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The promise

August 23rd, 2009

Honoring a promise to his father, cornerback Tank Hopkins never takes off a plastic cross.
"My dad made this for me," he said. "He gave it to me my junior year in high school. I never took it off."
Hopkins also proudly sports a gold-capped front tooth.
"I got it in the eighth grade," he said. "It's like a family tradition. Everyone in my familiy has one."
Now that training camp is over, Hopkins will resume wearing a weighted vest.
"I wear it to class, meetings, workouts," he said. "When I take it off, I feel a whole lot lighter."

* * * * *

Not much happened from yesterday's walk-through, except:
• Michael Wadsworth participated, which means he must have received clearance. The backlog is ridiculous, especially since 1) he's a 4.0 student with a 21 ACT score; 2) he's on the clock because he's going on a mission next year.
• Kenny Estes apparently is OK from the tweaked leg injury suffered in Friday's scrimmage. Estes also participated in the walk-through. Estes is key to UH's plans. UH would like to rotate Estes, Mana Silva, Spencer Smith and Richard Torres at the two safety spots, freeing Aaron Brown to play rover. Then they can slowly work in Wadsworth and Aulola Tonga.
• I have a feeling that by mid-year, Earvin Sione might be contributing as a pass-rusher.
• It's impossible to ignore Royce Pollard. He blocked a punt in Friday's scrimmage, and he's looked good on kickoff returns. He also will platoon with Jovonte Taylor at right wideout. Taylor is the likely No. 1 kick returner.
• It's going to be fun to watch Alex Green this year.For a big back, he can hit the perimeter quickly. And he's a threat as the backup wildcat. What's more, as the offset returner, he gets to hit the gunners on kick returns.

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