Kenton wins tickets

November 30th, 2009

Copy editor Christie Lee Williams (Aiea '85), not to be confused with Maui correspondent Christie Wilson or UH video coordinator Chris Williams, has picked Kenton as the winner of two tickets to the UH-Wisconsin game. Thanks for playing, and we'll be giving away more tickets this week. Kenton, please e-mail me at

* * * * *

Cornerback Travaun Nixon of Ventura College told the Warrior Beat he is joining the Warriors. Nixon is 6 feet and 190 pounds. He played in only seven games this past season, but made six interceptions. He will enroll at UH in January.

* * * * *

Blaze Soares has been named the WAC's Defensive Player of the Week.

"I feel very thankful," Soares told the WB. "If it weren't for my teammates, it wouldn't be possible. Great team efforts help you get individual awards. I'm thankful. This is the first one of my career."

Soares is tomorrow's guest on the Warrior Beat Show.

* * * * *

Today is the last day of hurricane season. Which means: we can now tap the hurricane relief fund to stave off furloughs.

* * * * *

Anheuser-Busch donated $100,000 to UH today. In a round-about way, I think, Koakane probably deserves partial credit.

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  1. Diken Cider:


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  3. Diken Cider:


  4. Stephen Tsai:

    You're not entering the contest?

  5. bighilofan2:

    spitzen cheesy curds all day long. :D

  6. bighilofan2:

    Gimme the cheese. :D

  7. bighilofan2:

    Gimme the Cheese.


  8. bighilofan2:

    I used to think that,way,

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  9. Kenton M.:

    gimme the cheese

  10. Kenton M.:


  11. Slugger:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!!!

    Gimme the cheese.

    Not a mouse in the house, though...

  12. Garret:

    Welcome to the Warriors Travaun Nixon!

  13. Garret:

    Congratulations to Blaze for a well-deserved award. He played a great game against Navy.

  14. oldie:

    Morning all!

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  15. bighilofan2:

    It would be nice for Greg Salas to break da record this weekend.

    but the only record I care about is a winning record! Get Wisconsin, no ifs anz or buts!

  16. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

  17. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Cheeese- Hoo!

    Congrats to Blake, er BLAZE and the Warriors!

    One game and clear... "ON to WISCONSIN" !!

    Hi Ho, Ka Kou!

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    How yooooouuuuu bhf2?

    WAC lays the praise on Blaze... Perfect!

  19. bighilofan2:

    awesome to read Travann Nixon talking extremely nicely about our coaching staff.

    what a way to close the season. cheese. had to wait half a season fo da coaches to put da mindset togedda for da Warriors to play like dat. :D buh buh betta late dan neva. :mrgreen:

    more kool aid. more kool aid! :mrgreen:

  20. curveball:

    "Gimme the Cheese."
    Morning everyone..............

  21. bighilofan2:

    howzit DPK. am I gonna see you this weekend, so we can cut the cheese togedda? :lol:

    gonna put da "spread" - da kimchee cheesey mixcha - at da tgate, get da burpin and flames goin all around.


  22. Bulla:

    Gimme The Cheese

  23. Bulla:

    congrats to Blaze, well deserved for your efforts! :)

  24. Bulla:

    aloha, what a game..... i was listening on 1420 ESPN VA, what a win!

  25. bighilofan2:

    I wonder where Wisconsin staying? gonna see lotsa white people in Waikiki. :lol: hopefully the weather is just super fine for them. :lol:
    lotsa sun. :D tan. :D they can be like Hawaii fans in NoLa. spend spend spend. show em where Jimmy Buffet's place stay. :D and
    only if da get to Club JaHae, den dare lost. :lol:

  26. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    *DPK gargles the Kool Aid after taking a shower in it.*

    Welcome Travaun!

  27. mouthwash:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh Gimme the Cheese

  28. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Howdy Buller!

    Tough game for Da Beast and Co. At least he played well. Are you going to go watch the Kapalma Men this week end?

  29. Maverick:

    Gimme the Cheese!!!

  30. bighilofan2:


    howzit howzit. too bad Weber State hid da pothole. yikes. das wat life is all about, you know dat. always get next year! let your boy know
    Hawaii fans cheering him on.

    as for the game, the next one is gonna be a burner! time to show up, sir Bulla! hopefully I see you at da cabanaz.


  31. bighilofan2:

    wuz fun. see you this evening.

    hi ho hi ho.

  32. Maverick:

    Luv Da Cheese
    More Cheese Pleaze
    Steamy Sauerkraut & Cheese with a hot dog under it.
    The ultimate football fuud.

  33. Bulla:

    aloha kid,

    the game is friday right, if UH plays on Saturday, duh.....smartness from the bald one, haha.

    i will check with the bride, long rehearsals for our production 'A Baby Changes Everything' at church....starts on 12-10-09 to 12-13-09.....let me know if you and your bride would like to come......i'll get you some tickets.

  34. madeinhawaii:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  35. Pomai:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  36. Ronnie:

    Good Morning Tsaiko Family!

    I wish I could have the Cheese, but at least I'll be watching the game on TV! :-)

    Speaking of TV, does anyone have a recording of the game? My DVR was full, so it didn't record the game! :cry: !

  37. madeinhawaii:

    Morning all... still feeling the euphoria from Saturday's game.

  38. Spidey:

    Gimme the Cheese!!!!!

  39. tommui:

    Gimme the Cheese

    Great news - go Blaze! Burn the cheesers!

    Good morning Hawaii!

    BULLA: You back from America yet?
    AL: So much for your prediction yesterday! You still owe me a shave ice at Waiola.

  40. omilu:

    Gimme the Cheese

  41. Oliver Stoned:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  42. Pride.:

    Warriors have played six Big-10 teams in the past ten years. We're 3 and 3 against those six teams.

    1 - 0 vs. Purdue
    1 - 0 vs. Northwestern
    1 - 1 vs. Michigan St.
    0 - 2 vs. Wisconsin

    We need to put one up against Wisconsin to get the upper hand, and go 4 and 3 against the mighty Big 10 conference. Would be nice to get that done.

  43. Z-Trail:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

    Congrats BLAZE, well deserved.

    Lightum up!

  44. Pride.:

    Javonte Taylor had a good warm up in the Navy game. I think that he's redady to take one to the house.

  45. chigs87:

    good game guys, i was really impressed with the "Big D."

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  46. chopsueyboy:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!

    Never too early for pizza.

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  47. Dusting:

    "Gimme the Cheese"

    Great defensive game against Navy!

  48. hbomb:

    "Gimme the Cheese"

  49. madeinhawaii:

    Congrats to Blaze!!!


    Welcome to Cornerback Travaun Nixon of Ventura College!! You're gonna love it here!

  50. Rod:

    "Gimmie the Cheese"

  51. Slugger:

    Congratulations to Blaze! Great hits in the game. Makes ya wanna dance.

    Welcome Travaun! You're joining some good guys in the corners.


  52. ProudArmyWife808:

    A huge "Congrats!" to the Warriors - awesome game Saturday & you all are lookin' good!! Also, great game Blaze and congratulations on your award - well deserved!

    "Gimme the Cheese!" please. :o)
    Happy 1st week of December (almost) to everyone out there!

  53. Kazz:

    Wisconsin is BIGGER, STRONGER, and quite possibly "faster" than NAVY.

    Coach Larry Price says "physical superiority cancels all theory".

    Recently we've beaten 'Bama, Purdue, Michigan State, Arizona State, and Washington and taken good teams in Oregon State in 06 and Cincy last season to the wire or at least pushed them. We shall see. Wisconsin is no longer a one dimensional running machine, but they will test our LBs and DBs in the passing game too. Had Navy used more of a passing attack, the game would have been closer and who knows???? :shock:

    Sad to say, I am over the victory and I am sure the players and coaches are too, but the new week brings new possibilities of an even BIGGER celebration come Saturday evening.

  54. James:

    Congratulations! Blaze Soares was fantastic! He deserved the award. He plays hard every game. This game he played even harder, if that's possible.

    No need gimme the cheese. I watch the game on ESPN2.

  55. CheeHoo:

    “Gimme the Cheese.”

  56. Tanks Ah!:

    Gimme the Cheese

  57. kailuaboys:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  58. Troy:

    "Gimme the Cheese." go warriors baby...

  59. madeinhawaii:


    Maybe that's why Larry Price didn't win all that many games, eh? With thinking like that, against a BCS team, you've given up long before you've played a down.

  60. jm2375:

    Good morning Tsai-kos! Happy CyberMonday.

    Gimme the Cheese

  61. madeinhawaii:

    Going into this season, I saw the Wisconsin game as our biggest game. Simply because they represented the toughest competition outside of the WAC for us this year. What I didn't know was how BIG a game it would be for our Warriors.

    For many teams, the 13th game IS a bowl game and in a sense, this is a bowl game for our Warriors! Win this and then they can go have fun playing SMU.

  62. Stretch:

    Good Morning Tsaikos!!

    Welcome Travaun Nixon to the Warrior Ohana.

    Congratulations to Blaze for an awesome game and the recognition.

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  63. Pomai:

    "Gimme the Cheese." .

  64. Pomai:

    #59 Dey you go!!!!!

  65. cheepono:

    "Gimme the Cheese." please.

  66. BigIslandkurt:

    Please "gimme the cheese."

    pass da cheezu por favor.


  67. Pomai:

    It all starts with the mental!!!!! Believe!!!!!!!!! Believe!!!!!! Believe!!!!!!!!!!

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  68. madeinhawaii:

    "Gimme the Cheese."
    I wanna rock and roll
    Wanna make a sandwich on a hot steamed roll
    and drift away...

  69. Kazz:

    Ah! Hard loss last night for the Wahine. Starting to see some of the offensive issues we're facing right now. Shooters like Galdones aren't getting much space due to the inability to set effective screens and not just in the half court game, but setting effective screens when attempting to take the ball up the court. Offensively, rebounds need to be more consistent.

    What really SUCKS is Shawna Kuehu going down. She was still having to find her touch as many of her baskets could not be sunk, but she was proving to be a good shot blocker and had the right timing to steal some balls away.

    Not much reported in the paper today about her condition, she already tore her ACL in her left knee in high school and now her right leg/knee is questionable. She was wheeled out late into the overtime and she was pretty upset with a family member by her side holding her hand. You could get the sense that she probably asked to be taken out there to watch her team and she seemed to get even more upset when the game got a little out of reach, but not in the way one would think, my gut feeling was that she more upset that she couldn't be out there.

    I have a bad feeling she may be out for a while, but who knows? I think there is enough "fire" in this team to overcome her absence for a little while, but you cannot replace a true basketball player like her in the long run. For now, just like the men's team, someone has to step up.

  70. Pride.:

    Welcome Travaun Nixon. Always good to have another big corner. Or fast safety.

  71. Kazz:

    Against a traditional offense like Wisconsin, do you rely more on assignment football or just all out olos to the frying pan hit somebody and make them bleed??? :twisted:

    If anything I agree with Pomai with the "mental" aspect, but moreso in the sense of 11 guys on defense playing like they should be locked up in a mental institution.

    I wouldn't expect otherwise!!!


  72. Pauoa Boy:

    Welcome to the Warrior Nation Travaun, hope to see your ball hawking skills put on display soon bruddah.

  73. koakane™:

    congrats to the warriors and coaches again. just an uplifting win for the program. much deserved recognition for bsoares on his wac defensive pow award, very much deserving. imho whole defensive team should have been nominated. :mrgreen: the drive for five still alive

    8) good morning to you'all. hellloooo howww youuuuu still enjoying the the win like everyone in the 808.

    Gimme the Cheese.

  74. echo:

    gimme the cheese!

  75. Pauoa Boy:

    Bruddah Blaze congrats on receiving a long deserved award. Keep knocking heads and playing smash mouth "IMPACT" style. Nothing like hearing "TUNDAH" when you pound guys and make dem she she pants once they see number 53 bringing the pain train...Chee Huu!!!

  76. Pauoa Boy:

    Hope Kuehu is au'ryte...she the only wahine I like to watch play.

  77. yessah:

    gimme the cheese.

    & happppy birthday to paipai falemalu!

  78. Maukaman808:

    Gimme the Cheese!

    Great job by the coaching staff in preparing the team and great job by the players in executing the game plan. Except for a couple of plays it looked like UH had Navy's playbook in their back pocket. Go Warriors!

  79. JJames:

    the "d" was mean!

    Gimme the cheese!

  80. Bigwave96744:


    BTW Blaze's 11 solo tackles (& 1 assisted) was crazy.. Great showing for the NFL scouts..

  81. Pauoa Boy:

    Was nice to see Kealoha Pilares get to shine again. I wish he and Salas could work the slots together cause they would dominate... Probably would have two guys with over 100 receptions and 1,000yds again. Also I think Moniz starting to find his groove, the offense was lookin smooth for most of the game. If wasn't for couple drop passes he would've had over 400yds. Passing. Nice to see the Oline pretty much man handle the Navy Dline for pretty much the whole game too.

  82. Pauoa Boy:

    Was nice to see you guys at the T-Gate, sorry never stay longer but the kids was getting restless and wanted for play with the cousins. Hopefully our Warrior Boys can accomplish the mission on making it to the Hawaii Bowl, den I might have to come back and den can catch up some more.

  83. LRob:

    Gimme the Cheese

  84. al:

    nice pick up.

    and courtesy of letsgowarriors find:

    and goodfaith's find:

  85. al:

    hey pauoa boy.
    yup was good to connect with you and your young family.

    my guess is that if bradley can come back. pilares will move back to slot his more natural position. this time he will appreciate the slotback position even more and wreak havoc. he and salas will make us have temporary loss of memory (bess n rgm).

    of course, with malcolm lane back we would be overstocked at rwr. perhaps now we can rotate wr's and make the opponents pay.

  86. LizKauai:

    Pilares, Salas AND Medeiros!


  87. uhhoopsdragon:

    Howzit, Gimme da cheese.

    Go Warriors!

  88. #2son:

    gimme the cheese

  89. #1girl:

    Please gimme the cheese

  90. Jack Flash:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

    Looking forward to the game this Saturday, and yelling even LOUDER, if that is at all possible. GO WARRIORS!

  91. jkk808:

    Gimme the Cheese

  92. Phil L.:




  93. kaimiloa:

    Gimme the Cheese!

    Welcome Travaun Nixon!

    Were there any other recruits visiting this past weekend?

    I noticed on one website that Hatchie has listed UH in his top 3. It would be great to get him.

  94. koakane™:

    just like kimo leahey says give the portagees chance da team going fahhhhh bwhaaaaaaaaaaaa

    yes good to see pboy and fam at the tailgate. add some other guest like sailor blue pop, soares family (kapolei boy playing for navy), parents of the navy kicker (just meet that day) they sent some time with the hostile tsaikos and even if I missed them, the salas ohana.

    gimme the Cheese and its all goodah (sp)

  95. BG:


    I was the start of a great day (and nite) to greet you and your family! Just a fabulous time with your family, the parents of the Navy kicker, and the Salas family joining the Santiago family in the next cabana had their boy on the Navy team too. It's great that the Tsaikos don't discriminate (other teams, women, kids, etc.) and everyone can have a smile.

    Safe travels when you folks have to journey back.

  96. RedZone:

    Congrats Blaze. The whole d deserves an award for an outstanding performance.

    Welcome Travaun. It will be nice to see another hard hitting player on defense.

  97. Pomai:

    To all da WARRIORS "balls to da wall time" no take anything back from the field, leave it all out there. Mental Mental, you are better than any other team in the nation, keep believing that. Rolo put da pedal to the metal, no let up for one time, "D" get them down an keep them down, no let up.

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  98. madeinhawaii:


    just read that Nixon article... Travaun is another Ryan Mouton. Only this time he'll be surrounded by a better and deeper lineup of Defensive players and Offensive players so maybe he'll be able to stay in the backfield and really open some eyes.

  99. maui warrior:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  100. Pomai:

    As our goooooooood friend Koakane say "Get himmmmmmmmmmm"

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  101. tediosity:

    Gimme the Cheese!

    we need to start a tradition with better cheers that the crowd can get into more. someone make up some good new ones.......or bring back some old ones.

    the "RAIN" ..... "BOWS" ..... thing should be added to and spiced up a bit. kinda drags on and has no ending.

    ...jus a thought...

    Go, Warriors!

  102. Pauoa Boy:

    Mahalos everybody, was good to see you guys again hopefully I can make the permanent move back to the islands and can get nawts at every game. I lost my voice getting crazy with some local Navy fans, but was good fun.

  103. RedZone:

    Hope to see players commit soon. Running out of scholies. Mack now will be focussing on certain positions and I do not know what they are and I would hate to see someone left behind for waiting too long. As we are seeing more players who have gone away are coming back and there is just a higher interest in playing for the University of Hawaii. Hawaii's team. The only team that matters to me.

  104. Henryfan:

    Gimme the cheese, go warriors.

  105. A-House:

    Congratulations to Blaze Soares - well deserved recognition for a job done well!!!

    Travaun Nixon, Welcome to the Warrior Family!!!

    "Gimme me the cheese" - don't know why cause I don't like to eat cheese!

    A huge apology to Pauoa Boy for not presenting myself to you and your family at the tailgate!!! Welcome home and job well done!!!

  106. RedZone:

    Just me but I think Travaun is more like Aaron Brown which is also good. I don't know where they will play him but I hope it will be at safety or nickle. He is a ball hawk and can tackle.

  107. elum:

    Gimme the Cheese

  108. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Congrats to Blaze!

  109. BG:

    Wow...almost forgot my manners! Good morning, Tsaikos!

    I mentioned to a few at the T-gate BEFORE the game that I was satisfied and pleased with the team. The win that night was pure gravy from a team that worked hard from the beginning and steadily improved. All the while overcoming big injury hurdles and NEVER, EVER breaking ranks and doing the blame game. That gets my respect in a big way. That's just me and I don't expect anyone else's yea or nay.

    In my younger days, I was the worst "sharpshooter"...always critical and thinking I could do it better. Somewheres along the way, I found letting the group work things out and keeping my mind open to their suggestions led to some incredible stuff. So, now I support with encouragement and what resources I can muster and watch for my greatest satisfaction...young men and women growing and improving to become the leaders we'll need tomorrow.

    OK...back to normal programming LOL

  110. Pomai:

    This one game that we need a full house and not with sit on your hands fans, we need this house rock'en, from the git go. Also if there is anyone out there that knows any of the cheerleaders, tell them they gotta have da wahine stand up on da surf board this game, all out even da cheerleaders.

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  111. Garret:

    Weis fired, Notre Dame is paying a rumored $18 million for his buyout.

  112. Howzit:

    "Gimme the Cheese!"

    Yee Haw for Blaze. He had a monster game. So did the whole defense!

    Beeeg game this week! Go Bows! Go Warriors!

  113. Pomai:

    Ok while I'm at it.

    Tell da stadium guys for dis game gotta intro da players at least da seniors, en no make da commercials when da team stay ready for play. Actually no make any commercials over da loud speakers, ok put dem on da jumbotron but no say anything.

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  114. madeinhawaii:

    Weis is a very rich man.

  115. Old Diver:

    While Wisconsin is more balanced than in the past they are still a run first bruising offense. Strategy is same as Navy, score early and often and make Wisconsin beat you with their passing game. After watching Wisconsin a bit I don't see them being faster than Navy, just bigger, and their secondary plays soft. In the style of bighilofan2 " We get chance ".

  116. #1girl:

    still got chance for that waialua olineman.

  117. madeinhawaii:


    That link regarding the MS cure, last night... awesome! Amazing how it takes one person with a mission to do what thousands hired to do the same task could not do. But then give those thousands credit for helping pave the way with their research. Sometimes it takes someone from the outside with a detached view to see the correlation between findings.

    Hope it all pans out.. maybe they'll find that it works for other similar diseases, as well.

  118. Pomai:

    Ah da heck with it, a couple of more things for the stadium guys, drop da pass en field goal kickin stuffs, you want to help git da fans in da action, use da tee shirt thing more, from looking at da fans when da tee shirt thing goin on da gettin into it, but all da other stuff dey no care.

    I'm wit Pauoa Boy we all need to get nawts dis game.

    I'm sure other guys got idea's for them to help out da team!!!! Lets hear'em

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  119. madeinhawaii:

    blahblah at SH found this blurb on the JC boards...

    After leading the Northern Conference in tackles as a freshman strong safety, Nixon is now leading the state in interceptions with 6 (with two more nullified by teammate's roughing the passer flags).

    He had a streak of six straight games with an interception dating back to last season halted by one of those flags two weeks ago, one week after he had three interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown, in the first 18 minutes against Cerritos. He also had a 70-yard punt return in the fourth quarter of that game.

  120. bueller555:

    Gimme the Cheese.

  121. madeinhawaii:

    I swear, that's Ryan Mouton all over again.. 1" taller ... maybe an improved Ryan Mouton ??... egads.. !

  122. Pride.:


    November 30th, 2009 at 10:27 am
    Weis fired, Notre Dame is paying a rumored $18 million for his buyout.

    So where will he end up? Chiefs? Browns? Patriots?

  123. ai-eee-soos:


  124. madeinhawaii:

    Does USC pass a lot? With Silva and Nixon ... maybe the Warriors will be able to really curtail their passing game? Wow.. something to look forward to!

  125. ai-eee-soos:

    Welcome aboard: Travaun Nixon of Ventura College.

    The best to you in your Warrior career.

  126. ai-eee-soos:

    off topic.

    Congrats to Charlie Weiss; he can retire verry comfortably.

    and, if he wants to, he can thumb his nose at anyone.

  127. al:

    oops sorry.

    but, #1girl did ask to place an entry for her. they missed this last game since her hubs had to help coordinate that air guard f18's flyover this saturday.

  128. Pomai:

    al that flyover was really neat, gave everyone I chicken skin, maybe do it more often.

  129. Pomai:


    "Gimme the Cheese."

  130. al:

    mih...he's much bigger than mouton who was only 5'9". he is legit 6'0" although not quite as fast i believe.

    the nice part about this commit is that he allegedly will report in january. meaning he is academically sound. nice job by the coaches finding another jc guy who can come in for spring workouts and schooling.

    i believe it gives them a helluva jump for the fall season and more importantly can get acclimated to the university and hawaii in general.

  131. Hawaiianbod:

    g'morning Tsaikos!

    gimme the cheese.

  132. al:

    pomai....that flyover was a last minute "command" by the commander of the pacific, who of course is navy.

    but, yah. it did bring goose bumps.

    this was one game that we did a lot positive cheering for the home team sans any catcalling and booing of our opponents. i felt proud of our warriors and our local people for realizing all game that we were playing a team from one of our country's finest academies.

    in the back of our collective minds we knew that these navy men would some day be getting our backs defending our nation as well as supporting our state's economy with millions of dollars.

    ...nuff said.

  133. protector:

    Great to hear about the new recruit & about Blaze being honored! Isn't it great to anticipate the upcoming game which many felt would be meaningless? Well the dream is still alive for the dream match-up come Christmas Eve. Go Warriors!

    Pomai, please put me down for: Warriors 42 Cheeseheads 31. Thx.

  134. al:

    robert k and bobby c mentioned on several occasions during the radio broadcast how the 32 seniors on this navy team already had their assigned duty stations a week or two before this game. 16 would become navy officers and the other 16 would be with the marines.

    in as early as three to four months some could be standing on the shores of the middle east protecting our nation.

    now, that was real chicken skin for me.

  135. TYaiea:

    GIMME THE CHEESE....Congrats to the Blaze, awesome game and well deserved award. He's gonna do more blazing and wrecking this Saturday. I know we can beat Wisky...heck if the stadium peeps can get the flags right, anything is possible. Imua Warriors.

  136. al:

    pretty solid looking defensive back.

  137. al:

    congrats blazing soares!

    and congrats to the entire team for playing "balls to the walls".

    hahahaha. i like that one. what a nice throwback expression. you must have got it from your grandpa.

  138. al:

    protector....where you been?
    there hasn't been a predict the score thing for two weeks now.

    better switch green bottles to o'doul's.

  139. Pete Jek:

    "Gimme the Cheese."


  140. al:

    the biggest decision for this week has got to be....

    what to make/bring to the tailgate?

    trying to convince the boss to make her one time annual appearance to the game and then she can cook something. hahaha.

  141. LizKauai:

    HI-bod!!! Good to see you lookin' all "cheezy" :lol:

    HAUOLI LAHANAU to MRS bhf2 - Have a great day, Susan!!!

  142. SteveM:

    Thanks for the reminder, Liz...


    ...saw you and the tall guy with a green banner lava lava walk by in the distance as Peaches and I rested next to the South end zone ramp.

  143. Garret:

    So where will he end up? Chiefs? Browns? Patriots?


    I read that Weis said that he had already been contacted by 6 NFL teams about OC positions. I can't find the link now unfortunately. With $18 mil in the bank, Weis can wait until the right OC position comes along.

    I heard on the radio last week that Weis might sit out a year because he needs (hip or whatever has been hampering his mobility) surgery and time to recover from that. If the right job comes along maybe he'd take it, but he could probably use a year off to get his health in order and

    I found one link to the 6 offer mention...I was looking for some obscure website and it turned out to be on ESPN:

    Weis, meanwhile, has told people in South Bend that he's already heard from roughly six NFL teams about becoming their offensive coordinator next season, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

  144. hilosupaman:

    Gimmie the Cheese!

    We believe ... second crusade!

  145. Slugger:

    Hau'oli la hanau, Mrs. BigHiloFan2!!! Wonderful to see you at the T-Gate on Saturday. See you this Saturday!

    K, off to the airport...

    Hope someone went to the Na Koa lunch & will report back.

    Esme & whoosh....>>>>>>

  146. SteveM:

    Hi Hawaiianbod!

    "Gimme the Cheese""

    ...deliver to Hawaiianbod if I win...

  147. Slugger:

    Oh, yah...

    Gimme the cheese.

    or... Got cheeze?

  148. Pride.:


    November 30th, 2009 at 11:21 am
    protector....where you been?
    there hasn't been a predict the score thing for two weeks now.

    better switch green bottles to o'doul's.

    OK Al


    Hawaii 70
    Wisconsin 14

  149. jm2375:

    Congrats to Blaze on the award!

    Welcome to the Warrior ohana, Mr. Nixon!

    BTW, I know it's late, but did anybody go to men's vb scrimmages last week? How did they look? I'm already going through volleyball withdrawals since the Wahine haven't played at home in weeks and they won't till August. :(

  150. AlaWaiPipeLayer:

    Balls to the Wall - def. used by pilots. when accelerating quickly, the throttle is pushed all the way to the panel and the throttle lever (ball) actually touches the panel (wall). Hence, balls to the wall.

    Great Heavy Metal song. Suggest the Warriors use it for pre-game warm-up or team entrance.

    Imua Na Koa! Imua!

  151. papajoe2:

    "Gimme the cheese"
    I get the runs with cheese and I don't drink wine.

  152. Stephen Tsai:

    I had a burning sensation in my pants, which can never be good.
    Turns out that my mini bottle of Scope opened.
    Some spilled on my cell. Well, at least I won't be talking stink ... on the phone.

  153. Committed Road Warrior:


  154. LizKauai:

    152- eeeeuwww. TMI!!!

    Next time, be sure to use separate pockets for liquids and electronics.

    pau lunch- HiHo!

  155. Pomai:

    al is right I haven't done the pix for the last three games which we have won, so I won't be doing it for the next two wins either.

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  156. A-House:

    Hiya, Hawaiianbod:

    Good to see you posting again. Continue to ge well and we will see you at a function soon!!

  157. A-House:

    Hear, hear, Hail to the Chief, that is for BHF2. Happy birfday and many, many more to come.

    OK, big guy, we are counting on you to honor your wife!

    I had mine massage my feet! nah, hah, just joking!!!!

  158. Kaimuki Kid:

    "Gimme the Cheese"
    We get chance!!! Go Warriors!!!

  159. A-House:


    We were wondering the same thing - nothing in print of the UH/Stanford VB exhibition match in Klum Gym.

    Hello, hello, who's covering men's VB for UH? What's da scoops?

  160. Kaimuki Kid:

    It is so nice to see the amount of monku monku monku has gone down and the trolls went back to their hidey holes or under the bridge, or maybe under my bed yikes!
    Is it Saturday yet? Go Warriors!!!

  161. al:

    all right then.
    i succumb.

    hawaii 45
    wisconsin 30

  162. TChahng [오키나와]:

    Gimme the cheese.

  163. madeinhawaii:


    Ahh.. so that's the little bump in your pants, eh? And to think, you had to scope it out yourself...


    "Gimme the Cheese." please?

  164. al:

    ahouse....i thought i heard that we beat stanford in five on friday and they beat us in five on sunday. that was the A team results anyway. we also played without rawson who had left the team to tend to some sensitive family issues. but, don't worry he will be back if he hasn't already. also, umlauft is the real deal.

  165. Kaimuki Kid:

    Hawaii 31
    Wisconsin 24
    They will busy trying to double team Greg Salas and the Pocho connection will prevail Moniz- Pilares and Medeiros. Misdirections and counters on run plays keep them guessing. Taylor to the house...and Salas will get his catches once they realize that everyone can catch the ball. Hopefully Bryant will be well enough to run the ball on ocassion to keep them guessing.

  166. bstunna2002:

    Gimme the Cheese! Great Game Warriors lets's keep the streak rollin, Coaches get the gameplan going we got a tough but winnable one this week.

  167. Curt:

    Welcome Travaun. We look forward to seeing you on the field next year. Good job coaches.

  168. al:

    i think pollard will start seeing more playing time again.

    taylor reminded me of channon harris. size wise and shiftiness.

  169. al:


    your post #159. um, i think that guy is too busy covering men's football right now.

  170. Curt:

    Pu-lease gimme da cheese!

    What a great game on Saturday. We shouted our heads off. Can't wait for the Warriors to "welcome" the Badgers this coming weekend.

  171. al:

    blazing soares on tomw's live chat.

    now we will really find out where he got the balls to the wall from. i thought only old folks knew that line.

  172. d1島:


    Agree need da piks for the next two games! Keep 'em rollin'! :-)

  173. whitebear:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  174. d1島:

    Gimme the cheese!

    I like use 'em for my salad!

  175. al:

    gimme the cheese
    for my sandwich.

  176. d1島: I get sumbuddy who like tickets, too! ;-)

  177. d1島:

    Gee...seems like all of a sudden the football tickets is a "hot item" again! :roll:

  178. d1島:

    Congratulations Blaze Soares...Great job!

  179. madeinhawaii:

    Wow... the blog won't let me say..

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  180. Kazz:

    Week #2 of online crystal ball predictions:

    Question: Will the University of Hawaii Warrior football team defeat the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin on Saturday December 5, 2009?

    Answer: Follow the green.

    Ummm.. WHAT? :shock:

  181. jm2375:

    Gimme the cheese.

    Pretty please?

  182. JaM: youuuuu?

    "Gimmee the cheese!"

  183. mctruck:

    Notre Dame should hire Chris Petersen of BSU just like Florida hired their current coach away from Utah. If Petersen could develope a winning program with whatever prospects/players he had on his roster, imagine what he could do with all of the blue chip players ND recruits??

  184. A-House:


    your #169 - all this time I thought he was the super dooper who could be in 2 places at the same time - dang we need to get him Hermine's transporter gadget.

  185. Kazz:

    "Stand By Me" is playing in the background…. The ORIGINAL version. The good version.

    How fitting.

    Just as long, as you (fans) stand by me (football program)… there is NOTHING to fear!!!

  186. Stephen Tsai:

    What are the odds JaM and Jm2375 would post back to back?

  187. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Bravo to Notre Dame for giving Chucky the boot....but by golly that's a heck of a lot of money....(O_0)

    how nice it must be to have and extra $20M laying around the athletics department to do as you please...

  188. Kazz:

    RE: Weis/Notre Dame "blue chip" recruits.

    If get one good fishing pole, can catch fish if the guy casting his line don't know what the heck he doing?

    If get one good fishing pole and the guy casting his line is an "ok" fisherman, can catch as many as you can with that kind of equipment?

    Bye bye Charlie. No one should feel sorry for you… You rich *******.

  189. Stephen Tsai:

    Too bad UH didn't bring in the running back during the Navy weekend.

  190. Kazz:

    Hey! I just realized…. That's one thing we've had in common with Notre Dame.

    Weis gets the axe and a nice pay day.

    Frazier got the axe and a decent pay day as well…

    However, in comparison, something as mundane as a mediocre winning record over five years PALES in comparison to what Frazier did to our university's athletic department.

  191. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Peterson is on a "watch list" no doubt. He isn't necessarily "big name" per se just yet but there is NO denying that whatever coaching style he has is working like magic

  192. Stephen Tsai:

    Let's say Laupepa Letuli and Brashton Satele get their years back. I'm counting only 23 seniors. And some of them — Victor Clore, Jayson Rego, Vili Nauahi — are walk-ons. UH might be reaching its recruiting limit very soon.

  193. madeinhawaii:

    If you "Gimme the Cheese."
    I'm gonna bake us a cake
    And make it big enough for the next tailgate
    So pretty please...
    just "Gimme the Cheese."
    "Gimme the Cheese."...


  194. Stephen Tsai:

    Petersen is staying put.
    He has a child in a special program. The child is very comfortable in her environment. He wouldn't want to relocate.

  195. madeinhawaii:


    Didn't we lose a scholie last year or the year before due to a poor APR? Did we get that back?

  196. Kazz:

    I wonder if Quezada was watching from home?

    He'd be thinking… "Where was all this crowd noise and fan turn out when I was visiting"?

  197. Stephen Tsai:

    Beg all you wish. But Christie Lee Williams (Aiea '85) is doing the picking again. Not to be confused with Christie Wilson, our Maui correspondent.

  198. Manoa Mist:

    Try some Binaca Stephen...
    "Is that some Binaca in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

  199. PONO:

    Give me the Cheese or I'll cut the cheese. Haha

  200. Stephen Tsai:

    Notre Dame has not won a national title since ... Dave Shoji last won a national title.

  201. madeinhawaii:


    Revisiting that topic of an undefeated season and a BCS bowl game..

    The 2007 team had two things going for him that we won't see for a spell. 2 D1aa teams and a 12 game schedule.

    Now.. if our Warriors can find a way to beat USC at Aloha next season... Army and Colorado will look very very promising and we'll be in for one heck of a ride till Boise and Nevada.

  202. Stephen Tsai:

    UH is good to go on APR.

  203. Stephen Tsai:

    I do know UH is going after a certain North Shore kicker.

  204. jojo ®:

    Gimme the Cheese

    sleepy time

  205. madeinhawaii:

    Christie Lee Williams....

    I went two years at Aiea Elementary..
    two years at Aiea Intermediate..
    and two years at Aiea High!!
    Lived right up Halawa Heights Road...

    Pick me!! Pick Me!!

    "Gimme the cheese."

  206. d1島:

    Nice of A-B to do the recycling of funds for all the sales of their "re-cycleable" product....

  207. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    Stephen Tsai,

    That Kahuku kicker is amaaazing. I wouldn't shed a tear if we took Enos' scholarship and offered it to him.

  208. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    *EARLIER POST* but now we can really start to discuss the possiblities...haha.

    re: Charlie Weis' Replacement

    I think its pretty obvious that CW is going to get canned at the end of this season. Barely being bowl eligible after 5 years with a horrendous W-L record of just over .500 is not respectable.

    So the question...WHO do you think is going to be his replacement?

    My suggestions are as follows (in no particular order):

    1) Urban Meyer - He said it himself "Notre Dame would be my dream job" and now with Tim "SuperMan" Tebow out of the picture...hmmm

    2) Brian Kelly - This guy knows how to take a small school with lesser facilities to the level of the big boys. Apparently rumors have him at #1 for Chucky's replacement.

    3) John Gruden - I assume they can afford him?

    4) Chris Peterson - The 2nd coming of Urban Meyer? His success with so very very little in resources might make him a value pick. Also aside from Hawkins, both Koetter and Houston Nutt have enjoyed success at the BCS college level (both former Head Coaches at Boise St.).

    5) Bob Stoops - Rumors have it he is being considered but would he leave his cushy position with the Sooners?

    6) Jim Harbaugh - The guy has a no mercy attitude (Going for 2pts when it was already a rout against USC...yikes!). His stock might have gone down depending how Stanford does this year. The NFL was also looking at him too.

    7) Kyle Whittingham - Not much name brand recognition but shows how a mid-major conference can take down the big bad SEC in the a BCS bowl.

    8) Mike Shanahan - If the Redskins or Buffalo decide not to pick him up he might be interested in a deal with ND if the price is right. Apparently he is itching to get back into coaching.

    9) Kirk Ferrentz - Honestly don't know much about this guy aside from him turning down the Michigan job.

    10) George Lumpkin - JUST KIDDING! hahahahahaha.

  209. d1島:

    ...speaking of which,
    does the Ben-jyo Break schedule get altered now?

  210. madeinhawaii:

    As a household, we go through about 25 cents of hi-5 recyclable bottles every month... usually we just drop em off in the school recycling bins at the end of each month along with our cardboard and paper.

  211. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    edit to my #208.....apparently Jim Harbaugh would not leave Stanford....people say he loves the area for obvious reasons.

  212. d1島:

    ...still not convinced that the Hurricane Fund should be touched.

  213. d1島:


    $3M per year is an "area" most anyone could learn to love!

  214. madeinhawaii:


    10) Lumpkin ...?You don't mean our George "Conlan O'shanassy" Lumpkin, right? ;-)

  215. PowderPuff:

    Even with gusty winds on Friday, Mercado was just awesome. Should be a treat to watch this Friday too.

    Blaze on at 11 tomorrow? The mid-morning calendar has been cleared. :)

    "Gimme the Cheese"

  216. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    yep very true.

    Makes me think that with $3M+ I am sure Peterson could get the best of the best of care takers and educators for his child.

  217. al:

    funny thing you said that because as we were making our last defensive stand...i was thinking that why isn't the running back here tonight.

    then, i wondered if i were a recruit and i was standing on that sideline how in the world could i say no to the warriors.

  218. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    #214......;) hehe

  219. al:

    too bad also that the olineman from that other northshore school wasn't on the sidelines as well. that might have put him over the edge in our favor. i hope he is coming this saturday though.

    i really thought that this game would have caught another two or three more recruits.

    or is that one of your tricks up your sleeve???

  220. d1島:


    then, i wondered if i were a recruit and i was standing on that sideline how in the world could i say no to the warriors.

    I wonder the same thing everytime I look at the "spread" at the Tsaiko-Gates! :lol:

  221. Kazz:

    Stephen Tsai:

    November 30th, 2009 at 1:50 pm
    Notre Dame has not won a national title since ... Dave Shoji last won a national title.


  222. NYUH:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  223. Kazz:

    Where's Ralph?

    I wanna hear his thoughts on the SLAP in the face to the ladies on our Wahine volleyball team as a result of that disrespectful #12 seeding…. I already know what 808ike is thinking and it's not rated PG by any means...

    Dave Shoji just says what we’re all thinking… Sweeps against Stanford and UCLA don't mean a damn thing with regards to the way this tourney is opening at. Watched the replay of the Wahine basketball game last night and Shoji was on at halftime with Leahey and man did he look disturbed, well, to most he probably seemed the same, but I remember seeing him in the arena earlier during the live game and he was having a conversation with JD and MMK during halftime and he looked irritated. Looked like he and MMK were working out travel arrangements or something.

    What can ya do????

    BTW, I heard Amber Kaufman wasn't available for comment about the seeding and was nowhere to be found… However I did hear that the walls in Gym 2 started to bleed around 10:10 am yesterday morning!!! :shock:

  224. Kazz:

    Notre Dame = Golden Domers.

    Hawaii get Golden Duck Restaurant in China Town.

  225. Kazz:

    Notre Dame get "Touchdown Jesus".

    Hawaii get plenny people walking around town thinking they are talking to Jesus.

  226. Kazz:

    The song that goes Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care… comes from the mainland… South Bend is obviously on the mainland.

    Here in Hawaii, I heard Jimmy Clausen got CRACKED and guess what???? Ainokea.

  227. jm2375:

    ST - why did we confuse you?

  228. expat:

    It is lame that the Wahine have again been shafted by the NCAA, but the real losers are the fans who would be packing the SSC. For the Wahine, while it would be nice to play in front of a home crowd, ultimately you have to beat everyone in the tourney and at some point it is going to have to be on a hostile or at least neutral court. Hawaii has not emerged from their own hosted regional before so having it in HNL is no guarantee.

  229. al:

    you mean chinatown has expanded to include makiki???

  230. al:

    d1....and shame on you. you came late and missed sjmacro's macro filipino cuisine! yum.

  231. al: wanna be santa again????

  232. Kazz:


    Actually Chinatown has expanded into the WESSAI as well… :sad:

  233. al:

    so what kind of injury did nixon incur that he missed several games??

  234. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Damelo la quesa "Gimme the Cheese." pleeze

  235. AZWARRIOR22:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  236. Cheyah!:

    Gimme the Cheese!
    Gimme a Win Please!

    Go Warriors!

  237. kama krab:

    Gimme the Cheese

  238. wafan:

    Great afternoon, all!

  239. wafan:

    Happy birthday to Mrs. bhf2!!!

  240. wafan:

    Hi, H-Bod! I hope you are improving and doing very well.

  241. wafan:

    Welcome to the Warriors Travaun Nixon!!!


  242. wafan:

    Kazz . . .

    I think it meant that the Badgers are going to trail (follow) the Warriors. Whoo-hoo!!!

    Go Warriors!!!

  243. igc13:

    Gimme the Cheese

  244. wafan:

    Too bad it looks like there will be few if any Big 10/11 teams playing Hawai'i at home.

  245. wafan:

    Please, "Gimme the cheese."

    Yum, cheddar cheese -- Tillamook, Cougar Gold (from Fernando's at WSU), and Badger Lite.

  246. Pomai:

    All this talk about Peterson going to ND, and I wondering why, I don't think he is that great of a coach, BSU is BSU, it's the entire program, look at Dan Hawkins, he did just as well at BSU then moved to Colorado and look at him now 3-9 for this year, last year 4-7, year before that 6-6 .

    So the question is, is it the coaching or the program IMHO it's the program.

  247. Pomai:

    Oh yeah

    "Gimme the cheese."

  248. Mrs. A-House:

    Gimme the Cheese!

  249. Mrs. A-House:

    HawaiianBod -

    So happy to see your post. Hope you are healing well. Best wishes!

  250. Mrs. A-House:

    Pauoa Boy -

    I guess my body language said it all when Midori and I "bumped" in to you and your family this past Saturday. I thought to myself, hey, what a good-looking guy...must be a Warrior fan. You are blessed with a lovely wife and adorable children. Taking a pic with you all really made my day!...along with that incredibly exciting victory over Navy!

  251. NYUH:

    chizu onigaishimasu

  252. Mrs. A-House:

    Sailor Blue -

    Be very afraid...nah, j/k! I can't sleep well thinking of devious ways to make you pay for bragging about a Navy win and practically twisting my arm to agree to your wager. Man up my friend. The Tsaikos are "bringing it" so be prepared!

  253. Pomai:

    Eh der tita Mrs. A-House, from wot I seen you was bump'en into quite a few hunks you tease.

  254. Mrs. A-House:

    Blaze Soares -

    Congratulations on your being named WAC Defensive Player of the Week! Well deserved. It's so unlike me to use off-color phrases, but please encourage your Warrior teammates to maintain their "balls to the wall"... Just do it!! Imua Warriors!!

  255. homey ׃:

    Add me to your mafia, then...

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  256. NorthShoreFan:

    Aloha Tsai-kos..
    Great game against Navy. First time in a long while I saw excellent clock management! Defense played disciplined and with emotions.
    Will need the same effort squared this weekend.
    Been busy with in laws from Korea these past months. Really a trip! No speak English and I no speak Korean! Lots of head bobs and smiles all around. (got whiplash already!) Can't get over them speaking to me in Korean like I understand! LOL!

    But anyhoo, UH 24...Wis 15. Another great defensive effort and Enos to the rescue!
    Gimme the Cheese! (maybe brother in law can see it live)
    SMU vs WARRIORS get your tickets now!

  257. Mrs. A-House:

    Pomai -

    Wattchu talkin' bout. My bark is far worse than my bite. I have never in my life been called a "tita", so I am honored and consider your comment a supreme compliment, my friend.

  258. NorthShoreFan:

    Blaze eligible for a medical year?

  259. wafan:

    Wow. I never envisioned Mrs. A-House as one who would willingly and obediently massage the feet of Mr. A-House.

    So the questions are, did Mrs. A-House do it willingly, and did Mr. A-House train her as well as he hints?

    I think she started then began pulling off his toes -- one . . . by . . . one -- all the while scolding him.

  260. Pomai:

    Eh I can't believe dat, I wen spoock you da first time I wen meet you, you one tita to da max but you one sly wahine. LOL

  261. wafan:

    NorthShoreFan . . .

    It would be more correct as WARRIORS v SMU.


  262. wafan:

    Thank you to Koakane for his sacrifices and contributions to the A-B donation!

  263. wafan:

    Congratulations to Blaze and your recognition as WAC-POW.

    It seems appropriate -- POW!

  264. +Tiavalu+:

    Gimme Da Cheez PLeez!! =)

  265. protector:

    It would be great if the kicker from Northshore comes to Manoa. I hope he's at least considering UH & doesn't pull a Manti Te'o on us; bad analogy I guess since he's not some consensus High School All American, but you know what I mean. I'm still scratching my head as to why Enos was offered the scholie. He MUST have been kicking it pretty well before, wasn't he?

    To iwwthm,
    Good list of possible candidates, but unless they can woo Stoops away,
    I think Kelly is the best bet. Can't see Meyer or Harbaugh seriously considering it with the groove they're in. Others just don't seem to have the right fit or temperament. But, anything can happen.

  266. NorthShoreFan:

    wafan, no matter which way, we need to get a piece of Smooo! I can see the stands now! Rabid Warrior fans in paint...Smooo no can hear the line calls. (like Navy)...I just might call in sick that day!

  267. duffer:

    Vegas or Wisconsin???????????


    Mrs A-House a TITA?

  268. protector:

    Does the Tsai-meister know if the missed games (by T. Nixon-recruit) were indeed from injury & if so, were the missed games at the beginning of the past season or at the end? When he enrolls, will he be rehabbing or will he be good to go in Spring Practice? Also, will that running back Lister be joining the team in the coming season?

  269. TChahng [Aiea Class of Eightysomting]:

    Christie Lee Williams pick me! I grad Aiea too!

    Gimme the Cheese!
    Cheezu chooshipshiyo!

  270. Pomai:

    Duffer yeah she's one sly one, but classy. LOL

  271. madeinhawaii:


    Looks like he got injured in late October and had foot surgery on the 30th of that month. He should, however, be ready to suit up and play well before Spring training.

  272. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    In your opinion what factors make Peterson not so great of a coach?

    For me I think he is probably the best coach in the WAC today. The reasons are:
    1) His recruits while not the creme de la creme are either diamonds in the rough or under valued players that HE sees potential in and are obviously working great.
    3) While having a "young" team...(2 seniors on their entire roster) might be used as an "excuse" to rebuild....his team is undefeated and #6 in the nation. This can't be purely based upon good luck...
    4) His playbook and offensive philosophy while some say is a "gimmicky system" actually works and that book along with Urban Meyers playbook is worth its weight in platinum imo.
    5) I think one of the MOST IMPORTANT things that make a good coach is his ability to seek out and find the right assistant coaches for the team. One man cannot do it all and Peterson is no different. However he has a good Offensive Coordinator - Bryan Harsin and really good receivers coach Brent Pease.
    6) The players this year are if I am not mistaken ALL Peterson's recruits.

    While I know some schools have a advantage based purely on the status of their program I don't think this is the case with Boise St...they are not a marque school and their resources not to mention image are nothing compared to even mid-tier BCS schools quite frankly.

    While Hawkins is a bad example of what a Boise coach could "become" you have to look at the success of Dirk Koetter and the HUGELY successful Houston Nutt with Ole MIss right now....

    Would Peterson be a good match for Notre Dame and picked over an Urban Meyer (if he wanted the job) or even a Brian Kelly?...probably not..but I would definitely put my money on someone in the administration putting his name up for AT LEAST a discussion...which would actually say a lot.

  273. Curt:

    Did we have any recruits on the sidelines this past weekend?

  274. W.M:


  275. Pomai:

    MIH i'm not saying he not a good coach, but I think he is in the right system, coaches operate in a system also, IMO it's the whole program that he's in that makes him what he is, but taken out of that can he do the same things, I don't think so. I think Nutt is doing ok but Koetter didn't do to hot after he left, I don't know, just a gut feeling about Peterson. I know that BSU is a very very good program all the way form the top of the school to the bottom.

    I would like to see our honcho's at UH get behind our program like BSU does.

  276. Pomai:

    Wow forgot again

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  277. YMEA:

    Gimme the cheese

  278. Kamuela:

    Gimme The Cheese!!!!!!!!

  279. panaewa:

    Gimme The CHEESE!!!!!!!

  280. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    I can see your point.

    I am with you 110% with regards to you very last sentence!!!...we really need that kind of support here and if we did I can't see why we couldn't compete at the national level on a more regular basis.

  281. d1島:

    I would like to see our honcho's at UH get behind our program like BSU does.

    to include the Admissions folks and those who set the standards. :roll:
    (I'm sure Coach Wagner would have had something to say about that on Saturday if you asked him.)

  282. Oliver Stoned:

    i'm not saying he not a good quarterback, but I think he is in the right system, quarterbacks operate in a system also, IMO it's the whole program that he's in that makes him what he is, but taken out of that can he do the same things, I don't think so.

    Sounds like some of the system quarterback arguments we heard a couple of years ago.

  283. waikoloa breeze:


  284. al:

    at half time koakane should be present to help award the check.

    i know of quite a few of other tsaikos who would qualify.

  285. Jason:

    Gimme the Cheese. Mmm, Wisconsin cheese. That's some good stuff. :-)

  286. d1島:


    Yeah, but how many of them can find the field by halftime? :lol:

  287. 808ike:

    Gimme the cheese!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. really cheap skate:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  289. madeinhawaii:

    Anybody see Travaun Nixon this past weekend? Was he wearing some kind of foot boot?

  290. 808ike:

    Mr. A-House,

    Thank you, yesterday's #301, well said.

    Planned on responding to a post directed to you and I. Decided not to
    when I remembered a quotation :

    " Ignorance is bliss "

    See you and family at the T-gate.

    Gimme the cheese.

  291. walter:

    Gimme the cheese please

  292. 808ike:

    Gimme the cheese.

    Maytag blue.

  293. Pomai:

    Oliver Stoned #282 exactly and he is very very good in the system, but don't forget they are all systems.

  294. Kekoa:

    Na Koa Lunch attendees included Me, HoweLee, Myki & sj-macro. That was it! I was hoping SailorBlue would sail thru the door.

    ~ Don Weir stopped by to chit-chat before the start.

    ~ Coach Mack conducted the game film breakdown.

    ~ A 'normal' person at our table won a door prize. (HoweLee said he had one door need nodda one). Except for the Helmet, the prizes are very lame.

    ~ Kyle Nakamura sat next to me. (Former Manager of The Willows).

    ~ Game film discussion was mainly about the how and the why the 'D' was devised. Coach Mack was getting all exercited as he explained how they executed the plan to perfection most of the time.

    ~ The stop action feature clearly showed John Fonoti consistantly shed 2 or 3 blocks to provide a very brutal, critical collision with the ball carrier.

    ~ On the other side he showed how RJ Kauhane was doing the same thing, and destroying people!

    ~ He isolated clips of how Blaze 'gently' placed the future Naval Officers in a premature 'Rear' Admiral position 11 times, while assisting a 12th time.

    ~ He had the most fun showing us how each of the receivers ran their routes and how Moniz fired his passes right on the kini-po-po! Then, he cracked us all up by taking credit for their catches by stating that he "taught them how to do that!"

    ~ Coach gave props to the team for bringing it all together and "peaking" at the right time as we collide with Wiscy. He was very much on the down low about the game plan, of course.

    ~ Food on the line was their usual house salad, Tako salad, rice, roast pork, Beef Teri, and bread pudding.

    ~ Manoa mist hung around outsie from beginning to end.

  295. koakane™:

    Anheuser-Busch donated $100,000 to UH today. In a round-about way, I think, Koakane probably deserves partial credit.

    d1 good one but it the big green thing in the middle of the high risers right :lol:

    I try to help UH anyway possible. :D Gimme the cheese

  296. Pomai:

    808ike it was all in good fun, love and respect en Mrs A knows it.

  297. Kekoa:

    The Blue Deuce Goose strikes again!

  298. Derek:

    So, what do you think?
    1) David Hafoka redshirting this year and has 2 years to play 2?
    2) Anybody hear about Jack Sula?
    3) What about Alifipo, Venu, Lopati, etc.?
    4) Since Weis got the pink slip, will Teo go back to the dome after his mission and what will happen to Toma?
    5) Now that Bowden is retiring, will Paterno retire to keep the most wins record?
    6) Will Bowden coach another school to try to break Paterno's record?
    7) Tiger doesn't want to reveal anything about his accident, but it will continue to linger until it comes out? He wants privacy, but it will not go away..and the longer it is, the worse it will get. He's a public figure and basically, whatever he does or doesn't do is news. Inquiring minds want to know...heck, he's my favorite golfer and I want to know what the hell he was doing driving from his home at 2:25 a.m. As someone said, "nothing good happens after midnight." By not telling the story, it smells like something of a coverup. If he's got personal problems say it.
    We all have personal problems from time to time. He himself said it was his fault and he's not perfect. So, why not tell the truth and get it over with and we can go forward. This thing will not die until it comes out!
    8) Rainbow Wahine should use the snub, again, as a strong motivating factor to go far in the tournament. I predict they will make it to the final 4, where they will have to beat Penn State in the semis. If they do, I think they can go all the way, but it will be tough! The Wahine should have a chip on their shoulders and get even w/ the NCAA!
    9) If it was me, I would have tried the field goal when the Warriors had 4 and 1 on the Navy 16 w/ 7 points ahead. Since they didn't, they should have run an option play to the outside. Navy was ready to stop the run up the middle where most of the defensive lineman and linebackers were blitzing in the gaps. Not good play calling?
    10) What does it say when you don't trust your field goal unit to go for it?
    What are you telling Enos? If your field goal kicker can't consistently make it inside the 40 you've got problems. When the coach doesn't has confidence in the kicker, it's all over. Might as well get another kicker who can make it, right?
    11) Good for SMU to make it to the Hawaii Bowl when it's announced tomorrow? June Jones has done a fabulous job in his second year.
    12) There is one difference when UH beat Northwestern and Michigan St. and now when we play Wisconsin? We don't have Chad Owens on this year's team....unless Jovante Taylor breaks a couple. Owens kick off returns against the Big 10 teams propelled Hawaii to the motivating force to win those games...not to mention he had great games catching the ball too. Let's hope Greg Sales and others to make big plays!

    So, what you tink!

  299. Pomai:

    #298 #9 I agree we should have not run up the middle, we had been having good runs on the sweep to the outside, I believe we would have picked up the first down if we had run it outside. But with the W it makes it easier to let go.

  300. Pomai:

    d1 I concer I personally can comfirm that Koakane did his part to get that $$$$

    Good job gramps

  301. A-House:

    Last call for the "blog-know-it-all":

    I have yet to meet one on this blog, but we do have several who are very intelligent and very knowledgable about the Warrior program ( Garret ); also, we have those who are ultra passionate about the same Warriors ( Kazz, Big Hilo Fan2 ); but most of all, we have true, proud, and loyal supporters of the Warrior program - players, coaches, Jim D, and Chancellor Hinshaw.

    To the best of my knowledge, none has ever claimed to be a "now-it-all" but labeled as such by others.

    As for me, I will the first to admit that I know a lot and have experienced much, BUT what I do know and have exprienced is a "micro-speck" in the universe.

  302. awe-rite:

    gIMmE tHE cHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. oxtail soup:

    Gimme the Cheese

  304. GRM:

    Ronnie, if you want a copy of the game, email your address to me at grmatsumoto at hawaiiantel dot net

  305. Palolo:

    44,389 people will be at Aloha Stadium cheering on the Warriors. I hope they come out with their white helmets and the rainbow pants, with the old school green jersey, and kick the Badgers. It will be crazy.

  306. Mrs. A-House:

    Wafan -
    Massage Mr. A's feet??? I don't think so. If he makes that request, all I have to do is excuse myself from the room, return after 30 minutes, hand him a bowl of popcorn and his only comment to me would be, "did you add extra butter?"... exertion avoided ... ploy works like a charm ...again.

    Pomai -
    ... reminder... I am martially arts trained and my hands are lethal weapons (anyway, they were 20 years ago)..., nah j/k. I will always consider you one of my dear friends. See you Saturday.

  307. Mrs. A-House:

    ST -

    When is the drawing for the UH/Wisconsin tickets? If not the tickets, some Velveeta Cheese would be a nice second-place prize (add a package of soda crackers for a nice additional touch). Mahalo!

  308. madeinhawaii:


    #10. I really think it had less to do with not having all that much confidence in your kicker as having confidence in your offense at that moment. Rather than 4 and 1 it was more like 4 and 6 inches. Your team just marched 60 yards down field. The momentum is at your back. Your Defense has shut down Navy completely in the second half. Your up by 7. Navy will need every second left on the clock and then some to score...

    6 inches...
    after going 60 yards...
    Your players are playing inspired football...

  309. whitey:

    Gimme the Cheese

  310. Stretch:

    Having SMU come over for the Hawaii Bowl is going to be an added plus for the Diamond Head Classic. Having the FBall and BBall team here playing might encourage more SMU fans to take the trip over for the holidays. They will probably attend both events, raising tickets sales.

  311. Mrs. A-House:

    I continue to marvel at the genius of parents of outstanding athletes who name their sons: Travaun, LaDanian, Davonne, Shaquille, DeShaun, Latrelle...only downside, they will never find a souvenir keychain on a rack in a 5 & dime store with their name. Who cares? Only senior citizens like me who have time to wonder about nonsense issues. Aloha and warmest welcome to Travaun Nixon. Best wishes for an exciting and rewarding career at UH.

  312. Jack Flash:

    Gimme the Cheese.

    This is an email i received earlier from the owner of the local Boarshead Foods franchise. She knows I am a rabid Warriors fan!

    "Hyatt Regency called today because the nutritionist from Univ of Wisconsin wants our white american and mozzerella cheese for the "players" lunch on Friday. The Hyatt told me they only agreed because they don't want to interfere with their diet and want them to be fully prepared for the butt-kicking they are going to get on Saturday from the Warriors."

  313. jm2375:

    Good evening Tsaikos!

    Gimme the Cheese. Pretty please, so I can go to the game?

    Mrs A-house is on a roll today. Howzit, Mrs A-house! BTW, I sometimes have a hard time finding my name (spelled correctly) on a keychain at souvenir shops. :mrgreen:

  314. Mrs. A-House:

    jm2375 -

    Howzit right back at ya! Hope to see you at the tailgate this Saturday. Without going into intimate detail, there may be risque performances by a certain male Tsaiko with strong Navy ties. Don't want to miss that.

    Good night everybody! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed chatting with you.

  315. 808kamaaina:

    "Gimme the Cheese"...already + 2 nites at the Hilton

  316. yu shien:

    Gimme the Cheese

  317. hawn pancake:

    Gimme The CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!

  318. Kellie:

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  319. goochie goochie goo:

    Gimme The CHEESE
    i give u one shirt

  320. nananananana...native:

    "Gimme the CHEESE"

  321. Ronnie:

    GRM - Thank you for the offer!!! I sent you the email.

    Thanks again!

  322. tommy:

    Gimme the Cheese

    show me them tittttiesss!

  323. d1島:

    In the hope that like last night, a late entry will prove to do the trick...

    Gimme the cheese


  324. Mali'e Girl:

    Gimme the CHEESE
    i need to go nienie

  325. Maunakea Shnow:

    gimme the CHEESE

  326. hoang:

    gimme the cheese!

  327. kamtruck:

    gimme the CHEESE
    true warrior fan :)

  328. koakane™:

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  329. madeinhawaii:

    "Gimme the Cheese."
    You heard me...

    "Gimme the Cheese."


  330. kawaihae:

    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  331. Stan Manley:

    cut the cheese then,

    "gimme the cheese!"

  332. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    There have now been more than 8,000 swine flu deaths worldwide, an increase by more than 1,000 since last week!

  333. Garret:

    MIT students developed color-changing roof tiles that absorb heat in winter and reflect it in summer. This has the potential to reduce greenhouse emissions significantly if it can be produced at a reasonable price.

  334. Garret:

    Boston woman cooked the Thanksgiving turkey while helping to deliver her granddaughter!

  335. Garret:

    I cannot believe that a company is selling a device that could be used as a laptop stand that enables a driver to use a laptop while driving!

  336. Garret:

    Teenager broke into a neighbor's home to look for snack food...the felony burglary charge could send him to prison for 4 years.

  337. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  338. RainbowCliff:

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation, I got both the Rainbows and Wahines in LA this week. Will do my best to see both teams as the wahines will have to play "lights out" volleyball ESPECIALLY if they have to play USC at Galen in the 2nd Round.

    Galen can get raucous and the walls vibrate with SC fans young and old brings the volume up and you can't hear nothing but LOUD ROAR verberating the rafters and stands. A GREAT home court arena !

    As for my former Rainbow basketball team I hope they bring patience and a WILL to win as Pat Douglass Irvine Eaters are going to run down the clock on every posession, keep the score low and have Bren Center rocking with it's CRAZY student section. Irvine is not bad but they play TOUGH at home so Bob and the boys must contain their pg and BIG man who are averaging double figures between both of them.

    Stay out of foul trouble and don't put Irvine on the line as they shoot above average when playing at home.

    Going to be tough for both teams as I am ready to cheer them on. Special thanks to LK as I got the GREAT pics and my Tsaiko badge !
    appreciate all your work in making it happen.

    Mrs. A House: I am thrilled that you and your family received all my Hawaii goodies as I still have ONE more item for you and Midori 7 to share as both you ladies will always use it to look your BEST !

    Much Aloha !

  339. madeinhawaii:

    anybody post this link ... Wisconsin vs Hawaii summary?

  340. ypo:

    before it gets rotten

  341. kama krab:

    Come on baby

    Gimme the Cheese

  342. kama krab:

    One more time now

    Gimme the Cheese

  343. RainbowCliff:

    Good Night Tsaiko Nation as I have a busy day tomorrow with some early tennis and a much needed hot tub to soak aching muscles and aging bones that an old 51 year old Rainbow Warrior has to have ambiance of LIFE !

    Pleasant Dreams !

  344. Kekoa:


    November 30th, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    #10. I really think it had less to do with not having all that much confidence in your kicker as having confidence in your offense at that moment. Rather than 4 and 1 it was more like 4 and 6 inches. Your team just marched 60 yards down field. The momentum is at your back. Your Defense has shut down Navy completely in the second half. Your up by 7. Navy will need every second left on the clock and then some to score...

    6 inches...
    after going 60 yards...
    Your players are playing inspired football...


    M-I-H ~ That is almost word for word what Coach Mack said at the Na Koa Lunch today!...You are one scary buggah my friend!

  345. Slugger:

    Gimme the cheese....please.

    Koakane wasn't the only Tsaiko making the Anheuser-Busch donation possible...but he was a beeg part of it. :)


  346. Kekoa:

    R/C ~ I wore the shirt with Pride at the t-gate Saturday...and yes, Pride showed up that day too. First time in a long time!!

    Mahalo! 51 year-old BB Legend!

  347. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    For those of you who are unhappy with what you see as a lack of support for UH athletics by UH administrators, Regents, faculty, elected officials, state administrators & alumni, you should consider taking a more active role in changing How Things Are Done Around Here.

    Actions can be as small as joining the UH Alumni Association or a booster club such as Na Koa or as large as contributing $5 million for facilities upgrades. Or drinking $100K worth of beer.

    You can also call people such administrators, legislators or Regents, write a letter, speak up at community meetings and legislative hearings.

    If you're interested in facilities improvements, here is the key person on campus to submit your concerns. Virgina Hinshaw will pass along your concerns to this individual.

    Brian Minaai, Associate Vice President for Capital Improvements
    808) 956-7935

    The four legislators to contact are Senators Jill Tokuda, 587-7215 (Higher Education) & Donna Mercado Kim, 587-7200 (Ways & Means) and Representatives Jerry Chang, 586-6120 (Higher Education) and Marcus Oshiro, 586-6200 (Finance). All but Chang live on O`ahu.

    The Chair of the Board of Regents is Howard H. Karr. For a complete list of Regents, visit their website at

    For more information about upcoming meetings, minutes, or to get contact information for each individual Regent, call 956-8213.

    Finally, there is strength and power in numbers. One of these days at a T-Gate or some other event, ask me about "Oreo's Law" named after our black & white cat and the 1,199 days it took to get it passed.

  348. chawan_cut:

    tonight's news

  349. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Looking forward to seeing what BLAZE has to say on the chat tomorrow!

    AND looking forward to seeing SMU in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl!

    Of course, it's ON to WISCONSIN first... and then... and then....



  350. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    350... GO WARRIORS!

  351. Parkpill:

    "Gimme the Cheese."

  352. bigisle:

    please.... GIMME THE CHEESE ;~)

  353. koakane™:

    kden Gimme the Cheese.

  354. Ralph:

    anyone know how to run chkdsk utility. I did the run with chkdsk.exe, but it stopped at step 2 with the message that the program was read only and that it cannot continue.

  355. jm2375:

    Gimme the Cheese.

  356. al:


    hafoka's case is under review. methinks he already burned a redshirt year early in his career. but that is being scrutinized. and you know how our compliance girl interprets the medical hardship rule. yup, not very well.

    sula has no plans to go to college it seems.

    alifipo and lopati are at jc's and will need to get an aa degree before being eligible for any future endeavors.

    manu veni i thought was a greyshirt or did he attend west oahu college this year. well, one of the two anyway.

  357. madeinhawaii:


    Maybe Coach Mack read my comment on SportsHawaii yesterday morning...;-)

    It was 4th and inches.. not 4th and a yard... Your team has been moving the ball almost at will all night long. What's a few inches?

    Hmmm... Less than 6 minutes left on the clock. Navy takes that long or longer to march down field. What to do?

    You go for a kick, you send a message to your Offense and fans that you have more confidence in the kicking team than you do in them. You go for it, you subconsciously send the same message to your FG team and fans alike.

    Conservative or gutsy?

    How many inches? About a football, you say?
    It's two am in Annapolis, Navy players gotta be worn down by now... right?

    go Conservative or go for it

    1 second on the clock..
    Put in the kicking team.. probably get delay of game and have to kick from another 5 yards back...

    Inches you say?


    Lemme see.. last two times in the redzone... how did we do? ...
    Oh yeah.. touch downs...

    Inches you say?


  358. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    Congrats, Kenton!

  359. madeinhawaii:

    Congratulations Kenton!!

  360. LizKauai [iMac] WARRIORS! IMUA!:

    mih- my biggest cheer came when we scored in the 3Q !!!

    <3 woot woot!!

  361. Pauoa Boy:

    #250 - Mrs. A-House, mahalos, was nice seeing you and Midori again. I like copy of the picture if can. Anyway, tell Mr. A-House no worry going get planny more times to chit chat and throw back some beer. Well about to head to Cali tomm. so hopefully I might catch you guys at the Hawaii Bowl if the boys make it.

  362. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Still will say that getting a TD will make it a 2 possession game....a FG would STILL make it a 2 possession game....either score would secure a victory IMO.

    If I had to break it down and assuming we ran a play designed to get the 1st down, seeing that Mack said "we only needed 6 inches"

    Go for the 1st down Outcomes:
    Make it, turnover on downs, fumble and/or run back for Navy.

    Go for a FG Outcomes:
    Score, block/fumble and/or run back for Navy

    Only the FG choice is designed, intended and has a "ur up and u make it or miss it 50/50" chance to SCORE points on that single play. the other does not.

    If Enos was a little more consistent I have to believe we wouldn't have gone for the 1st down...

    I can only speculate that they were afraid of a block field goal and having Navy run the ball back and hence turning it over on downs or a fumble on the 25 would be better than a run back.

    But as was said earlier the WIN makes it easier to live with....if it was a loss oh boy different story. I just hope that we actually have "options" in those kinds of situations because the last few games it seems as though we HAD to go for it no matter what....which is scary.

  363. koakane™:

    evening late night tsaikos and warrior fans

    nuff already we won and time to move on and look forward to the badgers. focus all the positive waves to this saturday's game.

    but my two pennies say run the option play, fake the hand off and go outside. wide open check it out when reviewing the game. navy crowed the middle twice. could of walk for a first down or trotted in for the td. if the plan was to go for the inches and not kick the fg.

  364. Mad Dog:

    What bothered me about that fourth and inches play is that Moniz lined up in the shotgun instead of under center. If Moniz kissed Estes' butt, he could have made the six inches with ease. If the coaching staff was worried about Moniz's ribs, then they should have put Funake under center.

  365. TChahng [오키나와]:

    I believe ...

    Go Warriors!!!

  366. al:

    this was the time for mack to allow tsai a shishi break.
    talk it over.
    prepare and gather the troops for its most important down.
    he probably would have called a play under center and they probably would have made it.

    or they would have realized that navy was out of timeouts and therefore going for the fg would have made more sense.

    ...nuff said.

  367. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    Mad Dog,

    I agree IF for whatever reason we needed ...*key word* needed a 1st down and Inches we should do it the hard way with the QB under center and a push of our line...We are not Bo

    To line up 3/4 yards behind the LOS when you only needed 6" seemed odd. If Moniz our star QB couldn't do it because they didn't want to risk injury then put Funaki in...but this also goes to the point that if ur not comfortable with ur QB getting that 6"...u should have gone for the FG...

  368. iwonderwhytheyhateme:

    oops for some reason the #367 cut out...

    *We are not Boise St or Florida so lets not try to get cute in these kinds of situations...*

  369. iwonderwhytheyhateme:


    im with you on this one. gotta move past it already.

  370. al:

    with wisconsin....can we parlay our strengths and come up with a great game plan. we know we can't be pushing and shoving those behemoths all game. therefore, technique, quickness, responsibility, and a solid game plan will have to be our strengths.

    our short passing game needs to be reworked and we may have to employ even shorter stuff.

    we need to be flawless on special teams.

    we need to hang on to the ball.


  371. al:

    how much have we practiced that option?
    that could be done.

    we definitely need to have the running backs involved in at least 2 out of every seven downs.

  372. Pomai:

    I dare say that in the last 2 games it seems that we have improved in having a balanced R&S, it also seems (to me) that our strength on the run is to the outside/dive/run up the middle, in that order. I think we will really need the outside run with the badgers, I'm sure that the middle will be closed.

  373. RainbowCliff:

    Kekoa, a BIG smile on my face as that Reebok green golf shirt that you are wearing I KNEW right away it was for you !

    I have been blessed with your ALOHA spirit as I have reached THOUSANDS to it during my time in Los Angeles not counting areas
    I visited out side the United States. I wake up FRESH, HAPPY and wanting to do good and interact with God's BEAUTIFUL people !

    I am in GREAT shape playing ALL over Los Angeles and demonstrating skill and athleticism in Tennis and Basketball that my networking ability alone just there has reached a multiethnicity of players from different genders and walk ways of life who acknowledges me athletically, personally and professionally. I have a WONDERFUL life and it ALL started with you good folks of Hawaii Nei !

    I LOVE giving back to you folks as you gave me SO much more and that kind sir is the "ALOHA SPIRIT" as I represent it to the HIGHEST here in Los Angeles and I wear it with PRIDE every where I go !

    I have over come OBSTACLES and dissapointments BUT through adversity it builds CHARACTER kind sir Kekoa as I have ALL of that and a LOVE for god's people and his beautiful children ESPECIALLY Hawaiian children as they gave me the early experience in developing my children teaching skills in which today I am known as "the pied piper of south central los angeles" !

    Let me be the first to say Melekalekemaka to ALL of you this morning as their is no better time of the year then having Christmas in Hawaii. I have a FREE Christmas gift to offer ANY of you Tsaiko ladies on this blog who wears an adidas 8 1/2 size tennis shoe.

    It is from my Reebok Alliance people who had an extra pair as I offer to any Tsaiko lady who can wear or have a family member that can wear it. $40.00 in value, white low cut canvas with pink logo and lettering. If like just leave a post (first post, first served) as I will get back to you asap.

    My gift to you and the most wonderful thing I may not even know you but "we share our compassion when we meet a stranger" !

    Much Love and Aloha Tsaiko Nation as I am off to dominate the Tennis courts of Los Angeles !

  374. Garret:

    The quotes from Mack's weekly press conference are on UH's website.

    On the game plan vs. Navy...
    We made plays. I handcuffed them a little bit because this week I told them that they need to control the football. So instead of going downfield a lot we were throwing quick stuff and running the ball. I thought the offense did a great job. It was great to have (Bryant) Moniz back. Kealoha Pilares and Greg Salas both had a great game, but our offensive line is our silver lining. Moniz had all kinds of time, they were sending five guys and six sometimes but he had all kinds of time to throw the football and I give credit to our offensive line.

  375. Garret:

    On the team’s focus…
    Just like at San Jose State we learned how to focus. We were really focused the entire game. We have to take that into this (week’s) game because this is the most important game we will play.

  376. royvic:

    In this article from The Capital the Navy coach describes the fan noise at Aloha Stadium.

    A crowd of 40,643 at Aloha Stadium was equally fired up and the Midship-men did not respond well to the noise, which Niumatalolo said was more deafening than Ohio Stadium or Notre Dame Stadium.

    More deafening than at the Ohio and Notre Dame?

    Wow, that's impressive. Props to the spirited fans at the game. What stood out aside from the loud cheering was seeing the fans waving those white objects (balloons?).For the Warrior players on the field, undoubtedly, the fan support inspired their performance. This is great. Hopefully for the Wisconsin game the loudness of the cheering and fan support surpasses that of the Navy game.

    The Navy coach also mentions in this article that his players aren't going to review film of the Hawaii game. For as he put it there's no sense in them watching their mistakes.

    What I gather is that I think Navy would eagerly look forward to the next game and chance with Hawaii. I know I do.

  377. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    so Niumatalolo like chance? okay dokay!

    Jim Donovan, make da call ! ! ! home and home x2

  378. d1島:

    Great Morning All!

    Congratulations Kenton!

    Happy Birthday jojo!

  379. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Bhf2 ~ Wasn't there a time when a young Hilo fan2 wore the uniform of the USN?...jez wonderin'.....

    Good Morning Viet Nam! Tsaiko's around the World and up your street! :cool:

  380. d1島:

    Eh, sumbuddy wen "cut the cheese" :shock:

    Going get 30-40 percent less of Badger Nation indahouse dis time! Oh well, I guess the UH fans gotta jus' look at it as a Mofomi situation....

  381. bighilofan2:

    good morning good morning. yup. way way back in da day.

  382. d1島:

    Hoping that the whole Defense is gonna play "Blaze style" this Saturday... :twisted:

  383. d1島:

    So it is ackchally bighilofan2?

  384. d1島:


    So the lil' darlin' got the household up bright an' early this morning?

  385. bighilofan2:

    thanks for the link to the Wisky article on the game. good one.

    which brings me to predicting that in this game, alot will be riding on Coach Rolo's offensive game planning. the options utilizing Schofield, timing his rushes, going to the slots on his side will help Kia and keep him home. just gotta know that Northwestern's butt whuppin of Wisky last week, mostly through the air, is plenty god reason to have hope against Wisconsin. it'll all come together.

    Traytah Jones done his part, now we gots to do ours. 31-17, Hawaii beats Wisconsin.

  386. bighilofan2:

    have a great day Tsaikos.

    hi ho hi ho.

  387. d1島:

    ....following bhf2 out da door.

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


  388. Loa:

    morning gang!

    Happy Birthday jojo ® !

  389. HiFlyer:

    Happy Birthday JoJo!!! Are you going to gome to the Tgate this week?

  390. James:

    @madeinhawaii. Thanks for the link (339)

    The way to beat Wisconsin: Go to the air: pass, pass, pass and keep on passing.

    That is, if the offensive line is ready and up for the game, not like the Georgia game when they did not show up to give Colt time to pass and show his stuff. The running backs should block off for the QB to give him time to pass. The Badgers defensive line going come on hard on the QB and try to knock him off his game. The key to this game going be our offensive line and if they can hold their own to the Badgers bigger, stronger and quicker defensive line. If they do, it is going to be quite a show! Just give our QB time to pass, just a few seconds, puhleeze! You can do it. Warriors must play a strong first half because that is when Wisconsin is most productive, especially the second quarter, according to that article. Go Warriors!

  391. chopsueyboy:

    what happened to the Call the Coach show?

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