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DeMello leaving radio show

June 27th, 2009

Rob DeMello, who has emerged as one of the most creative and entertaining radio hosts, is leaving the "Rob and Russ Show." He said the schedule  — the show runs 6 a.m.-9 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays — is tough to maintain since the birth of his daughter. But he has not ruled out a return to radio in another capacity. We'll miss his radio show, but he'll still be around as a KITV reporter and weekend anchor.

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Greg McMackin and June Jones arrived safely in American Samoa, and are leading a mission that is providing medical supplies and footbal instruction. Burt Trembly offers these photos:






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But, of course, the real fun was with the blog readers — at the Tropics party last night, and then the birthday celebration for Midori7.



* * * * *

And while I'm name-dropping, Kimo Kahoano was there. His son, Haku, a former UH player, is now Dr. Haku Kahoano. He's a military doctor overseas.

* * * * *

Also at Tropics were Michael Smith, UH's new grad assistant, and Mike Pettine, the New York Jets' defensive coordinator. And, of course, Wayne Harada was there.  OK, I'm done name-dropping for now.

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