Tough loss

September 30th, 2009

RUSTON, LA — It was a tough night for the Warriors. Not only did they lose to Louisiana Tech on national television, but they also might have lost quarterback Greg Alexander for a while. UH announced he suffered a sprained left knee. Alexander, who was on crutches after the game, said he will undergo an MRI on Sunday.

Also, at least two players were affected by the tsunami in American Samoa. Rocky Savaiigaea said he was told one of his cousins had died. Fetaiagogo Fonoti said his mother and  brother are in American Samoa. He said he has not been able to talk with them because of communication problems.

* * * * *

"Please, please, I'm nobody," said Lou Holtz, as his police escorts helped him cut in front of us and take our  elevator ride to the press box.


* * * * *

Mark May, who also is doing the telecast, rode with us. He's a nice guy.


* * * * *

For lunch, Powderpuff and Stretch joined me and Ferd  at a cajun restaurant:


* * * * *

This is gator:


* * * * *

This is crawfish:


* * * * *



* * * * *



* * * * *

At Wal-Mart, we ran into Maile, a former Kapahulu resident:


* * * * *

In Dallas, we met a former Kaua‘i resident:


* * * * *

And this is ... hey, how the heck did this picture get here?


780 Responses to “Tough loss”

  1. 808ike:


  2. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

  3. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos.

    All our Samoan Warriors have family or extended families that were directly affected by yesterday's tragedy.

    Prayers to them all.

    Go Warriors!

  4. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Warriors- Ke Akua is watching over all.

  5. Pomai:

    Top ten maybe

  6. bighilofan2:

    gotta go.

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. chopsueyboy:

    Game Day!
    Go Warriors!

    Top ten!

  8. kymrykauai:

    Game day...go warriors! On our way to hnl for appointments but bringing along our warrior car flags for the rental car! Gonna catch the game at mai tai bar at Ala Moana after lunch meeting ends.

  9. Pomai:

    UH vs La Tech
    21    -    28    C rM
    24    -    14    99club
    24    -    21    djmitcho
    27    -    14    tom
    27    -    24    Committed Road Warrior
    27    -    28    westsideview
    28    -    27    wafan
    31    -    17    labrat
    31    -    20    curveball
    31    -    21    koakane
    31    -    24    WassupDoc
    31    -    27    gmhoney
    31    -    28    Pete Jek
    31    -    30    Dereki
    34    -    24    Bighilofan2
    34    -    27    Cindy & Greg Cee
    34    -    31    plenty chikara
    35    -    10    jm2375
    35    -    14    Da Punchbowl Kid
    35    -    17    RainbowCliff
    35    -    20    NYUH
    35    -    21    LizKauai
    35    -    21    RichfromOC X
    35    -    24    MP
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    31    J-Dog
    37    -    27    SailorBlue
    38    -    17    JaM
    38    -    20    UKU@LA
    38    -    21    Maverick
    38    -    24    Curt
    38    -    27    momo
    38    -    28    chopsueyboy
    38    -    31    SojunNTaegu
    38    -    34    Shannon
    38    -    35    HiFlyer
    41    -    24    DrewHiro
    41    -    27    buger
    41    -    28    TYaiea
    41    -    35    Bulla
    41    -    38    BIGWAVE96744
    42    -    21    niho mano
    42    -    24    Kazz
    42    -    31    Glenn
    44    -    28    jojo
    45    -    20    AZWARRIOR22
    45    -    20    kama krab
    45    -    24    al
    45    -    38    Jack Flash
    45    -    41    lil's
    46    -    34    postmanke
    48    -    21    TChahng
    49    -    21    G (China)
    52    -    31    ct
    56    -    14    d1shima
    56    -    17    Kekoa
    63    -    12    homey

  10. djmitcho:


  11. djmitcho:

    Oh yeah...Good Morning All! Have a Warrior Day!

  12. Dennis Halloran:

    UH 37 La Tech 10
    Remember the entire Samoan Ohana in your prayers

  13. koa mahu:

    Do me proud my Rainbow Warriors!

  14. 808ike:

    7 hrs. till showtime. Make us proud.

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!

  15. Southbay:

    Go Warriors!

  16. Slugger:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    Prayers for the players 'ohana in Samoa.


  17. niho mano:

    go warriors!!!

  18. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    It's about time to party up in Ruston. Good luck to the boyz and please play hard, not only for us but for your families back in Samoa. Keep them in your hearts and minds as you step on that field to represent. Remember to make those that you have lost and those that have been injured or displaced proud to call you guyz Warrior's of the Pacific. Stand firm boyz and remember Warrior Nation got your back no matter where we might be.

    Go get'um boyz and put a licken on somebody.


  19. mctruck:

    Playing on Wednesday night might not draw too large a crowd in this area, except for the die hards and UH fans; I think thats why LaTech was busy trying to draw a larger crowd from neighboring,(Grambling),and other areas.....however, this might play into UH's hands actually. I might be wrong and they might come out to the game like gang busters??..the more the merrier, right?

    Whatevers....UH will be up to the task either way, Go Warriors!!

  20. (Jesse) James:

    Good morning Tsaikos...Hope all have a terrific gameday.

    Mr. A-House...see you at 10.

    GO WARRIORS!!! You are Polynesia's team. Not only are you playing for Hawaii today and showing the rest of the country that we do exist out here in the middle of the Pacific, but you are also playing for the people of Samoa who suffered tragedy yesterday. Focus, stay the course, play smart but play with intensity and pride.

    Offense, stay sharp and play wisely. Run those routes, protect the QB, time those passes, go through your progressions, open up the holes for the running game, keep the pedal to the medal and don't let up. Score on every possession. Protect the ball, especially in the red zone.

    Defense. You are down with injuries but not out. Play like fierce Warriors with a never say die attitude. The rest of the WAC and country are laughing at us and are play on defense. Prove them wrong. Play hard, hit hard, but also play smart. Shoot those gaps, go after the ball, create those turnovers. When it is all said and done, leave nothing on the field. As the old cliche says, Offense wins games, but Defense wins championships. I know Kazz is gonna hate this one but "Play Like A Champion Today". Let's start our championship run today.


  21. TYaiea:

    g'morning tsaikos and warriors whereever u r. To our warriors this pm; play smart, play tough, and play for Hawaii nei and for the entire pacific islanders. Play with your heart for our brothers and sisters who are suffering from the aftermath of the tsunami. You can do it!!! Imua Na Koa!!!

  22. (Jesse) James:

    Continued prayers for those in Samoa and Indonesia...and all their Ohana in Hawaii.

  23. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    May the Almighty's hand be upon those in Samoa affected by the yesterday's events. May He bring comfort to their family and loved ones near and far.

  24. Maverick:

    Talofa A full day of reflection from yesterdays tragic event to our extended ohana in Samoa.
    I offer a link(click on my name) to Samoa Radio if you want to tune in and listen to live broadcast.

    Lets go Warriors! Show America who is number #1

    hope a silent moment before kickoff tonight will be expressed in the stadium to offer condolences. Fa'a Samoa

  25. Da Punchbowl Kid:


  26. chawan_cut:


  27. Mr C:

    Let's make some waves.
    La Tech giving 4 points.

    La Tech 35 UH 30

    Wesside regulators coming your way.

  28. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos!

    It's game day!! GO WARRIORS!

    ST was on with Scott Robbs earlier. Indicated Stretch helped the local Shreveport economy tremendously last night ($600+). :roll: Hope Stretch can sit through the drive to/from Ruston and the game. :lol:

  29. d1島:


    Heard that, too.
    Geez! For $10+/min. you'd think someone could find more "satisfying" entertainment! :evil:

  30. Matt:

    Gameday! Let's get it on. Warriors need to turn the pit bull loose on these Bulldogs. Never give up, never surrender, no mercy. The season hinges on this game. We need to win this game to set us up for the rest of the WAC season. GO WARRIORS!!!

  31. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Warriors, IMUA!!!

    Flew my flags on the way to work- wearing my MEATOGA supporter shirt at work today.

    Productivity will drop this afternoon, so it's HI HO til then!


  32. Garret:

    Ruston's newspaper has an article about the game today.

    “Every game is big, but the biggest are those you play in your own conference,” said Tech head coach Derek Dooley. “The preseason is over. WAC play is here and every game is going to be a huge challenge and it starts for us with an outstanding Hawaii team.”

  33. Kazz (FIVE more for Coach Shoji):

    A good day to be off work is... GAME DAY!!! :mrgreen:

  34. Kazz (FIVE more for Coach Shoji):

    Twitter / StephenTsai

    StephenTsai: Gator or frog legs? What to eat?
    September 30, 2009 08:03:25 am


  35. Diogenes Sinope:

    Prayers for our brothers and sisters in Samoa.

    LAST DAY TO VOTE - and you have to enter your vote before 6:00PM HST if you haven't done so already.

    BOOKS for our KEIKIS - Help Win 50,000 books for Hawaii's kids
    vote here :
    You can make a difference in a child's life!!

  36. chopsueyboy:

    Warriors and others with passing attack,
    time of possession doesn't mean much...
    AP article

  37. Pomai:

    Dis is it last post of the pix's
    UH vs La Tech
    21    -    28    C rM
    24    -    14    99club
    24    -    21    djmitcho
    27    -    14    tom
    27    -    24    Committed Road Warrior
    27    -    28    westsideview
    28    -    27    wafan
    31    -    17    labrat
    31    -    20    curveball
    31    -    21    koakane
    31    -    24    WassupDoc
    31    -    27    gmhoney
    31    -    28    Pete Jek
    31    -    30    Dereki
    34    -    24    Bighilofan2
    34    -    27    Cindy & Greg Cee
    34    -    31    plenty chikara
    35    -    10    jm2375
    35    -    10    Dennis Holloran X
    35    -    14    Da Punchbowl Kid
    35    -    17    RainbowCliff
    35    -    20    NYUH
    35    -    21    LizKauai
    35    -    21    RichfromOC X
    35    -    24    MP
    35    -    28    Pomai
    35    -    30    Mr C
    35    -    31    J-Dog
    37    -    27    SailorBlue
    38    -    17    JaM
    38    -    20    UKU@LA
    38    -    21    Maverick
    38    -    24    Curt
    38    -    27    momo
    38    -    28    chopsueyboy
    38    -    31    SojunNTaegu
    38    -    34    Shannon
    38    -    35    HiFlyer
    41    -    24    DrewHiro
    41    -    27    buger
    41    -    28    TYaiea
    41    -    35    Bulla
    41    -    38    BIGWAVE96744
    42    -    21    niho mano
    42    -    24    Kazz
    42    -    31    Glenn
    44    -    28    jojo
    45    -    20    AZWARRIOR22
    45    -    20    kama krab X
    45    -    24    al
    45    -    38    Jack Flash

  38. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):


    PLAY for FUN and you will LIGHT UP THE FIELD!


  39. addahknowjoe:

    Gmorning Gang!


  40. isleboy:

    Too much drama ST....go to Chili's.....their menu contains the basic food.....

  41. A-House:


    Roger that - see you at 10!

  42. Defense u2:

    "go warriorz"!
    aloha, from hawaii

  43. chopsueyboy:

    Tech wants to end Hawaii jinx

    The Bulldogs get their chance tonight with a Western Athletic Conference opener that will be delivered into an estimated 97 million homes via the ESPN2 network.

    “The preseason is over,” Dooley said. “It’s conference season time and we face a big challenge right away with a very talented, extremely good Hawaii team coming in here.

  44. FloridaTed:

    Morning/afternoon, Tsaiko-Nation and Globe trotting Tsai-Meister.

    On paper (in my book) we are two touchdown favorites, alas, we have to fire on all cylinders.

    The doggies will be coming out with adrenaline pumping, as long as we wether that storm and won't get our own halftime letdown, we should win by two TD's.

    Would be nice if everything would follow that script, lol.

  45. Ronnie:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Family!

    IT'S GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!

    Prayers continue to go out to those affected by recent disasters - Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga (which was also hit by a tsunami yesterday), Indonesia and Georgia.

  46. madeinhawaii:

    Aloha and Morning all!!

    GAME DAY REMINDERS!! --- okay ... everyday...

    BOOKS for our KEIKIS - Help Win 50,000 books for Hawaii's kids
    vote here :
    You can make a difference in a child's life!! - Just two more days!

    ALSO, VOTE for Greg Alexander, let's show our support and keep moving him up the list and get some recognition ... Greg is currently #25

    IMUA WARRIORS! Whoootah!


  47. koakane™:

    good game day to all the warrior fans and tsaiko country

    a few hours till kickoff nothing much more to do except to man up and play the game. let all your energies be focused on the goals set out before you. the 808 state will be backing you. play hard whooootahhhhhhhh

    kymry join the many tsaikos at genji's or at nancy's in waipio. call if need directions.

    jj no forget to bring my stuff, oh my god looks like we going be visited by big cohana ok sistah see ya no forget hubby

    helllooooo ronnie how youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. good you came lv even if james ditched you (he was the driver) bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  48. CouchP:

    Prayers go out to the American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, and Indonesian people as they battle through tragedy.

  49. TYaiea:

    ey, MIH, the books for kids web site must be jammed. Hard to log on. Tried several times this a.m.. Will try again.

  50. Jack Flash:

    Gameday baby!
    No Mercy. No Excuses. Give La Tech the beatdown they deserve.

  51. Garret:

    North Carolina jumped ahead of Hawaii (I saw the standings after I voted today), but hopefully Hawaii has a big enough advantage to stay #1.

  52. midori7:

    Morning Tsaikos!

    Thanks to everyone who posted the links to vote for the books. Took a while to get to website but just cast my vote...Hawaii grabbed back the lead!


  53. Mr C:

    Let's make another wave.
    any takers.
    4 pts
    LaTech 35 UH 30


  54. chopsueyboy:

    just voted...we're still number 1

  55. TYaiea:

    garrett, just put in 3 more votes for HI and we're still listed as #1

  56. Garret:

    Oops, my mistake...North Carolina had jumped ahead of *Kentucky* for the #2 spot (I think Kentucky was #2 yesterday). Hawaii was still #1.

    Still, if it helps motivate people maybe we should post that Hawaii was in danger of losing the #1 spot...

  57. Colomaohana:

    C rM: You pau work early today? Bringing our Lucky 7 to Nancys?!

    SHOOOTS! Taking half day vacation den.....Sheeshh!! Tell me mo' early why don't you?

    Oh yeah, howzit, Tsai-ko ohana!

    Chee hoo!

  58. Matt:

    The book for kids site is really slow today. I voted about 10 times. The site also says that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY so get ready for the big push and get Hawaii's kids those books.

  59. madeinhawaii:

    OOps... I made a mistake.. today is the LAST DAY to vote for the 50,000 books for Hawaii's Keikis.

    It's GAME DAY... for the BOOKS and for our WARRIORS..

    Let's win at Both!

    Warriors ....GEEVE 'EM!!

  60. (Jesse) James:

    OMG...Big C is gonna be in the house..."you sure, positive, eh, you sure you sure...????"

    Gramps...I have your stuff....and don't forget to order the gizzards. I told Rob25...she just said, Ewwww....WTF....Mwahahahahahahaha

  61. Kekoa:

    Pre-viewing check list:

    :arrow: Where us guys goin' be?...Nancy's in Waipio!

    :arrow: What time?...Come early, (like NLT den 1:30 PM). Da seating is first come first serve.

    :arrow: What to bring?...Small kine money and BIG kine enthusiasim!

    :arrow: What get 'fo eat?...Oxtail, Tripe or Beef Stew, Hawaiian plate...Chinese, Japanese, any kine local grinds or Pupu. Adult beverages will be served.

    :arrow: What celeb's going be dere?...Colomaohana, Star of Hawaii Mom's dot com award winning TV commercial.(and part-time bouncer at Nancy' behave!)

    :arrow: How do I get there?...Here's da link:'s+Kitchen

  62. Rob25:

    Just put in my two votes for Hawaii....we're still in the lead!!


  63. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    I voted- Hawaii still ahead.

  64. Rob25:


    I'm not a celebrity!! :evil:

    How rude!

  65. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):



  66. Rob25:

    Okay, since I'm not famous or celebrated...I voted again for my daughter.

  67. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Rob25- Celebrity? But you get kids, right? oh... wrong word....


    celebrity- no
    DIVA- YES!!!


    Have some ono tripe stew for me!!! :twisted:


  68. Kekoa:

    Note to Rob25: Order da Tripe, sistah...ono you know!

    I heard 'Grampa' might sneak in some raw oysters just 'fo you gurl!

  69. Rob25:

    Okay...gotta go throw up!

    Memories of Colt's early years at Hawaii!!!

  70. koakane™:

    just added my vote to books for kids, still number one

    shoots jj gizzard's

  71. koakane™:

    oh kekoa going bring oysters betta pack up some old baby clothes for the participants.

  72. Ronnie:

    I'm with Rob on the tripe stew...

  73. Colomaohana:

    Eh, get room for my keiki do homework or what? I might be sneaking dem outta school a tad bit early....


  74. Rob25:

    Hey Ronnie!

    Better get the champagne and sushi!

  75. Rob25:

    You go Coloma gurl!

    Priorities! It's all about supporting the or family!

  76. Colomaohana:

    I'm with Rob25 and Ronnie on the tripe stew...


  77. koakane™:

    only can say this to the r gurls

    oysters, tripe, gizzards so ono and some good

  78. Mr C:

    Here comes another wave.

    common any takers

    LaTech 35 UH 30

  79. madeinhawaii:

    I wanna be greedy today..
    I want to see our Warriors crush LaTech...
    and I wanna see Hawaii win those 50K books!


  80. Kekoa:

    Mama C-ta ~ Homework assignment for all: BEAT LA TECH!

    Go Keiki Warriors!

  81. Colomaohana:

    Hahaha..Yup....das how I run 'um!!!

    Start 'um early, I say!

  82. (Jesse) James: and the baby clothes...I mean really, you think oysters really have that kind of effect on people..??? Oh wait, if they do, maybe I need some...LMAO

  83. Rob25:

    C rM:

    Helloooooo, this is the Warrior Beat...we ain't trying to bring bad mojo on the team...get with the program! At least on game day!

    Nevermind that...get the kids and get ready to rock and roll.


    We not missing anything good, that's for sure. Even the Filipino girl is with us "R" girls.

  84. Ronnie:

    Yee Haw!!!!! Champagne and sushi!


  85. (Jesse) James:

    Eh, Mrs. C, I'm not going to get a call at 130 saying, "Ummm...yeah, no can make 'em today." MWAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHA

  86. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Tripe stew and now OYSTERS!
    Dang- I shoulda kept that plane reservation!

  87. Kekoa:

    Back 'atcha Ronnie! I hope you and da boys are able to watch the game with some 808 frenz!

    Win Warriors!

  88. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    grmhoney - where do you stand? Tripe stew and oysters or sushi and champagne?

    No worry- With Tsai-kos, you can have BOTH KINES!!!


  89. Kekoa:

    Sorry Liz, I know how painful all this talk about your fave fuuds can be. Next T-gate for the Fresno Pups obedience training will feature all that you have missed today, and more!

  90. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    From Coach Jones' tweet:

    NFL players tracking family in Samoa

  91. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Mahalo, Kekoa... (as she eyes the chef salad in the fridge and the cold left over pho...) I feel MUCH better now!!! Some of your Kekoa special lomi salmon and poi will make the world right again too!

    Hugs to all at Nancy's today!


  92. Ronnie:

    I wonder if Kaiser Hospital has pay per view? ;-)

    My parents have been with my grandma, who is in the hospital, so my dad will probably have to record the game today.

  93. Slugger:

    Are we competitive or what?

    Last day to vote:
    BOOKS for our KEIKIS - Help Win 50,000 books for Hawaii's kids
    vote here :
    You can make a difference in a child's life!!

    North Carolina had passed Kentucky this morning. Imua HAWAII!


    Going for a walkabout before heading to Genji's. Esme & whooosh....

  94. Kekoa:

    Rajah Dat Liz!

    We'll throw in some extra loud cheers with you and Ronnie in mind.

  95. Colomaohana:

    JJ: re#85: hahaha...more than likely NOT! But, don't fault me for making our keiki a priority! I know how fo' balance our lives....At least I take kea' ....I always say: We make 'um, We take care of 'um.

    Plus, dis time, no mo' #7, she going stay wit Grandma until pau game, then we go get her. Dat one learning fo' walk and no' can keep still.....hahaah!! Mo' bettah bring dat one to Uncle Kekoa's hale next time!

  96. bstunna2002:

    Pomai here's my pick



    any room for a new Tsaiko at Nancy's?

  97. koakane™:

    jj your problem is the oddah part not the oysters and koamahu not the answer lol bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  98. Kekoa:

    Ronnie ~ Tell dad that it is on Oceanic cable station #224 Free @ 2 PM HST. I believe they do have that service on the TV's in the rooms.

  99. Cindy cee:

    Prayers for all in Samoa, Indonesia and Philippines; the pictures say so much!

  100. Mr C:


    Just making waves. I need job stability.
    Got to make blog exciting and fun.
    My job makes me bipolar.

  101. Cindy cee: big!!

  102. koakane™:


    make um take care of um

    if can can if no can still can the tsaiko motto applies

    good point, proud your a good parent, kudo's to you and hubby.

  103. A-House:

    Continued prayers to all in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia that were affected by the Tsunami yesterday.

    Special prayers to the families who have sons/daughters attending UH.

  104. BowsForever:

    You can DO it, Warriors!


    Two words for the D: Quarterback pressure!

  105. Kekoa:

    bstuna2002 ~ Please come on down and join us!

    Just got a call from UHFan808. She will take some well-deserved time off from her stately duties at Kapolei and meet us at Nancy's.

    Of course you must realize that the entire staff will be without adult supervision for the remainder of the afternoon. Can our State survive such a catastrophic loss of leadership? Hmmm...Aunty Linda?

  106. A-House:

    Had everything planned in my mind on how I was going to handle work, go home early, and watch the game.

    Then, the world came crashing down yesterday when I was reminded that I must attend a mandatory meeting at 2pm today - SUCKS!!!!!!!

    So, to all us stuck at work today, keep the faith and silent cheers for the Warriors.

    To all the others, yell really loud for us!!!!

  107. Kekoa:

    bstuna2002 ~ Since you mentioned your pick, Pomai will be there to confirm your score.

  108. SteveM:

    [WEDNESDAY – DAY 10 of 11. AT SEA
    enroute San Francisco -- off Los Angeles at 1530 PDT
    Position: 33.35ºN, 120.55ºW]

    Good day everyone, especially fellow Tsai-ko Cruisers!

    This will be my last post from the Norwegian Sun at sea. I am out of satellite internet minutes. We will have sailed approximately 3,400 nautical miles from San Francisco on this 5 port Mexico cruise.

    I am told the ship does not have ESPN2--has ESPN but not 2 in their satellite package. :( So we will miss seeing the UH-LaTech game live. Gives us more time to pack between the loaded live show schedule tonight and allows us a final dinner with the friends we've made on this cruise. Bag pull is at 0100.

    See ya on the blog, and maybe in person after we get home Thursday.

    Game time soon...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The listing of known Tsai-ko cruisers is at:

  109. Kekoa:

    Gotcha covered A-House.

    Always fun to drag out da 'Drill Sgt' voice and cheer loud for - "Another Warrior 1st down!"...or better yet - "Another Warrior TOUCHDOWN!"

  110. Ronnie:

    Thanks Kekoa. I'll let him know (if he hasn't already checked it out).

  111. Rob25:

    I'll yell for you Ronnie!

  112. Just Saying:

    seriously, who gives a hoot about a cruise? man, some narcissists on here.

  113. Colomaohana:

    Ronnie: Kaiser Moanalua? Henry Louis down da' hill...... ;-)

  114. Ronnie:

    Thanks Colomaohana! Yep, she's at Kaiser Moanalua.

  115. chopsueyboy:

    we're still #1 with the books

  116. Rob25:


    Your hubby just called me a little while ago. You better get your buns moving. You like me save room for the keiki to do homework?

    K den...outta here soon.

  117. homey ℞:

    Have an awesome time at Nancy's.

    I would go but have already committed to another place with real HDTV's and fun kine illegal activities @ an undisclosed location...

    Catch you all at the next t-gate.

  118. chopsueyboy:

    129 minutes till kickoff

    Rece Davis, Mark May and Lou Holtz will call the game on the ESPN2 telecast. ...

  119. Rob25:

    You too homey...see you soon.


    Let's take down these puppies before the Fresno puppies come into Honolulu!

  120. Mrs. A-House:

    Good Morning Everybody!

    I'm feeling the excitement on this game day, and I'm doing my chores with that extra adrenaline that is almost better than s _ _. What am I's way better than s _ _!

    Collectively, the thousands and thousands of Warrior fans, whether present at Ruston or cheering the Warriors on from Nancy's, Genji's at the office or at home, provide the good mana that will drive our team to do their best. As LizK always preaches...just have fun but play hard and eliminate mistakes. It can be will be JUST DO IT!!

    Prayers go out to those tragically impacted by the earthquake/tsunami in American Samoa.

    SteveM & Peaches - Safe voyage until you return.

  121. PowderPuff:

    Have a great time at Nancy's, everyone. Yell LOUD - hope to hear ya'll. Hitting the road to Ruston now. Thinking about you, Ronnie, your parents and grandma. Take care now. GO WARRIORS!

  122. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Boy these Tsaikos I tell ya- Mr C tryin to start a riot with his picks, Kekoa and the others wif their Nancy-gate plans causing the state government to collapse. Tisk tisk tisk... :lol:

  123. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Have some o' dem oysters for me and tell ya hubby that Tino, Caroline and their Mom and Dad will be joining us for the Fresno tail gate.

  124. Colomaohana:


    YES, PLEASE!!! Table for 8 please.....I GUESS I'll save a space for da' daddy....hehehehe...

    Why? He called to say what an a$$ he was sounding like? Uh huh....Had to call him out on that....hehehe...Irraz!

  125. madeinhawaii:

    Wow... less than an hour away....

  126. duffer (iPhone):


    meeting running long. Don't think I can make it

    Go WARRIORS!!!!

  127. Colomaohana:

    homey: Underground tunnels in Chinatown can catch TV reception? Hmmm...Okay, brah, have fun!

  128. 99club:

    Prayers go out to all affected by recent disasters in the Pacific. Thankfully, help's on the way.

    Thanks for the head's up on tonight's broadcast team, chopsueyboy. Some people don't like those guys, but I like their back and forth.


  129. Mad Dog:

    I'm wearing a green Warrior shirt at work, and I plan to take a long, extended lunch hour today. Come on Warriors. Play hard for yourselves, for UH, for Hawaii, and for those in Samoa who need a bit of good news today.

    It looks as though the game is on the internet.

  130. Kekoa:

    Homes ~ Please keep in mind that Nancy's has booster seats for you.

  131. koakane™:

    forgot to mention I went to see hawn bod again and he moved room. he is in fine spirits but was told he would be there for 5 more weeks. so if can go see him. he will have his mom bring his cell phone so we can call him. thinking about doing it sometime during the game. not sure if he can catch the game on his room tv.

  132. koakane™:

    oh oh without homey cohana and rob will be unchecked at nancy's

  133. Mililani55:

    Aloha ST,
    Which did you have gator or frog legs...!?

    Game time soon... Gooooooo Warriors!!

  134. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    SteveM and Peaches- enjoy the rest of your trip and know we will be CHEERING on your behalf - realtime and for the dvr REPLAY!
    Looks like my dream cruise to AK is on hold til 2011 or so as I passed auditions to sing in India next summer!!!

    OK... annodah job to do before I take a late lunch and spew salad at my monitor!


  135. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    koakane- but remember- Stretch and Powderpuff will NOT be at Nancy's to lure Rob25 to the wild side :lol:


  136. madeinhawaii:

    For those at work today.... ahem... Looks like a pretty good feed.

  137. koakane™:

    au'wryte and true dat lizk but as you know she has been hanging around us so long rob25 can find her own way to and back from the dark side already bwhaaaaaa

    miss not having you here to cheer the team on.

  138. djmitcho:

    I really don't want to listen to Lou spit out his dentures everytime he speaks. So annoying.

  139. Committed Road Warrior:

    Continued prayers to those affected by the events in Samoa.

    I've been a tad behind on this, but has there been any video coming out of Samoa showing the damage?

  140. Mr C:


    we heading their to regulate.

  141. koakane™:

    mistah C da lua for customers olny. naaaahhhh

    good you going represent cause not all of the rat pack going be dea. see you soon my man.

  142. koakane™:

    final go get um warriors, play hard, pour it on, show no mercy cause you will get none. challenge them and battle.

  143. Mr C:

    speaking of lua, becareful of Mrs A House.
    Known to enter kane lua for emergency purposes.
    She is guilty, and was caught.

  144. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    There is a restrained tension at my table here at Ige's...

  145. Hank:

    GA...Let the game come to you and we will be unstoppable....take what they give you and let your receivers do their thing....

    The return of Fonoti and Falemalu provide inspiration and we stop they're power running game and are able to pressure their QB.....

    I feel good about todays game....GO WARRIORS!

  146. Stephen Tsai:

    We shared the gator — OK, it tasted like a shoe, then again, it could have been ...

  147. Maverick:

    If I had a gator farm....

    I could retire early.

    Gator Tacos with plenty of tabasco is Ono-licous.

    Countdown. 8 minutes till kickoff.

    Warriors # 1
    Warriors # 1
    Warriors # !

  148. βρεω808:

    Okay - I made it! Are we up by 14 pts yet? :shock:

  149. βρεω808:

    WARRIORS - Deliver (return) Dooley's doo doo that he's expounded for the last two years! Make him eat it! :twisted:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  150. Committed Road Warrior:

    I wonder if I'll be able to stay up for the entire game?

    I'll try, but no guarantees.

  151. BowsForever:

    Kickoff's soon.

    ESPN2 replaying at 8PM (probably the "abridged" version like they usually have for replays), in case anyone was wondering.

  152. BowsForever:

    Hello, special teams breakdown to start the game!

  153. wafan:

    Dang it.

  154. BowsForever:

    1st and 20 from midfield. Early test for the D, but with quite a bit of breathing room before that first down marker/field goal range.

  155. wafan:

    Ummm, how does Mr. Tsai know it might have been a shoe?

  156. BowsForever:

    Lucky us, La Tech wants to keep bringing it back! 1st and 35?!

  157. BowsForever:

    Wait...1st and 35?! BLITZ EVERY DAMN PLAY!

  158. BowsForever:

    Nice going, Blaze!

  159. 99club:

    Ahhhh...cold beer and WARRIOR football. Life's good. Great stop Hawaii!

  160. 99club:

    That's some good looking fuud there ST. Seafood gumbo's my favorite down there.

  161. 99club:

    Yoohoo! We've got a good drive going on!

  162. wafan:

    Liz . . .


    You get to see real Indians! Whoo-hoo!!!

  163. 99club:

    Nice throw! 1st down! Yeehaw!

  164. Ronnie:


    Stuck at work!

    Good thing the DVR is set!

  165. postmanke:

    Lou Holtz sounds like he's spitting on May and Rece when he talks. Poor guy

  166. 99club:

    Salas! Nice run after the catch.

  167. Committed Road Warrior:

    Eating clock.

    I like it!

  168. Ronnie:

    "Watching" the game with Game Tracker.

    Way to go Salas!

  169. wafan:


  170. 99club:

    FG! 3-0 Hawaii! C'mon special teams! Hold 'em on kickoff!

  171. βρεω808:

    Hi Ronnie - Does that mean I can have your champagne? :D

  172. βρεω808:

    Long (especially early) drives need to finish w/ seven!!! :twisted:

  173. 99club:

    That calls for a beer!

  174. Ronnie:

    Hi brew!

    Welllll.... you can get started, and I'll catch up once I get home. ;-)

  175. Committed Road Warrior:

    Darn ESPN360 cut me off and went to commercial! WTH?!?!

    Looks like we scored. Better than nothing, I suppose.

  176. 99club:

    Agreed. I think this game's going to a high scoring affair. We're going to need every point.

  177. BowsForever:

    Hm. Nope, not happy with a FG. Also, only one run play for the series?

  178. madeinhawaii:

    All this gator meat talk makes me wonder what an emu in an imu would taste like.

  179. hwnstln:

    This is starting out like Vegas. Gotta finish. Nice drive tho.

  180. Konaboy:

    Nice drive until the redzone, still a problem for us :(

  181. βρεω808:

    ...and it's another 99 brewski....!!! :lol:

  182. Ronnie:

    Game tracker is a bit sllllooooowwwweeerrr than than the game. Thank goodness for the blog!

  183. BowsForever:

    If we keep getting stopped cold at the 20, this season could be even worse than last year.

  184. βρεω808:

    Ronnie - I just walked out in the middle of my meeting and skipping the ones scheduled for later! I got my priorities! :|

  185. Konaboy:

    Yeah BF, kinda frustrating seeing how well they can move the ball outside of the redzone. It's like damaged goods if this keeps up.

  186. Ronnie:

    I agree about the red zone. I really miss Nate!

  187. 99club:

    We need a fumble.

  188. hwnstln:

    Wow, LaTech is moving like a knife thru butter.

  189. βρεω808:

    Hurry-up offense is working for dawgs....Tough running....

  190. Ronnie:

    I hear you brew! The problem is I car pooled today with my sister and she had to work later than she was supposed to. :-(

  191. BowsForever:

    Let 'em score. D needs a good talking-to.

  192. Committed Road Warrior:

    Ronnie #182:

    ESPN360 is a minute or two behind. That, and my video feed is sketchy. It may be my internet connection or the cruddy video card in my laptop, though.

  193. βρεω808:

    Gotta luv those doggie penalties! MORE please...! :D

  194. Ronnie:

    Ok, time to head home.

    Come on Big D!!!

  195. 99club:

    C'mon D!! Need a stop here!!

  196. Konaboy:

    Need some run stops behind the LOS

  197. 99club:

    Dang. TD La Tech. 7-3.

  198. βρεω808:

    Poor tackling... TD dogs. :(

  199. BowsForever:

    Horrific series for the D. Are we really that bad?

  200. Konaboy:

    Poor tackling on D line getting dominated. This could be a looooong night.

  201. βρεω808:

    99 - gotta give back half of that brewski... brah. :roll:

  202. BowsForever:

    According to Kekaula, LaTech has something like the 110th-ranked run defense in FBS. You would think Rolo could try getting LWJ and Green involved when approaching the red zone.

  203. BowsForever:

    I'm wondering: Yes, there's injuries and the loss of a bunch of seniors, but at what point will the Warrior D stabilize?

  204. βρεω808:

    Wow - pix of PP ... quiet! :shock:

  205. βρεω808:

    SEVEN ...please...

  206. Committed Road Warrior:

    ESPN360 is starting to irk me. The thing just went to commercial again before the kickoff.

  207. Mad Dog:

    My goodness. We can't tackle. And we look like we are sleepwalking. Wha happened during the trip over?

  208. βρεω808:

    Three and out!

    Defensive terminology that seems to be missing the last seven quarters of play..... :rool:

  209. Mad Dog:

    three and out. shucks

  210. Konaboy:

    3 and out... riiiiiiiiiiight

  211. mctruck:

    why give jackson the ball??, he falls down as soon as someone touches him; he runs into a log jam, and he doesn't have the witherall to run around the pile, or is too slow footed.

    You see how hard it is to bring down tech's rb's???

  212. 99club:

    Finally! Nice stop Blaze.

  213. βρεω808:

    Three and out!

  214. mctruck:

    regroup's making 1st down on the run too damn easy.

  215. 99club:


  216. Mad Dog:

    Good sack, but too many green shirts just standing around and not chasing the ball.

  217. wafan:


  218. Konaboy:

    good to see some life on the D!

  219. wafan:

    I know about crab legs. But crab fingers?


  220. Konaboy:

    mctruck, you are so right about Jackson's play so far.

  221. warriorfanny2:

    Our Dline and secondary playing flat--Blase is having a great first quarter and is all over the field.

  222. Committed Road Warrior:

    Exited ESPN360 and am now watching the game via madeinhawaii's link posted earlier. Better than ESPN360 for the purposes of watching the game.

    I'll re-access ESPN360 if I want to watch a replay of it later on this week.

  223. wafan:

    The oddest pix.

    PP with her mouth closed.

  224. BowsForever:

    I wouldn't write off LWJ by the 4th game. To be fair, the O-line didn't start playing particularly well until last week.

  225. Konaboy:

    Nice stop D!

  226. hwnstln:

    Getting the impression that we gotta stuff the run with a lot of guys in the box and ends .... then make the QB have to execute to win the game.

    Need 7 on this drive!!

  227. BowsForever:

    We're not winning the punch/counterpunch battle just yet. 7 here is very important.

  228. wafan:

    Go Kealoha!

  229. BowsForever:

    TV watchers, is Salas being doubled/not getting free?

  230. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Finally got off the phone and on the feed.


    INT- ayha

  231. Mad Dog:

    GA intercepted. Underthrew a long pass

  232. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    LaTech starts on the 9...

  233. BowsForever:

    Sigh. Alexander is no Colt. Arm strength isn't a substitute for accuracy.

  234. wafan:


    Gotta go? HA!

  235. Konaboy:

    Delay of game on D... mind boggling

  236. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    def delay- start on the 14

    we need a TO>TD NOW

  237. Ralph:

    first time I've seen a defense charged with delay of game-coach mac you got to make quicker decisions.

  238. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    LaTech is in a hurryup rhythm

  239. PowderPuff:

    PP stunned into silence once again: Karl Malone just shook Stretch's hand and said, "I'm an alum, let me know if you need anything.". Wow, so shocked - no more pics of that.

  240. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    1/10 on their 26

    now hit for a loss of 1

  241. Konaboy:

    wow a run stop behind the LOS!!

  242. wafan:

    I do not understand that one.

  243. Konaboy:

    Great hit by hopkins

  244. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    bomb- Tank pounds the receiver for an INC

    Next play- they run for 13.

  245. Konaboy:

    we can't tackle

  246. kama krab:

    Come on baby suck it up.

  247. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Porter runs for another 15

    load heavy on the right and they get through every time.

    Big challenge for the D

  248. Ralph:

    poor tackling, most glaring when it is in the open field. La Tech with 126 yds and its only the start of the 2nd qtr.

  249. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Porter runs for more

  250. Konaboy:

    seems like 3 to 4th down conversions have been a real problem for the D since halftime of the UNLV game.

  251. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    going for the 4th down and 1

    got it

  252. 99club:

    Dang. I thought we had 'em stopped.

  253. arm tacklers:


  254. wafan:

    Need to finish the tackle.

  255. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Bryant- good pass defense! INC!

  256. Dirty Commish:

    Wow D is getting run over. Bad technique & bad angles. C'mon boys get your heads in the game. Secondary is holding up so far though.

  257. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    I hear what was said about the teeth...

  258. βρεω808:

    Initial contact behind the line of scrimmage - yet positive yardage... = trouble

  259. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Mike May was respectful to Colt during the Heisman as I recall.

    1/10 on the 18

  260. Konaboy:

    this reminds me of 3rd qtr. of the UNLV game

  261. hwnstln:

    Gonna come to who wants it more!! So far it is LaTech.

  262. βρεω808:

    WORSE .... NO contact behind the line of scrimmage - yet positive yardage... = TROUBLE!!!

  263. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    endzone - tank nails it! INC

  264. βρεω808:

    saw that play 3X ten days ago....

  265. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    3rd down on the 11

  266. Konaboy:

    Lou holtz sounds like he needs a drool cup ;)

  267. Ralph:

    la Tech is successful in the running game, eating up the clock, we can't score without the ball.

  268. Dirty Commish:

    LaTech QB can't throw for beans. Time to drop some safeties to stack the box?

  269. Ralph:

    La tech averaging 6 yds a carry in this game. surprise that they bother to pass.

  270. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    4th down. Announcers are going crazy because LaTech is throwing instead of running.

    10-3 LaTech

  271. 99club:

    10-3 La Tech. Could be worse.

  272. Konaboy:

    WoW, warriors should be doing cartwheels here holding them to a FG after all that!!!!

  273. βρεω808:

    Only 5.5 minutes left.... not much time for commercials..... :roll:

  274. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Anyone need play by play? I will stop if no need.

  275. s-l-u-r-p:

    buffet line open

  276. Mad Dog:

    Held them to a field goal. I suppose that is good news. They only drove the ball nearly 70 yards after the interception.

  277. Ralph:

    Hopkins not looking for the ball, why is Miano saying he is doing everything right. at UNLV and at La tech Tank doesn't know where the ball is.

  278. Konaboy:

    We need a score on this possession.

  279. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    #272 - true. That last drive was better for the dee in general- I think they are adjusting.

  280. βρεω808:

    Can someone please explain the Defensive substitution penalty? I can see it impacting play on the O - but not on D.... BS! :twisted:

  281. Committed Road Warrior:

    Poor tackling on the part of the UH D. Gotta finish them up.

    Mark May alluded to something I was thinking about as well. La. Tech is getting good YPC running the ball but can't seem to throw for beans outside of some spot screens.....why don't they just keep running it if they really want to get to us? Force us to stop the run?

  282. βρεω808:

    SEVEN.... please....

  283. Ralph:

    warriors goat to finish, we're struggling in the red zone and making mistakes just out side of the zone from the 40 on in.

  284. Konaboy:

    O needs to get back to the short to mid range passes so GA can get into a rythm. He just can't hurl it down field like colt.

  285. 99club:

    Need a score Hawaii! Good field position around our 40 to start.

  286. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    I have my gameface on...:twisted:

  287. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Gotta say- the fuuud commercials are pretty good!

  288. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):


  289. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    HAHAHAHA! :twisted:

  290. warriorfanny2:

    Adrian Thomas is doing OK.
    LaT CB saw the deep pass coming and dropped back before the snap. We are telegraphing our deep formations for Bradley.....Salas has been running decoy routes--look for him to get busy soon.

  291. duffer (iPhone):


    Stuck at the airport. Still in a meeting.

  292. Konaboy:

    good start to the drive

  293. Ralph:

    PP Karl Malone is with the ESPN crew doing an interview, run up to the press box for a photo op

  294. Ralph:

    imagine Karl Malone is an assistant strength and conditioning coach at La Tech.

  295. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    GA runs for a 1st down with we look at the box- Malone is praying for their friends in Samoa.

  296. Konaboy:

    I know this isn't popular for a QB in the run 'n shoot but GA is a good scrambler

  297. warriorfanny2:

    Finally Green is into the game.

  298. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    k duffer.

    Toss to 81 for a first down

  299. βρεω808:

    Karl Malone - nice outfit for Sunday church!

  300. Konaboy:

    O-line doing a nice job... But red-zone approacheth!!

  301. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Salas get 1st down inside the 15

  302. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):


  303. βρεω808:

    Oh oh... redzone time....

  304. Committed Road Warrior:

    Karl Malone et al. keep talking......we'll keep marching down the field.

  305. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    GA is sacked

  306. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Red zonitis

  307. warriorfanny2:

    Thomas got his second pancake .

  308. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Pilares 1st down on the 2

  309. 99club:

    1st and goal on the 2!

  310. Ralph:

    in the red zone again, can we do it, as big hilo would say, yes we can!

  311. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Someone threw a great block!

    malone still laughing while they measure

  312. βρεω808:

    we need seven, and LizK needs a brewski! :D

  313. wafan:

    Announcers have no clue what is going on on the field.

    Ahhh, just in time to call the Warrior TD.

  314. Dirty Commish:

    Good thing about drives like these (if we get a TD) is it's giving the D a breather. Can't be going 3 & out all the time.

  315. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    1st and goal
    run to the 1

  316. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):


    I'm thinking bootleg

  317. 99club:

    Here's my call: roll out and pass to Salas on the right.

  318. Ralph:

    we had 3 to, mac lets clock run an additional ten seconds then calls time out. Is he saving his to, if so, for when.

  319. βρεω808:

    Clock management has NOT been a strong point so far.... You'd think lessons would be learned.... :roll:

  320. warriorfanny2:

    MAC eat up 14 secs before calling time....wassup?
    We have three downs and 3 TOs.

  321. hwnstln:

    what was that??? they run a run on first down, let 14 seconds tick off the clock and then call time out?

  322. βρεω808:

    Spooky when I see (& say) the same thing as the eye doc!

  323. Committed Road Warrior:

    First time I recall seeing them line up in the I.

    However, I gotta agree with Ralph's #318. Another head-scratcher.

  324. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):


  325. 99club:

    Auwe! Stopped on the half yard line. 3d and goal.

  326. hwnstln:

    rollout and either 1) pass if open, 2) run if available or 3) throw it away if it is not there. then kick a FG.

  327. βρεω808:

    FIVE receivers! USE THEM and/or spread the D! :twisted:

  328. Konaboy:

    I think they are going to go for 7 even on 4th

  329. 99club:

    Fade to the corner didn't work. Going for the FG.

  330. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Throw to Pollard

    Let's trash the run and shoot now.

    FG unit goes on

  331. chopsueyboy:

    Needed the 7
    not settle for 3 :-(

  332. 99club:


  333. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):


  334. βρεω808:

    Bitten in the butt .... again! :twisted:

  335. Committed Road Warrior:

    Safe to take the FG.

    But slightly peeved about not being able to punch it in. Red-zone follies rear its ugly end again.

  336. Dirty Commish:

    Ugh, well at least we get the ball to start the 2nd half.

  337. 99club:

    I hope we win this game 'cuz I reeeeealy don't wan't to read about play calling later on.

  338. wafan:

    Cannot punch it in from the 1?!?!


  339. TheLastWord777:

    Nice to see them in the "I" at the goaline, but looks like they need a little more practice running it. At least it gives opposing defenses another facet to worry about.

  340. warriorfanny2:

    Play selection with 1st and 2 for TD suks!

  341. βρεω808:

    This OTJT is getting painful. :twisted:

  342. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    hmmm... warriors and redskins...
    redskins and warriors...

    Enos is nice and steady tho. That's nice.

    whoa - loose ball but recovered

  343. Ralph:

    red zone paralysis. why kick short with under ten seconds left, no confidence in ST

  344. Konaboy:

    6 points at half??? I am utterly confused on how good we really are :/

  345. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    going for a 58?
    Fake FG?

  346. BowsForever:

    I'm only calling it like I see it: Right now, our offense is pathetic. Luckily there's halftime adjustments.

  347. warriorfanny2:

    everytime we get cute we get burnt.

  348. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    like listening to ronnie howard in the Music Man...

  349. βρεω808:

    Where's Crystal and out patron....? :roll:

  350. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):


  351. TheLastWord777:

    Offense is moving the ball....Defense is looking baaaad....Cant stop the run or tackle!

  352. Willie:

    Snuck a peak at the game and saw Porter's rushing numbers at 95 yards with 2 1/2 quarters to go. Remember that L. Tomlinson & M. Faulk ran for all time collegiate highs against the Bows nka Warriors. Just hope that Porter does not become the 3rd back to get an all time high. Don't forget that Fresno State's R. Matthews da Deast comes to town on 10/10, we going to need some help & plenny of ice for the "D".

    If you can't punch it in with 3 tries from the 2 yard line, you don't deserve to win.

  353. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    The box is laughing at Coach Mack while he's being interviewed on the field.


  354. Konaboy:

    McMackin's interview at the half was retarded.

  355. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Porter is good. We need an answer.

  356. wafan:

    BowsForever . . .

    IF there are halftime adjustments. So far, they have not been the best adjustment in the last two games.

  357. βρεω808:

    Porter is good, but not LT or Faulk class.... poor tackling makes these RB's look exceptional.... IMHO

  358. Dirty Commish:

    Oh man. Laptops across Louisiana run for your lives cuz coach Mac is peeeeiiisssed.

    Just saw the pics from Dallas in the earlier post. Powderpuff lookin' good in that Cowboys top! Although I've officially named this season the Wade Phillips Farewell Tour 2009.

  359. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    #353- the box mikes were hot

  360. postmanke:

    OMG, coach I'll say it again, you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  361. βρεω808:

    Wednesday is "hump" day, and boy do we need to get over this poor 1st half performance! Sheeesssshhhh!!!! :evil:

  362. warriorfanny2:

    Now we know why there is so much confusion on the sidelines.....

  363. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Yep- Coach Mack:

    Offense? the DEFENSE is going to get- as they say in the box- and okole kicking...

  364. Konaboy:

    BF- agreed, the 1st half totally stinked. Unfortunatley wafan is right. I hope the second half is a turning point.

  365. wow:

    I hope no football recruits were watching that end of half interview.

  366. TheLastWord777:

    Someone on defense is gonna come outta the lockeroom w/ Mac's foot stickin out their okole

  367. 99club:

    I would be shocked if La Tech threw the ball more than a few times in the 2nd half. Our D is sure getting an ear full right 'bout now.

  368. Ralph:

    ponyfans blog thread mentioned that coach mac crashed and burned on the half time interview. I agree. Mac says he knows we'll get more TDs so he is more concerned with the defense. interviewer corrects mac, but you don't have any TD.

  369. Old Diver:

    Tackling drills seem to be in order.

  370. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    #362 - why is that?

  371. BowsForever:

    LizKauai -- could you clarify by the laughing during the Coach Mack interview? As in, the commentators? I'm listening to the radio call.

  372. wafan:

    Wow. Unfortunately I am right?


  373. βρεω808:

    Objectively.... seven halves of play... really only one strong one for UH. IMHO :shock:

  374. postmanke:

    how much is our coach getting paid?

  375. Konaboy:

    #370, lol, did you listen to the interview???

  376. Konaboy:

    BF read #368

  377. wafan:

    During Mack's interview at the half the mics in the box were hot and you could hear the laughter and snickering.

    I wonder, though, if they were laughing at Mack, his comments or something else?

  378. BowsForever:

    Maybe too much? Sorry, in this economy, performance needs to match up with pay, it's just business. Of course, a contract's a contract.

  379. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    What I heard on the interview was Mack walking past the interviewer who asked questions and then the guys in the box laughing and commenting on the replies mixed in with the interviewer's remarks.

  380. wafan:

    So Coach Shoji is in the stands. Are na Wahine there, too?

  381. postmanke:

    wafan, it was the comment? "coach more td's?" " don't have any"

    I had to laugh too. sorry coach!

  382. BowsForever:

    Yeah, I'm gathering the bits and pieces. Also heard from the radio halftime guys about it. Wonder if was almost a sarcastic-type follow-up question...yes he said "more TDs" but come on, pointing out that the Warriors haven't scored any wasn't really necessary. If I feel like watching the 8PM replay, I'll go watch it for myself.

  383. Konaboy:

    Basically it came down Mack saying "I'm sure our offense is going to score more touchdowns" WHich the interviewer replied with something like "more??? you need to score A touchdown" and the guys in the booth laughed. They were totally justified too IMO.

  384. al:

    i think that thomas is making the most out of his opportunity.

    3rd n goal. i would've run the same formation or a balanced set drop back look left and then dropped a bubble to my running back who would have a one and one with a lb'er.

    but, what do i know?

  385. al:

    i think that thomas is making the most out of his opportunity.

    3rd n goal. i would've run the same formation or a balanced set drop back look left and then dropped a bubble to my running back who would have a one and one with a lb'er.

    but, what do i know?

  386. Ahcommon!:

    Whea da warriors??

  387. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    gotta hiho for awhile.

  388. 99club:

    They were laughing at this exchange:

    Reporter: asked something about what they need
    Mack: We need to score more TD's.
    Reporter: You mean at least one TD, don't you?

    That's when the laughing started. Yeah, not too professional.

  389. wafan:

    Oops. I have the sound on the TV down since I am listening to 1420 and did not hear what was actually said. By the time I turned up the TV sound all I heard was the laughter and snickering.

  390. βρεω808:

    Are there still multiple coaches involved in calling short yardage plays? It's not working.... :roll:

  391. postmanke:

    you gotta give him credit though, that is very tough to do.. off the cuff interview - esp on national tv

  392. BowsForever:

    I think of it as trying to stick it to the coach on an obvious gaffe. Trying to make Hawaii look provincial? Getting on Mack because of his previous, forehead-smacking gaffe? I like to think that mean-spiritedness gets repaid in kind in the end, but this world makes me wonder sometimes.

  393. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    And on the way to the locker room to a "what happens in LaTech stays in LaTech" session.

    Don't get mad, get even, and then get ahead.


  394. BowsForever:

    Will Coach Mack have a chance to "get back" at the reporter by actually getting some TDs? Beats me.

  395. warriorfanny2:

    I dont understand why we see the need to change our O when we are inside the 5 yardline.
    We still have 15X50 to spread the field.

  396. Committed Road Warrior:

    Tech seemed to do good in limiting UH's YAC.

    Alexander: 15-22 139 0-1, 2 sacks

  397. wafan:

    What ever the cause for the box laughter, I agree with 99 -- it was very unprofessional.

  398. Dirty Commish:

    Coach didn't finish the sentence. I'm sure he meant to say more TDs... than LaTech.

    No? Well I tried.

    Three stooges in the booth no better sniffing Karl Malone's jock while Hawaii was make an impressive drive.

  399. BowsForever:

    Like they care. ESPN is prone to these kinds of things. There's more than few past and current commentators/anchors/radio show guys that are less than quality IMHO.

  400. postmanke:

    warriorfanny2 - good point

    no use acting like you're a running team when it counts the most.

  401. BowsForever:

    In a sense, yes. But Colt and Co. had some success with the good ol' "run behind Estes" approach.

  402. addahknowjoe:

    Second half.

    Bring it!

    NO GIVE UP!!!!


  403. postmanke:

    BowsForever - true

    this is ESPN's 3rd or 4th team commentators

  404. BowsForever:

    Ouch! :D

  405. wafan:

    New half.


  406. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    They were laughing in the box and glad handing LaTech and Malone and ignoring the game for several minutes before the half.

    Not trying to impress any Hawaii fans for sure.

    But hey- we'll take the money.

    Now let's pay it back in points!


  407. wafan:

    Redemtion = Redemption.

  408. postmanke:

    broke my heart when they gave up on Maafala as a tightend years back.. wish they would use the TE spot again

  409. BowsForever:

    I miss Spielman/that other guy who covered the Warriors for several games in 2007. Of course, when the team goes undefeated, it's easier to be complimentary.

  410. 99club:


  411. chopsueyboy:

    worse possible start of 2nd half

  412. addahknowjoe:

    Das OK!

    Come on D!!!!

  413. wafan:

    Geez. This is not an auspicious start.

  414. Dirty Commish:


  415. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Aigoo is the perfect word.


  416. addahknowjoe:

    Get Tough D!!!

  417. wafan:

    Now is the time for the D to sparkle.

  418. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    Dee big chance.

    hmmm... plenny missed tackled.

  419. 99club:

    Hey A-joe!
    Tough break just now. Time for D to step it up.

  420. chopsueyboy:

    where's the containment?

  421. LizKauai (WARRIORS- IMUA!):

    OK. back to work... I no can watch already

  422. addahknowjoe:

    Come on D!!

    NO GIVE UP!!!!

  423. Konaboy:

    another 3rd down conversion........

  424. wafan:

    Do the Warriors practice with the Big Bags?

  425. 99club:

    Hanohano down. Looks like he caught a shoulder to the jaw.

  426. addahknowjoe:

    99Club! YUP!

    Nowz the worst time to leave our team hanging gang! This is where they need us the most!

  427. Ahcommon!:

    Shheeeesh. Da warriors going have a looooong flight home....

  428. mctruck:

    latech is making sure they keep the recievers in front of them, that's why the yac's.

  429. Konaboy:

    Dang Hanohano was down for a while.

  430. 99club:

    17-6 bad guys.

  431. wafan:

    Oh boy.

    Come on Warriors! Snap out of it.

    As bhf2 says, "You can do it!"

  432. Mad Dog:

    Another score off a turnover. Man, that's hard to accept.

  433. Ralph:

    when mac came in, the big bags where put in storage.

  434. Willie:

    No can believe, 3rd down & 5, they blitz Blaze up the middle & he creates havoc. But Left DE does not even hold up outside containment and the QB runs away from Blaze's pressure for the 1st down on the right side. Can someone explain, isn't this elementary "D" to have outside containment on a blitz, especially to a right handed QB's strong side?

    Comments please?

  435. addahknowjoe:

    AZ OK. Shake it off.

    We get the ball back.

    Move the ball down the field and score!

    Just no give up!

  436. chopsueyboy:

    Let's go Warriors!
    Lots of time to turn things around.

  437. Committed Road Warrior:

    Still plenty time remaining. Not the end of the world.

  438. postmanke:

    ...for coach sake, i sure do hope we score a td this half!

  439. wafan:

    O gotta drive for a TD and give the D a rest.

    Go Warriors!

  440. Mad Dog:

    Come on Warriors. Push the start button. Start scoring and shut me up. Start believing.

  441. weastsidesview:

    where are all the koolaid drinkers?
    Most of you predicted a 10 win season or better. Lol.

  442. addahknowjoe:

    OK Lets go men!

  443. postmanke:

    give me some kooliad!

  444. 99club:

    Here we go. We're driving, just got to finish.

  445. Ralph:

    lots of old timers at the game for the warrior fan base

  446. 99club:


  447. Konaboy:

    there is no fire in our Warriors right now.

  448. 99club:

    Add 15 to that one.

  449. wafan:

    There is the match for the fire!

  450. warriorfanny2:

    hisatake blew a block, royce with focus to hang on.
    O can bring us back.

  451. Konaboy:

    Nice pass and catch!

  452. Dirty Commish:

    Wow. Can't get easier than that.

  453. duffer (iPhone):

    What's da score?

  454. 99club:

    Bradley was open...just a step too far on the pass.

  455. Konaboy:

    GA still overthrowing

  456. Ralph:

    4 sacks, La Tech were one of the worst at sacks last season.

  457. Dirty Commish:

    LaTech 17 UH 6

  458. Mad Dog:


  459. 99club:

    17-6 La Tech, duffer.

  460. warriorfanny2:

    Like I said during the summer--our D hinges on our DTs and secondary, but DTs have to hold their space.

  461. Konaboy:

    Warriors better figure out an answer to those blitzes or this game is gonna get ugly.

  462. addahknowjoe:

    AZ OK. Common D!!

    HOLD UM DOWN!!!!


  463. Dirty Commish:

    Holeee crap is this Chia Obama commercial for real??? Thought this was some sort of SNL skit.

  464. Mad Dog:

    That last sack happened cuz the play was a shovel pass that was pulled back when the sacking rusher got into the line of the pass.

  465. BowsForever:

    GA, sadly, is a big reason why things aren't closer.

    I have to ask, is it really that bad an idea to switch out an underperforming QB during a game? Yes, hardly anyone does it. But what good is waiting around for throw corrections that never come?

  466. Mad Dog:

    At least we know every team we see for the rest of the season will run on us.

  467. BowsForever:

    To clarify: Swap out GA during UNLV would be a "no" because the game was kept close throughout. But this, this is a little different.

  468. Dirty Commish:

    Wow. If this is how it's gonna be... Fresno game is gonna be uuuuuugly.

  469. Konaboy:

    We can only hope LaTech keeps throwing...

  470. Konaboy:

    Fresno??? just wait till Boise :(

  471. BowsForever:

    Careful what you wish for there. That one play-action pass would've been a killer if not for Tank Hopkins. According to the radio, Mana Silva was late.

  472. Konaboy:

    Alright D! Now we need a TD!!!!

  473. addahknowjoe:

    OK Good job D!!!

    We got the ball back.


  474. Mad Dog:

    Hey, the defense held! I didn't know LaTech could punt.

  475. Konaboy:

    Would the 1st half O-line please suit up?

  476. TheLastWord777:

    What is GA waiting for??? Throw the darn ball!!!!!!!!!!!!

  477. Dirty Commish:

    September 30th, 2009 at 3:56 pm
    Fresno??? just wait till Boise

    Yeah... might be one of those just stay out in the parking lot and eat type of nights.

    What a surprise another sack.

  478. Konaboy:

    The wheels are falling off.......

  479. madeinhawaii:

    Really looks like our boys didn't sleep well last night.

    We need a TD on this possession.

  480. wafan:

    How many times have we been 3rd and 15+?

  481. addahknowjoe:

    Come on D!!! ONE MOA TIME!!

    GET TOUGH!!!!

  482. Ralph:

    GA throwing motion is just too slow, he has got to get the ball off quicker and his reads obviously got to be quicker.

  483. Konaboy:

    We are asking alot of our D right now.

  484. TheLastWord777:

    Defense is terrible....still can't tackle....quick snap making UH look inept

  485. addahknowjoe:

    STOP 'um D!!!

  486. Konaboy:

    Our boys can't wrap porter up very well

  487. BowsForever:

    Going 2-2 won't be nearly as much of a problem as the problem of the offense still not finding its rhythm despite having the personnel (and veteran personnel, for that matter) to perform far better than this.

  488. BowsForever:

    Seriously, I'd put in Moniz at this point. At least he's less likely to overthrow.

  489. Konaboy:

    LaTech is just having their way with us. No containment from the D. We are looking like that 5th place WAC as they predicted preseason.

  490. hwnstln:

    tooo easy

  491. addahknowjoe:

    Shake it off.

    come right back!

    No give up!!!

  492. TheLastWord777:

    OMG....feels like I'm watching (bad) high school fball.

  493. warriorfanny2:

    lights out, the party's over.

  494. Ralph:

    porter with 3 tds, all three times, no one wrapping him up.

  495. madeinhawaii:

    Our defense just isn't there tonight...

  496. Dirty Commish:

    so is this what it feels like when you drop the soap in prison?

  497. Z-Warrior:

    just plain pathetic.

  498. TheLastWord777:

    Damn my grandmother could've scored running through that hole. D-line getting spanked....need to man up and play!

  499. Ralph:

    242 yards rushing in just under 3 quarters, where or where is our defense.

  500. Konaboy:

    LOL, last week we thought the question of how good we were was answered. This week we will be asking how bad are we?

  501. Mad Dog:

    24-6, near the end of the third quarter. La Tech's lines, both offense and defense, are just giving us a whopping. On that last TD, half of our defensive linemen were on the ground with a red coat on top of them.

  502. TheLastWord777:

    #496 - LMAO

  503. Konaboy:

    Let's go O!!!

  504. addahknowjoe:

    STILL CAN!!!!

    Come on men!!! No give up!!

  505. Konaboy:

    Alexander looks horrible.

  506. westsidesview:


  507. TheLastWord777:

    3rd 10 here comes another sack

  508. Konaboy:

    Good night GA..... that was a wicked hit.

  509. TheLastWord777:

    Damn look up stick in the dictionary and you'll see a pic of that whack GA just took.

  510. postmanke:

    that knee should not bend like that

  511. XxFaithxX:

    I'm pissed.

    Mack sucks balls.

    Time to get a new coach.

    Plays coming in late on defense.

    Offense taking it's time, not hustling in between plays.

    No creativity in play calling.

    Goal line, 1 yard to go. 3 receivers out there and we try to run it up the gut....PUT IN THREE MORE LINEMEN AND PUSH THE DEFENSE BACK.

    Sooo frustrated already. Yeah we got 1 more qtr, but it's always too late with mack. Either team comes out FLAT and he then tries to rally them up after half-time, or after half-time UH goes CONSERVATIVE and lets the other team creep back.

    crap, now Greg gets blown up.

  512. TheLastWord777:

    Hope he's alright.....but that is the best illustration of the kind of lickins UH is getting tonight.

  513. addahknowjoe:

    This is why the boys need us.

  514. Konaboy:

    I agree with Lou holtz but he is spitting all over his colleagues explaining it

  515. madeinhawaii:

    That looks bad.

  516. TheLastWord777:

    514 - LOL....looks like Holtz was having a stroke

  517. Konaboy:

    Someone wake me up form this bad dream...

  518. Dirty Commish:

    Jeezus. Wicked hit. I appreciate hard play but you hate to see that

  519. 99club:

    I think Porter's done because of his hip. Too late for us though.

    4th qtr - 24-6 La Tech.

  520. Konaboy:

    LaTech making us look like a AA team. Mack gonna be feeling the heat after this game. I can just hear the complaints about his pay already....

  521. TheLastWord777:

    I dunno 'joe...IMHO, I think our boys need a lot more than well wishes and moral support. They need some run stopping beef on that D-line and a gargantuan left tackle with long arms and nimble feet.

    GO WARRIORS...even when we gettin lickins

  522. PONO:

    Really really poor showing on national TV. We are just getting physically whipped.

  523. postmanke:

    just please score a td,, please

  524. WarriorTojo:

    Time to start the car.

  525. postmanke:

    ..for coach

  526. Dirty Commish:

    Have to wonder if the tsunami tragedy has got our boys all off kilter. They don't seem to be there tonight. Can't blame them if that was the case.

  527. TheLastWord777:

    #522 - Yup and I took off of work to watch it...ugggh

  528. 99club:

    That's Porter's brother.

  529. Mad Dog:

    Does Porter have more yards rushing than Alexander has passing? Sure seems like it.

  530. Kokua:

    Looks like we dont have a defensive line.

  531. TheLastWord777:

    Idk if the tsunami is behind this debacle, looks more to me like the coaches were completely halftime adjustments.

  532. Konaboy:

    Tank has been making up for the UNLV game.

  533. Huh:

    we should play with 7 LBs.
    MAC still hasnt scored a TD, what an embarrassing halftime interview.

  534. XxFaithxX:

    If you had ti give UH's defense a name of a Cheese, you can get either:

    Swiss: Cause it is full of holes.

    Brie: Cause it is soft and when it gets hot, it starts to melt.

    Can you combine the two?

    Also, shots of the team on the sideline = NO EMOTION!


  535. madeinhawaii:

    This is the worst game we've played this season. I'm really surprised at how badly we've performed offensively and defensively.

  536. Konaboy:

    We need 3 td's and 2 defensive stops in less than 1 qtr. stranger things have happened...

  537. Committed Road Warrior:

    Wonder if the events in Samoa are on their mind.

    Something just isn't right tonight, win or lose.

  538. TheLastWord777:

    #534 - BRISS

  539. Mad Dog:

    What are the positives? Special teams looked good, despite a number of bobbles.

  540. TheLastWord777:

    Pollard's run back just now.

  541. Konaboy:

    oh man...... that was close to a TD run back.

  542. addahknowjoe:

    TheLastWord777- can you tell me where do they get that right now? I mean really, brah- RIGHT NOW!!! Where?!

    It's sooo easy to be negative and state the obvious.

    Right now our boys representing us in a place that nobody likes them. Some with playing with heavy hearts as they found out they've lost family members in Samoa. Worst yet, it sucks to find out even your own fans no support you when you're at your lowest point.

    I cannot call out and command a gargantuan left tackle with long arms and nimble feet to suddenly appear. The best I can do is cheer on their play with what they get right now.

    Moral support and well wishes is what they sooo need right now. And is what we can give them.

  543. BowsForever:

    Hard questions waiting for Coach Mack when he gets home. No one was expecting the offense to be at the "where are we, who are we" level of 2008. Moniz should start pushing GA, and hard, during the half-bye. If the name of the game is to win, the second-stringer should get a fair shot if the starter has gone completely flat.

  544. madeinhawaii:

    #537... my thoughts, exactly.

  545. addahknowjoe:

    Come on STILL CAN!!!

  546. BowsForever:

    What confuses me even more is this huge regression from the first three games. You can't blame all of it on the tragedy in American Samoa.

  547. Konaboy:

    Salas is amazing!

  548. postmanke:

    some credit has to go to the La Tech D.. double team everywhere

  549. Konaboy:

    BF My thoughts exactly.

  550. postmanke:

    alright where's Ron Lee when you need him!

  551. 99club:

    Gotta go for it.

  552. BowsForever:

    No question LaTech deserves lots of credit, but double-teaming also means opportunities elsewhere. Pilares for 2, then overthrow to Bradley (who according to the radio is just BURNING his cover guy), is not a formula for success.

  553. BowsForever:

    postmanke: Had to chuckle there.

  554. Konaboy:

    Turn out the lights, the party is over. I have no idea what to expect from this team this year. I am totally confused. Coaching staff gets a big fat F.

  555. Mad Dog:

    Red zone blues.

  556. huh:

    welcome to the future

    rah, rah

  557. Ralph:

    It must be a very sad afternoon at Nancy's! but I know BG is leading the cheers to the very end.

  558. postmanke:

    did Lou Holtz just say that our offense sucks?

  559. Brother Love:

    To make a long story short, this hawaii team SUCKS BIG TIME! The defense is so slow and they cant even tackle, the offense line cant block a gentle breeze from blowing out a candle, and the running game is non existant.
    Now that is bad enough but to come in here all week and read alot of the regulars in here puffing about how we gonna win this one is down right embarrassing. I know that homerism is big in this blog but come on gang how about facing the truth because that score predictions is embarrassing. The only good part is your embarrassment I guess is not readily seen, but coach Mac was embarrassed on national tv when he made that comment about how hawaii will score more touchdowns after being stopped 3x on the 2 yrd line lol.
    I will continue to cheer for hawaii, but geez gang lets stop talking and acting like we can beat our oponents when the truth is this team is barely better than a HS football team.
    For the record la tech sucks too, we just made them look like the florida gators lmao...

  560. addahknowjoe:

    550. Postmanke- Hahahahahaa!!

  561. postmanke:

    that suffering, spitting, succotash

  562. Mad Dog:

    We can't be as bad as we look today, can't we? I think our guys are better than what we saw today. Bring on the next team. At least it will be at home. Who do we play anyway?

  563. Huh:

    even when we get smashed the pom poms keep fluffing.

  564. Konaboy:

    I dunno, couldn't hear cuz I was hurling up my lunch.

  565. Ralph:

    La Tech is teeing off for our qb, like the ESPN guys are saying, where's the UH adjustment knowing they are blitzing. move the pocket, roll out, slants, do something to slow the blitzes.

  566. addahknowjoe:

    Nope! Nancy's Rockin!!!

  567. BowsForever:

    This is a write-off game. Game 5 will tell us who the Warriors really are. Until then, they're gonna have take this defeat and the resulting criticism in stride, or we're gonna find out who the Warriors really are a little early.

  568. BowsForever:

    gonna have (to), I meant.

  569. Brother Love:

    I aplaud holtz if he did say it postmanke cuz its true. Maybe if we start hearing it from others then we can all face reality lol. No hope of that happening for kekaula though lol, that guy is why I can listen to UH games on the radio hahahhahahha..

  570. Konaboy:

    No adjustments on either side of the ball that i can see. You are only as good as your last game and we are basically a AA team until proven otherwise.

  571. postmanke:

    come on "more td's"

  572. BowsForever:

    It's true today. It wasn't true the other three games.

  573. Ralph:

    coach mac does things slowly, he'll make the adjustments for the next game after he ponders over the situation. We gave up 5 sacks, gosh, we got to make an adjustment now. i wonder what coach Shaw's assessment of the OL, some missed assignments, but GA was slow in his progression and decisions, and LT defense did a good job on the receivers.

  574. Scott:

    On the bright side, Moniz threw some decent balls coming cold off the bench. I think we'll be seeing him a lot more.

  575. Ralph:

    GA has a sprained knee, I doubt if he plays in the next game.

  576. BowsForever:

    There gonna be a Na Koa lunch this Monday?

  577. Konaboy:

    I would be running hurry up offense here on in.

  578. BowsForever:

    Without all the missed red zone opportunties this game would have a very different complexion. Maybe it's Moniz's turn to step up.

  579. chopsueyboy:

    Oh my goodness

  580. addahknowjoe:


  581. BowsForever:

    Salas fumbles after running into his blocker and getting the ball knocked loose. Hawaii is afraid of the end zone tonight. Just one of those days. I hope.

  582. chopsueyboy:

    sales for booze just went up
    people crying in their beer

  583. Long Time Lurker 1st Time Poster:

    WOW!!!!! Amazing!!!!! a friend of mine told me earlier today that he heard through the grape vine that the play was la tech all across the board. I'm a Homer, Always been a Homer, and as a Fan, Truly Beleived in Mac and "The BOYS". BUT WoW!!!!! Knowing the Betting Lines, the HalfTime, Game, as well as the over and under(mind u rarely hear about an over/ under line on college game during regular season) and watching the game( the efFort put on by the boys as a whole) the boys in the (cough, cough, boys wanted the "easy" money) glad i didnt follow my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  584. mctruck:

    I think the 20 days of travel fatigue has taken it's toll; as much as the team per man would have liked to suck it up, such scheduling is insane.
    Yes, UH is a better team than what we say tonight.......moving on to the next game, that's all.

  585. postmanke: just know that they are building a "we can score more td's? story at espn sports center

  586. XxFaithxX:

    I will probably be taken out to the shed for saying this, but that tragedy in Samoa should INSPIRE the players. It should be a situation where you would PLAY HARDER, be more FOCUSED on the task at hand seeing that you are so far away from what is happening and winning this game would be the only thing that you could do now for the ones on your mind, ones that you may have lost, ones that have survived.

    As a coach, MACK should be using this to the TEAMS advantage too, if he is not, then he should take a few beginner psychology classes while he is at UH.

    Yeah, I am beginning to sour to Mack and yes, I am thinking of changing my Name Tag to XxFaithxX-less while Mack is in Charge. So, sue me as I have invested too much time, emotion, and money into UH to always be Rah Rah.

  587. addahknowjoe:

    NO GIVE UP!!!



  588. hwnstln:

    UGLY ... just plain ugly. This is deserved.

  589. BowsForever:

    Yup. And UH is gonna just have to sit there and take it. Best case scenario, prime "bulletin board" material for the next home game. Yes it's unfair, but this is not the time for any UH coach to get all prideful and defensive in the public eye over this.

  590. Konaboy:

    Well that Salas fumble play just sums it up tonight. If there was ever a time for "one snap and clear", it's tonight. I hope they can regroup, and show us some of what we saw in the first 2-1/2 games.

  591. Scott:

    I will be surprised if GA only misses one game. Wouldn't be surprised if he has partial tear of ligaments and some damage to his meniscus. It's going to be one uncomfortable plane ride back for GA.

  592. BowsForever:

    Comment was in reference to the hay the snarky Sportscenter guys are sure to make out of Mack's halftime interview/play on words.

  593. BowsForever:

    Hope GA's OK, but he wasn't effective before the injury. Good thing we're stocked up on QBs...they HAVE to step up.

  594. postmanke:

    come on gang, mathematically, we're still in it for the WAC Championship

    "more td's"

  595. Long Time Lurker 1st Time Poster:

    Coach Mac is in the "WEB"!!!!!!! So evident by His "Coaching Skills". Especially before HalfTime!!!!!!!!!!!! ; ) ; )

  596. mctruck:

    I sure don't like the fact that latech gets pretty much a 1st down every time they run the ball though.....oh well??? good night all., next game.

  597. TheLastWord777:

    #542 - Geez, chill out Joe. Wasn't raggin on you or your eternal optimism....there just has not been anything positive to cheer about in this game - at all. Been supporting the Bows/Warriors since hanabada days, had season tickets until I moved in '01 and yes even went to every game VonAppen coached (uggh). If you think moral support on a blog during the game helps the team then more power to you. I got nuthin against that, but I just can't make myself drink that Kool-aid. Peace.

  598. postmanke:

    omg poor Mack!!

  599. 99club:

    Good night, y'all.

  600. Brother Love:

    bowsforever its true period lol. Lets see who did we play in the last 3 gms. We barely beat cen arkansas (actually made them look better than what they are), we beat wash st (which is just as terrible as our team) in a scorefest (we just outscored them cuz they scored alot too), and we got outscored by a poor unlv team that looked like a cat playing w/ a mouse until the end when they pulled out the win lol. Thats the reality of it, I hate to admit it but I rather admit it than look foolish like I am blind of the truth.
    This teams is really bad, they better enjoy the 2 wins cuz I dont see many more "W's" coming this season unless its a home game and the referees juices the game..

  601. Brother Love:

    bowsforever its true period lol. Lets see who did we play in the last 3 gms. We barely beat cen arkansas (actually made them look better than what they are), we beat wash st (which is just as terrible as our team) in a scorefest (we just outscored them cuz they scored alot too), and we got outscored by a poor unlv team that looked like a cat playing w/ a mouse until the end when they pulled out the win lol. Thats the reality of it, I hate to admit it but I rather admit it than look foolish like I am blind of the truth.
    This teams is really bad, they better enjoy the 2 wins cuz I dont see many more "W's" coming this season unless its a home game and the referees juices the game..

  602. hwnstln:

    Fresno with their running game and smash-mouth defense must be licking their chops after watching this dismal example of football.

  603. madeinhawaii:

    This may be the worst output for a Hawaii team in over 4 years. Two field goals and no touchdowns.

  604. madeinhawaii:

    If our Warriors can't find a way to get the ball back on Defense without giving up points, we are in for a long long.. LONG season.

    Hoo boy...

  605. Ahcommon!:

    LaTech execution - Flawless, gotta hand it to them.

    Hawaii looked unprepared, just like the Sugar Bowl.

  606. Konaboy:

    Well fellow bloggers, let's hope they bounce back. Unfortunately, this game leaves us with alot more questions than answers.

  607. BowsForever:

    Brother Love: What did you think when our offense was far worse last year, at this point in the season?

  608. TheLastWord777:

    #603 - yep...just had a Fred VonAppen at least this team does have some Ws and can score.

  609. Mad Dog:

    As bad as tonight was, the Warriors are still better than they were last year. I am just disappointed in the lack of drive and enthusiasm tonight. I still believe they can play exciting football. I am still hopeful they will continue to improve all the way to the Christmas Eve bowl game.

  610. Dennis Halloran:

    We need better players

  611. postmanke:

    La Tech is damn good football team with lots of speed and power and size. you gotta shake their hand and wish them well.

  612. TheLastWord777:

    #606 - Good news is that after this spanking there's nowhere else to go but up. Maybe we'll get a chance to see what Moniz can do. Let's hope the sting from this one gets the coaches azzes in gear. Disorganized and no gameplan whatsoever.

  613. BowsForever:

    That's painful, Salas' catch and fumble is the "play of the game" on the radio call.

  614. Ralph:

    I can see Boise and Fresno running all day on us and burn us on an occasional passing play. La Tech with over 300 rushing yards, and they came in averaging 97 yards.

  615. TheLastWord777:

    Idk if La Tech is all that as much as UH just played high school ball tonight. I would say that Dooley definitely had a superior gameplan....he clearly saw our weakness against the run from the WA St. 2nd half and UNLV game.

  616. postmanke:

    Not giving up on this team on a bowl. I still like the offense, we just ran into a team that did their homework well played all over the field on D. This next game is huge, huge huge, HUGE!

    "MORE TD's"

  617. BowsForever:

    5 out of the next 8. That's what it's gonna take.

  618. chopsueyboy:

    must be the water in Louisiana
    glad we don't go back for 2 years

  619. postmanke:

    hope we can do it!

  620. westsidesview:

    At this rate you can count on losses to FSU, Idaho (road), BSU, NEV, SJS (road), Navy and WISC---ouch 4-9.
    That's $275,000 per win for Coach GM.

  621. chopsueyboy:


    that's possible with 6 more games at home

    Go Warriors!

  622. Ralph:

    and to think that the warriors got a 5 yard penalty on the defense for delay of mac, what's up, don't know who should be on the field or what play to call, you should be thinking ahead, what if, and get it covered

  623. Long Time Lurker 1st Time Poster:

    watch the re-play, look at the effort put on the boys, especially the two wide outs, had many chances and they didnt come through, watch the replay, before you bash me!!!!!!!!!!!! not just them, many others too! game film will "NOT LIE"!!!!!!!!!!.................. COACH MAC, Sorry MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! the end of the First Half,The RESULTS after Having 1st and Goal from the 2 yard Line and NOT coming away with a TOUCHDOWN is unacceptable!!!! WHEN YOU DECIDE YOURE GOING TO RUN THE BALL,(being the type of offense you employ) YOU COMMIT TO RUNNING THE BALL ALL FOUR DOWNS!!!!!!!!!!! FOUR TRies to Make "2" Yards!!!!!!!!!!! from jr pee wees to highschool to the NFL, that would be the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!............. watch the re-play, Polard celebrating for a FG before the Half (he missed a key block on Pilaras play for 1st and goal, he also dropped a lot of catchable balls)watch the re-play, MANY(from top to bottom)is in the "WEB"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  624. The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics … | Internet Video Tours For Vacation Rental Owners & Agents:

    [...] See the rest here: The Warrior &#66eat| UH football, University of Ha&#119aii athleti&#99s … [...]

  625. Committed Road Warrior:

    On to the next game.

    With the type of injury GA appears to have, it's doubtful he'll play against Fresno, and maybe even the following game in Moscow. While I have every faith that the backups will become proficient in the offense in time, they'll probably labor on (think on-the-job training) until GA can make a return. If that means dropping the Fresno and Idaho games, then so be it.

    That said, some of you guys need to keep your emotions in check and stop with the end-of-the-world type comments, calling for players' and coach's heads. It's almost ADD like. Do you need a hug?

    In the end, it's just a game. Live and learn and move on. G'night!

  626. BowsForever:

    This is the Internet, it is what it is.

  627. wafan:

    Frustrating loss.

    Still backing the Warriors!

  628. chopsueyboy:

    one game CLEAR



  629. al:

    what it is.......

    when a team starts missing tackles.
    when a team starts loosing its grip on a runner.
    when a team makes mental errors.
    when a team makes physical errors.
    when a team drops passes it normally it doesn't.
    when a team doesn't play through the whistle.
    when a team can't sustain a block.
    when a team can't finish...

    well, these things happen when a team has been on the road for three consecutive games. eventually mental and physical fatigue takes over. and lets not forget the tradegy in samoa must surely have been on the minds of so many warriors tonight.

    one snap and clear.

    ...nuff said.

  630. huh:

    little nit

    cant say this cant say that sshhhesh why?

  631. al:

    ...and so now you know why la tech was favored by 5 1/2 at game time.

  632. al:

    ...and so now you know why la tech was favored by 5 1/2 at game time.

  633. al:

    deep inside the red zone...what i'd like to see is a wildcat variety.

    i am not sure if inoke is fast enough to be that threat. my candidate might be pilares or some speedy guy that we have who is instinctive and yet is able to either make a toss, pitch, or short dump pass. hmmm. jon medeiros ex-kapolei qb??? greg salas??? dustin blount???

    idk. i think it would work. my favorite play might be the wildcat taking a jab step to the left or right and then diving over the top.....

  634. Scott:

    Any updates on Hanohano?

  635. TheLastWord777:

    #623 - Damn LongTime easy on the cap lock and "!". You took the point? Have a few beers and you'll feel for

  636. chopsueyboy:

    everyone needs to be at next home game and yell our support

    time to fight to protect our hale


    Go Warriors!

  637. TheLastWord777:

    IMHO power "I" formation w/a run, pass or pitch option is the way to go at the 2 yd line.

  638. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    one word...


  639. AWP:

    I'm depressed, but hopeful that the team will rally together. This is Hawaii's team. I am a fan-atic! I will be at the rest of the games and be cheering the Warriors onward. IMUA!

  640. FloridaTed:

    I seem to recall a 61-14 loss to LaTech under JJ and the sky wasn't falling then either.

    The whole ESPN crew was harping on our month long travel and how tough that is for the players.

    If I were a player on this team, not knowing what's going on with my family in Samoa, this game would be rather secondary to me and nobody, with an ounce of compassion, should have an issue with that.

    Besides, before the season began, wasn't the general consensus that a 2-2 result after this road trip would be very acceptible? Now the gamblers and band waggoners are all mad because we're not 4-0, what gives?

    It's college ball, my friends, this was just one of those games that happens every single week, regardless of who the coach is. That's why I like College ball in the first place.

    How many top 10 teams have already lost this year? Let's fire all their coaches too, why not?

    Here's what happened, no mystery about it :

    A tired and destracted team (Hawaii) ran into a desperate and fired up team, playing at home (LaTech). Despite all of that, the game was a lot closer than the score. When a team is tired and destracted, the first thing to go is run defense.

    I will just wait for the next game and see where we're at, good night.

  641. al:

    although our lb'ers are beasts.
    i wonder if they have athleticism to make plays on the type of running backs that we saw tonight. built low with good motors, good power, and the abiity to make you miss and whizz by you in an instant.

    our guys were in the right place to make the play but were unable to consistently make that play. that has been our achilles heel against the run.

    i noticed gdl on the sidelines sans pads. what up???
    i think he could be a player.

  642. Pomai:

    Tough lost but there is always next week, yeah I know but who cares. GO WARRIORS

  643. PowderPuff:

    Driving in the dark somewhere in the sticks of Louisiana, and don't know if anyone posted this yet. If so, apologies: but heard this is the first time in 62 games that Hawaii hasn't scored a TD.

  644. Bulla:

    The players play, the fans cheer and the coaches coach......what happened in that equation today, 2 out of 3 does not win the game.

    Mack, i wish you the best in turning this ship around. Support the players, they are still student-athletes first and foremost.

  645. TheLastWord777:

    I agree with you 98% Fla Ted.....we didn't have much of a run defense before the game so that was already gone. You're right, the sky ain't falling, but I guess guys need their fill of drama

    What disgusted me tonight was the players play on emotion so if they were distracted by the tragedy in Samoa then I'd hope disappointed fans could understand that. Coaches on the other hand are paid professionals and I don't think the taxpayers/students/alums got their moneys worth tonight.

  646. chawan_cut:


  647. Rich2176:

    Well, the boys just had an off night. It happens to every team. The only critisism I have w/ the coaches is the 3rd & goal play prior to the incomplete lob in the endzone after trying to run it up the gut twice. The ESPN cameras were on the coaches and it didn't look like they had any clue what they wanted to do. Someone had mentioned that they need to know 2-3 downs in advance what they will do. It was very clear that Mac was totally devistated with settling for a FG, hence a somewhat "strange" interview at halftime. (Don't they usually talk to the coach who is ahead? Perhaps Mac was caught off-guard?) Anyway, back home and time to reload in a week & a half.

    It appears the flag was picked up on the GA hit when the ref realized it was his leg injured, not his head. The discussion in the booth between May & Holtz was quite "interesting" as to the definition of helmet to helmet.

  648. FloridaTed:


    Off course we could discuss everything for hours and it's all just a matter of perspective. I'm an old geezer, but in my experience, if a team is destracted and tired, even if only imperceptivly, theres not much the coaches can really do, rah, rah lasts only for short adrenline bursts. In soccer and basket ball it's very visible, in football, not so much, but that half inch too late on a tackle or receiving, it makes all the difference.

    Well, I live in Forida now, but the Warriors are still my team,for 40 years now.

  649. Kazz (FIVE more for Coach Shoji):

    Bryant Moniz stood tall in the pocket with the time he had tonight. Granted, the pass rush may have died down a bit by the time he had to come in, but should we have to rely on Moniz for a while, we'll be ok.

    Sans pass protection break downs of course.

  650. Ahcommon!:

    Hmmm. Wonder what words of wisdom will come out during the Coach Mac Show?!

  651. Momo:

    Todays game really showed our weakness and areas that must improve or it will be a lonkg season...I culd say more, but enough said and we need to support our troops and suffer with teams they grow to be a team, we need to be a part and not be nay sayers when things so bad.. Talking with Garret yesterday, I shared with him my gut feeling and said I don't think we have a chance to win as a team on how we were playing the past two games.

  652. madeinhawaii:

    Anybody remember when was the last time that the Warriors didn't score a touchdown in a game?

  653. Pete Jek:

    Enough of this knee-jerk commentary. Many fans seem to only be able to alternate between two extremes--either Hawai'i is the best in the WAC, or it is the worst team ever assembled in the history of football. None of the above is true. Realistically, at this point in the season, we are neither of those.

    The defense is obviously mediocre: our DT's were manhandled by La. Tech's O-Line; the LB's were unable to shed blocks and quickly fill the gaps; all players across the board tackled half-heartedly; and overall speed is limited. That much is obvious.

    On offense, the two areas of major concern are QB protection and versatility. The O-Line, RB's and QB's were collectively responsible for giving up those sacks: QB stood too long in the pocket at times, RB's missed blitzing defenders, and the linemen gave up some sacks as well. To some extent, the WR's are to blame as well; they should've altered their routes when they saw the pocket collapsing and the QB in trouble. Coupled with the predictability of the run-and-shoot offense and the playcalling during the game, it's no wonder why no TD's were scored.

    But to put it all in perspective, La. Tech was +3 in turnovers. Considering that they won by 3 TD's leaves one to wonder whether the result would've been different had the turnover ratio been in our favor.

  654. chawan_cut:

    in case the knee is bad, does alexander have a redshirt year?
    or if not, can he get a medical one?

  655. d1島:

    Prayers that Savaiigaea and Fonoti can find some comfort.

  656. Justin:

    We lost because Rich Miano wants 11 guys like Richard Torres on D.
    Tired of underperforming already, Hawaii deserves better. Mack is not worthy of a 9 figure salary.

  657. Garret:

    That was a painful game to watch and I'm still processing it. I read all the comments and am not surprised at the tone--game day talk always goes to extremes.

    I didn't post a score prediction because I thought that La Tech would be able to run the ball and thought this game wouldn't go too well. The defense actually did better than I thought it would...forget all the yards La Tech had, they scored just 27 points and UH turned the ball over 3 times. In most WAC games holding the opponent to 27 points would be enough for the team to win.

    Huge game in a week and a half. The team will finally be at home and will have an extra half week to recover from this game and get going again. If Alexander cannot play, Moniz will need to show that he can lead the team. He and Rausch will be auditioning for their position in the depth chart next year. Fresno State seems to have a better power running game than La Tech so far this season, so the D will hopefully be healthy and ready.

  658. expat:

    Ouch ouch ouch. The most surprising thing for me was how much their little running backs physically dominated our linebackers and even linemen. Holy cow, they were running right over guys that they were giving up a hundred pounds to. All in all a pretty rough night and not the kind of thing you want on national television.

    The front seven is going to really have to work to not be completely embarrassed by Boise and Fresno.

  659. Pete Jek:

    I would make the argument that the defense did not underperform. Aside from the blown tackles, which were inexcusable, i think that was the best they could've played against a powerful and experienced running team. La. Tech's RB's were a scary combination of quickness, shiftiness, speed, and power. The defense simply couldn't contain them. And the O-Line was too strong and powerful for our inexperienced, less-talented D-Line.

    With that being said, I think we lost because of the offense. They are the unit that underperformed. We know what they're capable of. We know what they can do. And they didn't play up to the level they're capable of playing. The defense on the other hand...I think that was the best one could expect from them.

  660. huh:

    so when's the replay?
    never mind bad joke

  661. Mad Dog:

    OK. I walked the doggie. My wife made a terrific dinner. And now my blood has dropped below the boiling point. One thing I am glad to see with this team is the lack of what I call stupid penalties. Personal fouls, the bain of last year, are practically non-existant this year. Delay of game and too many men on the field penalties are also down. Illegal motion and holding calls are almost gone.

    I don't mind getting beat. I just don't like beating ourselves.

  662. TheLastWord777:

    What the heck is up with delay of game on the defense at the begining of the game???

    Since MadDog came up with a positive, so will I.....Maybe this embarrassment on nat'l TV will encourage some big, talented high school defensive linemen to come to UH 'cause they know they get chance to start right away.

  663. PowderPuff:

    Re #652: MIH - I think they announced it's something like 62 games ago.

  664. Elroy:

    I have a gut feeling Alexander may be done for the year...

  665. Kazz (FIVE more for Coach Shoji):


    September 30th, 2009 at 6:30 pm
    Anybody remember when was the last time that the Warriors didn't score a touchdown in a game?

    Boise State in 2004.

  666. TheLastWord777:

    #659 - I have to respectfully disagree Pete. LaTech....the big, powerful team that got rolled by Navy?

    The UH defense very well may have played as well as they could tonight but unfortunately it looked to be somewhere near Div II caliber. The sad thing is that we do have some talented players, but also some sad azz defensive schemes and a complete failure to make any sort of adjustments.

  667. Bulla:

    gotta break that 666 number, whew

  668. And Den:

    like small kidz time, when your papa wen go give you cracks an one good licking, buggah was some sore on da butt, but slowly it wen get all good again....couple dayz no can sit down, whew, having one BM was tough too, but it all came back........

    like da game today, we wen get some good lickings, but she stay ok, not great, but bettah some days den oddah days.....bottom line is jus dis.....try your best every time you stay go, and da rest is history.....but das for all da guys...da playahs, and more fo da need shake hands and talk what you supposed fo do COACH......get nuf politicians, COACH.....da buggah stay gettin some serious kala, buggah still neva contribute to SOS for HS Sports, but eh, who stay watching need, gotta make do wit $80,000 per month AFTER he gave up some pay for actin stoooooopid on da media day.

    dey say we get what we pay for, but hey, dis buggah not getting peanuts, but we sure as heck get one monkey......if i pay for prime rib, bruddah, i LIKE prime rib and not hamburgah know what i mean......if i pay for da heine's, i no like da Pabst Blue Ribbon

    nuf alredy, da po'o sore from all da kine ramblin...... guys da bes, and even da ones i no like.......haha, i wen spock you guyz making noise at Nancy's......even had the dr. wabbit lady ova deah, but she was making habut with da bolo guy and da filipina lady.....haha, dat was some funny too......

    a hui hou, gotta go, and you nevah know........

  669. Slugger:

    Prayers for Rocky's family on the loss of his cousin. Hope Fetaiagogo can contact his mother & brother soon.

    Tough loss today. Work out the problems in this game & do better at home against Fresno State. They can do it.


  670. Bulla:


    is koa mahu's cousin taking over the air waves now, if not, that is some funny stuff.

    good seeing everyone at Nancy's, wish for a better game, but oh well, it is what it was....

    prayers for all the ohana affected by the tsunami, and prayers of healing for both GA and GH.....get your rest and follow dr's orders.......

  671. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Prayers continue for the folks in Samoa. Rocky Savaiigaea and Fetaiagogo Fonoti are not the only ones whose families have been impacted- it had to have an effect on the team.

    Peace and Blessings and a good outcome for all!

  672. Pete Jek:

    To clarify, my assessment of La. Tech's running game is made not in the context of the college football world in general (by that standard, they're average), but in a team-to-team comparison with UH's defense. I don't know if i would necessarily characterize UH's defense as FCS-caliber, but it obviously leaves a lot to be desired. And i don't think its inadequacies and failures can be corrected by scheme adjustments and coaching. They could've stacked the box for every single play in the game, but the result would've been more-or-less the same. What positive i did see in the run defense was at times when La. Tech pitched to the outside, without the trick reverses and so forth. It was only then that UH contained them.

    I think the major problem was that, in a collision between a finesse defense and a smash-mouth running offense, it is almost always the case that the latter wins. The defense was simply not prepared for La. Tech, because La Tech's style of play, the talent of their players, and the attitude that accompanied their performance, was such that they could not possibly have been duplicated in Warriors' practices.

  673. BowsForever:

    I'm just playing Armchair Coach, but I'm just wondering: Do coaches ever do things like intentionally overwhelm O-lines and D-lines to see how well they can hold up against breakdowns? Leave one man out, put an extra man in on the other side, have a player intentionally blow an assignment, something like that, to simulate the pressure?

  674. Garret:

    I've committed to archiving all of the quotes from UH games, which means that I have to read 20+ stories on the game just to see if there are any new quotes...this will not be a fun 12 hours. Here is a quote from Mac via ESPN:

    "We didn't have any energy and didn't play our best game," he said. "We're really looking forward to going home and playing Fresno State in front of our crowd."

  675. Garret:

    Here is a quote from one of the 6 game recaps I've read so far:

    "The sacks were just devastating," said Tech head coach Derek Dooley. "We had seven on the night. Coach (Tommy) Spangler had a great game plan. He was changing coverages and personnel. Everybody played with heart. I saw our entire team enjoy competing."

  676. Garret:

    Mac says that the problem was that the players didn't tackle like how they were taught:

    "Give credit to Louisiana Tech," said Hawaii coach Greg McMackin. "The problem against the run was the worst exhibition of tackling in football. We were diving and not tackling the way we teach. We're not that kind of football team."

  677. Garret:

    Here are the game quotes from UH's website. This is what Blaze said:

    “It was a big audience tonight. It was very embarrassing to perform like that on national television. This is not Hawaii defense. I don’t know
    what to say about our defense tonight.”

    “You can’t do all your talking off the field; where it counts is on the field. We didn’t show up. A few players did, but other than that, no energy.
    There’s no excuses. We should have performed the way we perform every weekend.”

  678. Garret:

    Here are the game quotes from Louisiana Tech's website. This is what a La Tech's DL said after the game:

    On holding them on 1st and goal at the 2 yard line:
    “Our defense came through. They came out of I-formation which we didn’t expect to see. But we were prepared for anything on goal line situations.”

  679. Garret:

    UH surprised La Tech with the I formation...but La Tech just played Auburn and 2 option running teams and had practiced against that type of formation and that type of runs for their first 3 games.

  680. Pete Jek:

    That play from the I was a disaster. The o-line was manhandled. Rego had nowhere to rush.

    The element of surprise can work to a team's advantage at times, but only when it's a trick play of some sort. UH running the I wasn't a surprise at all in that there was no trickery for La. Tech to consider. They were basically a poor-man's Auburn on that specific play.

  681. madeinhawaii:


    Thanks... 62 games scoring at least one touch down... That was a nice streak. Sad to see it end on a note like this.

    Any further word on Greg's injury?

  682. Garret:

    For some reason, the quotes from Blaze were identical on the UH and La Tech website, but UH left out the quote from Blaze about the tsunami. I found this on the La Tech site:

    Concerning the tsunami...

    “It really affected us because we all represent the Pacific. That’s a hard event and there’s a lot of people affected by it. We tried to go out there and play for them tonight.”

  683. Old Diver:

    Looking at the score quarter by quarter the defense did their job. The defense kept us in the game. We still had a chance to win late into the third quarter. Yards given up don't mean squat, it's points. Our offense stunk up the joint in every phase of their game. From the coaching, the quarterback, the run blocking, the dropped balls we weren't prepared period. The good news is that we are back home for the next game. Have to add that Bryant Moniz has a sense of calm when throwing the ball. He has the poise of a veteran and if Alexander can't play for a while we should be just fine.

  684. bighilofan2:

    real tough loss.
    Tragedy in Samoa.
    understable that affected play and performance.
    but like LSU after Katrina, no excuses.

    i no what the problem is....

    It starts with us. you. me.

    Don Weir, I saw a La Tech guy riding OUR BIKE WHERE IS OUR BIKE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

    Coaches, you did not look like coaches tonight.

    On the other hand, you're our coaches. project confidence. hard to change the heads of suffering young adults. but thats your job. sometimes it takes a little longer. So, do it. Show you got the it factor, for crissakes!

    to Huh, ok, i'm a pom pom guy. system fan.

    'nujff said.

  685. Diogenes Sinope:

    Whether Coach Mac is overpaid or underpaid is immaterial. As Coach Price stated: physical superiority cancels all theory. You don't win the Kentucky Derby with nags.

  686. d1島:

    Old Diver,

    Agree with you in that the Offense should be able to score more than 27 IF there's some help in turnovers. Warriors were -3 tonight.

    Garret/Pete Jek,

    Good point about the I-formation. It played to LaTech's strength.

  687. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    I think I need to watch a Harry Potter movie tonight - when is Star Trek coming out on dvd?

    Nitey nite and SWEET DREAMS, WARRIORS

    ((((HUGS)))) to all and God Bless!

  688. d1島:

    Hoping this looks different in the morning. (for the life of me, IDK how though :-( )


  689. bighilofan2:

    wife said La Tech had us totally figured out

    and we didn't have La Tech figured out at all.

    I dunno. I was reading Long Time Reader but first time Blogger above. I kinda agree wit doze sentiments. what did you all see?

  690. Pride.:

    Bryant Moniz has a lot of poise.

  691. Pu C. Galore:


    Did you really expect that bike to see the field this season? Typical progress (or lack of it) in Hawaii.

    "Wouldn't you like to riiiiiiide....shotgun in the escalaaaaade..."

  692. bighilofan2:

    I've learned dat at da top, dare is only 1 man standing.

    i saw coach looking helplessly at Rolo talking to Ron.

    the nation saw that too.

    Coach Mack,
    the bottom line is you are our coach. its your job.
    i think you've got great cognitive skills. you brought in some great coaches. you're getting some great players. when you got time, you're pretty good at figuring things out.

    you got time to figure out what went wrong, and fix it.

    don't blame the others. take the blame yourself, apologize for the earthquake and not getting everyone, including coaches, to step up, and move on!



  693. Pu C. Galore:

    dat powderpuff chick wears waaaay too much makeup. either that or the lighting for the past two blogs was bad. look like one ghost.

  694. Garret:

    Derek Dooley mentioned that they had to make a lot of changes in their D to go from facing option running teams to UH's offense. They sure shifted around a lot of players on their D...and those players played well in their new positions.

    That CB who made the INT is normally a safety...he sure made a good play.

    The Bulldogs made several defensive changes before the game, highlighted by moving linebacker Dominique Faust to the defensive line, shifting Tank Calais from safety to linebacker, and keeping Deon Young at cornerback rather than his customary safety position. Calais made tackles all over the field, and Young had an interception and a pass defended.

  695. bighilofan2:

    Greg Alexander is a tough guy.

    He';ll bounce back.

    Tough guys always bounce back.

  696. Garret:

    Interesting note about what happened during the timeout on 3rd-and-goal before halftime. Maybe this helped La Tech anticipate the fade route to Pollard?

    During this timeout, nine members of the Hawaii offense remained huddled up on the field, but QB Greg Alexander and WR Royce Pollard came to the sideline to discuss the next play with head coach Greg McMackin and offensive coordinator Ron Lee. This may or may not have had something to do with...

    3rd-and-goal at the 1: Alexander attempts a fade pass to Pollard in the right corner of the end zone. Deon Young defends it perfectly, and the pass falls incomplete, forcing an 18-yard field goal.

    I'm not sure the Tech defense noticed the sideline discussion, but who knows.

  697. bighilofan2:

    The thing that really got my goat was we made Derek Dooley look like da online fortune teller crystal ball on national TV. .

  698. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos. Missed the game, but after reading all the "Tsaiko Reviews", it seems that the wrong warrior team was playing. The flight was full from HNL and many of us was asking the cockpit for update on the game.

  699. bighilofan2:


    please point out Garret's 696 to our coaches.

    talk about


    heck, what were they thinking?

  700. Garret:

    I cannot believe that I'm *still* reading articles about the game. This is really painful!

  701. whitey:

    it looks like the "tackling" problem has caught up with the team and the team's theory of high tackling appears not to be working. "dancing with the stars" tackling ain't going to work, but the old fashion of tackling below the hips works most of the time.

  702. bighilofan2:


    read #696.

    and don't forget,

    great coaches gotta get tough skin.

    act like great coaches, please

  703. Pride.:

    bigmanfromhilo2 goin' be ready for the Fresno State game.

  704. Pride.:

    Lou Holtz looks like a ghost.

  705. Pride.:

    I was surprised at how small Mark May looked when he was sitting next to Karl Malone. The mailman is a big fella. I bet he would have been a good defensive end.

  706. bighilofan2:


    the game result was painful. The game was supposed to be for al the marbles.

    our tackling, overall, was ATROCIOUS. and whose fault was that?????

    whose idea was it to tackle like that? ????????????????

    that was fully shown to the nation. the country was watching nobody else. they was watching a pathetic display of tackling. there was no tackling. not from one guy. or two guys. but from plenty Warriors.

    I got it in my mind dat the tackling strategy against the run did not work.

    at all. very very very very very painful.

    okay, i'm working it off, working it off, working it off, working it off.......

  707. Pride.:


    September 30th, 2009 at 9:48 pm
    I cannot believe that I'm *still* reading articles about the game. This is really painful!

    Stop reading then. Go sleep already.

  708. whitey:

    Is there such a thing as "over coaching" or "under coaching"???? Either way, just by reading the "reviews", imho, the team may have been "over coached" and had no time to enjoy the fruits of their game prep and "under coached" on the basic fundamentals of tackling, blocking, etc.

  709. bighilofan2:


    howzit. will be there at da TGate. business trip. :D

    what pains me is that Hawaii got savaged on national tv.

    it was brutal!

    their coach was trained to be a products liability lawyer. trained to be very meticulous, thorough in preparation. he showed up, coaching wize. hate to say it, but hats off to him.

  710. Pride.:

    The gator and crawfish looks very ono.

  711. whitey:

    Prior to the game, I truly felt that the team would come together for this game because they had so many things to overcome with the tsunami being the last straw. Whenever I saw anybody and if they asked about the game, I told them that the team would be the brightest star in the sky tonight. I don't know why they are not closer as a team and there is no one player who will step up to let them know how they are performing. Hopefully, the team will rebound on their next game at home.

  712. whitey:

    Might be my lucky night as my last post was 711. Going downstairs and give it a try. Laters or should I say early morning?????

  713. bighilofan2:


    we wuz over thisd and under that all nite long on national tv.

    if wuz me, i'd be meeting with the coaches, giving peeps a couple days off to heal, work on soe personal projects, get dem to lift and stuff, and get my mind right for Fresno State.

    I'd also sit back in my chair and have 2 separate meetings. One with Miano. One with Tormey. take it from there. Miano gotta know that I'm backing him. But I'd need tormey to help give me guidance. imho.

    And also, I'd get on Don Weir to GET ME THAT BIKE!!!!!!! !!!!!

  714. madeinhawaii:

    Prayers to the families of Rocky Savaiigaea and Fetaiagogo Fonoti.

    I truly hope Fonoti's family is okay.

    Condolences to Rocky for the loss of his cousin.

  715. madeinhawaii:

    If two of the leaders on defense were impacted by the events in Samoa yesterday, you can bet so were all the rest of the players. After all, they are family to each other. I wonder if they got much sleep the night before.

  716. Garret:


    I feel it is my obligation to find all the quotes about the game because I told people that I would try my best to do so. Some of the people that I made that pledge to paid for advertisements on my Warriorquotes blog that will be donated to Na Koa when I get the money at the end of the season.

    However, I should probably stop from posting stuff that I find about the game...I sure seem to have gotten bighilofan2 upset about one of the tidbits I found. I'll just put what I found so far up on my blog and I'll get the rest of the quotes tomorrow morning.

  717. whitey:

    bhf2, excellent suggestions and hopefully coaching management program moves in the right direction. like both offensive and defensive coordinators are upstairs to call the plays, coach mc concentrates on the game as it is evolving, giving all of the coaches on the ground specific jobs besides their own, have an organized way to substitute players, call or signal your offensive plays without having the qb coming to the sidelines for instructions. get plenty other management program suggestions, but if they no can do even one, then game prep is nothing.

  718. bighilofan2:

    Coach Mack,

    Garret's post 696 can be read one way:

    La Tech saw you coming on that third and goal play. For one defender, you telegraphed GA's target.

    it appeared like that all night long. very painful! it was painful because the fact is this: you didn't take the place of the 12th man. you could have, but you didn't. thats the bottom line. just being honest.

    so we'll try again. see you 10/10.

  719. Pete Jek:

    I guess this is too early of a forecast, but one should reasonably expect the same scenario to play out on defense against Fresno St. Unless UH is able to take an early lead, put FSU on the defensive, and force them to play our pace and style. But even if that turns out not to be the case, as long as the offense is able to score when it does get its chances on the field, then hopefully the outcome will be different.


  720. bighilofan2:

    hiya whitey. and thanks for the slab.


    don't you dare stop posting the quotes!!! pretty please :D

    yes i'm worked up. worked up because the nation's typists are bashing our coaches for obviously telegraphing themselves to the enemy during the game, and pointing to specifics to highlight the babooze factor that was evident for all to see.

    i can understand when somebody gets false cracked, that it was unfair.

    what pains me is that we didn't get false cracked.

    obviously for some Warriors they had other things on their minds. which affected the overall mindset of the team. i don't need my advanced training and free online fortune teller crystal ball to have figured dat out.

    okay okay, i've come to terms wit how to explain wat happened.

    we had a bad day at da office. :evil:

  721. madeinhawaii:

    I think it's going to be hard for many of the guys to focus for a few days especially with the way things are in Samoa. I wonder how close Rocky was to his cousin? And poor Fonoti, he must be on pins and needles waiting to hear from family. I hope they were able to get through and that they are all right.

    (By the way.. I'm referring to the addendum above from Stephen regarding Rocky Savaiigaea and Fetaiagogo Fonoti )

  722. Mad Dog:

    Keep up what you are doing Garret. I enjoy your quotes. You are just reporting what you find online. If we keep on playing like we did today, we will continue to bear through similar quotes.

    Our overall defensive strategy is the same as it was during the June Jones era. Slow the opposition's offense. We don't have to stop them, just slow them down. The offense has to outscore the opponent's offense. Our offense must score TDs everytime it has the ball. Three turnovers and three empty trips into the red zone doesn't cut it for the offense. I thought the offense practiced red zone plays in Dallas.

  723. bighilofan2:

    I've got a headache.

    nitey nite.

    and I can still say this with conviction.

    Go Warriors!!!

  724. Derek:

    Hawaii played like intramural football. They were terrible. They couldn't stop the run to the outside and after awhile the run right up the middle was also very effective. UH's defense can't get off the field and can't make stops. The offense could move it for awhile, but the play calling wasn't consistent and especially in the red zone and in fact the play calling inside the 5 yard line was not good at all. The 3rd down play from the 1 or 2 yard line on a pass to Pollard was just horrible and such a low percentage play. And, I would have gone for the touchdown on 4th down at the end of the first half. When you are on the road, you play to win. When you get in that close, you go for it w/ your best play. Frankly, the team lacked fire and emotion. Suffice to say, I and a lot of people were expecting a lot better from this team. Sadly, UH was exposed. Looking at the upcoming games, I look at this team and I think UH will win only 1 more game this season, that being New Mexico State at home. Idaho and Utah State are much improved. UH has no chance against Boise St. and at Nevada. Fresno St. has the leading rusher in the country and Navy and Wisconsin at home are just too good against us. San Jose at San Jose will be difficult. So that's it. We are probably looking at 3-10 this season, and that's too bad. I hope I'm wrong. I would have to see a lot of things different to change my mind. Finally, UH can't run the ball. You gotta run effectively to score inside the red zone. There's no imagination. Maybe it was the long road trip, but you can't use that as an excuse. The tackling! What tackling? That's the worst example of tackling that I have seen in a long time. Watching the game, it was just frustrating. I really thought Hawaii would win this game and to me, they should have if they executed properly. The key play was the interception on the first play of the second half. After that, La Tech took control. It will be a looooong season!

  725. bighilofan2:

    On a real note.

    Good night Warriors. Have a safe trip home. God Bless and good wishes to your families. Besides the loss of life and injury, the property damage in the Samoas would be weighin on my mind too.

    Coaches, remember this truth. You did good, you can do better. okay, so maybe this time i was half right.


  726. Mad Dog:

    Good comment, Derek. I hope the Warriors are a better team that showed up today.

  727. Pete Jek:

    I think it's a little too premature to predict a disaster of a season. If i can recall correctly, the Warriors looked worse on both sides of the ball at times last season, and they still managed to make the Hawai'i Bowl.

    On defense, i agree that it's hopeless to expect them to fare better against the even more potent running attacks of Fresno St., Boise St., Navy, and Wisconsin. Playing at home though gives the Warriors a fighting chance.

    But it's the offense that will determine whether this season lives or dies. And knowing the personnel, there is reason to hope. Who knows? The La. Tech game might turn out to be an aberration.

  728. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Not what I expected at all. Actually, :the Bulldogs played their game very well. Hawai`i did not.

    Maybe space aliens flew in & scooped out the coaches' brains - no other explanation because there's clearly a huge communications gap amongst the coaches and between the coaches & the players. That's McMackin's #1 FIXIT JOB over the next three days.

    Warning if you go to Nancy's during a sports event: They charge you separately for every cup of coffee - no free refills. I wound up paying $9 for three six-ounce cups of coffee and $7.95 for a large won ton min which didn't even have chopped green onions and parsley, let alone kamaboku and pieces of char siu. Wouldn't have made any difference if I hadn't asked for the third cup - you gotta pay for at least three drinks during the game no matter what you're drinking.

    Next time for an away game it's back to Boardrider's in Kailua for their great food - will check to see if they've updated their tv screens yet which they promised to do about a month ago. Otherwise, it'll either be Anyplace on S. King or Murphy's downtown - assuming that they're serving food that early - 11 am (Idaho) and 10 am (Nevada)

    Hope that the folks around the world dealing with floods, tsunami, and earthquakes are getting the help they need.

    FINALLY - Let's Go Wahine!!! Wreak revenge for the whupping the Warriors took tonight upon the Lady Techsters tomorrow night.

  729. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Not what I expected at all. Actually, :the Bulldogs played their game very well. Hawai`i did not.

    Maybe space aliens flew in & scooped out the coaches' brains - no other explanation because there's clearly a huge communications gap amongst the coaches and between the coaches & the players. That's McMackin's #1 FIXIT JOB over the next three days.

    Warning if you go to Nancy's during a sports event: They charge you separately for every cup of coffee - no free refills. I wound up paying $9 for three six-ounce cups of coffee and $7.95 for a large won ton min which didn't even have chopped green onions and parsley, let alone kamaboku and pieces of char siu. Wouldn't have made any difference if I hadn't asked for the third cup - you gotta pay for at least three drinks during the game no matter what you're drinking.

    Next time for an away game it's back to Boardrider's in Kailua for their great food - will check to see if they've updated their tv screens yet which they promised to do about a month ago. Otherwise, it'll either be Anyplace on S. King or Murphy's downtown - assuming that they're serving food that early - 11 am (Idaho) and 10 am (Nevada)

    Hope that the folks around the world dealing with floods, tsunami, and earthquakes are getting the help they need.

    FINALLY - Let's Go Wahine!!! Wreak revenge for the whupping the Warriors took tonight upon the Lady Techsters tomorrow night.

  730. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Whoops!! Sorry for the double post - this happens too often.

  731. XxFaithxX:

    One thing about the defense.

    Why are the CB's almost always 5+ yards off the ball??

    LA Tech ATE THEM UP tonight with that scheme.

    Their WR's would sprint 5-10 yards up the field and then look to block (our CB's would them be like at least 15 yards off of the LOS) and then La Tech would throw a screen pass and by the time ANY Warrior got to the receiver, it was at least a 5 yard gain.




    Now more specifically, what is up with the coaching of Hopkins? Why is his back towards the ball? When it is in the air (just like UNLV), but he lucked out this time, and also on that long QB scramble by Jenkins.


    How many defensive coaches do we have on the team???


  732. labrat:

    Annoucer said that Rolo told him that it takes one year of on the field experience to learn the system. With Alex down I guess it is all over. Maybe it is time for a better system. Even JJ used to say that he needed to keep adding new things otherwise the other team would eventually find a way to defend you.

  733. Cindy cee:

    Continued prayers for those in Samoa and much loss.
    Rocky, I am so sorry for your loss.

  734. koha mahu:

    What a bad time to lay an egg

  735. Shannon:

    First off: Condolences to Rocky and his Family, hoping the best for Fonoti as well as all who have loved ones on Samoa and Indonesia. Also, hoping for a speedy recovery for Greg Alexander...

    Now... Defense needs to tighten up...I know there are a few injuries but poor tackling doesn't have anything to do with personnel. I think Blaze getting run over on the goal line personified how our defense played tonight. Offense needs to produce. I know, they HAVE been productive in the previous 3 games, topping the nation...but for Hawaii Football, a team seeking consistency, recognition and RESPECT, we can't afford to take a game "off". We all know in the RNS system, it takes SMART players at the skill positions, WR's & SB's need to decipher the coverage and run their routes accordingly. The QB needs to make the same reads and throw to the open man... I have no doubt that our receivers this season are capable of doing big things and putting up '06-'07 type stats. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't entirely convinced with Alexander. His injury and Moniz coming into the season might actually be a blessing in disguise. Just like TC's injury made way for Rolo in 2001... I feel bad for saying that but everything happens for a reason...

  736. Shannon:

    I want to address the o-line as well... not much to say, this was the worst game they've played this season (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)... you can say that Letuli's absence contributed to it but I think it was more of LA Tech's d-line that made it's presence felt.

  737. Brother Love:

    Ok had a 6 yr old b-day party to attend after the train wreck game and I needed a lil ice cream to bring down my blood pressure but I still feel the same way about this hawaii team. Someone mentioned this team is better than last yr & I disagree cuz although we got cracks last yr we played hard and had a tough schedule to boot imo.
    This team has holes in it on the offense, defense, coaching, and I suspect the weight training dept too. This team is a div II team at best and has no biz on a div I level.
    The next thing is to say that the quake in samoa was a factor is a copout guys. They are young adults not children and as athletes you want to "win one for the gipper" so to me that is no excuse and shouldnt even be mentioned. La tech is not a good team they are getting their butt kicked regularly and will continue to that next game they play. Ok so nuff negative reality, what do we gotta do now.
    #1 Face reality for what it is, never mind trying to convince yourself you are better than what you really are.
    #2 Go back to Lee calling the plays thats the way it should be. On the defense work on speed rather than bulk, to many of those guys look like they are eating too many L&L plate lunches w/ extra mac salad and if you are one of those players then let them play left end of the bench or guard the water cooler. Let the guys who earned their way play cuz this team has alot of guys who needs a real dose of reality imo.
    #3 Coaches earn your pay, I blame every one of them for what this team has become. They get paid good money for putting out a divII team and in these tough econimic times I think the hawaii ppl and fan base deserve a heck of alot better than what we have seen so far.
    #4 Robert Kekaula needs to knock it off w/ the homerism puffing on the radio. He is embarrassing to listen to especially in a game like this when he cant even call a game for what it is. I dont care if he makes himself look bad but on a public radio broadcast he makes ALL OF US look foolish.
    #5 When you recruit keep 3 words in mind, SPEED, SPEED, SPEED. Everything else will fall into place with good coaching and dedicated pre-season preparation. If you cant do that then you dont deserve to be playing on the div I level.
    #6 I want to hear a sincere apology from this team & coaches for their embarrassing performance to this point, and then I want them to do their best to make me believe that it was sincere. This team owes the ppl of hawaii alot, we backed them financially when others wanted to pull the plug on the money spent on athletics and if this is what we can expect for our dollar then lets direct that money towards education rather than wasting it on sports (never thought I would say that but thats how I truely feel right now).
    #7 I really want to see this blog start to be realistic about football rather than just playing the homerism card all the time. I lurk alot in here cuz I see some ppl getting bashed for speaking the truth. Hey I am a yankee fan and have been since the days of mantle/maris/yogi/whitey, and I luv em cuz the fan base wont stand for homerism. You produce or you will hear it thats the bottom line, you smoke or you get smoked and get booed out of the stadium..

  738. Kekoa: we lost a friggin ball game! Not the end of the world, and certainly not as bad as losing your house, car and family members to an earthquake/tidal wave!

    All the naysayers came out of the woodpile as expected, ragged on the team, and seemed pretty proud of themselves in being able to overstate the obvious. I mean...really! You had to be blind not to notice all the mistakes.

    So we regroup, lick our wounds and prepare for the next game as best we can. Redouble our effort to strengthen the weak spots and strive for improvement.

    Imua Warriors! Hold your heads high and rise above the noise and confusion.

  739. wafan:

    Good morning everyone!

  740. wafan:

    The sun will rise today!!!

    Well, here we have to assume it will since it will be cloudy and cool for the next week or so.

  741. wafan:

    2" of rain in 15 minutes must be a record for just about anywhere. Happened in Bothell, WA.

  742. wafan:

    Pomai . . .

    28 - 27 us.

  743. wafan:

    Continued prayers for all affected by rains, earthquakes, and floods.

  744. lurker:

    fire coach mack already he just as incompetent as hermie

  745. HiFlyer:

    Kekoa - what u doing up so late or is early?

  746. HiFlyer:

    Morning wafan

    Good night wafan, time for me to go to sleep.

  747. SojuNTaegu:

    You know, this was a tough loss. But this was a "schedule" lost. The boys are just worn out for being on the road for 30 days.

    We will DOMINATE Fresno!!!!!

    I believe....


    35 - 21 UH.....

    God bless all, Happy Chusuk!!!!!!

  748. NYUH:

    Salas fumbling inside the 5? Hawaii is not this bad. Just a bad night. A really bad night. Take the pain and get over it.

    Red zone is a problem though. Now that the DEs are back, put Heun into a power back formation with Green/LWJ for speed.

    Question: Was UH tsaiked out from the beginning? All this talk about the coach being so serious.

    Plenty of opportunity for a good season left.

  749. Bike events around the globe « Bike Blog NYC | Bicycling Leisure Knowledge:

    [...] The Warrior Beat| UH football, University of Hawaii athletics … [...]

  750. postmanke:

    If La Tech can rack up all those yards rushing on us, I am wonder how brutal that Navy game will be?

  751. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    brutal game.

    brutal commentsl . ouch. ouch ouch. ouch ouch ouch.

    our team was brutalized. our coaches were brutalized. each segment of our game was brutalized.

    thats why i'd have the meet with Tormey and Miano separately. The gang, Cal, Ron, Miano, De Laura, Aranda, Rolovich, Smith are looking for 1 leader. I saw groping last night on national tv.


    i noticed La Tech had a BIKE. ON NATIONAL TV. where is ours? coach needs it. RIGHT AWAY.

    the bottom line: coach Mack gotta suck it up. be the one leader.

  752. Garret:

    I agree with Rolo that the offense needs to finish drives--this was a problem in the UNLV game and was a huge part of the loss last night.

    "We need to come up with seven points, one way or another," quarterback coach Nick Rolovich said. "We need touchdowns, not field goals."

  753. bighilofan2:

    you not going get the respect of the entire team if sum of your coaches think they no more than you, or think they should be head coach now.

    you gotta be the head coach now.
    the paint melting speech, you gotta do that with your coaches. they gotta come together, as a team. their performance last night was HORRIBLE! the players got brutalized on national tv. the coaching got brutalized on national tv.

    POST 696 SAYS IT ALL. it wasn't just that phase of the game. Justin si right. XxFaithxX is right.

    The lasting impression on national TV, until we fix dat image, is dis:

    (fill in the phrase).... can't paint a pretty picture, can you

  754. Garret:

    One positive from the game was that I thought Royce Pollard had by far his best game (despite a drop or two). The blocking on kick returns was very good, and Pollard almost scored a TD on one play and got good yardage on others.

  755. bighilofan2:

    the inability to get 7 points in the red zone, sounds like a Rone Lee, Nick Rolovish, Greg McMackin problem to me. coach seems like he's giving everyone a say, which is why they don't have a solid plan when its first and goal from the 3. everybody gets a chance to have a say, and the enemy is watching what they doing, so its no surprise.

    696 says it all.

  756. protector:

    Although 'brother love' on # 737 had many valid points, where he lost me was when he said that UH is "div.II at best & has no business in being div.1". That's a total over-reaction & hyperbole to a nightmare of A game. If they did this every game for the whole season, who knows. A div.II team could not have stayed with UNLV. Div.II teams get spanked by Central Arkansas who is in transition to be div.1 (FBS, whatever). Just chill for a bit & we'll see the true character of this team emerge. If Salas doesn't screw up at the end (uncharacteristically), the score becomes 27-13--not great but more respectable. I won't candy-coat that
    UH was essentially humiliated on national television again. It's a shame that the nation didn't get to see true Warrior football. I'm just not going to put a final judgement on a team based on 1/3 of a season.

  757. mctruck:

    I have great respect for coach Mac, but truthfully....them empty stares of, "I'd like to be somewhere else,"....makes me nervous about where his mind is at??

    I said it last night and I'm not the only one echoing this terrible schedule of three consecutive road games in twenty(20)days.....pure murder and one could see the toll it took on everyone, players and coaches alike, even though they might not want to admit it. Not even the NFL in all their wisdom and know how wouldn't submit to this type of scheduling.

  758. mctruck:

    I have great respect for coach Mac, but truthfully....them empty stares of, "I'd like to be somewhere else,"....makes me nervous about where his mind is at??

    I said it last night and I'm not the only one echoing this terrible schedule of three consecutive road games in twenty(20)days.....pure murder and one could see the toll it took on everyone, players and coaches alike, even though they might not want to admit it. Not even the NFL in all their wisdom and know how wouldn't submit to this type of scheduling.

  759. mctruck:

    The red zone continues to plague UH because they have no running game and no TE's to compliment the running game.

    Lou Holtz mentioned that last night, also a reason the opponents de's were able eventually to get to the qb.

  760. bighilofan2:

    Ferd's description:

    ...languid... almost in a daze, some playing with heavy hearts following the disaster in Samoa ,...totally out-muscled. The Warriors got blown off both lines of scrimmage, gave up yardage in huge chunks, missed tackles and misfired on offense. They yielded seven sacks and turned the ball over three times.

    One after another, UH coaches and players used the description "embarrassed," including McMackin, who termed it, "The worst exhibition of tackling I've coached ... in football.

    I mean, we were diving; we were not tackling the way we teach."


    and whose fault was that?

  761. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Still stings (or stinks) from last night but like one NFL coach said earlier this week, "I want them to taste it," Singletary told reporters, via the San Francisco Chronicle. "I want them to chew it up and swallow it, and remember it. I want them to learn from it."

    Bad game. Move on.

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


  762. Garret:


    To clarify one minor point, Central Arkansas is transitioning between D-II and D-IAA (FCS).

  763. bighilofan2:

    one for each of the coaches......

    we were embarassed on national tv.
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv
    we were embarassed on national tv

  764. Garret:

    It is a good thing that the Warriors have an extra 3 days before the Fresno State game. This gives the players time to get over the game physically and emotionally, and gives the coaches a chance to go over everything.

    Fresno State is off this week and was watching the game, so the Warriors should expect a heavy dose of power rushing attempts from them.

  765. bighilofan2:

    everybody, coaches, trainers, GAs, everybody, had a hand in da stink. and that is a reflection that starts at the top. if you don't get atight rein on those immediately around you, the rest is gonna fall apart, and you all will look bad when the stinky is on national tv. all the coaches looked bad. all the coaches.

    worse was we was the only show in town, and we stank on national tv.
    At least Singletary had something to cheer about, his boys hung tough until the final 2 seconds they got out luckied. that you can chew on.

    what we gonna chew on about this game? that we got run over? everywhere?.

  766. bighilofan2:

    The phrase "I got your back, coach" if it has been used by the coaching staff at UH, has been misused by the coaching staff at UH.

    nobody had coach's back last night. UH coaches left Coach Mack hanging in the wind. Thats how I see it. Help him, or hang him.

    Make him a better coach. Thats your job! And it starts with you, Coach Miano.

  767. bighilofan2:

    back to life.

    its a drizzly day in Hilo.

  768. bighilofan2:

    Goes with my mood. very foul.

  769. Garret:

    Louisiana Tech should be congratulated for the milestones they achieved in this game.

    The victory got a big “monkey” off of the back of Dooley and the ’Dogs, too. Tech had lost its past three games to the Warriors, including two since he came on board.

    It was also the Bulldogs’ first win in a WAC opener since 2005.

  770. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    For the record,
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv
    I wasn't embarrassed on national tv

    so don't say "we".

    And my style is not to look at the symptoms and prescribe a painkiller. To me, the important thing is to diagnose the illness, determine the causes and then HEAL the ailment.

    I'll leave that to the doctors, coaches, and schedulers to fix.

    I'm guessing the team is exhausted, and then dispirited and worried about the conditions of the REAL loves of their lives - and so far away from those who can provide comfort and support.

    It proved to be too much at the same time.

    Prayers, love and encouragement from the peanut gallery will help the team recover.
    Criticism and dwelling on the negative will not help.

    We all need to be able to laugh again to get the endorphins flowing.

    I suggest funny movies and cheering for the Wahine before the Fresno game for us fans...

    Hi Ho!


  771. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Oh Yes- Congratulations to LaTech. Been down and on the way up.

    Represent the WAC!

  772. Garret:

    This is a bad trend for UH's scoring against Louisiana Tech:

    2006: 61
    2007: 45 (Dooley's first year)
    2008: 24
    2009: 6

  773. BobMob:

    Negative yards rushing for UH, nearly 400 yards rushing for LaTech. Even a run and shoot has to have some rushing. Without it, the QB gets sacked - like 5 times.

    UH gonna have to step it up to finish with a winning record this year. Fresno's #21(don't remember the name) ran for 300 yards against Boise State - hope he's gets the flu next week.

  774. Garret:

    I finished the quotes from the game...I'm going to take a blog break now and get some work done.

  775. Hank:

    ....ʻAe LizKauai....

    Good time for the guys to get some rest and's been a grueling month of physical and academic challenge...hope the coaches give them a day off or two to rest, heal and to catch up with home work...

    I'm already looking forward to Fresno...because if there's one thing the Warriors have proven over the years, it's this -

    it ain't easy to beat the Warriors in front of the ʻOhana...

  776. longTimeLurkerFirst TimePoster:

    MODERATOR- PLEASE REMOVE MY #623 COMMENT- I SINGLED OUT PLAYERS AND I APPOLOGIZE. i usually wouldn't single out a "KID" like that and i was wrong to do so. i guess i came up with the conclusion on this certain player after the camaras showed him doing a "choreographed" hand shake with another player on the sidelines. this was right before Halftime, after scoring a FG, and not td AFTER HAVING 1st AND gOAL FROM THE 3YD LINE. on the play that Pilaras got the ball to the 3yd line, if this player sustains his block, pilaras scores easily, just my opinion. anyway, that was my observation and i guess i let the heat of the moment get to me. GOOD LUCK TO THE WHOLE WARRIOR CREW THE REST OF THE WAY.........SO PLEASE MODERATOR, REMOVE MY POST#623, MAHALOS

  777. djmitcho:

    Good Morning All! Still recovering from watching that beat down last night.
    O-line needs more work. Yes LaTech blitzed, but they were getting to Alexander with 4 rushers. UH missed simple twist stunts allowing LT's dl to get to the QB. Hopefully Moniz will get his timing down with the first team recs in practice. What is the status of Rausch's pinky anyway? I don't recall seeing anything about how bad it was hurt. It's been close to 3 weeks since it happened. If it was just a fracture, it should be close to healed. My guess is I'll be watching Moniz start on the 17th when I go down to Moscow. As disappointed as I was with the Warriors perfomance last night, I still stand behind this team and always will.

  778. whitey:

    i did not watch the game, but like what xxfaithxx had to say about the cb position. if you watched the unlv game, rod b was able to get clear most of the time and really put pressure on the d because of the deep threat. unlv made corrections and put a man on rb at the line, bumped him, threw his timing off, and was never a factor after that. so why didn't we put a man on their best receiver at the line, bump and play man??? don't we have a player, lam d, who played man and is considered to be very good at that position.

    before i forget, good mid morning to all the Tsaikos.

  779. Dark Murano:

    LA Tech got seven sacks! only 7????? Our Warrior offensive line, that was supposed to be an improvement this year has given up over 20 sacks already. One of the worst Warrior OL gave up 59 sacks last year, so were on the path to break that record... with a new Offensive line coordinator at that.
    It was a total, I mean a total embarressment for the Warrior football program on National television...again!!. There was some lighted hope in the victory over Wash State and even the loss at Las Vegas. But our Warriors were alianated, physicall manhandled in the LA Tech game.
    I really don't blame ESPN if they care not to televise any Warrior games anymore. But they haven't so far.
    Our guys simply gave up and "quit." OR maybe the football gurus on the mainland was correct - We just don't have the talent this year that's why they predicted a 5th place finish... more like the cellar.

  780. DC:

    Oh Yes- Congratulations to LaTech. Been down and on the way up.

    Represent the WAC!