The Warrior Beat

Game Day: Navy

November 28th, 2009

For the Warriors, here are the keys:

• Win the coin toss. Then take the opening kickoff. This is a game for the offenses.

• Score on the opening drive. It might be another 8 minutes before the Warriors get the ball back. Navy is fourth nationally in time of possession, averaging 33 minutes, 38 seconds. UH is 73rd.

• Need big games from Spencer Smith and Mana Silva. They're patrolling the perimeters.

• If the ball is on the 1, everybody should go after Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs. He has 22 touchdowns this season. Offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper told the Washington Post: "We're probably leading the country in guys falling down at the 1-yard line. I always tell our guys in meetings -- I joke around with it, but at the same time it's true — 'Hey guys, if you got a chance to score, you better score. Because if you don't score, you know what's coming next. We're giving the ball to the quarterback.' "

• Left tackle Aaron Kia should change his number. Maybe it's larynx memory, but the officials seem to call "77" too often, even when another might have committed the penalty.

* * * * *

Quick response by UH officials. Two players suffered from flu-like symptoms. They were quarantined for a couple of days while being treated. They should be on the active roster today.

* * * * *

After UH defeated Cal in 1993, we were walking to the parking lot when we saw two Cal players limping, with ice packs on their knees, shins and ankles. We asked what happened. They said it was from cut blocks. Poor bastards, we thought. Now UH gets to face the same blocks today. The circle of life.

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