Tres bien: 'Mighty Mouse' gets a chance in CFL

June 29th, 2009

It appears Chad Owens' football career will continue.
In a text message to the Warrior Beat, Owens said he will travel to Montreal Wednesday for a shot with the Canadian Football Lague team.
"I'm just looking forward to playing football again," Owens wrote. "Just trying to continue to live my dream and continue to do what I love to do."
Owens has recovered from a torn ACL that abbreviated his indoor-league season last year.

* * * * *

Word on the street is the Warriors have made a 2010 offer to David Katina, a top football player from American Samoa. Thing is, Tennessee also has made an offer. Stay tuned.

* * * * *

How's this for a one-two combo?
Linebacker Cory Daniel, a former MMA fighter, is taking a summer school class in the hope of joining the Warriors this season. Daniel played at Castle High several years ago, and is a cloese friend of Blaze Soares.
His brother, Clint Daniel, a lilneman, also is in school and is seeking to join.
Both have been training every day.
What's more, they have twin 6-foot-5 brothers.

coryCory Daniel

clintClint Daniel

* * * * *

Jake Heun, who is making the move from power back to middle linebacker, has incorporated boxing and MMA fighting as part of his summer training. Heun has fully recovered from a herniated disc that forced him to redshirt last season.

* * * * *

Some people like carrots.
Some people don't like carrots.
If you don't, you just don't eat them.
But you don't go around making disparaging comments to anyone who will listen. You don't call the Food Network and gripe that of all of the veggies in the beef stew, the carrot is the one Americans don't like and will never like, and well it just isn't as interesting as the onion. And you don't get your mawashi in a bunch. It's just a carrot.
And, yet, soccer has that same polarizing effect.
If you don't like soccer, that's fine. But I'm not sure why it induces so much passion from those who dislike the sport.
It's just a sport.

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  1. whitey:

    good morning tsaikos

  2. whitey:

    these two daniel brothers look alike and they both look like they are big.

  3. Annoddah Dave:

    ST & Tsaiko Blog Dogs,

    Combos are good just like in meals with a drink and fries or a mixed plate lunch. Large portions like the Warrior training table will lead to better football strength. Let's work for the next 100 best Warriors of all time....oops wrong paper!!!???

  4. BigWave96744:

    Woooo Hoooo.. Bring on the Castle Boys...

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    I wouldn't know. I don't read other local papers, well, except Ka Leo. I'm kind of vain in that regard.

  6. BigWave96744:

    During the 2002 State Champ Game, Mrs. Daniels won the car from the Tony Group during halftime contest, hosted by another Castle Grad Tiny Tadani...

  7. Stephen Tsai:

    I had a difficult time adjusting the photos of the Daniel brothers. I think it's because it was so bright.

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    I didn't know Tiny Tadani went there.
    I remember when Castle was in the championship game. They were trying to find famous former Knights. I think Jodi Leong's name was used.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Big Wave:
    Thanks for the update on Austin Hansen's upcoming wedding.
    I spoke with him last week. I guess he goes back to Cali this week.

  10. djmitcho: I make top 10

  11. BigWave96744:

    Image Blaze, Victor, Corey Paredes, Cory and Clint Daniels on the same team? That may be the most Castle Knights ever playing together for Hawaii. Bummers Bryce never made it or he could have upped the ante.

    Stephen, any word on the Paredes Brothers?


  12. warriorfanny2:

    I like what MAC & staff are doin to encourage "second chance" opportunities for athletes who missed the first bell.
    Although this can not be seen as a core method to recruit, yet, it is still inspiring to see and is a profound statement by our warrior staff to agressively augment its walk-on program at the grass roots level .....keep the dream kickin.

  13. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer!:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    From last night:

    Got home a little while ago from great weekend at Camp Erdman! Among many things, met a very cool young man who could be the next great stadium announcer in Hawaii. He is soooo goood! I can just see him introducing the Warriors at Aloha Stadium and having the crowd go WILD!

    Who do we talk to about such things???

  14. roysan16:

    Another Castle (09) graduate, Sablan, I read here was also contemplating walking on. Hope he does. One of the better athletes around.

  15. roysan16:

    Sigh..I've been listening to 1420 this morning for the last 45 mins. and I can't recall any dialogue or topic. When I listen to ESPN Colin Cowherd I always learn something. That should tell you something. Half jokingly, and maybe not, Bobby is beginning to remind me of Ferd.

  16. ai-eee-soos:

    Best of everything to the Daniel bothers.

    And bring your 6-5 bothers along too.

  17. haka:

    what's the tale of the tape on cory and clint and how old are the twins?

  18. Garret:

    Best wishes to Cory and Clint Daniel! The more depth that the Warriors get the harder it will be for walk-on players to make the depth chart...but there will always be room for some undiscovered players to emerge as stars.

  19. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:


    The staff at the Stadium Authority hires all of the employees paid directly by it. Call Scott Chan, the manager, at 808/483-2500 to confirm who it is that hires the announcer - their office or some other entity.

  20. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Liz ~ How does his Let's Get Ready To Rumble! sound?

    ...and what about him replacing da guy wit da "Tony da Tigah" voice at da SSC? Can? Evertime I hear him announce da lineup, I'm Ono for Frosted Flakes!

  21. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!!

    Best wishes to the Daniel twins!

    Gotta agree with Garret - the more depth the Warriors get, the harder it will be for walk-ons and JC guys to make the team. Mac has stated several times that he wants to get to the point where he only has to recruit freshman. So, for all you high schoolers out there, make sure you're eligible!

  22. Diogenes Sinope:

    ST: Sometimes supplemental flash helps even though the natural light may be bright - helps get rid of noon-time shadows. Emphasis is on supplemental and not full flash.

  23. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Whoops!...'cuse me. I forgot to announce, Good Morning America! to all my rowdy frenz all across the ceded plains.

  24. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer!:

    Kekoa- dis wessai guy is moh bettah... seriously. I like geeve da braddah one big chance.

  25. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Welcome to the Daniels, best of luck to you. How old are the twins?

  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    There's another paper?! Where?!

  27. MeiLing:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!!!

    Daniel brothers to the power of 4. How old are the twins?

    Baseball note: My friend called me from the Oakland A's game yesterday & said every time Kurt Suzuki came up to bat, someone would break out the Hawaiian flag. Right on!

    Have a great day everyone!

  28. mctruck:


    re ur #25..."how old?".......(35 y.o.)...just joking....bwaaaahahaha!!!

  29. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer!:

    MeiLing- how COOL is that!!!

  30. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer!:



  31. bstunna2002:

    Don't forget Victor Clore is a Knight as well

  32. mctruck:

    Ooooops!!!, sorry...DPK; my finger got distracted.

  33. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Howzit mctruck, howzit Lizzie!

  34. Stephen Tsai:

    Sorry, don't have the tale of the tape.
    Cory looks to be about a few pounds overweight, although it's hard to say, since he was running sprints while I was finishing off a blueberry muffin.
    Clint also is working to get into playing shape. He, too, was running sprints. And, hey, I was sipping a Diet Coke. Does that counter the muffin?

  35. Stephen Tsai:

    I felt badly that Victor Clore didn't get a scholarship. But there just weren't enough to go around.

  36. Stephen Tsai:

    But overweight or not, the Daniel brothers sure can hit better than the New York Mets.

  37. Stephen Tsai:

    Several years ago, thanks to John Wilbur, I had a face-to-face interview with Hunter S. Thompson. He was speaking really softly, and Sean Penn (hey, I'm name-dropping again) was making so much noise, I had difficulty listening. But when I played back the tape, Thompson was brilliant and funny.
    When I was talking with Blaze Soares last week, I thought he looked like he was in OK shape. But after I posted the photos, I got va-va-voom comments from Midori7 and Powderpuff.
    All of which is to say: I'm a lousy judge of a person's condition.

  38. Colomaohana:

    Howzit, Tsai-ko ohana!!!!

  39. BIGWAVE96744:

    Tiny was classmates with Alvis Satele, Aui Fatisemanu, Louis Wong (BYU)..

    I think Jodi Leong & Shari Shima went to Castle with Alvis's older brother John

  40. BIGWAVE96744:

    Tiny was also a pretty darn good baseball player for the Knights

  41. GRM:

    Congrats to former Wahine VB player, Raeceen Wolford, for being crowned the new Miss Hawaii! Way to REPRESENT UH.

  42. cheepono:

    cory is gonna be 24 this year. clint is 2 years younger. the twins just graduated from castle last year and spent 1 year up at arizona jc with the older brothers.

    the eldest of the daniel brothers currently trains with MMAD out on the east side with the wolfe brothers.

  43. (Jesse)James:

    Good morning Tsaikos....hope everyone has a great day....

    That's a cool story about Cory and Clint....geez, I wonder what kind of shape their twin brothers are in.....hmmmm..makes you wonder...

  44. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    ST- I like carrots and soccer- both are very good for da keeds!


  45. al: this another mike tsai?

  46. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    Eh al

    I was going ask Tsai the same question.

  47. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    al and kk- I think this sounds like one different guy:
    "Tsai left Castle in 1999 to pursue business interests on the Mainland and has since returned to Hawaii. He currently holds a BA in Social Sciences from Washington State."

  48. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Didn't our Mike Tsai graduate from UH? In any case, this new coach looks like he'll do well with Kalani.

  49. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    What are the odds though... Two Mike Tsais?!

  50. Stretch:

    June 29th, 2009 at 9:52 am this another mike tsai?

    if this is THE Mike Tsai, I wonder if the Princess will be an assistant??!!??

  51. C rM:

    Morning tsaikos.

    So who is the samoa prospect?
    Any hint would be good.
    What's his stats?

  52. al:

    i am sure that this is another mike tsai.
    thought that i would toss it out to stir some activity.

    dpk, the odds of two mt's is not impossible. there are two other al's with the exact same spelling and approx age on oahu.

  53. Bulla:

    aloha Tsaikos,

    scary photo ST with the 'blogging bruddahs', nice intensity by the wayward one on the right side of the photo,haha.

    slowly moving to the West Side, now a reprieve until the 11th of July, thank you God......last but not least, The Beast returns on 7-17 and leaves 8-4....and yes, we are going to have a CC or two.......

    a hui hou..................

  54. madeinhawaii:


    There are three guys who share my first and last names AND my middle initial in Hawaii. One has really bad credit and the banks often confuse us.

  55. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:


    I doubt if I'll be able to make it on Wednesday because I need to be at a hearing in Kapolei that morning which is already in its third non-consecutive day. Probably everyone in the room is as eager as I am to get the darned thing over with so a decision can be reached in the matter.


    In addition to its first fund-raiser this Tuesday, the Friends of Falls of Clyde will be holding a potluck bbq and fireworks viewing on Friday, July 3m next to the ship. People will start to gather around 5 pm and eat around 6:30 or so. The fireworks show sponsored by the Aloha Tower Marketplace will light up shortly after 8:30 pm.

    Free parking is available just on the other side of Aloha Tower Marketplace for people attending the bbq. Bring enough food to share with six others besides the people you'll be bringing in your party.

    NOTE: This is a family-oriented function although people are welcome to bring beer or wine.

    Please e-mail me if you're interested in attending to swoodathokudotcom
    I'll send back the parking instructions.

  56. al:

    mih....i have the same scenario as you do. problem.

  57. al:

    re: the samoan recruit.

    i hope that he is related to one of those who are there in samoa today. quite an impressive contingent of ex-warriors.

  58. al:

    i hope he is 6'5"/285 lbs and also a basketball player.

  59. al: iosefa grayshirting?

    i think that would be a good thing to introduce him to lifestyle, food, university life, and the pace of the football out here.

    he appears to be one to watch in the future.

  60. A-House:


    Know the feeling all to well of having a "name sake" in Hawaii.

    Our first 4 letters of our middle name is same.

    the old City Bank, McCully branch, kept depositing my pay check into the other guy's account - after 3 month of this bull sh*t, I closed my account and went back to CPB - now, both of us with CPB!!!

  61. A-House:


    Interesting that Tennessee did all their background checks and offered BEFORE Coach Mack did the same - wonder who they sent to Samoa to check this recruit out?

  62. BIGWAVE96744:

    wow Blaze, Cory, & Jake are all MMA freaks... I want to see some nasty streaks return to the Defense.. WITHIN THE RULES, OF COURSE

  63. SteveM:

    Good lunchtime everyone!

    Back at work today as fiscal year commitments loom. Been sidelined all weekend with my sinus problem persisting.

  64. al:

    mih....methinks the tennessee connection may have started with jonathan mapu from kahuku hs.

  65. al:


    stevem....try this it works

  66. da princess' classmate:

    da mma'll be coming to HI very very soon

  67. Jason:

    For my fellow fans of the San Francisco 49ers, I thought this was a nice article on Alex Smith:

    Stephen: You lost me after "carrots." :-P

  68. Kekoa:

    Junk Kine News Gang ~

    HawaiianBod has undergone a few very radical medical procedures as a result of his diabetes condition. Shortly after the last KK, he became very ill and was admitted to Pali Momi.

    During his 2 week stay, he underwent 2 serious surgeries. One included amputating his right big toe. (His ring finger had already been amputated).

    Not long after he was sent home to recuperate, he was rushed to ER again for low blood pressure of 29! He is out of the hospital now, still a bit weak but apologizing for missing Koakane's retirement gig!

    He just wanted everyone to know that he is trying to get healthy again and is sorry that he will be missing Ronnie's dinner.

    If anybody needs some well wishes, it is our little brother "HawaiianBod." Please let him know we are thinking of him.

    BTW -- His Uncle tells me that during his football playing days he really had a solid "HawaiianBod!"

    Mahalo ~ Kekoa

  69. al: please take care.
    a prayer request is being submitted on your behalf, know that the whole church is pulling for you.

  70. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Prayers for you , HawaiianBod! May the Lord keep His hand upon you.

    Thanks for the update, Kekoa.

  71. Loa:

    HawaiianBod - please take care of yourself and get well soon!

  72. Jason:

    Hawaiianbod: We'll be praying for you as well.

  73. labrat:

    John Estes tomorrow???? I am having problems coming up with some questions but that never stopped me before.

  74. Ralph:

    Hawaiianbod get well soon, take your meds and control your sugar intake....

  75. MeiLing:


    I'm praying for your return to good health. Take care.

  76. (Jesse)James:

    Hawaiianbod...Godspeed my brother....prayers and best wishes....

  77. SteveM:

    Hawaiianbod -- best wishes! Take care and hang in there!

  78. Stephen Tsai:

    Nope, it's a different Michael Tsai.
    Although baby bro is a Kalani graduate and former Falcon soccer player.

  79. Stephen Tsai:

    The Samoan recruit's name is Dave.
    But I had a hard time hearing the last name. Sounds like Cutino, or something like that. His brothers are singers.

  80. Stephen Tsai:

    John Estes is scheduled to be tomorrow's guest.
    We're going to do production from UH, so we might have some walk-up guests. You're all welcome to join us. I think we start at noon tomorrow.

  81. BG:

    Hawaiianbod....may the Spirit nurture and heal you.

  82. BG:


    I know it wasn’t sounding good with the problems I was having with the copy protection on the vb game, but I really am terrible at taking “no” for an answer. There had to be a way.

    John Fink of KFIVE called me today and I thanked him, but knew there wouldn’t be enough time to work through the station. Another angel did answer the call…Sports Hawaii’s OP65 (Karl Kawachi). He’s bailed me out of several botched tape jobs while I was taping games for the Hawaii units back in 2004-6. I’d burn through 2-3 hundred dvd’s each season. Bottom line is I’m picking up a copy from him tonight (there’s actually 2 games since it was during a tournament) and will burn the extra copies tonight. Please call me, three eight one, nine three three four, to coordinate the hand off.

  83. d1島:

    Take care Hawaiianbod.

  84. djmitcho:

    Sending prayers out to hawaiianbod

  85. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    :!: Hugs, love, prayers for Hawaiianbod :!:


  86. d1島:

    Conflicting reports about the football camp on Oahu this week.

    Where is it being held? In town? Ko Olina? Laie?

  87. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, his name is David Katina.

  88. roysan16:


    I'm not in the same boat you're in, yet. But I do have type 2 diabetes and I realize how perilous it can get if it's not controlled. I think if you were able to relay a message it would certainly alert your fellow tsaikos to contour their lifestyles in a healthier way. For myself I thought I was infallible from catching the disease and never heeded anyone's advise about the tons of starches I was suppose to stay away from. Me,I'd shrugged their concerns and dived into every buffet and drinking get together like it was no tomorrow. And it caught up with me. Years of neglect-a donut, some chips and big binges of eating a box of cookies or a pot of rice in one sitting will make things cave in. And it did. I express my concern for you, Hawaiianbod, and hope your health improves greatly. I also want to put the light on in someone's mind that reading this--live healthy, eat right and exercise.

  89. cheepono:

    any relation to pastor david katina here in hawaii?

  90. whitey:

    Hawaiianbod, my best to you and speedy recovery.

  91. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    FB Season ticket decision: I just got a call from the ticket office. I can get 2 seats in the blue section PP ( not under the protection tho ). Is anyone interested in sitting with me there? I'm having a hard time trudging up to yellow - but don't want to brave the blue by myself! PP is around the mauka goal line.

    lizkauai at gmail dot com

  92. A-House:


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and see you soon at a cattle call or tailgate!!!

  93. C rM:

    The true hawaiian warrior.
    You can fight this battle.

  94. Colomaohana:

    Dang, hawaiianbod!!!


  95. Jason:

    LizKauai: Hey, PP is not bad — students are in PP and QQ, so it's right near where I've been sitting the past four years. :-)

  96. (Jesse)James:

    Jason...PP is only bad if you've eaten asparagus the night before...or for other reasons but this is a family blog...MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  97. al:

    lizk....pp is a great section. you may be in the lower rows of the blue, nevertheless, you will have the wind at your back most of the time and the rain does fall from mauka to makai, so there's a good chance you may not get any precipitation at all.

    plus you will save the walk up to the yellow altho from the tailgate it is across the field so to speak.

  98. Pride.:

    The Katinas are a very popular Christian Band. One of my favorites. They would definitely be on my ipod, if I had one. Hopefully younger brother comes to Hawaii.

  99. GRM:

    Get well soon. Please take care.

  100. Pride.:

    Hawaiianbod, my blessings go out to you brother.

  101. NYUH:

    Its actually illegal to disparage a food. Power of the meat and dairy industries. I don't think its illegal to disparage a sport. So Greg Alexander's comment about the "commie sport" will probably pass.

  102. LizKauai [Unite and Conquer]:

    OK- I'm set! curveball and I are going for the blue! The added walk from the T-gate will keep me exercised... but I won't keel over from the climb to yellow. Phew!

    It's getting exciting!!! FOOTS BALL!!! WOO HOO!

  103. Garret:

    Congratulations to Chad Owens! Thanks to Tombo and for the update.

    RT @HawnBroadcast confirms Former UH Player Chad Owens picked up by Montreal Alouettes/Canadian Football League. Owens leaves Wed for CA

  104. Garret:

    Best wishes to Hawaiianbod. I hope that your health is much better soon.

  105. Garret:

    The Dolphins confirmed that Bess was the victim of a fake twitter account.

    Davone Bess's agent, Kenny Zuckerman, got back to me today as well. Here's what he told me:

    The site is a 100% fake. In fact, we have contacted all the proper authorities and plan to prosecute this impostor to the fullest extent of the law.

    Fraud is fraud and we are going to protect Davone and his reputation at any cost.

    He is very upset about this incident and wants everyone to know that he is the victim of an unfortunate scam.

  106. Garret:

    Bess is the latest example of an NFL player whose identity was stolen on the popular networking service. A Twitter user named "Lambo_Weezy" has made multiple postings claiming he was Bess. That prompted a call Monday to NFL security from Bess' agent Kenny Zuckerman.

    "The Twitter site is a 100-percent fake," Zuckerman told in an e-mail. "We have contacted all the proper authorities and plan to prosecute this impostor to the fullest extent of the law. Fraud is fraud and we are going to protect Davone and his reputation at any cost. He is very upset about this incident and wants everyone to know that he is the victim of an unfortunate scam."

    But since Twitter doesn't ask for identification proof to start an account, a bevy of imposters has emerged. A fake "Peyton Manning" — complete with a mug shot of the Colts quarterback and hometown listing of Indianapolis in the Twitter profile — has almost 14,000 followers. A bogus DeMarcus Ware "tweeted" that he was close to signing a contract extension, forcing the Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker to later disclaim the false posting.

    St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa sued Twitter because an impostor sent out derogatory statements under his name. A settlement was reached earlier this month. Twitter is experimenting with software that will provide verification for legitimate athlete/celebrity users. But the company's web site said the service is currently being offered only to "well-known accounts that have had problems with impersonation or identity confusion."

  107. al:


    June 29th, 2009 at 4:06 pm
    The Katinas are a very popular Christian Band. One of my favorites. They would definitely be on my ipod, if I had one. Hopefully younger brother comes to Hawaii.

    oh....those katinas. yah, me too. didn't they come to hawaii?

  108. al:

    oh, and i am glad that the matson strike was averted.

  109. Garret:

    Some highly rated recruits about to start college are playing for the US in the Junior World Football Championships. They just beat France 78-0!

    Team USA's David Wilson sat on a table and stared straight ahead in Team USA's locker room, chewing on his mouthpiece and cradling the American flag in his lap.

    "Special," Wilson said quietly when asked how it felt to be chosen by his teammates as the USA flag bearer for the inaugural IFAF Junior World Championship at Fawcett Stadium. "My brother is watching on the Internet right now."

    Wilson, from Danville, Va., and ranked the 40th-best prospect in the country by, led Team USA onto the field Saturday and then led it to a 78-0 rout over France in the IFAF Junior World Championship in front of a crowd of 10,145.

    The 5-11, 192-pound Wilson, who will be attending Virginia Tech, led a bruising USA offense by rushing for 181 yards and scoring four touchdowns on 12 carries in boosting it to Wednesday's second-round game against Mexico.

    At one point, the USA had rolled up 509 yards to 41 for France.

  110. Kazz:


    Just having to organize everything at work… the countdown is on!!! One more day until my transfer and then BAM! Weekends and a return to normalcy. Gonna miss the overtime pay, but at least my salary stays the same… (might have to cut back on the new UH Under Armour gear coming out this season though… NAH!!! :lol: )

    Sad to hear about Hawaiianbod's continuing health issues, but gotta say my brotha, God don't take you through hell and back for no reason. You'll be fine and back at the tailgates again this season!!! Stay positive and we'll be praying for you.

  111. Ralph:

    UH finishes 66 in the Director's cup final tally....thank you Na Wahines, you carried the green and white again in tallying most of the points...mbb and baseball got zip points along with wbb...the State fiscal year is July 1, I imagine UH's would be too, time for JD to pony up the red numbers and call it as it is...

  112. Ralph:

    Judge Chin's sentences Madroff to 150 years in federal prision...

  113. chawan_cut:

    wafan, koakane and other wsu game travellers,

    tentative plans for friday night festivities before gameday. thanks to Island Sports Media.

    Island Sports Media & Malaea Entertainment is promoting the first "Warrior" tailgate party in Seattle at Studio 7 on Friday night, Sept 11. The proceeds will go towards sport camp scholarships for the Keiki's, stay tuned for more information on this first time event...Da Warriors vs Da Cougars, save that date.

    more details to follow.

  114. Garret:

    Here is the discography for the Katinas from Billboard. There is another link to their Tennessee offer--it appears that the Katina family now lives in Tennessee.

    Their music reflects their faith in the Lord as well as their love for their mother, who died shortly after the Katina family moved to Washington State in 1988; the family moved again to Nashville following this tragic event.

  115. Ralph:

    Mufi's the Boat ends its two year run costing us 5 million dollars....The Boat, The Super Ferry, what's next, the Rail....The Rail will cost nearly 5 billion, the construction union is happy, how much will it cost taxpayers to run, maintain, and if it goes the way of the boat, the super ferry, then what?

  116. Ralph:

    might mouse with the Alouettes....go Alouettes....

  117. Ralph:

    excellent kitv video of the samoa fb clinic with JJ and Mac..check out the 6 pm sports with Kekaula...

  118. Stephen Tsai:

    Hey, I saw Lefty at UH today. Small world.

  119. Pauoa Boy:

    Congrats Bruddah Chad, hope to see some more Chad Owens shows happening again. Good luck this year my bruddah and pray you stay injury free. Hope the ohana doing good, see you in the Valley...

  120. Pauoa Boy:

    Glad to see more of our local boys are looking to come back and play for the home team. I would like to see Blaze and Jake on the field at the same time destroying people. Especially when we play on that smurf turf. Pretty sure going turn green when the other team she-she pants knowing these two assassins are on the field!

  121. jm2375:

    Good evening Tsai-kos!

    Congrats to Mighty Mouse. Good luck in north of the border.

    Get well soon Hawaiianbod.

  122. d1島:

    Go get 'em, Chad.

  123. JaM:

    Good evening!

    Hawaiianbod....praying for your speedy recovery...see you at the tailgates!

  124. JaM:

    Congrats to Chad...

  125. koakane iphone:

    Prayer and get betta wishes to hbod.

    Evening to all tsaikos and tsaikettes.

  126. JaM:

    Howzit d1! send my best to Juliet!

  127. JaM:

    Football camp in Laie Tuesday through Thursday..

  128. JaM:

    football camp at BYU

  129. JaM:

    Hi Koakane! Hope your better half is recovering well!

  130. JaM:

    5 in a row?

  131. chawan_cut:

    i break your streak!

  132. oldie:

    I need some help:

    I'd like to 'borrow' the Tsaiko logo (the one on the Tsaiko black shirt). Just want to have some fun. I won't be selling anything with the logo.

    I don't know who created it or owns it, but if you have reasonably good copy, please send to hoherb att yahoo dott com.

    Thanks in advance.

  133. chawan_cut:

    check SteveM's website. the link is in his name.

  134. oldie:

    c_c, Thanks, I'll try that. The junk thing about using a mobile web is that the name links don't work (at least on the iPhone).

    Thanks again.

  135. Pauoa Boy:

    mahalos for the DVD, got em in last week...buggah work cherry. Brought back a lot of memories and noticed a lot of furture NFL players played in that game on both sides.

  136. Pauoa Boy:

    furture = future

  137. oldie:

    PB, Glad you enjoyed the DVD. For sure, it's a real keeper.

  138. MeiLing:

    Ho'omaikai, Chad "Mighty Mouse" Owens! Hope you stay healthy & get to play a lot in the CFL. Félicitations!!! Tres bon!


    Please put me on the list for lunch on Wednesday, please.

  139. Garret:

    Another quote from Bess' agent about the twitter faker.

    Zuckerman contacted NFL security on Monday and told that he and Bess plan to prosecute the imposter.

    "This is just the tip of the iceberg," Zuckerman wrote in an e-mail. "Electronic media fraud is starting to rear its ugly head and Davone is just one of the many victims."

  140. Garret:

    Bess is very dedicated with his workouts so he won't have to worry about the August 1 running test, but some of his Dolphins teammates are probably worried. The new Miami regime set the tone when they started camp last year by cutting a player who failed the running test.

    Players report on Aug 1st, but that's the day they get their weigh in, and conduct their conditioning test, which features a 300- yard timed shuttle. Fail that test, which has a different time designation for each position, and there's usually a price to pay.

    Last year offensive tackle Julius Wilson failed it and got cut before sunset. It'll be interesting to see if the Trifecta is willing to make a similar bold statement in year two.

    “The offseason is the same thing every year. You get scared. I’m scared of the weigh in and the run test," said Jason Ferguson, who is entering his 13th NFL training camp. "After that, everything’s good because it’s football. Once I get through with the run test and the weigh in, which is what all big guys are scared of, it’s all good. Then when you put the pads on, that’s when you know where we’re at. Who can play, and who can't."

  141. Garret:

    Tidbit about Jake Ingram in the Boston Herald.

    Top pick Patrick Chung, a safety from Oregon, loves to draw in his spare time. And snapper Jake Ingram, a surfer dude from Hawaii, is also a certified fork-lift operator. So he’ll never starve.

  142. Garret:

    Note about a JC recruit from Hawaii who is going to West Virginia.

    # The Tevita Finau Watch (or is that Wait?) continues.

    Of all the West Virginia football recruits who were scheduled to arrive this week for the beginning of the second semester of summer school, all but three are enrolled and working out. Finau, the junior college defensive end from Hawaii, is one of the three exceptions.

    We're apparently getting closer to a real sighting of perhaps the most mysterious Mountaineer recruit in recent times.

    According to WVU director of football communications Mike Montoro, Finau has successfully passed the final course he needed to earn his junior college degree. He did it from his home in Hawaii, over the Internet, through Brigham Young University.

  143. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Although we cannot link a face to the name Hawaiianbod, DrDoc and I wish you a speedy recovery. .

    I'm all ready for the Friends of Falls Of Clyde fundraiser tomorrow night except for cutting the greenery for decorations. Remember, if you're in downtown Honolulu between 5 pm & 7 pm tomorrow, please drop on by the Honolulu Cafe in the Dillingham Transportation Building at the foot of Bishop Street to help support its preservation & restoration. We'll be having two rounds of door prize drawings at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm. Tickets are $40 with $20 tax-deductible plus there'll be some interesting stuff at the Silent Auction table.

  144. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Minnesota company is recalling *two years* of food products because of possible salmonella contamination.

  145. Garret:

    Study found that dolphin flippers behave like modern engineered aerofoils.

  146. Garret:

    Airmen helped compile the stupidest rules in the Air Force.

  147. Garret:

    The airport screening company that just went out of business plans to sell their sensitive customer data, but at least the sale will be restricted to a company authorized by the TSA.

  148. Garret:

    It is great that a number of businesses are offering aid to those who lose their jobs in this economy. Kudos to Walgreens for offering free health-care services to families that suffer a job loss and have no health insurance.

  149. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  150. Cindy C.:

    Hawaiianbod, I am so sorry to hear about your health. I am putting you in my daily prayers.

  151. Cindy C.:

    Wednesday at Tsukiji's -- can you put me down as a "maybe".

  152. SteveM:

    June 29th, 2009 at 12:45 pm
    stevem....try this it works

    Thanks, Al -- I use the squeeze bottle made by the same company. Yes, it works great. It mitigated symptoms so well for weeks that I keep thinking it will go away tomorrow. My problem may be in upper sinuses, so will be seeing an ear-nose-throat doc this Wednesday.

    Between this and work (client office/computer relocations this week), I am doubtful for Jason's cattle call this Wednesday. Sorry, Jason. :(

  153. jm2375:

    Slow night.

    Oyasumina-tsai. Hasta manana.

  154. HiFlyer:

    Garret - #146 was a good one, I get to see it everyday at work.

    hawaiinbod - hope you get well soon and can join us at a tailgate this year.

  155. HiFlyer:

    Garret - #146 was a good one, I get to see it everyday at work.

    hawaiianbod - hope you get well soon and can join us at a tailgate this year.

  156. Kekoa:

    Sorry I couldn't answer some of you today. Had some keiki visitors from da mainland to field questions from today. Small peeps are cool to have around, 'cept when they want to know too much.

    They have a fresh twist on traditions we never dare question. Like "how come we gotta take our shoes off in da house when our feet are dirty from yesterday?!"...Huh??

    Why do we gotta eat sushi with Hashi's and not a fork? It's easier to just pick it up with our fingers, so how come we get scoldings if we do it?

    My brain is fried...Gotta go sleep! Good nite..Zzzzz...

  157. (Jesse)James:

    What's up Tsaikos.....hope everyone is doing fine this evening...

  158. MeiLing:


    You got mail...

  159. MeiLing:


    Hope your Mom is doing better. You looked tired in one of PowderPuff's pics of you on FB. If you need help w/ your Mom, let me know.

  160. al ™:

    cattle call

    guest of honor: jason, the graduate

    wednesday, july 1, 2009
    12:00 pm
    tsukiji market
    all you can eat japanese buffet

    rsvp on the blog or send me an email

    including any maybe's and game day decisions, those with verbal commitments, et al

    cindy c
    mei ling

    if i missed your name no worry. if you like, repost.

    sorry so close to 4th of July bash, but, busy next week. gotta go visit da maui boys and tiffany's.

  161. Garret:

    RGM picked as Newcomer to watch for the BC Lions.

    Newcomer to watch WR Ryan Grice-Mullen joined the Lions in September but won a starting job this season on the strength of five games last year. He's one of several former reserves who'll be needed to make additional contributions.

  162. Garret:

    All of BSU's football games will be on free TV in Idaho this year, just as in past years. This means all of their home games are shown for free live and then are available for free all day every day on their digital cable channel.

    KTVB President and General Manager Doug Armstrong says the new deal will allow for the production of seven live football games this fall, taking all games not picked up by national television networks, including ESPN.

    The games will air live on KTVB, with repeats featured on the 24/7 digital channel as in years past.

  163. Diogenes Sinope:

    AL: Tentative OK - depends on appointment being pau!

  164. Garret:

    Starting next year BSU will get a LOT more money from their local TV revenue, and that money is guaranteed for 10 years. Given how they pour the money from their profits back into their Athletic Department (for example, building luxury boxes and expanding their football stadium with their BCS money), they should continue to upgrade their facilities with this money.

    The Learfield Contract is worth $33 million, and covers television, radio, stadium naming, marketing and other components – and runs for ten years.

  165. Diogenes Sinope:

    OLDIE: How's things? Best to Peggy.

  166. al ™:

    Diogenes Sinope: yup, looking forward to meeting you. come late okay we tend to stay for a couple of hours.

    not to mention meeting cindy c for the first time too.

    i wonder if powderpuff can make it since its only two minutes from work?

  167. (Jesse)James:

    No new post yet

  168. (Jesse)James:

    Mei Ling...I do get tired at is doing better but it can be tiring taking care of her.....

  169. MeiLing:


    I know what it's like. I took care of my husband when he was very ill. Since I had to work, we hired some part-time caregivers to help. Your Mom will get better, but recuperation from surgery is rough. So, if you need help, let me know.

  170. MeiLing:

    Since it's the middle of the night...

    ST ~

    I like carrots. :)) And I like to watch soccer. I used to ride down to soccer games between USF (my alma mater) and San Jose State on the bus with the players. Got to see one of the past presidents of Peru play for USF, Alejandro (Alex) Toledo. I got to hang out with the guys at some of their parties because one of the Mexican players was in my business classes. It's sorta like hanging out with the Tsai-kos. As my cousin calls it, you're my football gang.

    K, gangees, I'm going moi moi. Manana...

    Prayers out for all who need them.

  171. LizKauai [iMac] Unite and Conquer!:


    "# Stephen Tsai:
    June 29th, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    Hey, I saw Lefty at UH today. Small world."

    Did you guys get "Tricky"?

    OK... I need to get to sleep. Have to wake up in 2 hours to catch a plane.

    Fell asleep for a catnap awhile ago- dreamt about a bunch of FB folks coming to say hi... and Colt was there! He did not shake my hand tho, and stood off to the side. I was a little sad- and then woke up... whew!

    Nitey nite and Sweet CFL and NFL Warrior dreams!

  172. roysan16:

    Good morning,

    My take on the carrot piece ST wrote is this: I think it's reminiscent of how a priest crafts a sermon, where there's a subliminal message from the words he speaks. And similarly what ST wrote conveys a message. That's the impression I get. If that was the intent it was pretty clever.

  173. djmitcho:

    Good Morning All! Hope everyone has a good day.

  174. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Buy gas today. Get your headsets. Start saving quarters for parking.
    Just another day in Paradise...


  175. BigWave96744:

    The Katina's played at our church twice and got everyone on Fire....
    Bulla and Mrs. Bulla can testify to that :)

    Have a great day folks...

  176. Manoa:

    I could go on and on about why soccer hasn't caught on in the USA and what could be done to improve it by fine tuning some of the rules, for example. It is not a good TV sport (although that is changing a little with better camera work and HD). It will never be a big sport here, but it has potential to grow.

    With all of the in migration from soccer countries, you would think the market would improve and we would have a few more players start to get attention. Building the professional league-- the MISL-- which is doing decent in some towns now is the key, that and building a recognizable USA style of soccer that fans can identify with.

  177. Long Time UH Fan:

    Hawaiianbod Take care and hope you get well soon!

  178. Garret:

    13-year-old says that he's committed to Tennesssee.

    In college football recruiting today, it's never too early. The entire process has been accelerated. It's so fast that one young star in Fairburn, Georgia, has decided where to play his college football even though he hasn't played a down of high school football yet.

    "Yes, I committed to Tennessee," Evan said. "It's the only college I know right now and it seems the best for me. My dad went there and my brother is there now. I know I can do the same things there. I have a real friendly relationship with the coaches there. I know I don't know them too well but I know I will have plenty of time to get to know them.

  179. Tres bien: ‘Mighty Mouse’ gets a chance in CFL:

    [...] indoor-league season last year. * * * * * Word on the street is the Warriors have made a 2010 off click for more var _wh = ((document.location.protocol=='https:') ? "" : [...]

  180. bluewave707:

    i've checked both the CFL and the Alouettes websites and both make no mention of Owens' signing or tryouts. If he makes the team, i think he'll return kicks and work his way up the slotbacks depth charts.

    If he makes the Als roster, Owens will also be the second former Warrior in the CFL, next BC's Ryan Grice-Mullen

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