Takahara-Dias is new Rainbow Wahine head coach

May 28th, 2009

Dana Takahara-Dias, a former Rainbow Wahine player who earned three degrees at UH, is the new head coach of the women's basketball team. She said she will receive a three-year contract. She will be allowed to hire three assistant coaches and a director of operations.

* * *

While all three freshman quarterbacks are enrolled in Summer Session I, only Corey Nielsen participated in unsupervised workouts yesterday.
Nielsen is a dual student. Gahr High's academic year doesn't end for another two weeks. He will return to California to participate in the graduation ceremony. He is the valedictorian. He has a 4.0 cumulative grade point average.
Punahou's Cayman Shutter participated in graduation rehearsals yesterday, and David Graves does not arrive in town until this weekend.

* * *

Michael Martin, a recent Saint Louis School graduate, is attempting to join the Warriors as a walk-on. He is a defensive back.

* * *

A British film crew is in town shooting footage of UH athletics for a documentary.

* * *

Anybody else think that if Memphis is forced to forfeit it 2007-2008 victories, everyone who participated in the 2008 NCAA Tournament office pool should be entitled to a refund?

* * *

Happy 16th birthday to Brie, one of our youngest and wisest bloggers.

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  1. NYUH:

    Read the 2009 Athlon Sports College Football issue yesterday at B&N, Hawaii picked 85 overall and 5th in the WAC.

    Alexander was rated 21st for QBs and the WRs were dissed altogether.

  2. NYUH:

    Oh, I forgot, first!

  3. ai-ee-soos:

    the frosh qb's look like they really WANT to play at UH.

  4. ai-ee-soos:

    4th ?

  5. ai-ee-soos:

    5th ? got that out of the way.

  6. djmitcho:

    Good Morning Tsaikos! WooHoo top 10! Hope everyone has a good Thursday. It's another beautiful day here in the Inland Northwest! Looking at clear skies and a high of 84 today.

  7. warriorfanny2:

    McNamara an adverse witness against his boss?
    --that's like getting Nadya Suleman to testify for birth control.

  8. top 8!:


  9. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer!:

    aloha kakahiaka!

  10. NYUH:

    I should mention that the Athlon Sports College Football issue was the Big East edition. They tailor these things to different markets but I don't believe that they change their basic ratings.

    However, they are basically full of it and their research on schools outside of the Big Cash System is weak.

  11. warriorfanny2:

    perfect wbb candidate for jill nunokawa and her judicial heroine-- sonya sotomayor:
    a one-legged hispanic female belonging to the sunni sect.

    u have a handicapped-female of muslim faith who is superior to any white-male coach.

  12. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Top Ten...

  13. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer!:

    NYUH- I guess Hawaii is to college what the Redskins are to the NFL.

    At least things are consistent!

    Looking forward to a fun season!

  14. d1島:


    Top twenny den!

  15. whitey:

    good morning tsaikos.

  16. d1島:

    Good to hear that at least one of the incoming QB's seems to be really enthusiastic about being a Warrior....

  17. d1島:

    Take the umbrella and the cannolis today....


  18. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!!

    Happy Thursday. 1 week to go.

    Belated welcome to the new Warriors here for summer conditioning and school.

    Puppy is sooooo cute. Likes to chase his tail. He's an escape artist. Had to block off the bottom of the gate so he doesn't go under.

  19. whitey:

    annett wichmann, wow, now there is an athlete. can't believe that she participates in so many track events and doesn't get injured. must be the salsa dancing.

  20. whitey:

    good morning d1 and jm

  21. jm2375:

    Morning whitey and d1

  22. whitey:

    is today the day they will announce the new wbb???? if they do, whoever is selected, my best and welcome to the uh ohana.

  23. whitey:

    jm, going to alaska??? make sure you get your camera and be ready for looooooong days. absolutely one of the nicest places to visit.

  24. Stephen Tsai:

    I'm thinking the announcement comes either this afternoon or tomorrow.
    The AD has a luncheon today.

  25. Stephen Tsai:

    My bad for not attaching Brie's birthday wishes on the original post.

  26. Stephen Tsai:

    The WAC previews of two of the preseason publications are written by local columnists — one from each newspaper. Check the masthead. (And, no, it's not me.)

  27. Stephen Tsai:

    As for the AP top 25 poll, it rotates between Ferd Lewis and Paul Arnett every year. I think it's Arnett's year this time.

  28. jm2375:

    Happy Birthday Brie!

  29. madeinhawaii:

    Morning all...

  30. MeiLing:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIE!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Aloha Kakahiaka to all. Have a good one.

  31. duffer:

    Happy Birthday Brie! :-)

  32. Garret:

    Happy Birthday Brie!

  33. Garret:

    Feature article on Jake Ingram.

    arly in free agency, New England took a first step in seeking to replace Paxton by signing Nathan Hodel, Arizona’s erstwhile long snapper (coincidentally, like Paxton, Hodel likes to adorn his body with multi-colored tattoos). The Pats long snapping job seemed to be filled. NFL teams almost never invest a draft pick in a long snapper.

    Yet, this year, the Patriots did exactly that, selecting Ingram in the sixth round.

    “Yeah, I was a little surprised,” admitted Ingram. “I talked to [Patriots special teams coach Scott] O’Brien weeks earlier, but I didn’t expect to get drafted. I knew it was a possibility, but when he called me and told me they were going to take me, I was surprised. But it’s a huge honor. I’m excited for it.”

    “We thought that Ingram would be in competition for the position with Nathan,” Belichick said after the draft, explaining his decision to select Ingram. “He’s an athletic guy, a little bit smaller than some of the snappers in the league, but a little bit more athletic than most of the snappers in the league. I think his athleticism versus his size is kind of the comparison or where the competition will be.

    “He’s an experienced guy. He’s done that. He can block. He can cover pretty well. His snaps are accurate, they had good velocity. So, I think that he will be competitive for that position. I felt like he was a top player for his position in the draft.”

    Hawaii associate head coach and former NFL safety Rich Miano calls Ingram one of his favorite people, both for his on- and off-the-field dedication.

    “I tell people that the two hardest working guys in this program during my time here were Davone Bess [now a receiver for the Dolphins] and Jake Ingram. Jake’s the first one at practice, and the last to leave. He gets really upset when he makes a mistake. He’s not a specialist, he’s a football player and a true good guy.”

    “He loves the Hawaiian culture, and the people love him here. He gets along with everybody and lives life to the fullest.”

  34. whitey:

    Happy Birthday Brie!!!

  35. Garret:

    NMSU's head coach was arrested for DUI...he drove the wrong way on a one-way street and failed the sobriety tests. However, he tested at 0.01 on the Breathalyzer, so they dismissed the DUI charges. He drank 3 beers and tested at 0.01?

    DeWayne Walker, New Mexico State University's new head football coach, was arrested for DUI -- a charge dismissed Tuesday -- during Las Cruces Police Department's Memorial Day weekend saturation patrol, according to police and court records.

    Walker was also cited for driving the wrong way on a one-way street, for which he will be arraigned Friday in Las Cruces Magistrate Court.

    Walker allegedly smelled of alcohol and told the officer he drank three beers at Hotel Encanto, where he had been since about 9:30 p.m.

    When asked for the vehicle's paperwork, Walker allegedly told police he didn't have any, since the car was new, and offered to walk home because he didn't want any trouble, according to the report.

    Taking three sobriety tests, Walker exhibited a total of nine signs of intoxication, according to the report.

    After the third sobriety test, the one-leg stand, in which Walker swayed and put his foot down before he was told to, according to the officer's report, he was arrested for DUI at about 12:49 a.m.

    However, two Breathalyzer tests taken 20 minutes after his arrest at the Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department (both machines at the police department were not working) indicated Walker's breath-alcohol content was 0.01, so low that police decided to release Walker on his own recognizance.

  36. Garret:

    Oregon is one of 19 Athletic Departments that made a profit last year. 19 is actually higher than I remember from past results.

    "People see 110,000 fans at a University of Michigan football game and think that the school's sports are doing well financially," said Dan Fulks, a professor of accounting at Transylvania University in Kentucky. "What these people don't realize is that one team has to support the entire athletics program."

    The 19 schools that do take home money from year to year are the exception rather than the rule. They represent the super-minority: fewer than 2 percent of NCAA member schools. Ohio State University in Columbus earned almost $19 million in profit in the 2007-08 school year to lead the list, and athletic departments at the University of Florida and Pennsylvania State University also made similar amounts. Oregon, by comparison earned about $300,000 after expenses.

    The thing these moneymakers have in common is that they have the ability to maximize ticket sales, and they have a large donor base to fund big projects.

  37. Garret:

    The SEC is going to try to rein in the huge recruiting classes their teams and others have been having. This would directly affect how UH recruits also since it would remove some of the flexibility given by grayshirting.

    The SEC is considering sponsoring NCAA legislation to cap football signing classes at 28 players, or unilaterally make it a conference-wide rule. Several SEC schools have signed more than 30 players in recent years, including 37 by Ole Miss last February. The NCAA allows 25 players to enroll in the fall.

  38. Garret:

    The rule would end the practice of signing players that are known to not be qualifiers--teams do that to get a better relationship with the player, preparing for when they are ready to transfer from their JC.

    Nutt explained earlier in the week that one of the reasons the Rebels signed so many players was that they knew several weren't going to qualify academically, and he wanted to build relationships with the junior colleges in the state.

    "We knew seven to eight of those guys 100 percent would not qualify, so you're able to help some junior colleges," Nutt said.

  39. duffer:

    Hey ST,

    Riley's gonna be in town the week of June 2nd to the 7th I think. He'd be a good guest on Leila's show! :-)

  40. HawaiianKiko:

    Aloha from the tropical islands of Hawaii on the coconut wireless in digital paradise

    Good Morning TsaiKo Ohana

    Happy Birthday Brie...and congratulations to the LAKERS

    Back to the Future(of Lurking)

  41. Kekoa:

    Happy Birthday Morning Brie! At the age of 16, you are certainly one of the more mature young ladies on this blog...right jm2375?

    What impresses me most is the way that you 'team' up with your mom. You two do great things in helping the track and field community around the entire state, record their events. Already learning how to give back is wonderful. Have a great day!

  42. madeinhawaii:


    Anything on what the average Athletic department deficit is? And what the worst are?

  43. djmitcho:

    Happy Birthday Brie

  44. jm2375:

    re: women's bb coach - so, Dana was a finalist, then wasn't a finalist because she didn't meet quals, then is put back on the list and now may be the new coach? What gives? I'm happy for her, but sheeesh...

    Go Dana, fellow Jr. Bow!

  45. NYUH:

    boo hoo, poor Michigan. The NCAA should set some salary caps however, no way these head coaches should be pulling down multi-millions while student-athletes are struggling just to get a dorm room and plate at the team buffet.

  46. warriorfanny2:

    C'mon, Oregon has numerous of donations from Phil Knight, Nike founder and mega-wealthy alumnus. In 2006 he liquidated over $1 b in stock in one month for his charities--much of which has found its way to the Eugene campus. Prior to 2006, he funneled millions y the truckload into their sports program and facilities. Can u say close to $100 m in facility upgrades....Michigan?--they dropped $30 m to upgrade weight & training facilities Rich Rodriques insisted on in a NY City minute.
    You are talking ABOUT the Bill Gates of D1A.
    Let's talk about the middle-class membership of D1A athletics--where it is relevant to Hawaii....anyone basking in profits?

  47. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Happy Sweet Sixteen to Brie!

  48. jm2375:

    Kekoa - #40 - just what are you implying?

  49. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Keep up the good work, Corey!

  50. Manoa Mist:

    I'd give Dana a chance. She was a terrific high school coach. Rather give an up-and-comer a chance then one of these former coaches - nothing personal!
    And if you want info from Donovan when he's in the lua, you gotta throw water on him. It's the Hawaiian Waterboard Method.
    Peace out.

  51. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...hope all have a good day...

    Happy Birthday Brie....

  52. Jay:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Happy B-day Brie.

    Looks like they are making progress on Aloha Stadium. Is it just remove and replace old paneling?

  53. (Jesse)James:

    So, why is the British film crew filming a documentary on Hawaii athletics??

  54. al:

    happy birthday brie!
    sweet sixteen is special.
    don't do anything i wouldn't do.

  55. vballfan1:

    Not sure how I feel about the next wahine coach possibly being " a high school coach".
    I know she was an assistant but the was many many years ago.

    I think the AD should hire someone who was coaching collegiately last season.

  56. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!


    This day in song...

  57. madeinhawaii:

    Wonder how they massaged Dana's experiences and resume to meet all the job requirements? If Dana is hired, will it haunt UH down the road? Can she recruit? From Not interested... to finalist.. then not in the running.. to finalist.. to most likely? Makes me wonder...

  58. al:

    let's not forget that a certain candidate has a lot of ties with our local girls across the state who have played under her in post season all state tournaments. therefore, there is a great connection with local recruiting. which would help create an immediate impact and help fill the stands. (not to mention signing a certain 3x all state mvp from punahou)

    she also has mainland ties to help recruit and i believe that she would keep the aussie pipeline flowing.

    garnering community support would be a piece of cake with all of her connections. the godfather of wbb will be there to mentor and lend all of his help and if her asst coach on that post season tourney teams becomes the next governor...........

    she possesses the passion to bring the program back up.


    ...nuff said

  59. madeinhawaii:

    From: http://www2.indystar.com/NCAA_financial_reports/expense_stat/show?school_id=127

    Revenue minus expenses for Athletic Departments in the WAC

    1. Fresno State $1,340,790
    2. New Mexico State University $213,682
    3. Boise State University $60,615
    4. University of Idaho $28,624
    5. Louisiana Tech University $13,098
    6. Utah State University $502
    7. San Jose State University $-871,376
    8. University of Nevada $-1,800,138
    9. University of Hawaii $-2,157,665

  60. (Jesse)James:

    MIH...I have to agree about that. Really strange that she met the criteria, then didn't, then did again..and now is seemingly hired...I don't know all the details but it does seem a bit off-kilter.

    As Papa Leahy said last night on L&L...Does the Committee know what its doing?

  61. madeinhawaii:

    Amazing.. none of the Mountain West teams lost money in their Athletic Departments while almost half of the PAC 10 did.


  62. wahinefan:

    Mark Trakh can recruit the islands and the mainland ( we will need post players from the mainland)

    I think it will be a mistake to not hire Trakh.
    He is the coach that will make the wahine competitive in the WAC right away IMO.

  63. wahinefan:

    I see Takahara- Dias as more as an assistant coach candidate, she is not ready to be a head coach IMO.

  64. al:

    wf....i agree with you that he seems to be the consummate candidate. but, can we afford him?

  65. d1島:

    Does the Committee know what its doing?

    Or was it "reminded" of what it is "supposed" to be doing? :shock:

  66. d1島:

    Happy Birthday Brie! (tweet)

  67. A-House:

    Brie, a most happy 16th birfday to you!!

  68. wahinefan:

    I believe Trakh's salary at USC was similar to Bolla's salary.
    USC has alot of money but it is very cheap with it's women's athletics ( they don't even fund a softball team)

  69. Mr C:

    good morning tsaikos, its another hot day. humid and muggy too add.
    good way to lose weight.

    #52 because the british want too learm the haka.

    back too work.

  70. Ralph:

    if we couldn't afford Trakh he wouldn't be a finalist...he must have known the range of the coach's salary

  71. Ralph:

    no matter who is named as coach, the process is flawed from the get go and the credibility of the committee under MMK is questioned..If Dana is selected then we know a lot of Hawaiian politics went into the committee's meetings, can we say Mufi,and MMK did not do her job as an AD to make this committee transparent...JD where is the transparency you often speak of....

  72. wahinefan:

    I was not impressed much by Takahara-Dias at Moanaloa.
    I think the Punahou coach would be a better candidate, he's a much better coach.

  73. A-House:

    Annett Wichmann - are there enough adjectives to describe her track and field accomplishments at UH?

    She certainly made us proud as she represented herself and UH in the WAC and national scene.

    May you have continued success in all your future endeavors and may good health and much happiness follow you forever!!

  74. WarriorBasketball:

    Re: Posts #69 & #70

    Ralph, excellent responses. nuff said.....

  75. (Jesse)James:

    Hiya Mr. C...

    So, thinking about moo-ing into McCully next week....al, is that possible???

  76. Kekoa:


    May 28th, 2009 at 8:18 am
    Kekoa - #40 - just what are you implying?

    Why, I was merely pointing out the maturity factor you display as a young mom with a teenaged daughter, and equating it to her upbringing! (Whew...not much wiggle room on that one!)

  77. warriorfanny2:

    peter principle lives.

  78. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    No softball team at SC... Good for the PAC 10... One less PAC 10 team to fall to the Wahine in the WAC! :razz:

  79. warriorfanny2:

    JD is from the Linda Lingle school of transparency....apples, oranges and lots of smokin mirrors.

  80. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Bought a pair of Under Armour baseball cleats in preparation for my friend's softball league.

    They are UA's Leadoff II molded cleats. 39.99.

    I bought a half size larger than my Easton ones and I took them out for a test run for about an hour and they feel fine.

    However there doesn't seem to be much support in the sides of the toe area of the cleats. I have somewhat "wide" feet which is why I had to go from a 10 to a 10.5. That did the trick.

    Buy yes UA doesn't have cleats that seem to cater to people outside the realm of "normal" foot types... Not yet at least.

  81. al:

    jj......stevem called it last night. i guess it will be at 1200.

  82. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Jim Donovan wants to be transparent but has to adhere to MANDATED confidentiality.

    This topic has been beaten to death.

  83. warriorfanny2:

    Look who is on the bottom...AGAIN!

    net after expenses:
    1. Fresno State $1,340,790
    2. New Mexico State University $213,682
    3. Boise State University $60,615
    4. University of Idaho $28,624
    5. Louisiana Tech University $13,098
    6. Utah State University $502
    7. San Jose State University $-871,376
    8. University of Nevada $-1,800,138
    9. University of Hawaii $-2,157,665

  84. warriorfanny2:

    ...and the easter bunny is real.

  85. jm2375:

    Kekoa - #75 - I ain't that young! :roll:

  86. al:

    too bad tom on a hiatus.
    he would chime in that there are "two" many lawyers on the committee.

  87. d1島:


    May 28th, 2009 at 9:40 am
    I was not impressed much by Takahara-Dias at Moanaloa.
    I think the Punahou coach would be a better candidate, he's a much better coach.

    I recall reading Iacocca’s book and a particular story about Henry Ford (I don’t know how many letters were after that particular Henry’s name). He said ole Henry kept wondering why he couldn’t get a hamburger as good as the one the chef in Ford’s executive dining room made. So Lee was having a bash and wanted to give Henry that hamburger. So he went to the executive chef and asked him how he made Henry’s hamburgers. The chef took a Prime NY State strip steak out of the cooler, ran it through a meat grinder and threw it on the grill.

  88. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    May 28th, 2009 at 10:07 am

    ...and the easter bunny is real.

    You mean it's not?

    Damn... I guess I should stop hiding eggs underneath my pillow... or is that something else? Hmmm no matter. Is it September yet?!?!?!? :mrgreen:

  89. koakane™:

    good morning tsaikos...have a good day, stay out of the vog, get the ac pumping chill out, play nice and make someone's day better by doing something nice for them.

    hippo birdie 2 ewe Brie.... steveM says it all by sending that NS oldie but goodie. nice steveM.

    plenty stuff going down on the blog, some huhu so must be the humid weather but weekend is just around the corner gangie hold on. patnah kekoa to much on the american back to the wessai lingo eh jm# shaka you da bomb mom.

  90. madeinhawaii:


    I understand the confidentiality bit.. but screw-up is screw-up. Just comparing what's happened here to the hiring campaign for the Men's volleyball coach and already one can see the disparity between both.

    Was it funding? Was it selection of the selection committee? Was it the head of the selection committee? In my favorite line from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." -- "I dunno.. nobody tells me nothing,"

  91. koakane™:

    d1 #86 ???????????????? give hint what you saying

  92. warriorfanny2:

    kazz, while ur naive, u dont lack for humor and wit. :)

  93. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    re: Wichmann

    I don't follow track and field but I do see her name everywhere!

    I agree, she has to be one of, if not, the most dominate female sudent athlete at UH within the past three seasons.

  94. koakane™:

    mih in the 808 we say "I dunno....I no live around hea" :mrgreen:

  95. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    A screw up is a screw up. I'm just generally speaking about what UH officials are able to elaborate on with regards to potential applicants.

  96. warriorfanny2:

    Too bad we cant use the panacea in "...Greek Wedding"....and just spray the selection committee with windex.

  97. koakane™:

    kazz and you one of the bestest UH warrior/wahine fan dea is, even higher den cc

  98. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    How many applicants are there for the UH marching band's baton girl position?

    How may bankers, real estate agents, and doctors are on the selection committee?

  99. koakane™:

    kden recess bell rang got to walk the compound and see the little kiddies make it to class.

    aloha and l8tas

  100. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    Being a good UH fan is a life long learning experience.

    Just like baseball yeah? Gotta keep learning! Well... that's pretty much every sport...

    But anyway, that's why I'm wit da Tsaikos! Gotta learn from da bestest of da best dat month bettah den da bestest of da worstest. :mrgreen:

  101. jojo ®:


    HI LOA!!!

  102. HiFlyer:

    Happy Birthday Brie

  103. jojo ®:

    Does Brie have a Super Sweet 16 birthday party?!?

  104. warriorfanny2:

    there's an unemployed guy from the tourist sector and a hispanic-female advocate....plus 2.
    Murphy is the only normal one on this committee.

  105. SteveM:

    May 28th, 2009 at 10:03 am
    jj......stevem called it last night. i guess it will be at 1200.

    I did? OK.....

    1. (J)James asked about a (Camellia) CC next week
    2. I said I could make Wednesday
    3. Al says at noon

    So... Cattle Call next week Wednesday at Camellia McCully at noon? :?

  106. warriorokole2:

    calling someone "naive"?

    so what that make you? trying fo say that you sophisticated?
    don't you know you more like my name than anything else.
    ask anyone here they tell you.
    what a lolo.

  107. al:

    but, stevem

    you said this:

    "Fact: Camellia Restaurant at 930 McCully Street will answer their phone at (808) 951-0151. BTW, cattle call next week... "

    but, i am in.

  108. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    Hauoli Lahanau, BRIE-BABES!!!

  109. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIE!!!!! :mrgreen:

    (Sighs) I remember when I was 16... Ok I better stop complaining about feeling "old" before I get yelled at here... :lol:

  110. jojo ®:

    SteveM - you aren't free on Monday? I'm off that day. Wednesday is joje's birthday and I think she would be mad if I/we go without her.

  111. madeinhawaii:

    The worst decisions are too often those made under pressure and against time after a major screw-up.

  112. al:

    jojo.....don't tell her. she'll still be in school. just gotta wash your clothes before she come home. ah, but, don't tell the boss either.

  113. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    #97 - I dunno if we'll ever see the likes of Shannon again... what a class act!

  114. al:

    the selection process is what it is.
    until modifications are made...so be it.
    support the team, its players, and its coaches.
    isn't that what a true fan does?

  115. BIGWAVE96744:

    so Al if you tell Brie not to do what you wouldn't do, does that means she can never go on a diet?

    Cattle Call every day for Brie....
    Happy Birthday :)

  116. jojo ®:

    ok al, that sounds like a plan. BTW will you be at your office that day? I would need a ride so I don't get busted.

  117. al:

    to me the greater issue is that how are the search committee members selected?

    mmk, like it or not is a given. wbb is under umbrella.
    vince goo, yeah, he built the program and watched it crumble before his eyes.
    don murphy, okay, great guy and the ultimate manoa maniac.

    why a tourist authority type is beyond me.
    why a lawyer who publicly pushes for gender equity may not have been the best choice it could work against the committee's final choice. altho she is a former wbb alumnae.

    ...i guess perhaps i would have picked dave shoji to this board and perhaps someone like nani cockett.

  118. al:

    okay, i come get you at a quarter of.

  119. SteveM:

    #106. oops--forgot to put in the question mark and used a "question mark smiley" instead.

    jojo -- I can't attend on Monday. Why don't you bring joje on Wednesday if it's her birthday...and then people won't get suspicious of us always cooking BBQ pork together.... :lol:

  120. al:

    bigwave dave...i love you. sometimes.

    har, har, har.

    that's what my mother used to tell me whenever i went out during the teen years.

  121. (Jesse)James:

    Okay...Mr. C, you hear that...CC at McCully Camelia next Wednesday at 12....you can bring Mrs. C if you like....but she probably has to work sooo.... :-)

  122. madeinhawaii:

    For most of the secondary sports, I think I'm more of a player(s)'s fan. If there is a player or a number of players that I enjoy watching, I will go out of my way to attend a game. While I may respect the coaches and think they are creme de la creme... it's still the players that would ultimately lure me to the arena or playing field. Having a winning record helps, too, but it doesn't have to be a lopsided winning record. Being local helps but isn't what really counts. The unrelenting tenacity and spirit of the players without being unsportsmanlike is what excites me. Especially in a David vs Goliath situation. This is why the years with Itoman on the WBB, I enjoyed tremendously. That unrelenting in-your-face defense of hers that intimidated bigger players. That intensity and tenacity that inspired the players of other schools enough so that they begged Vince to put her back in even when they were being beaten badly.

    Nate Jackson... Leonard Peters ... were relentless on the field.

  123. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "Meaty" always smells so good on a woman who dunn wanna be busted... :lol:

  124. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    To add to JJ's question about the documentary crew, are they doing a show on UH athletics only? Or are ther other schools involved?

  125. (Jesse)James:

    DPK..this is a family blog...

  126. warriorfanny2:

    warriorokole2, your break is up, back to making french fries.
    REM BABOOZE--imitation is the greatest form of flattery...get a life of ur own.

  127. vballfan1:

    Head coach- Mark Trakh ( proven Head coach and great recruiter)
    Assistant coach- Dana Takahara- Dias ( lots of local ties)

    Sounds good to me anyone else think this??

  128. oldie:

    Ending our stay in NYC. BY drivers believe cars have horns for a reason. It's part of the sounds of the city, along with the sirens as cops go whizzing by.

    Actually, I'm impressed with the harmony of the city. I think it's a lot like the Warrior Beat blog. There's a lot of diversity and everyone does his/her own thing, but everything seems to work well. Just like the blog, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    I believe ST has created a blog that works well because it tolerates all points of view.

  129. oldie:

    BY = NY

  130. warriorokole2:

    dey you go again patting your own back.
    unreal boy.
    dey is no way i would imitate you.
    i would neva go dat low.
    you need one mirror.

  131. jojo ®:

    Archie proposes!!!

  132. jojo ®:

    oops that was for Stephen Tsai

  133. jojo ®:

    ok al, I'll be waiting on the corner.

    hmmmm, I know DPK's weakness

  134. al:

    i like mark trakh too.
    it doesn't appear that he is the chosen one.
    i don't think that dana would accept an assistant's job.

    only question i have is, how long would a mark trakh stay in hawaii? if it were five years minimum, then, i am okay with that. afterall, coaching is a very transitory career.

  135. jojo ®:


  136. jojo ®:

    al you broke my streak

  137. warriorfanny2:

    arent you the one at UHAD that spends half your minimum wage on clearasil?
    BTW, cut out the pigeon....it wont upgrade your wannabee status.

  138. al:

    okay then jojo.

    btw, in these tough economic times...could you blame archie for going after the rich girl?

    and who said blondes have more fun?

  139. al:

    oops....sorry jojo.
    you can return to your streaking.

  140. warriorokole2:

    btw, its pidgin and not pigeon.

  141. HiFlyer:

    What's that jojo waiting on the corner and streaking

  142. al:

    hiflyer....don't take things out of context.

  143. warriorfanny2:

    no, pigeon was apt....butt, u dont get it....wf2, see, now u have an ID that is the same as your idol.

  144. A-House:

    Must Jim D accept the committee's choice? Can he select another?

    I would have instructed the committee to give me 3 choices, ranked #1, #2, and #3 and why. This allows me to select the best of the 3 and it may very well be the same as the committee.

    OTOH, why have a selection committee? Is this mandated by the State of Hawaii hiring code?

  145. warriorfanny2:

    The objective is to avoid accountability and create a hedge selectee.
    these are political times of finger pointing and blame on you.
    sadly it works and is tolerated by citizens.

  146. A-House:


    Your idea comes with merit. Strong mainland and local recruiting ties.

    If Trakh is made HC and Dias is AssocHC ( Jim D negotiating this agreement ), this allows Dana to gain more experience so when Trakh leaves, she can become HC.

    It becomes a "succession plan" and maybe unherd of, but hey, Trakh is without a job and let him prove that he can recruit mainland players of high caliber to attend UH.

    Don't want no more of FH who promised many $$$$$$$$, and, perhaps, never got a single cent from donors.

  147. FloridaTed:

    Buegermeister, the citizens are fighting in the sandbox, call the Keystone Cops right away, please.

    Happy, sweet 16 Brie..

    Hey, wanna trade birthdays?

  148. wahinefan:

    If Takahara- Dias is the commitee's choice,
    It's just the committee looking out for their friend IMO.

    From AAU coach to D1 head coach, wow big jump for her.

  149. roysan16:


    Pac-10 coaches vote 6-4 against round-robin scheduling

    If this comes to fruition it could benefit teams from the WAC, including UH, in scheduling future out of conference games with the Pac-10 teams.

    What this vote basically means is that the Pac-10 teams play 9 conference games presently within their league and the prevailing argument is that going back to 8 conference games would possibly elevate some teams to becoming bowl eligible. If this vote passes-- Pac-10 teams would have one extra date on their calendar to schedule an out of conference game.

    From a fan's standpoint this is great to see materializing. MWC, C-USA and WAC fans are watching this with enthusiasm because it could benefit their leagues teams directly. And allow to see some good football.

    With the potential of the Pac-10 teams opening their schedules for 10 additional out of conference games yearly my hope is that UH receives
    future match ups.

  150. vballfan1:

    A-House that sounds perfect to me,

    Dana has been out of the collegiate coaching ranks for so long,
    I think she needs more experience before she becomes the wahine head coach.

  151. BIGWAVE96744:

    the Island Sports Media June Mag will feature Annett Wichmann on the cover & an indept interview from her home town in Germany.

    Also look for my article"Crash & Burn" with Warrior LB's Brashton Satele & Blaze Soares.

  152. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    oldie- glad you had fun in the land of my birth! :lol: I was watching a program about sustainable cities and NYC was showcased as a great example of urban planning with mass transit in mind.
    It's really true that many New Yorkers do not drive or own a car - no need! And they do lots of walking too.

  153. BG:

    HAPPY HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY to Brie!!! I always thought "Akamai" and "the Natural" were parts of your middle name! The very best of wishes to a beautiful young lady!


  154. BIGWAVE96744:

    also Corey Nielsen is featured along with Davone Bess and John "Logo" Fonoti in the current Spring Island Sports Media mag...

    see http://www.islandsportsmedia.com for more info

  155. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    BigWave- is there an online version of the mag?

  156. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    Yeah- Brie (judging from her good example mom) will not need to "diet" so uncle al is all good!

  157. Loa:

    Happy sweet 16th birthday Brie!

  158. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    BTW- had a chance to see JD's classmate/teammate doing his job this morning. Impressive.

  159. Bulla:

    CC next wednesday at noon? i am ALL IN :) mahalo

  160. Loa:

    hiya jojo ® ! where's homey ® ?

  161. Loa:

    whoops, where's my manners :oops:

    afternoon gang!

    wbb - what about a gavin/dana combo? you think would work?

  162. SteveM:

    Hey, Bulla -- better get some rest today... the HA reported a lot of gross tonnage is docking... :|

  163. BIGWAVE96744:

    Hi Liz.. In the near future we will archive past issues on line.. But in Kauai, JJ's Broiler is our distributor for the Garden Isle fans :)

  164. Loa:

    hmmm, Stephen must be busy today since no more pictures

  165. Loa:

    or maybe he get one new camera

  166. Ralph:

    JD doesn't have to accept the committee's recommendation! but more often than not it is in the chain of command where he rubber stamps the committee's selection...but this committee has been flawed from the get go, JD should soul search and review the committee's selection before sending it to upper campus...and upper campus should review the AD's office action or lack of, were they transparent and honest in making their selection, and please don't embaress the University.

  167. Ralph:

    i'm in for wednesday...what's the occasion...I wonder if JD wants to join us?

  168. oldie:


    Earlier you said that Brie made you feel old. I say it's okay to be and feel old.

    Love the city of your birth. The only thing that was cheap was transportation. $25 to ride the subways for a week. Rarily used cabs. As you said, lots of walking, but the subways bring you close to everything.

    I hope Hawaii can build a transportation system that
    makes sense for us.

  169. Ralph:

    How about Virginia Hinshaw as a chat guest! she is about to enter her second term of warrior football and she now has a better understanding of the athletic department budgetary problems.

  170. Ralph:

    Happy birthday Brie! so what did the foot man say to you on Sunday?

  171. al:

    nothing special ralph.
    i wonder if wf2 and wo2 would honor us with their presence?

  172. d1島:


    I admire your chutzpah...

    JD should soul search and review the committee's selection before sending it to upper campus...and upper campus should review the AD's office action or lack of, were they transparent and honest in making their selection, and please don't embaress the University.

    i'm in for wednesday...what's the occasion...I wonder if JD wants to join us?


  173. d1島:


    Sometimes "who da chef?" not as important as what he working with.

  174. madeinhawaii:

    Hmmm... $6 to park at UH for games there. I wonder if that $6 applies for other evenings as well?

  175. d1島:


    Following your stories in NYC makes me wonder about the adventures that a bunch of Tsaikos would have in 2010 :lol:

    - subway?
    - lots of walking?


  176. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    Oldie- Brie is one year older than my grandson... and one year younger than my youngest son!

  177. d1島:



    maybe the parking office is getting ready for a new Boss Man?
    It's happened before at UH!

  178. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    "Kane'ohe native Dean Wilson aced the 13th hole today en route to a 2-under-par 68 at the PGA Tour's Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas."


  179. Jason:

    madeinhawaii: If parking is going up, then it will probably be for everything, including students during the day. While comparable to private lots in the UH-Mānoa area, I'm betting that an increase to $6 might lead to some students taking advantage of that $20 U-Pass, if you know what I mean.

    It's too bad that all of these fees are being implemented now, in the midst of a recession. I know UH has to do these things, but all of this is definitely not helping the athletics fee cause.

  180. d1島:

    Shhhh....what is that sound I hear?

    must be the sound of everyone who owns a parking space in the Manoa area....


  181. al:

    taking a hint...
    okay, five bucks a day and i will shuttle you to the campus.

  182. al:

    hmmm. five cars per day makes 25 bucks a day. that should cover my cattle call expenses.

  183. d1島:


    Most important....
    Cash Only!

  184. jojo ®:

    d1 you forgot the other important thing: Pay in advance!

  185. jojo ®:

    Loa - Homey might be fighting people or working the farm. He has cattle to tend to.

  186. jojo ®:

    let the streaking begin!

  187. jojo ®:

    I know the School of Architecture no longer provides free parking for UHSAAA BOD nor free postage for mailouts.

  188. jojo ®:

    There is also talk of consolidating schools and colleges with each other. ie School of Architecture being absorbed into either the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Engineering. I really hope it doesn't come to that. I'm a proud School of Architecture graduate!!!

  189. Ralph:

    I'm surprised that MW is tied for 6 in the LPGA on putts on green at 1.77 ...haven't watched her play but the sportscast appear to show her missing a lot of putts. maybe a few bad holes per round is what keeping her from winning her first LPGA tournament....

  190. jojo ®:

    I remember one year there was a football player who was in the architecture program. He had a talk with his adviser because he was missing a lot of classes to play on the road. He had to decide architecture or football. He was so torn, he ended up picking football.

  191. al:

    ralph....what are you doing?
    we were all sitting back watching jojo streak.

  192. jojo ®:

    Ralph! You broke my streak!

  193. jojo ®:

    It's ok, I'll go look for homey...

  194. d1島:

    In a way I'm glad Ralph did that; it was warm enuf already! :twisted:

  195. warriorfanny2:

    MW's problem is missing the fairways.
    Yeah, she has messed up on shots on the green within 5' but that hasnt ruined her game as much as her wayward tee shots. Although her GIR isnt bad, it is misleading cuz she made great iron shots to scramble and go up n down.

    Once she improves off the T, she will be OK and as most observers have taken note, Michelle has matured.

  196. warriorfanny2:

    Dean Wilson plays hot n cold.
    He will run a string one way than collapse and bury himself with bogeys. Once he straightens his game, Dean will be awesome.

  197. warriorfanny2:

    al. you'll never catch me eatin at the same lunch wagon as a sock-puppet. there aint a stinker turd alive...dont act, u witnessed wildfan2 last nite and now warriorokole2--coincidence? yeah right, and it dont rain on the plains in Spain.

  198. al:

    4 pm press conference in manoa.

  199. al:

    wf2....well then how about you just join us for lunch?

  200. Jack Flash:

    jojo ®-
    who was the football player? Anybody we know??

  201. wahinefan:

    BOO at Takahara- Dias being the new coach.

    I really wanted to see what Mark Trakh could do with this program.

  202. warriorfanny2:

    thanx for the invite, i appreciate the fellowship and aloha.
    i told kekoa i would be in touch w him later in the summer if time permits.
    busy summer schedule unfolding n i want 2 b back in time 4 camp. i'll be visiting several big ten programs while following the tour--bethpage and warrick hills.

  203. Stephen Tsai:

    You're all welcome to come down to the Ed Wong Hospitality room. You can be my guests.

  204. al:

    um...as in golf?
    (bethpage and warrick hills)

    perhaps another day and another time.

  205. al:


    i guess you could ask her to be your next chat guest.

  206. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    Dang... too late to catch a plane for the Ed Wong...
    wf2 can represent me...

    Congrats to the new Coach!

  207. Stephen Tsai:

    Hmmm. Good idea.

  208. jojo ®:

    Jack Flash - it was about 10 years ago and I can't remember the name. He was a local boy though. Very ambitious to try to do both.

  209. jojo ®:

    anyone having a live feed of the announcement? Anyone?

  210. jojo ®:

    more streaking fun!

  211. al:

    jd has set the table.

    during his short time he has hired a football coach, hired a men's volleyball coach, fired n hired a women's bb coach, extended both men's bb and baseball coaches. the results of these programs will forever remain a part of his legacy.

    i hope 5-10 years from now we will be singing the praises and glory of how these folks made a huge positive difference in their respective programs.

    loyalty must run deep with jd these hires have a common thing, that is that they have some past connection to hawaii and its athletic programs.

    i am thinking that dana t's hire will be the one that surprises us all. above all the candidates she has been there (at uh's wbb program). she will breed the colors of the rainbow and no one will work harder than she. she will definitely reconnect the state as did vinnie goo.

    just support them, support them all that's the best thing we can do about it.

    ...nuff said

  212. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    Congrats to Coach Takahara-Dias.

    This will be a very hard project to resurrect and hopefully she has what it takes. For her sake and JD sake I really hope that she can put a winner on the court within the next couple of years.

    This selection has been very very messy so lets just hope that it was the right one. Once again I say, we will see.

  213. al:

    hopefully, one of her assistant's will be from the west coast and can help her recruit north of hawaii. preferably another uh alumnae.

  214. al:

    kk....it will start with her calling shawna-lei this evening.

  215. madeinhawaii:


    The other paper... reported that parking for Games at Manoa would go up to $6 to help offset costs... but then I remember everyone telling me that parking fees stays with the parking department and is not shared with any other department. So I'm wondering, did that change? Is the Athletic Dept going to get half?

    RE: Dana's Hire as WBB Coach.

    Not my first choice but I am very happy for the wahine on the team right now and those coming in that the Coach issue has been settled. I hope Dana proves to be a pleasant surprise in the years to come. Congratulations to her.

  216. Stephen Tsai:

    Parking revenue goes to help pay off a bond used to build the second parking structure.
    Also, while UH does not collect concession money directly, it does get a "rights fee" from Sudexo (sp?) for the food contract.

  217. Stephen Tsai:

    With all of this interest in women's hoops lately, it will be interesting to see how many fans will now attend games.

  218. kama krab:

    Howzit Al,

    I think that of the recent hires and extention of contracts that have gone under the belt of JD, coach Trap and the hire of Takahara-Dias will define his tenure up to this point. If Trap and Takahara-Dias can start winning with regularity and take there programs to the next level, then I think we could say that so far JD's master plan has come true. We can also say that JD's desicion making can be trusted and that we can entrust him with full confidence over our beloved U.H.

    But I will say this one more time, we will see.

  219. A-House:

    NOW, what happens to the current assistant coaches? Each will resign or work till their current contract ends?

    Where has recruiting gone?????

  220. al:

    maybe that has been the ploy for all these long weeks.
    drag out the selection...instant publicity!
    brilliant jd!
    okay, i'm in. i will attend my first ever wahine bb game.

  221. Kazz:

    Stephen Tsai:

    May 28th, 2009 at 3:00 pm
    With all of this interest in women's hoops lately, it will be interesting to see how many fans will now attend games.

    It will probably be the same fans and the same amount as previous years, until they start winning again.

    Attendance was low when Coach Goo was winning so... it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

    Honestly speaking, in my lifetime I have only been to 6 Wahine basketball games. Basketball is not my sport though.

  222. Jason:

    madeinhawaii: There's another paper? ;-)

    Auxiliary Services, which is a branch of Auxiliary Enterprises, runs the parking system. Other groups under Auxiliary Enterprises include Rainbowtique, the UH Bookstores, and Campus Security.


    I doubt that Athletics will see any of that increase, although I guess Auxiliary Services consulted with Donovan on it. I don't think it's just for the games, though, considering how the parking permit prices are changing, too.

  223. warriorfanny2:

    JD didnt hire MAC, that was artie, virginee and mcclain.
    JD was hired in march after MAC was selected HC at the end of jan.
    What he did was rollover bob nash to another year who has a dismal record.... he rolled over trapasso's record after he increased revenues by nearly 40% (a no brainer)....he let go Bolla (another no brainer) and put together a controversial selection committee to select a successor.... he put together another selection committee who selected Charlie Wade. That will be their legacy.
    The only JD legacy I see is a trail of bureaucratic committees and a waste of tax payers monies....and a $3m dificit.

  224. al:

    kama....only time will tell.

  225. al:

    technically speaking jd was hired first and it is credited with his hiring.

    all head coaching positions must have search/selection committee as mandated by the union contracts. there is no circumvented this procedure.

    the ad is the final approval before being sent to the bor. he has to endorse the candidate.

    that is just how it is. bemoaning the fact will not make a difference.

    besides jd is really a good guy and knows more than most folks think.

  226. al:

    artie was most instrumental in that he urged mack to apply. as the whip for the lettermen's club he did have much influence as he did in jj's hiring.

  227. kama krab:


    I agree with the points you have made in regards to JD's legacy but I also think that what the coaches do will also help to either build or tarnish JD's legacy.

  228. warriorfanny2:

    that's a stretch and all togeter erroneous. he wasnt in the neighborhood dude.
    u know and i know this was artie's ball that got the MAC name rolling. C'mon.

  229. warriorfanny2:

    Donovan didnt come on board until march, MAC was meeting at the crusader lounge w the Lee bros one week after the sugar bowl...donovan wasnt in sight.

  230. Garret:

    Best of luck to Coach Takahara-Dias.

  231. madeinhawaii:

    The first consideration for McMackin as coach, as I recall, for me anyway, was when Tsai wrote his blog bit that was titled something like... "The Best Coach for the Warriors might already be here..."

  232. Garret:


    Thank you for doing the research and posting the info on the Athletic Department profit/loss for the WAC programs. It is sad to think that UH has the biggest loss in the WAC.

    Funny that when I posted the article I found about how some Athletic Departments made money some people might have wondered if that was for only the big-name schools. To think that Idaho and Utah State actually made a profit with their Athletic Department...amazing.

    Utah State made a profit and then their students voted to significantly increase their Student Activity Fee for their Athletic Department. So, that is another $2 million or so they have to spend, which should help them really upgrade their programs. UH needs for the bottom of the WAC to improve, so that extra money for Utah State could help UH and the WAC.

  233. Kazz:

    I'm lost now...

    So can someone answer this:



  234. al:

    wf2....i stand corrected on the jd/mack issue.

  235. warriorfanny2:

    karma, i respect ur view. I dunno, history will tell, either way....im sure ferd will say something down the road.
    Im just expressing my opinion that JD made very little decisive choices other than assembling committees and hedging his bets. it was set-up in manner where direct accountability was lacking.

    the last selection reeks of a big footprint from honolulu hale and like the rail, we r stuck with something, few will enjoy but all will pay--sounds like a rail job 2 me.

  236. A-House:

    I understood that Coach Mack was going to join June Jones at SMU as his DC, but changed his mind sometime in late January after many individuals encouraged him to apply for the position. Believe Coach Mack consulted with June Jones before formally applying for the job and JJ did give his blessing. Otherwise, I believe, Coach Mack would have accepted the SMU DC position.

    It was only last year, but it seems like a life time ago and I, for one, am truly glad that Coach Mack applied for and was selected for the job.

  237. warriorfanny2:


  238. A-House:

    Congratulations to Coach Takara-Dias and welcome home!!!

  239. warriorfanny2:

    A-house, it was rollin in the first week of JAN. MAC didnt go to dallas w JJ and cancelled out. enuff said.

  240. Kazz:

    I hope they cut to the press conference at 4pm on KKEA 1420. Right now they have the Cavs and Orlando game on... Should be ok, they'll be cutting to halftime in about 2:18 mins left in the 2nd quarter.

  241. chawan_cut:

    re: #232
    i always ask this and my friends think i'm crazy.

  242. warriorfanny2:

    al, no sweat brah....like u said, we can disagree and still share aloha.

  243. al:

    kazz...you might try

    they may have it live if not later.

  244. Kazz:


    I am sure we landed on the moon.

    Oh and yes, you're crazy. :cool:

  245. wafan:

    Happy birthday Brie!

  246. wafan:

    Congratulations to DTD.

    Time for the squabbling to end and the unabashed support to begin.

  247. Kazz:

    Stupid NBA coverage... :evil: ...

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! either they're running late or there is no live coverage of the press conference!!!! :evil:

  248. kama krab:


    I really enjoy alot of what you call your opinion.

    But I must say that I really hope that this is not politically driven hire because if it is then shame on the system and shame on the selection committee for turning this into a political hire. I really hope like I said before that Takahara-Dias can do the job and that the UHAD does not have to pay for this hire. JMHO

  249. al:

    some news


  250. d1島:

    Someone's become a "twittering fool" :-)

  251. d1島:

    via twitter
    ST says,

    Donovan introduces her as the best fit.

    She's not ready to name a staff yet.

  252. al:

    hmmm. i would have thought that a staff was in line and that would be one of the questions by the board.

  253. warriorfanny2:

    kama, let me take you back--JD's name was nominated by lingle for UH/BOR before n while he was being considered for UHAD--if that aint politiks, what is? u got to know the links, too, but once you become a Saluki, the rest is by "sight".

  254. warriorfanny2:

    Y does that surprise anyone as being part of the deal (staff).
    Ask urself Y Clapp and McNamara were retained....it came w the selection?

  255. Kazz:

    Yo Kama!

    See any good movies lately? :cool:

  256. d1島:

    Well, I'm glad that's settled....

  257. d1島:

    99 days until football

  258. d1島:

    Washington State

    College opened its doors on January 13 under the name Washington Agricultural College and School of Science with 13 collegiate and 46 preparatory students enrolled. Instruction began in agriculture, mechanic arts and engineering, and sciences and arts.

  259. d1島:

    First varsity football game: WSC beat Idaho, 10-0, November 10.

    I imagine the current squad would take that win in a heartbeat....

  260. d1島:

    State College football team defeated Brown 14-0 in first annual Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

  261. d1島:

    The Cougar is officially adopted as the State College mascot.

  262. d1島:

    Butch Meeker, 5-foot-5, 145-pound halfback, led the football team to a successful 6 win-1 loss season. The Cougar mascot was named "Butch" in his honor.

  263. kama krab:

    Howzit Braddah Kazz,

    I kind of getting into the children movies lately but I like go see night at the museum 2. Looks small kine funny and of course I saw the first one so gotta see the second one.

  264. d1島:

    Shall I continue?

  265. d1島:

    Cougar football team won PCC Championship with impressive victories over Cal, USC and Washington.

  266. kama krab:

    Ho D1,

    What is this history class or something. Nah j/k

  267. kama krab:

    Where is everybody?

  268. wafan:

    I made an error the other day when I suggested anyone visiting the WSU Pullman campus visit the creamery. The place is named Ferdinand.

    Odd name for a creamery since they cannot get milk from a Ferdinand.

  269. wafan:

    Wow, really!

    Where is everyone?

  270. annoyed:


  271. OldDiver:

    Regarding #217

    I have to disagree that the hiring of a baseball and women's basketball coach is any AD's defining moment. JD's defining moment will be balancing the budget while moving the athletic department to the next level. These are much tougher issues than hiring a women's basketball coach. And BTW, congrats to Coach Dana Takahara-Dias.

  272. Garret:

    Apple’s back-to-school sale gives FREE iTouches to students and teachers who buy a Mac, in addition to Apple’s education discount for the Mac price. If any student or teacher was planning to buy a Mac, getting a free iTouch is a really nice bonus!

  273. Wayne O.:

    Takahara-Dias is too far removed from the college scene. Things have changed since she played and was an assistant. She will have a lot of problems recruiting on the mainland because she has no contacts. There is a big, big diffence between high school and division IA. The basketball in high school is average at best. Anyway, I haven't gone to any women's basketball games and I don't plan on going to any in the future. K5 is good enough and is free. When a team is junk you don't want to pay. If they're good then the price is worth it. That's just the way it is in Hawaii. I continue to see more red ink. I have to think that Nunokawa had something to do with Takahara-Dias' hiring. She's been pushing the Title IX card the whole time.

  274. Ralph:

    warriorfanny2 i concur with your assessment Post #234....JD legacy will be measured by his token committee's that selected the wbb and mvb coaches, his roll over of Nash's and Trap's contracts and his retention of Clapp and McNamara...he looked in the mirror, blinked, had the look of don knotts, and said to himself, play it safe and don't rock anyone's boat, especially Mufi's. just work on the budget, after all I got a MBA from Manoa....is our school of business accredited, I know there was a review before Shidler gave the college of business $25 million

  275. Ralph:

    Presho was eliminated as a finalist from the mvb list after the fact, does Dana meet the criteria of 5 years experience of collegiate coaching or did wbb not have the same hiring guidelines as mvb.

  276. OldDiver:

    I ask again is there any evidence that it was JD's choice to keep McNamara and Clapp?

  277. labrat:

    I guess time will tell. Does her selection equal cheapest?

    Highschool does not equal college. Esp at the d1 level.

    I just don't know about this one. I hope she can recruit.

  278. Kazz:

    Wayne O.:

    May 28th, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    I haven't gone to any women's basketball games and I don't plan on going to any in the future. K5 is good enough and is free. When a team is junk you don't want to pay. If they're good then the price is worth it. That's just the way it is in Hawaii.

    So much for the "aloha spirit" eh?

    Mahalo for sharing your opinion and where you stand on supporting the Wahine basketball program and the University of Hawai'i student athletes that don't participate in sports that have betting lines on them.

  279. jm2375:

    Congrats to Dana!! Go Jr Bows! Go Rainbow Wahine!

    Off-topic... Mr C, you around? So, what do you do to people who are doing things that may or may not be illegal but otherwise really stupid?... On the way to work this am, got off the freeway, going down Punahou St and what's in front of me but a young adult(?) male on a *skateboard* on the street. When he finally decided to get on the sidewalk, he took a big spill. He gets no sympathy from me, serves him right. :twisted:

  280. Ralph:

    mih regarding parking - reduction of bond, maintenance and employee costs and the payment of rent (20%) to OHA ( parking structure sits on ceded land) is the reason for the increases in parking fee

  281. Kazz:

    I'm tired of hearing this "that's how it is in Hawai'i" bullsh*t when it comes to being NOTHING but a fair-weather fan for UH athletics in general.

    I don't care if I come off as naive or whatever.

    The people that harp on "well that's how it is in Hawai'i" is doing NOTHING but adding to the problem.

    I cannot change the mindset of thousands, but I can do my part.

    Besides, I've said it before.... K-5 coverage SUCKS!

  282. madeinhawaii:

    This coming season will define Dana Takahara-Dias's tenure. If she fares well with the talent she has, and the girls hang tough, then she will be able to build on that to recruit and create a program we can all appreciate.

    Hopefully the rumors that former, all-State, Shawna Lei Kuehu is returning to play for UH are true. Shawna is the 'real deal.'

  283. Kazz:


    May 28th, 2009 at 5:59 pm
    I ask again is there any evidence that it was JD's choice to keep McNamara and Clapp?

    Sometimes there is no point in getting "evidence" from some people. You'll get the same song and dance about how "the evidence is obvious" and then they'll make some obscure remark in hopes it resembles some kind of metaphor that is familiar enough so that the people asking those questions will back off.

    Best thing about a public forum is that you can ignore the stuff you want to.

  284. Ralph:

    didn't the job description for wbb require collegiate coaching experience? UH athletic site states that she served as Goo's administrative assistant doing summer camps, fundraising, etc.

  285. Ralph:

    so UH selection committee by passes 7 finalists with D1 coaching experience for someone who coached at the HS level and club level...very challenging for Dana to make this big of jump- good luck....may have to suck it up after all this blogging and show up at a game next year... :)

  286. warriorfanny2:

    Look, what we have is a wbb program that is a $1 m sinkhole and it will get deeper.
    The new coach said she will recruit from Hawaii.
    Didnt mention the mainland.
    Great, what a treat (canned speech with magic buzz word mixed in of course).
    if you want to see 5'5" gurls playing D on D1A competition--buy your tickets now....sorry but local wahine prep basketball does not get the same national recognition like boyz high school baseball or football or wahine prep volleyball....who cares anyway, this one is all part of JDs legacy on local politiks....down load it for future reference.

    Ciao, thurs is monkey bar time w la capa.

  287. Brie:

    HELLO WORLD! (: How is everyone doing today ?

    Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes (: they really brightened my day. :D

    I heard "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" from my sister this morning, "Sixteen Candles" from my dad (who sang it in the car quite loudly), and "Sheng Ri Kuai Le" (Happy Birthday in Mandarin) from my class today. But lest I forget I heard them all from the Tsai-kos first! Cheee pono :)
    Haha, no I'm not having a sweet sixteen birthday party. It'd make me wish I was 18 even more. I like to take the years as they come. Plus too, I'm a bit too lazy and everything is too hectic right now so no time ): but the thought of it is nice. My birthday is nice in a time when I don't mind it (: school is ALMOST out, sports are ending/starting, and summer is IN :) I'll share my birthday :D haha.
    My mom... (Sigh) She just doesn't seem to gain anything, whereas I get the Hawaiian like my sister and faddah (: .. No stress 'em.

    My podiatrist scheduled an MRI for this Saturday to find out what's really irking my nerves in my foot. And I got another set of cortisone shots (my final set) -they're not fun at all. Haha. But unfortunately he could not give me a date as to when I will be back up on my feet in REGULAR shoes and bootless :( I need a better prognosis man. Haha.

    But again, a HUGE MAHALO NUI LOA to everyone that wished me a happy birthday (: you all feel like my second family<3 Thanks again.

  288. Ralph:

    Brie get a bone scan, check for fractures. if there are fractures and they go unchecked it will lead to larger and more extensive fractures and they may seal improperly

  289. addahknowjoe:

    Brie: Ho... A Birthday of the most happiest to you!

    Can't wait for the Takahara-Dias era to begin!

  290. NorthShoreFan:

    Aloha Tsai-kos!
    Congratulations Dana! Wishing for a successful tenure as Wahine Basketball coach! Know that Tsai-kos are on your team!
    Interestingly we have a lot of great coaches and excellent administrators on this site too. Tune in and get some great advice and game plans here.
    Anyhoo, can't wait for your tenure to start. Bring some exciting and competetive basketball back please!

  291. Sashha:

    Млин, спамеры просто достали уже этим своим примитивом!

  292. el guapo:

    There is no union contract that says a search committee must be used.

    However, once that becomes an accepted practice, it becomes hard to justify with the union a change in practice.

  293. Garret:

    Looks like Bess is competing for returning spots again. Bess' work ethic apparently has paid off in the weight room.

    Ted Ginn Jr., Anthony Armstrong, Davone Bess (who looks bigger in the upper body), Brennan Marion and Williams are presently working as the kickoff and punt return options.

  294. Garret:

    The favorite for the returner role is Ginn, but Bess could beat him out if he keeps making these types of mistakes.

    Ginn, who hasn’t been the punt return weapon expected his first two seasons, muffed a punt during drills.

  295. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Hardin, Montana built a $27 million prison facility two years ago to revitalize their economy…but it has remained empty ever since it was built (no crime surge in Montna to fill their prison). So, they are asking to house the Gitmo prisoners…with Montana’s senators objecting.

  296. Garret:

    The US is not prepared for a strong solar storm, with a storm like the Carrington Event possibly taking out power to a large part of the US for months. That would cause a big shortage of water, food, fuel, communications, and so on.

  297. chawan_cut:

    wow, we now have russian spam?
    stephen is really popular!

  298. Garret:

    Japanese scientists succeeded in engineering the birth of a transgenic marmoset baby–the monkey inherited his parents DNA and also a jellyfish gene that made his parents and him glow green under fluorescent light. This was the first time that parents were able to pass a genetically engineered trait to their offspring, and scientists hope to use this breakthrough approach to create animal models of neurological diseases.

  299. Garret:

    Commentary criticizing how states (so far Hawaii, Oregon and Delaware) have been taking millions of dollars that were collected as 911 fees and transferring it to their general fund to balance their budgets.

  300. Garret:

    Hearse driver stopped for a beer and failed to deliver a body to the cemetery while the family waited, wondering why the body wasn’t delivered to the funeral.

  301. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  302. Hitman 24:

    The selection of Dana Takahara-Dias shows that Vince Goo wields a lot of influence at the school. As does Dave Shoji with the hiring of Charlie Wade.
    There are people who feel she will increase attendance at the Wahine games. Even when Vince Goo was winning 25+ games a year, they were drawing about 200 fans. Let's face reality, there is very little interest in women's basketball.
    It looks like the committee wanted a female head coach and she was probably the best of all the candidates which is a pretty sad statement of the other candidates.
    I just don't feel like the athletic program is heading in the right direction if they want to compete at a higher level. But maybe they don't want to compete at a higher level.
    But with all that, I wish the new coaches the best.

  303. Garret:

    My comment is #33 is *still* awaiting moderation. It is an article about Jake Ingram, so if #33 doesn't show up for you, here is the link again.

  304. Curt:

    Congratulations Coach Dana. You've got a tough job ahead. Hope you can put together a great staff and surprise us with some decent recruits/transfers over the summer. Go Wahine.

  305. chawan_cut:

    thanks again for last saturday! sorry we didn't get to hang out more. had to rush up to LA afterwards.

  306. brew808:

    Happy Birthday to Brie - from all of her Tsaiko Uncles and Aunties..... :lol:

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
    ...O……….….O.……..B……...B....……....... :lol: …….………....OO…..O…..O….OO........

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D

  307. brew808:

    Happy Birthday to Brie - from all of her Tsaiko Uncles and Aunties..... :lol:

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D

  308. Curt:

    Happy Birthday Brie. Wished I could be 16 again. Boy, would I be dangerous. Ha-ha.

  309. brew808:

    This one is for ST & Wena!. YOU might get scolded, and I might get smu'd, but WTH.... :shock:

    :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol:
    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D




    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
    :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol:

  310. Garret:


    I'm happy to help you out *any time* you make it out to San Diego. Don't worry about having to rush off--I was dealing with our friends at Legoland (the husband of the couple didn't come so we had one less adult to watch all the kids), our friends that were arriving at our home while we were at Legoland, and our friends that were driving to visit us a few days later. Crazy day for me.

    I'm glad that you got to see Tombo and that they were able to get you into Disneyland.

  311. Garret:


    Hi! You haven't been around the blog much lately, so I figure work has been busy.

    By the way, I'm going to be in Sunnyvale and Palo Alto for the afternoon on June 3 to the afternoon on June 4. I'm giving a hardware demo to my customer...assuming that he pays me what is specified in our contract. I'm free for dinner on June 3--Cattle Call?

  312. OldDiver:

    Regarding # 301

    Boy that post was all over the place taking cheap shots at everyone. I know that is your opinion, but this is mine.

  313. Garret:

    I see everybody's blog references off by one post because my post #33 is still awaiting moderation. That was just an article about Jake Ingram, I don't understand why the blog filter didn't like it.

  314. Kazz:


    May 28th, 2009 at 8:45 pm
    Regarding # 301

    Boy that post was all over the place taking cheap shots at everyone. I know that is your opinion, but this is mine.

    I tell ya, the 2007 Sugar Bowl season changed things.

  315. brew808:

    Hi Garret -

    Yup. We're into PR now - big time. You and C_C may have been busy visiting D- and L-land. We're trying to make our own. Sheeesssh! The ongoing efforts for show is amazing, and yet so frustrating. :twisted:

    It would be nice to get together and chat but we should be back "online" by 6/03 (after the TV cameras depart). Unfortunately, that likely means I likely can't meet up w/ you. It really has to be a weekend.... although, we don't get weekends anymore either. :(

  316. Kazz:

    Hitman 24:

    May 28th, 2009 at 8:30 pm
    The selection of Dana Takahara-Dias shows that Vince Goo wields a lot of influence at the school. As does Dave Shoji with the hiring of Charlie Wade.

    There are people who feel she will increase attendance at the Wahine games. Even when Vince Goo was winning 25+ games a year, they were drawing about 200 fans. Let's face reality, there is very little interest in women's basketball.
    It looks like the committee wanted a female head coach and she was probably the best of all the candidates which is a pretty sad statement of the other candidates.
    But with all that, I wish the new coaches the best.

    Really? Nice cheap shot at Coach Takahara-Dias while "wishing her the best". :roll:

  317. Curt:

    I think I heard that Coach Dana was a unaminous choice of the selection committee. If so, that's probably a good sign. Though I wonder how things might have turned out down the road if we selected one of the two nationally-prominent candidates.

  318. Kazz:

    Hey Chawan!!!

    Starting July 1st 2009, my work schedule changes for the better.

    I can make MORE Rainbow Warrior and Wahine basketball games this season!

    C U DERE!!!

    Should have a lot of room as a lot of talking heads are already spewing their S**T online about a sport they probably never gave a crap about anyway to begin with.

    Shhhh... I can hear them now...


  319. Hitman 24:

    OldDiver - no cheap shots at everyone. Okay, maybe the part of the other female candidates being bad. I'll take that one back.
    In your post #270, you stated JD's defining moment will be balancing the budget while moving the athletic dept. to the next level. I totally agree with the budget but what is the next level? Is it competing for conference titles? National championships? Or being a notch or two better than where they finished this past year.
    If its conference or national titles, do you feel hiring 2 coaches with no top assistant (forget head coaching) coaching experience in their collegiate sport (Men's VB and Women's BB) will accomplish that.
    If its being a notch or two better, than I say yes, we are okay.
    On another note, I hope Tino Reyes stays on board as I understand he was the chief recruiter for players such as the Israeli's and the middle eastern players.

  320. Kazz:


    May 28th, 2009 at 8:28 pm
    wow, we now have russian spam?
    stephen is really popular!

    From Russia, with SPAM... :lol:

    ok... lame.... :sad:

  321. brew808:

    Coach Dana Takahara-Dias --> Que Sera, Sera... :|

  322. Curt:

    I heard Coach Dana has selected former assistants Da Houl and Serenda Valdez for her staff.

  323. madeinhawaii:

    Here's a question. If you work as an assistant coach for 20+ years at UH do you get full retirement benefits as if you were a regular UH/State employee for all those years? Or are they a separate entity?

    I ask because only a rare few head coaches go the full 20 years but it seems we have assistant coaches that do.

  324. Ralph:

    ST how come your twitter time is way ahead of real time?

  325. brew808:

    Remember Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart who was tragically killed in an auto accident earlier this season? He was a college teammate of Kurt Suzuki at CSF. Jon Wilhite is another former CSF teammate who was seriously injured in the same accident. Kurt and his wife have organized an online auction to help raise funds for Joh Wilhite. There's a wonderful story about Kurt, and his efforts. :D


  326. madeinhawaii:


    Proof positive that ST is ahead of his time, no?

  327. brew808:

    More likely.... never bothered (or knew how) to set the clock.... j/k :roll: :lol: :shock:

  328. brew808:

    Here's a more complete story regarding Kurt Suzuki's fund-raising efforts:


  329. madeinhawaii:

    Whose slogan was that?

    "Just slight ahead of our time."

  330. Kazz:


    May 28th, 2009 at 9:11 pm
    I heard Coach Dana has selected former assistants Da Houl and Serenda Valdez for her staff.

    If that is the case, I was kinda hoping Pat Charity would be retained at least.

  331. FloridaTed:

    I'm a little confused about all this fuzz over the Wahine BB program.

    Nobody gave a dreck before, not even when Vince Goo had a consistent winner. Suddenly we have all these highly invested fans? What gives?

    Are they all showing up during the new season? It's almost funny all this good advise about winning,

    You want a winning program? Well, all of them START with fannies in the seats, not the other way around. You can't build a house by starting with the roof.

  332. brew808:

    Kazz - I agree w/ #329. It seemed that there has been several good players entering the program. I don't know if Charity was involved in recruiting them or not.

  333. brew808:

    Hi Ted! Is this early, or late for you? ((((Patti)))) :D

  334. Jason:

    Hmm, didn't notice the HA had a video up on the breaking news article about Coach Dana. Nice clip from Coach Goo in there.

  335. FloridaTed:

    Hi, brew808,

    twi-light zone.

  336. Curt:

    Florida Ted,

    Good point about fannies in the seats. A strong fan base would help beget a strong program. If the players, coaches, and athletic dept are busting their okoles, we as fans must do so just as well. No whining about the players and coaches if we're not doing our part--it takes a village to raise a successful program.

  337. Dan-O:

    made in hawaii.....

    I believe it was Timex........who was slightly ahead of our time.....

  338. Kazz:


    Don't wanna toot my horn, but I admit that the only time I mention Wahine basketball on this blog was to COMPLAIN about Jim Bolla looking like he wanted to be elsewhere two seasons ago. I think Homey and Mike can attest to my complaining back then.

    I personally have only been to six games in my life for Wahine basketball because my friends are not interested and it's hard for me to sit by myself at the arena. :sad:

  339. FloridaTed:

    Good night, gang.

  340. Ralph:

    FT a winning program is having a team winning games...fannies in the seat is in support of the team, more they win, more fannies in the seat. Na Wahine in wvb wins often and are very competitive and we see the result in their following on the court and off the court...wbb got to start winning, play good basketball, and be competitive with the best for more fans to head to the SSC...6K at wvb compared to 150 at wbb- big difference.

  341. Kazz:

    Hey guys!!! No need be in the da seats yeah?!?!?! Get da kine K-5 brah!!! Mo bettah free yeah??? :roll:

    Ok that was me being sarcastic and sounding like a DOU**E.

    FloridaTed, I AGREE 808%!!!

    You know, with the attitude some local people have, if we did have a professional sports franchise, they'd be run out of business here after one bad season.

    Some people cannot stand adversity which is probably one of the reasons SOME local people LOVE pro sports. I mean not only do we not have a pro team, but at any sign of difficulty SOME local people jump ship from one team to another and then "claim" that franchise as "their" team.

    It's a safe way to celebrate sports I guess...

    But yes, if the fans expect a winner, the effort in support from THE FANS should be there also!

  342. FloridaTed:


    you are superfan incarnate and are exempt from any complains. To complain about Bolla was just civic duty, he was a complete a-hole.

    UH needs to recruit young girls and their mothers as fans,girl scouts, etc, 20 $ season tickets under 15y and so on. Right now, there is no fan base, it needs to be recruited, just like the players.

  343. Kazz:


    ST's twitter thing updated said Coach Takahara-Diaz is not ready name a staff yet.

  344. MeiLing:

    Congratulations & good luck to Coach Takahara-Dias. She deserves a chance to show what she can do with the Wahine team. I'll buy season tickets. So much better than having Bolla in there.

  345. OldDiver:

    Regarding #318

    Fair question. When I said to the next level I meant being rated in the top twenty five in a Sears Cup type rating on a consistent basis. Challenge for the WAC football title on a consistent basis, and post season play for the men's basketball team on a consistent basis.

  346. Kazz:


    Hopefully ST will have Coach Takahara-Diaz on to chat when she gets settled in.

    Maybe we'll toss her an idea to help promote Wahine basketball to all the youth girl leagues. Like give them a discounted price for the entire team and their families to go to home games like in baseball.

    Anyway, have a good night, or should I say good EARLY morning sir!

  347. MeiLing:

    ST ~

    #125 = Sodexho

  348. Kazz:


    May 28th, 2009 at 10:05 pm
    So much better than having Bolla in there.


    There used to be a crazy Korean lady on Olelo Channel 52 back in the day that used to rant and rave about being a "goddess" of sorts. She would often produce a framed photograph of what seemed like an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband and she'd refer to him as "the devil".

    I tell ya... anyone can get on public access, but anyway... SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER COACH THAN JIM BOLLA!!!

    At least she would have been entertaining to watch on the bench!

    ***This is NOT a knock on Coach Takahara-Diaz, just a funny/TRUTHFUL observation on how much Jim Bolla SUCKED the life out of the Wahine program.***

  349. kama krab:


    The bottom line is, Hawaii will always be a Volleyball town. There is more interest for wvb then there is for wbb and I think it will continue to be like that whether the wbb team wins or not. That is just how it goes here.

    What will be interesting to see is how much more of a draw wbb will be now compared to the Goo years if Takahara-Dias can put a winner on the court. That will be interesting to see rather than comparing the wvb team and the wbb team.

  350. FloridaTed:

    Football is the only program with a modicum of hard core fan support, even the vonAppen years drew 25,000. Basket ball has about 3,000, but a winner will draw there considerably more also.

    FB, MBB, W&MVB and even BaseBall, could all be serious money makers with winners. Let's hope that the fan are winners too.

  351. Kazz:

    Woah!!! Wait a minute!

    So Kevin Hashiro wasn't retained after Bolla was fired?

    Hmm... obviously we heard the assistants got their notices a few months ago, but never heard that Kevin Hashiro was also given his notice.

    Who has been running the office stuff for Wahine basketball all this time? :shock:

  352. kama krab:


    Gotta agree with you. Football will always have at least 20,000 in the stands no matter who is coaching and no matter how the team is doing but I think the most loyal fans are for the wvb team. JMHO

  353. FloridaTed:

    What? 4:26 am? I am nuts, good night!

  354. Curt:

    Florida Ted,

    Aren't you suppose to be snoozin' at this time? It must be 4:30 am EST!

  355. kama krab:

    Ho FT,

    I think you a bit crazy being up this late. I would be catching my second wind on my bed.

  356. labrat:

    I think vb will gain more fans when they add the sand vb.

    As for Dias I wish her the best. I hope she keeps Charity.

  357. Curt:

    Good night FT. I'm outta here too.

  358. Ralph:

    Kazz I think all contracts are one year contracts for the assistants including Hashiro, all contracts expire at the end of May....remember JJ fiasco, his contract did not end at the end of the season, it coincided with UH fiscal year.

  359. Ralph:

    i'm sure ST will set us straight...so where is the tsai master....

  360. al ™:

    smoking guns today
    hot lead zipping in the air
    tsaikos disagree.

  361. Ralph:

    wbb recruiting period ended 8 days ago...oops..but 12 returnees help kick start next year...hopefully a few don't transfer out of loyalty for e bolla...LOL

  362. lakerj32 aka "lefty":

    Hey Tsaikos
    Congrats to Coach Diaz....but my friends and I kinda have a personal grudge against her...lol. When I was on Aiea High's Football staff (video coordinator) she kept many of the Aiea coaches from entering Moanalua Stadium even though we had the ENTIRE football team with us and we were wearing coaches uniforms!!! She forced other coaches to pay to get in!!! Then they let my dumb friend Andy in for free just coz he was the former JV coach! No matter...we took State Champs anyway...
    No worries, I'll still support the team...maybe...lol jk

  363. Ralph:

    is that Al's haiku?

  364. Ralph:

    Lefty you got to create a hip hop rap score for coach Dana and bring your action to the SSC next season...don't forget to sit directly in back of her...

  365. al ™:

    ralph...sometimes listen to me and save yourself a lot of grief.

    al ™:

    May 27th, 2009 at 11:27 pm
    ralph....just so you know.
    i am picking the last candidate interviewed. i mean why else would they bring her back after all this.

  366. al ™:


    don't worry about the recruits.
    good possibility two outstanding local girls will suit up next season.

  367. al ™:

    there's some pretty talented returnees next year.

    btw, ralph.
    since when you become so concerned in wbb?

  368. al ™:


    a little birdie once told me on a flight to maui, that vince goo actually wanted to coach a few more years. but, the infamous former ad best known for also forcing riley out and another record setting football head coach out also did some stuff to get vince out, too.

  369. roysan16:

    What separates successful coaches from the rest is basically which ones can recruit the best. Article after article I've read about this.And it's true. And it's not refuted.

    With that being said UH then goes out an hires the two coaches, whom probably will end up having less of an impact on recruiting than the ones they could have chosen.

    First, they hire CW for the men's volleyball team. Here's a coach that's been on DS shirt tails as an assistant. Then goes over and coaches a women's team for 3 years. And ends up with a miserable losing record.

    Second, they hire DT, a great high school coach, with an impeccable resume.

    And where most are applauding these two hires, I don't.

    Reyes or Wong, IMO, are little buds ready to blossom.

    Trakh been to the big dance twice. And knows the SC recruiting grounds.

    Any of the above would have been by far better choices.

    Which only beginning to convince me that the selection committee. Or JD are all like fish out of water.

    Whereas any other of the above mentioned hires would bring a better chance of recruits gravitating to UH, like in Trakh case his notriety. And Reyes or Wong because of the respect they have in the men's volleyball community.

    But instead they hire CW and DT...sigh.. I feel bitter because these weren't the right choices.

  370. Stephen Tsai:

    There were more decorated finalists — Harrington and Trakh, to name two.
    But the basketball team needed more than a recruiter. It needed a healer. The program lost its connection with the community. It hasn't had a booster club in years.
    Takahara-Dias will do a good job. And she'll bring back the fans, particularly the young ones.

  371. Stephen Tsai:

    All of Bolla's assistants are still on the payroll, including Hashiro.
    I'm sure they can apply for the assistants' jobs.
    By the way, don't expect Gavin Petersen to join Takahara-Dias' staff.

  372. Stephen Tsai:

    It's interesting she received a three-year deal, when the trend, at UH, is for five years.

  373. al ™:

    i scratched my head at the three year deal, too.

    actually the new coach will also be forgoing her tenure in the c&c retirement plan to step into one of the most volatile career paths.

    the buzz is that some old friends of vince will be a part of the staff. what say the truth on this subject?

  374. Committed Road Warrior:

    Belated Happy Birthday to Brie!

    Hopefully you enjoyed your special day. Stay healthy and strive to be the best you can be!

  375. al ™:

    has charlie named or considered a staff yet?

  376. Ralph:

    Al I enjoy sports...but not a die hard like CC and Kazz who will sit at all venues, win or lose, whether the program is competitive or not...I pick and chose to use my time....it may not be a UH sports, but I do follow a lot of sports on ESPN, local club and HS sports, so there are an abundance of things to do. What has value for the day makes my day, I'm not going anywhere for the sake of the school. Remember JD, your mantra- VALUE, then those of us who enjoy lots of sports, and there are lots of activities going on each weekend, will come to watch UH.

  377. Committed Road Warrior:

    It's actually sad to see much of the mudslinging that's been going on here at the Warrior Beat the past few days.

    While disagreements are a part of everyday life, purposefully painting people or entities with a broad brush, forcefully exerting one's "opinion" on others, and calling people names for disagreeing with their stance, among other improprieties, is not what I started blogging here for. There are other blogs, message boards, and venues available for those who feel the need to stroke their ego and be "top dog." It's almost as if some folks want to start an altercation if someone disagrees with them, all the while disguising it as "debate."

    Go ahead and call me "soft," "naive," or whatever you feel like. It's just sad to see the Warrior Beat turning into a frenzy of chest-pumping and some coming off as "holier than thou." But that's the way of life. Everyone comes out when they've got something negative to say, but not a peep when things are going good.

    I think Kazz was right; the 2007 Sugar Bowl season did change things w/r/t the fan base.....and NOT for the better.

    In the end:
    "Avoid destructive thinking. Improper negative thoughts sink people. A ship can sail around the world many, many times, but just let enough water get into the ship and it will sink. Just so with the human mind. Let enough negative thoughts or improper thoughts get into the human mind and the person sinks just like a ship."
    ---Alfred A. Montapert

  378. oldie:

    d1, Re::#174
    I envy those of you who will be able to take in the Army game and NYC. I wish I could afford it. I think you will all have a good time.

    LizK, Re:#175
    I still think there's a place for us old folks. You certainly lead a very active life.

    CRW, Re:#376
    Well said.