December 27th, 2009

Congrats to The Advertiser's All-State Players of Year:

manleyLeilehua's Andrew Manley

jamoraKahuku's Hauoli Jamora

yapKamehameha's Beau Yap

* * * * *

Belated congratulations to Neal Iwamoto and Natalie Iwamoto on the latest addition to the UH ohana — Arianna, who was born Dec. 23.

Neal is an assistant media relations director in the UH athletic department (he primarily handles UH men's basketball). Natalie is director of  information for the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association.

* * * * *

Fetaiagogo Fonoti is close to reaching an agreement with an agent. Earlier, center John Estes signed with Kenny Zuckerman and linebacker Blaze Soares signed with Wynn Silberman.

279 Responses to “Congrats”

  1. jm2375:


    Good morning gangeez!

  2. d1島:


    Congratulations to the new parents!

  3. whitey:

    Congratulations to the the Iwamotos'

  4. koakane iphone:

    Top 5

  5. madeinhawaii:

    Congratulations to the Iwamotos.

    Morning everyone... I'm still waiting for my cup of coffee...

  6. d1島:

    Congratulations to the All-State honorees.

  7. jm2375:

    OK, went back to catch up on last night's happenings.

    Congrats to the new parents. May you have a few peaceful nights in the next few months.

    Good luck to Mr. Fonoti.

  8. jm2375:

    HTTR!! Rope dem cowgirls!

  9. chopsueyboy:

    Wow! Top Ten!

  10. wafan:

    Top 20!!!


  11. wafan:

    Aw heck! Top 10, too!

  12. wafan:

    A beautiful Sunday morning, everyone.

  13. chawan_cut:

    Congrats to the new parents!

  14. Pecan Pie:

    Congrats Messrs. Manley, Jamora and
    are the creme of the crop. Now rise up to the top
    of your game in the next level.

  15. koakane™:

    forgive my manners, good morning tsaiko country, all the warrior and wahine fans. may today be a special one in whatever you are doing.

    kope is extremely good ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    I still think UH can get all three.

  17. Old School Dave:

    Congratulations to Andrew Manley, Haouli Jamora, and Beau Yap. All seem to be very humble young men. Congrats also to their families and coaches for their guidance. Too much bad stuff in the media about young people and our schools these days. Great to see something positive and the rewards of honest, hard work, and dedication. Best of luck at the next level!

  18. bighilofan2:

    Good morning Tsaikos everywhere.

    Congrats to the creme ah da crop.

  19. koakane™:

    congrats to the hs all starts. hope the UH is eyeing up some of these boys. they look like a good group of studs who may one day help the program. cmak and the staff start your wheels turning to get some of them.

  20. Old School Dave:

    Don't forget that verbal commitments are just that. They aren't binding. Gotta sign and send in that NLOI. Still get chance!! GO WARRIORS!!

  21. madeinhawaii:

    I hope our Warriors watched the USC vs BC game and came away thinking that they could beat USC next season if they worked hard this off season. USC looked vulnerable enough and beatable with the right game plan. Our team has to come together early, though. and be ready before the season starts.

    Congrats to all our All-State Players! They worked hard and deserve the recognition. Much success wherever they go. And to those who stay to play for the home crowd... Much success and a big Mahalo!

  22. koakane™:


  23. madeinhawaii:

    Old School Dave

    Problem is... there are no more scholies available unless one of the previous verbals recinds their agreement. The only thing the coaches can offer now are walk-ons, grey-shirt and conditionals.

  24. βρεω808:


    ...again... :D

  25. wafan:

    Happy birthday Lefty!

  26. wafan:

    Congratulations to the best in the state!!!


  27. madeinhawaii:

    Looks like next season they'll have a full complement of scholarships and then some... so 25 initials and a few more for some of the existing players may not be out of the question.

    Hmm... Do athletes who make the official roster pay "resident" tuition even if they are from out-of-State?

  28. βρεω808:

    Congratulations to the new parents - Neal & Natalie. I really thought you'd pick a name beginning w/ "N".... but what the heck do I know.

    Of all the All-Stars mentioned above, I think we have the best chance of signing — Arianna .... :D

  29. d1島:


    I'm thinking that would be an NCAA violation.

  30. ai-eee-soos:

    A gray shirt offer to one of these three makes sense to me.

    Enroll in the Spring of 2011; red shirt in the Fall of 2011;

    learn, and, compete in the Spring of 2012 and Fall of 2012.

    In the mean time, get your academics lined up and squared away,

    and grow (lift weights) physically.

    Such a Deal !!!

  31. βρεω808:

    From the previous blog....

    A lot of folks always got to be right!!!. :roll:

    And then there are a few "special peeps", that are content with being => ... LEFT!!! :lol:

    :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol:


    :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol: 8) :D :roll: :lol:

  32. madeinhawaii:


    I suppose it would be... phew... costly to walk-on from out-of-State.

  33. d1島:


    Costly the other way around, too!

  34. d1島:

    Happy Birthday Lefty!

  35. βρεω808:

    That's why this program needs to focus on the local kids - FIRST! Bring in the mainland HS and JC players that really are ready and able to contribute immediately to the program. This applies to all sports. IMHO :|

  36. ai-eee-soos:

    re: Out of state tuition.

    Someone out there knows the exact terminology and conditions.

    There is a reciprocal agreement of sorts, among certain states,

    whereby a student of those states pays resident tuition at those

    cooperating state schools.

    Anyone know ?

  37. βρεω808:

    Most interesting "conversation" last night between MIH & Ralph on computers. Two obvious notes - 1) it involved PC's, 2) only thing missing was them talking via "beating drums"....heheheheh!!! :lol: :roll: :D

  38. d1島:

    As fans it's fun to speculate about the recruiting strategies and possible outcomes for the benefit of the team. But it might be a good idea to remember that the discussion is really about a real person with a real family in what sometimes is a really real situation.

    Grayshirting seems like a simple solution for fans and maybe even some of the coaches but dealing with that out-of-pocket tuition, room and board and expenses for a year or even a semester may be a real challenge for some families...esp. given the times we are in now.


  39. βρεω808:

    WESTERN UNDERGRADUATE EXCHANGE (WUE) - 150% in-state tuition....

  40. d1島:

    WUE schools allow out-of-state students in for 150% of resident tuition

  41. βρεω808:

    Hmmm.... but how does SC do it.... :roll:

  42. d1島:

    It is an honor to be just one minute behind βρεω808... ;-)

  43. βρεω808:

    d1島 - What octane is your kope today? :lol:

  44. d1島:


    "Special" travel accomodations! :lol:

  45. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    What does SC stand for?

  46. d1島:

    Spoiled Children


    Back to 10%

  47. βρεω808:

    No.... - it's truly an honor just being on the same blog as you d1島.... That's what you tell everyone anyways..... (Did I phrase that properly d1島?).... :D

  48. βρεω808:


  49. βρεω808:

    University of Spoiled Cheaters

  50. d1島:


    Close enuf! :-D

  51. d1島:

    They don't all cheat!

  52. βρεω808:

    Oh wait - I retract my comments regarding USC - seems my nephew has a chance at a full-ride there..... not athletics though.... :roll:

  53. βρεω808:

    And they're not all spoiled....

  54. βρεω808:

    General question - Will there be Tsaiko outings to the proposed "out-door" movies at Aloha Stadium? :roll:

  55. d1島:


    Haven't heard about it.

  56. protector:

    ST on # 16,

    I'd be ecstatic to get 2 out of the 3 and be happy to kiss Manley goodbye!
    I'm still irritated he wasn't honest enough to admit up front that he sat on the scholie offer from UH during his Junior year & misled at least 2 writers into thinking UH only offered a grayshirt & that NMSU was the sole offerer(?) of a full ride. Plain & simple he DIDN'T want to come here
    (at least not as a 1st resort). I don't want any player who has to "settle" for UH. I like players like Quines, Pelluer & others who are jacked up to be Warriors!

    I would've had a lot more respect for Manley if he had said that not taking the initial (UH) offer wasn't a rejection, but just a way to field more offers & that regrettably he had waited too long. But he DIDN'T!
    He had Nakama & Honda musing that UH had let him "get away" and that it may come back to "haunt" them later. What a crock!

  57. A-House:


    How about adding Swenke(sp) and Ioane to your list of 3 making it 5!!

  58. lava:

    Let's see a picture of this beautiful baby.

    Here is hoping some of the good ones stay at home.

  59. βρεω808:

    A-House is one greedy optimistic bugga.... :lol:

  60. A-House:


    Thank you, as always, for your input #166 last night.

    If this was KB's idea, then one POSITIVE point for him.


    This is a new year for Warrior football and nothing like dreaming - even if very optimistic!!!

  61. madeinhawaii:

    I think I'd kick off the outdoor movies at the Stadium with a reshowing of "Avatar"... ...imagine all that open space with 3-D glasses...((shudder)) ... Maybe better not..

  62. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    Peeking out from under my covers, the world seems about the same this side of 60 ;) ...just sleeping later though.


    a.k.a. "Lakerj32"

  63. Ralph:

    Happy Birthday Lefty!

  64. βρεω808:

    TMI..... Please - no more information regarding your covers or what hideous sites on the other side.... 3-D glasses or not! :shock:

  65. Ralph:

    Congratulations to Neal and Natalie on the arrival of Arianna, at least she gets to celebrate her birthday before Santa arrives.

  66. d1島:

    All the speculation can end now....Urban Meyer evidently will not be available to coach the Warriors. :roll:

  67. βρεω808:

    ....a change of heart.....?

    What, he and his doctors heard some murmuring from his heart....?

    Reexamined medical records that showed he actually left his heart in Utah?

    .... No need heart to compete in the SEC?

    Heard that UF HC would be either Bobby Bowden or Lou Hotlz? :roll:

  68. βρεω808:

    :oops: Holtz

  69. βρεω808:

    Oh... and Charlie Weis was also interested in the positon..... :roll:

  70. EH NO MAKE !:

    Posting by "protector":

    I've seen others "rant" on this blog so I'm guessing it's okay to do so, regarding the Andrew Manley situation, you DO NOT have a damn clue what you're talking about. Holding out, having Nakama and Honda scrambling, MY GOD, that's your source of information. Typical third maybe 4th hand knowledge huh..? Typical.

    Here, some first hand knowledge....

    U-H screwed up, there not telling Nakama, Honda OR Tsai the truth. They're the one's not admitting. Manley WANTED to be a Warrior, STILL wants to be a Warrior. That my friend, is FACT. First hand source FACT.

    Don't write about crap, question a young man's integrity with bullshit 3rd, 4th hand information.

    I bleed green and white not black. U-H football program needs a new head coach. PERIOD.

  71. Garret:


    I think you would agree with me that one positive point for Karl Benson does *not* outweigh all the negative ones! I cannot believe how he doesn't seem to even bother to stop BSU from publicly dissing the WAC each time they beg the MWC to take them in.

    The biggest problem I have with Benson is that he does NOT show the leadership and imagination to take the WAC to another level. If the WAC was more aggressively trying to improve, maybe BSU would like to stay and the WAC coach poach teams from other conferences.

    For example, a couple of years ago BYU's President gave an interview when he complained about the TV exposure that MWC teams got and he said that the WAC had a better outlet with ESPN (I posted that article to this blog). If I were Benson, I would have publicly invited BYU to come to the WAC, which would have kept that issue in the media and let them talk about a MWC school saying that the WAC had a better TV deal. All of the open speculation about BYU moving would be positive publicity for BYU. Instead, nothing was heard from Karl Benson and the news from BYU died down quickly.

    In private, I would have told BYU that they could keep the TV rights for their sporting events for their BYU channel (which is available nationwide via satellite) for all games that ESPN does not pick. That is similar to have K5 and PPV have UH games. That would be a *huge* financial incentive to BYU. Back then UH had Colt and BSU had recently gone to a BCS game, so the WAC really did have a lot of good recognition.

    Adding BYU would have torn the MWC apart, especially if Utah decided they would want to join BYU. Even if BYU eventually turned down the WAC, all of the positive publicity for the WAC would have been priceless.

    There will be a very important conference shuffle going on in a few years and strong leadership is needed to guide the WAC to new heights. Trouble is, I see the MWC Commissioner pushing to get into the BCS, and I see Karl Benson just saying that the current system is fine and not trying to do anything to push the WAC forward. I'm not sure how much I believe in Benson to insure that the WAC ends up in the best situation possible. And if the WAC loses half of its teams to other conferences, UH will be hurt badly.

  72. d1島:

    USC junior defensive end Everson Griffen said after Saturday night's 24-13 Emerald Bowl victory over Boston College that he will skip his senior season to enter the 2010 NFL Draft.

  73. Garret:

    "WAC coach" should have been "WAC could"

  74. Garret:


    I think that USC loses its top 2 RBs also after this season. They will have good RBs next season of course, but at least they will be inexperienced in the season opener.

  75. d1島:


    ...and a standout WR will be playing on Sunday as well!


    Post 'em already! ;-)

  76. Ralph:

    E. Griffen was the top HS recruit at his position. Good news for our OT.

  77. Garret:

    The only negative with Griffen leaving early is that Jackson Jeffcoat might choose USC over Texas because of that. Jeffcoat is the #1 DE recruit in the country and might be the #1 recruit overall in the country...and he would be motivated to make a name for himself in his first college game.

  78. bstunna2002:

    You want the truth about Manley this is what happend from a very credible friend who knows Andrew, the offer was on the table Manley wanted to go to the mainland Hawaii was his fall back choice he did have an offer since the end of his junior season but he was also getting alot of interest from some BCS schools wanted to wait to see what other offers would come about unfortunetly none came and he ended up in the situation he's in. As for UH not proactively recruiting him that's bs, the situation was laid out on the table and this was the result, but italmost seems like the all state team is by popularity because how can PJ Minaya not be a first team qb.

  79. d1島:

    Brad Smith gets a 106 yd KOR to start the 2nd half for the J-E-T-S!

  80. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    # Stephen Tsai:
    December 27th, 2009 at 9:47 am

    I still think UH can get all three.
    # A-House:
    December 27th, 2009 at 10:59 am


    How about adding Swenke(sp) and Ioane to your list of 3 making it 5!!

    Why not?!

  81. Ralph:

    Stephen must be napping, I did not hear a hoot from Maunawili. Maybe he is hiding from A House, too many recruiting questions during this dead period.

  82. Ralph:

    maybe it was in context with the pictures he had and the article written about those who were honored for HA All State. What u think DPK?

  83. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    brew, d1-
    Its an honor to be on this very honorable blog to see gentlemen of such great honor offering such honors to one another. :lol:

    Happy Birfday Lefty!

  84. d1島:

    Gee.... that kid know plenny people....or plenny people tink dey know him! :roll:

  85. Ralph:

    D1 I hope he got plenty of Christmas presents from all his friends. :)

  86. d1島:


    It's an honor to be honored by one so honorable on as honorable a blog as the honorable blog host has honorably created.

    Honest! :twisted:

  87. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I'm happy that we are seeing their pics here and that our wishes are made known. Those three would be huge. As for the other two, let's dream big!

  88. d1島:


    Probably a hidden, voice-activated recorder would have been a good gift last Christmas!

  89. Kekoa:

    Congratulations to the new parents! I hope you enjoy every moment of Arianna's infant growth stage. Time passes so quickly that before you know, she will heading off to college!

  90. Ralph:

    Garret any word on Galiappo, MLB at USC, he and Griffen were recruited the same year and Galiappo was the #1 LB recruit. He may have been a RS because of the LB in front of him-Cushing, Rivers, Mauleuga (sp)

  91. ai-eee-soos:

    re #70. " EH NO MAKE ! "

    IF you know - tell us.

    t'anks eh.

    Frankly, I think a grayshirt scholarship offer for Spring 2011

    is a good deal.

  92. d1島:

    Howzit Kekoa!

    How goes the prep for the aerial assault across the street later this week?

  93. Garret:


    We'll have to wait until after NLI day and after the deadline for players to declare for the NFL draft to really know who USC will have available for their game against UH. All I know is that they will be ready to play and the Warriors will be too...and that game could tell us a lot about the season.

  94. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I am honored.

    BTW- Does anyone know if Eleu Wilson is on anyone's radar? He reminds me of West Keliikipi.

  95. Garret:

    For those wanting UH to add those 5 local recruits, does UH have the scholarships available? It looks like the recruiting class is pretty full already unless there are decommits or academic issues. I think that UH would find the room for those players though...

  96. βρεω808:

    Nah.... I just like posting here on The Warrior Beat, and it just happens that d1島, DPK, Kekoa, Ralph,, and dem oda rascals also are Tsaikos! :lol: :roll: :lol:

    BTW - what is this word "honorable" mean? :roll:

  97. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    That free play links story which you posted last night about the Lion, the Bear and the Tiger is now my all time favorite free play link story. Thanks for posting it. :)

  98. Garret:

    Sportsbow posted that a very good LB recruit will be visiting UH on 1/29.

    After taking recruiting slow during his senior season, San Bernadino (CA) Arroyo Valley linebacker Ofa Fifita is finally focusing on recruiting. With one official visit in the bag, the 3-star prospect finally has a front-runner.

    Fifita currently lists the Wolf Pack as his favorite, but the one drawback he sees with UNR is the fact that they want him to play outside linebacker. While he is listed at OLB in the database, he has spent his entire career playing inside. He wouldn't be completely opposed to learning a new system, but admit he feels more comfortable playing inside.

    With one official in the bag, Fifita has three more scheduled-those being to San Jose State, Fresno State and Hawaii. The Hawaii visit is scheduled for Jan. 29 and the trip north to Fresno is set for Jan. 22. There is still question about when he'll visit San Jose State due to being selected to play in a local all-star game on Jan. 9

    With UH, UNR, Fresno State and SJSU being his top four schools at the time, the No. 62 ranked outside linebacker in the class of 2010 gave weighed the pros and cons of the universities he's considering.

    Coming from a Polynesian heritage, likes Hawaii, but says he doesn't like the isolation that would keep him from coming back to California and seeing his family prevent his family from seeing his games out in the Pacific.

  99. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    If you look up the word "honorable" in the dictionary, you will see d1's picture next to it, lookin' all honorable and stuff.

  100. Garret:

    Recruits like Fifita are the type of players that UH needs to get--not only would it help UH, but it would be good not to have to face him if he goes to Nevada or Fresno State.

  101. d1島:



    no make...

  102. Garret:


    I'm glad that you liked that free play link. I like the medical stuff the most (the possible simple and cheap cure for MS is very interesting to me, and the vaccine to prevent cancer and allergies would be awesome), but I try to go over a variety of topics so that at least some of them would be of interest to the varied Tsaikos. Over the past year or so some people seem to have commented on the dumb criminal stories, so I try to include them every so often.

  103. d1島:

    Niners score again!

  104. d1島:

    nap time

  105. βρεω808:

    Re: #96 - If there's a will, there will be a way..... well, I hope so.... this crew has disappointed us very recently.... :roll:

  106. βρεω808:

    Re: #100 - Good try DPK - DICTIONARY? I've seen d1島 in person and .... Heheheheh :roll: :lol: :D

  107. r b:

    what a bias pac 5 kid was the best in the state with young and not so talented o line his stats were huge. That reciever should get offers from uh too.

  108. βρεω808:

    Re: #98 - DPK - Funny thing is the bear's name is actually "Timmy" and is supposedly writing a book.... too! :lol:

  109. whitey:

    my thing is that UH has solid offers out and they are giving those players time because they requested it or look like they are leaning to UH. I also think that the major part of their recruiting is done and they are now concentrating on making sure they don't lose any of them. that sounds like an excellent idea.

  110. Garret:


    Apparently UH has *not* offered Yap. They are bringing him in for a visit in January, where I hope they make him a scholarship offer--at least a grayshirt one because he could use the extra time to gain some weight in UH's strength and conditioning program.

    If UH brings Yap in for an official recruiting visit and asks him to walk on, I wouldn't be surprised if he went elsewhere to play.

  111. whitey:

    Next month will be very cruciel for recruiting as all of the schools will be putting on their final push. Hopefully all the recruits who commited with UH will not waiver and stand by their commitment.

  112. whitey:

    Garret, that is an unknown answer of how many scholies UH has left, but it will be a very interesting January for recruiting. Not only for UH, but can you imagine the pressure for the UFlorida recruits who have no idea who the new hc will be.

  113. whitey:

    Garret, your old school, UT, may be done with recruiting, but if they get killed by Alabama, it would not surprise me to see some decommit. At the same time, whoever wins between TCU and BSU, will they get more recruits??? Probably. I like the idea of WAC schools recruiting against other major schools, but would like it more if we started to schedule them for non=conference play.

  114. Ralph:

    wow Jets up 29-15 on the bad the game isn't on TV

  115. whitey:

    talking about future scheduling, i hope UH starts to play Nebraska in the near future. Colorado is a great start and hope we can continue this. Oregon State, USC, and Washington & Washington St are excellent. Texas would be great, not only great exposure, but mucho money.

  116. whitey:

    ralph, did you invest in a new computer or still using your edsel???

  117. whitey:

    whatever coach meyer decides, my best to him and have his health be back to full strenght.

  118. Kekoa:

    D-1 ~ My neighbor assures me that this year's air assault team is ready to roll out some new stock. In fact, on Christmas night, they gave me a sneak preview of what's to come.

    My cousins up on Kapolei Knolls heard the loud boom. They remembered me saying that the boomers they heard all week long was from my neighbor. This time they were all outside enjoying their pool side BBQ when the sky lit up with the fireworks. A frantic and very exciting phone call confirmed their excitement.

    My other neighbor assured me that what we saw last year was nothing compared to what he has in store. I'm begining to wonder if perhaps I should be contstructing a fall out shelter for Li'l Darlin' to duck and cover from all da spahkles!

  119. βρεω808:

    "It's going to be good to stay home and play in front of my family," Umu said.

    Safety Marcus Umu of Saint Louis School
    December 23rd, 2009

  120. Ralph:

    Colts playing without Peyton. Resting the starters for the playoffs.

  121. chawan_cut:

    urban "rubbah slippah" meyer.
    the flip flopper.

  122. βρεω808:

    Were the Raida's "saving" any of their players today? :roll:

  123. whitey:

    kekoa, may need more than a shelter, but if you hide a bottle of scotch in case of emergency, i think that you would be a better idea.

  124. Ralph:

    Whitey MIH stated that i have enough speed (processor), maybe a problem of low ram (256). The start up softwares taking a toll, too many updates for security, etc, takes up memory on RAM, cuz I did not add a lot of software out of the box.

  125. βρεω808:

    whitey - Li'l Darlin' is the baby granddaughter! Scotch..... :twisted:

  126. βρεω808:

    "enough speed" - okay, since MIH "says so"

    "low ram" - Oh, is that what they call that now....? :roll:

    "a toll" - Oh, not "a troll"?

    "out of the box" - had "boxes" back then? :twisted:

  127. whitey:

    ralph, at least yu get sum computer smarts. i thought ram was a male sheep and you had 256 of them.

  128. Kekoa:

    βρεω ~ You must have me confused with SailorBlue. I'm cured of having the blues ever since I was on the winning side of the Navy bet.

    Speaking of Spoiled Children...hehehe! My Li'l Darlin' has ruled the roost every since her arrival.

    Invited to a "BBQ" celebrating the return of an SC Trojan. There are supposed to be some media folks in attendance. I wonder if I'll bump into the blog host there.

  129. Garret:


    UT-Austin has *rarely* had decommits...maybe one decommit every 3 years. But the recruiting culture in Texas is different than in other places--some high school coaches in Texas openly discourage their players from wavering on their commits...they place a high value on the word of their players and there have been cases where recruiters from certain schools have been banned from visiting a high school if they try to convince a player to decommit or if they pull an offer from a player that committed.

    Texas is still in the final 2 or 3 for DE Jeffcoat and LB Hicks, so recruiting for them is not done.

  130. whitey:

    and brew is trying to make yu look bad.

  131. whitey:

    ho ho ho, that kekoa he always get something up his sleeve. now he get fuud and he not going share with al.

  132. βρεω808:

    whitey - All his 411 came from MIH. The bugga knows plenty - but not about 'puters.... :roll: :D

  133. Kekoa:

    Whitey ~ Back in the day, me and Pops could destroy a bottle of Johnny Walker Black during happy hour at the Chief's Club near Bloch Arena. Now, just looking at a bottle makes me woozy!

    Besides, any wrong doing detected by the Sheriff of Kaupe'a (Diana) and my shore leave is terminated...permanently

  134. βρεω808:

    Niners win. At least they have a chance at a .500 season. Really - that's what I expected, and hoped for a chance at the NFC-West and a playoff game. The vector is up....and some of the pieces are starting to fit.... :D

  135. βρεω808:

    As for the Raida's.... :roll:

  136. hoshi:

    yeah i agree with you yoshi 100%

  137. moshi:

    long time lurker. you hit on the nose yoshi

  138. Pride.:

    # Da Punchbowl Kid:
    December 27th, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    I am honored.

    BTW- Does anyone know if Eleu Wilson is on anyone's radar? He reminds me of West Keliikipi.


    Is Eleu Wilson a relative of David Pa'aluhi? I may have heard that incorrectly but thought that you might know.

  139. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Not sure.

  140. whitey:

    kekoa, that's good and you one lucky guy!!!!

  141. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Q: Who has multiple nics and likes to snipe at the regulars on the blog...? Hmmmm... Who could that be... ? I wonder....? :lol:

  142. whitey:

    dpk, how's your day??? hope had big improvement.

  143. Pride.:

    Would be happy to see Beau Yap don the green and white at aloha stadium for college. Of course everyone knows that Beau is the son of Boyd, the former high school standout running back from Kamehameha/ Kaiser.

    But Beau reminds me a lot of mom's brother John Gerard, who was a two-time all state defensive end at Kamehameha in 1976 and 1977. John also walked on at UH but never cracked the starting lineup due to different reasons, including injury.

    Maternal grandpa was a prominent major for Honolulu's finest. As a black belt in Karate, the major spent many years teaching the art to the youth in the Pearl City area.

    If Beau were to stay home and play for the Warriors, there will be many fans from the family as well as the HPD. Kamehameha and Kaiser 'ohana that will be watching Beau with much interest.

  144. Kekoa:

    yoshi ~ I agree with your comment about Garret. We've all enjoyed his unending collection of trivia over the seasons.

    However, it's good to have a little fun once in awhile. Sometimes posters like Whitey will start an off topic thread to relax and not take life too serious. Others like myself will jump in and add to it. It takes the edge off of some 'serious' arguments at times.

    If you want hard core, wall-to-wall, non-idle chat, there are other places you can park your 'puter. We welcome anyone that wants to send in a comment, even if it may seem like idle chatter. Not fair to label it anything other than chit chat.

  145. EH NO MAKE !:

    Let me see, someone suggested and offer from U-H to Andrew Manley to "greyshirt" was a good offer.

    Yeah, like popping firecrackers on an airline flight headed to Detroit.

    Simply IDIOTIC !

    And it's not just Manley that should concern us all, University of Hawaii is NOT in on ANY of the top Hawaii high school football recruits. If your list is 3 players long, 5 players long whatever, Wariors are in on NONE of them.

    My God, we're asking questions regarding Beau Yap, a stud...should they offer hime ? I hope at least the grey shirt him, I wonder if they'll ask him to walk on after his visit.

    Are you kidding me...?

    Hawaii's recruiting efforts are poor, their approach is poor, most importantly their results are poor. Hell, the team is poor right now. I love 'em, I cheer for him, I pay, I contribute, I suffer like the rest of you.

    The program is like a "kamakazi" pilot right now, free falling, with no end in sight.

    We need a coach !

  146. whitey:

    kekoa, easy big guy, no get excited. i think the one stooge who thinks he is three is entitled to post what is on his mind and it ain't no big thing.

  147. yoshi:


    you see rainbow. that's good. wasnt talking about whitey. was talking about brew. after a while hes nauseating. i agree have your fun, but be considerate of others who might want to read something intelligent. garret is intelligent..and to say you enjoy his trivia doesn't make sense when you should be saying that you enjoy the knowledge that he passes on

  148. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I totally agree with your 146. Beau would be a tremendous asset for the Warriors in many respects.

  149. Bulla:


    John was one bad ______, just like the theme song to the movie Shaft...... i forgot that he went to UH.....

    LOI day is coming up, but the real deadline comes in August / September when all conditions need to be met by incoming student-athletes.


  150. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Pride have you found anything substantial about Eleu's college plans? I can't seem to find anything on him.

  151. Bulla:

    Eh No Make,

    all i can say is hmmmmmmmm, argggghhhhh, and hmmmmmmm, anything else would be ill advised at this time.....................

  152. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Much better each day. Thanks for asking braddah.

  153. toshi:


    you can't win. this blog belongs to them. didnt you know that?. your opinion dont mean squat.

  154. EH NO MAKE !:

    Okay, in all seriousness, and I don't intend this to be offensive, I just wanna know.

    In my opinion, I believe 2 seasons with Greg McMackin as head coach of the University of Hawaii football is ENOUGH. Am I the only one....?

    Here's my reasoning:

    - Absolute poor recruiting

    - Worst game / clock management I have EVER witnessed.

    - Absolute poor recruiting

    - Inability to get his team ready for games / too many times over the last two years our team came out flat.

    - Seems likeable but turns out to un-likeable (good luck recruiting with a personality profile like he has.)

    - Not sincere at all

    - Poor recruiting

    And these are just to name a few.

    I woul like to know how y'all felt.

  155. EH NO MAKE !:

    Bulla, I feel you brother, I feel you.....!

    Tell 'e, Bulla, tell your fellow Tasiko's I know what I speak about!

  156. lefty:

    Thx Tsaikos for the Happy Birthday...

    My birthday wish is for Al Davis to go back to his home

  157. whitey:

    eh no make, fair questions, but we have different views about the present coaching staff, so no sense dragging on about it since he going be here for another 3 yrs.

  158. Bulla:

    there is always light at the end of the tunnel, all is not lost......

    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started from this tropic port
    Aboard this tiny ship.

  159. Bulla:


  160. whitey:

    eh no make, one thing i will disagree is your statement on poor recruiting. there is no such thing as poor or good recruiting cause you don't know the results until after the kids enroll and start practice. things on the surface may look exceptionally shiny, like all state, etc, but if they don't have grades, have criminal tendencies, and are prima donnas, that can really hurt any program. at the same time, there are kids who are exceptional athletes who live up to their expectations, but who would think kids like Kurt Suzuki, Shane Victorino, Yates, and Kaluka Maiava would be playing professionally when they come from the outer island???

  161. Bulla:


    looks like you're breathing easier......sounds like it on the blog :)

  162. Bulla:


    you're's called 'upside'....what is the upside of the player.....many players in hawaii get overlooked because they don't pass the 'first look' test.....but when they are given the chance, the become the kaptain kadoosh for their respective team.

    within reason though, you're not going to have a 5'8 190 lb OT on a D1A team, but they're are exceptions. all i say, is if the player is a baller, let's go balling.

    strap up, man up and shut up til the dust settles....proof is in the pudding, and more than once a coach has second guessed their 'recruiting analysis'.

    but that's life, making the most of the opportunities presented....and with all that said GO WARRIORS :)

  163. Kekoa:

    Toshi ~ I consider myself a very good friend of Garret's. When we've had our chance to speak to each other at Tsaiko gatherings, he always impresses me with his well spring of knowledge. Whenever I speak to his parents, it's no wonder he is such a brilliant man. The apple to not fall far from the tree.

    I simply meant that some of the articles that he shares with us are bits and pieces of trivia. Some are hard core facts. Still there are times when he will make corrections to a post, just to set the record straight. He never belittles any one who wants to post. He would never have labeled anything from another poster as 'ridiculous.'

    I still welcome yours or anyone else's comments. This blog belongs to Stephen Tsai, and he alone has the power to delete. Peace 'n....

    Go Warriors!

  164. Kekoa:

    #166 should does not fall far from the tree.

  165. whitey:

    if recruiting is all about getting the top rated players, where did the no 1 running back, Chris Johnson of the Titans, play his college fb??? What was his hs star rating as a recruit? Where is he from?
    1. East Caroline, Conference USA
    2. Was a 2 star rated player
    3. From Orlando, FL
    So how did he not get signed by any the of SEC or ACC teams. He lives near UofFlorida and Fl State.
    He was the #1 draft for the Titans, so they made an excellent selection, but he did not blossom till he went to college.
    This is an example of why I said there is no such thing as poor or good recruiting. You don't know what you got till they show up at practice.

  166. whitey:

    For UH, this yr's possible NFL draftees, John Estes, Blaze Soares, and John Fonoti, all came in as 2 star rated players, but they have the potential to be drafted by the NFL next April.

  167. whitey:

    that is one of the main reasons why i am so optimistic about the oline for the upcoming season. they have sum potential studs and if they develop, they are going to do sum damage to the WAC next yr and yrs to come. the defense is no slouch either and look for them to get out of the mold of having a poor d backfield. our lb crew is exceptional on paper and hope they live up to their expectations.

  168. whitey:

    the question should be, how will they develop in our program?? will they fit in and contribute or just take up space??? me, i like to think all of them will contribute and make the Warriors very proud.

  169. whitey:

    eh no make, i hope that gives you a different view of how recruiting is viewed from another tsaiko.

  170. whitey:

    brew, the niners won, so when will they be moving to Santa Clara????

  171. bighilofan2:

    Eh, No Make!

    gotta wait until feb before you can say da recruiting is junk.

    i get hope. if you throw water on da fire before da bugga is big and bright, bad karma contributing nothing but bad karma.

  172. whitey:

    bhf2, you wen go paddle this am??? i wen go buy one paddleboard an going see if it can hold me up. hahahahhahhaaa

  173. whitey:

    bhf2, an wen i get to be really good, i going paddle to kawaihae to have a beer with you, then paddle home. yeah, right!!!!!! hahahahahhaaaaa

  174. whitey:

    well time to go as my friends calling from the darkside and need to be rescued. so take care and have a nice pm.

  175. mo808:

    I've been so out of touch keeping up with UH's FB recruiting, but man this one really took me by surprise--Manley was only offered to greyshirt? Hell! What's up with that? I'm not sure there that much to get excited about UH's recruiting class next year! But, if Manley is part of the mix....:(

  176. mo808:

    Correction: typed faster that my brain could articulate , "If Manley is not part of the QB mix then....:(

  177. ai-eee-soos:


    Go back the past few days and read this blog about Manley.

    Manley was offered when he was a junior, but he sat on it

    and never said yes. So UH moved on and offered someone else

    for next year. Manley supposedly now has a grayshirt offer for 2011.

    Get plenty posts on this subject over the past year +; where have you been?

  178. Pauoa Boy:

    I think for Manley his choice to go elsewhere is good for him. Looking at our QB situation, we have what like 7 QB's or something. I mean Moniz obviously has come into his own...Still get Rausch, and then we get the 3 freshmen Graves, Nielsen, and Shutter. Plus I forget who else, but what are his chances for start right away...slim if you ask me. Better he go where he can get playing time right away. I mean our offense complicated and take at least a solid year or two for grasp. Manley is good but he wouldn't have the upper hand in this situation. Plus, I know we like our local talent stay home but if you was in Manley's shoes what would you do?

    Same thing with Manti Te'o. Yeah, would be nice to have him in a Warrior uniform but going to a team like Notre Dame, starting as a true freshmen and finishing third all time in tackles as a freshmen, he's making a name for himself and representing the islands. I would love for our local boys to stay home but then again, the players gotta look out for their best interest.

    Regardless, I think our football team is solid and with a few more pieces can become dominant in the WAC. Kind of hard to have a succesfull season when you lose...starting QB, starting WR, starting MLB, starting OL for the season on top of all the other injuries this year. But even with that, they pushed until the end. I mean the game against Navy was definitely one to remember this past season...

  179. EH NO MAKE !:

    Hey westsidewview:

    Brain atrophy - classic my friend just classic.

    Guys & Gals,

    I hear your points and I still disagree. It's just about the names involved in recruiting, but it's the process, the routine, the planning. I mean U-H is late to last to jump on the quality kids in our own back yard. I have pesonally talked to at least 7 of what many would call the state's top high school football players, and to a man, they've eached told me U-H has been the least aggressive recruiters.

    Hawaii was both late to the dance, and real stand-offish, unless of course you were a 5'8" slot back or somewhere near such diminutive numbers.


    What irks me, is thta U-H as a football program, at least in our own back yard, should be all over these kids when they're sophomores and juniors. We should be first to talk them AND last.

    Perception has a LOT do to do with it, and U-H right now is being perceived as "lacking", for lack of a better term.

    I agree that no entire story can be told until the team practices and actually plays a game, but until then, should we as fasn expect them to be "on the ball"...?

    Two seasons ago we celebrated a perfect regular season, over the past two seasons we've taking 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 steps backwards in many areas.

    Can anyone honestly say that our product lived up to it's potential the last two seasons ? Seriously ?
    With what we had, players I mean, with the talent assembled, should we not have been much better ?

    I believe we should.

    Why weren't we.


    Specifically, HEAD coaching.

    Enough said.

    Your thoughts...

  180. Pauoa Boy:

    Plus you guys all talk smack about recruiting, but you gotta figure one young kid coming out of high school...rather go to the big name school, where get money, nice stuff, can ooh and ahh the kid. I mean how long UH been needing to upgrade it's facilities and all that. No more money, but garrans if we had the cash flow like the big name schools, would have nice stuffs for wow the prospect. I mean hard for sell the beauty of the islands to one prospect from the mainland who is far from home and all that. Plus hard for get big name prospects when ESPN and all those clowns dog the WAC. I mean they already trying to pull Boise State into the MWC so they can be a strong enough conference to have an automatic BCS spot, frikk how you figure?

  181. mo808:

    Mahalo, Ai-eee-soos! That's what I get for putting family first! :/ !

  182. EH NO MAKE !:

    Aloha Pauoa Boy:

    I feel your comments and take them to heart.

    Situation is though, the team currently has too many QB's in it's stable, and for no apparent reason.

    Rausch will NEVER play for UH.

    Nielsen, although he may be a good kid, will NEVER play qb for UH.

    Graves, seemingly nice young man, will NEVER play qb for UH.

    Not to be mean or anything, but those kids cannot cut it. To be honest, even signing some of these kids brings into doubt the credibility of the head coach.

    At the end of this past season the cosching staff forced one player to exit before his time. He made the grade, graduated, still had a year of eligibility, but he was forced out because coaches didn't want him there.
    Well, coaches, realize the other mistakes you've made and claean house.

    Oh, and learn how to count for christ sake. The biggest problem the program suffers right now is even knowimg how many scholarships they currently have to play with. C'mon guys!

  183. Pauoa Boy:

    Oh well, I agree with UH dragging its feet on prospects big time. I mean I myself have been to many high school games in my area in California and have seen many prospects who were on the UH radar but get no offer. I myself have tried to send these prospects names to our coaches and recruiting coordinator but to no avail. Some of these kids are now at big time programs making a name for themselves. I dunno I know coaches have a plan on who and what position they want to recruit, but for me I'd rather recruit the best player available instead of trying to plug specific spots. Many of these high school kids are awesome athletes and can play multiple positions anyway. I mean June Jones was the main one with an eye for that kind of talent. Honestly I wish June was still here, but we all know who screwed the pooch on that one.

  184. UHfan808:

    Happy fine two days afta Christmas aftanoon, Tsaikos & Tsaikettes, Lurkers & Lurkettes!

    Hope all is well wherever you may be.

    Yawwwwn...actually it is morning for me... lol
    Happy Birthday to LEFTY, lakerj32!!!!! :smile:

    What a blessing to your family to have been born between Christmas and New Year's.

    May you have had many guud things to chow down on this fine day. And ditto for this evening too.
    Congrats to the Iwamotos! May you get much peaceful rest in this next year. :wink:
    Congrats to the H.S. fb honorees.

    May UH figure sumting out to recruit many of you if not this year then perhaps one day very very very soon.

    Many guud wishes to you, your family, and mentors for your hardwork and determination.

    Wherever you may go, be proud of yourself, work hard, and represent our state well.

  185. A-House:


    Must agree with you that KB is sorely lacking in leadership - no wonder he is such good friends HF!

  186. jm2375:

    Pauoa Boy - agree 100%! Some people think Hawaii is being over-recruited now vs the past. With the internet and youtube, etc., it's hard to keep kids under the radar these days. Some kids wanna stay home, some wanna go away, whatchu gonna do? Myself, I wanted to go away and experience new things, which is why I went to a school *without* a large student population from Hawaii. There were just enough kids from Hawaii at GU, so I wasn't lonely, but not enough to think I was at UH.

  187. mo808:

    But, still feeling sad and sorry cuz was lookin forward to see'in Manley on da UH sidelines! Okay, moving, whose the recruited impact player for UH next season?

  188. Pauoa Boy:

    EH NO MAKE !...

    Howzit, yeah I agree some of these guys like Rausch not going see the field. I mean sometimes I wonder about certain recruits but I always try to remain optimistic and wait to see what kind of player they will develop into. Granted my biggest thing is the midget concept. I mean I hate when I see our Warrior boys get man handled but the game against Wisconsin proves we need to get bigger and stronger. Coach emphasizes speed, and yeah in the WAC I guess it'll do but when we go up against the big boys, those guys get speed, size, and power. I don't know but switching guys from safety to linebacker to dline...I dunno. I would keep guys like Paipai Falemalu at linebacker...Aaron Brown at Safety, etc... They get speed, size, and the power for the position. but are undersized when they move. I don't know it's just me but I like see our OLines and DLines packing some beef. What was Wisconsins average on the 6'6 320lbs or something laddat... I mean I know ballers come in all shapes and sizes but if we going compete gotta get big...go big or go home...

  189. who dat?:

    eh no make

    I believe we have met before.
    What's your real identity?

  190. TYaiea:

    Not football stuff, but there's an article in the other paper about the Rose Parade with a float honoring organ and tissue donors. Float will honor 77 donors with large photos decorated with flowers and one of them is our own Mrs. Pomai ,Kuuleialoha Patton. Pomai are you goint to Pasadena? Good article and the creator of the float is a, former local boy.

  191. al:

    ahem...while size matters as they say in some circulars.

    i always go back to boise state. here's a perennial undersized team that consistently over achieves at the high level. how they do that?

    at the present moment they have less than half the verbal commits as we do. they will probably have as few 3star recruits as we do. and yet, inspite of two head coaches in the past 5-6 years (altho from the same mold) they continue to find success.

    how they do that?
    it behooves us to find out and clone the developement.

  192. NYUH:

    It was a real disappointment to not be in the Hawaii Bowl, but JJ's second year was even worse. Of course, he didn't inherit a team that just went 12-1.

    Still, 2010 is a year this coaching staff has to perform. We can't afford to lose the Hawaii Bowl. Coaches are expendable.

    Having said that, I think this team is going to pull it altogether in 2010. Navy was a great win, and an upset win over a faltering SC will be a good way to start the new season!

  193. Derek:

    You have to wonder when Hawaii doesn't have not one commit from a first team All-State player in Division I. That's where the big boys are. At this point in time, it's getting late w/ only 1 more month before letter of intent day. If players doesn't make it to contribute to the team it's not the player's fault. It would be the fault of the coaches because it tells that their assessment and evaluation of the recruits were not good. And that tells a lot about the state of the football program if we are getting better or if we're getter worse. The trend the last 2 years has been getting worse.
    It doesn't seem like we are going to get anybody from the state of Texas.
    Unless I see otherwise, I'm not too encouraged about the new crop of recruits so far.

  194. azwarrior22:

    Eh no get all da kine lil dat,

    Mac has only one real recruiting class. You cannot count the recruiting class following the Sugar Bowl because Mac got a very late start.

    This recruiting class is not over yet, so let's enjoy the ride and see where the cards may fall.

    June didn't recruit well locally so why are we holding Mac to a different standard? In fact, I would say that Mac has repaired some bridges.

    Go Warriors !!

  195. NYUH:

    Brennan plays a waiting game

    Brennan's case is among the most intriguing. Put yourself in Allen's shoes for a moment and consider it.

    You have on your roster an inexperienced quarterback who will be 27 next August. He is signed through 2011 with a relatively small salary, so there's no issue there. He was one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NCAA history, but he's unproven in the NFL--save for a promising rookie preseason--and presents some mechanical concerns with his sidearm throwing motion.

  196. mo808:

    Derek, I agree that the recruiting FB staff at UH hasn't done enough, but I believe there are guys out there locally and in the states that are good players who can still get a "look see". I'm hoping that UH will get it done and produce an awesome recruiting class (in spite of losing Manley).

  197. mo808:

    Jim Zorn will be history; Colt's future uncertain--but, I remain hopeful cause--he's ohana!

  198. A-House:


    I do not consider UH "losing Manley" - did he not sit on an offer for over 1 year and chose NOT to commit to UH?

    as such, I would presume that HE did not want to play for the Warriors.

    Hope Colt Brennan gets a chance to play some where soon as his age is becoming a huge liability, but Kurt Warner also got a late start and he accomplished some great things.

  199. EH NO MAKE !:

    Who dat ?

    Have we met ? Really ?

    U like no who me huh, first, who you ?

  200. EH NO MAKE !:

    Who dat ?

    Have we met ? Really ?

    U like no who me huh, first, who you ?

  201. A-House:

    Anyone know when the recruiting "dead period" will be officially over? Is it after the last bowl game or earlier?

    Hope this down time is regenerating ST for the final recruiting rush and NLI day.

  202. d1島:


    According to Stephen, the dead period is 12/21 thru 1/1/

  203. TYaiea:

    You guys saw the news, Urban Meyers, rescinded his resignation and changed it to leave of absence. Meantime, offense coordinator will run the team (after the Sugar Bowl) till Mehers return.

  204. d1島:

    that give UH a week's edge over Texas and 'Bama! ;-)

  205. d1島:

    Thanks TYAiea.

    New Years in Hawaii or LV?

  206. TYaiea:

    d1, staying home. Had invitaion for New Year's dinner and dance at casino but, turned it down. Cause we already have scheduled 1/15/10. I know my street going be choked with fireworks smoke...every year...and the aerials getting outrageous....

  207. A-House:

    Bowl game expenses are totally at the hands of each participant as they decide who goes and qualifies for the "free ride".

    Bring the "kitchen sink" and your "profit" takes a hit. Why take all the "extras" in such trying economic times and shrink or lose your profit. Makes no business sense to me!

    And, why does the WAC conference need to "supplement" the losses of a conference team IF the school decides to bring everybody's mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, cousin's cousin, etc?

    Lastly, if a team is "bowl eligible", is it mandatory that that school is invited to play in a bowl game? Nevada's fan representation has been very poor, less than 150 for the past Hawaii Bowl, that bowl officials are seriously contemplating why invite such a school? or, is it if that school "sells/pays for its allotted tickets", that's all that matters?

    It begs the question of why have so many bowl games when attendance is poor and falls below the 25,000 average per game over a three-year-period. With the poor economy now, wonder how many bowl(s) will lose their "certification" and be dropped in the next 3-5 years. Fewer bowl games makes more sense then to keep adding new ones. Does the NCAA take a hit with poor attendance?

  208. d1島:


    My sister-in-law and her husband going for their first LV New Year. Told them make sure they just stay in their hotel so they no get stuck outside!

    I think going be pretty smoky all over the island this year. Take care.

  209. d1島:


    Be careful for what you wish; the Hawaii Bowl never really pack 'em in this year...

    like "Ferd" said, last year's ND game going help with the rolling average but still...

    btw, my in-laws going be at MasaBoy's hotel. They really looking forward to it.

  210. d1島:


    I've risen to 53338th place in BowlMania!

    Next up, Go Aggies!

  211. PONO:

    After reading all of the posts I have to add my 2 cents.

    I do believe that UH's recruiting has gone downhill. Although star ratings are not the absolute measure of a players potential in the big picture there is a relative correlation between stars and success.Of course there are 5 star flops and 2 star first round draft picks but overall the stars are directionally correct. Some of the recruits I really have problems with that I do not believe are D1 worthy are Lau, Shigematsu, Fonokalafi and Loyd. I think we reached for these guys. Players like them should be the last minute offer type if the bigger recruits turn us down because they have no other offers so they would still take a late offer. Now we have too many guys committed and maybe can't make room for some of the bigger names if they miraculously choose us. Just my thoughts.

  212. who dat?:

    eh no make

    Of course I am not surprised at your answer.
    I tell you what, how about meeting for lunch on Tuesday at 1200 in Aiea?

    and then you will know who dat? It should be fun really.

    We both share the same passion.

  213. al:

    pono...i have watched loyd play twice and he looks good. in the goodwill games he more than held his own and has good feet and should fill out to 300 lbs on his 6'3" frame.

    fonokalafi will surprise he is stout and very quick for a big guy. he often lined up as the running back on goal line formations. sort of a lafaele type athlete. i think he was lost from the publicity playing for kaimuki.

  214. A-House:


    if your in-laws will try Prime Steakhouse & Seafood, coats are "requested", but we have seen others with collared pull over shirts with athletic shoes. tell them no shame ask for Masaboy - some say one of the best steak chefs at the Prime.

    they may have been "high rollers", but if they can i can!

  215. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Who recruited Alex Green, Chizzy Dimude, Greg Alexander? Those guys did all right didnt they? I cant wait to see what Green, Dimude, and Lister do next year. Who recruited Tonga, Falemalu and some of those other younger players? Some posts here make it sound like we got nothin and we're gettin nothin. Yeah, maybe things look weak at this point, but we aren't done til LOI day. Let em play, then we'll see whats up.

  216. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    I cant wait to see Ryan Eastman suited up for the Warriors in '11.

  217. lava:

    Sounds like some of you folks are ready to jump ship. You all going to move to Boise?

  218. A-House:


    I realize that the Hawaii Bowl has NOT been the most stellar, but if UH no qualify for a bowl game, then we suck wind. If Hawaii residents do not support the game should UH not qualify or go to another bowl game, then we all suck wind if the NCAA pulls the plug.

    at least UH fans out number Nevada and many others.

    UH road game fan attendence, except for La Tech, Idaho, New Mexico St, Utah St and Boise State, have been IMHO, very respectable and that should increase as the Warriors win more games each year. We did okay in UNLV, SJSU, Fresno St, and Nevada. As more and more Hawaii residents resettle in these areas and former athletes and their families attend games, they may be the difference maker in wins and losses.

    I will watch the Idaho and Boise St attendence in the next 2 bowl games. It should be "high" as they play close to home, but can they beat the number of Hawaii fans who went to the Sugar Bowl? Yes, it was a special game/situation, but fans came from all over the mainland and Hawaii. Believe we more than doubled our ticket quota. Ah, and the money we spent made many businesses in NOLA very, very happy!!

  219. madeinhawaii:

    This past year, no matter where the Warriors played, you could hear their fans on the radio or TV... Nevada's fans were sorely absent in the Sheraton Bowl. My wife and I sat behind the SMU contingent and we were looking all around for the Nevada group. Even the Nevada cheerleaders who started on our right side... meandered around the Stadium in the first half until they finally settled down on our left side.

  220. madeinhawaii:


    I believe the OL went from giving up a record breaking 56 sacks the previous season to the 36 you mention this season. That's a major improvement from the same player personnel. With three QBs through the season, 36 is not as bad as it sounds. Weren't they averaging 2 or less before Greg went down?

    Next season, I'll expect further improvement...but a 40% improvement in one season is pretty darn good.

  221. Garret:

    TCU's head coach is trumpeting the MWC's success in bowl games so far, which is not a surprise. At least he didn't point out the WAC's record...but by getting the media to talk about the MWC's bowl record, he knows that the media will look into the WAC's bowl record this season. 3-0 MWC vs. 0-2 WAC is not good for the WAC.

    TCU's coach did not point out that they blew out 5 teams that have played in bowl games so far, and all 5 of their opponents have won their bowl games. That is an impressive stat for TCU.

    He hopes all those Mountain West Conference naysayers have been watching, too. Especially the games involving MWC teams.

    Wyoming, BYU and Utah have won, beating teams from the Pac-10 and the Western Athletic Conference. The No. 3-ranked Frogs (12-0) meet No. 6 Boise State (13-0) on Jan. 4 in the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Ariz.

    "I’ve watched every one of them," Patterson said Sunday after the Frogs’ first practice following three days off. "No, I wasn’t surprised. The people that are surprised are the same ones that say we’re not a good conference. They can say this team didn’t want to play or that one wasn’t ready to play, but the bottom line is you’re judged on the last game of the season you played and right now we’re 3-0."

    SMU’s 45-10 win over Nevada in the Hawaii Bowl makes the Frogs’ 2009 regular-season opponents 5-0 this bowl season. Clemson beat Kentucky 21-13 on Sunday night in the Music City Bowl.

    The four opponents won by a combined score of 182-98.

    TCU defeated the five winning teams by a combined score of 191-69 during the regular season.

  222. Jason:

    I've seen Loyd a few times as well. I think he can hold his own, too. I agree with Al, he's got good feet, and a frame that can fill out.

  223. Garret:

    I do not understand why anyone would complain about brew808! I personally really enjoy his posts and wish that he would have the time to post more. He does some amazing artwork for the blog and also posts about the 49ers--lots of other people here are also fans of that team.

    He is also an excellent Warriors fan. I was lucky enough to watch the 2007 and 2009 UH-SJSU games with him and enjoyed talking with him in Vegas for the 2007/2009 UNLV games and at other times. He has excellent insight about the Warriors and other UH-related issues.

    He is also a good man. My daughters really miss seeing their "Uncle Brew".

    I'm sure that I'm probably the most guilty of "chit chat" on the blog, so other Tsaikos shouldn't be criticized for it if I'm not getting criticized for it.

  224. madeinhawaii:

    Wha? Somebody criticized Brew? What for?

    I must of missed it...

  225. Garret:

    For the WAC's sake, I hope that Idaho and BSU win their bowl games.

  226. Garret:

    Free play link time. Please ignore my next 5 posts if you do not want to read the off-topic stuff.

    For SteveM: This blog entry gives a roundup of the rumors about the Apple Tablet or iSlate, which is expected to be announced on January 26 and should be available for purchase in March.

  227. Garret:

    China revised its 2008 gross domestic product (GDP) to be 4.5% larger than it had previously estimated. China's economy is growing so fast that it could hit $5.5 trillion next year, passing Japan (estimated GDP of $5.19 trillion next year).

  228. PONO:

    I have seen Loyd too and am not impressed with him. He doesn't seem stout enough or have that nastiness that it takes to play the line. I know he will fill out but I still think he's a major reach. Probably could have gotten him as a walkon.

  229. Garret:

    Cute story about how a reporter served as an "elf" to help a Texas woman who decorates houses for Christmas.

  230. Garret:

    North Carolina legislator may face a lawsuit because it is against their state constitution for an atheist to hold public office.

  231. Garret:

    Golf Digest had HORRIBLE timing with their January 2010 issue that features a photoshopped photo of Pres. Obama and Tiger Woods on the cover with a feature article on "10 tips Obama can take from Tiger".

  232. Garret:

    Free play links pau.

  233. Garret:


    One problem for UH right now is that there are a LOT more schools recruiting in Hawaii than before. There are also a lot more camps, combines, and all-star events that provide opportunities for Hawaii recruits to get noticed. So, players that might have slipped under the radar before might get multiple scholarship offers now...there are definitely some players who would have been walk-ons to UH in the past that are now on scholarship at mainland schools. Even a D-IAA teams like Weber State has a lot of Hawaii recruits now.

    So, when the top recruits all got offered by UH and didn't jump at the offers, I can understand why they moved on and offered other recruits. They might have gone overboard with the offers though and not saved enough scholarships for late recruiting, but we won't really know that unless we know how many scholarships UH can actually offer and what the Academic qualification status is for several of UH's current commits.

    The only thing that surprised me was the early offers to two smaller slot receivers. OL recruits might get early offers from mainland schools, but small slot receivers do not generally get early offers. I thought UH could have waited until at least halfway through their senior seasons before making offers to two slot receivers, giving more time to evaluate them and see how the rest of recruiting was going.

  234. madeinhawaii:


    North Carolina legislator may face a lawsuit because it is against their state constitution for an atheist to hold public office.

    Isn't that law unconstitutional? Whatever happened to separation of Religion and State?

  235. madeinhawaii:

    Another thing is that the Coaches need to evalute what positions they want to recruit for first...Just because a player is very good doesn't always mean there's a scholarship position available for him. You'd wish that were the case, but if the Warriors are already three deep or more in a position with a red shirt and a gray shirt in the wings, they need to place their recruiting focus elsewhere.

  236. Stephen Tsai:

    So here's my take:
    In meetings, it's not what was said that's important. It's what was heard.
    UH had offers on the table to Manley since his junior year. I know this because I inadvertently ran into him when he took an unofficial visit to UH in 2008.
    And, yes, he did go to elite camps — with UH's blessing, apparently — this past summer.
    Then it gets fuzzy. UH called him and said it needed an answer as to whether he would accept a scholarship. UH did its five-year charts and realized that it could only take one quarterback for 2010. There were offers to four quarterbacks out there. So it did the Law & Order thing: first one to accept gets the deal. Manley didn't accept at the time, so the scholarship went to Kevin Spain.
    Now, as I understand it, it was a take-it-or-leave-it offer because Manley had more than a year to decide. But I hear from the other side that Manley's party believed it was a standing offer.
    It was then that UH came back with the grayshirt offer.
    Grayshirt offers actually are binding but only if a player is academically eligible at the start of the school year. That's why Jordan Loeffler gets a grayshirt scholarship, but why Earvin Sione did not. Nor the Noa receiver from Kaiser.
    But for some reason, Manley was under the impression the grayshirt offer wasn't binding. I think that's what he was quoted in one of he articles as saying.
    But Manley would have been a qualifier, so that would have been moot. The offer would have been valid.
    Manley is correct in saying he did not have a UH offer — when he decided to make a decision. But he did have an offer previously, and he did have a grayshirt offer on the table.
    And, yes, I believe he still would accept a UH offer if one were made before signing day.
    Manley is a great quarterback and has intangible leadership qualities. He will play for a Division I-A team, and he will play well.
    We should all be glad that a son of Hawaii — his Leilehua center is Bryant Moniz's brother — will earn a scholarship.
    So I think we should be supportive of him ... because, I bet, there's a slight chance he still might end up as a Warrior.

  237. PowderPuff:

    Congratulations to Neal and Natalie! Nine months pregnant with Arianna, she was running the show in the pressbox during the HHSAA football championships. You go girl! Santa has to work EXTRA hard in the Iwamoto house - NO combo gifts!

  238. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    Eh No Make - is that English or Hawaiian. Bizarro if the latter.

    TYaiea - Your #196 - read my #60 above. I picked up on the reference to Pomai's wife early this morning.

    BTW - What does Your comment is awaiting moderation mean? In case you cannot read my #60, it's because of that phrase. Why can I see it? Whom did it offend? Who does the moderating? Stephen?

    For those of you who do not want McMackin to finish out his five-year contract - it's completed in January, 2014 - then it's up to you, not the taxpayers of Hawai`i, to buy him out.

    How about a HI-5 Drive. That's a lot of HI-5 containers you'll have to collect - approximately 60 million. But that's only about 6% of the eligible containers sold in any given year.

    Frankly, I don't think that UH is going to get out of the athletic business since it's really "the only game in town"; however, I do believe that it is necessary for both the Athletic Department's leadership as well as the Manoa campus leadership to make up their collective minds as to what they want to do and how to get from here to there.

    Perhaps it is time to call a meeting with Jim Donovan & Virginia Hinshaw + Don Weir and key legislative leaders with clout who are going to be around for awhile. We need to find out what their vision is five, ten, twenty years down the road. It's also important to bring the three major gubernatorial candidates into these discussions.

    There is a HUGE potential for not just making $$$ from UH sports but also for putting the academic reputation of the school on the map. That should drive us to Do The Right Thing.

    Here's just one example: the Academy for Creative Media. Back in the day when I was applying to graduate school in film, I only applied to three schools - USC, UCLA, NYU. I know that there were at least 40 other schools offering programs, but I wanted only the best. Those schools are still at the top of the list, but why not make ACM be on everyone's list as well?

    UH already has a lock on Astronomy, Ocean Sciences, and Urban & Regional Planning. However, it has fallen off the page in several other areas - Drama, Political Science, Creative Writing, and Computer Science. They can be brought back to the top of the list, but it will take some doing - just as it will to transition UH Athletics in all the major sports from being lost in the shuffle to being at the top of the list.

    What we want we have to be prepared to go after and work with all kinds of people. Long after I've shuffed off this mortal coil and Jason is playing with his great-granddaughter, folks who are in key leadership roles 50 years from now should be able to look back at these critical years and thank those who stepped forwards and did things right rather than easy.

  239. ai-eee-soos:

    re # 237.

    I still say that a grayshirt scholarship offer, starting in the

    Spring of 2011, is a good way to go for Manley at this point.

    He can grayshirt / redshirt, while learning the rns; and getting

    his academics lined up and squared away; and grow physically.

    Some posters can't get it in their head that it's difficult for a

    rookie QB to start in the rns (the SMU QB being an exception).

    I am for Manley, but the situation has evolved to where it's at,

    and a tough decision has to be made.


  240. al:

    i believe that to be the truth as well.
    i believe we could end up with at least two of three.

  241. protector:

    royvic on # 217,

    I disagree on your criticism of Coach Gordy Shaw, UH's O-Line coach, in saying UH could do better if he left. He's a respected coach that enabled a number of players to attain All-American status at Minnesota & Michigan, I believe. He's already gotten improved play from a number of players. It's because of the quality & reputation of his coaching that I was afraid he might leave, but I was relieved to hear (when being interviewed) that he is not likely to seek out a head coaching or coordinator position at this point and just wanted to continue coaching "his guys". If anybody might leave, I would think it would be Coach Tormey who's much younger and still has the hunger to be a Head Coach if the situation is right, but I'd like him to stay for a long time to come, also.

  242. al:

    every year we need to bring in

    5 olinemen
    4 receivers
    4 db's
    4 dlinemen
    4 lb
    1 qb
    1 rb
    2 ath

  243. whitey:

    Good morning Tsaikos. Successfuly rescued my friends from the darkside.

  244. whitey:

    Wow!!! Good to see many lurkers starting to post. Now get more info which is excellent.

  245. whitey:

    d1, time to wake up and get ready for work!!!!!

  246. whitey:

    looks like the Sugar Bowl will get a lot of attention and most will be on Fl. hardly anything about Cincy who has a temp hc, but will be cheering for them to upset Fl.

  247. whitey:

    dang, is this Sun or Mon morning??

  248. whitey:

    There was sum good discussion on incoming recruits, haven't seen them play in person, so withhold judgement till spring or summer camp starts.

  249. whitey:

    Yeeesh, achieved goal of #250.

  250. d1島:

    Up and at 'em already, whitey! :-)

  251. d1島:

    Thanks for the clarification, Stephen.

  252. d1島:

    Have a terrific day erryboddy!


  253. LizKauai [iMac] Happy New Year!:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    ST- mahalo for #237.

    To borrow and modify a phrase,
    In God I trust, Coach Mack, I support.

    Why? He is our head coach. He is doing his best. He, like the rest of us, moves by the Will of Ke Akua. Ultimately, love, not backbiting is the answer.

    Have a GREAT MONDAY!

  254. Bulla:

    Garret #234

    well said, but there will always be 2 sides to the coin regarding recruiting. for those that are not on scholarship, i believe that if their level of play and accomplishment warrants a scholarship, they should be offered. sometimes things don't work out with scholarship players, and as everyone knows, the scholarship is an annual contract, to be renewed.

    have a great day Tsaikos,

    The 4 Somethings in everyone's life....Everyone needs something:

    Something To Do
    Something To Love
    Something To Hope For
    Something To Believe In

    If you want that special something-something in your life, get your somethings' in order

  255. postmanke:

    re 217 -
    You gotta be off your rocker! =) Gordy Shaw is a great coach. Coach Mac would be hard pressed to replace him with someone that has the same coaching ability.

    I see no blessing if coach Shaw leaves.

    Doesn't he coach the RB's as well?

  256. postmanke:

    I dont know.. giving a 16 year old a "take or leave it" offer? Whom ever was recruiting him has to have more tact than that! =)

  257. postmanke:

    shaking my head..

    Could you imagine if Miami of Ohio gave Big Ben a "take it or leave it" offer his Junior year.. wow!

    4 years from now... from the Herman Frazier school of recruiting..

    Reporter: Coach Mack, you let 2 time All WAC QB Manley go away to NMSU which has beaten you 3 out of the last 4 games. How did you let him get away out of Hawaii?

    Coach Mack: ahhh, we made him an offer "take it or leave it" during his Junior year in high school.

    Reporter: Really? Junior Year?

    Herman Frazier!

  258. postmanke:

    Did Kevin Spain make at least Honorable Mention at QB?

  259. AZWARRIOR22:

    Regarding #260 - No, he was second team All State 4A for DB. I guess Kevin plays both sides of the ball.

  260. wafan:

    A very good morning to all!

  261. wafan:

    Just a few more days remain of '09 -- a good year for some and a wretched year for others. Hopefully, '10 will be a brilliant year for all.

  262. RedZone:

    Manley should call coach Wannstedt at Pitt. During their bowl game one of the announcers was saying that he was having problems finding pocket passers because so many high schools use offenses that don't create them. Dave ends up having to mold them from the bottom up.

    I like Manley but I leave the recruiting to the coaches. That is what they get paid for. They need to recruit the players that they want. I support all players whos dream is to be a Warrior. It seems that more and more are wanting to be one. I see this as being a good thing.

  263. postmanke:

    So Manley's Shcollie offer, which went to Spain, who doesn't even make honorable mention at QB?

    ...Herman Frazier school of recruiting?

  264. wafan:

    Thank you for the clarification on Manley, Mr. Tsai.

    Miscommunications seem an on-going concern. Perhaps it has always been but we are simply more aware of them now. It would seem, then, UH would have also moved forward and improved its communication abilities and skills.

  265. wafan:

    Folks are throwing around HF's name.

    To me, the HF methodology would have been to wait until 2014 before studying the situation. Then announce a news conference to be held on a Friday in late January of 2015.

    Postpone it at least once because of all the flak he was getting from a crazed group of unknowns hiding behind fake names on a blog.

    "At the end of the day, when all is said and done, we need to continue looking at the evidence. What you need to understand is that we are moving as quickly as possible to ensure we get the right fit. In addition, I am pleased to announce the completion of the 2012 football schedule with the signing of the Mighty Ewes! The Northeastern campus of Southern North Dakota College of Sheepherding."

  266. Garret:

    Why would Spain have received All-State QB recognition? He had a completion percentage of 48% and threw for 101 yards per game.

    He had much better stats during his Junior year--59% completion percentage and about the same number of yards.

    There is always the hope that players will continue to improve during their senior year after committing to a school before their senior season. Spain unfortunately had worse stats in his senior year:

    Junior year: 2 INTs, 59% completion percentage
    Senior year: 6 INTs, 48% completion percentage

  267. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! :)

    Great breakdown of the Manley situation, Mr. Tsai. Lets hope that he ends up a Warrior.

    I too like Coach Shaw. It was clear to see that the O-line was improving. Let's see what Coach can do after he has had some quality players in his system for a couple of years.

    Great discussion here yesterday.

    Oh yeah...

    :) :) :) :) BREW, YOU DA BOMB!!! :) :) :) :)

  268. Garret:

    It is nice that they added a team from Australia to the Samoa Bowl this year, so go along with the teams from American Samoa and Hawaii.

    Samoa Bowl VII 2010 kicks off this week as top-notch high school football and volleyball athletes arrive from Hawaii in preparation for a week chock full of fun, culture, camaraderie, teamwork and competition. American Samoa is the proud host of the annual bowl event.

    In addition to Team Hawaii and Team American Samoa, Team Australia is the newest addition this year joining in the week long festivities and competition— from Dec. 27— Jan. 2, with Hawaii returning home on Jan. 3 and Australia on Jan 5.

  269. madeinhawaii:

    I believe Manley's stats weren't as good in his Senior year as his Junior year, too.

    But if I'm reading this right.. a gray shirt offer is a scholie offer but deferred by one semester.. The gray shirt player has to pay his own way for 9 credits in fall. As a resident, that's not too shabby.

  270. Garret:

    With all of the budget problems at UH, it is interesting to see a school like NMSU looking at UH as a big budget school.

    A few issues are at the forefront, namely the future of Athletics Director McKinley Boston, who is entering his sixth year at the university. Boston is about to work with his third school president during that period, with the arrival of Barbara Couture, and oversee, yet again, a department that has experienced a fair share of financial strain in the past year.<.b

    One of Boston's challenges has been juggling a financial situation that saw the athletics department eliminate all temporary positions as well as eight full-time employees, while reducing its budget by approximately $1.5 million in 2009. Boston didn't rule out more change on the horizon as the Aggies move into the new year.

    The financial crunch hasn't come without hardships on the athletic programs. Ultimately, recruiting budgets are slashed and coaching staffs can feel underpaid or underappreciated.

  271. Kekoa (iPhone):

    Good morning Wafan and those of the Tsaiko nation. I'm trying my best to keep from throwing my breakfast. The mere mention of HF makes me ill.

    Please stop all this talk of HF before Col. A-house gets riled. The worst case scenario would involve the Secret Service security detail shutting down the entire Windward side because of it.

    A little more Peace on Earth please!

  272. Slugger:

    Aloha Kakahiaka!

    ST ~ Thanks for the backstory on Manley.

  273. tommui:

    I'm not sure if I really understand the situation with Andrew Manley.

    My take is that UH wanted to recruit and NEEDED a QB for recruiting-year 2010.

    Andrew had an offer on the table 2008 and did not accept it.

    Spain, on the other hand, was available and accepted the offer.
    I do not know why another QB was needed at this time having 5 or 6 underclassmen available for years 2010, 2011 and even up to 2012.
    They were good enough to recruit but of course you want to better the pool.

    Spain comes from a bigger school of possibilities - larger conference.
    If Andrew was given a scholarship at this time, we would have, what 7 scholarships out for a QB.

    From all the discussions from the experts here, we need reinforcements on the OL and DL. To get them, we certainly need scholarships.

    I would like to see Andrew Manley on the UH team as he seems to be a good person and Player of the Year - even though no other school, other than NMSU, seemed impressed enough to offer him a scholarship.

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    Sometimes it's really that simple, isn't it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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