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Quick decision

July 31st, 2009

Whether you agree or not with the sanctions against coach Greg McMackin, it was surprising to see UH officials act so swiftly.
The worst thing would have been to let this drag out.

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One of the after-effects of Greg McMackin's controversial speech is that a once useful event — the WAC Football Preview — might be nearing the end.
The event was designed for the member schools to promote their teams and for the media to create contacts. The information gathered was used for stories for special preview issues, which once were big business for newspapers, which once were big business, too.
But the past two years, the WAC has held the event in Salt Lake City, which is 90 miles away from the nearest league member, Utah State.
Attendance has dwindled. Sixty-five media credentials were issued, although hometown newspapers for three schools — Fresno State, San Jose State and New Mexico State — did not send any reporters.'s Graham Watson, who coverss the non-BCS leagues, also decided not to attend.
The WAC has essentially two stars — quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick of Nevada and Kellen Moore of Boise State — but only one attended. Moore, a sophomore was left back, presumably because of the school's preference of being represented by upperclassmen.
In past years, the event coincided with the unveiling of each team's media guides. But because of a national movement to cut expenses, only four WAC teams printed media guides this year. All signs point to UH discontinuing the practice next year.
In speeches to reporters, most coaches discuss their depth charts. If the event were held next year, don't expect any coach to deviate from a well-edited script.

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