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Break? What break?

April 30th, 2009

The Warriors were back on Cooke/Ching field this morning, participating in unsupervised workouts.

(Sorry, but my camera battery died, so I can't upload the photos.)

* * *

Offensive lineman Clayton Laurel has a fractured right fibula. He will miss six weeks of training.

* * *

The Warriors won't announce the 105-player roster for training camp for at least another month. But offensive lineman Steven Ikaika Rodenhurst and running back Kimo Alo have been told they will be invited to re-join the team Aug. 24, the first day of UH's fall semester, when the roster limits are lifted.

* * *

A sight that might mean something: Lametrius Davis worked out with the cornerbacks.

A sight that means nothing: Inoke Funaki and Tuika Tufaga worked out with the linebackers.

* * *

Here's the difference between karma and bachi.
Karma: Two years ago, in the midst of a budget crisis, a UH official received a bonus. A few days later, a foul ball struck the windshield of the official's car.
Bachi: Your blog host  wrote about that incident, making fun of the official's bad fortune. Yesterday, a foul ball hit his car.

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