Middle man

September 26th, 2009

Blaze Soares appears to be comfortable in his new role as the middle linebacker. The move enables Soares to make use of his lateral range. He also will assume a greater leadership role. Soares is considered to be the Warriors' best blitzer. But even at middle, there are enough schemes to allow him to storm the backfield. By the way, according to defensive coordinator Cal Lee, Soares' GPA is 3.7.

* * * * *

Defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga and defensive end Paipai Falemalu did not practice today because of sprained ankles. They vowed to practice tomorrow. The Warriors work out from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. tomorrow, then depart for Dallas in the afternoon.

* * * * *

Jovonte Taylor was back at practice today, apparently having recovered from a sprained ankle. But all signs point to Royce Pollard starting at right wideout. Greg McMackin said it will be a game-day decision as to who will be the featured kick returner. The candidates are Taylor, Pollard and Kealoha Pilares.

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  1. HiFlyer:

    WoW First

  2. Addahknowsports©:

    Yeah baby!

  3. addahknowjoe:


  4. whitey:

    top 3????

  5. Slugger:

    Sneaking in & then going to watch the parade!

    Esme & whoosh....

  6. addahknowjoe:

    Happy Birthday HiFlyer

  7. whitey:

    hiflyer, happy belated birthday

  8. Addahknowsports©:

    Okay HiFlyer, I give you that one since it's your birthday.

  9. addahknowjoe:

    Howzit Whitey. Sorry bout dat, my braddah

  10. wafan:

    Top 10!

  11. Addahknowsports©:

    The blog said I was posting too quickly

  12. addahknowjoe:

    Gmorning Slugger! Have a great time at the parade.

  13. whitey:

    don't know what to think about florida st, but it seems that all the problems they have had with academics and off field is catching up with them. bobby b is a legend at fsu, but it seems that he is not able to control all the distractions at fsu and imho may be his last season.

  14. duffer:

    Happy Birthday HF...oops I mean HiFlyer :-)

  15. whitey:

    ajoe, when you coming back to no ka oi?????

  16. whitey:

    thought fresno could pull it off and they are going to be a handful when they come to aloha stadium.

  17. labrat:

    Alright I have always wanted to see Blaze in the middle. Take care injured Warriors.

  18. HiFlyer:

    Howzit everyone, nice partly cloudy day.

    Blaze moving to the inside maybe we will see GDL playing at LaTech.

  19. Committed Road Warrior:

    Top 20.

    Good to see an update about Jovonte Taylor.

  20. βρεω808:

    What happened to Mana Lolotai? I thought he'd get time in the middle, with RJ and Blaze outside.... :?

    Paredes has earned his PT!

  21. madeinhawaii:

    REMINDERS!! If you haven't done so already.

    BOOKS for our KEIKIS - Help Win 50,000 books for Hawaii's kids
    vote here: http://booksforkids.firstbook.org/whatbook/about.php

    ALSO, VOTE for Greg Alexander, let's show our support and keep moving him up the list ...


  22. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Carried over from the yesterday's blog:

    Earlier this morning, I clicked on the link to the Centennial Celebration Gala in the current issue of the H-Mail.

    First of all, the event is on Wednesday, December 2, before the Wisconsin game. Second, individual tickets are $300 or, if a group puts together a table of ten, then it's $250 per ticket.

    Much as I would like to attend the event, it's not financially realistic to think about doing so. However, if some of the folks ariound here who will be attending could provide the rest of us with a fairly detailed description of what went on, we would appreciate it very much. Perhaps the program itself could be recorded and placed on the WB setbsite

    CHANGE OF SUBJECT: Last fall about a dozen of us Libras (September 22 - October 21) had a collected celebration. We brought a cake. Any interest in our doing this to the Fresno T-Gate?

  23. Willie:

    Mana Lolotai was non existent at the Central Arkansas game and that is why he was replaced.

  24. βρεω808:

    Thanks Willie.

  25. d1島:


    It seemed like MLB play was needing improvement after Game 1. JMHO.

  26. d1島:

    ...or you could say that.

  27. d1島:

    Looks like another over-hyped team for Cal.

  28. Ralph:

    Happy Birthday UHFan808!

  29. βρεω808:

    ...kind of purged game one from the memory bank already.... :roll:

  30. las vegas:

    What in heavens name did you expect to do with
    18 cans of Viena sausage?
    What are we to do with 18 cans of Viena sausage?
    Who eats this amount of Viena sausage?
    And in an 18 pak???

  31. whitey:

    what was written about GDL while he was being recruited was "this is a player who studies, knows, and plays" his position. is it surprising that he plays, not really cause he is a player.

  32. βρεω808:

    UT is spanking Utep! 33-7 w/ 7min left in Q2. Maybe Utep should quietly leave and drive to NM at halftime.... or exit stage left to Mexico. :roll:

  33. HiFlyer:

    Happy Birthday to UHFan808

  34. βρεω808:

    18 pak Vienna sausage.... 3-4 6packs of greenies.... and/or sling-shot. :twisted: :D

  35. Ralph:

    gee, we're on our 4th middle lb..Brashton got injured, but thereafter, what gives that makes the coaches switch people around.

  36. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    ¡suıʞspǝɹ ¡oƃ

  37. βρεω808:

    Quack, Quack, Quack!!! :shock:

  38. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    808uɐɟɥn ʎɐpɥʇɹıq ʎddɐɥ

  39. βρεω808:

    ...on the job... training? :roll:

  40. βρεω808:

    oops... sorry about that last comment... just slipped out. :oops:

  41. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    Nothing "just slips out" from Brew's lips, or fingers in this case.

  42. βρεω808:

    las vegas - Sorry to have missed your crooning. Hey, if the mrs. doesn't make you nene in the dog-house, you can store all the leftovers there! :lol:

  43. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    I feel secure in my new identity

  44. βρεω808:

    hey.... las vegas's post reminds me to ask:

    Wea's homey and what's his excuse (now) for being AWOL?!!? :shock:

  45. Ralph:

    Watching Alabama play Arkansas, Bama got a lot of speed on the DL, we need to recruit "game time" speed players. We need more closing speed and they need to finish the play. Mac needs to upgrade his speed criteria, whatever it is at present.

  46. βρεω808:

    A serious question to Mr. JC - did you come out ok ($$$) from last week? Plenty mahalos to you again! :D

  47. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    stop!! do not call me las vegas, I am sɐƃǝʌ sɐl, the King reincarnated.
    Viva Las Vegas! Vivaa! vivaaa! Vivaaaaa!

  48. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    Thanks to "donations" from SteveM, D1, Wafan, you and the 4 bucks from LizKauai, I am rolling in dough!

  49. βρεω808:

    las vegas...sɐƃǝʌ sɐl...las vegas...sɐƃǝʌ sɐl...

  50. βρεω808:

    And the spanking continues....

    UT 47, the-inept 7 with 1:11 remaining in Q2. "Uncle!" :shock: :roll:

  51. whitey:

    During the preseason workout, much time was spent on how to get ready for this season and one of the topics was about running uphill on wilahemia (spp??) drive. run till you puke theory. didn't know how walter peyton trained, but Coach Singletary took it to heart and now this is one of the major reason for their success on the field. can the warriors handle this kind of "pain" during the off season??????

    49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary knows a little something about pain. After all, the Hall of Fame Linebacker inflicted pain on NFL running backs for his entire career. But he also watched some of the greatest players in NFL history inflict incredible pain on themselves during the off-season, in order to give themselves an edge on the playing field.

    Walter Payton and Jerry Rice famously included grueling hill runs as part of their training regimens … hills that pushed players to their limits, and made most men puke before reaching the finish. Now, taking a page from their book, Singletary has incorporated a 45-foot-high, 45-degree hill – known simply as “Pain” into 49ers Training Camp:

    “There’s something about the hill,” Singletary told reporters back in mid-March after the 49ers first minicamp and the hill was on full display for the first time. “It’s beautiful to look at but what it’s going to do for our guys is it’s going to bring about something that you can’t really get in the weight room, something that you really can’t get on the track.”

    “All the guys that I know that worked out on a hill, they were a cut above some of the other competition around the league and they had a long playing careers,” Singletary said. “So I’m excited about the hill and it just adds another dimension to our workout.”

  52. βρεω808:

    Wasn't there a forecast of Utep playing @ Aloha on X-mas eve? :roll:

  53. βρεω808:

    Missed meeting whitey and getting the tour of the spaceship! :D

  54. curveball:

    Happy Birthday UHFan808!!!

  55. βρεω808:

    Hiya curveball! Hey is fishing allowed off the stern of your boat? Maybe nanook can get some PT in from there before his next journey up north? :lol:

  56. d1島:

    If anyone ever wonders what a game film looks like, tune in to the PSU-Weber St. videocast. I think this guy may be shooting for the team because he goes to the clock before every play and then goes to a full 22 shot.
    Good way to see RnS receivers run routes as we all know who is coaching them!

    got to weberstatesports.com and follow the link to Game Day. (you may need to download Microsoft Silverlight to view it)

    ...and it's a pretty good game. Weber 14-10, at the half.

  57. whitey:

    brew, sorry about missing all the Tsaikos at vegas, but could see you all in the end zone yelling and having a ball. have to make two more trips this week, then will go to the boise game at aloha. next yr, am working on my friend to go to one of the A's home game and if we do, will definitely get you and your guest game tickets.

  58. Cindy cee:

    Good day, Gang! still sipping kope here, but later will
    watch grandson play JV for St. Louis. Wish he would grow
    a few more inches tho. : )

    Have a good day!

  59. Willie:

    In the case of Mana Lolotai being replaced in the Central Arkansas game it was a good coaching decision. From my seat Lolotai was always a step late, very unsure on making a commitment. I believe he left with only 1 assist or 1 tackle. In the middle this is unacceptable.

    For Blaze moving to the middle I think it's getting the best LB where the biggest impact can be made. This way #53, my favorite from 2007, can cover the middle, the left & the right. Moving RJ to the outside is not a bad thing.

  60. curveball:


    Sometimes we can fish, but yesterday we were draging 1000 ft of boom...

  61. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Headed for plenary session. Ducks are pounding the Golden Bears. 32-3. Yikes.

    AT- any chance cut blocks may be banned in the future? Planny ankle owies.

    Have a great weekend, all!

  62. d1島:


    Most recent development has homey ridding the streets of a Russian Muff-ia lord.

  63. warriorbg:

    I thought they tried Blaze at Middle Linebacker after the Central Ark game but decided not to in order to allow him to use his pass rushing abilities on the strongside???

  64. d1島:


    Maybe now with Falemalu and Fonoti coming back they feel they can benefit from having Soares' aggressiveness in the middle.

  65. d1島:

    Warriors departing for Dallas tomw. afternoon.

    Hmmm....I wonder who else is heading that way?

  66. whitey:

    w/pf and jf coming back to the dline, i think this give bs a chance to do some damage on the inside. i also think gdl will do his job and will give the warriors a big boost at lb. what i am more worried about is lafu having to sit out this game. if thomas and lacount does their job, this will make the warriors a most dangerous team offensively.

  67. Kazz (SEVEN more for Coach Shoji):

    CAL #6????

    My ***!!! :roll:

  68. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):


    ****correction to my blog handle*** ***SIX*** FOR DAVE SHOJI.

  69. d1島:


    It just got ridiculous!

  70. whitey:

    wahine vb tonight should be better than average. time to find out if blocking can stop the "heat".

  71. whitey:

    kazz, you get your radar gun for tonight????? let us know what speed you record.

  72. Maverick:

    Is it Wednesday yet?
    Blaze-a-saurus gonna beat up them bulldogs den.

    Todays games are so lopsided...Lollipopped....Farsided.....Ollielollied....

  73. Committed Road Warrior:

    I wonder if the Warriors will be raiding SMU's facilities while in Dallas.....and I bet ST is irked that the team is spending time in Monroe.

    Nonetheless, I wouldn't put it past him to make a stop in Shreveport for some "extracurricular activities."

  74. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):


    September 26th, 2009 at 11:52 am

    It just got ridiculous!

    The funny thing is... this very same CAL team that is playing so poorly is still going to beat SC!!! :lol:

  75. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):


    September 26th, 2009 at 12:02 pm
    Is it Wednesday yet?
    Blaze-a-saurus gonna beat up them bulldogs den.

    Todays games are so lopsided...Lollipopped....Farsided.....Ollielollied....

    Not a "marquee" weekend for college football at all and the one game I was remotely looking forward to is just horrible right now.

    Hmmm... wonder if the "fake" UH vs Texas Tech game is on????

  76. Committed Road Warrior:

    Kazz #75:

    Agreed. No really good "marquee" games on this weekend. I've just been switching between TCU-Clemson (Frogs lead 14-10) and Idaho-Northern Illinois (Vandals been squandering their lead, score now 34-31).

    The 'odda UH vs. Texas Tech starts at 9:15 ET (3:15 HT).

  77. d1島:

    Wildcats and Vikings in a good one.

    PSU KOR for TD and pick 6 to close to 23-28, midway thru 4th Q

  78. d1島:

    Wildcats convert big 3rd and 10 to keep drive alive. 8:00 left.

  79. βρεω808:

    unLV (2-2) loses to Wyoming (2-2), 27-30

  80. d1島:

    PSU Scores late. leads 29-28. 1:12 to go

  81. HiFlyer:

    Weber St. wins 34-29, congrats to the Snow Beast and the rest of his team.

  82. Mr C:

    yeah! Mules won last night!

  83. Mr C:

    no soup for you!

  84. Bulla:

    anybody got a defribrillator? that was too much......Weber State gets the ball with 1:14 to go in the game, marches 86 yards for the game winning TD.

    Was it ugly....yes
    Did we give up big plays.....yes
    Did PSU play better.......yes
    Did our D give Hubel too much time in the pocket.....yes
    Did Craig Stutzmann's recvr's do awesome.........yes
    Should we have lost............yes



  85. Bulla:

    waianae had their chances last night......mental errors

  86. A-House:

    H Cindy Cee:

    Strong, hacking cough gone, but still tired and sore muscles for coughing so hard on Thursday night and Friday.

    Hope to be well for work on Monday.

  87. Kekoa:

    Las Vegas ~

    Re: Vienna Sausage

    My esteemed associate and former DOE administrator, simply could not resist the bargain price on the 18 pack Tsaiko-sized package of Vienna's.

    He meant for us to be well stocked in case we lost all our money in the Casino's. His refrigerator reflected the typical bachelor's kitchen. Lots of Beer, chips, chip dip and vienna sausage. The "Patron" was kept in the Freezer.

    He's already planning on the next trip to LV with SPAM included on the menu. Clear out your pantry for the extra cans left behind.

  88. Kekoa:

    Blaze Soares ~ 3.7 GPA...dats one Smaht Warrior who can put da whammy on you quickly!

  89. A-House:


    Yes, running up Wilhelmina Rise is very TOUGH and it will give any coach a good sense of the true conditioning of his/her players.

    My guess is that nearly ALL Warrior players will NOT make it half-way up the hill because they lack the mental toughness, strength, stamina, and discipline to push themselves.

    No flight of stairs or little grass hills on campus or running up stadium like seats can compare to running Wilhelmina Rise.

    I speak from experience as I used it to train for the Honolulu and Windward marathons. My best single run was about 3/4 of the way up and I had to stop; totally winded and exhausted. I was 42 years old at that time.

    Some may say that this is like "torture", but it is conditioning. UH volleyball team used to do it and I hope that continues under Coach Wade.

  90. A-House:

    Hope his great GPA will force the NCAA to grant Blaze that extra year on medical hardship and play in 2010.

    He can secure the LB corps with many underclassment surounding him.

    On another note, hope that Mana Lolotai can learn and become a valauble contributor later this year and in the future.

  91. A-House:

    Mr Las Vegas:

    A-House family loves V. sausage cooked with shoyu and a little sugar; you know, shoyu-ni style ---uummm, delicious!!!

  92. Addahknowsports©:


    That is how I grew up with vienna sausage. My favorite combo is chazuke with v-sausage and miso egg on the side.

  93. Pomai:

    Alright Mr. A-House calling out the Warriors, are they up to the run??????

  94. HiFlyer:

    A-House, so that was only a few years ago right.

  95. βρεω808:

    ...throw in some ginger, garlic, green onion, and chili pepper, then toast them on the grill... mmmmmmm w/ greenies! Open up a can of pork & beans and move this to the BEACH! :D

  96. βρεω808:

    Oh wait... the "bell" is ringing on the fishing pole.... :shock: ....Nah, it's A-Joe playing w/ his new ding-dong bell.... :roll:

  97. Addahknowsports©:

    getting hungry...

  98. βρεω808:

    Kurt Suzuki goes yard... HR #15 w/ rbi #83. Not bad for Maui-boy! :D

  99. βρεω808:

    ...speaking of ringing bells... looks like Timmy Tebow got his bell rung and is out vs. Kentucky!

  100. Addahknowsports©:


    I had to stuff two pairs of socks into that obnoxious bell so that the tsa people wouldn't look in our luggage after wondering what that noise was.

    btw...have you checked your email today?

  101. βρεω808:

    A-Joe earing! :lol:

  102. βρεω808:

    My email in-box was spammed by some syrupy, sappy, drippingly sweet message.... then I find out it wasn't addressed to me. :roll:

  103. Addahknowsports©:

    ...don't you just hate those?

  104. βρεω808:

    Tebow leaves via ambulance....big-time headache at a minimum.

  105. wafan:

    Nice evening -- a balmy 68!

  106. midnight:

    Happy Birthday HiFlyer

    Happy Birthday to UHFan808

    Barb and I are in Oroville, CA now visiting her brother. Picked up my truck in Oakland on Friday, and drove to Oroville. Leave tomorrow early and drive back to Vegas for a few days rest!!?? then on to the Grand Canyon, and New Mexico on the way to Texas. Miss all the Tsaikos!!!

    Got a Garmin GPS from Walmart to help in the navigation process instead of the internet stuff. Very good for driving in unfamiliar territory.

  107. bighilofan2:

    Happy Birthday UHFan808

    Las Vegas,

    wat? yo house no mo one pack Vienna sausage centerpiece on da fireplace mantle? :lol:

  108. wafan:

    What is the big deal with Tebow? He is a system quarterback.

  109. wafan:

    Good luck M/M Midnight!!!

    Now that you have a GPS you have no excuse.

  110. βρεω808:

    Please have a safe journey - mignight & barb! :D

  111. chawan_cut:

    good one.
    i wonder what all the florida fans will say to that when the media go "system" on them.

  112. wafan:

    Rice and a can of Vienna Sausage. Mmmmm. Lunch and sometimes dinner while in college.

  113. wafan:

    Heck. Sometimes it still is for lunch or dinner,


  114. wafan:

    C_C . . .

    Maybe it is because their system does not exist in the middle of the Pacific and is not an upstart program? Or is the "3-yards and a cloud of dust" still the normal system?

  115. wafan:

    Chinese buffet for dinner tonight. Pretty decent place. Too bad KK did not have the time to go there while he was here. Their Snow-Crab legs, oysters, clams, shimp, and mussels looked like they were happy to have survived KK's visit.

    And, yes. The ice cream had all kinds of toppings, too!

  116. HiFlyer:

    wafan - saimin and one can Vienna Sausage a whole meal in a bowl.

  117. wafan:

    Had their sushi tonight. I think it was better than the place we went when he visited. No, I take that back. It was definitely better because it was all you can eat and the fish was fresh. Big slices of ahi, tako, salmon, . . .

  118. wafan:

    HiFlyer . . .

    Never had that combo. Kind of hard to take to school, though. With rice can eat unheated in my lab.

  119. Slugger:


    Safe travels to you and Barbara!

    Do you think you'll be stopping in Flagstaff on the way to the Canyon? Would love to have my friends there meet up with you and the Mrs. if you are staying overnight. Let me know by em.

    Miss you guys. I just pulled out my mah jong set just in case I go somewhere where there are players.

    Take care, Slugger

  120. Addahknowsports©:


    It must be wonderful to have access to all that wonderful seafood.

    You know something.....I rarely see KK bring anything to his mouth that's not in a bottle. Maybe it's just the timing, but I don't remember seeing him eat anything on the trip.

  121. wafan:

    A-Sports . . .

    You know, you are right. I never saw him eat anything either. Just green bottles. He did ask for jelly, though. But then, last time I saw the jelly I am not sure it was even openned. Jelly and beer?

    I am not a drinker but that does not sound right.

  122. βρεω808:

    Some, see the glass half full.
    Some, see the glass half empty.
    Some... see monkies!!!
    :shock: :lol: :lol:

  123. wafan:

    A-Sports . . .

    Next time you folks come up we can have a ton of seafood! I'll have the fish and you and A-Joe can have the shellfish. Mmmmmm!

  124. βρεω808:

    If/when you take A-Sports to Pike's Market, don't be surprised when she dashes over and immediately starts eating (raw) thinking it's an open buffet! :roll: :shock: :lol:

  125. βρεω808:

    Fish monger tosses a big king across the way.... it disappears. He tosses another. Gone! The voice says... "may I have some dungeness crab next please..." :lol:

  126. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):


    Here is a chance for this weekend's college football lineup to redeem itself...

    Houston vs Texas Tech on ESPN right now.

    I think TT is favored... B.S. Houston will win this game.

  127. wafan:

    HA! I can imagine the headline, "Crazed woman attacks" "I do not know what came over me. When I saw those flying fish I went into Tsai-ko mode."

  128. βρεω808:

    Houston opened at -1 favorite. TT was -1.5 at game-time. For entertainment purposes only.... :D

  129. βρεω808:

    As the woman was being hauled off, she reported was shouting.... "but I wasn't pau....". :lol:

    Also, there was another person that strangely stood by watching and ringing a humongous cow-bell.... :shock: :roll: :lol:

  130. bighilofan2:

    shoutout to AZWarrior

    midnight and barb heading your way in several days.

    safe travels midnight. there are Tsaikos on da way. :lol:

    no lean to fa ova da big crack. :lol:

  131. Addahknowsports©:

    If I ever make it to Washington, I am going to give those seafood places a run for their money. They won't know what hit 'em. Bwahahahaha. Have chopsticks, will travel.

    As for the jelly, it may not have been for consumption. I tell you....on this trip, I saw KK do things that people get sent to the vice principals office for. It's a good thing he retired when he did. Who knows what he's picking up from those kiddies.

  132. Addahknowsports©:


    The cow bell was intended as a distraction while I hit and run the buffet.

  133. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):

    So far I like the potential in this Houston and Texas Tech game as being the BEST and MOST entertaining game all weekend...

    Gonna try and watch as much of this as I can before I head out to Wahine volleyball.

    Houston's gonna win this game.

  134. A-House:

    oh, I remember and then I forget, and then I remember and then I forget.

    now, I remember, most Happy Birfday to our "hanai" daughter uhfan808.

  135. Ralph:

    Kazz craig james son plays for Texas Tech, probably TE

  136. Slugger:

    Thank you to my Mom! She bought a bunch of UA women's V-neck tees at the SSC Rainbowtique shop. Black. No XLs left, though. For $5 each! She gave me one that didn't fit her. Gonna see if they have some more in my size tonight!

    Kazz & HiFlyer,

    See ya tonight at the VB game.


    Are you going to the game tonight?

  137. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):

    Craig James...

    Oh yeah... that f**. :roll:

  138. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):

    My God...

    Ruffin McNeill should be glad TTech has UA heat gear...

  139. SteveM:

    [SATURDAY – DAY 6 of 11.
    Port of Mazatlan, Mexico 11.49º N, 160.25º W 2057 MDT]

    Good day everyone, especially fellow Tsai-ko Cruisers!

    Mazatlan is a popular port of call for all cruise lines so the facilities, excursions and tourist vendors are well established. The harbor is a study in contrast--low hills, curving shoreline and rock prominence on our port side and container yard and bustling city, hotels and tall buildings as far as we can see on the starboard side.

    Did not venture past the tourista terminal or take a shore excursion due to the same affliction that prevents me from attending most morning events at home. But there are some very attractive locations and events in this highly developed city. Peaches and I were offered a FREE visit to a local hotel, meal, drink, use of the hotel's 5 massive pools and beach (had pix)-plus they would put us on a cab there free and give us a voucher to catch a taxi from the adjoining shopping area whenever we want. Only thing they ask is that we take a guided tour of the property. Finally figured out they were probably trying to sell time shares or something. I'll give you the web site URL of the property if you wish...I haven't checked yet. Legitimate ship excursions of this day-at-a-beach-resort type (sans sales pitch) cost $60-70 per person. Then the next similar offer we had was for another hotel but they'll pay us $50 cash if we go...this one set off the alarm bells. :|

    Today's snapshot of shipboard life: similar to previous port days except the passenger Talent Show is tonight (remember signup/audition was earlier this week)

    ...and the CHOCOHOLIC BUFFET is tonight at 2230 in the deck 5 midship dining room! Cruisers can visualize a major dining room with the entire center filled with chocolate sculptures and rows and rows of everything that can be made or could be covered with chocolate. Some chocolate buffets are grander than others, but chefs and staff take pride in their creations--which are quickly demolished by passengers with their plates, bowls, and plastic storage bags lined up from deck 7. :)

    Tonight's professional theater performance is a performance by international singer Elvy Rose.

    Next port: Puerto Vallarta. ETA 0800 Sunday
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The listing of known Tsai-ko cruisers is at:

  140. βρεω808:

    Hmmmm.... with PennSt. looking to lose in (not-so)happy valley... do you think the donkeys could leap from #8 into the top-5? :roll:

  141. Ralph:

    20-0, USC over Wazzou first quarter

  142. Stretch:

    September 26th, 2009 at 3:19 pm
    Barb and I are in Oroville, CA now visiting her brother. Picked up my truck in Oakland on Friday, and drove to Oroville. Leave tomorrow early and drive back to Vegas for a few days rest!!?? then on to the Grand Canyon, and New Mexico on the way to Texas. Miss all the Tsaikos!!!

    Drive straight through Texas to Ruston, Louisiana!!

  143. Ralph:

    4 more minutes and Penn State undefeated season turns sour..Cal loses, the Donkies moving on up.

  144. Kazz (SIX more for Coach Shoji):

    Colt Brennan took a WORSE hit from that FSU LB in 2007 and he never got carried away in an ambulance. :cool:

    On that note... OFF TO MANOA!

  145. Ralph:

    4, 5, and 6 ranked teams lose this weekend, the Donkies will be galloping forward.

  146. bstunna2002:

    What about huen I thought he would play some MLB

  147. HiFlyer:

    ND comes back against Purdue 24 - 21, Purdue called time with :36 sec. left and the clock running. gives ND two chances to score.

  148. Ralph:

    Texas Tech Fehoko is #41, I've watched two games with TT, I haven't seen his number yet, anyone know if he is injured. Last season he played in only 3 games.

  149. buffoman:

    Clock management is not just a Warrior affliction. Boilermakers really blew it.

    Nice to see Blaze in the middle. He's just a real stud and will bring IT.

  150. HiFlyer:

    Anyone know who won the Wash. v Stanford game?

  151. HiFlyer:

    Okay off to the Wahine VBall game.

  152. djmitcho:

    Happy Birthday to UHFan808

  153. chopsueyboy:

    Standford 34
    UW 14
    4th quarter with less than 2 minutes left

  154. djmitcho:

    So, USC is only up 20-0 at half against Wazzu. Come on, I though USC was all powerful. The Warriors put up 35 by half. Hmm....
    The cougs are now playing a true frosh at QB.

  155. djmitcho:

    The TexTech-Houston game is not bad. A lot of offense, but not that much scoring.

  156. Committed Road Warrior:

    Texas Tech denied.

  157. Ralph:

    I saw Fehoko on ST. not playing much on defense. He is a third year soph.

  158. Committed Road Warrior:

    The Texas Tech-Houston game was pretty good.

    Combined with the other losses within the Top 20, Houston should be poised to moved up a bit further in the rankings. They still have a final non-conference game @Miss. State coming up in two weeks.

  159. wafan:

    Hope everyone has a great night!

    See you all on Sunday.

  160. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    Clinical study is going on for using huachansu (Chinese medicine that comes from toad venom) for cancer treatment. Huachansu is widely used in China and this is the first official study of it for the US.

  161. Garret:

    Team of engineers and artists have developed a way to create glass objects using a conventional 3-D printer!

  162. Garret:

    Twitter has a problem now because it has grown so popular that spammers and scammers have figured out ways to target its users.

  163. Garret:

    It is hard for me to believe that someone is selling a custom BlackBerry Curve for $240,000! It has nearly 29 carats of specially cut diamonds. They are only going to make 3 of them and someone in the Middle East already pre-ordered one.

  164. Garret:

    Starting in February, people under 21 years old will have to get a parent or other adult to co-sign for their credit card and they will have to show that they have the money to pay off their credit cards on their own (*not* counting money from their parents). Credit card companies are banned from offering anything tangible like a free t-shirt or pizza for any application taken near a college campus or a college-related event.

  165. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  166. Ralph:

    Kazz is Cascioppo at the game. didn't see any action tonight

  167. Ralph:

    saw her in the team huddle after the match

  168. βρεω808:

    No game stats for Corinne.

  169. TYaiea:


  170. Slugger:

    Got to say Hey to Jake Heun & Tuika Tufaga at the game tonight.

    There were other shirts on sale at the SSC Rainbowtique ~ got a green UA 'muscle shirt' for $10. Think I'll send the grey v-neck women's shirt ($5) to my son's gf in Honduras. Would like to know how it holds up there in the humidity of Central America. She's a runner & will give it a workout. Tsaikettes, you're missing a good sale.

  171. HiFlyer Five more for coach Shoji:

    Thanks to Stretch and Mei Ling for the tickets.

  172. Ralph:

    HiFlyer Mei Ling is now a Slugger..

  173. Cindy cee:

    Slugger, if they are open on Monday I should stop by. Can't pass up a good sale on UA stuff!

  174. HiFlyer:

    Slip of the fingers

  175. Ralph:

    Raiders Nation KGMB 10:15 am Sunday-taking down the Broncos.

  176. Ralph:

    lucky you didn't slip on #174 and flip the fingers

  177. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Nitey nite and sweet Warrior Dreams!

  178. Cindy cee:

    good night, all!!

  179. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    The Wahine go on the road to LaTech with a match on October 1 and then back New Mexico State on October 3. Will they be at the football game on the September 30th? Would be nice to have eighteen Warrior Fans cheering them on.

    Earlier tonight players on men's and women's basketball teams, the men's volleyball team, the women's softball team, and the football Warriors watched the Wahine blow out Idaho.

    Has anyone here ever attended an away women's volleyball match during the regular season? What's the size of the crowd and its demographics? I bet that the average age of the fans at Wahine home matches has to be close to 80 years - and at least two-thirds are women.
    Very few college-aged students .

    Just checked Stretch's webpage - he's only $200 from reaching his personal challenge. The other personal challenge by another Tsai-ko is $1,200 away.

    Liz- I sent you an e-mail on Thursday. Did you get it?

    Nite, nite - bizzybizzy day tomorrow doing good in the neighborhood.

  180. Slugger:


    #176 ~ didn't you mean flip the singers? hahaha, I got what you meant.

    Wonder how the poker game went on the ceded lands? Maybe they are still hoisting green bottles and tsinging.


  181. bighilofan2:

    Hiya Tsaikos everywhere.

    hope your having a blast, Kekoa.

    Gotta hand it to Notre Dame today. Manti came up big in da end, and so did their qb Clausen. i am happy for Coach Weiss and my ND alumni friends. Purdue is always tough for ND.

    The USC ND game gonna be a good one. Its gonna come down to coaching. At this level, coaching is a key factor. Kinda after the fact, but its a fact: Purdue's timeout was not a good idea.

  182. bighilofan2:


    Great article today in the HA. Props to da Aussie Thomas! Have a great game, Warrior!

    The comment from Coach Cal was funny, about GDL.

  183. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Slugger ~ Poker game was for entertainment purposes only of course. The IRS will still want to pull at least 6 audits after this weekend.

    Da food was awesome as per Tsaiko standards. We actually had 3 seperate serving times. The 1st at noon. The 2nd at 6 PM, and then the midnite munchie meal.

    Pride brought over a big box of apple napples to top off the Haupia cake and some chocolate cake.

    Koakane passed out on my couch. Must have been the bud lite EIS taste test he was conducting. His snoring set off the alarm system at the high school.

    A-Joe on the guitar, Diana on the bass, rob25 leading the Tsaiko Tsingers...Julie, Frank & James and myself harmonizing with each other...life is good!
    We are at the karaoke stage. Sounding more like the "New Christy Minstrels" right now.

  184. bighilofan2:


    say howzit to the ohana and friends.

    resisting the urge to go the fridge cuz ah yu. :D

  185. bighilofan2:

    gonna be exciting to watch George Daly Lyles. the hardest part is taking physicality to the brutal level. Watched Southern Florida defense do that yesterday. They were Awesome.

  186. bighilofan2:

    our Blaze Soares, he likes brutal. :D

  187. bighilofan2:

    on national TV, that is the time to up the physicality level and play brutal.

    Go Warriors!

  188. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    Viena sausage

  189. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    only in Hilo get sausage on da mantle piece...
    wait, even get mantle piece in big Island?

  190. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:

    Time for breakfast of champions
    Chicken Ramen
    Viena sausage stewed in shoyu, mirin, sugar and a slice of ginger
    Fried eggs
    Leftover rice
    And a DIET soda so I no get FAT

  191. bighilofan2:

    Good luck, Coach Mack. Good Luck, Warriors!!!

    Go Warriors!

  192. sɐƃǝʌ sɐl:


  193. bighilofan2:

    she can't hear you yet as she's asleep.

    how's da mantlepiece? :D

    hoping our defense will rattle da La Tech offense all night long!

    i know Blaze willl do his part. hoping the rest of the D bring it hot!

  194. bighilofan2:

    Momentum. Coaches plans gotta take factor that into consideration. We're playing away, the best way to win is for Alexander to lead the team to take charge early and for the offense to not let up on the gas.

    the defense gotta do their part and hit like the muthaz that coach says they are. Mana and crew gotta explode on da ball.

  195. Committed Road Warrior:

    Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:
    September 27th, 2009 at 12:01 am

    Has anyone here ever attended an away women's volleyball match during the regular season? What's the size of the crowd and its demographics? I bet that the average age of the fans at Wahine home matches has to be close to 80 years - and at least two-thirds are women.
    Very few college-aged students .

    With the exception of NMSU and Fresno, who both typically reach 1,000+ on average nights, I wouldn't be surprised if the crowds for the away women's volleyball matches is no more than a couple hundred. In many of the WAC sites the volleyball home courts are still relegated to second-tier facilities (think Klum Gym) that might not fit more than 600-700.

    Not sure about the audience demographics, though.

  196. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Bhf2/LV ~ Except for KK, the gang just headed back to the land of Nod. He's here until he can 'spank' da monkey and drive home safely.

    He defended his right to purchase Vienna Sausages in bulk.

    Pride led a very informative discussion on the development of our Olinemen. We all agreed that progress is being made in the trenches.

    Can't wait until these very same seasoned young men become grizzeled veterans of this offense.

  197. NYUH:

    Interesting wins by Utah State, New Mexico State, and Idaho (3-1). SJS picked up their first.


  198. βρεω808:


  199. βρεω808:

    Looks like I missed out on another fun event.... :(

    Hey, do you guys ever play "Bluff"? That might be a fun game especially after a few greenies.... :lol:

  200. βρεω808:

    This "hiatus" between games is awful.... I'm sure the team is most anxious to take it out on the field w/ the next victim! Pow! :D

  201. βρεω808:

    Re: #179 -

    I've been to WVB road games at SJS, raisinville, UNR, UOP.... Typically, there have been 200-600 w/ 50% UH supporters cheering the Wahine!!! Stanford draws much better w/ student participation too. Berkeley has only recently gotten competitive and still struggles w/ their fan base.

  202. mctruck:

    UH coachs playing with the idea of using their taller recievers to cover opponents tall recievers on defense sounds like a winner to me...they might make a bunch of interceptions along the way, what with their pass catching skills.

    Watching both Neveda and Fresno this past week, they actually traded blow for blow with their opponents; mistakes and crucial turnovers in the second half looks like what did them in.....so they are going to be primed and ready when they meet UH.

    Good Luck against LaTech, Warriors.

    Happy Sunday everyone!!!

  203. βρεω808:

    Re: #175 - Wader-Nation.....

    Game is far from sold-out. -> black hole -> blacked out! :roll:

    Oh well.... Go NINERS!!! :D

  204. wafan:

    A peaceful Sunday morning to all!

  205. wafan:

    The secret bunker at the ceded lands must have been buzzing last night with high level strategy sessions.

    I sure hope everyone survived!

  206. βρεω808:

    My 2-cents..... You gotto to go w/ the players you brought to the dance.... The pass rush needs improvement especially off the edges. Healthy DE's will help. A rested D will help. Corners have good technique but need help if available. Sometimes it just a good play by the bad guys. Then all you can do is PUNISH the receiver (and QB). Make that reception hurt! IMHO :twisted:

  207. wafan:

    A new cancer treatment using radioactive beads that are injected directly into the tumor seems to work very well. I wonder what happens to the beads after the tumor is gone.

  208. βρεω808:

    :oops: Sometimes it's just a good play by the bad guys. :oops:

  209. βρεω808:

    ...glow beads...

  210. wafan:

    I wonder if the beads might pose another health risk. They injected 6 MILLION into a guy's liver to shrink and beat his tumor.

  211. βρεω808:

    ...in public -> "trial test subjects"
    ...in the lab -> guinea pigs

  212. wafan:

    I suppose they might not require a night light. Is that a positive or a negative?

  213. wafan:

    Odd. I tried sending the previous message and kept getting a Trojan warning. What is the HA sending out?

  214. βρεω808:

    Brother recently went to China the week of his Barium test. It hadn't cleared his system yet! It set off all sorts of alarms and w/ the language barrier.... cost them significant delays transiting airports! Heheheh.... :D

  215. βρεω808:

    Everyone likes wafan.... :D

  216. βρεω808:

    ...football withdrawals here....

    A friend suggested attending the waders game. I said - "No thank you!"

    Did I tell you about John Madden. He purchased 9 62" TV's for his "den". He has an NFL football watching party for the morning games (today), then jumps on the bus 2nd half to head over to watch the waders game, then bus back home in time for the Sunday night game! His guests are welcome to stay there, or join him in the bus! I'm jealous! :mrgreen: :roll: :D

  217. wafan:

    Funny story about your brother. Did they have to search him -- referring back to the free-play from Garret about the terrorist who tried to sneak into where ever with an explosive device in his anus.

    Talk about explosive diarrhea.

  218. Slugger:

    Nooooo, Ryan Mouton lost the KO return.

  219. wafan:

    Madden has a den large enough for 9 tv's plus guests? Geez, I do not even have a den.

  220. Slugger:

    Jets up 14 - 0 over Titans. ST is happy.

    Good morning, Tsaikos!!!

    I think I'll walk over to practice this morning.

  221. NYUH:

    Ryan Mouton, rookie from Hawaii....fumbles the kickoff against the JETS.

  222. wafan:

    The Seahawks unveil their new lime-green jerseys today. Ugh. Lime-green. Is this the USFL?

    Too bad about Mouton.

  223. Bulla:

    glad to hear about Blaze's GPA! didn't he have to go to HPU before going to UH because he had academic issues? another great story about UH and it's academic advisors getting student athletes back on track. :)

  224. wafan:

    Hoping for a great Warrior practice and safe travels!

  225. LizKauai (iPhone):

    Aloha Kakahiaka!


  226. bighilofan2:

    those odda guyz is laterz, La Tech is now. they got a 6'3" WR Cruz Williams soph, and anudda freshmen 6'3", da rest of their WRs are manageable sizes. maybe in future games we change the scheme, right now the scheme is in the scheme and adjusting in the middle of the play by the dbs gotta look back at the ball when da db analyzing the catcher's positioning.
    but I love readng what you got to say. how you think Coach Miano and Lumpkin holding up on their ends? Thanks.

    Good Luck against LaTech, Warriors. I'm excited. Looking for Lou Holtz to say "these youong men from Hawaii can play." :D

    visualize, visualize.

  227. bighilofan2:

    have a great Sunday, Tsakos. catch up with you laters........

    may your teams win today. Susan gonna be camped in front da tv fo da
    Redskins game.

  228. bighilofan2:

    an if no mo Redskins tv, anybody know where she can watch em on da computa? tanks.

  229. chawan_cut:

    last night's news

  230. mctruck:


    I would instruck the db's to do whatever it takes to deny a td or long gain.
    Better to be hit with a penalty than give up a td. That's for the present especially with LaTech taller wr's.

    I guess since whether in the pros or in college, not looking back for the in coming pass happens almost consistantly, so that being said, I am left scratching my head just like anyone else???

  231. tom:

    Reminder for the AM crowd:

    BOOKS for our KEIKIS - Help Win 50,000 books for Hawaii's kids
    vote here: http://booksforkids.firstbook.org/whatbook/about.php

    ALSO, VOTE for Greg Alexander, let's show our support and keep moving him up the list ...

  232. mctruck:

    takeaways, takeaways, takeaways........encourage everyone to strip the ball and cause fumbles, especially from the rb's.

    GO WARRIORS!!! gif-it-2dem.

  233. bighilofan2:

    Louisiana Tech Invites Grambling Students to Wednesday's Game vs. Hawai'i
    Grambling students will be granted free admission with valid student ID
    Grambling State students are invited to LA Tech's game against Hawai'i on Wednesday night for free.

    RUSTON, La. - In another initiative to partner with Grambling State for the betterment of the shared community, Louisiana Tech officials are extending an invitation to all Grambling State students to attend LA Tech's Wednesday night game against Hawai'i for free. Grambling students will be granted admission with a valid student ID when entering Gate 4B on the southeast side of Joe Aillet Stadium. Kickoff is slated for 7 p.m.

    Louisiana Tech and Grambling State are located within four miles of one another and the two universities share a unique bond, including operating an Interinstitutional Cooperative Program, making it possible for undergraduate and graduate students to enroll for classes at both schools concurrently.

    "This is a unique opportunity to come together on a weeknight as a community and show our shared support on national television," said head coach Derek Dooley. "Our team has worked out with the Grambling football team the past two summers and this is our way to continue to enhance this special relationship."

    Louisiana Tech's game on Wednesday will be broadcast on ESPN2 and is a RED OUT game with all Tech fans being encouraged to wear red. In addition, LA Tech will give away $1,000 to a Tech student that wearing red and in the stadium before kickoff.

    wow. Free invite to watch Hawaii to the Grambling students. Giving $1000 to a LaTech student at halftime. National TV.

    Go put on a good show for Grambling and da rest of da Nation, Warriors!

    Go Hawaii!!!

  234. NYUH:

    Ryan is toast. Fumbles a punt, Jets recover. He is doing OK in the defense.

  235. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Reports of an uncharacteristic early Sunday morning traffic jam exiting the Ceded Lands in the Wesside. Observers relate an overwhelmingly cheery demeanor despite the traffic delays while hearing many drivers loudly singing choruses of Hawaii Aloha and Kanaka Wai Wai as they proceed down the roadways..... :-D

  236. d1島:

    Hoping Mouton gets an opportunity to do something big to offset the two no-no's so far....

  237. d1島:




  238. d1島:

    Harvin goes 101 for a TD!

    (repeating) Arrrgggh!

  239. βρεω808:


  240. βρεω808:

    bighilofan2 - For Susan....


    Scroll down to - NFL - Washington at Detroit 1:00PM EST 9/27

  241. d1島:

    ...speaking of toast.

    The seat is prolly glowing orange in the 'skins HC office.

  242. βρεω808:

    Flacco looks.... flackingly good.... :roll:

  243. βρεω808:

    The new "west coast offense"..... 1.5 yards and a cloud of rubber pellets.... :roll: :( :cry:

  244. d1島:

    Recalling better days for Ryan Mouton as a Warrior, I wonder why so few used to complain about his coverage abilities despite his 5'9" stature?

  245. madeinhawaii:

    Morning Tsaikos!! Sunday Morning!! And a Beautitufl day it is. Drive carefully out there.. enjoy but don't forget!!

    BOOKS for our KEIKIS - Help Win 50,000 books for Hawaii's kids
    vote here: http://booksforkids.firstbook.org/whatbook/about.php

    ALSO, VOTE for Greg Alexander, let's show our support and keep moving him up the list ... and build a reputation of fostering great quarterbacks!

  246. βρεω808:


  247. A-House:

    Yea, Adrian Thomas finally gets to start! Waiting for this day since UH announced signing him way back when.

  248. NYUH:

    An interception has taken the blame away from Ryan but he is the constant talk of the announcers today, including a recent reference to Hawaiian palm trees.

    But he is not the only one dropping balls, on either side. Jets will win 24-17.

  249. d1島:


  250. βρεω808:


  251. d1島:

    ....actually that should read

    FAaaarrrrvveeeee!!! :evil:

  252. d1島:

    Geeezzz...just saw the highlight of the GW TD throw for the Vikes! :-(

  253. bighilofan2:

    Boo! Where's Colt when you need him. The Redskins helped the Lions break a long standing record of losses. I've been a Redskin fan since the 1960's and I am waivering. My only hope is the Warriors. GO WARRIORS!!!!! This message is brought to you by the wife.

  254. Slugger:

    Lone Tsaiko at practice, at least I didn't recognize anyone in the bleachers. ST there late with keed in tow. Met #40's Mom there to say good luck before Po'okela goes to LA.


    Got a wave in at Hilo boy, Ikaika Mahoe.

  255. madeinhawaii:

    What's with Idaho? 3-1 to start the season? Maybe it was a cupcake schedule to start.. but... wait... this is still Idaho...

    and Utah State with 53 points? New Mexico State U beats U of New Mexico..?

    Strange... velly strange...

  256. madeinhawaii:

    Warriors better not take any team for granted this season.. Every one of them can bite when cornered.

    Boise is the new #5.

  257. d1島:

    Slow news day....

    HA Breaking News shows Likelike tunnels closed for maintenence until 7 am this morning! :lol:

  258. Committed Road Warrior:

    Wouldn't be surprised if the D.C. media starts turning up the heat on Jim Z.

    The Washington Post is showing that the attendance for the 'Skins-Lions game (at Detroit) was a shade under 41,000. How many games were blacked out in local markets this week?

  259. uhwarriors:

    The Na Koa Lunch Report for 9/21/09 has been posted on SportsHawaii.com:


  260. Gum Stick Spy Camera:

    I had no idea. Amazing what you can learn by cruising the internet, reading about things that interest you. Thanks for posting about this.

  261. SteveM:


    [SUNDAY – DAY 7 of 11.
    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 20.39 N, 105.15º W
    Distance sailed from San Francisco so far: 1,948 nautical miles]

    Good day everyone, especially fellow Tsai-ko Cruisers!

    Slowly emerging from last night's chocolate-induced coma. Puerto Vallarta is a heavily visited port of call for all cruise lines and made famous by Director John Huston (Night of the Iguana) and the Love Boat TV series.

    Peaches and I have been here once before in 2003 enroute the Panama Canal, but the changes to the port and immediate area is astounding. The port can hold 3-4 ships our size now and there is a Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and new shopping center across the street. Shucks, we only brought our Costco card for Cabo San Lucas... j/k :lol:

    Today's snapshot of shipboard life: similar to previous port days except there is a one game $5,000 bingo tonight and a 2230 international Carnival Party featuring many of the singers and musicians from the stage shows. It will be held in the atrium. The atrium in this ship has 4 scenic glass elevators and starts at deck 5 and is continuously open until deck 11 (pool deck, spa, buffet), which has the sun roof. The sounds from this party could carry through half the ship.

    Tonight's professional theater performance is a performance by comedian Bill Hildebrandt.

    No special promos for the alcohol-inclined, but the 0800-1100 morning happy hour specials are in effect and you can still get the helmet 6-pack of beer for the price of 5. Must be a lot of inexpensive beer and liquor available on shore on port days.

    Next port: Cabo San Lucas. ETA 0800 Monday
    ...then 2 days at sea to San Francisco port, SFO, and home. :|
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The listing of known Tsai-ko cruisers is at:

  262. UH -2.5:

    Bet the farm on LaTech.

    LaTech giving 2.5.

    Wouldn't surprise me if this line goes up to LaTech giving 4-5 points.

  263. UH +2.5:


  264. How To Rate Your Auto Insurance Provider | Car Lemon Laws:

    [...] The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics … [...]

  265. 99club:

    "Detroit Gets Additional Help From Washington"

    That's the too-easy-headline for tomorrow's Washington Post. Mixed emotions. Owner Dan Snyder was suing folks for not living up to their season ticket contracts no matter if they fell on hard times. I'm happy that he's unhappy. But Colt's biggest supporter in Washington (Zorn) is probably gone barring a miracle turnaround.

    Congrats on your Jets! 3-0 after playing the Titans and New England? Who would have thunk it! Hey Pete! You think that Sanchez kid is ready yet?

  266. UH +2.5:

    Latech gives up 250 yrds rushing a game, ranked 118

    Latech gives up 156 yrds passing a game, ranked 16

    expect UH not to run the ball and play into the strength of latechs defense--pass defense.. 7 to 9 defenders in the box expect UH coaches to pass..watch and see

    so bet the farm on latech covering the spread.

  267. Ralph:

    wvb Stanford vs Cal FSNW on now, game about to start

  268. βρεω808:

    -> replay...

  269. Ralph:

    yup, yesterday's vb match. good to watch a well played match, unlike watching Na Wahine blitzed by Idaho or watching J. Russell futility against Denver. He wins the Ryan Leaf award for complete failure.

  270. Groebard:

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