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The latest winner is ...

December 29th, 2008


He gets two tickets (front-row, baby!!!) to Tuesday night's finals.
My bud Christie drew the winner's name using chopsticks. The Bobbi Brown bag (as background) is proof of authenticity. Thanks again to Kinda Shy for providing the tickets, which I believe also include hospitality-room passes.
* * *

There's a wire report that the Pro Bowl will be in Miami in 2010. Thoughts?

* * *

It's been a pretty good year for former UH slotback Davone Bess. He had a breakout rookie season with the Miami Dolphins. He got married. He became a father. And now the Dolphins, following the greatest turnaround in NFL history, are in the playoffs.
How are you feeling?
"It feels great, man. Words can't describe it. Knowing how hard we worked ... it's just a great feeling. I'm happy for Chad (Pennington, the quarterback). The Jets kicked him to the curb."
How's Samson (Satele, the former UH center)?
"He was so excited. He was going around the locker room yelling, 'Chee-hoo! Chee-hoo!'"
Going 12-0 or going to the playoffs?
"Oh, man. I've got to say 12-0. That was never done before at UH. Going to a BSC game, that was never done before. That was special. But if we make it to the Super Bowl, I'll have to think about that question again."
Will the $18,000 playoff check come in handy?
"Diapers are expensive."

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