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Who wants UH-Wisconsin tickets?

November 29th, 2009

My pal, Christie Lee Williams, picked the winner ... Crystal.

Please e-mail me at, and Wena will mail you the tickets.

Please join us for tomorrow's contest.

* * * * *

Well, that's the thing about sports. It's unpredictable. (Hey, the Warriors always  call a timeout when it's fourth-and-1, which is why I'm glad I didn't take my usual shi-shi break when they went for it in the fourth quarter. But I digress.) The point being is that it is regretful that many couldn't enjoy the ride the past four weeks. At the heart, football is about entertainment, and it certainly has been entertaining.

• Coach McMackin said to give credit for the defensive strategy to line coach Dave Aranda. Aranda called dozens of coaches across the country seeking answers to defending the triple-option attack. He studied hours of videos. And, as the play-caller, he made several adjustments, including having cornerback Jeramy Bryant defend the pitch. Bryant made a big backfield tackle in the fourth quarter.

• Aranda, in turn, credited Rich Miano, George Lumpkin, Cal Lee, Chris Tormey and Mike Smith.

• I think we're about to see an expanded role for Chizzy Dimude.

• Now fans know what they were missing when Blaze Soares was injured the past couple of years.

• I've always liked the idea of a national playoff in football. National titles should be won on the field. Then again, the bowl system fits UH best. In what other sport does a .500 team have a must-win regular-season finale? In Division I-A, there is justice for all.

* * * * *

Who the heck put a video ad on the blog page? Scared the blueberries out of me.

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I've been in a lot of fender benders. There was prom night. (Sorry about the whiplash, Karyl Kurasaki.) There was the time I was dropping my kids off to school. Radio was on. Daughter was singing the Busta Rhymes' part; I was Mariah Carey. I closed my eyes at one point, opened them and — bam! — hit a van driven by my son's fourth-grade teacher. I told Devon: "I guess you're going to be repeating fourth grade." But I digress. Again. Point is sometimes we'll wait more than an hour for an officer to show up. Tiger Woods gets two visits from Florida state troopers for a relatively minor accident. Too bad it didn't occur in Hawai‘i.

* * * * *

Jean Yuriko Kubo Tsai would have been 75 today. We miss you, Mom.

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