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Tres bien: 'Mighty Mouse' gets a chance in CFL

June 29th, 2009

It appears Chad Owens' football career will continue.
In a text message to the Warrior Beat, Owens said he will travel to Montreal Wednesday for a shot with the Canadian Football Lague team.
"I'm just looking forward to playing football again," Owens wrote. "Just trying to continue to live my dream and continue to do what I love to do."
Owens has recovered from a torn ACL that abbreviated his indoor-league season last year.

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Word on the street is the Warriors have made a 2010 offer to David Katina, a top football player from American Samoa. Thing is, Tennessee also has made an offer. Stay tuned.

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How's this for a one-two combo?
Linebacker Cory Daniel, a former MMA fighter, is taking a summer school class in the hope of joining the Warriors this season. Daniel played at Castle High several years ago, and is a cloese friend of Blaze Soares.
His brother, Clint Daniel, a lilneman, also is in school and is seeking to join.
Both have been training every day.
What's more, they have twin 6-foot-5 brothers.

coryCory Daniel

clintClint Daniel

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Jake Heun, who is making the move from power back to middle linebacker, has incorporated boxing and MMA fighting as part of his summer training. Heun has fully recovered from a herniated disc that forced him to redshirt last season.

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Some people like carrots.
Some people don't like carrots.
If you don't, you just don't eat them.
But you don't go around making disparaging comments to anyone who will listen. You don't call the Food Network and gripe that of all of the veggies in the beef stew, the carrot is the one Americans don't like and will never like, and well it just isn't as interesting as the onion. And you don't get your mawashi in a bunch. It's just a carrot.
And, yet, soccer has that same polarizing effect.
If you don't like soccer, that's fine. But I'm not sure why it induces so much passion from those who dislike the sport.
It's just a sport.

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