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Mouton, Titans agree on 4-year deal

June 30th, 2009

Here's the announcement from Kenny Zuckerman, Ryan Mouton's agent:

Tennessee Titans 3rd round pick, Ryan Mouton agrees to terms on a four-year contract that is worth just over $2.4 million and can escalate to just over $3 million by hitting certain milestones.

"This just caps off a successful post-season by Ryan," Zuckerman said. "He went from a projected free agent and a blip on the NFL radar to a top draft pick and it wasn't easy.  He missed a couple of games during his senior season, pulled his hamstring at the East-West Shrine All-Star game, aggravated the same hamstring at the combine and did the same at Hawaii's pro day.  In fact, he never completed a 40 yard dash healthy.  However, with his tremendous upside and great character he was able to overcome all of  these obstacles and still maintain to elevate his draft stock.  I'm really proud of him and he deserves it!"
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Big thanks to John Estes, also known as "J Easy," for serving as our chat guest today.

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Estes and the other offensive and defensive linemen are enrolled in a thrice-weekly yoga class. Here's Estes demonstrating his flexibility:



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Linebacker Josh Rice works on his breathing technique before going through his routine:


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Offensive lineman Austin Hansen does pre-workout stretching:


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Today is the last day on the UH job for Mike Wilton and Tino Reyes. We'll miss them.

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Cmon. Who are we kidding?
We all think the new cell  phone ban is just another money-grabbing, fix-the-tax-revenue-shortfall scheme. Now, texting or reading a newspaper or doing the makapiapia-cleansing while driving isn't such a good thing. But using the cell phone? Shucks, it probably saves lives. I know there are times I felt like falling asleep during the 3:30 p.m. gridlock on the H-1. And I guess this means the end of KSSK's Posse.
So, in tribute to the final day of hands-on calling, today's debate is: Which rules have irked you the most?
Here are mine:
1. Van cams.
2. Not allowing bottle caps at Aloha Stadium ... including the media room. So much for the argument that the pen is mightier than the sword.
3. Ban on ThunderStix. Or, more precisely, the rule that limits offering fans more than one stick apiece. Yes, that is the answer to the riddle: What sound does a one-handed clap make?
4. Not allowing gum to be sold at the Honolulu International Airport. Yet, A-Joe was allowed to bring aboard a small scissor.
5. Van cams. Yes, it was such a stoo-pid idea it needs to be mentioned twice.

Tres bien: 'Mighty Mouse' gets a chance in CFL

June 29th, 2009

It appears Chad Owens' football career will continue.
In a text message to the Warrior Beat, Owens said he will travel to Montreal Wednesday for a shot with the Canadian Football Lague team.
"I'm just looking forward to playing football again," Owens wrote. "Just trying to continue to live my dream and continue to do what I love to do."
Owens has recovered from a torn ACL that abbreviated his indoor-league season last year.

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Word on the street is the Warriors have made a 2010 offer to David Katina, a top football player from American Samoa. Thing is, Tennessee also has made an offer. Stay tuned.

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How's this for a one-two combo?
Linebacker Cory Daniel, a former MMA fighter, is taking a summer school class in the hope of joining the Warriors this season. Daniel played at Castle High several years ago, and is a cloese friend of Blaze Soares.
His brother, Clint Daniel, a lilneman, also is in school and is seeking to join.
Both have been training every day.
What's more, they have twin 6-foot-5 brothers.

coryCory Daniel

clintClint Daniel

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Jake Heun, who is making the move from power back to middle linebacker, has incorporated boxing and MMA fighting as part of his summer training. Heun has fully recovered from a herniated disc that forced him to redshirt last season.

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Some people like carrots.
Some people don't like carrots.
If you don't, you just don't eat them.
But you don't go around making disparaging comments to anyone who will listen. You don't call the Food Network and gripe that of all of the veggies in the beef stew, the carrot is the one Americans don't like and will never like, and well it just isn't as interesting as the onion. And you don't get your mawashi in a bunch. It's just a carrot.
And, yet, soccer has that same polarizing effect.
If you don't like soccer, that's fine. But I'm not sure why it induces so much passion from those who dislike the sport.
It's just a sport.

Colt gives back

June 28th, 2009

The NFL has approved Colt Brennan's request to donate uniforms to the Koolauloa Red Raiders, a Pop Warner team in Hau‘ula.
"I wanted to give back," said Brennan, who stays on the North Shore when he visits Hawai‘i.

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The OxiClean guy apparently has died:,2933,529328,00.html?mep


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Michael Jackson. Farrah. The U.S. soccer team. It's hard to believe that only six days ago, the biggest story was Jon and Kate's breakup. The news cycle is very rapid.

DeMello leaving radio show

June 27th, 2009

Rob DeMello, who has emerged as one of the most creative and entertaining radio hosts, is leaving the "Rob and Russ Show." He said the schedule  — the show runs 6 a.m.-9 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays — is tough to maintain since the birth of his daughter. But he has not ruled out a return to radio in another capacity. We'll miss his radio show, but he'll still be around as a KITV reporter and weekend anchor.

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Greg McMackin and June Jones arrived safely in American Samoa, and are leading a mission that is providing medical supplies and footbal instruction. Burt Trembly offers these photos:






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But, of course, the real fun was with the blog readers — at the Tropics party last night, and then the birthday celebration for Midori7.



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And while I'm name-dropping, Kimo Kahoano was there. His son, Haku, a former UH player, is now Dr. Haku Kahoano. He's a military doctor overseas.

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Also at Tropics were Michael Smith, UH's new grad assistant, and Mike Pettine, the New York Jets' defensive coordinator. And, of course, Wayne Harada was there.  OK, I'm done name-dropping for now.

Leilehua DE to join UH in 2010

June 26th, 2009

Defensive end Charles Tuaau, who will be a senior at Leilehua High this year, said he has accepted a UH football scholarship.
Tuaau said he is 6 feet 3 and 275 pounds.
He said he is capable of bench pressing 365 pounds, and running 40 yards in 4.93 seconds.

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Princess Leila's video of UH players working out is now posted. Go to the home page.

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The more I think about it, doesn't the new "Road Warrior" ticket plan seem a little ... um, uh, what's the word ... greedy?
First, I've been to every road game but one the past 16 years, and UH fans aren't being placed in what would be described as premium locations.
It would seem the goal would be to place as many of a team's fans in one area as possible. This doesn't help. And, inevitably, UH won't sell out the Road Warrior plans. What do they do with the unbought seats? Keep them empty? Doubt it.
Face it. Many of the fans attending road games live on the Mainland. And many are related to or are friends of the players.
The goal should be to get as many fans to road games as possible. A tax — and that's what it feels like when premium areas are based on a priority system — might not be the best attraction.
Am I misinformed? What do you guys think?

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Hey, don't act. We've all tried to moonwalk (wearing socks on a waxed floor doesn't help), and we all think we can do that e-hee-hee falsetto imitation. So today's bar-room debate: What are your favorite Michael Jackson songs?
Here are mine:
1. I'll Be There
2. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
3. Got To Be There. The best man at my wedding, Johnny Iwashita — that's Coach John to the Saint Francis basketball players — used to be able to sing that really testicle-crunching high note.
4. She's Out of My Life. This is supposed to be a serious song, but I crack up when I think of Eddie Murphy's rendition. ("Tito, get me a tissue.")
5. One More Chance. The one from the ABC album, not the one written by R.Kelly.
By the way, I finally did sorta moonwalk. At the San Francisco airport, I faced backward while standing on the people-mover conveyor.

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Birthday shout-out to Jett Jasper.