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It's Ieru's turn

March 28th, 2009

Oft-injured Raphael Ieru will get the first shot at playing right guard.
Although he is bracketed with Brysen "Bulla" Ginlack on the depth chart, Ieru will get the first-team reps in Monday's first practice.
It's been a steep ascent for Ieru, who always seemed to have problems related to a knee injury he suffered as a freshman. Now he is relatively healthy.

* * *

The Warriors won't do any heavy hitting until their third practice — Saturday, April 4.

* * *

The football team could use some material to rebuild the platform on the portable tower used to shoot video of practices.

* * *

Happy birthday to the wonderful and lovely Liz Kauai. She's been the rock of our blog during an often  rocky year. I'm forever grateful for her kindness and hard work (and also for running our cool alternate site).


* * *

Belated congrats to Brie (center) for being named to the ILH padding all-star team.


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