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Mouton, Titans agree on 4-year deal

June 30th, 2009

Here's the announcement from Kenny Zuckerman, Ryan Mouton's agent:

Tennessee Titans 3rd round pick, Ryan Mouton agrees to terms on a four-year contract that is worth just over $2.4 million and can escalate to just over $3 million by hitting certain milestones.

"This just caps off a successful post-season by Ryan," Zuckerman said. "He went from a projected free agent and a blip on the NFL radar to a top draft pick and it wasn't easy.  He missed a couple of games during his senior season, pulled his hamstring at the East-West Shrine All-Star game, aggravated the same hamstring at the combine and did the same at Hawaii's pro day.  In fact, he never completed a 40 yard dash healthy.  However, with his tremendous upside and great character he was able to overcome all of  these obstacles and still maintain to elevate his draft stock.  I'm really proud of him and he deserves it!"
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Big thanks to John Estes, also known as "J Easy," for serving as our chat guest today.

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Estes and the other offensive and defensive linemen are enrolled in a thrice-weekly yoga class. Here's Estes demonstrating his flexibility:



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Linebacker Josh Rice works on his breathing technique before going through his routine:


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Offensive lineman Austin Hansen does pre-workout stretching:


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Today is the last day on the UH job for Mike Wilton and Tino Reyes. We'll miss them.

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Cmon. Who are we kidding?
We all think the new cell  phone ban is just another money-grabbing, fix-the-tax-revenue-shortfall scheme. Now, texting or reading a newspaper or doing the makapiapia-cleansing while driving isn't such a good thing. But using the cell phone? Shucks, it probably saves lives. I know there are times I felt like falling asleep during the 3:30 p.m. gridlock on the H-1. And I guess this means the end of KSSK's Posse.
So, in tribute to the final day of hands-on calling, today's debate is: Which rules have irked you the most?
Here are mine:
1. Van cams.
2. Not allowing bottle caps at Aloha Stadium ... including the media room. So much for the argument that the pen is mightier than the sword.
3. Ban on ThunderStix. Or, more precisely, the rule that limits offering fans more than one stick apiece. Yes, that is the answer to the riddle: What sound does a one-handed clap make?
4. Not allowing gum to be sold at the Honolulu International Airport. Yet, A-Joe was allowed to bring aboard a small scissor.
5. Van cams. Yes, it was such a stoo-pid idea it needs to be mentioned twice.

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