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Off day

August 29th, 2009

The coaches and players were given today as an off day as they head into the final stretch before Friday's season opener against Central Arkansas. But many of the coaches still plan to be busy, setting the practice schedule, evaluating videos and finalizing the game plan. They also will tinker with the depth chart; while several positions are "bracketed," you can only play one at a time.

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Interesting note from Pat Bigold:

NUNS' TAILGATE PARTY, 7 p.m., Friday, Sept. 4:  Sister Joan of Arc Souza, St. Francis School principal, who has been a dedicated UH football fan since childhood in Pauoa, has once again bought a subscription to the pay-per-view telecasts of UH games and will project them on the wall of the campus student center.

She invites the Franciscan sisters, faculty and staff to hoist beer with her and cheer for the Warriors.

The nuns will be in tees and sweatshirts with UH logos. Sister Mary Edward Sugioka ("Sister Eddie") has a UH football dress she wears for the occasions.

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Happy birthday to Pride, Pomai, Cliff Sanchez, Dylan Linkner and Pohai Keli‘ikipi.

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