Keeping a promise

January 29th, 2009

It's been open season on UH recruits.
But don't worry about quarterback David Graves.
"I'm definitely still with Hawai‘i," Graves said.
He said quarterback Nick Rolovich made a home visit the past Monday.
"For sure, I'm signing with Hawai‘i," Graves said. "Everything is A-OK. I'm pretty excited."

* * *

Fourteen players who competed in last week's walk-on tryouts have earned berths on the spring roster. They'll participate in next week's start of Super Games, and will be assigned lockers.

* * *

Jim Donovan is making good on a promise to run a clean program.
This Saturday is another clean-up day, with UH staff members and coaches raking, weeding and picking up trash on the Lower Campus.

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  1. mouthwash:

    a large spoon

  2. mouthwash:

    this is blasphemy, its says 653 but its only 638, ahhhhhh.

  3. midnight:

    Hooray! top 10! Hi Tsaikos!

  4. midnight:

    Hi to Liz in Australia!

  5. haka:

    Hopefully, all the recruits we are soliciting want to be Warriors. You win some and you lose some, but you definitely want only those recruits that want to be here. Graves being "excited" to be a Warrior is also exciting for the program and the fans. Excitement, Desire, Determination, Pride and Heart can make up for any perceived deficit in talent.

    Welcome Recruits!
    Go Warriors!

  6. Committed Road Warrior:

    Top 10. Glad to hear Liz made it safe to Australia.

    Good to hear that re: Graves. We'll see who all signs on Feb 4. That day's coming up!

  7. whitey:

    good morning tsaikos

  8. kaimiloa:

    Top 10. No worry, beef curry. We'll have the guys we need. I'm guessing that we'll lose a couple and pick up a couple that we haven't heard of, yet.

  9. whitey:

    as ST's roller coaster picks up speed, the tsaikos are holding their breath and squeezing, but the choo choo train is in cruise control and taking in the action and scenery.

  10. whitey:

    good morning kaimiloa. you stay on the choo choo train and enjoying the ride. me too, but pretty soon got to make one stop for breakfast of champions.

  11. haka:

    breakfast is indeed the train of thought right now

  12. whitey:

    ok, just got word, next stop breakfast. have a great day and looks like my friend, sunshine, is going to be with us today.

    almost forgot. kekoa, make the queen some one kine breakfast and may her day be warm and bright.

  13. lava:

    Good job Rolo. I think David is a winner.

  14. lava:

    Does the offer to Beck Coulter suggest that Nobriga is Colorado bound?

  15. djmitcho:

    Good Morning Tsaikos! I hope everyone has a good day.

  16. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Work day for me...will lurk later. ;)

  17. koakane±:

    morning to all tsai-ko in the 808 and abroad. play nice today

    be well diana and kekoa out in da wessai

  18. Bulla:

    good morning Tsaikos,

    get better Diana, you should have a little bell to ring so that your prince charming may answer your beck and call, or is that Becks and then call? i dunno :cool:

  19. koakane±:

    belated hippo birdie two ewe ajoe. know asports took care of you yesterday.

  20. niho mano:

    good morning tsaikos! fried rice, eggs over easy and bacon sounds good for breakfast right now...dgraves see you on feb 4th...looking forward to see you, cory n., and shutter perform in the near future...have a good day everyone and speedy healing to the queen diana.

  21. jm2375:

    Top 20!!

    Good morning everyone! Still a little chilly out there, stay warm!

    Time to do some actual work. bbl.

  22. BigWave96744:

    mahalo Stephen... I Assume this time of the year you are getting much sleep. keep taking cold showers and singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as you await word on who's coming and going

  23. koakane±:

    btw going with the black and gold this sunday. always had deep feelings for dem colors.

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    As I understand it, Nobriga is still 50-50. But some halves might have more pull than others.

  25. warriorfanny:

    MAC n staff r doing all they can--n pounding the beat...we'll get our share...Cal Lee is a great recruiter.

  26. Bulla:


    what is this +/- thing you got going? makes me think that you're changing what side of the canoe you're paddling, or if you're just undecided.....cute though, caught my eye.

    i know you're the baseball afficiando in this group, right after Homey, so what is up with UH? they're starting off dinged up already, and they didn't even practice yet. reminiscent of the good'ol days aka furutani fiasco? more arms damaged than an unlicensed orthopedic.....ouch.

    anyway, stay warm, looks a little chilly out there today

  27. Stephen Tsai:

    Actually, I get a lot of sleep. Filling the jar is more stressful than emptying the jar.
    Now the coaches, they're not sleeping.
    Then again, our lineup isn't set. Since brother Mike was transferred to the city desk, that leaves a puka in our game-day coverage. It either opens the way for Kalani Takase or Kyle Sakamoto. Decisions, decisions.

  28. Bulla:

    aloha big wave,

    blessings my brother, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

    Arise and Shine in 2009

  29. Kekoa:

    Coach Bulla - My bell has been rung more than just a few times arrready!

    She goes in for more treatment today. All the hard meds have worn down and her supply of the body's natural adrenalin has been depleted. The pain is at scream level 10...I know that for a fact because I recognized DPK's scream.

  30. Stephen Tsai:

    Let us not forget the story of a linebacker from American Samoa several years ago.
    It was down to UH and BYU.
    His father told him: "Son, I want you to pray about it."
    A few days later, the linebacker said: "I decided I want to go to UH."
    The father said: "Why don't you pray some more."
    The linebacker went to BYU, and had a fairly decent career.

  31. Buffoman:

    I saw the piece on Diana and the dogs this morning on the news. She reminds me a lot of the kind of people I grew up with in my small neighbor island community. Willing to give, able to forgive and almost always lead with the heart. Today too many toss around words Hawaiian words that have a surface and a deeper meaning. Diana reminds me of those local native Hawaiian folks in our community who rarely used the words but always practiced the second part of the use of the words and lived and shared it with us.

    You made me feel proud to be living in this special place.

    I only hope that what was a common act that is becoming an uncommon act makes an even stronger come back.

  32. Stephen Tsai:

    So I guess "a large spoon" is the new way of saying: First

  33. Bulla:


    just wanted to thank yo for keeping us all updated on the comings and goings at the in/out door known as UH recruiting office, haha.

    nothing matters til the close of business on 2-4-09, and even then, the door is still swinging open. LOI day is another day for mass hysteria with the media, an NCAA sanctioned love-fest, and the unofficial start date for 'post recruiting'. it ain't over til it's over..........u know dat.

    have a good day, i wish your brother the best in his new assignment :wink:

  34. rog:

    I wonder why Liloa's dad doesn't want him to come to UH

  35. Bulla:


    for those faint of heart, we can only recall from stories told......and i think either Al or James would have to verify, of the legend, the one, the only.........


    as told by DPK himself, which explains why i do not venture into the ever so lovely Pacific blue ocean.

    take care your princess, years of living with you have prepared her for this painful journey......but just like childbirth.....'this too shall pass'. whoever said that must have been one babooze or village idiot.......'this too shall pass', sounds like a comment after eating my world famous 'assafire' chili. oooops, was that a ST nono, i apologize.

    anyway, feed diana the meds, or the red wine, either way, keep her happy !!!

  36. lava:

    #33, +1

    14 invites, that is super. Can we get names and bios when you have time (jk, since you have no time), or is that restricted info?

  37. Bulla:


    i think it's because they relocated to vegas for Liloa's exposure as an athlete...if he wanted to go to UH, they should have stayed home possibly? i dunno, just speculating......

  38. Bulla:


    #31, ditto from me also, well said........

    walk the talk, or it's just talk

  39. lava:

    No news of Jray's decommit, so maybe he's good to go to BYU. I assumed that was one of the two "surprises."

    What is the "surprise" count these days?

  40. mauiwarrior:

    It's funny about Liloa, when he commited months ago I was very excited and I talked to a friend that knew of his father, his words were-don't be surprised when he de-commits cause his father is the type of guy that is shiesty, he said long ago that the UH was a back up plan and that when he gets other offers he would go else where...............

  41. koakane±:

    hola bulla changed da sign because of 09. new year new beginning plus homey got fancy and old/new al took over ™

    holding back on coach trap and uh bball till season strarts. same like LOI day need to see what is happening before I put my information to print. no use mixing up the stew just yet.

  42. koakane±:

    bulla the comment 'and to this shall pass' was a quote from Abe Lincoln in one of his speeches during the civil war days.

  43. protector:

    Just looking at the numbers game at UH QB, it'll be fierce competition and the reality is that there'll be a lot of talented QBs red-shirting this year. There'll be some major stockpiling. I hope it doesn't dampen their enthusiasm & that they'll just concentrate on understanding the system in this. I don't know if any of the young studs will be able to challenge for or "crack" the top 3 slots (Alexander, Rausch & Funaki), but wouldn't it be great if one of them could!

  44. bstunna2002:

    Aloha Mr. Graves Mahalo for being a young man of your word we look forward to watching you grow within the program and as a person.

  45. Kekoa:

    Buffoman ~ You have captured the essence of Diana's spirit when you said, "Willing to give, able to forgive and almost always lead with the heart."

    Mahalo for the uplifting observation. We are proud residents of Kaope'a, within the 9 villages of Kapolei. The Hawaiians who reside here are a large part of the hard working people who cherish their culture and strive to keep it close to our hearts.

  46. djmitcho:

    OK, this is gonna be OT, but this just sounds like a Tsaiko type food item

  47. Kekoa:

    Koakane ~ Omigod pahtna! It's been far too long since you have been able to practice your elbow bending rituals. We gotta do something about that!

  48. Committed Road Warrior:

    djmitcho: That looks like Tsaiko food to me. :)

  49. Committed Road Warrior:

    It looks good, I wonder how it tastes.....

  50. Bulla:


    ok, now i am the babooze for calling Lincoln a babooze? i guess so, no elementary school named after me......what you going do......

    wait, don't they still have the deaf and blind school in kapahulu? just thinking out loud........

    have a good day bro, long time no see, gotta fix that.

  51. Stretch:

    djmitcho - i am having a heart attack just looking at it!!

  52. homey ℞:

    Good morning ST and the rest!

    Would it be safe to assume that all the 14 players can bench press 225 lbs. at least once?

    Oh, and ST, thanks for the injury report.

  53. FloridaTed:

    Good afternoon, Tsaiko-Nation and Tsai-Meister.

    Amazing, 14 guys from the try-outs made the spring roster. That's one heck of a haul. Goes to show how much hidden talent resides in our Islands, to be mined and polished.


    I really like your comment from the last blog (240) about Div. 1 dads. Truer words have never been spoken.

    So many Dads are trying to relive their lives over through their sons, while their mouth' say that it's up to them, they impose their own dreams , often without even realizing it, upon their sons and the sons, wanting to please the fathers, go along with it.

  54. labrat:

    choo, choo


    14 invites = 14 names???????

    May I ask the reason for not seeing those names?

  55. djmitcho:

    I'm drooling over it. I bet there are some variations that could make it even more Tsaiko like

  56. FloridaTed:

    I like that Graves kid, seems to have a great attitude.

    I'm really looking forward to him and Nielson in spring, to see what they can bring to the table.

  57. al ™:

    i wonder if i substitute the italian sausage with goteborg sausage....will it go over well?

  58. djmitcho:

    that would be something to try at a T-Gate for sure

  59. Committed Road Warrior:

    Is the defibrillator on standby???

  60. al ™:

    talking food right now.....

    presenting the infamous

    goteborg sausage musubi

    note to mrs. ahouse: scroll down for the iriko.

  61. labrat:

    Damn now I have to go to Ward. That is one long John.

  62. Stretch:

    al - you making some geteborg musubis??

  63. Stretch:

    oops, goteborg

  64. theperfectseason:

    they should ask fans to help with the weeding or too much hassle?

  65. al ™:

    stretch....i will when the eagle has landed.

  66. djmitcho:

    showing me that blog site does not help my cravings. it is making them worse. now i'm really hungry

  67. AlaWaiPipeLayer:

    Here's a great video about Japanese breakfast.
    Rice, Miso soup, tsukemone and tsukudane!

  68. A-House:


    Any specific info on the "clean-up" at the lower campus this weekend?

    Like date, time, place, and if fans are welcome?

  69. mouthwash:

    when will the names of the new walk on people be released??

  70. midori7:

    Morning Tsaikos!

    Can't wait for LOI day!

    tips for frying Goteborg:
    --after slicing, don't forget to remove casing
    --to prevent curling when frying, make 4 to 6 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch cuts
    (like slicing a pie but leaving center intact)

  71. Stretch:

    whoa - midori is in the house!!!

    sounds like you are a professional goteborg sausage cooker.

  72. Kazz:

    What happened to the "community day" thing at Manoa to help clean up campus?

  73. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...., that +/- thing for KK...maybe he is KMahu??? MWAHAHAHAHAAHHA

    gotta esme again today....

  74. (Jesse) James:

    Hi midori...long time no see.....

  75. ManoaStorm:

    Hey Stephen,

    Question on recruiting, you mention how other schools are trying to poach UH recruits, do you have examples of what they do or say?

    Does UH stay in touch with players they wanted but have said they're going elsewhere?

    Thanks for your time and bloggering!

  76. Stephen Tsai:

    I think we can all volunteer to clean up, too.
    I can sign up Stretch the Yardman.

  77. Stretch:

    ST - what is that?? you want to hire my yardman??

  78. Stretch:

    ST - you can also hire my painter that is doing the interior of my house right now

  79. Dan-O:

    Ok.....most of us here are in the case of Nobriga.....let's think like a dad....

    "Gee....should I send my son to Hawaii, where he will be with his mother, and I probably cant see him play every game? Or do I send him somewhere here on the mainland, AWAY from his mother and girlfriend (where he can concentrate on football), and I can go watch EVERY game?"

    I think that's why Nobriga's decision is still up in the air....Do I go where I want to go (and get my dad pissed off), or go where HE wants me to go (so he is happy)?

  80. Jason:

    I can feel my arteries clogging, looking at all that pork and beef. Never mind that lunch was pork quesadillas. :-D

    Ralph: The Raiders hired Hackett because of one reason: JaMarcus Russell and his enormous contract. The third year is the make-or-break year, so they figured to bring in a QB guy who is well-respected by most in the league (I think he's overrated as a QB coach), let him mold Russell into something serviceable. Same thing happened when the 49ers hired Norv Turner -- they wanted someone Alex Smith could really learn from. Unfortunately for Smith, Turner left for San Diego, and replaced him with (ugh!) Jim Hostler. From the day they made that hire, I knew he wouldn't last long. He was an atrocious QB coach. Anyways, we were talking about the Raiders' struggles, not my Niners ... :-(

  81. jm2375:

    OMG, that bacon/sausage thing, I can feel my arteries clogging up just looking at it.

    Goteborg - gotta think about that one for when hubby decides to go on his diet - Atkins, so lots of protein and fat. Not so good for me, but he loses weight on it. Then, of course, he goes right back to eating the way he usually does and gains it all right back.

  82. A-House:

    ST, good neighbor:

    Will Jim D release details on the clean up this week end so those who want to contribute can do so?

  83. (Jesse) James:

    Dan-O...there's truth to what you are saying. But I know my dad wanted me to "grow" up and learn to make my own decisions. Lord knows all of us guys always wanted to make our dad's proud in whatever we did, especially when we played football.

    Having said that, there comes a time in a boy's life when he needs to learn to make his decision based upon what he believes is right for him, to back up that decision with reasoning, and to stick with that decision if he feels strongly about it. He also has to be able to live with the consequences, if any, of his decision. That's the reality of life.

    My dad always backed me on my decisions, if I thought they were right for me, even if he wanted thought I should be doing/playing something else. Of course he would weigh in with his opinion but the ultimate decision would be mine and I would have to live with that decision, good or bad.

    I would hope that a majority of dad's out there would be like that. Maybe I'm being too idealistic, I don't know.

    Okay, okay...enough of the soapbox already......LOL

    I gotta get back to the office.....

  84. Jason:

    And I'm glad to hear 14 guys are getting shots this spring. We're losing so many bodies, walk-ons will be crucial to any success we have.

  85. (Jesse) James:

    Jason...I have to agree with #84. Hopefully, we'll here more about them as soon as ST can get us the details.....

  86. (Jesse) James:

    Oh...and this one if for homey.....


  87. (Jesse) James:


    Okay...I really gotta go now....

  88. al ™:

    who is going to be this year's great last minute pickup like greg alexander was last year?

  89. Kazz:


    The exterior of the athletic office building is in NEED of a paint job, I am willing to give my time, BUT in fair warning I cannot guarantee it will be a good one hahahahahahaha...

  90. MeiLing:


    I wouldn't mind helping with the Lower Campus cleanup since I'm in walking distance. I emailed JD to ask. Let you know if he responds.

    Nice article about Travis LaBoy & the love the Cardinals are getting in AZ. Flagstaff renames Route 66-Santa Fe Ave. to AZ Cardinal Blvd. when they are in town. NAU installed their new turf in the Skydome last year partly because of Cardinals practice requirements.

    I think I might have to go to Genji to watch the SuperBowl since I'm the only football "nut" in my family. We're going to have a family karaoke kall there after the game. Should be fun.

  91. Kazz:

    Mei Ling,

    Ditto. I have all Saturdays in February off.

  92. Kazz:

    al ™:

    January 29th, 2009 at 11:34 am
    who is going to be this year’s great last minute pickup like greg alexander was last year?

    Nobriga. :wink:

  93. 808Chef:

    yo al...

    i say it'll be Manti. =)

  94. theperfectseason:

    GM, the best recruiter we have is on Oahu. Tepa and Nobriga are on the mainland which could mean there is someone very important here who GM wants to visit more than Tepa and Nobriga. Gotta be Manti!!!

  95. owen-16:

    although i'd love for it to be manti, i'll reel in my wishes a little bit and hope to keep lopati

  96. SteveM:

    # MeiLing:
    January 29th, 2009 at 11:53 am
    I think I might have to go to Genji to watch the SuperBowl since I’m the only football “nut” in my family. We’re going to have a family karaoke kall there after the game. Should be fun.

    Which reminds me...I think Art is doing the grand prize drawings immediately after the Super Bowl, which included a new TV set. I'll try and get more details but I think you must be present to win. Peaches and I must have around 100 entries in from this past season...and if Art has sent you an email, then he got it from your entry blanks.

    Tina has been giving Tsai-kos she recognize a lot of extra entry blanks during the games...

  97. LizKauai [DownUnder] Asus:

    Aloha from Aotearoa!
    What a wonderful place this is! Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world and I have found more in common with Hawaii here than any other place I've ever been. No wonder we were invited to this conference rather than the one in Sydney or on the mainland US.
    OK... must Whoosh!

  98. SteveM:

    I wonder if I ever made the 100th post before? I know I have 200, 300, 400, 600, 700, and 1,000... :?

  99. SteveM:

    Hey Liz, check out the port facilities in relation to the airport. A lot of cruises go through to Aukland... :)

  100. SteveM:


  101. SteveM:

    100! Ok, gotta work on 500 now because I am not sure about that one... :lol:

  102. Kazz:

    If Coach Mack is pursuing Te'o, then it would have been leaked outside of Hawaii sports media which would of eventually made it's way to Hawaii via the internet.

    Especially since every report has Notre Dame, SC, and UCLA as the final three on his "list".

  103. roysan16:

    I read where the coaches ask the recruits if they are in or out, especially this late in the recruiting race whereas if they are out they can at least pick up the pieces and find someone else. This makes perfect sense. And is understandable. A last minute face to face talk can accomplish this. And we've been seeing this, as the coaching staff has gone off in all directions to see where the program and recruits stand.

    Also does the coaching staff also ask the returning scholarship players if they are in or out. If the reasoning given in asking the recruits if their in or out as not to be further be in limbo come national signing day-- wouldn't the coaches having the knowledge of knowing which pending players are leaving the program also help as they plan their recruiting needs.

    Why I mention this is because if I remember correctly last summer...what... 1,2,3,4,5 left the program. And I'm thinking from a coaching standpoint this is definately a setback. But my question is wouldn't it be a lesser setback if the coaches also did face to face talk, now, with the returning scholarship players and find out who is in or out next year so they can at least have some idea of what spots to fill.

    Or are the players that do want to leave-- are they disgusing their intentions as to perserve their scholarship until the summer? And then transfer at that time and then go off to an NAIA school and be elgible to play in the fall. I mean why miss out on six months scholarship money, right?

    Someone once wrote that the game of football is like the game of chess. And we see how the coaches need to have a counter move or plan for practically everything-from gameday to as how we are currently seeing in recruiting. And I'm sure hope they're on top of the returning scholarship players that are on the fence, too, about being in or out.

  104. A-House:


    Maybe Manti will pull a Jeremy from Kahuku!!

  105. jojo ®:


  106. A-House:

    ST, good neighbor:

    I know some Tsaikos are dying to know the names and positions of the 14 who made the team for Spring ball.

    Additional "stats" such as height, weight, speed, etc would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope Jim D will respond to Mei Ling's call and allow us to participate.

  107. A-House:


    maybe Coach Mack did this in the final discussion with each player before the "off-season" training began.

    i recall one player who requested a release last year after Spring ball, but did not get one because his grades were not up to par. however, Coach Mack told this player, get your grades up and you got the release. something to do with the loss of scholarships.

  108. Garret:

    Congratulations to the 14 walk-ons who made the Spring Roster! I'm sure that they will enjoy the Super Games and Spring Practice and will work extremely hard to try to get one of the limited invitations to Fall Camp. Competition is always good to help everyone improve.

  109. Garret:

    There are so many local recruits who have committed to UH but are now being targeted by other schools...UH needs to focus on them to fend off the poachers. There is only a limited amount of time, so I'm sure that Mac and the coaches are not visiting Manti like many people are hoping. Why spend all their time chasing after a player who is definitely going somewhere else and possibly lose out on players who are currently committed to UH?

    Plus, Manti is visiting USC right is Mac supposed to be paying him a home visit?

  110. Garret:

    It is good that Mac doesn't plan to rely on JC players as much after this year, because the rules for JC recruits are changing. It will be much harder for JC players to qualify now to be able to transfer to UH or other D-IA schools.

    But there is one change in the NCAA’s policy affecting some incoming junior college players for the next academic year. Any JC transfers who didn’t meet qualifying standards out of high school must have two transferable writing classes and a transferable math class, and not via online correspondence.

    “It’s pretty extreme,” Brooks said. “It’s a pretty drastic change. … And the NCAA putting in new rules of not just how many transferable units, but what type of units we’re talking about, evens the plane for everybody and who they can recruit.”

    That and the specter of the Academic Progress Rate — a measurement of student-athletes’ progress that can result in lost scholarships — has led to more stringent review of some potential junior college transfers’ academic records, and to deeper consideration as to their chances of success at the university. But those policies apply to NCAA schools nationwide, not just Oregon.

  111. Garret:

    Article about the Aloha Stadium renovations.

    Officials prefer to repair what Hawaii has rather than tear down the 34-year-old structure and seek private support for a new one.

    But some still question whether that’s the best strategy, given the proliferation of state-of-the-art domed stadiums on the Mainland.

    Renovating Aloha Stadium to make it competitive with Mainland venues could cost as much as $185 million. Building a new stadium could cost up to a half-billion dollars.

  112. Garret:

    GM, the best recruiter we have is on Oahu. Tepa and Nobriga are on the mainland which could mean there is someone very important here who GM wants to visit more than Tepa and Nobriga. Gotta be Manti!!!


    Manti is on an official recruiting trip to USC right now. None of the UH coaches will be able to visit with him this final recruiting weekend...since he's in LA.

  113. Garret:

    A UH coach paid a home visit to a RB recruit in Vegas, but UH still hasn't offered him a scholarship.

    Del Sol running back Derek Eamon visited with Hawaii coaches Tuesday, but they haven't offered him a scholarship. Eamon said his "No. 1" offer remains from Navy.

  114. Garret:

    Weber State's new DL coach will be looking for recruits in Hawaii. There are a LOT of excellent DL recruits in Hawaii (like Da Beast who is already at Weber State)...

    Inoke Breckterfield takes over as the new defensive line coach.

    Breckterfield played in the Pac-10 at Oregon State, where he was first-team All-Pac 10 and a recipient of the Morris Trophy, awarded annually to the league's top defensive lineman.

    "[Breckterfield] will be a real key for us for our recruiting efforts, especially in Hawaii.

  115. theperfectseason:

    I was just hoping and wondering why would GM, our best recruiter stay here? Anyway, Manti is only allowed to be up there for 48 hours, so GM could have visited before Manti left.

  116. letsgowarriors:

    eamon is a stud. he rushed for 400 yards one game. all conf LB and RB.

  117. al ™:

    manti will be back on sunday. being a mormon it is a complete sabbath. but, who knows he could make an allowance to have a certain coach stop by since he was in the neighborhood.

    then from monday, feb 2 to the 5th, the dead period sets in with no face to face contacts.

  118. Garret:

    Does the offer to Beck Coulter suggest that Nobriga is Colorado bound?


    An article on Rivals says that Beck committed to SMU. I'm guessing that will be SMU's first ever recruit from Samoa.

  119. Garret:


    I would be very, very surprised in Manti takes a home visitor on Sunday.

  120. Garret:


    I'm guessing that Eamon is a backup plan recruit for UH...I can't imagine any other reason for a home visit this late in the recruiting process without making a scholarship offer.

  121. Garret:


    It is true that Mac could have visited Manti before he left for USC...but I'm guessing that Mac was focused on the UH recruits that other teams are trying to get. And if Mac visited Manti's home, that would be *huge* news that would have come out already.

  122. letsgowarriors:

    sula is on the bubble, we cant take a chance. offer eamon. every RB on our roster with a legit shot of playing is a junior or older.

  123. owen-16:

    according to da other guyz, looks like colt and have of da dread heads will be attending the willows function next week

  124. Garret:

    It appears that I was wrong in my post to Al on #119. It appears that Manti *is* hosting a home visit on Sunday...for BYU! BYU gets the last recruiting contact allowed with Manti.

    It is expected that the BYU coaches will meet with Teo on Sunday upon his return from an official visit to USC. After that night, the NCAA had mandated a non-contact period with recruits until signing day next Wednesday.

  125. Garret:

    Just in case someone didn't see the news about Jray.

    Galea'i just returned from an official visit to the University of Hawaii with a teammate who is expected to sign with the Warriors next week.

    "We had a great visit with the coaches. I am still solid for BYU and they are expecting me to sign, which I will do."

  126. homey ℞:

    So Garret, are you very very surprised? :lol:

    Leave it to BYU to visit him on Sunday. Sorta like Kekoa & koakane's Sunday bible studies in Waipio.

  127. al ™:

    derek eamon...
    i would make him an offer he couldn't refuse. he looks like a nate ilaoa type back.
    5'10" 220lbs 4.59

    check it out:

    and he is a hs recruit. i am sure tony pointed him in our direction or vice versa.

  128. owen-16:

    yikes 4got how to talk, have =half

  129. al ™:


  130. al ™:

    and don't be surprised if mack swings by the te'o's neighbor just to pay his respects (if he hasn't done so already). that would be jray galea'i's residence.

  131. homey ℞:

    al - Eamon's fullback puts in some good blocks too!

  132. al ™:

    remember how he got alema and paipai to commit in the midnight hour.

    by the way did i mention i saw tachibana last weekend. he looks to be in top shape and 20lbs bigger than a year ago.

  133. al ™:

    isn't the fullback smaller than the rb?

  134. FloridaTed:

    Aah, the great and famous LOI Lottery.

    Getting Manti would be kind of like a lottery win, sure, we fill out our ticket, but REALLY don't expect to win.....

    Sure, we're all holding our respective breath, for a split second, when the numbers are drawn, but then, oh well.....

    On Feb. 5th we'll have a nicely filled cupboard.

  135. al ™:

    you know hawaii is an excellent option for any nevada football player who would walkon by invitation or not. what with the wue program that would make costs somewhat affordable.

  136. owen-16:

    aaah- SB sunday last year when word got out that the kahuku high teammates had committed to become warriors, a great day indeed. hope we have some great surprises in store for us this super bowl weekend

  137. kama krab:


    You sly guy, you got mail.

  138. Kazz:


    The previous "AD" used to answer my e-mails pretty fast, usually within two days at the most.

    Of course, JD is actually busy doing his duties as AD as opposed to playing solitare on his computer and/or monitoring his Wikipedia entry.

  139. homey ℞:

    al - The fb does look taller though. :lol:

  140. Garret:


    Yes, I was very, very surprised at first when I read that news...but, I agree that BYU would be the school to be able to get a home visit on Sunday with Manti. If Al is correct that Mac will be in the neighborhood...I'd guess that the BYU coaches will stay at Manti's home for as long as possible to keep Mac away!

  141. homey ℞:

    I wonder if the BYU coaches are Mormon? Or Scoutmasters?

  142. Garret:

    I wonder if there are NCAA rules against the BYU coaches attending church services where there are recruits? I know that the Mormons here are at church for about 4 hours on Sunday...that would be a lot of extra time near a recruit, with other church attendees probably making favorable comments towards the BYU coaches. A home visit after that would be a LOT of time with or near Manti!

    There are probably many other recruits that go to the same church too...

  143. homey ℞:

    Lot of wondering going around today.

  144. Garret:

    I'm guessing that the NCAA cannot regulate coaches going to church services...

  145. FloridaTed:

    Watch out for them church folksy missionaries, them boys are sly salesmen. The Polynesians know all about how good they can sell, lol.

  146. jm2375:

    I'm wondering whatever happened to homey's tsaiko chopsticks?

  147. homey ℞:

    Hey jojo! Kinda far for me but did you try Maile's Thai Bistro in Hawaii Kai?

  148. homey ℞:

    jm2375 - Don't tell A-Sports but I sold them on ebay for big bucks!

  149. A-House:

    Florida Ted:

    A-men to that.

    Look up and praise the Lord, while we take your land.

  150. homey ℞:

    Speaking of sell, I don't know why the US went ahead with the Louisiana purchase with the French. They should have just stole it like everything else and save $15 million.

  151. A-House:

    Garret: and why not? They have near absolute control over evreything else.

  152. A-House:

    Cash cow = sugar daddy?

    Why are the big time BCS schools/conferences a "cash cow" for the NCAA?

    Does the NCAA take a percentge off the top for BCS games? I thought the BCS was formed to keep the NCAA hands away from their $$$.

    As a BCS conference, do the members or conference pay a larger sum to the NCAA versus a mid-major conference?

    What % of all televised games dollars go to the NCAA pocket? Is not the NCAA comprised from all the conferences? Like, now, the NCAA big chief is the President of Michigan. Wow, what a coincidence that the big cheese of the NCAA and the big cheese of the BCS both at Michigan. No hanky panky, now!!! If the NCAA and BCS are butting heads, their meetings must be very interesting - ok, make like a fly on the wall.

  153. Bruddah Cuz:

    Howzit- Da day is real close. Get some big tuna in da water around our boat. They smelling, but don't know if they like bite. Stay calm boys, da water is all prime for da haul. Shhhhh. There he is. No worry boyz, one big hook up is on da way. Go, go geeev 'um. Aloha.

  154. 808ike:

    Al # 65---The eagle will land by Sept. 4 in time for the first T-gate.

  155. 808ike:

    djmitcho #46--- The bacon-sausage concoction looks like a winner.

  156. jojo ®:

    no homey, haven't tried it. I've been eating ox tail soup! 2 people are oxes in my family.

  157. homey ℞:

    A-House - The NCAA makes its bucks from March Madness. Just think how much they'd lose if basketball went the BCS route.

    jojo - Well happy year of the ox to jeje and joje!

  158. d1島:


    Hmmm....there are a few people who are "dog people" in my family!

  159. homey ℞:

    d1 - Happy year of the dog to you and the Mrs. (good thing I didn't use the word that refers to a female dog).

  160. d1島:


    I wonder what's for dinner?

  161. d1島:

    I wonder how batteries work?

  162. d1島:

    I wonder when the lights on H-2 will be working again?

  163. d1島:

    I wonder if I should pauhana now?

  164. Kazz:

    I wonder what happened to Bubble Tape gum?... or Bubble Jug?

  165. jojo ®:

    wow homey! How did you know?

    d1 - wasn't it dog a couple years back? I'm gonna make soup for dinner, it's cold. You and the wifey can come by, but you gotta remember, I burn water.

  166. jojo ®:

    Kazz, I saw a bubble jug, but I was in Oakland. And are you going to play flag football again?

  167. homey ℞:

    d1 - batteries usually work when the switch is on. I've watched batteries laying on a table and nothing happened. Then I put a couple of them in a flashlight and nothing happened. Only when I put the switch on they worked.

    Early UH commit tomorrow?

  168. homey ℞:

    jojo - you are much to young to be an Ox...wait a minute, Kazz played flag football?

    Can't wait for the good news by the returning coaches.

  169. al ™:

    homey....didn't i tell you that jeje and i are same age.

    808ike....keep practicing your recipes. off season workouts are imperative to being a good tsaiko.

    ummmm. the coaches have returend already. didn't you read that part.

    now they must crunch the numbers and be ready to offer if any positions open up. expect a few.

    hey, i was thinking of trying that maile thai place. i saw that online ad yesterday too. the food and hired help looked attractive.

  170. Kazz:


    I haven't been out to Kanewai Park in a while. I'm not even sure my friend goes either as he usually does and told me about it in the first place.

    Oh and umm.. the one time I was there and ran into JeJe I didn't play. I never really did anyway...

  171. Kazz:

    RE: Wondering.

    I wonder why some people at the gym "OVER lift" their limit and then carelessly SLAM the weights down?

    It's worse on the machines because they're harder to fix.

    Pearl Kai 24Hr Fitness already has a few machines/stations awaiting repairs because of this kind of stuff.

  172. Kazz:


    At intermission LaTech leads UH 35-30. It's pretty much a statistical tie right now.

    Rod Flemings has 13pts, Amis with 6pts, and Campbell and Balocka with 4pts a piece.

  173. al ™:

    kazz....keep sasha on the bench.

  174. jojo ®:

    Kazz, I was just wondering about you...

  175. owen-16:

    according to da fight blog, gsp opened up as a -160 favorite. pretty significant, currently at -140. early dough is on da hilo boy. shoulda put some kala on him earlier, better do it now b4 it goes even lower

  176. Bulla:


    mahalo for the props in #114 for 'the beast', and yes Weber State has been coming on hard in Hawaii. coach inoke is right in the thick of things....

    Committed so far:

    Tytan Timoteo OL St Louis 6'2 290
    Adam White DL St Louis 5'11 265
    Bijon Mastoufi DL Kaiser 6'2 270

    Official Visit This Weekend

    Kela Marciel Iolani 5'11 170
    Hunter Thompson Wailua 6'2 266

    the beast and cameron and zack higgins, cody nakamura are very happy to have more hawaiians heading up to Weber country. they are going for the National Championship in the FCS and it should be a great season :cool:

  177. koakane±:

    kekoa no worry about me with the AJA season in full swing plenty elbow bending going on. they play 3 weekday and two on weekends. to bad AJA don't have the bud deal like UH. maybe someone can hook dem up with Asahi.

    bulla the ruckus along the ala wai will be me 8) . get one game there I going be at. so no need send out the troops I will take care. just loaded 15 solders to help me out. come join in will be there by 6.

    eh jamie you the true mahu and faddah must have been disappointed about your choice I bet.

  178. Bulla:


    it's the same old song....ta-da-da action. everyone trying to make big body.....if they cannot handle the 35 lb dumbells, don't use them.

    so many people think the louder they 'clank' the bigger the 'skank', haha. CONTROL, that is what they don't know, and DISCIPLINE......been there done that......pretty black and white, either you are the alpha male, or you aren't........period.

  179. Bulla:

    koakane (undecided and uncommitted)

    might have to make a covert operation over to ala wai to see youl; don't know if our scuba gear is up to snuff, but we could be launching a water assault from the makai side of the field.....scare da paddlers, and den the baseball players.....the creature from the black lagoon, i mean the ala promises, i'll give you a soft verbal......and check back with me later...ok? haha

  180. al ™:

    hawaii 41
    la tech 38

  181. Kazz:

    RE: Lasha Parghalava...

    How is "Lasha" supposed to be pronounced: "Sasha"?

  182. Kazz:


    It didn't look to enticing for me to play, I suck anyway :sad: ... there was some people there that seemed like they took out their frustrations of never getting that scholarship back in high school out on the flag football field.

    Some of those guys took it too seriously.

    Is Jeje still going down there?

  183. Ralph:

    bulla if you emerge from the black ala wai looking green, the kids and paddlers will think shrek is fo real

  184. Kazz:

    7:55 left in regulation and da Bows have overtaken LaTech so far.

    UH leads 45-42.

    *Note* - To start the game LaTech was 4-4 from the arch, since then they've gone 1-11 thanks to UH's D.

  185. Kazz:


    January 29th, 2009 at 4:44 pm
    bulla if you emerge from the black ala wai looking green, the kids and paddlers will think shrek is fo real.

    I can hear the tourists now...

    "Is that Lilo or Stitch?"

  186. al ™:

    49-42 us guys

  187. Kazz:

    UH leads 49-44 with exactly 5 minutes left.

  188. Ralph:

    Hoyas go down for 4th straight defeat...Warriors at 6 straight defeat...aya...jmxxxx you worst than jinx, time for more prayers

  189. al ™:

    52-50 us seconds left

  190. Ralph:

    even a well played wahine game on the mainland produces more points than UH and La Tech....both schools need better recruiting coordinators, their eye for talent is lacking....

  191. al ™:

    53-52 them 13 seconds

  192. al ™:

    54-53 us tip in at the buzzer
    hawaii wins
    hawaii wins

  193. al ™:

    oops checking the replay

  194. Kazz:


    Do we need to count on a replay to get our first win?????

  195. al ™:

    upon further review..........

    its good!
    its good!

    the streak is over.................

  196. al ™:

    balocka credited witht the tip.

  197. Kazz:

    ... oh my God....


    N--- B! O! W! S!.........GOOOOOOOOO RAINBOWS!!!!

  198. labrat:

    Great win Rainbows. Way to go.

  199. Bulla:

    The closest i can come to Shrek, is to pass gas in the ala wai and all of the 13" shrimp come floating to the surface with the 8 lb. Tilapia...eeeeeewwww, and don't forget about the Anaconda, rumuored to be living closer to the library side....haha

    nah, more possibility of me parachuting to the pitchers mound that me swimming the ala wai.......and like they say in hollywood......CUT

  200. Kazz:

    Dear Warrior Volleyball and Wahine Basketball,


    Hawai'i Nei

  201. duffer (iPhone):

    Waiting for the kid at Makena. Ain't technology great!

    Way to go Bows

  202. duffer (iPhone):

    Anybody know how to refresh with a iPhone?

  203. al ™:

    aren't they technically rainbow warriors?

  204. Kazz:


    I don't think they (Bows) even know what they are...

    Warriors (football, men's volleyball, and golf .. go figure)
    Rainbow Warriors (men's basketball)
    Rainbows (baseball)
    Rainbow Wahine... at least the Wahine got their identity in check!

    I dream of a press release:

    "All men programs will be referred to as 'Warriors' and all women's programs remain 'Rainbow Wahine'. "

  205. d1島:

    Good to hear about the MBB win! :-D

  206. lava:

    I feel your excitement Bulla, Weber State has it going on.

  207. Kazz:


    What's the volleyball forecast for this weekend?

    The boys feeling good and loose?

  208. FloridaTed:

    For BSKB Warriors, any win, ESPECIALLY a road win at far off LaTech is HUGE. Way to go!! Now go and turn this thing around!! Play for pride..

  209. SteveM: is anyone or two bringing Goteborg sausage to the Karaoke Call?...

    Saturday, February 7, 2009
    7:30 PM - 12:30 AM
    Krazy Karaoke (1308 Young Street)

    We have the big (green) room at Krazy Karaoke for 55 people. Mahalo to Stretch for the arrangements and putting down the required deposits!

    Please continue to RSVP on the blog or email SteveM.

    We look forward to seeing new Tsai-kos and old friends at one of our first major parties of 2009. Singing not required, but it's pretty good! :)

    • $15 per person for the room/karaoke
    • BYOB
    • Bring food/goodies (like indoor tailgate)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Continually updated Karaoke Call info and pot luck contributions in the Events Calendar section at:

    Current count = 43

  210. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I just woke up from a nap.
    What's been happening?

  211. Stephen Tsai:

    Volleyball will be fun this weekend.
    First, they actually get a Saturday match in this.
    I think Walker is going to start in an unconventional offense.

  212. Stephen Tsai:

    Northridge has a 7-foot middle blocker.
    I told Wilton the first thing UH should do is smash a ball at his face. He'd never jump again.

  213. Stephen Tsai:

    By the way, I learned that Wilton, as a player, had a 36-inch vertical jump and could one-hand dunk a volleyball on a basketball hoop. Which brings up the question: Who are the most athletic UH coaches? (Mel deLaura doesn't count.)

  214. JaM:

    ST what do you mean by "athletic"?

    Didn't some football coaches run the marathon?

  215. JaM:

    Oops...Hi everyone!
    Our best and prayers to Diana, Kekoa & pops & Ronnie's parents.

  216. JaM:

    ok where's everybody?

  217. Kazz:


    You fell asleep as UH fans statewide released a collective sigh (no pun intended) as the 19-game program-wide losing streak ended!!!

    Is Clar back to 100%?

    Oh and Rich Miano has to be the most athletic UH coach.

  218. Kazz:

    What is Dave Shoji's vertical?

    What is Cal Lee's vertical?

  219. Jason:

    Rich Miano looks like he still could suit up and play.

    For my fellow 49er fans, looks like we have an offensive coordinator and a QB coach:

    However, I thought this part of the first article was fitting:

    Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi, writing for the National Football, said before Raye's hire that the 49ers made a mistake in firing Martz.

    "Everyone I talked to here in Tampa on Monday (at the Super Bowl) agree that the 49ers will not recover from their decision to fire Mike Martz, and whomever they hire will not be as good or as effective," Lombardi said. "Martz may take a lot of hits in the media, but he's an outstanding offensive coach."

    Can I just say ditto? As for Johnson, the last time we had a QB coach who previously coached WRs and later became the OC, he got fired after one year. His name was Jim Hostler. As I said before, I knew he wouldn't last a year. I won't say the same about these two new hires, but I'm not enthusiastic either. We should have kept Martz and Ted Tollner. Well, at least we brought Rathman in to coach RBs.

  220. d1島:

    Who are the most athletic UH coaches? (Mel deLaura doesn’t count.)

    Do GA's and SM's count?

  221. wafan:

    Hooray for the UHM!!!

    Finally a win for the department!!!

    Okay, who will win next?

  222. Ralph:

    most athletic coach....dave shoji

  223. Ralph:

    wafan do you think we can be lucky in 2 of 3, or even 3 for 3...if so, go straight to vegas immediately-this could be the lucky week for a big jackpot

  224. el guapo:

    Tom Heffernan

  225. MeiLing:

    No word back from JD on Tsaiko help at Saturday's cleanup.

    Great to hear that the Men's BB team won on the road!

  226. FloridaTed:

    The Men's BB Team is a real enigma this year ( no need to discuss the Wahine, we all know they have the E-Bolla virus), but can any one explain to me what's REALLY wrong with the men's team? I'm not a BSKB expert by a long shot, but they are really schizophrenic this year.

    Every time I'm ready to have hope, they blow it, and everytime I'm ready to give up, they pull one out.

    Is it coaching, the players, the sceam, lack of point guard play, all of the above? What the heck are the experts saying?

    Blaming it either all on the coaching or the players seems to simplistic. I know Nash is a good coach, so what the heck is wrong?

    Anybody out there who can enlighten me somewhat? I'm puzzled.

  227. homey ℛ:

    al - It is my understanding that all coaches are not back. But then again I don't understand myself sometimes.

  228. homey ℞:

    I say Dave Shoji is he most athletic because he played basketball, football, and baseball in high school and baseball and v-ball in college. Not to mention he is a pretty good golfer.

  229. homey ℞:

    FT -'s the personnel, team chemistry, and inexperience with the offense.

  230. FloridaTed:

    Anybody have an answer for my (226) questions?

  231. FloridaTed:

    For this year I would put Fleming at point guard and go from there. Remember A.C. Carter, he made everything go and could play every position, literally.

    What happened to the up tempo play we were promised?

    Personnel? Lack of talent, smarts? Game IQ, what is it?

    Lack of experience shouldn't be such a big factor anymore after 20 games.

  232. labrat:

    Surfer Carmyn James

  233. Desmond:

    homey ℞:

    January 29th, 2009 at 9:11 pm
    I say Dave Shoji is he most athletic because he played basketball, football, and baseball in high school and baseball and v-ball in college. Not to mention he is a pretty good golfer.

    Intramurals?....j/k, shoji cannot participate, not smart enough.
    He only wanted 4000 seat Stan Sheriff arena? :roll:

  234. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Report discloses that mercury has been found in high fructose corn syrup, which is used in yogurt, soda, candy, juice, jelly, and a ton of other food products. Apparently the FDA knew about the mercury problem and kept silent! We are talking about brands like Quaker, Hunt’s, Manwich, Hershey’s, Smucker’s, Kraft, Nutri-Grain, and Yoplait…and the FDA allows for products with high fructose corn syrup to be labeled “natural”!

  235. Garret:

    Leapfrog is launching a “Baby BlackBerry” smartphone for kids.

  236. Garret:

    Criminals handcuffed together escaped from custody…until they tried to run on opposite sides of a lamp pole, forgetting that the handcuffs wouldn’t allow that to occur. The video looks like something from a cartoon.

  237. Garret:

    Florida man was driving to one of those classes you have to go to after getting a DUI…and he was picked up for a DUI after swerving all over the road and smelling of alcohol! When you drive drunk to a DUI class, you really have an alcohol problem!

  238. Garret:

    The Army is recalling more than 16,000 sets of body armor plates that the Inspector General believes were not properly tested and could jeopardize the lives of US soldiers.

  239. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  240. Bulla:

    #206, mahalo bro....long way off, but this is the time to invest and build up the blood, sweat, equity you need during the season. it's grunt time right now, and it's real simple.....either you're in....or you're not. all about can make excuses, you're tired, it's cold, it's snowing, it's raining, it's dark, i gotta study for an exam, my ankle is sore, i have to go to a treatment with the i said, you're in or you're out.

    get a straw and suck it up....if you can't run, get on the damn bike and do your cardio, if your knee hurts then do upper body workouts, if your shoulder is sore, do lower body workouts because you don't need your shoulder for leg presses, leg extensions, ham curls, calf raises, hyperextension reps for your lower back.......

    you know the drill.......the beast had the choice and it all comes down to numbers......either he could work out for 2 (notice the number is 2) hours, or he could have my size 13 (notice the number 13) foot up his arse....basic math, he chose to work out. now, he is kind of nutz working out, developed the mind over matter technique......

    this is the fun time, see who has the balls and has what it takes....if you can't do it now, how can you do it in the fall? pretty easy, it's what separates the players from the playahs, all you can be, or just be a's choices.

    mahalo again, IMUA WARRIORS AND IMUA WILDCATS :cool:

  241. Desmond:


    January 29th, 2009 at 9:23 pm
    For this year I would put Fleming at point guard and go from there. Remember A.C. Carter, he made everything go and could play every position, literally.

    What happened to the up tempo play we were promised?

    Personnel? Lack of talent, smarts? Game IQ, what is it?

    Lack of experience shouldn’t be such a big factor anymore after 20 games


    winning is easy, shoot the basketball in the hoop, cut down the turnovers and play better defense. right now, hiram is best bet at point guard till next season, nittoto is too wild (turnovers), Lasha cannot shoot even D2 level, Nash can only run riley's flex, Jackson did not recruit well, and yes no talent. Flemings has talent but he is not a shooter like ray reed, trevor ruffin, or anthony harris....he cannot light it up from the outside. without personnel, you cannot run the break so what is next? give Nash extension or look elsewhere. Jackson has to bring in shooters next year or they are dead in the water.

  242. Jason:

    I don't want to badmouth players or coaches, cause I don't think anyone is to blame here concerning any struggles the team may have. And I definitely don't think it's the offensive system, cause I love the flex motion and the flexibility is gives (like the R&S). But by the time WAC play starts, everyone knows what everybody else does, and they gameplan accordingly. So it comes to execution. If and when UH has the entire offense installed, it can adjust to what teams do, and flourish through its counterpunches. But right now, it's a shell of what it should be. When you play in such a difficult system to learn, it takes time for things to work. Remember that we have a second-year PG who never played the position before, and another second-year PG who just returned from a Mormon mission. The star is still in his first year in the system, and he's not entirely comfortable in it, just like other first-year players. And the veterans have potential, but are still raw in their skill set -- which is hard to work on when you're working on teaching everyone the system, getting them to work together and communicate and gel. And to everyone who suggests scrapping the system and playing a different type of game -- that might help us now, but what about the future? It's like scrapping the pure R&S to get Inoke into a modified option R&S. It worked for a while, but in the end, you still end up doing the stuff you usually do, only a little later because you set time aside to practice the new stuff. I believed that hindered us more than it helped. So yeah, stick with the current system. They have flashes where it works. They just need to overcome adversity, be confident in their shooting (cause NOBODY is confident right now), and run the offense the way they know how.

  243. Desmond:


    January 29th, 2009 at 9:55 pm
    I don’t want to badmouth players or coaches, cause I don’t think anyone is to blame here concerning any struggles the team may have. And I definitely don’t think it’s the offensive system, cause I love the flex motion and the flexibility is gives (like the R&S). But by the time WAC play starts, everyone knows what everybody else does, and they gameplan accordingly. So it comes to execution. If and when UH has the entire offense installed, it can adjust to what teams do, and flourish through its counterpunches. But right now, it’s a shell of what it should be. When you play in such a difficult system to learn, it takes time for things to work. Remember that we have a second-year PG who never played the position before, and another second-year PG who just returned from a Mormon mission. The star is still in his first year in the system, and he’s not entirely comfortable in it, just like other first-year players. And the veterans have potential, but are still raw in their skill set — which is hard to work on when you’re working on teaching everyone the system, getting them to work together and communicate and gel. And to everyone who suggests scrapping the system and playing a different type of game — that might help us now, but what about the future? It’s like scrapping the pure R&S to get Inoke into a modified option R&S. It worked for a while, but in the end, you still end up doing the stuff you usually do, only a little later because you set time aside to practice the new stuff. I believed that hindered us more than it helped. So yeah, stick with the current system. They have flashes where it works. They just need to overcome adversity, be confident in their shooting (cause NOBODY is confident right now), and run the offense the way they know how

    jason, rileys flex offense is a joke. watch the top teams in the country, and nobody has such tight spacing as hawaii. everyone else spreads the court out. i thought everyone wanted riley out because his offense was so boring and slow, attendance started to dwindle esp. with non-athletic talent being recruited by jackson? Riley was about 50% win/loss coach. I remember he was close to being fired till ac carter came in. he was on hot seat before ray reed came in. riley only went to ncaa because trevor ruffin shot lights out, not cause of the flex offense. anyway, i never liked riley's coaching style nor his offense, jmo. I agree with florida ted that it would be great if the transition game could occur but thats up to ole jackson.

  244. FloridaTed:

    Thanks, Jason, my man,

    That was exactly what I was looking for, it helps with being more patient. Although, next year there should be no more excuses, do you agree with that?

  245. Ralph:

    Jason if it is taking this long to jell into the flex system, don't you think wheeler should have gone the high school route for recruits...the Jc guys will use up one year to learn the system, but then, only one year left to cash in or at least start off better than this season. then then start over again every two years with primarily JC players...maybe that's why UH has about a 54% winning record over the last 20 years....

  246. FloridaTed:


    Are you the Desmond from 'Lost'? lol.

    Your points are also well taken, I definately have a better understanding now of what's going on from my far away point of view.

    Good night, Gang, sleep tight, big day for me tomorrow.

  247. el guapo:

    Re #233

    I remember a mean intramural team way back when - Dennis Chai, Steve Martin, Dave Shoji, Nicky Clark, Dean Nowack. They whipped all the student teams I saw them play against.

  248. OldDiver:

    January 29th, 2009 at 5:10 pm
    even a well played wahine game on the mainland produces more points than UH and La Tech….both schools need better recruiting coordinators, their eye for talent is lacking….

    Sorry Ralph but I'm gonna have to disagree. Like most guys I have the eye in locating a pretty girl in a crowd. The trick is how do you get her to have dinner with you.

  249. Jason:

    Desmond: I love the offense. The execution of the offense should be better, but I love the offense itself. It's different from what everybody else runs, but then again, we don't get the type of athletes that the top teams have. Now we're getting some better athletes, but it's still not up to par with Nevada and other teams, so we still need to run the flex. Again, it's like the R&S, which teams often use as an "equilizing" offense. But it's hard to learn, and players nowadays don't play that kind of basketball anymore. But try to play purely uptempo basketball, and we'll be crushed by teams that are more athletic than we are.

    And I think part of the lack of athleticism is on some poor recruiting, but it's not all the coaches' faults. I'm not saying they can't do a better job, but it's really hard to get good players here. There aren't many local guys who can contribute (like in football), so many of our players have to come from the Mainland. The problem with that is, how many high school kids want to come here to play? And how many high school kids are mature enough to come all the way out here? You have to consider the academics, too, and how difficult it is to bring in kids. So instead, we tend to bring in JC guys; the problem with that is, (1) they have less time to learn the system, and (2) when we recruit JCs, we often have to target the same pipeline schools and schools where we have ties, because it's still hard to recruit for Hawai‘i. But those schools have certain kinds of players, so we get certain kinds of players. Hard to transition to a slightly different type of game when you're getting pegs of the old type.

    In all, I just think these next few years are going to be a time of major transition. I really do think Nash wants to go a little more up-tempo, get more athletic players, stuff like that. But right now, the team is in limbo between the old status and the new. We as fans need to be patient and supportive. It's not like Nash is doing a bad job. People out there might think he is, but I don't think so at all. He's not incompetent, he's not out of touch, or anything like that. He's just having to make adjustments and live with the growing pains. And I personally think we all as fans need to realize that.

  250. d1島:


    Speaking of Blackberry for babies.
    Check out the e-trade baby's outtakes

  251. Desmond:


    January 29th, 2009 at 10:27 pm
    Desmond: I love the offense. The execution of the offense should be better, but I love the offense itself. It’s different from what everybody else runs, but then again, we don’t get the type of athletes that the top teams

    Jason, you are riley wallace number 1 fan. kidding aside, you state that
    we dont get the type of athletes that top teams do. exactly which is why the flex produces so many turnovers. half the guys cannot pass the ball.
    If nash wants to save his job, jackson better bring in guys that can shoot..flex or no flex.

  252. Ralph:

    Old diver easy, pick someone who is near your age, leave the youngsters plenty of seniors at UH games...

  253. OldDiver:

    Hah! when you are an old man, you have your choice of babes. Of course you take them to Zippys so you can use their senior discount card.

  254. Jason:

    I agree that we need better shooters. But for now, we got the guys we have. They need to set themselves up for the mid-range shots that the offense offers. The plays are being called, but they aren't being executed very well. That, and the turnovers, and I'd dare to say some of the poor shooting all comes from lack of confidence. I mean, you hear some people on blogs and message boards (not saying anyone here, but other places) ripping guys when they struggle. Certains fans in the stands can't help but voice their frustration when shots aren't falling. And that kind of stuff gets to them. You can tell they are mad, cause they know they can play better. But the frustration of the fans leads to their own frustration, and that leads to lack of confidence and tinkering around to fix things. I'm hoping this road trip helps them to get away from here, to concern themselves only about the fundamentals of basketball and their studies. Normally home is comforting, but for once, I believe a road trip is just what we needed. And not a road trip like last week, either, but a real road trip.

  255. homey ℞:

    The reason why they can't recruit good players is that they don't want to play in the flex offense.

  256. Kekoa:


    Re: Refreshing your iphone

    1. Look at the top left corner of your screen. Press that "AT&T."

    2. It takes you to the top of the page.

    3, Press the refresh symbol at the end of the "warrior beat.honadvblo..."

    4. You will note the blue shaded will creep across the letters. When that is completed, your screen is refreshed!

    5. Now quick scroll to the bottom of the blog by pressing...
    "interact:" Add a comment

    Thanks for your kind words for Diana, and she wants to return to Maui for the tour of the sausage factory. We both miss not having 'good' blood sausage available anymore.

    Purity puts out a very weak brand, but we used to center Sunday breakfast around Gouveia's brand. On occasion a family member would make a good homemade batch that we enjoyed.

    Just made myself ono for sausage! Midnite sausage cc Al?

  257. Kekoa:

    Sorry for talking so 'loud' in the last post!...must be the excitement of the sausage subject.

  258. homey ℞:

    The thing with the flex offense is that it is effective against the man-to-man defense. It takes advantage of cuts, screens, and jump shots from the corners or the ends of the free throw line. However, throw in a zone defense then the offense has to rely on multiple passes to get the zone out of position to take an open shot. To do this you need shooters. Also, when the zone is out of position ball handlers are able to take the ball to the hoop or hit the open man. The key is ball handlers.

  259. Jason:

    homey: That's as good an argument against the flex as I've heard, to be honest. And to me, that's just a testament to how the game has deteriorated. Everything is about isolation and the pick-and-roll nowadays. You see it in the NBA, and now everyone wants to play like that, be the next Kobe or LeBron. The thing is, not everyone can be the next Kobe or LeBron.

    Me, I like watching the play develop, as the players set up screens, as they flash cut here and there. Even though they were the opponent, I had a lot of fun watching Utah State execute their offense.

    I was just thinking about the successful teams and the players we had in the past. They were never the most athletic teams, with the most athletic players. Sure, we had guys like Anthony Carter and Julian Sensley. But we also had Predrag Savovic, Carl English, Michael Kuebler, and Matt Lojeski; Ahmet Gueye in the post, Mark Campbell running the point. They were savvy players who played with discipline and tenacity. They were driven and mature, and knew their roles. The guys we have now ... they still need to develop in that regard. And that's not a knock on them; that's just how things go nowadays. My, how things can change in just a few years.

  260. homey ℞:

    Jason - Hey, I'm older school, "be like Mike"! Jordan not Jackson! Don't get me wrong I love a good backdoor play with an even better pass. But when you don't have guys that have that chemistry then...

    Bulla - no backdoor jokes ok!

  261. Jason:

    Again, going back to the shooting. The guys we have aren't pure shooters, but they aren't bad shooters. But they shoot with absolutely no confidence. Nobody wants to be the one to take the shot. I'd rather have them take smart shots with confidence that miss than to tenatively shoot -- you're going to miss anyways when you shoot tentatively.

  262. homey ℞:

    Looks like it's almost time to shutdown the laptop.



  263. homey ℞:

    Jason - This is D1 bball so they better have the confidence to let it fly.

  264. homey ℞:

    Goodnight awake people.

  265. Jason:

    Chemistry comes with familiarity. Familiarity comes with practice. Let's not forget that a bunch of these guys are banged up, too. Parghalava missed practices and game time, Balocka, Thompson, Lutu. Now we hear that Flemings re-aggravated his ankle. When you can't practice at full strength, that doesn't help players to become familiar with each other, which doesn't help develop that chemistry.

  266. Jason:

    homey: Exactly. I love Parghalava, cause he's not afraid to shoot. Except now he is, I saw that against Utah State. Remember, these guys are my age, in their late teens to early twenties. They hear what people in the crowd say. The great ones ignore it; let's face it, none of the guys we have here are MJ, not even Flemings. Learning to ignore the critics and trust in your abilities is part of the maturing process. But they aren't at that point yet. I'm sure Nash and the staff are telling them that, but when you're at my age, I guess you need results before you really start believing what you're told. But hard to get those results when you aren't confident in your ability to get them. What a conundrum, yeah?

    I think in the end, everyone realizes that the team has problems. The questions are, how will the team react to them, and how will we as fans react to them? Will we just criticize, or will we support them, go to the games and cheer them on? And part of that is being a good home crowd, not belittling your own players and knocking them down. Those types of "fans" have been coming out the past couple games, I'm afraid.

  267. FloridaTed:

    Wow, I got a whole BSKB education tonight, thanks for all the great points.

    Now I can go to sleep for real. Good night again, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  268. Jason:

    I think I'm off to bed, too. This was fun, talking about basketball. Good night, everyone.

  269. Kekoa:

    Homey ~ Just to re-empasize what you just sed...ball handlers! That also means that against a zone you have to move the ball quickly around the horn to 'move' the zone. Our guys tends to hold on to the ball too long in one spot, thus giving the zone a chance to redeploy their defense.

    So ball handling does't always mean to dribble around allowing the zone to shift with the slow movement of the ball. Being able to pass the ball is critical in 'working' that zone. That often times will free a shooter, or create an open seam to drive it, or pass it, inside. jmo of course homes.

  270. Ralph:

    Kekoa could "tunnel vision" contribute to the delay in seeing the play develop and making a quicker, early release to give the shooter options. applicable to a good qb who doesn't hold onto the ball to long and anticipates the quick cuts of the wr and gets the ball there as he turns....

  271. al ™:

    pordagee sausage?


  272. al ™:

    so now we have also lost kevin williams to idaho?

  273. Kekoa:

    Ralph ~ Another good point. Court vision and anticipating a breaking team member during a 'continuity' series of plays is vital to conducting a good offense.

    Case in point, those alley-oop type passes can be disasterous if your anticipation is not timed correctly. Not seeing a shot blocker closing on your inteded receiver is certainly not a good thing!

  274. Kekoa:

    Al ~ One thing the Germans are really good at is making great sausages. Their meat markets are still small town, stand alone, mom & pop operations. It's kinda of a "Sausage 'R Us" venue that has every variety of sausage you could imagine (and some that you can't).

    Too bad we don't have something similar here. If someone ever opened up a "Dog House" market on island, it would prolly be a big hit!

  275. Kekoa:

    Ok...time for bed. Diana is all re-bandaged for the night, pops is asleep and I'm officially off shift! Nytol!

    Night crew...your up!

  276. al ™:

    yah, the eagle delivered the goteborg sausage today.

  277. Committed Road Warrior:

    I don't know if Garret or anyone else mentioned this already, but it looks like the Pro Bowl may be blacked out on Hawai'i television unless the final 5,000 available tickets are sold by February 5th.

    Weird thing is is that the Pro Bowl games are usually sold out by now. Some folks are hoping for a rush in final sales, but we'll see.....

  278. Kekoa:

    Howzit CRW!

    I no can sleep...too worried about the Pro Bowl attendance...NOT!

    I just decided that if they didn't care to come back next year, then to hell with them this year. I'm not watching...period!

    No statement to make, no protest to start or join. Just my own personal reason for not going after all these years.

    I hope they choke from watching old reruns of Miami Mice! when they move it to hurricane country.

  279. Kekoa:

    Al ~ A tray of sweet Italian sausage would taste good with eggs sunnyside up, Aunty Mary's toasted Sweet Bread and a scoop of rice. Mmm...Mmmm.Mmmmmmmm!!

  280. Manoa:

    Several very good teams run the flex offense-- Utah State for one, Gonzaga, Maryland, and several run variations.
    Riley would recruit for the flex and if he got guys who could run, he would run. Nash recruits to run, but can't get the players, so he forces them into the flex.
    My thought for UH is run an offense you can recruit lesser talent for, like the Princeton Offense which passes and works the clock (like the flex, but with more of a milk the clock mentality). Lesser talented teams like Washington State with Derek Lock went pretty far with that offense. Several teams without super talent make the NCAA's with the Princeton offense every year.

  281. TChahng [서울특별시]:

    Grave yard shift is up.

    And now for some useless tidbittys: Spring time weather in Seoul today. Highs reached near 48 F with scattered clouds. Overnight lows will dip below 32 F. Don't stow away your sweaters and coats just yet. Tomorrow's highs will only reach 44 F with the sun shining all day. Good enough for gardening.

    Okay, I think I can tolerate the temps for a morning run down by the river.

  282. TChahng [서울특별시]:

    More useless tidbits: What are the most popular names for babies in Korea in 2008?

    For boys "Min-jun" (2,641 babies) followed by "Ji-hun," "Hyun-woo," "Jun-suh," "Woo-jin," "Gun-woo," "Ye-jun," and "Hyun-jun."

    For girls, Seo-yeon (3,270 babies) was most popular, followed by "Min-suh," "Ji-min," "Seo-hyeon," "Seo-yun," "Ye-eun," "Ha-eun," and "Ji-eun."

  283. TChahng [서울특별시]:

    Move over Michelle, Karen Kim wants to surpass your accomplishments.

    Being touted as the "next Michelle Wie," nine-year-old Korean-American Karen Kim is one of these promising players. Kim, a student at Lincoln Elementary School in Linwood, California, has already won over 70 titles, including the U.S. national championship for children in Arizona last December. In October 2008, she won the kids' PGA Invitational and then the California Kids Golf Tour. She was voted golfer of the year by the CKG in 2008.

    Kim started playing the golf at the age of five, taught by her father Casey Kim, a professional golfer. Her dream is to surpass Michelle Wie.

  284. Pomai:

    TChahng [서울특별시]

    Good news about the weather, it's still the pits here, 29 degrees, 4 inches of snow on the ground and another 3 inches expected today. Dis is da pits.

  285. wafan:

    A super good morning everyone!

  286. Pomai:

    It's snowing so bad I can't see my car in da driveway!!!!!

  287. wafan:

    Hey, it is Aloha Friday and we have the day off for semester break. Whoo-hoo!

    And, the best part? It is not snowing!!! Darn cold, though.


  288. wafan:

    Pomai . . .

    Sorry to hear about the snow.

    I would rather have the snow than the earthquake we had about 2 hours ago. At least it was just a small shaker and not like the last Nisqually earthquake. Geez, that one was bad.

  289. Pomai:

    This doesn't look good, at least 1 inch of snow in 10 minutes YIKE'S

  290. Pomai:


    To bad there is not some way to sell this stuff, I'd make a million today LOL

  291. FloridaTed:

    Good morning, Night Owls.

    Heading out the door, big day for me.

    Everybody have a wonderful day, stay indoors, if you can, in the cold and ice areas.

  292. wafan:

    Pomai . . .

    I sent some of it to the Right Coast the other week. Got another box ready earlier this week when it started up again. Thankfully it was just a dusting with just a couple of inches.

    Dodged that bullet!

  293. wafan:

    FT . . .

    Good luck today! Hope you meet and then exceed your goals!!!

  294. wafan:

    Okay, how big a box would I need to pack up an earthquake for shipment to Iran or North Korea?

  295. wafan:

    Okay. A bit of politics -- sorry.

    Why was Bush's bailout of CEO's a good idea but Obama's stimulus plan is a bad one? Interesting how the Republicans are trying to spin this one.

    They are claiming, too, the Democrats are not listening or considering anything they say.

    Boo-hoo. The shoe is on the other foot and they do not like it? What is up with that?

    Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled discussions on everything under the sun and moon.

  296. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!!

    Wafan - have a great day off. aren't you supposed to be figuring out your students' grades?

    off to work. bbl.

  297. JaM:

    Good morning!

  298. Pomai:

    wafan I have my own stimulus plan but none of these lawmakers would like it very much because it makes to much sense!!!

  299. wafan:

    jm . . .

    Already done. I grade them as they are submitted and enter the grades immediately -- the kids usually get feedback in minutes to over-night at the latest.

    Heck, the easiest way to grade is to pass all of them regardless of scores or ability. That way the classes are full (job security), parents and kids are happy because they are all going to graduate with at least a BA (really a bunch of bs), and the administration does not question me about why the kids have D's and F's (because they do not do anything to help themselves).

    There really are a lot more good and great kids than there are the jerks.

  300. wafan:

    Okay. Here is the plan . . .

    Everyone go to the new post.

    Sneaky guy, that Mr. Tsai.

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