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October 30th, 2009

RENO — OK, the first thing play-by-play announcer Bobby Curran noticed about today's walk-through: Parking at UNR is a quarter for 10 minutes. We only had 30 cents, which bought us about 12 minutes. But I wasn't worried. The rental is in Ferd's name.

* * * * *

It's Friday, so coach Greg McMackin wore slippers to practice:


* * * * *

Here's the stadium:


* * * * *

And here's where the Iceman delivered the winning kick two years ago:


* * * * *

And, of course, Chevy's famous cranberry margarita:


* * * * *

Seasons like this make reporters long for the good ol' days, when sport media relations directors published media guides, set up interviews and, in general, were somewhat helpful.

By choice, four WAC schools didn't print football media guides this year; by rule, none will next year. Boise State doesn't make its players available to media from an upcoming opponent's area, and this year, it staged the one and only teleconference with its head coach at the same time Hawai‘i print reporters were on planes returning from a road game. Problem? Tough taters.

Which is why local (and out-of-state) media appreciate UH's Derek Inouchi, although we would never dare tell him that. Last week, he set up interviews for Idaho Statesman reporters. He also keeps fans up to date with tweets and Facebook reports. And he has been instrumental in allowing head coach Greg McMackin to keep practices open to the public. Certain fans might gripe about the Warriors' record, but UH is probably one of the few Division I-A schools that allows open practices. They even tolerate an old-timer who once yelled at the offensive linemen during practice. For that freedom, give thanks to Inouchi.

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