . . .

    I agree.

    Kind of disappointed the reserves did not have a chance to get in. It would have provided invaluable game-time experience for next year.

  378. FloridaTed:


    Your scenario is correct, if it plays out as you've stated.

  379. chawan_cut:

    good to see Stephen & Mike, & of course THE Princess roaming back on the sidelines with her camera.
    Congrats Warriors!
    Rest tomorrow and prepare for Cincy!

  380. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    woohoo hawaii bowl. congrats to the team.

    my thoughts.

    the good: Defense played well. We won. Alexander seems to be getting better. We won.

    the NOT so good

    1) if we play against Cinci the way we did tonight against WSU, we will get slaughtered. some think Cincinnati is overrated but i for one do not. they are a tough tough team. highly balanced with a good o and d.

    2) maybe we went into cruise control thinking "oh bottom feeder of the pac-10) and didnt put on a killer offensive show. If it were any team beside WSU or UW from the PAC, we would not be talking Hawaii Bowl tonight.

    3) uhhh field goals...or lack thereof....points might be far and few between next week. we need all that we can get. Who is Kelly's backup or Kelly WAKE UP!

    well with that being prepared warriors. should be a great game


  381. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    ooops forgot to add.

    i mean we alll know this is a problem but with WSU rushing 3 lineman with 1 linebacker and STILL getting pressure on Alexander? whats wrong with this picture.

  382. cavewarrior:

    Just got home from the game...It was a good win and congratulations to the Warriors on the Bowl invite.

    An observation on why we did not score more and blow out WSU...While GA has certainly improved and made some terrific throws in the first half tonight, I think the film review tomorrow will show he missed seeing wide open receivers - in the end zone in the second half. And he had the time...They were open on the post and also in the right half of the end zone. The red zone play was not good. If GA had the confidence/trust to throw before the receiver made the break, it would have a been a wide open TD...Looking forward to continued improvement from GA...

    What ever happened to the wide receiver play where JRiv would fly down the sideline for ~20yds just past the front end zone pylon, pivot, and come back to the pylon to catch the TD pass? Seems like a great play and TD for Salas.

    GO Warriors !!!

  383. govfan:

    I usually enjoy watching UH games but tonight it was torture. The play calling was so predictable: 1st down - run right, run left... it was like wasting a down. We need to go for the kill and not be so conservative with only a 2 score lead. Why do we always allow our opponents a chance to get back into the games? I say step on the gas and open it up or Cincy will blow us out.
    *there is a reason as to why UH is #4 in the country in penalties - answer: lack of discipline. Something like over 100 this year for 800 something yards.
    Those r better numbers than our running game...

  384. Robbie:

    I, like most, am rooting for the Pac-10 to come. I'm sensing a close ASU-UA game. I was amazed in looking at the boxscore that the Sun Devils had 3 INT TD returns against the Bruins. Regarding the UH-WSU game, I predicted that the spread would be about 2 TDs, and was surprised that it was more around 4 TDs. I'm predicting the UH-Cincy spread to be about 8 in Cincy's favor, with the return of Pilares and Mouton of course a lot more critical to UH's success than this last game.

  385. FloridaTed:


    After the two easy touchdowns they thought they had a walkover and lost concentration, letting them back into the game. The pressure of making the bowl also may have been a little bit of a factor.

    Cincinnati will have their full attention. Our offense is not good enough yet to be automatic, like last years. They have to concentrate for 60 minutes and never let up. I hate this conservative play when we have a good lead.

  386. al:

    i agree with you 100%.

    its almost like we stopped playing. had wsu been a team of worthy we could have lost this one as we gave them too much space.
    we need to put the opponent away.

    it felt like watching a boxing match where the guy pummels his opponent all through the match but just can't knock em out.

    i would have given kelly another shot so that he could regain his confidence, because we may need his foot over the next two games. afterall we really didn;t try to score did we?

    okay sorry, i forgot that we did win.

  387. jm2375:

    OK, time for bed. See ya tomorrow.

    Skins vs Giants. Go Skins!

    Hasta manana.

  388. Mad Dog:

    It's been a few hours since the game ended and I'm still upset how we played not to lose in the fourth quarter. Whatever happend to Coach Mac's doctrine that we will play to win, not play not to lose? The run plays did not work, but we kept on calling them. It reminded me of a high school coach calling the same unsuccessful plays because those are the only plays they practice. grr..

    Our next two games are bowl games. Cincinnati is BCS bowl bound. If we suffer another painful Georgia experience, then our reputation as well as that of the WAC and all mid-majors will suffer.

    That said, I'm now going to purchase my Hawaii Bowl tickets online. I still support the team and the players. I will still be at Aloha Stadium Christmas Eve to yell my lungs out.

    But first up is Cincinnati. Play hard. Play smart. Eliminate those drive killing personal foul penalties.

  389. las vegas:

    ok, i admit it, during the fourth quarter i got so bored with the game i played solitaire, clicking the screens back and forth.
    but can you blame me?
    play calling was pedestrian, players (ours) seemed bored with being there too.

  390. Pomai:

    Repost from yesterday

    Good morning fellow Tsai-kos hope all of you had a great day yesterday.

    As some of you know awhile back I started a project called “University of Hawaii Sports History” it was intended to cover the history of all of the sport programs of the university from the beginning to now. Well during the last blog strike I kind of got distracted, but now I am back at work on the project. I have long thought that there should be a website that you could go to an find out information on all the previous sports program of UH, sad to say there wasn’t any, there are a few sites that have bits and pieces but none that covers all the teams.

    This is a huge undertaking that will more than likely never get completely done, but at least it’s a beginning.

    There are two major disadvantages in doing this project, first being here in West Virginia and two being on dial-up (the dial-up is the worst), I have created two site’s the first is the actual history website and the other is a forum where I hope to gather any information that others may want to share about past teams and athletes. I am also working on a “Where are they Now page” for all of the athletes who played for the University.

    I will be reposting this comment every few days so that all on the blog members will see it (that is if ST doesn’t mind?) and possibly share what ever they know.

    Right now I have been working on the football team of 1978 and the Wahine Volleyball team of 1976.

    Just click on my name to get to the site!

  391. wafan:

    A long 3 hour nap sure sounded like a great idea yesterday afternoon. So much for getting any sleep tonight.

  392. 99club:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Scout dot com predicts 5 WAC teams will be going to bowl games this year:

    San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
    Projection: TCU vs. Boise State

    New Mexico Bowl
    Projection: Colorado State vs. Fresno State

    Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
    Projection: Western Michigan* vs. Hawaii
    * No Pac 10 team projected available

    PetroSun Independence Bowl
    Projection: Louisiana Tech* vs. UL Lafayette*
    * No SEC or Big 12 teams projected available

    Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl
    Projection: Clemson vs. Nevada

  393. Pomai:

    We now have 4 undefeated teams in CFB an only one of the four are going to a BcS bowl, what a shame. If this dosen't start the change of the BcS system to a playoff system nothing will.

    I would like to see at least BSU vs Utah in the Fiesta Bowl, then if I was the coach of the winning team throw the gauntlet out to the winner of the BcS championship game. "If you think your the National Champion let's find out on the field"

    I know it would never happen but it would be nice to see!!

  394. Bulla:

    Aloha Tsaikos.....

    My 2 FAVORITE Teams won last night, WARRIORS and WILDCATS. Cameron Higgins was pretty impressive, 21 -33, 399 yds, 2 td's in the 49-35 victory over a well coached Rich Ellerson,(former UH Rainbow Warrior) Cal Poly Team.

    Cal Poly has a 6'6 WR who is unreal, but we kept him in check for the night. Their QB was very efficient the whole season, with only 1 INT, however, last night he had 4 INT's and was not a happy camper.

    Mahalo for the kind words and support; the Beast played great in the first half, with a few tackles and a qb hurry. However, he got 'chop blocked' away from a screen going the opposite way by their Right Tackle and suffered a bad sprain to his left ankle. The play was 20 yards away, running away to the far side, and then this cheap shot.

    He had to sit out the 2nd half, much to his dismay, but we'll take a look today and see what the prognosis is. His shoulder was ready, and he was doing some damage til he got hurt. He wanted to go back in during the 2nd half, just for some payback, but he was iced/wrapped up alread.


    LET'S GO BOWLING.........................................

  395. Bulla:

    With UH's win last night, the good news is that we get to see UH play again. That is so awesome, we wanted to go next week for the Cincy game, but we'll be in Missoula, Montana for Round 2 of the FCS playoffs.

    now that, sounds scary, but what you gonna do? From what I am reading, it seems like UH took the pedal off the medal in the 2nd half....not good.

    Momentum is a funny thing, once it stops, hard to get it going again...

    anyway......GREAT WIN WARRIORS....Now let's go take care of Cincy with some real aloha next week.

  396. Long Time UH Fan:


    Sorry to hear that Ryan suffered an unnecessary injury due to a cheap shot --chop block. There used to be some controversy in the NFL between a "legal" cut block and chop block. Call it whatever, they should ban that type of blocking from football. Period. Hope he is fully recovered before the next game.

  397. mctruck:

    If Cincinnati lost to UH it would sure make it's BCS bowl game seem lackluster wouldn't it??

  398. Long Time UH Fan:

    Las Vegas

    Hope you are OK from those "stones".

    Yup, felt like the game was over at the end of the 3rd quarter.

    Actually, the two semi-final high school playoff games were more entertaining and exciting. Give Farrington credit they played till the last second of the game. (Final play of the game was kickoff runback for TD)

  399. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hi McTruck..

    Hope all is well in East Texas...

  400. wafan:

    Happy Bowl Eligible Day to all!!!

  401. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hope Pilares and Mouton will be good to go against Cincy...We're going to need them both...

  402. Long Time UH Fan:

    Was hoping the Warriors would score a few more TDs so that the reserves could play a few reps....

  403. wafan:

    Bulla . . .

    Sorry to hear of the Beast's injury.

    As much as he wanted to get back in there for retribution it was better for him not to get involved in such foolishness. Best to unleash his frustrations on the next person he lines up against.

    Just happy it will not be me!

  404. wafan:

    LTUHF . . .

    Were you able to attend last night?

  405. wafan:

    mctruck . . .

    I think the Warriors have a pretty decent chance next week. Just have to keep their heads in the game.

  406. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hi Wafan,

    Not able to attend due to health reasons...rainy and windy weather didn't help either.

  407. Long Time UH Fan:


    I really miss going to the can't beat being there in person. I've gone to only two games this year--San Jose State and Louisiana Tech. Went to two TV-gate games --one at Genji's (Utah State :-( ) and one at Bay View (New Mexico State :-) )

    And of course the Tsaiko-gates ...can't beat the camaraderie and fuud!

  408. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Happy Bowl-bound Day! :-D

    Glad to hear about the WSU win; was following it on ESPN mobile from Aloha Stadium.
    Hope the Beast will be ready for the next game. Wish I could join you folks to Missoula....NOT! :lol:
    Good Luck to him and the rest of the Wildcats! Make memories....

  409. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere!


    howzit howzit. you do good on the soapbox. keep it up.


    congrats to da beast!

    and you're right about momentum. the clear vibe from our team in the 4th was that they were playing not to lose. and the play calling was predictable. except, Wassu's gadget play got my attention, for sure! also getting my attention was Alexander running into people. that bradda looks like one total pocho who'd consumed about 4 red bulls and 3 shots jeigermeisters to back his ackshun. i was like in shock watchin his calves slam into da red pads. and den he stood up, time an again.

    Great job Alexander!

  410. d1島:


    Hope you are feeling up to going to the last two games or at least maybe the TsaikoGates.
    It was a great effort by the Govs on Friday. I don't think the Buffanblu came away from a game so black 'n blue as they did this past week. ;-)

  411. bighilofan2:


    i hope i wasn't reading your boy's injury wrong, and its just a hiccup.

    keep the good vibes coming, pops!

    what's going on with Ching Cooke Field Fix?

  412. bighilofan2:


    howzit. hope to see you at da Cincy TGate. gonna be fun!
    gotta represent fo da mainland braddaz!

  413. Long Time UH Fan:


    Thanks, I sure hope I can make those games. And if not, will try to make the Tsaiko-gates. I heard you make a mean corn chowder...Yummy!

    That Gov-BuffnBlu game went back and forth and I thought we might have a chance to pull it out in the 4th quarter.

    I hope the high school coaches are paying attention that they need a passing offense nowadays to be competitive more 3 yards and a cloud of ...

  414. wafan:

    LTUHF . . .

    Hope you feel better (and the weather cooperates) so you are able to cheer for our Warriors live and in-person at the stadium!!!

    One of these days I will be able to go to the games. Until then I have to listen on the 'net or, if we are really lucky, watch it on TV.

    In the meantime -- please take care of yourself, sir!

  415. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hey BigHiloFan2

    Long time no see on the WB blog. Hope everything is OK now.

    Yeah, hope we can make the Cincy Tsaiko-gate/game. Pray no more rain or strong wind... Bad for my COPD condition...

  416. Pauoa Boy:

    Good Morning Peeps...

    I agree with all of you in saying we need to continue scoring throughout the game. When we attack we kick ass on offense, when we let up it seems our boys get confused or something? Libre was kind of irritating to watch run the ball...granted the OLine wasn't creating big holes but running east-west instead of north-south and tuffing out the yards is annoying. Where the heck has LWJ been, I thought he was good enough to play. He's starting to become a bust and a waste of talent in my opinion, hasn't really done anything since stepping on campus. Had high hopes for him but dang man, where ya been?

    Anyway, I'm glad Greg Alexander is understanding the offense and moving the ball. The sacks were both the receivers fault and his. The OLine did outstanding this game for the most part except for a few plays when WSU brought the house. Regardless the receivers need to get open and stop running routes close to each other where the LB's can sag into there lanes and the Safety can cheat and zone in on two receivers at a time. Alexander pretty much had all day to throw the ball...his scrambling ability is deceptive and if no can throw then just go...although I like how he was patient enough in certain situations to continue to look downfield and hit a target. I think next year Greg Alexander will breakout and this offense will be potent as in years past...

  417. Long Time UH Fan:


    Thanks for those kind words...Hope to meet you next time you are in Hawaii at one of the CC's or whatevers.

  418. Pauoa Boy:

    Catch you guys later on, dayum keeds like get one Christmas Tree already and decorate the house. Be back in a few...

  419. J:

    Davone Bess is on the featured section of Yahoo...

    "NFL secret weapon

    Davone Bess is a little-known rookie who could have a big day against St. Louis."

  420. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Great game, if a little lethargic towards the end. I can't help but think that the weather played a factor in all that.

    The little light that turned on in Alexander's head is brighter and brighter.

    Theses guys can win against Cincy next week.

    UH35 Cincy21


  421. Pomai:

    This will get us to 8 and 5 not too bad
    24    -    21    las vegas
    34    -    21    Pomai
    35    -    21    Da Punchbowl Kid
    38    -    28    wafan
    63    -    12    homey

  422. Jason:

    Whoa, the blog is in iPhone format.

  423. Jason:

    Okay, that fixed it. :-D

  424. Jason:

    I only have one thing to say about yesterday's game, and that's about the fourth quarter play calling. I'm an advocate of kicking the dog, like June Jones would do — with the Warriors up by 14 with five, six minutes left, I'd rather get another TD, make it 21 points, and end the game there. But at the same time, I can understand why Mack is a run-the-clock guy in that same scenario. I'm not sure he'd do the same thing if it were the 2006 or 2007 offense, but with the offense where it is now, I think he's playing it safe. Remember, an offense that is executing better doesn't mean it's executing on all cylinders. As Ron Lee showed us at Nā Koa, the receivers haven't been running crisp routes, and Alexander is still missing things backside and holding onto the ball too long at times. As I was telling koakane, I understand Mack's mentality — all it would take is one bad throw for a pick six to make it a one-touchdown game with the momentum on Washington State's side. So all those who criticized the fourth quarter runs, think about that too as a factor. I still would have thrown the ball and tried to get a TD, but I see Mack's influence in the play calling there as well.

    Okay, I gotta run.

  425. mp:


    UH 31 - Cincy 28

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!

  426. Cheyah!:

    re: Jason

    As much as I hate seeing the team start to run out the clock, I always remind myself that June Jones isn't here anymore. Everybody has been spoiled by the blowouts of yesteryears but we (including me) need to realize this offense isn't on that level. I'm just really happy that we actually have an offense. Remember earlier in the year, the qb carousel, and the three and outs, the special teams breakdowns, shaky oline and other numerous things. The team has come a long way this season and I commend Coach Mack and the team for their tremendous improvement. We're going to the Hawaii bowl so let's be happy about that. I'm pretty sure Mack wasn't happy with leaving points on the field and will look to correct those things. The score should have been 30 something to 10 with the missed fg's and the drop in the end zone by Bain. But does it really matter? W's is what counts in the end.

    Go Warriors!

  427. curveball:

    21 us 17 those guys

  428. Buffoman:

    Watching the game gave me an even greater feeling that "giving our youth a chance" sould not be done at the expense of the team's success. My reference here is with the o-line. Somehow, I just do not believe that the coach is getting the job done here. It shows when we get creamed in passing situations and even more so when we simply cannot make it from the 6 yard line into score on a team that is woeful. I don't care what people say about the Pac 10 etc., that WSU team was terrible but we looked even worse when attempting to run the ball. We've had 12 games to look like we have improved and yet there just does not appear to be any, especially give the talent (or lack there of) we've faced.

    The best example of someone knowing what he was doing, in an immediate, noticable fashion, with what was thought to poor talent, was coach Cav in his first year with JJ as they inherited what was given to them by the previuos loosing coaching staff.

    What also could be stated is the poor showing of the secondary. There were just too many instances in the game where a poort throw by the QB saved us from a walk in touchdown as the receivers were so wide open that there were times when you did not see a defender on the television screen. How can that be? We raved about how good the personnel all were and yet there is that kind of breakdown at this point?

    Don't get me wrong, I love this team but we cannot simply sit back and accept what we're seeing. This is especially true when you see what we once had. It's not like the comparison is done with USC.

    Finally, when watching the destruction of ND by USC the commentaror made a comment where coach Carroll has a standard practice where is first teams go against each other as a means to create an ongoing level of competition at all spots on both sides of the ball. All players know that they do not have a guarantee lock on a position and have to earn it all of the time. Maybe we should strat doing that.

  429. klc2294:

    3RD Q.

  430. Pauoa Boy:


    I disagree, I don't buy that conservative crap playcalling. This offense has been rolling as of late and had momentum going in there favor the whole game. Our defense is stout but why rely on them all the time to win the game. They've done their part all season, having the offense score gives the defense the ability to play more freely and gamble at times to make big plays. By playing conservative on offense, it means the defense plays conservative too. I'm not the Coach, but if it was me I would put the ball in the endzone at all cost until the whistle blows to end the game. It's not about running up the score, it's about having consistency throughout the whole game. I mean 1st half was exciting and excellent, 2nd half was boring and mediocre! Our offense at this point in the season can score on anybody when they attack...when they play control the clock style, they start F'in up in my opinion. Besides 14 points is definitely not a comfortable margin to be ahead for any team in college football. Teams can put up 14 points in under a minute nowadays! Regardless, it's a great win but I would like to have the nail pounded into the coffin not just placed into it! Finish strong and worrying about losing will not even be an option!

  431. Pauoa Boy:

    Warriors - 27 Pussycats - 24

  432. Pauoa Boy:

    Au'ryte Davone...

  433. jm2375:

    replay on...

  434. jm2375:

    oh yeah, Good morning Tsaikos!!

  435. jm2375:

    ok where'd everybody go? I scared everybody away again?

    Cmon Skins, you can't lose at home again!!

  436. jm2375:

    4 in a row. home run

  437. jm2375:

    5 in a row

  438. jm2375:


  439. jm2375:

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