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Turkey tales

November 26th, 2009

Nice practice today. I would use the word "animated" but Jim Donovan told me I use that to describe every Thursday practice.

Anyway, Bryant Moniz was passing well, so he should be good to go. Jovonte Taylor had a nice kickoff return for a touchdown. And the Warriors worked on their new defensive scheme.

During the kick return drill, Brian Blumberg was about to attempt a kickoff. But the coaches wanted Scott Enos to make the kick. So they yelled for Blumberg to get out of there. Naturally, his teammates gave him grief, always yelling: "Get out of there, Blumberg!" And when he was summoned for a field-goal attempt, they yelled: "Are you sure you're supposed to be in there, Blumberg?"

Later, linebacker Blaze Soares said to announce that it's defensive tackle Rocky Savaiigaea's birthday in the blog. I said, OK. Turns out it's not Rocky's real birthday. Blaze explains that Rocky's, uh, high butt gives the appearance of a turkey tail. Nice.

OK, it was an animated practice.

* * * * *

A student manager demonstrates her gobble-gobble dance:


* * * * *

Despite the heavy downpour, Navy practiced for about 90 minutes at Aloha Stadium yesterday. (The Midshipmen have practices scheduled there tonight and tomorrow.) It's good to know that we have an all-weather military.

It also was good to see head coach Ken Niumatalolo and Ivin Jasper back in the islands. Jasper overcame a tough background — "I had a lot of  great support," he said — and it's cool to see that play-callers Jasper and UH's Nick Rolovich are UH graduates.






* * * * *

This is how much fun the triple-option can be:

* * * * *

How rainy was it last night? Kanoa Leahey, soaked to what became a disco-era shirt, mistook Princess Leila for a cameraman named "Kenny." And your blog host, proving that bachi lives, took his umbrella and headed for the dugout ... where he hydrofoiled down the steps. Back is sore, but the head is fine, thus avoiding a fourth concussion and another game-time decision. Darren Hernandez, who was sitting in the dugout, did say: "You OK?"

Here's Kanoa:


Here's Princess "Kenny"


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