Ornellas steps in

October 28th, 2009

Kawika Ornellas is getting the first shot to replace Jeramy "J.B." Bryant at right cornerback. Bryant will not play against Nevada because of an injured left biceps. Bryant said one doctor told hm there was a tear, another said the muscle was stretched.He said he is "week to week."

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Quarterback Bryant Moniz was cleared to practice today. He suffered a mild concussion in Saturday's game against Boise State. Moniz will start against Nevada.

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Yes, the exercise bikes have arrived:


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  1. djmitcho:

    Good Morning All! It's weird to have a day off in the middle of the week.
    Too bad I gotta work on Saturday.
    Whitey, I wish they would let Alex punt away. Watching him warm up at the Idaho game, he was booming 60 yarders with ease.

  2. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Howzit mitcho!


  3. Cheyah!:

    Let's Go Warriors!

  4. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Are we experiencing more injuries than usual this year, Mr. Tsai?

    Prayers for a speedy recovery for J.B.

  5. Bulla:

    top 5

  6. Bulla:

    how goes it bro! looks like the alma mater is in the drivers seat for the ILH title.....

  7. Bulla:

    pack your jacket and something warm, going to be brrrrrrrrrrr in Reno

  8. Bulla:

    Have a good HUMP day,

    Game day cannot come soon enough

    GO WILDCATS (X2) :)

  9. Bulla:


    seems like a lot of injuries doesn't it, and not just your nagging game to game variety, but season ending ones......i support a traditional blessing up in Manoa :)

  10. djmitcho:

    Bulla, its cold everywhere except Hawaii I think. It's only 34 here right now

  11. Slugger:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!!!

    It was snowing in Flagstaff. But I don't mind. Going to walk out in the vog to practice.

    Esme & out...

  12. Nalani:

    I echo Bulla's sentiment - can't wait for this weekend

    Go Warriors (UH)
    Go Warriors (Kapalama)

  13. whitey:

    see you all later

  14. tom mui:

    Morning Kind Hearts!


  15. Maverick:

    Everything could be worse.
    Could be playing in Laramie @ 7200 ft. elev..
    White out today.
    20 deg.

  16. ai-eee-soos:

    Slugger; or anyone else attending practice:

    See if the coaches have Kainoa Lacount practicing,

    or if they have him just standing around. I'm puzzled that

    he is not playing. At 6'6, 300, I thought he could

    have significant playing time by now.


  17. Pomai:

    Here is the picture that Cliff wanted posted.


    This is extra


  18. Garret:


    I just saw your post at the end of yesterday's blog. I'm home with my younger daughter because she is still not healthy enough for school.

    My e-mail address is gokamoto @ gmail (dot) com.

  19. Bulla:


    we'll be 'road tripping' through WA again from Seattle to Missoula, yee haw. we're going to get an early start on friday morning after a good night's sleep in Seattle, and see what the weather will bring us for that 7.5+ hour drive. should be fun, aunty lyn, aunty pam (the bombers from past) and aunty anne (Cameron Higgins mom). i really qualify for the HOV lane......wait, does Spokane have HOV.....i don't mean Hawaiian On Vacation either, haha

    Warriors have their destiny in their hands.....they can win......don't listen to all the other crap....just play the game the way it should be played!!!


    GO WILDCATS (X2) :)

    GO WARRIORS (kapalama)

  20. Garret:

    I think that I posted this article a long time ago when I was posting salaries of various coaches. However, what caught my eye was that UNLV's lawyers inserted a buyout clause that is *less* than one year's salary. Sanford makes $425k and the buyout is $225k...UNLV sure protected itself if (or should I say when) they had to fire Sanford.

    UNLV and coach Mike Sanford have reached a contract agreement that will extend Sanford's contract through the 2012 season.

    The school would only have to pay a $225,000 buyout should it choose to terminate the contract before it expires.

  21. haka:

    here we go warriors, here we go!
    here we go warriors, here we go!
    here we go warriors, here we go!.....imua!

  22. koakane™:

    good morning and hump day to all

    safe journey eastman caravan and victories to wildcats2. looks like bundle up time for all the mainland tsaiko's.

  23. 702WarriorNation:

    Was it your q on HF possibly listed for UNLV AD's position....
    last read HF name not listed as possible candidate. Locals along with the acting AD on list mentioned. UNLV must have done indepth due deligence research, but one neva nos. Winning the game last week saved the UNLV coach job for the next week.

    Happy belated b/day LTUHF
    Can't wait to see pics for RainbowCliff's celebration.

  24. koakane™:

    belated Happy Birthday Long Time UH Fan

    good luck to the warriors and safe journey to them

  25. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Pomai #17 - Congrats to Rainbow Cliff! Still a Rainbow and still awesome!!!

    Aloha Kakahiaka and wish me luch- going to get the MRI consultation now.

  26. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    The Warriors and the Redskins are having parallel seasons and both are having LOTS of injuries...

  27. James:

    All the injuries ... how come? Isn't it caused to a great degree by the coaching staff switching players to different unfamiliar positions too freely? Football is a hard hitting and high intensity game and when players use muscles not used to certain motions, their chances of getting hurt are highly increased. In other words, they get easily hurt. This is common sense. How come the coaching staff doesn't get it? Football is a team sport and every player learns his position by repeating the same motions until the moves become automatic. I repeat ... repetition, repetition, repetition. Great teams do it. Players know their exact roles and execute what they know by repeated practice. To minimize injuries, players should stick to the positions they know best and master the positions. It's all about execution. You do it better than your opponent. Wasn't the coaching staff switching players around to different positions from spring training and players were getting hurt even before the season started?

    This is a glaring weakness this season, and I am just an ardent fan who don't know much about football, but enjoy the game immensely. Fans like us see the game from a totally different angle from the coaches who seem to see only the "xs'" and "os'".

    The raw material is there. It is just a matter of putting it together, but not if players keep playing out of position and getting hurt.

    No matter what, win or lose, go Warriors!

  28. protector:

    Sad to hear about JB. Hope the team can derail the Kaepernick Express--right now their QB is playing his best ball. Hope Meatoga & others can finally mount a pass rush that can rejuvenate the D! Go Warriors!

  29. Dan-O:

    Injuries happen.....it's a physical game. It's called FOOTBALL. To blame coaching or individual people for a player's injury is ridiculous. Unless of course, it was on purpose.

  30. HoweLee:

    LizKauai #25
    Good luck aat the consultation. Maybe the doc will tell you to no use hand fan no more.

  31. Garret:

    I do NOT blame injuries on coaching or changing positions. However, I have three things that I do wonder about:

    1. There seem to be a lot of complaints about the UA shoes and the Warriors seem to get a good number of ankle injuries. From what many people have said here and elsewhere (including other teams that wear the UA shoes), it doesn't appear that the UA shoes do a good job for linemen compared to the shoes the Warriors used to wear. Luau feet in shoes that do not fit properly and do not provide adequate support are a bad combination.

    2. Some people report from practice that stretching and general warming up seems to be done in a lax manner. And post-workout stretching also doesn't seem to be taken as seriously as it could by people who report back from practice.

    3. Lots of complaints about the strength & conditioning program at UH. Is it a lack of facilities compared to other schools (rehabbing in vats of ice instead of the modern equipment other schools use, not having adequate exercise bikes until now)? Is it the emphasis within the program? Or is it something else?

  32. Garret:

    Looks like the Dolphins will bench Ted Ginn, so Bess will not only start but he'll be the only WR on the field when they use 1-WR sets.

    Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. is officially in the Dolphins’ doghouse.

    While the 1st- and 2nd-team offenses ran two plays each at the beginning of practice, Ginn was off to the side with rookie WR Pat Turner and practice squad WRs Julius Pruit and James Robinson.

    On the 1st team’s first snap, Davone Bess lined up in a one-WR set, with Hartline joining him on the next play with the starting team.

  33. Don Weir:

    Tsaiko Bike Donors

    This is the bike that you ordered, waited for, and now see in use.
    Mahalo on behalf of Na Koa and Warrior Football


  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:


    You folks have a safe trip, our aloha to your gang and Da Beast this weekend.
    And yes, things look good so far this season for the old school, the game this week end will be the most important so far this year. One of your road trip passengers has another son who'll be in this weekend's ILH showdown, and stopping him will be key.

  35. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    I don't really care what's going on with the WSN board. If I did, I would be there reading it myself. Keep whatever crap happens there on that site. Mahalo

  36. gomouton:

    oh no... so the worst defense in the nation has gotten worse???? That could mean we give up 70 points this week and Mack might praise our defense for coming alive in 2nd half again and our offense clicking in the last 4 minutes of the ball game.

  37. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Thanks for that excellent link Don. That picture is priceless. Mahalo to all who helped make the bike happen.

  38. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I second Stretch's remarks.

  39. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

  40. SteveM:


  41. A-House:

    Don Weir:

    Thanks for the bike photo with Mr. Lee loy - damn, he makes the bike look good or is it his niece that makes he and the bike look good.

    OK, now we wait for the 2nd bike!!

  42. tom mui:

    Well, so much for civility!

  43. Kekoa:

    Bulla! ~ Looks like we got us a one vehicleCONVOY!

    Be careful of the airborne Smokie Bears as you cruise thru WA/Idaho. They track your from the air and then call their nearest ground unit to reel you in.

    Montana troopers say they don't worry about triple digit speed in the day time...and we're supposed to believe that?! Yeah right, and Colt graduated from Kaka'aku HS. Bwhahahaha!

  44. A-House:


    Safe trip to and from the "game"!

  45. Pomai:

    #39 Couldn't agree more.

  46. Pomai:

    #33 - Don't think the bog host will lose much sleep over that!

  47. Slugger:

    Kainoa Carlson's Mom was at practice.

    All QBs throwing. Looks like Moniz took more of the reps, but I was watching the D to learn more.

  48. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Agree totally with Stretch.

    ST - trolls are back. Need to get that zapper out again...

  49. madeinhawaii:


    Trolls? Ahem...ahem... I only look like one first thing in the morning...

  50. madeinhawaii:

    During the rest of the day,
    I get exceedingly

  51. jm2375:

    mih - :mrgreen: :lol:

  52. d1島:

    What bike?
    bhf2 was in the photo?



    Mahalo for the pic Don Weir! also, congrats on the new website.

  53. W.M:

    I'm home ill today and have a rare opportunity to post. I read the blog everyday, but can't post from work. What's a troll?

  54. madeinhawaii:


    A troll is someone who drops a long line and putters around differnent blogs and forums baiting others into a negative spin argument. That person just loves to raise hairs and create havoc. Most often they cannot and do not back their statements up with facts... Or if they do, it's facts that are gleaned specifically to back their argument but not ALL the facts. Most trolls are so into themselves and their own opinions that they have no time of day for anyone else's opinions. Usually they argue for things that cannot be immediately pursued.

  55. Slugger:

    Don Weir,

    Thanks for posting the link to the Na Koa site with the picture of the bike. We need to make sure a Tsaiko sticker gets on the bike.


    I don't know if Kainoa LaCount was practicing.

    I did overhear the Coach say that a few players are not going to play because of academics. He didn't reveal who, which is only right. I'm sure their parents will get on their cases. We just need to support them.

  56. madeinhawaii:


    Tsaiko sticker?

    Like.. "Lunch at 12!" ?

  57. PowderPuff:

    I read about JB last night here on the blog, but was too tired to respond. That's too bad...hopefully he gets better real soon. The Warriors will certainly miss him - please stop that giraffe of a quarterback. Go Warriors...keep warm and we'll be cheering you on.

  58. jm2375:

    Didn't see the Tsaiko sticker on the bike.

  59. Slugger:


    Good job in organizing the fund raising for the bikes. Cute niece! You have 'ohana all ovah da place. Wonder how your nieces are doing at NAU?

  60. d1島:


    re: stickers
    Look closely at the practice photos...esp the helmets of the returnees from last season.

  61. Kekoa:


    October 28th, 2009 at 10:03 am
    Good morning Tsaikos!

    Agree totally with Stretch.

    ST - trolls are back. Need to get that zapper out again...

    ST ~ Include dumping the spambots with that lunch order.

  62. Kazz (blkberry_storm):

    RE: UA cleats.

    Last season had complaints from some people. Heck, we even saw players losing their cleats during play.

    This season apparently UA finally sent someone down here to specifically fit players individually for their cleats.

    Was talking to the father of a defensive tacklee during fall camp and I had to ask him if his son had problems with the UA cleats. He said no.

    Hopefully the issue with UA cleats have been resolved.

  63. W.M:

    whew...thought they referring to me. I can honestly say that I'm not a troll, never have been and never will be. "madeinhawaii" thanks for the clarification.

  64. madeinhawaii:

    just kidding here..

    I'm surprised that BH2 didn't stick one on himself. The bike that is.. not BH2.

  65. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    El Zappo will be riding again soon. ;)

  66. madeinhawaii:

    Nah.. cannot be.. unless you fit this description...

    A troll is an animal who's all pubic hairs
    he snarls up at anything he sees
    And though his words are brawny
    His brain's so weak
    He's just plain silly with a stubborn streak
    So yeah.. if you throw away your soul.
    You might end up to be a troll...

  67. Slugger:


    It probably was too early to get the sticker for the photo shoot. I don't know who has Tsaiko stickers. AddahknowJoe?

    Coach Tormey is always the easiest to hear at practice. I learn a lot listening to him instructing the players on position, etc. Today he was making sure players were paying attention & providing encouragement.

  68. LizKauai:

    Don Weir- thanks for the pic and the props! We are here for the WARRIORS!!!

    MRI report- some calcification on the left and a small tear on the right. I declined injections and went with PT and visits with my #1son who is probably correct in his diagnosis. Lucky I bought the CD and brought it back as the MD had no access to Kaiser's system. :twisted:

  69. W.M:

    A troll is an animal who's all pubic hairs-just checked ,that's a negative
    he snarls up at anything he sees-smiles: yes, snarls:no
    And though his words are brawny- sometimes salty
    His brain's so weak-magna cum laude
    He's just plain silly with a stubborn streak- occasionally silly and sometimes stubborn
    I have a soul, I'm not a Troll!

  70. Slugger:


    A Tsaiko sticker would be: Cattle Call!

    What do reporters talk about when they are hanging out? Grammar, movies to get cool quotes from, childhood TV shows, & Derek Inouichi. :))

    Hey Derek,

    Please do not forget to get the word to the team about the alma mater after the next home game. Thanks!

  71. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Here's a shout out to Garret and his family, battling back from the flu bug. Get well soon, y'all.

  72. LizKauai:

    Hi Slugger- I noticed that about Coach Tormey too.

    OK. HIHO! Back to my own mac... :lol:

  73. Ralph:

    I doubt the injuries and any poor performance by our players is due to the Under Armour cleats. Everyone has a preference in gear but as a cost savings venture the Warriors are sponsored by UA and the players are obligated to wear UA. South Carolina and Texas Tech wear UA and there aren't reports of them losing players due to cleats quality, nor are the teams losing games because of the quality of the gear. Everyone feels comfortable in certain brands more than others but it is what it is, UA is the official gear of UH so they got to get used to it and not use it as an excuse for under performance or the reason they got injured. Football is a very physical game. Players got to love the contact sport or its time for some to hang it up.

  74. Slugger:


    PT should be able to provide you with exercises for the shoulder with the r.c. tear. Massage from #1 son will help, too. Glad you had the pictures w/ you.

    Laters....Esme & whoosh....

  75. al:


    would that be as in "burgers?"

  76. madeinhawaii:

    My understanding is that last year there were real issues with the shoes and cleats and some of them were addressed.

  77. Kaimuki Kid:

    UH 34 NEV 31


  78. A-House:


    Is college like high school where "during the season" grades checks are made and those falling below a certain line cannot play until the grades go above the line?

    I know MasaBoy had grade checks every 2 weeks at McKinley, but he was always above the cut line. Some classmates were not so lucky and had to sit out games during the season.

    For college, I would presume that it would be very difficult to do this as exams are scheduled far and few between and grades are NOT posted until semester's end which would be in December for UH.

    Perhaps, times have changed with computers being able to spit out GPA in nano seconds.

  79. ProudArmyWife808:

    RainbowCliff... just read your post from yesterday. It was wonderful.

  80. Garret:


    Yes, it appears that last year UA didn't send someone to UH to fit the shoes like they had told UH they would. ST mentioned that they did the fittings this year, and hopefully that fixed most or all the problems. However, if the fittings this year made such a big difference, then that would be an admission that something that UA was supposed to do cost UH on the field...and remember, the OL was having problems and linemen were the most affected by the ill-supported and ill-fitting shoes.

    Reports from other schools that switched to UA are that the speed positions like the UA shoes more but the linemen still like their old shoes more. I remember some people like Bulla talking about this last year and I went through other team's message boards last year when the complaints about UH's shoes arose.

    If things are fixed this year, great! That still means that last season UA sent people to every other football team they outfitted *except* for UH.

  81. A-House:


    I would also like to see Dunnachie just punish the ball and sail over the returner's head so he has to run like hell to get it.

    Wonder why Coach Tormey is so concerned about placing the ball near the side lines when there is so much room to the left or right? With the "hang time", one would think that the Special Team players would be able to cover the receiver.

  82. Garret:


    Faith is much better and was able to go to school today since she was fever free for more than 24 hours without medication. Mika is home sick and Lori and I are still not 100%, but we're getting there. Thank you for your concern.

  83. Garret:


    When I was a professor I had classes where every two weeks I'd get a grade check and attendance check form. I would also let the coach know right away if a student-athlete missed a class. Homework grades and exams give a feel for how a student-athlete is doing in a class well before the final exam happens.

    I had a student-athlete in my class on a team that was ranked in the top 10 and both the student-athlete and I were convinced that the athlete would be suspended if the student part wasn't taken care of. The student-athlete took care of the classwork, even with the class time missed due to road trips.

  84. letsgowarriors:

    wat about lewis walker? i dont get it, hopkins, davis and walker all been getting PT. but ornellas is gonna get the first look at RCB?

  85. Garret:

    Rivals predicts that Nevada will play SMU in the Hawaii Bowl. Nevada or Fresno State would probably be the best WAC teams for attendance if UH wasn't in the game. Idaho will go to the Humanitarian Bowl, BSU will go somewhere else, and La Tech and other WAC teams wouldn't bring in the fans.

  86. Stephen Tsai:

    Lewis Walker has been working there, too.
    So has Lametrius Davis.
    But today, it was mostly Ornellas.

  87. letsgowarriors:

    thats odd, thanks.

  88. Garret:


    I assumed that Lewis Walker would get the spot also, and he's a great example of UH playing an underclassmen this season. However, one of the practice reports by Slugger mentioned that Walker was injured in practice yesterday, so maybe he's hurt.

  89. Garret:

    I found where Slugger mentioned Walker yesterday. From yesterday's blog:

    I hope Lewis Walker is ok. Saw him lying on his back working his legs while the team was doing running drills across the field & back at the end of practice.

  90. Colomaohana:

    Liz: re: your email....NO! It's not your imagination!! hehehe...

    Howzit, gang!!

  91. letsgowarriors:

    oh ok, i guess it makes more sense now that lewis walker is possibly injured.

  92. whitey:

    garret, sent you an email.

  93. Garret:

    The Humanitarian Bowl wanted to match a WAC team against the Pac-10 or MWC...but it looks like they have to settle for a *MAC* team because of the low payout. The #3 MAC team won't excite the fans or the TV networks...

    The Roady's Humanitarian Bowl is negotiating with the Mid-American Conference to provide a team for the game from 2010 to 2013, bowl and WAC officials confirmed Tuesday.

    The decision to chase a MAC team comes after the the H-Bowl struck out on deals with the Pac-10 and Mountain West.

    WAC athletic directors voted unanimously to support the H-Bowl in its pursuit of a MAC team a few weeks ago, commissioner Karl Benson said.

    Bowls must have agreements to fill both spots in its game in order to be certified by the NCAA. If the H-Bowl and the MAC cannot reach a deal, the annual game in Bronco Stadium faces a critical decision about its future, including whether or not to continue.

    Options are limited because most leagues have finalized their bowl arrangements.

  94. madeinhawaii:


    There ya go... "if the shoe fits..."

    I don't think UA has been in the shoe business very long, have they?

  95. Garret:

    How long is the Hawaii Bowl's agreement with C-USA? It looks like the MWC and Pac-10 are available anymore so that really reduces the options for the Hawaii Bowl.

    Such regional options are gone, however. The Mountain West recently announced agreements with the Las Vegas, Poinsettia, Independence, Armed Forces and New Mexico bowls for the 2010 through 2013 bowl seasons.

    The Pac-10 recently announced agreements with the Rose, Alamo, Holiday, Sun, Vegas and Emerald bowls.

    The NCAA limits the number of bowl agreements that conferences can sign, basing that number on how many bowl-eligible teams a conference has had over a four-year period.

    The Mountain West and Pac-10 are full.

  96. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    Listening to Coach Tormey speak at the coaches clinic and watching him during camp work with the special teams its clear how passionate he is about this aspect of the game. He also seems to favor pinning punt and kick returners along the sidelines as much as possible.

    Dunnachie will get it down sooner than later. :mrgreen:

  97. Garret:


    I got your e-mail. Interesting response from UH and it looks like UH doesn't plan to change. At least now we know that UH is aware of the issue and chose to not change...

  98. Kazz (blkberry_storm):


    UA has not been in the shoe business that long. I'd say only the past three years.

    But the Wahine softball team seems to enjoy their new UA equipment including the cleats.

  99. A-House:


    I did not realize that coaches on the mainland were doing grade checks so frequently or was it a means to determine which players will not be around the next semester/year.

    Unless its a class with many weekly exams, there would be little change of the student's GPA.

    If a student has a "failing grade", will NCAA rules/guidelines prohibit that player from competing during the season?

    When I took Business Statistics, our instructor walks in, says to review/study chapters 1-3, and leave the room. This went on for the entire semester. Only exam we took was the mid-term and finals.

  100. Slugger:

    I don't think Lewis is injured. Maybe he was just hurting, or cramps? He was in there today; heard Tormey tell him to play nickelback in one play.

    I'm still trying to figure out who it was I talked to in the community garden this summer. It wasn't Lametrius. But someone with his size & build. It's a mystery...

    Good luck to the team! GO WARRIORS!!!

  101. SteveM:

    Hi ST. Thanks for taking the trash out this morning. :)

  102. Rob25:


    What's up girl? How come you didn't respond to my email? I see how things are with you...

    Hit me up when you get the chance.

  103. Kouba:

    Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

  104. Garret:


    If a student skipped a class, or didn't turn in a homework assignment, the coaching staff wanted to know so that the student would be forced to spend extra time in study hall to catch up with the work...in addition to running extra laps or some other punishment. The NCAA doesn't ban a student from participating while they are failing a class (though bowl games often occur after the semester/quarter is over so then they would be banned).

    The coaches checked up on every student-athlete because they wanted to make sure that everyone was keeping on top of things and that they were getting the tutoring they needed if they were falling behind. This was so academic problems were prevented *before* any big problems occurred.

    This made sense to me--a student missing a class is often a warning sign that something is up. If that is checked on right away, then the problem can be addressed before it gets bigger and the student starts to fail or starts to miss practices too. I also had one case where a baseball player dropped my class because of the grade check...probably because the student realized that he was way too far behind in all of his classes due to a long road trip so he needed to drop one and try to make up his work with the others.

    That Business Statistics professor was a *bad* teacher! I always strove to teach far better than what the book provided, and I provided real-world examples so that my students could relate to the material better and thus understand things better. I gave weekly homework and exams during week 4 and 8, so the student's progress was easy to see.

  105. Stephen Tsai:

    Just had a nice chat with Duffield, who was once one of my key inside guys.
    I guess he posts on other sites. He's frustrated, but he makes some interesting points. I'm glad I could hear his side.

  106. Colomaohana:


    Sistah, LOOK before you scold me, ah!! You mento! I replied over an hour ago...yoooo hooo....


  107. Slugger:


    I don't know the details on tracking students progress when they are student-athletes. I would conjecture that what Garret was saying is true here. Teams are checking up on the athlete throughout the semester.

    You can't just check grades during midterms and finals. If you want them to succeed, you need to track them throughout the semester. Having grades posted online for exams & assignments gives you a view of how they are doing, and attendance, if that is tracked online.

    Our system at NAU, from what I could see when I took a class, would show you your grades for exams through the semester. No longer do you need to post grades on paper outside of the professor's door.

    One of the Coach's goals, and I'm assuming the other coaches also, is to graduate all of the students. You can't do that if they are not passing classes. Getting them help with subjects during the term is important if they are going to pass a class. Thus, the tutors on the road. You have to be able to see their current grades status if you are going to provide that type of assistance.

    They also have minimum grade point averages to keep up if they want to play, don't they?

  108. letsgowarriors:

    what were his points?

  109. madeinhawaii:


    I suppose though, cleats work differently on natural surfaces like grass than on synthetic surfaces.

    All these grade checking and followup .. tutoring, etc. Is that reserved only for the scholarship players?

  110. A-House:

    Garret & Slugger:

    Much appreciate your responses and insight to what/how coaches are tracking student athletes during the season. Hope this continues to be the case during the Spring and Summer classes as this may affect "depth-charts" for the season.

    Made - good question on "walk-ons". I do hope that they are also included as some day they may become a scholarship player and be the next "Colt Brennen" type.

    With Blaze's academic achievements, hope he gets a medical red-shirt, but someone posted that all indicators point to this being his last season at UH.

  111. A-House:

    Rainbow Cliff:

    Hope today was just a GREAT day in your life with so many attending to express their gratitude for all the work you have produced over the past 17 years.

    Continued success at the Wooten Center and no forget to keep displaying all the UH things to remind you of the great days you experienced as an underclassmen!!

  112. A-House:

    Don Weir:

    Any time table on when the last exercise bike will be delivered to UHAD?

  113. Slugger:

    [Ooops! ST ~ could you delete my last post. I'll put the link under my name.] Trying again. . .

    Remember: it's only a game. The people in it are the important things.

  114. Slugger:

    Hope I didn't break the blog...


    I would think that they are tracking walk-ons, since some have been offered scholarships after a while.

    Academic services, like tutoring, are usually available to ALL students at the tutoring or Learning centers on campus. Students just have to take advantage of it. I used to tell our students that "you're paying for it, so use it." No shame to use the tutors. Estes' Number One fan tutors students in Math.

  115. wafan:

    Hi! I see the numbers are off a bit. Must have had some interesting posts earlier today.

    Rough day. I am ready for dinner and a relaxing evening.

    Tomorrow is the day-that-never-ends. Day 1 of conferences -- 7:30 (before the sun rises) to 8:30 (way after the sun sets).

  116. wafan:

    Dang. More injuries! What the heck is going on with the Warriors?!?!

  117. wafan:

    Don Weir . . .

    Thanks for the photo of the Rainbow Dancer!


  118. dittohead:

    The point of the spear quote:

    "Just had a nice chat with Duffield, who was once one of my key inside guys.
    I guess he posts on other sites. He's frustrated, but he makes some interesting points. I'm glad I could hear his side".

    yep, coach duff trashed one of your minions and spit him out sideways.
    Dont mess with a combat marine vet!
    Coach Duff is not a bootlicker and tells it straight.
    He busted his can for pennies and along with Reinbold were the only 24/7/360 coaches on JJs staff and burned the midnight oil toiling for the cause as GAs.
    In that regard they earned their stripes and got my respect.

    I dont buy into your "he's frustrated" label.
    I believe he is pureheart and wants the best for Hawaii and is simply telling it like it is.

  119. Pride.:

    Pink is my favorite color. Oops wrong blog.

  120. wafan:

    bhf2 . . .

    Really, now. Your niece? How the heck . . .

  121. wafan:

    Garret . . .

    Glad to hear you and your family are recovering. Slowly.

  122. whitey:


  123. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Time for a very quick break:

    Mahalo for your HI-5 donations. I've mailed a $30 check to the SERVING UP 1,000 Fund to honor Dave Shoji's 1,000 wins.

    The next HI-5 drive will be on Saturday, November 7. All proceeds will go to Dole Middle School's after-school cross-country sports program fund set up to buy shoes and uniforms for participants whose families cannot afford to do so. Will post the August, 2008 Lee Cataluna story which is what triggered my interest in the next day or two. .

    The November 14 HI-5 drive will go to the PIAA - more information on it a few days beforehand.

    Next, did anyone find a small red & black flashlight Saturday evening at the post-game T-Gate. I used it while prowling through garbage cans in the parking lot and elsewhere. I forgot to put it back in my backpack. If you found it, please let me know.

    Finally #1: A number of interesting political discussions about Aloha Stadium and its development potential have been or will be held over the next several weeks. If you're interested, let me know and I'll make sure that you get any meeting notices.

    Tomorrow's Stadium Authority meeting has a couple of related items on its agenda.

    Finally #2: Look for some new developments coming from a partnership to create comprehensive travel packages for visiting teams' supporters. Between football, soccer, baseball, softball, men's & women's basketball & volleyball, around 100 teams play here in Hawai`i each year. This could have a significant positive impact both on athletic department revenues as well as the larger economy.

    Back to work - major grant app due next Monday.


  124. Derek:

    Is Shaydon Kehano being recruited by UH? Per performance, he's been the best player in the State this year. He's a real playmaker. Also, some good ones that I have been watching HS football on OC16...Mercado, the Kahuku kicker from Florida. He's lot a strong leg and a high lift on his kicks. UH needs to recruit a freshman place kicker!
    Zach Quines, LB or DE from Mililani. Good size, very quick, and a good burst to the ball. With increased bulk and strength I like his potential. Wilson from Waianae, the defensive lineman...I thought he was good.
    On the shoes, Utah and Auburn use UA gear also and they are doing just fine too. To blame the shoes is really reaching. Excuses, excuses. Come on, Man!!!! In a way I blame June Jones before he left. We did not recruit a freshman QB to replace Colt Brennan. Tyler Graunke was the only QB that was a freshman recruit that played meaningful playing time. Inoke Funaki was recruited as a QB but with 2 years gone on a mission he lost valuable time. He's a good athlete, but his arm and the read progression, etc. did not suit him the best for the run and shoot. He probably was best for the option, like Navy for Georgia Tech. Other QBs recruited like Kiran Kepoo and others were flops and hardly or never saw the field. So the cupboard was bare when McMackin took over and they had to go the JC route w/ Alexander and Rausch. Well, you know what happened. UH recruited 3 freshman QB last year and they are all redshirting this year. I hope at least one of them is the answer for the future. The QB is the most important position on this team because we throw so much. We cannot make a mistake in getting a good QB. Colt Brennan was the answer to our prayers. We need another guy like that. If not, I have to say it, adios coach. Behind the QB, we need good offensive lineman and defensive lineman. I believe the coahces can find good receivers, running backs, linebackers, and DBs to fill in because there are more of them around. People say we should be patient. Of course. What else can we do? For me, I'm disgusted, not because UH has been losing, but because how we have been losing. To UH coaches and players...we have found the problem and it is you. They are their own worst enemies w/ all the mistakes, poor execution, play calling, etc. etc. There is a reason why people win and lose. In college football, coaching is 75% maybe more the reason why teams win. In the first place, coach recruit players. Winning coaches know how to recruit players and evaluate them to fit their system and coach them. They know what the winning formula is. Our UH team is just a bad football team now and we have been signs of a bad theam since Cincinnati and Notre Dame continuing

  125. madeinhawaii:

    Hmm... I was just looking at the old Boise schedules, and in 96, 97, as well as 98, they didn't do all that well. Then, in 1999 they lost to UCLA, Hawaii, and North Texas but won the rest of their games.

    The rest is WAC history. What happened after `98 that turned them around? Or were they simply rebuilding the program in 96,97, and 98 as the moved up in Divisions?

  126. Slugger:


    Congratulations on your Recognition day at the Wooten Center!!!


    #31 ~ I didn't get to practice before 7 am to see if the players & position coaches are stretching beforehand. They all walk off the field at the end of practice & don't stretch there. I don't know if they do any stretches after they get out of the locker room. I would think the students are heading to class pretty soon after a shower. At the Na Koa lunch when I asked Coach about stretching, he said the injuries sustained this year are mainly from violent contact. Aaron Brown has a hamstring injury. When I asked him how one prevents hamstring injuries, he said, "Stretching." Dere you go.

  127. Committed Road Warrior:

    madeinhawaii #125:

    Don't know the specifics regarding Boise's 1998 turnaround.

    But what I do know is that Boise's first year in Division 1-A was 1996 when they entered the Big West. Like most 1-AA to 1-A transitioning programs, the first few years must have been hard on them.....I guess recruiting/talent level eventually caught up.

  128. wafan:

    Rainbow Cliff . . .

    Congratulations on your special day!!!

    Awesome. Not a single day missed. Worthy of recognition.


  129. wafan:

    It sure was cold this morning. When I left home it was just below freezing. It has warmed up some, though. Tomorrow will be warmer with lots of rain.

  130. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    I have been reading Boise St. fan blogs in the past few days and could not come up with a comprehensive answer to this.


    What makes Boise St. soooo successful in the WAC and arguably even at the national level when you have teams such as Hawaii and Fresno state who have had a much longer history and are somewhat more well known?

    What is the "key ingredient(s)" that makes them who they are that maybe we dont have?

    Opinions please.

  131. Derek:

    Is Shaydon Kehano being recruited by UH? Per performance, he's been the best player in the State this year. He's a real playmaker. Also, some good ones that I have been watching HS football on OC16...Mercado, the Kahuku kicker from Florida. He's lot a strong leg and a high lift on his kicks. UH needs to recruit a freshman place kicker!
    Zach Quines, LB or DE from Mililani. Good size, very quick, and a good burst to the ball. With increased bulk and strength I like his potential. Wilson from Waianae, the defensive lineman...I thought he was good.
    On the shoes, Utah and Auburn use UA gear also and they are doing just fine too. To blame the shoes is really reaching. Excuses, excuses. Come on, Man!!!! In a way I blame June Jones before he left. We did not recruit a freshman QB to replace Colt Brennan. Tyler Graunke was the only QB that was a freshman recruit that played meaningful playing time. Inoke Funaki was recruited as a QB but with 2 years gone on a mission he lost valuable time. He's a good athlete, but his arm and the read progression, etc. did not suit him the best for the run and shoot. He probably was best for the option, like Navy for Georgia Tech. Other QBs recruited like Kiran Kepoo and others were flops and hardly or never saw the field. So the cupboard was bare when McMackin took over and they had to go the JC route w/ Alexander and Rausch. Well, you know what happened. UH recruited 3 freshman QB last year and they are all redshirting this year. I hope at least one of them is the answer for the future. The QB is the most important position on this team because we throw so much. We cannot make a mistake in getting a good QB. Colt Brennan was the answer to our prayers. We need another guy like that. If not, I have to say it, adios coach. Behind the QB, we need good offensive lineman and defensive lineman. I believe the coahces can find good receivers, running backs, linebackers, and DBs to fill in because there are more of them around. People say we should be patient. Of course. What else can we do? For me, I'm disgusted, not because UH has been losing, but because how we have been losing. To UH coaches and players...we have found the problem and it is you. They are their own worst enemies w/ all the mistakes, poor execution, play calling, etc. etc. There is a reason why people win and lose. In college football, coaching is 75% maybe more the reason why teams win. In the first place, coach recruit players. Winning coaches know how to recruit players and evaluate them to fit their system and coach them. They know what the winning formula is. Our UH team is just a bad football team now and we have seen signs of a bad team since Cincinnati and Notre Dame continuing to this year. Right now, we wouldn't be able to beat Central Arkansas and Wazzu. When you are left w/ a couple of walk ons as your starting QB it's all over. I don't blame Coach Mac for the QB situation, but I do blame him for his coaching and the coaches coaching. That have been bad. As a senior citizen and retired, being patient at our age is difficult because we're just like the NFL (not for long). I have been a UH fan since I started watching games at Honolulu Stadium in 1967 when Larry Cole, Larry Arnold, McKinley Reynolds, and Rich Leon were playing. The team and fans went through
    tough times. (i.e. Larry Price, Von Appen). Nice guys, but Leo Durocher said nice guys finish last. What is McMackin? It is a season that started w/ the fiasco in the pre-season WAC coaches get together and it's been downhill since. This week will be ugly. Next week against Utah State won't help either becuase the Aggies have improved a lot. As a good friend said to me this week, I don't even watch the games anymore, I don't even listen to the radio anymore either. I'm just sick watching them play already!!!! Indeed, with the economy being bad, people being laid off, kids not in school because of the furlough, etc. a good football team would have lifted some people's spirits. Nevada in a rout, 84-10.

  132. wafan:

    Nothing beats the smell of fresh cooked rice.

  133. kama krab:

    Howzit Everybody,

    I'm sorry for bringing up the other forums but man that WSN forum is brutal. I mean these guys call themselves fans but all most of them do is talk crap about the program and the coaches. Reading that kind of forum just makes it hard to be a fan of the school because all you here is negative.

    If people feel that we need a change then do something about it.

    Sorry I just had to get that off my chest.

    Sad I tell you sad.

  134. A-House:

    kama crab:

    hope those fans on the WSN also provide good alternatives/solutions to whatever they are griping about - citicizing is easy, coming up with alternatives are difficult.

    also, hope that they are making their feelings known to the "powers to be at UH".

    also, hope that they are supporting the Warriors ion whatever way they can.

  135. d1島:

    If I cared what was being posted on the WSN, I would read the WSN.

    But I don't, so I don't.

    That doesn't get me a discount on season tickets, beer at the stadium, or my own freeway on-ramp after the game...

    ...but I will be enjoying a great steak dinner tonight!

    YMI still here?

  136. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Okay, I'll bite. What does WSN stand for and who runs it?

  137. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I was gonna say the same thing...what is a WSN?

  138. Slugger:


    YRU still here? You headed to OR tonight? Guess I should ck FB, huh...

    Safe travels if you're heading East.

  139. Pride.:

    BSU success? Attention to detail.

  140. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    as to the Coach and team bashing.

    I rarely believe statements like

    "The coach is bad and can't cut it"


    "The coach is doing a marvelous job and hes the best"

    As Mufi says "the proof is in the poi," and come next year we will probably all know which of these statements is more true than the other.

  141. kama krab:


    I said I was sorry for bringing that up but it just got under my nerves little bit. No need get mad. =)

  142. Kekoa:

    WSN? Don't bother...not word-it.

  143. wafan:

    Warrior Sports Network, I think.

    Apparently some really "interesting" posting goes on there. Never visited; at this point, probably never will.

  144. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Hey Pride :-)

    Hope you having a good day.

    As a former player could you explain a little on what attention to detail might mean? LIke is mostly by players studying and practicing assignments, organizing practice etc?

    Also, how do you think UH could improve on that?

  145. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    re: WSN

    Ahhh ic ic. Is that the blog that Dave Reardon or whatever has on the Star Bulletin?

  146. kama krab:

    For Iwwthm and Wassup Doc,

    WSN is the Warrior Sports Network forum and I think it's sponsored by Scout.com. But anyways I would not suggest you check it out because if you thought the trolls that where coming around here are bad, you will cringe when you read some of the stuff on that forum.

    Anyway forget I even brought anything about that site up.

  147. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Dave Reardon doesn't look Caucasian at all! hahaha.


    He looks more like mix chinese filipino or something. btw thats a picture of him.

  148. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    gotcha. thanks for the info.

  149. d1島:

    kama krab,

    Iz all good :-)

  150. W.M:

    WSN (Warrior Sports Network) is a forum. I don't visit it anymore. Posters have no bounderies, single out individual players and berate other posters. Lots of smack talk with little substance.

  151. d1島:

    Hope Kawika Ornellas not only steps "in" but "up" as well....

    ...and that goes for all the Warriors!

  152. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    god you gotta LOVE Mike Leach



  153. jm2375 (21):

    Go Phillies!!

  154. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    haahahahhaah Leach is the man.

  155. FloridaTed:

    Boise St seems to have found a system that appears to work for them only.

    I don't know who started it, maybe Hawkins? Their system doesn't appear to be easily transferable to other schools either, see Hawkins struggles at Colorado, despite BCS Conference, "better recruiting", more resources, etc.

    Boise has created a nice little Football community, as in "us against the world", given even average players ample playing time, by creating their different commando squad formations, even if most of them are pure camouflage.

    Small community,where every cop knows your name and the coaches phone number. Overall much less distractions, especially in summer.

    That hideous turf, at least reponsible for 25 % of their home wins.

    Coaches like Hawkins and now maybe Peterson? get hired away by big schools who are in trouble, but as I said, the Boise formula is not so easy to duplicate anywhere else. Peterson might be smart to stay right where he is.

    Hawai'i is also a very unique coaching challenge, obviously for completely different reasons, but that's another story.

  156. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Thanks for opining. Great thoughts.

    Hawkins is struggling and I read something on espn that said he was getting the head in Colorado.

    What is interesting though is that quite a number of Boise assistants are hired out by a lot of big time BCS schools like Florida, Oklahoma etc and are doing quite well.

    Interesting to say the least.

  157. Slugger:


    It's been so long since I've looked at the other pepahs blog columns. The pic I remember was of someone w/ salt 'n pepper hair. No look like dat pic-chah. Oh, well...ainokea what he looks like.

    But I like the pic attached to the article about last Saturday's game. That was a good wide shot of the Coach & the D.

    K, back to regular programming.

  158. FloridaTed:


    You just answered your own question.

    Big time schools like Florida, Oklahoma, etc. are hiring Boise Assistants, why? Because they're great assistance, each one a master of his domain or team compartment, just like the team itself.

    Now, how many successful headcoaches came out of Boise?

    The only one I know is Hawkins, (sofar, VERY mediocre), so, the jury is still out. I'm sure Colorado is somewhat disappointed in their investment also.

    Boise has made an art form from : "Dem Zusammenschluss der Durchschnittlichkeit."

  159. Bulla:

    passing the proverbial baton as we prepare to go to America again, and since you have just returned. not too bad, 47 degrees and rain in Missoula, better than snow.

    happy for #2 son, awesome ride, don't get off the train just yet, got lots more balling to do.....big game this weekend between the saints and the other guys....hope both teams play well and that it is a good contest...someone will win and someone will lose....the battle of Kapalama vs. Kalaepohaku.....wow, i think Defense will be the key to this game....but who knows....

    congrats to #2.......and all the other SL alum with him

  160. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    True. the importance of a great assistant is just as important if not more important than the man leading the pack.

    these guys from bsu who are getting picked up do one thing, and one thing really well and thats all that matters.

  161. FloridaTed:

    yup, no magic formula there.

  162. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Actually come to think of it Dirk Koetter did pretty well at ASU. 4 out of 6 years to a bowl game. i mean i would consider that pretty good so i guess you could add him to Hawkins.

  163. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    oh and Houston Nutt....did really well at Arkansas and now at Ole Miss.

    actually now that i see how little time Boise has been around in football their Head Coaches are pretty successful HC.

    Hawkins (maybe)

  164. FloridaTed:

    Koetter was fired because he could never beat the California Schools, at least to my knowledge, Nutt? Goes to show ya, I didn't even know he was at Boise. For Nutt to win in the SEC consistently, he has to be better then good, against the likes of Florida, Alabama, etc.

  165. Ralph:

    MIH yup UA weren't in the cleat business very long but they outfitted South Carolina, Texas Tech, Maryland, Navy, Auburn and South Florida to name a few and they weren't using the shoes as excuses for performance. But like Garret and a few others mentioned, maybe the personal fitting and possible custom made shoes were available to them but not at UH. We got outfitted this season, did it matter in the win, loss column, no, can't keep on blaming the equipment.

  166. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    You Can blame the equipment! Why do you think I have so many different putters and drivers in my closet. hahaha.

    as my parents used to tell me when i went on golf club buying splurges to improve my game "eh boy, its not the arrow, its the indian" haha.

    needless to say my golf game still sucks. =(

  167. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I think to have a winning season in the SEC is always something to be both proud of. Go ask Vanderbilt haha and Kentucky haha.

    Anyway this is Nutt's record.

    year/team/overall/conference/conference rank

    1998 Arkansas 9–3 6–2 T-1st (West)
    1999 Arkansas 8–4 4–4 3rd (West)
    2000 Arkansas 6–6 3–5 5th (West)
    2001 Arkansas 7–5 4-4 3rd (West)
    2002 Arkansas 9–5 5–3 T-1st (West)[10]
    2003 Arkansas 9–4 4–4 4th (West)
    2004 Arkansas 5–6 3–5 3rd (West)
    2005 Arkansas 4–7 2–6 4th (West)
    2006 Arkansas 10–4 7–1 1st (West)
    2007 Arkansas 8–5 4–4 3rd (West)

    Ole Miss
    2008 Ole Miss 9–4 5–3 2nd (West) (Beat #4 Florida)
    2009 Ole Miss 5–2 2–2

  168. wafan:

    "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is on again. Different channels each night. Talk about overdose.

    Good night, all!

  169. Maverick:

    Thats funny Wafan.
    Didn't realize Charlie Brown was still so popular. Lets Bless our Network TV trying hold on for survival.

    The Charlie Brown series still rules over most of the Cr*p-tastic shows on Cable.
    Happy Halloween Gang. It's all about our Keiki's for this day

  170. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    I loved charlie brown especially the x-mas episodes growing up.

    i also used to be a fan of the simpsons but nothing beats family guy.

  171. Ralph:

    UCSan Diego has a wvb player- Mahinalani DeGroot. I think her dad coached in Hawaii.

  172. Slugger:

    I received my Wahine BasketBall season tickets today.

    Kazz, are you the only one who has said they're going to the Men's game on Friday night?

  173. Slugger:

    Night, wafan!

    Dinnertime for me...Laters...

  174. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):


    Off the blog I know that Chawan is going to be there on Friday night as well.

    Will he have his orange jacket handy???? Who knows

    BTW, I still didn't get my Wahine basketball tickets yet.

  175. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):


    Can you e-mail me at ukazzh (at) gmail (dot) com?

    OR if anyone here has his e-mail address may I have it?


  176. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):


    So what? You gonna check out Wahine volleyball next Friday night or you gonna catch a early preview of 2010 Wahine softball instead across da "street"? :cool:

  177. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):


    Speaking of Tyler Graunke.

    You think our former coach let him slip a bit with Colt-mania taking up the spotlight?

  178. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):


    Eh! Try press enter when you post long stuffs yeah? :wink:

    J/K. Good read. Enjoyed it. Keep it up.

    BUT, if you really think Nevada is gonna rack up 80+ on us, a case of green bottles is on me! :wink:

  179. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    I kinda doubt that JJ let Tyler Graunke slide and if he did u would think he got back on his butt when Colt took the hit against Fresno.

  180. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):


    October 28th, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    I kinda doubt that JJ let Tyler Graunke slide and if he did u would think he got back on his butt when Colt took the hit against Fresno.

    Heard rumblings back in the day. Thinking back on what could have been for Graunke it seems that not only was HE his worst enemy for all of his off the field issues, but as the second QB under JJ during those great seasons one would think that a "firm hand" of guidance from a coach may have helped.

    I dunno, maybe there was and Graunke wasn't willing to listen or heed advice, but unless it all went downhill for Graunke all at once, I don't remember any publicly announced discipline for Graunke prior to 2008.

  181. expat:

    Houston Nutt was only at Boise State for one year and he posted a 4-7 record, which was an improvement over their 2-10 record after jumping up to Div 1-A. It is strange that Nutt was hired away by Arkansas after only going 4-7 at Boise. He had been an Assistant at Arkansas and had played at Arkansas (as well as growing up there) so I guess he had good connections.

    Dirk Koetter was an Idaho kid who was hired away from the OC position at Oregon to lead Boise. It was under him that Boise had its first Div 1-A success. After a 6-5 first year he posted 2 consecutive 10 win seasons. Boise was his first head coaching job.

    Hawkins was brought to Boise by Koetter when Koetter started. Hawkins was OC and became head coach when Koetter left. Hawkins had been a successful head coach at Willamette before joining the Boise State staff.

    Peterson was an assistant coach at Oregon before he joined Hawkins as the OC when Hawkins took over. Obviously when Hawkins left Peterson became HC.

  182. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):


    October 28th, 2009 at 2:12 pm
    Indeed, with the economy being bad, people being laid off, kids not in school because of the furlough, etc. a good football team would have lifted some people's spirits.

    We have the #3 women's volleyball team in the country. :cool:

  183. Kazz ("Shoji" in Japanese means "1000".):

    On KGMB saw a clip of Coach B. Smith working with a "device" to help our RBs work on NOT fumbling. It's some stick with a boxing glove at the end.

    It would be good therapy to allow some fans to assist in this drill. :lol:

  184. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Yeah I heard some rumblings about him having some problems. I think had a lot to do with Graunke himself not having the discipline to walk the straight line. In any case it was very difficult to see him implode the way he did.

  185. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    that pretty much sums it up...and the rest is history :-)

  186. Don Weir:

    Na Koa Notes

    Bike 2 is 'in transit' We are still not sure where it is at this time as we have no shipping information posted for us

    Centennial Dinner (12/2/2009) is featuring Dick Vermeil as guest speaker, auction, Robert Kekaula's video presentation of 10o years of UH Football. Proceeds directly support Warrior Football
    More information at http://www.nakoa.org

  187. FloridaTed:


    good info on Boise. What I'm curious about is who it was that established their multi-faceted and camouflaged play book. It seems to be the same the last 10 years. Maybe its just an imperceptible evolution.

  188. A-House:


    we got our Wahine BB tickets today too!! see you next Wed for the first game.

  189. FloridaTed:

    Anyhow, what I really would like to see for the rest of the season, playing time and improvement of players counted on for next year, with our injuries, that might come in handy this year.

    A re-emergence of a team idendity and personality, give us an idea where this is going. I like to see a bigger hand print on the defense by BigMack.

    A lot more fighting spirit and concentration by the offense.

    Even if we don't win, I would like to glimpse the near future.

  190. whitey:

    dang, that bhf2 scores again. duffer you betta take lessons from him so you can get your photo with all the women you mentioned in your dreams.

  191. bighilofan2:

    Hiya Tsaikos.

    cute, huh? she was walking by at da right minute, and Don Weir knew how to spruce up da pikchah an put one big grin on dis mugga. dats my cousin Derek's kid. really cute, Hawaiian, Korean, Chinese, English.
    an she get one monstah interested so you bettah watch yo mout! :lol:

  192. bighilofan2:

    oh i forgot. Japanese too. :D

  193. chawan_cut:

    tonight's news

    who is that on the bike?

  194. bighilofan2:

    i promised to keep a secret...

    dats all you'll get outta me.


  195. bighilofan2:

    Thanks Chawan_Cut :D

    the boxing glove made my day.


  196. madeinhawaii:

    iwonderwhytheyhateme: ,

    When I used to shoot arrows, I found that bigger targets improved my scores.

    So did real bows with real arrows instead of those suction cup sets.

  197. whitey:

    ok bhf2, that was pretty good explanation counselor cause mrs bhf2 is reading this blog at home. hoooo, ouch, ouch, ouch

  198. whitey:

    and as we approach the 2nd century, wafan says 200

  199. whitey:

    wafan, 200??????

  200. whitey:

    brake time

  201. bighilofan2:

    A House,

    spoke with a Mike Lum today. He is a volunteer
    with Na Koa.

    a very nice man and knowledgeable on many fronts.
    really lifted my spirits listening to him.

    he spent a lot of time explaining the background
    of Na Koa with me, their vision, their accomplishments,
    where he thinks they're going. in fact, there are different
    aspects of Na Koa i thought of you all the while he was talking.
    summer school was a biggie for him and its attendant budget.

    made me appreciate Na Koa a whole lot more
    after the tutorial, and what they're trying to do
    for the UH Warrior Football program.

    the bottom line is that there are alot of people pulling for our Warriors and are taking positive steps, like us, to improve the program.

    I am encouraged that our program is headed in the right direction, and this season is a part of that journey.

  202. Ralph:

    Kazz if anything I'm going to volleyball, softball is early season fall conditioning, not much happening. Volleyball is season ending unless UH host a sub regional. Softball season starts in February. UH usually scrimmages with the local colleges, HPU, Chaminade, etc. and splits into green and white teams.

  203. Ralph:

    Na Wahine bb opens with HPU in November before going on the road. Kazz you'd be seeing a lot more if you attended Na Wahine bb practice rather than softball. I wouldn't be surprised if Coolen doesn't use this period to look at walk on candidates.

  204. Stephen Tsai:

    I liked Dan Hawkins. He was fun and everything when he first started.
    Then the last couple of WAC media days, he would hide in his room, only coming out for the mandatory 30-minute session
    Petersen was great the first year, then he got really tight after that.
    They do a great, great job at Boise State. But i think there also is a lot of pressure there. Mostly self-inflicted. But that's the price of success. You create the monster, you have to keep feeding it.

  205. Ralph:

    ST covers softball. so what is the scoop on softball practice schedule aside from the starting time

  206. expat:

    Re Boise State -- Nutt, Koetter, and Peterson were all college QBs. Hawkins was a fullback. Nutt played at Arkansas and Okie State. The other guys played at Div 1-AA schools - Idaho State and UC Davis.

    Hawkins and Peterson knew each other at UC Davis as Peterson got there right after Hawkins but Hawkins stuck around and was an assistant while Peterson was there. Peterson's first job was also as an assistant at UC Davis while he finished his degree. Koetter and Peterson knew each other from Oregon where Peterson was QB coach while Koetter was OC.

    Complicated enough? It is interesting how all these coaches get intertwined.

    It is pretty safe to say that Boise's playbook and current success did not have much to do with Nutt. Things turned around when Koetter and Hawkins got there. The only obvious connection between Koetter and Hawkins is Peterson as far as I can tell. Hawkins was at Willamette when Koetter was at Oregon, but hard to see how they would be connected.

    This is all from wikipedia, by the way.

  207. SteveM:

    I am accompanying my mom on a 7-day Hawaii cruise on the Pride of America. Sails this Saturday, so Peaches will drop us off at the pier after we the UH-Nevada game at Genji's. Peaches has no vacation time, especially at this time of year. :(

    It's been 3.5 years since I sailed on the Pride of America, so I will keep a close watch on the services and venue. NCL America varies from the NCL and the other cruise lines...some positive, some not. I will probably post activities/observations as I did the Mexico cruise last month--but with an eye toward it being the venue for a local blog cruise.

    Blog cruise--think of it as a 7 day non-stop tailgate where you do not have to cook or buy food (only soda or booze). No need to drive home. Nap in your own stateroom and note scenery changes almost every morning ...while the tailgate site stays the same...and some people will still be where you left them last night... :roll: :evil:

    Go ashore and maybe meet the Big Island Tsai-kos (Hilo and Kona), the Maui grand hosts, and the Kauai Tsai-kos. Cruise the Na Pali coast and see the lava enter the ocean at night.

    Gotta find the right time for everyone and the best fares. Maybe impossible...but at least a small expeditionary forces of 8-20 Tsai-kos at a time. Then later, maybe a full scale blog cruise with ST & Wena in another part of the world. OK, I'm land sick...

  208. LOL®:

    Let me try again but this time, leaving out the actual handle.

    My post #28 got deleted for simply mentioning how one Tsai-ko here, got completely owned by coach Duffield at the other board.

    Yet, green eyes posts the following on the game day thread (post #408) exemplifying the hypocrisy exercised regarding the rules here.

    In what way was my original post considered an attack compared to the following by las vegas?

    # rasu begasu:
October 24th, 2009 at 6:12 pm
    All right you pr#cks who keep saying game over, uncle or other BS.
Stop posting and crawl back into your holes
    # rasu begasu:
October 24th, 2009 at 6:22 pm
    Green Eyes, eat my hairy armpits
You're an insufferable little weenie
and not a true UH fan
    so this is the famous tsaiko aka las vegas
    this is an illustration of how he acts
    and an example of double standards of the b log host not having control over his blog where because rasu begasu is a famous tsaiko he can say whatever he wants

    Personally, I think Duff's over the top bravado on the other board is bit too much but his points still stand as to how he was constantly provoked by said Tsai-ko who is a professional lawyer in real life in a completely tasteless manner. I think that is rather shameful behavior against someone who served his country and put in a lot of hardwork during his stint with the football team. This one Tsai-ko continues on after the fact saying "this is just the Internet and how he doesn't care what anyone thinks."

    Rhetorical question that does not need answering... Dude, you do know this is Hawaii and what a small island state it is? Some of us know who you are in real life bro and the fact that you feel so proud of yourself in light of being put in your place speaks volumes. That is juvenile behavior worse than a 12 year old jumping into a chatroom and acting like an immature a$$. There is a time when you need to know when to just shut up and bow out gracefully. I personally feel embarrassed for you and your family.

    Duff was part of the staff and knows the personalities involved which is probably why he isn't too happy seeing this self destruction taking place. When you read Brian Kajiyama's past blog postings, he acknowledged they were both polar opposites but Brian greatly respected the hard work and time that Duff put in to bettering the defense. Likewise, that ESPN special that featured BrianK was an eye opener with the way that McMakin put it, "that Brian was never really a coach." Of course, Brian was disappointed and said so but he also took the high road to diffuse the soundbites when the documentary aired.

    That however was the first indication as to how the coach really is, a typical old style salty dog like the Woody Hayes and Bear Bryants. What he said was a complete insult to Kajiyama considering the amount of time he put in breaking down film not to mention, the inspiration and motivation that he provided. Lets just say my overall respect for Mack took a dive and has not gotten better with what has transpired over the past season and a half.

    However, I am not at the point of asking for Coach Mack's head yet because I think the problem isn't just himself but some of the assistants he has surrounded himself with. Lou Holtz said it many times before that surrounding himself with great assistants is what made him look like a great head coach. McMackin needs people he can fully trust. His DC and OC have the titles but not the full responsibility which leads me to believe he does not fully trust them. Coaching by committee usually does not work.

    If discernable improvements aren't seen by the end of this season, McMackin needs to get rid of several assistants; especially the ones who may have their own personal agenda. If I had my choice, the only ones I want to see remaining are Aranda, Lumpkin, Rolo, Shaw, and Tormey. Notice I don't have problems with most of the newbies and the one sole lifer. Mack needs to make sure he doesn't let personal friendship and/or obligations get in the way.

    And those of you talking about Graunke. Do you have any facts of his so called off the field issues? I've seen vague references and rumors even from LAST season here on this blog about his discipline problems that he was benched for. From what I understand from those who were in the know, Graunke's "discipline" problem had to do with his changing majors at the last moment and as a result, had to take classes to meet the requirements. Those of you who attended college know that you also usually have to meet minimum course requirements in order to complete the upper level electives in your major. Considering stuff like APR and having student athletes graduating on time, guess what became first priority? For McMackin, he also wanted to define his priorities with regards to graduating all his players and the one way to do it was by putting those words to action. That is my understanding from someone who knew the situation.


  209. SteveM:

    Another advantage of the local cruise for Oahu residents... no airport, no airfare, no TSA, no careful packing and planning what's in your hand-carry. Don't even have to pack that good...if you forget something, take a free shuttle to Wal-Mart or similar from the pier . (Used to have them in Hilo, Kahului, and Nawiliwili).

    My mom gets sea sick on most boats and ferries. But this will be her 6th cruise...and it was her idea. Sea sickness is rare on large cruise ships that are 3 football fields in length and as tall as Aloha Tower (almost). Too much things to do and eat :|

  210. jm2375:

    SteveM - have a great time! I kinda want to do that cruise, but hubby not interested.

  211. FloridaTed:


    I would be really curious how Boise State would handle a sudden shift in their fortunes, as in losing.

    Everybody is so spoiled there for a very long time, it could be a real shock to their system. They should be fine for another two years with what they have now........but,,,,,,

    Like ST said, it's a lot of pressure. If they start looking at winning as an entitlement, they'll be in trouble.Losing is not in their DNA, so if it should happen, it will hit them like a desease.

    Hmmmm, I'm starting to realize that I'm beginning to sound like a voodoo priest, bwaahaahaahaha............

  212. Slugger:


    All of you reading the blog, say "Eeeeeeeee."

    Then if you want to know the reason, click on my name for the article. If you don't, then just go your way.

  213. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    It cuts both ways doesn't it. I will be the first one to admit that Mack's job is not an easy one, and JJ's shoes are not easy to fill maybe even impossible. I feel frustration, a little sadness, but at the same time compassion for the guy. On a human level, Mack is probably one of the best characters in college football having met and talked to him in person you can see it. I think if he were to take us to a BCS 5 years in a row and become the most famous person in America he would still be down to earth.

    As Lou Holtz would say and I paraphrase 'Pressure is only for people that are not prepared, if you are prepared you are excited, you want to show the world how good you really are."

    Who knew that taking us to the top of the food chain, the creme dela creme of college football would mean we create a monster of expectations that the public demand and unfortunately is difficult to sustain. Perception is reality, and unfortunately people (including myself) perceive this team as the reality of the 2007 team. When you are 0-12, you got no where to go but up, when you are 12-0 you got no where to go but down...I don't envy Mack's job one bit, and I for one could never challenge his courage and conviction.

    Oh wells, Go Warriors!

  214. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


  215. koakane™:

    congrats to the phillies and shane for the winning today. game was very well played by both teams. looks like a very tight series. game 2 of the MLBWS can be viewed on chan 2 @ 1:30pm

    evening tsaiko country, stay cool cause very humid

  216. Slugger:


    So, did you read the article? :)

  217. bighilofan2:



    and i'm off to see what wsn is about.

  218. bighilofan2:


    nite nite Tsaikos.

  219. SteveM:


    October 28th, 2009 at 9:02 pm
    SteveM - have a great time! I kinda want to do that cruise, but hubby not interested.

    I know a Tsaikette who might need a roomie... How's January if the price is right...? :lol:

  220. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Yea, very very interesting. I can believe it too. If you smile more you might very well feel happier. Makes sense.

    That whole language thing would be such a prime doctoral thesis for some person in linguistics.

    You know Vietnamese language has a lot of "noc" and "num" in it.....I wonder if thats why they are always angry at me at Bale Sandwich.

  221. koakane™:

    SteveM: cruise note; scenery changes almost every morning ...while the tailgate site stays the same...and some people will still be where you left them last night... :roll: :evil:

    wow steveM you should join us sometimes we really fun people

  222. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    sent ya an email for saturday. hope there is room still. mahalo!

  223. Slugger:


    There s/b room. I'll let Art know.

  224. iwonderwhytheyhateme:



  225. jm2375:

    SteveM - #219 - check ur email.


    OK, time to walk the puppy (who's walking who?), then dishes, shower and sleep.

    Cya tomorrow.

  226. dittohead:

    "My post #28 got deleted for simply mentioning how one Tsai-ko here, got completely owned by coach Duffield at the other board".

    happens all the time on this board.
    It is a heavily censored blogsite and tsai protects his followers in a discriminatory and arbitrary fashion.
    They have two set of standards: one that applies to the select who socialize in a group called the tsaikos and the other for those whose opinion differ with members of said group.
    The poster who was trashed and embarrassed by Duff is a self-annoited blog bully who is supported by tsai....he always brags how he owns posters on wsn....often swearing to make his point....a real case study of immaturity as you suggest.
    Good to see you speak out-- the regular posters on this board are anything but angels and are very closed minded and clickish. Not all but significantly enough for me to make the statement.

  227. al:

    so i was watching the baraquio's show.
    lo and behold the first guests are esme and mrs. c.
    great plug for our resident karaoke star.

    btw, wha' happened to you on saturday mrs. c?
    i was looking forward to some mongo beans or pinakbet.

  228. al:

    you do mean "clique-ish", right?

  229. whitey:

    another "gone with the wind".

  230. whitey:

    is the team on the plane tonight??? if so, want to wish them safe travel and give em on saturday!!!!!

  231. al:

    yo, white one.
    i tested the halibut tonight.
    #2 said was some good.
    saute style; butter, olive oil, dusted in flour with a little salt n pepper.
    pressed garlic, lemon juice, capers.

  232. al:

    i told #2 that you caught the fish.
    he asked if that was what you caught in manilla?

  233. whitey:

    looks like get plenty of lurkers tonight and they getting ready for sat night when the great pumpkin going come out and bring plenty of presents for me.

  234. whitey:

    me = them.

  235. whitey:

    no worry al, #2 son is learning and i think duffer going give him a surprise next march. hooooooo, no can tell yet!!!!!!!

  236. Bulla:


    good seeing you last weekend you handsome buggah.....whew

  237. whitey:

    tell #2, get plenty more different kinds of fish and shellfish in manila.

  238. Derel:

    Stephen, yeah the Boise St. train has created the monster an yeah you have to feed that monster. But I tell you what, they are doing a hell of a job and that monster is eating very, very well.....all the way to the bank and a BCS berth and possibly all the way to the National Championship game. I'm sure you've been keeping tab of their personnel. Boise St. is a very, very young team and will be great for many many years to come. Kellen Moore is only a sophomore and he's not going to leave early for the NFL so that's 2 more years. They've got a redshirt freshman
    by the name of Southwick who will be the heir apparent to Moore. They just plug in new young guys and coach them in a way that they learn and execute plays so very well. They are human and make some mistakes, but very few. The thing I'm amazed is that their defense is the strength of the team, yet you don't know too many of their players who are stars, except CB Kyle Wilson. But, they are so solid.

  239. Bulla:

    had maui, kauai, and big island all represented.........was all good

  240. whitey:

    bulla, when you heading north??? heard going be slightly cold, but still can wear slippas, shorts, and t shirt.

  241. whitey:

    bulla, you porgot, had lanai too. ralph and dj

  242. al:

    yeah, in particular i heard the crabs are huge.

  243. al:

    bulla, inquiring minds wish to know.
    if you wear some headgear when in the north region???

    you wouldn't want to catch a head cold.

  244. whitey:

    al, going try make some other things with the salmon, but no guarantee going pass the taste test. somehow fresh raw is still da bestest!!!!!

  245. westsidesview:

    #208, LOL.
    Read your post with interest.
    Its not always easy to express your mana'o i'o on this site, so thankyou for your comments.
    I thought your selection of coaches to be retained most intriquing.
    George Lumpkin was especially surprising and most fans have him listed as #1 on the hit list.
    I give you credit in understanding his value.
    It's not in the nature most would perceive but he is a stable force of influence that many coaches over the past have consulted and confided.
    Many times to get JJs ear in the past regime.
    George is George.
    I like the positive nature in which you raise his name.

    As to the others I have no comment but again kudos for being honest.

    I have also heard of the BK incident and it is tragic.
    enuff said.

    My only other comment is on T.G.
    My advice is to let sleeping dogs lay.
    There was only one player I thought was fair game and that was the player who wrote a book for expose.
    It served no team purpose in my view.
    Many players have taken the off paths in the past and later mature. There are so many good examples....and otherwise.
    These are bigger than life men-children but still, youthful and full of ambition and yes--mischief.

    Again, mahalo for your sincere contribution.

  246. whitey:

    al, nah, crabs are medium in size, but just got to watch out for their pinchers!!!! ouch, ouch, ouch

  247. Slugger:


    The team left this afternoon & ST departed tonight.

  248. whitey:

    al, going take up your old sport. got one awesome board from my friend and next step is to learn how to do standup paddleboard. once i get this down, going do some papio control work.

  249. al:

    wait...is it derek or derel?

    i thought that the name doesn't have to be changed. it has memory. unless of course you changed it earlier.

    at bsu, no one takes a break during the summer "informal workouts". againe this year they had 100% participation for the entire roster as well as walk-ons and incoming recruits. oh, and that would be not mising a single workout.

    at hawaii, some captains had taken a two week hiatus during this same period. many went south or er, north in this case and the newbies weren't al in attendance.

    so yes, we are light years away from duplicating or emulating the likes of bsu.

  250. whitey:

    slugger, thank you very much. wish all of them well.

  251. Bulla:


    the purple beanie cap fits very nice on the dome.....the domes always come home, haha.

    seattle is warm, 50ish so i am going to wear shorts and slippers ala RK on his road trip. we get in tomorrow night, great HA flight, love the crew.....land in seattle, crash. and then friday we'll do the drive to Missoula, 7.5+ hours, but it will be fun. will have mrs bulla, aunty pam, and mrs. anne higgins......you've heard of charlies angels right, haha

    should be a good road trip, 'the beast' has been practicing as a DE and LB this weekend. he is fully recovered and ready to go balling in missoula.

    we'll keep everyone posted on the trip..gotta love cel phones and Facebook, haha.


    going to crash, since we gotta get to work early in the morning...... :)

  252. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:


    Nitey nite and SWEET WARRIOR DREAMS!

  253. whitey:

    hey, we made the #250 so it may be time to call it a night.

  254. al:

    i forgot to mention i also made some lomi salmon.

    and papio is good.

  255. whitey:

    bulla, if one of your attendents is monte c, tell him i said hi. he comes from a very athletic family and his dad is hugh c who used to work at aloha stadium. hugh is from maui.

  256. whitey:

    al, the board is 12 ft by 31 inches wide. enought for my healthy body. hoooooooo

  257. whitey:

    al, i not really into lomi, but i going try get my recipe for poke down a little better.

  258. whitey:

    ok, did quite a bit, so can let the late night gang take over.

  259. al:

    you need to ask anne h. to make you guys some auntie linda's green chile stew. that'll keep you warm, if not very hot.

  260. dittohead:

    "you do mean "clique-ish", right?"

    you do mean "Manila", right?

  261. al:

    sounds like fun whitey.

  262. al:

    good one ditto.
    2 pts.

  263. tattoo:

    al, you need to come to my island....

  264. Slugger:


    I'm gonna send a friend from UN-R to see you, if he's there for the game. Old work buddy; he's in their IT dept.

    K, Night all!

  265. dittohead:

    "againe this year they had 100% participation..."

    you did mean "again", right?

    4-2, my lead.

  266. dittohead:

    "and that would be not mising a single workout".

    you did mean "missing", right?


  267. dittohead:

    "newbies weren't al in attendance".

    you did mean "all", right?

    8-2. Aloha serve.

  268. dittohead:

    "enought for my healthy body".

    you did mean "enough", right?

    10-2. game to dittohead!

    call me uncle.

  269. al:

    hahahaha....let's even out the score.

    self-annoited = self-annointed


  270. FloridaTed:

    wow, a spelling bee.

    Good night guys.

  271. al:


    October 28th, 2009 at 11:23 pm
    "enought for my healthy body".

    you did mean "enough", right?

    10-2. game to dittohead!

    call me uncle.

    oh btw, sorry but that quote belonged to whitey.

    8 - 4

  272. al:

    reinbold = reinebold

    8 - 6

  273. al:

    JJs = JJ's

    8 - 8

  274. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    +1 me!

    hehehe jk jk =P

  275. al:

    tks dittohead.
    that was fun.

  276. SteveM:

    Good night, Al.... (I always capitalize his name)
    Good night, Iwonderwhytheyhateme...

    The moon is fairly large... I'm leaving before Maryann(e) shows up. ;)

  277. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    nite SteveM!

    see you folks on saturday.

  278. hotwheels:

    Split up your paragraphs. It's hard to read your post with everything all together like that. Just a thought.

  279. Stephen Tsai:

    My apologies for also not deleting the rasu posts. I didn't see it.
    But rules apply both ways.
    And, by the way, Dittohead, you're considered a regular, too.

  280. WarriorMojo:

    Rhetorical question that does not need answering... Dude, you do know this is Hawaii and what a small island state it is? Some of us know who you are in real life bro and the fact that you feel so proud of yourself in light of being put in your place speaks volumes. That is juvenile behavior worse than a 12 year old jumping into a chatroom and acting like an immature a$$. There is a time when you need to know when to just shut up and bow out gracefully. I personally feel embarrassed for you and your family.

    If the question "does not need answering" then it doesn't need asking. You think I got "owned" by Duff? Just shows your poor reading comprehension. All I wanted was for Duff to back off and that's exactly what he did. And, hey, some of you know who I am in real life? So? I know who I am in real life too. So what?

  281. RainbowCliff:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Nation as it is 5:30 am and I have awaken from a ceremony sleep that will go down in South Central Los Angeles as it's FINEST moment of praise and glory.

    The 17th year Wooten Center Ceremony for Clifford Sanchez was wall to wall packed with children, parents, special guests, dignitaries, professional colleagues, friends, associates and All Time Rainbow Warrior Great Center Fielder Ricki Bass driving from Van Nuys California to show his praise and respect.

    It was an AWESOME display of love, TOP notch performances from my children and the parents cooking up their favorite dishes as NOTHING was left to eat or drink. I received so much praise and glory that this man can ever look and feel that he is not appreciated or the work that he has done over the years has not gone in vain.

    Opening prayer from Wooten Center Educational Director Marzette Williams was so profound and spiritual that God gave us a beautiful outside back yard day with sunny skies, cool breeze and fresh air that really started the festive occasion off on a positive wing and a prayer.

    My children performend MAGNIFICENTLY as 10 year old Tia Pitts the lead singer of my Wooten girls three brought the HOUSE down with her accapella voice of "when a hero comes along" it brought tears to the appreciative audience as well as me with ALL three girls receiving a standing ovation !

    Poems from my little girls and boys were so heart warming as my lady host Antanika Barnes had to hold back so much smile of joy and appreciation as her practice with them paid off in their delivery to a capacity crowd to be so young at 6 and 7 years of age.

    I received so many plaques and gifts that when I left I had both arms filled with basket of goodies, leis around my neck, beautifully made programs, money, candy suckers, home made cookies and a beautiful nylon jacket from LA84 Foundation Sr. President Jalal Hazzard who brought it down personally to give it to me.

    Photolyrics Mr. Larry Warmsley filmed and photograph the event with Hawaii Ricki Bass, Ice Cream Man Matt Allen, Tennis teen star Coy Hunter and professional entrepreneur Al Deval doing exclusive interviews on their relationship with me and their reason why they are here celebrating this festive occasion.

    My wife Rhonda was elegant and beautiful as family members and friends from her side were taken by the moment as they too got caught up with the praise and appreciation for 17 years of dedicated professional service.

    Open Mike on Cliff was the BEST moment of all when it seems like EVERYBODY got up to the mike and spoke so dearly to the relationship that I developed with them or my children and teens telling stories on how I corrected their behavior and gave them quality time to listen to their problems and be there for them as I was so EMOTIONAL to hear how I became so MANY "surrogate father" in their lives as tears rolled down my cheeks to hear them say such a praise.

    Finally my time came for FINAL remarks as I was so PEACEFUL with all this adulation and praise that I thank every one for coming out with MANY parents coming to me after the program giving me warm hugs and THANKING me personally for helping and aiding their child or children.

    I will be sending pictures to WarriorNation702 and my bruddah Pomai who will have the ardent task of displaying them to you Tsaiko Nation as my 17thn year ceremony was my FINEST moment in which I moved and touched a capacity audience of adults and children who showered me with praise, love and affection. I am forever GRATEFUL !

  282. wafan:

    A fine morning to everyone here and there!

  283. RainbowCliff:

    ProudArmywife808: Mahalo kind lady for your sincerity towards me. I am just an "apprentice of his trade" who's ONLY chief desire is to render a professional service. I am REALLY grateful to you as your HUSBAND is out there fighting for our FREEDOM and serving his country while you wait for that uncertain time when he returns back to you and your family members.

    My prayers are with you kind lady as what I do is valuable BUT what your husband do is the most COURAGEOUS act that any one person can do by putting his life on the line so that I and all my fellow bloggers can have peace, freedom and tranquility to live.

    ProudArmyWife, oh most gracious lady "I THANK YOU" as my prayers are with you and your "PROUDNESS" every day ! Vaya Con Dios !

  284. Confused:

    Comment on Lewis Walker --- YES would love to know why Ornellas gets the first look ? Bryant out Walker on roster all year as #2 - And STILL doesn't get a look???? Wow this was a 42nd nationally ranked corner - most assists in practice, most interceptions....Not like Hawaii is winning