Game week

August 30th, 2009

Game week started with this morning's practice on Cooke/Ching Field. Several notes:

• It appears that Brent Rausch has nudged ahead of Bryant Moniz in the competition for the No. 2 quarterback's job. Rausch took most of the snaps. "You have to report what  you see," head coach Greg McMackin said.

• Defensive right end Fetaiagogo Fonoti did not practice because of a variety of ailments. But he said he will resume practicing this week and he promised to be ready for Friday's opener against Central Arkansas.

• Center John Estes resumed practicing after missing about four workouts because of a bruised left shin.

• There is concern about left cornerback Tank Hopkins' availability after he missed another practice because of an injured hip flexor. Lametrius Davis and Lewis Walker, who has been impressive the past week, are competing at left cornerback in Hopkins' absence.
• Safety Gary Nagy, a Kahuku graduate who relinquished a BYU scholarship to return home, has been cleared to practice. He must redshirt this season in accordance with NCAA transfer rules. After that, he will have two years to play two seasons. He attended BYU for three semesters.
And here are some old-school highlights:
* * * * *
Happy birthday, Momo
* * * * *
A friend needs some help. He's doing a story on Harry Kalas. Does anybody remember his broadcast partner for Hawaii Islander games? Thanks.

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  1. HiFlyer:


  2. HiFlyer:

    Where is everyone?

  3. BIGWAVE96744:

    Have a great day everyone..
    Go get some waves in the country for me..
    Yesterday a small North Swell rolled in...

  4. madeinhawaii:

    5 days to go and the injury list keeps piling up. Defensively it looks like we'll be playing a lot of the second team. Nothing like game experience to get them up to first team levels, though, and this is the kind of game to work them. Hopefully all the injured (not season-ending) will be ready to rumble by the second game.

  5. W.M:

    Aloha from Cali!

  6. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    Top 10!

    Have a great Sunday. Hoping to take puppy for his first beach outing.

  7. βρεω808:

    Those were some mean looking photos of Rausch and Moniz the other day - mugshots. Clearly... Princess L wasn't on the other side of the camera.... :D

  8. βρεω808:

    So....Tank needs a longer vest?!! :lol:

  9. βρεω808:

    Re: leg-whips..... ==> Get use to them for Navy..... :roll:

  10. βρεω808:

    Hiya jm(zip code....)..... U pau traveling? :D

  11. whitey:

    mw shot -6 today with no bogeys. she is trailing the leader by 2. best round by her this year.

  12. βρεω808:

    Normally, I'd be giving some host kaka 'bout posting so late.... but I know beauty rest is much needed.... :roll: :lol:

  13. NorthshoreFan:

    BG..BTW, if not doing anything now, I could use some yard service!?!?!!??? Tree trimming, grass work, gardening etc...I'll help U keep busy...
    Much deserved retirement bro...!
    Great rouund for da Wieesy. Hope this really is the start of her climb to No. 1!
    So so weekend for the NFL Warriors. Hope for better things next game.
    Nice and hot on the NS but good day for working da yard.

  14. HiFlyer:

    Happy Birthday to Momo

  15. Kekoa:

    LL Series is jam packed with fans. Game is tight. Sparkling defensive play by the CA team to get out of trouble with the bases loaded in the 4th. They hang on to a slim one run lead over Taipei.

  16. βρεω808:

    Warriors need some younger guys on the DL to really step-up and earn some PT! :|

  17. βρεω808:

    Aloha NorthshoreFan - Geeee.... I wish I could go to the beach .... maybe Laie.....maybe some shaved ice.... :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the 411/info. I didn't realize that BG, (and KK, MOMO) were in A A R P ?!!! :shock: :lol: :D

  18. βρεω808:

    ....and 99....!!! :shock:

  19. NorthshoreFan:

    Brew8089, really good day for da beach and shave ice afta! Come on down! Me, got to do yard work before no can find da dog when she go out da yard! Solution, next time get one bigga dog so the rubbish only knee high!
    Have a good one Tsai-kos...

  20. NorthshoreFan: bad

  21. βρεω808:

    :cry: :mrgreen: :cry:

  22. Kekoa:

    Northshore Fan ~ Be on da lookout for a LARGE puppy from Kailua side. Puppy is well-behaved, owner is wild!

  23. βρεω808:

    Hoya? :roll:

  24. βρεω808:

    Watch out for the panting, the drooling, and all of the barking! Oh, from the puppy too!!! :lol: :shock: :lol:

  25. βρεω808:

    ........... :D :D :D ….…......HH…..
    .... :D ..555555.. :D .….....XX.….
    . :D …55………... :D .......xx…...
    . :D …5555555..... :D ......M…...
    .. :D ………555.... :D .......N……
    :D ..555555.... :D ….….i……
    …….... :D :D :D ..............@......

  26. βρεω808:

    FF________OO____OO___OO____OO____TTT_____BB___BB__AAA___AAA__LL____ __LL______!

  27. βρεω808:


  28. βρεω808:

    :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:

    :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen: :D :mrgreen:

  29. Slugger:

    Get well, guys!

  30. madeinhawaii:

    We need the Jrs and Sophs on the Offensive side to really step up and play when their names are called this season, otherwise, we in deep kaka next season. But we worry about next season when this season ends, eh?

  31. βρεω808:

    Re: Safeway Open Update.... ==> Ai ==> Aiyah! :shock:

  32. jm2375:

    Hiya brew!

    Pau traveling for the year till probably next summer.

    Kekoa - we probably going stay Kailua side. Keed can't swim for a week cuz she got a tooth pulled yesterday. Puppy is currently tearing apart a pillow...

  33. βρεω808:

    Hey..... would that post (#30) read the same on OSX vs. PC7? :roll: :lol:

    Hiya MIH! :D

  34. wafan:

    Good afternoon Tsai-kos!

  35. wafan:

    Wahine played a good 4th game last night to pull out the win. Shoji need 14 more for 1K.

  36. βρεω808:

    Re: #5 -
    Aloha W.M.! Are you a new Tsaiko or WarriorMojo in initials only.... (or maybe a dyslectic MW?) :roll:

    In any case - howzit! :D

  37. βρεω808:

    Re: Safeway Open Update.... ==> MW finishes -2 off the lead and in a 3-way tie for fourth.

    ==> She, Pettersen, and Redman have a "sudden death" playoff! ... I mean Hur! :lol: :shock: :lol:

  38. βρεω808:

    Who's going to V O L L E Y B A L L tonight? :D :shock: :lol:

  39. βρεω808:

    >3 am two nights in a row....(weekend nights too)! And now.... another conference call.... :roll:

  40. whitey:

    dang, mw finishes 4th. the top 3 are tied and will go into a playoff.

  41. βρεω808:

    But before I go.... (dragged over from the earlier blog....) :D

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

    :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol:

  42. whitey:

    was that an echo i wrote

  43. wafan:

    Happy birthday Momo!!!

  44. Slugger:


    You going to volleyball tonight? Kazz will be there & so will I.

  45. Cindy Cee:

    Good afternoon, gang! : )

  46. W.M:

    RE: #36 It's over 100 degrees today! Howzit with you folks?
    No,I'm not WarriorMojo...but I've been checking out the blog for many years. Lookin' forward to this season with all the games up here. I'll will be going to the Washington, Vegas, San Jose and Reno games.Go Warriors!!!

  47. Willie:

    As noted yesterday Wie needs to break out of the mold she has had the last 6 to 8 tournaments. Solid rounds on Thurs & Friday, swan dive on Sat and great shooting on Sunday with no pressure. All the experts say it's a matter of time & she needs to be in contention on Sundays.

    Rookie Hur from Korea just won her 1st LPGA tournament, beating Petersen on the 2nd playoff hole.

    Great game last night between St. Louis & Leilehua last night, as already stated lots of D1 prospects on both teams.

  48. Stephen Tsai:

    My laptop has gone to the farm, as we used to say about pets that are no longer around.

  49. vballfan1:

    Hey Stephen I know were in the middle of football season and all but a few warrior volleyball questions.
    Is it true Brian Beckwith is the new GA?
    Are Umlauft, Biscaro, and Metzger all in school and any new player additions that you know of ? THANKS

  50. whitey:

    willie, mw did not play on thurs as this was a fri, sat, sun tourney. u right about playing solid game. she is doing great with the birdies, but those dang bogeys are killing her.

  51. Stephen Tsai:

    I think Beckwith was going to be the G.A., but I haven't seen him in a while. Then again, he looks different with the darkened hair.
    Umlauft, for sure, is in school. He's been kicking butt in unsupervised scrimmages. I believe both of the freshman setters are here, too.

  52. Stephen Tsai:

    Stanford's "autumn" semester begins Sept. 21. I guess MW gets to play some more.
    But, gee, isn't it kind of hoity to call it an autumn semester? What happened to good ol' fall?
    I guess that's what happens when your school color is "cardinal" instead of "red."

  53. whitey:

    ST, political correctness at its finest and what do you expect from a yuppie school

  54. Willie:

    Whitey, I know this was only a 54 hole tournament. Point I was trying to make is that she plays very well to make the cut on Thurs & Fri (this tourn only had Friday qualifying) in the upper third, but falls flat on Saturdays, then shoots lights out on Sundays when she is well off the pace to have a chance to win with no pressure. Would be nice to see her reverse this trend. She did start off the year at Turtle Bay in contention on "Money Sunday" but lost to Petersen I think.

    Appreciated your comments.

  55. whitey:

    also what do you expect when you write to Stanford U, it is in Palo Alto, but they want their address to be Stanford, CA with the same zip as Palo Alto. Most high maka maka places all do the same. You think they would all build a Post Office on their property, but know they all are too cheap and use the zip from their area. heeeehaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  56. chawan_cut:

    battle of qbs vs their ex teams. cutler vs orton.

  57. whitey:

    willie, me and you cheer for her and truly wish she would play a solid 3 or 4 rounds, but like you say, her tendency is to broke leg on either sat or sun. i think she is starting to see the light much brighter and hope she does it this coming weekend. i not going be here to cheer, but my best to her.

  58. Stephen Tsai:

    Isn't it supposed to be a farm school?
    Maybe they should be the Farmers. At least then we'd know the nickname is plural.
    How annoying.
    I know at the office they wanted to pluralize all nicknames, like Nevada Wolf Pack. We argued that if you were actually talking about a real pack of wolves, the pack would be singular (collective noun). We won. I think.

  59. Stephen Tsai:

    Here's a glossary of Stanford terms:

  60. Stephen Tsai:

    Stanford's band has a mascot.

  61. Stephen Tsai:

    After one of Cal’s many Big Game victories over Stanford, a Cal student and a Stanford student are standing next to each other at the urinals in the mens’ Room.
    The Stanford student finishes, then goes to the sink to wash his hands. The Cal student finishes, then walks directly outside.
    The Stanford student walks outside to reprimand the Cal student. “At Stanford University,” he says proudly, “we always wash our hands after using the restroom.”
    The Cal student replies, “At Cal, we don’t pee on our hands.”

  62. whitey:

    A tree???????

  63. whitey:

    somehow, the word stanford is cranking up st. they did lose last night in volleyball to some unknown school.

  64. al:

    good luck whitey.
    bring back some king's for our tailgate or my freezer.

  65. whitey:

    one thing i do give my thanks to is stanford hospital. if it wasn't for their neurolgical staff, my sister in law would not be living today. if i had to depend on the medical procedure in hawaii, she would be dead.

  66. Stephen Tsai:

    How do you get a Stanford grad off your porch?
    Pay him for the pizza.

  67. whitey:

    al, this time it is some serious fishing. last trip was as a conservationist, but this time, no catch and release.

  68. Stephen Tsai:

    How do you make Stanford cookies?
    Put them in a big bowl, and beat them for three hours.

  69. Stephen Tsai:

    I think I'm interrupting Al and Whitey's conversation.

  70. FloridaTed:

    Can someone refresh my memory?

    I'm sure I've read about it, but forgotten it : Why do the Warriors play UCA on friday night at 7:00 pm again? Theirs no ESPN, or Fox, or VS, or any other TV, besides K-5 (as far as I know). So, what gives?

  71. FloridaTed:

    There's (cheese).

    Game week, I love the sound of this.

  72. Stephen Tsai:

    Florida Ted;
    Central Arkansas has a big game the following week, so to agree to play this game, UH had to move up date a day. It actually works out OK for UH. The Warriors leave the following Wednesday for an 11-day trip.

  73. whitey:

    st, i can see the stanford tsaikos with their cardinal face, oops meant red face.

  74. Ralph:

    UCA wants to return home at a reasonable time for the players to get back to classes on Monday.

  75. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    How do you castrate a Fresno State fan?

    Kick his sister in the chin... :cool:

  76. Committed Road Warrior:

    Ralph #74:

    Isn't the Monday following the game Labor Day?

  77. whitey:

    crw, in the hills, they no celebrate that day, they have moonshine day

  78. whitey:

    got to go into town. catch u later

  79. LizKauai [iMac] We are FAMILY- GO WARRIORS!:

    # 75...where am ?


    back from the 6thF...
    on to shopping..,



  80. Ralph:

    crw but i believe that is the reason jd gave for moving the game up, easy travel time for UCA. maybe people in arkansas don't celebrate labor day lol non union, they are just hard workers.

  81. LK (tilt):


    Too funny!

  82. Ralph:

    isn't tyson chicken and walmart headquartered in Arkansas, those two corp work 7 days a week, use a lot of migrant workers for cheap labor so they are open 24 hours a day. no labor day for them.

  83. wafan:

    Ralph . . .

    That being the case, every day is a labor day for them.

  84. Garret:

    Zorn plans to have Campbell sit out their final preseason game and both Colt and Chase will get a lot of playing time.

    It sounds like Zorn will use the bulk of the time on offense to evaluate quarterbacks Chase Daniel and Colt Brennan, who are battling for the third spot. He said backup Todd Collins will "possibly" play, but both Daniel and Brennan will definitely play.

  85. Garret:

    I like UH playing the game a day early because they lose a day of preparation when they go on the road. It also gives the Warriors an extra day to recover and prepare for Washington State.

  86. Garret:

    Cannon Smith is transferring to Memphis. Looks like Memphis has gotten a number of transfers from Miami.

    Quarterback Cannon Smith is transferring to the University of Memphis.

    The U of M already has two former Hurricanes on its roster: tight end DajLeon Farr and wide receiver Jermaine McKenzie.

  87. FloridaTed:

    Thanks, Tsai-Meister, memory restored and it does make sense for UH.

  88. bighilofan2:

    amazin what i read. mortified. :lol:

    not. :lol:

    rememba, we got nuns hangin arouind us now. :D

  89. Diogenes Sinope:

    Stanford follows a tri-semester school year - an "autumn" semester, a "winter" semester and "spring" semester - just words - like UH has its first semester, second semester and summer school which has two sessions.

  90. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Sweety and I went to see District 9. Best movie I have seen in some time. We come strolling out into the lobby, and there's Clayton Laurel, Ikaika Rodenhurst. Ralpn Ieru and Aaron Kia. They loved the movie too.

  91. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    They looked in great shape.

  92. bighilofan2:

    Standford gives me da IRay.

    you right about dat DS. like peeps talking about da King's English. we know all about dat 1. :D i think we prefers da Oakland Inner City English. no care dat kin hi fallutah. nope, jus geev em. das why scriveners no can stand da kine.. da take away da politickinz and jus go fo da pretty faces? :D nope, we want marvin lewis, rich miano, Mike Smith, to stand up! \ an if no more enuf pretty faces, den jus go fo wackin em.

    i've been to rehab. just gonna yell at a select few. UCA. WSU. UNLV...


  93. d1島:

    Good to hear that the QB2 situation seems to be settled. No distractions; game prep is the most important thing now.

  94. Ralph:

    it's vb time!

  95. chawan_cut:

    i'm a bad fan.
    i'm not there.
    very long weekend.
    bad me.
    Go Wahine!

  96. Ralph:

    great win in the first set... need our middles. kaufmann with neg. # 3 errors in 5 att. , hewitt saw two sets, actually one was a bump over i believe.

  97. Ralph:

    got to keep the UCLA middles honest, they are sitting on the outside to double team kanani and steph., mafua got to use hewitt and kaufmann in the middle.

  98. Bulla:

    UH should run the middle more, instead of shooting to the outside, too predictable....Kaaihue is unreal......

  99. Bulla:

    oh no..........danielson down

  100. Bulla:

    UCLA foot on our side of the net, she fell on the side of it................

  101. Bulla:

    BIGFOOT, ouchhhh

  102. chawan_cut:

    that is a giant of a girl. 6'6"? wow.

  103. Ralph:

    ferrell is doing a great job on the rs, i wonder if its the block or feeling more comfortable swinging from the right.

  104. Ralph:

    mafua has to use the middles up the middle and some pike sets to keep UCLA middles in the middle longer to free the outside.

  105. Ralph:

    ferrell got about 5 kills without an error on the rs.

  106. TYaiea:

    Wow 2nd set was terrifice. Na Wahine playing big time. Even with Kanani out. Hope they can continue in the 3rd set. Speaking of nuns, well nuns got nothing to do with this, but did you know that there are more Catholic churches then casinos in Las Vegas. During the collection, many toss in casino chips in the collection. Because of all the various chips, they send it all to a nearby Franciscan Monastery who redeem all the chips at the chips origin casino. Those that does all this work are called "chip monks."

  107. d1島:

    ...pah dum, tish!

  108. d1島:

    Has anyone received their parking pass for the Stadium yet?

  109. βρεω808:


  110. βρεω808:

    d1島 - You're welcome to use my parking pass.... kind of a long walk and swim though.... :D

  111. βρεω808:

    Ferrell: Left ankle. Bruin block cheats to their right, esp their MB.

  112. Ralph:

    ferrell's spike to the libero's, she got up, in fact she bounced up, give her credit

  113. Ralph:

    a sweep, how sweet it is!

  114. Ralph:

    didn't realize that aneli hit 4% tonight, but her energy, serves, and defense helped. ferrell had 9 kills and one error after the first game.

  115. TChahng [오키나와]:

    I was an instructor at the Marine Corps Air Schools and one day I asked a Marine to take a pen and pass it along to one of his classmates. Then asked that Marine to pass along to the next, and so on, and so on, until every one in the class, including the female students had their hands on the pen. Then I said that the first Marine used the restroom and didn't wash his hands. I taught them a good lesson that day.

    RE: #61. You don't want to pass on the nasty crap that was on your schwetty nuts. ^^)

  116. βρεω808:

    __________. :D .. :D .. :D .._________
    ______. :D ._____________. :D ._____
    ____. :D ._________________ . :D . ___
    __. :D ._____________________. :D .__
    _. :D .____. :roll: .______. :roll: ._____. :D ._
    . :D .________________________ . :D .
    . :D .__________. :shock: .___________. :D .
    . :D .____. :lol: ._________. :lol: .____ . :D .
    . :D ._____. :lol: .______. :lol: .______. :D .
    _. :D ._______. :lol: .. :lol: ._______. :D ._
    __. :D .___________________. :D . ___
    _____. :D .____________. :D .______
    _________. :D .. :D .. :D ._________

    ~~•~~~~•~W A H I N E ★ V O L L E Y B A L L!!!~•~~~~•~~

  117. djmitcho:

    Wow, what a fantasy draft. It's gonna be an interesting season for the Tsaikos

  118. al:

    i hope this time colt gets a chance to play with the ones. hopefully, the pass protection and route running will be more professional.

  119. al:

    happy birthday mr. momo.

    ummm. just curious, are you bringing your infamous pan laulau this friday???

  120. A-House:

    First, a most Happy Birfday to Momo! many, many more to celebrate.

    2nd, here's my take with the Redskins QB situation - Colt and Case do well and they let Collins go!

  121. Kekoa:

    Pan Lau Lau? Did someone mention the best tasting Lau Lau this side of Aloha Stadium? MMMmmmMMM!

    I got da Char Siu Turkey Tails on da side (while supplies last!). You lose!

  122. NorthshoreFan:

    Wahines looked GREAT! Me thinks they will get much better. Good teams in this tournament and Wahines responded well. Farrell gave that lady one huge facial! I hope the middle can improve. Not bad for her first tournament play. She put up some great numbers in the middle.

    Well da mower broke down so went to dump some trash at Kawailoa. Traffic jam in Haleiwa! Jam went past Haleiwa! Darn people stopping for the turtles! Tried to double back and go through Haleiwa town and ...traffic jam there too!
    Brew808..hope you neva try driving to the norhtshore today!

  123. NorthshoreFan:

    Man...sounds so ono! Dreaming of laulau, poki, lomi, tripe stew, poi, ake, kulolo, squid luau, chicken long rice, haupia, raw crab with inamona, kalua, yams from the imu.
    Was hoping to meet up with the Tsai-kos but got a hearing to attend Friday and possibly till Monday.

  124. Stephen Tsai:

    Well, I sat behind Kazz at the vb match. He was well behaved, except for that girly shriek he let out when Danielson went down.

  125. Stephen Tsai:

    And Donovan was at the front, greeting folks. Then he passed out something that resembled a donation form.

  126. Stephen Tsai:

    I saw a bunch of the football players there — John Estes, Ray Hisatake, Aaron Brown, Billy Ray Stutzmann, Jake Heun, Scott Enos, Alex Dunnachie, George Daily-Lyles, Aaron Kia ...

  127. Stephen Tsai:

    The stadium parking passes are weird. You get a regular pass, then you get a sheet full of bar codes, one for each home game. I can see somebody scanning the wrong code.
    Or, worse, some clown yelling: Price check at gate 4.

  128. Stephen Tsai:

    John McNamara was sitting next to a Brand X writer.
    I texted him to get away.
    He actually moved.
    Then I kept texting, saying: I'm watching you.
    I don't think he had caller ID.

  129. Derek:

    New England back-up QB Kevin O-Connell was released today. I saw him play earlier this weekend and he was terrible. Now this is a pefect time for the Patriots to acquire Colt Brennan to be the back-up for Brady.
    They can probably get him for probably a future 5th or 6th round pick or either trade a player straight up. Or they could wait and take their chances that Colt get released and pick him up after clearing waivers for nothing. Either way, the Patriots are smart. Right now I don't know who's the back-up.

  130. Stephen Tsai:

    I think I'm all alone here.

  131. Stephen Tsai:

    Thanks for the update. That's surprising. O'Connell always had the tools, so I figured the Patriots could mold him.
    Hmm. I think Kansas City might be having an opening soon ....

  132. d1島:

    Sortalurking...flipping between Throwdown with Bobby Flay and The Charge of the Light Brigade....

    ...summer TV sucks.

  133. chawan_cut:

    I think were alone now.....
    There doesnt seem to be anyone around
    I think were alone now....
    The beating of our hearts is the only sound

  134. Garret:


    I'm sorry to pass along bad news, but I think that Momo and Mrs. Momo have childcare duties on Friday (my sister and her husband have to work), so they won't be able to tailgate. They will get to the stadium in time for the game, but I don't think they will be able to tailgate.

  135. Garret:

    John Estes was named to the CBS Sports' All-American second team. Only USC's center is ahead of him according to CBS Sports. Congratulations to Estes for the honor...he'll have a lot of scouts watching him perform this year.

  136. Garret:

    Even after being named the starter at Chicago, Pisa still feels like he has something to prove to himself and to his teammates. I think that the hungry attitude is a good one for him...especially since his contract is up after this season.

    Meanwhile, another NFL player is seeking acceptance on his new team.

    "I'm not even sure if I really got accepted yet. I mean, everyone has been cordial and nice to me," said Chicago Bears linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa. "But week in and week out, you just have to show not only to your teammates but to yourself that you're good enough to hang around."

  137. al: tell your sister to take the day off so momo and mama momo can go tailgate.

  138. Garret:

    This high school coach turned down coaching offers from both UH and BSU.

    No longer desiring to coach in college, Smythe said, he rebuffed offers from Pokey Allen at Boise State and June Jones at Hawaii. Smythe said Jones, entering his second season as the coach at Southern Methodist, pursued him again last year.

    "I was involved in negotiations with Lakeridge at the time, and I didn't think it was the right timing," said Smythe, who coached the last two seasons at Evergreen of Vancouver.

  139. al:


    now you starting to worry me.
    you singing joyously about being alone with who?

  140. chawan_cut:

    i was just playing off of ST's #130.

    just me and sportscenter here.

  141. al:

    i think part of colt's troubles could be attributed to the talent level of the receivers and obviously the second/third team oline.

    i am also surprised at zorn's rather conservative approach in his play calling.

  142. al:

    okay. c_c. i'll take off the apb on you now.
    btw, are you coming to the tailgate on friday?

  143. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    Stephen Tsai:

    August 30th, 2009 at 8:11 pm
    Well, I sat behind Kazz at the vb match. He was well behaved, except for that girly shriek he let out when Danielson went down.

    :shock: LIES!!! :shock:

  144. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Researchers concluded that most of Earth’s clouds get their start in deep space–they say that cosmic rays collide with water molecules in our atmosphere to form clouds.

  145. Garret:

    Study found that optimists outlive pessimists–optimists were 9% less likely to develop heart disease within 8 years and 14% less likely to die than women who were pessimists.

  146. Garret:

    63-year-old Iowa woman was trapped on a small raft caught in tangled river brush for *five* days. She was a couple hundred yards from a bridge that she could see cars driving over, but nobody could hear her. She had just two cans of Mountain Dew and a bottle of water with her!

  147. Garret:

    Four-star hotel near Venice accidentally offered a rate of 1 euro cent (about 1.4 US cents) for a two-night stay. The erroneous rate was just on their website for one night, but 228 people booked 1,400 room nights before they fixed the mistake. They hotel will honor all reservations at that rate, even though they normally charge between $128 and $214 for single night stay.

  148. Garret:

    Philadelphia has banned using a cell phone while skateboarding, bicycling, and skating.

  149. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  150. Garret:

    This is kind of sports related--woman in Raleigh, North Carolina is suing the city for $10,000 because men won’t play tennis against her.

  151. Garret:

    Amazing video (shot from the camera on his helmet) of what happened when a skydiver fell 10,000 feet and somehow survived even though his parachute failed to open.

  152. al:

    women's vb...they look good.

    what i liked was the way they are getting to balls.
    a lot of athletes on the court.

    brittany hewitt is proving why she is the other mb. she'll only get better. in two years when she gets stronger, she will be a force.

    a lot of firepower in danielson, otineru, and ferrell.
    still waiting for kaufmann to arrive at the party. time to refocus from high jumping to vb. when she out.

    lots of great parts on this team and kaaihue is symbolic to the kind of conditioning and work the girls put in during the offseason as they appear to be more fit and better athletically this year.

    the final piece of the puzzle, the straw that stirs the drink lays in the hands and head of danni mafua. her game is not real sharp right now as it needs to be. if she can make improvements every game and then take charge of this team as the great ones/setters of the past have we could be in the final four with all eyes upon us.

    ...nuff said

  153. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    When Kanani went down the 5,500+ in attendance went DEAD silent.

    It was deja vu all over again with the pit in my stomach and the energy being sucked out of the place much like when Colt went down against Fresno State in 2007.

    Not sure if they showed this on TV but a few minutes later WHILE play was happening, they showed Kanani in the tunnel with the trainer "test jumping" her ankle... It was very Paul Pierce-ish except no wheelchair and Kanani's injury was LEGIT.

    I hope that when she wakes up tomorrow, the ankle will be fine. The way she rolled it, there most likely will be some sort of swelling but to what degree remains to be seen.

    BTW, that up official that gave UCLA those two "antenna" points works for the same bank I do, but in the auditing department I believe... go figure... Who's gonna audit his calls tonight? :roll:

  154. madeinhawaii:

    Hmm... "girly shriek" is that politically correct? Can you say that without rattling the ire of the the ACLU .... NCAAP ..ASPCA...?

  155. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    Brittany Hewitt's play has skyrocketed from her "debut" on Friday night.

    Granted it was her first night as a starter on Friday, but she was too "soft" and hesitant with her kill attempts. She got better with her blocks on Saturday and of course got a pretty "complete" game tonight against the #9 team in the country.

    After tonight I think UH fans will be MORE than happy with four more years of her.

  156. Garret:

    Nice photo of RGM signing an autograph on Sunday.

  157. Garret:

    I'm glad that the Wahine are off to such a great start. I hope that they can stay sharp and continue to improve when they get into the WAC schedule...while teams in other conferences are challenged each week there are too many WAC schools that are at a different level of play than the Wahine.

    At least one or two WAC teams are consistently a tough challenge and the threat from one team has increased in the past year...improvement by WAC teams is important for the Wahine to reach their potential and peak for the NCAA tournament.

  158. chawan_cut:

    yes, they showed that on tv.
    they also showed kanani and the ucla girl that she stepped on in the all tourney lineup. you could see the ucla giant say sorry to kanani and they talked it over and blew it off. it happens.
    but yes. everything was rolling in game 2 and then that happened. i was like, OH NO!

  159. Kazz (13 more for Coach Shoji):

    Liz Ka'aihue and Aneli Cubi-Otineru had MONSTER performances tonight.

    UCLA really scouted Amber Kaufman's "swing" set up tonight as I think it was only truly effective once. What also helped UH was UCLA's libero who seemed like she didn't know where she was on the court as there were several instances where she should have let the ball die for a side out in favor of UCLA, but instead she saves it and eventually our Wahine took advantage of it. Oh well... :lol:

    Overall, it was good to see the constant smiles on the face of the Wahine tonight. For 95% of the entire match it seemed like they couldn't do anything wrong. Nice to see them shake off the "head scratching" performance that was last night's match against Santa Clara.

    #2 Texas comes to town this coming Saturday night...

  160. Kazz (13 more for Coach Shoji):


    Yeah, that injury was no one's fault. It was good to see Kanani get up pretty quickly with little limping.

    But man, words cannot describe what that did to the crowd when it happened...

    Im gonna stay up for the replay.

  161. chawan_cut:

    too bad that match wasn't in HD.
    i'm gonna dvr the replay.
    K5's first HD showing will be Thursday's Wahine match vs somebody. i don't have a poster to tell me who.

  162. Kazz (13 more for Coach Shoji):

    In instances like what happened tonight, newcomer Corinne Cascioppo is going to have to be called upon.

    Stephanie Brandt came in to briefly play Kanani's spot but she misplayed a low set.

    I like Brandt and since last season I always felt she had the ability to pull the team together by being vocal and her strong defensive play, but she looked a little rattled when she was subbed in during that time.

  163. Kazz (13 more for Coach Shoji):


    August 30th, 2009 at 9:25 pm
    too bad that match wasn't in HD.
    i'm gonna dvr the replay.
    K5's first HD showing will be Thursday's Wahine match vs somebody. i don't have a poster to tell me who.

    We play St. Louis on Thursday night at 7pm.

    Speaking of HD, I wouldn't mind watching that kill that went off UCLA's libero... It looked so painful/embarassing for that UCLA player that most of the crowd was busy "ooo-ing and awwww-ing" at the replay on the big screen to remember who even got credited with the kill.

    At first I felt bad about jumping up and down mocking someone feeling dizzy because she was on the court for a little, but when she got up I think everyone realized she was more ashamed than anything else. :lol:

  164. chawan_cut:

    i believe that was ferrel. we have some boomers on this team. hopefully hewitt can bring some power too. i miss a powerful middle blocker like bown.

  165. Kazz (13 more for Coach Shoji):

    The more Hewitt plays the more confident she will be with her power.

    If Hewitt starts pounding da court with the authority of an upper classman (woman :wink: ) then look out!!!

  166. FloridaTed:

    Unfortunately Colt will not be released. The Skins know what they've got, they will give Colt another year of grooming and then we'll see. He doesn't have the luxery of highprised rookies to have a vanilla offense designed around him. He has to learn the entire offense, all of it, just like Campbell. Should be an interesting year.

  167. chawan_cut:

    i'll be there thursday fo shua.
    can't make it sat. will be camping.
    probably make it back there sunday.
    i've been a bad fan. i shouldn't talk unless i'm there.

  168. FloridaTed:

    Very,very impressive this years Wahine. This could become a super year. Sweeping UCLA is always an accomplishment, no matter where or how.

  169. madeinhawaii:

    Florida Ted,

    I agree with you regarding Colt. He's showing that he can move the ball. Come back immediately after throwing a 97 yard interception and score to tie the game. He showed that he can make decisions under pressure behind a less than ideal O-line. He has also demonstrated that he can learn from the coaching staff, do as he has been taught and improve on his decision making skills. Chase is where Colt was a year ago. He's raw and playing with the third stringers.

    Zorn is giving Colt time to 'earn' the respect and confidence of his teammates, he'll need all that when he takes the helm.

  170. labrat:

    How come wahine BB no mo schedule yet?

  171. niho mano:

    The wahine vb team looked pretty good and when kanani went down I thought oh no!, ucla will win the game...but the wahines did a great job...I hope hewitt will become a force in the middle...she started to pickup in the fourth game against santa clara.

  172. Ralph:

    labrat when coach dana was hired, she commented in the paper that she was surprised that the non conference schedule wasn't worked on, lots of open dates to fill on such late notice.

  173. LizKauai [iMac] We are FAMILY- GO WARRIORS!:


    NN & SWD!

  174. LizKauai [iMac] We are FAMILY- GO WARRIORS!:

    Still sharing credit...and accepting blame... here's the credit part:

    "On the touchdown:

    Basically it was third down and we had a play called. [The defense] come up and played a certain defense. It was questionable as to which way should I go, I didn’t have a good feel for it. Right at the snap I decided to go to my left. As I was reading the safety I was trying to keep him inside and when I went outside to look at Marko [Mitchell], I saw him put his hand up, which meant that he was going; he had beaten the DB and he was going to take off and just go for the end zone. It was just all reaction, just what we work out here everyday, that timing, that reaction. I just reacted and threw it downfield. He ran under it and made a great play and made a touchdown.

    For a young rookie to do that in a big situation on national TV against a great football team and a good defense says a lot of him and I’m just glad I was able to get it to him.

    We practice these balls all the time and that’s what you do when you practice. You want to practice muscle memory. I remember during warm ups I was throwing the 9-routes really smooth. I felt really good throwing 9 routes. When that thing opened up and I reacted, the ball came out real smooth and right where I was trying to throw it."

  175. al:

    hard to believe...
    ashley lelie is entering his eigth season with his fourth team.
    he had 4 rec/52 yds the other day.

    btw, i wonder if he has ever made a donation to na koa?

  176. al:

    st...perhaps you ask al michaels if he was or knew the broadcast partner with harry kalas back in the islander days. i know al michaels followed harry.

  177. Momo:

    The pan lau lau will hve to wait for the second t gate for we will bew a bit late with child care duties. We will be there about 4.30 and ms momo will think up of a treat equal to that of a pan lau lau.

  178. Kekoa (iPhone):

    I see that my hopes for pan LL have been disrupted. I may have to break the seal on steamed LL from my personal stash. Gotta check with da Gov. 1st, see if she declares a State of Emergency!

    Returning to the land of nod....Zzzz

  179. Garret:

    Good news that Chris Leatigaga will be able to play this season and that David Hafoka will be able to practice this week. Hopefully the injured Warriors get back quickly and no other serious injuries occur before the road trip.

  180. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    It's game week! Ronnie, where are you?

    Where's the early morning crew? Sleeping in cuz they watched the vb replay last night?

  181. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    my hopes for da pan lau lau have been dished. :lol:

    plan B. manapua and half moons from chinatown :D

  182. d1島:

    Great Morning All! jmxxxx notes, still no Ronnie...

    ...OK, just this once I will stand in for her....

  183. d1島:


  184. jm2375:

    Hey Ronnie, is it Friday yet?! :D

  185. bighilofan2:



    Good job, coaches. keep it going. keep it going.

    Is it Friday yet?

  186. d1島:


    Speaking for myself, no worries about the pan laulau. You folks busy enough. It'll be good to see you two anyway.

  187. LizKauai [iMac] We are FAMILY- GO WARRIORS!:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Colt on Thursday, Warriors on Friday... FOOTBALL!!!

  188. d1島:

    Seems like the excitement of the season opener is proving to be a very effective salve for what ails a Warrior.

    Good news about Chris Leatigaga's knee. Hope the rehab goes well.

    Glad that Estes and Fonoti will be ready for Friday, too.

    When was Hafoka injured? Don't recall reading about his herniated disk injury.

  189. bighilofan2:


    ditta d1.

    I looking forward to seeing Pride, befo and afta da game. :D

    I have way more confidence in da team this year. I also get choke HOPE.

  190. d1島:

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


  191. bighilofan2:

    Dragged this over from the Log Cabin Democrfat, Conway Arkansas.

    ARE THESE FOOTBALL PLAYERS OR MENU ITEMS?: The Hawaii two-deep lineup consists of the following names: Laupepa Letuli, Matagisila Lefiti, Vaughn Meatoga, Tuika Tufaga, Paipai Felemalu, Rocky Savaiigae, Po’Okela Ahmad and R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane

    cannot wait to introduce da huggy bears to our braddaz. :D

  192. Garret:

    Ryan Mouton had a real shot at the Titans' returner position--too bad his injury has kept him (and almost all of their other kick returners) out of practice.

    No currently healthy player has challenged for the jobs besides rookie running back Javon Ringer. Rookie cornerback Ryan Mouton was in the mix until he suffered a high ankle sprain last week.

  193. bighilofan2:

    have a nice day errybody. hi ho woosshhhh

  194. Pride.:

    Game 1 this Friday. Ready to go undefeated. 1 and 0 after week #1.

  195. royvic:

    Fan Promotions & Ticket Discounts For 2009 Football & Women's Volleyball

    Check the above site for listing of select games for discounts. For instance someone going to the CA game Friday with a a valid military identification card would receive 50% off.

    50% Off Ticket Discounts Available
    For UH Alumni Association Members

    Military Receive 50% Off Tickets
    To UH Football & Volleyball

    UH Season-Ticket Holders
    Receive 50% Off Tickets

  196. royvic:

    Discussion on 1420 surrounds the news that Jake Ingram won the job w/New England. Other long snapper was released.

  197. djmitcho:

    Good Morning Everybody! It's the start of another grinding work week. At least there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and that is some Warrior Football!!!! I'm guessing I'm gonna have to order the online stream from oceanic or whoever to watch it. Have a good one everybody!

  198. djmitcho:

    ST, some thing I've noticed on the Advertiser UH football schedule. When you look at the times, one, the WSU game is no longer TBA and 2, while the Idaho game says 2pm MT, Moscow is in the PTZ. So while technically correct, I think it should say 1pm PT. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but I'm getting excited to watch the Warriors play already

  199. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Four more days...

    I tell ya Aaron Kia and his buddies looked in good shape for such huge guys. Kia's 'round 300 lbs. and don't look fat! The O line is gonna shine folks. And you need that on an undefeated team.

  200. Garret:

    Like royvic said, Jake beat out the vet long-snapper. Congratulations Jake!

    Long snapper Nathan Hodel, a Belleville East High School graduate, was released by the New England Patriots on Monday morning.

    Hodel, 31, was signed by the Patriots on March 10. He was battling rookie Jake Ingram, a sixth-round pick out of the University Hawaii, for the team's long snapping duties.

    Hodel spent the previous seven seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, where he played in 114 consecutive regular-season games and never had a botched snap.

  201. Dennis Halloran:

    UH 41 UCA 24

  202. Slugger:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!!!

    Congrats to Jake Ingram on getting the long snapper job with New England! Thanks for the news, royvic.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  203. Pomai:

    UH vs Central Arkansas
    10    -    24    Independent
    19    -    17    cavewarrior
    21    -    35    hotwheels
    21    -    14    Momo
    24    -    15    A-House
    24    -    16    Coqui poke
    27    -    13    HiFlyer
    27    -    10    LK
    27    -    24    SojuNTaegu
    28    -    17    Pomai
    28    -    6    Kekoa
    28    -    7    DPK
    28    -    14    LizKauai
    28    -    3    Unkanesson
    28    -    10    Jack Flash
    28    -    35    Pride
    28    -    0    UKU@LA
    31    -    10    mp
    31    -    24    Curt
    31    -    30    J-Force
    31    -    34    'OkoleKo'alua
    31    -    17    BG
    31    -    17    Shannon X
    34    -    13    djmicho
    34    -    17    al
    35    -    7    Curveball
    35    -    28    Wafan
    35    -    31    Glenn
    36    -    17    tyaiea
    37    -    10    Koakane
    37    -    20    Calvin from Kona
    37    -    13    bighilofan2
    37    -    24    UHfan808
    38    -    14    J-Dog
    38    -    13    FloridaTed
    38    -    3    tommui
    38    -    10    NYUH
    41    -    20    Committed Road Warrior
    42    -    7    99club
    42    -    17    las vegas
    44    -    17    WenatcheeWarrior
    44    -    0    Derek
    45    -    21    Kazz
    45    -    13    BIGWAVE96744
    48    -    21    TChahng
    49    -    13    Geezy
    49    -    17    G(China)
    56    -    14    d1
    59    -    24    bstunna2002
    66    -    10    labrat
    67    -    13    royvic

  204. bighilofan2:


    Gret props to you in today's Hawaii Trbiune Herald, Sports Page 1.


    I knew you'd come to yo senses. integrity, :lol: :lol: :lol:


  205. bighilofan2:

    see y'all dis evening, really see many of you Friday Tgate.

    hi yalla is coming to town. :lol:

  206. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    I know it's still before 8am but I have an important question regarding the Call the Coach Show tomorrow night at the Outrigger Reef Hotel. Are they going to have the $1 Heine special?? It would make it worth while to go into Waikiki for that. If not, I have a feeling the crowd will be thinned out from previous seasons when it was held at the Willows.

  207. Hoohiki:


  208. LizKauai (We are FAMILY!):

    DPK- Aaron Kia , John Estes and the other "big O guys" we met and spoke to at the Wahine Clinic appeared conditioned and unadorned with extra body fat. I was actually surprised by their non-bulkiness.
    Kia especially was well-admired by the aunties and tutu in our group... his winning personality night have had something to do with it too. :-)

    Yea, JAKE INGRAM! It was cool to hear his name called during the last game.

  209. jm2375:

    Stretch - hope they fix the transmitter problems they had last week with Shoji's show...

  210. jm2375:

    BTW, who decided to have it in Waikiki anyways? Not like a lot of tourii would go and locals don't like venturing into Waikiki unless they work in the area.

  211. NYUH:

    Two WAC games on national TV this Sat. Nevada vs Notre Dame and SJS vs USC.

  212. Stretch:

    I used to go once in a while when it was at Lulu's at the edge of Waikiki. It was okay there but was noisy since most people there were not there for the show, but dinner. I guess the Outrigger is a big sponsor of UH so they want to get publicity for their hotel. I just hope there are beer specials going on.

  213. NYUH:

    LT at Auburn on ESPNU Sat Night. and BYU vs Oklahoma on ESPN.

  214. Buy RV Toilet:

    I had wanted to learn more about this. Thanks for the info!

  215. al:


    August 31st, 2009 at 6:02 am
    Dragged this over from the Log Cabin Democrfat, Conway Arkansas.

    ARE THESE FOOTBALL PLAYERS OR MENU ITEMS?: The Hawaii two-deep lineup consists of the following names: Laupepa Letuli, Matagisila Lefiti, Vaughn Meatoga, Tuika Tufaga, Paipai Felemalu, Rocky Savaiigae, Po’Okela Ahmad and R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane

    cannot wait to introduce da huggy bears to our braddaz.

    yeah, they'll serve it up with the hawaiian punch.

  216. al:


    August 31st, 2009 at 1:04 am
    The pan lau lau will hve to wait for the second t gate for we will bew a bit late with child care duties. We will be there about 4.30 and ms momo will think up of a treat equal to that of a pan lau lau.

    sniff...a grown man cries.

  217. al:

    good news about leatigaga, hafoka, fonoti, and much hope held out for tank's recovery.

    would love to see tank, brown, smith, and silva laying the smack down on the receivers crossing the "street".

  218. Kekoa:

    Jake..Jake..Jake! Never a doubt dat he wuz kona be da Man! Hi-Five Aunty Liz! We were lucky to see his development first hand.

    Actually, like every other fan, we never really appreciate what a good long snapper can do. Being inches away from he and Tim Grasso working hard between downs, we were afforded a ring-side seat of their pure work ethic. Obviously, all that hard work paid off!

    Congratulations Jake Ingram!

    Go Warriors!

  219. Kekoa:

    Al ~ I'm going thru 'pan LL' recovery today, and should be 100% by Friday.

  220. Ronnie:

    IS IT FRIDAY YET???!!!!!!

  221. chawan_cut:

    is it just me, or does Russell Tanoue look like Jason? just saw the Metromix pic in the upper corner there.

    or does Jason lead a secret celebrity life???

  222. Ronnie:

    Happy Season Opener Monday!

    YIKES! I have to make sure I order the game at 3pm exactly so I can watch it once I get home!

  223. Stretch:

    August 31st, 2009 at 8:50 am
    is it just me, or does Russell Tanoue look like Jason? just saw the Metromix pic in the upper corner there.

    no be jealous since Jason gets all the chicks hanging all over him

  224. royvic:

    How good is UH center Estes?

    Consider this fact:

    5 WAC Centers Named to Rimington Trophy Watch List

    For Estes being in the company of other fine centers and having been named to All-Wac first team the last 2 seasons is saying a lot.

    For the Wac having five center represented is also saying a lot. Found this news quite surprising.

  225. al:

    kekoa....i share your grief.

  226. al:

    jason is dat you?

  227. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "El Ferd" sees UH goin' 8-5 this season...

  228. royvic:

    Come next Monday I hope there's a buzz on the blog regarding the Warriors romp over CA.

    I hope UH executes, and approaches the game with player's faces showing games faces that are hungry, intense and not over confident (as others have mentioned).

    Not wanting to sound aloof but I'm hoping the game is so out of reach that at half time... coach can afford to bench his starters.

    Nothing wrong to wishing, but I'm hoping to see the players and coaches with happy faces on the side lines that reflect a well played game by the Warriors.

  229. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I think that's just a guy tryin' to look like Jason so he can mack all da wahines like Jason does.

  230. Kekoa:

    Al ~ We dined at our fave Thai restaurant in Waipio last nite. It is located right next door to our Wessai clubhouse (Nancy's). Their speciality is a chunky Lobster dish done in coconut cream and Shitaki mushrooms. Of course all of the other traditional menu choices (including da Pho!) are very tasty as well.

    D-1 and his boss dine there regularly. I noticed that they have no problem dragging #1 son and his gf there. Wen #2 son is home, that football training table appetite kicks in!

    They have a private back dining area that would easily accomodate our band of hungry Tsaiko's.

  231. al:

    yes, royvic that would make for a very happy ending. it would also say volumes about mack's in between seasons improvements to the program and that they have planned well.

    this second year is very critical to the program, mack, and recruiting.

  232. al:

    well, st talked so much about the pho the #2 took us to a favorite of the younger generation yesterday. while i did enjoy it, i gotta say hale viet nam is still da best.

  233. madeinhawaii:
    Rainbow Wahines move up to #4 in rankings.


    Kanani Danielson Named WAC Player Of The Week

    Her first of many to come.

  234. jm2375:

    Kekoa - pho not Thai fuuud!

  235. Justin:

    Jake Ingram won the Patriots LS spot.
    Pats released Nathan Hodel yesterday.

  236. (Jesse) James:

    Pomai...38 - 21...UH of course..

  237. madeinhawaii:


    That's great news! thanks.

  238. Kazz:


    Jeeez…. My heart stopped a little when I read the first part of your post regarding Kanani…

    Coach Shoji said on BC this morning that the trainer told him her ankle was swollen to the size of a golfball an hour after the match.

    It looked really bad on the replay. But she seemed fine in the post game interview and in the article this morning.

    The season is still young and I'd be cautious about playing her this week, especially as early as this Thursday night against St. Louis.

  239. royvic:

    Re-The Coaches Show at the Willows

    It's too bad the show moved. Every time I'd listened to the show broadcasting from the Willows it seemed like it was always well attended. And it seemed like the posters were giving the show and The Willows a thumbs up. Everything about having the show at the Willows I think is alluring-location, accessibility, buffet and drink specials- that had they stayed I think it would have beckoned more fans turning out to the show.

    The show at the Reef Hotel does have a panoramic sunset view I'm told. But don't know too much other info about that locale regarding food, drink and parking specials. If someone, however, said forget about peripheral things and just come out and support the coach I'd say they're right.

  240. protector:

    Does anyone know if Nagy was a starter at BYU??

  241. Buffoman:

    Why is Samson Satele having trouble in his position with his new team? Were they correct in Miami in saying that he would have the difficulties and thus traded him?

  242. ATsaiofRelief:

    Well said

  243. Garret:


    I don't think that Nagy played much. According to the 2008 season statistics, Nagy didn't have a tackle, INT, or any other stat for BYU.

  244. Kekoa:

    jm2375 ~ I know Pho is basically Vietnamese fuud, but at the Thai restaurant we go to, it is a featured dish on their menu. Come over to da Wessai and check it matter who lays claim to it, it is scrumptilicious!

  245. Garret:


    I'm guessing that Samson is still recovering from his (shoulder?) surgery this offseason. That forced Samson to miss a lot of practice time and probably set back his weight training this offseason.

  246. Kekoa:

    jm2375 ~ Pho shuah, No dogs allowed. Gotta leave puppy at Homey's house. His poodles will provide a little socialization. If he doesn't play nice, Homey has a homemade smoker in da backyard!

  247. Pomai:

    UH vs Central Arkansas
    10    -    24    Independent
    19    -    17    cavewarrior
    21    -    35    hotwheels
    21    -    14    Momo
    24    -    15    A-House
    24    -    16    Coqui poke
    27    -    13    HiFlyer
    27    -    10    LK
    27    -    24    SojuNTaegu
    28    -    17    Pomai
    28    -    6    Kekoa
    28    -    7    DPK
    28    -    14    LizKauai
    28    -    3    Unkanesson
    28    -    10    Jack Flash
    28    -    35    Pride
    28    -    0    UKU@LA
    31    -    10    mp
    31    -    24    Curt
    31    -    30    J-Force
    31    -    34    'OkoleKo'alua
    31    -    17    BG
    31    -    17    Shannon X
    34    -    13    djmicho
    34    -    17    al
    35    -    7    Curveball
    35    -    28    Wafan
    35    -    31    Glenn
    36    -    17    tyaiea
    37    -    10    Koakane
    37    -    20    Calvin from Kona
    37    -    13    bighilofan2
    37    -    24    UHfan808
    38    -    14    J-Dog
    38    -    13    FloridaTed
    38    -    3    tommui
    38    -    10    NYUH
    38    -    21    (Jesse)James
    41    -    20    Committed Road Warrior
    41    -    24    Dennis Halloran
    42    -    7    99club
    42    -    17    las vegas
    44    -    17    WenatcheeWarrior
    44    -    0    Derek
    45    -    21    Kazz
    45    -    13    BIGWAVE96744
    48    -    21    TChahng
    49    -    13    Geezy
    49    -    17    G(China)
    56    -    14    d1
    59    -    24    bstunna2002
    66    -    10    labrat
    67    -    13    royvic

  248. Pomai:

    Cut off of da Tsaikos Pix's is dis thursday at 11:59 PM, cause come game day dis boy is goin be grinding at da tailgate den it's



  249. kinalau:


    Hawaii 33 - 31.

  250. d1島:


    Pegged that right on about Thai Village. Was there for lunch yesterday. Great stuff.

    Spring Rolls
    Green Papaya Salad
    Red Curry Beef
    Pad Thai
    Pad Kee Mow
    Evil Jungle
    and sticky rice for all


  251. richfromOc:

    UH = 35
    CA = 7

    Team speed will be similar to the early Miami Hurricane defenses of the 90"s.

  252. HiFlyer:

    new post

  253. Unkanesson:

    Howzit Tsaiko Nation! 4+ Days and counting!!
    Gotta give Mr. Shoji and his warrior wahine a lot of credit for a job well done this weekend! (The AVCA was so impressed they list them at 4-0 on the season! I guess the win over UCLA counted as 2! ;-) They just need to tighten up on the opponents' dink shots, and keep their serve returns a little further off the net, and this should be a (NCAA) banner year! One of my few regrets about having emigrated from O'ahu is that I can't attend the games (FB, VB, BB & Baseball) as I once did. Mahalo to K5 for helping fill the void.
    Friday's almost here! GO WARRIORS!!

  254. kailuaboys:

    Website problems?

    No new comments from ST since Aug 30.